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Script VO They keep killing Suzie

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Opening shots and series recap


JACK : (VO) Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on earth and arming the human race against the future. The 21st century is when everything changes and you gotta be ready.



Detective Swanson speaks to SOCO outside a house surrounded by police cars. The Torchwood SUV can be heard roaring down the road, breaks squealing. Swanson walks away from SOCO to meet them. Torchwood get out of the SUV and walk towards her, they all wear sunglasses and jackets.

SWANSON : At last, you must be torchwood. My team bitch about you all the time.

JACK : And you are ?

SWANSON : Detective Swanson.

JACK : I'm Captain Jack Harkness.

They shake hands.

SWANSON : So I've heard tell me something, are you always this dressy for a murder investigation ?

Jack takes off his sunglasses to look her in the eye, trying to win her over.

JACK : What you rather me naked ?

SWANSON : God help me, the stories are true.

He raises his eyebrows at her.

GWEN : So who's the victim ?

SWANSON : That's victims plural. Yesterday a man was murdered at 96 Oakham Street, Alex Arwyn, 28, single, estate agent…

Swanson hands Jack a file and he flicks through the photos inside.

SWANSON : Here we go. That's from the scene of crime; today in here we get two more. Mark and Sarah Briscoe, both 33, married, he's a surveyor she works in education.

JACK : What about the smears of blood ? Is that writing ?

SWANSON : Work in progress… Come inside and see the finished thing.

Swanson leads them inside the house into a bedroom. SOCO take photographs of the scene.

GWEN : Oh my god…

Two bodies lie on the bed. They are covered in blood and deep gashes mar their necks and limbs - a brutal murder.

SWANSON : Looks like someone wants your attention.

A picture of the couple leans against the wall at the head of the bed, dropped from the wall. Above it 'Torchwood' has been written in large letters with the blood of the victims.

JACK : They've got it.




SWANSON : We found a few of the killer's hairs from the first murder. Lab results should be in soon…

JACK : Good. We'll need that. No if you could just clear the room, some of this equipment is strictly need to know.

Swanson starts to leave then hovers slightly, annoyed but unsure whether she should speak. She does then moves towards the door.

SWANSON : It was only a matter of time…

JACK : What was ?

SWANSON : Torchwood walks all over this city like you own it now these people are paying the price, ordinary people ripped apart with your name written in their own blood. From where I'm standing, you did this Captain Jack Harkness, you did it !

She leaves the room and Owen closes the door behind her.

OWEN : Still at least we got a head start. If it someone we pissed off that narrows it down to, ooh, four or five million.

JACK : And that's just the humans.

Talks to Tosh over the com.

JACK : Tosh, how we doing ?



Toshiko in the SUV working on the computer, comparing the victims.

TOSHIKO : There's no record of Mr and Mrs Briscoe on our database, nor yesterday's victim and no link between him and the Briscoe's, no connection between any of them.

Swanson takes papers from a police officer and stands next to the patrol car. The DNA results appear on Toshiko's computer.

TOSHIKO : Jack I've got the result on the killer's hair.

Jack, Gwen and Owen walk over to Swanson and Jack leans over the patrol car door next to Swanson.

SWANSON : Initial findings say : Caucasian male, early 40's, smoker, drinks tequila. Doesn't match any DNA profiles. Only thing of interest is a compound we've never see before.

Owen takes the file from her.

SWANSON : Recognise it ?

OWEN : Uh oh, we're in trouble.

GWEN : What is it ?

OWEN : Compound B67.

JACK : You're kidding ?

OWEN : Retcon, he's got retcon in his blood.



POV from balcony opposite the Conference Room. Ianto walks past the water tower towards the conference room. Pan right to look through the conference room window, the other members of the team are inside. POV computer screen. Owen looks at the screen explaining Retcon.

OWEN : B67, aka retcon, aka the magic ingredient of the amnesia pill.

See screen with image of the molecular make-up of Retcon. Track back to see Jack, Gwen and Toshiko sitting around the conference table, Owen standing with his back to them looking at the screen

GWEN : And this belongs to us. Whoever this killer is, it's someone we gave the amnesia pill to.

Ianto enters the room quietly.

OWEN : Is he remembering he was a serial killer, or is he becoming a serial killer because of the Retcon ?

GWEN : Wait a minute, I've taken retcon…

Jack looks at Toshiko and smiles at Gwen, amused.

JACK : Better stay away from sharp objects. Ianto how many people have we given amnesia pills to ?

IANTO : Two thousand and eight…

OWEN : (Enthusiastically) Hey what if they've all become psychotic !

TOSHIKO : Do you have to sound so happy ?

OWEN : Yeah I'm just saying, mean streets…

JACK : Tosh, narrow the list down to fit Swanson's profile start checking them out fast as you can. You two there's gotta be a link between the victims, find the link, find the killer, get to it.

They stand to leave, but Gwen remains seated.

GWEN : Jack if there is a link then why don't we just ask the victims ourselves ?

JACK : No the right time for a séance thank you very much.

GWEN : The first time I met Torchwood you had that glove…

Jack and Owen share a glance before answering.

JACK : Heh heh, no way.

OWEN : Not after what it did to Suzie.

GWEN : It brings people back to life; just for two minutes, we could question the murder victims.

OWEN : That's exactly what she said. She was one of us, we trusted her, and now she's dead because of that thing.

JACK : The glove stays in the safe where it belongs.

GWEN : These murders are happening because of Torchwood. So Torchwood has got to do something.



POV SAFE. Jack pulls a metal crate from the safe and puts it on his desk. The others stand watching him. Jack talks to them as he opens the box.

