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Opening shot of a man (Mr. Melville) walking towards a greenhouse. The sign on the greenhouse says: Melville Nursery.

Cut to the inside of the greenhouse. We see a close-up of someone's hand doing some gardening. The camera pulls back a little and we see Mr. Melville enter the greenhouse. He walks towards the person doing the gardening. We see it is a teenage girl (Jody). She's working with the soil and we see that the soil is littered with green meteor rocks.

Mr. Melville : [Tentatively with his hands in his pockets] You know, uh, if you're not in the mood for my spaghetti, we could always order in Thai.

Jody : [Gardening and not looking at him] No spaghetti, no Thai. I-I want to look good for Lana's birthday party.

Mr. Melville : [Sighing and walking towards Jody beseechingly] I just think that maybe you're focusing a little too hard on this one party.

Close-up of Jody's face. We see that she's rather overweight.

Jody : [Frustrated] It's not just the party. It's everything. It's - nobody likes me, and why should they? [She walks away] I'm a cow. [She picks up a carton of produce] But... [With hollow enthusiasm] I've got a new plan -- from now on, no more food - just this.

Jody lifts the carton to indicate the vegetables.

Mr. Melville watches her leave with a worried look on his face. He walks over to a bucket that contains a whole bunch of green meteor rocks. He reaches out and grabs one of them, inspecting it.

Cut to Smallville High. We see a close-up of Jody pasting pictures of her own face on pictures of the bodies of models from magazines. The camera pulls back and we see Jody cutting the head off one picture.

Chloe comes up to her.

Chloe : [Facetiously] Cutting the heads off supermodels - It's kind of redundant, isn't it.

: [Smilling nervously and closing one magazine] Just looking for outfit ideas.

Pete walks up and starts to look at the other magazine that is open on the table. Jody closes it.

Jody : I still don't have anything to wear to Lana's party. What's up?

Chloe : [Hopefully] Uh, Pete and I were kind of hoping you could give us a quick algebra download.

Pete reaches out again to try and look at the magazine on the desk. Jody moves the magazine out of his grasp.

Jody : I thought Clark usually helps you guys.

Pete : [Smiling] He's a little preoccupied helping the birthday girl.

Jody : Oh.

Chloe : [Trying to convince her] We'll even buy you lunch.

Cut to a close-up of Jody pouring a green concoction out of a thermos in front of her locker.

Pete : [Looking at the liquid unenthusiastically] That looks, uh... appetizing.

Cut to Chloe looking grossed-out.

: Losing weight is never pretty.

Jody takes a sip then holds the cup out to Pete who holds up a hand to decline.

Two guys walk over to them. One of the guys (Dustin) is carrying a basketball.

Dustin : Hey, Ross, we're getting a little game together. You want in, [He looks at Jody] or you want to keep whale watching?

The two guys start laughing.

Cut to Jody looking embarrassed. She glances nervously at Pete.

: [Angry] Dustin, back off.

Dustin : Ooh, chill out, cool guy. I didn't know you were a cubby chaser.

Dusting dribbles the basketball, hitting Jody with it and disrupting her drink. The drink gets all over her and Chloe. We see that the green concoction is all over Jody's cloths and face. Pete catches the ball and glares at Dustin.

Dustin : Oh!

Dustin laughs mockingly. Jody rushes off.

Pete : [Calling after her] Jody, wait!

Dustin : [Meanly] Oh, man. You'd think someone that big would have a thicker skin.

With a glare, Pete throws the basketball, hitting Dustin in the forehead.

Chloe : [Stridently] You'd think someone that stupid would have a thicker head.

Chloe rushes off in the direction Jody took. With a glare at Dustin and a frustrated exhalation, Pete follows Chloe.

Cut to Jody in her house using a blender to mix more of her green diet concoction.

Mr. Melville
: [Standing at the kitchen door] Jody, we've talked about this. Starving yourself isn't the way.

Jody : I'm tired of waiting - waiting and weighing and keeping a diary of everything that I eat so that I can feel guilty if I have one extra grape.

Mr. Melville : I understand all of that, but you can't just stop eating. It's not healthy.

Jody pours herself a big glass of green stuff. Mr. Melville walks over to her.

Mr. Melville : Honey, you're beautiful already, just like your mother.

Jody : [Barely looking at him] No, Dad, I'm not. Mom wasn't fat.

Jody drinks the concoction. Mr. Melville looks down and sighs.

Cut to Jody walking into a bathroom. She walks over to a mirror and studies her face in it. She sighs, takes off her shoes and gets on a scale. The scale settles at 168 pounds. Jody starts to get stomach cramps. She pulls her shirt and we can see a weird motion going on in her stomach. All of a sudden, her stomach flattens. Jody looks at her face in the mirror and is shocked to see that her face has thinned out. She gets back on the scale and the number decreases from 168 to 139. Jody looks confused, like she's thinking. She puts a hand to her mouth and looks at a close-up of her face in a small mirror.

Cut to someone running on a treadmill. It's Lex Luthor on a treadmill in the office room in his mansion (the room with the desk and the stained glass windows). He's hooked up to a heart monitor and there's a man in a suit (Doctor Vargas) monitoring his progress.

Doctor Vargas : Okay, that's enough.

