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Act 1 Teaser

Outside shot of a prison. Day. Inside Lana speaks to an old man, Dexter McCallum, in the prison hospital. He is obviously weak and has white hair and an oxygen tube below his nose.

Lana : Louise McCallum. No one every really said much about her, just that I had a great-aunt who died young.

Dexter : I'm guessing they never mentioned she had a husband.

Lana : No. But I don't think you can blame them. You were convicted of her murder.

Dexter : Yeah.

Lana : If you were so anxious to see me, why did you wait all these years to write?

Dexter : Your Aunt Nell. She asked me not to.

Lana : I don't mean to be rude, Mr. McCallum, but even if I did believe your story, I don't know what you want me to do.

Dexter's eyes fill with tears and his voice becomes shaky with sadness.

Dexter : I just need somebody in Louise's family to know I truly loved my wife, and I'm not the man who killed her.

We flash back to the past and see a gun firing several times. We can't see who is holding it. Dexter, as a young man, runs out the front door of a nearby house.

Dexter : Louise!

He sees another man running away from the barn. Dexter runs to the barn.

Dexter : Louise!

As we watch the flashback, we hear Old Dexter's voice.

Old Dexter : It was 42 years ago, and I can still hear those shots.

Young Dexter leans down in the barn and picks up a gun from the ground. He stares in horror at Louise's lifeless body before him, her chest spattered with blood.

Dexter : Louise... [Still holding the gun, he runs to her side.] Louise! No!

He pulls her into his arms and cries. A young police officer, Billy Tate, officer enters the barn.

Old Dexter : Sheriff Tate arrived.

Tate : Dex! Louise! You out here?

Tate stops in shock when he sees Dexter. We see Louise's face. She is identical to Lana.

Old Dexter : He found me with the gun and Louise dead in my arms.

Tate : Dex... What have you done?

Dexter shakes his head in disbelief and holds Louise closer.

Old Dexter : I swear to you. That's what happened that night.

Flash back to the present, Dexter talking to Lana in the prison hospital.

Dexter : When I saw your picture in the paper, I couldn't get over how much you looked like Louise.

Lana glances at an old yellowing newspaper in her lap. The headline says "Local Beauty Murdered, A Community Shocked by Murder of Farmer's Beloved Wife." There is a picture of Louise who again looks exactly like Lana.

Dexter : I thought if you are anything like her, you'd be the one person who could understand.

Lana : [Quietly, shaken.] If you're saying that you didn't kill her, then who did?

Dexter : The man I saw leaving the barn, a drifter. He killed my Louise.

Lana turns the newspaper over to see the bottom of the article. There she finds a police sketch of the drifter. It looks exactly like Clark Kent.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. In the loft, Clark is looking at the drawing of the drifter as he talks to Lana. He has his back to her.

Clark : What happened to this guy, this drifter?

Lana : They never caught him. Dexter said that people assumed that he made the story up so that he could cover his tracks.

Clark : [Turning to face her.] But you believe him.

Lana : Well, why would he lie to me? It's not like he's gonna get the last 40 years of his life back.

Clark : [Skeptical.] Lana, convicted murderers spend half their day trying to convince people they're innocent.

Lana : [Coming closer to Clark.] Clark, that drawing looks exactly like you. So unless Dexter could've predicted the future, there's--there's a pretty good chance that drifter was real. [Pause.] It could've been your grandfather. Even your father.

Clark : [Walking away from Lana, upset.] That's impossible.

Lana : Why? You must've come from somewhere. It's not like you just fell out of the sky.

Clark flinches. He takes another look at the newspaper and notices a medallion around the drifter's neck. It has a Kryptonian symbol on it.

Act 1 Scene 2

Clark and Jonathan enter the underground caves, searching the walls with flashlights. Day.

Clark : I think Lana's right. It is Jor-El.

Jonathan : From 1961?

Clark : These cave walls said that people from Krypton have been here before. Why not my father?

Jonathan : Clark, son, don't you think you're trying just a little bit too hard to make a connection here?

Clark : You saw the medallion he was wearing. The symbol's Kryptonian.

Jonathan : Okay. Let's just say that it was Jor-El, and from everything I know about him, it's not that far of a stretch to believe that he could kill somebody.

Clark : That's the thing, we don't know that much about him. Up until now, all Jor-El has been to me is some distant powerful friend, but if he was here, walking the same streets as me, maybe we're not so different. Maybe he's more human than we thought.

Jonathan : Clark--

Jonathan notices something on the wall behind Clark.

Jonathan : Clark.

Clark turns around and sees a large painting of the symbol from the drifter's medallion on the wall.

Jonathan : Isn't that what you're looking for?

Jonathan steps up onto a ledge to get closer to the painting and touches it lightly.

