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#222 : Le Grand Jour Approche

Le professeur Walden sort du coma et s'échappe de l'hôpital où Lex l'avait placé. Désormais doté de pouvoirs surnaturels, il est persuadé que Clark est sur le point de détruire l'humanité et annonce à Lionel et Lex qu'il va tuer le jeune homme. Il attaque Clark et manque de le tuer mais finit par trouver la mort en déclenchant lui-même une explosion. Clark n'est pas sorti d'affaire pour autant : il est terrifié en entendant la voix de Jor-El, son père biologique, qui l'appelle depuis son vaisseau spatial... Parallèlement, Clark et Lana s'avouent enfin leur amour, ce qui provoque la jalousie de Chloé. Elle en vient à reconsidérer l'offre de Lionel Luthor, qui lui a proposé d'enquêter sur Clark. Quant à Lex, il compromet sa relation avec Helen en cambriolant son bureau pour s'emparer de l'échantillon de sang de Clark. Quand elle l'apprend, elle rompt leurs fiançailles à la veille du mariage.


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Clark, Lana & Chloe (VO)
Clark, Lana & Chloe (VO)


Lana & Clark (VF)
Lana & Clark (VF)


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Act 1 Teaser

Dr. Marcus is looking at a computer generated image of a brain as he performs an MRI in the Smallville Medical Center. Day. We can hear the MRI machine shuddering in the background. He goes over to the machine, where a patient is lying with only their head inside the machine, and pushes a button. The shuddering stops and the table the patient is lying on slowly slides away from the machine, revealing his face. It is Dr. Frederick Walden and he is still unconscious.

Lex enters.

Lex : Dr. Marcus. What was so urgent you needed me here tonight?

Dr. Marcus : It's Dr. Walden. There's been a complete normalization of his higher brain functions.

Lex : Considering the source of the trauma, nothing surprises me.

Dr. Marcus : [Doubtful] You mean the Kawatche caves. How does a linguist go into a coma deciphering a Native American language?

Lex : If you had that answer, Doctor, you'd be running the place.

Dr. Marcus smiles at Lex. Suddenly Dr. Walden sits up and grabs Lex's arm. He is looking at Lex. His eyes are still completely white.

Walden : [Extremely urgent] The day is coming. The day is coming. The day is coming.

Lex pushes Dr. Walden's arm away and he lies back down, losing consciousness. Lex and Dr. Marcus look at each other, astonished.

Cut to Clark working on a paper in the loft. Lana enters with a small box, smiling.

Clark : Lana. It's almost midnight.

Lana : Yeah, I took a chance you'd still be up. Are you getting a head start on your term paper?

Clark : I've got to give the toast at Lex's rehearsal dinner. It makes European history seem like a breeze. [Lana laughs] Am I supposed to guess what's in the box?

Lana : No. You're supposed to close your eyes.

Clark closes his eyes. Lana puts the box down on the table and looks at Clark.

Lana : Don't peek.

Clark shrugs and covers his eyes with his hands. We see Lana preparing something on the table, but we can't see what it is. She blows out a match. She turns around to face Clark and she is holding a birthday cake with candles on it.

Lana : Okay. [Clark opens his eyes] I know, uh, it's not your birthday for another seven minutes, but I wanted to surprise you.

Clark : [Standing, seriously] You did.

Lana : I get the feeling it's not in a good way.

Clark : [Walks to the window] It's just it's not really my birthday. It's just some date that my parents picked off the calendar for the adoption papers.

Lana comes to the window with the cake.

Lana : Maybe some of us want to celebrate the day you came into our lives.

Clark : [Smiling] I never thought of it that way.

Lana : Make a wish.

Clark : I've been wishing for the same thing ever since I was five.

Lana : And now?

Clark : And now I don't have to. [He takes the cake and puts it down on the table. Then he takes Lana's hands in his own] She's standing right here in front of me.

Clark leans in slowly and they kiss, lightly at first. The kiss becomes more intense, but remains slow and gentle.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Clark comes down the stairs at his house with a smile on his face. Day. Martha is in the kitchen.

