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| If I Should Fall From Grace |

 NB: When it comes to medical terms, I trust the closed captioner's spelling. :) IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE Previously on ER -- Gamma fainted, and Carter tried to convince her that that could be a warning sign for a heart attack or stroke, but she dismissed him; Luka got Nicole a job in the hospital; Luka denied that Nicole was his girlfriend; Susan wondered why she came back to County; Benton claimed he was Reese’s only father, and Roger disagreed; after 4 of Elizabeth's patients died of post-op infection, Elizabeth worries that others think she's euthanizing her patients. EXT. AMBULANCE BAY - MORNING
Michael Gallant looks around, pulls out a map of the hospital, gets his bearings, and starts walking toward the hospital. INT. COUNTY GENERAL
Inside, Gallant scoops down to pick up a lost glove on the floor. He walks over to the front desk where Haleh is on the phone, with her back to him. He clears his throat.
HALEH: (without turning around) Sign in.
GALLANT: Actually --
HALEH: (into phone)Where the hell are our T-sheets?!
GALLANT: Actually I'm a new med student.
HALEH: Congratualations. (into phone) You said that yesterday! (hangs up) Check in with the docs. (she starts walking off)
GALLANT: Okay, thanks. Uh, do you guys have a lost and found box?
HALEH: Somebody stole it. (she's gone)
Susan walks up to the desk, Gallant approaches her.
GALLANT: Excuse me, ma'am. Are you Dr. Carter by any chance?
SUSAN: Lewis. And I'm not old enough to be a ma'am.
GALLANT: Sorry about that. I'm supposed to meet him here around eight.
SUSAN: Hmm. You're a tad early.
GALLANT: Yeah, it's my first day. I guess I was a little excited.
SUSAN: (walking off) You'll get over it.
We follow Susan into Exam Two where a man in a suit sits cross-legged on a bed. He looks glazed-over, or bored. When he speaks, he's dead-pan.
SUSAN: So, Mr. Hopper, what seems to be the problem?
MR. HOPPER: I can't eat. I can't sleep. I just don't feel like myself.
SUSAN: How long has this been going on?
MR. HOPPER: A few weeks.
SUSAN: Any stress? Family? Work?
MR. HOPPER: All my problems started when I met this girl at an after-hours bar. (he begins to loosen his collar) She bit me.
SUSAN: She bit you where?
MR. HOPPER: In the alley outside the club.
SUSAN: No, where on your body?
MR. HOPPER: My neck. (pulls his collar down to show her) I'm pretty sure she was a vampire.
Mark pulls off an x-ray from the x-ray board. Gallant approaches.
GALLANT: (re: x-ray) Is that a zygoma fracture?
MARK: Maybe. (he walks off, Gallant follows)
GALLANT: Are you Dr. Carter?
MARK: Nope. Greene.
GALLANT: I'm Michael Gallant. I'm supposed to be meeting Dr. Carter.
MARK: Yeah, well you found the ER. That's half the battle.
We pan over to Luka and Elizabeth walking down the hallway, toward the front desk.
ELIZABETH: (not using her inside voice) You called for a surgical consult!
LUKA: He's got renal pain. It's probably prostatitis.
ELIZABETH: And that's why I need to examine him. If it's an appy, he's probably going to need surgery.
MARK: (calling from front desk) Somebody need a secobd opinion?
LUKA: Nope.
ELIZABETH: Yes! He has a 22- year-old male with right-sided tenderness.
LUKA: Who also says it burns when he pees.
MARK: What's his urine and white count?
LUKA: Still waiting. (to Elizabeth) Usually you won't even come down until the labs are back.
ELIZABETH: Fine. When it bursts, you can operate.
Elizabeth stalks off. Mark goes after her.
Gallant pops up again.

GALLANT: (to Luka, hopeful) Dr. Carter?
LUKA: Kovac. (he walks off)
We pan back over to Mark and Elizabeth.
MARK: (going after her) Elizabeth. Hold on, Elizabeth. What's going on?
ELIZABETH: Isn't it obvious?
ELIZABETH: Kovac called for a surgical consult, then changes his mind the moment he sees me.
