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#822 : Retour au bercail (1/2)

C'est le chaos chez les Camden quand Matt, qui a des problèmes dans son mariage avec Sarah revient à Glenoak pour une visite et rencontre Heather, une ancienne petite amie, dans l'avion. Contre toute attente, Simon annonce qu'il rentre passer l'été à la maison. Lucy essaie de découvrir pourquoi Roxanne est soudainement trop occupée pour traîner avec elle. Elle est convaincue que Roxanne essaie de devenir détective sans en parler à Kevin. Ruthie cache quelque chose à ses parents à propos d'une étudiante étrangère. Martin apprend que ses camarades de baseball pensent qu'il couche avec Cecilia

Titre VO
Little white lies (1/2)

Titre VF
Retour au bercail (1/2)

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Écrit par : Sue Tenney 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum

Avec : Andrea Ferrell (Heather Cain), James Henrie (Jeffrey Turner), Sarah Danielle Madison (Sarah Glass Camden), Christopher Michael (Capitaine Michaels), Carlos Ponce (Carlos Rivera), Kyle Searles (Mac) 

Guests :

  • Ashlee Gillespie ..... Pam
  • Nealla Gordon ..... Kate
  • Ellerine Harding ..... Infirmière
  • Matthew Kaminsky ..... Sean
  • Leighton Meester ..... Kendall
  • Samantha Sandoval ..... Maria
  • Doug Sinclair ..... Joe - Officier de police
  • David Grant Wright ..... Barman

Camden's House - Foyer - Living Room

Peter: Are your parents okay with this?

Ruthie: What... studying?

Peter: They're not studying.

Ruthie: Sure they are, their books are open.

Eric: Hey, what's up?

Ruthie: Oh, they're studying.

Eric: With a great amount of enthusiasm, I see. Where are you going?

Peter: To study...

Ruthie: Don't worry Dad; we won't study like they do, or as much as they do.

Camden's House - Upstairs Hallway

Peter: Are you gonna to tell your dad what you did at school today?

Ruthie: I will... after dinner. What?

Peter: You know, if we studied as much as Cecilia and Martin, I bet we could make straight A's.

Ruthie: I already make straight A's.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Carlos and Mary's Apartment

Annie on Phone: I've decided to come out there. You never know about due dates and first babies.

Carols on Phone: But, but if you come, then all my relatives are gonna want to come and, and, I'm not really up for entertaining cousins I haven't seen since I was three.

Annie on Phone: Okay... okay, so I'm gonna keep calling you know, I'm not going to miss out of the birth of my first grandchild.

Carlos on Phone: Love you, Mom.

Annie on Phone: I love you too and tell Mary...

Carlos on Phone: call you, I know. Bye.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Couldn't talk them into it, huh?

Annie: (shakes head no)

Annie: You look worried, you're not worried about Mary, are you?

Eric: No, not so much Mary as... Martin.

Annie: Unless he's pregnant, I refuse to worry about him. Martin's pregnant.

Eric: Not yet...


Jeffrey: Great, now we can do my English report, my take-home Math test and my world history homework.

Chandler: (sighs)

Police Station

Lucy: Don't worry I'm not staying. I just brought you dinner. Hey, if you're not working tonight, maybe we could go the movies... my treat.

Roxanne: I can't, I've got plans.

Lucy: That's the third time she's refused to hang out with me. Where is she going... what plans... is there a new guy... new friend... something with her father... something with work? I mean, you're working and she's not. Kevin... hello? Say something.

New York Hospital

Matt: You don't have to retake the class. You passed; you're choosing to retake it.

Sarah: But I don't understand it. I just got by.

Matt: You can retake it in the fall. Please, just take the jobs Hank lined up for us; go to Glenoak for the summer. We need to be together, we need to be around family.

Sarah: Don' rush me, okay, Matt? We just got back together.

Matt: Right... we just got back together and you're already okay with being apart. I love you.

Sarah: And, I love you.

Matt: I've missed you.

Sarah: And I've missed you, too, but...

Matt: Look, if you want me to stay...

Sarah: No, I want you to go. I want to retake this class and I want to do it now so I don't have it hanging over my head, and truthfully Matt, I don't want the pressure of school and us this summer, so... please, go.

Matt: I'll go, but I think it's a mistake.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: I'm on my way to the church. I have to prepare for the end of the month budget meeting.