He approaches Lex, hits a few buttons on the treadmill console and reach up to Lex's face, disconnection the monitoring device while Lex is still running.

Lex : Done already?

Lex gradually slows his pace down.

Doctor Vargas : Yeah. It looks like your heart could go on like that forever.

Lex : Good. Then I won't have to go through this physical nonsense for five years.

Lex gets off the treadmill, wiping his face with a towel that was on the handle. He walks across the room and retrieves a blue bottle of water, and takes a drink.

Doctor Vargas : Well, let's hope not. [He follows Lex across the room] There is one thing I need to talk to you about. [He takes out a pen and pad and starts making notes] Your blood work came in. You have an unusually elevated white cell count.

Lex : What? Like Leukemia? That's not likely. I don't get sick.

Doctor Vargas : Are you on any medication?

Lex : Nope.

Lex sits down at his desk, putting his feet up. The desk has an open laptop computer on it (Titanium Mac), two bottles of blue water, and a bowl of nuts.

Doctor Vargas : Do you have any allergies?

Lex : No.

Doctor Vargas
: Childhood illness?

Lex : [Shortly] Asthma.

Doctor Vargas : When did that stop?

Lex : [Facetiously] The day I lost my hair. [He gestures with the bottle] Is this going somewhere?

Doctor Vargas : If this were anywhere else, I'd order a battery of tests, but I do see a lot of this in Smallville.

Lex : Why should Smallville be any different?

Doctor Vargas : [Putting the pen in his suit pocket] Well... Some say it's because the LutherCorp plant has contaminated the environment.

The Doctor starts packing his briefcase.

Lex : I very much doubt that.

Lex has a green apple in his hand from a bowl of apples that was sitting on the windowsill behind his desk.

Lex : Let's order those tests.

Lex walks past the doctor and out of the room.

Cut to the front of Lana's house. Cut to the inside. We see Nell walking with another woman with a binder in her hand.

Nell : Now, I want this to be special. What do you think about a 3-tier birthday cake?

They walk across the room and we see that Clark and Lana are sitting at a table, putting away some school books.

Lana : Thanks for the lifeline.

Clark : It's a math midterm. It's not like I pulled you out of a burning building.

Lana gets up from the table and starts putting on her coat.

Lana : I still appreciate it.

Nell : [Standing in the doorway] Lana, I just wanted to get your opinion on the balloons. I think white always looks good.

Lana : [Smiling hesitantly] Works for me.

Nell is smiling and starts heading back into the living room.

Nell : Okay.

Clark gets up from the table, and the two of them head for the door.

Lana : This whole birthday extravaganza has been pretty distracting.

Clark : Having a birthday party at Lex's mansion seems pretty cool to me.

They walk outside onto the porch.

Lana : It stopped being my party a long time ago. If it was up to me, it would be pizza and loud music with my friends.

Clark : Did you tell Nell that?

Lana : We've been through a lot in the past few months. I figure I should give her this one.

As they are walking down the porch steps, a silver truck pulls up and Whitney jumps out hurrying towards Lana.

Whitney : Lana, guess what?

Lana : [Smiling excitedly] The scout called!

Whitney : [Smiling excitedly and pulling Lana into a hug] I just head - I go the tryout with Kansas State!

Lana : That's incredible!

Clark : [Looks dejected then calls out to Whitney] Hey, congrats.

Whitney looks at Clark, then ignores him.

Whitney : [To Lana] I haven't said yes yet. They want me there on Saturday, but that's your big night.

Lana : It's Nell's big night. I was just telling Clark it wasn't important.

Clark : Yeah, scout's honor.

Lana : I want you to go.

Whitney kisses Lana.

Clark : [Looking uncomfortable] Hey, I'll catch up with you guys later.

Cut to Smallville High. Pete, Clark and Chloe are walking together outside the school.

Pete : Clark, I'm telling you - this is good news for you.

Clark : Kansas State gives Whitney a full scholarship and Lana gives him a tongue bath. How is that good news?

Chloe : Even I'm having a hard time following the skewed Ross logic.

Pete : Lana's gonna be dateless for her own party.

The three of them walk past Jody, who is sitting at a picnic table, without seeing her.

Jody : [Calling out] Hi. Pete.

The three of them turn around. Jody gets up from her seat. She's obviously thinner.

Pete : [Shocked] Jody?

Pete walks towards Jody.

Chloe : You look...

Jody : Thinner?

Chloe : [Walking over] I was still looking for an euphemism, but yeah.

Clark : Are you okay?

Jody : Never better. My diet's just starting to pay off. I bought some new clothes.

Pete : [Smiling] You look great.

Jody : Thank you for sticking up for me yesterday. Most people wouldn't have done that.

Pete : Most people can't stand Dustin.

Jody : Yeah. [She laughs a little, nervously] Listen... I was wondering - do you have a date for Lana's party?

Pete stares at her, speechless. Jody looks at him worriedly. Clark pokes Pete in the back, prodding him to respond. Pete is still dumbstruck so Clark answers for him.

Clark : no, he's still free.

Jody : Would you like to go with me?

Pete takes a deep breath, smiling stupidly, still dumbstruck. Clark pokes him again.

Clark : He'd love to.

