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#912 : L'accouchement

Lucy, furieuse que sa famille ne lui ait fait aucun cadeau pour le bébé, arrive à convaincre Matt de l'emmener faire du shopping, alors qu'elle n'est pas censée quitter son lit. Pendant qu'ils font du shopping, ils se retrouvent coincés dans un ascenseur et Lucy se met à avoir des contractions poussant Matt à montrer ses compétences de médecin. Pendant ce temps, Eric et Annie préparent la maison pour la fête surprise organisée pour Lucy. Il sont inquiets quand ils voient que Matt ne l'a pas ramenée à l'heure. Kevin montre à Ruthie qu'il a acheté une maison, et Ruthie lui dit que Lucy va être furieuse quand elle verra qu'il a fait ça sans la consulter d'abord. 

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Paper or plastic

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton & Jeffrey Rodgers 
Réalisé par : Michael Preece 

Avec : Deborah Raffin (Julie Hastings), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • David Backus ..... Electricien
  • Carrie 'CeCe' Cline ..... Stephanie Dillard
  • Kathleen M. Darcy ..... Margeret
  • Charles Emmett ..... Manager du magasin
  • Patricia Gebhard ..... Jenny
  • Carol Kiernan ..... Debra
  • Molly Price ..... Judy
  • Karly Rothenberg ..... Linda
  • Jennie Ventriss ..... Nina
  • Matt Winston ..... Mitch

Camden's House - Kevin and Lucy's Room

Kevin: I have some business to take care of, but I shouldn't be long.

Lucy: I'll be fine.

Kevin: You'll be fine as long as you stay in bed.

Lucy: The doctor said I could move around a little; even go for a short trip. You heard him; he said I would be fine.

Kevin: I just don't think it's a good idea. I can get you anything you want.

Lucy: Anything?

Kevin: Anything...

Lucy: Okay, ah, get me a car seat, a crib, a diaper service, a dozen onesis, a small tub, some wash clothes, towels, blankets and everything the baby will need when it gets here that no one's had the decency to give me. Oh yeah, I'll also need a nursing bra.

Kevin: All right...

Lucy: You can't get all that. I have to get it. Take me shopping. I, I promise I'll, I'll do it so quickly. I'll be in and out, just like that.

Kevin: While I'm gone, just make a list. I'll get it.

Lucy: What happened to the bassinet and the crib and the rocking chair I sent you out for last week?

Kevin: They're in the garage. I'm going to put them together. Your mom is going to put them when she gets a chance.

Lucy: I hope they're done before the baby gets here. Come on, Kevin, take me shopping... I'm begging you. They're things we have to have that we don't have yet. Things you don't know anything... things you can't buy... like the nursing bar.

Kevin: Just write it down and I'll ask someone to help me with the bra.

Lucy: You know, just because I'm on bed rest doesn't mean someone couldn't have thrown me a baby shower. This sucks.

Kevin: Hey, not in front of our daughter. See ya' in an hour or two.

Lucy: Hi...

Matt: Hi...

Matt: ya' doing?

Lucy: I'm doing okay. I need to go shopping. I don't have anything... no one has given me... anything.

Matt: Hey, hey, hey, it's okay, I'll take you shopping. 'Long as you have permission from your doctor to be up and about.

Lucy: Really? He said I could go out just for a little while, you know, if I'm careful.

Matt: Then we'll be careful.

Lucy: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I haven't been able to get Kevin or mom or dad to take me. No one will take me shopping. They're all afraid I'll go into labor, and I'm not going into labor, not until I have everything that I need.

Matt: I believe you.

Lucy: Really?

Matt: Yeah, but I, I think that we should slip out the front before anyone knows we're gone.

Lucy: Yeah, okay.

Camden's House - Foyer

Lucy: I'm so excited to get out of the house.

Matt: Be quiet or we won't make it.

Camden's House - Kitchen

David: They're gone.

Annie: Oh, nice work.

Annie: (laughs)

Camden's House - Living Room

Eric: How much time do we have?

Annie: Well, they've been gone for an hour but we told Matt we needed two.

Kevin: There's just have one more gift I have to get. Would you like to come with me? I'd like your opinion.

Ruthie: Sure...

