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Script VO épisode Combat

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Opening shots and series recap


JACK : (VO) Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on earth and arming the human race against the future. The 21st century is when everything changes and you gotta be ready.



A weevil runs down an alleyway towards camera Jack jogs behind. The weevil comes to a dead end and jumps up onto fork-lift truck crates leaning up against the wall. Jack stops and smiles at the Weevil, walking slowly towards the weevil who pushes at the corrugated steel walls of the warehouse ending the alley.

JACK : I hate to break this to you, but you’re not my first. Anti weevil spray.

Jack holds up a spray in his right hand and some handcuffs in this left, showing them to the weevil.

JACK : Hand clamps.

The weevil growls at Jack and jumps off the crates towards Jack, still trying to get away rather than attack.

JACK : Come on. Make this easy for both of us.

The weevil jumps at Jack who grabs its wrists, holding it at bay before kicking and punching the creature. The weevil claws Jack’s chest and he falls back against the wall, grimacing in pain.

JACK : This always happens when I give ‘em the night off !



Gwen sits at a table outside a restaurant, a half finished meal and a glass of wine before her. Rhys sitting opposite eating talks, Gwen isn’t paying any attention.

RHYS : It’s not even ruddy medium, let alone well done. French places see. Hey, remember that weekend in Paris ? The little place with the wood panelling, they barely even waved the steak under the grill and you said… Why are you looking at me like that ?

GWEN : Sorry, like what ?

RHYS : Like you’d rather be somewhere else !

Gwen rolls her eyes towards the other diners at Rhys’ raised voice, hinting that he should be quite and not embarrass her. Rhys ignores her and continues shouting.

RHYS : This is becoming the norm innit ? I’m trapsing away, I look up and you’re, you’re just absent. What’s happening to us Gwen ?

GWEN : I know I’m sorry.

RHYS : Is it something I’ve done ? Or not done ?

Rhys looks over Gwen’s shoulder and sees a weevil running along the street past the restaurant. Jack pauses and checks his wrist strap then looks round and starts jogging again.

RHYS : What the hell was that ?

Gwen looking outside smiles, glad for the excuse to leave the argument behind. She gets up. Jack runs to her and stops, catching his breath. Gwen sees the gashes across his chest and touches them with concern.

GWEN : Oh God ! What’s happened to you ?

Jack ignores her and seeing Rhys smiles widely.

JACK : Rhys is it ? Nice to meet you. Sorry, it’s kind of an emergency. I’ll have her back for dessert. Come on.

Jack moves off to continue chasing the weevil, expecting Gwen to follow him without question, ignoring whatever Rhys might think.

RHYS : Hey, hold on sunshine, that’s my girlfriend.

Jack comes back to get Gwen who tries to explain.

GWEN : Rhys, this is Jack.

RHYS : Sit down, Gwen.

GWEN : This is my boss.

RHYS : Sit the fuck down !

GWEN : Don’t ever speak to me like that.

JACK : Come on, Gwen. Lets go.

RHYS : Hey, she’s with me tonight. One night off, you promised.

Gwen doesn’t answer, instead picking up her bag and shaking her head at Rhys in disgust as she starts to move away.

RHYS : Don’t you dare.

Gwen starts to chase after Jack.

RHYS : If you go now Gwen !

Rhys watches her run away, unable to do anything at the abandonment.


Jack and Gwen slow to a walk, Jack checking his wrist strap trying to locate the weevil.

JACK : Sorry for cutting in but I’m having a little trouble with this one.

GWEN : Rhys will get over it. He always does.

JACK : You promised to keep hold of your life. Don’t let it drift.

Gwen doesn’t answer, wondering what she was supposed to do. Jack gets a reading and runs off down the road.

JACK : Three hundred meters on the right, car park.



Jack and Gwen run up the ramp to the third level of the car park. As they enter the car park proper they slow and Jack motions for Gwen to be quite, they walk slowly searching for the weevil. The weevil runs across the car park a distance in front of Gwen.

JACK : Over there.

They chase after the weevil. A white transit type van enters the car park. A man in a balaclava squealing to a halt a short way from the weevil. Two men dressed to rob a bank jump from the rear doors of the van and flank the weevil, shooting it with tazers, herding the weevil into the back of the van.

MAN : Get him in, get him in. In fucking van.

JACK : Hey !

The man looks towards Jack and Gwen and nods at them before getting into the van. The engine revs and Jack and Gwen run forwards, stopping quickly as the van speeds from the car park taking the weevil with it.

JACK : Who the hell were they ?





Jack walks into the hub adjusting his braces having replaced his torn shirt. He shouts out his thoughts to the others as he walks through the hub to his office.

JACK : One. Since when did other people know about weevils ? Two. Have they done this before and if so how come we didn’t know about it ? Three. What do they want with them anyway ?

IANTO : Might not be connected but we’ve noticed a surge of unusual injuries been reported at the A&E unit.

Tosh stands near to Ianto in Jack’s office, Ianto reading from a sheaf of notes. Jack takes the notes from Ianto and reads from them.

JACK : Chunks taken out of legs and arms, deep wounds to back and stomachs.

Jack hands the notes back to Ianto and walks around the room.

JACK : So we have a wave of weevil attacks to add to our problems, Oh, and by the way that spray we used on them previously, looks like they’re becoming immune to it.

Jack perches on his desk and picks up the phone.

TOSHIKO : They’re mutating ?

IANTO : Or evolving.

JACK : So any sign of the one we lost earlier ?

TOSHIKO : I’ve run a trace on the van’s number plate. It’s fake. Two and a half thousand van’s of that type registered in the Cardiff area. Widen that to a forty mile radius and the number doubles.