MARK: That's a little egocentric, don't you think?
ELIZABETH: People are afraid to have me treat their patients.
MARK: You're being paranoid.
We pan over to Abby, walking to the frnt desk. Gallant intercepts her.
GALLANT: Excuse me, excuse me. Do you know where Dr. Carter is?
ABBY: He should be here in a few minutes.
GALLANT: Hey, listen, I know you're really busy, but maybe if you tell me where he is I can find him myself.
ABBY: I don't know, sorry.
They've made it to the front desk.
FRANK: How come there aren't any donuts in the lounge?
ABBY: No petty cash.
FRANK: There was fifty bucks in there yesterday.
Susan walks up.
SUSAN: I need a psych consult. My patient thinks he's a vampire.
ABBY: Count Fred? Where is he?
SUSAN: Exam two.
ABBY: Is there a nurse in there with him? (she's quickly walking to exam two)
SUSAN: (following) No. Why?
ABBY: He's vampire.
SUSAN: What do you mean he's a vampire?
ABBY: He drinks people's blood.
SUSAN: You're kidding, right?
The get to the doorway with Gallant, who's fallen in behind. They see Mr. Hopper crouched on the floor sipping from a blood bag. Abby rolls her eyes, Susan is disgusted, and Gallant looks interested.
Gamma's having breakfast and talking to Alger. Carter comes downstairs, ready to leave for work.
GAMMA: But I volunteered to drive to the Royal Botanical Garden's fundraiser.
ALGER: I'm sorry, there's just not much I can do about it.
GAMMA: You can stop lying to me.
CARTER: Good morning.
ALGER: Dr. Carter.
CARTER: Did I miss something?
GAMMA: Yes, breakfast.
ALGER: Your grandmother's upset because the Jaguar's being serviced.
GAMMA: For a week.
CARTER: What's wrong with it?
GAMMA: Yes, Alger, what's wrong with it?
ALGER: They're waiting for a part.
GAMMA: What part?
ALGER: The ignition coil.
GAMMA: Liar. (to Carter) He's holding me hostage.
Alger heads into the kitchen.
CARTER: What's the matter with the towncar?
GAMMA: I don't drive the towncar.
CARTER: Well, you shouldn't be driving anyway. That's why we have Alger.
GAMMA: Having a driver was your grandfather's idea. Now that he's gone it seems... an unessesary expense.
CARTER: He's just trying to look out for you, Gam.
GAMMA: I'm a big girl, John, I don't need a chaperone. (stands up) Oh, John, are you still planning to come to -- (she faints)
CARTER: Gamma! (runs over) Gamma? INT. COUNTY GENERAL
Gallant trails Abby. He's now hooked up with a lab coat and stethoscope.
GALLANT: The nurses do most of the triaging, right?
ABBY: That's right.
GALLANT: So maybe you could sneak me a couple of minor cases?
ABBY: Maybe you could sit down... (he does so) read your orientation kit... (he takes the booklet she hands him) and wait for Dr. Carter.
Abby walks off and sees Nicole taking Malik's blood pressure.
ABBY: What's going on, Malik?
MALIK: I'm teaching Nicole to take a blood pressure.
ABBY: Why?
MALIK: Because it's part of her training.
ABBY: What training?
NICOLE: I'm learning to be a nurse's aide.
ABBY: (none-too-pleased) Really?
Luka and a paramedic (Dumar) come running in with a boy of maybe 13 on a gurney.
LUKA: Abby!
Abby comes over and dons gloves.
DUMAR: No helmey, alert at the scene, GCS 14.
LUKA: Any blood loss or seizure?
LUKA: Okay, let's get him into Trauma One. Nicole, come on!
LUKA: Yeah, it'll be good for you to watch.
Cleo is now following them into Trauma One. We see Nicole stall, then follow. Then we cut to Trauma One.
DUMAR: He must've taken a header right off his skateboard. Bad scalp-lac and hematoma right- paritial-temporal.
LUKA: Abby? Show Nicole how to take a pulse ox.
ABBY: (pause/to Nicole) Put some gloves on.
Gallant comes in.
