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#10.09 : La Fin des secrets

Thanksgiving approche à grands pas. Tout le monde s'attend à ce que Martin soit bientôt papa. A l'école, les camarades de classe de Ruthie sont persuadés que la jeune femme est enceinte de Martin car elle a manqué de nombreux cours. Ruthie décide de ne pas écouter les rumeurs à son sujet. Elle s'engage également à trouver des fonds pour faire l'acquisition d'un nouvel ordinateur pour son établissement. Son initiative lui vaut les encouragements de son professeur, Madame Allison, qui l'incite également à rejoindre la rédaction du journal de l'école. Lorsqu'elle apprend que Sandy attend un enfant de Martin, Ruthie a bien du mal à fêter Thanksgiving. Annie et Eric décident d'accueillir comme il se doit Rose, venue passer l'événement en famille. Tout le monde se retrouve à cette occasion à l'église où un grand dîner est organisé pour les sans-abri. 

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La Fin des secrets

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Ruthie & Martin (VO)
Ruthie & Martin (VO)


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Écrit par : Jeff Olsen & Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Michael Preece 

Avec : Garrett Strommen (Jack) 

Guests :

  • Alyssa Spradley ..... Kelly Davis
  • Stephanie Turner ..... Anne
  • Gabrielle Boni ..... La lycéenne

High School

Janet: So how are you feeling?

Ruthie: Much better, thanks.

Janet: So you had the flu.

Ruthie: Yeah, my mom made me stay home all week but it was just the flu.

Janet: Just the flu...?

Ruthie: Yeah...

Janet: Good...

Ruthie: Good?

Janet: That it was just the flu. Could have been worse.

Ruthie: Hey, Kelly.

Kelly: Hi, Ruthie.

Anne: You're sure you're not saying this to cover for your sister; she was the one dating him.

Kelly: Meredith can't have children. It's very sad.

Anne: Oh...

Kelly: And Martin and Ruthie have been friends forever, he lives right across the street and they see each other all the time. I guess it was friends with benefits, if you know what I mean.

Anne: Yeah, I know what you mean. So you're sure?

Kelly: Yeah, I'm sure.

Anne: You never know about those preacher's kids, huh?

Kelly: I guess not.

Anne: Hi...

Meredith: You didn't tell anybody about Martin, did you?

Kelly: Why would I do that?

Meredith: I don't know... did you?

Kelly: No... you're not going back with him, are you?

Meredith: I wish I could, but I can't. You don't think anyone's heard, do you? I mean, people don't necessarily have to find out.

Kelly: Not necessarily, no.

Janet: So, I talked to Ruthie, she claims she had the flu.

Anne: What else can she say?

Janet: I don't know. She can't have the flu for nine months.

Anne: Lucky girl.

Janet: Lucky?

Anne: She's having Martin's baby. I wouldn't mind having Martin's baby.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: This it? That's all the Campbell's Soup our neighbors had in the last week?

Annie: That's a lot.

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: What are we having for dinner tonight, Mom? Please, I need the labels.

Annie: I just gave you labels this morning. You know, what did you do... didn't you turn them in? Did you see Jack?

Ruthie: Well, I saw him, but I didn't get to talk to him. Every time I saw him, he just seemed kind of busy.

Annie: Oh, that's too bad. Did you get all your assignments that you have to make up?

Ruthie: Yeah, I'll have to do most of them over Thanksgiving, but I'll still be able to make time to go out with Jack if he still wants to go out with me.

Annie: And if he doesn't... how about someone else? Maybe there's some other guy.

Ruthie: No, there's no other guy, Mom.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: Hello...

Lucy: Hi...

Eric: How was Teen Town?

Lucy: What?

Eric: Oh, that's how it always looks in here on Monday when you have your class, like Teen Town.

Lucy: Well, Teen Town was Hell Town today. There's a new rumor going around at school.

Eric: Oh boy... so the news has finally surfaced about Martin and he still hasn't told Ruthie. Great... huh, we knew this might happen.

Lucy: Well, here's something we didn't know might happen. We didn't know that the whole school might think that Martin got Ruthie pregnant.

Eric: What!!! No, I mean!

Lucy: 'Fraid so.

Eric: That's, that's ridiculous. Why would anyone think that that's true?

Lucy: Well, let me see. One... she and Martin are very good friends and these days sometimes friends have that sort of relationship. And two... she was out sick all last week. And three... she's a preacher's kid so everyone always thinks the worst.

