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By Callie Sullivan


ALIEN PLANET. SG-1 are walking through woods. Sam is holding a detector of some sort, so the team are clearly searching for something.
O’NEILL: You know, that UAV needs a swift kick in the CPU.
CARTER: Aerial camera showed some sort of camp.
(Gunfire can be ahead. SG-1 duck down.)
CARTER: That sounded like weapons fire.
(There’s a familiar whooshing sound.)
TEAL’C (identifying the sound): Clearly a staff weapon blast.
(The team head in the direction of the noise. They reach the top of an embankment and carefully peer over the edge. Sam looks through her binoculars and sees Jaffa firing on a group of men. A young man in SGC gear runs for cover but is shot in the back with a staff blast.)
CARTER: They’re SG teams, sir. Can’t make out their unit number. They’re pinned down. (She hands her binoculars to Jack, who focuses on the SG personnel down below who are sheltering behind some boulders.)
TEAL’C: They are not returning fire.
CARTER: Out of ammo?
O’NEILL: Maybe. They’re not supposed to be here at all.
CARTER: They were declared MIA eight months ago, on P89 354. What would they be doing here?
TEAL’C: Whoever they may be, they are about to die.
O’NEILL (quietly into his radio): Unidentified Sierra Gulf Unit, this is Sierra Gulf One. We’re on your six. Standing by to offer fire support. Over. (There is no reply.) Sierra Gulf Unit, your position is about to be overrun. Over. (Still no reply.) Alright. They’re either on a different frequency or they don’t have comms. RV at the tree line. Move. Now.
(SG-1 crawl down the embankment and shelter behind some rocks near the other SG team. Jack calls out to the team’s Captain.)
O’NEILL: Pull out! We’ll cover your six!
CAPTAIN: Identify yourself!
O’NEILL: Colonel Jack O’Neill, SG-1!
CAPTAIN: Which Quadrant?
(Another of the SG soldiers is hit by a staff weapon blast.)
O’NEILL: Get out of there!
CAPTAIN (to his men): Take them out!
(Two soldiers in SG uniform rise up out of hatches in the ground and fire at SG-1. Although it looks like they’re firing real Earth weapons, each member of SG-1 is hit by red bolts of energy rather than bullets. They collapse.)

TENT. SG-1 are lying on military-looking camp beds. Teal’c regains consciousness, and the other three revive moments later.
O’NEILL: Everybody okay?
DANIEL: Headache. Bad headache.
CARTER: I thought I got shot.
TEAL’C: So it would seem.
CARTER: Must be some kind of stun weapons.
O’NEILL: Looked like MP-5s to me. Well, all I can say is ...
(A young soldier, barely old enough to be in the military, comes into the tent. He is wearing an SG uniform and is carrying a gun.)
O’NEILL: Hello.
HIBBARD: Boy, are you guys gonna get it!
O’NEILL: Get what? From whom?
HIBBARD: Hey, you can’t talk!
O’NEILL: Why not?
HIBBARD: Because you’re dead!
O’NEILL: Dead?
HIBBARD: Pretending not to be dead will just get you into more trouble.
O’NEILL: More trouble than dead?
HIBBARD: Come on, Colonel, you know better. Stop breaking the rules.
O’NEILL: Sorry. Who’s in charge here?
HIBBARD: Casualties don’t ask questions.
CARTER: Uh, what rules are we talking about exactly?
(Hibbard walks over to her and aims his gun at her.)
HIBBARD: I said, stop!
DANIEL: We’re just trying to understand, if we’re supposed to be dead, how are you supposed to kill us again?
HIBBARD (walking over to Daniel and pointing his gun at him): You wanna find out, four-eyes, huh?
(There’s a moment of deadly silence, then ...)
DANIEL (quietly): Four-eyes?
O’NEILL: Easy, big fella. Just ... play dead.
TEAL’C: Indeed.
(Hibbard glares at Daniel for a moment longer, then finally lowers his gun.)
HIBBARD: Captain’s waiting for you. Follow me. (He leaves the tent. Jack gets up off the bed.)
O’NEILL: Anyone notice the patch?
TEAL’C: There *is* no SG-X, O’Neill.
O’NEILL: Not under Hammond’s command, no.
(Hibbard comes back into the tent.)
HIBBARD: Hey! I *said* follow me.
(He leaves again. Jack shrugs and everyone gets up and follows Hibbard.)

