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Small Victories

We begin with a scene of water, then going underwater --- to a submarine. An alarm is sounding. Two sailors are speaking Russian. Clanking is heard. They open the hatch, and water comes out scaring one of them. Whirring is heard. The replicator attacks one of the sailors.


JANET: (Pressing on someone's stomach) I hear it took a little longer than they thought to set up the second gate. (It's Danny!)

DANNY: (Thru slightly pained voice) Uh, yes. They finally got it running yesterday. Technical difficulties or something.

JANET: They needed Sam's help, huh?

DANNY: Yes, it's (Appears to be in pain as he sits up) It's ironic she's not here to save herself.

JANET: Well, you are fine. There's no sign of residual infection. You were very lucky.

DANNY: That's what they keep saying.

JANET: Well, I still want you to take it easy fo ---

TECH. DAVIS: Off world activation! We have an off world activation . (Danny gets up, and runs down the hall.)

JANET: At least a week! O-Kay!

DANNY: (Running down the hall, running into people) AW! Excuse Me! Sorry! OWWW! (At elevator) Hold that! (Airmen are surrounding the gate with guns)

TECH DAVIS: Receiving SG-1's I.D.C. , Sir.

GH: Open the iris. (The iris opens, and Danny runs in the gate room to wait for his team mates)

JACK: (Walking thru followed by Sam and Teal'C) Well, it's about time!

SAM: We've been dialing home for about a week!

DANNY: It's great to see you guys, too.(Sarcastically)

TEAL'C: I am pleased to see you well, DanielJackson.

DANNY: Thank you, Teal'C. You've got a --- (Goes to touch Teal'C's caterpillar)

JACK: (Motioning 'no' with his hands) (Whispering) Don't! Don't touch it.

GH: Glad you made it, SG-1.

JACK: Where's the fanfare, General?

SAM: We did kinda save the planet, Sir.

JACK: Again. This should not get old, General.

GH: Job well done.

JACK: Thank you , Sir. It was nothing.

DANNY: What happened to Thor?

SAM: Oh, we got him out in the Stasis pod.

TEAL'C: He was retrieved when we passed thru the stargate on P4X-234. (AQ!'s note! In Nemesis, he said P3X-234! Inconsistancy found! )

SAM: It must have had a locating beacon.

GH: They left you behind?

SAM: (Looks toward Jack) We were fine, Sir.

JACK: I'd be happy to debrief you all after I've debriefed myselt to a nice hot shower.

GH: Permission to shower granted. In fact, I insist on one, Colonel.

JACK: (Looks at Danny) Bad?

DANNY: I wasn't gonna say anything. (Sam smiles at Danny, and Teal'C touches his arm.)

Shot of a lego block (Piece of replicator) being put under magnifying glass. Jack walks up, and puts his face up to the glass, making Sam smile.

JACK: What ya doin'?

SAM: (Still smiling) They salvaged a couple of replicator pieces from the ocean, I thought I'd take a look.

JACK: (Standing up) (Monotone voice) Is that --- wise?

SAM: Well, there's no discernable energy being emitted. I think it's pretty safe to say they're dead. Besides, it's only just a couple of little blocks.

JACK: (Raises eyebrows) Well, I'm off.

SAM: Still going fishing? (Smiles)

JACK: Yep. (Grins) Still staying here?

SAM: Yeah. I think I've had enough relaxation for a while, Sir.

JACK: (Grins slowly) OK!

SAM: (Smiling) Have fun.

JACK: Ya Sure Ya Betcha! (Smiling and leaving)

SAM: (Phone rings) Carter? (A few second's pause) Yes, Sir. (Jack is shown walking out) (Running after him) Sir, wait ---

JACK (Turning) Daja` Vu (Said Daja View!)

SAM: General Hammond just called. Major Davis just called from the Pentagon.

JACK: NOT going fishing?

SAM: No, Sir.

JACK : (Quietly) Do'Oh!

Screen of Sub layout is shown.

MAJOR DAVIS ( DAVIS from now on!) : The Navy intercepted a mayday from the Commander of the Fox-Trot-Class attack submarine.

JACK: That's Russian.

DAVIS: Yes. Code name Black Bird. The crew was being attacked by a large mechanical spider.