JACK : It fell through the rift about forty years ago; lay at the bottom of the bay until we dredged it up. I always figured it wasn't just lost, whoever made it, wanted rid of it.

Jack takes the glove from the case and holds it up in front of him.

OWEN : You know, we never gave it a cool name.

TOSHIKO : I thought we called it the resurrection glove.

OWEN : Cool name…

IANTO : What about… the risen mitten ?

The others look at Ianto, a little under-whelmed, Owen giving a small sigh.

IANTO : I think it's catchy.



Jack and Gwen stand on either side of the table on which lies the body of Alex Arwyn, the first murder victim

GWEN : Jack, are you ok ?

Jack throws a stopwatch to Ianto who stands near to Owen next to the monitoring equipment. Jack puts on the Risen Mitten.

JACK : Don't forget, the maximum resurrection time was two minutes, that's only because Suzie had practise, the most we're likely to get is 30 seconds, ok? Tosh you ready ?

Toshiko sits at a computer on the balcony.

TOSHIKO : Ready and recording. This man was victim number one, name Alex Arwyn.

Jack places the glove on the corpse’s head and closes his eyes, concentrating on find Alex.

JACK : Come back Alex, come back…

GWEN : How does it work ?

JACK : You just of feel like reaching into the dark, finding the dead. I can't… I don't… Arghh !

He pulls his hand away sharply and tugs off the glove, shaking his burnt hand.

JACK : Damn ! Sorry never was very good with this thing, Owen…

He offers Owen the glove.

JACK : No, I tried last time, we all had a go, it only responded to Suzie.

GWEN : Well I never had a go.

Jack hands her the glove cautiously. Jack and Gwen swap positions as she puts it on.

GWEN : Its cold…

JACK : It warms up… the glove relies on some sort of empathy, maybe compassion and… Just be yourself.

Gwen puts her hand behind Alex’s head and it begins working immediately. She breathes in deeply as Alex wakes and Ianto starts timing.

ALEX : Help me, help me, help me !

JACK : Alex, I need you to listen to me…

ALEX : Somebody help me… Help me !

JACK : That’s what we’re doing. Alex. You were attacked. You know who it was ? Who attacked you ?

ALEX : Who are you ?

OWEN : How long ?

ALEX : Where am I ?

IANTO : 15 seconds.

ALEX : Who are you ?

GWEN : I'm just trying to help sweetheart, I'm just trying to help…

ALEX : I want my mum. Please, let me see my ma.

Alex’s breath catches in his throat and he dies.

OWEN : He's gone.

GWEN : Let me keep trying…

OWEN : Gwen he's dead.

GWEN : But I can bring him back.

JACK : The glove only works once.

GWEN : But I can do it, just let me try !

JACK : Gwen, look at me. He's gone.

Gwen stares at Jack, not wanting to believe him. She pulls away from Alex.

IANTO : Amazing, she's a natural… 24 seconds.

OWEN : Give Ianto a stopwatch and he's happy.

IANTO : It's the button on the top.

JACK : What do you think ? Gwen ? You wanna stop ?

Gwen turns to look at him, holding the glove firmly onto her hand.

TOSHIKO : Recording, victim number two, Mark Briscoe.

Gwen puts her hand behind the corpse's head.

GWEN : Oh my god I can feel him, it's like, it’s like a rope from my heart to the glove. Ahh it's so warm…

Mark wakes, calm but confused.

JACK : Hey there. Just look at me, look me in the eye. That's it…

MARK : Where am I ?

JACK : You've been hurt. We don' have long, we need to know who attacked you.

MARK : Is my wife alright ?

JACK : We're looking after her. Now Mark, who was it ?

MARK : It was that man. He belonged to pilgrim, he went to pilgrim.

JACK : What's pilgrim ?

MARK : Oh my god, he had a knife.

JACK : No Mark he's gone. But we don't have long… quickly, what was his name ?

IANTO : 35 seconds…

MARK : Max, can't think of his surname.

TOSHIKO : Trying pilgrim and Max. Get a description.

JACK : You've got to give us something more so we can catch him.

MARK : There was, there was someone who knew him better… That woman… She was always talking to him.

JACK : What was her name ?

MARK : Where's my wife ?

JACK : Her name ?

MARK : Suzie.

They are silenced by his answer and Mark drops back dead.

IANTO : One minute, five seconds…

TOSHIKO : Jack, did I hear that right ?

OWEN : Could be anyone. Must be lots of women called Suzie.

JACK : Not connected to this case. We've been talking to the wrong corpse.



Toshiko enters and hands the others photocopied flyers for Pilgrim.

TOSHIKO : Pilgrim. A religious support group, more like a debating society. Meaning of life, does God exist ?... All that stuff. The point is it was tiny, more like a hobby, run by Mark Briscoe's wife Sarah. She had all that stashed in a wardrobe, hand written and photocopied. That's why I couldn't find any records, she wasn't even online.

JACK : No mention of Suzie or Max ?

TOSHIKO : Not a word. She didn't even keep a register.

OWEN : Wouldn't be our Suzie though. Wouldn't go for all that support group bollocks.

GWEN : How would you know ? I mean were you friends ? Any of you ? Who was her best friend in this place ?

OWEN : She sort of, kept herself to herself.

GWEN : Well if she needed to talk maybe that's exactly where she'd go, a group of complete strangers.

JACK : Could be, you got a point Gwen. Time we got to know our deceased colleague a little better.



The SUV pulls up outside the storage facility and Jack, Gwen, Owen and Toshiko get out into the rain. Toshiko walks over to a control panel on the wall next to the garage door and enters a code.

GWEN : Have I got this right ? When I die you get to keep all of my possessions ? My whole life is gonna get stashed in a lock up.

