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The Tok'ra - Part One

In the Tok'ra tunnels, people rush about as the Jaffa attack. They fire staff weapons.
MARTOUF: We have to activate the Chappa'ai. Quickly, Jolinar!
Jolinar runs towards the Stargate. She dials an address.
MARTOUF: Jolinar, hurry!
Jolinar's reflection is caught in some particularly shiny crystal. It's Sam's face...

Sam's hooked up to machinery in the infirmary.
SAM: I think I might have found something.




JACK: You don't think it was just a dream.
SAM: No Sir. It was real. I could tell.
HAMMOND: You could tell.
SAM: Yes Sir. I don't know how, exactly, but I could tell.
JACK: So we're supposed to buy this... ESP, or whatever it is?
TEALC: O'Neill, when a Goa'uld infests its host, their minds intermingle, become as one. It is possible that portions of Jolinar of Malk-shur remain in Captain Carter's mind.
SAM: These Tok'ra were on the run. They may be in trouble. Now, if we want to find them again, we should find them before they move on. They may still be at these coordinates.
DANIEL: Now, you said their eyes glowed. Are you really sure that these Tok'ra are what Jolinar said they are? I mean, good guys, for lack of a better word.
SAM: Yes.
JACK: Yes? Just yes? Could you elaborate a little?
SAM: I'm sorry Colonel. I know it's hard to understand. I don't really understand it myself, but I am sure. I, I just know.
TEALC: According to Jaffa legend, the Tok'ra are the Goa'uld resistance. Their stated goal is the destruction of the System Lords and a change in the ways of the empire. They are hunted and despised by the Goa'uld.
JACK: Yes! My kinda guys!
SAM: General Hammond, if I may. My vision is the only lead we have to go on. Shouldn't we at least check it out before they move on?
JACK: Colonel?
JACK: General?
HAMMOND: I'm prepared to send SG-1 through to the coordinates Captain Carter saw in her vision, if you agree.
SAM: Colonel, I know you're sceptical about these things, but I am confident that I am right on this one.
JACK: Let's check it out.

SG-1 are in their gear, walking down a corridor.
SAM: Colonel, is it alright if I catch up with you?
JACK: We leave in ten.
SAM: All I need is five.

In the corner of a room, Sam phones her Dad.
SAM: Dad, hi, it's me, Sam. [Pauses] What do you mean, why am I calling? Dad? You just told me that you have cancer, you can't... [Pauses] Alright, okay, never mind. Listen, er, I'm about to go on a little trip. [Pauses] Yes, it's for the Air Force. [Pauses] It's not important where I'm going Dad, what's important is that I may be gone a while and I just wanted to call and see how you're doing. [Pauses] You're sure?
Sam puts the phone down and gets up to leave. General Hammond walks up to her.
HAMMOND: Your father?
SAM: Yes Sir.
HAMMOND: How is Jacob?
SAM: He claims he's okay, not that he'd tell me if he weren't. Did you know he actually got an apartment here in town?
HAMMOND: He wanted to be closer to his daughter during...
SAM: During his last days. Sir, this is the first time I've left on a mission where I've felt like I might be leaving something behind. Like I might miss something important.
HAMMONDANIEL: Understandable. I'll put a temporary replacement on SG-1. You can stay here.
SAM: I wish I could, Sir, but I don't think I'm replaceable on this one. The memories of Jolinar left in my mind could be invaluable on this mission and no-one else has them.
HAMMOND: True, but your father...
SAM: Sir, it's okay, he doesn't want me around anyway.
HAMMOND: Sam, I've known Jacob a long time. That's not true.
SAM: Sir, he's always too concerned about appearing the strong soldier. The last thing he would want is for me to see him in a hospital bed losing a battle. I should get going Sir, I don't wanna hold things up.
HAMMOND: Captain! You're more like your father than you'd like to admit.

