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Scripter's note: anytime a snake is in control, I will put it in caps, whether it's tok'ra or goa'uld. I'm NOT yelling at you! ;)

My personal observations (Which can get mighty entertaining!) appear like <<this>>.

CHRISTOPHER JUDGE'S VOICEOVER: Previously on Stargate: SG1 ...

SAM: This is the sun in Vorash's orbit.

JACOB: We wanna blow it up.

The gate is show going toward the sun.

JACK: What the hell is that?

JACOB: We're under attack! (Firefight is shown) Hyperdrive's down. We're sitting ducks!

TEAL'C: We must not allow Tannith to escape.

Teal'C and Tannith's vessel is show in a firefight.

JACK: Teal'C ... PULL UP! (Vessel is shown blowing up. Danny is shown at console) (Thru radio) Mayday! mayday! We are SO going in!

DANNY: Jack? Can you hear me?

Vessels are shown flying. Teal'C is shown getting shot in the back. Jack jumps out of the way, nearly getting hit.

JACOB: We have less that 4 minutes until the sun begins to supernova.

JACK: (Yelling Into radio) Daniel, just get me the hell out of here, will ya?!!!

JACOB: Engaging hyperdrive.

CARTER: Sir! Where's Teal'C?

JACK: I think he's dead.

JACOB: We've traveled over 4 million light years.

SAM: That's impossible.

JACOB: It's gonna take 125 years to get back. (A ship appears) It's Apophis! (Apophis's ship towers over SG1's)

CHRISTOPHER JUDGE'S VOICEOVER: And now, the conclusion.

JACOB: He's arming weapons.

JACK: Shields?

JACOB: Not responding. Not that they'd do much good anyway. That ship has weapons powerful enough to penatrate our shields at full power.

SAM: Hyperdrive?

JACOB: It's not responding. The blast wave that propelled us here did some damage.

DANNY: Can we communicate with them?

JACOB: And say what?

DANNY: I don't know ... don't shoot?? << MWAHAHAHAHHAAAA! *Clears throat* sorry! ;) >> (Jack gives him a look)


JACK: Commander?

JACOB: You wanna bicker about rank now?


JACK: He's looking a little pissed.

SAM: We DID just destroy his fleet.

Apophis speaks in Goa'uld. Jacob's translating. <<I have no closed captioning
so I have NO idea what he's saying! ;)>>

JACOB: He says it's time for us to die.

DANNY: (Rather sarcastically) Uh ... wait a second. I don't know if you've checked your dashboard here, but we're both way off course.

JACOB: (Apophis talks) He says he knows everything. (Apophis talks) He's also saying there's nothing we could do to help him. He's going to destroy us.

DANNY: We surrender.

JACK: What?! Danny?!

DANNY: We say that or he blows us to pieces, I thought I'd buy us some time here.

Apophis speaks again.

SAM: What'd he say?

DANNY: Too late.


JACK: I can't stand it! What's he waiting for?

Shots are fired from Apophis's ship apparently in back of the smaller vessel. A blast is shot from behind SG1's ship, but hits the shield of Apophis's ship.

SAM: What happened?

JACOB: I'm picking up another ship on sensors. It's comming in fast ... and it's firering on Apophis.

SAM: What are you doing?

JACOB: Getting the hell out of here. ( a very advanced looking ship comes into view, still firering at Apophis.)That ship is unlike anything I've ever seen.

SAM: Well, we are in a completely uncharted part of the universe.

JACK: I'm enjoying their style ... shoot first, send flowers later. (Grins) It works!

DANNY: And only at Apophis, not us.

SAM: Well, his ship's a much bigger craft.

JACOB: You think they were trying to save us?

DANNY: It's possible.

JACOB: We may still find out; we're not gonna get far on sublight engines ... whoever wins the fight is gonna come looking for us.

SAM: Now, what are you doing?

JACOB: This system is centered around a blue giant star. If we can move close enough to the choronisphere, the radiation should keep us well hidden.

JACK: Excuse me? Radiation?

JACOB: Well, the ship's hull will protect us ... for a while. (Danny looks worried and Jack fakes a smile) We're entering the choronisphere. The good news is that we won't show up in anyone else's sensors. The bad news is that our sensors will be blocked as well.

SAM: So when we're ready to go, we won't know if anyone's out there waiting for us. (Jacob grins and nods)

DANNY: How long do we have?