Eric: Does Ruthie know what they're thinking?

Lucy: I doubt it.

Eric: But she was back at school. I mean she has to have heard.

Lucy: It's not like someone's going to come up to her and say, "Hey, heard you're having Martin Brewer's baby". High school kids rarely confront the victim face to face with what they're saying behind their back. But, give it another day or two, by then she'll find out she's supposed to be pregnant when it's Martin and Sandy who are having a baby.

Eric: Why can't she have heard about Jack? I mean, why can't someone at school gossip about that?

Lucy: I don't know, but sooner or later she's going to know everything and it's not going to be pretty.

Kinkirk's House

Ruthie: Hi, any labels?

Kevin: Any labels?

Ruthie: You promised me you'd have some Campbell's label for me, tomorrow's practically the last day.

Kevin: I thought I had 'til Wednesday.

Ruthie: No, Wednesday's like a half-day.

Kevin: But you can still turn them in on Wednesday.

Ruthie: Yeah, but I wanna turn them in tomorrow, but if I wait until Wednesday, it might be too late.

Kevin: Too late for...

Ruthie: Too late to get Jack's attention before the holiday weekend, so I can ask him out or I can tell him to ask me out.

Kevin: You didn't talk to Martin today?

Ruthie: No, not today, not any day; I don't want to talk to him and he has the flu. He stayed home sick.

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: Would everyone just leave me alone about Martin? I don't have to be friends with him if I don't wanna be friends with him, and I don't think he's being much of a friend since he's trying to keep me from dating a guy he knows I wanna go out with.

Kevin: I think you should talk to him then and tell him how you feel. Get everything out in the open.

Ruthie: Well, thanks for the advice, but I really just came over to get the labels. The newspaper staff really needs that computer and I need a life. Kevin! How did you get them? Where'd they come from?

Kevin: I asked the guys down at the station to collect them for me.

Ruthie: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you. The newspaper staff is gonna love you! The whole school is gonna love you and Jack is gonna to love me!

Kevin: I hope not. We don't like Jack.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Look, Kevin got all the guys he used to work to collect labels. There's hundreds of labels!

Annie: That's great.

Ruthie: When I take these in tomorrow, Jack's definitely going to be impressed. He's going to have to talk to me.

Annie: (nods)

Annie: Okay...

Ruthie: And technically, Wednesday night and Thursday night and Friday night and Saturday night are all date nights this week.

Annie: On the other hand, it's Thanksgiving, and we have that big covered-dish dinner down at the church on Thursday so Wednesday night we're going to all be getting ready for that. And then Thursday is a family day, and then ah, Friday, we'll probably be recovering from all the family and the food, and Saturday, it would be so nice if your dad and I could go out alone and I was thinking maybe you could maybe babysit the twins. I mean, we have not been out in ages.

Ruthie: Yeah, neither have I. When were you thinking I could go out with Jack?

Annie: I don't know, after you talk to Martin?

uthie: Why are you doing this? I thought we had everything all worked out. I thought that I could make my own decisions about dating... me... not Martin. I thought you trusted me. No, I know that you trust me, so Martin must just made up some big horrible lie that you all believe when really if you just think about it, you'd all see that Martin's just jealous.

Simon's Apartment

Rose: We brought cookies.

Sandy: We made them.

Simon: Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Rose: Oh, so take a break.

Simon: I can't, I really can't. I have work tomorrow night and I have this final on Wednesday. I got a "C" on the midterm, so I have to do better than a "C" on this final.

Rose: Oh, you worry too much. Call in sick at the radio station tomorrow night and give yourself the extra time.

Simon: I'd like to, but I really can't because one, I'm not sick, and two, I need the money.

Sandy: All right, we'll go.

Rose: We were thinking about going to a late movie.

Simon: Great... go.

Rose: It doesn't start for another hour. Come on, take a break; hang out with us.

Simon: Rose, please.

Sandy: Come on Rose let's let him study.

Simon: Why don't you two have anything to study?

Rose: I took my last final today. I've got nothing to do.

Sandy: Me neither.

Rose: Did I mention that Sandy and I are thinking about going to Glenoak for Thanksgiving?

Simon: But I work on Thanksgiving.

Rose: Oh, I know... poor Simon.

Simon: Where were you thinking of have Thanksgiving dinner?

Rose: At the church with everyone else.