JACK : So run a trace on the vehicle’s…

TOSHIKO : Route via traffic cameras ?

OWEN : (On phone) This is Owen’s voicemail. Leave a message if you must.

TOSHIKO : …processing that now.




Gwen stands looking out over the hub through the board room window, holding her mobile to her ear. A message can be heard from the other end of the line.

GWEN : (on message) Leave a message for Gwen and Rhys and we’ll call you back…

RHYS : (on message) …if we remember. (laughs)

GWEN : (on message) Oi !

GWEN : (Into phone) Hi, it’s me. I’ve left a few messages now. Look, I’ve got dozens of excuses, erm…




Rhys stands in the kitchen looking at the phone, listening to Gwen’s message.

GWEN : (On answer machine) …hundreds, thousands, but none of them good enough.

GWEN : (Into phone) Things have gotten away from me a bit lately.

Rhys walks towards the phone, a bottle of beer in his hand.

GWEN : (On answer machine) It’s this job, it never lets up. Look I’ll see you later. I’m not sure what time yet.

Rhys goes to pick up the phone.

GWEN : I’ve got some work to finish up first.

Gwen holds her fist to her mouth, knowing that was the worst thing she could have said in the circumstances. Rhys moves his hand away from the phone.

GWEN : Call me.

Rhys shakes his head at the phone and deletes the message.


Owen sits alone at a bar, a row of tumblers and his mobile lying in front of him on the bar, a glass in his hand. The bar is busy. Owen downs a shot while his phone rings. The barmaid leans over towards Owen.

BARMAID : Are you gonna answer that ?

She picks up Owen’s phone and looks at the screen.

BARMAID : Ninth missed call, work. Do you enjoy your job then ?

The barmaid’s boyfriend notices her talking to Owen across the bar.

OWEN : Look, if you don’t mind I came out to be alone.

BARMAID : Ah. The old Greta Garbo.

OWEN : Something like that.

The barmaid pours Owen another drink.

BARMAID : A word of advice, next time you feel like this, maybe you should stay in.

The barmaid’s boyfriend sees them still talking and approaches them.

OWEN : Trust me, the bigger the crowd the alone I feel.

TOMMY : I said no chatting up the punters.

OWEN : For God’s sake.

BARMAID : Tommy I work in a bar, it’s my job to speak to them.

TOMMY : You’re never happier than when you’re flashing your tits at a passing dickhead are you ?

OWEN : Don’t talk to her like that.

TOMMY : You what ?

OWEN : We were having a conversation. One day when you’ve grown up you’ll realise that’s what human beings do.

Tommy reaches forward and pulls Owen from the bar stool by his jacket, pushing Owen away from the bar.

BARMAID : Tommy stop it, you’ll get me the sack.

Owen gathers himself and shoves Tommy onto the bar face first, holding a arm behind his back and his other hand on Tommy’s neck, holding him down.

OWEN : You see, it’s about using your opponent’s aggression to your own ends. Now, I’d suggest you don’t pick fights with strangers.

Owen looks up at the barmaid.

OWEN : And you should really upgrade your boyfriend. What does a man have to do to get some peace in this city ?

Owen pulls Tommy from the bar and throws him to the floor out of the way. He finishes his drink as his mobile rings again. He hangs up the phone and leaves the bar.


Gwen walks to Toshiko’s station where Tosh sits working.

GWEN : Owen’s still not answering his phone.

TOSHIKO : Well he’s been even more erratic than usual since that thing with Diane.

GWEN : Since the what ?

Toshiko looks at Gwen then walks away quickly to another computer having put her foot in it.

TOSHIKO : It’s none of my business.

GWEN : What thing ? What thing, Tosh ?

TOSHIKO : Owen and Diane. Before she took the plane they had a thing. You knew that, right ?

GWEN : Oh yeah, of course I knew that. I just didn’t know they had a thing, thing.



Ianto stands looking at Janet who is moaning woefully in her. Jack jumps down the last few steps of the ladder and walks towards him.

IANTO : It started ten minutes ago.

Jack stands next to Ianto looking at Janet who crouches on the floor calling out.

IANTO : What do you think it’s doing ?

JACK : I think it’s weeping.

IANTO : Why ?

JACK : Owen’s been studying this one, thinks they have a low level of telepathic ability, to share emotion across distance.

IANTO : You mean it might be feeling the pain of another weevil ?

JACK : Kinda hope we’re wrong though.

IANTO : Why ?

JACK : Because that would mean that somebody’s not only kidnapping weevils, they’re causing them pain.

Jack steps closer to the clear cell wall and the weevil mirrors his movement, standing close to the wall.

JACK : What can you feel ?

Janet calls out once before turning around and crouching down again towards the back of the cell.

JACK : What do you know ?



Toshiko sits at her workstation, Jack standing behind her looking at the map on the monitor with Gwen.

TOSHIKO : I’ve tracked the van’s route. It went straight from the car park out to the docks.

A grid reference pops up on the screen followed by CCTV footage of the van.

TOSHIKO : This was two hours ago.

They watch three men leave the van, two of them carrying a bundle between them. They walk into the warehouse and return soon after. As they get back into the van the picture goes out to be replaced by static.

JACK : What happened ?

TOSHIKO : The CCTV cameras went down.

GWEN : Do you think it was deliberate ?

TOSHIKO : I think these guys really don’t like to be watched.

JACK : See, I know it’s a character flaw, but that makes me all the more determined to find out what it is they’re hiding.



The Torchwood SUV pulls up outside the warehouse seen on the CCTV. Toshiko and Jack are being watched through a camera as they leave the SUV and walk towards the warehouse.