GALLANT: Can I watch?
ABBY: (to Luka) When will you sell tickets?
CLEO: You a med student?
GALLANT: Michael Gallant.
CLEO: Dr. Finch.
GALLANT: Nice to meet you.
CLEO: Road rash down the chest.
LUKA: Big abdominal bruise.
The patient, Jeremy, groans.
CLEO: (shines a light in Jeremy's eyes) Right pupil is sluggish and slightly larger than the left.
ABBY: 18-gauge in the right AC.
LUKA: What's his pulse ox?
NICOLE: (having trouble with the cord) I can't get it.
LUKA: Abby.
ABBY: (goes to help Nicole, annoyed) Make sure the fingernail has contact with that red light.
CLEO: No CSF or blood from the ears.
LUKA: 100 of fentanyl, and page Benton and neurosurg.
ABBY: (to Nicole) Read the number over this monitor.
LUKA: Decreased breath sounds on the right.
NICOLE: Seventy-eight!
LUKA: What?
ABBY: Pulse ox is 78 on 15 litres.
LUKA: (to Nicole) Okay, good job. (to Cleo) What do you think?
CLEO: Hyper-resonant on the right, decreased breath sounds, low Sats, hypertension...
GALLANT: Tension pneumothorax, right?
LUKA: Yeah.
Gallant smiles a little, pleased. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM
Carter is getting Gamma set up in bed, there's a boy of about 7 years sitting across the room.
GAMMA: I had a fainting spell, John. It happens.
CARTER: It shouldn't happen.
GAMMA: In my day, it was quite acceptable for a lady to swoon.
Susan enters.
SUSAN: Hey, Carter. There's a new med student looking for you.
CARTER: I'm a little busy.
SUSAN: Oh, hello Mrs. Carter.
GAMMA: Hello.
SUSAN: (to the little boy) Hi, Evan. I talked to your mother. She's on her way. She found your inhaler in the laundry.
CARTER: Okay, Gam, could you sit up for me? Put your legs over the end of the bed.
GAMMA: Yes, John. (sits up) You're hot going to make me do push-ups are... (she falls back again in a faint)
CARTER: Gam? Gamma? Gamma? (beckoning Susan) Susan! Gamma can you hear me?
Susan comes over. Gamma comes to.
GAMMA: John?
CARTER. Okay. You're okay. I need to step outfor a minute, I'll be right back.
He heads out with Susan. INT. ER HALLWAY
SUSAN: Were you checking orthostatics?
SUSAN: She anemic?
CARTER: I don't know. (they start walking) I'm going to send her up for a tilt test.
SUSAN: She might be dehydrated. It's probably nothing. INT. TRAUMA ONE
As before.
GALLANT: Can I intubate?
CLEO: Maybe next time.
Benton enters.
BENTON: All right, what am I looking at?
LUKA: Teenage skateboarder. Tension pneumo on the left with a head injury. Needs a central line.
CLEO: He's antertior. I can see the cords. I'm in.
LUKA: Bag him. Nicole, come on. (showing her) One-two-three, squeeze.
BENTON: He did all of this on a skateboard?
CLEO: Trying some crazy-ass stunt no doubt.
LUKA: Good breath sounds.
CLEO: Probably has a depressed skull fracture.
GALLANT: (craning for a better view) That's what they used to call a ping-pong fracture, right?
CLEO: Neurosurg is on the way.
ABBY: Pressure's dropping.
BENTON: Okay, he's bleeding somewhere. How much out in the chest tube?
ABBY: Less than a litre. First Hemacue is nine.
BENTON: Okay, let's hang the o-neg. We need to get him up to the OR. Has he had Dilantin yet?
CLEO: Yeah, and seventy milligrams of mannitol.
GALLANT: What about his head?
BENTON: Who the hell are you?
GALLANT: Michael Gallant. You're the trauma surgeon, right?
BENTON: You a med student?
GALLANT: Yes sir.
BENTON: Okay, listen, why don't you go and find something to do, all right? Let's, uh, get him ready to go. I'm in.