TRAINING CAMP. Lieutenant Hibbard leads SG-1 through a military training compound. Young soldiers, all in their late teens or early twenties, are going through various training exercises, climbing ropes etc. One group of soldiers jogs past SG-1.
O’NEILL (to the group as they trot past): Hey guys.
TEAL’C: They are no more than children.
CARTER: Playing some kind of war game, by the looks of things. Who do you think they are? NID, Colonel Maybourne?
O’NEILL: I wouldn’t put it past him.
(Hibbard leads them to a tent. Sitting at a table with his back to them is the Captain who ordered SG-1 shot earlier.)
HIBBARD (saluting): SG-1 reporting as ordered, sir!
CAPTAIN (to SG-1 without turning around): You are all casualties until fourteen hundred hours.
O’NEILL: Would that be Daylight Savings or Standard?
CAPTAIN: You may not speak. Except to answer a direct question by the evaluating officer. (He stands and confronts Jack.) Is that *CLEAR*?! (Jack just smiles at him. The Captain looks irritated.) Is this the way you behave in your quadrant, mister?
O’NEILL: I think ‘Colonel’ is the proper way of addressing me, *Captain*.
CAPTAIN: No rank is above strict adherence to the Rules of Engagement. Rule 2, Article 4. Unauthorised forces shall be shot on sight. You were unauthorised. In fact, you ruined our ambush. Nearly half the enemy team got away!
O’NEILL: Carter, I’ve never been real big on regs. Is this familiar to you?
CARTER: No, sir.
TEAL’C: They are familiar to *me*. (To the Captain) Gel’vak, Jaffa.
CAPTAIN (startled): You’re not from D Quadrant.
TEAL’C: We are not.
CAPTAIN: You came through the chappa’ai. This is a challenge!
DANIEL: The ... chappa’ai?
(The Captain looks aghast, as if he has realised that he said something wrong.)
HIBBARD (to the Captain): You meant the Stargate, sir.
CAPTAIN: Stargate. Of course. We’ve been so long without challenges. (To Teal’c) I am sorry, Master Jaffa. I have revealed myself and failed. (He takes out his sidearm and offers it to Teal’c.) You must execute me for the remainder of the day.
(Hibbard hands his rifle to Jack.)
HIBBARD: You must execute me as well.
(Jack takes out the clip and looks at it. The bullets are red-tipped. He re-inserts the clip and looks at the base of the weapon and presses a button which makes a bleeping sound as it switches on. Clearly this is not a standard issue weapon. He switches it off again.)
O’NEILL: Master Teal’c. Might I suggest we ... spare them this time?
TEAL’C: Very well ... underling. (Jack shoots him a look.) Captain, your full name and rank.
CAPTAIN (coming to attention): My Earth name is Captain Kyle Rogers, acting Quadrant A Commander, sir!
CARTER: Your *Earth* name?
TEAL’C (to Rogers): Your standing orders given to you by your previous Jaffa Master.
CAPTAIN/ROGERS: To practise the exercises of battle according to the Rules of Engagement, until the return of our Lord Apophis!
DANIEL: Really?
ROGERS: When we are ready for the final challenge, he will come.
O’NEILL: Don’t hold your breath.
ROGERS: We *will* be ready.
CARTER: You’re training to serve Apophis wearing SG uniforms?
ROGERS: To know the enemy. Quadrant A is spared no detail. We’ve studied long and hard and know much.
CARTER: About Earth.
ROGERS: Oh yes. Corn and cotton are indigenous to North America.
O’NEILL: And that information could save your life one day.
ROGERS: So you see, Master Teal’c, my mistake will not happen again. I am ready to infiltrate the Tauri at your command.
TEAL’C: That time has not yet come, Captain Rogers.
DANIEL (to Rogers): So, if you’re pretending to be ... who were those Jaffa attacking you?
ROGERS: They were led by my second-in-command, Captain Nelson, as part of the daily exercise. We have kept the Jaffa encampment separate so that we may better practise our Earth behaviour. Shall I have him sent for?
DANIEL: No, I don’t think that’ll be necessary.
TEAL’C (to Rogers): Send for him.
DANIEL: Yes! Send for him.
(Rogers looks at Hibbard and jerks his head. Hibbard heads out of the tent.)
ROGERS: How else may I serve?
O’NEILL: We’d like our weapons back. The ones we came with.
ROGERS: They were stored in the Armoury Tent, at the conclusion of this morning’s war game.
TEAL’C: Take us to them.
ROGERS: As you wish.

