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#917 : Un tissu de mensonge

Bien qu'il ait des relations sexuelles protégées, Simon panique quand sa petite amie du moment, Sandra, lui dit qu'elle a une MST. Martin et Mac surprennent le petit ami de Ruthie, Vincent, à un rendez-vous avec une autre fille. Matt, Lucy, Kevin et Ruthie se demandent s'ils doivent dire à Eric et Annie que Mary est de nouveau enceinte, et qu'elle a abandonné son mari Carlos et son fils Charles. Annie décide d'aller à New-York pour rendre visite à Mary.

Titre VO
Tangled web we weaved

Titre VF
Un tissu de mensonge

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Thomas Dekker (Vincent), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Olivia Allen ..... Sandra
  • Ashley Benson ..... Margot

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie on Phone: Carlos, it was so good to hear from you. You know, Mary has been so out of touch lately, we've called and called, we haven't heard from her. Ah, oh gosh, how's, how's Charlie? Ahh... I hate that you guys live so far away, children grow up so fast... any chance that you could bring him by one weekend? Oh, I know, I know... I just wish you and Mary lived closer. Well, it must be hard for you with most of your family living in Puerto Rico. Well just know we've here for you. Okay, any news... anything going on with you two? Ah, the two of you seem to be fine, yeah, even with Mary traveling so much. Well, maybe she'll get tired of traveling. I know, I know she loves it, but who knows, maybe that will change. I don't know, maybe you two, will you know, think about having some more children.

Camden's House - Kevin and Lucy's Room

Ruthie: We're in trouble... big trouble. Mom's talking to Carlos. It's like the Spanish Inquisition by phone.

Lucy: He's not coming here, is he?

Ruthie: It doesn't sound like it.

Lucy: Well, obviously he's not going to mention that she's having another baby, since she's not.

Ruthie: I think we better call Simon.

Lucy: Because...?

Ruthie: Because Simon got us into this lie, he should get us out of it.

Lucy: Well, I don't know how he's going to get us out of it. Only the truth is going to get us out and it's not our truth to tell. Maybe it's best if Carlos does tell mom that Mary's not having another baby, then maybe all of this will just go away.

Ruthie: Go away for how long? Once they find out the truth they'll find out we were all lying, and worse, they find out why we were lying.

Lucy: Yes, they'll know we were trying not to hurt them.

Ruthie: So it's okay to lie to them to protect them from getting hurt?

Lucy: No, but...

Ruthie: But what?

Lucy: Wait, wait a minute. Suppose Carlos is calling to tell them that Mary moved out.

Ruthie: Shouldn't he let Mary tell them that?

Lucy: He should, but since Mary hasn't... but, maybe, maybe he's calling to tell them everything is okay again, maybe Mary moved back in, maybe Mary was just going through a crisis and they've found a way to work it all out.

Ruthie: Okay, suppose we tell them that, then we just tell them that we misunderstood something that Mary said, and we thought she said she was having a baby.

Lucy: What would we have misunderstood that led us to think that?

Ruthie: I don't know... but maybe Simon does.

Lucy: (shakes head)

Lucy: (sighs)

Simon's Apartment

Simon: Breakfast...

Phone: (rings)

Simon: Well, I'm not answering that, only family calls before noon.

Sandra: What if it's an emergency?

Simon: There's always an emergency.

Answering Machine: Hi, this is Simon. Leave a message I'll call you back.

Ruthie: You better get home this weekend and help us figure out what we're going to tell mom and dad, because mom's been talking to Carlos and this whole lie is going to unravel unless we come up with more, better and different lies. Call me.

Simon: Oh, it's nothing. Evidently, my sister Mary has decided that she doesn't want to be married and have a baby, although she is married and has a baby, so she's taking a little break, and we're just trying to cover for her. I'm sure it'll all work out.

Sandra: Sometimes it's tough telling someone something that's so... I mean, it's just that... people aren't perfect and we all know that, but when it comes to telling someone something about ourselves that isn't so great, we just have a difficult time.

Simon: Yeah...

Sandra: So I'm just saying that Mary's not a bad person just because she doesn't want to be married or be a mother.

Simon: Well... no, but it does make her an irresponsible person.

Sandra: I guess, but people can't help who they are.

Simon: Well, people can help being irresponsible.

Sandra: Maybe she can't, I mean sometimes people are irresponsible. It just happens.