Clark : I knew I'd seen it down here.

Clark touches the painting and the symbol suddenly rotates. Then the painting opens up revealing a hole in the wall. Clark and Jonathan glance at each other and then Clark sticks his hand inside. A bright golden glow shines out of the hole and Clark is flooded with a series of images that fly by too fast to understand.

He sees a woman's lips, a ring with a capital T, the drifter and Louise kissing, the Kryptonian medallion around the drifter's neck, a man attacking another man outside the barn, the marquee of the Talon showing the name Natalie Wood, a gun firing.

Clark suddenly returns to the present and pulls his hand from the hole in the cave wall, somewhat dazed.

Jonathan : Clark. Clark!

Clark opens his hand and he is holding the silver medallion from the picture.

Jonathan : What is that?

Clark doesn't respond, but looks from Jonathan to the cave wall.

Act 1 Scene 3

Clark and Pete walk down the sidewalk across the street from the Talon. Day.

Clark : The images I saw must've been from the past.

Pete : Clark, you really need to lay off the late night television.

Clark : I'm not kidding, Pete. I had all these flashes, but they went by so fast, I really couldn't make sense of them.

Three young men walk by Pete and Clark, passing between them.

Young Man : Excuse me.

Clark steps out of the way and rests his arm on a mailbox. There is a flash of white and Clark is suddenly back in 1961. His clothes and slicked hair reflect the style of the time and there are old cars in the street as old music plays in the background.

Clark, as the drifter, walks along the sidewalk slowly, looking around. He looks across the street at the Talon where the marquee says "Splendor in the Grass, Natalie Wood." Lana, as Louise, comes out of the Talon reading a magazine. Her hair and clothes also reflect the old style.

A man runs up to her, pointing a gun at her and gesturing to her purse.

Man : Give it over!

Louise : Get away from me!

The man pushes Lana to the ground.

Man : Give me the money! I know you've got it! Give it!

They fight over the purse as the drifter watches it all happen. He super speeds across the street and grabs the mugger, throwing him against a lamppost just as the police drive up. The drifter helps Louise to her feet.

Sheriff Billy Tate gets out of the police car and grabs the mugger.

Louise : [To the drifter, awe-struck.] My hero.

Drifter : You don't strike me as someone who usually needs saving.

Lana : Thank you.

He picks up the magazine Louise dropped and hands it to her.

Mugger : [To Tate.] Did you see that? He could've killed me.

Tate : [Pushing mugger to the car.] Tell it to the judge.

Louise : [To Drifter.] Thanks. I'm Louise.

Drifter : You can call me Joe.

Louise : Well, Joe, you're the most excitement we've had all year.

Tate : [To mugger, pushing him into the car.] Watch your head.

When the mugger is in the car, Tate shuts the door and comes over to Joe and Louise.

Tate : [To Joe.] Well, I guess we owe you our gratitude. Hi, I'm Sheriff Billy Tate. Some reflexes you got there.

They shake hands.

Joe : They kinda surprised me, too.

Tate : I haven't seen you around Smallville before.

Joe : I'm just passing through on my way home.

Louise : Lucky you.

Tate : [Kindly.] Forgive Louise. She's got stars in her eyes. Always has.

Joe : There's nothing wrong with that.

Joe and Louise share another quiet moment as Dexter drives up and gets out of his car.

Dexter : Louise?

Louise turns to Dexter, annoyed.

Dexter : Everything all right?

Tate : You go on home, Louise. I know how Dex hates to miss his bridge game. I'll drop by and get your statement.

Louise : [To Joe.] See you around.

Joe watches Louise as she slowly walks to the car. She turns back once to look at him and then gets in. Once inside, she continues to look at him until Dexter drives away.

Tate : I appreciate your help.

We suddenly come back to the present where Clark is still resting his arm on the mailbox.

Pete : Clark, what's going on?

Clark : It's like I was back in the '50s. I was standing right here where Joe was.

Pete : Joe?

Clark : That's the name of the drifter. Pete, do you remember when I was in the cave and I got all those flashes? [Clark takes the medallion from his pocket.] I think this medallion downloaded me with all his memories. When I touch something of his it triggers one.

Pete : [Skeptical.] Right.

Clark : Louise was here too. The drifter, he saved her.

Pete : Well, of course he did! Clark, back here in the 21st century, we call that a daydream.

Clark : There's got to be a way to find out if what I saw really happened.

Act 1 Scene 4

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Inside Clark blows the dust off of an old book as he walks down the hall. Chloe is with him.

Clark : Since when can you take police records out of City Hall?

Chloe : Since I caught the clerk and his girlfriend playing cops and robbers while on the job.

They both laugh.

