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#416 : Lucy

La petite sœur de Loïs, Lucy, avec qui Loïs ne s'entend pas, vient en ville et charme toutes les personnes qu'elle rencontre. Cependant, Clark découvre une face plus sombre de Lucy après qu'il la surprenne entrain de voler de l'argent dans un bar et la force à avouer la vérité sur sa soudaine arrivée à Smallville - une vérité qui met Loïs en grave danger. Pendant ce temps, le cristal disparaît de l'appartement de Lana et Jason accuse Lionel de l'avoir volé.

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Act 1 Teaser

Outside shot of a snowy mountain range. Day.

Screen text : St. Moritz, Switzerland.

A young woman, Lucy, gets off a ski lift at the top of the mountain inside a building. She stands at the top of a flight of stairs leading down to the slope. She steps onto her skis, clicking the boots into place, then takes a deep breath. She pulls down her goggles and pushes off, skiing down the stairs and onto the slope.

Another skier is coming down the hill behind her. He scrapes at the slope with his poles, trying to catch up to Lucy. She looks back and sees him advancing. She ducks her head down to pick up speed.

He finally does catch up with her and tries to grab her from behind. She elbows his face and he falls backwards. He manages to stay on his feet, though, and stands upright again, chasing her down the slope. Lucy goes over a small jump and the man follows her, both of them skiing at an extremely high speed.

She looks back at the man again to see how close he is. Then another man comes at her from the side and tries to grab her, but she skis past him before he can get to her. The second man joins the first in chasing Lucy down the hill. She takes another jump and the men take it after her. They ski down the hill in a line as a nearly full moon looks down on them from the blue sky.

Lucy skis down a narrow path between two large rocks. The two men jump off the rocks to the slope below. One of the men lands the jump perfectly, and the other loses his balance and falls down.

Lucy takes another jump, this one much bigger than the others, and soars through the air before landing again on the slope. The man makes good time, taking the jump flawlessly and landing behind her. They ski through an area of densely packed trees. When they are near the clearing, Lucy lets one of her ski poles get caught on a tree that she passes. The man trips over the pole and falls down. He rips off his helmet and goggles angrily as he watches Lucy get away. He pounds the ground in frustration.

Lucy gets to the bottom of the hill and skids to a stop. She reaches into her jacket pocket.

Cut to an outside shot of the Kent farm. In Clark's bedroom, where Lois is staying, the clock says 3:02 AM. Lois's cell phone rings perkily on the bedside table. Lois is wearing a sleep mask with the words "do not disturb" on it and she swats at the clock, thinking that she is hearing the alarm. Then she takes off her mask and turns the clock around to look at it.

Lois : [Groggy.] Who the hell calls at 3 AM? [She answers her phone.] This had better be good.

Lucy : [Still on the slope.] Lo, it's me!

Lois : [Surprised.] Lucy? Where are you?

Lucy : [Sounding excited.] Good news, big sis. I'm coming to see you the day after tomorrow. Don't worry about the airport, all right? I'll grab a shuttle.

Lois : Lucy, wait--

Lucy : Can't wait to see you. Bye!

Lucy hangs up. Lois hangs up her phone and lies back on the bed with a nervous sigh. Then she pulls her mask back over her eyes, annoyed.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Inside, Shelby the dog is resting on the floor of the dining room. Clark, Jonathan, and Martha are seated at the table and Lois enters wearing an apron and carrying a plate of pancakes which she puts down on the table.

Lois : I hope you guys are hungry because there are plenty more where these came from.

Jonathan : Lois, you really didn't have to... [He notices the sloppy pile of broken pancakes Lois has made.] all this.

Martha : At least let me help. Um, I should make some eggs.

Martha stands up.

Lois : Oh, no, no, no, Mrs. Kent. [She seats Martha.] You just sit down, relax. Look, here I am using your home as my own personal Motel 6. It's really the least I can do.

Clark picks up one of the pancake scraps, inspecting it.

Clark : Yeah, well, I'm not that hungry, so I'm gonna have some O.J.

Clark tries to stand up, but Lois pushes him back into his seat forcefully.

Lois : Come on. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Bacon?

She lifts the lid from a frying pan, revealing a stack of burnt bacon strips.

Lois : Okay, so I'm never gonna make it to the cordon bleu, but I thought it would be less of a disaster than helping out on the farm.

Jonathan smiles doubtfully.

Lois : Maybe ironing.

Clark : Lois, what's going on?

Lois : What do you mean?

Clark : You made us breakfast, you're offering to do chores. You want something.

Lois : No. It's called being nice.

Clark : Yeah, well, if you were any nicer, we'd starve.

Martha : Clark...

Martha shakes her head subtly at Clark.

