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The Curse

We begin with a room full of ancient artifacts. An older man pick up a statue, looks at it, and then writes something down.

MAN: (To older gentleman) Doctor Jordan?

DR JORDAN: (Startled) Steven!

STEVEN: (A real hunk, gang! OK! I got that out, I'll behave.) What are you doing here so late?

DR. JORDAN: Actually, (Looks at watch) I was just about to go down to the lab. We finally have a chance to do a resonance scan on the osiris jar.

STEVEN: Great! Great! (Sounding LESS than enthusiastic)

DR. JORDAN: Another couple of weeks, and we never would have known what was inside.

STEVEN: Well, we could always break the seal, and take a look. (Jordan looks @ him) Joking. Well, half joking.

DR. JORDAN: The Egyptian government expects these items returned intact. If we were in their place, I'm sure that we ---

STEVEN: Sir, you watch. The scan will reveal that that unopened jar contains the mummified heart of a 3000 year old pharaoh, and we will have to just hand it over.

DR. JORDAN: I know. I know.

STEVEN: It's the find of a life time, Professor.

DR: JORDAN: Yes, yes it is. Hmn. You coming?

STEVEN: Yes, I just have a few things --- I'll see ya down there.

DR. JORDAN: All right, then.

Steven picks up a golden emblem, and looks at it.

DANNY: (Walking into the briefing room) Morning.

JACK: Hey.

DANNY: What's that?

JACK: (Showing him the tabloid paper he's reading) It's --- Um --- Teal'C's into this stuff. I don't get it. A great week is in store for you --- (Danny looks at a story, and does a double take) You're gone on a trip ---

DANNY: Let me see that. (He takes the paper)

JACK: (Looks at Danny) O-Kay! (Looks @ his empty hands)

DANNY: Oh, my God!

JACK: What?

DANNY: He's dead!

JACK: Who?

DANNY: My Archeology Professor.

Goes to headline with pic of Dr. Jordan. Headline reads Noted Archaeologist Dies In Lab Explosion.


Shot goes to a funeral.

STEVEN: (While Steven is giving his speech, Danny is seen walking slowly across the screen in the back of the gathered people.) Doctor David Jordan was a teacher, a celebrated author, a much revered expert in the field of Archaeology, and yet, to the end, he remained first and foremost, a student, guided by the simple desire to discover, and understand. It's fitting, then, that a man, who dedicated his life --- (He pauses when he sees Danny) Who dedicated his life to reviving the wonders and majesty of long-dead civilizations, should himself gain a measure of immortality thru that very accomplishment. I worked with Doctor Jordan for close to 15 years. He was like a father to me. Thru his many successes, and (Looking RIGHT at DANNY!) Some of his --- bitter disappointments. (Danny looks @ Steven) I'll remember him always as a dedicated Archaeologist, a kind, and generous man, and a true friend. (Looks @ Danny, and walks away) (Danny walks up to the casket.) The prodigal son returns!

DANNY: Steven? (A very attractive blond woman turns around) Sarah.

SARAH: (An English accent) Daniel. It's good to see you.

DANNY: Yeah. (She hugs him) Despite the circumstances.

SARAH: I know. I can't believe he's gone. (Her hand lingers on his waist. Grab that butt, girlfriend. You know you want to. She grabs his hand. I would have coped a feel)

DANNY: So, what exactly happened? I mean --- uh --- the paper I read attributed his death to the curse of Osiris.

STEVEN: According to the police, (sighs) There was a slow gas leak in the lab, and something must have caused a spark, the whole place went up, he was killed instantly.

SARAH: We would have called you, but, nobody knew where to find you.

DANNY: That's --- uh --- that's OK.

SARAH: I'm glad you're here. So, how long has it been? 4 years?


STEVEN: What have you been up to?

DANNY: Uh --- I've been busy.

SARAH: Really? I've looked for signs of you out on the fringes. There's been no papers, no research projects. It's like you fell of the face of the earth.