JACOB: About an hour without full shields. Ten hours with em. Sam ... wanna give me a hand? (She nods)

JACK: (As the Carters are passing by him) I'd fix the shields first.

JACOB: Right, Jack.

JACK: (To self) Just a suggestion.

JACOB: (To Sam in the engine room) Are you OK?

SAM: Just thinking about Teal'C. Five minutes.

JACOB: Then nine hours. The shields are back online. (Looks at chrystals) Oh, boy!

SAM: How bad is it?

JACOB: It's bad! The hyperdrive control chrystals are all completely shot.

SAM: We allready used the back ups.

DANNY: (He's sitting on the floor, Jack's laying on his back on a console of some sort in back of him) I don't suppose you wanna talk about what happened on Vorash.

JACK: Not really.

DANNY: Didn't think so.

JACK: We were ambushed. At the rings. Teal'C took one in the back. (Somberly) I should have seen it coming.

DANNY: I thought the key to a good ambush is that you DON'T see it coming. (After a moment of silence) Look, the point is, I'm SURE you did your best.

JACK: (Meloncoly after another moment) Apparently it wasn't good enough.

Back at base. The gate is dialing.

SERGENT WALTER DAVIS: recieving tokra IDC, Sir.

GH: Open the iris. (Iris is opened, Tok'Ra walks thru. Walking in room, to troops) Stand down! Welcome to Earth. I'm General Hammond.

TOK'RA:<<In snake mode, hence the caps!>> I'M COUNCILWOMAN LYNAL <<?? Sorry, I couldn't make out the name!>> OF THE TOK'RA.

GH: Would you please come this way? I assume you have news.


GH: As far as you can tell?


GH: And there's been no communication from SG-1?


GH: Apophis?


GH: Than who was it?


GH: So, you're saying that SG1 did not survive?


GH: Thank you.

COUNCILWOMAN: (turns to leave than stops) THE TOK'RA ARE OFFICIALLY CONSITERING SEL'MACK A FALLEN WAR HERO. << A little side note on this lady: she's very attractive. Nicely dressed, wears clothes that fit her, sounds British. She's lovely. Of course, we're comparing her to Anise, so I won't even GO there! ;) >>

GH: You'll forgive me for holding out hope a little longer? SG1 has a surprisingly good habit of beating the odds.

Ship is shown orbiting a blue star.

JACOB: This is not gonna work!

JACK: (Over radio) Hey, uh ... it's getting a little hot up here, kids.

SAM: We're running out of time!

JACOB:<< He and Sam are walking in the room where Jack and Danny, looking mightly yummy with their shirts rolled up showing their muscles are rolling a ball to each other ... kids who's waiting until September to see this ... run, not walk to GAMMA and download this NOW just to see Jack and Da ... I'm rambling ... sorry! to continue: >> The hyperdrive is history.

SAM: We tried retrofitting some of the other chrystal, but it didn't work.

DANNY: I though you said it would take over a hundread years to get home even if we had the hyperdrive. << Is Jack the only optimist here?! He's surrounded by pessimists! ;) >>

JACOB: Yeah.

DANNY: So in the longrun, what difference does it make?

JACOB: (Who's in the front next to Danny) Well, in the short term it would be hard to avoid enemy ships.

JACK: (To Sam, who's in the back next to him) Weapons and shields?

SAM: Good for now.

JACK: Good enough to cover our butts from whatever's out there?

JACOB: We'll see. Moving out of the choronosphere. Sensors are coming back online. (The planet's orbits is shown on the sensors.) Picking up one ship. It's Apophis.

JACK: What about the other one?

JACOB: (Unbelieving??) It's not out there!

DANNY: Can Apophis see us yet? (Looks confused)

JACOB: He should be able to, but he's not warning.

SAM: MAybe his ship was damaged in the battle. (Sensors beep, Danny and Jacob look at each other) That's impossible!

JACK: (An adorable confused look) << only Jack can pull off! ;) >> Care to share?

DANNY: It says that there's no lifesigns onboard.

SAM: (Walking toward Apophis's ship, to her daddy.) What if the Alien ship comes back while we're over there?

JACOB: << I noticed Danny decided to stay behind! ;) >> Without hyperdrives, we're sitting ducks no matter where we are. If Apophis's ship is damaged, and we can revere it, We should. It's faster, has more advanced weapondry, and surperior shields.

