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Act 1 Teaser

Jonathan and Clark fall from the 60th floor window of LuthorCorp. Night. They are surrounded by large shards of glass from the broken window falling all around them. They struggle with each other in the air, Jonathan refusing to let go, as they head straight for a huge circular spotlight built into the ground that shines up on the LuthorCorp tower. They crash through the glass of the spotlight and fall through it into the immense electrical warehouse underground, crash landing onto a massive generator and sending out a shower of sparks and series of explosions.

Almost immediately, they stumble out the side of the generator and onto the ground, still struggling, Jonathan holding onto Clark by his jacket. He rams Clark into a concrete pillar, shattering it and causing it to come crumbling down on both of them. Clark pushes it away as they both get back to their feet and grab onto each other again. Jonathan throws Clark onto a pile of wood, landing on top of him.

Clark : Looks like the old man's been working out!

Jonathan : Jor-El and I have an understanding. I'm taking you home.

Clark : I don't care what he's done to you. You're not taking me anywhere.

Jonathan grabs at Clark's kryptonite ring, trying to take it off his finger. Clark shoves him away, sending him flying backwards into a set of pipes that break away when Jonathan collides with them. White steam shoots up out of the ground and Clark gets back to his feet, slowly walking toward the place Jonathan landed. Jonathan walks out of the steam unharmed.

Jonathan : Clark!

Clark takes off his jacket. His shirt is dusty and torn.

Jonathan : You don't realize how dangerous you are when you're wearing that ring!

Clark : It's not the ring. I was born that way. You just can't accept it.

Clark super speeds forward, grabbing onto Jonathan. Everything goes into slow motion as Jonathan grabs Clark, swings him around in a complete circle, and throws him into a tower of scaffolding. Some of the scaffolding collapses onto Clark.

Slowly, he rises from the rubble, the back of his shirt almost completely torn away. He grabs at the shirt and rips the rest of it off easily, then turns around, revealing the Kryptonian symbol on his chest to Jonathan. Jonathan's mouth opens in wonder.

Jonathan : What in the hell did Jor-El do to you, Clark?

Clark : He made sure I'd never forget who my real father is.

Clark picks up a steel pipe and hurls it at Jonathan. Jonathan ducks, dodging it and when he gets up, Clark is nowhere in sight. Jonathan turns around, looking for him. Suddenly Clark is at his side, pushing him into a steel pillar. Clark holds Jonathan against the pillar by his neck and raises his closed fist ready to strike as the red kryptonite ring shines dully on his finger. Clark hesitates.

Jonathan : Go on. Do it. If I could raise a son that could kill, then kill!

Clark's fist trembles in the air.

Clark : Aaaah!

He pulls his fist back and then slams it forward, missing Jonathan and crashing into the corner of the pillar, destroying the kryptonite ring. Clark falls backwards and a flash of white illuminates Jonathan's body for a brief moment. Jonathan then falls to the ground unconscious.

On his knees, Clark raises his face upward growling like an animal as the symbol on his chest glows white and slowly fades until it is completely gone. Clark collapses for only a moment before seeing Jonathan on the ground.

Clark : [Getting up] Dad. [He kneels next to Jonathan] Dad? Dad.

Jonathan : [Softly] Clark.

Jonathan loses consciousness again.

Clark : Dad.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Martha sits in the Kent living room, looking at the picture of herself, Jonathan, and Clark. Night. The room is full of boxes and Martha glances over at the phone, worried. Clark and Jonathan suddenly come through the door, Jonathan leaning on Clark for support. Martha sees Clark, her mouth falling open. Clark steadies Jonathan.

Martha : Clark...

Clark : Mom.

Martha : [Crying] Oh, Clark.

Martha embraces her son.

Clark : Mom.

Martha sobs.

Clark : I am so sorry, Mom, for everything, for the baby.

Martha : We never blamed you.

She takes Clark's face in her hands and they look at each other. Jonathan collapses loudly into a chair and Martha and Clark go to his side.

Martha : Oh, my God!

Clark : Dad.

Martha : What happened?

Clark : Whatever Jor-El did to him must've been too much for his body to handle.

Martha : Jor-El?

Jonathan : The important thing is that Clark is back home with us now.

Martha looks at Clark, and Clark looks away uneasily.

Act 1 Scene 2

Lionel Luthor stands in his office at LuthorCorp, looking out the broken window now barred off with police tape. Night. He hears a voice behind him.

