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Script VO du 416

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A man is reading the Washington Post. The headline reads "Aschen promise anti-ageing vaccine worldwide." Carter walks up.

CARTER: Hon, I am so sorry.

JOE: Its's all right.

CARTER: No, if you were this late I'd --

JOE: Hon, I know how busy you are, don't worry about it besides it's a beautiful day to wait. And wait.

CARTER: Have you eaten?

JOE: Yeah I'm sorry honey I had to, I'm scheduled to be offworld by 13:30. (Off her look) What?

CARTER: I just found out.

JOE: I thought for sure this time.

The waitress comes over with the bill.

JOE (CONTD) (handing over the bill) Thanks very much.

CARTER: They said it isn't either one of us, we just have to keep trying.

JOE: Not that I mind the trying... (She smiles at that) I just... thought we'd be working on our second child by now.

CARTER: Me too.

JOE: Walk me to the terminal?

They appear on a stepping stone at the terminal.

JOE: Maybe we should get a second opinion

CARTER: The Aschen are hundreds of years more advanced in medicine than we are.

They get inside the terminal.

CARTER: So How long will you be gone?

JOE: Ahh well, I have to visit that new embassy on the southern continent, then I have to tour the nine planets...

CARTER: You're kidding..

JOE: Of course I'm kidding. You don't think I'd miss your Anniversary ceremony tomorrow?

CARTER: It's no big deal, I just --

JOE: Oh it's no a big deal..If it wasn't for you, we'd have never even met the Aschen. (beat) I'll be back tonight okay. (Sam and Joe kiss.)

ANNOUNCEMENT (V.0.): Outbound travellers to the Confederation planets please stand by in the departure area.

JOE: Bye

(They kiss again ... go Sam! )


Joe goes down an escalator to the Stargate, which is in the open.


A ceremony by the Stargate. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are in attendence. Five Air Force people walk up the ramp. A big screen comes down over the Gate and the President appears.

ANNOUNCEMENT (V.0.) Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States.

PRESIDENT KINSEY: My fellow Americans. Ten years ago this very day, a team code named S G- 1, then working in secret, came upon an alien race: The Aschen. With that introduction I was able to forge the greatest alliance this country, indeed, this world has ever known...

People clap.

PRESIDENT KINSEY: I read now from Colonel Jack O'Neill's mission report of that first contact: These folks sound too good to be true. Willing to share their science and technology, friendly, smarter than we are. One thing's for sure: The goa'uld are coming... The Aschen could save our asses. (beat) Well, guess what Jack? They did.

The crowd laughs and applauds, as the President smiles.

PRESIDENT KINSEY (CONTD): Jack O'Neill could not be here today, but those candid words hurriedly scratched down in a mission report ten years ago were prescient. Membership in the Aschen Confederation guarantees the security, the health, and the future of every human being on God's Earth. Dr. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c... Would you please step forward?

They do. The crowd applauds as an Official of the President offers each of them a medal.

PRESIDENT KINSEY: Though the nations business has kept me from being with you in person, nonetheless I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you've done for me, and for our country. God bless you all.

SEVEN AIRMEN -- raise their rifles, and fire their guns in unison, three times.

THE CROWD -- applauds, including Human and Aschen dignitaries...

A reception in SG-l's honour. Carter stands alongside her husband, Joe, chatting with Fraiser, Daniel and Teal'c. Several hold champagne glasses.

CARTER: To General Hammond.

They clink glasses.


CARTER: I miss him. Especially today.

DANIEL: Yeah how long has it been anyway?

TEAL'C: It has been Six years.

DANIEL: Which reminds me, what was Jack's excuse? I expected to see him here.

TEAL'C: O'Neill has made his feelings very clear concerning the Aschen alliance.

DANIEL: Well, he could have come to see us.

FRAISER: I almost didn't come myself.


FRAISER: It's easier for you, Daniel. I mean your job wasn't made obsolete - and If I (stopping herself as she sees) Mollem.

MOLLEM: Forgive me for interrupting...(then to Joe) Ambassador? The Aschen delegation is eager to hear about your visit to our South Continent.

JOE: Yep, It would be my pleasure.

Mollem goes. Joe hangs back long enough to tell his wife:

JOE: Well I think we can safely assume I'll be late. (Joe kisses Sam) Doctors, Teal'c congratulations again

He leaves.

