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#10.10 : Un Petit air de fête

Noël approche à grands pas. Simon découvre que Rose garde certains secrets pour elle et commence à se demander si ses parents n'avaient pas raison en lui recommandant de ne pas se marier trop vite. Annie et Eric finissent par permettre à Ruthie de fréquenter Jack. Philip conseille à Rose de ne pas se marier tout de suite avec Simon mais de vivre simplement avec lui. 

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Apple pie

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Un Petit air de fête

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Martin & Kevin (VO)
Martin & Kevin (VO)


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Écrit par : Jeffrey Rodgers & Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Lindsley Parsons III

Avec : Garrett Strommen (Jack) 

Guests :

  • Branden Weslee Kong ..... Lycéen

High School

Jack: Hey, stranger. How was your Thanksgiving?

Ruthie: Oh, hi. My Thanksgiving was interesting. So, you thought I was having Martin's baby.

Jack: Did I?

Ruthie: I believe you did.

Jack: Yeah, sorry about that; looks like that rumor was only half right. I owe you an apology for the half-wrong part and a thank you for the Campbell's Labels for Education project. So, let's go out. A nice dinner somewhere, tomorrow night, just the two of us. We'll talk.

Ruthie: Well... I don't know.

Jack: It's just dinner and what don't you know?

Ruthie: I still don't know why Martin tried to keep me from going out with you. He must've had some reason. So, even though I can go out with you, I think I would like to find out what that is first.

Jack: Why...?

Ruthie: Because...

Jack: I don't know what Martin's problem is with me, but since he's about to become a teenage father, don't you think it should be taken into consideration that he may not be the most responsible person in the world? He might not be a reliable source of information. What... are you in love with the guy?

Ruthie: No, I'm not. We're just friends.

Jack: Okay, if he really your friend, I'm sure he at least thinks he has a legitimate reason for keeping you from going out with me, so find out what it is. Go... find out... let me know what I've done. I can't wait to hear.

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: Must be nice to just lie around all day.

Simon: Semester ended at Thanksgiving, so now I'm on break until January, or at least I would be if I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow.

Ruthie: You could have picked me up at school so I didn't have to take the bus.

Simon: Yeah, I would have but... I didn't wanna have to get up. It's not gonna hurt you to take the bus. I used to take the bus.

Ruthie: I wanted to talk to you. Did dad tell you what Martin told him about Jack?

Simon: Yeah... he said that Jack had this weird thing about only dating girls who have never been with a guy, and then he seduces them, and then he never speaks to them again. What? I thought you knew. I thought you were just asking if I knew so we could talk about Jack. You didn't you know? Ruthie...?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hey, look at you, keeping a plate out for your dear old dad. Thanks, I'm starving.

Ruthie: I know why you don't want me to go out with Jack. Simon told me.

Eric: I asked Martin to tell you.

Ruthie: Martin didn't tell me; he told you. Why didn't you tell me?

Eric: I was hoping to stay out of it and let you just decide not to date Jack all on your own... if the opportunity presented itself.

Ruthie: It presented itself. Jack asked me out and after I talked to Simon, I talked to Jack, and I don't think Martin knows what he's talking about.

Eric: I'm lost. You, you talked to Martin about Jack? You didn't talk to Martin about Jack? No, I didn't think so. You haven't talked to Martin since Thanksgiving, have you? I'm not gonna go through this again with you two, especially during the holidays. Talk to Martin and after you talk to Martin, talk to me before you talk to Jack again.

Ruthie: All right, I will... I promise.

Eric: You just can't let go of the idea of going out with Jack, can you?

Ruthie: No, I can't. Hey, would you be willing to talk to Jack? He wants me to call him and tell him when he can come over... when as in what time tonight. He wants to talk to you.

Eric: Tonight...?

Ruthie: We wanna go out tomorrow night.

Eric: Fine, tell him to come on over.

Ruthie: Thanks, Dad.

Eric: Was there any dessert?

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon on Phone: Rose, it's my last night here. I have to get up in the morning and drive back to school. I have to go to work tomorrow and I really, really want to see you tonight.