JACK : Rules and regulations.

GWEN : What if I leave all my stuff to Rhys ?

The door opens and they stand looking into the storage room, shining torches through the darkness. It is quite a large space, piled high with boxes - each marked with Torchwood’s logo.

JACK : We'll stash him away too. Tread carefully people, with respect. This is the life of Suzie Costello.

TOSHIKO : It's all we are in the end, a pile of boxes.

They begin searching through the boxes. Jack hands Gwen a box and she picks up a photo of Suzie and her father.

GWEN : Is her father still alive ?

TOSHIKO : I don't know.

GWEN : Well you must've looked him to tell him his daughter was dead.

TOSHIKO : When Suzie left Torchwood she was on the run, she wiped all her records. I couldn't retrieve her files. She was good at computers. She's good at everything.

OWEN : She's good at murder too. Laugh a minute, that was Suzie.

Gwen points her torch at the book Jack holds.

GWEN : What's that ?

JACK : A book. Emily Dickinson, poet.


Toshiko passes a Pilgrim flyer to Jack.

TOSHIKO : Pilgrim, she's a part of it.

JACK : That proves it then. No choice. It's time Suzie came back.



Jack enters the mortuary and walks over to the freezer that contains Suzie. He pulls it open and unzips part of the body bag, pausing before he pulls back the covering to reveal Suzie’s face.


The team stand in the autopsy room, ready to resurrect Suzie, whose body lies on the table. Gwen puts on the Risen Mitten.

GWEN : Do we all get frozen, Torchwood staff, when we die ? Do we all get kept ?

JACK : Rules and regulations.

GWEN : How long for ?

JACK : Forever.

TOSHIKO : Recording…

OWEN : You got your stopwatch ?

IANTO : Always…

TOSHIKO : I'll record from my station, I'm sorry but I don't want to look her in the eye. Sorry…

Toshiko leaves quickly to work at her station.

JACK : Anyone else ?

Jack glances around, finally looking at Owen who cannot meet his eye.

GWEN : Any advice ? Yeah I know, empathy; even though she did try and kill me.

JACK : You and me both.

Gwen looks at him remembering then Gwen places the glove behind Suzie's head. Gwen sees a flashback of what the night Suzie died.

OWEN : I'm getting a reading… uh no it's gone.

Jack puts her hair behind her ear and looks at her, he looks concerned.

GWEN : Just memories, nothing living, she is too far gone.

TOSHIKO : What do we do now ?

JACK : Nothing we can do. That's it, we're out of options.

OWEN : There's always the knife. When she killed all those people she always used the knife, it's made out of the same metal as the glove.

TOSHIKO : We've seen it before, metallic resonance. Like the glove works better if the knife is part of the process, like closing a circuit.

GWEN : Let's use it.

JACK : Small detail, the knife was used to kill people. She's already dead.

GWEN : Alright so we kill her again.



Jack gets out the knife.

OWEN : Ianto…

Ianto thinks for a moment, serious.

IANTO : Life knife.

The others acknowledge the new name in silence.


Jack cuts Suzie's arm.

JACK : Anything ?

GWEN : No, there was just a sort of spark and then it was gone. I'm sorry Jack you're going to have to do it properly.

JACK : What the hell.

He stabs her in the centre of her chest leaving the knife in. Gwen suddenly feels it working, Suzie wakes up.

JACK : Suzie listen, just look, look around you, look at where you are. Think, think. Try to remember. Suzie. Suzie look at me.

SUZIE : Jack. Oh my god, there's a knife in my chest. Did you kill me ?

JACK : You killed yourself, remember ?

SUZIE : Oh my god, I, I shot myself.

JACK : We gotta ask you about pilgrim.

SUZIE : No. Wait a minute, didn't I kill you ?

JACK : Never mind that we need names and details.

SUZIE : Who's using the glove ?

GWEN : Sorry…

SUZIE : Oh I might have known, Gwen bloody Cooper !

IANTO : 30 seconds.

JACK : When you were in pilgrim you gave the amnesia pill to a man, Max. Do you remember ?

SUZIE : What ? You brought me all the way back just for max ?

JACK : We need to find him. Who is he ? What's his surname ?

SUZIE : He was just some... looser.

OWEN : We're losing her.

GWEN : Stay here damn you !

JACK : Don't force it Gwen.

GWEN : She's not getting away this time, stay here. No !

She is forced to let go from pain and she collapses to the floor.

JACK : I told you to stop.

OWEN : It's alright, I got her. Okay, pulse… Yeah she's alright. We need to get her out of here. Can you come and give me a hand.

JACK : It's the glove. I told you they get hooked !

OWEN : Alright, don't make a fuss, it's over now.

IANTO : Erm, excuse me… I'm still counting.

OWEN : Well there's not much point, Suzie's dead.

IANTO : No according to your equipment she's just unconscious.

JACK : What the hell’s going on ?

Owen gets up and goes over to his computer. Jack stays with Gwen.

OWEN : Oh my god, he's right… she's alive. Suzie's still alive, look, and she's bloody breathing !

JACK : She can't be.

Pulls the knife out of her brutally.

OWEN : No still breathing. No stopping her. She won't die.

IANTO : One minute thirty and counting.



Suzie is in a wheelchair on one side of a desk. Jack and Gwen are coming down the stairs to talk to her. Pan around the room - a bloody gunshot wound is clearly visible in the back of Suzie’s head. Jack sits down and puts the files on the desk. Toshiko and Owen are watching all this from the main hub.

SUZIE : How long's it been ?

JACK : Three months.

SUZIE : Can't I die ? I just want to go.

Suzie’s head lolls to the side and her eyes are shut, very weak. The entry wound of the bullet is visible under her chin as she moves her head.