CARTER: So: Where are we going?

TEAL'C: I had planned to return to Chulak.

CARTER: Oh come on Teal'c, we haven't seen each other in ages. Please.

TEAL'C: Very well

DANIEL: Dinner?

CARTER: Sounds great.

FRAISER: Yes dinner

CARTER: Great to see you again.

FRAISER: I'll see you soon.



Sam kisses Teal'c while Janet kisses Daniel. Sam then kisses Daniel and Teal'c nods at Janet. Daniel walks off. Sam and Janet walk off together.



CARTER: What was that?

FRAISER: What was what?

CARTER: Going on again about being obsolete.

FRAISER: Think about it Sam. We've all taken the anti ageing vaccine and the anti cancer vaccine...and now The Aschen have these medical machines that can reverse tissue damage and mend broken bones... (beat) I mean where does that leave me?

CARTER: I guess when you put it that was I know what you mean...I mean Half the time the science they're talking about is so far over my head, I feel like a lab assistant...

FRAISER: Ah but you have something to do.


FRAISER: Okay enough of that, tell me by any chance are you and Joe..?

CARTER: Not yet. They say it isn't either one of us; we Just have to keep trying...

FRAISER: You know they still let me keep an office in Washington even though I have nothing to do. So I'd be more than happy to give you a check up.

CARTER: No they said I was fine --

FRAISER: Sam, the medicine I practiced may seem like the dark ages now, but I was your doctor for a long time. How long have you been trying?

CARTER: Almost three years.


CARTER: When can we do this?

Janet's Office.

Carter sits in a small office, her examination already having been completed. She doesn't have to wait long before Fraiser comes in from the adjoining room.

FRAISER: Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I just wanted to double-check my results...

CARTER: And I'm fine. Right?

FRAISER: Sam, I don't know how your Aschen doctor could have missed, it, and frankly I just don't think it's possible he could have --

CARTER: (Sam does the closed eyes thing) What?

FRAISER: You can't have children.

CARTER: (Beginning to choke up) They said everything was normal --

FRAISER: In every other way it is --

CARTER: Then this is a mistake.

FRAISER: Here let me show you the scan.

She turns the computer screen around. (Sam's got tears forming in her eyes)

FRAISER: There's no room for interpretation. Clearly your ovaries are damaged.

CARTER: Why? ( tearfully)

FRAISER: I don't know. I don't know what may have caused it or when it may have happened but obviously it was some time...

CARTER: (VERY Angry) No. I want to know why the Aschen doctors looked me in the eye and told me that I was okay. Why did they lie to me? (Sam's crying now)

FRAISER: I don't know. But I'm willing to help you find out.

Carter's Lab.

Carter angrilly enters her research lab, where MOLLEM, her Aschen supervisor, waits for her. She's late.

MOLLEM: I've been waiting.

CARTER: Sorry.

MOLLEM: Is there something wrong?


MOLLEM: All right.

Mollem activates a hologram projector.

THE HOLOGRAM -- shows the solar system.

MOLLEM: We're still not finding the necessary material to initiate the conversion.

CARTER: We'll just have to find a way to collapse it faster; revise the calculations.

MOLLEM: Interesting.

CARTER: Am I wrong?

MOLLEM: Oh, no, you're absolutely correct, it's just that a year or so ago you never thought this project was possible and now you seem so... determined.

CARTER: You've convinced me.

He touches a button and the hologram disappears.

MOLLEM: Did your people ever imagine converting a planet into a star?

CARTER: No. I doubt it.

MOLLEM: I should think you would have at least considered the possibility, considering the rapid growth of your population and the viability of the planet.

CARTER: Humans don't think quite as far ahead as the Aschen seem to. (Forsed smile)

MOLLEM: All right, since you're so determined, revise the calculations.

CARTER: If I use our computers it will take weeks... on the other hand, if I can interface with the Aschen computer core.

MOLLEM: You know that's strictly for Aschen personnel.

CARTER: It's not like you haven't given me access before.

MOLLEM: Samantha... Why do I let you talk me into this?

He enters a command, and the screen changes colour slightly.

MOLLEM: There. You have core access.

CARTER: Thank you, Mollem.

Carter smiles. Mollem leaves her alone to work. Then her smile disappears.


FRAISER: Are you in?