SG-1 emerge on a desert planet, which is appropriately deserted.
TEALC: There is no evidence of footprints or tracks of any kind. If the Tok'ra were here they have not been near the 'gate in many days.
JACK: Ah, where's that yellow brick road when you need it, eh Dorothy?
SAM: There's some sort of dunes over there.
JACK: Dunes it is.
They walk towards the dunes. Jack looks at the broken MALP.
JACK: Worthless. No-one's tread here in a while.
TEALC: The Tok'ra are known for their ability to mask their trails. They are, as you say, stealthy in their actions.
The Tok'ra surround them, apparently popping out of the ground.
DANIEL: Yeah, stealthy would be a good word, Teal'c.
JACK: Good guys or bad guys?
CORDESH: We mean you no harm. But I warn you, if you make any aggressive moves, we will fire on you.
JACK: Same here.
CORDESH: [Laughs] Well I think we have the advantage. There are more of us.
JACK: That is true.
MARTOUF: This one is a Jaffa. Apophis sect.
TEALC: I am no longer in the service of Apophis.
MARTOUF: Who then are you in service to?
TEALC: I am allied with these, the Tau'ri, in battle against Apophis.
DANIEL: And all other Goa'uld.
SAM: Be careful Daniel.
SAM: Because they are Goa'uld.
CORDESH: Do not call us that. [Eyes glow] We are not Goa'uld.

In General Hammond's office, his phone rings.
HAMMOND: Hammond. Put him through. [Pauses] Jacob? You okay? [Pauses] Oh no, I'll be right there.

Back on the planet, they're all standing around pointing weapons at each other.
JACK: You know, in some galaxies, this is called loitering. How long do ya think we can keep it up?
SAM: Martouf.
MARTOUF: I do not know this woman.
SAM: But I'm right, aren't I. That's your name, Martouf.
MARTOUF: It is. How do you know me?
SAM: I don't. But I knew someone who did. His name was Jolinar of Malk-shur.
CORDESH: Where is Jolinar?
SAM: He died saving my life.
DANIEL: That's why we're here, to seek out the Tok'ra.
JACK: Assuming of course you are the Tok'ra.
CORDESH: And if we're not?
JACK: Well, I guess we all start shooting, there's blood, death, hard feelings... it'd suck.
MARTOUF: And if we are this thing you call Tok'ra?
TEALC: If you are indeed the Tok'ra of Jaffa legend, we should form an alliance.
SAM: I learned a lot from Jolinar. Enough to know that we could be good friends. And frankly, enough to know that you are the Tok'ra.
MARTOUF: I believe this one speaks the truth. Perhaps we should... just listen to what they have to say.
They lower their weapons.
JACK: Well that's better, isn't it? So, take me to your leader.
CORDESH: I will take you to whom you seek. But there is one condition. You must leave your weapons with us.
JACK: Ah, no.
SAM: They won't hurt us, Colonel.
JACK: They're Goa'ulds, Carter.
SAM: They won't hurt us.
JACK: And you, what, feel this?
SAM: No, I can remember.
TEALC: O'Neill, if they are the Tok'ra, we are in no danger.
DANIEL: If you're asking for opinions, I vote we take the chance.
JACK: Okay. But I want it understood that we're doing this in the spirit of future relations. I expect us to be treated as such.
SG-1 put their weapons down.
MARTOUF: Please, come closer together.
JACK: Why?
SAM: It's okay Colonel.
JACK: Oh, it is?
Transport rings take them to subterranean crystal caves, which crackle alarmingly.
CORDESH: This way.
SAM: This looks just like the place in my dream. But that was on the planet that they - we - were fleeing.
TEALC: It is said throughout the legend of the Tok'ra, when they arrive on a planet they go deep underground, it is said they possess the technology to actually grow tunnels.
SAM: This looks like some sort of crystal material, so theoretically it could be grown.
TEALC: Apophis had me searching for tunnels such as these for many years. We never found them. It is believed when the Tok'ra move on, the tunnels are destroyed.
JACK: Carter, what's the story with this Martouf?
SAM: I'm not sure. I get the feeling I know almost all of these people, but my memories of Martouf are the strongest. It's like I have some weird bond with him.
MARTOUF: [Ushering them into a room] Please, come this way.