JACK: (Looks up at Davis, then at Sam who looks back.) JUST one?

DAVIS: We thought it was a joke at first, then the transmission cut out. Approximately 17:00 hours (5 O'clock PM) , the sub was spotted by aircraft off the Nemitz, it was already surfaced, and none of the attempts to communicate were returned. It was boarded. The crew was found dead.

SAM: All of them?

DAVIS: They got the bodies off before they discovered how they died.

JACK: (Looking at a picture of a replicator) That's them.

SAM: Sir, if this started with only one bug, it's already replicating.

DAVIS: The man that took the pictures actually made it out. Then the pentagon advised the Navy to tow the sub.

GH: Do the Russians know WE have it?

DAVIS: No, no. We're denying any knowledge, but uh --- this is going to get sticky.

SAM: We have to make sure that none of the replicates get out of that sub.

DAVIS: It's under TIGHT supervision. The whole Harbor has been excavated and the entire area cortered off. Our cover story is a dangerous chemical spill.

JACK: Blow it up! (Danny looks at Jack)

DAVIS: The Pentagon has requested that we take measures to preserve a number of specimens for study.

JACK: The Asguard already tried that, and these buggers are on the verge of wiping out their entire race.

DAVIS: That's why I'm here. You people are the closest things to experts we've got.

JACK: As an expert, I'm saying Blow it up!

SAM: Sir, conventional weapons might not do it. At least one of the replicators survived the destruction of Thor's ship.

JACK: Well, fine. Tow it back out to sea, and Nuke it!

DAVIS: We've considered that. (Looks @ GH)

GH: We're in a political mess right now, Colonel. The Russians picked up the Asguard ship's reentry into the atmosphere.

JACK: (Ever so clueless! ) So?

DAVIS: They're not buying our version of the story. They already think we're responsible for what happened with their sub. A nuclear explosion in international waters --- it's kinda hard to cover up.

SAM: I don't think you realize how DANGEROUS these things are.

DAVIS : IS there ANY other way we can neutralize these things? Some sort of Alien technology you've come across?

TEAL'C: The replicators are impervious to Goa'Uld technology. (Looks @ Davis) They are, however susceptible to human projectile weaponry. (Davis looks at Jack He's so cute!)

JACK: (Looks back) Guns. (Davis looks like "Duh?!")

SAM: Sir, if there's still a small enough number of the replicators on board, a properly equipped team could possibly ---

JACK: --- Save the world?

SAM: Getting old for you, Sir? (Jack just stares at her. Danny looks at Jack confused.)

DAVIS: I'd better inform the pentagon.

TECH DAVIS: Unscheduled off world activation!

GH: We have no teams off world! (The troops line up with guns, you know, the usual!) Why isn't the iris closing?

TECH DAVIS: I'm trying, Sir. It's not responding! We're showing an increasing loss of power in the base.


Everything shuts down. All the computers. Shot goes to open gate, and Thor walks in.

JACK: That's Thor. (Walking in the gateroom. To soldiers) Stand down! Thor, Old Buddy!

THOR: Greetings, O'Neill.

JACK: Good to see ya up and around.

THOR: I owe you and your team a great debt of gratitude for saving my life.

JACK: (He and Sam look at each other) Well, here's timing.

SAM: Not all of the replicators were destroyed when your ship exploded entering the atmosphere.

JACK: Maybe you could help us out?

THOR: I cannot.

JACK: Why?

THOR: I have come by stargate because there are no ships to spare. My home world is being threatened by the replicators. Thus far, all attempts to stop them have failed. I have come here to seek YOUR help. (Gate shuts down, and power to base is restored.)

TECH DAVIS: We're back online, Sir.

GH: Good!

JACK: How can WE help YOU?

THOR: Your projectile weapons proved effective in damaging the replicators.

JACK: Some.

THOR: Your technology and strategy for destroying the Balitzner was successful.

JACK: Yeah, but --- you guys ---

THOR: The Asguard have tried to stop them. You have demonstrated their weakness can be found thru a less sophisticated approach. We are no longer capable of such thinking.

DANNY: Wait a minute! You're actually saying you need someone DUMBER than you are?

JACK: You may have come to the right place. (Danny looks at Jack, who looks back at him and Sam)

GH: Thor, with all due respect, we need SG-1 here.

