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#10.13 : Dilemme

Alors que Sandy va accoucher, Simon souhaite se rendre à l'hôpital afin d'être auprès d'elle, mais Rose refuse. Elle le pousse finalement à reconnaître qu'il n'est pas sûr de vouloir l'épouser. Eric tente de convaincre Martin d'assister à la naissance du bébé. Ce dernier invite Ruthie à venir le voir s'entraîner. Annie et Eric redoutent que leur fille voit dans cette invitation le signe d'une éventuelle relation future. Martin a un entretien avec Tim McDonald. Celui-ci lui propose une bourse d'études mais Martin hésite à l'accepter car il est persuadé qu'Eric est mêlé à tout cela. Kevin avoue à Lucy qu'il aimerait avoir un autre bébé mais celle-ci redoute de ne pas pouvoir s'occuper d'un second enfant. 

Titre VO
And baby makes three

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Naissance d'Aaron (VO)
Naissance d'Aaron (VO)


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Écrit par : Lawrence H. Levy 
Réalisé par : Michael Preece 

Avec : Costas Mandylor (Bill Brewer), Kevin Dunn (Coach Terry Hardwick) 

Guests :

  • Charles Duckworth ..... Leonard
  • Michael McDonald ..... Edward Jameson
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph ..... Infirmière
  • Scott Atkinson ..... Tim McDonald

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Sandy: Excuse me. Hi, sir... Hi, excuse me. I'm having a baby!

Nurse Cummings: Well yes, you certainly are.

Sandy: No, I mean, I'm having a baby right now.

Nurse Cummings: And we know this because...?

Sandy: Because my water broke and my contractions are getting closer together.

Nurse Cummings: All right, all right, it sounds like you know what you're talking about. Why don't you sit down, relax and I'll try to get you a doctor and a bed. Is the father on the way?

Sandy: We're not exactly speaking to each other.

Nurse Cummings: Okay, how about your father... or mother?

Sandy: My father's a drunk, my mother's remarried and neither she nor my stepfather want to be here.

Nurse Cummings: A friend? You got a friend?

Sandy: Yeah, I think so.

Nurse Cummings: Good... you call your friend. I'll be right back.

Sandy: (breathing)

Simon's Apartment

Rose: What do you think of Spring colors?

Simon: I think it's not Spring.

Rose: I know, but what do you think about something vivid like daffodil yellow and grass green? Or would you rather go with pastels, like lilac and sort of a dusty rose?

Simon: Yeah...

Rose: Hhmm... good, then we agree.

Simon: We agree on what?

Rose: The colors for our wedding, we have to have a color scheme.

Simon: Of course, we're talking about a color scheme for the wedding. How could I not know we're talking about the wedding? That's all we ever talk about.

Rose: It's only the most important day of our lives.

Simon: I know, but it's over a year away and I don't want to miss out on the rest of my life because we're waiting on the most important day of our lives.

Rose: You're not as excited about this as I am. Why is that?

Simon: Of course I'm excited. It's just...

Phone: (rings)

Rose on Phone: Hello... oh, hi, what's up? Now? Oh... sorry, we can't, we've got class. I'll call you later.

Simon: Who was that?

Rose: Who else? Sandy... she's such a drama queen. She always thinks we can just drop whatever we're doing and help her.

Simon: Is she okay?

Rose: Yes, she's okay, and why are you more interested in her than me and our wedding?

Simon: I'm not. I'm just asking if she's okay.

Rose: She's fine. Now where were we? Oh yeah, you were being a jerk.

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Nurse Cummings: Any luck?

Sandy: No, I have no luck at all. That's how I got here.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: Thank you.

Eric: Avoid caffeine while you can.

Ruthie: I was just having a little fun.

Annie: So early in the morning? That's not like you. What's going on?

Ruthie: Martin invited me to go watch him work out this morning. We're going to the batting cage.

Eric: Before school...?

Ruthie: We got time. Some guy is coming to see him this afternoon, a scout. The coach wants him to be ready. I guess he got an offer to go play with the Nuts... the Modesto Nuts... the farm team... they made an offer a couple of weeks ago, but he's thinking they might want him sooner.

Eric: Oh, I guess this is a very important day for Martin.

Ruthie: And he's including me.

Annie: I'm gonna go find out what's keeping the boys.

Ruthie: Please don't ruin this by talking to me.

Eric: I'm... I'm not ruining anything.

