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Script VO 2/2

Gallant's seeing an elderly woman who's been brought in by her husband. Gallant's examining her forearm.
GALLANT: So, Mrs. Reynolds, how long have you had the spots?
MRS. REYNOLDS: About a week.
MR. REYNOLDS: I gave her some penicillin.
GALLANT: Oh, for what?
MRS. REYNOLDS: I got a cold - - cough, sore throat, headaches.
GALLANT: Mmm, yeah. Antibiotics won't help.
MRS. REYNOLDS: (to Mr. Reynolds) I told you.
GALLANT: Where did you get the penicillin?
MR. REYNOLDS: The medicine cabinet. I had some left over from an ear infection.
GALLANT: Oh, yeah, you should never share prescriptions. And if you're given one, you should try to use all of it.
MR. REYNOLDS: What do you think's wrong with her?
GALLANT: I believe she's experiencing what we call hypersensitivity vasculitis. It's from the antibiotics.
MRS. REYNOLDS: (to Mr. Reynolds) Thank you, Dr. Kevorkian.
MR. REYNOLDS: Is it treatable?
GALLANT: Absolutely. We'll get some medicine for you and, uh, have you feeling as good as new.
Gallant walks out, closing the curtain behind him. A woman in her early twenties, Grace, is sitting on a gurney outside the curtain. Gallant doesn't notice her.
GRACE: (calling to Gallant) You might want to get a C.B.C.
Gallant turns around.
GALLANT: I beg your pardon?
GRACE: On account of her history. Cound be indicitive of undiagnosed thrombocytopenia. You know, low platelets.
GALLANT: And you are...?
GRACE: Grace. I'm a second year med student. Ask her if she has any unusual bleeding when she brushes her teeth.
GALLANT: Are you a med student a this hospital?
GALLANT: I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your comments to yourself.
Carter walks up.
CARTER: Hello.
GRACE: Is he your student?
CARTER: Excuse me?
GALLANT: She's a second year med student who thinks that she can diagnose my patients.
GRACE: He takes a lousy history. I bet your lunch money that she's got thrombocytopenia.
CARTER: (regarding chart) She's right. Low platelets. Needs additional labs, head C.T. and admission.
GALLANT: I'll take care of it.
GRACE: (calling) You're welcome!
CARTER: (examining Grace) So, do you do self-diagnosis, too?
GRACE: As a matter of fact, I do. Um, I've let myself get a little run down and I can feel a flu coming on. I can't afford to be sick right now, so I was hoping you could get me a little Relenea or Tamflu.
CARTER: Yeah, I think I can manage that. What school are you in?
GRACE: Western and Benville. I'm getting my law degree simutaneously.
CARTER: Really?
GRACE: Mm-hmm. My parents didn't want me to go to med school.
CARTER: I know that feeling.
We pan over to Nicole, carrying a lot of things and dropping them periodically. She's looking pretty harried. Gallant sees hr and calls out to her.
GALLANT: Excuse me, uh, can you get a head C.T. from Mrs. Reynolds in Curtain Two?
NICOLE: I'm not a nurse. I'm just training. I'm sorry.
Gallant catches up to her and walks with her.
GALLANT: Ah, that's okay. I'm in training myself. I'm a new med student, Michael. Nice to meet you.
He holds out a hand for her to shake, but her hands are too full to shake.
NICOLE: Nicole.
Luka walks up.
LUKA: (to Nicole) How are you doing?
NICOLE: Oh, okay.
LUKA: Everybody helping you?
NICOLE: Yeah. Abby showed me how to bathe a homeless man. (ick) It was a little...
LUKA: Abby's pretty busy, you should stick with Malik and Haleh.
LUKA: (re: something Nicole's carrying) Is this Mr. Hilliker's 12 lead?
GALLANT: Did he have an M.I.?
LUKA: No, probably just an anxiety attack. (his pager goes off) You want to give him the good news?
GALLANT: Yeah, can I?
LUKA: Yeah. I've got a trauma coming in. Uh, Nicole, we're gonna need some IV saline, you'll find it in the suture room. (leaves)
NICOLE: Okay. (to Gallant) It can get a little crazy here.
GALLANT: Yeah, I know. It's only my first day.
NICOLE: Are you liking it?
GALLANT: Ah, so far so good.
They are at the suture room now and open the door. We hear a choking sound coming from behind the drawn curtain. Gallant runs over, pulls the curtain back, and we see Mr. Hilliker has hung from the celing himself with what is presumably his belt. Gallant and Nicole are shocked.
NICOLE: (dropping everything) Oh my God!
GALLANT: Go-go and get somebody!
She departs. Gallant tries to pull him down.
GALLANT: Take a breath, Mr. Hilliker. (calling) Somebody help me!
Mr. Hilliker wheezes. Gallant realizes he'll have to cut him down. Gallant searches for something to do it with. The cabinets are locked, so he breaks the glass and pulls out a scalpel.
GALLANT: Somebody help me!
Using the bed to stand on, he begins to cut the belt.