Voice : Abraham through Isaac on the pyre to prove his faith to God.

Lionel's eyes widen and he turns around. Lex comes into the office wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood over his head. Lex is holding a gun.

Lex : What was your excuse?

Lionel : Lex?

Lex pushes his hood back.

Lionel : Son.

Lionel steps forward and Lex points the gun in Lionel's face.

Lex : Disappointed I'm not basking in the fires of hell?

Lionel : Lex. Put the gun down.

Lex : Sorry I screwed up your plan.

Lionel : Why would I murder my own flesh and blood? Son, you're not yourself.

Lex : Actually I'm feeling more like myself than ever. What the hell did you do with Helen?

Lionel : She's living very comfortably in your mansion. Why don't you ask her?

Lex : She's alive?

Lionel : Yes. And she told a truly harrowing tale of survival. It left you quite the posthumous hero.

There is a flash of white and we go back to the night of the crash. Lex's plane flies through the stormy night. Lex and Helen are both on the plane.

Lionel's voice : She said the pilot took your money and bailed out.

Helen : Lex, we're going down!

Lex : There must be parachutes!

Lex opens a closet on the plane and pulls out a pack.

Lex : There's only one! Come on!

Helen : I'm not going without you!

Lex pushes the pack onto her, buckling the strap around her waist.

Lex: Count to three and pull. They'll send a rescue plane for you. I love you. [They kiss] Now go.

Helen jumps out of the plane and we come back to the present, Lex still pointing the gun at Lionel.

Lionel : Quite a story, don't you think? A sacrificial death that would make every father proud. But something tells me that's not what really happened, Lex. I warned you not to trust her, Lex.

Lex furiously pushes a stack of paper off the desk.

Lex : Don't turn this on Helen! You were the one who had my name carved into a tombstone!

Lionel : [Holding up his hands] I had search parties scouring half the world for you.

Lex : Looks like you picked the wrong half.

Lionel : What would I have to gain from your death? Lex, as your widow, Helen just became one of the richest women in the world.

Lex : Helen never cared about the money.

Lionel : Oh, but she did, Lex. Ask her what happened to the vial with the blood sample after you returned it to her.

Lex looks into his father's eyes, unsure.

Act 1 Scene 3

Clark and Jonathan talk in the underground caves. Day. Clark shines his flashlight on a pictograph of a falling meteor, then turns to Jonathan.

Clark : Dad, I just don't get it. Why would Jor-El help you bring me back when he's the one who wanted me to leave?

Jonathan doesn't respond and Clark realizes.

Clark : You made a deal with him, didn't you?

Jonathan : [Placing a hand on Clark's shoulder] Clark, the most important thing right now is that my son has his life back.

Clark : I'm not sure I want it back. [He steps away from Jonathan] And being Kal-El, I could just do whatever I wanted. It was like this huge weight had been lifted off me.

Jonathan follows him and puts his arm around Clark's back.

Jonathan : Look, I'm not saying that staying is going to solve all your problems, but at least this way we can face it together as a family.

Clark : I wish it were that easy.

Clark pulls the box he stole from LuthorCorp out of his pocket and hands it to Jonathan.

Jonathan : What is that?

Clark : I don't know. This guy Morgan Edge hired me to steel it.

Jonathan : Clark, you gotta take this thing back.

Clark : Dad. I stole it from Lionel Luthor.

Jonathan: [Pauses, looking at the box] We better find out exactly what it is we're dealing with.

Jonathan opens the box and Clark's eyes widen as Jonathan pulls out a vial of blood.

Clark : That's my blood isn't it?

Cut to Jonathan and Clark in the hayloft. Clark stands far away on the second floor as Jonathan takes a piece of green kryptonite from a lead box and holds it next to the vial of blood. The rock glows and the blood begins to boil.

Jonathan : It's your blood.

Jonathan puts the rock back into the box and Clark comes down the stairs.

Clark : Do you think Lionel knows?

Jonathan : Helen told me she never labeled it before somebody stole it from her office.

Clark : Why would Lionel want my blood?

Jonathan throws the vial at the ground shattering it.

Jonathan : Doesn't matter now.

Clark : I'm starting to wonder what he really knows about me.

Jonathan : Clark, we've managed to stay one step ahead of Lionel Luthor so far. Why don't you just focus on people closer to home, okay?

Jonathan pats Clark on the shoulder and leaves the loft.