Ruthie: You won't if you don't talk to me.

Eric: It's just that...

Ruthie: Please... I'm not in love with Martin. I'm just going as a friend, okay?

Eric: A very happy friend.

Ruthie: So?

Eric: So, in the past you have expressed some very strong feelings for Martin. And even though you seem to realize that those feelings were misplaced, considering that Martin is about to have a child with a young woman that he's not married to and won't even to speak to, it just seems that you're a little too excited about going to the batting cage with Martin.

Ruthie: I just want you to know that I am mature enough not to roll my eyes at this point.

Eric: Well, okay, I guess that's progress... sort of.

Ruthie: I want to go. So, if I'm gonna go, I have to go now or we'll be late for school.

Eric: Ruthie...

Ruthie: I promise, I don't think of him as anything more than a friend, and as a friend, I'm really excited something might happen for him today, because he's been through such a rough year.

Eric: As much as I like Martin and you know I do, we have to remember this tough year didn't just happen to him.

Ruthie: Come on, just admit it, aren't you just a little bit excited that another scout is coming to see him this afternoon? It's a big deal, a really big deal. And, it's not like I have any illusions about us ever being together or anything. Please...

Eric: Okay, I guess... go.

Annie: I don't believe her.

Eric: I don't either, but I don't think we can just say that to her.

Annie: We weren't talking to her.

Eric: No, but we were both listening to her, and if one of us had something to say...

Annie: You were the one who arranged for this guy to come see Martin. Why didn't you just tell him who it is?

Eric: Because if he knew I was setting this up, he'd probably just turn around and run in the opposite direction. Obviously, he's not paying attention to any advice I've given him. Besides Martin's dad knows that this guy isn't from the Modesto Nuts, he could tell him.

Annie: But he didn't.

Mercy Hospital - Hospital Room

Nurse Cummings: No one?

Sandy: I'm trying.

Nurse Cummings: You want me to try?

Sandy: I left a message for my minister or my pastor, or whatever she is, but I can't get her. All I get is her voice mail.

Nurse Cummings: Whatever she is?

Sandy: Yeah, I'm not sure exactly. I'm kind of a new to this whole religion thing. See, I became a Christian over Christmas.

Nurse Cummings: Congratulations...

Sandy: Yeah, I'm a believer... if that's what people say. I don't know exactly, but I'm a Christian. I wasn't before, you know, but... I am now... and for real. I'm not just saying that.

Nurse Cummings: I can see that. I can see it in your eyes. Believe me, nothing's gonna go wrong today.

Sandy: All right, sounds good to me.

Sandy: (breathing)

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Kevin: You are a hungry girl. Good stuff, huh? Let me taste some of that.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Kevin: Now I am.

Lucy: What were you doing?

Kevin: Spitting out baby food.

Lucy: Why?

Kevin: Because it tastes like dirt.

Lucy: Then why did you eat it?

Kevin: I wanted to see what it tastes like since we're feeding that dirt to our daughter.

Lucy: Well, it doesn't taste like dirt to her, and you're under no obligation to eat what she eats.

Kevin: I know that, I just wanna what she does, eat what she eats, because I'm her daddy.

Lucy: Well, I'm her mommy and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her, but neither of us has to eat baby food in order to be a good parent.

Kevin: Oh, I think you're starting to put on the official voice of Pastor Lucy and you know how much I hate that.

Lucy: It's associate pastor.

Kevin: And?

Lucy: And I wasn't putting on any voice.

Kevin: You don't seem like you're in a good mood.

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: I can't find my cell phone.

Kevin: Where'd you put it?

Lucy: If I knew where I put it, then I could find it.

Kevin: I keep a very clean house. If you can't find it, you must have left it in the car.

Lucy: (sighs)

Lucy: Yeah, maybe... unless... do you think Samson ate it?

Kevin: No, he's a good dog.

Lucy: Delilah?

Kevin: I think if she ate it we could see it. But if it's not in the car, I'll help you look for it.

Lucy: Thanks...

Kevin: I really wanna have another baby.

Lucy: You see how crazy I am? I'm busy, I'm disorganized... I... I didn't even kiss Savannah goodbye. I can't handle having another baby.

Kevin: Yes, we can. We can handle it.

Lucy: It's not we. You don't have to do anything. It's me. I can't and I don't want to. No matter how good you are at staying at home.