In the hospital, General Hammond enters Jacob's room. He's lying in the bed, with tubes up his nose.
HAMMOND: Jacob. Are you alright?
JACOB CARTER: I've been better.
HAMMOND: I was under the impression that the cancer hadn't gone this far.
JACOB CARTER: So was I. They cleaned out all the lymph nodes, the problem is, apparently, one squadron of those little buggers got themselves reassigned to my liver.
HAMMOND: Let me make a call, get Captain Carter recalled.
JACOB CARTER: No, there's no need.
HAMMOND: Jacob, she should be here.
JACOB CARTER: Why? Let me tell you something George, my little girl grew up seeing Daddy go off to God knows where to fight God knows who and I always came home alive and well. Now I'm going to let her sit here and watch me lose a war? To some little runts so small I can't even see 'em?
HAMMOND: That's exactly what she thought you'd say. How about doing us all a favour, Jake. Cut the brave soldier routine. It's your daughter we're talking about here. She should have a chance to be here to see you through this.
JACOB CARTER: I got a feeling she's on a pretty important mission right now. Am I right?
HAMMOND: Well, yes, but there are others.
JACOB CARTER: Then do me a favour and honour my wishes. Leave her there.
HAMMOND: This is ridiculous.
JACOB CARTER: There is one thing you could do for me, George.
HAMMOND: Anything.
JACOB CARTER: Tell me what my little girl's doing.
HAMMOND: Except that. You know it's classified.
JACOB CARTER: George, they're telling me I don't have much time left. Who am I gonna tell? God?
HAMMOND: I'm sorry, Jake.

SG-1 go into a big crystal room.
CORDESH: People of the Tau'ri, let me introduce Grand Counsel Garshaw of Belote.
GARSHAW: Greetings.
TEALC: You are Garshaw of Belote?
TEALC: She is the most hunted Goa'uld of all time.
GARSHAW: We prefer you to not refer to us as Goa'uld.
JACK: Yeah, we got that earlier. What should we call you?
GARSHAW: I assume you are from the first world, the Tau'ri. Is that correct?
JACK: Yup.
GARSHAW: Were you among those who rid the galaxy of the Supreme System Lord Ra?
JACK: Yup, that's us, that... that... yeah, we're those.
GARSHAW: Then in a sense, you are Tok'ra.
DANIEL: Of course! Tok'ra. Tok... Tok Ra, against Ra! Thank you for sharing that.
JACK: We still don't know what to call her.
GARSHAW: We too are Tok'ra.
JACK: Finally!
SAM: It's a pleasure to meet you.
GARSHAW: I understand you were sent to us by Jolinar of Malk-shur. Please, tell us how that came to be.
SAM: Well, it, I, er... It's a long story. We were on this planet, Nasya, and the Goa'uld were attacking. Jolinar's host was killed, so he jumped into me while I was trying to save his host.
MARTOUF: Please, excuse me, did you say that Jolinar's host was killed?
SAM: Yes. I'm sorry.
MARTOUF: But Jolinar lived on.
SAM: Ah, yeah, for a while at least. Inside of me. Should I continue?
GARSHAW: Please.

Jacob's flatlining. General Hammond watches the frenzied activity.
HOSPITAL STAFF: He's in V-tach. Let's go. Let's shock him at 200.
HOSPITAL STAFF: Okay, clear. [Zaps him with the paddles] Again, 300.
HOSPITAL STAFF: Clear. [Zaps him with the paddles] Normal sinus, okay. [To Jacob] Hey general, how're you doing? [To staff] Alright, he's in aplastic crisis. Let's give him a unit of packed cells, check his vitals every fifteen minutes. And, er, let me know if anything changes.
HAMMOND: Doctor.
HOSPITAL STAFF: He's, er, stable, for now.
HAMMOND: May I ask, how long does he have?
HOSPITAL STAFF: Can't say with a cancer like this. Could be five days or five minutes. Sorry. If there's any family for you to contact, I recommend you get them here ASAP.