Act 1 Scene 4

Lionel pours a bright yellow and red layered drink and hands it to Morgan Edge in the LuthorCorp office. Day.

Morgan : I like scotch. What's this?

Lionel : It's our old special. A suicide. [They clink their glasses together] I hope your tastes haven't changed.

Morgan : Nothing ever changes, Lionel. Not even when you dress it up in a designer suit or a penthouse office.

Lionel : Yeah, it's sad the same thing can't be said about friendship. [Morgan nods] You know, I kind of suspected you had an inside contact, but, uh, I got to hand it to you. Very creative.

Lionel picks up a manila envelope from the table and sits on the couch. Morgan opens the envelope and pulls a picture out of it.

Lionel : Buying off my daughter-in-law. That's even low for you Morgan.

We see the picture is of Morgan and Helen. In the photo, Morgan is pulling an envelope from his jacket.

Morgan : [Smiling] Oh, well... [Morgan sits next to Lionel]

Lionel : All right, all right, let me guess, let me guess. The idea was to steal the vial and sell it back to me at a healthy markup, right?

Morgan : What are you going to do, have me charged with breaking and entering?

Lionel : Why settle for breaking and entering? I can have you put away for good.

Morgan : Oh, I'd be careful, Lionel. You've got a lot further to fall.

Lionel : Yeah, but I'm the one who's got the evidence. And remember, the statute of limitations on murder never runs out. You got 24 hours to get that vial back to me.

Morgan nods, knowing he has been beaten.

Act 1 Scene 5

Lana puts a plate of muffins on display in the glass showcase below the bar at the Talon. Day. Through the glass she sees Clark walk in. She stands up and turns away.

Clark : Hi.

Lana : Hi? I don't even know what to say to that, Clark.

Lana doesn't turn to face him and they share an awkward pause.

Clark : I'm sorry. The way I acted in Metropolis . . . I really messed things up.

Lana : [Turning to look at him] I keep telling myself that it wasn't you, but then I think back on all the things that have happened and I realize that I don't know who you really are.

Clark : I know you need an explanation.

Lana : No, I don't. You warned me there were things about you that I wouldn't understand. I guess I just didn't want to believe it.

Clark : I was protecting you.

Lana : From what? [Suddenly louder] That's the part I can't figure out because, Clark, the only thing that keeps hurting me is you. After everything you said before you left... [Near a whisper] Did you even miss me?

Lana turns away.

Clark : I missed you every second. [Lana looks at him] But I can't keep doing this to you.

Lana : Then don't.

Clark : Lana, I'm not sure if I'm even gonna stay.

Lana's eyes fill with tears.

Lana : Well, when you decide, let me know.

She walks away and goes through the swinging door into the back room. As the door gently swings back and forth behind her, Clark sees glimpses of her crying.

Act 1 Scene 6

Helen enters the study in Lex's mansion. Night. She puts her keys and her purse down on an end table and turns on the light. Lex walks up behind her.

Lex : Home sweet home.

Helen gasps, turning around.

Helen : Lex . . . Oh, thank God.

She hugs him.

Lex : Trust me, I've done that already. He seems to be the only one on my side lately.

Helen : But the rescue was called off. How--

Lex : A small fishing boat spotted the smoke from my fire.

Helen : I never gave up hoping.

Lex : Just in case, it was certainly generous of you to make me out to be a hero.

Helen : I'm so sorry, Lex. I shouldn't have lied to everyone.

Lex : So why did you?

Helen : I just couldn't face what really happened up there.

There is a flash of white and we go back to that night on the plane. Helen is waking up just as the pilot is jumping out of the plane.

Helen's voice : I woke up to find the pilot parachuting from the plane, just like I told everyone. But I couldn't wake you.

Helen shakes Lex in his chair.

Helen : Lex! Lex! Lex!

Helen's voice : I realized you drank a whole glass of champagne and I only had a sip. You must've been drugged. The plane was going down and I panicked.

Helen takes the remaining parachute from the closet and puts it on.

Helen's voice : You always think that you're gonna be brave in a situation like that, but when it really happens, I guess your survival instincts kick in.

Back to the present.

Lex : Survival of the fittest. I guess you really are a Luthor now.

Helen : You don't believe me?

Lex : I know you worked for my father. After I gave you the blood back and you apologized, you turned around and sold it to him.

Helen : Your father said if I gave him the blood he'd leave us alone forever. He's playing us against each other.

Lex : We seem to do a good job of that on our own.