SAM: I could go, Sir.

JACK: (Looks at her) I don't know, Carter. You may not be dumb enough.

SAM: (Smiles) I think I can handle it, Sir.

GH: Permission granted.

THOR: We must leave immediately. (Makes event horizon appear with a light on his hand)

JACK: (Looking at Sam, she looking back) Have fun!

SAM: (Walking up the ramp with thor) Ya sure ya betcha!

They are in the Harbor.

JACK: Simple recon, Gentlemen. Do not fire unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

TEAL'C: The replicators will not attack unless threatened.

JACK: Let's move.

SILER: Video feed's up and online.

DANNY: Jack? Can ya hear me?

JACK: Would it be necessary for me to mention my insane aversion to bugs at this time?

Hot goes to The Asguard Home World. Thor and Sam are beamed into the room. They look out a window, and see spaceships flying everywhere. There's a huge space ship right in front of them.

SAM: Wow! That's an impressive looking ship!

THOR: ~The O'Neill~ was supposed to be our last great hope.

SAM: (Looks at Thor) ~The O'NEILL ~ ??!!

THOR: Yes. It is the most advanced technological Asguard creation yet. It is the first Asguard vessel designed solely to fight against the replicators.

SAM: So, why aren't we taking that?

THOR: It is not ready.

SAM: Uh, where are we going , exactly?

THOR: 5 Asguard ships are currently engaging 3 ships controlled by the replicators, which are on their way here. We are going to join the battle, and with your help, stop them.

SAM: (Raises her eyebrows) O-Kay.

THOR: For the sake of the Asguard, we must not fail.

SAM: (Looking and sounding nervous) No pressure. (I'm assuming the ship that takes off is the one Thor and Sam are in)

Shot goes to the submarine, and the four men climbing onto it. Then it goes to the three hunks, Danny, Davis, and Siler looking at the monitors. Shot goes back to the sub, and the men entering the sub. Jack goes down a ladder into the sub. It shoes Jack's POV. Shot goes to Baker looking around, and his POV. You see Baker on O'Neill's camera, and O'Neill on Baker's camera. Shot goes to the three men looking on worried. They are tracking the 4 men on a monitor using heat sensors. Shot goes to Steven's POV. He sees Teal'C. Teal'C's POV, he looks back at Stevens. (OK! Moving on! They do that kinda stuff, you get the picture. They go from one camera to another)

OK! After a few minutes of different camera shots, and going thru the sub, Jack spots the replicators. There's about 4 of em, eating the sub.

JACK: They're a different color.

DAVIS: (To Danny) Some sort of camouflage? (Danny looks at him, appears to raises his eyebrows, then looks back at the cameras)

JACK: We're movin' on.

Teal'C and Stevens walk thru the ship for a few minutes. Same camera shots >from one to the other. They open a door, and reveal a BIG one surrounded by smaller bugs.

DAVIS: (Looks at the screen, gets up, and points to the big bug.) What is THAT?

Teal'C and Stevens continue walking, passing many bugs, but not provoking them. Shot goes to bug's POV, looking at Teal'C.

DAVIS: That's a big one!

DANNY: If that's some sort of Queen, the other bugs may try to protect it.

JACK: (Hearing what Danny said) QUEEN?!

The queen creates a big right there in front of Teal'C's eyes. A bug appears by Stevens and whirs, scaring the young soldier, making him shoot it. The queen perks up. Looks like she sends out the troops.

DANNY: Teal'C and Stevens are in trouble!

SILER: Battery room!

Jack's POV is seen, as he run thru the sub to the battery room. Teal'C sees the bugs protect their queen before his camera goes out. Davis and Danny both look worried. Jack catches up with Teal'C.

JACK: Stevens?

TEAL'C: (Out of breath) Dead.

JACK: Let's move! (The replicators are seen following the men, until they close the door.)

Back to Thor and Sam.

THOR: Each individual building block is capable of exerting a reactive modulating monopolar energy field on other blocks, allowing the replicators to assemble themselves into many forms. To our knowledge, the interior of each block contains the following: 2 million isolated kiron passages.

SAM: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's a kyron?

THOR: In simplest terms, it is an energy particle.

SAM: I've never even heard of it!