JACK: We still gotta span em. << I'm sorry, I'm not sure about this, it skipped on both copies I have.>>

JACOB: We won't know what happened until we get there. At the very least, we need hyperdrive control. (They get in the rings, and are transported to Apophis's ship)

A distress call << I assume >> is heard. In Goa'Uld KREE HONOK HASNOK. << Or something like that. It's heard repeating over and over. >>

JACK: What's he saying?

JACOB: Self distruct is set. We have 4 minutes. I'll try to shut it off from the peltak. Sam? You know where the chrystals are?

SAM: I'll get them.

JACOB: All right. (He goes down one corridor while Sam and JAck go down another.)

SAM: This way, Sir. It's not far.

JACK: Carter? How do you know where to go in a place like this?

SAM: I studied certain respects of the ship while we were on Vorash.

JACK: You know how to have a good time, don't you?

SAM: I'm having a good time now, Sir.

JACK: You GO girl. (The two officers come to a corridor filled with Jaffa face down on the floor.)

SAM: Clear.

JACK: (Turning a Jaffa over. ) << I guess the face is screwed up. it's too dark
to tell. >> EEWWW ... (Scratching is heard, Sam turns quickly taking a couple steps back) What is it?

SAM: I don't know. That sounds erily familiar. (A noice comes from behind them, they turn suddenly to see a replicator climbing the wall.)

JACK: (Into radio) Jacob, do you read me?

JACOB: Yeah.

JACK: Uh ... we should get out of here.

JACOB: Yeah, I figured that. (Shot goes to the bridge being eaten apart by the technobugs)

DANNY: (Back at the ship) Guys, what's going on?

SAM: The ship's crawling with replicators.

JACOB: Sam, I'm not gonna be able to shut off the autodestruct. I'll meet you 2 back at the ring room.

SAM: We're still gonna try to get the chrystals.

JACOB: You have 3 minutes. Daniel, you're gonna haveta fly that ship out of here as soon as we ring back aboard ... (Danny's freaking out right here.) << He's cute when he freaks out! ;) >>

DANNY: ... and you're gonna haveta tell me how to do that!

JACOB: Running thru the corridor, arrives at the EMPTY ring room) (Whispers) Sam, Jack ... one minute! (Starts running. Yelling, panicked) Sam! Jack! Do you read!?!

SAM: (Comes running around the corner, Jack's on her six shooting his gun) Activate the rings!!!! (They're running , Jack's shooting his gun, Sam and Jack slip into the rings which consume them with a light ...) (They go to the other ship, Jack rolls over on his back as Sam's being helped up by her daddy. ) We got em.

JACOB: Go, Daniel! << Poor Danny has no idea how to do that! <g> >>

SAM: (Running thru the halls, to her daddy) There's not enough time to fix the hyperdrive is there?

JACOB: We're gonna haveta hope the sublet engines get us far enough away!

SAM: Of course That's only gonna matter if the replicators can't shut off the auto destruct.

JACOB: Unless they learn to reprogram a Goa'Uld computer rather quickly.

SAM: It's possible. If they get control of that ship ... (They arrive at the bridge.)

JACK: HEY!!! You guys are just being too negative!

JACOB: We're not gonna make it!

DANNY: We're gone as fast as we can! (The ship is shown flying away from the exploding vessel)

JACOB: All right! Shut down the engines! Avert all power to the shields.

DANNY: Be my GUEST! << Poor Danny! ;) >> (The shield is put on before the sonic
boom from the explosion is shown.)

JACOB: (Short sigh) That was close.

JACK: I believe someone said ... we're not gonna make it. << MWAHAHAHA! Rub it in, Jack! >>

JACOB: << Is he ignoring Jack? LOL! >> Sam, let's get the hyperdrive running.

JACK: Excuse me. I distinctly remember someone saying "We're not gonna make it!" I think we made it.

JACOB: I'm sorry, I overreacted. At the time it seemed we weren't gonna make it.

JACK: Yes! Well, next time, maybe we'll just wait and see.

JACOB: << Rather sarcastically, yet with a smile >> And blow the last chance I'll ever have to being right? << Sam's grinning her ass off in the back of him >>

JACK: (As Jacob passes by him) What?

SAM: (Laughing) (Following Dad.) Welcome to MY life!

JACK: (Turns to watch her go) WHAT?! (He turns to Danny, who was grinning during the conversation. Danny turns to face away from Jack. ) << probrably still laughing >>

JACOB: (Having done something with the chrystal) We're good to go!