Helen : If you want to annul this marriage, I'll get out of your life. [She starts to leave, then stops] But for what it's worth, I do love you.

Helen leaves Lex alone in the study.

Act 1 Scene 7

The Kent Farm sign that hangs outside the Kent home has been replaced with a sign that says Foreclosure Auction. Day. Clark drives up in a hauling truck that says Smallville Movers on the side. Parked next to the barn is an expensive black car. Clark gets out of the truck and finds Morgan sitting in the back seat of the car.

Morgan : I must admit, this is the last place I expected you to show up.

Clark : How'd you find me?

Morgan : Where's my package?

Clark : I don't have it.

Morgan : I wonder if the cops want to know where you are.

Morgan pulls out his cellular phone and starts to dial.

Clark : [Slamming his hands against the door] I don't think you heard me!

He rips the door off of the car and pulls Morgan out, pushing him against the side of the car.

Clark : The package is gone! Luthor doesn't know who took it so forget about it!

The driver points a gun at Clark's head.

Driver : Take your hands off of him right now! I said now!

Morgan pushes the gun away slowly.

Clark : Take your sorry ass down the road back to Metropolis. I don't want to see you in Smallville again. Ever.

Morgan and the driver get back into the car and drive away.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of Smallville High School as the students leave. Day. Inside, Chloe is working in the Torch. Clark enters.

Chloe : [Cold] Kinda far from your new 'hood, aren't you, Clark?

Clark : I just came to say thank you.

Chloe : Oh, it's one of those days, because I can never tell with you, whether you're gonna walk in and it's gonna be an apology or an accusation.

Clark : Chloe, I gave you absolutely no reason to stand by me. But you knew where I was all summer and didn't tell anyone.

Chloe : Yeah, well, that's what friends do for each other, Clark. Talk to Lana yet?

Clark sits down at the desk.

Clark : I tried.

Chloe : [Laughing sarcastically] That's it? After two years of nonstop Lana lusting, that's the best you can do? Come on.

Clark : I think it's for the best.

Chloe : [Realizing] You're not staying, are you.

Clark : I haven't made up my mind yet.

Chloe : You can't keep running away, Clark. We all do things we regret. Sometimes you have to stop and face your demons.

Clark nods his head noncommittally.

Act 2 Scene 2

Clark carries a chair out of his house and loads it into the moving truck parked in the driveway. Day. Lex approaches behind him.

Lex : Am I too early for the farm auction?

Clark turns around.

Clark : [Quietly] Lex?

Lex : Three months on a deserted island was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now.

Lex and Clark walk toward each other and Clark breaks into a huge smile as they embrace. Lex's eyes fall shut.

Clark : Aw, man! Aw, Lex, we thought you died.

Lex : Well, apparently fate has bigger plans for me. I heard about the farm. Anything I can do?

Clark : No, Lex, you know my dad. [Lex smiles] It's good to see you. What happened?

Lex : Something I didn't know I was capable of. It's ironic. In the most remote solitude I still managed to find an enemy. I suppose I was just hallucinating from malaria, but the enemy I found was real. I got a good look at myself, or at least the part I've always tried to ignore.

Clark : Lex, I guess we all got to take a look at our dark side sooner or later.

Lex : The problem is if you stare at it long enough, it can get hard to tell the two sides apart.

Act 2 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. The marquee says "Sonnet Saturdays, Free Pick Up Line With Purchase." Inside Lana is taking dishes from a table and setting them on the tray in her hand. Chloe enters.

Chloe : [Brightly] Hey!

Lana walks to the next table and Chloe follows.

Chloe : You can't keep avoiding me, Lana.

Lana : I'm not avoiding you. I had to work late last night and I had errands to run this morning.

Chloe : At 5:30 in the morning?

Lana : You want to cut the pretenses? Fine. You lied to me about Clark.

Chloe : Something we have in common then.

Lana : [Angry] I have apologized to you a hundred times for not telling you about Clark and me.

Lana goes to the bar and puts her tray down.

Chloe : You're right and I'm over it. So let me say I'm sorry and we can call it even.

Lana : Chloe, this is so much bigger than me. How could you let everyone worry like that?

Chloe : Because the more pressure I put on him, the more he pulled away. I mean, you saw him, Lana. He wasn't exactly the charming flannel king we all know and love. It was like he was a...

Lana : A different person.

Chloe : Yeah. Let's face it, Lana. Clark has more issues than "Rolling Stone." [Pause] Look, I know what I did was wrong, and as much as I hate to admit it, it felt really good being the person he confided in again.

