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The First Ones

Daniel and Rothman are digging at a site. They find a queen goa'uld that Rothman names Cleopatra, Cleo for short. This Goa'Uld has no naquata which is found in most Goa'Uld. Rothman sends Hawkins for a water run. Daniel calls Lodar over to help him archive their findings. As he's archiving, Lodar sees something charge for him and opens fire. The thing knocks Daniel down after killing Lodar. Someone yells Daniel's name as he's being dragged away unconscious.


The iris is closed over the activating gate.

TECH DAVIS: Unscheduled offworld activation. It's SG-11, Sir.

GH: Open the iris.

DAVIS: Yes, Sir.

SG-1 are standing behind GH & Davis.

SAM: Daniel's with them, isn't he?

GH: They're not scheduled to check in for 2 more days.

SG-1 & GH run to control room. Rothman comes in gasping for air, breathing hard. He explains to GH & SG-1 that Lodar's dead, and the rest of his team went after it, some indigenous lifeform.

JACK: Daniel?

ROTHMAN: No, No, No! It TOOK Daniel! That's why the others went after it!

SAM: How long ago?

ROTHMAN: I don't know! Maybe 3 hours! Daniel? He's still alive! (Hysterically) That thing was draggin him!!!!

JACK: You saw it?

ROTHMAN: Just for a second.

JACK: Request permission to lead Search and rescue.

ROTHMAN: But if I had to guess, I'd say it was an Unas.

JACK: A what?!?!

ROTHMAN: It was like the thing in your mission report from Cimeria. (Rothman takes a puff from an inhaler)

JACK: Basically, we're talking about a Goa'Uld with teeth and claws, Sir.

TEAL'C: Not necessarily, O'Neill.

SAM: Daniel believed that 888 was the planet from which all goa'uld symbiotes originated.

TEAL'C: There could be unas there who have never been taken as hosts.

JACK: We're still talking about a big, stinky monster. Makes no difference.

TEAL'C: Indeed it does. These unas would be far more primative and lack the degenative powers than Unas we have previously encountered.

SAM: What would a primative unas want with Daniel.

JACK: I recommend units 1&2, P90's. I also recommend we leave right now, Sir.

GH: You have a go.

Sam, Teal'C and Jack leave.

Next shot to Danny waking up. Sounds of heavy breathing. His hands are bound. The Unas turns. URGH! Get that boy a paper bag! He ain't cute like Thor, gang! He growls @ Danny and lifts him up by the ropes.

Next shot: UAV being launched thru the gate.

JACK: All right, listen up! We're a little pressed for time here, so this will have to serve as your mission briefing. Daniel Jackson has been dragged off by a creature called an UNAS! This is a search and rescue. Any questions?

ROTHMAN: (Coming in with gear in his hands instead of on his back) Uh . . . yes! I have one! When exactly were you gonna tell me we were leaving.

JACK: (Putting hat on) I wasn't.


JACK: Move out.

A sergent says the stargate is secure. Jack says to keep it that way. Jack calls for sierra golf one one niner to come in. No response from SG-11. Sam says the UAV is on automatic running a circular search pattern. Nothing yet. Teal'C points out that Daniel would have contacted them by radio by now if he were able. Sam wonders about the rest of SG-11. Jack says they might be out of range. Teal'C says the Unas would be capable of traversing a great distance in a short amount of time. Jack tell Teal'C to take point, (front?) Pierce has their six, (back?), and Rothman that he's with him.

Next shot: Unas with Daniel walking thru the forest.

DANIEL: (VERY out of breath!) Okay, I know it seems completely unlikely for you to understand a word I'm saying, but, I've gone just as far as I can go at this particular pace, so with your permission, I'm gonna fall down now! (He falls to the ground) Rest. This is something you should become familiar with. Rest . . . I means . . . Uh . . . REST . . . (The Unas growls at him, he flintched into the fetal position.) Close. Try again, though . . . .RRRRREST! (the unas looks confused) This . . . this is uh . . . nothing that you need to be worried about. (He pulls a radio out of his pocket) Radio. It's uh . . . so my friends can find me and shoot you. (Standing up and talking into radio) Uh, this is Daniel Jackson if anyone can hear me--- (The unas growls and hits the radio from Danny's hands. Growling, he pulls the rope, pulling Daniel back to the ground) OK! I get it! No more radio! Radio bad. Do you speak any kind of language at all? I mean you must be intelligent, I mean you made that necklace and those clothes. (Unas pulls him up to his feet) Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was refreshing! I'm good for another 10 miles.

Back to SG1 and gang walking thru woods.

SAM: Sir!

JACK: Yeah?

SAM: Fairly strong RDF signal. It's gone now, not long enough to triangulate.

ROTHMAN: So, what, what's that mean?

SAM: Daniel may have tried to use his radio.