Lois : He's right, Mrs. Kent. Look, um...[She sits down.] See, you guys have been so good to me already, it's kind of hard to ask for yet another favor, so... But, um, I--

They hear the door open and Lucy calls from the next room.

Lucy : Lo? Anybody home?

Shelby barks and accompanies Lucy into the dining room. Lucy is dragging a large suitcase behind her and she scratches Shelby's head affectionately.

Lucy : [To Shelby.] Hi, sweetie. What's your name?

Everyone at the dining room table stands up and Lois rushes to Lucy.

Lois : Hi.

They hug.

Lucy : I'm so happy to see you.

Lois : Um... meet my sister Lucy. She was kind of hoping she could crash here for a couple days.

Lucy : I know it's last minute, but I had this school break, and I'm willing to sleep in the barn.

Clark : No, that's okay. Lois can sleep in the barn.

Lois glares at Clark.

Jonathan : Nobody has to sleep out there.

Martha : We'd love to have you, Lucy. Um, you can stay in Lois's room.

Jonathan : We'll, uh, we'll go up and get your things set up.

Jonathan and Martha smile hospitably at Lucy and go upstairs. Clark steps forward.

Clark : So, Lucy, Lois has told us absolutely nothing about you.

Lucy : Well there's not much to tell.

During Lois's next line, Lucy and Clark share a silent moment, looking into each other's eyes flirtatiously.

Lois : Oh, please. Let me gloat. She is getting straight A's at one of the most prestigious prep schools in Europe, she is fluent in three languages, and she is fending off Ivy League colleges with a stick.

Clark : [To Lucy.] Wow, that's impressive. What happened to Lois?

Lucy laughs.

Lois : [To Lucy.] You're gonna find that Clark's charm is an acquired taste, much like his sense of fashion.

Lucy : Well, thanks for letting me stay. I don't know how I'm going to repay you.

Clark : Well, just tell me plenty of embarrassing stories about Lois.

Lois : [Laughs.] Funny guy.

Lois punches Clark in the chest roughly.

Lucy : Well, I'm just gonna go wash off four time zones' worth of airport connections.

Lucy starts toward the stairs and stops when Lois speaks.

Lois : Lucy? Are you sure everything's okay?

Lucy : Now that I'm here with you, it's perfect.

Lucy goes up the stairs, and Clark follows her. Lois sighs uneasily.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Day. Jason and Lana enter the Talon wearing running clothes. They walk up the stairs toward Lana's apartment.

Jason : You know, you cheated on that last stretch, young lady. I had you beat.

Lana links her arm with Jason's.

Lana : Well, I only offered you a kiss. Didn't think you'd actually fall for it.

Lana pushes Jason out of the way and runs up to the apartment. When they enter, they both stop abruptly, looking around the room in distress.

Lana : Oh, my God.

The apartment has been ransacked. Chairs have been tipped over, and the contents of the shelves have been strewn on the floor.

Jason : Hold on.

Jason goes to the open bathroom door and looks inside. Then he closes the door and comes back to Lana.

Jason : Is anything missing?

Lana : I don't know.

Lana runs to her dresser and looks at her jewelry box.

Lana : My jewelry is still here. [Picks up her wallet from the bed.] My wallet's right where I left it.

Jason : Okay, well, if nothing valuable is missing, then...

They share a look of realization.

Lana : The stone.

Lana and Jason run to the fireplace. Jason removes a loose brick from the base of the fireplace and pulls out a small box. He opens the box and it is empty. Lana puts her hand on her head in panic and walks away from the fireplace.

Jason : Who else could've known it was here?

Lana : I don't know.

Jason : Well, no one saw me take it in China.

Lana : Maybe, uh, maybe Lex or Lionel figured it out.

Jason : Or Clark. I mean, you always said there was a side of him that you never really knew.

Lana : [Getting worked up.] I don't care who did this, Jason. I don't care about these stones. I just want to forget they ever existed.

Jason : Lana, this isn't some bad dream that you can just blink away. This is real life. We have to find that stone.

Lana : No, we don't. Jason, our relationship has become more about chasing artifacts than it is about you and me. And that isn't a relationship. Remember when our biggest problem was trying to find a place to steal a kiss?

Jason : [Thoughtful.] Yeah, you usually preferred under the bleachers.

Lana : Well, there is no reason why we can't go back to those days, without worrying about break-ins and artifacts and the Luthors... And Clark Kent.

Jason looks into Lana's eyes for a moment, then nods.

Jason : You're right. Then whoever took the stone, they can just keep it. And, uh, and we'll just concentrate on the only thing that really matters. Us.

Lana nods.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Inside the loft, Clark comes down the stairs as Lucy enters the barn wearing overalls and carrying a bucket of milk.

Lucy : [Smiling.] Hope you're thirsty.

Clark : [Surprised.] What are you doing?