Kevin: That's what she calls what I do, staying at home? I'm good at staying? Sometimes mommy hurts my feelings. Yeah, she does... but I still wanna have another baby. Yeah, I do. And your mommy does, too. We just have to approach her at the right time.

Mercy Hospital - Hospital Room

Sandy: I can't just call him.

Nurse Cummings: Call him. Someone's gonna call him and it might as well be you.

Sandy: Who's going to call him? No one even knows.

Nurse Cummings: You're gonna get through to someone and someone is gonna get through to him, so I think you better make the call. I do, trust me; I have been through this more than once or twice.

Sandy: How many times?

Nurse Cummings: Three...

Sandy: I'm the third?

Nurse Cummings: What difference does it make? Look, if he doesn't want to be here, he doesn't want to be here. But at least give him the choice. You don't want your child growing up and asking, "was my daddy there when I was born?" Because then you'd have to answer, "no, 'cause I didn't call him".

Batting Cage

Ruthie: You're looking good this morning.

Martin: Shut up, I can't concentrate.

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie: Your phone is ringing.

Martin: Let it ring.

Ruthie: What if it's your dad?

Martin: What if you keep talking and I get hit in the face.

Ruthie: All right, I get the point.

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie: I'd tell you your phone is ringing again, but I don't want anything bad to happen.

Martin: Good...

Mercy Hospital - Hospital Room

Nurse Cummings: Ah, who needs him anyway?

Sandy: Yeah, it's not like he can do this for me.

Phone: (rings)

Sandy on Phone: Hello...?

Mercy Hospital - Hospital Room / Lucy's Car

Lucy on Phone: I just got your message. Did you call?

Lucy on Phone: Are you okay?

Sandy on Phone: Yeah, I'm at the hospital. I'm having the baby.

Lucy on Phone: I'm on my way, which means a couple of hours. Who else is there with you?

Sandy on Phone: I very nice nurse and a lot of scary people.

Lucy on Phone: And Rose and Simon?

Sandy on Phone: They have class.

Lucy on Phone: Class? Yeah, okay. And... Martin?

Sandy on Phone: Not answering his phone.

Lucy on Phone: Don't worry, it's all gonna be fine. Everything is gonna be just fine.

Sandy: (breathing)

Simon's Apartment

Rose: If you have a problem with pink, just tell me now.

Simon: I don't have a problem with pink. I have a problem with wearing pink at my wedding.

Rose: Our wedding.

Phone: (rings)

Simon's Apartment / Lucy's Car

Simon on Phone: Hello...?

Lucy on Phone: Why aren't you at the hospital?

Simon on Phone: I don't know. Am I supposed to be at the hospital?

Lucy on Phone: Yeah, Sandy's having her baby.

Simon on Phone: Now?

Lucy on Phone: Yes, now. Go...

Simon on Phone: All right, we're on our way.

Lucy on Phone: Good... because I'm stuck in traffic, and it's gonna to take me hours to get there, but someone should be there.

Simon on Phone: Martin should be there.

Lucy on Phone: I can't get him to answer his stupid phone, so I sent dad to find him.

Simon on Phone: All right, um, I'll try to find him. You drive.

Lucy on Phone: Go... now.

Simon on Phone: All right, we're going. Be careful.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Did you know that Sandy is at the hospital?

Rose: Did I know that Sandy is at the hospital?

Simon: Of course you knew. Why didn't you tell me? Sandy's all by herself.

Rose: Well, I don't think we wanna watch. So, there's really nothing we can do when we get there.

Simon: Yes, we can. Didn't you take all those birthing classes with her? That's what those classes are for, so you can be there with her.

Rose: To tell you the truth, I didn't do that well and they kind of asked me not to come back after a few classes.

Simon: They...?

Rose: Sandy... Look, I just don't get it. I don't see what's wrong with being completely knocked out and waking up and finding out what happened. I'm just old-fashioned that way.

Simon: I was there when my mom had the twins, not in the room when she was giving birth, but I was there... before and immediately after, and believe me, there's nothing like a baby being born. We don't want to miss this, and Sandy needs us.

Rose: Aren't you forgetting something? Martin is the father. This is his responsibility. He's supposed to be there, not us. We're just friends.

Simon: But Martin's not there and we're going, Rose.

Rose: You go. You wanna there so badly, you go. But I was hoping that we'd save the birthing experience for you and me, not you and me and Sandy.

Simon: Rose, I want you to do this with me, okay? I want us to do this together. Is it because you're scared... because... Rose you can count on me, you can count on me to be there for you.