Simon: Everyone else but me.

Rose: Well, even if I cooked Thanksgiving you wouldn't be here to eat, so you don't want me to stay here for nothing, do you?

Simon: I thought this was of our first Thanksgiving together.

Rose: We'll have out first Thanksgiving together next year when you won't be working.

Simon: I hardly think that I'm gonna have that ring paid for and be caught up with all my bills even by next Thanksgiving.

Rose: Then we'll have out first Thanksgiving together when we're married. Sandy and I really wanna go to Glenoak.

Sandy: It wasn't my idea and look, I'll wear something loose, okay, and I won't take off my coat. Hey, you haven't heard from Martin, have you... like maybe where he'll be spending Thanksgiving? Lucy said she thought that he and his dad were gonna go to New York to see his aunt.

Simon: I haven't talked to him in a few days, I have no idea.

Sandy: I just don't want to run into him at the church.

Simon: I can find out for you.

Rose: Find out now, so we can make our plans.

Simon: Okay, look, I'm gonna make one phone call and then you two have to go so I can study, okay?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Simon on Phone: Hey...

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, it's you.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, Ruthie, it's me.

Rose: Not Ruthie, hang up.

Ruthie on Phone: Simon?

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Why did I just hang up on Ruthie?

Sandy: I meant call Martin.

Simon: You didn't say call Martin.

Sandy: You can't talk to Ruthie about Martin, she's not speaking to him, and she doesn't know about me yet.

Simon: She still doesn't know? Why isn't she speaking to Martin?

Sandy: It was something about him not wanting her to go out with Jack. Lucy told me.

Simon: Why would he care if Ruthie was going out with Jack?

Sandy: (shrugs)

Phone: (rings)

Camden's House - Attic Room

Simon on Phone: Hello...

Ruthie on Phone: Why did you hang up on me?

Simon on Phone: Oh, I'm, I'm sorry, Ruthie. I just hit the wrong button or somethin'.

Simon on Phone: How are you?

Ruthie on Phone: I'm fine. How are you?

Simon on Phone: Fine, everything is good.

Simon on Phone: How's everyone?

Ruthie on Phone: If by everyone you mean Martin and you're just tryin' to get me to talk to him because everyone else has failed, forget about it.

Simon on Phone: Okay...

Simon on Phone: ...good night.

Simon's Apartment

Rose: Okay, call Martin.

Simon: And ask him if he's gonna be home for Thanksgiving because...?

Sandy: Because I want to go to Glenoak, but I don't wanna cause him any problems and if he's going to be there, I'll just do something else.

Rose: You're not staying here with Simon.

Sandy: I know.

Martin: Hi, this is Martin. Leave a message and I'll call you back.

Simon: He's not picking up.

Rose: Keep trying to reach him. I'll call you when we get back from the movies.

Simon: Okay, thanks for the cookies.

Rose: Huh-huh...

Phone: (rings)

Simon on Phone: Hello?

Brewer's House

Martin on Phone: Did you call me?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, yeah... hey, I, I just wanted to know what your plans for Thanksgiving are.

Martin on Phone: I'm faking having the flu so I don't have to do anything for Thanksgiving. Why? Wait a minute, you weren't gonna invite me up there, were you, because I'm not having Thanksgiving with you and Rose and Sandy.

Simon on Phone: No, I wasn't asking you up, I was just asking.

Simon on Phone: This is time of year when people ask questions things like, "What are you doing for Thanksgiving"?

Martin on Phone: Yeah, sure they do.

Simon on Phone: Sandy wants to go down to Glenoak with Rose to the covered-dish dinner at the church.

Martin on Phone: Then everyone can get a good look at her; won't that be nice for me?

Simon on Phone: Maybe you should get a good look at her, Martin.

Simon on Phone: That's your baby too, you know.

Simon on Phone: I hope you've told Ruthie. You have to tell her, you know that.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie on Phone: Hello?

Martin on Phone: Look, we have to talk. There's something I need to tell you, so don't hang up on me.

Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie on Phone: I don't want to talk to you.

Simon on Phone: Oh, you don't wanna talk to your own brother.

Ruthie on Phone: I thought you were Martin. He just called me.

Simon on Phone: Okay, good... look call him back. Better yet, walk across the street and have a conversation with him.

Ruthie on Phone: He has the flu.