Lana : Clark's always been more comfortable talking to you.

Chloe : It's because he's not in love with me.

Act 2 Scene 4

Lex enters his study. Day. Helen is there and her packed bags are sitting on the piano.

Lex : That didn't take long.

Helen : I thought I'd leave for a while, give you some space to think things over.

Helen reaches for her bags. Lex stops her and takes her hand.

Lex : Hey. I've had more than enough space the last few months. I'd rather share it with someone. [Pause] I thought we can give the honeymoon a second try.

Helen : You don't let go of things, Lex. I know you.

Lex : Yes, you do. You and I understand each other because we're similar creatures. We've both done our share of maneuvering. In a twisted way, I guess that's why we're perfect for each other.

Helen : [Smiling] I want to be with you, Lex. But you know your father will never leave us alone.

Lex : Don't worry. I have a feeling he won't be interfering in our lives anymore.

Helen looks at him questioningly.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark enters the barn. Day.

Clark : Hey, Mom! Dad!

Morgan : Yes, Kal.

Clark stops in his tracks, furious.

Clark : Didn't I tell you not to ever come back here?

Morgan : I wanted to meet the parents. Nice people.

Morgan steps out of the way, revealing Martha tied to a wooden beam. One of Morgan's men is holding a gun to the back of her head.

Clark : Mom...

Clark takes a step forward.

Morgan : I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Jonathan : [From behind Clark] Clark! Son.

Clark turns around and sees Jonathan tied to a chair with another of Morgan's men holding a gun to his neck.

Jonathan : Don't do anything. It's okay.

Morgan : [To Clark] I know you're quick. But you can't get to both of them at the same time.

Clark : I don't have what your looking for.

Morgan : Do you want me to explain that to Lionel Luthor?

The man next to Martha cocks the gun he is holding.

Jonathan : No, Clark--

The man next to Jonathan hits Jonathan across the face with his gun.

Clark : Wait. Stop!

Clark looks at Morgan for a long moment. Then he takes an empty jar from the work table and sets it on top of the tool chest. Opening one of the drawers, he pulls out the lead box and sets it down. Morgan steps closer to see what is happening. Clark pulls up his left sleeve and takes a moment to prepare himself. He opens the box and then shakily grabs the glowing kryptonite inside. He presses the kryptonite to his wrist and grunts in pain as he drags it across his skin, drawing blood. He holds his wrist over the jar and lets his blood fall into it, then collapses onto the floor.

Martha : Clark!

Morgan picks up the jar.

Morgan : What the hell is this?

Clark : [Weakly] It's what you're looking for.

Morgan : It better be.

Morgan puts a lid on the jar and leaves. Clark lets his head fall back to the ground, exhausted.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

A black car drives onto a pier on a cloudy day in Metropolis. Day. Lionel steps out of the car and Morgan waits for him with a brown paper bag in his hand. Two of Lionel's men step out of the car behind him.

Lionel : [Breathing in] Mmm! Extraordinary how the smell of creosote and algae can take you back 30 years, isn't it?

Morgan : A lot of memories buried here.

Lionel : Yeah, where they belong. Don't tell me I've come all the way out here for nothing.

Morgan : No.

Morgan gives Lionel the paper bag and Lionel pulls the jar of blood out of it.

Lionel : Intriguing presentation.

Morgan : It's not the packaging that is important. Unless you don't trust me.

Lionel : Trust you? Trust has never had anything to do with our friendship.

Lionel takes the jar back to his car and stands next to the tinted back window which rolls down revealing a woman seated in the back seat with an open briefcase full of sophisticated equipment in her lap. Lionel hands the jar to the woman and using a dropper, she takes a sample of the blood and puts it into a machine in the briefcase. After a moment, there is a beep.

Woman : It's identical.

Lionel : Excellent.

Morgan : If I didn't know any better, I'd think the blood was liquid gold. I can't imagine what the real source would be worth to you.

Lionel : Unfortunately the source is a mystery to me. My contact turned out to be, uh, let's say uncooperative.

Morgan : They were holding out on you.

Lionel chuckles and gets into his car, closing the door. Morgan taps on the window and it lowers.

Morgan : What if I were to tell you that this is not the sample I stole? [Lionel looks at Morgan] I got this straight from the source.

Lionel's face lights up with a small smile.