DANNY: Yeah, it is a little like that, isn't it?

STEVEN: (Sarcastically) As I recall, the last time I saw you, you were giving a lecture to an empty room.

DANNY: Uh --- Well, it was full when I started.

STEVEN: Well, maybe the world wasn't ready to hear that the pyramids were built by Aliens - -- or was it men from Atlantis?

SARAH: Steven, please!

DANNY: Yes, Steven. Please.

STEVEN: Why did you come? You manage to stay away all this time. If you're looking for closure, Daniel, I'd say you're a little late.

DANNY: All ways a pleasure, Steven! (Steven leaves, to Sarah) So, are you doing anything, or ---

SARAH: No, I'm all yours. I'm sorry. He's not usually like this. Last couple of days have been really hard on him. (Takes her hair down)

DANNY: Steven? No, he's right. I should have come back sooner. I guess I was afraid I wouldn't be welcome.

SARAH: Are you joking? Even after everything that happened, Dr. Jordan never thought any less of you. You were his best student.

DANNY: Yes, that became the laughing stock of the Archeological community.

SARAH: He kept hoping that you'd find proof. Something to shut everyone up.

DANNY: No, he thought I was nuts.

SARAH: (Laughs) That's not true. Look, why do you think it's so hard for Steven to see you here? He's always been in your shadow. Even after you left.

DANNY: I hear his book's on the best seller's list.

SARAH: (Laughs) I know. He's --- getting a Porsche.


SARAH: I know. (They both laugh) Look, I have to admit. I thought you didn't come back because of me.

DANNY: (Just noticed, he's wearing a yummy blue shirt with a tie. Makes the blue eyes seem bluer!) No. No, that's not it.

SARAH: We could have ended it better than we did.

DANNY: Maybe. The truth is, I got caught up in something --- incredible.

SARAH: You found something, didn't you? Something that supports your theory? Tell me. (He looks down) Come on.

DANNY: I can't.

SARAH: (In a very cute accent) Daniel!

DANNY: OK. Let's just say--- that what the world knows about Ancient Egypt just barely touches the surface. The truth is more incredible than any of us ever imagined.

SARAH: Now, that's the Daniel I remember. (Hold out hand) Come on, I want to show you something. (He grabs it, lucky girl!)

GH walks into the briefing room.

GH: As you were.

JACK: So, General. Who's getting assigned to SG-1?

GH: No one. I've decided to reschedule your next mission until Dr. Jackson returns. You're all long over due for some personal leave. (Sam looks at Jack, then next to her @ Teal'C, smiles @ him, and he appears to smile back @ her.)

JACK: Yes, Sir. But the LEAVING part has been a little problem.

GH: Oh, I think you'll make it to the front door before we realize we can't do without you. Dismissed.

JACK: Thank you, Sir. (Sam looks @ Teal'C, then gets up to leave.) Carter! (She stops, and he stands up) You finally ready to take me up on that fishing trip?

SAM: Uh --- actually, Sir, I have a few projects on the go.

JACK: Come on. Are you really trying to tell me you'd rather be in a dark, dank, dismal underground, than sit on a dock with your feet perched up, sippin' a cold one, and --- casting for that ever elusive --- crappy?

SAM: (Laughs, and looks down at his body, then up to his eyes) Strange as it may sound, Sir, yes. (Looks at his body again! Who can really blame her, right?!) Have a good time. (Glances @ Teal'C)

JACK: (Watching her leave) To each his own! Her! (Quietly and somberly) I meant her --- (Whispers) I think. (To Teal'C who was watching her leave with a look on his face) So, Teal'C! (Teal'C was looking away, probably because he knew Jack would ask him next! Poor Teal'C!) (Claps) This'll be great! Just you and me. What do you say? Come on! The Loons! Don't forget the loons! (Have you even seen a Jaffa look scared? I have. He looks downright frightened! )

SARAH: (Walking into her office) I thought you'd like to see what we were working on before the accident.

