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Window of Opportunity

We begin on a planet with a yellow sky. The team is setting up equipment. Jack looks up at the sun thru an extra sunglasses lens. It is an uneven looking ball of gas. It kinda looks like the solar flare in 1969, but it's all over, not just in one place.

JACK: Is it suppossed to be doing that?

SAM: It's a coronal mass emmision. Like a solar flare.

JACK: But it's safe, right?

SAM: That's what this equipment is designed to find out. Apart from disrupting the planet's magnetic field, it might cause a significant increase in surface radiation.

JACK: But it's Safe, right?

SAM: (Nodding her head) As long as we don't stay here too long, yes, Sir.

JACK: Anyone explain that to Daniel?

Scene goes to Alien guy at desk, and Danny has a piece of paper over the artifact, and is tracing the glyphs onto the paper with a pencil or crayon.

*Sounds of thunder and wind.*

Danny: I've encountered this script before. It's simular in pronounciation to a language on our planet called latin. Now, as near as I can tell the main body of the text represents some kind of planetary history.

ALIEN GUY(AG from now on) : I agree. But isn't it time for you to return thru the stargate?

DANNY: What I don't understand is the signifigance of this ... some kind of control mecognism. It's obviously in working order compared with the rest of the ruins. I wonder if that's significant.

AG grabs some kind of weapon and turns it on.

AG: The storm is approaching, Doctor Jackson. The radiation may be dangerous for you and your team.

DANNY: OH! Yes, Um ... Major Carter will let us know when we have to leave. Now, this line recurs several times ... (Some latin Word)

AG: Concurer of time?

DANNY: In this context it seems more like Master of the uncertain past.

AG: You're a skilled lenguist, Doctor Jackson.

DANNY: OH! Thank you! Actually, I heard the language spoken aloud a year or so ago.

AG plays with the device making it beep.

DANNY: What's that?

AG: The geomagnetic desturbance is reaching its peak. I have to act now.

Danny looks away, and then back to AG. AG has the weapon pointed at Danny.

DANNY: I don't understand.

AG shoots a lighted laser at Danny. Danny falls to the ground. AG draggs an uncontious Danny to the rocks, and starts pressing on the panel.

SAM: All set up, Sir.

JACK: Good. Let's hit it! *into 2 way radio* Daniel! Let's go home. *no responce* Daniel?! (The three walk over to the AG and the desk/contol panel)

Sound of electricity crackling is heard.

TEAL'C: O'Neill ...

JACK: Yeah, I hear it.

You see the electricity crackling and crawling up the poles. It shoots out to the stargate, making the chevrons lock. The wormhole opens, nearly hitting Sam , Jack, and Teal'C who were standing in front of it. The three duck just in time.

In the gateroom ...

Technitian: Incoming wormhole.

The irised gate has electricity on it.

GENERAL HAMMOND (GH FNO) What is that?!?!?!

TECH: I have no idea , Sir.

JACK: Are you doing this?

AG: STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

SAM: Daniel?

JACK: What the hell are you doing?

AG: Stay BAck!!!!

Jack and Teal'C are struggling with AG while Sam is helping Daniel. Jack, Teal'C and AG are hit with what appears to be lightning.

SAM: COLONEL!!!!!??!?! (I wonder who she loves! )

OK! For future refference, anytime you see *BL,* that means bright light, which is what the time loop looks like, OK?

*BL* (See? The first time loop has occured!)

Shot goes to a close up of a spoon of Froot Loops. (FL from now on!)

DANNY: ...Anyway, I'm sorry. But that just happens to be the way I feel about it ... What do you think?

Jack looks up from his FL with a confused look.

JACK: What?

DANNY: What do you think?

Jack looks from Danny to Sam and back again several times.

SAM: Colonel? Is something wrong?

JACK: Maybe.

Jack looks down at his FL rather confused.


JACK: Weren't we just somewhere else?

Sam & Danny looks at each other.

DANNY: Where?

JACK: Some planet.

DANNY: When?