Sam: We're cleaning the kitchen.

Eric: Oh...

David: It's fun.

Eric: Well, now, now that you're finished, why don't you go upstairs and see if Ruthie can clean you.

Sam: We can clean ourselves.

David: Yeah, we're not babies.

Annie: Your brothers are attempting to clean themselves up this morning.

Ruthie: So... help them without making them feel helped. Got it.

Eric: Hey, Ruthie, I'm sorry, I got stuck on a phone call last night. Did you need to talk to me about something?

Ruthie: I do, but we can talk later.

Annie: What's going on?

Eric: I don't know.

Eric: So, where, where are you off to?

Martin: Ah, school.

Eric: Will you be seeing Cecilia at school?

Martin: Yeah, what's wrong with you?

Eric: I've just noticed how much time you and Cecilia are spending together.

Martin: She's my girlfriend.

Martin: Okay, whatever, uh... I have baseball practice after school, and, ah, I'll be home after that. See ya'.

Eric: Yeah... I just... have this feeling Martin and Cecilia's relationship is headed in a direction that neither of them is prepared for.

Annie: In English.

Eric: I think they're gonna have sex.

Ruthie: The boys are mostly clean and I think I'll just... bye.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Lucy: Doesn't it bother you that your partner is keeping secrets from you?

Kevin: She's not keeping secrets from me.

Lucy: Uhmmm... so, you know what she's doing?

Kevin: Lucy, really, leave it alone.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Roxanne: I have thought this through. It's the right thing for me to do. It's what I what to do. It might be what I was born to do. You think I'm nuts.

Chandler: No, actually I think this is about the sanest thing you've ever done.

Roxanne: Thanks I need all the support I can get. Hello... I should get going.

Eric: I, I didn't say anything.

Chandler: Good, but I do need your help... not with Roxanne... with Jeffrey.

Chandler: Jeffrey needs a tutor.

Eric: I know the perfect person.

Chandler: (sighs)

Junior High School - Hallway

Peter: What'd your parent say? Were they upset? You didn't tell them.

Ruthie: I'll tell them tonight.

Peter: You'd better tell them before Maria just shows up.

Ruthie: Probably, then again once she's there, she's there. Once they get to know her, they'll love her.

Peter: You don't even know Maria.

Ruthie: What's to know? I repeat, what's to know?

Peter: We better get to class.

High School - Hallway

Martin: Why are you in such a good mood?

Mac: Tonight is the night for me and Pam. I think she's ready. I know I'm ready.

Martin: Ready for? But you barely know her.

Mac: She loves me and I love her... I think. We're ready.

Martin: Pam's never had a boyfriend before.

Mac: I'm not forcing her. We talked about it. We both wanna do it.

Martin: You both talked about it, but who brought up the subject?

Mac: We can't just make out at my parents house forever. Okay, I can't just make out at my parents' house forever. What's your problem... you want to be the only guy on the team dong it? Oh please, Cecilia's a senior. You guys are all over each other... it's obvious. Actually, you're a bit of a legend, not many sophomores are sleeping with seniors.

Martin: Mac...

Mac: Yeah?

Martin: Cecilia and I are not doing what you think we're doing.

Mac: Wait... you're serious... really?

Carlos and Mary's Apartment - Kitchen / New York Hospital

Phone: (rings)

Carlos on Phone: Hello?

Nurse on Phone: Carlos Rievera?

Carlos on Phone: Yes...

Nurse on Phone: Your wife asked me to call you. She's at the hospital, but...


Matt: Heather...

Heather: Hello, Matt.

Pilot: Maintenance has located the problem and they have assured me that we should be pushing back from the gate in about forty-five minutes. So, thanks for your patience.

Matt: I can't believe I, I ran into you here, of all places.

Heather: I know, it's weird... but good.

Matt: Very good.

Heather: I though about calling you so many times.

Matt: I've thought about calling you too.

Heather: Uhm, where's Sarah?

Matt: She has to stay in New York this summer. She has to repeat a class.

Heather: That's too bad. It's difficult to be away from someone you love.

Matt: Oh, yeah... yeah of course... very... difficult.

Heather: Good marriages aren't easy to come by.

Matt: No, they aren't, and Sarah and I have a great marriage... just great. I mean, I love being married. Marriage is such a great thing. What about you?