TRAINING CAMP. Captain Rogers leads SG-1 through the camp. The team look at the boys training, some of whom are stripped to the waist.
CARTER (to Jack): Colonel, none of them have symbiont pouches.
O’NEILL: I noticed that.
TEAL’C: Before Apophis requested asylum from the Tauri, there were but a handful of loyal Jaffa remaining in his service.
DANIEL: So he drafted ordinary humans?
TEAL’C: It is common practice among the Goa’uld to use humans as fodder during battle. Especially when facing defeat.

ARMOURY TENT. Rogers leads the way into the tent. Inside there are racks of what look like various types of SGC weapons.
O’NEILL (to Rogers): Alright, Captain, we can handle it from here.
ROGERS: I can assist you.
TEAL’C (to Rogers): Shel’kek.
ROGERS: Yes, Master. (He leaves.)
O’NEILL (as the team start looking at the weapons): So Teal’c. How do you know about these Rules of Engagement?
TEAL’C: They are the code of battle during a young Jaffa’s training, spoken by Apophis himself.
CARTER (holding up another gun with a red glowing crystal in the base): Teal’c, what about these?
TEAL’C: They are intar.
O’NEILL (putting on some of his gear which he has just found): Short for?
TEAL’C: Intar. (Jack shrugs.) They are used for training and only meant to stun. They can be identified by this crystal. (He shows the red crystal in the base of another gun.) They can take the form of any weapon.
CARTER: Well, I got our GDOs, but my MP-5’s still missing.
TEAL’C: As is my staff weapon.
O’NEILL: Alright, Teal’c, I want everyone in one place, just to make sure. Can you handle that?
TEAL’C: I can.
O’NEILL (to Sam and Daniel): You two keep looking. (He and Teal’c head out of the tent.)

TRAINING CAMP. Captain Rogers is waiting for them nearby.
TEAL’C: Captain Rogers. Where are the weapons with which we arrived?
ROGERS: They were returned to the Armoury Tent, of course.
TEAL’C: Do you possess a vocume?
ROGERS: Yes, sir.
TEAL’C: Use it.
ROGERS: Yes, Master Teal’c. (He walks to another tent and goes into it.)
O’NEILL: What did you tell him to do?
TEAL’C: I instructed him to use a training instrument to assemble his men for inspection. It may serve to emphasise our authority.
(Rogers comes out with a small grey ball on a stand, puts it on the ground and steps away from it. A beam of light shoots up from it and forms a giant holographic image of Apophis, about thirty feet tall.)
APOPHIS’ IMAGE: Warriors of Apophis, assemble before me and listen to he that possesses the vocume.
(Sam and Daniel come running out of the Armoury Tent, panicked by the sound of Apophis’ voice.)
O’NEILL: Just a huge honkin’ Apophis, Major. Nothing to worry about.
(All the boys in the vicinity gather round the image of Apophis. Some are dressed as SGC personnel, others as Jaffa.)
APOPHIS’ IMAGE: The warrior before you speaks in my name. Heed his words.
(The image disappears.)
ROGERS (to Teal’c): I would be honored if you would inspect my warriors, Master. (Teal’c bows his head in agreement.)

(A short time later, the boys have formed into ranks, ready for inspection.)
ROGERS: Company!
(The boys come to attention.)
TEAL’C: Ready weapons for inspection.
(The boys display their weapons. Jack and Teal’c walk along the rows looking at the weapons.)
TEAL’C: You do yourself proud, Captain Rogers.
(Jack looks at the clip that one of the boys is holding out for inspection. Again the bullets are red-tipped.)
ROGERS (as he and Teal’c reach a young man dressed as a Jaffa): Master Teal’c. This is my second-in-command, Novar. For the games, he leads the side of the Jaffa warriors. His Earth name is Captain Nelson.
NELSON (to Teal’c): Most of my warriors are engaged in the day’s battle, Master. I will relay your words to them after the battle.
O’NEILL: Master Teal’c ... if I may?
TEAL’C (addressing the boys): This is Colonel O’Neill. He is much loved by Apophis. (Jack looks none too pleased about this, but moves to stand at Teal’c’s side.) You may address the warriors.
O’NEILL (to the boys): Apophis wanted me to tell you that you’ve all been doing a wonderful job. Couldn’t ask for more. Well done. But, he also wanted me to tell you the whole invasion of the Tauri idea has been cancelled due to ... rain. (Rogers looks puzzled.) So. The war games are officially over as of right... (he goes to checks his watch, but realises that he isn’t wearing one) ... now. You can all go home.
NELSON (confused): Sir?
O’NEILL: It’s over, Nelson. Go tell your buddies to quit fighting.
(Rogers and Nelson look at each other suspiciously.)
NELSON (to Jack): You speak more like a Tauri than a warrior of Apophis.
O’NEILL: Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself. Who taught you?
NELSON: If you are who you say you are, you already know the answer to that, sir.
O’NEILL: Nelson, I am *ordering* you to recall your men from the field.
NELSON: Article 7, Section 3 clearly states that once the battle has commenced, it cannot be stopped.
O’NEILL: Well you’re obviously referring to the *old* Article 7.