THOR: Yes, I am aware.

SAM: Well, how am I supposed to figure out a way to defeat a kiron based technology, if I don't know what a Kiron is?

THOR: The Asguard can never invent a weapon that propels small weights of iron and carbon alloys by igniting a powder of (Sam smiles here) Potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulpher.

SAM: OK! I get your point. (Smiling)

THOR: We can not think like you.

SAM: OK! Let's forget about the Kirons, and try to put this in terms that I can understand. Each block is like it's own individual computer capable of communicating with the other blocks. Multiple blocks come together to create bugs, and other things that perform various tasks, ultimately for the purpose of replicating.

THOR: Correct.

SAM: I guess you don't keep any replicators around for study?

THOR: It is too dangerous.

SAM: Of course. That would be stupid. Just out of curiosity. Could, say, oh, I don't know --- 2 blocks replicate?

THOR: It requires several blocks working together to make new blocks.

SAM: That's good to know. (Thor looks to the side, and a replicator appears) It's virtual? Wow! It looks real. (She goes to touch it, and it snaps at her, scaring her) WOW!

THOR: It will simulate any behavior we have observed.

Janet's messing with Teal'C's back.

JACK: (Looking Oh, so yummy in all black! ;-p) It's out of control. No body's going back down there.

DAVIS: (Matching Jack's yummyness all the time, in his dress blues! ) We have to blow up the sub, and hope that we can contain any of the bugs that survived.

JACK: It's the only way.

DAVIS: I'll talk to the Pentagon.

JANET: Colonel? (Jack walks over to Janet and Teal'C) There's definitely something in here. (She pulls out a bloody piece of replicator, and washes it) Well, I think you brought back a souvenir. (She gives it Danny, who looks at it.)

THOR: (Seeing her just looking at the replicator model) What is your current thinking process?

SAM: (Standing up) Sorry! My mind was wondering for a second, there.

THOR: You were thinking about the humans on your planet.

SAM: (Sighs) Yes.

THOR: Colonel O'Neill is a very capable human. >

SAM: Yes, I know, but these things are ---

THOR: If we are able to stop the invasion of my world, I promise, we will do everything we can to help yours.

SAM: That's a pretty big IF.

THOR: Would you like sustenance?

SAM: (Think for a second) Yes! Thank you. I'm starving. (A tray appears)

THOR: I like the yellow ones.

SAM: (Talking a yellow one and biting it.) Oh, my God! (She gets a look of disgust on her face, and spits the bite out into her hand.) Sorry. (Tries to smile) (A screen appears with an asguard talking) What is it?

THOR: We have lost contact with the rest of the asguard ships engaged in battle with the replicators.

SAM: Well, could it be a communication problem?

THOR: No. The Asguard ships are not being detected.

SAM: (Looking at 3 red ships on the screen) So, what are those?

THOR: The replicators.

SAM: We're too late!

Back to Earth, Danny is still looking at the piece of replicator.

DAVIS: THE DALLAS is standing by in the Harbor.


DAVIS: A class class-attack submarine. On my command, they'll target THE BLACKBIRD with torpedoes.

DANNY: You should probably put a hold on that. (Jack looks up) This new block is corroded.

JACK: (Davis shakes his head, not understanding) And the significance of that is ---?

DANNY: Ok, look. The way Sam explained this to me, the bugs use whatever raw material's around them to replicate. Now, these ones are eating the Russian submarine, which means they're made of steel or what ever the sub is made of.

TEAL'C: That is why they are a different color.

DANNY: And it may also explain why they haven't tried to get off the Russian sub yet.

JACK: It does?

DANNY: They can't. You see, they're only as resilient as the raw materials they're made of. These ones aren't like the ones on Thor's ship, though. They'll rust or short circuit in the water. They're less sophisticated and they're vulnerable.

DAVIS: I'm sorry. It sounds like you're now saying that blowing up the ship will easily destroy them. If that's the case, why don't we just do it right now?

DANNY: Because, there's still one bug that could survive.

TEAL'C: The one that survived Thor's ship.

JACK: (A light bulb finally comes on! He hits his head) God!

DANNY: Right. It's the one that started all this by killing the entire crew of that ship. We have to make sure this doesn't happen again.