Simon: I'm not sure I agree with you.

Sandra: Well, I don't want to get into an argument with you, I care about you.

Simon: I care about you, too.

Sandra: Yes, but you might not care about me if I told you something about me that I should have told you about last night, which is why I kind of sympathize with your sister.

Simon: What are you tryin' to tell me?

Sandra: Okay, promise you won't be angry with me.

Simon: What could you say to me that would make me angry?

Sandra: Promise...

Simon: Look, if this is about this relationship not being exclusive, I thought that, that was understand that when we got together last night...

Sandra: It's kind of about that. Well, surely, you know when you're with a woman; you're with every man she's ever been with.

Simon: I'm sorry, could you, could you say that to me in another way?

Sandra: Well, you know, I've been with other men, you've been with other women, so I mean, now I've been with every girl you've ever been with.

Simon: I think that I know where this is going, so if you could just say what you wanna say.

Camden's House - Nursery

Savannah: (baby sounds)

Lucy: Hey, you talkin'?

Lucy: (chuckles)

Annie: Ah, she looks so sweet in that.

Lucy: I know she looks sweet in everything and in nothing. I love this little girl... I do.

Annie: And I love my girls... you and Ruthie and Mary.

Lucy: I know, Mom.

Annie: I love you.

Lucy: I love you, too.

Annie: And I love Ruthie.

Lucy: And she loves you.

Annie: And I love Mary as much as I love you and I love Ruthie.

Lucy: And I'm sure Mary loves you just as much as Ruthie and I do.

Annie: So why didn't she just tell me that she's having another baby. And why don't you and Ruthie tell her you already told me that she's having another baby? I mean, I wanna be a part of her life, I wanna be part of her having another child, I can talk to her about that, I've had lots of experience. I'm her mother, she should share this with me and frankly, I think she should have shared this little secret with me before she shared it with you and Ruthie.

Lucy: I know, but the thing is, she didn't and now we're in this really awkward position of knowing something that we really didn't really want to know before you know it.

Annie: It's may fault, I don't talk to her enough, I don't call to her enough, I don't go even go visit her and Carlos and the baby. You know what, that's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna go visit her and Carlos and the baby.

Lucy: Oh, but...

Annie: Oh, but you need me, Luc. Listen, you don't need me, you're doing fine, just fine. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn that you don't need me as much as you think you do. You and Kevin are gonna do just fine on your own.

Lucy: That' not the point, I mean, the point is...

Annie: The point is, I'm goin' to New York!

Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Answering Machine: Hi, this is Simon. Leave a message I'll call you back.

Lucy: Okay, here's the thing... mom is goin' to New York... to see Mary, so she can get Mary to tell her about the baby and we all know there's no baby... all of us but mom and dad, who we have to live with and you don't. You got us into this; you get us out of this. You call me as soon as you get in from class, wait no it's Saturday, you're not in class, so where are you... with a woman? Pick up, Simon. This is important. We need to come up with a game plan.

Simon on Phone: Ah... hey, Matt... it's ah, me, Simon. Simon Camden. Um, call me, please. Whenever you get this message, just, just call me. I'm in trouble... possibly, I, I don't know.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room / Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Annie on Phone: Doesn't that sound great? I'll take off after church tomorrow and I'll come back... like Wednesday.

Eric on Phone: You mean you get to officially find out before I do?

Annie on Phone: You got to unofficially find out before I did.

Eric on Phone: All right, I guess that's fair. No, it's more than fair. You're, you're her mother. Of course, I'm her father.

Annie On Phone: We can leave Sam and David with Kevin and Lucy.

Eric on Phone: Oh, I don't think so.

Annie on Phone: Oh, Ruthie and Martin will help watch them.

Eric on Phone: Yeah, and who will help watch Martin and Ruthie? No... you go. I'll watch the boys.

Annie on Phone: Oh, great... thanks. Bye...

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office / New York Hospital

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello?

Matt on Phone: Hey, dad, glad I caught you. I've been looking for my phone for a week, then I realized maybe I left it there.

Eric on Phone: Yes, I found it. God, I was going to mail it to you, but I haven't gotten around to it. I'm sorry.

Matt on Phone: No, I'm just glad you found it. I've been waiting for a call from that doctor I did the seminar with. I got a call from him at the hospital, but I missed him. I tried picking up my messages from our phone, but for some reason it's not working.