CARTER: Not yet...

FRAISER: The medical subcore has its own code you're not going to be able to access --

CARTER: I'm in, I'm in. (beat) Now what?

CARTER (CONT'D):Its calling for search parameters.

FRAISER: Right.Try medical records.

CARTER: I don't think I'm going to find anything specific to me in here...

FRAISER: So maybe this has happened to some other people. Do a general search. Human reproductive statistics.

CARTER: That's it.

FRAISER: You can read this?

CARTER: Oh that can't be right. If I'm reading this properly, the world wide birth rate has dropped almost ninety one percent in the last two years.

FRAISER: (Surprised) What?

CARTER: That's what it says right here. These are Aschen numbers,

FRAISER: Yeah but we would know --

CARTER: It's happening everywhere the anti ageing vaccine has gone.

FRAISER: Turn it off.

CARTER: They're doing it systematically --

FRAISER: Just turn it off, please.

FRAISER (CONT'D) okay,we can't let them know we know.

CARTER: Mollem leaves me alone for hours at a time,

FRAISER: Sam, you're on the inside, you don't see them the same way I do --

CARTER: Janet, they have done this to us deliberately; we have to do something.

FRAISER:I know but we can't talk about it here. We'll talk tonight At the Restaurant okay. I have to go.

The Restaurant.

DANIEL: Guys, I think it would be public knowledge if something this catastrophic was happening to the entire population.

CARTER: Would it? The Ashen can convert planets into stars, you don't think they could control the media if they wanted to?

DANIEL: Assuming the Aschen could keep something that big secret... it's been ten years. Why now?

CARTER: We were completely taken in. This way they didn't have to fire a shot. It's slow, methodical, painless...

DANIEL: Okay then why provide a vaccine that almost doubles the human life span? That doesn't make any sense.

FRAISER: Unless that's the mechanism they've used to sterilize the population

CARTER: they're certainly patient enough. All they have to do is wait.

TEAL'C: Then within two hundred years, there will be very few humans, if any will remain. The Aschen will have this world to themselves.

DANIEL: Well, we have to do something... I don't know; tell somebody.

FRAISER: The night before General Hammond died he called me and said he needed to speak with me about something very important. Something that he couldn't discuss over the phone. (tearfully) The next day I told the Ashen doctors, I said this is impossible, he could not have died of a heart attack he was in perfect health, but they said their diagnostic machines were infallible.

TEAL'C: You believe he was murdered.

FRAISER: At the time, no, I believed the same as everyone else: the Aschen were our saviours...

DANIEL: So we can't tell anyone, we have to keep this to ourselves.

CARTER: Well I have to tell Joe.

DANIEL: Maybe you shouldn't.

CARTER: Daniel If you're even suggesting he knows about this --

DANIEL: I'm just saying that it's all of our lives are at stake here --

CARTER: Yes He can help us!

DANIEL: How? Say he goes to the President; The President goes to the rest of the world. Even if what's left of every army on Earth mobilizes... what would they be able to do?

FRAISER: Fight back.

TEAL'C: They would be defeated. As were the Goa'uld.

DANIEL: We have to think of something else.

CARTER: Like what?

DANIEL: I don't know ... contact the Tollan; find the survivors of the Tok'ra, there have to be some left out there. Teal'c, what about the Jaffa?

TEAL'C: Few remain loyal to the Tauri since the war's end. There are only a few healthy symbiotes available for implantation.

CARTER: We don't even control the stargate. Oh, God... what have we done? This morning we were celebrating...

DANIEL: Now I wish we could take it all back.

WAITRESS: Will there be anything else?

DANIEL: Apparently not.

CARTER: Maybe we can. Take it back.


CARTER: General Hammond showed us.

DANIEL: He left us a note.

FRAISER: What, what are you talking about

CARTER: A number of years ago a freak accident sent us back to 1969. We know that by dialling coordinates on the opposite sides of the sun at the exact moment of a solar flare it causes the wormhole to turn back towards Earth on itself and creates a time distortion

CARTER (CONT'D): Theoretically, we could send ourselves a message.

DANIEL: Wait a second, I thought you said it was impossible to predict the exact moment of a solar flare.

CARTER: For us, yes, it was. But with access to Aschen computers...

FRAISER: Wait a second here... We're considering changing the lives of the entire human race on Earth; do we have the right?