Clark : Good morning, Mom.

Martha : [Mischievous] How was your birthday party?

Clark : So you're the one who told Lana.

Martha : She knows we're not too big on birthdays, but wondered if she could do something special.

Clark : Thanks.

Martha : I feel bad we never had parties when you were little, but we were always so nervous.

Clark : It's okay, Mom, I understand.

Martha : I know, but what mother denies her son a birthday party? It's a huge part of childhood.

Clark : I'll tell you what. All the mistakes you made with me, you can correct with the baby. You wouldn't want to scar the little one too.

Martha : [Laughs] Thanks a lot. So, um, last night...

Clark : Are you prying?

Martha : Okay, never mind.

Jonathan enters with Lex.

Jonathan : Hello. Look what the cat dragged in.

Martha : Oh, Lex. Have you had breakfast?

Lex : Uh, thanks, but I can't stay. I just wanted to ask you and Mr. Kent for a favor. [He is slightly nervous.] I know we've had our differences, so this might sound strange, but it would mean a lot to me. It's customary for the, uh, bride and groom to sit with their parents at the rehearsal dinner so... since mine won't be there, I was wondering... would the two of you consider standing in?

Jonathan and Martha smile at each other and Clark looks at them both expectantly.

Jonathan : Lex, we would be honored.

Lex : Great. Uh, that just leaves one open seat at the table. Right next to you, Clark. Any suggestions?

Clark smiles

Act 1 Scene 2

Lana is making out invitations to the wedding in the Talon. Day. Chloe enters.

Lana : Chloe.

Chloe : Yes. The one name you won't find on the list for Smallville's biggest event of the century. Don't worry. It's not like I'm holding out for my fairy godmother to bring me my glass slippers.

Lana : [Laughs] It's okay. I'm still not convinced Lex won't have me in a headset running around with ice buckets.

Chloe : [Holding up an invitation] Is this what you were doing until two o'clock in the morning last night?

Lana : [Hesitates] Yeah.

Chloe : Well, look, uh, I can't vouch for my calligraphy skills, but if you need any help just let me know.

Clark enters.

Clark : Hey, guys. I'd like a double espresso please.

Chloe : Whoa. Were you burning the midnight oil last night too?

Clark looks at Chloe and then shares a look with Lana, realizing that Chloe doesn't know about the night before.

Clark : [Slowly] I was just working on a toast for Lex's dinner.

Chloe : Oh.

Chloe notices the look between Clark and Lana, understanding that something is going on. Pete enters.

Pete : Chloe, ready to go?

Chloe doesn't answer. Pete waves to Lana who smiles reluctantly. Clark has his eyes lowered.

Pete : Everybody okay?

Clark : Yeah.

Chloe : Great.

Lana : Perfect.

Pete : Just checking.

Chloe : Right. Well, we better get going. I have ashes to sweep and wicked stepsisters to undermine.

Chloe and Pete leave.

Clark : You didn't...

Lana : No.

Clark : Phew. I had a really good time last night. I was thinking maybe we could go out after the rehearsal dinner tonight.

Lana : Maybe.

Lana walks away to clear a table. Clark follows her.

Clark : Lana, is everything okay? [She doesn't answer] If this is about last night, we can take it slow.

Lana : Clark, I think last night may have been a mistake. I'm really busy. I'll call you later.

She goes back to the bar, leaving Clark with a baffled look on his face.

Act 1 Scene 3

Lex and Helen walk through the hall at the hospital. Day. Helen gives Lex a clipboard.

Helen : Here's a revised seating chart for the rehearsal dinner.

Lex : Who are the people marked in blue?

Helen : Relatives who still talk to each other.

Lex : How about the red?

Helen : Family feuds and people who haven't spoken in at least five years.

Lex : And the yellow ones scattered throughout?

Helen : [Laughing] Buffer zones. Relatives who have no particular allegiance and whose conversation won't insight a riot.

Lex : If this medical career doesn't work out, you should consider the United Nations.