SUZIE : Can't you leave me alone ?

JACK : You seem to be stuck.

Suzie opens her eyes and lifts her head.

SUZIE : But, am I going to stay like this ? For how long ?

GWEN : Don't know.

SUZIE : Can I see my father ?

JACK : No.

GWEN : You wiped your records. We had no trace of him.

SUZIE : So he doesn't even know that I'm dead ?

GWEN : Well you're not any more.

SUZIE : This is sick.

JACK : You started it. Right now we've got an investigation underway. Pilgrim. You visited these Pilgrim meetings, gave an amnesia pill to someone called Max. How do we find him ?

Jack lays out pictures of the members of pilgrim, Suzie doesn’t look.

SUZIE : What for ? What did he do ? He was just an ordinary bloke.

JACK : We think the retcon triggered a psychosis. He's started killing.

SUZIE : How many victims ?

GWEN : Three, same as you.

OWEN : (Over com) We need to know, how much retcon did you give him ?

SUZIE : Owen, hello, scared to face me ?

OWEN : You frighten the shit out of me, yeah.

SUZIE : (Over com) What about Toshiko, she still here ?

OWEN : Yeah she's here. All the gang. Happy days. The amnesia pills, how many did you give him ?

SUZIE : One a week, every week for two years.

OWEN : Christ no wonder…

JACK : What the hell did you do that for ?

SUZIE : I wanted someone to talk to. About this place. It was driving me mad. He was just, he listened that's all, he just listened. Every week as soon as I'd finished talking I'd give him the pill.

JACK : You overdosed him.

SUZIE : I didn't know that. Keep getting it wrong don't I ? Is that why you brought me back, did you think I wasn't guilty enough ?

JACK : What was his surname ?

SUZIE : I dunno. All I ever did was talk about me. All my fault isn't it ? It never bloody stops being my fault. Can't you just let me die ?

JACK : You don't get off that easy.

SUZIE : Yeah you did warn me right at the beginning. You said this was the one job you can never quit.

JACK : Then let's get to work. Come on Suzie. Just like the old days, there's gotta be something.

Suzie looks at the pictures on the table, carefully.

SUZIE : Now hold on, there's someone missing. This girl came every week, student, blonde; she's not in these photos.

JACK : Who was she ?

SUZIE : Lucy, Lucy McKenzie. Said she worked at a club…

JACK : Which one…

Suzie starts to fall asleep, she looks very tired.

JACK : Come on Suzie, which club ? For gods sakes this Max is killing every single member of Pilgrim, now tell me, Lucy McKenzie, where did she work ? Which club ?

SUZIE : The Wolf… The Wolf bar.

Gwen leaves the room.


Torchwood enter. It is a rock club and music is playing loudly crowds of people dance.

JACK : Cover the exits.

GWEN : Bloody 'ell. Like I didn't have a banging headache already.



In the hub, over the com with Toshiko, they're watching footage of them in the club from camera on each of Torchwood member in the club.

SUZIE : That's the glove Gwen, gets inside your mind.

GWEN : Yeah alright Suzie, stop creeping me out. Just tell us, any sign of Max, or this Lucy McKenzie ?

SUZIE : Nothing yet. Keep moving round.

JACK : Keep alert people. To repeat : Max is described in his forties, six three, six four. Stocky, short dark hair, tattoos on his left arm.

Owen looks around at the people in the club - lots of them have tattoos.

OWEN : Narrows it down.

SUZIE : You can't even look at me, can you ? Not like you to be so judgemental…

TOSHIKO : Not like you to run a murder spree. Alright, so it drives us mad this job, god knows I've done some stupid stuff, but now I've got to keep on working everyday in a job that's got a bit less honour, because of you.

OWEN : Right, I got a match on that guy.

JACK : Where is he ?

OWEN : North west bar.

SUZIE : Show me.

Owen turns to face the man.

SUZIE : Owen get in closer, which one do you mean ?

OWEN : Wait… wait, I've got a match on our girl. Lucy McKenzie the student.

SUZIE : That's her, that's definitely her.

OWEN : Too late he's going over…

Owen jumps on the man and wrestles him to the ground.

SUZIE : That isn't him !

Jack and Gwen have come over to see who Owen has found. A man suddenly comes up behind Gwen. He is holding a knife in his hand and is about to stab her.

SUZIE : Gwen behind you !

Gwen moves, Jack rushes in and pulls him aside and onto the ground and uses a stun gun.

SUZIE : That's him !

JACK : That one’s for Ianto, Risen Mitten, Life Knife and that old classic, Stun Gun. Come on, let's get him out of here.

Everyone is the club is staring.

GWEN : (To Suzie, over the com) You saved my life.

SUZIE : Maybe I came back for a reason.



Max is in a cell, Owen and Jack are talking in the corridor, watching Max.

OWEN : Your name is Max Trisillian. Can you confirm that ? You live at 106 Endeavour Terrace, is that right ? Parents Sandra and Dave ? Yeah. You're inside the Torchwood facility.

Max gets up and starts banging on the glass ferociously.

OWEN : And five, six, keep watching, as soon as you reach ten. Just stops dead. If this is a drug induced psychosis, it's a very specific one.

JACK : Like he reacts to the word… Torchwood.

Max gets up again and bangs at the glass.

OWEN : Thanks Jack.

JACK : Sorry.

Jack looks at Max who is still bearing at the glass.

JACK : But if that is caused by retcon then we've got a million more problems on the way.

Max stops again.

JACK : Let me know what the scan says.

OWEN : What about Suzie, what you gonna do with her ?

JACK : No idea. What do you think ?

OWEN : You're the boss.