Kevin: We'll be right back.

Annie: What are you doing?

Eric: I'm resting, I hope.

Annie: Well, there's still plenty to be done.

Eric: It's a lot of work for a guy who's not even invited to the shower.

Annie: You're welcome to come.

Eric: No, no, I'll just hang out in the kitchen. I'm, I'm very happy it's for ladies only... it's an old-fashioned baby shower.

Annie: I'm still gonna need your help.

Eric: Fine, happy to help... not happy to play... those games.

Martin: We're going down to the park.

Sam: We're going to play baseball.

David: It'll be fun.

Eric: I'll be here... helping.

David: That doesn't sound like fun.

Martin: Yeah, we'll be back later. Come on, guys.

Annie: There's still some presents in the trunk of the car that maybe you could get.

Eric: There's more?

Annie: Oh, just the stuff that Mary sent. Oh, it's such a shame she can't be here.

Eric: This is all from us?

Annie: Well no, it's just stuff the baby has to have. I mean...

Eric: Has to have?

Annie: Oh, well, okay... some of the stuff that I want her to have. I'm so looking forward to having a new baby in the house.

Eric: You know, we haven't done all that much in the way of encouraging Lucy and Kevin to find their own home.

Annie: Oh, they can't move because Lucy's on bed rest.

Eric: But sooner or later they have to move.

Annie: They'll move.

Eric: They have to... even if you don't want them to. And, it'll be somewhere close by.

Annie: Or maybe we build onto our house.

Eric: No, we can't. No...

Department Store

Lucy: How about this one?

Matt: Sure...

Matt: A lot of pink.

Lucy: Excuse me, do you know where the little baby blankets are?

Mitch: Ah, those are upstairs in the linen department. I'll be happy to show you and your husband.

Lucy: Oh, ah, this, this is not my husband.

Mitch: Doesn't really matter, husband, father, whatever, just happy to have you shopping with us today.

Lucy: No, no, no, you, you misunderstood it... this is my brother. Oh, see, I'm not wearing my ring because my hands are swollen and I have a huge diamond. Really, I do, I mean... just a little tight right now. No really, he's my brother. We're both married. I'm married. He's married.

Department Store - Elevator

Mitch: Sorry, here we go... It's a new elevator... little tricky. There we go... next stop, little baby blankets.

Department Store - Second Floor

Mitch: Right this way...

Lucy: Where is your wedding ring?

Matt: I don't wear one.

Lucy: Why not?

Matt: Sarah and I don't wear wedding bands at work and I forgot to put it on before I left.

Lucy: Well, now this guy thinks I'm not married because you're not wearing your ring. I... why don't you and Sarah wear your wedding rings to work?

Matt: She has her reasons... some women-in-the-workplace thing. I don't know. But, we don't care, we're in love, we're married, things are great. We don't need wedding bands.

Lucy: Yes, you do.

Mitch: Here we go.

House for Sale

Kevin: So what do you think?

Ruthie: It's great. Who lives here?

Kevin: (shrugs)

Ruthie: No...

Kevin: (nodding)

Ruthie: didn't... you didn't buy this house without telling Lucy, did you?

Kevin: The way I figure it, Lucy would never want me buy this house, she wouldn't never want to spend this much money on a house. I didn't want to spend this much money on a house, but it's great, plenty of room for us and the baby and as many babies as we ever want to have. I'm going to bring her over after the shower and surprise her.

Ruthie: Are you serious?

Kevin: (nods)

Ruthie: She's going to take one look at this house, have the baby on the lawn.

Kevin: So do you think she'll like it?

Ruthie: Are you kidding?

Kevin: No...

Ruthie: Lucy always thinks everyone knows everything before she does. She always thinks people are doing things behind her back and keeping secrets from her. She's going to kill you. Soon as the baby is out, she's going to go berserk and kill you.

Kevin: Oh come on, it's a beautiful house and she wasn't able to shop for houses while she was on bed rest. And we have to move and move quickly. I say she'll love it. You say it. Say she'll love it. Please, please say she'll love it.

Ruthie: Can you get out of it?

Kevin: I don't want out of it, I had to outbid three other buyers to get it. This is better than any house anywhere on Glenoak. This may be better than any house in the State of California. This may be better than any house in the United States.