Helen : [Taking back the clipboard] I'm not done yet.

Lex : By the way, I put the Kents at our table. I asked them to sit with us at the dinner to fill in for my parents.

They stop outside Helen's office door.

Helen : Lex, I think it's great that you want to make them a big part of this, but...

Lex : But what?

Helen : Don't you think this might be the right moment to reach out to your father?

Lex : Helen, I'm touched that you want us to reconcile, but it's not gonna happen. Besides, the only family I need is you.

Helen smiles. She takes out her keys and they go into the office. They both stop inside the door, shocked. The entire office has been ransacked, papers all over the floor, chairs knocked over, and drawers hanging open.

Helen : I don't believe this.

She looks over at a small refrigerator on the table. The light inside is blinking on and off. She opens it and it is empty.

Lex : We should call the police. [Looking into the refrigerator behind her] Is anything valuable missing?

Helen doesn't answer.

Act 1 Scene 4

Jonathan gets off his tractor to talk to Helen outside the farm. Day.

Jonathan : Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that, Helen. Did they take anything important?

Helen : The vial of blood I drew from Clark.

Jonathan : Please tell me why you would even still have that.

Helen : I thought I might need it someday in case he got sick again. It wasn't labeled. There was no way anyone could connect it to Clark.

Jonathan : Then why would anybody want to steal it?

Helen : Looks like somebody just broke open the refrigerator and took whatever was inside. The police think it may have been junkies looking for drugs. Or maybe somebody who wanted to make it look that way.

Jonathan : Wait a minute. Are you saying you think that I staged this?

Helen : You and I are the only ones who knew about Clark's blood.

Jonathan : And you never told anybody else?

Helen : Of course not.

Jonathan : Not even the man you're about to marry?

Helen : Mr. Kent, Lex is not the man you think he is.

Jonathan : Considering the fact that you are about to spend the rest of your life with that man and what you know about my family, you had better be right.

Act 1 Scene 5

Clark and Lex are talking in Lex's study. Day.

Clark : I don't think it's a good idea that you seat Lana next to me.

Lex : What happened?

Clark : I wish I knew.

Lex : Clark. None of us really understand the fairer sex. That's why we're so captivated by them.

Clark : [After a pause] I went for it last night.

Lex : Don't tell me she shot you down.

Clark : No. It was the opposite. It was like this perfect moment and then this morning...

Lex : She wanted to pretend it never happened? You've upped the stakes, Clark, and she's scared. She figures if she folds now she'll cut her losses.

Clark : But we're meant to be together. I've never been so sure about anything in my life.

Lex : Yeah, well, don't tell me, Clark. Tell her.

Clark thinks about this.

Act 1 Scene 6

Lana is riding her horse through an open field. Day. Clark is watching her. She rides toward him.

Clark : Hey.

Lana : Hey.

Lana gets off the horse.

Lana : [To the horse, pulling him forward] Come on.

Clark : Look, Lana, last night was a big deal for me.

Lana : Clark...

Clark : Look, you don't have to avoid calling me if you don't feel the same way.

Lana : No, it meant a lot to me too. Everything seemed so clear, but today it just feels a lot more complicated.

Clark : Is this about Chloe?

Lana : I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about her, but there are three friendships at stake here and I don't want to risk losing ours.

Clark : Well, the friendship isn't gonna go anywhere. It'll just become something better.

Lana : And what happens down the road if... things don't work out? Will our friendship survive that?

Clark : I don't know. Lana, I've wanted this for so long, I think it's worth taking the chance.

They look at each other for a long time. Far in the distance, we can hear a man's voice.

Voice : The day is coming.

Clark turns around, hearing the voice.

Lana : Clark? Are you all right?

Voice : [Louder] They day is coming.

Clark looks into the sky.

Lana : Clark, what is it?

Clark : I'm sorry, I have to go.

Act 1 Scene 7

Dr. Walden is pacing through a white padded room, completely empty except for a bed and a chair. Day. He is dressed in white. There are bright white lights along the sides of the room and Lex and Dr. Marcus watch from a large circular window.