GALLANT: Okay, okay, hold on. Okay, hang on. Hang on.
Gallant's finally cut all the way through. They both fall onto the gurney, Mr. Hilliker on top of Gallant.
GALLANT: Okay, okay... INT. GAMMA'S ROOM Carter hesitates, then enters.
CARTER: Hey, Gamma. Sorry this is taking so long. Did you get some lunch?
GAMMA: No, I didn't get anything, and that cardiologist has never been back to see me.
CARTER: Yeah, that's 'cause I asked to speak to you first.
CARTER: (making light of it) I figured it was the least I could do since you've been stuck in here all day.
GAMMA: John. Don't beat around the bush.
CARTER: (serious) You have what's called Shy-Drager syndrome. It's a progressive disease that affects your blood pressure and could put you at a greater risk for heart attack or stroke.
GAMMA: (matter-of-fact) Is it going to kill me?
CARTER: Most people die within ten years.
GAMMA: Ten years? I'm not even sure I want to be around ten more years. Ten days, now, that might have put a kink in my plans.
CARTER: Gamma...
GAMMA: Can I go home?
CARTER: I think they're going to want you to stay overnight.
GAMMA: John. I want to go home.
Abby, on a break, pulls out a cigarette. She hears crying from behind an ambulance, and goes to check it out. Seeind Nicole, she almost doesn't go over, but then changes her mind and approaches Nicole.
ABBY: You on a break?
NICOLE: (tearful) No.
ABBY: Can I get you a coffee?
NICOLE: No, thanks.
ABBY: (reluctant) Uh, do you want to talk?
NICOLE: Is he going to die?
ABBY: The guy that hung himself? No. Well, not today. He's lucky you and that med student walked in.
Nicole sighs.
ABBY: You should try not to let it upset you too much. Every once in a while some freak comes in and tries to off himself in the hospital. I wish they would just do it at home.
NICOLE: My father hung himself. I was only eight. He'd lost another job. I found him in the kitchen. I was too little to do anything.
ABBY: Oh, God, I'm sorry.
NICOLE: It's okay.
ABBY: Does Luka know this?
NICOLE: No, I never told him. I never told anyone. I don't think I can do this.
ABBY: Well, it's not always this bad.
NICOLE: Look at me -- I'm crying like a baby.
ABBY: We've all cried. Sometimes it's the only thing we cand do.
Nicole gives a small nod. INT. ER HALLWAY
Elizabeth and Mark walk as she shows him some charts.
ELIZABETH: I went through my charts again, and I found another commonality to every one of my post-op infection mortalities.
MARK: (re: charts) What am I looking for?
ELIZABETH: I highlighted his name.
MARK: Babcock?
ELIZABETH: Yeah, he was in every case. I only missed it because he stepped in for Dr. Zogoiby -- whose handwriting is illegible.
They arrive at the frint desk.
MARK: Sounds like Dr. Babcock is going to have a date with your friend from the health department.
FRANK: Phone call, Dr. Greene.
MARK: Take a message.
ELIZABETH: He knew I was being investigated. Why didn't he step forward and say something?
MARK: Maybe he didn't want to be probed, or forced to give stool samples.
ELIZABETH: Mark, I'm being serious. Who knows what he's working with in his lab?
FRANK: I'm sorry, Dr. Greene, that's Rachel's school. They need for you to pick her up.
MARK: Is she all right?
FRANK: She got suspended.
MARK: For what?
FRANK: I don't know. I really don't think that's any of my business.
ELIZABETH: Suspended?
MARK: It must be some kind of mistake.
FRANK: Probably drug-related.
ELIZABETH: (to Mark) You better go. I'll deal with this/.
Gallant is in there with Mr. Hilliker, who's lying down. Luka enters.
LUKA: How's he doing?
GALLANT: Well, pulse ox is 90 on 50%.
LUKA: Good. Mr. Hilliker, we had to put a tube down your throat to help you breathe, but I'm going to take it out now, okay? I want you to take some deep breaths, and when I say blow, I want you to blow as hard as you can. Ready? Okay, blow.
Luka removes the tube. Mr. Hilliker coughs.
HILLIKER: (raspy) I'm sorry.
LUKA: Try not to speak, Mr. Hilliker. Take some deep breaths.
HILLIKER: (to Gallant) Tell him.
GALLANT: Okay, Mr. Hilliker, just relax. Just relax. (to Luka) He doesn't want us to tell the police what happened. He's still got a lot of buddies on the force.
LUKA: I'm afraid we have to.
Luka leaves. Gallant starts to follow, but Mr. Hilliker grabs his arm to stop him.
GALLANT: It's going to be okay, Mr. Hilliker. It's going to be okay.
Gallant steps into the hallway.
GALLANT: His wife died last year.
LUKA: What?
GALLANT: Breast cancer.
There's a pause as Gallant waits for Luka to say something. When he doesn't, Gallant barrels on.
GALLANT: He was a respected and decorated police officer. I mean, the only reason he took the job at the mall was so that he could still be out there helping people.