Act 3 Scene 2

Clark is still lying on the floor of the barn. Day. Morgan's men rip open his shirt and tape the kryptonite to his chest with electrical tape. Jonathan and Martha look at each other, and Jonathan suddenly stands up with the chair still attached to him, and hits the chair against a nearby table, breaking it. He reaches for Clark, but one of Morgan's men kicks Jonathan in the face, sending him to the ground, and the other points a gun at him.

Martha : Jonathan!

The gunman's cell phone rings. He answers it.

Man : Yeah? [Pause] Yes, sir. [He hangs up his phone and addresses his partner] That was Edge. He wants us to bring the kid to him.

They grab Clark, who is barely conscious, by the arms and drag him to the moving truck outside the barn. They push him into the back, tape his hands together, and pull down the sliding door just as Lana drives up. She doesn't see what is going on. She gets out of her car and walks to the gunman.

Lana : Do you know where the Kents are?

Cut to the gunman pushing Lana into the barn with his gun to her back.

Man : Move it!

Martha : Lana. [To the man] Please leave her out of this.

Suddenly Lana steps on the man's foot and elbows him in the nose. She runs past Martha and the man comes after her. As he passes, Martha sticks out her foot, tripping him. He turns around and points his gun at Martha, about to shoot, when Lana hits him over the back with a shovel, knocking him to the ground. He drops the gun and Lana runs for it. She and the gunman grab onto it at the same time. She kicks him away and he stumbles backward, landing against the wall behind him.

His mouth is open in silent pain as he looks down, seeing the tips of a pitchfork protruding from his chest. He dies.

Martha : Lana...

Act 3 Scene 3

Lex's private jet soars through the sky. Day. Inside he and Helen clink their champagne glasses together.

Lex : To a second chance.

He puts down his glass.

Helen : You're not drinking?

Lex : Well, I sort of lost my taste for champagne. Did you sleep well last night?

Helen : The first good night's sleep I've had since the accident.

Lex : I'm glad. 'Cause it is our honeymoon and I'd hate for you to doze off. You never know, you might wake up to find me gone. [He laughs]

Helen : Lex, that's not funny.

Lex : I guess you had to be there. You know what? I am gonna have a drink. [He stands up]

Helen : What's going on?

Lex : [Pouring a glass of sherry] I was so relieved when you forgave me for stealing the blood that I failed to realize no rational person would have done that.

Helen : I did it because I love you. [Lex doesn't respond] You still think I tried to kill you? Why can't you see what's right in front of your eyes? It was your father's plane. He's always been threatened by you.

Lex : You're right. But, you see, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the accident and there is something that's been right in front of my eyes. If my father wanted me dead, he wouldn't have failed.

Helen : You're experiencing residual delusions. It's a common aftereffect of the malaria.

Lex : I'm afraid I've been delusional a lot longer than three months. But I think I have a pretty clear picture of things now.

A flash of white and we see a flashback of Lex and Helen boarding the plane after their wedding.

Lex's voice : You had my father's pilot killed and snuck your own on board. You had the pilot touch down on a small island, drop you off.

As Lex sleeps in the chair, Helen hands the pilot a large stack of bills. She looks back at Lex once and then gets off the plane.

Lex's voice : You paid him a prearranged sum to take the plane up again with me still inside.

A shot of the plane flying through the stormy night.

Lex's voice : He flew away far enough to cover your tracks, and then he took a little skydive.

The pilot, wearing his parachute, jumps out of the plane.

Lex's voice: I'm guessing he had a pretty ugly surprise when he tried to open his parachute.

A white flash and we come back to the present.

Lex : Believe me, I prefer your version where I'm the gallant hero, but that's not giving you enough credit, is it?

Helen : Lex, you're scaring me.

Lex : The area where we crashed was unreachable given the amount of fuel we started with. I checked all the islands in the vicinity. You touched down on St. Croix at 7:59 that night.

Helen : You know what the most twisted part of all this is? The reason you didn't get a bullet in your head that day was because I really did fall in love with you.

She reaches into her purse behind her back and pulls out a gun.

Helen : But don't worry. I learn from my mistakes.

Helen points the gun at Lex as a tear falls down her cheek.

Lex : Go ahead. I've become quite adept at cheating death. [Stepping toward Helen] In fact, I have no doubt that I'll rise from the ashes again.

Helen takes a step back and Lex suddenly grabs for the gun.

Helen : Aah!