Jody : [Smiling] Great. Okay, well, I'll see you later.

Pete : [Softly] Bye.

Pete turns, watching Jody walk away.

Chloe : I don't get it.

Pete : [Glaring at Chloe] Women dig me. Get used to it.

Chloe : No, I mean Jody - It's like she lost that weight overnight.

Clark : [Grinning] If she could, half the school would be after that secret.

Chloe : Let's go.

Cut to the Kent Kitchen. Martha is making a coffee. Lana appears at the screen door.

Lana : Hello.

Martha : Lana! Hi. Come in.

Jonathan : Hey, Lana, can I, uh, interest you in a latte?

Lana : I'll pass - bad waitressing flashbacks. I brought over the produce order for the party.

Lana hands Martha a list.

Martha : Well, you could have called it in.

: and miss a chance to get out of the house? Nell's planning this party like a royal wedding.

Martha : Oh, yeah, I can tell.

Cut to Clark backing in through the kitchen door, carrying three crates of apples. He maneuvers the crates across the kitchen without looking around and noticing that Lana is there.

Clark : Dad, I got the post in the west field. [He puts the crates on a counter] I hit some granite, but I jammed it through.

Clark turns around and notices Lana. He stops talking nervously. Everyone is mired in a nervous silence. Lana looks around confused.

Lana : Very impressive.

Clark : I had a sledgehammer.

Lana : Aah.

Jonathan : [Dropping a spoon in the sink with a flourish] Somebody's gotta work around here.

Clark nods his head at Lana, indicating that she should follow him into the other room. Martha stands in the kitchen, listening to their conversation covertly.

Clark : I though you'd be posing for ice sculptures by now.

Lana : I'm hiding out.

Clark : You have my sympathies, and Whitney's not even here for backup.

Lana : I know. I was contemplating stowing away in the back of his truck on Saturday.

Clark : A no-show at your own party - that would keep the town talking.

Lana : I wouldn't do that to Nell. It's just... All this attention is a little unnerving.

Clark : Well, if you'd like, I could be your escort on Saturday.

Cut to Martha perking up at the offer. Lana looks a little nervous, and Clark adds hurriedly...

Clark : You know, so I can fend off the throngs of adoring fans.

Cut to Martha making a face.

Lana : [Looks down, smiling] I'd like that.

Clark : Great.

Lana : I better go. Um, if I'm away too long Nell will probably send out a search party.

Lana grins and turns towards the door. Suddenly, she stops and turns back around.

Lana : And, Clark... Promise me you'll make it this time.

Clark : I promise.

Lana smiles and nods her head.

Lana : [To Martha as she heads out] Thanks. Bye.

Martha : [To Clark] Escort to fend off the adoring fans?

Clark : What's wrong with that?

Martha : Nothing, Clark. I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Clark : Mom, Lana and I are just friends.

Martha : Okay. I'm ...I'm officially butting out. So, what are you gonna get her for her birthday?

Clark : I don't know. Any ideas?

Martha : My mother always said the best gifts come from the heart.

Clark looks serious, nods.

Cut to Jody in the kitchen of her house, standing at a blender, mixing a concoction. Mr. Melville walks into the room.

Mr. Melville
: Jody, you feeling okay? You look a little...

He walks towards her.

Jody : Uh - yeah, don't worry, Dad. I'm feeling great. I even got a date for Lana's party.

Mr. Melville : Jody, that's terrific, but I want you to eat something more than those, uh, shake things, all right?

Jody : You know what? I will. I'm done counting calories.

Mr. Melville : Oh, I've gotta go. Don't stay up too late.

Jody : Okay. Bye.

He walks out of the kitchen. Jody starts drinking a big glass of green liquid.

Cut to Jody getting on a scale in her bathroom. The scale reads 137, then decreases to 134. Jody pulls up her shirt, looking at her stomach which is rumbling. The scale decreases to 112. Jody looks very happy for a moment, then looks suddenly ravenous. She licks her lips.

Cut to Jody opening her refrigerator. She starts stuffing food into her mouth frantically. She makes a big mess. Food is on the floor. She is frantically grabbing food from everywhere. Stuffing it into her mouth. Finally, she falls to the floor. We can hear her stomach rumbling. Suddenly, Jody jumps up and grabs the blender with the green concoction in it, throwing it against the wall in a fury. She's upset and panting.

Cut to a person driving a car at night in the rain. It's Jody. She has a bunch of fast food on the seat next to her and she's stuffing her face. She's driving and eating, and suddenly, she hits a deer. She screams as the deer smashes into her windshield and the car careens out of control. The car comes to a stop. Jody is unhurt, but she's breathing heard. We see the deer laying dead on the road. Jody gets out of the car slowly, looking at the deer. She makes her way over to it. She grabs her stomach as if she's in pain, and falls down on her knees next to the carcass. Suddenly, her mouth opens impossibly wide and she starts to attack the deer, seeming to be eating it, or sucking on it.

Cut to Clark in the loft looking through his telescope. He's watching Lana and Whitney sitting on Lana's porch. Whitney seems to be giving Lana a book. Lana smiles and hugs him. Clark sighs and looks up from the telescope. He looks back down again, watching Lana and Whitney.