TOSHIKO : Looks like we missed them.

JACK : Yeah, but if you leave places in a hurry, you tend to be forgetful.




Jack and Toshiko search the warehouse, shining torches into dark corners.

JACK : You know what they used these warehouses for during World War II ? Storing the bodies of dead GI’s. sometimes you can know too much history.

They hear a crash behind them and they reach for their guns, Jack realising he was lost in thought and not paying attention.

JACK : Come on.

TOSHIKO : There’s nothing here.

JACK : So what were they doing here ? Why come all this way out ?

Jack notices something lying on the floor before him and looks to Toshiko.

JACK : Psst.

TOSHIKO : What is it ?

JACK : Looks human. Male.

TOSHIKO : Still alive ?

JACK : Hello ! You okay there ? We’re looking for the people who were here last night. If you saw anything, now’s a good time to speak up.

TOSHIKO : Jack, he’s bleeding.

They run forwards to the body, guns still ready. They stop next to the body. A young man lying face down in a pool of blood. Jack grabs the man’s arm and pulls the man onto his back to reveal a face and chest cut and covered in blood.


JACK : Weevil marks.

TOSHIKO : You don’t think it’s still here do you ?

JACK : No. We’d hear it. Help me with the body.

They crouch down next to the body and ‘Crazy Frog’ starts playing on a mobile.

TOSHIKO : Is that yours ?

JACK : You don’t think I’d choose that ring tone ?

Jack reaches into the man’s pocket and pulls out his mobile phone.

TOSHIKO : Don’t answer it.

Jack smiles at her before flicking open the phone defiantly.

JACK : Hello.

MAN : (On phone) I don’t know who you are but stay out of what doesn’t concern you.

JACK : Who killed this man ?

MAN : Did you hear what I just said ?

JACK : I have this selective deafness when I’m talking to cowards and murderers.

MAN : Don’t interfere in this you don’t understand.

JACK : Oh, I understand this better than you, cause I know how this is gonna end. We’re gonna hunt you down, we’re gonna ensure that you’re punished for what happened here, and we’re gonna make you surrender that creature that you kidnapped, is that clear enough ?

The man hangs up the phone and Jack dials the hub.

JACK : Ianto, I need you to trace all calls to and from this number in the last twenty four hours fast as you can. We’re on our way back.



Owen looks over a canal, his mobile ringing again. He answers it moodily.

OWEN : This is Owen’s voicemail, don’t leave a message.

JACK : (Over phone) Nice try, Owen. I want you back at the hub immediately, we’ve got a weevil murder so get your bony little ass over here now.

Owen ends the call and walks away from the canal.


Gwen sits on the autopsy room steps reading from the victim’s wallet. The body lies on the slab in the centre of the room and Owen conducts the autopsy, Jack and Toshiko looking on.

GWEN : Dan Hodges, date of birth twenty first of January nineteen seventy nine. Salesman for Webb Publishing Software. Looks like he was married with a kid.

Gwen holds up a photo in the wallet to them. Owen hold up the victim’s left hand showing Gwen the wedding ring gracing his finger.

OWEN : Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. Right. Definitely death by weevil, but he took a right kicking before the throat was punctured. Weevils go for the kill, straight for the jugular. Look at his face, black eye, bruises to the cheekbones, same across the back and the ribs.

TOSHIKO : Could he have been tortured ?

OWEN : Maybe, but I recon these wounds were inflicted by humans. But why smack somebody about and then set the weevil on them ? Why not get the weevil to do all the work for you ?

Jack shakes his head not knowing. Ianto enters the room and leans on the barrier next to Toshiko. Jack looks over.

JACK : Any joy with the phone records ?

IANTO : The last incoming number was blocked and the phone’s entire call history has been erased.

TOSHIKO : They move fast.

JACK : You ask me, these guys are using weevils to carry out the perfect murder. No fingerprints, no traces of recognisable DNA. A quick, guaranteed death. Nothing to connect anyone to the murder.

OWEN : Right, should be a piece of piss to find the killer then.

GWEN : But what about this guy ? Someone’s got to break it to his wife that he’s dead.

The rest of the team look around before settling on Gwen who grits her jaw in response.


Owen sits in the SUV in the passenger seat. Gwen walks towards the car from a house having broken the bad news and gets in the vehicle, slamming the door.

GWEN : The shittiest part about being a police officer and I can’t get away from it.

She looks at Owen who stares out of the windscreen.

GWEN : Thanks for your kind words of support.

OWEN : What do you want me to say ? She’ll be alright in the end ?

GWEN : You can always count on Owen to make you feel better.

Gwen starts the engine before deciding to broach the subject of Diane.

GWEN : Tosh mentioned you and Diane. Did you…

OWEN : I didn’t want her to go, she went.

Owen is abrupt with Gwen, not wanting to talk about Diane, especially with Gwen.

GWEN : Why are we still doing this, me and you ?

OWEN : Fine. Let’s not. I was getting bored of your fuck tricks anyway.

Owen gets out of the SUV and slams the door. Gwen shouts after him upset.

GWEN : You can be such a wanker sometimes Owen do you know that ?

Gwen pulls out, leaving Owen behind to shout after the car.

OWEN : I do as a matter of fact !



The cog door opens and Owen strides into the hub having walked back.

JACK : Where the hell have you been ?

OWEN : Walking.

JACK : Well, in your absence Toshiko’s had a great idea.

OWEN : Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

GWEN : Ignore him Tosh.

OWEN : Yeah, just ignore me Tosh, I can be such a wanker apparently.

TOSHIKO : The van went from kidnapping the weevil straight to the warehouse, they must have known it was empty.

