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#801 : Un été difficile

Les Camden passent leur dernière semaine de vacances d'été dans une maison sur la plage. Au début de l'été, Simon a tué Paul Smith dans un accident de voiture. Simon passe un mauvais moment car il doit gérer le fait qu'il a tué quelqu'un, et que tout le monde essaie de l'aider. Eric et Annie voudraient que Simon retourne à l'école, qui commence dans une semaine. Eric voudrait que les parents de Paul acceptent le règlement de la compagnie d'assurance. Le frère de Paul vandalise l'église en mettant un graffiti qui dit "Tu ne tuera point". Simon s'enfuie à New-York pour s'éloigner de tous les problèmes qu'il a à Glenoak. Lucy et Kevin discutent d'avoir un enfant. Peter passe beaucoup de temps avec Ruthie et sa famille. Ruthie découvre que Carlos et Mary se sont mariés.

Titre VO
The long, bad summer

Titre VF
Un été difficile

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton 
Réalisé par : Joel J. Feigenbaum 

Avec : Christopher Michael (Detective Michaels), Carlos Ponce (Carlos), David Gallagher (Simon Camden) 

Guests :

  • Katie Mitchell ..... Madame Smith
  • Mark Moses ..... Monsieur Smith
  • Marcia Wallace ..... Infirmière


Sam: Daddy!

David: Daddy!

Eric: Hi guys!

Lucy: How you doing?

Eric: I'm okay. How are you?

Lucy: Okay. As okay as any of us.

Kevin: Looks like it's going to be a nice day today.

Eric: Where's Simon?

Annie: Please... it's the last day of vacation. Simon...

Simon: I don't want to be on vacation. I don't want to have a picnic on the beach.

Annie: I'm going to keep saying this to you till I get through to you... it was an accident.

Beach House

Kevin: I love you.

Lucy: I love you too.

Kevin: It's been a tough summer. You know ever since you told me you thought that you might be pregnant... I felt really happy. Not that you weren't pregnant but because you will be someday. Someday you and I will have children together and I can't wait.

Lucy: Well I'm afraid you're going to have to. We're due downstairs for some more family fun.

Kevin: What do you think?

Lucy: About?

Kevin: About having children?

Lucy: I still have two years of school left. I think we'd better wait till I get out of school.

Kevin: If that's what you want.

Lucy: It's not what I want. What I want is to have a baby. I haven't been able to stop thinking aobut it since the scare either. No we can't. We really can't.

Kevin: I could baby sit while you go to class. No... I could.

Lucy: Are you serious? You want to have a baby?

Kevin: I need something life-affirming.

Lucy: We all do.


Ruthie: You have any Kings?

Sam: N... no.

David: Yes he does.

Sam: No I don't.

Peter: Are you sure? If you have a card with a King on it you have to give it to Ruthie.

Sam: I'm sure.

Peter: I'm sorry this is the last day of vacation. I'm having fun.

Ruthie: This is the best vacation I've ever had. I'm really glad you came.

Peter: I'm really glad you invited me.

Peter: Why you guys want to give me a hard time huh?

Sam: 'Cause we love you.

David: We love you.

Sam: And you love Ruthie.

David: You love Ruthie.

Ruthie: I just wish I didn't feel so guilty about having a good time.

Peter: I feel badly for Simon too but... I'm still having a good time.

Beach House

Eric: What are you doing here?

Chandler: Ah... I was wondering what you were doing here.

Eric: We have the house until Sunday.

Chandler: Ah... you have the house until Saturday and it's ah... late Saturday. And we're here because it's our turn.

Eric: We're not going home until tomorrow.

Chandler: What about church?

Eric: We'll be home in time for church.

Chandler: You said you wanted to be home for the weekend.

Eric: Um... I meant I wanted to be home for Sunday.

Chandler: It's a very long drive. We just can't turn around and go back.

Eric: No, no of course not. Ah... come on in.

Chandler: Oh no, no I don't want to spoil your last night here... which was supposed to be last night.

