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They watch the MALP footage.
DANIEL: Now that was a few moments ago. Now obviously Kasuf's unburied the Stargate and is waiting. For me.
SAM: One Abydos year to the day. They kept their word.
DANIEL: And I have to keep mine.
JACK: Daniel, you said you'd go back there in a year with Sha're.
DANIEL: I know that. But at least I can tell her father that I haven't given up; that I won't give up.
JACK: That she's a Goa'uld?
JACK: Does he really need to know that?
DANIEL: Kasuf is family. I owe it to him.
HAMMOND: I have nothing against you returning to Abydos, Dr Jackson, but Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter are due in Washington, and I can hardly ask the President of the United States to change his schedule.
DANIEL: Well, if I don't go back now, they will bury the 'gate for good. It's what I told them to do if I never came back. General, I lived among these people for over a year. And I couldn't possibly be safer than in the company of Teal'c.
TEALC: Thank you Daniel Jackson.
DANIEL: You're welcome.
TEALC: Daniel Jackson assures me the Abydonians are a peaceful people.
JACK: They're a great people, are you kidding? [To Sam] In fact, what do you say you and I blow off this medal ceremony thing and go with the boys?
HAMMOND: You may leave when ready.

The Stargate activates.
JACK: So we'll come and pick you up in a couple of days, yeah?
DANIEL: Say hi to the President for me.
JACK: Will do.
Teal'c and Daniel step through the Stargate.

They arrive in the Abydos 'gate room. Kasuf's waiting.
DANIEL: Don't be afraid, good father. This is Teal'c.
TEALC: Tel nol te'ak.
KASUF: Ma'weh.
TEALC: I am honoured.
KASUF: Mai'ak ak maafi.
DANIEL: Good father, I ask your forgiveness, I have returned without your daughter.
KASUF: So it is.
DANIEL: I fear that my search may continue for many seasons.
KASUF: Come.

They enter a tent in the village.
DANIEL: Sha're!
Teal'c activates his Zat gun.



KASUF: No, take my life in exchange!
DANIEL: Nobody's killing anybody.
TEALC: Sha're is no longer your daughter.
DANIEL: Kasuf, we're in danger. How long has she been here?
KASUF: More than a season.
KASUF: Why are we in danger?
SHAURE: Husband!
DANIEL: I am Sha're's husband. Who are you?
SHAURE: My Daniel, please!
TEALC: Come no further.
KASUF: Son, do your eyes not see?
DANIEL: Sha're has been taken by a Goa'uld. A demon now lives within her. One of great power and evil.
SHAURE: He speaks the truth, father.
KASUF: But you said you returned to me.
SHAURE: And I have.
DANIEL: Stop it! Okay, just stop it. You can't fool me. I know what you are. I've seen what you are.
SHAURE: Please believe me!
SHAURE: The demon sleeps because I am with child. Hear me, husband. The Goa'uld that has stolen my soul is called Amonet. She sleeps for the sake of the child.
SHAURE: If she awakens, the child will come forth, stillborn.
TEALC: I have never known a Goa'uld to father a human child.
DANIEL: Apophis is the father?
SHAURE: [Sobbing] Yes.
TEALC: Then Apophis is here also.
SHAURE: [Sobbing] No, he has hidden me away. He does not want to reveal the true purpose of this child to his enemies.
DANIEL: What true purpose? Sha're, what does Apophis want with a human child?
SHAURE: He wishes the child to one day become his new host.
DANIEL: Is that true?
SHAURE: Yes. [She sobs]
Daniel leaves the tent and goes outside.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Sam and Jack are going into the building.
JACK: You know, I can navigate myself across a galaxy, but I get lost every time I come to Washington.
SAM: [She laughs] Don't worry Sir, these are my old stomping grounds.
JACK: Sorry to hear that.
SAM: Two years at the Pentagon trying to make the Stargate program a reality, I'd say it was time well spent, considering.
JACK: Ya think?
SAM: I see General Hammond's already doing the rounds.
JACK: Oh yeah. He's a player. He knows how to work a room. Punch?
SAM: Yes Sir, thanks. [She stands around for a while] Dad!