GALLANT: I think I'll learn a lot more in here --
BENTON: No, you'll learn a lot more if you keep your eyes open and your mouth shut, all right?
LUKA: I think he's got a point. What about his head?
BENTON: It won't make a difference if he bleeds out in his chest first. Okay people, let's move.
Abby, Benton and Cleo move off with the gurney, leaving Luka, Nicole and Gallant in the trauma room. Gallant then moves off too.
LUKA: You did good.
NICOLE: Really? I was so scared.
LUKA: Yeah, you get used to it.
NICOLE: I don't know. You saved his life.
LUKA: I hope so.
NICOLE: Me too. I better go back to work. I'll see you later. (walks off)
LUKA: Okay.
Luka walks off, and is intercepted by Abby.
ABBY: (adamant) What are you doing?
LUKA: What?
ABBY: "What?" This morning she was learning to take a b.p., now she's in trauma.
LUKA: Yes, she's learning.
ABBY: To be an aide, not a nurse
LUKA: I know you don't like her...
ABBY: That has nothing to do with this. It's inappropriate for her to be in a trauma and you know it.
LUKA: I just asked you to help her.
ABBY: That's not my job, Luka. Do you even realize what I do in there? You're not the only one trying to save that kid's life.
Abby walks off, leaving Luka standing there. INT. HALLWAY - BY ELEVATOR
Benton, Cleo and a nurse are taking Jeremy on the gurney to the elevator.
BENTON: I'm going to go ahead and scrub in.
CLEO: I'll call neurosurg again.
A lawyer-type approaches.
LAWYER: Dr. Benton?
LAWYER: Yeah, are you Peter Benton?
LAWYER: (hands him an envelope) Consider yourself served.
Cleo comes over as Benton opens the envelope.
CLEO: What was that about? Peter?
BENTON: I'm being supoenaed.
CLEO: For what case?
BENTON: Reese. Roger's suing for custody. INT. ER HALLWAY
Gallant walks up to Luka.
GALLANT: So how extensive do you think his brain injury is?
LUKA: Um, it's too early to tell.
Mr. Hilloker, a mall security guard, approaches them.
HILLOKER: How is he? Skateboarder -- is he going to be okay?
LUKA: You're his father?
HILLOKER: No, I'm David Hilloker. I called 911.
LUKA: Did you see what happened?
HILLOKER: Uh, screwing around in the mall with his buddies. Huh. Looked like he hit his head.
LUKA: Yeah, he wasn't wearing a helmet.
HILLOKER: Course not, that wouldn't be cool. You don't need a helmet to ride a motorcycle in this state, why would you need one for a skateboard?
GALLANT: Oh, you got a little limp.
HILLOKER: Oh, yeah. Twisted it chasing him and his buddy out of the mall.
LUKA: You should let us look at it.
Luka leads him over to a bed.
HILLOKER: Oh, an ice pack and a couple of beers and I'll be fine.
Abby tries to treat two nuns (Helen and Monica) sitting there.
ABBY: We just need to change the dressing.
HELEN: But, uh, Dr. Carter usually does that.
ABBY: I'm aware of that but Dr. Carter's not here right now.
MONICA: We don't mind waiting.
ABBY: I have no idea when he's going to be in.
HELEN: I'm very patient.
ABBY: Look, Sister...
HELEN: Helen.
ABBY: ...the sooner you let me change the bandage...
MONICA: I'm Monica.
ABBY: ...the sooner you guys can get out here, the sooner you guys can get back to doing your stuff, and, quite frankly, I need the bed.
HELEN: Perhaps if you told Dr. Carter we were here.
Abby gives a little smile, and walks to the front desk, where Carter is.
ABBY: Glad you're here. Your fans are getting restless.
CHUNY: What is it with you and nuns, Carter? It's almost kinky.
CARTER: (to Abby) Can you, uh, take care of them for me?
ABBY: They're looking for you.
CARTER: My grandmother had um... She passed out this morning. I'm having Cardiology work her up.
ABBY: Is she okay?
CARTER: I don't know.
ABBY: Are you?
CARTER: Me, I'm fine. I just want to make sure she gets settled before I clock in.
ABBY: I'll take care of it.