DANNY: (Over radio) Uh ... engine room, this is Peltack, engine room, come in immediately! << LOL! >>

JACOB: I think we've left him in charge once too often.

SAM: (LAughs) What is it Daniel?

DANNY: I'm picking up a ... ship ... on the sensors.

JACOB: (After sharing a look with Sam) Now what? (The Carters run to the peltack.) Looks like someone must have escaped Apophis's ship before the bugs took over.

SAM: Who?!

JACOB: It's a Goa'Uld cargo ship. I'm sending a hailing signal. (Sensor console is shown) Nothing.

SELMACK: I AM SELMACK OF THE TOK'RA. COMMANDER OF THIS SHIP. (Jack scoffs and rolls his head and eyes)

JACK: You know, we really should talk about this commander thing.

SELMACK: (Shaking his head) IDENTIFY YOURSELF. (Teal'C shows up on the screen)


TEAL'C: << Out of breath?? He sound tired >> O'Neill.

JACK: You made it!

TEAL'C: Apophis revived me in the sarcophagus. We fled the ship when the replicators attacked.

JACK: (To Jacob) "We"?

JACOB: I'm picking up other lifesigns on board the ship.

JACK: Who ya got with ya, Teal'C?

TEAL'C: A few Jaffa who surported our cause. They helped me escape.

JACOB: Opening the cargo bay doors.

JACK: Welcome back.

TEAL'C: Thank you , O'Neill. (The ship flies in thru the cargo doors.)

JACK: (He , Sam, and Danny go to welcome their team mate aboard) Hey! (Opens arms to hug Teal'C.) Buddy! (They embrace. Teal'C steps back, points Jack's sidearm at Jack. His Jaffa friends point ZATS at the three.) Whatcha got goin' here, Teal'C? << My lord! ;) >> ( Apophis walks up.) << MWAHAHAHAHA! *Clears throat* sorry! >>

APOPHIS: WELL DONE, TEAL'C! FINALLY YOU MAY RESUME YOUR RIGHTFULL POSITION AS MY FIRST PRIME. (SG1 look surprised.) << A little side note: Those arms on Danny ... THUNK! <g> :D~ >>

JACK: (After being led to the room at gunpint, quietly to Teal'C) Alright, this is ... feeling like a strange plan ... just ... let me know what to do ... and when ... (Teal'C knocks the ... << crap out of him?? >>, backhanding him with the gun in the nose.) AH! (Falls back hitting his head hard ... ) << revenge on the Jaffa's part for Upgrades, maybe?? LOL! >> Whoa! (Holding nose.) OWW!

DANNY: (Advancing toward the Jaffa, stops when Teal'C raises the gun) Come on, Teal'C, you don't really think you're ... still first prime of Apophis?

TEAL'C: I have never ceased to be in the service of my GOD.

JACK: (Getting up) All right! That's sounding a little brainwashey to me! You don't believe that guy's a god any more than I do! (Teal'C lowers the gun, and look at Jack) What the hell's that supposed to mean? (Stoic look >from the Jaffa) Come on! We're friends! You're trying to tell me you don't remember what's happened these last 4 years?

TEAL'C: I remember everything. It makes me ILL to think I was forced to pretend to be your friend. (Danny raised his eyebrows, and glanced back at Sam) So many times, I've saved your life when I've wished I could watch you DIE!

JACK: It hurts me that you would say that ... but ... that's OK ... cause I know it's not true.

TEAL'C: Your belief is not neccessary.

JACK: This doesn't make any sence. (A few seconds silence) Come on! You and I TOGETHER have taken down half a dozen Goa'Ulds.

TEAL'C: Enemies of Apophis.

JACK: And we kicked his ass twice! Hell, you sat around and watched him DIE once!

TEAL'C: (Proudly) I knew he would be reborne more powerful than ever!

JACK: I'm talking to a wall here! (To Danny and Sam) Anybody?

DANNY: Teal'C, remember when Apophis brainwashed your son, Ry'Ac? (Teal'C turns to leave) Consiter the possibility. (Teal'C closes the door) ... Or don't.

TEAL'C: (Punching in the lock code) (To other Jaffa) Unload the sarcophagus and the crates from the cargo ship.

JACK: (Punching in on the console) I'm starting to wonder why they didn't put us in the brig.

SAM: Probrably cause the lower levels were damaged in the fire fight.

JACK: (Danny's walking circles around the room in back of them <<LOL!>>) Think you can hotwire this thing?