Jack nods and turns to leave.

JACK : Torchwood !

Max bangs on the cell wall as they leave.


Gwen is sitting with Suzie.

SUZIE : Can't you ask Jack ? Just one favour, I want to see my father.

GWEN : Tell us where he is, we could bring him in.

SUZIE : I'm not letting him anywhere near Torchwood. If he's still alive.

GWEN : What's wrong with him ?

SUZIE : Cancer. All that waiting and then I go and die first.

GWEN : I could contact him on your behalf.

SUZIE : And say what ?

The pause while they drink, stalling the slightly uncomfortable conversation.

SUZIE : So tell me, what's it been like since I've been gone, you enjoying it ?

GWEN : Yeah, well you know this place it’s, it's mad isn't it ?

SUZIE : Insane !

GWEN : Bloody nuts !

SUZIE : Best job I ever had…

GWEN : Me too.

SUZIE : And the worst !

GWEN : Yeah, tell me about it.

SUZIE : Funny thing is, you always imagine that when you're dead, oh they're going to miss me at work. Indispensable. And look what happened, I got replaced, by someone better. You got that glove working better than I did.

GWEN : I just got lucky.

SUZIE : No, it's more than that. The others they prefer you.

GWEN : Don't say that.

SUZIE : You got my job, almost like you planned it.

GWEN : Except I didn't and I'm sorry but I've got my own function at Torchwood, and I'm a lot more than just a replacement.

SUZIE : Have you slept with Owen ?

Gwen pauses then nods slightly.

SUZIE : There you go, replaced me completely.



Gwen storms into Jack’s office. Jack sits behind his desk.

JACK : I had a boyfriend who used to walk into rooms like that, the grand entrance. Got kinda boring, though he was one of twins so I put it up with it. Twin acrobats. Man I gotta right that book, maybe even illustrate it. I can talk for a long time, a very long time.

GWEN : Takes me a while to piece things together.

JACK : Meaning ?

GWEN : Suzie had the glove. You put her in charge of it. But tell me Jack did you ever ask about her father ?

JACK : How do you mean ?

GWEN : He's got cancer. He's been dying slowly now for years, and what do you do ? You give her the one thing that brings people back to life. Is it any wonder she got obsessed ?

JACK : Oh so this is all my fault ?

GWEN : Well isn't it ? Did you ever stop and think. Did you ever look at Suzie ? Did you ever think what that glove would do to her ? Did you ?

JACK : Right from the start, you thought Suzie's death was because of you. Cos it happened when you arrived, then you brought her back to life… all the way, because you wanted it so much, okay ? We're both responsible ! Now what the hell are we going to do with her ?

GWEN : I don't know. What if she never dies ? Have you thought of that ? Like undying forever, just you and her.

JACK : No way.

GWEN : Could be…

JACK : I wouldn't wish that on her, I'd sooner kill her right now.

GWEN : Could you though, kill her ?

JACK : Yeah.

GWEN : Really ?

JACK : Oh yeah !

OWEN : (On com) Jack, can you come to the conference room for a sec, something I need you to see, kind of urgent.

Jack leaves, Gwen remains in his office.


OWEN : I was going over Suzie and Gwen's medical records I ran them through the Fillmore filter. Watch the difference.

They watch Gwen bring back Mark on the screen energy flows from Gwen into Mark.

OWEN : This is the moment when Gwen brought back Mark Briscoe, the husband. See ? Now look at his death. The energy flow has stopped just as he's about to die. But, have a look at Gwen with Suzie.

The energy running between Gwen and Suzie is significantly greater than between Gwen and Mark, and it does not stop.

TOSHIKO : Whoa, what is that ?

OWEN : Energy, life. But with Suzie it's a permanent connection and she is getting stronger and it's still going right now, she is draining the life out of Gwen.

JACK : There's always a price.



Gwen brings Suzie some biscuits and tea on a tray.

SUZIE : More coffee, is that all you do ? Just leave me alone.

GWEN : Have a biscuit at least. Go on. Just for me.

Gwen lifts the plate of biscuits up to reveal a note that says, Road trip ? Suzie looks up at her.


JACK : The owner of the glove can bring back someone's life but loses their own life in return.

TOSHIKO : But how do we stop her ?

JACK : We gotta kill her. Suzie's gotta die.

TOSHIKO : Again ?

OWEN : Who's gonna do it ?

JACK : Like you said, I'm the boss.

He takes out his gun and leaves the room.


Jack enters the interrogation room and sees that Suzie and Gwen have gone.

JACK : (Into com) Toshiko, where the hell’s Suzie and where the hell's Gwen ?

TOSHIKO : (Over com) Interrogation room.

JACK : No they're not. Find them fast.



Gwen pushes Suzie in a wheelchair through a quiet car park.


Toshiko scans the hub on her computer, Jack and Owen stand near her.

TOSHIKO : I can't see them, hold on. Scanning…

OWEN : What's going on, where've they gone ?

TOSHIKO : Nothing on internal scan.

JACK : Just keep looking, bring up the SUV.

Toshiko brings up CCTV covering the SUV.

TOSHIKO : Still there. I'll try exteriors. What about Gwen's car ?

They see her getting in the car with Suzie.

OWEN : What's she doing ?

JACK : Getting herself fired.

OWEN : How stupid is that, thinking they could just drive off ?

JACK : Come on, let's go get them.

The lights go out and all the doors in the hub slam shut.

JACK : What the hell ? Ianto ! Ianto !

IANTO : Captain !

Ianto walks over to jack next to the water tower carrying a torch - already prepared like a boy scout.

JACK : What's happened ?

IANTO : But I thought you must've done it. We've gone into lockdown.