Rose on Phone: I know, but the realtor is showing my parents' house tonight, and I don't want to be here, so I told Sandy we could do something.

Simon on Phone: On my last might here?

Rose on Phone: I couldn't just kick her out for the night.

Simon on Phone: All right, I get it. I'm just sorry your parents are selling that house. I like that house.

Rose on Phone: I know, but they've hardly been out here the past year, past two years even. They just hung onto it as an investment.

Simon on Phone: Nice investment.

Rose on Phone: Yeah, you know, if you want to get married now, it's possible that I could make a case for them selling it to us at a good price.

Simon on Phone: Rose, we are years, years away from being able to afford a house like that, if ever. So, when are your parents getting into town?

Rose on Phone: Oh, didn't I tell you? They're not coming. They want to go skiing in Canada... Lake Louise, I think. It's beautiful there.

Simon on Phone: So you're not going to be with your parents for Christmas?

Rose on Phone: Well... they want me to fly up and go skiing with them, but I told them I want to be with you, and you're working so you can't travel.

Simon on Phone: Well that's true, but... I was really looking forward to meeting them.

Rose on Phone: And they were looking forward to meeting you, too. Maybe they'll fly down after the holidays. I've got to run. I'll call you later, okay?

Simon on Phone: All right, I'll be here on the couch... unless when you and Sandy get home, you want me to come over.

Rose on Phone: Simon, don't be so needy. It's not an attractive quality in a man. I'll talk to you later.

Rose's Apartment

Door: (knocks)

Rose: Hi, I am so happy to see you.

Philip: Ah, it's been way too long, Rose, way too long.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: Hi...

Eric: Hi...

Simon: Sorry about telling Ruthie about Jack. I, I thought she knew.

Eric: He's coming over.

Simon: Jack...?

Eric: Yep, wants to talk to me.

Simon: Why...?

Eric: I don't know. Guess he wants to convince me that he's just a good ol' red-blooded American boy.

Simon: He's too old. He's too experienced. He's not the right guy for Ruthie.

Eric: Couldn't you have mentioned that to your sister when you were telling her everything else?

Simon: I said I was sorry.

Eric: You have any idea what happened to dessert tonight? Your mom didn't make dessert?

Simon: Apple pie... Lucy came over and took what was left of it.

Eric: Apple pie? There's no apple pie left for me?

Simon: I don't think so.

Eric: Mind if I borrow your cell phone?

Simon: Lucy?

Eric: Yeah...

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Phone: (rings)

Sandy: Want me to, ah...?

Lucy: Sure...

Sandy on Phone: Kinkirk residence.

Eric on Phone: Oh, hi, ah, this is Eric.

Sandy on Phone: Oh, hi, Reverend Camden. It's Sandy.

Eric on Phone: Sandy, how are you?

Sandy on Phone: I'm fine. Hold on a sec, I'll get Lucy.

Eric on Phone: No, that's okay I wasn't really looking for Lucy or Kevin.

Lucy: He wants the pie?

Eric on Phone: I was looking for the rest of the apple pie.

Sandy on Phone: Still a piece left. Want Lucy to bring it to you?

Eric on Phone: That'd be great, thanks. I'd appreciate it.

Lucy: Would you mind taking it to him?

Sandy: No, I'd be happy to.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon: Sandy is at Kevin's and Lucy's?

Eric: Yeah, she's gonna get Lucy to bring over the last piece of apple pie.

Simon: You know, I have to be at work early, so I think I'm gonna take off and just drive back tonight. I'm gonna go get the rest of my stuff.

Eric: And leave your couch? You wouldn't just be saying that you're driving back to school tonight when you're really thinking that maybe you'll go over to Rose's then leave from there in the morning?

Simon: No, 'course not.

Camden's House - Backyard

Sandy: I was just going to take this to Reverend Camden. I didn't think about running into you. I guess I should have.

Martin: I was just going to find Ruthie. She called me.

Sandy: Well, maybe you could give Reverend Camden this.

Martin: Sure... no problem.

Sandy: Good night, Martin.

Martin: Good night...

