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Act 1 Teaser

Lex, Clark, and Chloe in Lex's study. Night. We see Lex's face on a monitor hooked up to a video camera.

: Are you ready now, Clark?

Clark : Yeah. I forgot to press the record button. Sorry.

: So, Mr. Luthor. Are there anymore secret construction projects going on at LuthorCorp like Level 3?

: Please, call me Lex.

Chloe : Okay, Lex. Are you going to answer my question?

Clark : Chloe...

Chloe : What?

Lex : It's okay, Clark. Our critics are our friends. They show us our faults.

Chloe : Benjamin Franklin. [Servant enters]

Servant : Excuse me, Mr. Luthor. Your father's on the phone.

: I need to get this. I'll take it in the conservatory. [To Chloe] I look forward to resuming our verbal judo.

Cut to three men in ski masks outside the gates of the castle.

: All right boys, this is the big one. Let's go!

Man #2 : Yeah, let's do it!

Back to the study.

: I wonder if he's really taking a call or if he's just trying to avoid me. [She looks at an urn on the shelf] Wow. That's really cool. Do you think it's real?

Clark looks at it. When he turns around, Chloe is gone.

Clark : Chloe? Chloe.

Clark leaves the room and we see the three men are there behind him.

Wade : Okay, the vault's in the wall behind the book case.

Man #2 : How do you know?

Man #3 : I got my sources.

: He was doing one of the housekeepers.

Man #2 : Oh, yeah.

They walk through the bookcase and into the vault.

Man #3 : We got 5 minutes. Let's move it!

Man #2
: That's it boys! Come on, it's payday!

They go through the vault, taking coins, urns, watches, and cash.

Wade : One minute!

Man #3 : Come on, go!

He empties a drawer and finds a disk at the bottom.

Man #2
: Time's up! Let's move it! Let's go!

Man #3 puts the disk in his pocket and they run.

Cut to Clark and Chloe walking through a hallway.

Clark : Chloe, you can't just go snooping around someone's house.

Chloe : Clark, it's a mansion. It's designed for snooping. Okay, fine. We'll go and wait in the library for Lex to officially blow us off.

Clark : [As they enter the study] I'll put the camera away.

: Okay. I'm gonna go get my bag.

Clark sees the robbers' bags on the floor.

Clark : Hey, what's going on? [Two of the men come into the room and grab Clark.] Chloe, run!

Chloe runs away and is blocked in the hallway by the third man. We see the veins in Clark's hand bulge as he's being held. The other man punches him in the stomach as Chloe runs away from the third in the hall. He catches her from behind and she sees a glowing green tattoo on his arm. She hits him in the face and tries to get away but he grabs her arms. She kicks him and he throws her through a stained glass window.

Man #3 : Move it! Move it!

They take their bags and run. We see Chloe hanging on outside the window.

: Clark!

: Chloe!

Clark runs for the window.

: Clark!

Chloe loses her grip and falls. Clark gets to the window and sees her unconscious on the ground.

: Chloe!!!

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Clark in Chloe's hospital room. Day. Chloe is asleep. Lex enters.

Lex : Clark, don't worry. I brought in the best doctors from Metropolis.

: Is she gonna be all right?

Lex : The doctors aren't sure. The fall was pretty bad. She broke her left arm and has a concussion. They want to make sure there's no brain swelling.

: I should have gotten to her.

: I don't mean to belabor the obvious, Clark, but this isn't your fault.

: I just don't know what happened. One minute the room is empty and then they appear out of thin air. Do the police have any leads?

: They don't think I'm the first one that's been hit. There have been over a dozen of these robberies all over the county. This gang somehow gets in and out without busting a single lock. They even tried to hit the Smallville Savings and Loan.

Clark : I didn't hear about that.

Lex : Banks don't publicize attempted robberies, Clark. It's bad for their image.

Clark : If nothing was taken, how do they know they were robbed?

: Apparently they tripped an alarm inside the vault. Although no one knows how they got in there in the first place.

Clark : And the stuff they stole from you, can the police trace it?

Lex : I didn't report anything stolen, Clark.

Clark : Why not? I saw them walk out with two bags.

Lex : I don't care about that. I just want to find the people who did this to Chloe and when I do, I promise you they will be dealt with accordingly.

Clark : What does that mean?