Chloe : Getting your morning Lana fix?

Clark jerks upright, stepping back from the telescope, startled.

Clark : Chloe, don't you ever knock?

Chloe : It's a barn, Clark.

Clark : Is there a reason you're here so early or do just enjoy busting my chops?

Chloe : [Smiling] Little of both. Did you hear about the accident last night? A deer was his on Route 5.

Clark : That's not exactly Wall of Weird material.

Chloe : Check out the paper. [She passes a paper to him] Animal control said that the deer died of causes unknown.

Clark passes the paper back.

Clark : So?

Chloe : [Scoffing] Well... Not much unknown about a bumper at 60 miles an hour.

Clark : I'd love to run down theories with you, but I've got chores to do. I still haven't figured out what to get Lana for her birthday.

Clark and Chloe head down the loft stairs.

Chloe : Well, you or your family knows people at animal control, right?

Clark : One of the perks of growing upon a farm.

Chloe : Well, I was thinking, maybe we could stop by there before school. You could use your pull. We could take a couple of pictures. I'll help you out with your gift-giving dilemma.

Clark : Okay. But I want it to be something unique.

: Just don't make it as unique as what you gave me last year.

Cut to the animal control offices. Chloe and Clark are standing outside of a locked examination room. They can see the deer through the glass.

Chloe : Very impressive use of pull: "Can I use your bathroom?"

Clark : I can't believe we're creeping around looking for road kill.

Chloe : The deer's in there. [She tries the doorknob] The door's locked. Um, I'm gonna go find a maintenance worker.

As Chloe walks away to find help, Clark uses his super strength on the doorknob. He opens the door.

Clark : [Calling out] Chloe, it's open.

Chloe : How'd you do that?

Clark : Kent charm.

The walk into the room. Chloe pulls out her camera and Clark shuts the shades.

Chloe : [Elbowing Clark] Lift it up. Go.

Clark lifts the sheet covering the deer. He grimaces.

Clark : Looks like jerky.

Chloe looks around, spots a lab report, picks it up and starts reading.

Chloe : The lab report says the deer lost something like 80% of its body fat. It's like it's been liposuctioned to death.

Clark : [Facetiously] What do you think it is, Chloe - some fat-sucking vampire in town?

Chloe : This is Smallville, Clark - land of the weird, home of the strange.

Chloe takes a picture.

Cut to a man typing on a keyboard. It's Lex and he's pulling up the Smallville Torch website. He's sitting at his desk, drinking orange juice. The Torch website has a Special report as the lead article: Smallville: America's Strangest Town. Lex looks at the screen thoughtfully.

Cut to Mr. Melville standing outside the closed door to the bathroom in his house. He knocks on the door.

Mr. Melville : [Calling out worriedly] Jody, honey, are you - are you okay in there?

The camera pans a bunch of pictures of Jody and her father pasted to the bathroom mirror.

Jody : [Calling off screen] Yeah, Dad, I'm fine.

Mr. Melville : Well, I-I'm afraid I've got some bad news. I've got to go to Metropolis for a few days, or I'm gonna lose this client.

Jody : When will you be back?

Mr. Melville : Not till Sunday morning, which means I'm gonna miss your big date.

Jody : It's okay. It's no big deal.

Mr. Melville : Well, do you think maybe I could see you before I leave?

Jody : Oh. I'm kind of indecent at the moment.

Mr. Melville : Honey, I think that maybe we need to talk to somebody.

Jody : I don't need a shrink.

Mr. Melville : I just want you to look in a mirror and be happy.

He reaches out a hand to turn the doorknob.

Jody : Daddy, I am.

Mr. Melville stops, pulls his hand back from the doorknob, shaking his head. He walks away from the door.

Cut to a close-up of Jody, sitting on the floor in the bathroom, looking at a picture of her and her father. She smiles. The camera pulls back and we get a look at the entire room. Food is littered all over the place. The room is a catastrophe site.

Cut to a view of the outside of Smallville High, then to the Torch office. We see Lex looking at the Wall of Weird.

Clark : [To Lex from off screen] Most of my friends are trying to get out of high school.

Lex turns around.

Lex : [Smiling a little] I was meeting with your principal. Apparently, you guys are in dire need of a new computer lab. I figured I could help.

Clark is standing in the doorway. He walks further into the room and puts his jacket on the back of a chair.

Clark : They might even name a lunch special after you. How'd you end up here?

Lex : My plant manager, Gabe. He's always going on about his daughter, the reporter in the Torch. Thought Id drop by and say hello. She wasn't around, but I was struck by this.

Lex turns back towards the Wall of Weird.

Clark : That's Chloe's hobby. She thinks she can trace all the freak things in Smallville to the meteor shower.

Lex : Interesting theory.

Clark : Most people think its crazy.

Lex : Maybe. [He turns towards Clark] Do you remember where you were when it fell?

Clark : [Looking down] Not really. My parents hadn't adopted me yet.

They both lean against the top of two desks.

Lex : I do. I was right here in Smallville. My mother wanted me to spend some quality time with my dad. He brought me here on a business trip - just a quick hop to Smallville to finalize a deal. Funny how one day can change your whole life.

Clark : What happened?