Eric: I wouldn't want to spoil your first night here... which is supposed to be tomorrow night.

Roxanne: How are you doing?

Simon: How do you think I'm doing?

Roxanne: I was just making polite conversation. But... if you want to we can talk. I've been worried about you.

Simon: I wish everyone would stop worry about me it just makes it worse.

Roxanne: To have people care about you?

Simon: I don't want to have anyone care about me.

Roxanne: Not even Cecilia?

Simon: No... not even Cecilia.

Roxanne: Simon don't do this to yourself.

Simon: I killed someone. And don't say it was an accident. Because it was an accident that happened while I was driving. I'm responsible... for killing someone.

Chandler: How's he doing?

Eric: Not so well.

Chandler: When do you go to court?

Eric: Next week. Unless our insurance company settles and... they don't want to settle.

Chandler: Does Simon have to go?

Eric: He doesn't have to go but... I think he should. It was an accident.

Chandler: Look I almost forgot why you were on this vacation. Roxanne and I will get a hotel and we'll come back tomorrow.

Eric: No... you should just stay here.

Chandler: No. you spend your last night with your family. I'm sorry aobut the mix-up.

Eric: No, no. there are plenty of rooms here for everyone. There's a room for you... and a room for Roxanne. Unless of course you decide to get married tonight.

Chandler: Ah... we'll just leave and come back.

Eric: Come back married?

Chandler: Look I don't want to get into this right now... again.

Eric: Okay. No judgments.

Chandler: You don't know that we're doing anything. She's not sure if she wants to get married right now.

Eric: Depend on whether or not the fun lasts?

Chandler: What time are you leaving tomorrow?

Eric: No matter when we leave, whether we're here or not... God knows what you're doing.

Chandler: God does... but none of you do.

Beach House - Kitchen

Sam: We're hungry.

David: Yeah we're hungry.

Eric: You just ate.

Sam: The beach makes me hungry all of the time.

David: When are we eating dinner?

Eric: In an hour or so. How about a snack?

Sam: What's for dinner?

Eric: Whatever your mom wants to cook.

Sam: She's sleeping.

David: If she sleeps until tomorrow morning we won't have dinner.

Eric: Well she won't do that. She only did that once and... we still ate didn't we? There's nothing wrong with banana sandwiches for dinner. We're at the beach. We're on vacation. Oh I get it... you want me to drive you somewhere to get something to eat.

Sam: Something good.

David: In case there's no dinner.

Eric: Okay. Come on.

Beach House

Eric: I'm taking Sam and David to Captain Crabby's Crab House for a snack. You want to go?

Simon: You hungry already?

Eric: No. but they're hungry.

Simon: I'll take 'em. Forget it.

Eric: What?

Simon: Because I saw the look on your face Dad, that's why. If it was just an accident then why are you so scared to let Sam and David drive with me? Why is everyone frightened every time I get behind the wheel?

Eric: That's not true.

Simon: I wasn't going that fast Dad. I wasn't going any faster than anyone else. I didn't see him okay? I didn't see him. He came out of nowhere.

Lucy: We heard Simon. I'll go talk to him.

Kevin: No. let me go this time.

Eric: I think it's my turn.

Lucy: No. it's not your turn. You've had too many turns. This hasn't even been a vacation for you.

Sam/David: We were going to Captain Crabby's...

Lucy: I'll take them. Kevin can talk to Simon... and you should get a nap. This is your last afternoon to get a nap. Come on guys... I hear they're giving away free pirate hats. Want to go? All right let's go!!

Beach House - Room

Eric: I don't know how we're going to get him through this. I don't know how we're going to get us... and the rest of our family through this.

Annie: Moaning...

Eric: It's okay I wasn't talking to her. I was talking to You. I'll be right here.

Beach House - Kitchen

Eric: My gosh... I'll get dinner.

Lucy: We already had dinner. Would you like something?

Eric: Ah...

Lucy: Mom and I made vegetable soup and cornbread. And we saved you a brownie.

Eric: Annie came down?

Lucy: ...and she went back up.