Lucy : Oh, I figured I would help out and get the morning milk. I spent last spring break on my friend's farm in the Swiss countryside.

Clark : [Impressed.] Well, you didn't really have to do that.

Lucy : I figured if I'm gonna stay, I have to pull my own weight.

Lucy walks toward him slowly as she speaks, smiling. He looks back at her shyly, clearly attracted to her. Lois enters.

Clark : Hey, uh, Lois. Did you hear that?

Lois : I'm sorry. Did you say something? [To Lucy.] Go get changed. I'm going to work.

Clark : Since when did you work?

Lois : Since today. I'm helping your mom out at the Talon. [To Lucy.] So Chloe is going to be your official Smallville tour guide, not that there's much to see.

Lucy : Oh, I don't know. [She looks Clark up and down.] So far it looks pretty good.

Clark smiles as Lucy leaves the barn. Lois laughs sarcastically.

Lois : Don't let all that flirting go to your head. She goes to an all-girls school. You're probably the first guy she's talked to in a couple months.

Clark : Lois, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, but ever since Lucy came to town you've been grumpier than normal. Are you not happy to see your sister?

Lois : Of course I am. Look, there's a thing with sisters. You can love them without really liking them.

Clark : You don't like your own sister?

Lois : More like she's not very crazy about me, not that I blame her.

Clark : Yeah, well, look, you might be a little rough around the edges, but as far as sisters go, Lucy could do a lot worse.

Lois : Um, thanks for the ringing endorsement. When my mother died, my dad had two girls he didn't know how to deal with. So he did what every good military leader would do. He instituted a chain of command, and I reported to him--

Clark : Lucy reported to you.

Lois : Yeah. It takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level. I had to make sure she had three square meals, got to school, did her homework.

Clark : You became her mother.

Lois : Yeah, except I was not prepared. I used to give her advice like, you know, don't kiss a boy or you're gonna get pregnant. And, yeah, maybe she had a few more chores than most kids.

Clark : Is that why she decided to go to boarding school?

Lois : Oh, unlike your family, there was no discussion. When the general gives an order, you're expected to carry it out.

Clark : Whoa, sounds kind of harsh.

Lois : Trust me. Lucy got the better end of the deal. I mean, don't get me wrong. She totally deserves it. But I guess there was just a part of me that was always jealous she got out and I didn't.

Clark looks at Lois sympathetically. Lois looks slightly embarrassed as if she is surprised at herself for revealing so much.

Lois : [Changing the subject.] I gotta go to work. I hear your mother is a slave driver.

She walks out of the barn quickly.

Act 1 Scene 4

Lois is taking a woman's order at the Talon. Day. The woman is seated at the table. Lois is wearing an apron and carrying a serving tray and notepad.

Woman : I need a, uh, half-half soy latte, no foam, no whip, and a, uh, blueberry muffin top, hold the stem.

Lois : [To herself as she walks away.] Whatever happened to regular old black coffee?

Lois walks behind the bar, passing Lex and Clark who are standing at the bar.

Lex : [To Clark.] Two Lanes under one roof. That's got to be interesting.

Another waitress hands both Clark and Lex a cup of coffee.

Clark : Well, I haven't had a hot shower in two days, and the laundry machine is running nonstop. The phone line is consistently busy.

Lex smiles.

Clark : No, it's nice having them around. I mean, it kind of takes the loneliness out of the house.

Lex : Yeah, I always hated the sound of a quiet home.

Chloe and Lucy enter. Chloe sees Lois behind the bar.

Chloe : Whoa! Is that Lois with a tray? Hey, cuz!

Lois walks away from the bar with a customer's order.

Clark : Yes, it is. It's kind of like a free floor show. Have you two been catching up?

Chloe : Um, yeah. Lucy's just filling me in on all her hidden talents. She was a violinist for the Zurich Youth Orchestra.

Lucy : It was nothing. It's just a hobby.

Lex : [Impressed.] Given their reputation in Europe, I highly doubt that.

Clark : [Introducing Lex.] Oh, sorry, Lucy, this is--

Lucy : Lex Luthor. [They shake hands.] I read your profile in Fortune magazine a couple months ago. I thought your theories on the future of American business were very interesting.

Lex looks at Lucy quietly for a moment, surprised by her knowledge.

Lex : Well, I'd be curious to know what you think of my piano skills. Drop by the mansion. I'd love to play with a serious musician.

They are interrupted by a crash of breaking glass as Lois drops her tray.

Lois : Oh, crap!

Chloe : [Smiling.] I'm gonna go help her out.

Chloe goes over to help Lois. A man enters the Talon, the same man who was chasing Lucy on the ski slope. He stares at Lucy and Clark notices.

Clark : [Quietly.] Lucy, who's that guy staring at you back there?