JACK: Just now.


JACK: Ya sure?

DANNY: Yeah.

Jack looks at his companions, then at the room, then at his spoon of FL and drops it.

JACK: Everything just changed....

SAM: Sir, we have been sitting in the commensary for the last half hour.

JACK: Really?

DANNY: Although it is understandable how you could have gotten the two places confused.

Sam smiles.

SAM: We're gonna be late for the briefing.

JACK: Briefing?

DANNY: Are you OK, or are you just avoiding answering my question?

JACK: I'm fine. *A few second later* What question?

The sun from the planet is up on projector in the briefing.

SAM: Two weeks ago, SG-15 took these images of solar activities on P4X-639. Anylisis of the data indicates a steady increase in intencity. Now, if I'm right, the explosions are just a percurser from an even greater violent ejectory.

Shot to Jack with Teal'C behind him. They both look confused.

TEAL'C: MajorCarter. Have we not previously been briefed concerning this matter?

JACK: I was just gonna say that.

SAM: Sir?

JACK: You wanna go to the planet set up some kind of remote obseratory.

SAM: Yes.

JACK: We just did that.

DANNY: No we didn't.

TEAL'C: I believe we did, DanielJackson.

GH: No, Teal'C. That's what this briefing is about.

JACK: I distinctly remember sitting here listening to Carter prattle on about solar activity and a ... corona ... something.

SAM: Coronal Mass emmision. I was just about to bring it up.

JACK: There you go. How would I know that?

SAM: Mabe you read my report?

DANNY: (Adoringly skeptical) *Sarcastically* Maybe he READ your report? (Raises eye brow and smiles)

JACK: I'm telling you guys, we've done this before.

TEAL'C: I am in agreement with O'Neill. I am experiencing a great deal of familiarity with these event.

Sam looks confused. Alarm goes off.

(Over PA) TECH: Unscheduled off world activation. (In Control Room) We have an unschdules incoming traveler, Sir.

JACK: It's SG-12.

GH: They're not due back for days.

TECH: Recieving GDO transmission. It's SG-12.

Everyone looks at Jack who raises his eyebrow.

GH: Open the iris.

TEAL'C: One of them will be injured.

SG-12 walks thru the gate. One of them is in fact being helped by another. General Hammond looks @ Jack & Teal'C . Jack raises his eyebrow again.

GH & Sam are walking down the hallway.

GH: What do you make of all this, Major?

SAM: Well, Sir. I'm not sure.

GH: SG-12's early return was the result of an accident. One of the team fell and broke his ankle. How could Teal'C & Colonel O'Neill have known that was going to happen?

SAM: Both of them claim to have momories of SG-1's mission to P4X-639.

GH: A mission that isn't scheduled to start for another six hours.

Next shot is Janet shining a light ...

In Jack's eyes.

DANNY: OK. So, Sam was setting up instruments and ... Where was I?

JACK: You were by the alter deal with the guy.

DANNY: Right. Yo ... You're gonna have to be a little bit more spacific.

TEAL'C: Malikai. (Here Teal'C gives the nurse the cutest look when she shoves the thermometer in his mouth!)

DANNY: That 's the alien archiologist SG-15 met on the first survey. I was looking forward to meeting him.

JACK: You did! ... You got along swell. Anyway, at some point, a beam shot out from the alter and hit the stargate.

TEAL'C: (Taking out thermometer & looking at it!LOL!) There was a blinding flash of light.

JACK: And then I was back in the commensary eating my froot loops.

Sam & GH walk in.

JANET: Well, Sir. I can't find anything wrong with either one of them. We'll have to wait for the lab results to be sure, but they both appear to be in perfect health.

SAM: Except for the facts they're remembering events that haven't even happened yet.

DANNY: But why Jack & Teal'C, and not us?

GH: I'm not taking any chances. Until we figure out what's going on, I'm postponing your mission to P4X-639.

Next scene, Jack's walking down hall.