GWEN : So either they own it or they have contacts with the estate agents.

JACK : Owen Harper, you’re going into property. Toshiko’s in the middle of fixing you a cover story.

OWEN : Hang on, why me ?

TOSHIKO : Jack and Gwen were in the car park, I was in the warehouse, if they’ve got access to CCTV they’ll recognise us.

JACK : We have to get under their guard, find out what’s going on.

OWEN : Yeah, alright. I could do with being someone else right now.



Owen walks into a smart, modern office wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. A smart man walks up to him and shakes his hand.

MARK : Mr Harper ?

OWEN : Yeah.

MARK : Mark Lynch. You’re looking to relocate your business to Cardiff.

Mark walks across the office followed by Owen. Mark clearly doesn’t really believe Owen to be telling him the truth but is willing to play along.

OWEN : Yeah.

MARK : You export jellied eels, really ?

OWEN : Huge growth market, China, South America. I can hardly keep up with demand. I’ll er get you a batch if you find me the right area.

MARK : I think I’ll pass on that. Any family to relocate ?

OWEN : Just me, better that way.

Owen stands looking out of the window while Mark moves to look at a computer monitor.

MARK : And you’re looking for premises out by the docks.

OWEN : Huum. Nice big warehouse, that’s what I need.

MARK : Got a couple should be perfect. Hang on while I print.

OWEN : Thanks.

Mark glances at Owen, still uncertain of him, before walking across the office to the printer. While Mark’s back is turned Owen places a device on the back of the laptop containing the premises’ details.



Toshiko is watching her computer monitor waiting for information from Owen.

TOSHIKO : Oh, we’re in.

Jack walks over to Toshiko when she speaks.

TOSHIKO : This’ll give us everything on his hard drive including encrypted files. If I can establish a routing protocol everything he does on his computer from now on, we’ll know about it.

Jack leans over Toshiko’s shoulder watching the files download.



Owen holds the device to the back of the laptop, keeping a eye out while Mark speaks to an assistant across the office then picks up the printouts of the warehouse premises for Owen.



A pop-up appears on Toshiko’s computer reading ‘Lynch-Frost’. Toshiko speaks to Owen over their com.

TOSHIKO : Owen, you’re clear.




Owen removes the device from the computer as Mark walks over and hands him the printouts. Owen flicks through them while he speaks.

MARK : These have got the square footage you’re looking for, good access, competitively priced...

OWEN : Except, these all look like shit holes to me.

Owen throws down the pages and looks Mark in the eye, playing his part fully. Mark smiles at him.

MARK : Yeah. They are a bit.

OWEN : Didn’t I see your sign outside a big place in the Q section of the docks ?

MARK : We’ve accepted an offer on it. Pretty much signed and sealed.

TOSHIKO : (over com) He’s lying. According to their records it only went on the market last week.

OWEN : Bummer.

MARK : What about a unit on an industrial estate, save a ton on rent even after transport costs.

OWEN : And you just happen to have a list of suitable premises ? Nah.

MARK : There are other possibilities, you free at the end of the day ?

OWEN : Yeah.

MARK : Why don’t we go for a drink ? On your own in a strange city see, I remember that feeling.

OWEN : Look at you now. A couple of gorgeous birds answering your phones for you, if that’s not success I don’t know what is.

MARK : It’s all bollocks really. But if you wanted me to put in a good word…

OWEN : No. Thanks. Good to meet you, Mark.

MARK : Yeah, I’ll give you a bell.

They shake hands and Owen leaves the office. Mark watches him leave, the smile falling from his face. A little later Mark sits working on his laptop. He runs a search of Owen Harper online, checking his story.



Toshiko sits at her station, watching Mark’s work on her monitor, knowing what he will do.

TOSHIKO : First he’ll go for the web link at the top of the page.

Mark selects that link. A website appears ‘Harper’s Jellied Eels’.

TOSHIKO : Then he’ll want to know what other people say about the business.

Mark selects ‘reviews’ from the links at the top of the page.

TOSHIKO : Now he’ll see what Owen has to say about himself.

Mark selects the ‘about us’ link. A video plays on the screen: Owen dressed in a suit stands next to a line of workers in fishmonger whites and hats.

OWEN : (In video) Welcome to the number one supplier of jellied eels to Britain and Northern Europe. With a product base of more than 150 re-sellers, we’re constantly looking to expand into new territories. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate of the Harper’s Franchise holder, please contact our sales director on the number below.

Toshiko laughs quietly throughout the video. Mark picks up his phone and dials the number on screen. Toshiko smiles and picks up the phone having been waiting for it to ring.

TOSHIKO : Harper Sales. Jenny Harper speaking.

MARK : I’m sorry, wrong number.

Toshiko hangs up the phone and looks round to Gwen who watched her work from the sofa.

TOSHIKO : Job done.

Ianto walks over to Jack, who has been watching from across the hub.

IANTO : I’ve tracked down another seven suspicious injuries at the hospital. They sound pretty bad.

JACK : Tosh, stay here and monitor Mark Lynch’s movements, Ianto with me.

Gwen stands with her bag, wanting to help.

GWEN : I’ll come with ya.

JACK : Go home.

Gwen starts to interrupt.

JACK : It’s not a request. Remember, don’t let it drift.

Ianto walks past Gwen and follows Jack from the hub, leaving Gwen a little disappointed behind.


Rhys gets ready to go out in the living room. Gwen enters and leans in the doorway looking at him as he collects change from the kitchen counter.

GWEN : What you doing ?

RHYS : Oh, you’re here are you ?

GWEN : That’s your pullin’ top.

RHYS : No it’s not.

GWEN : It is. That’s what you call it. Since I said you look sexy in it.