Rose: I'm not scared. I don't want to go. I don't mind going after the baby is born, but I don't want to go now. This isn't about us. We're not having a baby. Sandy is.

Simon: You know what, Rose, this is about us... this is about what kind of family we can be. And you know, if this is how it's gonna be, you making me feel bad for doing the right thing, to help out a friend in need, your friend, not even my friend... then you know what... I don't know... don't know if I wanna to be with you. I don't know if I wanna get married.

High School - Hallway

Phone: (beeps)

Cell Phone: (reads) You have ten messages.

Ruthie: So, you ready for this afternoon?

Martin: Ready as I'll ever be.

Phone: (vibrates)

Ruthie: Who's trying to call?

Martin: I... I don't know. I'm not checking my messages until after practice. I can't afford to have anyone mess this up for me.

Ruthie: So, do I get to watch you practice?

Martin: I guess I didn't do too badly with you at the batting cage, so...

Ruthie: Please...

Martin: All right, but don't yell anything out to me.

Ruthie: Promise...

Eric: Martin, ah, I'm glad I found you. Sandy tried to reach you. She's at the hospital.

Martin: Oh, all right... well, ah, thanks for lettin' me know.

Eric: I... I called your dad, he's gonna meet us there. He's working closer to the hospital, and he didn't want to drive all the way back here. You do want to go to the hospital, don't you?

Martin: Ah, no, I hadn't planned on it.

Eric: Martin... I need to talk to Martin alone.

Ruthie: Well, he's got that scout coming this afternoon.

Eric: I can talk to the scout. I'll find him and I'll talk to him. And Ruthie, your mom needs you to come straight home from school and take care of the boys. Kevin is gonna pick them up from school, but then he gotta drive up and meet Lucy. She's already headed up there.

Ruthie: I'm supposed to baby sit?

Eric: Yeah, I... I need you to stay with Sam and David. We'll get back as soon as we can, but I don't know how long we'll be there.

Ruthie: But I wanted to watch Martin practice.

Eric: I need you to do this for the family today, Ruthie, and for Sandy. She needs our help and support, and babysitting is your contribution. Besides, I'm hoping Martin's gonna be at the hospital.

Martin: I don't think so.

Eric: Ruthie, do you mind? I know the timing isn't the perfect, but you have to go.

Martin: I don't have to go.

Eric: Well, you don't... don't have to, but...

Martin: But I'm not. Even if I didn't have a scout coming to practice today, I wouldn't go.

Eric: I can talk to the coach; I can talk to the scout. I... surely, he can hang out one more day. Trust me, please, just trust me here. As an adult, as a friend, as someone who really cares about you, just go to the birth of your child. Even if you don't want to, go. Come on, come on, I'll go with you.

Martin: I don't think Sandy would even want me there.

Eric: She's been trying to call you. She wanted you to know. She wants you to be there.

Martin: Why? What am I going to do?

Eric: Well, you're gonna see your child for the first time.

Martin: And once I do that, I'll what, be happy about everything that's happened and Sandy and I will fall in love and get married and be one happy family? Look, isn't it enough that I'm not going to college and I'm going to play baseball so I can contribute financially?

Eric: You made a big sacrifice, but no, it's really not enough. If you'll check your phone, you'll also have a message from your dad there.

Martin: I'm not checking my messages until after practice.

Eric: All right, Annie's waiting for me out front. I wish you'd come with us, but... it's up to you.

Martin: (shakes head)

Eric: Sometimes with a first baby, they come really quickly, and sometimes it takes a long time. So, maybe there'll still be time for you to get up there after practice. If you change your mind, call me.

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Simon: Hi, ah, I'm looking for Sandy Jameson. She's having a baby.

Nurse Cummings: No, she's not.

Simon: No, she is. She called my sister, my sister called me.

Nurse Cummings: And you are...?

Simon: Simon Camden.

Nurse Cummings: Of Simon and Rose "we're too busy... we have class"?

Simon: Ah, that was a misunderstanding.

Nurse Cummings: Well, Sandy's not here.

Simon: Where is she?

Nurse Cummings: She left... not ready... went for a walk.

Simon: Okay, I guess I'll wait for her then.

Nurse Cummings: Or you can just go back to class, I think it's gonna be awhile.

Simon: I'd rather just wait for her.

Nurse Cummings: (points)

Simon: (sighs)

Lucy: Where is she?