JACK : Then reverse it.

IANTO : I can't. It's 100%, the doors are sealed, we're locked in.



Gwen enters her car, Suzie is already in the passanger seat.

GWEN : I'm taking you to see your dad and that's it ok. Sorry. I must be mad. Jack's not stupid, he's gonna catch us.

SUZIE : You never know, we might get lucky.

Gwen drives out of the car park.


TOSHIKO : Everything’s gone, computers, mobile coverage, lifts… everything. We're sealed in.

JACK : How long does Gwen have before she dies ?

OWEN : Two hours, maybe less.

TOSHIKO : Think, if Suzie set up the lock down, how did she do it ?

OWEN : Entered an override ?

TOSHIKO : No she's officially dead. The computer wouldn't give her access.

JACK : Then how did she do it ? What the hell did she do ?



Gwen’s car travelling away from Cardiff.

TOSHIKO : There's got to be an answer. Suzie couldn't physically start the lockdown. Programme wouldn't have let her, but there's no one else.

JACK : Wait a minute we've got a guest !



Jack and Owen run down to the cell block, Max is reciting a poem over and over again.

MAX : …and immortality / because I could not stop for death / he kindly stopped for me…

OWEN : Is that a poem ?

JACK : I wonder - Emily Dickinson.

OWEN : Then what does it mean ?

JACK : It's a verbal trigger. Say it out loud and maybe repeat it a hundred times over and the hub locks down.

OWEN : If that's part of the system then Suzie must have installed a vocal command programme way back…

JACK : Back when she was alive, yeah. Max is just a Trojan horse. Suzie planned this right from the start.

They leave the cells, Max still reciting the poem.


Gwen’s car still travelling.



JACK : You see : Max, the retcon, everything… it's all been a hoax to get us to resurrect Suzie.

OWEN : She gave Max a whole complex of subconscious triggers ?

TOSHIKO : Like she dies, Max becomes a time bomb. She disappears for three months and wham the orders kick in ! He follows Suzie's program and starts killing.

JACK : And the whole chain of events forces us to bring Suzie back.

TOSHIKO : Then she escapes.

OWEN : You gotta admit, that is not bad, I'm picking her for my team.

TOSHIKO : If she could lockdown the hub she must have installed a way of reversing it just in case.

JACK : Yeah…



Gwen and Suzie are on the road in the car.

GWEN : Bit more colour in your cheeks.

SUZIE : It's all thanks to you. That night, my last night on earth… so I thought, before I shot myself I shot Jack right through the head. I killed him. Stone dead, and then he just stood up and lived. Am I right ? Did that happen? Gwen ?

GWEN : Yes it did.

SUZIE : So he can survive a bullet through the head ?

GWEN : Yeah.

SUZIE : How ?

GWEN : I dunno. He wouldn't explain it properly. He said something happened to him a while back and he said… he said he can't die. Not ever.

SUZIE : And he makes judgements about whether I'm allowed to live. It's all very easy for Captain Jack isn't it ? Do you ever wonder... ?

GWEN : What ?

SUZIE : Who is he?  

GWEN : All the time.



Ianto standing next to the water tower holds up his phone.

IANTO : I've got reception sir.

JACK : How did you do that ? We're sealed off.

IANTO : Just used the water tower as a relay.

Jack looks up, then takes the phone from Ianto, smiling, impressed. He walks over to Toshiko's station.

JACK : Nice work Ianto… but who the hell do we phone ?



A phone rings in a busy, open plan police station office.

PC : Detective Swanson…

SWANSON : Who is it ?

PC : Torchwood.

Swanson takes the phone and answers it.

SWANSON : Better not be wasting my time !



Jack on the phone in the hub.

JACK : As a matter of fact I was wondering if you do us a favour.

SWANSON : What the humble police helping the mighty Torchwood, why don't you help yourselves like you normally do ?

JACK : Because we can't.

SWANSON : Why's that ?

JACK : We're sorta… busy.

SWANSON : Well I'm busy too, try someone else.

Swanson starts to hang up.

JACK : No, no, no, no, no ! It's just because we, we can't at the moment because we're, sort of… stuck…

SWANSON : In what way ?

JACK : We're locked in.

SWANSON : You're locked in.

JACK : Just a bit…

SWANSON : Locked in where ?

JACK : Umm… in our own base.

SWANSON : You're locked inside yer own base ?

JACK : And it's not funny.

Swanson gestures to a colleague to join her and laughs.

SWANSON : And how am I supposed to help you exactly ?

JACK : We need a book of poetry. It's not funny.


GWEN : Oh god, driving at night.

Gwen yawns, pale and exhausted. She turns on the radio.

SUZIE : Oh my god.

GWEN : I dunno this one.

SUZIE : Oh it's ancient… My mum used to sing this, when I was kid… all those years ago. Before I died…

Suzie appears upset and Gwen keeps driving in silence, uncomfortable.


A crowd of plain clothed police workers stand around Swanson’s desk laughing. She has put the call onto speaker phone.

SWANSON : Alright Captain Jack, just say that one more time. Nice and clear…



Jack still on the phone in the hub.

JACK : We're locked in our base and we can't get out. Ok you've had your fun. Now listen, Detective Swanson, one of our team is in danger.

SWANSON : Alright you lot, back to work.

Swanson opens a paper bag and pulls out a book : the complete poems of Emily Dickinson.

SWANSON : Ok, got it, the complete poems, it only cost me twenty quid.

JACK : And what does the book say ?

SWANSON : I dunno what am I supposed to do ?

JACK : Find ‘I Could Not Stop For Death’, read out the next verse.

SWANSON : What if it doesn't work ?

JACK : Read out the whole book.