Rhys doesn’t answer, doesn’t even look at her. Still upset.

GWEN : You off out ?

RHYS : Aye. Dav’s stag do. All day job.

GWEN : Since when is Dav getting married ?

RHYS : Oh he’s not, but he thinks he’s missing out on a piss up. So he’s having a staying single stag. Few beers, see what transpires. Strip club, that sort of thing.

Rhys moves to the door, having commented on the strip club to upset Gwen.

GWEN : What time will you be back ?

RHYS : Erm, not sure.

Rhys continues walking and Gwen has to chase him to the door.

GWEN : But, I’m in tonight.

RHYS : Well I’m not.



Ianto pulls the curtain around a hospital bed. A young black man lies in the bed, looking suspiciously at Jack who flicks through the man’s notes before sitting next to him, eating his grapes.

HOSPITAL PATIENT : I already made my statement to the police.

JACK : According to your chart here you nearly had your heart torn from your chest.

IANTO : Ooh !

JACK : Hum. Ten hour operation to repair chest wounds.

Jack looks at Ianto who looks impassively at the patient.

HOSPITAL PATIENT : Why should I talk to you ?

JACK : Let me tell you what did this to you. Six feet high, teeth like a shark, rippled skin, and the rage of a wild animal. Am I close ?

HOSPITAL PATIENT : I was mugged. There was three of ‘em. They had knives.

IANTO : So why were your wounds described by paramedics as bite marks ?

HOSPITAL PATIENT : I can’t help it if they got mixed up. They’re overworked.

JACK : Well, there are lots of ways I can get you to talk , but the easiest would be if you consider the consequences should you not tell me the truth, and that is, this creature will attack again, somebody will die, and it would be on your conscience. Now tell us the truth.

HOSPITAL PATIENT : They’ll kill me.

JACK : Who’d kill you ?




Jack walks into the vault followed by Toshiko and Ianto to visit Janet.

TOSHIKO : What did he mean ‘everyone’ ?

IANTO : That’s all he’d say, couldn’t get any more out of him.

Jack peers through the small, square window in the door of Janet’s cell and looks at the weevil. Janet looks round at Jack.

JACK : That leaves us one option. Okay Janet, time for a trip out.

TOSHIKO : You call it Janet ?

JACK : Barbara just never seemed right.

Ianto shrugs at Tosh while Jack uses the fire exit bar to open the cell door.


Jack drives the SUV through the streets, Toshiko and Ianto in the back.

TOSHIKO : You want to release a weevil in the middle of Cardiff ?

JACK : Not exactly in the middle, a little to the side. I placed a tracker in it’s clothes so when they capture it we’ll know exactly where they are.

TOSHIKO : It could kill any number of people before then.

IANTO : I’m with Tosh, there’s no telling what might happen.

JACK : We set it loose in the same place where they took the other one. It’s deserted this time of night. We’ll be with it every step of the way.

Jack stops the SUV in the middle of the car park and releases the back door. Janet runs from the SUV.

JACK : Tracker working ?


Jack watches Janet lope down the ramp leaving the car park before following.

JACK : Go Janet.

They follow Janet. Toshiko watching the tracker although she still doesn’t like the plan.

TOSHIKO : Second right, two hundred meters ahead.

Janet runs down a narrow alley and the SUV passes the turning.

TOSHIKO : Shit. Stop the car. She’s taken a left. Pedestrian access only.

Jack moans in annoyance before reversing the SUV to the alley. He stops the vehicle and starts getting out.

JACK : Ianto, take over.

Ianto slides over to the drivers seat as Jack gets out Toshiko running after him down the alley while Ianto goes to find a vehicle route.


Mark collects drinks from the bar and offers one to Owen who sits at a near by table.

OWEN : Now that’s what I call service. Cheers.

MARK : Yeah, cheers.

The barmaid’s boyfriend enters with two friends and sees Owen. Owen glances up to see Tommy and puts down his drink as they walk over.

OWEN : Shit.

MARK : We got a problem here boys ?

TOMMY : Not with you.

OWEN : Come on then, lets get it over with.

Owen stands up ready for the approaching fight and Tommy punches him in the face. Mark stands up to join in.

TOMMY : No need for you to get involved, sir.

Mark punches Tommy cleanly in the face and Tommy’s friends join in. Owen and Mark quickly and efficiently defeating all three of the men. Mark looks at one of the men on the floor with disgust.

MARK : Get up.

Owen repeatedly kicks his opponent, getting rid of unspent anger. While Mark watches. Finished, Owen looks round to Mark.

OWEN : thanks.

Owen puts a hand to his cut lip, breathing hard.


Jack and Toshiko run through an alley to a road to see the white van pull up alongside Janet. Jack stops and leans against a fence out of sight, holding Tosh to him out of the way. They watch the men from the van subdue Janet and throw her into the van.

JACK : The weevil has landed.

They watch the van drive away.

JACK : Got a signal ?

TOSHIKO : Yeah. Just so I know where we stand, we would never deliberately put a human being through that. But weevils are fair game, is that right ?

JACK : We needed to follow them.

Jack runs past as the SUV pulls up and gets in the car. Toshiko, upset, doesn’t follow immediately.


Mark leads Owen into his modern executive chic apartment

OWEN : This is your gaff ?

MARK : Make yourself at home.

Owen looks round the apartment, impressed with how well Mark is clearly doing.

OWEN : I’m in the wrong business.

Owen sees a punch bag in the corner and hits it a few times while Mark swaps his shirt.

MARK : So, what’s your outlet ?

OWEN : For what ?

MARK : The anger.

OWEN : Who said I was angry ?