ARMOURY TENT. Sam and Daniel are just finishing searching through the weapons. Sam puts a final intar back onto the rack.
CARTER: That’s it.
DANIEL: That means those kids are out there playing war games with real weapons.
CARTER (into her radio): Colonel?
O’NEILL (over radio): Go ahead, Carter.
CARTER: So far, all we’ve recovered is one 9 millimeter and one MP-5.
O’NEILL (into his radio): Roger that. Keep looking.
TEAL’C (to Rogers): I require all of Quadrant A to be assembled, including those engaged in the games. (Rogers doesn’t move.) Immediately!
ROGERS: As Captain Nelson stated, Master ...
TEAL’C (angrily): Do you wish to be punished?
ROGERS: I’ll not fail your challenge a second time, Master Teal’c.
(Teal’c looks at Jack.)
O’NEILL: Tell them the truth.
TEAL’C (to the boys): Warriors of Apophis. Hear me. Apophis has been slain in battle with his enemies.
(The boys don’t even twitch. Rogers rolls his eyes a little.)
O’NEILL: Hey! He’s telling you the truth. The battle you’ve been preparing for is never gonna happen. He’s not coming back.
(The boys still don’t react. Nelson smiles, clearly not believing a word of it.)
O’NEILL (to himself): Hello? Is this mike on? (Raising his voice) We’re trying to tell you something important here!
ROGERS: Apophis is a god. And gods cannot die. Therefore, Apophis cannot be dead.
NELSON: And anyone who says otherwise is either testing us ... or is a traitor, sir.
ROGERS: Now we’ve passed your challenge. If there’s nothing else, sirs, we’re scheduled to join the games in progress. (To the boys) Company! Dismissed!
(The boys fall out.)
TEAL’C (to Jack): Apophis has lived for thousands of years. It is as if we have said the sun will never rise again.
O’NEILL: It just might not for some of those kids if they don’t wise up.

ARMOURY TENT. Sam is aiming an intar at Lieutenant Hibbard as Jack and Teal’c walk in.
O’NEILL: What’s going on?
HIBBARD: I’m *trying* to get a weapon, sir. I’m already late, the games have started.
CARTER: Colonel, one MP-5, Teal’c’s staff weapon and two 9 millimeters are still unaccounted for.
(Outside, horns blow.)
DANIEL: What does that mean?
HIBBARD: It means my team needs reinforcements.
O’NEILL: No, the game is cancelled.
HIBBARD: You can’t do that!
O’NEILL: I believe I can. (He takes the intar from Carter and shoots Hibbard, who collapses unconscious.) Everybody grab an intar. (He tosses one to Teal’c and picks one up himself before leaving the tent. Sam and Daniel grab weapons and follow.)