Clark : [Opening the book.] Well, the robbery should be around June 1961. That's when the movie was playing at the Talon.

Chloe : Okay, I don't mean to give you the third degree, but how do you know all of these--

Clark : Chloe, I told you it was just a hunch that the drifter was there.

Chloe : Yeah, I get that.

They enter the Torch office.

Chloe : But it's the robbery outside the Talon with the Natalie Wood movie playing that's a little more detailed than your average hunch.

Clark : Well, as curator of the Wall of Weird, just go with me on this one.

Clark sits at the desk.

Chloe : Okay.

Clark : There's some pages missing, all from the day of Louise's murder.

Chloe : Someone gets a D in subtlety.

Clark : [Turning the page.] Here, the robbery.

Chloe : You see our heroic drifter anywhere?

Clark : No, but look at the name of the robber.

Chloe : [Reading.] Lachlan Luthor. That's--that's Lex's grandpa.

Clark looks at Chloe suspiciously.

Chloe : Oh, come on, I had a 3 megabyte file on Lex. I know his favorite cereal. Maybe he knows something.

Clark : Well, you're gonna have to find out. I gotta meet Lana. Nell found some of Louise's things in the attic.

Chloe : Wait, Clark, this is where I'm gonna have to bail. The last time I researched the Luthors, Lex almost got killed.

Clark : Please. You're gonna have to deal with him sooner or later.

Clark exits the Torch office.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Lex talks to Chloe on the upper level of the study. He is flipping through a book.

Lex : I always assumed my father's knack for taking people's money was inherited, but... I hardly think petty crime runs in the family.

He puts the book back on the shelf.

Chloe : Well, Smallville wasn't exactly teeming with Lachlan Luthors. Your grandfather has to be the one who was arrested.

Lex : Chloe. No one in my family set foot in this town until my father bought the cream corn factory. Isn't an age-old robbery a little off your usual teen beat?

Chloe : Well, this one's pro bono. Lana's really worried about her great-uncle.

Lex : Something tells me you're not here because of Lana.

Chloe : [Changing the subject.] Anyway, we think Lachlan met the drifter, and we were just hoping that--

Lex : What, that my family sat around at Thanksgiving sharing old crime stories?

Lex sits down.

Chloe : Your family isn't exactly a Norman Rockwell painting. Look, Lex, we're just trying to find what we can.

Lex : I wish I could help you, Chloe, but I'm afraid you've met a dead end.

Chloe looks at Lex, frustrated.

Act 1 Scene 6

Clark enters the loft. Night. Lana is waiting for him.

Lana : Hey.

Clark : Hi, Lana. Look, I'm really sorry about being so defensive this morning.

Lana : You don't have to apologize. I kinda dumped a lot on you all at once.

Clark : I guess it's just when you're adopted, you dream about where you came from and what your birth parents were like. The biggest nightmare is that they were criminals.

Lana : With all the strange surprises I've had in my family, I know it's not easy. [Pause.] There are only a few of Louise's things. But I think we'll be able to find something.

Lana sits on the couch where there is a small box waiting. She opens the box and they start looking through it. On top there are several pictures that Clark picks up and looks at. Lana picks up a piece of paper, reads through it, and smiles.

Lana : It's a love letter. Dexter must have written this. Wow. Who knew he could be so, um...

Clark : [Reading the letter over her shoulder.] Passionate?

At the bottom of the letter there is a cursive letter J.

Lana : Only an initial?

Lana puts the letter back in the box uneasily and they continue to look through the other items. Lana pulls out a pearl necklace, smiling.

Lana : Could you?

Clark smiles as Lana turns her back to him and lifts her hair out of the way for him to clasp the necklace around her neck. As soon as Clark touches the necklace, he is propelled back into the past.

Joe is standing behind Louise in the barn. Day. His hands are on her shoulders and he leans over to kiss her neck. Louise turns around to face him, then walks through the barn, pulling Joe by the hand.

Louise : I couldn't stop thinking about you all day.

Joe stops Louise and pulls her to him, kissing her passionately.

Joe : I've never felt this way about anyone. All I know is I want to be with you.

They share another intense kiss. When they finish, Louise starts walking away again, heading toward the haystacks near the wall. Joe jogs after her, turning her around and leaning her against a wooden beam. They kiss frantically, breathing heavily as Louise unbuttons Joe's shirt and pulls it off his shoulders. Kissing her neck, Joe unbuttons Louise's shirt and she shrugs it off.

Louise tugs at Joe's tank top and as he pulls it off, they collapse onto a blanket on the hay, Louise lying on top of Joe kissing him breathlessly. As the kiss ends, Joe turns her over gently so that he is on top of her. His silver medallion hangs from his neck, shining in the filtered sunlight coming through the windows of the barn. He leans in to kiss Louise again, running his arm underneath her back as she touches his head, running her hand through his hair, then up his back.