Back in the tent on Abydos...
SHAURE: Daniel no longer loves me.
TEALC: You are incorrect. Daniel Jackson cares for you greatly.
KASUF: He does not behave as a husband.
SHAURE: I have seen your face before.
TEALC: As first prime of Apophis. I was present when the Goa'uld invaded your body. For my part I can only ask your forgiveness.
SHAURE: No, it is more. You are the traitor, Teal'c!
TEALC: How can you know this?
SHAURE: My mind is full of images Apophis railing and cursing your name. His place among the system lords is no more.
TEALC: Then these are the memories of the Goa'uld that now sleeps within you.
Teal'c goes outside to Daniel.
TEALC: This is most difficult. Daniel Jackson, we must return with Sha're through the Stargate immediately.
TEALC: As long as the Goa'uld within her sleeps, Sha're shares its memories.
DANIEL: what?
TEALC: It would be of great strategic benefit to have access to the Goa'uld genetic memory, even for a few days.
DANIEL: What? Access? Do you... do you know who it is we're talking about?
TEALC: I do. And soon she will give birth.
DANIEL: Well hasn't she gone through enough? I mean, what are you talking about here Teal'c? Handing her over to Maybourne for study?
TEALC: The knowledge she possesses could one day save your world.
DANIEL: I don't care! I will not put her through that, too! I'm sorry!
TEALC: More sorry for yourself, it appears, than for Sha're. Within a matter of days, Sha're will give birth. The Goa'uld within her will reawaken. Apophis will take this child and leave Abydos forever. That is the fate you choose for Sha're by allowing her to stay!
DANIEL: [He's quiet for a moment] Then I'd like a moment with my wife.

Back at the reception...
HAMMOND: I invited Jake myself, Captain. I thought you might enjoy the surprise.
SAM: Really, Sir. That's sweet.
JACOB CARTER: George and I served together back when the Air Force really was this country's first line of defence.
SAM: It still is.
JACOB CARTER: Of course it is. I was talking about when the Cold War was still, er... Anyway, when George told me you were up for the Air Medal for your work in... what the hell was that again? Um...
SAM: Analysis of deep space radar telemetry.
JACK: Sam! [Hands her a drink]
SAM: Thank you Sir.
HAMMOND: Colonel Jack O'Neill, Jacob Carter.
JACK: Carter? As in...?
SAM: As in, my father Sir, yes.
JACK: Get outta town. Sam's Dad? I've heard nothing about you, Sir.
JACOB CARTER: What's there to say about an old general waiting to retire?
SAM: Dad, I talk about you all the time.
JACK: I retired myself one time. Couldn't stay away.
JACOB CARTER: [Disbelieving] From your analysis of deep space radar telemetry.
JACK: Well, it's just so damn fascinating.
JACOB CARTER: I'm sure it is. Otherwise you wouldn't be receiving the Air Medal.
JACK: We have our moments. Um, will you excuse me? We just don't get out of Cheyenne Mountain enough. I'm gonna grab some air. Outside. General, Captain, General, Waiter? [He leaves]
HAMMOND: I guess I'll go make the rounds. [He leaves too]
JACOB CARTER: Just between us, your cover stories could use a little polish.
SAM: Sorry, Dad, I don't know what you're talking about.
JACOB CARTER: No, of course not, I'm out of line. But whatever it is you really analyse in that mountain, deep space or no deep space, it can't be as exciting as the real thing. I'm talking about getting you into NASA, Sam. I'm talking about you actually going to space one day.

Back on Abydos...
SHAURE: You hate me.
DANIEL: No, no, I love you.
SHAURE: You forgive me?
DANIEL: God, there's nothing to forgive.
SHAURE: I'm so ashamed.
DANIEL: I hate what's been done to you. I hate Apophis for the child that's been growing inside of you. Look at me. I love you. Everything else... I love you.
SHAURE: Will you stay?
DANIEL: I can't. Because I want you to come home with me.