DANNY: Jack! Wait up! Um ... I was thinking about what you said about a a beam coming out of the alter. Uh ... SG-15 took digital images of the carvings in the ruins. I was thinking there is a clue in here as to what's going on, but it's the equivilent of about 400 pages of alien text. But uh ... if you can give me more details about the ... ruins ... it might be easier to ...

BANG! A newly recovered Siler runs into into Danny knocking him down! LOL! Siler recovered fast, don't ya think?!?!

SILER: Gee, sorry, Doctor Jackson.

Siler and an Airman help Danny to his feet.

JACK: Shoulda seen that commin'.

Jack's in the comesary drinking a cup of coffee. Sam walks up to him and smiles her killowatt smile.

SAM: So ...


SAM: Don't ya know what I'm gonna say?

JACK: Actually, by this time, we were on the planet. It's all different now.

SAM: OH! Well, I was thinking about what you said about a beam hitting the stargate.

JACK: (Looking up from his coffee) What about it?

SAM: After the flash, You found yourself back here, (Jack's sticking his finger in the coffee and taking something out.) and then you were basically reliving the moments up to the mission. Maybe, you're not remembering future events. Maybe you were sent back in time.

JACK: For what? Six hours?

SAM: It wouldn't be the first time we've seen something like this. The stargate did send us back to 1969.

JACK: (Smiles) Good year.

SAM:(Smiles) So, I was wondering, could this beam you mentioned be a means to access the gate's subspace field in order to create some kind of timing version of side of subspace? (AQ's personal note: HUH?!?!?! )

JACK: (Stares at her for a few seconds) I knew you were gonna say that.

SAM: (Smiles and blushes?) I guess I'm just thinking out loud. I'm gonna go run a few simulations. (She smiles and gets up.)

JACK: (Smiling) *Sarcastically* You run ... simulate. *Drinks coffee* Let me know how it turns out. Keep me posted. *To himself* Keep me aprized. *He sighs & closes his eyes.*

The lab results confirm that they are fine.

The gate starts up. The lightning thing happens to the gate again.

GH: What is that?

TEAH: I'm not sure, Sir. I've never seen anything like it.

JACK: *He and Teal'C are standing behind Tech* We have!


Back to Shot of FL.

Danny askes the same question.

Jack looks @ his watch.

SAM: Colonel, is something wrong?

JACK: Oh, yeah! Something.

Jack looks at his 2 companions.

Back to briefing.

SAM: 2 weeks ago, SG-15 ...

JACK: We've done this!

DANNY: We do this every day.

JACK: I'm not talking about briefings in general, Daniel. I'm talking about THIS briefing! I'm talking about THIS DAY!

Everyone exchanges confused looks.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill is correct. Events do appear to be repeating themselves.

DANNY: Since when?

JACK: Since we went to P4X-639.

SAM: We haven't been to P4X-639.

JACK: Yes we have. (Points to Daniel) "No, we haven't!" That's what you were gonna say.

DANNY: Of course, that's what I was gonna say.

JACK: OK! BAd example.

The rest of the team is skeptical as to why only Teal'C and Jack can remember.

JACK: You'll all believe me when SG-12 comes thru that gate in ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... *He points his finger* (Silence) (Sam looks out at the still stargate.) (More silence) (Jack taps his watch)

GH: SG-12 isn't due back for 3 days ...

TECH: Unscheduled offworld activation.

JACK: So close!

Back to medical exam!

JACK: You're not gonna find anything.

Janet wants to wait for the lab results that Teal'C says will be negative. Jack suggests to the General that they don't postpone the mission. Teal'C gives the nurse a dirty look when she put the thermometer in his mouth.

Danny gets hit in the hallway by Siler ... again! LOL!


Jack and Teal are checking in on the lab results with GH. GH finds their claim about loops hard to believe.

JACK: Hey! If it was just me, I'd say yeah. But what about Teal'C? Does this look like the face of a crazy man? (Teal'C looks at him with the usual stoic face) BAD EXAMPLE!!!!