Back in the Tok'ra chamber.
GARSHAW: So am I to understand you did not invite Jolinar to use you as a host?
SAM: That is correct. He did it in an emergency situation to escape an assassin.
CORDESH: Then if you were not a voluntary host, how do we know that you did not kill Jolinar yourself?
SAM: Um, well, because I didn't. I mean, I guess you're just going to have to trust us on that.
CORDESH: And why should we trust you?
JACK: You know something? I've been asking myself the same damn question. Why should we trust you. You are, after all, Goa'ulds.
DANIEL: Jack...!
JACK: Ah! Don't! We've done nothing but get interrogated here. Now, are we prisoners? And are you Goa'ulds?
JACK: N...
GARSHAW: You are not and I have told you we are not Goa'uld.
JACK: I didn't... Why do you talk like that? And what's with the glowing eyes? Huh? Might it have something to do with a little reptilian activity in your heads?
GARSHAW: We have symbiotic creatures within us, yes.
JACK: Well then!
DANIEL: Well then, you can see how we might think you would be a danger to humans. You take humans as hosts.
GARSHAW: Goa'uld take hosts. Tok'ra do not. Ours wish to be so.
MARTOUF: We have a truly symbiotic relationship.
DANIEL: No offence, but why would any human volunteer to be a host for a Goa'uld?
YOSUF: Perhaps I can... I can help you? I am Yosuuf. I am Garshaw's host. I speak freely without restraint or censor. All of us who serve as hosts volunteer to do so freely.
DANIEL: Okay, well, maybe you can answer my question then. Why would any human volunteer for... for that?
YOSUF: Well, with the blending I gain all of Garshaw's knowledge, her wisdom [Laughs] more than any human could ever attain. And my lifespan is twice what it would be without the blending. And for all this, all I have to do is share my physical body.
JACK: So you've kind of got a little Faustian deal going here, selling your soul for immortality.
YOSUF: What you understand as soul remains intact.
DANIEL: So this symbiotic relationship is what makes the Tok'ra different from the Goa'uld.
TEALC: It is also this that has thwarted the Tok'ra's efforts against the Goa'uld.
YOSUF: Your Jaffa friend is correct. If you'd like to come with me, I will show you what he means.
They walk along some tunnels until they come to Selmak's room. Selmak lies on an uncomfortable looking crystal bed, and she's clearly unwell.
YOSUF: Allow me to introduce Selmak.
MARTOUF: Her host's name is Saroosh. She is one of the oldest and wisest among us, an important leader for our cause. However, she is unfortunately very ill, and will soon die.
DANIEL: How old is she?
YOSUF: She will be 203 of your years in a few of your days.
DANIEL: I'm sorry, I was under the impression that Goa'uld lived much longer than 200 years.
YOSUF: Goa'uld do, the Tok'ra don't.
SAM: That's because you don't use the sarcophagus, right?
MARTOUF: That's correct. We believe to do so would drain the good from our hearts.
DANIEL: I can vouch for that.
MARTOUF: That's why our numbers don't grow large enough to defeat the massive forces aligned with System Lords.
SAM: Zero or negative population growth. Since you won't take new hosts by force, most of the time the Goa'uld dies with the host.
YOSUF: And this is what is about to happen to Selmak.
MARTOUF: Unless one of you wishes to volunteer to serve as a host.
JACK: I'm gonna pass on that.
DANIEL: Yes, although it does sound very fascinating, I think it's a little too long term for me.
SAM: I'm sorry, I've already been through that.
Sam walks out. The others follow her. At the poolside Martouf touches her on the shoulder. She gasps.
MARTOUF: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
SAM: You shouldn't sneak up on a person like that.
YOSUF: We didn't mean to upset you with the suggestion of becoming a host.
JACK: Well as long as you take no for an answer.
MARTOUF: Be assured that we have never forced a human to become a host. It goes against all that we believe in.
JACK: Yeah, well, you know Captain Carter didn't exactly invite Jolinar in.
SAM: Yes Sir, but I believe he was sincere about wanting to leave me as soon as he found another host.
JACK: If he found one.
YOSUF: I'm curious, if you're not interested in becoming a host, then why did you seek us out?
DANIEL: To form an alliance.
YOSUF: Yes, so you've said, but it's apparent that the thought of an alliance disgusts you.
DANIEL: Wait a minute, you think by 'form an alliance' we mean we want to become hosts?
YOSUF: Well what other sort of an alliance could a non-blended human and a Tok'ra want to have?
JACK: Well, we do have a common enemy, how about a friendship?
SAM: We could share information.
TEALC: We can engage in battles, side by side.
GARSHAW: I do not believe you could be of any service to us. You are neither strong enough, nor advanced enough.
JACK: We're not?
TEALC: You are incorrect. It was these who destroyed two Goa'uld motherships.
GARSHAW: That was you? We had operatives who died on board those vessels.
DANIEL: Oh boy.
SAM: We were only defending our planet.
YOSUF: We didn't know that they had travelled to the Tau'ri. This information, it explains a lot. At least now we know how and why out operatives died, and for that we are truly grateful.
JACK: So maybe we can be of service.
YOSUF: Perhaps you are correct. I will try to convince the Council of Tok'ra to meet with you. [She goes to leave]
JACK: Ah, excuse me? Are we prisoners here?
YOSUF: Well, ah, until we decide what level of information to entrust to you, um, we cannot allow you to roam this facility freely. I'm sorry.
MARTOUF: [To Sam] Would you like to take a walk on the surface?
JACK: What?
SAM: Why?
MARTOUF: I would like to hear more of Jolinar of Malk-shur.
SAM: Okay.
JACK: Well, yeah, sure.
MARTOUF: I'm only inviting Captain Carter. What we have to discuss is private. I hope you understand.
JACK: Actually, no, I don't.
SAM: Colonel, I, I think I should go with him. I think I need to go with him. There's a lot of questions he could answer about Jolinar.
MARTOUF: I assure you Sir, she will be very safe with me.
SAM: Colonel, I need to do this, please.
JACK: Okay Son, but I want you to have her back by 11 o'clock. You understand?