Heather: Great... happy... couldn't be happier. I love being married.

Matt: Yeah. Nuts...?

New York Hospital

Sarah: Carlos...?

Carlos: Sarah, what are you doing here?

Sarah: I work here. What are you doing here? Is Mary here?

Carlos: So you're not going back to Glenoak with Matt?

Sarah: I want to retake a class which is clearly not important, if Mary is here to have the baby. Is she here? What are you doing here.

Carlos: Well, I can't find her. I've been to emergency and no one seems to know where she is.

Sarah: What?

Carlos: Evidently, she thought she was in labor and she's not, and now I can't find her.

Sarah: Do you want me to help you look for her?

Carlos: Oh, you can't. She doesn't want anyone from either family helping out with anything.

Sarah: So I'll help you, she'll never know, let's just find her.

Police Station

Capt. Michaels: Are you serious?

Roxanne: Very...

Capt. Michaels: There's a test involved, isn't there?

Roxanne: I'm taking it this afternoon.

Capt. Michaels: Well, good luck. Have you told Kevin?

Roxanne: I don't really have anything to tell him yet.

Capt. Michaels: Well, as soon as you know something, tell him.

Roxanne: I will, I will.

High School - Locker Room

Mac: Come on, Pam and Cecilia are waiting.

Martin: Why is everyone starring at me.

Mac: Oh, I told all of them you've never done it with Cecilia before.

Martin: You what?

Mac: I have to say, a lot of the guys were disappointed, but when I told them you were a virgin, they were more understanding.

Police Station

Joe: Are you lookin' for Kevin?

Lucy: Actually, I was looking for Roxanne.

Joe: You just missed her. Is there somethin' I can do for you?

Lucy: Thanks, but no.

Joe: Well, if it's important I think I know where you can find her. I overheard Roxanne talking to Captain Michaels, she mentioned she was taking a test later today, and the only test I know about is the detective's test. They only give it twice a year.

Lucy: Detective's test?

Joe: She must be going for a promotion.

High School - Hallway

Mac: So, ah, we'll see you tonight. Dinner and then... well, who knows.

Cecilia: Okay, what's with you and Mac?

Martin: Nothing.

Cecilia: Try again.

Martin: Mac just said something to the guys and... never mind.

Cecilia: What did he say?

Martin: It's a long story, I really don't want you to get upset you.

Cecilia: Why would I get upset? Did Mac say something about me?

Martin: He said something about us, which was a lie and then he told the truth and that was worse.

Cecilia: What are you talking about?

Martin: Promise not to get upset?

Cecilia: No...

Martin: (sighs)

Martin: People in school and the guys on the team including Mac assumed that... we were together.

Cecilia: We are together.

Martin: Not that kind of together... together, together.

Cecilia: Everyone in school thinks we're, you know, doing it, or at least they did until Mac told the team we weren't.

Cecilia: Why would you talk about something so personal with Mac?

Martin: I didn't...

Cecilia: You did.

Martin: No, Mac talked to me.

Cecilia: And you talked back, and now people are talking about what we do or don't do, and this conversation is making me very uncomfortable and upset.

Martin: Don't get angry with me, I didn't do anything. Apparently, that's the problem.

Cecilia: Why does it have to be a problem? I don't think it's a problem. At least it wasn't a problem until you made it a problem.

Pool Hall

Chandler: Is there a woman looking for me?

Bartender: Yeah, she's looking for you and every guy in this place is lookin' for her, I mean at her. She's, ah, right over there.

Jeffrey: I like her.

Chandler: That's the tutor.

Jeffrey: I like her.

Chandler: Anyway, heard you the first time. Wait here.

Chandler: Hi, I'm...

Kendal: You're late, that's what you are. I have two jobs; I don't have time to sit around all day waiting for you to show up.

Chandler: ...Chandler... I'm Chandler.

Kendal: I assumed.

Chandler: Well, you know what they say when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

Kendal: How old are you? How old is that line?

Chandler: Now, I was just about to ask you the same question.

Kendal: I'm twenty-one... and you are?

Chandler: Twenty-five... and... I... I get it. Look, you're, you're attractive, okay, okay, you're very attractive and I'm sure under different circumstances we could have fun together. And it's sweet of Reverend Camden to try and find me a date, or find someone for me to date, but, ah. I'm really just looking for someone to help Jeffrey with his, ah...