They go back to the planet. The AG acted like he doesn't know them. AG says he's just an archiologist. Jack finds a weapon in AG's backpack.

JACK: What kind of archiologist carries a weapon?

DANNY: (Raised hand) Uh ... I do! (Danny's soooo cute!)

JACK: BAD example!

Jack finds a holigram of a beautiful woman. AG says it's his wife. The alter goes crazy. The lightning thing happens.

JACK: (to Sam) What'd you do?

SAM: I didn't do anything! It engaged on its own.

JACK: Turn it off.

SAM: How?

AG: It's drawing energy from the ionization in the atmosphere. There's nothing MAJOR CARTER can do!

JACK: Excuse me? How'd you know her name?

AG: (Looks @ Sam then @ JAck then back again) You told me.

JACK: No, I didn't. Not this time around.

AG says they're too late. Jack tells Danny to come try to shut the alter off. Danny says he don't know where to start.


Shot of FL, and Danny's mystery question!

Jack drops the spoon and holds his head.

DANNY: Just a question.

Back to briefing.

JACK: All right, here's the deal. We're all stuck in a time loop of some kind. However, Teal'C and I seams to be the only ones who realize it.

He explains to them about the subspace thingy. He says some thing about magnets. There's no reason to have doc frasier examine them again.

Next scene ... The examination.

JACK: I ask you ... what could possibly be in my eye to explain this.

Teal'C with the thermometer again. That poor nurse!

Sam and GH are talking about how Jack used scientific words correctly. She says she is beginning to believe Jack.

Daniel's getting ready to leave his office.

JACK: You're better off in here.

DANNY: I was just going look for you.

JACK: I know.

Daniel starts talking about symbols. He needs to figure out what the alter says, according to Jack.

Sam suggests they open the gate to the Tollan home world to make the dialers from 639 get a busy signal. They decide to try that. The 6 chevrons lock. The seventh chevron will not engage. (AQ!'s personal note: Probrably becouse the gate they're using is supposed to have burned up on Thor's ship! The gate has the same Point of Origin. THIS is supposed to be the beta gate that was found in Antartica!) As Samis running a diagnosis, they get an incoming wormhole. Jack and Teal'C look at each other. Wormhole is established ... lightning appears ... Sam looks back and Jack and Teal'C. Jack waves as ...


FL and Danny's question.

Jack drops his spoon & Sits back.

JACK: Ask me tommorrow.

Same confused look from Danny & Sam. Jack closes his eyes and sighs.

Back to Danny's office. Danny points out that he'd never be able to translate all that info in one day.

JACK: I'm a step ahead of ya ... I put the whole thing on tape last time. So you don't have to start from scratch.

He plays it ... nothing but static!

DANNY: If what you say is true, then when loop started again ... you recording wouldn've happened yet.

JACK: *Quietly* Yeah ... right.

TEAL'C: Did I not say your plan would be unsucessful?

JACK: (To Teal'C) Careful! *quieter* Be careful. (To Daniel) What about notes? Indulable ink?

Danny and Teal'C shake their heads. Danny says they have to help him figure it out by remembering the info from one loop to the other.

JACK: Fine. How hard can this be?

Jack's looking at the paper. Danny turns it around. He was looking at it upside down! LOL!

Sam theorizes that the loops are making the earth shift away from the rest of the gate system. That's why they can't dial out. They noted that SG-12 were able to dial in becouse the random sequence of planets that circle around 639. SG-12 's planet is one of the planets. 639 is right at the center of the circle. She believes that 639 is somehow connected to the other planets around it creating a subspace bubble. (I know! I don't understand it either!) She goes on with her technobabble. GH agrees. (Glad someone does!)

OK! We move on! Jack's rewading a book Latin For the Novice. He's saying a lot of latin words, Danny's at the chalk board trying to figure out the words.

JACK: This is a bad idea.

TEAL'C: It would appear we have no choice.

SG-12 's return is heard.

JACK: *Sighs* You know the worse part of this? Everytime we loop, Daniel askes me a question and ... I wasn't listening the first time.