Sandy: Martin...? Look, if I don't see you again before the holidays, I hope you have a really nice Christmas.

Martin: Yeah, okay.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: Hi...

Ruthie: Oh, hi, what are you doing here?

Martin: You called me.

Ruthie: I thought you'd call me back.

Martin: Well, you haven't called me since Thanksgiving, so I thought I should just come over.

Ruthie: Oh, okay.

Martin: Do you want me to go back home and call you?

Ruthie: No, that's okay.

Martin: So, what's going on?

Ruthie: Nothing much, I just wanted to talk.

Martin: Well, I'm not really that great at talking. All right, fine... maybe we can start with why you haven't called me in a week and why you sudden decided to call me tonight.

Ruthie: All right, I haven't call you in a while because I'm angry with you for misleading me into thinking that we were going to be more than friends.

Martin: So you called me over here to tell me off.

Ruthie: I didn't tell you to come over.

Martin: Right, you were hoping to tell me off over the phone. Why tonight?

Ruthie: Because my dad asked me to talk to you.

Martin: One, I didn't lead you on, and two, you still have a crush on me even though I told you about Sandy, and I think that's what you're really angry about... Sandy.

Ruthie: Okay, I apologize for how I reacted and for screaming at you when I found out about Sandy, but...

Martin: Thank you. I accept your apology.

Ruthie: But I'm over it, and I only had a crush on you because you led me on.

Martin: No, I didn't.

Ruthie: Yes, you did. You knew how I felt about you. You did, didn't you? Just say you knew. You don't have to apologize.

Martin: Why do you want me to say I knew?

Ruthie: Because it's the truth and then I won't feel like the total idiot I felt like before I realized you knew.

Martin: (sighs)

Martin: I knew. You said you wanted me to say I knew, so I said it.

Ruthie: Yeah, I know, but... now that you said it, it doesn't feel as good as I thought it would. So why don't you go. By the way, I told Jack what you were saying about him, and he says none of it's true.

Martin: What...? Wait a minute. If you weren't expecting me to come over, who were you expecting?

Door: (knocks)

Ruthie: You know thanks for coming over. My dad's in the living room, so why don't you just drop off the pie... and let yourself out the front door.

Jack: Hi... I don't understand how you came to that conclusion.

Martin: Meredith told me you tried something with her.

Jack: We went out for almost three months.

Martin: So that gives you the right to make an unwanted move on her.

Jack: I didn't know it was unwanted until I made it, and then she said no, and I took no for an answer. But you've just been dying to get back at me because of Meredith, haven't you.

Martin: Maybe...

Jack: So you just came up with this big lie?

Martin: No, I didn't just come up with a big lie. Before Meredith, there was Becky and before that Debbie, and before that Mara.

Jack: What about Becky and Debbie and Mara?

Martin: You were with all them until you got what you wanted, then you dumped them. Isn't that true?

Jack: Not exactly, no.

Martin: I just don't want Ruthie just to be another name on your list of conquests. She's my friend. She's not always the best friend to have, but she's my friend and I care about what happens to her.

Jack: What makes you think I have a list of conquests? What makes you think I'm not just another name on Debbie or Becky or Mara's list of conquests? You know, they weren't exactly innocent when I met them. And Debbie dumped me for your information. Not that any of this is any of your business.

Martin: Debbie dumped you?

Jack: Yeah, and I like Debbie.

Martin: Oh...

Jack: Oh...

Martin: I just thought that you were just going from one nice girl to another... to another... to another.

Jack: I am. I am looking for a nice girl. I'm looking for a girl who has some interest in life other than... sex to be blunt. Sorry...

Martin: Look, all right, okay, well, maybe I was wrong.

Jack: Not maybe, you were wrong.

Martin: All right, I made a mistake. I'm sorry and I guess I should let you two talk, so good night...

Jack: Good night...

Ruthie: Good night...

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Eric: The pie is sitting right on the counter. Just walk in, take it and bring it to me in the living room. I'll meet you in the living room.

Sam: What counter?

Eric: The counter in the middle of the kitchen.

David: You mean the table?