JACK: (Reviewing the tapes from earlier) Mother bug.

DAVIS: (To Siler) It's a little dark. (Siler types something, and enhances the picture to show the mother bug's outline inside the pod.)

DANNY: It's incorporated itself into the mother --- bug.

TEAL'C: I will return with you, O'Neill.

JACK: Ya sure?

DANNY: Uh, look, every other bug on that sub will probably be pretty upset when you kill MOM.

JACK: Yeah! That'd be a fair reaction.

TEAL'C: Could we not create a diversion? The replicators are attracted to bursts of energy, are they not?

JACK: A small charge on the upper level, draw them away from mom. They're in a containable situation. Now's our shot.

SILLER: The sub's diesel engines just started.

DANNY: The replicators are trying to move?!

DAVIS: We're anchored for now, but you better get out there before they decide to dive.

SAM: (Looking at a big ship that's blue being circled by 3 red smaller ships. These are the ones infected by the replicators) So, how long before they reach your planet?

THOR: 2 hours.

SAM: Your ships can go much faster than light speed! I've seen you fly clear across the galaxy in no time.

THOR: Yes.

SAM: So, why are the bug's ships going so slow?

THOR: In order to generate the subspace field required to travel at hyper speed, the full power of the generators is required. Presently, they are using that power to replicate.

SAM: So, if they DID decide to go to hyper-speed, it would mean no shields or weapons?

THOR: Yes. But remember, the replicators do not care about time as we do.

SAM: Right. They're not in a hurry. (Thinks) How do they get control of your ships in the first place?

THOR: The replicators are capable of modifying our own weapon technology beyond our understanding.

SAM: But I thought they learned everything they know from you.

THOR: It is possible they have gathered information from sources other than the Asguard.

SAM: OK! The bottom line is we can't touch them, but they can easily take over this ship, and blow it to smithereens if they wanted ?

THOR: Yes.

SAM: So why don't they?

THOR: We have shown no signs of aggression, and this ship's technology is less advanced than that of the ships they currently occupy.

SAM: (Closes her eyes) I'm not really helping, am I?

Back to Earth ---

JACK: (Laying explosives) Charge is set.

SILLER: (To Danny) They're submerging.

DAVIS: (Into phone) Yes, Sir.

DANNY: Jack, the sub is diving.

JACK: (After scene of diving sub is shown) Yeah, we got that. Heading to the battery deck.

DANNY: (After seeing Teal'C POV of Jack getting fuzzy ) We're loosing their signal.

DAVIS: It's OK. The sub can't dive below periscope depth running on diesel engines.

SILLER: Underwater radio transmitters boosters launched.

DANNY: How do they get out if the sub's underwater?

DAVIS: Escape hatch. (Into phone) Yes, Sir! (Danny looks at both screens)

THOR: You are tired.

SAM: Yeah.

THOR: This is another advantage the replicators have over us. They do not require rest.

SAM: (Holding one of the food blocks) But they do have to eat?

THOR: Yes, in order to replicate.

SAM: and they ARE what they eat, right? What's the strongest material you know of?

THOR: We have just developed a new alloy of naquata, triennium, and carbon. It was used to create the hull of THE O'NEILL.

SAM: Can that ship reach hyper-speed yet?

THOR: Yes.

SAM: Can it be flown using auto-pilot or some sort of remote control?

THOR: Why?

SAM: So we can get the replicators to chase after it.

THOR: It is possible, however ---

SAM: This ship is everything they're looking for! It'll look like an all-you-can-eat buffet!

THOR: But it is not completed. They will capture it, and consume it's technology.

SAM: Not if you rig it to self-destruct.

THOR: I do not understand.

SAM: OK! You said that the bugs can't use shields or weapons in hyper-speed. If THE O'NEILL enters hyper-speed, the bugs will have to in order to follow it. What we do is we blow THE O'NEILL, and take the bugs with it!

THOR: Major Carter, you are suggesting we destroy the most advanced Asguard attack vessel ever created before it is even finished.

SAM: I know!

THOR: THE O'NEILL is our last hope of successfully attacking replicator-infested ships.

SAM: It won't attack ANYTHING if the bugs get to your planet before it's finished. You said yourself, you didn't think the answer had anything to do with your own technology anymore.