Kendal: You know what, Chandler, why don't you tell Reverend Camden thanks, but no thanks.

Jeffrey: She's leaving. Why is she leaving? What did you do, what did you do?

Camden's House - Foyer

Doorbell: (chimes)

Annie: Hi, Kate.

Kate: Annie... so good to see you outside the school. You know Ruthie's doing so well with her Spanish; I'm so pleased at her progress.

Annie: Oh...

Kate: So, this is Maria... from Mexico City, the foreign exchange student.

Maria: Hola...

Annie: Welcome...

Maria: Gracias.

Annie: Come in... why don't you wait for us in the living room. Right there.

Kate: You know I just have a few forms for you and the Reverend to fill out. You know, it is so sweet of you to help the school and the program. I, I, could believe it when Ruthie told me. Then again, I could because that's just the kind of people you are.

Annie: Ah, help the school?

Kate: Certainly, this helps the school, I mean hosting Maria for the rest of her stay in the U.S... well, it may even help the world.

Glenoak Community Church - Church Office

Eric: What did you say to Kendal, she called... she's very upset?

Chandler: I didn't ask you to get me a date, I asked you to get me a tutor. Quit trying to help me and... help me.

Eric: Kendal was valedictorian of her graduating class. She graduated a year early, she's got a 5.0 grade point average, she's been published, she's a Rhodes scholarship finalist... and she's really good with children.

Jeffrey: I liked her.

Chandler: So this wasn't one of your lame fix ups?

Chandler: (sighs)


Matt: I lied and I have to tell you the truth.

Heather: Can this wait?

Matt: No, I'm, I'm not happily married. I'm married, but it hasn't been exactly happy. Sarah and I just recently got back together after a long separation... now who knows. Being married and being in medical school is harder than I ever imagined. I don't know if I'll make it or if I'll get through school. Anyway, I just couldn't have you think that I was in this... perfect marriage. I've never lied to you and I don't want to start now.

Heather: That's okay, I lied to you too.

Matt: You're having problems with your husband?

Heather: Not anymore... we got a divorce three months ago. I'm going back to Glenoak to start over.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: There's a sweet girl from Mexico City and your Spanish teacher in the living room, both under the impression that we're involved in the school's foreign exchange program.

Peter: See ya'.

Eric: (sighs)

Ruthie: I can explain.

Annie: Good...

Ruthie: Maria was with another host family from our school, the Jenkins. Anyway, there was this family emergency and Mrs. and Mrs. Jenkins had to go back east or something... they couldn't take Maria with them. They had to drop out of the program and Maria was left without a family. Our Spanish teacher asked if anyone from class could volunteer to finish out Maria's stay. No one raised their hand and she looked so sad, so I raised my hand.

Eric: Without talking to us?

Ruthie: Well, I was going to talk to you, I was just so sure you wouldn't mind I kinda of told everyone I did talk to you... and then I ran out of time and...

Eric: Huh...

Ruthie: I'm sorry I just didn't want them to send Maria home.

Eric: So why didn't you tell us? What did you think we would object to?

Ruthie: Well... since we're hosting Maria, her family can host me in Mexico... when I start school next year. I can go to school in Mexico, cool, huh? I've always wanted to go to Mexico.

Annie: Oh...

Eric: Ah... who...

Ruthie: Does that mean yes or no?

Eric: I...

New York Hospital

Carlos: Found her... yeah, she's home. Got tired of waiting for me and left.

Sarah: Well... that's good, right? I mean, you found her, she's safe, she's home.

Carlos: You know, I don't think people understand how hard pregnancy is on a man. On my way home, she wants me to stop by John's and get her a pizza with everything on it. But, not the John's up-town, no, no, the one near Broadway.

Sarah: All the way across town and it's rainy... good luck.

Camden's House - Martin's Room - Upstairs Hallway

Martin: Hey... so who's that girl downstairs?

Eric: Ah, that's the newest member of the family. Now, it's a long story, but ah, well basically, her name is Maria, she's a foreign exchange student from Mexico. She's in Ruthie's class.

Martin: Oh... okay?

Eric: Is something wrong?

Martin: I had a bad day.

Eric: I think we need to talk.

Martin: About?

Eric: Well, Annie tells me you have a date with Cecilia tonight.

Martin: You wanna talk about Cecilia.