TEAL'C: You are not the only one who must endure some discomfort, O'Neill.

Flashback to Teal'C getting hit in the face by a geek with a door.

GEEK: Sorry, Sir. I didn't realize you were there.

TEAL'C: You have said that on many occasions. *Geek studders I, I* Perhaps next time I will not be so forgiving.

End of flashback.

Danny's talking ...

Jack has a piece of paper on his eyes. He drops it to his lap.

JACK: We've been over this.

TEAL'C: I believe it means the aproaching disaster.

*BL* OK! From here, until further notice, when you see *BL*, Danny will be at the chalkboard doing his thing. I will tell you what Jack and Teal'C are doing, OK?

DANNY: The machine surrenders ...

TEAL'C: That is incorrect, DanielJackson.

JACK: The word (some latin word) Means give up, not surrender.


Jack's turning around on the chair extremely bored.


Jack's juggling something that looks like rocks ... uh ... artifacts.


Now he's standing and juggling. Teal'C just watching him.


Now Teal'C is standing and juggling. Nice form, NICE biceps! Jack's just watching him.


Daniel turns from the board, and sees both Jack and Teal'C juggling.

DANNY: Guys, you getting this? Because this is important.


This is the end of then being in Danny's office.

JAck's in the mess hall. He's looking at a plate, His feet are up on the table.

TEAL'C: O'Neill? Should we not be assisting DanielJackson with the translation?

JACK: I'm taking this loop off. *He put 2 blobs of ketsup on the plate.* I'm tellin' ya, Teal'C, (softly) If we don't find a way out of this soon, I'm gonna loose it. *Teal'C cocks his head looking confused* Lose it? It means go crazy ... nuts ... (He gets progressively louder and faster in his talking!) insane ... Bonzo ... *He's putting more ketchup and mustard on the plate as he's talking* No longer in possession of one's faculties ... Three fries short of a Happy Meal ... WACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *He shows Teal'C the smiley face he drew on the plate*


Jack is writing on the chalkboard.

JACK: *sigh* Teal'C?

TEAL'C: Thank you O'Neill. *Teal'C stands up and walks toward the board.*

JACK: No, No. Thank YOU, Teal'C.

Jack sits on the chair , sighs, puts the back of the chair back and rubs his eyes.

JACK: OH ... GOD!!!!

DANNY: Exactly how many of these loops have you ... we ... been ... thru?

JACK: I've ... lost track.

DANNY: That must be frustrating.

JACK: Uh ... yeah! *Said sarcastically*

DANNY: On the other hand, it's kind of an oppertunity.

JACK: How's that?

DANNY: Well, think about it. If you know in advance that everything will be going back to the way it was, then ... you could do anything ... For as long as you want without having to worry about consequences!

Jack and Teal'C look at each other and grin.

JACK: *Standing up* Excuse me. *Jack and Teal'C run out the door.*


Jack's taken up pottery. Not so sucessfully.


Jack's riding a bike thru the hallway.

JACK: How are you? *To an airman*

AIRMAN: I'm fine ... Sir.


Teal'C is hitting a golf ball thru the open stargate.

JACK: Yeah! Out a play. How far is Aloris, anyway? *Jack's teeing up.*

TEAL'C: Several billion miles, O'Neill.

JACK: That's gotta be a record.

Jack's preparing to hit the ball. He hits it. (Very NICE swing!)


Back to Jack doing pottery. (He's getting better!)


Jack is preparing to hit the golf ball again.


JACK: (telling back) IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BACK SWING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


Geek hits Teal'C again.

GEEK: I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't realize ...

Teal'C hits him into the door ... HARD. (Poor guy!) Teal'C smiles.

Jack walkes into the control room dressed in a yellow shirt with a baseball hit backwards on his head.

JACK: Excuse me, George?

Jack hands George a piece of paper.

GH: Colonel, what are you doing out of uniform?

JACK: *Looking at his watch, and turning to Sam.* Handing you my resignation.

SAM: You're resigning?! What for?