Eric: Oh that's good. So she hasn't been asleep for the twelve hours I thought she had.

Lucy: I'll get you some soup.

Eric: What time did the twins pass out?

Peter: Eleven thirty

Ruthie ... more like eight-thirty

Eric: Well I'll take them upstairs.

Kevin: I'll take them up.

Ruthie: By the way Cecillia is here. She just got here.

Eric: How's that going?

Peter: Not that well. They took it down to the beach though.


Simon: If I wanted to talk to you I would have called you. You shouldn't have driven all the way down here. Anyhow.

Cecillia: I had to. I can't stand knowing your're in so much pain, and not be able to be with you and talk to you. It's been three months.

Simon: How many times do I have to say it: I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to talk to anyone.

Cecillia: Then fine we won't talk. But can't I just be with you?

Simon: No. Look just... just stay away... okay? Find a new boyfriend. One that people don't hate.

Cecillia: People don't' hate you. It was an accident. Everyone knows it was an accident.

Simon: It doesn't matter. School starts on Monday and It's going to be a living hell for me why make it the same for yourself? You're better off without me. What? You think I'm feeling sorry for myself... because I'm not! I'm feeling sorry for the kid I ran over and his brother and his parents.

Cecillia: I'm sure Justin is grieving for his brother, Simon. But he's been in school with you four years. He knows you're not a bad guy. He knows you didn't mean to do it.

Simon: Really? Do you think he's that understanding? Do you think anyone's that understanding? Because if it had been me... and some guy and his car had come along and hit Ruthie you think I would just would have went up to him in school and said it's okay I know you didn't mean to do it?


Kevin: Hello? Yes this is Officer Kinkirk. Is that you, Detective Michaels I'll let Eric know? He can decide how he wants to handle it. Thanks for finding me. Goodnight.

Camden's House

Eric: Okay make it snappy, church starts in one hour.

Peter: I'm just going to help Ruthie take her stuff up.

Kevin: Hello?

Eric: How'd it go?

Kevin: We had it cleaned dup by sunrise. I don't think too many people saw it.

Eric: Really? Even if people did see it they wounldn't just call and tell Simon. I'll talk to him after church.

Kevin: I probably won't make it. I'm going to come home and get some sleep.

Eric: I understand. Thanks.

Annie: What?

Police Station

Michaels: We found out who painted the church sign. Not that it was too hard to figure out.

Kevin: The kid's brother, Justin?

Michaels: Have the Camden considered having Simon transfer to another school?

Kevin: Eric's been working on it but Simon doesn't want a transfer. He doesn't want to go to school period.

Michaels: When's the trial start?

Kevin: Jury selection begins tomorrow. Trial will probably start Tuesday or Wednesday.

Michael: I don't understand why the insurance company doesn't just pay.

Kevin: The family wants more than they want to pay.

Michaels: No matter how much they get it won't bring their son back.

Kevin: I just wish it hadn't have been Simon.

Michaels: But it was. And nothing we can do can change that.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: How are we going to do that?

Annie: Why are you asking me? Then I'm going to take the shower first?

Eric: Yes... and then I'll shower.

Simon: What's going on?

Annie/Eric: Ah... nothing.

Eric: We were just discussing some things. Showering and things.

Simon: I don't want to go to church today. I've gone every Sunday all summer and I just don't want to go today. I want to stay home and I want some time to myself, I need some time to myself.

Eric/Annie: Okay.

Simon: Okay? Its okay I don't go to church? Is there a reason its okay I don't go to church?

Eric: You just said you needed some time to yourself.

Simon: But do you have a reason? You know fine! I don't need a reason! See ya.

Lucy: Shouldn't you be getting ready for church?

Eric: Yeah I am as soon as Annie's out of the shower.

Lucy: Did you tell Simon?

Eric: No I didn't tell Simon.

Lucy: Maybe you should before someone else does.

Eric: After church. I'll tell him after church.

Lucy: What happens if someone else tells him at church?

Eric: Simon's not going to church.