Eric: I wanna talk to you about you and Cecilia. Feelings you may have for Cecilia, ah, urges.

Martin: (sighs)

Martin: Urges?

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: Martin, I'm a man. I know what it's like to be in love, or think you're in love.

Martin: Yeah?

Eric: You and Cecilia seem very close lately.

Martin: She's my girlfriend.

Eric: Yeah... you seem a little too close.

Martin: Reverend Camden...

Eric: Yes...

Martin: I know where babies come from and they don't come from kissing on the couch.

Eric: Ah, have you ever though about more than just kissing?

Martin: Have you?

Eric: I'm married...

Martin: When you were my age... you must've had a girlfriend. When you were my age, did you ever have... urges?

Eric: Probably, yeah... yeah, I guess, but we're not talking about me, we're talking about you.

Martin: So when you were my age you thought about doing more than kissing with your girlfriend.

Eric: Well...

Martin: Did you ever act on those feelings... did you do more than kiss? Or did you restrain yourself realizing you weren't ready for more intense physical contact. Did you realize you were actually quite happy take things slowly?

Eric: I see your point.

Martin: Good... now if you'll excuse me, I'm a little tired of talking to people about what Cecilia and I do and don't do.

Eric: People... what, what, what people?


Kendal: There are some very tough anti-stalking laws in California.

Chandler: I'm not stalking... I'm apologizing.

Kendal: Well?

Chandler: Well, what?

Kendal: Apologize for being a pompous jerk.

Chandler: Don't you mean a pompous a...

Kendal: Hey, I don't use language like that.

Chandler: Hey, I'm not pompous.

Kendal: Ah, oh, let's see you were arrogant, patronizing, condescending and presumptuous... in other words, you were pompous.

Chandler: Hmm... Reverend Camden said you were intelligent.

Kendal: Yeah, don't let the mini skirt fool you. Oh, wait, it did fool you. Maybe I should have worn my smart clothes.

Chandler: (sighs)

Chandler: Ah, I guess I deserve this. Look, I just needed some help.

Kendal: You need a lot of help... but I guess you're a friend to Jeffrey.

Chandler: You know what... I came here to apologize and I did... so why don't we quit while we're ahead. I can find someone else, thanks. Oh and, ah, once again... sorry.

Kendal: Twenty-bucks an hour.

Chandler: Really?

Kendal: Well I guess Jeffrey shouldn't have to suffer just because you're a pompous ... you know.

Chandler: Thanks, I think.

Kendal: Bring him by here at six. I get off from work then and I have a couple hours free.

Chandler: Okay...

Kendal: See you at six.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: Joe at the station told me you stopped by.

Lucy: And it's a good thing I did. I know what Roxanne is up to and when you find out, you're gonna be very upset.

Kevin: I told you to leave it alone.

Lucy: She's trying to get promoted. She took the detective's test today.

Kevin: So?

Lucy: You've been a police officer longer than she has, if anyone deserves to be promoted, it's you, not her.

Kevin: I've been a police officer longer, but we've both been working in Glenoak the same amount of time.

Lucy: Why aren't you upset? She's trying to run right over you. And after everything you've done for her, I've done for her...

Kevin: I don't care if she wants to be a detective. I mean, I wish she would have told me, but if she didn't, she must have had a good reason.

Lucy: It's not fair.

Kevin: Yes, it is.

Lucy: Don't you wanna to be a detective? Don't you wanna wear a suit and make more money and... why don't you want that?

Kevin: One, I like being a beat cop. I like working on the streets. I figure eventually I'll move up, but when I'm ready. And two, we, I don't need the money. Maybe Roxanne does, maybe she's just more ambitious than I am. It's doesn't matter, and really until she tells me about this detective stuff I'm gonna forget we had this conversation.

Cecilia's House

Pam: I need to talk to you about Mac... me and Mac... and you.

Cecilia: And me?

Pam: You and Martin.


Pilot: Well, folks, in typical L.A. fashion, we've run into a bit of a traffic jam. Our gate isn't ready, so, ah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna shut down the engines and everyone should remain seated with their seatbelts fastened. As soon as our gate opens up, we'll park the aircraft, turn off the seatbelt sign, and you'll be free to move about the cabin.

Heather: Today was the best day I've had in a long time. I'm so glad I ran into you.

Matt: I, I forgot how easy things could be between two people. I, I wanna see you.