Ruthie: She's still going to kill you.

Department Store - Second Floor

Lucy: Maybe you should get a wedding band, just to wear while you're home.

Matt: I could do that, but I don't want to do that. Do you have everything you need?

Lucy: Could we look at some rings? I'm fine, we have time.

Matt: I just don't want anyone to get angry that I kept you out too long. I mean, you're just getting off bed rest.

Lucy: Just try on the rings. Do it for me.

Matt: Why don't you try on rings?

Lucy: I already have a one.

Matt: So do I.

Lucy: Please...

Mitch: Ah, isn't that sweet, they gonna get married.

Employee: They better do it soon; she looks as if she could have that baby at any minute.

Camden's House - Living Room

Annie: All right... well, Lucy should be here soon. Oh, Julie, how are ya'? So good to see you... how are Hank and the kids?

Julie: Oh, they're fine. Hank took them to the zoo for the afternoon.

Annie: Well you know, um, Sam and David went to the park with Martin.

Eric: Hi...

Julie: I didn't know you'd be here... or I would have let Hank come.

Eric: Oh, I'm, I'm not here technically, I'm standing by in case anyone needs anything.

Annie: Oh, did you get the present for Lucy?

Kevin: Ruthie doesn't think she's going to like it.

Ruthie: I don't think you're going to like it either.

Julie: What is it?

Kevin: Nothing... I have to make a phone call.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: So, what'd you get her?

Kevin: A house...

Eric: Great...

Kevin: A big house...

Eric: Even greater...

Kevin: Yeah, that's what I thought, but Ruthie says she'll hate it. She'll hate that I made the decision without her and now I'm scared. I'm going to take it back.

Eric: Can you do that?

Kevin: You tell me.

Eric: Did they accept the offer?

Kevin: Yeah...

Eric: Have they done the inspection?

Kevin: Yep, nothing wrong with the house... that's why we closed on it last Friday.

Eric: Well, maybe Ruthie doesn't know, maybe Lucy will love it.

Kevin: Do you think so?

Eric: Well... maybe you should act as of you didn't buy the house. Show it to Lucy, and make her think she's making the decision with you, then make the offer, and then buy the house.

Kevin: Start out our new life in a new house with a lie...?

Eric: Yeah...

Kevin: You want us to move as badly as I do, don't you?

Eric: Hmm...

Kevin: Does Annie feel the same way?

Eric: No...

Kevin: I better make a call. Great... battery's dead.

Eric: The dead battery... maybe that's a sign from God.

Kevin: Or maybe it's just a dead battery. I'm gonna call the realtor.

Eric: It's not that easy to find a house right now, if you really like this house... I mean, of course you like it, you bought it. It's yours.

Department Store - Second Floor

Lucy: I'm ready to go. Just buy it.

Matt: It doesn't fit.

Lucy: I'll buy it for you.

Matt: That's okay, I really don't want the ring.

Mitch: You can wear it out, just like that. All we need is the little scanner tag. See, no problem.

Matt: Thanks, but I have a ring at home.

Mitch: Whatever you say. Customer's always right.

Lucy: Uh-oh...

Matt: I'll get it off.

Lucy: No, bigger... uh-oh...

Matt: Uh-oh...

Lucy: You're not suppose to say that. You're a doctor.

Matt: We have to go to the hospital... right now.

Department Store - Elevator

Matt: Breathe...

Lucy: (breathing)

Matt: Okay...

Matt: Okay...

Matt: Okay... all right, here we go.

Lucy: (breathing)

Matt: Okay... just stay calm, Luce.

Lucy: I am calm, I'm happy the baby's coming.

Matt: Yeah, the baby's coming.

Mitch: Okay, just, just stay calm. The elevator did this before. The door will open. Okay...

Lucy: (breathing)

Matt: (breathing)

Camden's House - Living Room

Annie: Help yourselves... you know, there's plenty of food. Um, we sent Lucy out to surprise her and surprise, she's late getting back. She should be here, you know, any minute.

Julie: How long have they been gone?

Annie: A couple of hours... or more.

Julie: She's been on bed rest for a while. I hope she's okay.