Lucy: Neither am I. Kevin's been up all night and I just want to be there for him when he gets home.

Eric: You can't be there for him after church?

Lucy: What does that mean?

Eric: It means you've got the rest of your lives and today is Sunday.

Lucy: What if Simon needs someone and no one is home? It's been a tough summer and Kevin and I need some time to do something... live affirming.

Eric: Like... you're not thinking of doings something life-affirming like ah... having a baby are you?

Lucy: What would make you think that?

Eric: I just think that. You've got plenty of time to have a baby after you finish school. It's been a hard summer for all of us. We all need something life-affirming. And I'm sure God will provide in ways other than... children being born to mother's who are still in college and who want to finish their degree before starting a family.

Lucy: All right all ready! I'll go.

Eric: We really could use a little uplifting distraction you know. You know... Dealer's choice.

Peter: I'm going home now. I'll see you at church.

Eric: I'm surprised he doesn't keep a change of clothes in the house. Call if you need a ride.. I need more of a life-affirming distraction than dealing with teen love.

Ruthie: Peter you forgot your bag.

Camden's House - Porch

Carlos: Oh... sorry. I was just getting up enough nerve to knock on the front door.

Ruthie: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Carlos: Do you remember that Christmas when you sister, Mary brought me home from the shelter? Then your family helped me return to New York to my own family?

Ruthie: Barely. So you're just here to thank us?

Carlos: Well not exactly.

Ruthie: It's Carlos isn't it?

Carlos: Yes. And if I remember correctly you're Ruthie. Only when I knew you then you were just a little girl and now you're a young woman. A young woman chasing after a young man. Sorry. Don't let me stop you. This can wait. It's waited all summer.

Ruthie: No this bag can wait. Please sit down and let's talk.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: And not necessarily a distraction. Maybe something real. Something wonderful that would lift us all. Heal us all. Maybe if I could rise above the darkness that's fallen over us for an entire season... maybe I could do something to help Simon. Maybe I could help that family in their grief. Anything, I'll take anything.

Annie: Shower's free.

Eric: That's a start.


Chandler: I love you and I want to marry you. And it's just not enough just to be with you. I want us to be husband and wife.

Roxanne: I'm sorry about your dad.

Chandler: Come on Roxanne this has nothing to do with my father dying. It's aobut me and you.

Roxanne: I just can't help but feel you want a family because of what's happened.

Chandler: I just can't help feeling that you keep using this as an excuse. Knowing I wanted to marry you even before I know my father was sick. This is not about what anyone thinks of me or thinks of you or anyting other than that I love you... and I want to marry you, and I want to have babies with you. And... and... and... and I want to keep doing this... for the rest of our lives.

Camden's House - Garage Apartment

Kevin: I'll be here when you get home. Wake me up.

Lucy: Definitely.

Kevin: By the way who is the guy on the front porch I saw talking to Ruthie?

Lucy: Ruthie's talking to a guy on the front porch?

Kevin: Tall guy, my age... maybe younger, I didn't get a good look. Oh you know it might have been what's his name, Carlos.

Ruthie: So you've been keeping a little secret from me, huh?

Camden's House

Peter: Oh yeah, nice sermon. I'm just going to say goodbye to Ruthie. She was kind of quiet in church.

Eric: That's the way it's supposed to be. It's a place of worship.

Peter: A lot of talk going around just the same, even though it's a place of worship. Someone painted the church sign last night. Simon know?

Eric: No. but I plan to tell him so I hope no one else will tell him first.

Peter: Not to worry. I won't say anything.

Eric: Not even to Ruthie?

Peter: She already knows. It wasn't me. She overheard what I overheard.

Eric: What else are people saying?

Peter: They feel really badly for that kid's family. But they also feel badly for Simon and your family.

Eric: What else?

Peter: Everyone thinks Chandler and Roxanne should get married. Or he should break up with that hussy. I'm quoting. It was some older women talking. They use words like that... hussy.

Eric: Are they calling Chandler any names?

Peter: No... they seem to like him.