: It means you should let me worry about it. Now, why don't you go home and get some rest?

Act 1 Scene 2

Lana comes out of Nell's shop as Whitney walks by. Day.

: Whitney. Hey, Whitney, wait up. I thought you were going to meet me at the hospital.

Whitney : I'm sorry, forgot. How's Chloe?

: Better, but not out of the woods yet.

Whitney : That's the thing with this town. It'll always find a way to keep you down.

Lana : Whitney, what's wrong? Is it your dad?

Whitney : No it... it's nothing. I just gotta go do inventory. See ya. [Walks away]

Act 1 Scene 3

Clark is in the barn angrily chopping wood with his hand. Day. His parents enter.

Martha : Hi, Clark. What are you doing?

Clark : Trying to make myself useful.

: [Picks up a scrap of wood] Hey, son, we need fire wood, not tooth picks.

Clark : I know what you guys are gonna say. It's not my fault. Lex already told me. So did Chloe's dad.

Martha : They're right, Clark. You did your best.

Clark : Chloe could've died.

Jonathan : Son, becoming an adult means learning a lot of difficult lessons. One of which is you can't save everybody, no matter who you are.

Martha : You said you could feel the effects of the meteor rocks.

: Yeah, I just don't know where it was coming from. Sometimes I just wish I could leave this town and get away from the meteor rocks.

Jonathan : Hey, hey. I'm sure that you will. You'll get that chance. But running away is not gonna solve anything.

Martha : If you want to make yourself useful, don't hang around here feeling sorry for yourself. Go see what you can find out.

Clark leaves.

Act 1 Scene 4

Nell is packing a box in the Talon. Day. Lana enters.

Nell : I had no idea I still had so much stuff in here. Would you hand me the tape please?

: Yeah. I still can't believe you're selling this place, Nell.

: I can't believe your sudden interest in the place.

: My parents met here. This place means a lot to me.

Nell : I know, Lana. But one screen can't compete with a multiplex and the fact is, I want to be able to send you to any college you want.

: Could you tell me who the buyer is? Maybe I could talk to them, see if they'd be willing to renovate.

Nell : It's Lex Luthor.

Act 1 Scene 5

Clark and Pete outside Smallville Savings and Loan. Day.

Clark : Lex said the people that hit the mansion also tried to rob this bank.

Pete : Look, I got three words for you. Official police investigation.

: The police haven't done anything. There have been a dozen robberies in the past six months all with the same freaky M.O. No sign of entry, the jewels and the cash just vanished, except for this place. Lex says that they triggered an alarm inside the vault. The question is how'd they get inside?

: I don't know. Now stop channeling Chloe and come on. [Clark uses his x-ray vision to look through the door of the vault, which is visible through the window. He sees a human arm in the door] Oh no, not the Kent thousand-yard stare. Clark! Come on, man. I know you feel bad. I do too. But we're not cops.

Act Scene 6

The robbers at their house. Day. Man #1 is channel-surfing. We see green tattoos all over his arm.

Wade : Nothing. Nada. Not a single sidebar. A guy has gotta miss a hundred grand in cash and jewels.

Man #2 : Not Luthor, bro. There is no telling how much jack he has got stashed in that castle. [Man #3 puts the disk from the vault into the computer. We see that his left arm is prosthetic] Cash, jewels, art, cars, you name it. If we'd gone downstairs we probably would have found the money pit where he swims in the stuff like that duck with the Irish accent.

Man #3 : Uncle Scrooge.

Man #2 : Yeah, yeah.

Man #3
: He was Scottish, not Irish. But the fact is, we don't have enough time. The stuff doesn't last as long as it used to.

: I know, I know. I'm telling you, we need fresh blood.

Man #2 : Yeah, but who can we trust?

Wade : I don't know.

Man #3 : I think I know why Luthor didn't file that robbery report. Check this out. [They look at the computer.] Ten to one, the poster-boy for Rogaine doesn't want anyone to know that he's tapped into his daddy's computer system.

The LuthorCorp logo is on the monitor.

Wade : Maybe, then, we pay Luthor Jr. another visit, huh?

Man #3
: I think so.

Act 1 Scene 7

Lex talks on the phone in his study. Day.