SWANSON : It's gonna be a long night.

Swanson passes a mug over her desk to a colleague.


SUZIE : Tired ?

GWEN : I'm fine…

SUZIE : Don't want you falling asleep at the wheel. One corpse is enough for this car thanks…

GWEN : Don't say that.

SUZIE : What ?

GWEN : Corpse, cos your not.

SUZIE : Well what am I then ?

GWEN : I dunno. You're just not though. When you’re dead, I mean when you die… what happens ?

SUZIE : What do you want me to say ?

GWEN : The truth.

SUZIE : Really ?

GWEN : Tell me.

SUZIE : You religious, or…

GWEN : Just sort of, in passing you know…

SUZIE : Do you believe in heaven ?

GWEN : I dunno…

SUZIE : Yes you do, what do you believe ?

GWEN : Stupid but, I always sort of think… like you know, white light and all that and I think of my gran and she'll be there, waiting for me. The smell of carbolic…

SUZIE : Your faith never left primary school.

GWEN : So what's up there ?

SUZIE : Nothing. Just nothing.

GWEN : But… but if there's nothing what's the point of it all ?

SUZIE : This is, driving through the dark, all this stupid tiny stuff. We're just animals howling in the night, ‘cause it's better than silence. I used to think about Torchwood, all those aliens coming to earth, what the hell for ? But it's just instinct. They come here ‘cause there's life, that's all. Moths around a flame creatures clinging together in the cold.

GWEN : So when you die it, it's just…

SUZIE : Darkness.

GWEN : And you're all alone there's no one else ?

SUZIE : I didn't say that.

GWEN : What'd you mean ?

SUZIE : Why do you think I'm so desperate to come back ? There's something out there, in the dark, and it's moving.



Jack is still on the phone to the detective. They're now reading out lines from the book to see if it will reverse the lockdown.

JACK : ‘Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell’. No, try another…

SWANSON : ‘Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed’. Christ she was a bundle of laughs !

JACK : ‘Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed’. No…

TOSHIKO : Wait a minute, just had a thought, if words cause the lockdown, maybe numbers reverse it. Try the ISBN, every book's got a different number.

JACK : You getting this ?

SWANSON : Yeah , hang on, I’m looking.

Toshiko positions her hands over the keyboard, preparing to type in the ISBN.

TOSHIKO : Read it out.

JACK : The keyboards aren't working.

TOSHIKO : But the membrane underneath might just recognize the code.

SWANSON : Okay, got it. ISBN…

JACK : 019…

SWANSON : 8600…

JACK : 585…

The lights come back on.

JACK : That's it ! Everybody move, move, move ! Cathy, Thank you.

SWANSON : Pleasure.

Jack hangs up the phone.


Gwen is pushing Suzie along the hospital corridor towards a patients room.


Back in the hub Toshiko is instructing Jack and Owen who are on the road in the SUV.

TOSHIKO : Ok I've got the tracker on Gwen's car. It's a hospital, giving you the co-ordinates now.

JACK : On the way. How long's she got ?

OWEN : It's only a guess but I'd give Gwen about, 40 minutes.

JACK : (Over com to Swanson) Cathy I need the road ahead clear, I'm going to break the speed limit big time !

SWANSON : (Over police radio) All units give Torchwood priority, repeat, give Torchwood priority.



Suzie and Gwen enter the patient's room. A man is lying on the bed, asleep. Gwen wheels Suzie's wheelchair up to the end of the bed and then goes over to close the door.

GWEN : Suzie, I don't err… I don't… I'm not… ahhh my god ! This headache it's….

Gwen leans against the wall in pain. She touches the back of her head and is horrified to see that she has blood on her hands.

GWEN : What's happening to me ?

SUZIE : Sorry Gwen.

Suzie removes her headscarf.

SUZIE : You're getting shot in the head… slowly, and believe me it hurts.

She touches the underside of her chin where she shot herself, there is barely a mark there now.

SUZIE : Almost better. Completely gone soon…

GWEN : No… No… No!

Gwen sinks to the floor in pain. Suzie gets up out of the wheelchair and goes over to the bed, ignoring Gwen’s cries of pain.

SUZIE : Dad… It's me dad… Wake up ! Dad, it's Suzie…

Suzie’s dad opens his eyes and looks terrified when he sees Suzie.

SUZIE : Hello Dad…

Suzie pulls the respirator from his mouth, and he starts to splutter, unable to breath.

SUZIE : Goodbye !

GWEN : What're you doing ?

SUZIE : That's worth coming back for. Sending him to the dark ! Just what the bastard deserves !

You see Suzie wheeling Gwen in the wheelchair down the corridor of the hospital. Gwen reaches out for someone but Suzie puts her arm back on her leg. Gwen looks totally white and really in pain.


Toshiko is in the hub directing Jack and Owen in the SUV over the com.


Jack and Owen in the SUV.


Gwen and Suzie in Gwen's car, Suzie driving, Gwen sitting in the passenger seat, near death.

TOSHIKO : (Over com) They're moving again. I can't predict a specific destination, not yet.

JACK : Keep feeding it through, we're catching up.

Jack’s phone rings, he transfers to the new call.

JACK : Hello ?

SUZIE : Did you like poem Jack ?

JACK : Suzie don't let her die ! The glove is killing Gwen and keeping you alive !

SUZIE : I know.

JACK : Then stop !

SUZIE : But I get to live, why would I stop ?

JACK : For Gwen's sake !

SUZIE : But she replaced me, and now I'm doing the same to her. Isn't that fair ?

JACK : Suzie we've got a tracker on that car. We're going to catch up. I promise.

SUZIE : And what happens then ?