DANNY: WOW! This stuff is incredible!

SARAH: I only wish we had more time with them. The Egyptian government has made a formal request for their return. We've been desperately trying to learn as much as we can about them before the deadline.

DANNY: (Reading from a piece of paper) "Woe to all who this, my final resting place."

SARAH: Careful, now. All these artifacts are cursed. Well, that's what they say.

DANNY: Yeah, I --- read something like that.

SARAH: Every member of the original expedition in 1931 died within a year of the dig. Then the ship transporting these artifacts to American sank off the coast of New Jersey 6 months later.

DANNY: The Steward Expedition.


DANNY: Those deaths were attributed to mold spores that were released from the unsealed chamber.

SARAH: Well, mold spores aren't exactly front page material.

DANNY: No, I guess not. Uh --- if these things went down with the ship in 1931, how'd they end up here?

SARAH: Well, they found the wreck a couple of months ago. These artifacts were still in their packing crates. They brought it up, and shipped it to the museum. We just got them last week.

DANNY: I can stay for a couple more days if you need help cataloging these. (She starts frantically looking for something) What?

SARAH: Something's missing.

DANNY: Are you sure?

SARAH: Positive. A gold Amulet. Daniel, I've got to find it.

JACK: Just so we're clear on this, Sir. It's gonna be me, Teal'C, and the great outdoors (Teal'C and Jack are both dressed in SHORT! LOL!). That means no cell phones, no FAX machines, not another living soul for miles. We'll be unavailable, inaccessible.

GH: Incommunicado.

JACK: Minnesota, Sir.

GH: I stand corrected.

JACK: If there's an emergency back at the base, you better plan ahead and tell me now. (Elevator doors are closing) If Thor needs me, he's gonna haveta beam me up! If the Tok'Ra, forget it! (Door closes) (GH turns around smiling)

Shot goes to a museum.

CURATOR: Excuse the state of things. Budget cuts. I'm straightening the mess out, but these things take time.

DANNY: Oh, I understand.

CURATOR: What am I looking for?

DANNY: An artifact that went missing from the Steward Expedition.

CURADOR: The Isis Jar.

DANNY: Uh --- No, actually, I'm --- uh --- referring to a --- a --- a gold amulet with a little ebony - uh --- uh --- uh, it's listed as idem 14C. ( That boy does some stuttering, huh?)

CURATOR: That was sent up to Dr. Jordan along with the rest of the artifacts.

DANNY: Ya sure?

CURATOR: I sent it myself. I can show you the paperwork.

DANNY: No, Uh --- what's this ---uh ---uh ---Isis --- Jar you were talking about?

CURATOR: I'll show you. The damn crate was mislabeled when it came in. I only found it a couple days ago.

DANNY: Uh --- this one?

CURATOR: Oh, Yeah, yeah. Never seen those symbols before, have you?

DANNY: Uh, yes. I'm gonna need to do a translation.

CURATOR: Well, if ya need me, I'll be in the back cataloging the Polynesian death masks.

Sam's working on a Harley Davidson motorcycle when the phone rings. Siler's helping her.

SAM: Carter.

DANNY: (Over phone) Sam, it's me.

SAM: (Wiping her hands of grease.) Hang on a sec. Thanks for your help, Sergeant.

SILER: Yeah, no sweat, Major. (Gets up and leaves)

SAM: Where are you?

DANNY: I'm still in Chicago. I'm in the basement of a museum with what appears to be an Egyptian burial jar ---


DANNY: That may not be out of the ordinary in a museum, granted, but there's something else beside the usual hieroglyphs. There's a 2nd set of markings. They're Goa'Uld symbols.

Shot goes to water, and someone casting a line into the water. Jack is sitting in a chair, and Teal'C is standing next to him just looking @ his line.

TEAL'C: There appears to be no fish here, O'Neill.