Mark laughs at Owen’s response.

MARK : You’re not even living here yet and you’ve got people coming after ya.

OWEN : Yeah well, some people need teaching a lesson.

MARK : I’m not criticising. You’re not the only pissed off bloke out there, it’s what the world does to us, fancy a beer ?

OWEN : Yeah, why not.

MARK : You work yourself stupid, get a house, a car, plasma screen, and you end up with a workforce, people there specifically to look after your every whim, you’re officially successful, but what does it bring ? Nothing. Success is no worth other than itself. Seriously. I could live without all this, it doesn’t define me.

OWEN : Yeah, nice to have it though isn’t it ?

MARK : Ask yourself, what’s the point of your life ?

OWEN : Mark mate, I only came here for a beer.

MARK : There’s so much more, if you know where to look.

OWEN : Is that right ?

MARK : It’s closer than you think. Something’s coming, out there, in the darkness. Something is coming.



Gwen stands in the kitchenette pouring 2 glasses of whiskey. Rhys enters, carefully. Gwen irritated sits on the sofa.

GWEN : You drunk ?

RHYS : Two pints is all I could get down. They’ve gone on without me.

Gwen looks at her hands as Rhys sits next to her and reaches for his drink. Gwen sips from her glass, glancing sideways at Rhys as he drinks.

RHYS : Look Gwen…

GWEN : I need to tell you something.

RHYS : What sort of thing ?

GWEN : I’ve been sleeping, I’ve been having sex with someone else, someone from work. His name’s Owen, I mean he’s a bit of a tosser actually and it’s all gonna stop but er…

RHYS : Shut up !

GWEN : I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

RHYS : You wouldn’t do that.

GWEN : But I have.

RHYS : Then why are you telling me ?

GWEN : Because I’m ashamed, and I’m angry, I want, I want, I need, I need you to forgive me. And because I’ve drugged you.

RHYS : You, you’ve done what ?

GWEN : Just sit down it’s nothing, it’s just an amnesia pill, dash of sedative, you’ll wake up tomorrow and you’ll forget everything.

Rhys falls back onto the sofa, the drug acting quickly.

GWEN : Rhys.

RHYS : God, you selfish bitch !

GWEN : I know. I just thought it would give us a chance, a chance to get everything out in the open, you know, get everything out.

Gwen sits next to Rhys, trying to turn him to her way of thinking, but Rhys starts to drift away, succumbing to the sedative.

GWEN : Rhys, stay with me Rhys. Say you forgive me.

Gwen holds Rhys’ face trying to get him to stay awake to forgive her. Needing him to tell her everything is alright and allay her guilt.

GWEN : Say ‘it’s alright, Gwen, Gwen it’s alright’, say it please Rhys. Rhys, just say it once. Say it once, ‘I forgive you’. Rhys ! Please say it ! Say you forgive me ! Say you forgive me. Say it. Say it, please say it. Say it please.

Gwen begs him in desperation but Rhys has fallen asleep.


Owen runs up a metal spiral staircase to the first floor of Mark’s home. As he reaches the top of the stairs he glances over the rail, checking where Mark is. He checks the rooms as he walks down the hall. Mark calls up to him as he searches.

MARK : You found the bathroom yet ?

OWEN : Yeah. Yeah, it’s good.

Owen continues down the hallway and comes to a door secured with a padlock. Owen checks over the banister to see Mark wandering around downstairs, and then takes a lock pick from his jacket pocket, opening the padlock. Owen enters the darkened room and closes the door behind him. The room is filled with weapons. Owen hears a noise and aims his gun, searching the room slowly. The light is turned on and a weevil growls in Owen’s face, making him jump back. The weevil is tied to the ceiling, it’s hands over it’s head. Owen backs up frowning at the creature.

MARK : Told you there was more to see.

OWEN : Mate, I’m really sorry, I couldn’t resist the padlock…

MARK : What do you think ?

OWEN : What is it ?

MARK : No idea. Don’t get too close though, vicious bastard.

Mark picks us a long batten and walks towards the weevil, smiling as he says it’s a ‘vicious bastard’.

OWEN : Where’d you get it from ?

MARK : Found one on the street. It took five of us to bring it in. Other than that I haven’t got a clue.

Mark stands close the weevil staring directly into its eyes while he speaks, Owen standing behind glances between Mark and the weevil, tense.

MARK : Scientific experiment gone wrong. Nuclear victim. One of the lads even recons it’s an alien.

Mark laughs at the idea and turns to Owen who smiles at him before returning his stare to the weevil.

MARK : You wanna know what I think ?

OWEN : Yeah. Go on.

MARK : I think it’s us, Owen. You and me, in a thousand years’ time. It’s what we’ve become when all we have left is our rage.

OWEN : Not exactly a comforting thought.

MARK : Give it a smack.

OWEN : You what ?

MARK : Punch it.

OWEN : Why ?

MARK : It’s what its there for. Or do you want me to do it for you ?

OWEN : Just feels a bit weird that’s all.

Mark moves forward and punches the weevil hard in the stomach, laughs towards Owen and then hits the weevil again, like a punch bag. The weevil doesn’t even move at the beating. Owen grimaces, at Mark beating up the helpless creature.

OWEN : Alright, that’s enough ! It’s not exactly putting up a fight.

MARK : We all need a punch bag. So who are you Owen ?

OWEN : Sorry ?

MARK : Be pretty stupid not to assume you’re not connected to those two in the black SUV.

OWEN : I dunno what you mean.

MARK : Bloke in a big coat, cute little Asian girl, I was watching, nice website by the way, kudos to whoever did that, although jellied eels ? I’m not sure that was your greatest idea.