Eric on Phone: Yeah, you, you have a couple of messages. Do you need a code to retrieve them?

Matt on Phone: No... all you have to do is press one and hold it down.

Eric on Phone: You know, your mom just decided to come to New York; she can bring the phone to you.

Matt on Phone: Mom's coming to New York?

Eric on Phone: Yeah, she wants to see Mary, she's hoping Mary will tell her about the new baby. Are you there?

Matt on Phone: Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. Um, you know, maybe I'll just pick up the messages myself.

Eric on Phone: Oh, I'm already listening. There's one from Sarah, she says call her, but that was last weeks.

Matt on Phone: Yeah, I'll just check them when I pick up the phone, it's okay. Dad...?

Eric on Phone: Okay, before you said that, I was already listening to the next messages from Simon.

Matt on Phone: Oh, Simon, what's the message?

Eric on Phone: He wants you to call.

Matt on Phone: All right, I'll call him. Did he say anything else, why he wants me to call him?

Eric on Phone: Um... I'm not sure I heard anything more than that, just call him.

Matt on Phone: All right, I'll call him.

Eric on Phone: And I'll send the phone with your mother.

Matt on Phone: Does Mary know she's coming? You know, she might not even be there, she might be flying. I think she's working this week.

Eric on Phone: That's okay. I'm sure your mom will want to go anyway, even if it's just to see Carlos and Charlie and you know, have Carlos give her the good news.

Matt on Phone: Yeah, all right, thanks... I've got to run.

Simon: I'm in trouble, possibly I, I don't know.

Simon's Apartment

Matt: Hey Simon, I think I just screwed up. I left my cell phone at the house and I asked dad to check my messages. He said you called but that's all he said. Did you say anything else? You know, about Mary or anything? Call me at the house. Although I'm not at the house, I'm on rotation and you probably won't be able to get me at the hospital, but... just try to reach me, will you? Mom's going to New York to see Mary.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: I'm going to the Promenade. Do you wanna go hang out?

Ruthie: I tried hanging out with you and Mac before, and it didn't work out so hot. Besides, I told Vincent I couldn't go out tonight.

Martin: You're tired of him already?

Ruthie: No and why do you sound so hopeful that I am?

Martin: I didn't sound hopeful, and you didn't answer my question.

Ruthie: There's just a lot of stuff going on around here.

Martin: Yeah, everyone seemed weird at dinner, and not just tonight, for the past week or so. What's, what's going on?

Ruthie: There's just... it's a family thing.

Martin: And I'm not family of course, so why should you tell me.

Ruthie: Believe me, you don't want to know.

David: Do we want to know?

Ruthie: No, it's nothing, really.

Sam: Then why didn't you go out?

David: Yeah, you like Vincent.

Ruthie: Well, I like you too, and I just want to spend tonight with you.

Sam: So you're going to do something with us?

Martin: Yeah, you shoulda play a game with them or something.

David: Yeah, we want to play a game.

Ruthie: Sure, why don't you go pick one out?

Ruthie: (sighs)

Ruthie: Thanks.

Martin: You're welcome.

Ruthie: Oh, all right, if you must know... Mary and Carlos might be splitting up, but mom and dad think they're having another baby.

Martin: Why do they think that?

Ruthie: Because we told them that. Simon told him. And then Matt and Lucy and Kevin and I went along with it.

Martin: Because...?

Ruthie: It just kind of happened.

Martin: Then can't you just kind of tell them the truth?

Ruthie: No, we want Mary to tell them the truth.

Martin: So you got your mom to go to New York.

Ruthie: We didn't get her to go, she decided to go, and I don't know if she'll find out about Mary, but she'll definitely find out we all lied, and then what do we tell her? You know, what if Carlos lies and tells her Mary's just at work or something, and them mom tells him she knows they're having a baby, and then Carlos tells her they're not?

Martin: Then you're all going to be caught in a lie and I guess you'll have to come up with a new lie?

Ruthie: I hope not. Got any ideas?

Martin: Ah... no, I myself don't have enough experience in this level of lying to help you so see ya'.

Ruthie: (sighs)

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway - Sam and David's Room

Annie: Hey, you're playing a game? Can I play with you? Since I'm gonna be away for a few days, it might be nice if we spend some time together, don't you think?

Sam: Yes...

David: It would be nice.

Annie: Well, you don't want me to play with you?

Sam: Ruthie is going to play a game with us.

David: She's tired of going out with Vincent.