WOODS. SG-1 and Captain Rogers make their way through the woods. In a hollow, they find a boy in an SG uniform lying on the ground with a very large burn in his side which is still smoking. Sam hurries over to the boy and checks him.
CARTER: It’s a staff weapon wound. He’s dead, sir.
(A blast from a staff weapon hits the ground nearby.)
O’NEILL: Take cover!
(Everyone dives to the edge of the hollow. The Jaffa boy with the staff weapon fires at them again.)
ROGERS: Colonel! I’ll draw his fire.
O’NEILL: *Negative*! That is a *real* weapon.
ROGERS (smiling confidently): Apophis will protect me.
O’NEILL: I said stay down!
(He makes a grab for Rogers but misses as Rogers jumps up and runs into the open to get a clear shot. He fires several times with his intar but misses. The Jaffa shoots once with his staff and Rogers is hit in the midriff and collapses to the ground. Jack shoots the Jaffa with his own intar.)
O’NEILL: Secure that weapon!
CARTER: Yes, sir! (She runs towards the Jaffa. Rogers lies on the ground, his clothing smoking from the staff weapon blast. Daniel rushes over to him.)
ROGERS (in pain): Have I displeased Apophis?
TEAL’C: Apophis would be proud.
(Rogers nods, then lifts his hand from his wound and sees the blood on his hand.)
ROGERS: This is the final challenge.
(Nelson and a group of boys have arrived.)
NELSON: What happened?
ROGERS: The day has come, Nelson. The final challenge.
(Nelson touches Rogers’ wound roughly. Rogers cries out in pain. Nelson lifts his hand to look at the blood.)
NELSON: Blood has been shed.
ROGERS: Prepare the men. The challenge must begin at first light.
NELSON: Yes, sir. (He walks away.)
O’NEILL (to Teal’c): What’s he talking about? The final challenge?
TEAL’C: It is a day in a warrior’s training when first blood is shed. The games become real.

TRAINING CAMP. Jack is walking through the camp, which is a hive of activity as the boys rush around preparing for the impending battle.
CARTER: (over the radio): Colonel? We’ve found something. Our weapons were all turned back in after the war games, sir.
O’NEILL: Roger that. Keep ‘em secure.

MEDICAL TENT. Rogers is lying on a bed while Daniel does his best to treat him. Nelson stands nearby. Jack walks in.
O’NEILL (to Daniel): How’s he doing?
NELSON: Apophis will save him.
DANIEL: Well, actually, no. As a matter of fact, there’s probably nothing more we can do for him as long as we stay here. There’s probably internal injuries.
O’NEILL: So we’ll take him back with us.
NELSON: You cannot.
O’NEILL: For cryin’ out loud...
NELSON: You know as well as I do that the rules forbid entry or exit of the sector before the final challenge, wounded or not.
O’NEILL: Right. Right, right.
ROGERS (in pain): Apophis would be disappointed in me if ... if there were an exception made for myself.
DANIEL: Well, what if I told you we were bringing you to see Apophis personally, to show him that blood has been shed and that your Quadrant is truly ready for his return? (Rogers and Nelson look at each other.) If we don’t bring you back with us, then Apophis will know you’ve failed our challenge and never return.
ROGERS: Then I must go.
O’NEILL: Good.
(Nelson offers Rogers his hand.)
NELSON: Tell him we will make him proud.
(Rogers grasps his hand.)
ROGERS: I will.

SGC. GATEROOM. The Stargate whooshes and SG-1 come through, Teal’c and Daniel carrying Rogers on a stretcher.
O’NEILL: We need a medical team!
(Two medics wheel in a gurney and Teal’c and Daniel lay the stretcher on top. Rogers looks around in confusion. Hammond walks in.)
HAMMOND: What happened, Colonel?
ROGERS (to Hammond): My Lord?
O’NEILL: Actually, we just call him ... General Hammond.
ROGERS: Where is Apophis?
O’NEILL: He’s not here. Sorry.
(Janet runs into the Gateroom.)
FRAISER: What have we got?
(Rogers realises that he has been fooled and tries to get off the stretcher.)
ROGERS: Liars! Traitors!
(The medics restrain him.)
FRAISER: Easy, easy!
ROGERS (shouting): You will be punished! He will avenge me!
FRAISER: (to Jack): Who *is* this, sir?
O’NEILL: His name’s Rogers. Despite appearances, he’s not SGC.
ROGERS (shouting and struggling): He will strike you down! You will all die!
FRAISER (to the medics): Go! Let’s get him to the infirmary.
(The medics wheel the gurney out of the room, Rogers shouting and struggling all the time.)
HAMMOND (to Jack): I’d like to debrief ASAP, Colonel.
O’NEILL: Yes, my Lord.