Eric: No the counter; it's right there, you'll see it. Just get the pie; bring it to me.

Sam: Do you need a fork?

Eric: Don't stop for the fork, just get the pie. Hi, I didn't realize you were behind me.

Annie: Why can't you get the pie from the kitchen yourself?

Eric: 'Cause Ruthie is in the kitchen with Jack.

Annie: Aren't you supposed to talk to Jack?

Eric: I will, but I need the pie first for strength... for strength and energy.

Annie: Okay, once you have your strength and energy, I'd like you to have a conversation with Simon about Rose. I wanna get everything out in the open before Christmas.

Sam: Should we get the pie?

Annie: No boys, your dad can get the pie.

Sam: Good night, Dad.

David: Good night and good luck.

Camden's House - Living Room

Simon on Phone: I don't know where you are, but I know you're not with Sandy... which is fine, okay, just, just call me.

Eric: Problem...?

Simon: No... no little problem; I just forgot my book.

Eric: Are you sure you have to leave tonight?

Simon: I'm sure. Good night...

Eric: Oh, wait... are you gonna say goodbye to Ruthie?

Simon: Why...?

Eric: I just thinking if you were gonna go through the kitchen...

Simon: No, I'm not gonna get your apple pie for you, okay. You can eat it when you talk to Jack.

Eric: I'm going to talk to Jack, I just wanna be sure Ruthie has plenty of time with him... very interesting discussion they're having. Was that Rose on the phone?

Simon: No, it wasn't. I was leaving her a message.

Eric: Odd she's not around tonight, since this is your last night here.

Simon: She had some things to do.

Eric: Some things that she would lie about?

Simon: No, what made you think that I think she's lying?

Eric: Don't you think she's lying?

Simon: Maybe... but it's Christmastime, you know. It's a time of year when people lie and they sneak around and they plan surprises.

Eric: Oh sure, sure, it's just that time of year. Did Rose tell you that she's with Sandy? Why don't you just call Sandy?

Simon: Because...

Eric: Because you don't want Sandy to know that you think Rose is lying?

Kinkirk's House

Sandy: (crying)

Sandy: He could have said, "You have a nice Christmas, too", or I don't know... something, anything.

Lucy: No, really, he couldn't have or he would have. He wasn't making a conscious choice to not say something nice, he was just reacting to you suddenly being right in front of him.

Kevin: She was just as surprised as he was, and she said something nice to him.

Lucy: I know, but Sandy's been working very hard on being more aware of who she is and what she's doing. She's been making better choices for herself, better choices about everything. Martin's not there yet.

Kevin: I don't think he's gonna get there unless someone knocks some sense into him, and if that's not going to be his dad, I want to do it.

Lucy: No, you don't.

Sandy: I want to do it. I just wanna punch him.

Lucy: No, no, you don't. Neither one of you wanna do anything to harm anyone.

Sandy: I'm afraid I do.

Kevin: Yeah, me too, I really just want to deck that guy.

Lucy: You need a time out. Go take a walk. Get some fresh air... and forget about Martin.

Sandy: (crying)

Sandy: I can't help it, Luce. I'm so angry. I'm so angry and I'm angry because... I want Martin to rescue me, I do. I do, I don't care if I can do this alone, I don't want to. I want Martin. I mean I want him to marry me and take care of me and our baby.

Phone: (rings)

Sandy on Phone: Hello...?

Simon on Phone: Sandy...?

Sandy on Phone: Simon...?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, it's me. Listen do you have any idea where Rose is tonight?

Sandy on Phone: Not really, no.

Simon on Phone: Well, wasn't she supposed to hang out with you tonight?

Sandy on Phone: No, we talked about it, but then Lucy and Kevin invited me over, so I came over here. Why?

Simon on Phone: Oh...

Sandy on Phone: Are you okay?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that... I just wanted to tell her that I'm leaving for school tonight instead of tomorrow morning.

Sandy on Phone: So call her.

Simon on Phone: I did call her. She didn't pick up. I'll just leave her a message. Good night...

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: You're going to leave Rose another message?