LUKA: Why are you telling this?
GALLANT: I just thought you should know.
LUKA: Keep an eye on his vitals and, uh, call for a psych consult. INT. CURTAIN TWO
Grace has a textbook out, studying. Carter takes her temperature.
CARTER: 100.8.
GRACE: Feels like 108.
CARTER: B.P. is 140/80 and your white count is 14000. You're a little anemic.
GRACE: Hmm, 40% of menstruating women are anemic.
CARTER: So my diagnosis is that you're a little run down. Maybe it's time to pick a career. Medicine beats law any day.
GRACE: My parents will only pay for med school if I graduate from law school.
CARTER: If your parents are both attorneys, how come you don't have any health insurance?
GRACE: Let's just say I have a sad and complicated relationship with them that you couldn't begin to understand.
CARTER: I might suprise you. You need to start taking better care of yourself, Grace. You need to make sure you're eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and laying off the caffiene.
GRACE: I would if I could. I haven't had eight hours sleep in months. Do you think you could get me some Halcion?
CARTER: I don't think so.
GRACE: Just one dose. I mean, today is shot for me. If I could just go home and crash... Please? I diagnosed your student's patient.
CARTER: (relenting) This is a one-time, special treatment, and only if you promise to do the other things we talked about.
GRACE: Cross my heart.
CARTER: What are the EKG findings for hyperkalemia?
GRACE: Peaked T-wavesm prolonged PR and short QT intervals.
CARTER: (writes prescription, hands it to her) You're good.
GRACE: Mm-hmm.
Carter walks off and runs into Susan.
SUSAN: Hey. Your day getting any better?
CARTER: Not yet.
SUSAN: Did you talk to your grandmother?
CARTER: Mm-hmm.
SUSAN: How did she take it?
CARTER: Sounded like it didn't bother her. She went home.
SUSAN: You let her drive?
CARTER: No, no. Her driver came and got her.
SUSAN: You have to notify the DMV.
CARTER: I didn't tell her that yet. Dying's one thing. Not being able to drive's a... whole other story.
SUSAN: You have to mail in the notice, Carter.
CARTER: Technically, I didn't see her as an ER patient. I just brought her in.
SUSAN: It's the law.
CARTER: I can't rat out my own grandmother.
SUSAN: Well, you want me to? She already doesn't like me.
Abby appears at the end of the hallway.
ABBY: Carter! Your patient went down! INT. OUTSIDE CURTAIN TWO
Grace has fainted on the floor about five feet from the bed. Carter and Susan come running up and kneel beside her.
CARTER: What happened?
ABBY: She must've vagelled.
CARTER: Okay, let's get the gurney.
Susan notices slit marks on Grace's forearm.
SUSAN: (showing Carter) Whoa.
Elizabeth follows Romano, who's prepping for surgery. Babcock is there.
ELIZABETH: Robert, I need to talk to you.
ROMANO: Somebody took target practise on a school crossing guard. I gotta plug her up before she bleeds to death.
ELIZABETH: It's rather important.
ROMANO: Well, then give me the cliff notes.
Elizabeth is uncomfortable saying anything with Babcock there.
ROMANO: I'm listening.
ELIZABETH: I'd prefer to have your full attention.
ROMANO: Suit yourself.
BABCOCK: Are you joining us, Elizabeth?
ELIZABETH: No, I'm afraid not. (to Romano) If you could have your assistant page me when you're done. Please.
Romano nods. INT. DOC MAGOO'S
Benton enters. Jackie's sitting at a booth with a bowl of soup. He joins her.
BENTON: Hey. Thanks for coming.
JACKIE: Want something to eat?
BENTON: No, no. What's wrong? What'd he say?
JACKIE: Well, I talked to both Mitch and Sophie, my friend that works in family courthouse.
JACKIE: They both said the worst thing you can do is fight it.
BENTON: But I can fight it if I want to, right?
JACKIE: Then it looks like you've got something to hide.
BENTON: What if I'm just offended by the whole principle?
JACKIE: Peter, you go in, you get swabbed, they run the DNA, and you can prove once and for all that Reese is your son.
BENTON: What if he's not, Jackie?
JACKIE: (rolling eyes) Is that really a possibility? INT. BABCOCK'S LAB
Elizabeth enters. She snoops in his stuff, looking for something. She pulls a set of keys out of a drawer and looks in a locked fridge. Babcock appears in the dooway.
BABCOCK: What are you doing?
ELIZABETH: (startled) You're out of surgery.
BABCOCK: Yeah, uh, the patient coded before we even got started. W-What are you doing here?
ELIZABETH: I wanted to ask you about a couple of cases. Uh, you know, ah... it doesn't matter anyway. It'll have to wait. I've just been paged.
She starts to leave.
BABCOCK: Uh, Elizabeth, aren't you forgetting something?
She stops.