They make eye contact one more time and then Clark flashes back to the present.

Lana : Clark?

Clark stands up and steps away from the couch.

Clark : Lana, I don't think that love letter's from her husband. I think it's from the drifter. They were in love.

Lana looks up at Clark in confusion.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of LuthorCorp. Day. Inside Lionel and Lex walk into Lionel's office.

Lionel : Congratulations, Lex. That was an excellent presentation. The board was impressed. It was smoke and mirrors, but, um, skillfully done.

Lionel picks up a bottle of champagne that has been chilling on the table.

Lex : What can I say? I guess the, uh, heart of deception runs in the family.

Lionel : [Laughs.] And the day was off to such a sweet start. [Pops the champagne open and pours a glass.] Um, deception, huh? You think I've been deceiving you about something?

Lionel hands the glass to Lex.

Lex : You tell me. You've always described Grandfather Lachlan as a hardworking entrepreneur who came from Scottish nobility.

Lionel : What are you driving at, son?

Lex : Maybe you could explain why a Lachlan Luthor was arrested in 1961 for petty robbery in Smallville.

Lionel : Not all entrepreneurs can have the luxury of being both successful and honest.

Lex : Why would you go to such lengths to hide our past?

Lionel : When I was, uh, young and trying hard to get a foothold in the world of overachieving ivy-leaguers, I quickly found that confessing to the fact that I was born and bred in a place like Suicide Slum wasn't gonna win anybody over at a cocktail party.

Lionel sits on the couch.

Lex : So you took the liberty of rewriting our family history?

Lionel : That's right. Why should I have to pay for the sins of my father?

Lex : [Serious.] Sounds familiar. Is the, uh, memorial in our family plot even real or do I have grandparents wandering around Suicide Slum?

Lionel : [Slowly, troubled.] No, no, they... they both died in a tenement fire. [Pause.] The only reason I'm alive is I was moonlighting at the-- at a print shop when it happened. Ever since then I've, um, buried myself in work. Consciously.

Lionel smiles through his sadness as Lex eyes him suspiciously.

Act 2 Scene 2

Clark and Lana enter a barn. Day.

Clark : This is the barn where Louise was shot.

Clark walks through the barn touching things and getting no reaction.

Lana : Clark, it's been over 40 years. What do you expect to find here?

Clark notices a large object covered by a tarp. Walking over to it, he pulls the tarp away revealing a dusty old blue car. He places his hand on the hood and is instantly transported into the past.

Joe is resting his hand on the car, now much bluer and shinier. Louise is leaning against the car she and Joe kiss in the barn. Night. The kiss ends as Louise reaches for the buttons of her blouse.

Joe : I have to leave tonight.

Louise : I'm leaving with you.

Joe : Louise, I told you, that's not possible.

Louise : I can't stay with Dex anymore, I don't love him. You're the one I want to be with.

Joe : Where I'm from we wouldn't be accepted.

Louise : I don't care what people think. I never have. [Laughs.] Dex says that's my curse.

Joe steps closer to Louise and touches her face.

Joe : No, Louise. That's a gift.

Louise : We're not that different, Joe. I'm willing to try.

Joe steps past her.

Joe : This wasn't supposed to happen. I have to return home alone.

Louise : Why?

Joe : [Turning to face Louise.] Because it's my destiny. I can't change it.

Joe walks to Louise and holds her face, desperate.

Joe : Louise, as much as I want this, I can't have it.

Louise's eyes water.

Joe : My father told me that someday I'd understand that my actions have consequences. I guess this is what he meant.

Louise fingers the medallion around Joe's neck.

Louise : [Whispered.] It's not fair. We should be together.

Joe takes Louise into his arms, holding her tightly. Lachlan Luthor walks into the barn holding a gun, and Joe sees him.

Joe : Louise.

Joe pushes Louise out of the way just as Lachlan fires bullet after bullet at Joe. The bullets hit Joe in the chest, but have no effect. Lachlan and Louise look on in shock. Then Lachlan drops the gun and runs out of the barn. Louise slowly looks down and sees blood dripping down her white blouse from a bullet wound in her chest.

Louise : [Whispered.] Joe...

Joe turns to Louise and catches her just as her legs begin to give out. He helps her gently to the ground.

Joe : No. Louise? Don't leave me.

Louise : [Weakly.] I'll never leave. I love you.

Louise's eyes close. She dies.

Joe : Louise... No. No, Louise.

Tears fall from Joe's eyes and he pulls Louise into his embrace

Joe : Louise...

Flash back to the present. Clark is touching Lana's face.

Lana : (Nervously.) Clark?

Clark backs away.