Simon: I'll be going now. Good night.

Eric: Don't go out looking for her. It'll look like you don't trust her. I mean, you already called Sandy.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: Having a bad night?

Martin: Yeah, I am.

Kevin: I know. Sandy's over at our house. You couldn't even say "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", "How are you?", something decent to the woman who's having your baby? She's been crying for the past hour. What were you thinking?

Martin: I wasn't thinking. She just came out of nowhere and started talking to me... kind of like you just did.

Kevin: It's the holiday season. People are supposed to be nice to each other. You dad's home from Iraq, it's the first Christmas you've had with him in years, you're surrounded by people who care about you, you got a lot to be happy about.

Martin: On the other had, I don't get to be happy about any of those things because my life is basically over at eighteen, so... Merry Christmas to me.

Kevin: Your life isn't over... you moron.

Martin: Oh, I see, your wife who is supposed to be my friend, is really not my friend, she's Sandy's friend, and so now all of you think I'm the moron who got us into this situation instead of that Sandy is the moron who got us into this situation which is probably the real reason she's crying.

Kevin: I've been thinking about punching you for months now.

Martin: If you do, I'm going to punch you back.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hey, Jack. Thanks for coming over to talk to me. I think that shows a lot of integrity.

Jack: Thank you.

Eric: I pretty much overheard your conversation with Martin and on behalf of me and my wife and Simon, I wanna offer you an apology for maybe being a little too quick to believe something that I wanted to believe because...

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: I wanted a reason to keep you from going out with Ruthie, but I guess I don't have one. Other than the one I had originally, which is, I think eighteen is too old for sixteen, but I also think that my daughter has excellent judgment, and I trust her. And evidently I have no reason not to trust you if you're telling the truth, and I admit it sounds like you are... so... I'm just going to grab the pie and let you two make your big plans.

Jack: Thanks, Reverend Camden.

Sound: (fighting)

Eric: Oh, it's just holiday stuff.

Camden's House - Backyard

Kevin: I can't believe I did that.

Martin: I hit you first.

Kevin: Only because I didn't have the guts to hit you first.

Martin: You were just being polite and letting me go first. By the way, wasn't that an illegal choke hold?

Kevin: Yeah, I can't believe I did that either.

Martin: My dad's going to kill me.

Kevin: No, your dad's probably going to kill me.

Martin: No, Lucy's going to kill you.

Kevin: We're going to have to come up with some excuse...

Martin: It's the holidays.

Kevin: Good, real good.

Martin: Well, I better go home.

Kevin: Yeah, me too. Good luck with your dad.

Martin: Good luck with Lucy.

Kevin: Wait... Martin... look, you might have noticed I am a little frustrated with the way you've been treating Sandy. Just try being a little nicer, will you?

Martin: I can't.

Kevin: Yeah, you can.

Martin: I try, but I can't. I'm really angry with her. I don't... I don't wanna have a baby. I don't want to be a father.

Kevin: Yet, you and Sandy are going to have a baby, and you are going to be a father.

Martin: That's not what I want.

Kevin: You can't always have what you want; all you can have is... what you have.

Martin: Just punch me again, I can't take the lecture.

Kevin: Good night...

Camden's House - Living Room

Jack: I'm glad we talked everything through.

Ruthie: Yeah, me too; I wish we'd all talked sooner, but... anyway, good night.

Jack: Yeah... good night.

Ruthie: I'll see ya' at school tomorrow.

Jack: Yeah, I'll see ya'. Good night, Reverend Camden... Simon...

Eric: Hey, Ruthie, could I talk to you for a minute?

Ruthie: Spying on me?

Simon: Believe me, no one cares at this point. I don't care what he did or what he didn't do... he looks like a giant next to you. You'd look ridiculous if you dated him.

Ruthie: You know I wish I had any respect for your opinion on relationships. Where's Rose?

Simon: Out...

Ruthie: All by herself without you on your last night here? Now that's ridiculous. I mean that you believe it. Well, it's getting late, I better get to bed.

Eric: Wait, wait... my turn. I happened to notice there was no kiss. Not even a quick one.