Lex : I was out in a cornfield when the first meteor hit. It was like a tidal wave coming at me. Then everything went black. Next thing I remember, I was waking up in Metropolis General completely bald.

Clark : [Looking down, upset] Lex, I didn't know.

Lex : [Laughing ironically] Not many people do, Clark. He gets up and walks towards the wall. I should've died that day. Instead I walked away with this.

Clark : I'm sorry.

Lex : Why? It's not your fault.

Lex : When I was younger, I though it was a curse. Kids figured I was a freak or on chemo. Then I began to see it as my gift, the thing that defined me, that gave me strength.

Clark: Do you ever wonder what you'd be like, you know, if you hadn't come that day?

Lex : [Smiles a little, shaking his head] It doesn't matter, Clark. It happened. Personally, I think my future's gonna be brighter than that spoiled, rich brat who walked into that cornfield.

Clark smiles a little, uncomfortably.

Chloe walks into the office.

Chloe : Mr. Luthor.

Lex turns towards her, smiling.

Lex : It's Lex.

Lex walks towards her and shakes her hand.

Lex : Clark was just telling me your meteor theory. I like it. Especially since most people think my company is secretly behind everything that goes wrong in Smallville.

Chloe : That's the reigning theory.

Lex : Are you the only on that blames the meteors instead of me?

Chloe : Pretty much. Well, there is Mr. Hamilton.

Clark : Except most people don't have too high a regard for a guy who sells plastic meteor chips to tourists.

Lex : Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. [Cut to Clark shaking his head. To Chloe] Call me when you're looking for a summer job. I've got friends over at the Inquisitor. [To Clark] I'll see you tomorrow. I hear you're escorting the birthday girl. Nice work.

Lex turns to leave the office, heading out the doorway.

Clark : [Defensively, looking nervous and calling out after Lex] We're just going as friends.

Lex : [Stopping and turning back towards Clark] Sure you are. Hope you got her a nice gift.

Lex smiles a little, then heads out the door.

Clark : Yeah.

Cut to the school hallway. Jody is pulling some things out of her locker. Pete appears.

Pete : Jody, I didn't see you in class. Are you okay?

Jody : Yeah, I'm fine. Just stomach flu. I can't keep anything down.

They start walking down the hallway.

Pete : Maybe you should go see the nurse.

Jody : I've got it under control.

Pete : Are you sure you're okay?

They stop walking.

Jody : I'm fine. I just need to rest up for tomorrow night.

Pete : Look, if you don't feel up to it, I'll understand.

Jody : [Smiling] Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world.

She walks off. We see her stop by the stair well. She's having stomach cramps. We see Dustin standing on the staircase.

Dustin : [Calling out] Hey, Jody, I've been watching you.

Jody : I'll bet you have.

Jody walks up the stairs towards him.

Dustin : Hitting the gym was a good idea.

Jody : You should take your own advice.

She looks him up and down but then hunches over in pain as she has another stomach contraction.

Dustin : Whoa. You all right?

Jody : I'm just a little hungry.

Jody runs her hand over her stomach seductively. Dustin watches.

Dustin : Huh.

Jody : [With a sexy tone of voice] You, uh, like what you see?

Dustin : [Smirking] Totally.

Jody : [Walking closer to Dustin and whispering huskily] I'll bet you wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more, would you? [Dustin smirks] Follow me.

Cut to the outside of the school, by the track. Lana is sitting in the bleachers. Clark walks up.

Clark : "Confederacy of Dunces".

Lana : First edition.

Clark : Early birthday gift?

Clark sits down next to her.

Lana : From Whitney. I couldn't believe it.

Clark : It's a cool gift.

Lana : That's the thing with Whitney. Sometimes I think he's a million miles away, and then he surprises me with something like this.

Clark smiles wistfully, and Lana looks down.

Clark : How are things on the party front?

Lana : I surrendered. I told Nell to make the final decisions without me.

Clark : I cannot believe how anti-birthday you are. Haven't you ever had a happy birthday?

Lana : Once. I went to a drive-in.

Clark : That doesn't sound like Nell's style.

Lana : It was with my parents. My dad pulled the car up the front row so that the screen filled up the entire windshield. I remember feeling all grown up because I got to sit in the front seat with them. The played Bugs Bunny cartoons before the movie started. I was cold, so my mom wrapped me up in her sweater.

Clark : That sounds nice.

Lana : I fell asleep before the movie even started between my mom and dad. That's the last time I can remember feeling completely safe.

Clark : That's a great memory.

They smile at each other. In the distance we can see Dustin and Jody walking. The enter some sort of room under the bleachers. Jody takes off her jacket.

Dustin : Hey... We're fine. No one's gonna see us.

Jody : Good.

Dustin : [Moving behind Jody and putting his arms around her] You don't think I, uh, I ever meant that stuff I said about you when you were...

Jody : Fat? You thought it was funny calling me names, making me cry, making me wish that I were dead rather than fat.

Dustin : [Smirks] Well, what can I say?

Jody : You can say you're sorry. [She attacks him]

Dustin : [Screaming] Ahhhh!