BABCOCK: (re: the keys) I believe those are mine. (she hands them over) Thank you. INT. CURTAIN TWO
Grace sits on the gurney, sipping water. Carter and Susan are with her.
GRACE: I must be dehydrated. I, uh, all I've had is coffee and a muffin since last night.
CARTER: You want to tell us about the scars?
GRACE: I used to be a cutter. My parents fought a lot when I was a kid, and I was in school. I developed an eating disorder. It was my way of dealing with the stress.
CARTER: Did you ever see anyone about it?
GRACE: The only people who really seemed to care were the doctors and nurses. Which is probably why I'm in med school.
SUSAN: And what about now, are you still cutting?
GRACE: (that's silly) No.
CARTER: Show me you arm.
GRACE: You don't believe me? (she pulls up her sleeve to reveal old scars)
CARTER: Grace, you have a fever, and you have a borderline white count. Maybe from an infection, maybe from using a dirty blade.
GRACE: I told you, I haven't eaten.
SUSAN: So the eating disorder continues?...
GRACE: No! I've just been cramming!
CARTER: Pull up your skirt.
GRACE: Pardon me?!
CARTER: Let me see your thigh.
GRACE: I don't think so!
Susan pulls it up for her. There are fresh cut mark.
GRACE: (to Susan) You ASS!
CARTER: You're still cutting.
Grace grabs her bag and tries to go.
SUSAN: We just want to help you.
CARTER: Hold on, Grace.
GRACE: I have a pathology final.
CARTERL If you don't stay and agree to speak to someone, you'll force me to put you on a psych hold.
GRACE: On what grounds?!
CARTER: Danger to self.
GRACE: (pushing past Carter) That's not true.
SUSAN: (grabbing Grace) Grace, Grace, wait.
GRACE: (reeling away from Susan's grip) Stop! You're blowing this way out of proportion!
SUSAN: If you just see one of our psychiatrists, we won't hold you.
GRACE: (pleading) What are you doing this?!
Gallant comes up and regards the scene.
CARTER: 'Cause I know what it's like to need help when you least want it.
GRACE: Please. Please, just leave me alone.
CARTER: I can't.
GRACE: (noticing Gallant) What are you staring at? You couldn't even diagnose thrombocytopenia!
SUSAN: (to Gallant) Get five of droperidol.
Grace is getting hysterical.
GRACE: No! No, no, no! Stop! Stop! I don't need that. (crouches/ leans against the wall)
SUSAN: (going down with Grace) Okay, just get back in the bed, Grace.
GRACE: Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
Gallant prepares Grace's arm for the needle.
GRACE: Please, please...
CARTER: Okay, Just take it easy, it's okay.
GRACE: (near tears) Please, you'll ruin everything. Please, you'll ruin everything. No, please, stop. Don't don't don't. Please. (in goes the needle) God, you can't even give half... (sobs) INT. RACHEL'S SCHOOL - HALLWAY
Mark and Rachel are leaving the building.
MARK: I had to get another doctor to cover for me.
RACHEL: I'm sorry.
MARK: Scissors, Rachel?
RACHEL: It's not like said.
MARK: Did you threaten this girl?
RACHEL: It was Natalie Curtis, and I threatened to cut off her dreadlocks, not stab her.
MARK: Why?
RACHEL: She's trying to steal Andrew away from me. She keeps on sending him notes in class and, you know, asking him over to her house to study.
MARK: This is over a boy.
RACHEL: It's no big deal, Dad.
MARK: Then why aren't you in gym class right now?
RACHEL: Maybe because they stopped teaching "gym" like, in the 70s.
MARK: Don't get smart with me Rachel. This is serious. You've been suspended. Next time you will be expelled permanently.
RACHEL: There won't be a next time.
MARK: You're right, because now we have a new set of rules.
RACHEL: Like what?
MARK: Like no more rides to school, unless it's with Elizabeth or me. No more going out on weeknights, or weekends for that matter, for at least a month.
RACHEL: Why don't you just send me to a convent?
MARK: I would, but we need you around the house to do all your chores.
RACHEL: I have chores now?
MARK: Yup. From now on, think of yourself as Cinderella and I'm you evil stepmother.
RACHEL: I've already got one of those.
MARK: Keep it up, Rachel, you'll find yourself back in St. Louis.
RACHEL: Why are you doing this to me?
They step outside.
MARK: I don't know, Rachel. Maybe because I love you?
RACHEL: Oh, really?
MARK: Yes, really. Do you know how many messed-up teenagers I see day in and day out? Drug addicts, suicide, 10-year- old homeless girls who've been gang-raped and nobody gave a damn about them. Well I give a damn about you. You may not like it now. Hell, you may never like it. But this is how it's gonna be. (they're at the car, he opens the passenger door) Get in.
Rachel sulks, the gets in. He closes the door behind her. INT. HOSPITAL DAYCARE
Benton is sitting at a table with Reese, who's doing a puzzle. Cleo enters and joins them.