Walden : The day is coming. The day is coming. The day is coming. [He continues in the background of the following lines]

Lex : What do you think it means?

Dr. Marcus : It's probably just delusional rambling.

Walden : The day is coming. The day is coming.

Lex : Your scans say his brain activity is normal again.

Dr. Walden pounds on the window. We see that his eyes are back to normal.

Walden : The day... is coming.

Dr. Marcus : Does that look normal to you?

Walden : [Walking away from the window] The day is coming. The day is coming. The day is coming.

Lex : The cataracts. They're gone.

Dr. Marcus : They faded during the course of the day.

Lex : How do you explain that?

Dr. Marcus : I can't. Mr. Luthor, I know you want to see if he says anything else, but for his own safety, I need to sedate him.

Walden : The day is coming. The day is com--

Dr. Walden suddenly looks at the window. He holds up his hand, showing his palm to Lex and

Dr. Marcus :

Walden : The day is coming.

A blast of white energy shoots from his palm and shatters the glass, sending Lex and Dr. Marcus to the floor. Dr. Walden steps out of the room and runs away as Lex and Dr. Marcus are sitting up. Lex watches him go.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Lex and Clark are in the padded room that Dr. Walden escaped from. Day. There are Kryptonian symbols burned into the ceiling.

Lex : I think it says "The day is coming."

Clark : You learned how to read the symbols.

Lex : No. Just an educated guess. That's what Walden kept saying before he escaped.

Clark : I wonder how he wrote it.

Lex : Apparently he's developed the ability to emit some kind of energy from his hands. I think maybe it has something to do with whatever happened to him in the cave that day.

Clark : Why are you telling me all this?

Lex : You found him, Clark. Just wondering if you could shed any more light on the situation.

Clark : I've already told you everything I know.

Lex : These symbols. They look like the one on your barn.

Clark : Lex, I told you, I don't know how to read this language.

Lex : I believe you, Clark.

Clark : Then what am I doing here?

Lex : I thought based on our mutual interest in the cave, we could solve this mystery together.

Clark : I'm sorry, Lex. I'm as mystified as you are.

Act 2 Scene 2

Dr. Walden is in the underground caves. Day. He is looking at the wall with the spirals of symbols and the octagonal groove in the center. He holds up his palm and shoots the white energy into the groove. The symbols start to glow and rotate in alternating directions. After a few moments they realign themselves and stop, and the energy from Dr. Walden's hand stops as well.

He turns around with an astonished look on his face and sees a painting on the opposite wall. It is a picture of someone standing in front of the wall with the octagonal groove. The person has what looks like an S on their back.

Walden : I know who you are.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lana brings Helen a cup of coffee in the Talon. Day. Helen is looking over some notes.

Lana : Hey, Helen. Are you planning a rehearsal dinner or a peace summit?

Helen : [Laughing] This whole wedding is starting to feel just as political. It's hard to know what side everybody's on.

Lana sits.

Lana : You're not having second thoughts are you?

Helen : Sorry, I... It's all gotten very complicated.

Lana : Sounds kind of familiar.

Helen : You wouldn't be talking about a tall, dark, handsome best man, would you?

Lana : [Pause.] If you knew that Lex was keeping secrets from you, but he was being truthful about the important things like, um, like the way he feels about you... would that be enough?

Helen : I guess you have to decide. Is the part of themselves that they're willing to share with you better than not having them in your life at all?

They look at each other sadly, each identifying with the question.

Act 2 Scene 4

Helen is looking through a drawer of Lex's files in the study. Day. She pulls out a file labeled Martha Kent and starts to look through it. She turns around and is startled to find Lionel standing there, watching her.

Lionel : You don't really think he's hidden it in here, do you?

Helen : I don't know what you're talking about.

Lionel : I'm talking about the valuable object Lex stole from your office.

Helen : Lex would never steal from me.

Lionel : Hmm. If you believe that, what are you doing rummaging around in here while he's out?

