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Episode 1 - La théorie du chaos

Previously: Carter hurredly carries Bree to an isolated room, followed by Dad carrying Adam and Mom; Carter tells Susan he's afraid he's got two cases of smallpox and that the place needs to be locked down; Mom informs Carter that they's been in Central Africa, where they stood out; shocking Bree fails to revive her, and Susan watching through the window informs someone through a walkie-talkie that they've had their first casualty; Adam asks if he's "next"; Chen is quarantined to Exam 4; Pratt is quarantined and isn't too happy about it; Chen is quarantined with Pratt and Stan in Exam 4, and she has to pee; Kerry isn't allowed to enter the ER; a CDC official quarantines Carter and Abby; later, Carter tells Abby that they're going to be okay, and they kiss.


SUBTITLE: "Chaos Theory"

We hear jungle sounds, and pan down to a sitting monkey. We reverse-angle to a hunter watching the monkey trough some foliage. The hunter puts a tranquilizer (I think) into his gun.He takes aim then... fires.


A van travels along a dirt road, and pull to a stop near a body of water -- swamp, I guess.

SUBTITLE: Congo Republic -- Central Africa

Two people, one of whom is the hunter from the previous scene, get out of the van. The hunter walks around to the back of the van and talks to to the other guy.

HUNTER: Pokea damu kwa ote na tatu mfuko nani ili polea.

Hunter opens the back of the van, pulls out a box and heads off. We see that there are at least two different monkeys in the back of the van. The other guy has prepped a needle, presumably to inject the monkeys with.


Hunter enters with the box. We can now see that it's clearly labelled with a hazardous materials sticker. The room is full of people with the same pustules Adam and Bree had, including some children. Many of them are two to a bed. They all wear masks. Hunter moves to the end of the aisle, and approaches a women (I'll call her Lady). Lady is examining a boy brought in by a local women. Lady removes one of the pustules and seals it in a bag.

HUNTER: (speaks French)

LADY: (speaks French)

LOCAL WOMAN: (to Lady) Tafadhali mtumishi kisimea.

LADY: Tu moja ndani mwisho kwa tumbili ndui na emu mwana imara. Haja homa hivi na m oji. (speaks French to Hunter)

Lady puts the sealed pustule into the hunter's box.

HUNTER: D'accord, d'accord. Pas de probleme. Allez on-y vas. (speaks more French)

Lady seals up the box and hands it to him.

HUNTER: (hurridly taking off) Bon chance.


A young boy runs to the end of the dock, carrying the same box.

BOY: Shauri numu! Shauri numu!

A motor boat appears with two men in it. The boy hands the box to one man, while the other drives.


It's an aerial shot, as if we're flying above it.



A helicopter lands.

SUBTITLE: Hamburg, Germany


There's the same box from before. We pan across the room, where a few scientists are working. They're all wearing those space-looking biohazardous contamination suits.

SCIENTIST: Gutes isolat, verstarkung ist komplet.

He takes what he's been working on (it looks like a pane of glass) and places it into some large piece of technology.

SCIENTIST: Vergleichen sic beschrankung fragment.

Scientist moves over to a computer, and types into the keyboard.

SCIENTIST: Lange polymorphe mit bekannten viren.


Another omputer displays the same screen -- I assume it's the genetic code for the virus. A woman has seen the screen. She hurredly grabs a piece of paper from the printer and runs out of the room.


It's not a scientific lab. Computers line the walls and a long table down the middle. The lights are dim (a la the Situation Room on The West Wing). The woman from the last scene comes running in.

SUBTITLE: Infectious Disease Control -- Atlanta, Georgia

Two men are looking at a computer screen. There are a few other people at computer terminals too.

MAN 1: We know ring vaccination works.

MAN 2: Homeland wants to consider city-wide.

The woman thrusts the piece of paper at them.

WOMAN: Take a look at this!

MAN 1: And ten people die unnecessarily.

The woman runs over to another computer and starts using it.

MAN 2: Unnecessarily is debatable.

WOMAN: Look at this.

MAN 1: I don't want to debate it. It should be a public health decision.

Two viral genetic codes appear on two screens on the wall.

MAN 2: It is!

WOMAN: We picked this up from a missionary hospital 300 miles east of Mbandaka, present in the Simran population, as well as 18 children.

The two men look at screens above.

MAN 2: When?

WOMAN: Thirty-six hours ago.

MAN 1: Same mutation?

MAN 2: Yes. (to a woman across the room) Jody...

Jody looks at him.

MAN 2: Get me Chicago.

Jody hurredly picks up the phone and dials.


Abby's in the quarantined trauma room watching Susan, Luka, Malik and Lutz (the CDC official) at the front desk. Lutz is on the phone. Carter's in the trauma room with Abby, making shadow puppets with his hands from behind a curtain.

CARTER: You think we can get them to move a TV in here?

ABBY: I think you should catch up on your reading.

CARTER: I don't read after midnight.

Lutz is off the phone and starts talking to Susan, Luka and Malik.

CARTER: (re: shadow puppet) There. That's a wolf. That looks like a wolf, doesn't it?

ABBY: (hardly looks) A wolf with leperosy, maybe.

CARTER: I don't think your appreciating the degree of difficulty, even without this rash.

He comes and stands beside her.

ABBY: What?

CARTER: Kidding. Just kidding.

ABBY: (watching out window) This -- this doesn't look good.

Lutz is now pointing in Carter and Abby's direction.

CARTER: Maybe we're getting early parole.

Susan walks toward them, and picks up the phone on the outside. She pushes a button, then speaks into the receiver.

SUSAN: You feeling okay?

ABBY: What is it?

SUSAN: We need to evacuate.


SUSAN: The entire hospital. Everyone but you.

That gets Carter and Abby's attention.



Elizabeth sitting, wearing a tailored suit. The subway stops, and she starts to stand up.


Elizabeth climbs the stairs from the subway to the street. Big Ben chimes, and she looks at her watch.


Elizabeth crosses it.


A doctor is presenting his patient to a few other doctors, including Elizabeth. It may be worth noting that Elizabeth is the only female among them.

DOCTOR: Mr. Harold Drummond was in his usual state of good health until he began to experience a pinching in his chest. The pain seemed to intensify throughout the day as Mr. Drummond worked in his pet shop. After an early dinner of pork cutlets, mash potatoes and a couple of pints, he retired to his living room to do some reading, at which point...

ELIZABETH: (murmuring to the doctor beside her) What, we have to guess which book?

DOCTOR: Yes, Dr. Corday? Did you treat Mr. Drummond?


DOCTOR: Are, you certain, because I distinctly heard your voice.

ELIZABETH: I’m sorry.

DOCTOR: Indeed. Well, why don’t we jump ahead and hear you presentation, since you seem unable to control yourself?

ELIZABETH: Uh, I’m s... that’s not necessary. (nervous chuckle)

He stares at her, and she realizes he’s serious.


The entourage moves into another room, where Elizabeth’s patient is lying in a bed.

ELIZABETH: Mr. McKay came into the ER complaining...

DOCTOR: We don’t have “ER”s in England, Dr. Corday.

ELIZABETH: Excuse me. He presented to Casualty complaining...

DOCTOR: Is Mr. McKay the African bushman?

ELIZABETH: I beg your pardon?

DOCTOR: Your patient. He’s the young black pygmy, isn’t he? (gestures about four feet off the ground) About this high?

ELIZABETH: He’s an accountant from Manchester.

DOCTOR: Specifics, Ms. Corday. God is in the details.

ELIZABETH: Mr. McKay is a 63-year-old Caucasian male who was...