Martouf and Sam are walking along a ridge near the Stargate.
MARTOUF: You feeling any better?
SAM: Yeah, thanks.
MARTOUF: Please, ah, tell me of Jolinar.
SAM: I get the feeling you knew him way better than I ever did.
MARTOUF: I'm sure. For one thing, he was a she.
SAM: What? You're kidding!
MARTOUF: Well, actually, that isn't accurate. The symbiote does not have a gender. However, Jolinar has always been in female hosts.
SAM: Well, actually, the host I found him in, her in, was a male.
MARTOUF: Really? Must have been another method of hiding from the Ashrak. Tell me of Jolinar's last days.
SAM: Well, it's kind of weird, it's like I'm left with these intuitions, feelings. I know this, she sacrificed herself to save me. That speaks a ton about her character as far as I'm concerned. [Pauses] I'm sorry, are you okay?
LANTESH: I'm sorry, Martouf is having a more difficult time handling this than I am.
SAM: So you're his symbiote, Lantash, right?
LANTESH: Yes. Martouf is the name of my host.
SAM: Yeah, I knew that. I seem to know pretty much everything about you. When I'm with you, I feel a different sort of, I don't know, recognition, than I do with the other Tok'ra. Is there something different about your relationship to Jolinar?
LANTESH: Jolinar and I were together for nearly... 100 of your years. She was my mate.
SAM: Oh. How does that work? She was whose mate? Martouf, or Lantash?
MARTOUF: Now let me attempt an explanation. As I said before, ours is a truly symbiotic relationship. So what I feel, Lantash feels. And what Lantash feels, I feel.
SAM: So when one of you is in love, you both feel it.
MARTOUF: Yes, we love as one. And, and we mourn as one.
SAM: I'm sorry.
MARTOUF: Don't be sorry. We want you to truly comprehend this so that you'll better understand us.
SAM: Okay, well, I am curious. What was Jolinar's host like?
MARTOUF: Jolinar's host, Rosha, was very beautiful. She had eyes like the oceans of Marloon, hair was the colour of Abydos, and her smile was, was as infectious as laughter. In fact, Rosha looked very much like you Captain Carter. You are very beautiful. You'd make a lovely new host for Selmak.
Sam turns away.
MARTOUF: I'm sorry, I've said something to upset you.
SAM: No. Yes! It's difficult enough with just the remnants of Jolinar in here. The last thing I need is another person - symbiote - whatever.
Sam sits down on the edge of the ridge. Martouf stands a little way away.
MARTOUF: I didn't mean to upset you so.
Martouf walks over to Sam and crouches down next to her.
SAM: It's just the thought of going through that again.
MARTOUF: Don't give it another moment's thought. It was an inappropriate suggestion. Please understand that it came from a deep desire to have Jolinar back in my life in some form.
SAM: This must be what it feels like to be schizophrenic.
MARTOUF: What is schizophrenic?
SAM: It's a mental illness humans have. It's like a split personality. Two people in one brain. I mean, there's me, Samantha Carter, and then there's this leftover part of Jolinar that feels things like...
MARTOUF: Like...?
SAM: Like some pretty deep feelings for you.
MARTOUF: Jolinar left this imprint on your mind?
SAM: Yes.
MARTOUF: I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but...
SAM: No! It's just... what you had, you and Jolinar, you were in love longer than I've been alive! Hell, longer than I will be alive!
MARTOUF: She left this feeling with you? You can feel how she felt for me?
SAM: Yes. And it's confusing the hell outta me.
SAM: Because it's not just in my mind like a memory, I feel it. Like I've had this relationship with you for 100 years. I don't know if I can describe it with words. What Jolinar felt for you, I don't even think I'm capable of comprehending.
MARTOUF: Maybe there's another way you can communicate it. Perhaps in a way other than words.
They interlock their hands and gaze into one another's eyes. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Then Daniel and some Tok'ra guys rush up and spoil the moment.
SAM: Daniel.
DANIEL: Learning a lot about Jolinar?
SAM: Yeah, you'd be surprised how much.
DANIEL: Um, the Tok'ra Council's agreed to meet with us. Jack thought you might want to be there.
SAM: Yeah.