Annie: I'm sure she's fine and she's in good hands. She's with Matt. So, I'm just gonna, you know, go out and see what happened to Ruthie. Okay, so...

Camden's House - Kitchen

Kevin on Phone: Please, there has to be a way... what if I can't sell it?

Annie: What's going on?

Eric: Nothing... Kevin's just trying to return Lucy's gift.

Annie: Why? Why is he trying to return the gift and, by the way, why wouldn't I like it? What is it?

Kevin on Phone: Yes, I know that... I know that... but surely someone's, uhm, returned a gift like this before.

Annie: Oh, is it jewelry? Oh, he didn't buy jewelry for the baby, did he? I do not like baby jewelry, especially not expensive baby jewelry...ahhh...

Kevin on Phone: I just think she's going to like it and if she doesn't...

Annie: Lucy doesn't like baby jewelry.

Ruthie: It's not baby jewelry. It's for Lucy and the baby.

Eric: And for us, really... it's, it's for the whole family.

Annie: You didn't do something stupid like going out and buying a house that Lucy's never set foot in, did you?

Kevin/Eric/Ruthie: Yep...

Annie: Ooh, then you take it back. After the baby gets here, then you and Lucy can go house shopping, you know, and find yourselves a nice place together... while I babysit.

Kevin on Phone: Yeah, I'll hold...

Annie: Did you tell him to buy a house?

Eric: No...

Annie: Take it back!

Department Store

Martin: Your gloves are too small... you've outgrown them.

Sam: But we're tired. We don't want to play anymore today.

Martin: Yeah, you do, you're just getting warmed up.

David: We're burned up. Our hands can't do it anymore. Even with new gloves.

Martin: Tough it out, okay, you never gonna get anywhere with that kind of attitude. It's a man's game. Be men... be strong.

Sam: But we're not men, yet.

David: Maybe we shouldn't play man's game.

Sam: We're five.

David: And we're hungry.

Sam: Could we have something to eat, please?

David: Do they have hot dogs in here?

Martin: Ah, I think so. Come on, we'll go eat, we'll get new gloves, then we'll go back to the park.

Sam/David: (sighs)

Department Store - Elevator

Lucy: This isn't good.

Matt: Well look, there's still plenty of time to get to the hospital.

Mitch: I've got an electrician on the way.

Matt: A what...?

Mitch: It's an electrical problem.

Matt: Oh no, it's... more than an electrical problem. They baby's coming.

Mitch: Oh, I'll, I'll have you out in no time.

Matt: Forget the electrician. Call an ambulance.

Mitch: An ambulance?

Lucy: An ambulance?

Matt: We might have a situation here where an ambulance would be helpful. In case, we have to get to the hospital quickly.

Lucy: You said we still have time. The contractions are still... oooowww.

Lucy: (labor noises)

Matt: Breathe, it's okay, just breathe. Keep breathing... you're doing fine.

Lucy: (panting)

Matt: Call an ambulance, would you?

Lucy: (panting)

Lucy: I don't want to ride to the hospital in an ambulance.

Matt: Okay, let's just see how it goes.

Lucy: But, I don't want to go to the hospital in an ambulance. I hate ambulances. It's creepy. I wanna go to the hospital in a car... with my husband. Get Kevin.

Matt: There's a little problem getting a signal here, which is why I didn't call for an ambulance, but, but I'm sure there gonna have the doors open any minute and we'll call Kevin. It's gonna be fine.

Lucy: Why is it that every time I'm with you, the baby wants out?

Matt: I got you to the hospital last time. I'm going to get you to the hospital this time.

Lucy: Promise? I said promise?

Matt: I promise I'm going to try my very best.

Lucy: Promise!

Lucy: (labor noises)

Matt: Breathe...

Lucy/Matt: (panting)

Department Store - Outside Elevator

Store Manager: I'm sorry, you're gonna have to use the escalator. We're having a trouble with that right now.

Mac: Oh, no problem... is the baby stuff still on the second floor?

Store Manager: No, it's just around the corner.

Mac: Thanks...

Department Store - Around the Corner

Mac: Hi, guys!

David: Hi...

Sam: Hi, Mac...

Martin: What are you doing here?