Simon: Hi... ah, she's... she left. She's walking around. The nurse said she wasn't ready yet.

Lucy: Where is she walking?

Simon: I don't know, she's been walking for a while though.

Lucy: Where's Rose?

Simon: I don't know.

Lucy: What do you mean, you don't know?

Simon: We had a fight. She ah, she didn't want to come, so, um, I think we broke up.

Lucy: You broke up... you really broke up?

Simon: Yeah...

Lucy: I'm sorry.

Simon: Stop smiling. I love her, Luce, I don't know... I don't know if Rose is the right woman for me.

Lucy: No, we all love her too, but none of is thing she's the right woman for you either, Simon. I know it hurts, but I think it's for the best.

Simon: None of you think she's the right woman for me? What... she's a nice woman, but we're different.

Lucy: Right, that's what I meant. The two of you are just two very different people.

Simon: Different how?

Lucy: I don't know. You're the one who said it.

Simon: Well, you agreed with me and...

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: ...and you know your husband's not all that perfect either.

Lucy: No, he's certainly not, but then again, no one's perfect.

Simon: I'm sorry, I just saying that out of anger. What's wrong with Kevin?

Lucy: Nothing... he's just bugging me to have another baby and I don't want another baby. Speaking of which, I think we should go find Sandy.

Annie: Has she had the baby yet? How's Sandy doing? Where is she?

Lucy: Ah, she on a walk; she's not ready yet.

Annie: Oh, that must mean she's close or they would have sent her home. Yeah, where is she?

Beau: Is the baby here?

Eric: Ah, no, no and neither is the mother. She... she went for a walk.

Beau: Well, I stopped to get something. I didn't know what to get.

Annie: It's perfect. She'll love it.

Beau: Yeah...

Eric: So you really are in landscaping?

Beau: Yeah... I'm not in the CIA, I swear.

Movie Theater

Sandy: (labor pains, breathing)

Sandy: Help!

Sandy: (labor pains, breathing)

Sandy: Don't panic, don't panic.

Sandy: (breathing)

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Rose: I'm sorry.

Simon: Me, too.

Rose: I figured you might be hungry. I brought some sandwiches.

Simon: I'm starving. Thanks...

Rose: So... where's Sandy? Everything okay?

Simon: Yeah, everything's fine. Sandy went for a walk. My mom and dad are here and Lucy's here and Martin's dad is here. They all went in different directions, trying to find her.

Rose: Should we go and look for her?

Simon: No, I'm supposed to stay here in case she shows up. I really appreciate that you changed your mind.

Rose: Well, I was wrong and you were right. We should be here for Sandy, but I hate hospitals. And I hate sharing you, even if it's for a good cause.

Simon: What are you so afraid of, Rose? Tell me what's really goin' on.

Rose: Okay, I'm afraid that your ambivalence about the wedding means that you don't really intend to marry me.

Simon: (laughs)

Simon: I mean, I know I haven't really been much help with planning, but it's still over a year away.

Rose: I just get the feeling that you don't love me as much as I love you.

Simon: That's not true.

Rose: Really? Because I waited for you to come back and beg me to come down here, but when I realized you weren't coming, well... here I am.

Sandy: (labor pains, breathing)

High School - Baseball Field

Terry: Martin... Martin... Timothy McDonald, Sequoia College.

Martin: Oh... a college. I thought...

Tim: No, heard you got an offer from the Colorado Rockies, and they're gonna start out in "A" ball with the Modesto Nuts?

Martin: Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it. I thought maybe if they were sending another scout, they were interested in starting me sooner.

Tim: Sorry, I'm just came to offer you another option.

Martin: Ah, sure... options are always good.

Tim: Second semester just started. Spring training's already underway. Our third baseman fell out. You've got the SAT's and the grades to get into Sequoia, and we'd like to have you play ball for us. It's a full scholarship offer.

Martin: Ah, but... don't you want to see me play?

Tim: Caught you last season, and I've been hanging around here for a couple of days. Saw you at practice, was at the batting cage this morning.

Martin: Ah, how did you know I was there?

Terry: I told him.

Martin: Who told you?

Terry: I don't really think that matters. What matters is that you're looking at an immediate offer for a college scholarship.

Martin: Well... I don't know. I kind of need a job, and I was looking forward to being out on the road.

Tim: Well, after college, there's plenty of time to get out on the road and if the road turns out to be a dead end, then you've got a college education to back you up.