SOLDIER: Could be SG-11.

SAM: UAV picked up something. I can't explain why it died out.

JACK: Alright, let's pick it up.

Daniel and unas reach a lake, unas looks up at the moons. Unas stoops down, allowing Daniel to sit down.

DANNY: YES! Rest. This is uh . . . this is good! This is . . . rest! (Daniel lays down on his back) < AQ! Gets very bad thought here!> (Unas starts to rock back and forth and grunt. ) This is some sort of meditation, or? (Danny takes out a tape recorder and starts to talk into it) This is DR Daniel Jackson, uh, in case anybody finds this, I met a wonderful new friend, and he's taking me on a long jorney to see his planet. (Unas looks @ him and growls) Just making notes. At the moment, my main concern is that my new friend is an aboriginal Unas in it's un-goa'ulded state, and, that I'm the evening meal. It, uh . . . or rather, he appears to have underdeveloped chin and faciel horns uh . . . which indicates that he's a subspeciel, possibly a juvinile. (Unas looks @ Mr. Blue eyes . . . uh . . . I mean Danny and growls) Shut up? (To unas) I understood that. (Into tape recorder) We're communicating.

UNAS: (Chanting) A'ka Cha . A'Ka Cha.

DANNY: A'Ka Cha'Ka?

Unas continues chant.

DANNY: Chaka. Is that what you call yourself? Chaka? (Points to self) Daniel. I'm Daniel. Chaka something else? Chaka's the moons? This is some sort of moon chant? Moons coming into alignment? (Unas growls) Moon chant. What was I thinking?

UNAS: Shesh, shesh! SHESH!

DANNY: Shesh? Shesh? What is that?

UNAS: Shaka kaka!

UAV is seen flying over head.

DANNY: U.A.V.! U.A.V.! This is my friends looking for me. (Unas continues to chant) You're frightened? It's OK! It won't hurt you. It won't hurt you.

Back to SG1. Jack is calling for SG11.

JACK: We're somewhere on your six. Do you read? Where the hell is Hawkins?

SAM: The UAV would have run out of fuel by now.

ROTHMAN: Maybe an unus got him.

Shot of something swimming in the water. Danny and Unas are approaching the water.

DANNY: Hey! Water. I need water.

Unas takes him to the bank of lake, and Danny stoops down to drink. Unas stops him , and motions for him to put his hand in water, and bring water to his mouth in hand. Daniel holds up his bound hands. Unas puts rope down. Daniel splashes water on his face. Drinking water, he look @ unas who has his head turned. Daniel runs away.

SG-1 and gang find base camp, and start to search it.

Back to Danny running. He reaches the edge of the river. Something is looking at him from the water. He jumps in the water and starts to swim. He reaches the other side of the river, and sees the unas waiting. He freezes right there. He heard screetching and a splash. He turns to see something swimming towards him. He backs up onto shore, and the thing jumps out of the water. IT's A GOA'ULD SYMBIOTE!!!! The unas grabs it in mid air, and tears it in two. Danny looks discusted.

UNAS: Kaka! (Unas rubs blue goa'uld blood on Danny's face.) Kaka!

DANNY: Kaka? Kek . . . dead! Keka means dead? Danger? (Unas says KA) OK! Ka means no. (Unas knocks Danny down to the ground) Right. I won't do that again. (Unas picks up Danny)

Back to SG1

ROTHMAN: Loder was killed over there.

TEAL'C: (Looking a loder's body) He appears to have been killed by a being of great strength.

JACK: (To Rothman) What was Loder doing?

ROTHMAN: Packing up fossilized Goa'Uld for transportation back to earth.

JACK: You guys weren't doing anything that would have provoked an attack?

ROTHMAN: I, I, I don't know.

JACK: (Sarcastically) You know Rothman, I'm so glad you came!

ROTHMAN: OK, Then no. I doubt it very much. We'd been at the dig for 3 weeks doing exactly what Lodar's been doing for 3 weeks!

SOLDIER: Look at this! They got off a hell of a lot of shots.

Teal'C confirms his theory about the unas by the stride and the >shape of the footprints. They can track it.

Another soldier says he found Hawkins just staring off into space.

JACK: Where's the rest of your men?

HAWKINS: We were attacked. Sanchez is dead for sure. I don't know what happened after that. We got split up. Some of them might have made it . . . back.


SAM: Major, we've been trying to contact you for the last few hours.

HAWKINS: (Somber) My men are dead, aren't they?

JACK: Look, Hawkins . . . I can't spare anybody to take you back to the stargate. You're gonna have ta stick with us. Can ya do that?

HAWKINS: What ever you say, Sir.

JACK: Let's move out.

Danny and Unas arrive in the cave.

Back to SG1

SAM: Sir, I think we should rest.