Eric: Anything else?

Peter: Well they were talking about Mary but... they're always talking about Mary. I think she may be the most popular person on the church gossip circuit.

Eric: So what's the gossip now?

Peter: They're just wondering why she hasn't been around all summer. You know with everything happening to Simon and all.

Eric: Why do they think she hasn't been around?

Peter: There are lots of theories. My favorite is that she's a spy.

Eric: For...?

Peter: France.

Eric: Yeah. Makes as much sense as anything else. How is it that you hear all this stuff and I don't?

Peter: I'm always at the right place at the right time I guess.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Lucy: You know you can't keep a secret.

Ruthie: Yes I can. I know stuff, okay?

Lucy: What stuff?

Ruthie: If I told you I would be proving your point. If I don't tell you I'll be proving my point.

Lucy: How did you get him to tell you?

Ruthie: One, I'm me and two... he's ready to tell the world.

Lucy: Mary doesn't want to be married. She wants an annulment.

Ruthie: An annulment? When's the last time you talked to her?

Lucy: Why?

Ruthie: Because maybe she changed her mind.

Lucy: Why would she change her mind?

Ruthie: Isn't it obvious?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Eric: Hey... we missed you in church today. You can come even when Simon doesn't. We're always happy to have you there. You okay?

Cecilia: I'm not sure. I might have done something really, really bad.

Eric: You want... to tell me about it?

Cecilia: Yeah, that's why I'm here to tell you about it.

Eric: Is Simon upstairs? Do you know where Simon is? You know neither Annie nor I, are in a good place right now emotionally. We're both... rather exhausted. But I'm in a better place than she is and I'd say she'll be down here momentarily to make lunch for everyone.

Cecilia: I took him to the airport.

Eric: The airport? Why?

Cecilia: Because he asked me to and I love him, and I would do anything for him.

Eric: Do you happen to know if he'll be back in time for school tomorrow?

Cecilia: I don't think so. He's gone to New York to see Matt.

Annie: Who is going to New York to see Matt?

Eric: Simon.

Peter: I left my bible.

Eric: Always in the right place at the right time again?

Peter: It's a curse.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Lucy: So what's the plan?

Ruthie: I'll let you know.

Lucy: You'll let me know? I don't' think so. I'll let you know after I talk to Mary.

Ruthie: After I talk to Carlos.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: He can't go to New York he's got school tomorrow.

Eric: Wait! Wait! I want to talk to you! What else do you know?

Peter: What else?

Eric: You overheard the conversation about Simon going to New York.

Peter: Honest... I didn't mean to.

Eric: What else didn't you mean to hear?

Peter: What do you mean?

Eric: I mean you found out something when you were up in the attic.

Peter: Whoa... what do you have like super powers?

Eric: Some days, yes. Now what was it?

Peter: I can't Reverend Camden. Trust me I can't. It would mean the end of my relationship with Ruthie and... that would mean the end of my world as I know it. Meeting Ruthie, being with this family, is the best thing that's happened to me since my dad left. Please, please don't ask me to tell you.

Eric: No, no I won't ask you peter. I'm sorry I've upset you okay? You can go home now. I didn't mean to frighten you. I promise you I won't ask you to tell me something that obviously my daughter or daughters... don't want me to know.

Peter: Thanks Reverend. Oh and just so you know it's daughters. You said daughter or daughters don't want you to know.

Eric: Oh so it's both of them. It's all three of them?

Camden's House - Kitchen

Annie: You were saying Simon is on his way to New York?

Eric: Yeah. Just want to say goodbye to peter. I'll call Matt.

Annie: What is Matt going to do?

Eric: Matt will make him come home.

Annie: Who is he the Wizard of Oz?

Eric: Well what do you want me to do?

Annie: Well I want you to go and get him.

Eric: You want me to go all the way to New York when Matt can just put Simon on a plane?

Annie: One of us is going! It's not going to be me!

Eric: It's not going to be me either.

Annie: We've been waiting all summer long to have a fight so why don't we just have it now... while Simon is out of the house?