CARTER: If we don't, then we will live to see the end of the entire human race on Earth.

Jack's cabin. Sam knock on the door. She walks around to see him coming up on the side of the cabin.



CARTER: So this is the place you kept threatening to take me. (He just looks at her) It's good to see you, sir.

O'NEILL: I'm retired Carter. Lose the sir.

CARTER: (To herself) Right. (Sits down next to him) Jack...

O'NEILL: What are you doing here?

CARTER: It turns out we made a mistake. A big one.

O'NEILL: Which one? We made a few...

CARTER: Our alliance with the Aschen.

O'NEILL: (Quietly) Oh that ... not working out, is it? Gosh I wish I'd seen that coming.(Sarcastically) Oh, wait... I DID see it coming.

CARTER: It isn't what you thought. (He cocks his head, and raises his eyebrows) A couple of days ago I found out that I can't ever have children. (His features soften, almost sympatheticlly)

O'NEILL: I'm sorry to hear that.

CARTER; So was I. (Jack looks away from her face to infront of him.) According to the Aschen doctors I was fine. But not according to Doctor Fraiser. We got into the Aschen computer network; they keep statistics on everything. In the past couple of years, without our even knowing it, they have managed to sterilize over ninety percent of the population... The other ten percent are probably just a matter of time. (Jack looks at her face again) We don't know how they've done it, or even how they've managed to keep it a secret this long ...

O'NEILL: (Interrupting her) So ... What d'you want me to do about it?

CARTER: Help us.

O'NEILL: Do what?

CARTER: We can undo this --

O'NEILL: Oh here we go -- (Stands up, and walks away)

CARTER: (Follows him) We send a message back through the stargate to ourselves, ten years ago. We stop this from ever happening.

O'NEILL: Stop THIS from happening?

CARTER: We know it's possible --

O'NEILL: Why am I having this conversation..?

CARTER: We know what we have to do. I am almost positive with the Aschen computers and solar observatory I can predict a flare a few hours of it happening, and we should be able to get our hands on a G.D.O. So it'll come Down to accessing the gate within that window, dialling the right address and sending the message.

O'NEILL: Well, if it just comes down to that -do it

CARTER: Look if I thought it was easy, I wouldn't be standing here asking for your help --

O'NEILL: Just out of curiosity, say we do this: What happens to everything that's happened the past ten years?

CARTER: It won't happen.

O'NEILL: So we don't go to P4C 970; we don't meet the Aschen, then.... What?

CARTER: (Quietly) I don't know.

O'NEILL: (Quietly) Well let me tell you something, Carter you want to erase your mistakes, that's your business. My conscience is clear I warned everybody, I threw up the red flag and everyone -- including YOU I might add -- shut me down.

CARTER: I'm asking you to put that behind us --

O'NEILL: (Angrilly with raised voice) You're not happy with the way things turned out, I'm sorry to hear that... (Sam blinks, and looks away) (Calmer, quieter voice now) Personally, I like things the way they are. No more saving the world, just a nice pond with no pesky fish in it, and the single most pressing issue in my life is whether or not to get a dog...(Standing right in front of her, she's looking up into his eyes) There're a lot of pros and cons to consider...

CARTER: Jack - I'm talking about the future of the human race

O'NEILL: So was I.

CARTER: We're doing this.

O'NEILL: Let me know how it turns out.

CARTER: Our chances are a lot better with you than without you.

O'NEILL: Let me ask you something: What does your dearly beloved Ambassador say about all this?

CARTER:I haven't had a chance to tell him.

O'NEILL: Maybe he can help you.

CARTER: (Closes her eyes, angrilly to her self) Yeah.

Sam walks off.

Carter appears on a Stepping stone, where Teal'c and Daniel are waiting. She walks over to them.

CARTER: We're on our own.

DANIEL: You're kidding me, he said no?

TEAL'C: That is unfortunate.

CARTER: We can still do this (then to Daniel) Did you track down the G.D.0's?

DANIEL: Ah, yes and no. From what I could gather in the museum records there's only one original remote left on display at the SGC.

CARTER: Okay then that's our next stop. Teal'c: You'd better return to Chulak, We don't want to arouse any more suspicion than we already have. It'll take at least two days but we'll contact you when it's time.

TEAL'C: I will be prepared.