Lucy turns around to look and the man is gone. She turns back to Clark and looks at him questioningly. He looks around, confused.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Night. Lionel is in his room when Jason barges in. He walks toward Lionel and speaks in a low, threatening tone.

Jason : Luthor, where is it?

Lionel : Well, perhaps you can tell me what it is you want.

Jason : You know exactly what it is I want. You gave me that map because you knew I'd end up in China, and you knew I'd find that stone.

Jason walks over to the bookshelf and starts knocking books onto the floor, looking for the stone.

Jason : It was all one big calculated ploy, wasn't it?

Lionel : If I had the foresight which you attribute to me, I wouldn't need any ancient artifacts to help me.

Jason : If you've got any kind of foresight, you will let me know where that stone is right now. Otherwise, this is gonna get very ugly.

Lionel : Oh, so now in addition to hurling accusations, you decide to threaten me?

Jason : You break into her apartment, you go through her private things--

Lionel : I assure you, breaking and entering is not my style.

Jason continues to search around the room, throwing things out of his way.

Lionel : Your lost treasure isn't here, Mr. Teague. You'll have to look somewhere else. Good day.

In a rage, Jason grabs Lionel off of the couch and pushes him against the bookshelf.

Jason : I'm not going anywhere, Luthor, until you give me that stone or you convince me that you didn't take it.

Lionel : You storm in here, you accuse me of some ham-fisted home invasion--

Jason slams him against the shelf again.

Lionel : Why are you doing this? Is it an act? An elaborate diversion?

Jason : Don't turn this around on me!

Lionel : I think we both know there's nothing stronger than the love between mother and son. And I'm sure Miss Lang agrees.

Lionel looks over Jason's shoulder. Jason turns around and sees that Lana is standing in the doorway, watching the confrontation with frightened tears in her eyes.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Night. Inside, Lucy creeps down the stairs quietly. She walks through the kitchen and into the living room where Clark is asleep on the couch. She opens the front door softly and leaves. When she is gone, Clark sits up, having been awake the whole time, and looks at the door.

Cut to Lucy using a key to unlock the door of the Talon and she enters. She walks behind the bar and kneels down next to the cash drawer. She opens a makeup compact and places it on the counter with the mirror facing the restaurant so that she can see if someone is approaching behind her. She unlocks the drawer and pulls out a stack of dollar bills, then stops when she sees Clark's face in the mirror. She quickly puts the money back and stands up to face him.

Clark : I knew you had talents, but I didn't think burglary was one of them.

Lucy : I swear I was gonna pay it all back. I'm not some criminal.

Clark : You do a pretty good job of impersonating one. Look, Lucy, I just don't get it. I mean, why?

Lucy : Do you have any idea what it's like to be different from everyone else? To be a total outsider?

Clark : I might have an idea.

Lucy : At my school, I'm surrounded by the wealthiest kids in the world. So unless I want to be the school's outcast, I had to be like them, look like them.

Clark : Well, I'm sure it's a very expensive undertaking. But do you really have to resort to petty theft in order to fit in?

Lucy : Well, I tried using my credit cards, but they maxed out. So I went to this club owner who's known for lending money to the credit-impaired.

Clark : You went to a loan shark?

Lucy : Well, it's called something else in German, but yeah, that's the idea.

Clark : Wait, so that's the guy who was here the other day staring at you.

Lucy doesn't respond.

Clark : All right, look, how much do you owe?

Lucy : Fifty thousand U.S. dollars. [Clark is shocked.] But most of it is just bonus interest.

Clark : Look, Lucy, we gotta tell your father about this.

Lucy : No, I can't. The general's convinced I'm the embodiment of the perfect daughter.

Clark : Well, at least we have to tell Lois.

Lucy: I don't want to disappoint her.

Clark : She's your sister. She'll understand.

Lucy : Not everyone has a family like yours, Clark. Please don't tell her. I think the best thing for me to do is to just... disappear for a while.

She starts to leave.

Clark : Lucy, wait. [She stops.] If you're in some sort of trouble, the best thing to do is to just stay here, keep a low profile. Maybe there's something I can do to help.

Lucy looks at Clark hopefully.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. In the Torch office, Chloe and Clark are researching the loan shark on the computer. There is a picture of the man who has been following Lucy around on the computer screen and several details about him.

Chloe : His name is Marcus Becker. He's a bouncer at a club called Kronos in Zurich with a resume chock full of felonies. Apparently this club is a front for the kind of people that you don't want to owe money to.

Clark : I wish she'd just tell Lois.

Lois enters the Torch office.

Lois : She doesn't have to. I knew her hop, skip, and a jump over the Atlantic wasn't because she missed her big sister, and if this guy is bothering Lucy, then I'm gonna find him. We're gonna have a little talk.