Ruthie: I'm not tired of Vincent.

Annie: Didn't he ask you out for tonight?

Ruthie: Yeah, he asked me out, but I was going to stay home tonight and spend time with my brothers.

Annie: Oh, well, since I'm gonna be in New York, you know, ah, you'll have plenty of time with them.

Ruthie: I didn't know that when I told Vincent I was staying home to be with them.

Annie: Do you want to call and tell him that, because I can play a game with the boys.

Ruthie: No, that's okay, I don't have to go out with him every weekend, it'll keep him interested.

Annie: Hmm, that's very smart of you? All right, well, I'll just go pack. Bye you guys.

David: Are you sure you want to spend time with us?

Ruthie: Yeah, I'm sure.

Sam: You don't look that happy about it.

Ruthie: I'm happy, all right?

David: Are you lying?

Ruthie: No, why would you say that?

Sam: 'Cause you are?

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Annie: I'm gonna get packed as quickly possibly, so I don't disturb you.

Eric: Well, you, you're not disturbing me. I mean, I could read this just as well in my office, but... you're gonna be gone for a few days and I... just felt like being near you.

Annie: Are you okay with my going away? You seem a little off.

Eric: Oh, I'm way off. I think we both know that.

Annie: You're sure you don't mind if I go?

Eric: No, you should go. It'll be good to get everything out in the open.

Annie: (sighs)

Eric: (nods)

Annie: Is anything else bothering you... something I don't know about?

Eric: Everything's fine, everything's fine, or it will be.


Martin: Hey...

Mac: She didn't come?

Martin: Who?

Mac: Ruthie...

Martin: Noooo...

Mac: I thought she was coming.

Martin: I said I'd ask her if she wanted to hang out with us. I asked her, she didn't want to hang out with us.

Mac: Why not?

Martin: She said it didn't work out that great last time.

Mac: Yeah, but that was before I knew that she has a crush on me.

Martin: Had a crush on you. She had a crush on you. She no longer has a crush on you. She has a boyfriend.

Mac: Had a boyfriend. I saw him wandering around with some girl... would have been the perfect time.

Martin: For...?

Mac: For her to hang out with us.

Martin: You're too old for her, and you're not going out with her. And if you do go out with her, you're not going to be my friend.

Mac: I knew you liked her.

Martin: No, I don't. She's like a sister to me. And I would never let my sister go out with you.

Vincent: Look it, can you hold on a minute?

Girl: Yeah...

Vincent: Hi...

Martin: Hi...

Mac: Hi...

Vincent: Look, I know what this looks like.

Mac: It looks like you're cheating on Ruthie, and we don't like that.

Vincent: Well, I asked Ruthie out; she said no, so, I asked out somebody else.

Martin: Oh, that's really understanding, you know, considering the personal crisis she's going through with her family right now.

Vincent: What personal crisis? She told me she wanted to hang out with Sam and David. I thought it was a pretty lame way of telling me she didn't want to go out. But, why are you upset about this? I know why he's upset, but why are you upset?

Mac: She's like a sister to me, too.

Vincent: Well, personally, I don't think either of you think of her as a sister, but... whatever. Look it, what personal crisis? She's not sick or anything?

Martin: No...

Vincent: You're lying. She's sick, isn't she? Is it serious?

Martin: She's not sick. She and her brothers and sister all lied about something her sister Mary did.

Mac: Like what? She cheated on Carlos or something?

Martin: No, not like cheating on Carlos... she left him and they're all covering it up for it by saying she's pregnant. It doesn't make any sense to me either, I... shouldn't you be getting back to your date?

Vincent: Yeah, I guess... goodnight. I'm sorry about that, it was just some guys from school. Um, but they said the movie's sold out, so maybe we can make it some other time.

Girl: Well, we could do something else.

Vincent: All right, I'm lying. I asked you out because I like you but also because Ruthie Camden and I have been dating, and suddenly she didn't want to go out.

Girl: All right, I've done stuff like that myself. So thanks for being honest, and if you ever really want to go out, I'll probably turn you down, I mean, considering this happened.

Vincent: Should I drive you home?

Girl: I'm not taking the bus.

Camden's House - Nursery

Lucy: There you go.

Kevin: There they are, my girls.

Lucy: Hey, don't kiss her; she's too young to get drunk.

Kevin: I'm not drunk. I didn't even have a beer. I went to the pool hall with the guys, just like I told you I was going to do and I drank coffee.