CARTER: Thank you. (walks off)
FRANK: (to Chuny and Haleh) Aw, come on ladies, Tequila Willy is still in Exam One, he's covered in puke and assorted body fluids. He's making this whole place reek.
CHUNY: This place always reeks.
HALEH: Yeah, and it's Abby's turn.
ABBY: Oh, come on.
CHUNY: I did him last time, you're up.
Abby spies Nicole.
ABBY: Fine. Nicole.
NICOLE: You need something?
ABBY: Grab some gloves. I'm going to show you how to bathe a patient.
Chuny and Haleh exchange glances, mildly impressed. INT. SURGICAL FLOOR
Elizabeth, dressed in scrubs, approaches Romano.
ELIZABETH: (irate) Robert, Robert. I was scrubbing in when I discovered Dale's doing my Whipple.
ROMANO: Yeah, he's an arrogant ass, but he's becoming a decent surgeon.
ELIZABETH: I thought I was back on service today.
ROMANO: No, not yet.
ELIZABETH: Why not? I've complied with every insulting, demeaning request. I even volunteered for a damn lie detector test.
ROMANO: I know, but we have to wait 'til the CDC finishes their bug hunt. The good news is the criminal investigation is essentially over.
ELIZABETH: So what does that mean? "We think you're killing patients, we just can't prove it?"
ROMANO: If it makes you feel any better, I don't think this has anything to do with you.
ELIZABETH: Then why am I not in surgery?
ROMANO: I'm sorry. I know this is frustrating, Elizabeth, but what choice does either of us have? Take the opportunity to get caught up with your dictation. Spend some time with your baby. Enjoy the downtime.
Elizabeth is having none of that. She spies Kit taking a needle to a patient, and storms over.
ELIZABETH: (angry) What are you doing?
KIT: Excuse me?
ELIZABETH: That's my patient.
KIT: I'm drawing some blood.
ELIZABETH: No, you were injecting something into her central line.
KIT: I couldn't get a draw, it was clogged.
ELIZABETH: What did you inject into my patient?
KIT: I didn't...
ELIZABETH: Don't lie to me, I saw you!
Romano enters.
ROMAMO: Is there a problem here?
KIT: No --
ELIZABETH: Yes, she was injecting my patient!
KIT: With urokinase -- to bust the clot in her line.
ELIZABETH: Let me see it.
Kit shows her the needle.
ELIZABETH: Where's the vial?
Elizabeth digs through the table...
ROMANO: (warning) Elizabeth.
...and pulls out a bottle of urokinase.
ELIZABETH: Sorry. Excuse me.
Elizabeth leaves, embarrased. INT. SUTURE ROOM
Mt. Hilliker lies on a bed talking to Luka.
HILLIKER: Twenty-five years with the Chicage P.D. Never fired my gun once.
LUKA: That's good.
HILLIKER: These are different times.
LUKA: Try and stay off your ankle, keep it elevated, huh?
Hilliker nods as Haleh enters with some crutches.
HALEH: Dr. Kovac? Jeremy's mother's here. (leaves)
LUKA: Okay. (to Hilliker) I'll have, uh, one of the nurses give you a lesson on using the crutches.
Jeremy's mother, Mrs. Norris, is crying, and Jeremy's friend, who is visibly upset, wait. Luka approaches.
LUKA: Mrs. Norris? (she looks up) Hi, I'm Dr. Kovac. I was the first doctor to treat your son.
MRS. NORRIS: How is he?
LUKA: He suffered a hemothorax. That's when blood collects in the chest cavity and collapses a lung. But it's been repaired.
MRS. NORRIS: Can I see him?
LUKA: He's been taken up to the OR.
MRS. NORRIS: But he's going to be okay?
LUKA: There was evidence of a head injury.
MRS. NORRIS: Is he in a coma?
LUKA: I'm afraid we won't know until he's out of surgery and the anathesia wears off.
Mr. Hilliker approaches on crutches. The friend jumps up.
FRIEND: Hey! There's the idiot who was chasing him, right there!
HILLIKER: A-Are you the boy's mother?
MRS. NORRIS: What did you do to my son?