Martin: This kind of wreaks of Reverend Camden.

Tim: Listen Martin, before you get angry and blow this, think it over. Doesn't matter who brought you to my attention. A good offer's a good offer.

Terry: You know what this game needs, Martin? Men with integrity and you have that. You have integrity.

Martin: You know my situation.

Tim: So do I. Lot of guys get themselves into the same situation. Question is what are you going to do about it? We can get you a job on campus.

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Annie: Well, she must be around here somewhere.

Nurse Cummings: Well, well, well looks like we got a crowd here now. This is more like it.

Lucy: All we need is Sandy.

Nurse Cummings: She's in delivery; doing fine. Wandered over to the Cineplex... missed the end of the movie but she got here in plenty of time.

Lucy: She's here?

Nurse Cummings: Yep...

Annie: Does she want us to come in with her?

Rose: If she doesn't, it's okay.

Nurse Cummings: I'll ask.

Edward: Reverend Camden?

Edward: Nine weeks sober and counting.

High School

Ruthie: But Martin is all by himself and he shouldn't be all by himself. This is an important day for him, too.

Kevin: He should be at the hospital with Sandy.

Ruthie: I know that, but he's not going.

Martin: Kevin, hey, I need a ride.

Ruthie: So you're going?

Martin: Yeah, I don't know why. I don't know what I'm supposed to do there, but I'm going.

Kevin: Good man.

Martin: Well...

Ruthie: Then I want to go.

Kevin: Your mom and dad want you at home with the boys. We'll drop you off.

Ruthie: Please, I can baby sit them at the hospital.

Kevin: I don't think they allow children in the hospital.

Ruthie: Martin, you want me to go, don't you?

Martin: I don't know, Ruthie. I mean, maybe you shouldn't.

Ruthie: How can you say that? I'm your friend.

Martin: Yeah, you're my friend, but...

Ruthie: You can't leave me out of this. It's not fair. Kevin, call them.

Kevin: You call them.

Ruthie: Okay, and if they say yes, I can go?

Kevin: Then it's okay... but I'm gonna have to hear it from them myself.

Martin: I can't believe my life. It's not supposed to be like this.

Kevin: How is it supposed to be?

Martin: I don't know, but not like this. I mean, I respect my dad, and we're really close, but right now, I really wish my mom was here. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Kevin: Yeah, I lost my dad when I was in high school and I still miss him and there are times when I wish he was around to talk to, help me make my decisions, but when I do have a decision to make, I just ask myself, what would he tell me to do if he were here?

Ruthie: Here... I can go but we have to hurry.

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Eric: Thanks for coming. Sandy had told Lucy that after the baby was born she was going to try to find you because she wanted to show you the baby and hope that even if you couldn't sober up for her, maybe you could do it for your grandchild.

Edward: Yes. Well. Getting sober for either Sandy or my grandchild would be rather noble, but we know I'm not that. I did this for myself. I did. I decided I wasn't functioning as an alcoholic as well as I thought and when I saw you and Lucille working together as father and daughter, I thought, that's functional. And then, I thought, how do I achieve that level of functionality?

Beau: Hi...

Edward: Hello, Mr. Brewer. Join us.

Beau: Miniature roses.

Edward: Rosa Rouletti...

Beau: You're right. I'm new at this. By the way, I'm looking forward to meeting Sandy, and our... grandchild.

Annie: Well... we have a baby.

Rose: And I helped!

Lucy: She did.

Beau: And the baby is...?

Lucy: Sandy wants to be the one to tell you.

Nurse Cummings: Okay, let's take this one or two at a time, because we don't want to overwhelm our little mother.

Mercy Hospital - Hospital Room

Sound: (song)

Sound: (baby crying)

Sandy: (sniffling)

Sandy: Thanks for coming.

Martin: Thank you for letting me come.

Sandy: This is your son.

Martin: He's beautiful. Nice job.

Sandy: (laughs)

Martin: I'm a little overwhelmed. I don't really know what to say.

Sandy: What do you want to name him?

Martin: Oh, no, no... not after the way I've been with this. I couldn't name him. Him... it's a boy?

Sandy: He's a boy.

Martin: I'm sorry I wasn't here.

Sandy: That's okay, you're here now.

Sandy: (crying)

Mercy Hospital - Emergency Waiting Room

Beau: I don't really know much about the landscaping business. It's just the only job I could find after twenty-five years in the Marines.