Helen : How do I know it wasn't you who broke into my office?

Lionel : Oh my. Seems I've antagonized the lady of the house. Please, would you tell my son I dropped by to offer my best wishes? [He starts to walk away and then stops.] Oh, no. That would be difficult, wouldn't it? Because then we'd have to explain that we ran into each other when we were in here and I caught you snooping and, oh... Oh that could get really messy. Especially with your wedding day almost upon us.

Helen : Get out.

Lionel : Can I ask you a question, Helen? [Helen folds her arms in response] Why are you marrying Lex?

Helen : Because I love him.

Lionel : [Doubtful] Hmm.

Lionel leaves.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark is searching the caves for Dr. Walden. Day.

Clark : [Calling out] Dr. Walden? It's me, Clark Kent. Dr. Walden. Are you down here?

Clark shines his flashlight on the wall with the circles of symbols. Lionel enters behind him.

Lionel : Interesting, isn't it?

Clark : Mr. Luthor.

Lionel : That octagonal recess in the wall... I once had, um, what you might call a keepsake that matched this. Exactly. Just disappeared from my office. [He stops, realizing something] It was that same day you rescued your mother and me.

Clark : What are you doing down here?

Lionel : I have taken over conservatorship of the caves. Didn't Lex tell you?

Clark : No, he didn't.

Lionel : Oh, he just doesn't want to admit defeat, and he's still fighting me on this. I ran into some of his security people down here. They were looking for that doctor, Doctor, um, Dr. Walden?

Clark : Dr. Walden was obsessed with these caves.

Lionel : Well, I can understand why. [He shines his own flashlight on the wall] Look at this. These symbols... Wait a minute, wait a minute. [Steps closer to the wall] Are-- are they arranged in a different order than they were before? That's strange. [Shines his light in Clark's eyes] Don't you think, Clark?

Clark : It's all Kawatche to me. If you see Dr. Walden, be careful. He could be dangerous.

Clark leaves.

Act 2 Scene 6

Clark is talking to Jonathan and Martha outside the farm as Jonathan finishes feeding the cows. Day.

Jonathan : I don't get it. First refined kryptonite, and now the caves. What does Luthor want, anyway?

Clark : I don't know, but I think we have a bigger problem. Dr. Walden can read the Krypton language. He wrote it on the ceiling at the hospital.

Martha : Do you think he's figured out your secret?

Jonathan : Is that why you're so worried right now?

Clark : I'm not sure, but there's something else going on in that cave. The symbols have changed.

Jonathan : What does it say now, son?

Clark : "The day is coming when the last son will begin his quest to rule the third planet."

Jonathan : Clark--

Clark : Don't you see? I'm the last son.

Act 2 Scene 7

Lex is talking to Lionel in his study. Night. He is dressed up for the rehearsal dinner.

Lex : Why humiliate yourself like this, Dad? When are you going to accept the fact that you're not invited?

Lionel : You know, Lex, I'm not here to grovel for a place at your, uh, table. I wanted to tell you that, uh, your restraining order to keep me out of the Kawatche caves has been, uh, rejected, flat out.

Lex : And you couldn't have had your lawyers tell my lawyers that on the phone?

Lionel : It's curious how your, um, renewed interest seems to come right on the heels of Dr. Walden's escape. And, uh, Clark Kent seems to share you opinion. He was down there too, looking for your linguist.

Dr. Walden bursts into the room.

Walden : Lex! I did it, Lex.

Lex : Dr. Walden.

Walden : I finally read the wall. I know what is says.

Lex : And we'll talk all about it, but first we need to get you some help.

Lionel : Not now, Lex. Let the man tell us what he knows.

Lex : Stay out of this.

Lionel : The wall, Doctor. What does it say?

Walden : "The last son will rule the planet." Don't you see? It's Clark Kent!

Lionel looks at Lex.

Lex : I think that's a pretty big leap.

Walden : No! I've never seen more clearly in my life. I know exactly what has to be done.