JACK: T, it's not about the actual FISH themselves. The fish are not important in this context, it's about fish-ING! The ACT of fishing.

TEAL'C: (Looking Oh, so HOT in a fishing hat!) I see.

Phone begins ringing. Jack looks up, then around.

JACK: You didn't! (Phone continues ringing)

TEAL'C: By request of General Hammond.

JACK: Go away. (Looks @ Teal'C while he answers phone) WHAT?!?! (Teal'C slaps a mosquito away) (Sarcastically) Yes, Daniel. He's right here! (Even MORE sarcastically) Please hold.

TEAL'C: DanielJAckson. We have caught nothing. We are fishing.

DANNY: Right. Um, listen, I need a little help with a translation. I've got a line her that reads Hako thra terak shree!

TEAL'C: (Slapping away another bug, then looking @ his hand. LOL!) Banished to oblivion.

DANNY: Right. OK, Uh --- thank you.

TEAL'C: If you require assistance, I would be more than happy to return to the SGC! (Jack looks up @ him)

DANNY: No, thanks. I think I can take it from here.

TEAL'C: (Looking very disappointed.) (Whispering, kinda begging? LOL!) Are you certain?

JACK: Gimme that! Goodbye, Daniel!

DANNY: Uh --- no, wait wa ---

Jack hangs up the phone. Teal'C looks disappointed. Jack takes the battery, and throws it over Teal'C's shoulder. Teal'C watches this with an expression like, "OH! MY GOD! Darn, no more interruption!" Jack gives him the phone,Teal'C looks @ the phone, then swats another bug away.

Back to base!

DANNY: During the ritual of mummification, the Ancient Egyptians would remove the vital organs of the deceased, and place them in jars, which would then be buried with the sarcophagus so that they could be accessed in the after life.

GH: Is that what we're looking at here? (Referring to the Isis Jar)

DANNY: That's what I thought at first, but looking at the reports on the original expedition, no sarcophagus was found. The Hieroglyphs identify the jar as belonging to Isis, who was the Egyptian Mother Goddess.

SAM: A Goa'Uld?

DANNY: That's possible. See, Isis was a consort of Osiris, supposedly the first Pharaoh of Egypt. According to legend, he was placed in a magic box, and dumped into the Nile by his brother SETH. (OH! BOY! 'Member Seth?!)

GH: Now, that name I recognize.

DANNY: The Goa'Uld symbols indicate that Isis and Osiris suffered some sort of punishment, or --- banishment.

SAM: Where to?

DANNY: I have NO idea.

GH: Major, I want the contents analyzed.

SAM: Yes, Sir.

DANNY: Uh, now I'd be careful if I were you. For all we know, it could be some sort of Goa'Uld bobby-trap left behind by Osiris as revenge. (Sam nods) Also, it's --- it's cursed, so - --

SAM: Thanks for the warning.

DANNY: (After Sam leaves) General, there's something else. The inventory of the steward expedition lists --- 2 jars.

GH: Can you find the other one?

DANNY: Well, I can try. I was gonna head back to Chicago tonight.

Shot goes to Museum in Chicago. Danny opens the door to a dark room.

DANNY: HELLO?!?!? HELLO?!?!?! (Tries the light switch --- nope doesn't work!) (Finds a flashlight.) (He hears someone passing, and shines light toward camera) (Hears rustling, turns light to reveal Steven)

STEVEN: Do you mind?!

DANNY: What are you doing here?

STEVEN: What are YOU doing here?

DANNY: I asked first.

STEVEN: I WORK here, Daniel. Remember? I'm looking for the breaker box, where ever the damn thing is!

DANNY: Uh--- right! Um --- I had a few questions for the curator.

STEVEN: I don't think she's here. The lights were out when I came in. What did you wanna ask her about?

DANNY: I needed some information about items from the Steward Expedition. Some items were missing.

STEVEN: There's nothing missing.