Lucy: I thought you'd be home hours ago.

Kevin: I wanted to wait until everyone had divided up and went to their rooms, I couldn't take another family dinner. I can't believe we're lying to your parents about Mary.

Lucy: We didn't lie.

Kevin: I think we did. You did anyway. You went right along with what Simon told them, and I sat there and did nothing, which is just as bad as lying. I can't believe it you're a minister.

Lucy: Yeah, and I'm also a sister and a daughter, and sometimes people have to lie, like you didn't just drink coffee.

Kevin: Yes, I did. I wanted to be awake so I could stay up with Savannah and take care of her, since you've had her all day alone.

Lucy: You're calling someone in the middle of an argument?

Kevin: I forgot Simon called me earlier and left a message. He sounded kind of depressed or something.

Kevin on Phone: Simon. Kevin. Call me back.

Lucy: Simon's probably is depressed or something because mom's going to New York to visit Carlos and Mary and the baby. She thinks if she shows up in person that Mary will tell her about the new blessed event.

Kevin: There is no blessed event. There is no Mary.

Lucy: So someone has to call Carlos and tell him that we lied so he's prepared.

Kevin: Prepare for what... to lie with us? I'm not making that call.

Lucy: I'm not suggesting you make that call, I'm suggesting that you tell Simon to make that call.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Door: (knock)

Vincent: It's me, Vincent.

Vincent: I heard about your family crisis. Why didn't you just tell me about it so I didn't have to hear about it from Martin and Mac?

Camden's House - Back Porch

Ruthie: I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to know.

Vincent: Yeah, but you, you should thought of something better than you wanted to hang out with your little brothers. You've been acting really weird at school all week.

Ruthie: Sometimes I like hanging out with Sam and David.

Vincent: Not tonight.

Ruthie: No, not tonight. Tonight, there's the aforementioned family crisis that I didn't want you to know about, so I used Sam and David as an excuse, but I did hang out with them. We played checkers. Wait, what did Martin tell you and he told you and Mac? Wait, Mac knows, too?

Vincent: Yeah...

Ruthie: What is he telling everyone?

Vincent: I don't know.

Ruthie: Then why are you here if you know I don't want you around while we had a family crisis going on?

Vincent: Because I wanted to tell you that I was out on a date when Martin and Mac saw me. I thought you were making up excuses 'cause you didn't want to go out with me anymore.

Ruthie: You thought I was lying to you.

Vincent: Yeah, I did and you were, kind of, so, I asked out someone else.

Ruthie: Well, you can do that, you know, ask someone out and I can go out with someone else if I want to.

Vincent: Yeah, you can, but I hope you don't not until we're not seeing each other anymore at least.

Ruthie: Really?

Vincent: Really...

Ruthie: Let me think about it.

Vincent: Of course, take all the time you like.

Ruthie: I'd better go back inside. Thanks for coming over.

Vincent: Well, hey, maybe I could go back in with you. Maybe there's something I can do to help.

Ruthie: I don't think so.

Vincent: Well, now that I know what's really going on, you can talk to me you know; I mean, you can call me if you need to talk.

Ruthie: I will.

Vincent: Goodnight...

Ruthie: Goodnight...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Ruthie: Vincent just stopped by. Is everything okay?

Eric: I just feel like taking a ride.

Ruthie: It's kind of late.

Eric: I know.

Ruthie: You do you want me to go with you?

Eric: No, I just feel like being by myself.

Ruthie: Is there something wrong?

Eric: You could probably answer that question better than I can.

Camden's House - Nursery / Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello...?

Simon on Phone: Kevin, it's Simon. Thank you for calling me back.

Kevin on Phone: It looks like things are getting complicated, like they do, when people lie.

Simon on Phone: Yeah...

Kevin on Phone: Lucy thinks someone should call Carlos and warn him that we told your parents they're having a baby, since they're not having a baby.

Simon on Phone: Okay...

Kevin on Phone: Are you going to call him?

Simon on Phone: Me...?

Kevin on Phone: Why not?

Simon on Phone: I've kind of got my own problems to deal with.

Kevin on Phone: What kind of problems?


Mac: Maybe we should just go home.

Martin: All right, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Mac: No, I meant to your home.

Martin: What are we going to do at my home? She doesn't want to hang out with us. Get a girl your own age, all right?