Back at the party...
JACOB CARTER: I made a call to Bollinger himself. Head of NASA?
SAM: I know.
JACOB CARTER: I told him that you'd wanted to become an astronaut since you were a little girl. And that you'd given up....
SAM: I didn't give up!
JACOB CARTER: Let me finish - waiting for the shuttle program to be reinstated after the Challenger disaster.
SAM: Yeah, it was bad timing.
JACOB CARTER: Yes, well. I called in a few markers. I filled them in on your qualifications; you apply again, as an Air Force nominee, young lady, and I think you'll find NASA supportive.
SAM: There's a waiting list a mile long.
JACOB CARTER: Not for you.
SAM: Dad, you can't do that.
SAM: Without talking to me first?
JACOB CARTER: You're telling me you don't want this? They know what you're capable of offering the Space Program, Samantha, they want you!
SAM: That's not the point! The work I am doing right now is very important to me.
JACOB CARTER: It's not your dream.
SAM: Let's just leave it at that, please?
JACOB CARTER: At least talk to them, then. Do that much for me.
SAM: [She sighs] I knew sooner or later you'd make this about you.
SAM: Dad, it's not that I don't appreciate it...
JACOB CARTER: I said alright. I'll catch up with you after the ceremony.

Jack's found a bar to hang around in.
REPORTER: Colonel Jack O'Neill, right?
JACK: I'm not sure.
REPORTER: You are one hard man to find, let me tell you.
JACK: Who are you?
REPORTER: Armand Zellick. I'm a journalist. [To Barman] I'll have a beer.
JACK: Why doncha take mine. I haven't touched it.
REPORTER: Heading back to the Stargate so soon?
JACK: What?
REPORTER: Big round greyish thing, can't miss it.
JACK: I don't know what that is.
REPORTER: Before you go, Colonel, maybe you should hear this. I knew you were coming here, so I planned ahead, and I got a little lucky.
He plays back the recording he made of Jack and Sam
JACK: You know, I can navigate my way across a galaxy, but I get lost every time I come to Washington.
SAM: Don't worry Sir, these are my old stomping grounds.
JACK: My condolences.
SAM: Two years at the Pentagon trying to make the Stargate program a reality, I'd say it was time well spent, considering.
JACK: Ya think?
REPORTER: This isn't all I've got to go on, mind you. I have a source that told me about a device that can send people half way across the galaxy and back again. Just looking for a little confirmation.
JACK: Parabolic microphone across the square, maybe?
REPORTER: Something like that.
JACK: Technology, eh. Listen, I don't know who your source is, but I'm a Colonel in the US Air Force. A C5 Galaxy is a transport aircraft, one of the largest in the world. That's what I was referring to.
REPORTER: And the Stargate?
JACK: You got me on that one.

Back on Abydos...
SHAURE: After the child is born, the demon within me will awaken again. She will punish the child for my disobedience.
TEALC: We would not allow that to happen. The Goa'uld will have become our prisoner.
DANIEL: We'll have time together before the child is born. There'll also be questions asked of what you remember of the Goa'uld, but I will be there the whole time. I won't let them hurt you. We can study what keeps the Goa'uld dormant, there may even be a way we can remain together.
KASUF: Apophis will return. If she is gone, he will destroy the whole village.
TEALC: Tell them an enemy of Apophis came and stole Sha're and the child away.
KASUF: And it will be the truth, yes? [To Sha're] Go with them!
DANIEL: You can't just tell her like that.
KASUF: I am her father!
DANIEL: Sha're, I won't force you.
SHAURE: Once the demon returns, will I be with you then?
DANIEL: No. 'Til we can find a way to remove the Goa'uld within you, they would lock you up in a cell. That's something like a cage.
TEALC: So the Goa'uld within you will not harm others.
DANIEL: Look, I won't pretend this is going to be easy. But at least this way Apophis will not be allowed to hurt you, or your child, ever again.
SHAURE: [She sighs] Then I will come with you, my Daniel.
TEALC: Apophis may return at any moment. We must leave now.