SGC. BRIEFING ROOM. Some of the intar weapons are on the table as Hammond debriefs SG-1.
HAMMOND: What’s this final challenge all about?
TEAL’C: In my training, it is when we received our actual staff weapons. The two opposing camps then engaged in battle until one side emerged victorious.
CARTER: You killed each other?!
TEAL’C: The Goa’uld wish only the strong to prevail, Major Carter. I was among the victors. We were then honored by Apophis and I became a member of his personal guard.
HAMMOND: And that’s what’s about to happen to those boys.
O’NEILL: As long as they don’t have real weapons with which to play, I don’t see how.
CARTER: Well the only lethal weapons I found in the Armoury belonged to us. The rest were intars.
TEAL’C: The Jaffa Masters who once supervised their war games have long ago abandoned them, yet they have maintained their games until this day without fail.
DANIEL: So what are you saying?
TEAL’C: That they are extremely resourceful and most determined.
CARTER: So they might try to fulfill the final challenge whether they’re issued lethal weapons or not.
TEAL’C: It is possible.
DANIEL: Well let’s face it, if they really wanted to kill each other they don’t need guns to do it.
CARTER: (to Jack): We have to go back there, sir, and try to prevent this from happening.
DANIEL: General, we’re indirectly responsible for all this. They think that we were sent through to start this.
HAMMOND: I understand that.
O’NEILL: What we need to send back there is a team of shrinks. Those kids are *out* there.
HAMMOND: That may be so, Colonel, but before I send you or anyone else into a battle zone, I want to know what’s going on on that planet.
O’NEILL: Why don’t I see what I can get out of Rogers?
HAMMOND: Very well.

SGC. INFIRMARY. Rogers is lying in bed. Janet talks to Jack nearby.
FRAISER: He won’t eat, he won’t speak ... except to call me a shol’va.
O’NEILL: You must be doing a good job.
FRAISER: There’s no internal injury. He mustn’t have taken the full force of the blast. Physically he’ll be fine. Emotionally ... that’s another story. He’s very angry, Colonel.
O’NEILL: Where’s his tray?
FRAISER: Over here. (She hands it to him.) Good luck.
(Jack takes the tray over to Rogers’ bedside and puts it down on the trolley. He picks up a sandwich and takes a bite.)
O’NEILL: Ole Doc Fraiser says you haven’t been eating.
ROGERS: It’s poison.
O’NEILL: It’s hospital food, of *course* it is. (He takes another bite of the sandwich.) Mmm, tuna.
ROGERS: Go to Sokar.
O’NEILL: It’s ‘Go to hell’ actually. Which, by the way, is a very rude thing to say to a person offering you a sandwich.
ROGERS: It means the same.
O’NEILL: You’ve got a point.
ROGERS: I will reveal nothing. You may begin torturing me.
O’NEILL: Oh, I’ve already begun. This ... (he gestures with the sandwich) is the infamous tuna torture. (He picks up the plate with the other sandwich on it and waves it under Rogers’ nose.) Last chance. (After a moment, Rogers reluctantly picks up the sandwich and takes a bite.) Good. So, you and I should have a little talk about this final challenge thing.
ROGERS: We will battle to the death and Apophis will choose the victors as his personal guard.
O’NEILL: Alright, I’m going to tell you the absolute truth right now. Apophis is dead.
ROGERS (vehemently): Gods cannot die! (The effort makes him wince in pain.)
O’NEILL: Why do think he’s been gone for so long? Why have all the Jaffa Masters left? Apophis was on his way out when you got drafted.
ROGERS: You lie.
O’NEILL: What if he told you himself?
ROGERS: If Apophis can speak, then he cannot be dead.

SGC. INFIRMARY. A television and video player are near Rogers’ bed. Daniel puts a tape into the machine.
DANIEL: When Apophis came to us, he’d already been tortured.
ROGERS: Impossible. He is a god.
CARTER: The images we’re about to show you are of Apophis just before he died and his body was sent to Sokar.
ROGERS: Gods cannot die.
O’NEILL: So you keep saying. Have a look.
(The tape starts to play and shows Apophis, aged and white-eyed, in his last moments from “Serpent’s Song”.)
APOPHIS (on the screen): Help me. A host. I am ... afraid. (He lies silently for a moment, then takes one last loud juddering breath, which makes Rogers jump, and then dies. The tape pauses on the image.)
ROGERS (horrified): What magic is this?
O’NEILL: No magic. I was there.
TEAL’C: As was I.
ROGERS (the reality finally hitting him): Then it is true.
TEAL’C: It is.
ROGERS: What will you do to us?
CARTER: We’re not going to do anything to you. We wanna help you.
O’NEILL: You can go home, wherever that is. War’s over.
ROGERS: No, it’s not. Because tomorrow the final challenge begins... (his eyes start to fill with tears) and many of my men will die. For him. (He nods towards the image of Apophis on the television screen.)