DOCOR: I believe the noun for which you are searching is “man.” “Male” is an adjective. I have a male Springer Spaniel. His name is Barkley, and although I love him dearly, I would never think of bringing him to hospital. But please continue. Most of us speak a smattering of American.

Other doctors chuckle.


The place is buzzing with ambulances, police cars, police officers, doctors, nurses and patients. Some patients are ambulatory, others are in beds. We hear a helipcopter overhead. Kerry is helping to load an ambulatory male patient into an ambulance. They speaek loudly in order to be heard over the din.

MAN: Where are you taking me?

KERRY: Mercy Hospital!

MAN: Why?

KERRY: Because we’re closing this facility!

MAN: Damn those HMOs.

KERRY: (to paramedic) How many more can you take?

PARAMEDIC: We’re full.

KERRY: Then get it out of here. Call Mercy, let them know transport’s on the way, and I need another dozen rigs for OB.

Fiancée approaches Kerry. The same woman from Lockdown.

FIANCÉE: Is Colin on there?

KERRY: No, only ambulatory patients.

FIANCÉE: Then where is he?

KERRY: Yeah, I don't think they've brought him out yet.

FIANCÉE: They said everybody's being evacuated.

KERRY: And he will be. You just have to be patient. Lily, can you help her find her boyfriend?

Lily runs over.

LILY: Do I have to?

KERRY: MVA, broken pelvis. And I thought we were getting rid of these news helicopters.

LILY: They are!

Lily leads the fiancee off. Susan comes running up to the ambulance, pushing a woman, Stella, in a wheelchair.

SUSAN: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Stella's one of the last ones!

KERRY: (to driver) Zadro, are you going to Mercy?

ZADRO: No, no, Lakeshore.

SUSAN: Got one more for you.

ZADRO: Where am I supposed to put her, on my lap?

STELLA: Sounds good to me, lucky pants.

SUSAN: (to Kerry) How are you doing out here?

KERRY: Good. Third and fourth floors are empty. ICU and OR should be cleared in the next 10 minutes.

SUSAN: We did a good job today. I mean, given the situation, it could have been a disaster, but I think everyone did really well.

KERRY: You kicked ass.

Susan smiles and jogs back inside.


Gallant is administering a vaccine to a line-up of people before they can go, by giving them several pokes with an instrument on their upper arm. When they're done being vaccinated, they're given a wristband. Right now Gallant's giving it to a particular MAN.

MAN: Ow.

GALLANT: Hold still.

MAN: How come you keep doing that?

GALLANT: That's the way the vaccine is administered.

MAN: Yeah, you learned, what? Ten minutes ago?

An OBNOXIOUS MAN tries to sneak by and grab a wristband. Gallant grabs his arm.

GALLANT: What are you doing?

OBNOXIOUS MAN: I didn't get a wristband. They won't let me out.

GALLANT: You need to be vaccinated first.


GALLANT: No you didn't.

OBNOXIOUS MAN: Hey, I'll come back tomorrow and have a nurse do it, all right?

GALLANT: Sir, everyone has to be vaccinated before they can leave.

Susan enters. Obnoxious Man starts talking to her.

OBNOXIOUS MAN: Hey, I'm not getting stabbed a hundred times by some smallpox needle if it ain't even smallpox.

SUSAN: It's 15 little pricks, 15, so shut up, get the damn shot, and go home.

OBNOXIOUS MAN: Yeah, so tell me what it is and I'll get a shot for that.

SUSAN: Are you deaf?! We don't know what it is. But this vaccine is the closest thing we've got. So, if you don't want Dr. Gallant to help you, I can arrange for the army sergeant to come in.


Through the window, Carter watches a CDC team in pink trauma gowns work on Adam as his parents, Craig and Robin watch, while Abby gives him his 15 needle pricks. Susan comes by and uses the phone in the hallway to talk to them.

SUSAN: (re: vaccine) Make sure you don't touch that.

CARTER: (re: Adam and his folks) Where are they taking them?

SUSAN: Upstairs. Respiratory isolation.

Abby places a bandage over the vaccinated area on Carter's arm.

ABBY: And why do we have to stay in this petri dish?

SUSAN: Prolonged exposure. Whatever that means.

CARTER: Did you find out for how long?

SUSAN: The virus is an umknown player.

ABBY: You said monkey pox.

SUSAN: A variant of monkey pox. That's the problem.

CARTER: How long?

SUSAN: Two weeks.

ABBY: (whoa, there) No. No, no, no, no, no. No.

SUSAN: They promised a public health nurse on duty around the clock.

CARTER: Why two weeks, what aren't they telling us?

SUSAN: I don't know. I think they're just being extra cautious.

Carter gets up and walks to Craig, who's standing on the other side of the glass. Adam's being wheeled out of that room.

DAD: I'm sorry about all this.

CARTER: Me too.

DAD: Thank you.

He joins the entourage going with Adam.


Chen, Pratt and are all lying on their gurneys, trying to sleep. Stan's coughing a lot. It sounds painful. Chen and Pratt, however, are not sympathetic.

CHEN: (annoyed) Could you make any more noise, Stan?

STAN: I can't help it. (he sits up weakly)

CHEN: Well, at least cover your mouth.

PRATT: You better knock it off Stan, before you cough up a lung.

STAN: It's too late.

Stan holds up the hand that he's been holding to his mouth. There's blood on it. Chen and Pratt get up, alarmed now.

PRATT: Have you ever been tested for TB, Stan?

STAN: DUI, PCP and HIV, but never TB.

CHEN: (sarcastic) Great.

PRATT: Pneumococcal pneumonia can give you bloody sputum, fever and sweats.

CHEN: Have you lost any weight lately, Stan?

STAN: I've always been pretty svelte, but I have had to tighten my belt a few notches lately.

CHEN: (hands him a mask) Here, put this on.

STAN: No, no thanks.

CHEN: Do it!

STAN: Oh, you don't have to be so cranky, I'm the one with the DTs.

Stan puts on his mask. Chen picks up the phone and dials.

PRATT: Whoa, what are you doing?

CHEN: We might have to get him tested.

PRATT: No, no, no, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, all right? They're tripping out enough, and I don't need to be double-quarantined.

CHEN: He might have TB.

PRATT: And he might not.

Pratt grabs the phone from her and hangs it up.

PRATT: Why don't we just take a sputum sample to the lab and a do a gram stain and an AFB?

CHEN: Because we're not supposed to leave.

PRATT: We’re not contagious unless we get a rash!

CHEN: (putting her foot down) No!


Luka's there with a patient, a young man named Colin. He's the fiance.

SUSAN: What's he still doing here?

LUKA: I told you, he can't go by ambulance.

SUSAN: That's why I got you a chopper.

LUKA: Why didn't someone tell me that?

SUSAN: Probably already landed. We have to get up top.

LUKA: (to Colin) Colin, we're going to have to take you to the roof now so we can put you on a helicopter.

Luka starts pushing the bed out of the room, towards the elevator.

COLIN: I-I don't like to fly.

SUSAN: It's a short trip.

COLIN: You don't understand. I really don't like to fly.

LUKA: You don't have a choice.

COLIN: I'm serious. You take me up there, I'll freak out!

SUSAN: It's not a plane, it's an air rescue helicopter.

COLIN: That's even worse. A helicopter can't glide! Just take me back. Listen, I have a bad feeling about this, take me back! Please!

Colin, Luka and Susan move out of the shot. Two people, whom I guess are CDC officials leave as well, and all the lights go out in the ER, one after the other.