THOR: But if the replicators do not follow THE O'NEILL ---

SAM: We have to believe they will.

THOR: Then if the replicators are able to infest THE O'NEILL, and disable the self-destruct ---

SAM: Then they will consume the ship, and it's technology, and we will have created the most advanced replicators yet. I know! It's a risk.

THOR: A risk we can not take. (Sam signs)

Back to sub, Jack sets of the explosive, the bugs take the bait.

SAM: The whole reason that I am here is to suggest a strategy that you would NEVER think of. You keep trying to defeat them by building better technology, and they keep absorbing it, and becoming more advanced. You HAVE to use that against them! We KNOW they'll go after THE O'NEILL, because it's the most advanced ship you have. They'll think you're trying to keep it from them. They won't expect you to blow it up, it's a tactic they've never seen before.

THOR: It's a tactic we'd never consider.

SAM: Exactly! I mean, other wise, we'd just stand here, and watch them invade your world. I'm sorry! Maybe it's a really STUPID idea, but isn't that why I'm here?

THOR: Then we should try it. (He disappears)

Back to sub, Jack throws a grenade into the room with the Queen. They close the door for the explosion, then open it again. She's fine!

JACK: Son of a BITCH! (Shoots his gun at it.)

TEAL'C: I believe you got it, O'Neill.

JACK: (Walks over to the escape hatch, and sees the replicators have built a door over it.) What the HELL?! (Shoots the replicator door, and it rebuilds its self)

TEAL'C: O'Neill!

JACK: Seeing a bunch of pissed off little techno bugs!) Oh, crap!

DAVIS: Colonel O'Neill, is there any way you can make it to the escape hatch?

SILLER: The anchor line just snapped.

DANNY: Is there anything we can do?

DAVIS: Best thing we can do right now is try and chase them into shallow water, and hope that they surface.

DANNY: No, there's not enough time for that.

JACK: Teal'C! Let's try this. (Opens an escape hatch, puts his head in, and a bug jumps down. He shoots it. It's followed by many more coming down) All right! Forget that! (The bugs have eaten thru a door, and Teal'C starts shooting them) You better go ahead and blow this thing!

DANNY: That's not exactly a positive attitude, Jack!

JACK: (Taking off his helmet, and looking into it.) (Over noise of Bugs, screaming) LISTEN TO ME! WE ARE NOT GETTING OUT OF HERE! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! BLOW IT!!!!!!!

DANNY: (Also yelling) JACK! ---

JACK: DANIEL, PLEASE!!!!!! (Pause, can't hear over bug noise) (Read lips, he said move your, but it wasn't audible) ASS BEFORE I GET EATEN ALIVE BY THE (Inaudible, I read the lips again, he said God.) DAMN BUGS. (Poor Danny looks like he's gonna cry!) DAVIS! GIVE THE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Davis looks at Danny )

THOR: The O'NEILL has been launched.

SAM: (The O'NEILL passes by the replicators, and they start chasing her.) They're chasing it!

THOR: THE O'NEILL Will now enter hyper-speed. (She goes into hyper-speed, being closely followed by the replicators)

SAM: (After THE O'NEILL explodes, taking the 3 ships with her.) It worked! (Sonic boom) Yes! (Hugs Thor.) OH! I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you, did I?

THOR: I am fine.

SAM: We did it!

THOR: It was YOUR stupid idea, Major Carter. (She smiles that pretty smile)

DANNY: (After seeing Jack and Teal'C being literally taken over by the bugs thru Jack's helmet-camera.) Ok! OK!

DAVIS: Fire on target.

SILLER: DALLAS is firing torpedoes. 8 seconds to impact. BLACKBIRD attempting evasive maneuver. Torpedoes still on target. 3 seconds. (Shot of sub being hit) Direct hit.

DANNY: (After seeing a Shot of Jack falling down on the ground. Bugs all around him, one crawling on his back. A bright light appears, making him disappear!) They're OK!

DAVIS: (Who had his face in his hands, not wanting to look at the screen) What?!

DANNY: (Stuttering) The --- the --- (Pointing up) the --- th --- th --- they're OK! (Is Danny crying?? Well, he has unshed tears) (Davis puts his hand on Danny's shoulder.)