Simon on Phone: No, he doesn't Ruthie, he's just trying to get out of school. Didn't you hear any rumors about him today?

Ruthie on Phone: No...

Simon on Phone: Well, you haven't talked to him in a week, a lot can happen in a week.

Ruthie on Phone: Like what?

Simon on Phone: Like what he's been tryin' to tell you.

Simon on Phone: Call him or go over there. I'm ordering you as your big brother...

Simon on Phone: ...and if you wanna call afterwards...

Simon on Phone: ...then call me, okay? I'll be up late studying.

Simon on Phone: I love you.

Ruthie on Phone: I love you, too.

Meredith and Kelly's Room

Kelly on Phone: Hello?

Ruthie on Phone: Hi, is Meredith there?

Kelly on Phone: She's home but she doesn't want to speak to anyone.

Ruthie on Phone: Is she okay?

Kelly on Phone: She's better that she was, but not really okay, so, she probably won't be okay for a long tome.

Ruthie on Phone: What's wrong with her?

Kelly on Phone: What do you mean, "What's wrong with her"?

Ruthie on Phone: I mean does she have the flu or somethin'?

Kelly on Phone: How could you not have heard? She and Martin broke up.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry.

Kelly on Phone: Come on, you knew.

Ruthie on Phone: No, I didn't. I haven't talked to Martin or haven't been at school for a week.

Kelly on Phone: I kind of find that hard to believe since you were the cause of their break up.

Ruthie on Phone: Me?

Kelly on Phone: Yeah, you... you and Martin. Look, I have to go.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Door: (knock)

Eric: Can I come in?

Ruthie: Yeah, you could come in, but I'd rather be alone right now. I know, okay.

Eric: You know? You, you talked to Martin?

Ruthie: I talked to Kelly, Meredith's sister.

Eric: And she told you...?

Ruthie: She told me that Martin and Meredith broke up and she told me why. Now I know why everyone was looking at me at school and why everyone is whispering and why Martin doesn't want me going out with Jack. I had a feeling about all of this all along, but now... now, I know.

Eric: Maybe you should talk to Martin face to face.

Ruthie: Yeah, I will Dad, but I just need some time to think about what I want to say and how I want to handle this. It kind of took me by surprise, you know.

Eric: I know.

Ruthie: I just need some time. I kind of knew but yet... I didn't... until now.

Eric: And you're sure you don't want to talk? You really want to be alone?

Ruthie: Yeah, I do. Thanks...

Eric: But if you change your mind...

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: Martin broke up with Meredith because he loves me. Martin Brewer really loves me. Finally...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: You didn't call me. Did you talk to Ruthie or not?

Eric: I didn't, but she knows and she's okay.

Lucy: She knows... everything.

Eric: Everything... she knows that Meredith and Martin broke up, she knows about the rumors about herself and Martin, she's knows he's having a baby with Sandy, and she knows that Jack is not such a nice guy.

Lucy: Are you sure?

Eric: She called Meredith, she got Kelly and apparently, Kelly told her.

Lucy: Man that Kelly likes to talk.

Eric: I think she, she just felt guilty for starting the rumors and she must have spilled her guts.

Lucy: And Ruthie not upset with us for not telling her?

Eric: She didn't seem to be, no, but she's still in a state of shock. She just seemed to be looking off into space all during breakfast.

Lucy: And she already left for school?

Eric: Yeah, she wanted to take the bus. I guess she wanted to get out there and face the music.

Lucy: Pretty brave taking the bus with everyone talking about her.

Eric: I know, I think that she's put her own feelings aside and she's thinking about Martin's feelings. I feel badly for her, but I think I really underestimated her ability to deal with all this. She's really matured... I... no tears, no screams, just quiet contemplation about how to handle what is. You know, she told me she had a feeling about all this. You know, Ruthie, always the first to know everything. I guess she couldn't quite put it all together until Kelly gave some reality to what Ruthie already knew intuitively. I really think she'll be okay and today will be tough, but she'll get through it, and in time, she'll be a big help to Martin. Luce, we've all been so worried about how she was going to take this thinking that Ruthie is a little girl, but she's not, she's a young woman.

Lucy: Dad, she's a teenager... maybe all this quiet contemplation is just the calm before the storm. I find her response a bit strange even if she had only found out that Martin's having a baby, but Martin having a baby and all the other stuff...

Sam: Martin's having a baby?

David: Did Martin get married?

Sam: Did he marry Meredith?