Romano and Jacy are bringing an old man (named Marty) on a bed to the elevator. Shirley's at the desk on a phone.

MARTY: My son doesn't know I'm leaving.

ROMANO: Well, we'll make sure to tell him. Hold those elevator doors!

SHIRLEY: Dr. Romano, St. Rafe's says they can take one critical, not two.

ROMANO: That's too bad, 'cause I'm sending four.

SHIRLEY: (into phone) Dr. Romano needs to send at least four... (she fades out)

They have held the elevator for Romano.

ROMANO: Thank you!

MARTY: I've never been to a Catholic hospital.

ROMANO: Well, you'll like the nuns. Nice calves.

SHIRLEY: They said they'll only accept one.

Romano goes to use the phone.

ROMANO: Tell Weaver we're clear. Sign out all the Demerol and morphine.

SHIRLEY: To who?

ROMANO: You, me and my Uncle Bernie. What line?


ROMANO: Get the hell out of here.

Shirley leaves.

ROMANO: (into phone) Hello. Who's this? You like your job, you want to keep it? Okay, then tell your Chief of Staff -- You know who that is? Good for you.

The lights go off as Romano continues talking.

ROMANO: (still into phone) You tell Jonesy that Robert Romano is sending over FOUR critical patients --

JACY: (enters elevator with Marty) Dr. Romano!

ROMANO: -- all of whom I expect to be treated like his own mother, without the inappropriate touching.

Romano slams the phone down and dashes into the elevator.


Shot of the helicopter landing on the helipad. Susan and Luka are with their patient, Colin, watching it land. Everyone yells in order to be heard over the helicopter.

SUSAN: Tidal volume's down!

LUKA: Probably just the morphine!

Romano, Jacy and their patient, Marty, arrive on the roof via the elevator.

ROMANO: Hey! Hey! Don't even think about it! Tat's my chopper.

SUSAN: They said they were sending a helicopter for two patients.

ROMANO: Well it looks like they lied.

COLIN: Hey, no, I don't want to go on this helicopter!

ROMANO: Fine, fair enough.

SUSAN: He needs an ICU bed.

Romano is pulling his patient closer to the helicopter.

ROMANO: So get him one!

LUKA: He has bilateral pulmonary contusions and they're starting to bruise!

ROMANO: And my bot Marty here is a 70 year old diabetic with gram negative sepsis from cholecystisis.

MARTY: I'm only 68!

There's a news chopper hovering above. The medic helicopter pilot has stepped out of his helicopter by now.

ROMANO: (to Pilot) Hey, get that news chopper out of our air space!

The pilot nods, goes to do something about it.

LUKA: My patient's going to lose his airway.

ROMANO: So intubate him and take him in your Viper!

LUKA: He's not safe to transfer!

SUSAN: Arguing like this isn't helping either one of them!

ROMANO: Oh, you know, you're right. I'll tell you what, you can take the chopper after I'm finished with him. Let's go!

JACY: Temp's one-oh-one.

ROMANO: All right, 10 grams of Tylenol and piggyback the getamicin.

The chart falls off Marty's gurney. Romano moves to grab it with his left hand. As he stands up again, his arm is severed midway between the shoulder and elbow by the helicopter's rear rotor blade. Jacy is splattered with blood. Romano falls backward. Susan and Luka look up and dash over.



As before, but now we're in slow motion, and it's being shot from Romano's point-of-view. We see Susan and Luka's faces leaning over him, their movements and voices blurry. We see Romano lying the ground, watching them.

SUSAN: [I can't make it out. Something about a vascular clamp.] Oh, God.

LUKA: Where's the arm?! Do we have the arm?!

JACY: I can't see anything.

LUKA: (to Pilot, re: helicopter) Shut this thing down!

PILOT: Not with you under it!

Romano vomits. He's lying on his back, so it just kind of spills over his face. Not very pleasant.

SUSAN: He's vomitting.

They roll Romano onto this right side.

LUKA: A twenty centimetre lac over the fifth rib, but no sub Q air. Clamp!

SUSAN: Which one first?

LUKA: The biggest one! Okay, one, two, three.

Blood splatters on Susan.

SUSAN: Tighter! Tighter!

LUKA: (to Pilot) Get your gurney out! Come on, come on.

SUSAN: I can't see anything!

ROMANO: (mutters weakly) No, don't clamp it.

SUSAN: What?!

LUKA: Just do it, he's lost half his volume! Try for a BP on the good arm.

SUSAN: (re: clamping the arm) Okay, I got it!

Luka rolls Romano back onto his back.

ROMANO: I'm cold.

LUKA: Do we have blood on the rig?

FLIGHT NURSE: Six units, type A.

LUKA: We need a line. No O-neg?

FLIGHT NURSE: You asked for type-specific.

The camera pulls back, so the arm, lying on the roof, is in the foreground, and the action is in the background. We can still hear Luka yelling:

LUKA: Dr. Romano, what blood type are you? (louder) What blood type are you?


Chen and Pratt are looking at Stan's sputum sample under a microscope. They're both wearing yellow trauma gowns and gloves. Chen's wearing a mask, but Pratt isn't.

PRATT: No red snappers.

CHEN: Could be an inadequate sample.

PRATT: Sputum is loaded with gram positive diplococci. Pneumococcus. Told you not to sweat it.

He stands up and removes his glove and gowns.

CHEN: W-Wait, what are you doing?

PRATT: It's old-fashioned pneumonia. I'm hungry, you hungry?

CHEN: We're quarantined. Put you mask back on.

PRATT: Come on, you can't eat with a mask on. What do you say we raid the cafeteria?

CHEN: (sternly) Put your mask back on.

PRATT: Starve a cold, feed a fever.

He waltzes out. (Not literally.)

CHEN: Pratt. Pratt!


Susan and Jacy are with Marty, the flight nurse is attending to Colin, and Luka and the pilot are standing by Romano. Susan takes a plastic shopping bag away from Marty's bed, that obstensibly formery held Marty's personal effects, because he says:

MARTY: That's my watch!

SUSAN: I need the bag. (to Jacy) Cycle the dynamap.

Susan runs over to Colin.

SUSAN: How's he satting?

NURSE: Nothing on the monitor. Lungs are wet.

SUSAN: Dammit.

Susan runs over to Romano, where Luka is talking to the pilot.

LUKA: (insisting) We're loading him.

PILOT: I ain't taking off until I check out that tail rotor.

SUSAN: (re: Romano) He's looking pretty shocked.

LUKA: He needs an OR, now.

Susan puts the arm into the plastic shopping bag.

PILOT: I don't know if she flies at all, much less flies safely.

SUSAN: Okay, call down for ground transport.

LUKA: No, get another chopper!

PILOT: Where are you going to land it?

SUSAN: Luka, he needs to get there by ambulance. We need ice.

NURSE: (calls over to them) Belly's as hard as a rock; labored resps!

LUKA: (to pilot) Okay, send our guy downstairs. Radio dispatch -- send an orthopedic and a trauma surgeon up here.


They lie quietly on gurneys, looking at the ceiling.

CARTER: You awake?

ABBY: Yeah.

CARTER: Monkey pox sounds like a video game.

ABBY: Or voo doo.


ABBY: Lovely.

Abby scratches her back.

CARTER: What, you back itch?


She scratches again.

CARTER: You're scratching.

ABBY: I am... it's probably just psychosomatic.

CARTER: Want me to take a look?

ABBY: No, I'm fine.

CARTER: Might be a rash. (he sits up) Turn around.

ABBY: Do you think someone did this on purpose?

CARTER: Does it matter?

ABBY: What do you mean?