They struggle for the gun and Lex can't take it from Helen's hands. He bends her over as he tries to wrench it from her grasp with the barrel pointing towards the front of the plane. Helen accidentally pulls the trigger and the gun fires, sending a bullet into the cockpit. Inside the cockpit, we see the pilot jerk as the bullet comes through the door behind him and hits him in the back. He looks down at his chest and there is a hole in his shirt where the bullet came through, dripping blood.

Lex and Helen both fall to the floor, dropping the gun as the plane begins to rattle. Lex gets the gun and runs to the cockpit where he finds the pilot dead. Lex sits in the seat next to the pilot and pulls on the steering wheel, taking the plane out of its nosedive. There is a sudden burst of air in the plane and Lex turns around, seeing that Helen is gone and the door of the plane is wide open.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

The Smallville Movers truck speeds toward the pier in Metropolis. Day. In the back Clark is still surrounded by boxes from his house and tied up with the kryptonite taped to his chest. In one of the open boxes above him, the picture of him and his parents is visible. He kicks at the box and the picture falls to the floor of the truck, shattering the glass in the frame. He takes a shard of the glass and starts to cut the tape binding his wrists.

Outside on the pier, Morgan is waiting and Lionel emerges from his own car. They look at the approaching truck excitedly.

Inside the truck, Clark has managed to free his hands and he pulls the kryptonite from his chest, chucking it to the other side of the truck.

Lionel : [To Morgan, almost playful in his anticipation] I hate mysteries. Or did you forget that?

Morgan : You're gonna like this one.

The truck finally comes to a stop and Clark looks around, panicked. Lionel walks to the truck with Morgan's gunman.

Lionel : This had better be worth it, Morgan.

Clark continues to look around, realizing that Lionel is on his way. In another open box, he spots several flammable containers of acetone. His eyes turn red as he shoots heat vision at the closest container, and in seconds the heat melts through the metal and the entire truck explodes, sending Lionel and Morgan's gunman flying backwards through the air.

Immediately Lionel's bodyguard pulls Lionel from the ground and starts rushing him back to the car.

Lionel : [To Morgan] You set me up. You set me up!

Morgan : Lionel! I don't know what happened!

Lionel : You set me up! There was nobody in that truck! There was nobody in that truck!

Lionel's second bodyguard pulls out his gun, as does Morgan's gunman who starts to shoot at Lionel. The first bodyguard pushes Lionel behind a stack of crates to block the bullets and his second bodyguard shoots Morgan's gunman. The bullets strike the gunman in the chest and he collapses.

Morgan pulls out a gun and stands behind his own car as he and Lionel's bodyguard have a shoot off. They each fire several bullets, none of them connecting. Finally one of the bodyguard's bullets seems to hit its mark when Morgan is knocked off balance and falls off the pier into the water below.

Bodyguard #1 pulls Lionel out from behind the crates. The following exchange takes place as the bodyguard forcefully ushers Lionel to the car.

Bodyguard #1 : Let's get out of here!

Lionel hesitates, looking around to see what happened.

Lionel : Where's Morgan?

Bodyguard #1 : Let's go, Mr. Luthor!

Lionel : Where's Morgan?

Bodyguard #1 : I've got to get you out of here!

They get into the car.

Lionel : Where is he?! Where's Morgan?

Bodyguard #1 : [To the driver] Go! Go! Go!

The engine starts and the car speeds away. Moments later, Clark climbs onto the pier. He is completely soaked and his shirt is torn.

Act 4 Scene 2

Lex enters his study. Day. Opera music is playing, and Lex takes off his wedding ring. Lionel is seated behind him at the piano.

Lionel : Well done, Lex. Well done.

Lex puts his ring in his pocket. Lionel rises from his seat and walks to Lex.

Lionel : That was a Machiavellian maneuver worthy of a Luthor.

Lex : I appreciate the kudos, but I don't know what you're talking about.

Lionel : Oh, come on, Lex. Do you think I'd neglect to put surveillance on my planes?

Lionel holds up a small video cassette and chuckles. Lex pours a drink, not responding.

Lionel : Poor Helen. Should we be sending out a search party for her?

Lex : I have someone on it. But if Helen survives, I doubt anyone will find her until she wants them to.

Lionel : You know, Lex, I, uh, never imagined that you would fall in love with Helen. I'm sorry it happened, son, but don't be too hard on yourself.

Lex : You know the sick thing? [He walks away from Lionel] Of all people, I knew you'd understand.