Mac: I came to get a gift for Lucy's shower. I'm not going, but I thought I'd get her a gift. Actually, my mom suggested I get her a gift, since I eat with the Camdens about three nights a week now.

Martin: Am I supposed to get a gift, too? We weren't invited to the shower, I was going to wait until the baby got here.

Mac: I don't know anything about this stuff. I guess you could get a gift if you wanted to, then you don't have to buy the baby a gift when she gets here.

Martin: You sure it works like that?

Mac: Ummm... no.

Sam: I want to get Lucy a gift.

David: Me, too.

Martin: We were at the park playing baseball... their gloves are too small.

Sam: And our hands are too tired.

David: We don't want to play anymore.

Martin: I told them to buck up... it's baseball.

Sam: I'd rather go shopping for a baby gift.

David: I'd rather go shopping, too. I like to shop.

Mac: Maybe they might be a little too young for bucking up.

Martin: All right, I guess we'll go shopping... might as well, we're here.

Department Store - Elevator

Mitch: How are you doing?

Matt: Fine...

Lucy: Terrible...

Mitch: Ah, we called for an ambulance... should be here any minute.

Matt: Look, could you do me a favor? Could you also call a few people for us? I have a cell, but I can't get a signal.

Mitch: No problem... all right.

Matt: Thanks... this is our... our parents' number.

Lucy: 555-0117... that's Kevin's number. Call him and tell him to meet me here, but, but don't tell him I'm having the baby. You know, he tends to pass out easily.

Mitch: All right, I'm on my way. So, you're really the brother?

Matt: Yes, I'm really the brother.

Lucy: And I'm really married... to Kevin. So what if they can't get the elevator doors open when the ambulance gets here... how are they going to get me to the hospital if we can't get out of here to get in an ambulance? Did you ever think about that?

Matt: Yeah...

Lucy: (labor noises)

Matt: Breathe...

Lucy: (labor noises)

Matt: Breathe...

Lucy/Matt: (panting)

Camden's House - Living Room

Jenny: Is anything wrong?

Julie: Oh, no, no, we're just waiting for Lucy. She and Matt must be buying a lot of things. Lucy doesn't know about the shower, so Matt's probably having a hard time getting her home.

Linda: Still, shouldn't they be back by now?

Julie: They should be, but they're not, but they will be.

Debra: Where's everyone else?

Julie: They're taking care of a little problem, a last minute gift from Kevin.

Jenny: What is it?

Julie: I'm not sure. I don't know, really. They didn't tell me... honest.

Judy: I bet I know... it's a house, isn't it?

Debra: Is it a house?

Linda: Is it?

Julie: Kevin wouldn't buy her a house as a surprise, would he?

Judy: I think he would. He's handsome.

Girls: (laughs)

Julie: What does that have to do with buying a house?

Judy: Nothing I was just saying...

Phone: (rings)

Julie on Phone: Hello...?

Jenny: I wonder who's house he could have bought.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: You, you don't really need me here.

Annie: You're not going to see the house before Lucy sees it.

Eric: Ruthie's seen it.

Ruthie: It's a really big house.

Kevin: Really big... with a pool.

Annie: Oh, you can't have a pool with a baby.

Kevin: It has a fence around it.

Annie: Oh... a fenced-in pool.

Kevin: With a spa and you should see the rose gardens in the back.

Phone: (rings)

Kevin on Phone: Hello... yeah it's me.

Eric: I'm just going to go with Kevin and take a look.

Annie: Oh, not without me...

Eric: You've got a room full of women waiting to have a baby shower. You can't leave.

Julie: I have to go. Hank and the kids got kicked out of the zoo. Evidently, Erica threw a piece of fried chicken in the monkey cage and the monkey choked on it. I mean, it's a long story. I'm so sorry. I hope, I hope Lucy likes the gift. Okay, bye-bye...

Ruthie: Come on, let's just run over and go see the house.

Annie: Oh, we can't... Lucy and Matt they'll be back any minute.

Kevin: Okay, one of the other buyers who's interested in the house still wants the house, but they won't pay what I was paying and the owner still wants his money.

Eric: What does that mean?

Kevin: It means I'm out twenty-five thousand dollars unless I keep the house.