CARTER: I mean, viruses mutate. That's what they do. We're more likely to control bioterrorism than Mother Nature.

ABBY: Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better.

Abby rolls over to let Carter look at her back.

CARTER: No rash. Nice tattoo, though.

With her still rolled over, facing away from him, he stands and gives her a kiss on the neck.

ABBY: College. I was drunk.

CARTER: Is that what I think it it?

He kisses her on the neck again.

ABBY: I was going through a religious phase.

He kisses her on the lips now. Twice, before we cut away.


We hear sirens from the ground below. Luka's bloodied, gloved hand repeatedly presses the "down" button of the elevator. Colin and Romano are lined up by the elevator doors. Jact is standing by Marty, and Susan is standing by Romano.

COLIN: (raspy) My chest hurts. I can't breathe.

SUSAN: (to Flight Nurse) Crike him to 15 litres. (to Colin) Don't worry, Colin. We'll get you downstairs.

The nurse comes over to attend to Colin.

LUKA: (bangs on elevator door) What the hell is the matter with this thing?!

NURSE: Tachy at 115!

Elevator door opens.

MAN [I've listened to it over and over again, and I can't for the life of me figure out who it is]: Where's the helicopter?!

LUKA: (re: Colin) Okay, load him first. We have to get off before you.

They start to load Colin onto the elevator.

JACY: (who's with Marty) Wait. Pressure's dropping on 20 mikes of Dopamine.

SUSAN: Over 100?

JACY: Eighty-five!

LUKA: (re: Romano) Susan, we have to get him down!

Jacy and Luka load Romano into the elevator as Susan goes over to Marty.

SUSAN: Okay, don't hyperventilate, just assist. Which is Dopamine?

JACY: On the syringe pump.

LUKA: Tell Weaver the ultrasound was clear but he could have a slow leak.

The pilot has been listening to the walkie-talkie.

PILOT: We got to take everybody to the ambulance bay!

NURSE: (attending to Colin in elevator) Pulse ox is 91.

LUKA: Okay, get it, she might need help tubing this guy.

PILOT: Health Department refused reentry.

The pilot dashes into the elevator.

LUKA: Tell them Romano authorized it.

PILOT: Who's Romano?

The elevator door closes, leaving Susan and Marty alone on the roof. Sure is quiet.

MARTY: Are they coming back?

SUSAN: Uh, yeah. (grabs the chart and reads) Don't worry, Mr. Hersch, I'm right here with you.

MARTY: I hope they remembered to call my son. He'll worry about me.

SUSAN: What's his name?

MARTY: Marty. His mother wanted him to become a doctor.

Susan nods.

MARTY: I'm beginning to wish he had.

SUSAN: What's he do?

Marty is no longer lucid. Monty's machines start beeping.


Most of the lights are out. Chen and Pratt mosey down the hallway. She's wearing a mask and trauma gown, he's not. He's eating from a pudding (yogourt?) cup.

PRATT: So, how often does this happen here?

CHEN: Only since you came along.

PRATT: (laughs) Oh, right -- the ying and the yang.

They stop walking and look at each other.

CHEN: Excuse me?

PRATT: The ying and the yang? You know, something good happens, so something bad has to happen. You are Chinese, right?

CHEN: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out what the good part is.

They start walking again.

PRATT: Oh, just say the word and I'll show it to you.

Imitating a basketball shot, he tosses the pudding cup and spoon.

CHEN: No, no, no, pick that up.

PRATT: I made it.

CHEN: You know, it's bad enough that you're not wearing your mask.

PRATT: (gestures to the darkness and emptiness surrounding them) The hospital is abandoned! Who are we going to contaminate?

As if on cue, they hear a loud clatter from an OR down the hallway, and a light comes on.


Jacy and Luka have entered with Romano, and are setting up. Pratt comes running in, followed by Chen.

LUKA: Central line kit, two litres wide open. Where's the O-neg?

JACY: We don't keep it up here.

LUKA: He't not perfusing. Set up the level one. Pratt, blood -- I need as much blood as you can get. O-neg, packed cells and platelets, now.

Pratt has started compressions.

PRATT: Blood bank is closed.

LUKA: Open it!

Pratt runs off.

CHEN: What happened?

LUKA: Chen, ice. I need ice -- lots of it.

Chen runs off.


Susan and Marty are still there, Marty's still unconscious, and the monitors are still beeping away. Susan presses the elevator button, then turns to Marty.

SUSAN: Mr. Hersch?

No response.

SUSAN: (louder) Mr. Hersch?

She goes to the drug box at the foot of the bed and digs through it.

SUSAN: (muttering) Levophed, Levophed...

She finds it, and inserts it into a syringe.

SUSAN: Okay, where's the bag?

She runs around to the head of the bed looking for it. She digs through a medical bag on the ground. She sighs in frustration and stands up.

SUSAN: Okay, Mr. Hersch, I'll be right back.

She grabs the bag and runs for the door to the stairwell. She uses the bag to prop the door open, and heads into --


She charges down three flights of stairs, holding the syringe in a manner that would make your mother cringe ("You'll poke your eye out!"). She reaches a landing and enters--


You may or may not notice that this floor is marked 7. At any rate, Susan enters and looks around.

SUSAN: (calling) Someone! I need help!

She runs to a shelf of medical supplies and finds a bag of saline. She inserts the contents of the needle into the bag.


She charges back upstairs.


Susan comes back, out of breath. Marty's machines are beeping even worse than before. Apparently she doesn't even need the Levophed any more, she needs to shock the heart.

SUSAN: Oh, son of a bitch.

She runs up to Marty, and pulls down the blanket covering him to reveal his chest. She preps the paddles, and shocks him. Nothing.

SUSAN: Come on.

She shocks him again. Nothing.

SUSAN: Come on!

The elevator opens behind her as she shocks him yet again.


Pratt uses a mayo stand to break the glass of the door to the blood bank. Then he reaches around for the handle and lets himself in. He goes to the fridge, but it's locked too, of course.

PRATT: Dammit.

He digs through a couple of drawers, and finds a key. He goes to use it on the fridge as we cut to--


Kerry walks quickly with Gallant and Lutz.

LUTZ: (pissed) You can't open the operating room!

KERRY: They're already in there!

GALLANT: Listen, Mercy and Lakeshore are maxed out. That's it.

KERRY: Yeah, maxed out is relative.

LUTZ: I can't allow anyone else in.

KERRY: Look, he's our Chief of Staff; you're going to need to stop the replantation team by force.

GALLANT: Listen, dispatch says to remove everyone else to Riverview.

KERRY: Where the hell is that?

GALLANT: Indiana.

KERRY: (to Gallant) No. (to Lutz) No.

Lutz takes off. The flight nurse and the pilot are pulling and pushing Colin on his bed out of the hospital.

NURSE: Need a hand here!

Kerry comes running over. Gallant does too.

KERRY: What took you so long?

PILOT: Elevator doesn't open on the first floor.

NURSE: Sats are 89, but not correlating. Abdomen's tense.

KERRY: (to Fiancee) Hey! Over here!

Fiancee has been leaning against a police car facing away from them, but comes running over when she sees Kerry, and follows them pushing the bed to an ambulance. She looks like she's been crying.

FIANCEE: Colin? Colin, can you here me? (to Kerry) Can I ride with him? I'm his fiancee.

COLIN: (pulls off his O2 mask; to Fiancee) Get the hell away from me.

KERRY: Sir, I'm going to need you to calm down.

COLIN: She's not my fiancee, she's a freaking psycho!

KERRY: Gallant!