Chloe stands up and grabs Lois's arm, preventing her from leaving.

Chloe : Lois, before you go all Lifetime heroine, remember that this is not the school bully she's dealing with.

Clark : Seriously, she is in trouble. But I think I know someone who can help.

Act 3 Scene 2

Lex and Lucy are in Lex's study. Day. Lex is playing a classical piece on the piano and Lucy plays along on the violin. Lois and Clark enter. Lois claps her hands as if applauding the performance, and Lex and Lucy stop playing.

Lois : [An implying tone.] Bravo, Lucy. Excellent performance.

Lex : Yeah, I had no idea the younger Lane was such a virtuoso.

Lois : Oh, apparently there's quite a bit about the younger Lane you don't know.

Lucy : [Annoyed.] Thanks, Clark. You're pretty great about keeping a secret.

Clark : Lucy, I want to help you. That's why I'm here. Lex, I was gonna tell you about the money, but I think she already beat me to it.

Lex : [Standing up.] And what money would that be?

Lucy : I didn't come here looking for a handout. I can solve this problem myself.

Lucy puts her violin back in its case angrily.

Lois : [Becoming angry.] Well, as long as we're on the topic of personal finance, how did you think you'd be able to pay this money back? Standing on the street corner playing the violin for loose change?

Lucy : There's a reason I didn't tell you.

Lois : Look, I don't want to have to say anything to the general about this, but--

Lucy : You're not Mom, all right! So stop trying to be.

Lois : Don't you dare bring Mom into this.

Lex : [Calming.] Ladies, please.

Clark : [To Lex.] Lucy owes fifty thousand dollars to a guy in Switzerland. He's come to Smallville to collect.

Lex turns to Lucy, surprised.

Lex : Now, Lucy, how does a girl like you get involved with a loan shark?

Lucy : It's a long story. Look, I didn't ask for anyone's help. Not Clark, not Lois, not you. I'm a big girl. I can handle this on my own.

Lex : Fifty thousand dollars is a lot to handle, even for a big girl.

Lucy : Yeah, well, I guess that's my problem.

Lucy starts to leave.

Lex : Lucy, before you walk out that door, why don't you tell me what happened? I have the resources to deal with these kinds of people.

Act 3 Scene 3

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Night. Lex and Clark walk down the hallway together.

Lex : They want Bearer Bonds which are impossible to trace. This isn't amateur hour.

Clark : I thought you had a policy not to deal with extortionists.

Lex : This is different, Clark. This isn't the first time I've dealt with these people.

Clark : Wait, you know Marcus Becker?

Lex : I know the man he works for. They're a German crime syndicate, and they've repeatedly blocked my attempts to buy a hotel in Zurich through intimidation and blackmail. If I get this guy in custody, I'll have something to squeeze them with.

Clark : So Lucy's just a pawn?

Lex : No. I just have other reasons for helping her out.

Lucy and Lois walk up to Lex and Clark.

Lucy : Becker wants me to meet him at an abandoned warehouse at the corner of Market and Linden.

Lex nods.

Clark : Lex, this isn't worth getting hurt over.

Lex : No one's getting hurt, Clark. All I'm doing is delivering the briefcase. The GPS device inside will lead my security team right to them

Lucy : He said he only wants me there.

Lex : No. That's not gonna happen. I'm going alone.

Cut to Lex driving in his car. Lucy is sitting in the passenger seat and Lois is squeezed uncomfortably between them.

Lois : A hundred grand, chrome wheels, and thirteen speakers, and instead of a backseat... Oh, yeah. I get the gear shift.

Lucy : Are we there yet?

Lois : Have you ever been in a car and not uttered those words?

Lucy : All I'm saying is, this guy's not gonna be happy if we're not there on time. He's not the kind of guy you want to piss off.

Lex : Relax. We're close.

They suddenly hear a siren coming from behind them as a police car rides their tail closely, flashing its blue and red lights.

Lex : Damn it.

Lucy : Can you outrun them?

Lex : Don't worry. I'll handle it.

Lex comes to a stop.

Lex : Just stay put.

He gets out of the car and walks toward the police car as the officer gets out. The officer's face is covered in shadow.

Lex : Excuse me, officer. I appreciate your need to fill your speeding ticket quota, but can we make this quick?

Officer : Put your hands over your head.

Lex : [Confused.] What?

Officer : Put your hands up now.

The officer points his gun at Lex. Lex raises his hands.

Lex : Look, I think there's been a mistake. I may have been speeding, but--

Officer : Shut up!

The officer steps forward into the light and we see that he is Marcus Becker. He speaks with a Swiss accent.

Officer : Go get the bonds, Mr. Luthor.

Inside the car, Lucy and Lois see what is going on through the rear window.

Lucy : Oh, my God!

Lois : No, no, just stay calm, okay?