The SGC.

GUIDE: All righty everyone, everyone please step all the way out, we've arrived at level 28.

GUIDE (CONT'D) Can anyone guess at what special room is on this floor?

KID: The Gate room?

GUIDE: That's very, very close... Anyone else?

DANIEL: He's right. It's the Gate room

GUIDE: What I'm sure many of you don't know is that officially it was known as the (making quotes) "embarkation " room because, that's where the SG teams (making quotes) "embarked" from. Okay, now we're walking... This way.

The Guide stops at a photo of SG-1.

GUIDE: And these people comprise the famous SG-1, arguably the most important -- although not my personal favourite team of the entire command.

Daniel and Carter exchange a look at that.

GUIDE: And we're walking...

The Gate Room

GUIDE: While of course the real stargate is in Washington at the J.R. Reed Space Terminal, this one is a perfect replica of the original. Should you want photos, they're Twenty-seven dollars each and please do not touch the stargate itself as you'll leave fingerprints. "See you on the other side."

DANIEL: This is ridiculous.

CARTER: We couldn't break away until there were more people around. Once we're in the control room --

DANIEL: Not her personal favourite SG team?

CARTER: Just don't ask for the photo

O'NEILL: (casually) And we're walking...

O'Neill sits where Hammond would have if he were still alive, at the far end of the briefing room table, studying a few ZATS already in his possession, along with a G.D.O. a piton gun, and a few other things.

O'NEILL: Hey. Thanks for showing.

CARTER: We decided to take the last tour of the day. So, when did you decide against getting a dog?

O'NEILL: I'm still thinking about it. (He looks up at her, and gets a nice big smile) In the meantime I took the liberty of doing a little shopping for you. The Zats are completely operational.(He slides the G.D.O. across the table. This, however, presents a problem.

Carter studies it a moment, and quickly realizes:

CARTER: It's a replica.

CARTER: Daniel, was this the only one?

A VOICE interrupts them. A very familiar voice we know as that of the TECHNICIAN DAVIS.

TECH DAVIS: (From outside) Excuse me, you people aren't supposed to be -- (Jack stands up, and faces Davis) (Stepping inside the room over some rope.) Colonel O'Neill?

O'NEILL: Sergeant... what're you doing here?

TECH DAVIS: I ... I work here now. I'm sort of the operations tech advisor.

DANIEL: Oh ... Well you're doing a great job.

TECH DAVIS: (Smiles at Danny) Uh ... This section is closed off. (Smiles @ Jack) You're here for old time's sake.

O'NEILL: That's it exactly.

TECH. DAVIS: (Looking @ the table) Where did you get those?

O'NEILL: The Zats? ... Armory ... We're taking them.

TECH. DAVIS: Oh, No, no, no.

CARTER: Sergeant, please this is really important: (Davis looks @ Jack, who nods affermative) d'you know where our real G.D.0's went?

TECH. DAVIS: I'm not a sergeant anymore, (Looks between Sam and Jack) and you're not Colonels, and you're not supposed to have that remote either...

DANIEL: Oh that's good because actually we don't want that one we want the real one

TECH. DAVIS: (Matter of factery) It's In the White House. In the Oval Office, on the President's desk.

O'NEILL: Kinsey grab a souvenir on the way down?

TECH. DAVIS : Look guys, I don't know what...

O'NEILL: Ahh Wal...ter (Walter Davis nods affermative) Right now I need you to trust us. Turn around, walk away, pretend we weren't even here. I'll bring everything back I promise. (Davis looks @ the table, then back at Jack skeptically) Thursday.

TECH. DAVIS: Then you'll tell me what's going on?

O'NEILL: Absolutely everything.


CARTER: Thank you

DANIEL: Thank you

TECH. DAVIS: (Walking out) Thursday.

O'NEILL goes back to his piece of paper.

O'NEILL (CONT'D) Okay... Last time I was in the Oval office I got kicked out. Can we do it without a G.D.O?

DANIEL: Radio.

CARTER: There's an EM dampening field around the terminal, part of the automated defenses.

O'NEILL: So we're about as far back in time as we're going to get.

CARTER: (Looks down, then up to Jack, who looks @ Danny) I think I can get it.


O'Neill gives her a dubious look.

CARTER: (Nods, looks down, then up to Jack's eyes.) He's a good guy

O'NEILL: If you tell him there'll be no going back.