Edward: I learned everything I know from my mother. She was a horticulturist... and a drinker.

Beau: So, who do you working for now?

Edward: I got a lawn mower and a pickup. I work for myself.

Beau: I don't know how long the job I have right now is gonna last. You need any help?

Edward: You just said you don't know anything about the business.

Beau: That's true. I did say that.

Edward: However, if you'd be willing to hit me in the head with a shovel if I ever go near a drink...

Beau: Not a problem.

Edward: Then perhaps we should give it a shot.

Beau: Perhaps we should. After all, we do have a grandson in there who's going to need our help.

Edward: Let's just see how the shovel motivation works first. I'm new to sobriety.

Beau: (nods)

Lucy: It's been a really nice day.

Kevin: Yeah, I'm glad we were here.

Lucy: Me, too. I'm sorry about this morning. I said some things I shouldn't have. I'm really happy, Kevin. I love our life. I love being married to you, I love being your wife, I love being a mother to our daughter. And if you're happy, if you're really happy with the way things are, with waiting on Savannah and me every minute, and cleaning up after Samson and Delilah, then... if you're ready, I'm ready. We can have another baby, if that's what you want.

Kevin: That's what I want, Luce.

Ruthie: Well... I guess maybe things will work out with Martin and Sandy.

Eric: Maybe... we'll see.

Annie: I hope so. They're both so young and this isn't the best way to start out a life together, but...

Ruthie: But they have a son, and the best thing for their son would be that things do work out between Sandy and Martin. It's nice to have a mom and a dad... most of the time.

Ruthie: And hopefully, I can still be friends with Martin and Sandy. Maybe they'll even let baby sit. I've certainly had enough experience.

David: I think Simon and Rose will have the next baby.

Sam: Yeah, I wonder if they'll get married first.

Simon: I can't wait to see you with our son and daughter.

Rose: I can't wait to give you a son or a daughter, although I'm still in favor of being knocked out.

Simon: I'm serious, Rose, I can't wait.

Rose: I'm not having a baby before I get married.

Simon: Then let's not wait. Let's get married.

Rose: Let's get married when...?

Simon: This May.

Rose: Yes! We're getting married in May! This May! We're getting married!

Simon: It was my idea. I'm ready. We're ready. I love you.

Rose: And I love you.

Mercy Hospital - Hospital Room

Sandy: So, I know I shouldn't say anything and it's up to you, but I was thinking if you went to Sequoia, you'd be close by.

Martin: I really should go to college and they have a really good team.

Sandy: If you decide to, when would you start?

Martin: Now...

Sandy: Are you ready for that?

Martin: I'm not ready for any of this, but... it seems like the right thing to do.

Sandy: But what do you want to do?

Martin: I don't really know, but it seems like a good opportunity so maybe I should give it a shot and it would give us a chance to get to know each other better, and give me a chance ah get to know my son. I can't believe I have a son.

Sandy: Well, you do... and he's gonna need a name.

Martin: Any name you want is fine.

Sandy: You wanna name him after your father?

Martin: Hmmm... what about after your father?

Sandy: Well, I just really met my father and I'm happy that he's decided to change his life, but like us, I think I have to wait and see what happens.

Sandy: What about your grandfather?

Martin: Ahhh... my mother's father's name was Milton. I'd hate to stick him with that.

Sandy: What about your other grandfather?

Martin: Ah, Aaron... my dad's father was named Aaron, after his father's best friend.

Sandy: Maybe someday we can be best friends.

Martin: Maybe we can. How do we do that? How do we become friends after I've been such an irresponsible jerk?

Sandy: I can forgive you, if you can forgive me. I know it's a lot to ask, but it's everything... forgiveness.

Martin: I think I can do that. And if you can, I'm willing to try anyway. Maybe we can kind of start over, not that I know how to do that.

Sandy: You can come and see the baby whenever you want, you and your dad, or anyone else you want.

Martin: Thanks, I'm gonna wanna come see him. I'm going to want to be a part of his life.

Sandy: So... we just have to start out slowly, you know, maybe just one step at a time. Like you call me and I'll call you. You can ask me how the baby is, and I'll tell you he's fine, because he's gonna be fine. He's gonna be just fine and no matter happens between us, we'll be fine too, because you're a good guy, Martin. You really are.

Martin: So, um... how... how was your day?

Sandy: Blessed... it was a very blessed day.

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