Annie: Where is the house?

Kevin: It's only two-miles away, practically walking distance.

Annie: Okay, quick look... Ruthie you stay here. Don't let Lucy in.

Ruthie: No, I want to see you see the house. There's plenty of food in the living room, plus we can call Matt from the car, tell him to delay another ten minutes. They already late.

Annie: Oh, this is so rude of me. Let's go.

Phone: (rings)

Department Store

Sam: Babies like these, right?

David: I like them.

Sam: I like them better than baseball gloves.

David: And Lucy doesn't like them, we can keep them.

Sam: Are you sure?

David: Sure, mom will let us have them so we won't be jealous about the baby.

Sam: I'm not jealous.

David: Me, neither.

Mac: What's the difference between "infant" and "newborn"?

Martin: You're asking the wrong guy. What age do babies wear shoes? I like the shoes.

Mac: I think they just wear sock to start with.

Martin: Why would they wear socks if they don't wear shoes?

Mac: Maybe I'll get a teddy bear. The baby will grow out the clothes, she could keep a teddy bear for longer.

Martin: Can a baby play with a teddy bear?

Mac: Right, maybe it's too soon.

Martin: I think I'll go with a blanket. All babies need a blanket, right?

Mac: You don't think she has a blanket already?

Martin: I have no idea. She probably already has everything.

Mac: We have to think outside the box.

Margaret: Can you believe it? She's gone into labor in an elevator. It's a nightmare.

Nina: Oh, it'll be fine, women used to have babies at home all the time.

Margaret: This isn't exactly home.

Mac: Excuse, excuse me, what would you recommend for a baby shower gift?

Martin: Our friend is having a girl?

Margaret: Oohh, I don't know, there are so many things to choose from. What do you think, Mother?

Martin: I want to get her something practical.

Nina: Does she have a breast pump?

Margaret: (sighs)

Margaret: I don't think he meant that practical. Mother just...

Department Store - Elevator

Mitch: There's a small problem. I can't get Kevin on the phone. I tried his cell, then I tried your parents' house, no one's answering.

Matt: Someone has to be there, they're having a baby shower.

Lucy: For who?

Matt: Oh, geez, it was supposed to be a surprise.

Lucy: Ah, a surprise baby shower?

Matt: Any update on the ambulance.

Sound: (sirens)

Mitch: I hear sirens.

Matt: Great...

Lucy: Great... how are we gonna get out of here?

Matt: Where's the electricians?

Mitch: Oh... yeah, the electricians... I was so busy calling Kevin that...

Lucy: (yelling)

Lucy: Oh... I got another contraction.

Matt: Get the EMT's in here and I'm gonna need some stuff. Breathe, Luce, you're going to be fine. Okay...

Lucy/Matt: (panting)

Matt: It's gonna be fine.

Lucy/Matt: (panting)

Lucy: (yells, panting)

Camden's House - Living Room

Linda: Well, this is the strangest baby shower I've ever been to... no mom, ah, but the food's great.

Debra: At least there aren't any games.

Marie: What kind of games?

Debra: Guess how big the momma is. Baby word search... baby food taste test.

Girls: (laugh)

Phone: (rings)

Judy: I think we should answer it this time.

Linda: I don't know, it's not our house.

Jenny: Technically it is. It's the parsonage.

Debra: Answer it.

Marie on Phone: Hello, this is the Camden residence. Uh-huh... uh-huh... oh... well, they're not here. Okay, we'll try to find them.

Marie: Lucy's in labor at the baby department store. She's stuck in the elevator. An ambulance is on the way. We have to find Kevin and the Camdens.

Debra: How are we going to do that?

Ruthie: Sorry, we were gone so long. You don't have to leave.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: These meatballs are all dried-up.

Ruthie: Lucy's stuck in the baby department store elevator and she's having the baby!

Annie: Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...

Department Store - Elevator Bank

Crowd: (ad libs)

Mac: It must be the woman having the baby.

David: I bet it's Lucy.

Sam: Yeah, I bet it's Lucy, too.

Mac: Could it be?

Martin: Lucy, what? Excuse me, excuse me, coming through, excuse me, sorry, sorry... excuse me! That's not Lucy Kinkirk in there, is it?