Eric: Oh so that's what you've been waiting for Simon to get out of the house. Couldn't you have just asked him to get out of the house so you could say to me whatever it is you wanted to say to me since May? I know what you've wanted to say to me. You want to say it's my fault. That if I had left with the rest of the family I would have been driving and Paul Smith would still be alive. Isn't that what you want to say? That you blame me for this? What if I had left with the family? What if I had been driving? What if I had killed Paul Smith? What if it were me... instead of Simon? What if it never happened if I'd been driving this never would have happened. Annie we can't afford to play what if. We have to stay with what is. And what is, is our son was driving when he came around a curve and Paul Smith wasn't looking where he was going. And now... one life is changed forever and one life is over. We're the lucky ones Annie. We're the lucky ones. Simon's life may be changed forever but he's still alive.

Annie: All I wanted to say was... why couldn't those parents make sure that their son was wearing a helmet?

Camden's House

Lucy: We have a problem.

Kevin: Okay.

Lucy: She knows.

Kevin: Okay.

Ruthie: Carlos is waiting for me to call him and tell him when he can come over and talk to Mom and Dad.

Kevin: Okay.

Lucy: Okay?

Kevin: Don't you think it's about time they knew?

Lucy: Don't you think it should be Mary who tells them?

Kevin: I think she's not going to tell them and someone is going to have to tell them before everyone knows but them. Let Carlos tell them.

Lucy: Maybe I should at least warn them.

Ruthie: How are you going to do that?

Kevin: This is between Carlos and Mary and your mom and dad and if Carlos wants to tell them. Let him tell them.

Ruthie: then you might want to be there because they're not ready for any more bad news.

Kevin: I don't think this is necessarily bad news, is it?

Lucy: Why do you think he's in such a rush to tell them?

Ruthie: Yeah. Why now?

Kevin: Why? Because it's months since they got married.

Lucy: Don't you think you're being a little naïve? What?

Ruthie: We think maybe they're...

Kevin: Don't say it. That's ridiculous. They're not pregnant.

Beach House

Chandler: Marry me.

Roxanne: You know I'm going to marry you.

Chandler: You've been saying you're going to marry me, but I want to know for certain that you're going to marry m e. I want to buy you a ring. I want to set a date.

Roxanne: All right. How's next May or June or August or a year from now?

Chandler: How's next week or next month or the end of the year?

Roxanne: I'm just not in a hurry; I like things the way they are,

Chandler: Things are going to be the way they are only we'll be married, nothing's going to change. Is that what you're afraid of? Or is it that you like tat you can just walk away from this with things like they are? I can't keep doing this, Roxanne. I love you, but I can't... let's get married, or...

Roxanne: Or...?

New York Hospital

Nurse Rusty: Planning on moving in?

Simon: I'm looking for Matt Camden, he's a medical student. He works here, I think.

Nurse Rusty: He's not here. He and his wife went up to the Berkshire's for a little R&R.

Simon: Oh...

Nurse Rusty: That's in oh-oh?

Simon: Maybe I should have called.

Nurse Rusty: Are you a friend or a Camden?

Simon: I'm a Camden. I'm Matt's brother, Simon.

Nurse Rusty: AS in the Bank of Simon? Oh hon., I know all aobut the Camdens. There's Matt, Mary, Lucy, you Ruthie Sam and David. Matt and I are very close. I'm the one who told your daddy he was going to be a grandpa... when he wasn't.

Simon: Oh.

Nurse Rusty: So... run away from home?

Simon: Not exactly.

Nurse Rusty: Do your parents know where you are?

Simon: Probably. I don't know. My ex-girlfriend, Cecilia was supposed to tell them.

Nurse Rusty: You want to call them?

Simon: Not really, no.

Nurse Rusty: Why don't you call Mary and Carlos... maybe you can stay with them?

Simon: Mary and who?

Nurse Rusty: I never said anything.

Simon: She's living with a guy? She's living with a guy?

Nurse Rusty: I know nothing.