Cut to Clark walking outside. He hears something. H walks over to the door to the room to investigate. He uses his X-ray vision to see into the room. He sees two skeletons struggling, one obviously attacking the other. Clark kicks the door in, using his super speed to rush to Dustin's rescue. We see Clark walking cautiously. As he passes by a steam pipe, Jody, hidden somewhere at a distance, releases the valve, causing steam to go shooting towards Clark's face. Clark simply reaches out and bends the pipe, halting the steam. Suddenly, Dustin jumps up and across Clark. Clark looks at him in disgust. Almost all of his body fat has been drained away, and he's emaciated. Jody is nowhere in sight.

Cut to a country road. We see a mailbox with the name "Hamilton". We see a dilapidated stand with a sign that says, "Meteor Rocks $5". We see a black sports car pull into the driveway. The license plate says: LX LTHR. Lex gets out of the car and looks around.

Cut to a shot of a barn. Cut to the inside of the barn. We see Lex walking through the door. There's lab equipment everywhere. Lex walks across the room. We see a shelf with a bunch of tagged meteor rocks and a green liquid in a jar. Lex reaches out to touch one of the rocks.

Hamilton : [Calling out from off screen] Ah! Don't... Touch that! [Lex turns around quickly and we see Dr. Hamilton holding a couple of boxes] You're not sterile and you're not me.

Lex : My apologies, Dr. Hamilton.

Hamilton : [With disgust] Ugh. You don't have a website, do you?

Lex : Excuse me?

Hamilton : They're usually the ones who track me down - freaks with websites.

Lex : I'm just a fan.

Hamilton : Ah.

Lex : Lex Luthor.

Lex holds out his hand. Hamilton ignores it.

Hamilton : The billionaire's son? Mineralogists don't have fans. [He nods his head] Come on. [He walks away]

Lex : Most mineralogists didn't handle the first Apollo moon rocks.

Hamilton : That was a lifetime ago, when I was a respectable scientist.

Lex walks over to Hamilton and picks up a test tube with green liquid in it.

Lex : You know, we may have a few things in common. I was kicked out of Metropolis University, too.

Hamilton snatches the test tube away from Lex.

Hamilton : Uh-huh.

Lex : Ever since I found out about a medical condition I have, I've become very interested in your work, Dr. Hamilton.

Hamilton : And you think it has something to do with the meteors.

Lex : Isn't that your theory? That meteors somehow alter cellular makeup? That sounds to me like research worth funding.

Hamilton : [Laughing derisively] Yeah, well, sorry, my funding is private, and so are my results.

Lex : Your funding comes from tourists.

Hamilton : If you are so interested in meteors, here, take one. Enjoy it. I have nothing else for sale.

Hamilton pushes a large meteor rock into Lex's hands.

Lex turns away and is studying the rock.

Lex : When you change your mind, you know where to find me.

Lex leaves. Hamilton watches him as he goes, and sighs.

Cut to the lunchroom at Smallville High. We see Chloe and Clark walking with lunch trays.

Chloe : I called the hospital this morning. Dustin's in a coma. His body went into shock from the loss of fat. He hasn't told the police anything.

Clark is sipping some chocolate milk.

Clark : Time to revisit the fat-sucking vampire theory.

Chloe : You know, if you hadn't been there, he probably would have died, Clark.

Clark : What I can't figure out is why anybody would want to steal body fat.

Chloe : I know, it takes eating disorders to a whole new level.

They approach a table where Jody is sitting.

Clark : Jody.

Jody : Hi, guys. What's up? Jody is sitting at the table eating a whole lot of food.

Chloe : Uh, study group, remember?

Jody : Totally slipped my mind.

Chloe : [Looking at what Jody's eating] So, no more veggie shakes, huh?

She looks at Clark in surprise.

Clark : Are you feeling okay? Pete said you felt sick yesterday.

Jody : Oh, that. I'm fully recovered.

Chloe : I guess it's safe to say that the diet's finally over.

Jody : [Stuffing her mouth] Mmm, I'm starving. I haven't eaten anything all day. [Both Clark and Chloe are staring at Jody and the way she's eating] I'm just a little nervous about the party tonight.

Chloe : Yeah.

Jody continues to stuff her face. She looks up and sees Clark staring at her in shock.

Jody : So, um, I'll see you guys tonight.

She rushes away from the table, grabbing some snacks as she goes.

Chloe : Okay, what was that about?

Clark : I don't know. I gotta fly. We'll talk about this later?

Chloe : Okay. Hey, where are you going?

Clark : I'm still working on Lana's birthday gift.

Chloe : Any hints?

Clark : Yeah, it's not a gift certificate.

Clark leaves and Chloe grabs a bag of cookies off the table and starts eating them.

Cut to a view of the Luthor mansion. Cut to the inside of the house. We see people setting up for a party. We see Lana standing on a balcony watching the activity. Lex walks up to her.

Lex : What do you think?

Lana : It's really...

Lex : Not you at all. [Lana sighs, smiling] I heard the quarterback couldn't make it. Too bad.

Lana : I knew you'd be devastated. Whitney's trying out for a football scholarship to Kansas State. Didn't think he made the cut, but then someone fell out.

Lex : I know.

Lana gives Lex a suspicious look as if he had something to do with it.
Lex gives Lana an innocent look.

Lex : Your aunt told me. [He smiles a little] I like your new escort better. [Lana shakes her head] Have fun tonight.

