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NARRATOR: Previously on smallville ...

It begins with a flashback of past events.
Kryptonian is a sign in a field.
We see Clark in the fortress of solitude, a Kryptonian dagger appears before him and Jor-El speaks to Clark.

Jor-El: Search this host and destroy it!

Next we see Clark and Lionel talking.

Lionel: A human life is a minimum price to pay!
Clark: Even though that's life for your son?

Then, we see Lex having a fight with his father, throwing it with extreme violence against the windshield of a car.
Then we witness a scene between Lana and Clark.

Lana: I do not know what I have found you.

Clark looks at Lana with a vexed.
Then we see Chloe and Clark at the Daily Planet, Chloe walks by talking to Clark.

Chloe: I do not know if I see you again!

Chloe kisses Clark.
After, we see a shot of Lana totally panicked and scared, she is accompanied by Lex, the latter addressing her.

Lex: You must know the whole truth!

Then, Lex puts the gun he holds in his hand against his other hand and shot himself in front of a Lana is more than frightened.
We see Clark along with Lex in the barn...

Clark: I will not let you destroy the earth as you do with Krypton!
Lex / Zod: You have no choice.

Then, we see Clark in the company of Fine, in the Manor of Lex. Fine puts her hand on Lex's computer and whispers:

Fine: So here we go!

Then they all quickly followed, we see Clark run the dagger towards Fine, it touches and a light ship springs, piercing both Fine and Lex ..
The camera focuses on Clark.

Clark: What did I do?

Fine we see kneeling transfixed by the red vessel, the latter crying.

Fine: You opened the portal to Zod!

We see Chloe briefly alone in the street where chaos reigns. Then, we hear him shout:

Chloe: Mr. Luthor!

After we see Lex become Zod, and Clark sucked into something and disappearing off into the universe, with a sparkling light.
After we see Fine, flying the aircraft where Lois and Martha. The camera shows Lois trying to catch an oxygen mask before losing consciousness. Beside a Martha already unconscious.

We see later, Lex / Zod Lana kiss on the roof of the Lex Corp.
Then the camera shows us Clark locked in a glass cube, hovering in the universe.
Then they all quickly followed, we see Clark run the dagger towards Fine, it touches and a light ship springs, piercing both Fine and Lex ...
The camera focuses on Clark.


In the space
Clark is trapped in a sort of glass cage that hangs in the universe, and moving away from Earth. Clark looks sadly Earth.
He taps violently, desperately against the invisible wall just bounces off in shock.
Clark stops, then backs up and looks down, he gently places his foot on the ground invisible and suddenly drops sharply in a black vortex and deformed.


The Phantom Zone
The trip seems like an eternity, then Clark finished his fall on a dusty floor, before tumbling down a slope.

Clark's in a dingy, dusty, it touches the lip and saw with astonishment without really understanding what happens to him he bleeds.

Clark gets up and looks around trying to understand where he is. He turns again and again seeing only desolate, desert and darkness.

Clark climbs a sand slope, with a strong wind violent round and prevents him from seeing properly.

Clark keeps walking trying to find one ounce of life, he stops, looks around and yells.

Clark, shouting: Hey ho!

It has only one answer to the echoes of his voice.

Clark, repeating to shout: Is there anyone?

Clark gets again the echoes of his voice, he resumed his march resign when monsters, dark, hideous flying head, darker on Clark and began to scratch him, wounding him around...

Clark falls, he tries to get up, but these monsters continue to attack him, wounding him more.

Suddenly one of these monsters, raises his claws long and ugly, on Clark's face, scratching him and will last bloodying his face. Clark finds himself on the ground with all the flying monsters who throw themselves at him and did not give him any respite ..
Clark was seriously injured and unable to wrestle.

At this point, a person appears, dressed in a gray cloth, surrounding the head to toe.
The stranger then uses a kind of light weapons to destroy all the beasts that are killing Clark.

If all the beasts were gone, the unknown Clark continues to radiate light of this vessel then stops.

The camera, then makes a plan on hand of the person and the mysterious hieroglyph shaped "S" of Superman.

Clark totally exhausted and injured trying to recover with difficulty while the person approaches him.

Clark, looking at the person: Thank you.

Suddenly, the stranger gives a kick to Clark that knocked prone. The camera is a plan of the unknown, which removes the turban which covers the face, we discover that this is a woman.

Young Woman: Welcome to the Phantom Zone!


We are at Metropolis, chaos and confusion reign in the city, people are stealing, fire, assault.

We see men trying to go after Lionel, they are more violent and beat up, then they threw Lionel against the hood of the car.
The latter looks towards Chloe, it is taken away by two men and she tries desperately to escape.

The camera returns to Lionel who is still in the process of being mugged, then it begins to struggle and put a headbutt to the man.

Chloe: Help!

Lionel then looks towards Chloe, he runs toward it...

Chloe: Mr. Luthor!

and ... is attacking the man who is taking off Chloe.
Suddenly one of the henchmen of Lionel saves him from a man trying to strangle him and addresses him.

Bodyguard: Mr. Luthor?! It should be returned immediately. Your son is in the building.
Lionel, lost in thought: Lex?!
Bodyguard: Yes, sir.

Suddenly, Lionel sees that Chloe is still in trouble.

Bodyguard: Go to a safe place, I'll take care of it

The bodyguard of Lionel goes to her to help him while Lionel takes her in his arms and walks away.