JACK : If she's dead, then I'm going to kill you, Suzie Costello. I promise. I'm going to kill you for the last and final time.

SUZIE : But would you ? When there's a part of her that’s now me. Could you do that, if I'm the only thing left of her ?

JACK : Why are you doing this ?

SUZIE : Because life is all, Jack. You should know ! I'd do anything to stay, anything.

JACK : Suzie, please, just stop.

SUZIE : She's a real find this one. Gwen Cooper. She's better than me, she's so much better. I was never any good ! Jack I'm sorry.

She hangs up crying.

JACK : Suzie !

TOSHIKO : (Over com) Jack she's heading for the coast line on the B57, a place called Hedley Point, there's some sort of ferry, goes out to the islands. Get a move on !

Morning is starting to break.

JACK : Owen, how long we got ?

OWEN : Minutes…



Gwen's car pulls onto the dock. Suzie gets out. Dawn has broken and Suzie looks down the long, single lane pathway to the pier while helping Gwen from the car.

SUZIE : Beautiful Gwen. Can you see ?

Suzie gets Gwen out of the car. Suzie put’s Gwen’s arm over her shoulders and they walk towards the ferry landing.

SUZIE : We'll take the ferry go out as far as we can, keep on running, cos he won't hurt us, we'll keep on going, you and me.

The SUV pulls onto the pier. Further down towards the ferry landing Suzie is unable to hold Gwen up any longer - she is dying. She puts Gwen onto the floor and rolls her onto her back.

SUZIE : I'm sorry, have you gone ? Gwen ?

Gwen blinks very slightly. Jack and Owen get out of the SUV, unable to drive past Gwen’s car.

SUZIE : Can you hear me ? Gwen ?

Jack and Owen run towards Suzie and Gwen, guns drawn and ready to use.

SUZIE : Poor Gwen Cooper, safe journey.

Suzie kisses Gwen’s forehead and then runs to the end of the pier. Owen stops when he reaches Gwen and checks her life signs. Jack continues to follow Suzie, when they reach the end of the path Jack aims at Suzie who has nowhere left to run.

JACK : Let her go !

SUZIE : I can't !

JACK : Let Gwen go !

SUZIE : I can't !

JACK : Owen, how is she ? Owen ! Report !

OWEN : I think we're too late.

JACK : If I kill you does she live ?

SUZIE : But you can't Jack ‘cause, look at me, I'm the last thing left of Gwen Cooper, can't you see it ? Just the smallest bit of her !

JACK : Not one bit !

He shoots her. Suzie falls to the ground.

JACK : Owen, anything ?

OWEN : Nothing.

JACK : But I broke the connection !

Suzie opens her eyes and looks at Jack, smiling.

JACK : I killed you !

SUZIE : But I can't die…

Jack shoots her twice more.

SUZIE : Never gonna die…

JACK : How much more of this do you want ?

Blood seeps from the wounds in Suzie’s torso, Jack shoots her again. Suzie rolls over and laughs.

SUZIE : It's all your fault Jack ! You recruited me !

JACK : (Over com to Toshiko) The glove ! Tosh destroy the glove, it's keeping them connected !



Toshiko and Ianto in the hub.

TOSHIKO : Ianto, armourments ! Code 5 !

Jack shoots Suzie again to keep her on the ground.

SUZIE : Captain, my captain. Do you want to know a secret ?

Ianto opens the safe in Jack’s office and throws the Risen Mitten to Toshiko.

SUZIE : Something moving in the dark, and it's coming, Jack Harkness. It's coming for you !

Toshiko shoots the Risen Mitten, destroying it. Suzie draws a final breath and dies as the connection is broken. Gwen takes a deep breath - resurrected.

OWEN : Whoa ! It's ok, it's ok… relax…

The police arrive and run towards them. Owen keeps a hold of Gwen and she starts breathing normally as Owen clutches her to him. Jack holsters his gun and stands looking down at Suzie’s body.


Gwen sits with Toshiko and Owen. Jack enters the hub and Gwen smiles at him. Jack leaves the room and goes down to the mortuary.


Suzie’s body lies in a body bag on her freezer drawer. Ianto stands to one side of the drawer with a clipboard, completing the paperwork. Jack stands on the other side of Suzie’s body.

JACK : Thanks for doing this.

IANTO : Part of my job, sir.

JACK : No, I should be doing it but…

Jack leans back on the freezer doors, sighing - more death.

JACK : One day we're gonna run out of space.

Ianto keeps writing, then looks at Jack.

IANTO : If you're interested I've still got that stopwatch.

Jack looks at him curiously.

JACK : So ?

IANTO : Well think about it. Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch…

Jack smiles cheekily at Ianto, catching on.

JACK : Oh yeah. I can think of a few…

IANTO : There's quite a list.

JACK : I'll send the others home early, see you in my office in 10…

Ianto starts the stopwatch as Jack speaks.

IANTO : That's ten minutes and counting.

Jack starts to walk back to the central hub.

IANTO : Oh Jack… what do you want me to say on the death certificate ?

JACK : Good question…

IANTO : She had quite a few deaths in the end.

JACK : I dunno… death by Torchwood.

IANTO : I'll put a lock on the door, just in case she goes walking again…

JACK : Nah, no chance of that. The resurrection days are over, thank God.

Jack begins to walk away again.

IANTO : Oh I wouldn't be too sure, that's the thing about gloves Sir. They come in pairs.

Jack turns to look at him and then continues walking away.


Indira Varma - Suzie Costello / Yasmin Bannerman – Swanson / Daniel llewellyn-Williams - Alex Arwyn / Gary Pillai - Mark Brisco / Shend – Max / Badi Uzzaman - Suzie's father

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