SAM: Well, I assume there's some sort of safety mechonism to ensure against that, I mean, otherwise it'd be pretty STUPID to lock us in here, wouldn't it? (He looks hurt, turning his head to the side.) Of course, I could give it a shot. (Walking past him) ... Sir.

JACK: Thank you. (He smiles and nods , then walks away)

Jaffa are shown moving crates via rings from the cargo ship to the big ship. A replicator is shown eating thru one)

APOPHIS: (Sitting in throne) WHO DOES CHRONUS'S DECORATION? <<Or something like that! LOL! >>

JAFFA: Course has been plotted for Delmack. Averting all power from shields and weapons, and entering hyperspeed. (They launch into hyperspeed)

APOPHIS: (Teal'C arrives, and kneels before his god) THE TOK'RA SEL'MACK HAS THUSFAR ALLUDED CAPTURE.

TEAL'C: I will see to it personally, My Lord.

APOPHIS: I'M SURE YOU WILL NOT FAIL ME, TEAL'C. (Teal'C stands, bows, then leaves)

Back to Humans.

SAM:(At control panel, to Jack) I really have no idea what I'm doing here.

JACK: Keep trying. You might get lucky.

SAM: Sir, I really hate to sound negative, but I think it's pretty safe to say that without more insight into how these things ACTUALLY work, I've got pretty much ZERO chance of actually hitting the ... (Door opens) OK. Maybe not zero. (Jacob walks in)

JACOB: Come on. (He's met by a staff carrying Teal'C.)

TEAL'C: Inside.

JACK: Come on, Teal'C. A part of you HAS to know the truth.

TEAL'C: The truth is, you are a prisoner of Apophis. When the symbiote that I carry matures, You will become it's host.

JACK: (Danny looks at him) OK. I meant the other truth. (Teal'C points his staff at the control panel, which is inches away from Sam. Her eyes widen.) Look out. (The blast nearly misses her << I'm talking inches here, kids! >>, and she runs into her Daddy's arms.)

JAFFA#2: (In hall after Teal'C closes door, to Teal'C.) We will die long before we reach Delmack without new symbiotes!

TEAL'C: Apophis will live on. And we shall serve him well until we die with HONOR in his name.

JAFFA DRIVING THE SHIP: My Lord. The internal sensors have shut down.

TEAL'C: (Pushing The Jaffa out of the way) Power is being diverted from the hyperdrive engines.

SAM: We just dropped out of hyperspeed.

TEAL'C: My Lord, the ship's systems are failing. I am unable to bring the ship's engines back online.

Apophis says something in Goa'Uld. Teal'C and the baddie gang go check the engines, and discover a bunch of bugs crawling around the room. A jaffa raises his ZAT, but Teal'C makes him lower it. He just looks at the bugs as if to say "Uh-Oh!"

JACK: (The door opens halfway) That's odd.

DANNY: <<Is that a spider?? <g> >> Uh-Oh!

JACK: (Sam and Jacob move nervoulsly.) Uh ... excuse me. (Crawls over Danny's still feet going toward the door to peek out. He sees a bunch of bugs crossing.) This could be a problem.

SAM: Sir, if they've already got control of the ship's primary systems ...

JACK: ... this could be a problem.

There's a bug coming out of the wall. It's viewpoint of a still Daniel is shown. It starts to move toward him, he flinches in fear.

SAM: It won't attack you unless threatened. (Daniel quickly moves away from the wall, the bug following him)

DANNY: (Great shot of Danny with Sam next to him from the bug's POV <<He!He! I think the bug likes him! ... don't really blame it! ;)>>) Yeah. We Still maybe should go.

They all move toward the door, and roll under it.

TEAL'C: MY Lord. The ship is infested with replicators.


TEAL'C: I am unsure. They control the engine room.

APOPHIS: DESTROY THEM!!! <<<g> not that easy this time! >>

TEAL'C: We cannot. There are too many of them, and too few of us. We must ... (Radio goes out)

APOPHIS: KREE, JAFFA! (They walk out into the hall, the Jaffa protecting Apophis. They are met by replicators, so they turn to go down the other hall. They meet up with more Replicators in the other hall. Apophis says something in Jaffa which I figure means fire, cause the Jaffa fire ZATS and staff weaons at the replicators. Apophis, realizing that the ZATS and staffs are ineffective, goes back to the bridge, closing the door to the screams of the Jaffa. <<My formor lord is heartless! ;) >> He looks like he doesn't care as his humble servants continue to scream.)