Ruthie: Jack just came over here to talk and it's not like we were on a date and it's not like I would kiss him even if we had been out on a date especially with the two of you watching.

Eric: All right, if you say so. Good night.

Ruthie: What...?

Eric: You didn't change your mind about dating Jack, did you?

Ruthie: After all that work, are you kidding? No, I didn't. Good night.

Eric: (nods)

Rose's Apartment

Phone: (vibrating)

Philip: Answer it; you're driving the poor guy crazy.

Rose: I don't want to talk to him right now.

Philip: Rose... really... there's nothing more to talk about. This happens to people all the time. They fall in love, they fall out of love.

Rose: No, it doesn't happen all the time and I do not want Simon to know. I'll tell him after he and I get married... if he ever needs to know.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Lucy: I guess Kevin went on a really long walk.

Sandy: He's such a good guy... Kevin. I want Martin to be Kevin. No, wait, what I really want is, I wanna be you. I wasn't to be safe and secure and happy. I want to be a person who never did drugs, never smoked pot, never had sex until I was married.

Lucy: You may want that, but to get that, you'd have to change what already is, and I don't think that's possible. Look Sandy, sometimes the people who overcome the biggest obstacles in life turn out to be the most generous, loving, kind people on earth because they know that everyone has faults, everyone makes mistakes. They know and they accept that about other people because they know and accept that about themselves. And, this is a perfect time of the year to remember that no one is perfect... not me... not you... not Martin... not even Kevin.

Sandy: Martin...?

Kevin: Yeah... Merry Christmas early.

Sandy: (laughs)

Lucy: That's not funny.

Sandy: No, not funny, but thanks just the same.

Lucy: Sandy it was so good to see you. Good night...

Sandy: Good night...

Lucy: You really think hitting anyone is ever the solution to a problem?

Kevin: No, but... as they say, 'tis the season.

Rose's House

Philip: Rose, you knew this was gonna happen. You knew this was coming. You knew we were gonna sell the house. You knew I was going to get divorced.

Rose: No, I didn't know... not for absolute certain.

Philip: Yes, you did. You knew, you just didn't want to believe it.

Rose: I still don't wanna believe it. Dad, it's your fourth marriage.

Philip: You despise Rachel.

Rose: I despise all your wives other than my mother, but I love this house. I was thinking... maybe Simon and I could have this house.

Philip: Have...?

Rose: Okay... buy?

Philip: He hasn't even paid for that ring. And, after knowing how many marriages your mother and I have been through, I don't know why you're rushing into a marriage yourself, especially to a guy neither your mother nor I have met.

Rose: Like either of you could choose the right husband for me. You'd like him.

Philip: Then why don't you introduce him to me?

Rose: Because I don't want him to know that you and mom aren't married. I don't want him to know that this is your fourth divorce and mom's third marriage is shaky.

Philip: Oh, is it?

Rose: Yes, it is.

Philip: Why do you have to get married? Why don't you just live with the guy?

Rose: I tried. That's another reason the Camdens don't like me. You know, other than the ring. I thought when they found out that I moved into Simon's apartment that they'd make us get married. But no, they made me move back to my apartment. I don't want to just live with Simon anyway, I never did, I want to marry him and I want to marry him before he finds out about you and mom.

Philip: You sure you don't want to spend Christmas with me? I can still get you on the flight tonight.

Rose: Nope... I'm going to spend Christmas with Simon and the Camdens.

Philip: Well, good luck with that, honey. I hope your first marriage is as much fun as mine was.

Phone: (vibrating)

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: Mmmm... givin' up?

Simon: Yep...

Simon: Not gonna eat the pie?

Eric: Not yet, no.

Simon: She's never done anything like this before.

Eric: Rose? She's always let you know where she is every single minute?

Simon: Yes... she always know where I am. What's wrong with that?

Eric: Nothing...

Simon: I trust her.

Eric: (nods)

Simon: And she trusted me. We trust each other. I just want to know where she is.

Eric: (nods)

Simon: Eat your pie.

Annie: Yes, eat your pie. Why, why didn't you eat it?