Gallant restrains Fiancee.

FIANCEE: (very upset) We're soulmates!

COLIN: She ran me off the road into a bus!

FIANCEE: (upset) I was upset, but I'm not now! I'll-- I'll take care of you!

The flight nurse and some paramedics load Colin into a waiting ambulance. Kerry and the pilot walk back to the hospital.

KERRY: Hey... how bad is he? Romano?

PILOT: (no time to talk as he runs off) Bad.


Jacy, Chen and Luka are working on Romano. Pratt comes in with the blood.

LUKA: Retracting the deltoid. There's the median nerve.

JACY. Clean cut. That's good, right?

PRATT: (lays down the blood units) All right, where do you want it?

LUKA: Squeeze in four units and get a hemacue.

CHEN: Bradying down to 50.

LUKA: One mig of atropine. Break out the cart. We're going to have to tube him soon.

CHEN: I think I lost the pulse.

LUKA: Either you did or you didn't.

CHEN: Can't feel it.

LUKA: OKay, CPR now.

Chen commences chest compressions.

LUKA: Pratt, get that blood in.

PRATT: First two units are up.

LUKA: One milligram epi, IV push and FFP to follow.


The elevator arrives on the floor with a ding. The door opens. It's a beyond-harried looking Susan, who's doing chest compressions on Marty. Susan looks out at the darkened hallway.

SUSAN: (yelling) is anybody out there?! I need help in here, he's crashing! Somebody!!

The elevator door starts to close again. She grunts in frustration as she leaves Marty to grab the door. She hits the emergency button of the elevator. The alarm goes off, and the door stays open. Susan dashes out into the hallway.


Susan runs down the hallway. She runs past a storage closet, then doubles back to it. She enters and grabs a crash cart.


Susan has the crash cart in the elevator with her and Marty now. The elevator door is closed. She bags him, then does compressions. Marty's machines are still beeping like crazy. The elevator door drifts open.

SUSAN: (yelling, but with exhaustion) Somebody?!

The door drifts shut again.

SUSAN: Damn it.

Susan stops compressions and grabs the paddles. She sets them down, though, when she notices the elevator phone, and grabs that instead. She cradles the phone between her ear and shoulder as she starts compressions again.

SUSAN: Okay, come on, come on. Pick up. Pick up.


Chaos still reigns, followed by Anspaugh, Dr. Gunn, a reattachment specialists (I'll call him "SURGEON") and a female doctor who has no lines. A cop is clearing the way for them to enter the buildig. Lutz is trailing behind them.

COP: Out of the way! Out of the way!

KERRY: Donald, get in there.

ANSPAUGH: (introduction) Kerry Weaver, Dr. Joe Gunn.

GUNN: Nice to meet you.

SURGEON: He walked into the tail rotor. What the hell happened?

KERRY: He barely has a pressure.

GUNN: Is he in arrest?

KERRY: Not yet.

Lutz and Gallant run up to the group, but from different directions.

LUTZ: This way, wear your masks at all times!

Lutz, Anpaugh, Gunn, Surgeon and the female doctor enter the hospital.

GALLANT: Dr. Weaver! Dispatch relayed a call from elevator number four. Dr. Lewis needs help with a crashing patient. She can't get him off.

KERRY: Well, who's with her?!

GALLANT: (running off again) No one!


Luka, Pratt, Chen and Jacy are still working on Romano.

CHEN: Normal sinus.

LUKA: Good pulse. How many units?

PRATT: Fourth almost in.

Lutz and the four doctors come charging in.

ANSPAUGH: Where are we?

LUKA: Amputation at the distal humerus. Dropped his crit to 18 prior to the transfusion. Arm's on ice.

Surgeon looks at the arm.

LUTZ: Everybody, put a mask on!

Luka, Pratt and Jacy aren't, and they don't make any hurry to do so now.

CHEN: Hemorrhagic shock resolved with blood and epi. Pressure's 90.

GUNN: I need to paralyze and intubate.

Romano groans softly.

PRATT: Hold on, he's coming around.

ANSPAUGH: (to surgeon)

The surgeon has been studying the severed arm.

SURGEON: I don't know. Above the elbow's tough.

ANSPAUGH: Yes or no?


ROMANO: (softly) Oh, God...

ANSPAUGH: Robert, can you here me?

ROMANO: Oh, I'm at County...


Gallant's charging up the stairs. He enters floor 6 and runs down the hallway. He comes to where Marty and Susan are. Marty has flat-lined. Susan is sitting slumped on the floor, leaning against the wall. Gallant stops. Susan looks up, still exhausted. She stares at him a few seconds, then sighs and looks away.




Chen and Abby are there. Chen's wearing sweatpants and a tank top and Abby's wearing blue scrubs. Abby's leaning her hair into the sink and Chen's rinsing it off. Chen hims a little.

ABBY: I don't think I can take another week.

CHEN: Oh, yeah. (finishes rinsing) All right, up.

Abby straightens herself as Chen wraps a towel around Abby's hair.

ABBY: Feels like we're the last people on the planet.

CHEN: Yeah, uh, if we were I'd, uh, move into the best suite at the Ritz-Carlton. You?

ABBY: Um... shopping spree?

CHEN: (nods) Hmm.

Abby pulls the towel out of her hair. She has blond highlights now.

CHEN: Ooh, hot.

ABBY: Really?

They giggle.


It's not clear if this is the ER or not. Sure does look like it. Pratt and Carter and kicking a soccer ball back and forth, trying to get a "goal" by kicking it past the other person. They're holding theor arms behind their backs. Stan's sleeping on a cot near them.

PRATT: Toe or finger?


PRATT: Even the big one?

CARTER: Yep. Arm or leg?

PRATT: Uh... leg? You?

CARTER: Definitely leg.

PRATT: Deaf or blind?


Carter kicks the ball past Pratt. A "goal."

CARTER: Ha ha! Six, five!

PRATT: Okay. Would you rather lose both your arms or your penis?

CARTER: I don't know.

PRATT: Well, you know you could still do it if you still had your equipment.

CARTER: Yeah, but it'd tough to get chicks without arms.

PRATT: You know, I'll tell you the truth, I don't think I could date a chick that was missing pieces.

CARTER: What if she had a really great personality?

PRATT: What, and really big tits?

Pratt kicks the ball into and through a window. The glass shatters. The noise wakes Stan up. Pratt and Carter run off, laughing. Abby strolls in to see what the noise was. Her hair is dry now.

ABBY: What the hell is going on in here, Stan?

STAN: Hey, nice do. Frames your face better.

ABBY: Thanks.

STAN: Yeah.


Kerry enters and starts to walk up to the desk, then she turns around and sees through a window into Romano's hospital room, and she enters. There's an automatic sliding door. Romano's lying in bed, his left arm bandaged from shoulder to wrist. There's a brace where the severance occured. He's drugged up, and pretty much out of it. Dr. Gunn is examining the fingers on the left hand.

GUNN: (as a greeting) Dr. Weaver.

KERRY: How's he doing?

GUNN: Could be better. The ring and long finger are a little dusky.

There's a close-up of the hand. Those fingers are indeed looking pretty blue.

KERRY: Is it normal post-op erythema?

ROMANO: (mutters) It better be.

GUNN: Well, with the poor perfusion, I'm worried the anti-biotics aren't penetrating.

KERRY: He's not getting enough blood flow to the hand.

GUNN: Well, I can up his Dextran, but if I take him back to the OR we decrease his chance of meaningful recovery.

KERRY: And if not, he could lose the whole hand.

ROMANO: I'm thirsty.