SG-1 and Garshaw walk through the tunnels.
SAM: Quite the place you've got here.
TEALC: Is it true these facilities are grown?
GARSHAW: It is. When we arrive at the new base, we plant certain crystals, and they grown into all that you see.
Jack notices Cordesh breaking off, and follows him. Cordesh goes to his room. He selects a box from his collection of belongings, and when he opens it Jack sees it contains an orb.
CORDESH: May I help you?
JACK: No, thanks, I was just looking around.
CORDESH: This is not the way to the new Council chambers.
JACK: Oh! Well, I'm sorry.
CORDESH: But I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. These are my private quarters.
JACK: Not very private.
CORDESH: The Tok'ra hold no secrets from each other. There is no need for doors or partitions. Can I show you back to your group?
JACK: Uh, no, thanks. I can find my own way back.
Jack walks back towards the group.
DANIEL: How fast can you grow a facility like this?
GARSHAW: Quite rapidly. We build only as we need. That is why we are only now adding the corridor and the Council chambers. See for yourselves.
They come to a tunnel that's still expanding. The blue crystal is visibly stretching out into a new tunnel, moving off into the distance!
JACK: What the hell?
They walk into the Council Chambers. It's like the other rooms, but it has a nice shiny table in it.
GARSHAW: This Chamber is newly grown. Until now we had no reason to convene the Council of Tok'ra.
SAM: So this is some sort of accelerated crystal growth?
GARSHAW: That is correct. We have learned to pattern the natural tendencies of the crystal.
SAM: Like a geode.
GARSHAW: People of the Tau'ri, allow me to introduce the Grand Council of the Tok'ra.
The Council consists of Cordesh and five other (more colourfully clothed) people.
JACK: Hiya folks, nice to meetcha.
DANIEL: Uh, we're very grateful. We're representatives of a planet called Earth.
TEALC: It is an honour.
JACOB CARTER: The council has reviewed your proposal of an alliance between our peoples.
SAM: And?
FEMALE TOKRA: We would like you to understand our situation. We are an illegal resistance group within the Goa'uld. We are the most hunted, most hated enemies of the System Lords.
JACK: Hey, we haven't made too many friends along the way either.
TEALC: The secrets of the Tok'ra would never be revealed. It is not the way of the Tau'ri.
CORDESH: Not intentionally. But you might be followed to us, you might be tortured into revealing our whereabouts or a spy might be introduced into your midst.
FEMALE TOKRA: We would like to know what you have to offer us that is of sufficient value to justify our exposure.
JACK: Well, I think we've got a lot of things.
TEALC: The Tau'ri have become quite advanced.
DANIEL: I'm sure we have something you could use.
GARSHAW: Please, give us an example.
JACK: Sure. Daniel.
DANIEL: Er, well, I mean, after all, we... we have the same goals in mind.
SAM: Perhaps there's some technology that could be of use.
CORDESH: Technology other than our own is useless to us. We are infiltrators. We work from within the Goa'uld. Therefore it is important that we appear to be Goa'uld.
Another Tok'ra enters the Chamber and whispers to Garshaw.
GARSHAW: Bring them in! [To SG-1] What are your people planning?
JACK: Beg your pardon?
GARSHAW: The Chaapa-ai just activated, and brought forth these!
SG-3 are led in, looking sheepish.
SAM: SG-3.
JACK: Colonel Makepeace? What are you doing here?
MAKEPEACE: General Hammond sent us to extract Captain Carter.
SAM: Why?
MAKEPEACE: I'm afraid it's your father, Captain. He's in the hospital in a serious condition.
JACK: You have to let her go home.
GARSHAW: I'm sorry, I cannot do that.
JACK: Why not?
GARSHAW: I'm afraid we have made our decision. We have decided not to accept your request for an alliance.
CORDESH: Therefore you shall be our guests until such time as we decide to move to another planet.
JACK: What?
GARSHAW: I'm sure you understand with your knowledge of this planet, you have become a security risk. We cannot allow you to leave until we have moved somewhere else that you do not know about.
DANIEL: Well surely as Tok'ra you're more compassionate than that? Captain Carter's father is dying, I mean at least let her go.
CORDESH: She is the highest risk of all. She contains the memory of Jolinar of Malk-shur.
TEALC: We are not the only ones who have knowledge of this planet. Those we left behind on the Tau'ri also possess this knowledge.
JACK: As evidenced by our friends here.
GARSHAW: It is our wish that your lack of return will convince them that we are Goa'uld and not Tok'ra.
DANIEL: You want them to think that we're dead.
JACK: Well that kinda sucks.
GARSHAW: I'm sorry. We will try to make you as comfortable as possible.