DANIEL: Of course if you don't tell him, there'll be ... no going back.

CARTER: (Looks down) He'll do it. (Look up into Jack's eyes) I know he will.


Carter sits at the end of her bed, waiting, head bowed, nervous. We HEAR a door open and Carter sits up.

JOE -- walks in a moment later.

JOE: Sam, Hey honey. How're you feeling? You were out this morning before I could say goodbye

CARTER: I'm fine.

JOE: Mollem said you left the lab early you were feeling kinda ill. (off her look) Honey You're just depressed. We can just keep trying. Alright

CARTER: No, we can't, Joe. Nobody can.

JOE: What are you talking about?


DANIEL, Fraiser and O'Neill sit at a table, over coffee. Daniel hands them a piece of paper.

DANIEL: I think this is the note we should send.

O'Neill and Fraiser look at it.

FRAISER: That's it?

DANIEL:I thought about including more information, but I think in this case the simpler the better.

ONEILL: Why don't we just stick one on a rock and throw it through?

DANIEL: It would never make it through the automated defences.

O'NEILL: Can we at least mention who won the Superbowl in 2004?


O'NEILL: World Series?


ONEILL: Grey Cup.

DANIEL: I put it in my own handwriting so I'll be able to recognize it when I read it...

O'NEILL: I think we should all write a note of our own. Case I don't make it to the gate, you can keep trying. (By the look on his face, he knows it's a suicide mission.)


JOE: You're wrong.

CARTER: I saw the numbers, Joe.

JOE: The Aschen doctors said you were fine.

CARTER: This isn't just about me. I read this right from an Aschen terminal; Mollem gave me access to work on something else. The birth rate has been cut over ninety percent.

JOE: (Quietly) Oh my God. It was supposed to be a third of that.

CARTER: (Quietly, thru clinched teeth) You knew.

JOE: The Aschen insisted on it.

CARTER: (Sickily) Oh, my God...

JOE: Honey they see farther ahead than we do. They knew that if we didn't limit growth --

CARTER: (Angrilly) Is that what you call this?

JOE: This obviously isn't what we agreed to

CARTER: I can't believe this --

JOE: We didn't have a choice Sam

CARTER: You sold us out --

JOE: You think this was my decision -- ?!

CARTER: You could have told me

JOE: Oh, come on, you know how it works! Before the Alliance you spent most of your adult life in secrecy

CARTER: (Scoffs) Please that was different --

JOE: Sam It's the same.

CARTER: (WHOO! She's PISSED NOW!!!! ) No!!!!!

JOE: It's exactly the same. (she just looks at him disbelieving) Our population was unsustainable. Without drastic measures the Aschen didn't think we were worth investing in. (She raises her eyebrows, and looks away) Obviously they went too far, but I can't believe they did this deliberately. There must be some sort of reverse medical procedure they have...

CARTER: You still don't get it --

JOE: Sooner or later the goa'uld would have wiped us out; would you have preferred that?

CARTER: The Aschen way is slower. That's all.. (He slowly sits on the bed, I would say in shock??)

JOE: They're not limiting growth, they're... I have to talk to the President.I..

CARTER: Yes, you do. But not about this.

CARTER extends her hand. The replica REMOTE is in her palm.

CARTER (CONT'D) I need you to take this iris remote and change it with the one on the presidents desk without getting caught. And bring the other one back to my lab. I need you to do this first thing tomorrow.

JOE: How am I gonna do that?

CARTER: Just Come up with some excuse, I don't care, but you can't say one word about what we've talked about or they will kill you.


A HOLOGRAPHIC MODEL of the solar system floats above the table. Then, it ZOOMS closer, until we SEE a ball of fire floating in detail. THE SUN.

CARTER, Daniel, and Fraiser stand around it. O'Neill stands near the door, making sure all's clear. He looks at the bright SUN floating near the centre of the room.

O'NEILL: Hot in here?

CARTER: This is a real time representation of the actual sun, recorded by Aschen satellites all over the solar system.

FRAISER: How do you use it to predict a flare?

CARTER: I've been studying Aschen knowledge of solar dynamics for the Jupiter ignition project.

CARTER: There are significant changes Just beneath the surface of the sun preceding a flare that are detectable by the satellite net... (pointing at a spot on the model) Look right here... If my calculations are right, there should be a flare in about five seconds.