Lex : I don't care. If I wanted excuses, I'd call the police. [Pause] Yeah? Well, you're supposed to be the best private security firm in Metropolis. [He hangs up the phone and turns around, realizing one of the masked robbers is there] How'd you get in here?

The other two are suddenly behind Lex.

Man #2
: Same way we did last time, bro.

Lex : I'm calling the police.

Wade : You didn't last time. And we know why. We read the disk, Lex.

: I don't know what you're talking about.

Man #3 : You're skimming money from your dad to fund a project in Smallville.

Lex : That concerns a new methane treatment plant. It's going to put our competitors out of business.

Man #1 punches him in the stomach.

Man #3 : Methane plants don't need particle accelerators.

: What do you want?

Wade : A million. Cash. If you try anything stupid, even if you think a stupid thought, your disk is gonna be uploaded to the internet for all the world and Big Daddy Lionel to see.

Lex : How do I reach you?

Wade : You don't. We reach you. [Hands Lex a cell phone] Now turn around. [Lex turns] Wait there.

Lex : You have no idea who you're dealing with.

Lex turns around and they're gone.

Act 1 Scene 8

Whitney is hanging up coats at Fordman's. Day. Clark enters.

: Hey, Whitney. Whitney?

Whitney looks up

Whitney : Hey.

Clark : I'm here to pick up a microwave for my mom.

Whitney : You can pick it up at the back counter.

Clark : Is everything okay?

: I bet you think it's just great to live in Smallville your whole life, take over the farm from Dad.

Clark : Well, I'm not sure that's the life for me.

Whitney : Sometimes you don't have a choice.

Clark : Whitney, you'll get out of here. You'll probably go further than anyone else in this town.

Whitney : I lost my scholarship, Kent.

Clark : I'm sorry. Have you told Lana yet?

Whitney : [Shakes his head] I am going to spend the rest of my life in this store, develop a bad heart at 50 like my dad, and become just another "Remember him." I'm never getting out of Smallville.

Man #2 approaches with a shoe.

Man #2
: Hey, man, you got these sneaks in 12?

Whitney : Yeah.

Clark sees the man's green tattoo.

Man #2
: You got a problem, bro?

Clark : No. [To Whitney] I'll go find this.

Whitney goes to help Man #2. Man #1 walks up.

Wade : Hey, aren't you Whitney Fordman?

Whitney : Yeah.

: Wade Mahaney. I saw you throw for 300 yards against Topeka last year. That was a great game, man. Say, uh, I heard that you were trying for a full ride to Kansas State.

Whitney : It didn't work out. [To Man #2.] Size 12 right?

Man #2 : Yeah, thanks man.

Wade : Man, well, I know all about that. Senior year I got sacked, blew out my knee, had to have four operations.

: Tough break.

Wade : I had a dozen schools offer me full scholarships, then it all went way... just like that. So what's your plan now?

Whitney : Don't have one. I just don't want to do this the rest of my life.

: I hear ya. Where's the future in that, huh? Say, uh, we're having a party at our place tonight. Why don't you, uh, swing by?

Whitney : I can't. I gotta close up.

Wade : Come by after. Knock back a brew, detox from this. Come on, man, it'll be fun. Fun!

Act 1 Scene 9

Whitney is getting drunk at the robbers' apartment. Night.

Whitney : I am the god of quarters!

Wade : Maybe we could bring you on, Fordman. Could always use a talented guy.

Whitney : Why do you want to help me?

Wade : Guys like us got to stick together. I thought my life was over after football didn't pan out, but it was just beginning. [A girl walks up giving Wade a tequila shot. She puts a slice of lime in her mouth and gives it to him. Then she kisses him and walks away] Trust me, it only gets better. Let me show you where the real party is.

Cut to Wade and Whitney entering a room with a chair and some equipment.

Wade : You ever been inked?

Whitney : I'm not really into tattoos.

Wade : Initiation, bro. The first one's on the house.

: I don't know, man. They're kind of forever.

Man #2 and #3 enter.

Man #3 : You wanna eat with the big dogs...

Man #2 : You gotta step up to the bowl.

Wade : [Holding vial of green ink] This is like nothing you've ever seen before. Make you feel like a new man, swear to God. Have a seat.

: [Finishes his drink and sits in the chair] All right. Just makes sure it doesn't say Smallville.