JACK: *Still looking at his watch* So I can do ... this!

He takes her face in his hands, and kisses her on the mouth. She starts to put her hand up as he puts his left hand around her neck. His right hand is at the small of her back. He dips her, moving his left hand to the side of her breast, and his right hand a little lower ... Somewhere in the kiss, he slips her the tongue, (I think it's when his face is turned right before he dips her) becouse she startes to respond by putting her arms around his neck and the way their mouths are moving, they are definately kissing open-mouthed!


Light shines in Sam's face, making her blue eyes seem bluer. Sam's looking around.

SAM: What are you smiling at?

Jack's leaning on the table with his hand on his face, grinning. He's staring at her.

JACK: Nothin'.

Sam looks down at her hands, and smiles.

Everyone is sitting at the briefing table. Daniel says with the help of Teal'C and Jack, he's managed to complete the translation. He says the planet once belonged to the Antients. He doesn't know what happened to them. He thinks that facing certain destruction, the antients built a time machine. They were gonna go back and change their history, it didn't work. Time kept looping. Eventually they gave up, and the race died out. Danny also noticed that the geomagnetic storms, which occur every 50 or so years caused the time to start looping again. It can be shut down by pushing the alter bars in the correct sequence.

The team goes to the planet. Teal'C is looking around, and runs into a forse shiled. The FS knocks the big man backward onto the ground! He lands pretty hard! The AG knows that they're there to break the time loop , and he refuses to let them do that. TEAL'C APPEARS TO BE UNCONSIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Jack throws a rock at the FS, and the rock forseably comes back nearly hitting Danny & Jack. The AG says he needs more time.

JACK: Why? So you can be the king of Groundhog Day?

AG: You think i would do this for personal power? She ... You wouldn't understand.

JACK: What happened?

AG: She died. 12 years ago. When I found this place, and discovered it's true purpose, I dedicated myself to unlocking it's mysteries.

Teal'C is finally waking up.

SAM: So you can go back and save her?

AG: No, that would be quite impossible. She died from a congentital heart weakness. Not even the ability to travel time could change that.

JACK: Then why are you doing this?

AG: To be with her once more.

DANNY: *Takes off his glasses.* Malikai, the device doesn't work. It never did.

AG: It never did? You're living proof.

DANNY: We finished translating the text on the ruins. The antients who built this place never got it to work. They tried over & over again, just like you, but in the end, they gave up. Why do you think this place has been deserted so long? They c ouldn't save themselves.

AG: You're wrong! There must be some other explination. I know I can make this work.

DANNY: You can't. They proved it can't be done. You're just gonna go on like this forever, you'll be trapped.

TEAL'C: Along with billions of innocent others.

SAM: This device activated 14 stargates simultaniously. That's 14 worlds reliving the same day over & over.

AG: I uh ... I didn't realize. But, It doesn't matter. Once I'm able to input the correct time corridinents, The cycle will be broken.

JACK: The people who made that machine, are the same people who made the stargates, and they couldn't get the damn thing to work, and even if you could, just for the sake of arguing, You can't change what happened.

AG: I can ... touch her face again. Talk with her. Hear her laugh ...

JACK: Like you remember?

AG: Yes.

JACK: Then what? Listen to me, I know what it's like!

AG: *Yelling over the lightning and wind* YOU CAN'T!

JACK: I LOST MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!! I know!

Sam closes her eyes.

JACK: And as much as I ... *Calmer now* (Softer) I could never live that over again. Could you?

AG: *Tearfully* No.

JACK: Let her go.

AG stops the machine. & removes the forse shield. AG looks at his wife. Then at Jack.

Gate room ... open gate. SG-1 walks thru.

GH: Well, if we're still here Colonel, I guess you were sucessful.

JACK: Well, General, you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed, TRY ... try ... try ... try, try, try, ... ah ... try again!

Next scene Jack's really enjoying a big glob of oatmeal.

JACK: mmn!

DANNY: I've never seen anybody enjoy oatmeal so much.