Kerry goes around to the other side of the bed, and holds a cup up for him to drink from a straw.

GUNN: Does he have a family?

KERRY: I don't know. Has anyone else visited?

He's done drinking. Kerry sets the cup back down.

GUNN: No. You know him. What would he want?

KERRY: Robert's agressive. I'm going to say the arm at all costs.

GUNN: So I should operate?

KERRY: Let him wake up from the narcotics and ask him.

GUNN: Well, that could be tomorrow morning. By then, it'll be too late.

KERRY: Then you wait. It's his decision, not mine.

Gunn looks at her. She gazes at Romano.



Carter is shaving. Abby's doing laundry in the sink.

CARTER: You think they now?

ABBY: Pratt's clueless. Chen knows.

CARTER: I don't think so.

ABBY: Oh, no, she knows.

CARTER: Why, did you tell her?

ABBY: Where do you think I got the condoms?

Carter chuckles.

ABBY: And you know, you were a little... loud.

She chuckles.

CARTER: Well, uh...

He's done shaving. She picks up a chart, and compares the appearance of the vaccinated area of her arm to 4 pictures.

CARTER: (serious) You're about a three.

ABBY: (teasing) You know, I always thought I was at least a four.

CARTER: It's a nice pustule.

ABBY: (puts chart away) It's going to be a big scar, I know it.

CARTER: You could get another tattoo.

ABBY: That's right, I could get "Carter."

CARTER: (grins at the idea) Yeah.

ABBY: (continuing) "Sucks>"

CARTER: (sarcastic) Yeah, ha ha ha.

He mockingly tosses a towel at her.


Eliazbeth is walking with her father.

ELIZABETH: When I was in Chicago, I'd often get homesick for London, and think about the things I missed.

FATHER: Now you don't have to.

ELIZABETH: Yeah, now I think aboiut Chicago.

FATHER: Yes, I heard you had a run-in with the staff. This time with a cardiologist?

ELIZABETH: He took one of my patients hostage.

FATHER: He wanted to wait for an echo. That's not unreasonable, is it?

ELIZABETH: (half cringing, half grinning) Ooh, someone graffed on me.

FATHER: It's a small hospital.

ELIZABETH: Small-minded's more like it.

FATHER: And it's not America. You may have to adjust your approach somewhat.

ELIZABETH: My approach is simply to do what's best for patient with the minimum amount of arse licking.

We now see where they're heading. Isabel is sitting at a table in a restaurant patio. She waves to Elizabeth when she sees her. Dad sees her to, and stops short. Elizabeth pauses with him.

FATHER: Oh, there's my cue.

ELIZABETH: What, you're not going to say hello?

FATHER: (waves, somewhat mockingly) Hello!

Isabel is not amused.

FATHER: I'm really glad you're back, Elizabeth.

He gives her a peck on the cheek. She smiles. He leaves. Elizabeth goes to sit down with her Mum.

ISABEL: You're late.

ELIZABETH: I'm sorry, I had a bowel resection.

She gives her Mum a peck on the cheek.

ISABEL: Oh, before lunch? Lovely.

ELIZABETH: I washed my hands.



Abby's painting her toenails. Chen's reading a novel ("Bereft: A Sister's Story", by Jane Bernstein). From the dim lights, I gather that they're hunkering down for bed.

ABBY: Do you think it's possible to die from boredom?

CHEN: I don't think so.

ABBY: What if your mind wandered off in a daydream and you forgot to eat and drink for days?

CHEN: Then you'd die of starvation and dehydration.

ABBY: Caused by boredom.

CHEN: Hmm.

Chen goes back to reading her book. Then:

CHEN: You smell something?


Pratt is cutting a pizza in a box with a scalpel. There's another (closed) box beside it. Stan walks up to the counter, wearing a green bathrobe.

STAN: That smells like heaven.

Chen walks up to the counter too.

CHEN: (laughs) Where did this come from?

PRATT: I had a friend of mine slip it through the window.

Carter walks up to the counter.

CARTER: Ah, so that's contraband pizza.

Abby walks up to the counter.

PRATT: Yeah, why, you want some?

CARTER: Hell, yes.

PRATT: Ten bucks a slice.

Carter stares a him. Pratt breaks into a grin.

PRATT: Help yourself.

Everyone grabs a slice or two.

STAN: You didn't get any beer, did you?

PRATT: I got some sodas.

Pratt produces a six-pack of 355mL cans from under the counter.

CHEN: I take back everything I said about you Pratt.

PRATT: Really?

CHEN: No. But thanks for the pizza.

PRATT: No, but seriously, since you guys make, like, five times what I do, all donations are greatly appreciated.

CARTER: Hey, I got some good news. Adam's fever broke. He's out of the woods.

Everyone looks pleased, and smiles.

PRATT: Ah! Lovely, lovely, how about a toast? To young Adam.

They clink their soda cans together. I'm pretty sure they're Coca-Colas. I can't really tell, because they're not blatantly product-placed.

ALL: To young Adam.

CHEN: And to us, for surviving the plague.

ABBY: Unless somebody develops a rash in the next six hours.

STAN: Pestis Puerorum.

PRATT: What?

STAN: The black death. It started in China. Infected Italian sailors brought the disease back to Sicily in 1347. In the end, 25 million people died.

CARTER: (curious, friendly) How do you know that, Stan?

STAN: Renaissance Philosophy, 1D7.

PRATT: (disbelief) You studied philosophy?

STAN: Taught it.

PRATT: (laughs) Yeah, right.

ABBY: (interested) You were a teacher?

Stan nods.

ABBY: What happened?

STAN: Things. Things happened. Things always happen.

CARTER: You know, you're sober now.

STAN: Not by choice. While the conversation is going, we see Abby and Carter exchange glances. The camera doesn't capture the whole thing, but I gather he is looking at her, she feels him and meets his gaze, and he looks away, back at Stan.

CHEN: Well, you know you've been through the hard part. We can get you into a program, get you some counselling.

STAN: I killed my daughter in a DUI. There's no counselling for that. (then) Thanks for the pizza.

He heads off, back to his room with his pizza and soda. The rest of them are silent for a bit after that downer. Chen is the first to say something.

CHEN: Oh. Well, um, I'm going to eat this in bed.

She picks up her drink and pizza.

PRATT: Sounds good to me.

CHEN: (firm, but smiling) Alone. Goodnight.

ABBY: Goodnight.

Chen heads back to her room. Pratt picks up the other box of pizza, the 6th drink from the six-pack, and his original drink, and starts to leave.

PRATT: (to Carter and Abby) So, you guys want to watch some TV?

ABBY: No thanks.


PRATT: All right. Pizza will be in the fridge.

Pratt leaves. Carter and Abby are left alone.

CARTER: Kind of sad, huh?

ABBY: What's that?

CARTER: The guy was a teacher.

ABBY: Yeah, and he killed his daughter.

CARTER: 'Cause of alcohol.

ABBY: It happens.

CARTER: It doesn't have to.

ABBY: What are you trying to say?

CARTER: I just think it's sad.

ABBY: Why can't you just tell me what you're trying to say? You can talk to me.

CARTER: You want me to talk to you?

ABBY: Yeah.

CARTER: I want to help you. But not because I'm a nice guy or because I'm worried about you, but because I want to be with you.

ABBY: You want to fix me.

CARTER: Help you.

ABBY: Fix me so I'm good enough.

CARTER: No, I want it to work.

ABBY: Yeah, well, I'm not broken.

He looks at her, in an "I want to believe you" way.

ABBY: Huh.

She sighs and goes back to her room. Carter looks down. That didn't go as well as one might have hoped.