Wade starts the tattoo.

Cut to the four of them walking along a railed sidewalk next to a busy road, yelling and drinking. Wade pulls Whitney's jacket down to look at the tattoo. They all cheer. Then, Wade grabs Whitney and holds him over the railing as a large semi speeds toward him.

Whitney : Hey!

Wade and the others : [Chanting] Be the truck! Be the truck! Be the truck!

: You guys are crazy!

They throw him into the street. He stands just as the truck gets to him. It goes through him, leaving him unharmed. The robbers cheer and Whitney starts to smile as he realizes what happened.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Clark enters Chloe's hospital room with flowers. Day.

Chloe : Hey.

Clark : Your dad called and told me you were awake.

Chloe : You're officially my first visitor.

Clark : How you feeling?

Chloe : Like a million bucks... thrown in the washing machine set on spin.

: Everyone was real worried about you.

Chloe : Yeah, I noticed. Looks like Nell's flower shop's been stripped clean. [We see flowers around the room] I especially like the ones from Lex. They make me feel like I won the Kentucky Derby. [Clark offers his bouquet] They're beautiful, Clark. They're my favorite.

Clark : I, uh, I just want to say I'm sorry.

Chloe : For what?

: Letting you get hurt.

: Well, I am perturbed with you, Clark. I'm also mad that you didn't put out the Chicago fire of 1871, or prevent the fall of the Roman Empire, making you directly responsible for the Dark Ages.

Clark : [Laughs] Thanks. Do you, uh, do you remember anything about those guys?

Chloe : There was one thing. The guy that grabbed me, he had a tattoo on his forearm, an octagon maybe. What's going on, Clark?

Clark : I don't know. Let me do some digging.

Chloe : Clark Kent, investigative reporter. Has a nice ring to it.

Clark kisses her forehead.

: You get some rest.

Chloe : I'll try. Thank you. [He exits]

Act 2 Scene 2

Lex and Lana at the Talon. Day.

: This theater means something to a lot of people. I spent every Saturday of my childhood here, eighth row center. When the lights went down and the screen flickered to life, the problems outside these doors just disappeared. It was like being transported to a magical place.

Lex : That's a nice story. But why is it so important to you really?

Lana : My parents met here. I guess I'm just looking for something to hold onto.

Lex : So I'm supposed to preserve this monument to Lana Lang's sentimental memories?

Lana : That's not what I meant.

Lex : You're a teenager, Lana. Mercurial doesn't do you justice.

: I thought you might understand. Clearly, I was mistaken.

Lex : This is business, Lana. All these old storefronts are becoming professional office space. This town needs a parking garage.

Lana : So you're going ahead with your plans?

Lex : You haven't given me any reason to change my mind. If you'll excuse me, I have a pressing matter to attend to. [Exits]

Act 2 Scene 3

Whitney working at Fordman's. Day. He's wearing dark glasses. Clark enters.

Clark : Whitney, you have a minute?

: I'm kind of busy.

Clark : You remember the guy who came in here yesterday looking for the shoes?

Whitney : Doesn't ring a bell. A lot of guys come in here.

Clark : Whitney, this is serious.

Grabs Whitney's arm.

: Ah! Take it easy.

He lifts his sleeve to rub his arm, revealing the tattoo.

: Where'd you get that tattoo?

Whitney : Mind your own business.

Clark : Look, did those guys give it to you? Whitney, they're bad news.

Whitney : You spend all your time trying to steal Lana. Now suddenly you want to become my own personal boy scout.

Clark : That's not true.

Whitney : It's tough seeing yourself the way others see you, isn't it, Kent?

Clark : Stay away from those guys.

Whitney : You're not my father, Kent. Now get the hell out of here.

Clark leaves.

Act 2 Scene 4

Clark in the loft. Day. Lana enters.

: Hey. Nell said you called. It sounded urgent.

Clark : Have you seen Whitney today?

Lana : Yeah. I asked him what was going on. He said he was out with some new friends, blowing off steam. When I tried to press him, he got angry so I backed off. It's hard watching people you love suffer and there's nothing you can do to help.

Clark : Lana, I don't know if I'm supposed to be telling you this, but Whitney lost his scholarship.

Lana : What? Why didn't he tell me? He was so close to his dream and then to just have it taken away like that.