SGC. BRIEFING ROOM. Rogers sits at the end of the table as SG-1 and General Hammond question him.
HAMMOND: What’s your real name, son?
ROGERS: My true name is Rafiatrey, sir.
O’NEILL: Your Earth name’s Kyle, can we call you Kyle?
ROGERS: That would be fine, sir, I’m very used to that.
HAMMOND: How long have you been on that planet?
ROGERS: We were brought there through our chappa’ai five cycles ago from a number of different worlds.
CARTER: Right after we blew up Apophis’ ships.
ROGERS: He commanded that we worship no other god but him. He left many Jaffa warriors with us. They taught us everything.
HAMMOND: Who taught you all about Earth, our uniforms, weapons?
ROGERS: Near the beginning, Apophis captured one of your SG teams and forced them to teach us.
ROGERS: Yes. At first that was all they would reveal. Our Jaffa Masters forced them to say things. We listened to your speech, observed your ways, but they did not last long.
HAMMOND: What happened to them?
ROGERS: One day, their bodies were put on display in the encampment. I ... do not know how they died, only that they refused to tell the Jaffa Masters all that was asked of them. Then our Jaffa Masters began to leave us, one by one. They said, to help Apophis win a great battle. And then we were alone.
HAMMOND: Thank you for your cooperation, son.
ROGERS: May I now ask for your cooperation, sir?
ROGERS: As we speak, my men are preparing for the final challenge.
HAMMOND: I was under the impression your weapons are non-lethal.
ROGERS: They are. But before Master Gartok left, he showed Captain Nelson and myself a cave. Inside were weapons intended for the final challenge. Real weapons.
O’NEILL: What are we talking about here ... weapons-wise?
ROGERS: They are exactly like your own. MP-5s. He told us it was with those that we would one day infiltrate the Tauri and destroy you. (To Hammond) May I request permission to be returned to my men, sir, to tell them what I’ve learned and to try and stop them?
DANIEL: They won’t believe you, you know that.
ROGERS: They are under my command.
CARTER: Teal’c, is the vocume capable of recording other images?
TEAL’C: Yes, that is correct.
CARTER: Well then Colonel O’Neill’s already thought of the solution. (She looks at Jack.) I think you know where I’m going with this, sir.
O’NEILL: Haven’t a clue.
CARTER: Seeing Apophis die was enough to convince Kyle. All we have to do is show that same image to everyone else.
HAMMOND: With the vocume device?
TEAL’C: I believe O’Neill’s solution could be successful.
HAMMOND: In the middle of a battlefield, combining alien technology with our own?
CARTER: Sir, the technical part of transferring the data to the vocume I can figure out. We’ve already been experimenting with interfacing Goa’uld technology with our own. The problem will be getting there.
O’NEILL: We do have the intars, General.
HAMMOND: What good will they do?
O’NEILL: We could shoot first and ask questions later.
(Rogers stands.)
ROGERS (to Hammond): May I request permission to join them? Sir.
(Hammond looks at Jack.)
O’NEILL: They *are* his men, General, and he might provide the tactical advantage we need to pull this off.
(Hammond considers, then nods his consent.)

SGC. CORRIDOR. SG-1 and Rogers step out of an elevator and head towards the Gateroom. They are wearing combat gear and camouflage paint.
O’NEILL: Final challenge scenario – let’s hear it one more time.
ROGERS: My elite SG squad is to defend the encampment from the invading force of other SG teams, led by Captain Nelson. The attackers are greater in number, but the defenders have greater firepower.
CARTER: But everyone on both sides will be in SG uniforms.
ROGERS: As it would have been when we infiltrated Earth, yes.
O’NEILL (as they walk into the Gateroom where the Gate is already open): Alright, once we take the encampment, we become the defenders to buy Carter time. Is everyone clear on that? Daniel?
DANIEL (who clearly wasn’t paying attention): What?
O’NEILL: Good. (To Rogers) You, stay with Carter, who will watch you like a hawk.
CARTER: Yes, sir.
HAMMOND (from the Control Room): SG-1, you have a go.
(The five of them walk up the ramp and through the Gate.)