Simon: Well are they married?

Nurse Rusty: I hope so. Got to go! The phone's on the desk help yourself. Bye.

Camden's House

Eric: I'm... I'm very surprised to see you. Ah... please come in. Would you like to sit down? Well I suppose you came here for some reason. Is there anything I can do? Anything we can do for you?

Don: We're going to accept the offer from your insurance company. We don't think that any amount of money will replace our son. And while we hoped to get more because in our anger we wanted to punish your family and Simon... we don't want to go to court.

Anne: Paul should have been wearing a helmet. We reminded him always to wear a helmet but he didn't wear a helmet. He never wore a helmet when he rode his bike.

Don: But wearing a helmet or not didn't seem important. Not when we're dealing with much bigger problems with Paul.

Eric: You... you don't have to tell me.

Don: No, we want to tell the truth. It's the right thing to do. We hope that we can do the right thing so our other son will do the right thing.

Eric: Justin?

Don: Justin painted your church sign. We'll pay to have it repainted.

Eric: That's... that's not necessary. It's already been taken care of.

Anne: He had a problem with drugs.

Don: Paul.

Anne: The autopsy shows um... he was under the influence.

Don: So while your son, Simon may have been guilty of not paying attention, our son Paul was guilty too.

Eric: I had no idea.

Don: It would have come out in the trial but... we'd rather just let you know.

Eric: Still... you didn't have to. I didn't have to know the reason why you decided not to go to court.

Anne: It probably won't help Simon to know this, you know, we want you to tell him but...

Eric: He's still going to be dealing with a lot. And for more than just a few years. Maybe even for lifetime but... that's just the thing, he still has a lifetime.

Don: Our other son, Justin, he's a good boy, a good student, a good person. But he had this thing aobut trying to help his brother with drug problems and he thought he was making progress before the accident and... well now he's got a lot of anger directed towards Simon and he's out of control. We had him in grief counseling as a family and private sessions just for him as well but... it's not going that well.

Anne: And we don't' want another tragedy on our hands.

Don: We tried to talk him out of going back to school but... he won't' hear of it. He could transfer but... it's not going to happen.

Anne: So... what we're hoping is maybe if you and your wife and your son would consider it... maybe Simon could go somewhere else this year.

Don: Because frankly Reverend Camden, we're afraid that Justin would do something stupid I don't think that he would... physically hurt Simon but... we really can't be sure. We'd just like to remove the temptation and hope that in time the therapy will work and he can get through this. We hope we can all get through this, without anymore trouble.

Anne: We can't take another... event in our lives. We're exhausted.

Eric: Simon decided to take off for new York to see his brother, our oldest son, Matt. Simon doesn't want to go to school. My wife and I have been trying to make him. So... well... we'll stop doing that right now. And we'll figure out some alternative. It seems that's the very least that we can do.

Don: That's all we really wanted. Thanks.

Eric: Thank you for coming over here. And... thank you for dropping the court battle. Thank you for trying to protect Simon. God bless you. And... again my deepest sympathies. I'm very sorry aobut your son. Thank You. Now if you could just... help me find Simon.

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Titepau04 (21:15)

Lol!! C'est vrai que le plus souvent, il sert à la promotion des quartiers!

CastleBeck (23:31)

Ça dépend des "rooms" je présume, pour les conversations...

Il faudrait peut-être envisager une "hypnoroom" pour le blabla et une autre pour les pubs de quartier

Alesia2124 (23:32)

Salut je suis nouvelle JE voulais savoir où trouver dans une série les personnages

Alesia2124 (23:32)

Comme sur le site par exemple les duos etc

Alesia2124 (23:32)

Mercii beaucoup

CastleBeck (23:35)

Bonjour Alesia.
Ça dépend des quartiers. Il y a généralement, dans le quartier de la série, une section personnages.
Par ailleurs, souvent il y a une section "relation", qui est souvent dans la section dossier.
Si bien évidemment la série a un quartier. Tu cherches pour quelle série, je pourrais peut-être t'aider?