Clark : Must hurt like hell.

: Thanks for telling me. You're a good friend.

Clark : [Picking up a yearbook] I raided the Torch. I think these are Whitney's new friends.

Lana : Wade Mahaney and Scott Bowman, class of '96. Who are these guys?

Clark : They were Whitney six years ago. All-star athletes, lettered in football, baseball, basketball. They ruled the school.

Lana : What' happened?

Clark : I did some checking and according to the Ledger, Wade got injured and Scott got caught up in drugs.

Lana : They watched their futures vanish. Do you think Whitney's in trouble?

Clark : I don't know. I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't listen to me.

Lana : He thinks that scholarship is his only way out of here. I wish he'd see himself the way I do. There's more to him than football.

Clark : He's lucky to have you.

Lana : Yeah, big influence I am. I can't seem to convince anybody to do anything today.

Clark : Are you talking about the Talon?

Lana : I met with Lex. I tried to make my case, but he totally shot me down. He said I hadn't given him a good enough business reason.

Clark : Sounds kind of harsh.

Lana : Yeah. But I think the thing that makes me maddest is that he's right.

Clark : Maybe it wasn't a rejection. Maybe it was a challenge.

Lana : My first challenge is helping Whitney.

Clark : Let me work on that.

Lana : Clark, why are you doing this? Not that I don't appreciate it.

: I couldn't stop what happened to Chloe. There's a chance for Whitney.

Act 2 Scene 5

Whitney locks up the store. Night. The robbers drive up.

Wade : [Holding a vial of green liquid] You got a taste. You want to find out what it's all about, bro?

Whitney : Yeah, sure. I'm in.

Whitney gets in the car as Clark watches from around the corner. They drive away and Clark follows with super speed.

Cut to Lex getting out of his car outside an old building. His phone rings and he answers it, hearing Wade's voice.

Wade : Glad you could make it, Luthor. Go inside. You'll find a walk-in meat locker. Wait there.

We see Lex enter the meat locker with a brief case.

Lex : [On the phone] Now what? Hello? [The door creaks shut behind him. The robbers and Whitney, all wearing ski masks, walk in through the wall] How did you--

Wade : Open the case, Lex.

Lex : I want the disk first.

: The money, Lex. Give us the money.

: [Quietly] What's going on?

Man #2
: Shut up.

Man #3
: [Puts his hand through the briefcase and feels around inside] It's empty. He screwed us!

Lex : I knew if I brought the money, I'd never get out of here.

: Big mistake, rich boy. [Grabs Lex's neck] I phase through your neck, I kill you. We want the damn money!

: Stop it!

: Give us the damn money!

Whitney : You never told me we were gonna do this.

Man #2 : I said shut up!

: Stop it! You're killing him!

Man #2 : Wade, time is almost up. We gotta blow!

: Next time, bring the money!

Clark bursts through the door. Man #2 swings one of the hanging meat hooks at him, hitting him in the face. Whitney and the robbers start to leave through the wall.

: Whitney?

Whitney stops and turns around.

Wade : [Pulling him through the wall] Come on, rookie.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Whitney and the robbers drive up in an old car lot outside the apartment. Night. They get out of the car.

Wade : What got into you, bro? What were you thinking?

Man #2 : He wasn't thinking!

: I didn't sign on to kill anyone.

Wade : Oh, is that it, Fordman? You trying to quit the team?

Whitney : I'm not saying that. It's just Luthor doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would just pay up and then walk away.

: Don't worry about Luthor. I put the fear of God in him. It's gonna be our biggest payday yet. [Man #1 and #2 start whooping at Whitney] All right, all right that's enough. My boy's fine. Just had a case of big-game jitters, didn't you?

: Yeah.

Wade and Man #2 walk away from the others.

Man #2 : I told you we should not have brought him into this. He's gonna screw everything up!

: Look at us, bro. We are burning up. We can't just keep tattin' up. We need fresh blood to keep this dream alive. Now go get it, bro, and chill out. Go on. [Man #2 and #3 go inside] Listen, bro. I went on a limb for you just now. Don't let me down again.

Whitney : I won't.

: And don't sweat Luthor. As soon as he ponies up the cash, I get the feeling that he is gonna disappear for a very long time. Come on. [They go inside]

Act 3 Scene 2

Lex and Clark drive up to the Talon. Night. They get out of the car.