Lex walks away.

Cut to the Kent house. We see Martha ironing a blue shirt. Clark walks down the stairs in Khakis and a white t-shirt. He sits down on a step and ties a shoe.

Clark : Mom, you almost done?

Martha : Relax, Clark, you're not gonna be late for once. By the way, did you figure out what to get Lana?

Clark : Yeah, Lex helped me out.

Martha : So what is it?

Clark : I thought you were butting out of this.

Clark gets up and walks over to her.

Martha : [Sarcastically] Then you'd better learn how to iron.

She passes him the shirt. Clark puts it on.

Chloe walks into the house in a rush.

Martha : Hi, Chloe.

Chloe : Hi, Mrs. Kent.

She rushes up to Clark and tries to hand him a piece of paper.

Chloe : Clark, take a look at this.

Clark : Chloe, why aren't you dressed?

Chloe : I didn't have time. Clark, you really, really need to check this out.

Clark takes the paper and starts reading it out loud.

Clark : "Smallville body and fender - replaced windshield, replaced side panels. Cause of accident - Impact with deer."

Chloe : It was Jody's car, Clark.

Clark : What do you think happened to her?

Chloe : Her house is built right next to one of the big meteor hits.

Clark : And she lost all that weight by drinking juice from vegetables grown in the soil in her greenhouse.

Chloe : It must have done something to her metabolism. She's losing weight too fast to keep up with regular food.

Clark : And that's why she needs body fat.

Clark : We need to find her.

Clark rushes past Chloe.

Chloe : [Catching his attention] Jody wouldn't let anything keep her from getting to that party.

Clark : [Thinking for a minute] Pete.

Clark rushes out.

Cut to Jody's house. She has on a sleeveless red dress and is admiring her slender self in a mirror.

Jody : Perfect.

She hears the doorbell.

Cut to Pete standing outside Jody's front door holding a bouquet of flowers. Jody opens the door.

Pete : Whoa. Hi.

Jody : Hi.

Pete : Perfect flowers for a perfect date.

Pete offers her the flowers and she takes them.

Jody : Thank you.

She turns off the light in her house, steps outside and shuts the door. The start walking towards Pete's car arm in arm.

Jody : They're beautiful, Pete.

Pete : So's that dress.

Jody : Thanks. It was my mom's.

Pete pulls the car keys out of his pocket. All of a sudden, we hear Jody's stomach rumbling. She stops dead in her tracks and looks distressed.

Pete : Something wrong?

Jody : I'm fine. I just need to eat.

Pete is looking at her suspiciously. Her stomach rumbles again.

Pete : that doesn't sound right. Maybe we should go to the hospital.

Pete takes her are to lead her to the car but Jody gets distressed. She pulls her arm away from him and backs up.

Jody starts walking backwards towards her house in distress.

Jody : You've always been good to me, Pete. [She turns and runs towards her front door calling out] Please, go away now!

Pete : [Calling out] Jody!

Jody : [Opening the front door] Go away!

Jody goes inside the house and slams the door shut.

Pete : Jody, wait!

Cut to the inside of Jody's house. It's dark and Pete is standing outside knocking on the front door.

Pete : Jody. Jody, come on! Jody! [He turns the knob and walks into the house] Jody? Jody, where are you?

Pete starts walking up the stairs.

Jody calls out to Pete from the kitchen crying.

Jody : Pete, please get away!

Pete heads back down the stairs, in the direction of her voice.

Jody : [Crying for off screen] It's all my fault.

Pete : Jody?

Jody : [Crying off screen] I just wanted to be skinny. There's only so much a person can take.

We see the flowers Pete gave her on the floor as Pete walks slowly towards the kitchen.

Jody : Pete, please, go home.

Pete : Come on, Jody, you don't have to hide.

Jody : I don't want to hurt you.

Pete : Come on, Jody, you couldn't hurt a -

Pete finds Jody sitting on the kitchen floor, crying in a corner.

Pete : Just tell me what's happening.

Jody : [Harshly] Please...Leave.

Jody looks up at Pete violently then gets up and attacks him, knocking him to the floor. Pete is knocked out. Jody is crouched over Pete. Her mouth opens wide as she prepares to drain him.

Cut to Clark walking through the front door.

Clark : [Calling out] Jody? Pete?

Jody stops what she's doing and looks around in shock. She gets up and rushes out the kitchen door. Pete starts to revive. Clark sees him on the floor and rushes to his side.

Clark : Pete, are you okay? Pete, what's wrong?

Clark looks over at the kitchen door, and then takes off after Jody. He rushes outside, looking around. Clark looks over towards the greenhouse, and then uses his super speed to jet over there. He rushes into the greenhouse.

Clark : Jody!

Clark starts to looks sick. He looks around and sees meteor rocks all over the place. Suddenly, Jody sneaks up behind him and hits him over the head with a shovel. Clark falls to the ground.

Jody : Why can't you just leave me alone?

Clark : [Trying to struggle up] You're sick. Whatever you did to yourself you can get help.

Jody : All I wanted was to be thin!

Jody goes to his him again but he ducks. She goes to hit him again and he catches the shovel with his hand. Jody kicks him.