Clark : I know who killed her.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lex walks down the hall of his mansion talking to a retired detective, Mason. Day. He hands Mason a file.

Lex : The Edgecliff Condos. They're owned by LuthorCorp, but I'm missing the connection to my grandparents.

They enter the study and stand next to the piano.

Mason : Well, before the condos and the coffee houses, this was the worst part of Suicide Slum. That high rise... stands on the site of the tenement your grandparents died in.

Lex looks at the picture of the tall building Mason is referring to.

Lex : So my father's story's true. They died in a fire.

Mason : [Laughs.] Yeah, if you call an explosion that blows the windows out of two city blocks a fire, yeah.

Lex : Sounds like you have your doubts.

Mason : I was a detective in that precinct. Back in those days, when they told you to drop a case you did it. The slum lords controlled City Hall. Well, I'm retired now. It doesn't really matter.

Mason drops an envelope on the piano.

Mason : I think you'll find my original report enlightening.

Lex pulls the report out of the envelope and looks over it. Then he takes a long look at Mason.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark walks down the hall at Smallville High School talking to Chloe and Lana. Day.

Chloe : I don't mean to rain on your parade, Clark, but Lachlan Luthor was in the jail at the time of the murder.

Clark : I know it was him.

Lana : How? You can't expect us to keep following these weird hunches without telling us what's going on.

Clark stops outside the Torch office.

Clark : It's crazy.

Chloe : You passed crazy about four random clues ago.

Clark : Ever since I read that newspaper article I've been having memories from 1961.

Lana and Chloe exchange a baffled look. Clark holds up his arm as it to say "I told you so" and goes into the office. Lana and Chloe follow him.

Lana : What?

Clark : It's like some weird deja vu thing.

Chloe : Well, could it be like reincarnation? You know, like past lives?

Lana : [Skeptical.] Chloe.

Chloe : Or, uh, genetic memory. Science has theorized that we store our ancestors' memories in our DNA.

Clark looks thoughtful about this.

Chloe : Anyway...

Chloe looks at her computer screen.

Chloe : Well, wherever your hunches are coming from, they're eerily accurate. Look at this. I asked the Ledger to email me the newspaper's police blotter from the day that was missing in the logbook.

Clark : [Looking at the screen.] Lachlan was released from jail the morning Louise was murdered.

Lana : He only spent a few nights in jail for armed robbery?

Chloe : [Walking to her file cabinet, pulling out a file.] Yeah, and look at the name of the deputy who released him.

Clark : Billy Tate.

Chloe : More affectionately known now as our honorable Mayor William Tate.

Chloe takes a picture of Mayor Tate out of the file and hands it to Clark.

Act 2 Scene 5

Lana holds a framed picture of Louise, Dexter, and Billy Tate on the day of Louise and Dexter's wedding. Day. She and Clark are talking to Mayor Tate in his office.

Tate : Dex and Louise were my best friends. Arresting him was the hardest thing I ever had to do. [To Lana.] You bear a striking resemblance to your great-aunt. Has anyone ever told you that?

Lana looks at Tate uneasily.

Clark : Mayor Tate, can you remember booking someone named Lachlan Luthor? He was released the same day Louise was killed.

Tate : It's hard to keep track of all the arrests that I've made.

Lana : We think your friend Dexter is innocent.

Tate pauses, then chuckles.

Tate : Trust me, of all people I wanted to believe that more than anyone. But finally I had to admit there was no drifter. He made up the story to cover his own guilt.

Clark looks around the office, noticing a shelf with Tate's police badge on display. Clark touches the badge. On a lower shelf he sees the framed certificate declaring Tate the mayor of Smallville. On the bottom of the certificate is Tate's signature. The cursive T in his last name is identical to what appeared to be a cursive J that Lana found on the love letter to Louise. Clark touches the certificate.

Tate : Careful with that , young man.

Tate places his hand on Clark's shoulder and Clark flashes back to the past.

Joe and Louise are in a parked car next to a corn field and Billy Tate is reaching in the window, touching Joe's shoulder. Joe turns around.

Tate : Hey, you two lovebirds.

Louise : Billy, it's not what it looks like. It was just--

Tate : Sure. [To Joe.] Okay, big shot, out of the car.

Joe steps out of the car.

Joe : I don't know what business this is of yours, but--

Tate : [Grabbing Joe by the shirt, threatening.] I think you've overstayed your welcome. You better move along before you cause any more trouble.

Louise comes out of the car and pushes Tate away from Joe.

Louise : Billy, he was just taking me home.

Tate : You better make sure this is what you want, Louise. 'Cause I think you're making a huge mistake.

Tate gets into his police car and drives away. Louise turns to Joe.