DANNY: Uh --- A canapic jar with some hieroglyphs, and some unusual markings.

STEVEN: The Osiris Jar. (Danny jumps, and shines the light on Steven)


STEVEN: Destroyed in the explosion.

DANNY: You SURE about that?

STEVEN: (Rather quickly) Yes, positive.

DANNY: OK. Well, what about this gold amulet?

STEVEN: Daniel, if you're looking to get back together with Sarah, that's your business, I really couldn't care less, but I do have a problem with you coming here and involving your self in MY work!

DANNY: (Shining the light in Steven's eyes, AGAIN! I think he does that to piss Steven off.) Don't you mean Doctor Jordan's work?

STEVEN : (I guess the light worked, he sounds pissed!) No! MY work! Sarah and I were Dr. Jordan's assistants. YOU haven't been involved since you walked out on him.

DANNY: I didn't walk out on him. I was --- trying to protect him.

STEVEN: You mean you distanced yourself to spare him the embarrassment of being associated with you. Daniel, you really should not have come back.

DANNY: (Finding the breaker, finally, and turning on the lights) Look, I don't want to get into this with you right now, but you need my help.

STEVEN: Why? Do you think there might Aliens involved. (Said sarcastically) (The elevator is lifted to reveal the curator dead.) Oh, God!

SAM: (Running a scan) Preliminary analysis of the jar indicates the exterior is ordinary ceramic. It also appears as if the seal has been damaged.

GH: Any indication of what might be inside?

SAM: Hopefully, a computer enhanced MRI will tell us something.

GH: Is that what I think it is? (Computer shows a relative of "Junior" in the Jar --- A Goa'Uld Symbiote.)

SAM: Yes, Sir! That's Goa'Uld Symbiote!

DANNY: (To Sarah) The police said the museum curator suffered a fatal blunt trauma to the skull.

SARAH: They don't think that you had anyth ---

DANNY: No, they don't think that, but, of course, Steven didn't do anything to dissuade them from suspecting me, but fortunately, I know a few --- people. (Raises his eyebrows) Anyway, uh --- they found some bricks at the bottom of the freight elevator shaft, and they think that --- it came from the wall above --- and --- she had a freak accident.

SARAH: You know, the papers are saying the Curse of the Mummy strikes again.

DANNY: You have any pictures of the Osiris Jar? The one that was destroyed in the explosion?

SARAH: Yeah, here.

DANNY: I can't make out the inscription around the collar.

SARAH: We weren't able to identify the symbols, but Dr. Jordan copied them in his note book. Those markings are unlike anything we've ever seen before. They're not Egyptian.

DANNY: No, they're not Egyptian.

SARAH: So, what are they?

DANNY: What are they? ---

SARAH: You know! How?

DANNY: Let's just say I can't go into it right now, but this is really important. Did Dr. Jordan do any kind of preliminary tests on the Jar?

SARAH: Not that I know of, but he kept all his lab results on the computer.

Sam, Janet, and a couple of armed airmen are in the lab. The jar is in an incubator. Janet removes the symbiote. Sam has the cutest look of disgust on her face. Sam looks up at the observation room. She looks like she's gonna throw up.

JANET: It's dead. We can relax. (She cuts it open, and some liquid comes out, getting a really disgusted look from Sam.) Do we know how long it's been inside the jar?

SAM: According to Daniel, several thousand years.

JANET: (Looking up @ Sam in surprise) Well, it's perfectly preserved. It could have died yesterday. (GH looks confused, Sam still has that cute disgusted look.)

SARAH: Something's wrong.

DANNY: What?

SARAH: Dr. Jordan's files are gone. Everything's been wiped clean! Including his e-mail account.

DANNY: Do you keep backups? (She's looking thru the floppy disks.)

SARAH: Yeah, they're not here.

DANNY: (She's typing) What are you doing?