Clark : [Struggling to get up] Jody, this isn't you.

Jody : [Mockingly] What? Isn't this what I'm supposed to look like?

Jody hits Clark in the face with the shovel, knocking him out outside through a glass partition. She raises the shovel over her head, preparing to finish Clark off, but then stops in horror as she sees her own reflection in the shards of broken glass. Jody turns away.

Jody : Look at me, I'm a freak.

We see Clark getting up behind her.

Jody : I know how to stop this for good.

Jody uses the shovel to smash a gas pipe. She looks around for something to ignite an explosion. She spies the halogen lamps hanging from the ceiling. Jody goes to use the shovel to smash the lamps.

Clark is struggling up and grabbing a hold of her, trying to stop her.

Clark : No... Wait...

Cut to an outside view of the greenhouse. The greenhouse explodes.

Cut to Pete walking outside through the kitchen door of Jody's house. He's rubbing his head.

Pete : [Calling out] Jody!

Pete sees the burning greenhouse. He runs over there.

Cut to Clark laying Jody down on the ground. She's unconscious.

Clark : [Calling out] Pete! Get over here. Quick!

Pete walks over and kneels down by Jody.

Pete : Clark, is she okay?

Clark : I think so, but we need to get her to a hospital.

Cut to Lana at her party. She's standing outside on the balcony of the Luthor mansion. She looks upset. Lex walks out and joins her.

Lex : Sneaking out, huh? Isn't this your shindig?

Lana : Says so on all the invitations.

Lex : Right. You're not hiding. You're getting some air. I spent 18 years of Luthor Christmas parties in the coatroom.

Lana : I'm still waiting for my reinforcements.

Lex : I know Clark. He'll be here. If he can.

Lana : [Shaking her head] It's just a birthday.

Lex smiles at her a little, then heads back inside. Lana sighs.

Cut to the Kent house. Clark walks through the door. Jonathan and Martha are in the living room sitting by a fireplace.

Martha : [Worriedly] Clark, what happened? The police called.

Clark : I'm fine.

Jonathan : How's Pete?

Clark : He's got a serious migraine, but other than that, he's okay. Jody Melville's on the way to Metropolis General. Her father's gonna meet her there.

Martha : [Sympathetically, reaching out and touching his hand] Clark, I'm sorry about the party.

Clark : [Sitting down] I promised Lana I'd be there. I can't believe I let her down.

Jonathan : Well, when you do the things you do, Son - helping people - then sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

Clark : Like Lana?

Martha : Maybe, but you made your choice.

Jonathan : where are you going?

Clark : I don't have to sacrifice everything.

Clark rushes out of the house. Jonathan and Martha look after him with perplexed smiles.

Cut to Lex sitting in the office in his house. He has an envelope in his hand with a return address that says: Doctor Vargas, 1401 Alma Street, Metropolis, KA 66632-2423. Lex sighs and uses a letter opener to open the envelope. He reads the letter, then looks up thoughtfully and crumples it.

Cut to Hamilton in his lab working on a large meteor rock. Lex walks in.

Hamilton : [Mockingly] Back for some more rocks?

Lex : Apparently, I have a clean bill of health.

Hamilton : Congratulations. I guess that means you won't be bothering me any more.

Lex : I couldn't figure out why you're so resistant to accept my help. Then I had a friend do some digging. And here I thought you got kicked out of Metropolis University for your meteor theories, but apparently, it was your student/teacher relations. I wonder if the Smallville police have you registered.

Hamilton : Get out.

Lex : I want you to look at something.

Lex pulls an envelope out of his jacket pocket. Hamilton takes the envelope and opens it.

Lex : I don't care about the past. I believe in the power to reinvent your self. You want to prove to the world you've been right all along? That check should cover your vindication.

We see that the check is made out for one hundred thousand dollars. It's drawn on Lex Luthor's personal account.

Hamilton : [Sighing] What you're looking for could take years.

Lex : [Leaning close to him] I'm a patient man.

Lex walks towards the door.

Hamilton : [Calling out after him] Tell me - why does a billionaire's son care so much about a bunch of rocks that fell out of the sky 12 years ago?

Lex : [Stopping, but not turning] I save that story for the people I trust.

Lex leaves.

Hamilton studies the envelop.

Cut to Lana's house. We see Clark throwing rocks at her bedroom window. Lana comes to the window in her pajamas.

Lana : You kind of missed cocktail hour.

Clark : I'm sorry.

Lana : I told you I stopped believing in happy birthdays a long time ago.

Clark : Well, maybe I can change that. Look, I know I blew it tonight, but at least let me give you your present.

Lana : When?

Clark : [Smiling a little] Now.

Lana smiles and heads into her house to get dressed.

Cut to Clark and Lana sitting in a truck watching cartoons projected on the side of a barn, like a drive-in movie. Lana is drinking soda and Clark is eating popcorn. Lana looks delighted. She's smiling and watching the show avidly.

Lana : Pass the popcorn.

Clark : Lana...

Lana : Yeah?

Clark : Happy birthday.

Lana : Shh.

Clark laughs and ducks his head. Then he looks up and over at Lana and smiles happily.

The camera pulls back. We see Bugs Bunny on the movie screen.

"That's All Folks" flashes across the screen.


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