Louise : I never wanted to marry Dexter. Don't get me wrong, he's--he's a nice man, he's just... safe. I made the mistake of telling my father my dreams. I want to go to Hollywood, become a star. The next thing I know, he's putting me together with Dex, saying what a great wife I'd make. [Turns away from Joe.] I finally gave in. And here I am.

Joe : I think our fathers would get along. [Leans against the car.] See, I'm not what you'd call a model son. My father sent me here as sort of a lesson. I didn't want to come here. Now I'd give anything to stay. But I can't.

Louise goes to him.

Louise : Then take me with you.

She pulls him away from the car by the hands and turns him around a few times fancifully.

Louise : [Giggling.] We'll be like James Dean and Natalie Wood in "Rebel Without a Cause." It'll be romantic.

Joe : I don't think you understand. When I said I wasn't from here, I wasn't talking about Smallville.

Louise looks at Joe blankly, not understanding.

Joe : [Gravely.] Where I'm from we have colors that you've never seen. Our moons are so close they fill up half the sky. We have sunsets that last for hours.

Louise looks at him very seriously for a moment, then laughs.

Louise : You almost had me there. For a second I was actually believing you.

Joe steps closer slowly and lifts Louise into his arms. They hold eye contact with each other and we can see the sky lowering behind them as the blue light of the moon illuminates their faces.

At last Louise looks down and realizes they are floating high above the earth.

Louise : Oh, my God.

They both look up at the stars as they continue to rise and Louise's fear turns into a smile of joy. She looks at Joe who is still looking at her with love in his eyes.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Lana and Clark talk to Sheriff Adams as they walk along the sidewalk. Day. Adams is holding a piece of paper.

Adams : So you want me to dredge up an investigation that was put to bed 40 years ago?

Clark : The mayor knows more than he's telling.

Adams : Oh, yes, that mysterious drifter of yours.

Clark : We think that Mayor Tate made a deal to drop the charges on Lachlan Luthor if Lachlan killed the drifter. They were gonna pin the whole thing on Dexter.

Adams : Well, you make a great storyteller, Mr. Kent, but not much of a detective. [She hands the paper back to Clark.] See, I will need two small things called motive and evidence before I'm gonna haul the leader of our community off to jail.

Clark pulls Louise's love letter from his pocket.

Clark : Look. The handwriting on the police log matches this love letter. It's the same signature.

Lana : He was in love with her as well. With the drifter dead and Dexter in jail for his murder, Mayor Tate could have Louise all to himself.

Adams : I don't know if you kids can hear yourselves, but you might want to be careful about who you're pointing fingers at. If you'll excuse me, I got a few cases in this century to attend to.

Sheriff Adams gets in her car.

Act 3 Scene 2

Jonathan pulls several jars of peaches from a boiling pot of water from the stove and carries them to the kitchen table where Martha is filling more jars. Day.

Jonathan : Martha, we can't even tell if these visions are for real. I mean, for all we know, they could just be another test from Jor-El.

Martha : Jonathan, when have you seen Clark this determined for no reason? I know this is hard, but we can't blame him for wanting to know about his birth parents.

Jonathan : Every time I hear the name Jor-El, all I can think of is that we are his real birth parents. We're just the people who were lucky enough to find him, that's all.

Martha : But right now he's here with us.

Jonathan : Yeah.

Clark enters.

Martha : Clark. Have you had any more of the visions?

Clark looks from Jonathan to Martha uneasily.

Clark : No.

Jonathan : Listen, son, I'm, uh, I'm sorry I doubted you. If you'd like, we can go over to McCallum's barn, see if you missed anything.

Clark looks over Jonathan's shoulder and notices something on the wall.

Martha : What is it?

They see a rifle hanging on the wall.

Clark : That's grandpa's gun. I saw it in the cave when I had my first vision.

Jonathan pulls the gun off the wall and holds it out to Clark. Clark touches it and has another flashback.

Joe is leaning over a barrel outside a farmhouse. A man walks up to him and hits him in the side with the butt of the rifle, then across the face. Joe grabs the rifle and yanks it out of the man's hands, pushing him to the ground. Joe points the rifle at him.

Joe : I don't want any trouble. I'm just cutting through your field.

Man : Easy there, son. You already got one murder on your hands if you're the one the whole town's looking for.

Joe : I didn't do it. [Tosses the gun back to the man.] I'm not a killer. I loved her. I'd never hurt her. You g-- you gotta trust me.

The man slowly gets to his feet and holds out his hand to shake.

Man : I'm Hirum. Hirum Kent.

Joe takes hold of Hirum's hand. Back to the present where Clark is still touching the rifle.

Jonathan : What is it?

Clark : The drifter was here. He was here on the farm with Grandpa Kent.