SARAH: The system marks file spaces being deleted as "Tombstone". (She writes re: tombstone above the a, c, and d drives) It scours the database looking for tombstone values, and marks them as being ready to be overridden. There's usually a window of about 30 days before that happens, so we MIGHT (Danny closes his eyes, sleepily) be able to retrieve the files before the tombstone values replicate thru the network. Got something! He received one message on the night he died. Well, I'm guessing he never got around to reading it.

DANNY: That's the carbon dating done on the item 14C.

SARAH: Oh, My God! Daniel! It's over 10,000 years old! This means you were right all along!

DANNY: Yeah --- I know.

SARAH: Egyptian civilization must be thousands of years older that we've ever assumed!

DANNY: Sarah --- you can't --- tell anyone about that.

SARAH: What are you talking about?! This is EXACTLY the evidence you've been looking for! This completely validates your theories!

DANNY: Look, all we've got are the results of one carbon dating on a missing artifact.

SARAH: So, we can contact the technician who preformed the analysis. (She's real quite, looking @ the screen with her mouth open)

DANNY: What?

SARAH: Doctor Jordan wasn't the only one to get these results. (The screen shows next to Dr. Jordan, CC: Dr. Rayner) Steven.

JANET: By all right, the Goa'Uld symbiote should be a dried-up, desiccated husk, but instead, it's in perfect condition. Now, @ first, we thought it had been preserved, like a specimen in formaldehyde, but now, we are not so sure.

GH: What do you mean?

SAM: Well, Sir. The outside of the jar is ceramic.The inside is a technologically advanced containment vessel. There's a tiny naquata power source that's designed to emit a low-level electrical charge.

GH: Why?

SAM: Well, we can't be certain yet, Sir, but it looks like the jar is some sort of stasis chamber.

JANET: From what we've been able to gather, Sir, We think that the symbiote was ALIVE when it was placed in the jar.

GH: Why would it allow it's self to be removed from it's host, and places in stasis?

SAM: I don't believe it had a choice, Sir.

JANET: You see, the liquid inside the jar seems to have sedative properties. If it's maintained at the proper temperatures, if it is provided with sufficient electrical charge, it could probably keep the symbiote alive indefinitely.

GH: Then, why is it dead?

SAM: The seal was broken, presumably during transport.

GH: Then, if what you're saying is true, and the second jar survived the trip unscased ---

SAM: Yes, Sir! There could be a Goa'Uld out there.

SARAH: Daniel? There you are! I've been looking all over for you!

DANNY: Yeah, I'm just doing a little extra research.

SARAH: I stopped by Steven's place, and he's gone. He's packed up everything and left.

DANNY: I know.

SARAH: You think he stole the amulet, don't you?


SARAH: To stop your theories from being proven correct?

DANNY: (Sighs) It's possible. Anyway, I have to find him.

SARAH: Well, I'll come with you.

DANNY: No --- No, it's --- too dangerous.

SARAH: We're talking about Steven, here.

DANNY: Sarah, there have been 3 deaths already.

SARAH: 3 ?

DANNY: They found the body of the technician that did the analysis of the carbon dating.

SARAH: Daniel, I know Steven. He may be capable of a lot of things, but he's no murderer.

DANNY: Well, you might not know him as well as you think you do --- at least --- not anymore.

SARAH: What's that supposed to mean?! Oh, let me guess --- you can't explain, right?!

DANNY: Sarah ---

SARAH: (Yelling, I'm not gonna put all this in caps, though!) Well, what do you expect, Daniel!? You show up after 5 years, but you can't say where you've been! You've got this mysterious ability to be able to read this ancient language nobody's ever seen before, but you can't explain how! Then, when we finally find the evidence to vindicate you to the entire archeological community --- you want to cover it up! What is going on?! This is me, Daniel.

DANNY: I know.

SARAH: Then, why can't you trust me? What have you been doing for the past 5 years?