Back at the party...
HAMMOND: He's got great hands. He can really snap the jab. He was getting off all night, so he cut in with three good ones, then he feinted with his right, came in with a left hook and right cross and the guy was down! It was a great...
JACK: [Interrupting] General, a moment please?
HAMMOND: Excuse me.
JACK: We've got a problem, Sir. We've sprung a leak. Apparently someone with knowledge of the program talked to a reporter.
HAMMOND: This reporter approached you?
JACK: Yes Sir.
HAMMOND: And you said?
JACK: Denied everything. He didn't buy it.
HAMMOND: How much does he know?
JACK: Well, if he knows me - he knew how to find me here - a lot.
HAMMOND: The you're right, we've got a problem.

Teal'c, Sha're and Daniel are in the 'gate room on Abydos. There's a rumbling noise.
SHAURE: Daniel, do you hear it?
DANIEL: Hear what? What's wrong?
Outside, animals are panicking and people are shouting.
TEALC: A Goa'uld ship approaches.
DANIEL: Sha're, what's wrong?
AMMONET: My lord comes for me.
Teal'c activates his Zat gun.
DANIEL: No! Sha're, fight this thing. You have to hold on, a little longer, please!
SHAURE: Daniel?
DANIEL: It's okay, it's gone now.
SHAURE: [She gasps] Daniel! Daniel!
DANIEL: Teal'c! I think she just went into labour.
TEALC: The Goa'uld's return may have induced it.
SHAURE: Daniel!
TEALC: Daniel Jackson! We must leave now!
They hurry away, and the tranport rings are activated.
JAFFA: My lord. Someone attempted to flee through the Stargate. They did not have time to escape.
HERUUR: Find Apophis' queen.

Back in Washington, they're having an emergency meeting.
SAM: Say he runs this story - how bad can it get?
HAMMOND: Bad. The domestic repercussions alone - half the government would want to bury it, the other half would want a piece of it. After that the international fall-out when Russia and China find out we've been keeping it from them...
SAM: Proof of the existence of aliens. Hundreds of other worlds populated by ancient human cultures.
JACK: I don't see the problem.
SAM: I can't help but wonder who the source could be.
JACK: Any one of hundreds of people, Captain.
SAM: I have a hard time believing it's one of ours. Every member of the SGC knows how important our work is.
HAMMOND: I agree with Captain Carter. It's much more likely political.
SAM: Senator Kinsey?
JACK: Well if he knows, at least a dozen sycophants know.
HAMMOND: Civilians sign non-disclosure statements. Technically that makes them liable to prosecution under the espionage act.
JACK: So what should we do? Sue 'em?
HAMMOND: There's still some time before the ceremony, Colonel. I'd like to know how much he knows before he goes to print. Do you know how to find him?
JACK: I'll let him find me, Sir.

In a cave on Abydos...
DANIEL: It's okay - when the pain comes you have to breathe.
SHAURE: It comes too soon!
DANIEL: The baby will be fine, you just have to worry about getting through this yourself.
SHAURE: When the child comes forth the demon will return.
DANIEL: I know.
SHAURE: Apophis comes for me.
TEALC: It was not the ship of Apophis.
DANIEL: Then who?
TEALC: It was the ship of Heru-ur.
SHAURE: He is a great enemy of Apophis. He will take my child. [In pain] Aaaah, Daniel!
DANIEL: It's okay, breathe, breathe! This is where we hid from Ra. Remember? Remember?
SHAURE: I remember.
DANIEL: We're safe here.
TEALC: You are incorrect, Daniel Jackson. If it is Sha're that Heru-ur seeks, he will find us. We cannot remain.
DANIEL: Well I am not leaving her.
TEALC: The moment the child is born, the Goa'uld within Sha're will re-emerge.
DANIEL: I said I am not leaving her, Teal'c.
TEALC: Then I will do what I can to keep the Horus guard away from you.
SHAURE: You do love me.
DANIEL: Yes, I do.