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[Jeu] Podium de la semaine

[Jeu] Podium de la semaine
Depuis hier et jusqu'au 25 Août, venez voter pour votre "Carter" favoris !!!!! Notre talentueuse...

Roland Emmerich revient sur le reboot de Stargate

Roland Emmerich revient sur le reboot de Stargate
A l'occasion d'une interview qui s'est tenue en début de semaine, Roland Emmerich a pu revenir sur...

[TV] Piège à domicile

[TV] Piège à domicile
[TV] Piège À Domicile avec Richard Dean Anderson & Marg Helgenberger; aujourdhui à 15:20 sur...

Ce soir sur NRJ12

Ce soir sur NRJ12
Ce soir sur nrj12 retrouvez Michael Shanks & Lexa Doig dans " Swat Force Commando " à 20:55 Synopsis...


Aujourd'hui 23 Janvier 2016 c'est l'anniversaire de Richard dean Anderson, qui fête ses 66 ans....


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choup37 (13:23)

Bravo à ceux qui ont trouvé! Vos récompenses vous attendent sur le quartier Merlin^^ Courage aux autres

choup37 (13:23)

CastleBeck (13:24)

Nuit un peu courte, mais ça va

CastleBeck (13:24)

Moi je sais la réponse!

serieserie (13:25)

on creuse choup, arriver en australie je fais demi tour

serieserie (13:25)

beh j'ai des idées mais l'aspostrophe me perturbe ^^

CastleBeck (13:25)

Bon courage !

serieserie (13:25)

ouais beh je vais trouver heon

CastleBeck (13:25)

Ah, tu cherches la phrase?

serieserie (13:26)

non ça je l'ai ^^ j'ai pas la réponse ^^

CastleBeck (13:26)

l'apostrophe, c'est dans la phrase, non?

serieserie (13:26)

y en a une dans la réponse ^^'

CastleBeck (13:27)

Euh... je ne crois pas non...

serieserie (13:27)


serieserie (13:27)

je crois j'ai compris ^^

serieserie (13:28)

beh du coup j'ai la réponse!

CastleBeck (13:28)

Ah, bah voilà

serieserie (13:28)

pourquoi je me suis meme embeter a faire la phrase j'avais capter avant

CastleBeck (13:28)


serieserie (13:28)

'fin j'crois

serieserie (13:28)

bon je finis de trouver un nom a mon nouveau truc de lucifer et je l'envois

CastleBeck (13:29)

C'est quoi? C'Est quoi?

CastleBeck (13:29)

Faut que je regarde Lucifer aujourd'hui, d'ailleurs, si j'ai le tmps

serieserie (13:30)

ahah beh tu sauras pas

CastleBeck (13:33)

serieserie (13:34)

bientôt! ça arrive bientôt, ça a pas de nom, ça a tout juste une idée mais ça arrive bientot

CastleBeck (13:35)

SI je sais, je peux t'aider à trouver un nom

Sonmi451 (13:36)

c'est bon j'ai tout trouvé ^^

Sonmi451 (13:36)

merci Sabby

serieserie (13:36)

on a trouvé castle B

CastleBeck (14:43)

La famille Pearson serait ravie de vous accueillir sur la nouveau quartier This Is Us, que ce soit pour découvrir la série :tv:, participer à l'animation d'ouverture, voter pour le sondage ou la photo du mois ... Merci

albi2302 (17:30)

Soirée Live Chat spéciale Grey's Anatomy ce soir ! La room sera créé d'ici quelques minutes...