JACK: When you've been eating froot loops for who knows how long, a little variety helps. (He stuffs the oatmeal in his mouth.)

SAM: Well, we got a message from the Tok'Ra. Apparently, they've been trying to contact us for over 3 months.

JACK: (Mouth full of oatmeal) Really?

SAM: Who knows when they first realized that we were cut off. I mean, there's really no way of telling how much time passed.

DANNY: (Jack's still enjoying his oatmeal) Let me ask you something, in all the time you were ... um ... looping, were you ever tempted to ... uh ... um ... do something crazy? I mean, you could do anything without worrying about consequences.

Sam looked at Jack.

JACK: You know, it's funny, you've asked me that before.


Jack shifts his eyes from Danny to Sam. He's staring at her. She and Danny look at each other. She looks at Jack, while Daniel's still looking at her. (AQ!'s observation: if Danny didn't know before, he suspects now!) Jack smiles a shit eating grin, and puts the spoon of oatmeal to his mouth, and eats it, not taking his eyes off of Sam.



Source : Stargate Fusion
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Bon je vous laisse, bonne nuit. Et bon courage à ceux qui se lèvent tôt demain

serieserie (23:08)

Bon allez je file!

Sonmi451 (23:08)

ben ce soir je lirais un peu la vie Canadienne et Québécoise.

serieserie (23:08)

Bonne nuit les filles
À demain

Sonmi451 (23:08)

bonne nuit à vous

CastleBeck (23:09)

Bonne nuit à vous deux!

CastleBeck (23:09)

Ah, mais je peux (essayer de ) répondre à tes questions!

Sonmi451 (23:11)

ben en fait, ce qui est serait interessant de savoir, c'est d'où vient cette envie d'indépendance ou du moins de différenciation.

CastleBeck (23:16)

Dans les grandes lignes...
Un jour, il y a longtemps, le Canada était un territoire français.
Il y a eu une guerre Angleterre / France et les canadiens ont perdu la bataille sur les Plaine d'Abraham.
La Canada est devenu territoire anglais.
Les anglais sont donc arrivés et ont voulu assimiler les Canadiens à leur langue, religion et culture.
Mais, les francophones ont résisté, tant bien que mal, malgré la nombre plus élevés d'anglo

Sonmi451 (23:16)

je te suis.

CastleBeck (23:16)


CastleBeck (23:17)

Ça grosso modo, c'Est un point de départ...

CastleBeck (23:20)

On peut aussi mentionné les décisions prises au Canada sans l'accord du Québec, dont le rapatriement de la constitution en 82.

Sonmi451 (23:20)

c'est pour ça que tout ça est interessant

CastleBeck (23:21)

Je peux aussi te parler de société distincte. La langue dominante, ls valeurs, la culture du Québec diffère grandement de celles du reste du Canada (bon, la je parle pour la majorit, il y a des exceptions d'un côté comme de l'autre)
La vague orange (je t'explique après) est un excellent exemple

CastleBeck (23:23)

Vague orange : Aux élections de 2011, les Québécois ont voté majoritairement pour le NPD alors que les autres provinces canadiennes ont voté Conservateurs

Sonmi451 (23:25)

Ca fait penser un peu à l'Alsace Lorraine en France

CastleBeck (23:26)

On a eu deux référendums pour la séparation du Québec (1980 et 1995) en 1995, c'était 49,6% pour le oui, versus 50,4% pour le non... mais il y a eu des irrégularités qui ont fait que le non est passé.

CastleBeck (23:27)

Pour l'Alsace, je ne sais pas, il faut que tu m'en dises plus ou que je fasse des recherches. Tu vois, en parlant de référendum, j'allais te parler d'Écosse, plutôt.

CastleBeck (23:28)

E 1995, il faut dire que la question était incompréhensible

CastleBeck (23:28)

Bon, je crois que ça fait un bon survol, même si c'Est plus compliqué que ça

Sonmi451 (23:30)

Ha oui je vois pour l'Ecosse

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