Jack sits on the bench outside the building.
REPORTER: Looking for me? Find out what the reporter knows while your people check on his credentials.
JACK: Ah, that's a cliché, Armand.
REPORTER: I'm very good at this, Colonel. I've been doing it a while. Granted, this'll be the biggest story I've ever broken, but then it's the biggest story anyone's broken, isn't it?
JACK: Tell me.
REPORTER: Look, I've got all I need. I don't need you, but I've gotta admit I wanted to meet you anyway. When this breaks you're gonna be a hero.
JACK: Cool. So what're you gonna say about me?
REPORTER: Subtle. Okay, I'll do you a favour. You're the team leader of a unit called "SG-1". Between nine and twelve such units operate out of Cheyenne Mountain under Norad. You use a device called a "Stargate" to travel light years from here.
JACK: Wow, that's pretty amazing.
REPORTER: The program costs us over seven billion. The defence department hopes to bring back superior technologies to offset the expenditure.
JACK: Armand, let me do you a favour. You don't know anything. Don't embarrass yourself.
REPORTER: I know that those two brilliant flashes in the night sky a few months ago were really alien ships on their way to attack Earth. You blew them up.
JACK: I did. Alright. If you're gonna go ahead with it, I wanna make sure you get one thing right. It's O'Neill, with two Ls. There's another Colonel O'Neil with only one L, he has no sense of humour at all.
REPORTER: The story's going to run, Colonel.
JACK: It'll read like science fiction, Armand.
REPORTER: This country has no official secrets act.
JACK: I know that.
REPORTER: You can't stop me.
JACK: I know that too.
REPORTER: You don't think anyone'll believe it.
JACK: I'm sure someone will. But it's not me.
REPORTER: We'll see. [He walks away] That's two Ls, right?
A speeding car hits the reporter; he lies on the ground.
JACK: You! 911, ambulance, now! [To the reporter] Don't move, don't try to move.
REPORTER: You - you did this.
JACK: No. No, we didn't do this.
R: Son of a...aaargh...
He dies.

Back on Abydos...
JAFFA: My lord, I have questioned many in the city. Apophis' queen is here, as you suspected, lord.
HERUUR: Apophis will return through the Stargate to claim his child.
JAFFA: We shall be here, my lord.
HERUUR: His queen and child are to be taken alive.
In Kasuf's tent, Kasuf is being beaten up.
JAFFA: [Hits Kasuf] Where is your daughter?
KASUF: I cannot tell you what I do not know! What, would you have me lie?
Teal'c enters the tent.
TEALC: Jaffa! [He shoots the Jaffa with his Zat gun]

Back in Washington...
SAM: Dad? I've been looking all over for you.
JACOB CARTER: You must be disappointed. Any idea why the President cancelled?
SAM: Colonel O'Neill witnessed an accident. The President couldn't adjust his schedule. Bad timing all round. General Hammond's going to present us with our medals at a private ceremony back at the base.
JACOB CARTER: Well, it's the honour that matters, whether I can be there or not.
SAM: Dad?
JACOB CARTER: I have cancer, Sam.
SAM: What?
SAM: That's bad.
JACOB CARTER: Well, it's not good. But it's not the worst. Don't you worry. I'll be around for a while.
SAM: Oh God, Dad!
JACOB CARTER: I was hoping to stick around long enough to see you become an astronaut. Sweetheart, I don't care what it is you do in that mountain, nothing in the world can live up to the chance to actually go into space. Not for you - it's something you're wanted your whole life. And I admit it, I want to see you fulfil your life's dreams before I die.
SAM: It's my dream, doesn't that make it up to me?
JACOB CARTER: Fathers have dreams too.
SAM: Sorry, I can't...
JACOB CARTER: Alright. Like I said, this thing's going to go on for months, so you don't have to check up on me tomorrow.
SAM: Dad, please don't go like this...
JACOB CARTER: Congratulations on the medal. I'm sure you deserve it. [He walks off]
SAM: Dad!