Eric: Oh boy... let's talk. You remember Simon's friend, Sandy?

David: Yep...

Sam: We like her, she's pretty.

Eric: She is pretty, and, and we all like her a lot. The thing is... Sandy is having a baby and Martin is the father of that baby. And we like him a lot, too, but they've decided not to get married. Sometimes people do that. Sometimes people have babies without the mommy and the daddy getting married to each other.

David: How do they do that?

Eric: The same way they would if they were married.

Sam/David: Oh...

Eric: So... Martin and Sandy aren't married, they're having a baby, and they don't want everyone to know about it quite yet. You know, the baby's a secret right now and it's their secret so we don't want to tell anyone until they tell us it's okay.

Sam: We won't tell.

David: We promise.

Sam: We can keep a secret.

David: I have a question.

Eric: Ask me anything you want.

David: Did you make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches today?

Eric: Yes...

Sam: Did you cut them across or sideways?

Eric: Sideways...

Sam/David: Thanks...

Lucy: All right then, I'll will take them to school and I'll meet you back at the church. I'm impressed. You made that look easy.

Eric: Yeah, some days parenting is easy and some days it isn't.

High School

Ruthie: Hey, I thought you had the flu.

Martin: I lied. I just don't want to be at school.

Ruthie: I know. I heard about you and Meredith.

Martin: Yeah...?

Ruthie: And I'm sorry.

Martin: What else did you hear?

Ruthie: Nothing... and everything.

Martin: Look, I was gonna tell you.

Ruthie: But...

Martin: But you weren't talking to me.

Ruthie: I should have known when you didn't want me to go out with Jack.

Martin: I'll let you two talk.

Jack: Hey, how are you?

Ruthie: I'm fine, thanks. Listen, I really wanted to go out with you, but...

Jack: Buy obviously, now that's not gonna work out.

Ruthie: Oh, so you've heard.

Jack: I hate to say it, but the whole school's heard.

Ruthie: Really...

Jack: Is it true?

Ruthie: Is what true?

Jack: You and Martin.

Ruthie: Well...

Jack: So you're having Martin's baby?

Ruthie: Martin's baby? Are you serious? Where did you hear that?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Oh, so you finally emerged from your room.

Ruthie: Only because I thought everyone had gone to bed.

Eric: I knew you were still up. I was hoping we could talk.

Ruthie: I don't really wanna talk now. I got a whole week of work to make up.

Eric: Okay, you mind if I talk?

Ruthie: Dad...

Eric: Oh, come on, Ruthie, talk to me, tell me what happened at school.

Ruthie: Nothing...

Eric: Did you talk to Martin?

Ruthie: Yes, I talked to Martin.

Eric: And...?

Ruthie: I talked to him and everything's fine between Martin and me, even though the rest of the school seems to think that... forget about it, I really don't want to talk about it.

Eric: The rest of the school seems to think? I know about the rumor. Lucy heard about it in her teen class.

Ruthie: Isn't that ridiculous? Can you believe how stupid people can be?

Eric: Yeah, I can. Stupid... and hurtful and... I'm sorry. What about Martin, how's he doing?

Ruthie: He's okay, I mean, he seems a little stressed out but he's Martin.

Eric: And how are you feeling about Martin?

Ruthie: I don't know. I really care about him. I've always cared about him. I love him, he's my best friend.

Eric: He's a good guy, Ruthie, he is. Despite all the stuff that's happened, I know everything's going to be fine in the end.

Ruthie: Dad...?

Eric: Yeah...?

Ruthie: Can you stop hugging me. I have a lot of homework to make up.

Eric: Good night, Ruthie, I love you.

Ruthie: Good night...

Eric: Don't stay up too late.

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie: Hello...?

Brewer's House

Martin on Phone: Hey Ruthie, it's me.

Ruthie on Phone: I was going to call you, but I didn't know what to say exactly.

Martin on Phone: Yeah, um, same here.

Ruthie on Phone: You know people think I'm having your baby.

Martin on Phone: You know people think you're having my baby.

Ruthie on Phone: I know.

Martin on Phone: I'm sorry.

Ruthie on Phone: It's okay, you didn't start the rumor. It's so ridiculous.

Ruthie on Phone: But, I'm not going to let it ruin our... relationship or Thanksgiving.