Owen smiles at Mark, knowing he can’t explain it all away.

OWEN : I wasn’t that bad.

MARK : Pretty much you were. Whoever you are, you’ve royally fucked up my plans. Didn’t want all this getting out.

OWEN : What about Dan Hodges ? What about his wife and kid ?

MARK : I’m not responsible for people’s life choices. Now, why did you lot take the body ? Why didn’t you go to the cops ?

OWEN : Because, Mark, they are peroquial pig-shits who’s minds would implode if they saw this.

MARK : Who are you Owen Harper ?

In answer Owen pulls back his jacket to show Mark his holstered gun.

MARK : Is that who you are ? A little kid hiding behind a gun ? If you wanna know what happens you’re not gonna find out because of a weapon.

Owen removes his gun and throws it away.

MARK : Good boy. You’re finally getting somewhere. Now you’re just you. Stripping things back to the core Owen, now we’re just two blokes. Equal.

OWEN : Why did you murder Dan Hodges ?

MARK : I didn’t.

Owen looks at the weevil.

OWEN : Well, not technically. Did you do it here ? I mean you let that thing loose on him, perfect murder, nothing to link you back to the crime.

MARK : God, you haven’t got a clue have you ? Dan wasn’t murdered, he was one of us.

OWEN : Tell me what happened.

MARK : I can do better than that.

Mark smiles at Owen and leaves the room.

MARK : Come on.

Owen stands and looks at the weevil for a moment before leaving the room. The weevil growling at Owen as he leaves.


Gwen walks into the hub carrying pizza, looking around for somebody.

GWEN : Hello. Anyone ?

There is no answer, everyone out working without her.


The SUV pulls to a stop and Jack, Ianto and Toshiko exit the vehicle. Jack and Ianto looking around, Toshiko looking at the tracking device.

JACK : So where is it, Tosh ?

Toshiko changes direction and jogs down an alley, followed by the others. A piece of fabric torn from the weevil’s clothes is caught on the chain-link fence at the end of the alley. The tracker flashing forlornly.

IANTO : So what have we got now ?

JACK : Nothing, we have no clue where they are or what they’re doing.

Jack strides off back towards the SUV angrily, Ianto and Tosh share a glance before following him.


Owen and Mark sit in a car. They look through the windscreen towards a large industrial building. The white weevil catching van is parked outside.

OWEN : So, what am I supposed to be looking at ?

MARK : Wait and see.

As they watch a man walks past the car and knocks on the door of the building. As the door is opened, two more men walk towards the door. As they watch, more and more men go to the door, in groups, some boisterous, excitable.

OWEN : All this lot with you ? What’s going on ?

MARK : You’ll find out.

OWEN : I’ve never been that keen on surprises.

Owen opens the passenger door and gets out of the car, Mark following suit, they walk together towards the building.


Gwen sits on the sofa and takes out her phone. She presses a few buttons before changing her mind and picking up one of the pizza boxes instead. She fights back tears as she takes a bite from the pizza. She puts down the pizza and he hands flutter over the box and her phone before she starts crying in earnest. She makes a concerted effort to pull herself together and picks up her phone again. As she holds the phone she hears the sound of a text message arriving to the side of her. She looks over at the body of Dan Hodges and walks to the autopsy room railing. As she stands there, the phone bleeps again and she walks slowly down the stairs, tense. The phone beeps a third time and she picks up an evidence bag lying at the side of the body. She pulls out Dan’s mobile phone and checks the message. ‘CF10 6BY’. Gwen walks to a computer with renewed confidence - needed now with something to do. She moves junk and experiments out of the way and types in the post code as pictures of the location appear on screen she puts a hand to her ear.

GWEN : Jack I…

She stops speaking abruptly and rolls her eyes at herself as she realises she doesn’t have her earpiece in. She searches through debris looking for an earpiece. Finding one she puts it on quickly.

GWEN : Yes.

She heads back to the computer, happy now she can work.


The SUV drives through the backstreets, looking for the weevil. Gwen’s voice comes through on Jack’s earpiece.

GWEN : Jack, can you hear me ?

JACK : What the hell are you doing there ? I told you to go home.

GWEN : There’s a text message that’s just come through on Dan Hodges’ phone. Charlie Foxtrot one zero six Bravo Yankee.

Toshiko puts the post code into her palm pilot.

GWEN : Seems to be a post code for a building, has a Lynch Frost sign outside.

TOSHIKO : Okay, I’ve got the location.

JACK : Gwen, we’ll pick you up on the way.

IANTO : So people get an alert by text message and they head to a property.

TOSHIKO : A property Mark Lynch knows is empty.

JACK : The question is, what happens when they get there ?



Mark leads Owen through the building, greeting people as he passes. Owen looks into a side room to see men fighting.

OWEN : What the hell’s going on here ?

MARK : Warm-up.

OWEN : Warm-up ? Who are these blokes ?

MARK : Same as us. Ordinary blokes trying to find meaning in a world that doesn’t have any.

OWEN : You don’t really believe that do ya ?

MARK : We are the dispossessed now Owen, all the certainties our fathers had are gone.

Mark stops walking as he sees a man sitting on the floor, his chest covered in blood as he touches his lip. Another man comes over and offers a supportive hand.

MARK : We’re a generation of no faith. In society, in religion, or in life. All we can do is reduce ourselves to the basics.

Mark blinks, pulling himself from his reverie as he turns to Owen.

MARK : This is only the warm-up. Come on.

Mark continues down the corridor, Owen watching as he goes.

MARK : You coming or staying ?

Owen follows Mark down a balcony. People line the side looking over. As Mark walks they commence a countdown.