Jonathan glances at Martha who looks bewildered.

Cut to Jonathan putting down a trunk in the loft. Clark and Martha are there.

Jonathan : I haven't opened this... since the day my father passed away.

Martha : Maybe something in here will trigger another memory.

Jonathan opens the trunk. He reaches in and pulls out a belt with a large buckle.

Jonathan : Clark, your grandfather wore this old thing every single day of his life.

Jonathan chuckles as Clark takes the belt.

Jonathan : It was his favorite belt.

Martha : [To Clark.] I wish you could've met him. Do recognize anything from your visions?

Clark sees a brown leather jacket and grabs it. It sends him back into the past where Hirum is helping Joe put on a denim jacket in the kitchen. Night. Mrs. Kent hands Joe his own jacket which is the brown leather.

Mrs. Kent : At least you won't stand out as much if they stop you.

Hirum : I know all the back roads. We'll take them.

Joe : I appreciate your help, but I'll find my way on my own.

Hirum : I am not sending you out alone. Are you sure these friends of yours are gonna show up?

Joe : They'll be there.

Joe steps past Hirum and opens the kitchen door.

Hirum : You're welcome to stay and try to clear this thing up.

Joe : I've got no reason to stay anymore.

Mrs. Kent : Be careful.

Hirum : [Placing a hand on Mrs. Kent's stomach.] Bye, Gene.

We see that Mrs. Kent is pregnant and Hirum is speaking to their unborn baby.

Mrs. Kent : His name is Jonathan.

Hirum : [To Joe.] We're still deciding.

Hirum kisses Mrs. Kent on the cheek, then touches Joe on the shoulder.

Hirum : Come on, let's go. [Leaves.]

Joe : [To Mrs. Kent.] Thank you.

Mrs. Kent nods and Joe gives her the leather jacket. Back to the present.

Clark : Grandpa helped him escape.

Jonathan : Now, look, I-I'd like to believe you, Clark but--

Clark : He wanted to name you Gene.

Jonathan looks at Martha, stunned.

Jonathan : [Quietly.] After Gene Autry. We had all of his old records, but... Mom finally won out.

Martha : Hirum was a pretty good judge of character, Jonathan. I don't think he would've helped a guilty man.

Jonathan : Well, I don't think that an old bomber jacket's gonna prove anything.

Clark : I'm not too sure about that.

Clark looks from the jacket to Jonathan as though an idea is forming in his head.

Act 3 Scene 3

Mayor Tate is in his home, sitting before a cold fireplace as he reads a book and sips a glass of brandy. Night. A ball of fire suddenly flies through the room into the fireplace, lighting a fire. Tate gets up from his seat and looks at the fire, confused.

Wind starts to blow through the room causing the papers on his desk to rustle. Becoming more uneasy, Tate goes to a switch on the wall and flicks it up and down, summoning the police. A man suddenly walks into the room and we hear his voice.

Man : Sheriff Tate.

Tate turns around, startled and sees Clark dressed up as Joe with the leather jacket, the medallion and his hair slicked in the style of 1961.

Tate : Mr. Kent. I'm not sure how you got in here, but I don't find this very amusing.

Clark : I think you've got me confused with someone else.

Tate : The police are on their way.

Tate turns away from Clark to walk toward the fireplace. As he turns, we hear a blast of air and by the time Tate has turned around, Clark is already in front of him. Tate steps back in fear, looking down at the medallion around Clark's neck.

Tate : Where did you get that?!

Clark : [Calm, secure.] I knew you'd remember me.

Tate : This can't be real.

Clark : You've done a pretty good job of hiding what's real. I know you made a deal with Lachlan to kill me. [Stepping closer, taunting.] But how did you feel when you found out that you killed Louise instead?

Tate : It was supposed to be you!

Tate goes to his desk and pulls a gun out of the drawer. He fires several bullets at Clark, but Clark dodges them all, moving with super human speed. Tate lowers the gun, terrified.

Clark : You can't kill me. I'm already dead.

Tate : Mother of God!

Clark : If you ever want another day of peace, you'll confess what you've done to the sheriff.

Tate : No! I'm not going to jail!

Tate points the gun at his own head and a look of panic flashes across Clark's face. Tate cocks the gun and Clark super speeds toward him, pulling the gun out of his hand.

Clark : You're not taking the easy way out.

The door to the office opens and Clark super speeds out of sight. Sheriff Adams and another officer come in, holding their guns ready.

Adams : Mayor Tate. You okay? We got the silent alarm.

Tate : He's trying to kill me!

Adams : Who?

Adams and the officer both look around, but see no one.

Tate : [Sad, desperate.] Lachlan was supposed to kill the drifter. I never meant to hurt Louise. I loved her.