Store Manager: Lucy Kinkirk?

Mitch: Are you Kevin?

Martin: No, I'm Martin.

Sam: Is it her?

David: Is it Lucy?

Sam: We're her brothers.

Mitch: She says the guy in there with her is her brother.

Martin: Matt's in there with her?

Mitch: Yeah, that's his name.

Crowd: (ad libs)

Department Store - Elevator

Lucy: This is ridiculous. I can't wait much longer. The baby's coming, I can feel it coming.

Matt: Luce, try and hold on. I think they've almost got the doors. We'll try to get to the hospital.

Lucy: I'm not going to make it. Oh, Kevin where are you?

Kevin: I'm right here, Luce. You better not be looking at my wife.

Matt: Uh, Kevin, I'm a doctor.

Kevin: You're her brother.

Matt: But, I'm a doctor.

Kevin: I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means.

Lucy: Kevin, the baby's coming... the baby's coming.

Matt: Okay, it's me or one of the these two strangers.

Lucy: Oh, let's go with Matt.

Kevin: I can do it.

Matt: You?

Lucy: Honey, no, you can't.

Kevin: I can. I've had training. I'm a police officer and I'm your husband and I'm about to be a father. I'm delivering the baby.

Matt: All right, we'll talk you through it.

Lucy: Kevin no, please! You just stay right where I need you.

Kevin: You're just afraid I'll pass out. Don't you think I could deliver the baby?

Matt: I don't think so, Kevin.

Kevin: I can do it.

Lucy: Oh God in heaven, please help me.

Lucy/Matt/Kevin: (panting)

Department Store

Annie: Excuse me, excuse me... I'm sorry, sorry, coming through, coming through! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...

Eric: Grandparents, grandparents coming through! Grandparents, grandparents coming through!

Ruthie: And aunt! Aunt's coming through!

Annie: How did you know?

Martin: I didn't and neither did Mac. We just ended up here.

Annie: Well, is she okay?

Store Manager: According to her doctor, she's doing fine. Shouldn't be long now.

Mitch: Is it her doctor or her brother?

Eric: Her doctor is her brother. I mean her brother is a doctor... almost.

Store Manager: What do you mean almost? He's not like a vet or something?

Eric: He's in med school.

Mitch: The EMT's are in there, it'll be fine.

Simon: Excuse me... Mom? Dad?

Eric: What are you doing here?

Simon: I drove down for the shower and stopped to get a gift. What's going on?

Annie: Lucy's stuck in the elevator. She's having the baby.

Simon: What?

Annie: We spent her here with Matt so we could surprise her with the baby shower.

Simon: You're kidding... that's great.

Eric: It's not great. Your sister's having a baby in a department store elevator.

Simon: But dad, still...

Mac: Pretty cool.

Martin: Yeah...

Simon: So Matt's delivering the baby?

Ruthie: There's a whole crowd in there. Matt, Kevin, a couple of EMT's.

Simon: We can't go in there, can we?

Crowd: (ad lib)

Annie: Quiet down!

Baby: (cries)

Crowd: (cheers, applauding)

David: The baby!

Sam: The baby is here!

Kevin: The baby is here and I helped!

Eric: Yeah!

Crowd: (cheers)

Kevin: And I didn't pass out!

Mitch: Congratulations...

Store Manager: We're really sorry about this, glad everything turned out, okay, but sorry about the elevator. We'll see that Lucy has everything she needs, anything she wants from the store is hers.

Annie: Oh... oh... thanks you.

Electrician: I think we got it. Should we open the door?

Mitch: All right, everyone, clear a path, gotta get a gurney in there. Make way for the new family.

Store Manager: All righty... Camdens, the new mom says she's ready.

Annie: All right, we're ready.

Lucy: Here she is. Isn't she beautiful?

Crowd: (ad libs)

Matt: (sighs)

Camden's House - Living Room

Linda: Well, I guess the shower's over. It's time for us to go.

Debra: Yeah, we should go home.

Jenny: We can't just leave everything for the Camdens to come home and clean up.

Judy: We'll stay and clean up.

Linda: We'll all clean up.

Debra: Let's do it.