They wait. Sure enough a tiny (on this scale) FLARE shoots out from the sun, arcing over the surface.

DANIEL: That's it.

CARTER: Now All we need to do is for the computer to predict another flare.

CARTER: (to Fraiser) Have you got your travel papers for Chulak?

FRAISER: Yeah all set.

Carter hands Fraiser a piece of paper.

CARTER: Give this to Teal'c. It's the coordinates he'll need.

O'NEILL: Joe's here. (He and Joe exchange looks) Ambassador.

JOE: I knew you'd have something to do with this.

O'NEILL: Did you get it?

JOE (after a look to Carter): Yes.

CARTER: (Smiles) Thank you.

JOE: What do you gonna to do with it?

O'NEILL: Send a message.

JOE: To who?

O'NEILL: (Sarcastically) To whom. (sighs) Let's have it.

JOE: I'll hand it over if you give me your word that Samantha will play no part in this. (She looks at him)

O'NEILL: I can't do that

JOE: It's in a briefcase at the customs office at the Stargate Terminal. They've been instructed not to release it without my authorization. (sighs) Your word.

O'NEILL: We need her to pull this off.

JOE: Whatever it is, you'll have to do it without Sam.

CARTER: Joe, unless I help --

JOE: This is not negotiable. You don't want to tell me what it is you're planning, fine; I'm better off not knowing. But if it involves G.D.0's, then it involves the Stargate.And the terminal is the last heavily defended place left on Earth. (beat) I will not let you risk Sam's life.

O'NEILL: (Quietly) Okay.

CARTER: (Looks @ Jack) You won't have back up --

O'NEILL: We won't need it.

DANIEL: Um... The sun's beeping.

CARTER: We have a flare prediction... fifty seven minutes from now. (to O'Neill) Is that enough time?

O'NEILL: (Staring at Joe, looks at Sam) It'll have to do. (Looks back at Joe.)


Joe brings a box over to Jack.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

JOE: If you can manage, give us enough time to get away from here --

O'NEILL: The message goes in six minutes.

JOE: Sam wanted me to wish you good luck.

O'NEILL: Give her my best.

Joe just nods at that, and turns to leave.

Jack looks over at Janet who is at the top of the escalator. O'Neill heads into a glassed area on the second level with the briefcase and backpack as

DANIEL -- walks past him, also carrying a briefcase. He goes to the top of the escalators and waits.

ANNOUNCEMENT (V.0.) Outgoing travellers to Chulak, please stand by in the departure area.

Janet goes down the escalator to the Stargate.

Jack loads the piton gun and puts a zat in his bag.

Daniel watches Janet go and waves her off.


CARTER waits by the Stepping stone area.

JOE -- emerges from the Terminal and greets her.

JOE: All right Let's go.

CARTER: I'm staying. You go if you want to

JOE: C'mon. Sam we gotta go

He takes her arm. She draws it back, angrily, admonishing.

CARTER: Joe doesn't --

JOE: Sam. Listen to me. We can work this out all right. Right now I think it's best for both of us if we're very far away from here...

CARTER: If they manage to do this it won't matter where we are.


O'Neill re-emerges from the glassed area. He checks his watch. Any time now... then:

MOLLEM -- walks right up to him.

MOLLEM: Colonel O'Neill?

O'NEILL: Melon?!

MOLLEM: Mollem.

O'NEILL: Mollem. I'm Sorry it's the war you know (He taps the side of his head.)

MOLLEM: You didn't come to the Anniversary celebration.

O'NEILL: What's to celebrate? I say

MOLLEM: Surely the Aschen have proven your earlier misgivings erroneous. For all we've done.

O'NEILL: Yes. You've certainly done your part.

MOLLEM: What brings you here?

O'NEILL: Well, you know my friend Teal'c. I missed him at the celebration. He's coming into town. I brought him a hat.

ANNOUNCEMENT (V.0.) Incoming travellers from Chulak. Please stand clear of the Arrival area.

O'NEILL: (checking his watch) He's right on time.

As Teal'c emerges, with another Jaffa. They are dressed in familiar Jaffa robes. Both carry STAFF weapons.

The DIALER comes over to him, very officiously:

DIALER: I'm sorry, sir, but weapons are not allowed.