JACK: Allright. Go to ground, boots on, no fire. I'll take first watch.

Jack sits on ground, goa'uld symbiote watches him from water.

Next scene, Goa'uld symbiote's head is being heated on a fire. Danny does not look too hungry at that site.

DANNY: Is this your cave? Your cave? It's nice. (Unas takes the head off the stick and throws it to Danny)

UNAS: Nan!

DANNY: Nan? (Holding the head) Nan is Goa'Uld? Is Symbiote? Nan?

UNAS: Ka! Nan. (He takes a bit of the symbiote's body)

DANNY: Eat! Eat. Nan is eat! (To self) of course. No, NO! If I am the main course, I'd rather you fill up on the appetizers. So . . . (Throw head @ unas) Ka!

UNAS: Throws head back) NAN!

DANNY: (Throws head) KA!

Danny & Unas throw head back and forth 2 times & says eat & no! Danny's starting to laugh. They do look like a couple of 5 year olds.

UNAS: (Laughing) NAN!

DANNY: (Laughing) Right! Uh, toss the symbiote head! That's very popular, very interesting! (Unas is still laughing) Yes, all the kids are doing this! (Throw head into fire) Uh-Oh! Look out! In the fire, but . . . (Digs in pocket & produces some sort of pie; I'd say an Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream pie?) NAN!


DANNY: Now, don't say KA till you've tried it! (Opens it , looking adorable!) (Unas smells it) Nan. (Danny takes a bite closing his eyes like he's REALLY enjoying it!) MMM! MMMMMM! (He stops when he sees Unas looking at him.) (Unas takes it away from him , smells it, then licks it.)

UNAS: (Taking a bite of pie) RRRR.



DANNY: That's funny! I met my father in law like this.


DANNY: Yeah, like that!

SG-1 in the dark.

JACK: Rothman! (Hits Rothman)

ROTHMAN: What?! Colonel?!

JACK: You notice anything weird about Hawkins?


JACK: Different.

ROTHMAN: (Sleepily rubbing eyes) Different.

JACK: Odd?


JACK: Rothman!

ROTHMAN: OH! I'm still not awake yet, Colonel, I'm sorry!

JACK: Well, you work with him. Tell me if you noticed any thing . . . out of the ordinary?

ROTHMAN: (Puts his glasses on & looks at Hawkins) He seems like . . . Hawkins! I, I don . . . That's the way he is!

JACK: Ya sure?

ROTHMAN: No. It's not my thing.

JACK: What isn't?

ROTHMAN: People. I mean give me a million year old fossil, and I'll tell you what it had for breakfast, but I, I , I'm not too good with people. They're too recent.

Jack looks at Sam. Shot goes to Hawkins with the glowing eyes!

DANNY: (In the TR) I'm in a cave. There are crude drawings, pictigraphs. It really seams to have comprehention of Goa'Uld symbiote structure. As well as their ability to blend. Obviously the unas who were taken over must have figured out how to work the gate and left but . . . not all of them. (He talks about the necklace protecting them from symbiote. He goes on about a rite of passage. Not funny at all.)

Unas cuts Danny's face. Put a line of Danny's blood next to a drawing of the unas dragging a man away.

DANNY: I think I've just been marked for death!

Shot to Teal'C overlooking the water.

SAM: Teal'C, we're moving out.

Symbiote watches Teal'C from water. Teal'C stops.He hears movement in water. He activates his staff. Symbiote jumps out of water. It's flying thru the air with WINGS!!!! Teal'C shoots it. Something really big kinda comes out of the water. Makes a lot of splashing. You hear screetching. The humans approach.

TEAL'C: (Staff pointed @ humans) Come no closer!

JACK: What was that?

TEAL'C: Lower your weapons!

JACK: What?!

TEAL'C: One or more of you may have become hosts to a Goa'Uld during our watch.

Jack looks at Sam who looks back at him.

SAM: Teal'C, that doesn't make any sense! I don't sense . . .

TEAL'C: Cause you yourself may have been compromised.

JACK: Well, what makes you think there are Goa'Uld around here.

TEAL'C: These waters abound with them. Any one who have ventured to the edge has put them selves at risk.

ROTHMAN: No, the Goa'Uld fossils we found are millions of years old. I've been on this planet for weeks.

TEAL'C: Then perhaps you maintained the pretence of being human.

ROTHMAN: I think I would know if there was a snake in my head!

JACK: Carter?

SAM: I can't explain it, Sir. I don't even sense the ones that are in the water.

ROTHMAN: Daniel & I found no traces of Naquata in the symbiote fossil. Maybe that's why -

TEAL'C: Enough! Relinquish your weapons immediately!

SOLDIER: Hold on! How do we know YOU'RE not one of them?

SAM : Symbiotes can't blend with a Jaffa.

SOLDIER: Yeah? Well, look at my neck. Do you see a scar?