CLEO: Need any help? (sits)
BENTON: Hey. Did you page me?
CLEO: No, but I figured I might find you in here. (signs) Hi, Reese. How are you?
Reese signs.
CLEO: Good. (to Benton) Did you talk to Jackie?
BENTON: Yeah. She thinks I should take the test.
CLEO: So what happens if you're not... a genetic match?
BENTON: Well, I guess it makes it that much easier for Roger to fight me for custody.
CLEO: Nothing's changed, Peter. You're still his father. So, what are you two doing for dinner? Why don't you come to my place tonight? I still have those fishsticks in the freezer Reese likes.
Reese moodily pushes his puzzle pieces away.
BENTON: Hey, hey. Take it easy.
CLEO: Someone's getting a little frustrated.
BENTON: He's tired. He wants to go home.
Reese signs.
BENTON: (signs) Daddy can't take you home. I have to work.
Reese signs.
CLEO: What's he saying?
BENTON: He wants his other daddy to come take him home. INT. FRONT DESK
Carter crouches behind the counter, talking on the phone. Susan comes in and sits.
CARTER: (into phone) Gamma-- Because you cannot drive-- Because you could blackout! No, hey. I-I'm sorry. Not I'm not. No, I am NOT. (hangs up phone)
SUSAN: She doesn't want to stop driving?
CARTER: She just called me from the car, she's been driving around for two hours just to prove me wrong.
Susan laughs.
CARTER: It's not funny. She could hurt herself. Or somebody else.
SUSAN: What are you going to do?
CARTER: What am I going to do? What am I going to do -- call the cops on my own grandmother? You already made me call the DMV.
SUSAN: Me? Don't make ME the bad guy?
CARTER: I should go home. Wait for her.
SUSAN: I can wait with you.
SUSAN: I mean, yeah, if you want. INT. ROMANO'S OFFICE
Elizabeth knocks. Babcock and Romano are already there.
ROMANO: Enter!
She comes in.
ROMANO: Ah. I was just about to page you. Have a seat. (waits 'til she's seated before beginning) So, Elizabeth, Dr. Babcock says that you were trespassing in his office and research area. Care to elaborate?
ELIZABETH: (shrugs) I wanted to talk to him.
BABCOCK: You knew I was in surgery.
ELIZABETH: He's worked on every one of my cases that died from post-operative infection.
ROMANO: (to Babcock) Is this true?
ELIZABETH: Yes, it's true, and I have evidence to prove it.
BABCOCK: So what?
ELIZABETH: So, you have made it abundantly clear on more than one occasion that you are not opposed to euthanasia.
BABCOCK: I can't imagine a humane doctor who is.
ELIZABETH: I have four bodies in the morgue!
BABCOCK: That's not my fault. You need to take responsibility for your own gross misjudgement!
ROMANO: Time out!
BABCOCK: This is a load of crap. You allow her to operate on these elderly lost souls who should never be in surgery, and then when they die, which they inevitably will, she comes crying to you looking for somebody to blame!
ELIZABETH: They didn't die from the surgery, they died from the same post-op infection!
BABCOCK: The key word there being “post-op.”
BABCOCK: If you hadn’t operated on them, they’d still be alive.
ROMANO: Okay! Enough. This whole thing has gotten out of hand. The health department has yet to conclude its investigation, so until they do, neither one of you is in the OR. Happy?
ELIZABETH: That’s not a solution.
ROMANO: It works for me.
BABCOCK: I’m not doing another case with her.
ELIZABETH: No, you certainly aren’t.
ROMANO: (opens door) Get out, both of you. You’re giving me a headache. Go. (as he shuts door behind them) God is love. INT. ER - FRONT DESK
Abby’s there. Gallant approaches.
ABBY: You can go home, Gallant. Carter already signed out.
GALLANT: Oh, I know. I’m, uh, I think I’m gonna stay and study.
ABBY: Here?
GALLANT: Maybe I’ll pick up some stuff by osmosis. (walks off with his back-pack)
ABBY: Well, you’ll pick up something. INT. GRACE’S ROOM
Grace -- now in a gown -- is lying in bed, studying. Gallant enters.
GALLANT: Hi. Feeling better?
GRACE: What do you want?
GALLANT: I heard you talking about your pathology exam and I thought you might want to take a look at Robbins.
GRACE: Thanks. I'm sorry about some of the crap I said to you. I think I was just a little stressed.
GALLANT: Yeah, I know what that's like. So, you, uh... you obviously know your vaculitities. How are you with your, uh, glycogen-storage diseases?
GRACE: Not so good.
GALLANT: Yeah, me neither. INT. DNA TESTING
Benton sits on the counter. A nurse, Asha, enters.
ASHA: Mr. Benton? I'm Asha. You're here for a DNA test?
ASHA: Okay. Don't worry, it's painless. I'm just going to use this little swab to wipe the inside of your cheek, okay?
ASHA: Say ah.
She wipes.
ASHA: Okay. All done. That wasn't so bad, now was it?