HILLIKER: N-Nothing, I-I'm sorry...
FRIEND: He threw his stibk at him.
LUKA: You should get back in bed, Mr. Hilliker.
FRIEND: No, he's the one who made Jeremy wipe out in the first place.
HILLIKER: Y-Your boy was riding in the mall. I asked him to leave.
FRIEND: You knocked him off his skateboard!
HILLIKER: I didn't!
MRS. NORRIS: You attacked him?!
Gallant walks up.
FRIEND: Yes you did!
LUKA: (to Gallant) Hey, can you put him back in the suture room?
Gallant goes to move Mr. Hilliker.
MRS. NORRIS: What did you DO?!
HILLIKER: Nothing! I was the one that called the ambulance!
LUKA: (directing Gallant) Down the hallway, last door on your right.
Gallant leads Mr. Hilliker off.
MRS. NORRIS: He hurt my son?
LUKA: I don't know, ma'am.
FRIEND: I saw him do it. He's the reason Jeremy's here. He should be arrested or...something!
MRS. NORRIS: I just want to see Jeremy. I just want to be with my son.
LUKA: I'll get an update, and find out when you can go see him, okay?
Gallant comes running back.
GALLANT: (urgent) Dr. Kovac? I think he's having a heart attack.
GALLANT: He started hyperventilating and complaining of chest pains.
Luka takes off with Gallant. INT. SUTURE ROOM
Mr. Hilliker is lying on the bed, hand to his chest and in pain. Gallant and Luka enter.
LUKA: What's going on, Mr. Hilliker?
HILLIKER: I don't feel so good.
LUKA: Your chest hurts?
HILLIKER: Yeah, my head is spinning.
LUKA: Okay, put him on oxygen, aspirin and let's get an EKG.
Gallant nods.
HILLIKER: I didn't mean to upset the mother, I was just trying to offer my condolences.
LUKA: Okay, just relax.
HILLIKER: He rode by me, stole my hat. He's tossing it back and forth threatening to throw it in the fountain. They were terrorizing the entire mall.
LUKA: Did you throw your nightstick at him?
Hilliker coughs.
LUKA: Okay, okay, just relax.
Gallant puts an oxygen mask on him. INT. SURGICAL FLOOR
Elizabeth approaches Dr. Zogoiby.
ELIZABETH: Dr. Zogoiby.
ZOGOIBY: Dr. Corday.
ELIZABETH: I've been reviewing some charts, and I have a question about a patient you worked on with me.
ELIZABETH: It was a few weeks ago, a Mrs. Taylor? I'm having a little difficulty reading your notes. (she hands him the chart) You put in a central line.
ZOGOIBY: No, I was pulled away. That was the day my son fell off the monkey bars at school, remember? The on call anethesiologist stepped in for me.
ELIZABETH: And who was that?
ZOGOIBY: Babcock. (hands back chart)
ELIZABETH: (mutters) Babcock...
We pan over to Benton and Romano, who have finished operating on Jeremy.
ROMANO: I hope this wasn't a waste of time. Think this kid'll wake up?
BENTON: I don't know.
ROMANO: You're scaring me, Peter. You're not your usual jolly self today. You haven't developed a drug addiction or a drinking problem like the rest of your misfit buddies in the ER, have you?
ROMANO: Give it time.
Jacy approaches.
JACY: Jeremy Norris's mother is in the waiting room.
ROMANO: Great.
BENTON: Jacy, have you tracked down my sister yet?
JACY: I left another message. (leaves)
BENTON: All right, thanks.
ROMANO: You want me to talk to her?
They go their separate ways. INT. WAITING ROOM
Benton enters.
BENTON: Mrs. Norris? (she stands up, they shake hands) Hi, I'm Dr. Benton. I'm one of the surgeons that was with Jeremy.
MRS. NORRIS: How is he?
BENTON: Well, we tied off the bleeding vessels in the chest, but there's still some swelling in the brain. He's with the neuro team now. With an injury like this, it becomes, a, uh... a waiting game.
MRS. NORRIS: Waiting? To see if he wakes up? Waiting to see if he's a vegetable? What?