Clark : All right, Lex. What were you doing with those guys?

Lex : They were blackmailing me, Clark. I went there to make a drop. You're wondering if your father's been right about me all along, aren't you? They stole a computer disk that contains confidential information.

Clark : What was on it?

: Nothing illegal, but it's not something I want in the public domain.

Clark : That's why you didn't want the police involved.

Lex : Clark, I told you I'd handle it. The question is, what were you doing there?

Clark : I was following Whitney. He's been hanging out with these guys. I wanted to help him.

: Is this because of Chloe? Clark, you can't save the world. All you'll end up with is a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies.

Clark : I saved you, didn't I? That turned out all right. What's your next move?

: They're gonna learn that it doesn't pay to rob Lex Luthor.

Clark : What about Whitney?

Lex : A man is measured by the quality of his friends. If the quarterback's with them, he'll have to face the consequences.

Act 3 Scene 3

Pete and Chloe in her hospital room. Day. Clark enters.

Clark : Pete? What are you doing here? We were supposed to meet at the Torch.

Pete : Yeah, well, Chloe called and I told her what we were doing.

: So I insisted that you guys come here.

Clark : You should be resting.

Chloe : You know what? All this resting is driving me insane. These so-called healthcare professionals just want me to stay in bed and eat Jell-O.

: Those fascists.

: Clark, I need to do this, okay? Don't cut me out of it, please?

: Okay.

: So I was surfing the net, doing some research.

Clark : How'd you get online here?

Chloe : Pete hijacked the phone line for me.

: What have you got?

Chloe : What if these guys are using meteorite tattoos to speed up their metabolism? I mean, their molecules are literally moving at hyper speed.

Clark : That's how they're able to go through solid objects?

: That's crazy.

Chloe : Well, they're doing it.

Clark : It's like the ultimate rush.

Chloe : But there's no way their bodies can handle that kind of stress for long.

: What are you saying will happen?

Chloe : You take the ultimate rush, you pay the ultimate price.

Act 3 Scene 4

Lana at the Talon. Day. She hears a noise.

Lana : Nell? Nell, is that you? [A hand touches her shoulder. She turns around to see Whitney, sweating and pale] Whitney.

: I'm in trouble, Lana. I messed up. I trusted the wrong guys. I'm sorry. I let you down. I just don't know what to do.

Lana : It's okay, it's okay. [She hugs him]

Cut to Whitney explaining things to Lana and Clark who has joined them

: After they get the money, they're gonna kill Lex, and probably me for betraying them.

: You did the right thing.

Whitney : Yeah, too little too late.

Clark : Where are they now?

: Back at the loft sleeping it off.

Clark : Did you see this disk they stole from Lex?

: No. But it's gotta be there. I could sneak in and get it.

: It's too dangerous. We should call the police.

: No cops. I'm already in enough trouble.

: Tell me where they are. I bet I could get in and out before the even wake up.

: I can't let you go alone, Clark. I got myself into this mess. I got to try and get myself out of it.

Act 3 Scene 5

Whitney and Clark at the robbers' apartment. Day.

Whitney : Empty. They must be out looking for me.

: Let's find it before they come back.

Whitney starts looking. Clark looks around with his x-ray vision. He sees the disk in an air conditioning vent.

Whitney : It's not here.

Clark : Uh, keep looking. It's gotta be here somewhere. [Clark opens the vent and gets the disk] Uh, I got it.

They start to leave as the robbers come in through the walls.

Wade : You really screwed up, rookie. [Sees the disk in Clark's hand] Look, I don't know how you found that disk, bro, but I need it back. Now. [Clark crushes it and lets it fall to the ground. Wade shoves his arm through Clark's chest] Hurts doesn't it? It feels like someone chewing up your insides. If I stay in long enough, I can do some serious damage. [He pulls out and Clark falls down. To Whitney] You're next, bro.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Wade and Man #2 push Whitney through the old car lot. Day.

Whitney : Wade, please.

: Keep moving, rookie.

Cut to Clark and Man #3 in the apartment. Clark is weakened.

Clark : I know what happened to your arm in the bank vault.

Man #3 : Occupational hazard. We waited too long. It didn't hurt. When I pulled out, it was fused at the shoulder.