JACK: (The three humans and Tok'Ra find the storage room, opening a box, seeing their guns) Hello!

SAM: (After she and Danny see the box that the replicator came out of.) It's been what? 10, 11 hours since we've picked up the cargo ship? (As they're arming theirselves) The replicators have have plently enough time to reach unmanageably large numbers.

JACOB: Let's just hope they left the cargo ship alone. It's our only way out of here.

SAM: Chances are they have. I mean they focus on controling the mothership first.

DANNY: Well, brainwashing or not, we can't just leave Teal'C here.

JACK: I know. (Handing them weapons) You and Jacob secure the cargo ship. Carter? You're with me. (They're doing do major Arming.)

JACOB: (Holding up a Goa'Uld granade.) You know how to use one of these?

JACK: (Looking at it in discust.) Sure. (Takes it from Jacob)

TEAL'C: (Walking down the hall, talking to a Jaffa) We must assure that Apophis reached the cargo bay safely.

JAFFA: He is a GOD. Is he powerless against these demons.

TEAL'C: What you say is blasphamy. If I hear you say it again, I will kill you myself!

JAFFA: If our weapons have no effect, what can we do?

TEAL'C: Human weapons will work. We have crates of them in storage. (He stops, putting up his hand to motion the Jaffa to stop.) (Sam and Jack are shown facing each other down the hall) Jaffa. (He continues walking) (Jack arms the grenade, and throws it toward the Jaffa.) (The Jaffa see it's a blinding grenade, and turn as the light comesout of the device.) (A firefight ensues)

JACK: (Yelling) TEAL'C! You'll want to get off this ship ... NOW!!!! (He shoots some more)

JACOB: Atmospheric shute is online. Cargo Bay is pressurized.

DANNY: Looks clear. (Clears throat) I have what may seem like a dumb question ...

JACOB: Yeah?

DANNY: Don't we need to open those big cargo doors in order to fly this ship out?

JACOB: Well, this ship has remote access to the door controls. (Quieter) Hopefully the bugs haven't over ridden it.

DANNY: Youo, you ,you don't wanna ... check?

JACOB: (Torn) Uh ... I ... don't wanna tip em off until we have to.

SAM: (Still in a firefight, yelling) Sir! We gotta move!

Teal'C is standing against the wall as a bug moves toward him. He discharges his staff, then turns it to his teammates. Jack has no choice but to shoot him, hitting him in his armered chest. Teal'C falls back.

SAM: (Checking Teal'C) He's alive.

JACK: Hope "Junior" keeps him that way.

My formor lord, Apophis is trying to get the console to work. The sensors are pretty much shot. He doesn't look pleased. He hears the bugs, and turns to see them crawling all over his throne. He has a look like "Uh-Oh!"

JACK: Yeah, he ya go! (To Danny)

DANNY: He's been shot!

JACK: Yeah, he resisted a little.

DANNY: We were starting to worry you guys wasn't gonna make it.

JACOB:(To Danny) I didn't say it, though.

JACK: (To Sam and Danny) Tie him up! (Hyperdrive sets in) (To Jacob) What was that?

JACOB: The mothership just jumped to hyperspeed.

JACK: (Look on his face says he knows the answer to the question he's about to ask) Now, what?

JACOB: Now ... nothing. We can't open the cargo bay doors and fly out of here while we're in hyperspace. (Danny closes his eyes, while Jack looks worried.) (The three human and the Tok'Ra walk thru the halls) According to this, the ship is headed toward the last set of coordinates that were entered ...Sok'Ar's old planet. Apophis's new base.

SAM: (After a beep) Uh ... dad ...

JACOB: I see. The ship is traveling at 10 X's it's capable hyperspeed?

SAM: And the speed's still increasing ... 12 times ... 20 times ... 30! (Amazed) This is incrediable! The bugs must have modified the engines.

JACOB: They can do that?!

SAM: They can do almost anything. They are very advanced. The individual blocks can come together to achieve what ever pattern they need to achieve their goal.

DANNY: But I thought they didn't care about traveling fast.

SAM: Only while they're multiplying. Once they've reached a critical number, they look for new technology to consume.

JACOB: Then the information in the computer about Apophis's base must make them it look pretty apatizing. This is great news! We'll be back in out own galaxy in no time, when they come out of hyperspeed, we can jump ship, and fly home!