Susan sits on one bench. Carter practices for his future tightrope-walking career on the edge of the pool, then on another bench.
SUSAN: I can't believe it.
CARTER: I didn't believe it either.
SUSAN: Fentanyl?
CARTER: I figure if I'd abuse drugs, I'd abuse a good one.
CARTER: I've been clean and sober for over a year now.
SUSAN: You got it out of your system.
CARTER: I wouldn't say that. (long pause, Susan stares at him) What?
SUSAN: Nothing.
CARTER: Disappointed in me?
SUSAN No, no. I'm just... You were stabbed!
CARTER: Twice. (he sits with her) I don't recommend it.
SUSAN: (giggles, then) Can I see your scar?
SUSAN: Show me your scar.
SUSAN: Why not?
SUSAN: Don't be bashful!
CARTER: Get your own!
They laugh.
SUSAN: Why do I feel like a schoolkid sitting out here?
CARTER: Must be the adolesent sexual tension.
SUSAN: That's it.
CARTER: You know I used to have a crush on you.
SUSAN: Used to?
CARTER: It's all coming back to me.
SUSAN: (laughs) I used to have a crush on you too.
SUSAN: I did! You were cute. Real cute, but...
SUSAN: You were a med student and I was a resident.
CARTER: I'm a resident now.
SUSAN: Chief Resident.
CARTER: That's right. (pause, they make eye contact) Glad you came back.
We see a car's headlights pull up.
SUSAN: Gamma's home.
Carter nods.