JACK: (Appearing in the fetal position on Thor's ship) Now, THAT'S timing!!!!!!!!

SAM : We came as soon as we could, Sir.

JACK: (Getting up, and crawling toward Teal'C) Teal'C, you all right? (Put his hand on Teal'C 's shoulder, then his head)

TEAL'C: I am, O'Neill.

SAM: I take it things weren't going well.

JACK: Oh, we had things handled pretty good.

SAM: So the bugs are all taken care of down there?

JACK: Pretty much. You? (Smiles)

SAM: We kicked their asses.

JACK: (Raised eyebrow) They had asses?!

SAM: (Laughs) The Asguard had this big new ship, THE O'NEILL ---

JACK: (Standing up, and smiling) Oh, yeah?

SAM: But --- we had to blow it up. (Jack looses his smile)

THOR: The Asguard are most grateful. One day we will repay you by helping to fight the Goa'Uld.

JACK: One day?

THOR" Saving one Asguard planet is a small victory, O'Neill. The conflict with the replicators stretches across my galaxy. Major Carter's strategy worked this time, (Jack looks at Sam, who looks back) but the replicators are very intelligent, it may not work again.

JACK: I get it.

THOR: However, now there is hope where once there was none.

SAM: You ever need any more dumb ideas, you know where to find me.

THOR: Until we meet again.

JACK: Yeah. Hey, listen! Stop by anytime. In fact, I'll take ya fishin'. I'd love to do that. There's this lake in Minnesota where the bass grow (Sam and Teal'C look bored) THAT big --- (Bright light)



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Saison 10 : Quels est votre épisode préféré parmi ceux proposés ? (2eme partie)

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serieserie (20:55)

3 épisodes et je suis a jour dans tous les NCIS

Titepau04 (20:56)


Titepau04 (20:57)

Bon allez, bisoussss

serieserie (20:57)

a pluus

Sonmi451 (21:17)


serieserie (21:17)


Sonmi451 (21:19)

on s'est pas déjà vu? ^^

serieserie (21:19)

je sais pas je crios bien

Sonmi451 (21:22)

parait-il, n'est-ce pas, bien sûr...

serieserie (21:23)


Sonmi451 (21:23)

que vous devriez, ma chère, être bercée par Morphée très prochainement.

Sonmi451 (21:23)

n'est-ce point vrai?

serieserie (21:24)

ceci est sans aucun doute exact. cependant mon visionnage actuelle n'étant pas achevé...

Sonmi451 (21:28)

Que visionnez-vous sur votre écran en couleur?

serieserie (21:29)

l'épisode 14x12 de NCIS afin de rattraper mes chers amis américains pour poursuivre mon visionnage de NCIS NO ayant un épisode commun avec NCIS passé cette semaine

Sonmi451 (21:36)

Ben moi je m'endors déjà rien qu'à nous lire lol

serieserie (21:36)

mdrr tu m'étonnes, c'est super dure d'écrire comme ça

Sonmi451 (21:39)

Ben ça peut se faire régulièrement mais plus simple à voix haute avec l'accent bourgeois

serieserie (21:40)

ouiii ^^

serieserie (21:40)

et pas quand je suis debout depuis beaucoup trop longtemps x)

Sonmi451 (21:40)

avec ma mamie on jouait à ça avec moi en mme de hautecourt et elle de bassecours lol

Sonmi451 (21:41)

oui voilà on attendra d'avoir eu une nuit de sommeil correcte lol

serieserie (21:41)

oui ^^

Sonmi451 (21:42)

moi je regarde le marsupilami avec Alain Chabat

serieserie (21:43)

moi j'ai fini mon épisode et jsuis arrivé sur youtubeça va pas le faire

Sonmi451 (21:46)

ben pour le moment j'accroche pas.

serieserie (21:52)

je l'ai vu une fois c'est bon quoi mais je préfére les dessins animé

serieserie (21:59)

Bon allez je file moi!

serieserie (21:59)

Bonne nuit

Sonmi451 (22:02)

bonne nuit

serieserie (12:18)

Supergirl se sent un peu seule après un mois d'ouverture! Personne pour venir faire un tour sur le quartier?

serieserie (12:18)

serieserie (15:06)

J-3 avant le début des consultations des médecins de l'HypnoCup, vous avez bien noté le rendez-vous sur vos agendas?

emeline53 (19:00)

Changement de design avec des nouvelles couleurs chez les Fosters !! venez le découvrir et merci serie² !

serieserie (17:02)

Ne pas oubliez le rendez vous chez les médecins sur l'accueil lundi!!

cinto (16:23)

Je suis sûre que vous voulez faire un rallye pour ramasser 8 petits coeurs perdus chez Ma Sorcière Bien aimée. On vous attend!