Daniel goes through the security scanners

DANIEL: It's archaeological equipment, this happens every time...

DANIEL goes to open the briefcase, looking to TEAL'C

TEAL'C: We carry these for ceremonial purposes only

DIALER: I'm sorry, but you'll have to let me have it.

TEAL'C: Very well.

And he levels his STAFF at the Dialer, blasting him back several feet.

DANIEL -- removes a ZAT from the briefcase, and SHOOTS THE ATTENDANT...

TEAL'C heads to the DHD, and begins dialling the coordinates that Fraiser gave him.

MORE ALARMS -- sound through the building.

MOLLEM -- turns to O'Neill.

MOLLEM: What's happening?!

Jack shoots Mollem with the zat

ANNOUNCEMENT (V.0) Terrorist attack in progress. Please evacuate the building immediately...

AUTOMATED DEFENSES -- From all comers of the room, on the walls, in every nook and cranny begin firing LASER BEAMS toward the DHD, striking Teal'c in the shoulder. He cries out, but manages to dial the last of the coordinates

The other JAFFA fires back at the lasers too, but he is struck several times, finally right through the forehead.

O'NEILL -- AIMS THE PITON GUN toward the stargate, FIRING A LINE across the expanse, sending the line night over the top of the gate and fasten it on the other side.

The Gate opens

TEAL'C -- takes another laser hit, but moves out into the open to draw fire from O'Neill. He fires BLASTS toward the lasers but gets barraged in the process...

Jack comes down he line and gets shot, dropping to the floor

O'NEILL -- gets to his feet, making it almost to the gate, but he's STRUCK DOWN by a barrage of LASERS before he can reach the stargate, and he collapses...dying.

DANIEL, shot up with laser blasts, makes his own dash toward the gate, just as

CARTER above him on the second level, looking down in horror. She SEES

DANIEL -- falling to the floor, getting hit from all angles, and going down.

CARTER -- rushes down the escalator...

JOE -- runs into the Terminal after her, shouting and waving his arms all around him:

JOE: Shut off the system! I'm the Confederation Ambassador, shut down the system

That buys Carter some time as she rushes toward the body of O'Neill, and we RAMP into SLOW MOTION, so close to the shimmering puddle, she takes the bloodied message from his hand, stands and TAKES A LASER HIT IN THE BACK.

JOE -- can only watch as Carter takes yet another hit...


CARTER -- stumbles forward, toward the puddle, her hand red with O'Neill's blood, and FALLS, her hand reaching out toward the puddle... reaching, then:


Tech Davis -- sits at the computer console, reading a confusing message.

TECH DAVIS: Incoming traveller!

SG- 1 is at the star map, planning their next mission, along with GENERAL HAMMOND.Fraiser is also present.

HAMMOND: Who is it?

TECH. DAVIS : It's... SG-1, sir.

O'NEILL: Hello...

FRAISER: How can that be?

Hammond turns to O'Neill, who shrugs.

HAMMOND: Let's find out. Defense teams stand by! (then, to the Tech Davis) Open the Iris.

As the IRIS opens. CLOSE -- on the puddle, as a piece of paper comes out, and flutters to the grating, before it SHUTS DOWN.

Hammond, Fraiser and SG- 1 enter the gate room,

HAMMOND: (to the defense team) Stand down. (then) What is it?

O'Neill heads up the ramp. He picks up the paper, and walks back down the ramp toward them, reading it with a confused look.


O'NEILL: (handing it to Daniel) You tell me.

DANIEL: (reading aloud) Under no circumstances go to P4C 970. Colonel Jack O'NEILL.(beat) That looks like your handwriting.

O'NEILL: It is my handwriting. And that's my signature.

TEAL'C: Though you sent no such note.


FRAISER: Sir may I?

FRAISER: That looks like blood, sir.

HAMMOND: Have it analyzed.

O'NEILL: General, wasn't 970 on our mission list?

HAMMOND: It was. Not anymore. I'm not taking any chances (calling up to the control room) I want P4C 970 removed from the dialling computer immediately. Dismissed.

Hammond walks out. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c stand at the base of the ramp while Jack sits on the side of the ramp

CARTER: I wonder why you sent it... I wonder when.

O'NEILL: Yeah. You gotta wonder..

The End.


Source : Stargate Fusion

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