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Logan | Bande Annonce

Logan | Bande Annonce
La bande annonce finale du film Logan de James Mangold avec Eriq La Salle vient de faire son...

Hypnoawards 2016

Hypnoawards 2016
Dans la catégorie "Meilleure actrice - drame ", Julianna Margulies est nommé.Alors tous les fans de...

HypnoAwards 2016

HypnoAwards 2016
Dans la catégorie "Meilleur second rôle féminin - drame ", Linda Cardellini et Maura Tierney sont...

Noah Wyle remet sa blouse !

Noah Wyle remet sa blouse !
Plusieurs médecins fictifs renfilent la blouse pour une bonne cause. Noah Wyle, Lisa Edelstein (Dr...


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Chris2004 (13:11)

Bonjour à tous ! Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Profilage après la diffusion de "Les adieux" hier soir. Venez découvrir l'audience et venez commenter cette première partie. A bientôt ^^

elyxir (14:58)

Bonjour ! Des volontaires pour participer au Focus sur Nip Tuck ? Une idée de sondage ? Une envie de réaliser un nouveau design ? Ou bien tout simplement d'ajouter des news et des infos sur le quartier ? Je vous attends avec impatience ! Pas besoin de connaître la série pour aider

elyxir (15:18)

Merci serie²

serieserie (15:20)

De rien je ferrais pas ça avant dimanche par contre x)

elyxir (15:20)

Prend ton temps

grims (19:13)

Bonsoir tout le monde ! déjà cinq participants pour le concours wallpapers Samain sur le quartier Outlander ! venez vous inscrire et nous faire partager vos talents merci et bonne soirée sur HypnoSeries

arween (21:04)

Salut à tous ! N'oubliez pas d'aller faire un tour sur HypnoFriends pour vous inscrire !! Vous trouverez peut-être une personne qui a les mêmes gouts seriesques que vous

CastleBeck (22:03)

elyxir : Je ne connais pas du tout la série, mais j'irai faire un tour. S'il y a des acteurs que je connais ou quelque chose comme ça, je pourrais peut-être voir pour faire quelque chose d'utile.

elyxir (22:38)

Super Merci CastleBeck (et à ceux qui se sont inscrits également) ! Bonne soirée !

albi2302 (22:40)

Une soirée HypnoGame spéciale Halloween, est organisée samedi 29 octobre.
C'est un thème général sur les séries de sorcières, vampires, fantômes, zombies, monstres, horreurs et surnaturels.
Vous avez jusqu'au 26 octobre pour vous inscrire sur le forum

Merane (00:48)

Le nouveau Spin-Off de Doctor Who, Class débarque se soir avec 2 épisodes . N'hésitez pas à venir sur le quartier pour retrouver toutes les informations et en discuter sur nos forums . . A bientôt .