Lex slowly walks to the trunk of his car and opens it, pulling out a silver briefcase. He offers it to Marcus.

Marcus : Nice try.

Marcus pulls a plastic bag out of his pocket.

Marcus : Dump it in the bag.

Lex puts the briefcase down on the ground and opens it, transferring the bonds from the case to the bag. When he finishes, Marcus nods.

Marcus : Thank you.

Marcus whips Lex across the face with his gun.

Marcus : [Viciously.] Good night.

Unexpectedly, Lois kicks Marcus in the chest. He grimaces in pain, but keeps his balance and grabs Lois around the neck, pointing his gun at her head.

Marcus : You wouldn't want Lucy to be an only child, would you?

Cut to Clark super speeding to the warehouse where Lucy was supposed to meet Marcus. The large sliding door is locked shut, and he breaks the lock in his hand, shoving the door up.

Inside there is a flower shop. There are several customers there and a female employee. They are all startled.

Employee : Take my word for it. There's no cash on the premises.

Clark : Wait, where's Marcus Becker?

Employee : Never heard of him.

Clark looks around in frustration, realizing that he has been set up.

Cut to Clark super speeding into the road where the cop car Marcus used is still parked with its lights flashing. He finds Lex still lying on the road, bleeding from his forehead.

Clark : Lex!

Lex : Clark, he's got the girls.

Lex groans in pain.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

A large semi truck comes to a stop on the road. Day. A man steps out of the cab but all we see of him are his black shoes and slacks. Inside the back of the truck, Lois and Lucy are trapped. Lois pounds on the door. Lex's car is parked inside the back of the truck with them.

Lois : Hey! Somebody!

Lucy : It's no use. We are totally and utterly screwed.

Lois : Oh, let's not jump to conclusions, here. I have a history of getting us out of the jams you get us into. I'll think of something.

Lucy : Lois, this isn't like getting ourselves locked in the mess hall pantry or getting lost on our bikes in Bangkok.

The door opens and Marcus comes into the back of the truck holding a gun and a brown paper bag.

Lois : I don't get it. You got your money. Why don't you go back home, eat some Swiss cheese, and live happily every after? You don't need us.

Marcus : But I do. The Luthor well has only just been tapped. I'm here to strike it rich.

Lucy : You son of a bitch. You're holding us for ransom?

Lois : Lucy, zip it.

Lois takes a small step toward Marcus and he immediately points his gun at her.

Lois : Let my sister go. You don't need both of us.

Marcus : Sure I do. A pair of Lanes. It definitely ups the ante.

Lois : The world would be a whole lot worse without her in it than without me, right? She's the one with the future. If she'd only learn to behave herself.

Marcus : Eat up, girls.

Marcus tosses the paper bag to Lucy, and she catches it.

Lucy : How generous of you. I thought you'd let us starve.

Marcus : The one with the sticker has no tomatoes.

Marcus leaves and shuts the door behind him.

Lois : [Forcefully.] Lucy?

Lucy : [Startled.] Yeah?

Lois : How does he know you don't like tomatoes?

Lucy is silent, unable to respond.

Act 4 Scene 2

Clark comes into Lex's study where Lex is standing in front of the fire with a drink. Day.

Clark : Lucy Lane has been conning us this whole time.

Lex : That's a pretty bold accusation, Clark.

Clark : The drop-off was a fake. There was no warehouse. And Lucy was the only one who knew about the GPS. I mean, how else would Becker have known to treat the briefcase like the plague?

Lex : Becker's a pro. He could simply be cautious about the money.

Clark : It's all part of a bigger plan. The way she accidentally woke me up on her way to steal from the Talon. She knew I'd catch her in the act. Her sob story about not being able to fit in at school. It was all a setup in order to win my sympathy so I'd come to you for the money.

Lex : She played us like a Stradivarius.

Clark : What I don't understand is why abduct Lois? I know it's a con, but why kidnap your own sister?

Lex : Well, they say sibling rivalries run deep.

A servant comes in.

Woman : Line one, Mr. Luthor. It's Becker.

Lex goes to his phone at the desk and picks it up.

Lex : Lex Luthor.

Clark uses his super hearing to hear both sides of the conversation.

Becker : Place $500,000 in Bearer Bonds in a tractor trailer on Highway 54 just north of Cherry Hill.

Lex : That's not how it works.

Becker hangs up. Clark super speeds out of the room when Lex isn't looking. Lex hangs up his phone and looks around.

Lex : Clark? Clark?

Act 4 Scene 3

Shot of the semi truck driving down the road. Day. Inside the back, Lois stands with her back to Lucy.

Lucy : I swear, Lois, it wasn't supposed to end up this way.