Simon: Yeah, why haven't you eaten the pie?

Eric: I was waiting for my wife. You asked Luce to save this for me, didn't you?

Annie: I did.

Eric: You know, Simon, every year during holiday time, people start focusing on what they want rather than what they have. This is the time of year for sharing what you have; not just getting what you want. Did you happen to notice how absolutely crazy I got just wanting a piece of pie? When people who just want something so badly that they'll do anything to get it... can't really be... trusted.

Simon: What does this little lecture have to do with me? I don't want anything. I just wanna know where Rose is tonight and I'm sure she'll tell me.

Annie: I think what your dad was trying to point out is that Rose wants you; she really, really wants you.

Simon: Rose has me.

Eric: That she does but sometimes when we want something really badly... once we get it, it doesn't necessarily satisfy us for that long.

Simon: Are you saying that after trying to get me to marry her that once I do marry her, Rose might not want me?

Eric: I'd say that's a possibility... based on my thirty years of family counseling and years in the ministry.

Annie: For me, it's pure intuition and there's just something going on, Simon, that you don't know about, and I'm not just talking about tonight.

Phone: (rings)

Simon on Phone: Hello...?

Rose on Phone: Simon, it's me.

Eric: Good night, Simon.

Annie: We love you.

Rose on Phone: I forgot and left my cell phone off. I'm sorry. I just got your messages.

Simon on Phone: That's okay. It's just that... Sandy had dinner with Kevin and Lucy and I just thought...

Rose on Phone: Would you believe I never got out of the house tonight? Just as I was leaving, my dad dropped by.

Simon on Phone: From Canada?

Rose on Phone: No, silly, he was on his way to meet mom and he landed in Los Angeles, so he drove out and surprised me. He just left.

Simon on Phone: And you didn't want to call me?

Rose on Phone: It's just that I had so little time with him and I really wanted to have him all to myself. He'll be back, they both will. And next time, you'll meet them. It really wouldn't have been fair to my mom for dad to meet you and not her anyway. You know, we should all be together, the four of us, when you meet them.

Simon on Phone: All right, it's just that... your dad just stopped by? You didn't know he was coming?

Rose on Phone: Simon, if we're going to be married the rest of our lives; we have to trust each other.

Simon on Phone: I know, but...

Rose on Phone: You trust me, don't you?

Simon on Phone: It's not that, it's just...

Rose on Phone: I love you, Simon. I love you more than anyone or anything I've ever loved in my life. And I want us to be married soon and forever.

Simon on Phone: Rose, are you okay?

Rose on Phone: I'd be better if I knew you loved me as much as I love you.

Simon on Phone: I love you, Rose. I love you so much that you can tell me why you didn't really want me to meet your dad.

Simon on Phone: I love you, too. Okay, I'll talk to you when I get to the car, okay? Bye.

Eric: You were on the phone all night... our phone?

Simon: Yeah, yes, I was. My battery died...

Simon: (sighs)

Simon: ...but you'll be happy to know that I found out where Rose was last night and what she was doing, and everything is fine. Actually, everything is better than it ever was.

Eric: What does that mean?

Simon: That means that Rose's dad isn't married to Rose's mom. Rose's dad has been married four times, and he's going through a divorce right now which is why he's selling the house. And Rose's mom has been married three times and her third marriage isn't going so well either.

Eric: And you feel so much better because...

Simon: Because now I understand why Rose is in such a hurry to get married and why she wants our marriage to work out and why she was hiding her parents from me.

Simon: I can trust her. I really can trust her and she can trust me to love her no matter what.

Kinkirk's House - Kitchen

Door: (knocks)

Savannah: (baby noises)

Martin: I came to apologize.

Lucy: Come on in.

Martin: I'm really sorry I got into that fight with Kevin.

Lucy: Have you had any breakfast?

Martin: Ah no, but I can get something on the way to school.

Lucy: Come on, I'll make you breakfast... bacon and eggs? Pancakes...?

Martin: You would make me pancakes?

Lucy: Sure, I would, even if you think that I'm only Sandy's friend and I'm not your friend.