Elizabeth strides through, and is intercepted by the same doctor as from her first scene, who follows her through. She doesn't slow down to accomodate him. I'll note now that she's wearing black slacks and a white blouse under her white lab coat, and he's wearing a particulary garish neck-tie.

DOCTOR: Ah, Ms. Corday. I see you ordered that CT on Mr. McKay.

ELIZABETH: Yes, after twenty minutes of chatting, I came to the same conclusion. CT confirmed dissection.

DOCTOR: So, you're, uh, carrying on all right then, eh?

ELIZABETH: (not particularly curious) Carrying on?

DOCTOR: Of course. I suppose you can still grieve on the inside.

ELIZABETH: While I'm certain that's meant as some kind of a criticism, I'm afraid I haven't got time to decipher it.

DOCTOR: You're not in black dress. Well, in fact, you're not in a dress at all. Perhaps America has confused you in more ways than one.

ELIZABETH: Interesting.


ELIZABETH: I thought I might suggest you reconsider that tie as it makes you look like a boorish, virulent ponce. But now I realize that's simply your general disposition so it would be out of place for me to comment.

DOCTOR: Out of place, indeed. Tragic, really. A woman out of place on two continents.

He heads off in another direction. Elizabeth continues on her way, and passes a receptionist.

RECEPTIONIST: (to Elizabeth) Congratulations.

ELIZABETH: (stops and turns) Excuse me?

Receptionist holds out a piece of paper to Elizabeth.

RECEPTIONIST: They sold your house. Ten thousand more than the asking.

Elizabeth takes the paper, and walks off a few paces to look at it.

RECEPTIONIST: If you sign it, I'll fax it back for you.

ELIZABETH: (quietly) Thank you.

Tinkly music plays, and Elizabeth's face softens. The receptionist goes to look over Elizabeth's shoulder.

ELIZABETH: I woul like to read it myself, thank you.

The receptionist returns to her desk.Elizabeth finds a quiet area to look at it by herself. She sighs heavily, and puts a hand to her face.




It's a different room than the earlier scene. Doesn't have the cool automatic doors, and is further away from the nurse's station, so I'll assume it's a room for less critical patients. There are several bouquets of flowers in the room, and a helium balloon. Romano's in bed, his head propped up on a few pillows. The left arm is still bandaged all the way to the wrist, and the brace is where the severance occured. When he talks, his speech is slurred, and he's kind of drowsy. A nurse comes in. She's friendly, and a little matronizing. She looks under the lid of his lunch tray and sees the food still there.

NURSE: What's wrong with your lunch today, Dr. Romano? Your body needs nourishment to heal itself.

ROMANO: That's brilliant. Teach you that in nursing school?

NURSE: If you don't eat, I'm going to tell Dr. Gunn.

ROMANO: (groans) Go ahead, tell Gunn. I've seen his work. You might as well have someone from your prosthetics department come fit me for a hook.

NURSE: (picks up tray) I'll see if I can find you something else.

She leaves, as Kerry comes to the (open) door, and knocks.

ROMANO: Kerry! I was wondering when you were going to visit me.

She enters the room.

KERRY: Well, I was here yesterday, and the day before. You were a little out of it.

She stands at his bedside.

ROMANO: Are you carpeting my office?

(That may be, "Recarpeting my office?" Speech is awfully slurred.)

KERRY: How are you feeling?

ROMANO: I've been better.

KERRY: (more a statement than a question) The surgery went well?

ROMANO: Oh, yeah, so they say. But you know how surgeons lie.

KERRY: You were lucky.

ROMANO: (scoffs) Lucky?

KERRY: Look, your people rallied around to save you in a deserted hospital.

He makes a sarcastic rah-rah gesture as she speaks.

KERRY: If it wasn't for Dr. Kovac, you'd--

ROMANO: (interupting) I'd still have my arm.

KERRY: You do still have your arm.


KERRY: Yes. It was a clean cut above--

ROMANO: (interupts again) I signed the third quarter income projections. You know, we should evacuate the hospital once every year for the money we're saving.

KERRY: Robert--

ROMANO: (closes his eyes, interrupts yet again) I'm going to sleep now. Apparently I need my rest.

Kerry realizes he's not going to talk, and leaves.


Elizabeth is performing surgery with a couple of nurses assisting. Another surgeon comes in (not the one Elizabeth had been verbally sparring with before), ready for surgery himself.

ELIZABETH: (to nurse) Identified the terminal ileum. Bovie.

A nurse hands it to her.

SURGEON: We call it electrocautery, Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH: (annoyed) Can I help you?

SURGEON: A solo helicolectomy?

ELIZABETH: Not by design. Your Professor Whitehead decided to be tardy.

SURGEON: Yes, I know. He’s apparently saving a motorist on the M-One. Asked me if I’d fill in. But it seems you’ve already started. Transverse incision. Splendid.

ELIZABETH: It allows for a more localized approach.

SURGEON: Yes, and a bloody one. (to nurse) Suction?

ELIZABETH: (annoyed) The field is clear.

SURGEON: Let’s just take a look, shall we?

She uses the suction as he looks over her shoulder.

SURGEON: Elizabeth?

ELIZABETH: (sighs) Be my guest.

She hands him the scalpel. He starts poking around while she holds the suction for him.

SURGEON: Mm-hmm. Oh. Good seperation around the Toldt. The areolar tissue could use better division, couldn’t it? Metzenbaum?

ELIZABETH: May I continue now, please?

SURGEON: The more I see... the better he’ll do.

ELIZABETH: Well, if you merely wish to peer around the gentleman’s anatomy, why don’t you crack open his skull while you’re at it?

SURGEON: No. I’m interested in completely excising this man’s cancer. (to nurse who has handed him something) Thank you. Vascular clips.

Elizabeth sets the suction down.

ELIZABETH: Okay, the. He’s all yours.

SURGEON: Retract the cecum medially.

Elizabeth doesn’t do anything.

SURGEON: Retraction.

She meets his gaze steadily.

SURGEON: Retraction.

There’s a pause, then Elizabeth says to the nurses:

ELIZABETH: Well, you heard him! Retraction! (as she heads out) Watch the pericolic gutter. He’s had a couple of adhesions from an appendectomy.

Elizabeth storms out, tossing her gloves to the floor on her way.


It's bright and sunny. Everything's clean, and a few orderlys are poking around getting things ready. Kerry walks up to the admit desk, where Frank's seated at a computer.


KERRY: Good morning, Frank.

FRANK: Uh, welcome back, Dr. Weaver.

KERRY: They waxed the floors.

FRANK: Yeah, nice, huh? Takes smallpox for them to finally sanitize the place.

KERRY: It wasn't smallpox, Frank.

FRANK: Yeah. Mutated monkey scabs. Whatever.

Frank boots up the computer.

KERRY: Other departments on-line?

FRANK: ICU and Surgery have been up since midnight... Pedes, PICU. Labour and Delivery opened with us. Everybody else starts at noon.

Pratt strolls by on his way out (but he'll make a pit-stop in the lounge first.

KERRY: Dr. Pratt.

PRATT: See ya.

KERRY: Disease control clear you?

PRATT: Hundred percent. Probed in every which way you can think of.

KERRY: I don't need to hear the details.

Chuny walks up to the desk.

KERRY: (to Chuny) Did we get all our monitors back?

CHUNY: IMEDS, propacks, and portable vents. Crash carts are stocked and ready.

Susan comes in.

SUSAN: Oh, I don't get it. We're closed for two weeks and they make us come back at six a.m.?