Clark : You can't keep doing this. You're gonna die.

Man #3 : If you hadn't screwed up our retirement plan, we wouldn't have to. But now, you're gonna pay.

Crackling electricity is heard and Man #3 falls. Lex steps out from behind him with a taser.

Clark : How'd you find us?

: Lana called and told me what you guys were doing. Clark, you should have called me first.

Clark : I've got to find Whitney.

Lex : Clark, wait. I'm calling the police.

Lex turns to dial his phone. When he looks back, Clark is gone.

Back to the car lot. We see a wrecked car suspended on a crane. Wade and Whitney stand beneath it.

Wade : I thought you understood. This was your chance to be on top again.

Whitney : I thought my life was over when I lost my scholarship but I was wrong.

Wade : No, you were right. Your life is over! Remember your initiation, bro? That's how you joined us, that's how you're gonna leave. [They look up at the car] We're running out of time. Grab the remote.

Man #2 grabs a control box.

: Let him go! [Whitney sees the glow of the tattoo on Wade's hand fading] The cops are on their way.

Wade pulls a gun on Whitney.

Wade : Think again, rookie. There's only one way off this team.

Man #2
: Don't worry, bro. I got you covered!

He pushes a button on the box. The hook releases and the car falls in slow motion.

Wade : Yeah!

Clark super speeds to Whitney and pushes him out of the way. Wade is crushed. Man #2 starts to run and the cops arrive stopping him.

Cut to Clark and Lex standing by a cop car.

Clark : What did you tell the police?

Lex : The truth. Those guys broke into my house and that you and the quarterback figured it out, tried to be heroes, and got in over your heads.

Clark : But what about the--

: "Walking through walls" part? I don't think the cops could handle that much truth.

Clark : Sorry about your disk.

: I didn't come out here for that, Clark. I came because my friend was in trouble.

Clark : Thanks.

Clark walks away. Lex leans into the cop car where the robbers sit.

Lex : Just remember, boys. You keep my secret and I'll keep yours. And if you don't, you'll find out that you're not the only ones who can reach through walls.

Act 4 Scene 2

Clark, Chloe, and Lana walk down the sidewalk outside the Talon. Day. A car with the license plate "Lex 1" is parked by the curb.

Chloe : Ah, the sweet smell of freedom.

Clark : Chloe, you were in the hospital, not Alcatraz.

: You spend a week in there, and you'd feel like a prisoner too. I mean, come on. Eating bad food, lights out by nine, and no cable? I'm thinking about doing an exposé. How's Whitney, by the way?

Lana : He's taking it one day at a time.

: Good. All right, well bye. [Runs into someone] Oh, sorry.

: Chloe, where are you going?

Chloe : I'm just gonna go do a little checking with the police. Apparently none of the tattoo ink was found at the loft and Scott and Derek aren't saying anything to anyone, so I smell a cover up.

Clark : Chloe. It's good to have you back.

Chloe : Thanks.

Chloe runs across the street.

: [Motions to Lex's car] He's early. Okay, here goes nothing.

Clark : It's a good plan.

Lana : Thanks for all your help. Wish me luck.

: You don't need it.

Lana goes inside. Lex waits there for her.

: Thanks for coming.

Lex : I was surprised by your call. After our last meeting, I didn't think I'd hear from you again.

: This time, I came prepared.

Lana hands him a file folder.

Lex : What's this?

Lana : My business proposal. Small towns across the country have revived their old downtowns, returning them to the social centers they once were. They didn't do this by building cookie-cutter malls or parking garages. They did it by restoring the great old buildings that were already there, turning them into cafes, bookstores, restaurants.

Lex : You want to turn the Talon into a cafe-bookstore?

: It could also be a venue for local bands and art-house movies. If you look on page 12, I found out you can register the building as an historic landmark, which gives you certain tax benefits. Just don't ask me to explain them.

: Who's gonna manage it?

: Nell said she'd be interested and I can train with her after school, try running it myself in the summers.

: How'd you come up with this?

: It was something Clark said. He told me you like to challenge people.

Lex : Well, you've definitely risen to the challenge.

Lana : So it's a deal?

Lex : I need to look over everything, but yeah. It's a deal.

: Really?

Lex : Really. I think this could be the start of a very interesting partnership.


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