Mac: She's going to be devastated when she finds out Vincent was out with someone else.

Martin: You obviously don't know Ruthie that well. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Mac: Maybe, but you know, maybe she needs someone to talk to. This whole thing with Mary is... wow... it's terrible.

Martin: Have you ever even met Mary?

Mac: No, but still, I feel for all the Camdens. I mean, I've went through a divorce with my parents and it's not pretty. Maybe since I have some experience with that, I can help in some way, if only to be sympathetic.

Martin: Mr. and Mrs. Camden don't even know there's a problem.

Mac: Well, I don't think it will take them that too long to find out. You told me.

Martin: Maybe I shouldn't have done that.

Mac: Yeah, maybe.

Martin: I'll see you tomorrow.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Lucy: Kevin's talking to Simon.

Ruthie: You know, maybe we should just tell mom and dad, and then mom wouldn't fly all the way to New York just to find out we've all been lying.

Lucy: Go ahead.

Ruthie: By myself?

Lucy: Well, you're the one who thinks we should tell 'em.

Ruthie: And what do you think?

Lucy: I think we should just let her go. Maybe Carlos wants to talk to mom, maybe that's what he wanted to do when he called today.

Ruthie: She called him.

Lucy: Ah, you know none of this wouldn't have happened if Mary had just told them.

Ruthie: I know, but no one ever likes to tell anyone anything that's this bad, especially not from us, especially not to them.

Lucy: I, I just can't believe that Mary actually thinks that she can take time off from her marriage, from her child. And I can't believe that just because I tried to talk her out of it, she won't even call me.

Door: (knock)

Martin: Can I come in?

Ruthie: Sure... he knows, I told him. I told him about Mary, and I told him we all lied. And apparently, he told Vincent and Mac.

Martin: I apologize; I don't know what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking.

Lucy: It's okay, I just hope they don't say anything to anyone who would say something to mom and dad before they know.

Martin: You heard anything from Vincent?

Ruthie: Yeah, I heard he was out on a date, but I heard it from him which doesn't make so bad. It's not that big a deal... I know he likes me.

Kevin: Hi... Savannah needs you.

Lucy: Have you talked to Simon?

Kevin: Goodnight...

Simon's Apartment

Door: (knock)

Simon: Go away.

Eric: It's me, Simon.

Eric: Hey... Well, I better be goin'.

Simon: Well, it was great seein' ya', Dad, it was a great surprise.

Eric: Well, I had to be up here... for that family.

Simon: You're really dedicated, driving this far that late at night.

Eric: A minister's got to do what a minister's got to do.

Simon: A student's got to do what a student's got to do... study.

Eric: Yeah, I'm so happy that you were in on a Saturday night and studying no less; I'm impressed. I though maybe you'd be out on date, or in on a date.

Simon: In on a date...

Eric: Yeah...

Simon: That's why you drove up here... to see if I was in on a date?

Eric: No, there was that family that needed me.

Simon: And how do you know this family again?

Eric: Just people, people I know.

Simon: Well, speaking of people you know, have you heard from Matt?

Eric: I have, actually. He left his cell phone at the house, and then he called me today and wanted me to retrieve his messages for him. He's expecting some important call, some doctor.

Simon: You know that I had called Matt; I had a problem with um... calculus. I just wanted to see if he could help me out.

Eric: So you're, you're taking calculus?

Simon: Yeah, I was... I did. It's... I'm gonna have to drop the class anyways... it's no big deal. What, what did you say was wrong with that, with that family again?

Eric: Wedding... sudden wedding. The... like the kind of that ah, you could have had yourself. The, the bride was about to deliver and she wanted to get married first.

Simon: That was quite a coincidence, you know, I mean, her being here on the same little town that I go to school.

Eric: Yeah, it is.

Simon: You know, Dad, I just, I just... I can't help but thinking you're lying to me for some reason.

Eric: Come on, me... lying... a minister? Why would I lie? Why would I drive all the way up here just to lie to you? Oh, wait... because you're lying to me and your mother, and I think you've got all your brothers and sisters involved in it, and I can't take it anymore. What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into? Simon, what is it this time? Did you make up that whole thing about Mary last week just to get yourself off the hook? 'Cause I know Mary, I don't think she'd hide a pregnancy from us.

Simon: Actually, Dad... um, I did make up that whole thing last week but to get Mary off the hook... I realize that we can't really protect her any more. I called Matt and I told him I was in trouble was because I heard mom was flying to New York.