Back in the cave on Abydos...
SHAURE: Daniel!
DANIEL: It's alright, Sha're, push.
SHAURE: No! The demon will come back!
DANIEL: You have to push.
SHAURE: But I will lose you Daniel!! Please!!
DANIEL: Look at me.
SHAURE: [Screams with pain] Please!!!
DANIEL: Look at me! I love you! I will always love you. You understand? The Goa'uld will never be able to take that away from us. Do you understand me? Never.
SHAURE: Oh Daniel, the pain comes again!
DANIEL: I'm here.
SHAURE: Daniel!!! Daniel!!!
DANIEL: I'm here! And now the baby is here. Now you have to push.
SHAURE: Oh, oh...
The baby is born. It cries.
DANIEL: It's a boy. It's a boy.
AMMONET: Give me the child.
TEALC: [wearing the Jaffa's armor] Bring me the child of Apophis. [He activates his Zat gun]
AMMONET: Apophis my pharaoh will destroy you both for this.
TEALC: Tell him Heru-ur has taken his son as his own. [He fires the Zat gun at Sha're] We have little time. We must go.

In the village again.
DANIEL: It's your grandson.
KASUF: He is beautiful, yes?
DANIEL: Yes he is. You cannot remain here, good father, you must go into hiding.
KASUF: You are telling me that the demon has returned to reclaim my daughter.
KASUF: I will need a nursing woman.
TEALC: You must find one whom you can trust. One who is not afraid of hardship.
KASUF: So it may be that I will never see my daughter again.
DANIEL: Sha're is strong, good father, she will not give up. And neither will I.

In the SGC...
HAMMOND: Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, you have distinguished yourself by heroism involving voluntary risk of life. Against impossible odds, with only the help of your team members Teal'c and Dr Daniel Jackson, you destroyed both Goa'uld spacecraft that were poised to attack this world. Your exemplary courage and heroism reflect great credit upon yourself and the United States Air Force.
SAM: Thank you, Sir.
HAMMOND: I'm only sorry that the accident made it impossible for the President himself to do this.
SAM: I beg to differ, Sir. It's an honour to receive it from you.
HAMMOND: Congratulations, Captain. I know Dr Jackson is expecting you on Abydos; you may ship out when ready.
SAM: I'll be geared up and ready to go in ten minutes, Colonel.
HAMMOND: Dismissed. [Annoyed that Jack hasn't left] It was an accident.
JACK: Yes Sir.