Martin: Sorry about that, too.

Lucy: What else are you feeling sorry about this morning?

Martin: I don't know.

Lucy: Come on, you're sorry you weren't nicer to Sandy. I know you, Martin, you may not want a baby, but you would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Martin: I guess.

Lucy: I want you to call Sandy and apologize to her. Just tell her you hope she has a Merry Christmas, too.

Martin: You know, I don't have to have the pancakes.

Lucy: Sure you do. If you need privacy you can go in the other room.

Rose's Apartment

Sandy: And you don't think the long list of divorces will eventually bother Simon?

Rose: Nope. In fact, I think he's going to come around to getting married sooner.

Sandy: (shakes head, laughs)

Sandy: I don't know how you do it. How do you always get what you want and I get nothing I want.

Phone: (rings)

Sandy: It's Martin...

Sandy on Phone: Hello...?

Kinkirk's House

Martin on Phone: Hey, it's me, Martin. Look, I, I just want to say that I'm sorry about last night, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas, too.

Sandy on Phone: Thanks, I appreciate that.

Martin on Phone: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I just, I just don't want to have a baby.

Sandy on Phone: I understand.

Martin on Phone: Okay, well, ah, see ya.

Lucy: (sighs)

Martin: (shrugs)

Rose's Apartment

Sandy: After waiting all these months for him to call, he finally called.

Rose: And...?

Sandy: And I think for the first time, I realize that I had casual sex with an eighteen-year-old high school student who just isn't really what I want after all.

Rose: (shrugs)

Sandy: And I have to say that knowing that, I suddenly feel quite... free.

High School

Jack: Hi... looking for me?

Ruthie: Oh, no, I was just... avoiding a teacher I didn't want to run into.

Jack: I see. So about tonight...

Ruthie: Yeah, about tonight...

Jack: We should probably...

Ruthie: Look...

Jack: I'm too old for you.

Ruthie: You're too old for me.

Jack/Ruthie: (laughs)

Ruthie: I'm so glad you feel that way, I was hoping you'd back out.

Jack: I think it was the conversation with Martin that did it. I felt embarrassed to be talking about all that stuff in front of you, even though if it was all true, I just didn't want you to know everything there is to know about me. I'm not exactly proud of sleeping around, but... well... I'm not exactly ashamed of it either, I mean, I'm a guy.

Ruthie: An older guy with a lot of experience. No judgment, really, it's just that you're...

Ruthie/Jack: Too old...

Ruthie: I really appreciate your being so honest, and talking to Martin, and talking to my dad. So, if the offer is still good to be friends, I'll take you up on it.

Jack: The offer's still good. And thanks, Ruthie. Thanks for not going out just to prove that your dad was wrong. I don't think we would have a good time, and this conversation would have just been even more awkward than it is now.

Ruthie: The awkward conversation would be with my dad. I hate it when he's right.

Jack: I'll see you around.

Ruthie: Yeah, see you around, Jack.

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: If you're looking for Simon, he went back to school already... had to work.

Ruthie: I knew you were in here... waiting for me when I got home.

Eric: What made you think that?

Ruthie: Because you couldn't wait to hear me say that you were right and I was wrong.

Eric: About...?

Ruthie: About Jack.

Eric: He's...

Ruthie: Too old for me... too old... too experienced; I'm not going out with him. Happy...?

Eric: Yes, I am. I am happy.

Ruthie: You know, I was really hoping you wouldn't gloat. You always do that, you know... you gloat.

Eric: I do. I absolutely do and your mom pouts. And Sam and David don't always do what I tell them and Simon is just blind when it comes to Rose. And Lucy still cries at the drop at a hat and Kevin is impatient. And Martin is very stubborn and you...

Ruthie: (sighs)

Eric:'re at that eye-rolling stage that I detest. And not one of you is gonna change between now and Christmas, and yet I'm going to enjoy my holidays with all of you because I realize that right now. No expectations, no disappointments... I don't want anything from any of you other than for us all to be together during the holidays and sharing our time and our energy with our own weird and wonderfully family. I love you, Ruthie. 

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