Lionel : What is that, Doctor?

Walden : We have to kill Clark Kent... before he destroys us all.

Lex : Dr. Walden, you're confused.

Dr. Walden holds his palm in Lex's face threateningly. Lex steps back. We hear a silenced gunshot and Dr. Walden falls to the ground. Dr. Marcus is standing behind him holding a gun and Lex and Lionel look down at Dr. Walden, seeing a tranquilizer dart in his neck. Lex looks at Dr. Marcus as Lionel looks at Lex.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Clark practices his best man speech in the loft. Night. He is already dressed up.

Clark : Dear guests... No, there's got to be something else. Um... Friends and family.

Chloe enters, hearing him practice.

Chloe : The first line's always the hardest.

Clark : Hey, Chloe. What's up?

Chloe : Big news. Your friend Dr. Walden woke up.

Clark : I wouldn't exactly call him a friend of mine.

Chloe : Well, anyway, I was just wondering if you wanted come out of retirement and do the story with me.

Clark : Hey, I appreciate the offer, but now really isn't a good time.

Chloe : I didn't mean right this second, Clark. [There is an awkward pause] I wish things could be like they were.

Clark : Yeah, me too.

Chloe : I just feel like there's this huge rift between us and no matter how hard I try, I can't get back to you.

Clark : We'll get there, Chloe. It's just gonna take a little bit of time.

Chloe : Well, whatever happens, let's just promise to be honest with each other. I mean, you're a big boy, I'm a big girl. I think we can handle it. As long as we tell the truth. Okay, well, I'd better get going. You have your rehearsal dinner and I have the Torch. So... [She starts to leave] Break a leg, Clark.

She leaves and Clark lowers his eyes unhappily.

Act 3 Scene 2

The rehearsal dinner. Night. We see Helen talking to some women, Jonathan talking with Clark and Martha, and Lana talking to some friends from school. Clark watches Lana from across the room. She looks over and they make eye contact, but Clark quickly looks away. Lana continues to watch him and he looks back at her briefly. Lex enters and goes to Helen.

Lex : Sorry I'm late.

Helen : Where have you been?

Lex : Business crisis. Don't worry I'm all yours now. I just need a quick moment with the best man.

Helen : Okay.

Lex goes to Clark, Martha, and Jonathan. He kisses Martha on the check.

Lex : Hello, Mrs. Kent.

Martha : Everything is beautiful.

Lex : Thank you, thank you very much. Mr. Kent.

Jonathan : [Shaking Lex's hand] Hello, Lex.

Lex : Hey. Mind if I have a word with your son?

Jonathan : No, go right ahead.

Clark and Lex step away from Jonathan and Martha.

Clark : Is everything all right?

Lex : Dr. Walden paid me a visit. Nobody was hurt. He's on his way back to the hospital.

Clark : Well, that's good news.

Lex : Clark, he was ranting about you.

Clark : What'd he say?

Lex : That the writing on the cave wall says... you are going to rule the world.

Clark : I'm gonna rule the world? [He laughs.] He's obviously nuts.

Lex : Of course he is. Unfortunately my father was there. He heard the whole thing.

Clark : But he didn't believe him, did he?

Lex : He quoted one of his favorite Elizabethan poets. "'Twixt truth and madness lies but a sliver of a stream." He's not just gonna let this drop. I thought I'd warn you.

Clark looks at Lex seriously.

Act 3 Scene 3

Chloe is at the Torch. Night. She is looking at pictures of her and Clark from the Spring Formal on her computer. Lionel enters, startling her.

Lionel : I certainly do admire your work ethic, Miss Sullivan.

Chloe removes the images from the screen.

Lionel : Late at night, here you are, still at it.

Chloe : Yeah. Well, I wasn't invited to the rehearsal dinner, so...

Lionel : Yes, we have a lot in common. [He laughs.] I spoke to the, uh, managing editor at the Daily Planet. It's all set. A weekly column on current affairs from the, uh, young person's perspective.

Chloe : [She smiles, genuinely excited.] I don't know how to thank you.