CROWD: Three… Two… One….

The crowd cheers and Mark laughs happily. They reach an open section and lean on the balcony rail. A tall, hexagonal cage stands in the middle of a huge room. The cage has a double door entrance and a large digital counter ticking away the seconds. In the cage a man faces a weevil. The weevil runs at the man who dodges easily before the weevil begins stalking, slashing its claws at him. The crowd scream and shout like at any other sport. Gladiators for generation x. The weevil starts attacking in earnest and the man bangs on the door.

MAN : Let me out.

He is let out of the cage and he waves his fists at the cheering crowd while support staff us stun guns on the weevil trying to get at its opponent.

MARK : Nice one mate ! It costs a grand to enter the cage, whoever stays in there the longest across the night takes home all the money. You’re next.

He points at a man downstairs.

OWEN : Hang on, so these guys are paying to put their lives at risk ?

MARK : The ultimate extreme sport. Too much disposable income, not enough meaning, that’s us.

OWEN : So what about Dan Hodges, Mark ?

MARK : He wouldn’t come out. Just stood in the middle of the cage and let it maul him. I think he got in there and he realised, he didn’t wanna live enough. Surrendered. None of us could get to him in time.

OWEN : Still you all come back.

Owen walks away and Mark shouts after him.

MARK : Well what else is there ?

OWEN : It has to stop. More people are gonna die.

Mark chases Owen to an empty room, away from the crowds.

MARK : How long are we gonna keep playing this game, Owen ? You lie, you bullshit, you sweet-talk, but you are hiding, Owen.

Owen looks round to see Mark pointing a gun in his face.

MARK : Get in the cage.

OWEN : Not is you’re the one pointing the gun at me.

MARK : Do you want me to shoot you ?

OWEN : Lower the gun, and then I will get into the cage.

Mark cocks the gun, not lowering it. Owen moves forward slowly, stopping inches from the barrel, unafraid of death. Mark lowers the gun.

OWEN : Good boy.

Owen strides into the room, taking off his jacket as he approaches the cage, followed by Mark.

OWEN : What’s the longest anyone’s been in there ?

MARK : That’d be Dan Hodges. When you get in there, when you’re up close with it, look into its eyes.

OWEN : Open the door !

Mark grabs Owen’s arm before he can get into the cage, making him look round.

MARK : It’s like looking into the darkest recesses of your own soul.

OWEN : Open the door.

Mark pushes open the door, holding it wide for Owen to enter. Owen goes into the cage, staring at the weevil. The cage door is bolted and Mark walks around the side to watch. Owen and the weevil circle each other. Owen glances at Mark who nods and Owen smiles at the weevil and closes his eyes, wanting the destruction.

OWEN : Come on then.

The weevil growls at Owen. Jack runs into the room followed by the others and fires his gun in the air. Mark looks round irritated. The weevil throws Owen against the side of the cage. Gwen runs round, afraid for him.

GWEN : Owen !

Gwen runs to the cage door while Jack aims his gun at the weevil.

GWEN : Open the door !

The weevil bits Owen’s throat and Jack does nothing.

GWEN : Jack !

Jack shoots the weevil in the shoulder while Owen screams on the floor.

GWEN : Open it.

The door opens and Gwen runs into the cage to Owen, trusting Jack to keep the weevil at bay.

OWEN : Get off me !

One of Mark’s guards tazers the weevil, subduing it.

JACK : That’s enough !

Gwen, kneeling next to Owen points her gun for protection.

GWEN : Help me, Jack. Help me get him out of.

Jack grabs Owen’s arms and pulls him from the floor.

JACK : Owen ? Come on.

MARK : Get a stretcher !

Toshiko and Ianto have their guns ready, in amongst the crowds. Jack lays Owen on the floor outside the cage and Mark crouches next to him.

JACK : You did this to him.

MARK : He did it to himself. He had no fear.

Jack looks up at the crowds on the balcony and addresses them.

JACK : It’s over now. These creatures are to be left alone. Go back to your lives.


Jack looks round and runs to the cage aiming his gun at Mark who stands in the cage facing the weevil.

JACK : What are you doing ?

MARK : It’s over.

Jack lowers his gun and the weevil attacks, ripping Mark apart as he watches. Jack walks back to Gwen and Owen, uncaring.


Owen lies in a hospital bed bruised and bandaged. A bag of grapes is thrown onto the table at the end of the bed. Jack crosses his arms at looks at Owen.

OWEN : You shouldn’t have.

Jack glances at the grapes.

OWEN : No, really, you shouldn’t, I hate grapes.

JACK : Doctors recon you can go home.

OWEN : Doctors. What do they know aye ? I didn’t want saving.

JACK : You want us to apologise ?

OWEN : For a few seconds in that cage, I felt totally at peace, and then you blunder in. Do you always know best, Jack ? Is that what you believe ?

JACK : I want you back in work tomorrow.



Owen enters the vault followed by Ianto.

IANTO : You sure you’ll be alright ?

OWEN : Yeah, just a moment alone, yeah ?

Ianto closes the door behind him without speaking. Owen looks in at the weevil who growls and hisses at him through the glass. Owen hisses at the weevil, his teeth bared. The weevil moans and backs into the corner of its cell, curling in on itself. Owen smiles at the weevil, his dominance noted.




Mark Lynch - Alex Hassell / Janet-Weevil - Paul Kasey / Barmaid - Alexandra Dunn / Tommy (boyfriend) - Matthew Raymond / Hospital Patient - David Gyasi.

Please note that this script has been re-produced as accurately as possibly for [www.torchpedia.co.uk Torchpedia] from the televised episode. It is not a transcript of the original script by Noel Clarke.

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