Alesia2124 (23:35)

Ah merci!! One tree hill tu connais ?

CastleBeck (23:38)

Je connais de nom. Je vérifie sur leur quartier et je te reviens.

Alesia2124 (23:39)

Merci beaucoup c'est hyper gentil(le)

CastleBeck (23:44)

Donc , sur la fenêtre du site web d'hypnoseries, dans la zone de recherche de séries tout en haut, tu inscrits "freres scott" pour trouver le titre (pas d'Accent à frères, ça prend pas les accents).
Assure toi de sélectionner le titre dans la section quartier (celui en VF) et non celui de la fiche (en ang)
Quand tu sera sur la page de la série, sous la bannière, il y a le menu avec les sections. Tu trouveras Personnages ainsi que Duos. Suffit de cliquer.
Et après, tu reviens ici, pour me dire que tu as bien trouver ou pour me dire que tu es encore perdue

Alesia2124 (23:45)

Aha super ça marche , je vais regarder tout ça

Alesia2124 (23:46)

Sur le site web ou sur l'application?

Titepau04 (23:46)

@castle, c'est une bonne idée! Les 2 rooms séparées... et pouvoir envoyer des images aussi!!!

Titepau04 (23:47)

Normalement, les quartiers apparaissent de la meme manière que tu sois sur un ordi ou le téléphone

CastleBeck (23:48)

Euh, sur le site... je crois que sur l'application on ne peut pas, en fait... À un moment on pouvait, après un ne pouvait plus... là, je ne sais pas, je n'ai pas l'appli. Mais, si tu as l'appli, c,est que tu es sur un appareil mobiel avec un navigateur, alors c'est parfait...

CastleBeck (23:50)

Titepau : pour les deux rooms, je crois que c'Est plus facile que de pouvoir envoyer des images...

Titepau04 (23:51)

C'est sur!

Titepau04 (23:52)

Oui, sur le téléphone, il faut utiliser un navigateur... on ne peut pas via l'application qui est uniquement réservée au chat

Alesia2124 (23:53)

Ahh oui D'accord car j'avais déjà trouvé sur le web aha merci en tout cas

CastleBeck (23:55)

Je n'avais pas pensé que tu pouvais parler de l'appli. Sur celle-ci, de mémoire, on peut clavarder ou utiliser le guide des épisodes (pour indiquer ceux vus, par exemple...). JE crois que c'Est tout. De mémoire.

Alesia2124 (23:56)

Ah oui, pour les épisodes vus ou pas, je ne sais pas si vous connaissez c'est BetaSeries c'est super !

CastleBeck (23:57)

Ah, pour ça, moi j'utilise un truc qui s'appelle ma mémoire

CastleBeck (00:02)

mais celui d'hypno me parait excellent, en fait.

Alesia2124 (00:03)

Ben en fait quand ON regarde plusieurs séries c'est dure DE retenir exactement le nombre précis de l'épisode mais bon on est pas tous aussi fort comme toi

Alesia2124 (00:03)

ouais mais quand on a pas teste les autres on ne peut rien dire

Alesia2124 (00:04)

Et je peux t'assurer qu'il est largement meilleur

CastleBeck (00:07)

Bah, moi, c'est simple.. je les regarde à la télé, donc dans l'ordre et j'en manque pas une alors, facile.. Ceux qui sont finis, sont finis, ceux qui sont en cours, je retiens le dernier épisode vu. Et ceux que j'ai arrêté, je sais à peu près la saison et comme j,ai pas l'intention des reprendre, c'Est pas important de retenir. VOilà

CastleBeck (00:07)

Et je connais beta serie. Je préfère quand même le côté hypno, pour L'ensemble... pas que le guide.

Alesia2124 (00:08)

Ah moi je ne peux pas regarder à la tv, je suis obligée d'aller vite regarder en streaming la suite

CastleBeck (00:11)

Moi, je dois aller travailler, alors je te souhaite une excellente fin de soirée Alesia
Pareillement à Titepau, si tu y es encore... et aux autres

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