Jenny: Maybe we should do a little rearranging.

Marie: I don't know, would the Camden's mind that?

Jenny: It's our parsonage.

Linda: And we'd just be helping out.

Debra: You know, I haven't seen that garage apartment.

Judy: Lucy says there's not enough room for the baby up there... must be pretty small.

Department Store

Matt: Are we ready to go?

Lucy: I'm ready.

Annie: Are you okay?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine.

Eric: Thanks, son... nice going.

Matt: Congratulations, Dad.

Kevin: Thanks... thanks for everything.

Matt: You did great.

Ruthie: So, what are you gonna name her?

Sam: Yeah...

David: The baby has to have a name.

Lucy: Well, everyone in our family has a name from the Bible, and while we thought about carrying on the tradition, we decided to name her after the place where we spent our honeymoon.

Simon: The Jekyll... like Jekyll Island?

Kevin: We didn't go to Jekyll Island.

Mac: Where'd you go?

Lucy: We rented a house on a beach in Savannah. And, it was beautiful there, and it was very special time and a very special place for us. So, this is Savannah... Savannah Kinkirk.

Annie: Oh...

Matt: All right, we've got to get Lucy and Savannah to the hospital. Let's roll.

Eric: I love you, Grandma.

Annie: Love you, Grandpa.

Sam: Love you, Uncle.

David: Love you, Uncle.

Martin: I never realized what I was missing until I met this family.

Simon: Makes you want to get married and have a bunch of kids, doesn't it?

Martin: Maybe I'll marry a girl with a bunch of brothers and sisters.

Ruthie: Who knows, maybe someday you will. Maybe you will.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Matt: Are you aware that the house has been completely rearranged?

Eric: Yeah, evidently, Martin won the lotto. His things are in the garage apartment.

Matt: Really? Is he ready for his own apartment?

Eric: Apparently he is. Our wonderful little church ladies not only cleaned up the house, but ah, they took the liberty of moving things around the way they think will work best for us. And, according to them, it's all temporary anyway, you know, just until Kevin talks Lucy into moving into the new house, which Kevin hasn't told Lucy about, yet. So, here's the game plan. Kevin and Lucy will stay in Simon's room, and then you know since the doors slide open to the boys' room, they put the baby's things in there. And uh, Sam and David are in what I still think of as Mary and Lucy's room, but then Ruthie's room, then your room and then Martin's room and I guess when Simon's home, he and Martin will share the garage apartment.

Matt: Did they mention where I should sleep?

Eric: Well, well, they think you should be in New York with your wife before your marriage falls apart.

Matt: Yeah, but for tonight?

Eric: Oh, for tonight... the couch.

Matt: Fine... I'm exhausted. I can sleep anywhere.

Eric: Wait... I just want to tell you something.

Matt: You don't have to do that, it's okay.

Eric: No, it's not okay, and you don't know what I want to say.

Matt: Yeah, I do.

Eric: I want to tell you that I'm proud of you.

Matt: Ah, you already said that.

Eric: I'm proud of you, not just because you're smart... you're going to make a great doctor, but because you're a wonderful son and you're a kind and considerate man, and I just admire you for everything you've accomplished and for who you are.

Matt: Oh, stop it. How could I be anything but perfect with you and mom as my parents? I'll be on the couch if you need me.

Eric: For...?

Matt: You stink like a cigar and you're not supposed to smoking, especially when you have a heart condition. 'Night.

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: That's my boy.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Lucy's Room

Kevin: I love you.

Lucy: I love you, too, and I love her. Isn't she beautiful?

Kevin: She is. She's beautiful. I have to tell you something.

Lucy: Is it about the house? The realtor is married to one of the EMT guys who was in the elevator.

Kevin: So you know? You family thinks I did the wrong thing. That I should have waited until you saw it with me. I tried to take it back.

Lucy: Can you take back a house?

Kevin: No...

Lucy: I know the house. It's beautiful house.

Kevin: We can sell it we don't have to keep it.

Lucy: But I wanna keep it.

Kevin: I don't think your mom's quite ready for us to move.

Lucy: So we take our time. Maybe in a couple of months, when we think we can handle this little girl all on our own. We love you, Savannah. We love you. 

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