Sonmi451 (10:02)

Pour ceux qui prévoit déjà des choses pour le mois prochain, sachez que le calendrier de novembre est disponible sur Scrubs et Urgences.

grims (10:28)

Hello tout le monde ! déjà cinq participants pour le concours wallpapers Samain sur le quartier Outlander ! venez vous inscrire et nous faire partager vos talents merci et bonne journée sur HypnoSeries

Sonmi451 (10:53)

D'ailleurs, j'ai commencé ma créa! ^^

Xanaphia (15:17)

Coucou tout le monde ! N'oubliez pas ce soir l'agent Peggy carter des films Marvel arrive dans sa propre série sur TMC à 20h55... N'hésitez pas à regarder et commenter sur le quartier du SHIELD...

noemie3 (18:54)

Coucou ! N'hésitez pas à aller voter au sondage sur Wildfire et même à nous laisser un commentaire Pareil sur Private, merciii

Merane (20:17)

N'oubliez pas ce soir, le spin-off de Doctor Who, Class fait ses débuts . Retrouvez tous les infos sur la série et un espace de discussion sur le quartier Doctor Who. Bonne soirée .

grims (21:27)

Bonsoir tout le monde ! déjà cinq participants pour le concours wallpapers Samain sur le quartier Outlander ! venez vous inscrire et nous faire partager vos talents merci et bonne soirée sur HypnoSeries

grims (09:50)

Bonjour la citadelle à l'occasion du "Focus sur Nip/Tuck", le quartier relance la photo du mois ! et quoi de mieux que de départager des wallpapers ! alors bon vote !!!

Titepau04 (09:51)

Ouh lala, faut vraiment que j'aille vérifier ma vue!!! Grims, j'ai cru que tu disais un gros mot!!! Lol!!!!

grims (11:28)

@Titepau04 Je n'oserai pas

Titepau04 (11:28)


juju93 (12:18)

Bonjour la citadelle, 6 génériques de séries sont toujours à visionner et départager dans le sondage du quartier The L Word. Osez venir voir vous serez peut-être surpris(es) par les choix soumis à vos votes

Merlinelo (18:18)

Finalement, un nouveau sondage et PDM sur le quartier Orphan Black! Venez nous soutenir et laisser un petit commentaire! Merci et bonne soirée à tous

carina123 (18:46)

Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Jéricho, n'hésitez pas à venir, merci, Bonne soirée

emeline53 (19:55)

Au programme de ce dimanche soir : nouveau sondage sur Life Unexpected, nouvelle photo de l'épisode pour le retour de The Vampires Diaries + le review pour commenter l'épisode ! On vous attend et le sondage spécial Halloween sur The Fosters est toujours dispo !!

grims (20:09)

Bonsoir tout le monde ! déjà cinq participants pour le concours wallpapers Samain sur le quartier Outlander ! venez vous inscrire et nous faire partager vos talents merci et bonne soirée sur HypnoSeries

grims (20:10)

Et à l'occasion du "Focus sur Nip/Tuck", le quartier relance la photo du mois ! et quoi de mieux que de départager des wallpapers ! alors bon vote !!!

man0n49 (20:56)

Le quartier Chicago Fire a ouvert encore plus ses portes à la série Chicago Med ! N'hésitez pas à venir commenter les épisodes de Chicago Med avec nous et à développer la série sur le quartier ! On vous attend nombreux.

carina123 (21:57)

Nouveaux sondages sur les quartiers Lie to Me et Jéricho, venez nombreux ! Merci, Bonne soirée à tous !

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