TEAL'C: A goauld may enter thru the mouth leaving no visible scar. Therefore it may be impossible to tell who among you has been taken and who has not.

SAM: Sir, Teal'C is right. He's the only one we can be sure of, even you and me.

JACK: (Thinks a few seconds) Do as he says. Everyone takes off their weapons.

SAM: What about Daniel?

TEAL'C: None of you can be trusted to proceed.

SOLDIER: You think you can bring Daniel back alone?

TEAL'C: I do, and I will. (Into radio) Sargent Colburn.

COLBURN: Colburn?

TEAL'C: One or more of our team may have been compromised by a goa'uld parisite.

COLBURN: How many?

TEAL'C: That may be impossible to detirmine. I intend to restrain them at this location, and continue on.

JACK: What?!

TEAL'C: I will leave this frequency open so that you may locate them and return to the SGC. Take extreme caution.

COLBURN: We're on our way.

TEAL'C: (Throwing some ties @ Jack) Bind their hands and feet tight with those. I will then do the same to you, O'Neill.

Danny wakes up in the cave. He takes a big rock. He wants to hit the unas, but slams it into the ground instead. He offers to help the unas with the cut on his hand.

Teal'C is binding Jack's hands.

JACK: I'm telling you, It's gotta be Hawkins!

TEAL'C: Trust in me, O'Neill.

JACK: What if I'm not O'Neill?!

TEAL'C: Then I was not talking to you.

Teal'C leaves.

SOLDIER: What if one of those Unas come by? What will we do then?

SAM: Teal'C didn't have any other choice, Captain.

Hawkins has that look like Apophis .

Daniel is taking the bullet out of the unas's hand. He pleads with unas to let him go. He writes something on the wall.

ROTHMAN: This is ridiculous! I'm not a Goa'Uld!

JACK: Well, then why didn't you say so? Could've straightened this whole thing out. (Sam kinda smirk @ Jack's comment)

HAWKINS: (Shot of his hands with a cut on it) So, which one of you is it?

JACK: (Sarcastically the way ONLY Jack could do!) All right anybody with a snake in their head raise their hands!

Hawkin's eyes glow, and he releases the restraints.

JACK: (Unbelivingly) Damn! Um . . . TEAL'C!!!! TEAL'C!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hawkins picks up a gun.) TEAL'C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Looks around, hysterically) TEAL'C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hawkins points the gun @ Jack. Jack flintches, Teal'C shoots Hawkins with the staff in the back. Twice. His eyes glow, and he falls dead.) Well, that took ya long enough!

TEAL'C: You are welcome, O'Neill. I knew if there was a Goa'Uld among you, he would be strong enough to free himself. (He smiles, and goes to release others)

SAM: You had to wait long enough to make sure Hawkins was the only one.

TEAL'C : Yes.

SOLDIER: You satisfied now?

TEAL'C: I am.

ROTHMAN: Glad that's over with! (Teal'C sees a cut on Rothman's hand. Rothman's eyes glow. He knocks Teal'C backwards, takes his staff, shoots the captain that I refer to as soldier, and gets a chest full of lead courtesy of Jack!)

JACK: You gonna live?

SOLDIER: Yeah. I think so.

JACK: Meet up with Colburn. Head back to the stargate.

SOLDIER: Yeah. How long do you figure he's been Goa'Uld?

SECOND SOLDIER: Could've been the whole time, we just didn't know it.

SAM: They deserve a decent buriel, Sir.

JACK: Yes, they do.

SOLDIER: We'll take care of it, Sir. Go find Doctor Jackson.

Daniel and Unas go further into cave. SG-1 are at the beginning of the cave. Danny wrote this way on the wall with an arrow. Daniel and Unas run into other unas. The other unas makes an advance to wards Danny. Unas stops him. SG-1 comes in, Danny stops them from shooting. The alpha male wants Danny as dinner. The alpha male makes an advace toward Danny. Sam and Jack open fire. A fight ensues between Alpha male and Danny's friend. Danny's friend kicks the Alpha male's Ass, and becomes the alpha male.

After the fight, Unas says: Daniel? He leaves, and everyone lives happily ever after!


Source : Stargate Fusion

Ecrit par makkura 

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Le deuxième tour de garde des médecins a commencé! 128 sont rentrés chez eux mais 128 sont encore en compétition alors... qui sera le meilleur médecin?

albi2302 (23:11)

Blindspot devient l'HypnoStars du moment sur Twitter grâce a sa news sur John Wesley Shipp. Et oui, l'acteur à partager la news du quartier sur Twitter ! Bravo la team Blindspot beau boulot

juju93 (00:24)

Nouveau sondage sur The L Word : "Et si ces personnages n'avaient pas si hétéros que cela ?" A vous de nous le dire !

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