Lionel : I do. Survival is what matters in life.

Lex : I know that now. [Turns to face Lionel] If I was anybody else's son I would have died on that island. All the tests you put me through . . . made me a survivor. If I keep my pride in check I know there's more to learn from you. [Pause] I was hoping your offer still stands to run LuthorCorp together.

Lionel watches in shock as Lex puts out his hand to shake on it.

Lionel : I, um, I-I don't want you making a hasty decision, Lex. You've just been through an incredibly traumatic ordeal.

Lex : No. I've learned to trust my instincts.

Lionel looks searchingly into Lex's eyes for a moment, then takes his sons hand in his own, placing his other hand on top.

Lionel : [Quiet, proud] Good to have you back . . . Son.

Lex slowly walks forward and into Lionel's arms. He rests his chin on his father's shoulder and his eyes fall shut. Lionel's face remains in an expression of confusion and hesitance.

Act 4 Scene 3

Jonathan and Martha are taping boxes shut in the Kent living room. Day. Clark comes down the stairs with another box in his arms.

Jonathan : It just won't seem right calling any other place home.

Clark : It's not the place that makes the home, Dad.

Martha : Does that mean you're coming with us?

Clark : I've kind of closed the door on my time in Metropolis. [He sets down his box and looks at his parents] I called the police and told them where the money is that I stole. I guess you can't run away from the problem when the real problem is in your blood.

Jonathan steps forward and puts a hand on Clark's shoulder.

Jonathan : Hey. Clark, don't be so hard on yourself.

Lex knocks on the screen door.

Martha : Hi, Lex.

Lex enters.

Clark : Hey, Lex, you missed the garage sale, but we have tons of these macrame plant holders left.

Lex : [Smiling] Thanks, Clark, but, um, I'm actually doing my own share of purging around the mansion.

Lex takes a step toward Jonathan and hands him a piece of paper. Martha and Jonathan both look at it.

Martha : You bought our farm?

Lex : I put your names in the deed.

Jonathan : We can't accept this.

Lex : There's nothing to accept but my gratitude.

Jonathan : Lex--

Lex : After the plane went down, I made my way into one of the broken wings. [Lex holds up the antique compass he had with him on the island] This compass, your wedding present, guided me to safe harbor. The least I can do is help you keep your farm.

Jonathan looks to Martha, then back to Lex.

Jonathan : We will find a way to pay you back.

Lex : I'm not worried about that, Mr. Kent. If it's not too presumptuous, I hope you'll just consider me part of the family.

Clark looks at his parents hopefully. Martha looks at Jonathan and Jonathan smiles, giving in. Clark smiles at Lex.

Act 4 Scene 4

Standing on a ladder, Clark hangs the Kent Farm sign back in place. Day. Lana rides up on her horse. She gets down from the horse as Clark comes down from the ladder.

Clark : Hey, Lana.

Lana : Glad your parents are getting a second chance.

Clark : Yeah, I, uh, think I'll be earning every cent of my allowance this year.

Lana : [Quietly hopeful] So you're staying?

Clark : I think I want to try to put all the stuff that happened in Metropolis behind me.

Lana : It'd probably be a good idea if we put a lot of things behind us.

Clark : I was just thinking that too.

Lana comes closer to Clark.

Lana : Clark, I know there are things about you that you try to shield me from, but you don't have to protect me anymore. [She takes his hand in her own] Whatever it is, I can handle it. [Whispered] I really want to know you.

Clark pulls his hand away.

Clark : Look, um, Lana . . . The way you looked at me in Metropolis, you were, uh, you were disgusted.

Lana : No, I was confused. You can't blame me for that.

Clark : I don't blame you. But I can't stand for you to ever look at me that way again.

Lana : You weren't yourself.

Clark : Yes, I was. Lana, I chose to let that part of me out, and it's always gonna be there. Trust me, you don't want to know me the way you think you do.

Lana : Clark, that's my decision to make.

Clark : Lana, I'm sorry. I wanted this so much. All last year I tried so hard to be the right guy for you. [Pause] But I'm not. This'll never work.

Lana looks away, hurt. She blinks against the tears in her eyes and nods her head, then walks away from Clark and gets back on her horse. She looks down at Clark.

Lana : Clark, you never had to try.

Lana turns the horse around and rides away slowly. Clark lowers his eyes as if considering Lana's statement. He remains where he is for a long time as Lana continues away from him down the dirt road in the direction of the setting sun.


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