Back on Abydos...
TEALC: [Still wearing Jaffa gear with Daniel as his prisoner] My lord!
HERUUR: Kel shak, Jaffa.
TEALC: Kel shak, Heru-ur. The Serpent guards of Apophis have taken the child.
HERUUR: Who is this human?
TEALC: He claims his people are the Tau'ri, enemies of Apophis.
HERUUR: [With disbelief] You were among the warriors who defeated Apophis?
DANIEL: As a matter of fact I was. The Tau'ri are stronger than you think. An alliance would prove extremely useful to both of us, against our common enemy.
HERUUR: Alliance? You are nothing. Your world is nothing. Once I have conquered Apophis, I will make slaves of your people. You will serve me.
DANIEL: No, I don't think so.
HERUUR: Kneel before your god!
Teal'c whacks Daniel so that he kneels before Heru-ur, and someone begins dialling up the Stargate.
TEALC: My lord, the Stargate!
HERUUR: Apophis comes, stand ready.
Seeing Jack and Sam emerge from the Stargate
HERUUR: Tau'ri, kree!
JACK: What the hell? Cover me!
There's lots of fighting.
HERUUR: You dare challenge me?
JACK: I was thinking about it. [He throws his knife into the palm of Heru-ur's hand, piercing the ribbon device]
HERUUR: You will pay for this insolence!
The transport rings activate.
SAM: Teal'c?
JACK: Somebody explain to me what just happened?
TEALC: It is a lengthy tale, O'Neill.
JACK: Long story, Teal'c.
SAM: Good thing you remembered the shield's deflection capability's directly proportional to the amount of kinetic energy directed at it.
JACK: Right. We should get out of here.
The Stargate starts dialing up again.
DANIEL: Apophis.
JACK: What?
TEALC: We must cover ourselves.
The Stargate engages, Apophis steps out of the event horizon.
APOPHIS: Jaffa. Kel Amonet?
AMMONET: I am here, my pharoah.
APOPHIS: The child?
AMMONET: Stolen, by your enemy Heru-ur. Forgive me, my pharoah, for failing you.
APOPHIS: Jaffa! Shal tek!
A Jaffa starts dialling the 'gate.
APOPHIS: Come home with me, my queen.
Amonet looks straight at SG-1! They go through the Stargate, and it disengages.
SAM: Sir, there's still a Goa'uld ship on top of us.
JACK: Dial us home Captain, please.
Sam dials the gate.
JACK: [To Daniel] You alright?
DANIEL: No. No, I'm not. But I will be.
TEALC: She looked directly at us, Daniel Jackson, yet she did not reveal our position.
The GDO beeps - the iris code is sent.
JACK: Let's go home.
They leave.

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serieserie (15:09)

ouais ça va! 22h/6h30 ça va^^

CastleBeck (15:10)

C'est bien en effet

serieserie (15:11)

oui beh j'étais tellement crevée en meme temps x) je serais bien restée dans mon lit ^^ vivement le week end

CastleBeck (15:11)

Ah, bah courage alors, il vient de se terminer le week-end!

CastleBeck (15:12)

Bon, en même temps, je dis ça, j'ai hyper hâte au week-end, alors...

serieserie (15:12)

eh m***e ^^ non mais j'ai un week end de 3 jours qui m'attend

serieserie (15:12)

ah beh tiens!

CastleBeck (15:12)

Ah, classe!

CastleBeck (15:12)

Moi, mes élèves sont en vacances la semaine prochaine. J'attends de voir si je le serai aussi...

serieserie (15:12)

un we de 3jours, un normal, un de 4 jours et un autre de 3 jours x) je bosse moi ^^

serieserie (15:12)


CastleBeck (15:13)

Ah, oui, je vois que tu travailles fort en effet... Moi, depuis quelques semaines, j'ai des week-end de deux jours... avant, ils étaient de 36h

serieserie (15:14)

beh je reprends les cours la semaine prochaine enfaite pour 4 semaines toute les semaines j'ai sois le lundi soit le vendredi ou j'ai pas cours donc ça va!

CastleBeck (15:15)

Ah oui, vu comme ça. C'est vrai que le mixte cours / boulot donne des horaires différents

serieserie (15:16)

oui c'est ça ^^

CastleBeck (15:29)

Bon, j'ai écrit un message et il n'apparait pas... Chaque fois que ça arrive je me demande s'ils ne partent pas dans un autre conversation "no where" ...

serieserie (15:31)

je me pose la question aussi parfois je te rassure

CastleBeck (15:31)

Non, mais tu imagines, si ça se trouve, on envoie accidentellement des messages à un autre membre qu'on ne connait peut-être même pas...

CastleBeck (15:33)

Bon, au lieu de dire n'import quoi, je vais récupérer mon retard télé de le semaine dernière, avant que celui de cette semaine commence (avec une série de plus!).

CastleBeck (15:33)

Au programme p'tit dej avec Bones

CastleBeck (15:33)

À plus

serieserie (15:36)


serieserie (15:36)

ahah bon app alors x)

serieserie (15:36)

a plus tard

Sonmi451 (15:42)

ou ça papote ^^

serieserie (15:53)

ouaip mais je file moi

Sonmi451 (15:53)

file je vais pas tarder à refiler aussi. lol

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