DANNY: I WANT to tell you, Sarah. Believe me, I do. Wish you could see some of the things I've seen --- But the world is not ready to know --- not yet.

SARAH: I'm not asking you to tell the world --- I'm asking you to tell me. (He looks really hurt that he can't tell her) This is my life's work, too, Daniel. (He walks away) So, you're working for the government, what? DANIEL!

DANNY: (Turning to face her with his hands in his pocket --- nice clothes, BTW) I'm sorry!

SARAH: You're just going to disappear again, aren't you?

DANNY: (Nodding) Yes.

SARAH: I think Steven was right. You never should have come back. (Danny nods, and leaves)

GH: (Danny has suddenly appeared @ base!) Do you believe this Steven Rayner has been taken over by a Goa'Uld?

DANNY: It makes since.

SAM: So, how do we find him?

DANNY: Right now, this is our only lead. It's the gold amulet that was stolen from Dr. Jordan's office. Now, by Earth standards, it's a priceless relic, but the Goa'Uld isn't interested in it's monetary value, so---

SAM: Then why take it?

DANNY: That's a good question. It's a pretty standard representation of Osiris. He's carrying a crook and flail, the septers of kingship, and in the center is an aunk, which represents immortality.

GH: Could it be some sort of Goa'Uld device.

DANNY: It's possible.

SAM: That would explain why it was the only idem taken. DANNY: Well, I checked the other artifacts for any indication of Naquata, which is usually a sure sign of Goa'Uld technology, and I came up empty.

GH: Assuming this Goa'Uld is Osiris, what does he want?

DANNY: He's been out of the loop a long time, He doesn't know what happened to SETH or RA. He could be looking for the Isis Jar.

SAM: Or --- a way off the planet.

GH: I've already put the base on alert.

JANET: I managed to synthesize the liquid from the jar, so on it's own, it should act as a powerful sedative. One dart should be more than enough to knock out an adult Goa'Uld.

SAM: Do we REALLY want this thing alive?!

DANNY: Well, even though it's been in stasis for that last several thousand years, it could still be a valueable source of information.

GH: I want you to hold that option in reserve. Your first priority is to stop the Goa'Uld with minimum risk to yourselves.

JANET: (Phone rings) Frasier. Yes, He's right here. Sir?

GH: (into phone) Hammond. Yes --- allright, thank you. We got a lead on Steven Rayner. He boarded a flight to Cairo 4 hours ago.

DANNY: He could be headed back to the temple in Egypt where the jars were discovered. If we move fast, we could head him off, Sir.

GH: I can alert the Egyptian authorities. This needs to be a low profile operation. Dr. Frasier will accompany you. (Janet raises her eyebrows)

Next you hear music like out of Ahab the Arab, and see a jeep driving over the sand. Danny's a very wreckless driver. LOL!

JANET: (Who has her hair down!!!! It's shoulder length, BTW!) I think I know why this place doesn't get any tourists.

SAM: (Taking off her hat and rubbing her hair.) According to the GPS, we've still got another 10 miles.

Next shot goes to a tomb. Steven is looking around with a flashlight. He's backing up, and really freaking out from what he sees. He shines the light on the massive pillars. He reaches an alter. There's a picture of a man and a woman on the wall. He sees a slot. Digs in his bag, and takes out the amulet. He places the amulet on the slot. (Is that a sarcophagus?!) He sees a hand ribbon device. (The kind like my lord, Apophis likes to use!) He picks it up, all wide eyed. He starts to put his fingers thru it, and you hear the sound that the Goa'Uld make when there eyes glow. He turns around, gasping.

Danny and the Majors finally arrive at the tomb. Sam runs to the opening, gun up. Danny follows. He arms the dart gun. Sam nods at Janet, then runs in followed by Janet. Followed closely by Danny. (Nice butt! OK! I'll behave.) The 3 are walking down the steps shining their lights. They see a body.

DANNY: It's Steven!

SAM: (Putting her hands on him) I'm not sencing anything. He's not Goa'Uld.