Locksley (21:38)

Problèmes de coeur ? Des cardiologues débarqueront peut-être avec l'HypnoCup demain

Locksley (21:40)

Mais en attendant, direction HypnoPlume spécial St Valentin pour voter ! On distribue des aux lettres d'amour et on partage sur Facebook avant que les résultats tombent ! Il est encore temps !

carina123 (12:06)

Personne n'a encore voté pour le sondage du quartier Lie to Me, spécial Valentin ?! Venez nombreux

Phoebus (19:44)

Carina123 : J'ai voté sur Lie To Me. Reprend courage.

Phoebus (19:47)

Trois quartiers ont décidé de changer de sondage et attendent vos votes : Le quartier Person Of Interest, le quartier Homeland et celui de Sense8. Alors n'hésitez pas a faire un tour sur chacun de ces quartiers pour voter.

emeline53 (20:11)

Vous n'êtes toujours pas venu départager les différentes créations chez les Fosters ?! Qu'attendez-vous ?

serieserie (22:27)

Les médecins de l'HypnoCup ne sont jamais surbookés, ils vous trouveront toujours un rendez-vous mais qui sera votre chouchou? Venez voter!! Promis pas de si vous venez!!

albi2302 (21:12)

Rendez-vous demain soir pour une soirée Live Chat Grey's Anatomy !

natas (21:25)

Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin ! Enjoy et commentez, svp !

sabby (11:29)

Bonjour ! Les quartier Dallas, Empire Friday Night Lights et Army Wives attendent désespérément quelques petits votes. Un petit clic serait sympa Bonne journée à tous !!

CastleBeck (14:37)

L'HypnoPlume est terminé, mais si vous voulez lire davantage d'histoires de St-Valentin , vous pouvez départager celles du concours sur le quartier Castle.

CastleBeck (14:43)

La famille Pearson serait ravie de vous accueillir sur la nouveau quartier This Is Us, que ce soit pour découvrir la série :tv:, participer à l'animation d'ouverture, voter pour le sondage ou la photo du mois ... Merci

albi2302 (17:30)

Soirée Live Chat spéciale Grey's Anatomy ce soir ! La room sera créé d'ici quelques minutes...

Spyfafa (22:28)

Live tchat en cours, venez nous rejoindre. On mord pas, même s'il y a du sang et pleins de problèmes de coeur.

serieserie (22:54)

Pas de si vous venez consultez nos 256 médecins à l'accueil et choisir vos 128 préférés !! Uniquement des de bonheur!! Allez on va voter à l'hypnoCup!!

kystis (17:13)

Merci de votre dans préférences !

kystis (17:14)


SeySey (20:10)

Bonsoir! Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Outlander! Sans oublier l'animation "Citadelle piégée" sur le quartier Under The Dome! Les membres attendent un sauvetage^^

Titepau04 (12:11)

Bonjour bonjour!!! Calendriers à commenter sur NCIS Los Angeles, S Club 7, Dr House et DollHouse!!! ^^

natas (08:34)

Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin + voter pour le sondage spécial couple ! Enjoy et commentez, svp ! [Revolving_hearts]

Merlinelo (19:26)

Les jeux d'Orphan Black attendent votre participation! Pas besoin de connaître la série pour voter à la PDM, jouer au Train ou encore commenter le design. Bonne soirée à tous

Spyfafa (19:52)

Nouveaux designs à commenter : Le Caméléon, Hannah Montana, Dexter... N'hésitez pas à faire un tour !

arween (23:01)

Pensez à faire un tour sur Dollhouse pour commenter le calendrier de Titepau04 et le sondage ! Merci !

kimiM (14:04)

Le quartier Dark Angel fête ses 12 ans! Venez participer et célébrer avec nous cet anniversaire! #DAHypno12ans

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