ALIEN PLANET. SG-1 and Captain Rogers make their way through the woods. Gunfire can be heard in the distance. A soldier wearing SG uniform shoots at them and they take cover behind the trees. After a moment and without any warning, Rogers jumps up and runs down the path, drawing the soldier’s fire and allowing Sam to take the soldier down with her intar. Jack shoots a second soldier then runs after Rogers, seizing him roughly by the front of his uniform.
O’NEILL: I told you to stay with Carter!
ROGERS: I was just trying to draw his fire.
O’NEILL (loudly and angrily): You will listen to every word I tell you and you will do everything I tell you or I will shoot you myself! Is that clear?! (He cuffs Rogers around the head before storming away.)
ROGERS: Yes, sir.

TRAINING CAMP. Soldiers in SG uniform patrol the camp. Using the cover of various tents, SG-1 cautiously make their way towards the centre of the camp. Once they’re in position, Rogers steps out into the open and calls to one of his men.
ROGERS: Status report, Sergeant!
SERGEANT: Captain Rogers?
ROGERS: I have just returned through the chapp’ai with a message from Apophis. I have glorious news.
(Using the distraction, SG-1 shoot the soldiers with their intars. Rogers shoots the sergeant.)
O’NEILL (to Rogers): Get the vacuum.
ROGERS: Vocume.
O’NEILL: Whatever. Get it. Carter, set it up. Teal’c, with Carter; Daniel, with me.
(Rogers runs to fetch the vocume. Sam and Teal’c head into the Armoury Tent to start setting up her laptop computer. Jack and Daniel take cover behind a wall of sandbags. Rogers takes the vocume into the Armoury Tent. Outside, soldiers in SG uniforms start to come out of the trees.)
DANIEL: Here they come.
O’NEILL: I got some at nine o’clock here too.
(They start firing their intars at the approaching soldiers. Rogers runs over to join Jack and Daniel.)

ARMOURY TENT. Teal’c finishes setting up the vocume. Sam is busy typing on the laptop.
TEAL’C: It is ready.
CARTER: Good. I’m not. Give me a second.

TRAINING CAMP. Jack and the others are under heavy fire.
O’NEILL (into his radio): Any time, Carter.
(In the tent:)
CARTER: (into her radio): Yes, sir!
TEAL’C: What is the delay?
CARTER (typing as she speaks): You can’t just combine Goa’uld technology with ours with a snap of a finger. I have to match the frequency the vocume operates on before I can record and transmit.
(Teal’c leaves the tent to go and help Jack, Daniel and Rogers who are busy shooting at the attacking soldiers.)
TEAL’C: O’Neill!
(A high-pitched whistle can suddenly be heard.)
O’NEILL: Incoming! (They duck and cover their heads as there’s an explosion not far away.) Rogers! What the hell was that?!
ROGERS: Mortars!
O’NEILL: What else is in that cave?
ROGERS: Stingers, M60s, M72s ...
O’NEILL: You’re telling me this now?! What the hell?! Get down! (They duck as another mortar explodes.) Dammit, Carter!
(The shooting continues. Inside the Armoury Tent, Sam’s laptop finally shows a match with the vocume.)
CARTER: Got it! (She shuts her laptop, grabs the vocume, runs out of the tent and puts the vocume onto the ground. The holographic image of the thirty-foot tall Apophis appears. The firing stops immediately.)
APOPHIS’ IMAGE: Warriors of Apophis, assemble before me and listen to he that possesses the vocume.
(All the boys who haven’t been shot come out of the woods and gather around the image.)
APOPHIS’ IMAGE: The warrior before you speaks in my name. Heed his words.
ROGERS (to his people): It’s a message from Apophis himself!
NELSON: Summoning his image during battle is against the Rules of Engagement.
ROGERS: Hear his words!
NELSON: When the challenge is over!
O’NEILL: Now, Nelson! You *will* listen to him *now*! Before anyone else gets hurt.
NELSON: The final challenge is to the *death*, Colonel. (He looks up at Apophis, and his expression changes to one of amazement as the image changes to that of the dying Apophis.)
APOPHIS’ IMAGE: A host. I am ... afraid. (He lies silently for a moment, then takes one last loud juddering breath and dies.)
NELSON (shocked): He is a god. It cannot be so.
(The image disappears.)
ROGERS: It is so.
(The boys start to wander around in confusion.)
NELSON (to Rogers): What will become of us? Where will we go now?

Ecrit par Syla__ 

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