LuthorCorp, ROOF
Lana is on the roof of the LuthorCorp, she looks around at the chaos, then looks towards Lex/Zod.

Lana, vexed: The streets are fire and sword down!

Lana goes to Lex / Zod.

Lana: We must do something! You must help these people!
Lex/Zod, surprised: Oh yeah? And how?
Lana, is taking: You have the power to stop these riots. Save these people from the chaos with the powers Fine gave you.
Lex/Zod, watching with a calm and cold Lana: Lex Luthor is dead!

Lana looks at Lex / Zod amazed. The camera refocuses Lex/Zod, he looks at Lana.

Lex/Zod, addressing Lana: Call me Zod!

At this time Lionel and Chloe arrive on the roof of LuthorCorp, and see Lex/Zod now flying with Lana in his arms. They are both surprised and look towards the sky.


Chloe and Lionel are in an office of the LuthorCorp.

Chloe, panicked: It was him, is not it? It was Zod?
Lionel: Clark obviously could not reach in time to prevent Lex ...

Lionel sits on the seat of the office and seized a weapon.

Lionel, annoyed by all this: ... the irreparable!

Chloe has meanwhile close the office.

Lionel: Zod has invested the body of Lex.

Chloe looks frightened Lionel ...

Chloe, worried:Clark? You think Zod managed to ...
Lionel, thinking: The Tague! The Tague that Jor-El gave Clark ...
Lionel, stood up: It is perhaps on the farm. It's our only chance of us Far away Zod

Lionel walks away while Chloe is distraught and worried.

Chloe: From kill you mean?

Chloe gets closer to Lionel.

Chloe, realizing: In other words, kill Lex?

Lionel turns to Chloe. He tries to speak but can not find the words.

Chloe, lost: I am going to rejoin unscrambled the Daily Planet and investigate what Krypton computer virus that caused all these power cuts.

As she talks to Lionel, Chloe and the latter are walking.

Chloe: There may be some correspondence between these symbols and those you have scribbled. With a little ...
Lionel, turning: It will get us nowhere!
Lionel, is reflective and asseyantt: These signs ... not only Clark's decrypted.
Chloe, not understanding: But you are the spokesman of Jor-El. One way or another you should be able to interpret these characters Kryptonians.

The camera freezes on a close-up Lionel.

Lionel, holding her head looking disappointed towards Chloe: This connection which, for some time I was connected to Jor-El, and the fortress ... she flew ...

Chloe Lionel looking disappointed and not knowing what to do.

Lionel: I do not feel his presence in me. But if we successfully recovered this Tague, we can counter Zod and stop this madness.
Chloe, resigned: I never amount to return to Smallville with one leg in this state!

Lionel and Chloe exchanged a glance, Lionel gets up and hands him his gun.

Lionel, solemn: Hold! Be cautious? Sullivan miss!
Chloe, Lionel watching carefully: You too, Mr. Luthor!

Lionel smiled at Chloe and goes. Chloe watches him go, taking the weapon in his hands.
The camera zooms in on Chloe, who now finds himself alone, and began to think aloud, worried.

Chloe looks up to heaven and sigh of anguish and anxiety.

Chloe: Clark, wherever you are, come back soon! thou hast seldom miss much.


It is in the Phantom Zone. Clark is being held prisoner. A young woman named Raya hits him with kicks, while he is on the ground. Then she goes to him!

Young Woman: What planet you from? answer
Clark: I was born on Krypton ... and I grew up ... on Earth!
Young woman, face interrogator: On Earth? Kal-El?!
Clark, in turn interrogator: How do you know my name Kryptonian?
Young woman: I knew your father!

Raya shows Clark, a necklace, which hangs a medallion on which the symbol "S" is engraved.


We find ourselves in a warehouse. Lex, under the control of Zod holds Lana by the arm and leads him toward the alien craft.

Lana: Let me go! Where do you take me?
Lex/Zod, a dry tone: Zod does not receive an order, it is he who gives!
Lana: Who's that Zod? What do you mean?

They both stop a few meters from the ship and Lana sees the ship.

Lana, the startled look: Oh, lord!
Lana, Lex/Zod: You are one of those beings of the spaceship?
Lex/Zod, always the same tone: It is from Nam-Ek! Loyal soldier serving under my COMMAND!
Lana, trying to convince Lex/Zod: I do not know what happens but it's not you! It is this spaceship. Obviously Fine control your brain. Lex, you must resist it!
Lex/Zod: I've already said, Lex is dead!
Lana: No! I refuse to believe you!
Lex/Zod, Lana taking her by the chin and taking a superior air to speak to her: Do you think that Zod is concern that a creature as primitive as you can well believe it?
Lana: Lex is dead if as you said, then, why are you wasting your time with a primitive creature as me?

Lex/Zod Lana takes her by the arm. They arrived near the ship.

Lex/Zod: It must be someone present at the end of humanity and the rebirth of Krypton.
Lana, examining: Krypton?
Lex/Zod, the air over him and proud: A sparkling star who will reign over the universe. You will have the immense privilege to actively participate in his resurrection!

Lex/Zod places his hand on a pedestal engraved with Kryptonian symbols. A circular piece comes off the ship. Lex gets out. Suddenly, a blinding light emerges from the ship that volat Ilise. Lana is shocked and turns as if to leave, but Lex / Zod before it gets super speed.

Lex/Zod: All this is inevitable. Do not try and get stolen.

Lana stares at him, frightened.


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