Eric: Yeah...

Camden's House - Nursery

Kevin on Phone: I know we shouldn't have lied, but we didn't know what to tell mom, so I'm sorry for leaving this on your machine, but hey, you didn't pick up, and I wanted you to know what we told them and how sorry we are about everything. So, if you get a chance tomorrow, call me before mom gets there so we can talk.

Lucy: So when is Simon gonna found out if his girlfriend passed along her little problem to him?

Kevin: They had safe sex, so he should be fine, but Monday he'll find out for sure.

Lucy: We have to tell dad.

Kevin: No, I don't think we have to tell dad that Simon could have a sexually transmitted disease. I think that's personal business that Simon should take care of on his own. He only called me because he couldn't get Matt and he was in a panic. Believe me, he's fine.

Lucy: And you would know because...?

Kevin: Because I would know... everyone should know the facts, Luce, especially if they're having sex.

Lucy: And what are the facts?

Kevin: A condom was involved.

Lucy: If this doesn't scare him into not having sex again... I...

Kevin: It will for a while, but then he'll go out and do it again. Guys his age and women his age, think they're invincible. He makes me so crazy.

Lucy: Well, Simon's not like guys his age, he's smarter than that.

Kevin: No, he's not, Luce, I wish he were smarter but he's not.

Lucy: Well, what are we going to do?

Kevin: I imagine you'll pray for him, and even if that works, next time I see him, I'll to sit him down and really talk to him man to man. It's like I keep telling you, your parents need backup. Which reminds me; you better let me talk to Ruthie again.

Lucy: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

Martin: Do you have any eights?

Ruthie: Go fish.

Martin: Don't you know how to play poker?

Ruthie: Yeah, but I don't wanna take your money, this is much safer.

Martin: You don't know how to play poker.

Ruthie: Maybe I do, maybe I don't. I think I heard something.

Martin: Maybe it's your dad.

Ruthie: Yeah, but he knows his was around the backyard.

Mac: I thought you'd be in here. I went up to the garage apartment but nobody was there and I saw the all the lights on...

Ruthie: Come on in, I was just getting ready to go to bed, but you and Martin can play cards as long as you like.

Mac: Oh, I, I heard about what happened with Mary, and I just want to say if you ever need anybody to talk, you know, I come from divorce.

Ruthie: I think they're a long way from getting a divorce, at least I hope so. I think Mary's just taking one of her little hiatuses from reality.

Door: (knock)

Vincent: Look, I don't think either of these guys think of you as a sister and I think they both like you.

Ruthie: I know that, Vincent. Were you just hang out in the backyard to see what time Martin went home?

Vincent: I, I saw him going down the street as I was driving up the street, and yeah, I came back and hung around outside.

Phone: (rings)

Ruthie: It's after eleven. Who would be calling?

Lucy: Who's on the phone? Was it Carlos... Simon?

Lucy: So no one pick up the phone?

Kevin: The lights are out in mom's room. She's already asleep. Maybe someone called and hung up.

Annie: I'm so happy that you're all here together.

Lucy: Who called? Is everything okay?

Annie: Yeah, that was your dad, and he took a little trip up to see Simon and he talked to him, and everything is fine, and he said if I'd make waffles, he's love it if we'd all have waffles together. It's, it's something we used to do when the kids were younger and Matt and Mary and Lucy would be coming home late from dating. Ah, anyone want a waffle?

Mac: Sure...

Martin: Nah, it's late.

Mac: It's never too late for waffles.

Lucy: Well, surely, you don't want to make waffles, I mean you've got to get on a plane tomorrow and go to New York.

Kevin: Not until three in the afternoon.

Ruthie: Yeah, but we all have to get up and go to church tomorrow. Maybe we should just go to bed.

Annie: No, I don't think so. Your father wants everyone to be right here when he gets home.

Vincent: I just have to call my mom.

Mac: Maybe you should just go home.

Vincent: No, I don't think so, not as long as you and Martin are staying.

New York Hospital / Simon's Apartment

Matt: I didn't know you left me a message, Simon.

Simon: Well, I had, and now dad knows.

Matt: Look, from what you've told me about precautions you took, I think it's all going to be okay, but now you get to go in and get tested and wait for the results and go through the miserable consequences of being involved with someone you don't even know and having casual; sex. How many times do I have to tell you, you, you really not ready for that kind of relationship?