Janet checks Steven, who moans.

DANNY: Steven!

JANET:: He's bleeding internally.

DANNY: Steven, it's me.

STEVEN: Daniel?

DANNY: What happened?

STEVEN: (Sighs) I took the amulet. It's over 10,000 years old. You --- were right all along. I'm sorry. (In pain) AHHH!

JANET: Just take it easy, OK? I need you to hold still.

DANNY: It's OK! She's a friend. What about the jar?


DANNY: The Osiris Jar. Did you open it?


DANNY: Why did you come here?

STEVEN: I figured out the amulet was a key. There's a hidden chamber. I wanted to make the discovery. (sighs)

JANET: Daniel, we HAVE to get him out of here!

DANNY: Steven, who did this to you?

SARAH / OSIRIS: (Goa'Uld voice, so I guess it's Osiris, huh?) (Eyes a glow) I DID! (Osiris's voice will be done in caps, OK! I'm not yelling! He is! )

Sam and Janet jump up, Danny jumps up and points dart gun @ Sarah.

DANNY: Sarah?!

Well, let me eliminate the competion! She takes her hand thingy, and throws both ladies hard against the wall. Danny shoots the dart, but it seems to have bounced off the ribbon device. He goes to reload. She (He?) takes off their hats, and stalks toward Danny . They put their hands on his neck.

OSIRIS: DANIEL JACKSON! (Danny drops gun. He starts turning red in the face.) YOU SEEM TO KNOW MUCH OF THE GOA'ULD, MUCH MORE THAN ANY OTHER HUMAN I HAVE ENCOUNTERED SINCE MY AWAKENING. NOW, TELL ME. WHERE IS THE STARGATE? (I thought the Goa'Uld called the stargate the Chap'ahi! Jusat an observation.)

DANNY: I don't know what you're talking about. (She forcefully throws him)


DANNY: (Sarcastically) Yeah? Well, times have changed.

OSIRIS: SO I HAVE OBSERVED. WHERE IS MY BROTHER, SETESH? (It's cute how her English accent still come out when she's in Goa'Uld mode.)

DANNY: Ah, you mean SETH. Uh --- (Sighs) He's dead. Yeah, we killed him.


DANNY: No! No, we also killed RA, and HATHOR, and uh --- who else? Ah, SOKAR!


DANNY: No! No, you won't rule at all, see we don't worship false gods anymore.


DANNY: Um --- She was trapped, like you. We have the jar.


DANNY: I'm not gonna tell you.

OSIRIS: YOU ARE MISTAKEN. (She takes the thingy, and puts it to his head. You know, she had the same expression Amunet had when she was frying his brain! ) (He digs in his pocket for a dart.) WHERE IS MY QUEEN? (He gets the dart out) TELL ME! (He uncaps the dart, and sticks it into her body, shutting off the device.) WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! (Takes the dart out of his body) YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS IMPUTENCE! (He opens the thing that looks like a sarcophegas, and the sand opens up above the tomb.) (Uh-OH! It's a space ship!) MAKE NO MISTAKE --- OSIRIS WILL RETURN, AND THE RIVERS OF EARTH WILL RUN RED WITH BLOOD! (She presses the top of ribbon device. Sam gets up to stop her. Sam's still wobby . The ring transporter things come down to beam her up Sam empty's her magazine into the rings. The bullets bounce off the rings. Osiris is beamed up)

SAM: (Touching Danny's back) You all right?

DANNY: (Out of breath, sarcastically) Oh, yeah! Yeah! I think I'm --- getting used to that thing! (That's just what I said! )

JANET: Where's Osiris?

SAM: Gone.

DANNY: Steven?

JANET: If we get him out of here right now, I think he'll make it.

DANNY: I guess we'd better --- make up a story to tell him.

The ship flies away -----

Closing credits!

Source : Stargate Fusion


Ecrit par makkura 

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