BENTON: All of that.
MRS. NORRIS: They've got to be able to do something. He's all I've got.
BENTON: (little nod) Yeah. INT. ER HALLWAY
Gallant tags along after Mark.
GALLANT: You ever gotten an erythropoietic porphyria?
GALLANT: What about a prophyria cutaneatarda?
MARK: Nope. (hands Gallant a paper)
GALLANT: What's the most unsual medical case you've ever seen?
MARK: I had a guy with a live bullfrog in his ass once. You ever see a patient scratch through the skin into the bone?
GALLANT: Are you serious?
They're aty the front desk. Susan follows them.
MARK: We figure that he'll hit grey matter by spring.
They approach a man, Mr. Elden, lying on a gurney.
MARK: Mr. Elden? Would you show our young med student your itch?
Mr. Elden removes his hat.
SUSAN: (ouch) Ooh.
Mark drags Susan off while Gallant regards the patient.
MARK: Save me.
SUSAN: (laughs) What?
MARK: I have a med student who is in need of a home.
SUSAN: Ah, no thanks, but he seems nice.
MARK: That's how they all start. 'Til they grow up to become residents, like Carter.
SUSAN: I wish. (off Mark's stare) What?
MARK: "I wish?"
SUSAN: He turned into a good doctor.
MARK: Uh-huh.
SUSAN: He is.
MARK: You and Carter aren't, uh...
Gallant finds them again.
GALLANT: Dr. Greene, can I ask you something? I'm sorry, am I interupting?
SUSAN: Not at all.
GALLANT: (to Mark) You don't mind me asking all these questions, do you?
MARK: No, of course not. This is a teaching hospital. This is how you learn.
They all walk off. We follow Susan, who finds Carter coming downstairs.
SUSAN: Oh, hi. I was just talking about you. How's your grandmother? (off Carter's look) What is it?
CARTER: Looks like Shy- Drager.
SUSAN: I'm sorry. They've been having a lot of success with fludrocortison and desmopressin. CARTER: Yeah.
SUSAN: How's she taking it?
CARTER: I haven't told her yet. Kayson's still up there running some tests, ruling out some other things.
SUSAN: Is there anything I can do?
CARTER: I don't think so.
SUSAN: Let me know.
CARTER: I will.
Susan takes off. We pan to see Gallant and Mark standing behind Carter.
MARK: Carter! Dr. John Carter, this is your new med student, Michael...
GALLANT: Gallant.
Mark leaves.
CARTER: Hi. I'll tell you what, why don't you go to the admit desk, get the orientation package. When you're finished with it just come find me. (tries to leave)
GALLANT: I did that, while I was waiting. Um, trying to feep busy.
CARTER: Yeah, I had a family emergency.
GALLANT: Nothing serious, I hope. Want to talk about it?
Carter doesn't
GALLANT: Okay, um, well, I watched a trauma already, and I helped Dr. Kovac with a possible MI, both of which were very interesting but I was hoping that once you got here I could start working on some of my own... cases...
Gallant notices Carter has disappeared. Abby approaches.
ABBY: He stepped into the men's room.
ABBY: His grandmother's sick. Do you want to see if we can find you a case to work up?
Kit is looking at a chart. Elizabeth enters.
ELIZABETH: Kit. I want to apologize for mt behaviour earlier. It was completely unprofessional. I know it's not an excuse, but I have been under a lot of pressure lately.
KIT: I understand.
ELIZABETH: That said, uh, I also have a couple of questions about some recent cases. Do you remember Mr. Durning?
KIT: Diverticulitis.
ELIZABETH: No, he was an elderly gentleman, came in for a hemicolonectomy for colon cancer.
KIT: With all the faded Navy tattoos.
ELIZABETH: Yes. Yes, uh, you took out his central line on October the sixteenth.
KIT: Yes. Well, no. It came out on the sixteenth, but we didn't do it. Babcock did.
ELIZABETH: Babcock? Why Babcock?
KIT: I don't know, he just did. Sometimes he likes to pull his own lines. In fact, occasionally he insists on it.
Elizabeth takes this in.

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