Lionel : Nurturing a promising young talent is a reward in itself. And I've, uh, I've got your first assignment. [He sits on the desk, next to her.] A complete investigative profile of Clark Kent.

Chloe : What possible interest could the Daily Planet have in a farm boy from Smallville?

Lionel : This isn't for the Daily Planet. I'm sure they'll be in touch with you. No, this is for me. Just, uh, combine it with, uh, any research about his family you already have.

Chloe stands up.

Chloe : Wow. I blew off my journalistic skepticism and allowed myself to actually believe that you were interested in just helping me.

Lionel : You're playing in the real world now, Miss Sullivan. You have to give to get.

Chloe : Mr. Luthor. I don't know what your interest is in Clark, but you can take the job offer and shove it down your thousand dollar pants.

Lionel : Clark's very lucky to have a friend like you. All that integrity. I-I wonder, though, if he had to make a choice, would he sacrifice his dream out of loyalty to you?

Chloe doesn't answer. Lionel shrugs and leaves the room.

Act 3 Scene 4

Dr. Walden is being transported back to the hospital in an ambulance. Night. He is unconscious and strapped to a gurney in the back. Dr. Marcus looks back from the passenger seat.

Dr. Marcus : [To the paramedic.] Any change?

Paramedic : No, he'll be out for hours.

Dr. Walden's eyes open. We see the ambulance stop from outside as white light flashes inside.

Act 3 Scene 5

Clark taps a fork against his glass at the rehearsal dinner. Night.

Clark : Can I have everyone's attention, please? I think Lex picked me to be the best man because he knew how... comfortable I was speaking in front of people.

Polite laughter.

Clark : I've been looking through every book from Socrates to Shakespeare, trying to find someone who could put into words the way Lex and Helen feel about each other. But what I realized is, there are no words for it. And when you have it you trust it, and you believe in it. [He looks at Lana.] Take a chance on it. And you're willing to sacrifice anything to keep it no matter what the cost. [Clark picks up his glass.] To Helen and Lex.

Everybody : To Helen and Lex.

Glasses clink together and Lex and Helen kiss. Then Lex stands up and hugs Clark.

Lex : That was a good speech.

Clark : Thanks.

Clark suddenly hears a loud high-pitched noise and holds his head in pain, groaning.

Lex : Clark, are you all right?

Clark : Yeah, I, um, I just gotta get some air.

Clark exits. Martha and Jonathan follow him into the lobby.

Martha : Clark.

Jonathan : Son, what's the matter?

Clark : It's the key. There's something wrong at home. I have to go.

He super speeds away.

Cut to Clark super speeding into the loft.

He looks around and then goes to the tool chest where the key was hidden. The drawers are already open. He looks through them, but doesn't find anything. Dr. Walden enters.

Walden : I came looking for you. [He holds up the key.] And I found the proof. You are the one.

Clark : Dr. Walden, listen to me. You need help.

Walden : No. You need to die.

He shoots the energy out of his hand at Clark's chest, sending Clark flying through the wall of the barn and onto the ground outside. Clark gets up weakly as Walden comes outside.

Clark : [Backing away.] Dr. Walden.

Dr. Walden shoots him with the energy again, lifting him high into the air.

Clark : Dr. Walden, no!

Clark struggles against the beam, clearly in pain. He finally focuses his heat vision to hit Dr. Walden in the arm, sending Dr. Walden to the ground. Clark falls to the ground too. They both get up.

Clark : Doctor, you're making a mistake.

Walden : No, I'm not. I'm doing this for mankind.

Dr. Walden tries to shoot him again, but Clark super speeds away. Dr. Walden attempts follow Clark with the energy beam, but ends up hitting a propane tank. He screams as the tank explodes violently.

After the fire from the explosion dies down, Clark walks over to Dr. Walden. He is burnt to the point of being completely black and shriveled.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Lex is holding two glasses of wine in his study. Night. He hands a glass to Helen.