Martin on Phone: My dad and I were supposed to be going to New York for Thanksgiving, but he canceled when he thought I had the flu, and now he wants to go down to the base at San Diego and see his Marine buddies.

Ruthie on Phone: So you're going to miss Thanksgiving with all of us at the church?

Martin on Phone: I think he really wants to go.

Ruthie on Phone: Why don't you just let him go and then you can stay with us?

Martin on Phone: You really want me to?

Ruthie on Phone: Yeah, sure...

Ruthie on Phone: ...of course I do.

Martin on Phone: You know, ah...

Martin on Phone: Sandy and Rose are going to drive down; they wanna have Thanksgiving at the church, too.

Ruthie on Phone: Ugh, and we don't even get Simon.

Martin on Phone: No, he's working.

Ruthie on Phone: Oh well, I guess they can come if they want to.

Martin on Phone: I don't really want to see Sandy.

Ruthie on Phone: Don't worry, I'll be there for you.

Martin on Phone: I guess I have to see her sometime.

Ruthie on Phone: I guess, but I don't really care about Sandy, I care about you. Come down to the church for Thanksgiving; it'll be fine.

Martin on Phone: I'll think about it.

Martin on Phone: So you and Jack?

Ruthie on Phone: That's over.

Martin on Phone: Good, I'm glad.

Martin on Phone: Ah, good night...

Martin on Phone: ...and I'm really glad that you're talking to me again.

Ruthie on Phone: Me too... good night, Martin.

High School

Ruthie: Hey, Meredith.

Meredith: Oh, hi...

Ruthie: I think we should talk.

Meredith: Yeah, me too, I didn't wanna bother you when you were home sick last week, and I knew you were back in school yesterday, but I just didn't feel like talking with everyone around.

Ruthie: Yeah, I understand. Kelly did tell you I called, didn't she?

Meredith: No, I guess she forget to mention it.

Ruthie: Oh, well, look, just so you know, I didn't intentionally break up you and Martin.

Meredith: I beg your pardon.

Ruthie: I didn't intentionally break up the two of you and certainly I would never would have had sex with Martin and gotten pregnant just to get him away from you. I can't even believe people are saying that.

Meredith: People are saying what?

Ruthie: That I'm having Martin's baby.

Meredith: What people?

Ruthie: Your people... your sister... Kelly... at least, she seems to be the source.

Meredith: Wait a minute. Kelly is telling people that you and Martin are having a baby?

Ruthie: Yeah, didn't you know?

Meredith: No, I didn't know.

Ruthie: I don't know why she would make up something like that, probably because she's angry. Angry and hurt because you're angry and hurt. I have sisters, I understand completely.

Meredith: Of course, um, but...

Ruthie: Martin and I have been friends for a long time. We have a real special relationship. It just happened; I guess... Martin and me.

Meredith: Yeah, um, you do have a really special relationship and he's a really nice guy. Remember that.

Ruthie: I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Meredith: Yeah... you too.

Meredith: You didn't tell me Ruthie called me, and why are you going around telling people she's having Martin's baby?

Kelly: Careful... the wheels... you wouldn't hit me, would you?

Meredith: No, but don't try getting me to sympathize with you today.

Kelly: All right, but I don't know what you're so upset about. Isn't Ruthie pregnant?

Meredith: No, why would you think that?

Kelly: Because... you said you and Martin broke up because he got someone pregnant.

Meredith: Not Ruthie.

Kelly: Not Ruthie? My mistake.

Meredith: I can't believe that you started a rumor like that.

Kelly: Actually, you started it. You told me about Martin.

Meredith: Well, I didn't tell you who he was with.

Kelly: I just assumed and I assumed that if word got around school that Martin was having a baby with someone that people would think it was you. That's why I told certain people you can't have children. Sorry...

Meredith: Kelly, I really don't know what say to you.

Kelly: How about that stuff about being grateful that we're all together this Thanksgiving, or grateful that we're sisters or something like that?

Meredith: I love you, but I don't think that you realize what you've done here. We'll talk later when we get home.

Kelly: Fine... just grateful you're even talking to me.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...?

Meredith on Phone: Oh, Reverend Camden... hi, this is Meredith.

Eric on Phone: Meredith, I haven't talked to you for such a long time. How are you?

Meredith on Phone: Ah, I guess I'm okay. I guess you know Martin and I broke up. I guess you know why.