Adams looks at Tate, surprised.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Outside shot of the prison. Day. In the prison hospital, Lana helps Dexter into a wheelchair. He is dressed in normal clothing. A nurse stands behind the chair.

Dexter : I never expected to see this day. [Laughs.] It's still so hard to believe about Billy. Did you know he came to visit me every Sunday for the first two years I was in here?

Lana : I'm sorry. I know he was your friend.

The nurse starts to push the chair slowly and Lana along next to Dexter.

Dexter : I guess I always knew how he felt about Louise, but I never imagined he could do a thing like that. And him confessing after all these years. It doesn't make any sense.

Lana : Maybe it had been haunting him.

Dexter : It be a terrible thing when love consumes you and takes over. I was so in love with Louise I just couldn't see she didn't feel the same way about me. I wish I'd known when to let go.

The nurse wheels Dexter away and Lana stays where she is, upset by Dexter's words.

Act 4 Scene 2

Lex who is seated talks to Lionel who is standing in Lex's study. Night. Lionel is looking at a stack of papers.

Lex : The explosion originated in your family's apartment. There were traces of ammonium nitrate, Dad. Your parents' death was no accident.

Lionel : [Crushed.] I've always suspected this. I--oh... [Sits.] I knew my father had enemies, but uh...

Lex : That's not what you told the police.

Lionel : I was young, but never naive. I knew automatically that whoever did it would be watching me.

Lex is silent, contemplative. He gets up from his seat.

Lex : So you knew they were murdered. It's not like you to pass up a chance at revenge.

Lionel : I had no resources. I couldn't pursue it.

Lex : Then. What about the last 30 years?

Lionel : I couldn't bring them back. There was nothing I could do so... I chose to move on, forget about it.

Lex : But you can't, can you?

Lionel : No. [Stands.] I owe you a thank you, son. Your grandparents were murdered. They deserve justice. Oh, I was such a fool. I always thought their murder could stay buried in the past.

Lex looks intensely into Lionel's eyes and puts his hands on Lionel's shoulders.

Lex : We both know that's not gonna happen until we find out who did this.

Act 4 Scene 3

Clark is in the loft. Night. Lana enters.

Lana : Clark?

Clark : Lana, how is Dexter?

Lana : I think he's just relieved that his name's finally been cleared.

Clark : Personally, I think I'd be more relieved knowing I wasn't getting locked up again.

Lana : I am not quite sure why, but I think Dexter has you to thank for his freedom.

Clark : You're the one who believed in him.

Lana : Yeah. He was wrong about the drifter.

Clark : I'm not so sure he was. Nothing would've happened to Louise if she didn't fall in love with him.

Lana : I know what Louise did was wrong, but I can't help thinking she was lucky. Even if it was only for a few days, she knew what it felt like to really be in love.

Clark : It's too bad it couldn't last.

Lana : What if that's not the point? [Pause.] Maybe you have to be grateful for the time that you spend together and stop holding onto what could've been.

Lana has tears in her eyes. She blinks and looks away.

Act 4 Scene 4

Clark and Jonathan are in the underground caves. Night. Clark is looking at the symbol on the wall that matches the medallion.

Jonathan : What is it, Clark? What are we doing here?

Clark holds the medallion in his hand.

Clark : I'm not sure.

Clark touches the symbol on the wall and has a flashback. Joe and Hirum are in the cave. Joe is holding the medallion.

Hirum : What are you doing with that thing?

Joe : I was supposed to return it to my father, but there's too many bad memories attached. [Joe shakes Hirum's hand.] Thank you, Hirum.

Hirum : I can usually tell an honest man when I see one. I'm sorry you ran into trouble here. There's plenty of good folks in Smallville.

Joe : I'll remember that. Congratulations on the baby. He's lucky to have you as parents.

Hirum : If there's anything you ever need, you know where to find me.

Hirum leaves the cave. Joe looks at the medallion in his hand, then turns to the cave wall. Out of his pocket he pulls an octagonal disc, identical to the one from Clark's spaceship. He holds it in front of the cave wall and focuses on it. The small symbols on the key light up and the painting of the medallion appears on the wall. The painting opens up and Joe puts the key inside, causing a burst of gold light and smoke to shoot out. When he removes his hand, the hole closes.

Back to the present.

Jonathan : Clark. What did you see?

Clark turns his back to Jonathan.

Clark : He buried this here because he didn't want his father to have it. It acts as some sort of journal. I think Jor-El was sent here as some kind of rite of passage. Grandpa Kent was down here too. He told Joe that if there was anything he needed...

Long pause. Jonathan steps closer to Clark.

Jonathan : What is it, Clark?

Clark : I don't think you and Mom found me by accident.

He turns around.

Clark : I think you were chosen.


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