Heather: I, wanna see you.

Matt: What about tonight?

Heather: I can't. I mean, we shouldn't... you're married.

Matt: Just as friends. We, we could see each other just as friends.

Heather: Okay... friends.

Matt: Friends...

Camden's House - Living Room

Matt: (sighs)

Matt: Dad...

Eric: You're here. They said your flight was delayed, but why didn't you call, I would have picked you up.

Matt: Ah, took a cab.

Eric: Well, welcome home.

Matt: So where is everybody?

Eric: No, don't worry, they'll, they'll all show up when they start smelling dinner. Your, your mother made your favorite... turkey... all the trimmings. It's, it's like Thanksgiving in May.

Matt: (sighs)

Eric: You okay?

Matt: I'm, I'm great, but I have plans for dinner.

Eric: You just flew in... what, what plans.

Matt: Dinner plans.

Eric: With?

Matt: Does it matter?

Eric: Well, now it does 'cause you're trying not to tell me.

Matt: Heather...

Eric: Heather? You, what... your ex-girlfriend, that, that Heather?

Matt: Yeah, I ran into her on the plane and we decided it would be fun to have dinner together, you know to catch up.

Eric: Er, so you were stuck on a plane most of the day with Heather and you didn't have time to catch up with her?

Matt: Look, it's just dinner between friends.

Eric: How's Sarah...?

Matt: I don't need her permission to have dinner with Heather.

Eric: Right, right, have a good time.

Matt: Right..

Eric: So you're, you're gonna tell Sarah? I mean if it's just dinner between friends, you'll tell your wife, right?

Camden's House - Attic Room

Peter: Where's Ruthie?

Maria: Downstairs...

Peter: Okay...

Maria: We have math class together.

Peter: Yeah...

Maria: Maybe you could help me with my homework some night.

Peter: Ruthie is actually better at math than me.

Maria: I'd rather you help me. You're nice.

Peter: So's Ruthie.

Ruthie: Hey, you're here. So everything's cool. Mom and dad are going to let Maria stay. Isn't that great?

Peter: Great...

Maria: Peter was just saying that he help me with my math homework.

Ruthie: Excellent... I want us all to be friends.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: I'm not gonna say it.

Lucy: Say what?

Kevin: I'm not gonna say, let's talk.

Lucy: Why...

Kevin: Because I don't want to talk about it.

Lucy: Talk about what?

Kevin: What you wanna talk about.

Lucy: The key to a successful marriage is communication.

Kevin: No, the key to a successful marriage is acceptance.

Lucy: I'm sorry; I can't accept that you don't want to move ahead at work. I, I don't understand. Make me understand.

Kevin: I shouldn't have to. You should know me well enough to know what's important to me.

Lucy: Your career isn't important to you?

Kevin: My career wasn't important to you until you found out that Roxanne wanted a promotion. I'm going out... alone.

Lucy: So you can be away from me?

Kevin: I'll be back.

Lucy: (sighs)

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: (sighs)

Eric: Where you've you been?

Annie: I wanted to have fresh green beans, not frozen. Matt loves fresh beans.

Eric: Hopefully, they'll keep. Where you going?

Martin: Out to have lots of sex with Cecilia.

Eric: We had a little talk.

Annie: Clearly.


Matt: You're late.

Heather: I almost didn't come.

Matt: Why?

Heather: We both know this isn't just dinner.

Matt: But you came. So um, what are we doing?

Heather: I don't know.

Matt: Should we stay?

Heather: I don't know, but... I do know I don't want to go.

Matt: So, stay...

Camden's House - Kitchen / Matt and Sarah's Apartment

Lucy: Kevin won't be joining us for dinner.

Eric: Why?

Lucy: Do you really want to know?

Eric: No...

Phone: (rings)

Annie: Will someone get the phone?

Peter: I got it...

Peter on Phone: Hello, hold on, I'll find out...

Peter: Where's Matt?

Eric: He's ah, out.

Lucy: What do you mean he's out?

Ruthie: Who's he out with?

Annie: Heather...

Peter on Phone: Matt's out with some girl named Heather.

Annie: Who's on the phone?

Peter on Phone: I'm sorry, who's this?

Sarah on Phone: It's Sarah, Matt's wife.

Peter: It's Sarah.


Mac: I don't understand why they didn't want us to pick them up.