Eric on Phone: I do know, and I heard you broke up with him and I'm sure that wasn't easy for you, but I think you made the right decision for yourself, as difficult as it might have been. I know he cares about you.

Meredith on Phone: Thanks for saying that. Um, the thing is... I ah, I just had this really strange conversation with Ruthie. I think she thinks that Martin and I broke up because he's in love with her...

Meredith on Phone: ...and I don't think she knows about Sandy.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Hi, I've got the sweet potatoes but I don't have anything large enough to put the soufflé in.

Kevin: We could go to the store and buy something but then we wouldn't know whether Ruthie's home and if she saw Martin today.

Annie: Oh, she's staying at the library to finish up some research until it closes and she wants to get caught up with some homework and ah, Martin's picking her up.

Lucy: Does she or doesn't she know about Martin and Sandy?

Annie: I don't think Ruthie knows, no.

Sam: Ruthie doesn't know?

David: Why doesn't Ruthie know?

Ruthie: Hi, what don't I know? What?

Sam: Martin is having a baby, but you can't tell anyone unless he says so.

Ruthie: That's not true. That was just a rumor. Where'd you hear that... at school?

Sam: Daddy told us. Martin and Sandy are having a baby.

Ruthie: No, they're not, and we're not having a baby either. Martin and I are just dating. Martin is my boyfriend. It's okay, you can tell them, maybe they can spread it around the playground.

Martin: Um, Ruthie, why don't we um, go outside and talk?

Ruthie: Why? I thought you wanted something to eat.

Annie: I think we'll all just go upstairs and then you guys can talk or eat or... whatever.

Ruthie: My family's weird, but you know that. You lived here.

Martin: Ah, Ruthie, we're not exactly dating, we're friends.

Ruthie: I think we're a little more than friends, you broke up with Meredith so you could date me.

Martin: Meredith broke up with me when I told her about Sandy and me.

Ruthie: Sandy? What are you talking about?

Martin: I thought you knew. I thought you knew and you didn't care. I thought you wanted to be my friend anyway.

Ruthie: What?

Martin: Sandy and me... she's pregnant, Ruthie. Sandy and I are having a baby.

Ruthie: No, you're not.

Martin: Yeah, unfortunately we are.

Ruthie: That doesn't make any sense.

Martin: I went out with her when I went to see Simon this summer. I... I slept with her.

Ruthie: Why are you saying this?

Martin: I'm saying this because it's true. I mean, I wish it weren't, but it is. I, I tried to tell you, I've tried to tell you for weeks.

Ruthie: Is this some kind of joke?

Martin: No, it's not a joke. I guess I misunderstood why you were talking to me. I need a friend right now. I thought you wanted to be my friend.

Ruthie: I don't want to be your friend, I want to be your girlfriend.

Martin: Ruthie...

Ruthie: No, stop it. I'm your girlfriend. You're in love with me.

Martin: I love you as a friend, but...

Ruthie: No, you're not having a baby with anyone. You said you weren't even going to have sex until you're married.

Martin: But I did.

Ruthie: No you didn't.

Martin: Listen to me...

Ruthie: No, I don't want to listen to you. I want you to leave. Get out. Get out of my house.

Martin: Last time you said that to me, I did leave, but I'm not leaving this time until we talk.

Ruthie: There's nothing to talk about. You're lying. You're a liar.

Martin: You had to have heard everyone at school talking, everybody knows.

Ruthie: No they don't.

Martin: Look, they may not know that it's Sandy but it's all over the school. Meredith must have told Kelly and Kelly told everyone that it was you so no one would think that it's Meredith. And it's not Meredith, it's Sandy. Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I tried to tell you.

Ruthie: Who else knows?

Ruthie: My family... my whole family... my dad and mom and Kevin and Lucy and Sam and David and Simon and Matt and Mary? They all know... everyone but me?

Martin: I don't know about Mary, but...

Ruthie: I feel like such an idiot. How could I be so stupid? No, how could you be so stupid? I hate you.

Martin: Please, please don't hate me.

Ruthie: Get out!

Martin: Ruthie, listen...

Ruthie: No! Don't! Get out! Get out! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

Ruthie: (crying)

Martin: I hate me, too.

Ruthie: (crying)

Glenoak Community Church

Eric: How are you doing?

Ruthie: How do you think I'm doing?

Eric: Well, I think you're... not doing that well. I think you're angry and heartbroken.

Ruthie: Very insightful.