Simon: Thank you... thank you for the lecture, but when I said dad knows, I didn't mean he knows about me, he knows about Mary. I told him about Mary.

Matt: What? Why did you do that? If you were going to do that, why didn't you do it last week before we all lied?

Simon: Because he picked up my message and I had to tell him why I said I was in trouble. I, I, I told him it was because mom was flying to New York to see Mary and Carlos and the baby.

Matt: Okay, last week, you made up this big lie to protect Mary because you thought it was wrong for us to let mom and dad in on her little secret, and now, this week, you don't care about protecting Mary, you just care about protecting yourself, so you told them the truth?

Simon: Yeah, I told them the truth.

Matt: But not about yourself!

Camden's House - Kitchen

Mac: Vincent and I were just leaving.

Eric: Goodnight...

Vincent: Goodnight...

Eric: I'm so happy everybody waited up for me.

Annie: And I made waffles.

Eric: Good... waffles... go so well with the truth.

Annie: Well, I guess there's no need to go to New York. I'll call Carlos in the morning and tell him how sorry I am this happened and that you all lied to us.

Kevin: I left him a message. He knows about the lie. He just doesn't know you know the truth.

Lucy: He could have told you himself.

Ruthie: If he even knows.

Eric: He does know, right? Mary has told him that she's not just temporarily based in another city.

Annie: I think we'll just let Mary tell him.

Eric: Even though we know otherwise... are you sure that she taking a break from here marriage? You're sure Mary isn't just temporarily relocating so that she can get a promotion or some new training or...

Lucy: We're sure.

Eric: Well, she certainly needs to tell her husband.

Annie: We don't know if she did or didn't, surely she did.

Eric: I think we need to talk to Mary.

Lucy/Kevin/Ruthie: Good luck.

Ruthie: She's not returning our phone calls.

Kevin: So, Simon...?

Eric: Yeah?

Lucy: He just told you about Mary?

Eric: Just...?

Kevin: I think what Lucy meant was, did he know anything else, you know, about Carlos or anything? Has he talked to him?

Eric: He didn't say.

Kevin: Well, we better be getting to bed.

Ruthie: I better be getting to bed, too.

Eric: Mary can't do this, she can't. She has a wonderful husband, a beautiful baby.

Annie: I know, and I know she loves them, she'll come around. It's probably not even as serious as we think.

Eric: We had a lot of arguments, you never left.

Annie: Well, I did but I never left with the intention of leaving forever. I've did a few vacations from you and the family, every mom needs to do that... to have some time on her own. I really need to talk to her, to reassure her...

Eric: But you can't talk to her and I don't, I don't think we should talk to Carlos, at least not yet.

Annie: No, we should give them some time alone.

Eric: Unless Mary calls, if she calls, I'm saying something to her.

Annie: It's a deal... if she calls, and you talking to her, find me, I want to talk to her.

Eric: What are you gonna say to Carlos since you already told him you're coming?

Annie: I'll tell him... I don't know, I'll... I guess I'll tell him I, I changed my mind and I'll, I'll try to come back in a couple of months.

Eric: And if a couple of months go by and nothing changes and we still haven't hear from Mary, then I think you and I should go and talk to Carlos face to face.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office / Simon's Apartment

Phone: (rings)

Eric on Phone: Hello...? Oh, hi, Simon. Yeah, I was just about to walk downstairs.

Simon on Phone: I just wanted to say I'm sorry about everything, and I'm sorry I didn't get up and drive down there so I could hear your sermon.

Eric on Phone: Well, maybe next Sunday... maybe you can come home next Sunday. Come home Friday night and spend entire lecture-free weekend.

Simon on Phone: I think I will, dad.

Eric on Phone: Are you okay?

Simon on Phone: Yeah, look, I know they're waiting for you so I'm not going to keep you, so I'll let you go, but I might call you back later when you're at the house, okay.

Eric on Phone: Well, you know how this works, if I'm not down there when they first hymn finished, they'll just sing another one. Tell me what's on your mind.

Simon on Phone: Okay, I have to do this. I have to tell you what's going on with me because even though I already talked to Matt and Matt says everything's going to be fine, I... I have to talk to you.

Eric on Phone: I'm sure your brother knows what he's talking about, whatever it is, it is gonna be fine 'cause I love you, Simon. I'm your father and no matter what you do, I'll always love you. 

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