Spyfafa (22:28)

Live tchat en cours, venez nous rejoindre. On mord pas, même s'il y a du sang et pleins de problèmes de coeur.

serieserie (22:54)

Pas de si vous venez consultez nos 256 médecins à l'accueil et choisir vos 128 préférés !! Uniquement des de bonheur!! Allez on va voter à l'hypnoCup!!

kystis (17:13)

Merci de votre dans préférences !

kystis (17:14)


SeySey (20:10)

Bonsoir! Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Outlander! Sans oublier l'animation "Citadelle piégée" sur le quartier Under The Dome! Les membres attendent un sauvetage^^

Titepau04 (12:11)

Bonjour bonjour!!! Calendriers à commenter sur NCIS Los Angeles, S Club 7, Dr House et DollHouse!!! ^^

natas (08:34)

Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin + voter pour le sondage spécial couple ! Enjoy et commentez, svp ! [Revolving_hearts]

Merlinelo (19:26)

Les jeux d'Orphan Black attendent votre participation! Pas besoin de connaître la série pour voter à la PDM, jouer au Train ou encore commenter le design. Bonne soirée à tous

Spyfafa (19:52)

Nouveaux designs à commenter : Le Caméléon, Hannah Montana, Dexter... N'hésitez pas à faire un tour !

arween (23:01)

Pensez à faire un tour sur Dollhouse pour commenter le calendrier de Titepau04 et le sondage ! Merci !

kimiM (14:04)

Le quartier Dark Angel fête ses 12 ans! Venez participer et célébrer avec nous cet anniversaire! #DAHypno12ans

Sonmi451 (10:48)

Venez voter aux sondages de Scrubs et urgences, sans oublier de soutenir les medecins de ces séries dans l'hypnocup!

Spyfafa (11:52)

Depuis hier, deux nouveaux designs sont à commenter sur Hypno : Samantha Who ? et My name is Earl : )

serieserie (13:16)

Le deuxième tour de garde des médecins a commencé! 128 sont rentrés chez eux mais 128 sont encore en compétition alors... qui sera le meilleur médecin?

albi2302 (23:11)

Blindspot devient l'HypnoStars du moment sur Twitter grâce a sa news sur John Wesley Shipp. Et oui, l'acteur à partager la news du quartier sur Twitter ! Bravo la team Blindspot beau boulot

juju93 (00:24)

Nouveau sondage sur The L Word : "Et si ces personnages n'avaient pas si hétéros que cela ?" A vous de nous le dire !

SeySey (09:38)

Bonjour! Les calendriers de MARS sont déjà disponible sur les quartiers Outlander & Under The Dome! Sans oublier leur sondage On vous attend

Chaudon (13:20)

Nouveau SONDAGE sur le quartier "Elementary" et il concerne l'acteur principal ! Venez voter et commenter votre choix, si vous le souhaitez !

arween (15:51)

Nouveau sondage sur Dollhouse ! Venez voter !! Merci

cinto (18:32)

Venez voir les actrices sélectionnées pour un remake de Ma sorcière Bien aimée. A vous de voter!

SeySey (11:15)

Hello! Les calendriers de MARS sont déjà disponible sur les quartiers Outlander & Under The Dome! Sans oublier leur sondage ainsi que l'animation "Citadelle Piégée" sous le dôme ^^

Chaudon (12:59)

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carina123 (14:58)

Nouveau design sur le quartier Lie to Me, il a été réalisé par Spyfafa, venez nombreux pour le commenter !

sabby (09:41)

10 quartiers ce sont unis et forment la Team Hypno-Unit 10 afin de ramener un peu de monde chez eux au travers d'une animation "l'Enigme de la Team", et d'un sondage sur chaque quartier ! Rendez-vous sur Kyle XY, Merlin, Dallas, Orphan Black, Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, The Closer, Empire, Baby Daddy et Army Wives On vous attend !

carina123 (18:21)

Design + Nouveau Sondage sur le quartier Lie to Me, venez nombreux !

Titepau04 (21:54)

Aucun commentaire pour le calendrier Dr House de ce mois-ci ???

arween (22:28)

Bonsoir tout le monde !

arween (22:28)

Dollhouse et The Night Shift vous propose de tous nouveaux sondage ! Passez me voir (je me sens un peu seule sur mes quartiers ^^)

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