Lois : [Turns around, furious.] When Michael Hoover was throwing dirt clods at you, who kicked his butt, huh? Who was the one who let you sleep in her bed and listen to you snore every night after Mom died?

Lucy : [Crying.] Lois, I'm sorry.

Lois : Well, sorry's not good enough! I want to know why. I want to know why you turned to a life of crime when you have everything in the world going for you. You're as close to fricking perfect as it gets!

Lucy : Because that's what the general always wanted. I just went along and played the part. From the day I left for school, all I wanted was to go home.

Lois : Why didn't you tell the general that?

Lucy : How could I? It was clear he didn't want me around. He wanted you.

Lois : What are you talking about?

Lucy : Why do you think he sent me off to school after Mom died?

Lois : He sent you off to school because you were brilliant, and you deserved the best education available.

Lucy : Well, you can think whatever you want. But the fact is, I always envied you.

Lois : Me? I was being dragged around the world like a spare piece of luggage.

Lucy : Yeah, but you had something I never had.

Lois : What?

Lucy : Our dad.

Lois : Luce. I don't think either of us ever had Dad.

Cut to Clark super speeding on to Highway 54. He comes to a stop and looks around, but there are no cars in sight. Then he sees the semi truck approach beneath the overpass that he is standing on. Lucy and Lois talk in the truck and Clark hears them with his super hearing.

Lucy : I'm sorry I got you into this, Lois.

Lois : Don't worry about it. I've been in far worse trouble than this.

The truck passes underneath the overpass and Clark super speeds to the edge. In slow motion, he jumps off the edge of the overpass, flailing his arms and legs as if reaching for the truck. He travels an enormous distance through the air and lands on top of the truck.

Lucy and Lois hear the impact and exchange a frightened glance. Clark runs to the front of the truck and jumps onto the cab. Marcus looks up at the ceiling, confused by the noise. Then he grabs his gun and aims it at the ceiling. He shoots several bullets that go through the roof of the cab but miss Clark. Lois and Lucy duck down at the sound of the gunfire.

Marcus runs out of bullets and reaches toward the dashboard to get more. Then Clark climbs down the side of the cab and walks toward the driver side door. He punches through the glass of the window and hits Marcus in the face. Marcus grunts and falls unconscious.

Clark jumps into the cab as the truck starts to swerve all over the road. Lucy and Lois are thrown around in the back and slam against the walls. They both fall to the ground, and Lois holds onto Lucy tightly. Clark sits in the driver's seat and attempts to regain control of the truck. He finally succeeds in stopping the truck.

Two black trucks drive toward the semi from behind. Lex is in the passenger seat of one of them and he talks on a walkie-talkie.

Lex : We're pulling over. Now!

The two trucks stop and Lex comes out holding a gun. His other security men come after him as they jog to the driver's side door of the semi and Lex opens it. When he looks inside, Marcus is alone and unconscious. He looks back to his men, at a loss.

Cut to Lex's car being driven down a ramp out of the back of the semi. Lex and Lois walk toward one of Lex's black trucks.

Lex : How are you feeling?

Lois : Well, I have a newfound appreciation for seatbelts. I can tell you that. [Pause.] What are you going to do with my sister?

Lex : I don't have a choice. I have to notify the authorities.

Lois nods. Suddenly, Lex's car engine revs loudly and starts to drive away. Lex's men scream at it.

Man : Hey, hey!

The car comes a stop next to Lois and Lex and we see that Lucy is driving it. Through the rolled up window, she mouths the words "I'm sorry." Then she speeds away.

Lois : Lucy!

Lois watches the car go, then turns away with tears in her eyes.

Fade to black.

Act 5 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Inside the barn, Clark pulls a saddle off a work table and sets it down on a box which rests on top of a couple of hay bales. Lex enters.

Clark : Lex. Any luck finding Lucy?

Lex : No. All that turned up was the car minus my fifty thousand dollars.

Clark : Look, Lex, I know that Lois feels really bad about this. But there's really no way she would've--

Lex : Clark, I'm not here to collect. Besides, having Becker in custody is worth a lot more to me than fifty grand.

Clark : Your deal in Zurich. [Clark nods.] Well, I'm glad that someone came out of this ahead.

Lex : How's Lois?

Clark : Um, I don't know. She hasn't said anything all day. But I don't know why Lucy would run away. I mean, Lucy is her family.

Lex : Just because you have the same blood running through your veins doesn't make you family. Look at us, Clark. I'm a product of my father's breeding. He needed an heir. But your parents chose you out of love. I'd take your family any day of the week.

Clark nods and smiles slightly, touched.

Clark : I just think Lois and Lucy could've been closer.

Lex : Well, hopefully, one day they will be. But that's up to them. So quit blaming yourself for what happened.

Lex starts to leave.

Clark : Lex. [Lex stops with his back to Clark.] Do you ever miss not having a sibling?