Lex : With the exception of Clark's migraine, I thought the evening was mercifully uneventful. [Helen doesn't answer.] What's wrong?

Helen : Nothing.

Lex : Helen, if we're gonna spend our lives together, we need to be completely honest with each other. You're always saying that.

Helen : I found a file on Mrs. Kent in your bookshelf. It contained confidential medical records. From my office.

Lex : I got that from one of the disease control agents who was investigating Mrs. Kent's case.

Helen : You mean you bribed someone for it?

Lex : I've told you. The Kents are very important to me. I was concerned about Martha's health. What were you looking for anyway?

Helen : Something that was stolen from my office.

Lex : [Shocked.] Do you think I was involved in the break in?

Helen : Please tell me you weren't.

Lex : If you really believe I'm capable of that kind of deceit, maybe you shouldn't be marrying me.

Helen : Maybe you're right.

Helen puts down her wine and leaves the study. Lex puts down his own glass and walks over to the bookshelf. He reaches underneath and touches something, and the shelf lifts up, revealing a secret compartment with a box inside. He takes out the box, puts it down on the desk, and opens it. Inside is a thin metal vial. He opens the vial and carbon dioxide steam comes out. Then he tips the vial and a smaller vial comes out. The vial of Clark's blood.

Act 4 Scene 2

Clark is talking to Martha and Jonathan in the kitchen. Night. He is holding the octagonal key.

Clark : I had to pry it from his hand.

Martha : It wasn't your fault, Clark. The man tried to kill you. He was delusional.

Jonathan : Even the sheriff agreed, son. Walden was responsible for his own death.

Clark : What if he was right? What if I am some sort of threat to mankind?

Martha : I'll never believe that. And neither should you.

Clark : Then what does it mean? The day is coming when I'll begin my quest to rule?

Jonathan : We don't know, son. But when and if that day does come, your mother and I both know that you will do the right thing.

Clark looks at the key, now sitting on the table.

Act 4 Scene 3

Lionel is standing over Dr. Walden's body, which is covered by a sheet, in the morgue. Night. He is talking to the coroner.

Coroner : His entire body's been burnt beyond recognition.

Lionel : Mm.

Coroner : But look. Whatever he was holding here, it completely protected the skin it was covering.

She shows Dr. Walden's hand to Lionel. It is black and burnt except for an octagon of perfectly protected skin on his palm.

Coroner : I've never seen anything like this.

Lionel looks at the coroner.

Lionel : Send it to me. [He starts to leave.]

Coroner : Send you what?

Lionel : The hand.

Act 4 Scene 4

Lana enters the loft, still wearing her dress from the dinner. Night. She walks up the stairs and doesn't see Clark. He walks up behind her.

Clark : I never got a chance to tell you how beautiful you looked tonight.

Lana : Clark, you scared me.

Clark : You surprised me.

Lana : I just wanted to see you. You kind of ran out on dinner. I thought your toast was really beautiful.

Clark : I had a lot of inspiration.

Lana : Sorry I've been so confused about us. It's just, um, I'm scared.

Clark : So am I.

Lana : You have so many secrets in your life.

Clark : I know. I just don't want my feelings for you to be one of them.

Lana : Neither do I.

Clark comes to the top of the stairs and they are standing face to face. He leans in and they kiss passionately, Clark holding Lana's face in his hands.

We see Chloe watching from the ground floor. She cries quietly and exits.

Cut to Lana and Clark coming down the stairs. They stop at the bottom and Lana touches Clark's face. They smile at each other and Lana starts to back away, still holding Clark's hand. She lets go and leaves Clark with a smile on his face. When she is gone, Clark suddenly hears the voice of a man.

Voice : Kal-El, it is time.

He turns around.

Cut to the door of the storm cellar. There is golden light shining through the cracks in the door.

Voice : Kal-El, it is time.

Clark walks to the door and stands outside for moment, before opening it. He squints against the golden light, then starts down the stairs.

To be continued...

Fade to black.

(le script n'est pas entier, si vous trouvez le morceau manquant, merci de le mettre)

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