Martin: Cecilia was pretty insistent that they meet us here.

Mac: There they are. Wish me luck.

Mac: Hey, what kept you guys? We missed the movie.

Pam: Oh, you're gonna be missing a whole lot more that a movie tonight.

Cecilia: We've been talking.

Mac: About? What the...

Martin: Cecilia, what's going on?

Cecilia: What's going on is that I'm breaking up with you. I don't know if Mac just made up what he told Pam, or of it's something you two cooked up together, but what I do know is that I don't want to be around him. Either you have bad taste in friends, or you just have bad taste.

Pam: And Mac, I may have been desperate when we meet, but I will never be desperate enough to go out with you ever again.

Martin: Start talking.

Mac: I may have told a little white lie to Pam about you and Cecilia in my zest to get her to commit to taking our relationship to the next step. I told Pam you were sleeping with Cecilia, so... she would be more comfortable with the idea of sleeping with me.

Martin: But you knew that was a lie.

Mac: Yeah...

Martin: And you said it anyway.

Mac: Yeah...

Pete's Pizza

Kendal: I think he's bored in school... not challenged enough. I think he's gifted.

Chandler: But his grades...

Kendal: A lot of gifted kids make bad grades.

Chandler: Well, what can I do?

Kendal: Well, I'll work with him this summer, try and come up with a game plan for everyone... you, Jeffrey, the school... something that will benefit everyone when he goes back to school next year.

Chandler: Thanks, really, I feel very luck to have found you.

Kendal: You are lucky. Jeffrey's a great kid. I like him.

Chandler: Hey, I have an idea, um, why don't join us for dinner tonight?

Kendal: I can't.

Chandler: Oh, right, ah, it would be inappropriate, sorry.

Kendal: No, no, I have a date, actually. Chandler, Jeffrey, this is my boyfriend, Sean.

Sean: Hi... We should get going, huh?

Kendal: I'll see you tomorrow after church.

Jeffrey: You like her.

Chandler: No, I don't.

Jeffrey: Liar...

Jeffrey: Kendal and Chandler sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Chandler: Ohh...

Cecilia's House - Living Room / Simon's Dorm Room

Phone: (rings)

Cecilia on Phone: Hello?

Simon on Phone: Guess who?

Cecilia on Phone: Simon?

Simon on Phone: Good guess.

Cecilia on Phone: Wow... hi.

Simon on Phone: Hi yourself.

Simon on Phone: Are you okay? You sound kind of funny.

Cecilia on Phone: Must be the cell phone. I'm great.

Simon on Phone: So...

Cecilia on Phone: So?

Simon on Phone: Remember when I spoke to you last week?

Cecilia on Phone: Yeah...

Simon on Phone: There's something I forgot to tell ya'... I'm comin' home.

Cecilia on Phone: For good?

Simon on Phone: Just for the summer.

Cecilia on Phone: Oh...

Simon on Phone: Look, I'm gonna get right to the point. You know I know about you and Martin, right?

Cecilia on Phone: Yeah...

Simon on Phone: Well, I'm comin' home this summer, to my home, a home which your new boyfriend also calls home. I just don't want there to be any weirdness between us when you're at the house or when you're there with Martin. Okay, I've accepted that you've moved on, I'm happy for you.

Cecilia on Phone: Thanks...

Simon on Phone: Are you sure, you're okay?

Cecilia on Phone: I am. So when are you coming home?

Simon on Phone: Tomorrow, I'm driving down.

Cecilia on Phone: I guess I'll see you around.

Simon on Phone: Yeah, you will. Okay...

Cecilia's House - Living Room

Pam: Simon?

Cecilia: He's coming home.

Carlos and Mary's Apartment

Carlos on Phone: Hello... yeah, my name is Carlos Rievera and my wife Mary having a baby. Yeah, yeah, it's the same Mary Camden Rievera that was there earlier today. No, no, this, this time she's really in labor. Contractions... I don't know. No, I know what a contraction is, I, I, I just don't know how far they are. Look, she's in a lot of pain. Yes, I am aware that childbirth is painful, but I'm worried, some, something seems off. Why, why didn't you say that in the first place...? Yes, no, thanks.

Operator: 9-1-1 Operator. What's your emergency?

Carlos on Phone: My wife... she's pregnant. She's having a baby. Can you please hurry. 

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