Lex : I used to... [He turns around.] Until I met you, Clark. You're closer to me than any... blood brother.

They look at each other for a moment, then Lex leaves. Clark takes out a rag and slowly walks back to the saddle and begins to shine it.

Act 5 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Inside, Clark walks through the crowded hallway. Chloe walks up to him.

Chloe : Hey.

Clark : Hey.

Chloe : Have you recovered from Hurricane Lucy yet?

Clark : I just hope she changes her ways before she gets herself hurt.

Chloe : You know, it never fails. Keeping secrets always leads to trouble. I don't know which is more difficult, being the one keeping the secret or the one who's being duped.

Chloe looks at Clark pointedly. He changes the subject.

Clark : Have you, uh, talked to Lois? She's been holed up in her room all day. She took it all pretty hard.

They stop walking.

Chloe : Yeah, well, ever since I could remember, the one thing Lois has always wanted is to protect her little sister.

Clark : I guess no matter how bad you want to, you just can't save everyone.

Chloe : But it doesn't stop you from trying. Does it, Clark?

She smiles slyly at him and walks away.

Act 5 Scene 3

Lex enters his study where Lionel is seated at the desk. Day.

Lex : Dad, clearly the idea of personal space is lost on you.

Lionel : Lex, one of your employees paid me a visit recently, and I wasn't clear whether it was official business or what it was.

Lionel stands from the desk and walks around it, giving Lex his space back.

Lex : As far as I know, our outstanding business if finished.

Lionel : Well, he--Jason Teague, that's who it was--accused me of taking something that didn't belong to me, of stealing.

An annoyed expression crosses Lex's face.

Lex : Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Lionel : Be that as it may, the accusation was false.

Lex sits down at the desk.

Lionel : [Thoughtful.] But given what's missing, I almost wish I was guilty.

Lex : What was it?

Lionel : You know the answer to that question, Lex. You're the one who took it from him.

Lex : Dad, if you want to play games, there's a deck of cards in the parlor.

Lionel : Let's talk about games. You hire someone to travel to China to search for an ancient artifact. He finds it, he steals it, but he keeps it for himself. Then you have to steal it back from him. [Chuckling.] You've turned hot potato into an art form, son.

Lex looks at Lionel in shock.

Lex : Jason Teague found the stone?

Lionel : Either you are the best con man in the world, or you are truly unbelievably naive.

Lex lowers his eyes, ruminating.

Lionel : Good afternoon, Lex.

Lionel leaves the study. Lex remains quite still at the desk, too stunned to move.

Act 5 Scene 4

Lana enters her apartment in the Talon. Night. She turns on the light and closes the door. Then she walks over to the window and opens it, climbing through it to the fire escape outside. On the side of the building is pipe and she unscrews the end of it, reaching in and pulling out a folded handkerchief.

She opens the handkerchief revealing the stone. She looks at it somewhat nervously, but without any surprise, as she is the one who put it there.

Act 5 Scene 5

A shot of the stars in the night sky. Lois is looking at them through Clark's telescope in the loft. Clark comes up the stairs. Lois's attitude is curt.

Clark : I thought you said that telescopes were for geeks and stalkers.

Lois : Yeah, well, as was proven over the last few days, I can seriously misjudge people. [Clark nods.] You know, if you've come to kick me off the farm, I completely understand.

Clark : Yeah, um, actually I came here to tell you we have food in the oven if you're hungry.

Lois : [Quickly.] Thanks.

Clark smiles, seeing that Lois is hiding her feelings.

Clark : How you holding up?

Lois : I just got off the phone with the general.

Clark : Oh, that was all the screaming I heard from the house.

Lois : Yeah. Well, apparently, he is very disappointed in me for letting this happen, and as far as my family chain of command goes, I am the weakest link.

Clark : [Genuine.] I'm sorry.

Lois : Don't be. You know, there's something cathartic about telling a three-star general to go to hell.

Lois's breath becomes uneven and she turns away from Clark.

Lois : Uh, you know, all these years, I thought I had my sister pegged. But, uh, in reality she's a complete stranger to me. [She turns back to Clark.]

Clark : Even if that were true, I think that if she called you tomorrow, you'd be there in a second to help her.

Lois : Yeah, I would. She's my sister.

Clark : I don't think Lucy's all that bad.

Lois : You're amazing, Smallville. You always look for the best in people even when they walk all over you.

Clark : I guess that explains why we're friends.

Lois : Oh, we're friends now?

Clark : Well, I won't tell anyone if you don't.

Lois nods at Clark, accepting his jab. He smiles. Lois punches Clark on the shoulder and exits the loft.

Clark looks into the telescope and sees two comets flying toward each other in the sky. When the comets cross each other's paths, there is a bright flash of light, and then they both continue on their way.


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