Eric: I also think you're a bit selfish and oh, a little sarcastic.

Ruthie: What?

Eric: You know, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to count your blessings and to remember that no matter how bad off you are, there's always someone whose life is worse.

Ruthie: I don't fell like feeling sorry for Martin right now, if you don't mind.

Eric: Actually, I do mind. You're just not the kind of person who dwells in self-pity, and I don't want to see you wasting away the day, or the weeks or the rest of the year feeling sorry for yourself. Martin's inside enduring the whispers and the stares and comments and Sandy's sitting in the car, having changed her mind about being able to so the same. You can choose your feelings, Ruthie. Choose to be grateful, choose to be kind, choose to be understanding, because you can do that. You can.

Ruthie: I don't see you choosing to be nice to Rose.

Eric: Point taken... I'll make a deal with you. I'll go in and be nice to Rose, if you go and get Sandy out of the car. We've all tried and failed, but I have a feeling you can do it. I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm not going to bargain with you. I'm going in and be nice to Rose and you do what you want, do whatever will make you feel good about yourself on Thanksgiving.

Old Guy: Thank you son, nice of you to help me out.

Martin: No problem.

Old Guy: So you're having a baby?

Martin: I am.

Old Guy: Well, everything will be all right I believe. It always is.

Martin: Thanks...

Annie: Ruthie...?

Eric: She'll be here. Ah, while everyone's getting seated, let's go around the table and let everyone say what they're grateful for. It's a Camden tradition and I want to start this year by saying Rose, I'm grateful you came all this way to have Thanksgiving dinner with our family. Welcome.

Annie: Yes, welcome, Rose. I'm grateful that we have this time to spend with you to get to know you better.

Lucy: And I am grateful that my brother has found someone to love.

Kevin: And we are grateful you love Simon.

Rose: Oh, I get it. I've never done this, but I see how it works. So, following suit... I'm grateful that... I'm me. I feel very fortunate to be healthy and wealthy and smart and beautiful and to be the future Mrs. Simon Camden.

Savannah: (baby noises)


Ruthie: Hey, I heard you were out here.

Sandy: Yep, I'm out here.

Ruthie: You wanna come in? I'll walk in with you.

Sandy: That's okay.

Ruthie: I just found out yesterday... about you and Martin.

Sandy: Yeah, Rose... she told me on the way down here.

Ruthie: Oh...

Sandy: I'm sorry.

Ruthie: Sorry...?

Sandy: I didn't know that you were in love with him.

Ruthie: Would it have made any difference?

Sandy: I don't know. I guess not.

Ruthie: Why'd you sleep with him?

Sandy: I don't really comfortable talking about that with you.

Ruthie: I thought about it a lot last night. Why would you do that?

Sandy: Sometimes people just do that.

Ruthie: Yeah, I guess, but sometimes they have a reason.

Sandy: Really, you should go back in. I'm just gonna eat out here... if Rose remembers to bring me something to eat.

Ruthie: I was thinking about why you really came here today. I guess if you hadn't come down here, you would have spent Thanksgiving alone with Simon.

Sandy: So? I'm not afraid to be left alone with Simon.

Ruthie: No, but I bet Rose was afraid to leave you alone with Simon.

Sandy: What makes you say that?

Ruthie: I'm usually really good at knowing things before other people know, with the exception of you and Martin. You're not in love with Simon, are you?

Sandy: No...

Ruthie: Yeah, I'm not in love with Martin either.

Sandy: This is the truth, Ruthie. There was a time that I was jealous of Simon and Rose and I wished Simon was in love with me and we were getting married and I was having his baby, but that time has come and gone. This is Martin's baby and Simon and Rose are in love with each other, and Martin's not in love with me, and I'm not in love with him. And, sometimes it's hard to put aside what we want, just deal with what's real, that's what I have to do. And I'm afraid so does everyone else, including you.

Ruthie: Yep, that's why I was thinking that maybe we could be friends. We're both kind of angry and heartbroken.

Sandy: Just be grateful you're not angry, heartbroken and pregnant.

Ruthie: That's why I'm out here. Look, people are going to talk about you and Martin and then something else will happen and they'll talk about that and forget about you and Martin. It's true, life is pretty much like high school.

Simon's Apartment

Simon: You know, I'm grateful to have faced the fear of being alone on Thanksgiving. This is great. Thank you and amen.

Glenoak Community Church

Sandy: Thank you. 

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