JACK: I wouldn't exactly call that GREAT news.

SAM: We can't let the bugs get a foothold in our galaxy. These things are relentless. Even the asguard haven't been able to stop them.

JACK: What about self-distruct?

SAM: Right! Once it was set on Apophis's ship, the bugs didn't seem to be able to shut it off.

JACOB: Looks like the bugs have figured out Goa'Uld computers. We can't get into the main system.

JACK: All right. Come on, let's figure this out! We got em on Thor's ship.


SAM: We distroyed the decleration drive just before it entered Earth's atmosphere. It couldn't withstand an uncontrolled reentry.

JACOB: Goa'Uld motherships use sublight engines to slow down after exiting hyperspeed. If we distroy the sublight engines ...

SAM: ... the ship won't be able to stop ...

JACOB: ... and it'll crash right into Apophis's planet.

SAM: (Jack looks worried) Now, we would have to wait until just after the ship comes out from hyperspace. So the bugs won't have tiome to change trajectory.

JACK: All right. How do we distroy these engines?

JACOB: All we have to do is eliminate the control chrystals.

SAM: In the engine room?

DANNY: Which is bug central, probrably.

JACK: So we plant C4.

SAM: The bugs could disable the detinator by the time we leave and set it off.

JACK: What are you saying?

SAM: To be sure, we would have to PHYSICALLY destroy the chrystals ourselves. A P90 at close range would do the job.

JACK: Oh, no! Now, see? That doesn't sound like a g ...

JACOB: You got a better idea? Mr. Positive? <<MWAHAHAHAHAHA! >>

SAM: The ship has now reached over 800 times it's previous max. speed.

JACOB: All right! We'll be there pretty soon. One of us has to get the cargo ship charged up and ready to go.

JACK: That would be you. Carter, Daniel, with me.

JACOB: It's gonna be tight, guys. You have about 30 seconds to get from the engine room back to the cargo bay.

JACK: Just keep it runnin'.

JACOB: All right. Good luck!

JACK: (As they enter the engine room) Oww ... crap!

DANNY: What the hell is that?!

JACK: (The Queen is shown) That ... is a BIG bug!

SAM: (Amazed) I guess that explains the extra power.

JACK: Uh ... listen ... (Whispers) Let's not wake it up. (Jake arrives at the cargo ship.)

SAM: OK. Control panel.

JACK: (As she's walking rtoward the chrystals) Whoa! (She takes the chrystals out) Ready?

SAM: Wait for it, Sir. (Hyperspeed shuts down as they arrive at Delmack, The humans shoot at the chrystals , waking up the Queen. She begins shooting her babies at them)

JACK: (Running) Go, go, go, go, go! (Back at the ship, the cargo bay doors open. SG1 are running thru the halls shooting at the bugs) <<WHOA! Look at Danny shoot that gun! He's a natural! ;) >> (A bug looks at danny, and advances toward him, stopping his shooting, he ducks behind a shooting Jack.)

SAM: (Seeing bugs down the corridor infront of them) That's the way we have to go! (Danny's shooting the bugs behind the officers)

JACK: Let's go! (The officers run , shooting bugs in the front of them, while Danny RUNS BACKWARDS shooting bugs inback of them! <<I thought he was clumsy ... I guess he isn't anymore, huh?? ;) >>)

JACOB: (The ship's hovering) Guys! We gotta go now! Jack! Sam! Daniel!

SAM: Dad! We're coming up to the cargo bay! We're finished the ring room on level 2. Can you ring us over multi?

JACOB: I'll try!

SAM: HURRY! (Jake punches on the console, and the rings are heard. He opens the door) Thanks!

JACK: Let's get outta here!

SAM: The doors are closing!

JACOB: They've over riden our control panel.

SAM: (As they're flying toward the closing doors) Are we gonna make it?

JACOB: I don't know, Sam. (They make it! )

Apophis screams as the replicators are crawling over his personal shield. The ship is seen crashing into Delmack.

JACK: I'm gonna go check on Teal'C.

JACOB: Jack. You got his body back. Getting his mind back may not be as easy.

TEAL'C: (To JAck) You may torture me all you wish. I will tell you nothing.

JACK: I'm sorry I had to shoot you. You didn't give me much choice. (Teal'C is silent) Apophis ... is dead.

TEAL'C: (Stoic look) I do not believe you.

JACK: Trust me.

TEAL'C: GODS can not BE killed! (another stoic look)



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