KERRY: Well, it could have been midnight.

Susan heads into the lounge as Pratt comes out with his knapsack.

PRATT: I'll catch you quacks later.

SUSAN: Oh, I see you're better.

PRATT: I was never that bad. Told you guys not to sweat it.

KERRY: Dr. Pratt, Dr. Gallant called in sick. I need you to cover for him until three.

PRATT: What?!

KERRY: Well, you just said you felt good.

PRATT: I know, but, come on man...

KERRY: Eh... (she grins) Kidding, Pratt.

PRATT: (not funny) Ha ha ha ha.

KERRY: See you next week.

Pratt leaves. Abby walks up to Weaver, holding her timecard.

ABBY: Dr. Weaver, can you sign this?

KERRY: What is it?

ABBY: My time card. Two straight weeks of overtime.

Kerry just looks at her.

ABBY: You think I'm kidding?


Lutz is there. A man (I'll call him CDC DOCTOR) is finishing Carter examination. Chen's reading a magazine as she waits for hers.

CDC DOCTOR: Dermatologically clear. Afebrille.

LUTZ: Okay, you're free to go.

Carter hops up and grabs his duffel bag. Chen hops to the table to be examined.

CHEN: What, no psych consult?

CDC DOCTOR: We try not to inflict any long-term damage.

CARTER: Oh, she was bordeline anyway.

LUTZ: Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

CARTER: Hey, can you tell us?

LUTZ: What?

CARTER: If the virus was engineered or natural?

LUTZ: The system worked. Everyone did their jobs. Especially at the local level.

CARTER: You're not going to tell us.

Lutz grins.

CARTER: See you later, Deb.

CHEN: Yeah, it was fun, Carter.

He leaves the room and heads out into the hallway, where Kerry's giving orders.

KERRY: Let's get these beds made up so we're not setting up as we go. Chuny, are you triage?

CHUNY: (as she walks by) Yes, on my way.

The camera shifts to Carter and Susan at the front desk.

SUSAN: Hey, you survived!

CARTER: Hi. You look tan.

SUSAN: I went to Barbados. Sorry. (she laughs)

CARTER: (scoffing) Barbados!

SUSAN: (still laughing) I had two weeks. What else was I supposed to do?

Carter leaves. Kerry walks up to Frank.

KERRY: Frank, what time is it?

FRANK: Five fifty-nine.

KERRY: Okay. We're open.

Silence. Frank has a bite of a doughnut while Kerry stands and waits pensively for... she's not sure what. Then the phone rings. Kerry grins and moves off. They're in business again.

FRANK: (into phone) E.R.


Carter steps outside. He sees Adam, on a gurney, being loaded into an ambulance. His parents and a paramedic get in after him. The kid's looking a lot better, from what we see (it's Carter POV from across the ambulance bay). Abby's there, and closes the door behind them, then waves good-bye. Then their eyes meet across the ambulance bay. She smiles. He does too, and walks to where she's waiting.

CARTER: Thet just get out themselves?

She nods.

ABBY: He has to leave the trach in for a few days, but he's off the vent.

They start walking out.

CARTER: They look better -- the parents.

ABBY: Well, maybe they stopped blaming each other.

They reach the end of the ambulance bay and stop short.

CARTER: Weird.

ABBY: What?

CARTER: Stuck here for two weeks, I don't want to go home. Want to get some breakfast?

He starts walking again.

ABBY: (decisive) No.

She follows him.


Elizabeth is standing on the roof holding a cup of coffee, looking out at the view of the Tower Bridge. She's brooding. Her father comes out of the door.

CHARLES: (calls out to her) You're not thinking of jumping?

ELIZABETH: No. Not quite that desperate.

He walks over to her.

CHARLES: Can I join you?

ELIZABETH: It's your hospital.

CHARLES: Yes, it is, isn't it? So, what's wrong with the surgical lounge?

ELIZABETH: Habit, I suppose. At County, we often go up on the roof when the place gets too much for us.

CHARLES: Oh, I'm glad everything there isn't perfect. I was beginning to develop an inferiority complex.

ELIZABETH: (wry) Far from it.

CHARLES: Homesick, then?

Elizabeth shrugs, and shakes her head in an "I don't know" manner.

CHARLES: Yes you do.


CHARLES: Have a home. Can'r bring yourself to sell it, I understand?

ELIZABETH: I assume Mr. Cummins survived his helicolectomy without further incident.

CHARLES: We do seem to manage here. From time to time.

He goes to look out over the edge of the building.

CHARLES: So, you haven't developed vertigo yet, in your teenage years. It reminds me of your tree-climbing days. The headmistress couldn't get you out of that sycamore to save her life. I had to drive all the way down to Tunberidge Wells. (laughs) A counselor was brought in. Suggested some kind of rebellion. Seperation anxiety. A cry for attention. What have you. Turned out you just liked climbing trees. I knew that. You were an unbridled spirit from the womb.

ELIZABETH: I don't know what to do.

They hug.

CHARLES: I know, darling. I know.


Elizabeth pushes Ella in her stroller and pulls her luggage behind her. The train whistle blows. People around her are hurrying.



Elizabeth has stowed her luggage somewhere (she still has her knapsack) and is now hacing trouble lodaing Ella in her stroller into the train. A man walks up. I'll call him NICE MAN.

NICE MAN: Here. Let me.

He helps her to lift the stroller.

ELIZABETH: Thank you. Uh, this is the right train for Heathrow, isn't it?

NICE MAN: (grins) I hope so.


Ella is seated by a window. In the aisle, the Nice Man helps Elizabeth stow her bag into the overhead compartment.

NICE MAN: You off for the holidays?

Elizabeth smiles happily.

ELIZABETH: No. We're going home.

The Nice Man moves off to his own seat. Elizabeth sits down with Ella.

CONDUCTOR: Stand clear of the doors, please. This train is about to depart.

Elizabeth takes Ella in her lap, and holds her up to the window.

ANNOUNCER: The 7:59 train from Eeling and Broadway to Redding West is now departing for Heathrow.

Elizabeth hugs Ella as the train pulls out of the station.


Carter and Abby are walking along the beach. Somewhere along the line they've ditched their bags. Carter has taken off his shoes and is carrying them. We join them mid-conversation.

ABBY: Chaos theory?

CARTER: Yeah. A virus mutates in the Congo. We evacuate an ER in Chicago. Romano gets his arm cut off.

ABBY: You lost me.

CARTER: You know, a butterfly flaps its wings in China and creates a tornado halfway around the world.

ABBY: I'm hot.

CARTER: I'm just saying that there's an inherent unpredictability about everything -- evolution, life. Love, relationships.

ABBY: So, what am I? The butterfly or the tornado?

CARTER: No, you're chaos in general.

ABBY: (laughs) Oh, thanks.

CARTER: No, I'm just saying, you're chaos to me. The unknown. I'm chaos to you.

ABBY: You are hardly chaos, Carter.

CARTER: I'm just saying that there's a risk in anything that you do, right? But don't you want to stack the odds in your favour? I mea, I'm drawn to you. It's kind of that simple. I've been... drawn to you for two years, but chaos always seems to rule. And I don't want it to rule.

Carter throws a rock out into the water, and watches it go as he continues talking. He has his back to Abby, and meanwhile she pulls off her shirt.

CARTER: I want to know where it's taking me. You know what I mean?

He turns back around. Her shirt is off.

ABBY: Nope.

And with that, dives into the water and swims underwater.

CARTER: (as she's still under) (grins) The tornado, definitely the tornado.

Abby surfaces again.

ABBY: Are you coming in?



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