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#718 : Le grand jour

C'est enfin le mariage de Kevin et Lucy. Pour cet événement spécial, Matt et Mary reviennent à Glenoak pour voir leur petite soeur se marier. Beaucoup d'anciens amis sont aussi présents. Quand une tempète menace de repousser le mariage de Kevin et Lucy, tout le monde se presse pour arriver à l'église à temps. Mary arrive à prendre le dernier avion et ammène un invité surprise avec elle. Chandler et Roxanne se dépèchent d'aller chercher Ben et sa mère qui sont coincés à l'aéroport, mais il y a des tensions et une bagarre éclate. Matt donne à Lucy des conseils fraternels spéciaux quand elle se confesse juste avant le mariage.



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We do

Titre VF
Le grand jour

Roxanne, Chandler, Ben & Madame Kinkirk (VO)
Roxanne, Chandler, Ben & Madame Kinkirk (VO)


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Écrit par : Brenda Hampton
Réalisé par : Tony Mordente 

Avec : Ed Begley Jr. (Docteur Hank Hastings), Alice Hirson (Jenny Jackson), Graham Jarvis (Charles Jackson), Deborah Raffin (Julie Camden Hastings), Jessica Biel (Mary Camden), Barry Watson (Matt Camden), Geoff Stults (Ben Kinkirk), Scotty Leavenworth (Peter Petrowski) 

Guests :

  • Bo Derek ..... Madame Kinkirk
  • Phyllis Diller ..... Gabrielle
  • Kalynn Rose ..... Lucy jeune
  • Kendall Rose ..... Lucy jeune

Glenoak Community Church

Eric: Uh... and then I pronounce you husband and wife. And then I tell you Kevin that you may kiss the bride, and you may. And then as I present you to the church everyone stands. And you take his arm Lucy and then I nod to Ruthie and she returns your flowers to you and then Lucy and Kevin will proceed back down the aisle. And this time Ruthie and Simon follow you, hopefully along with Matt and Mary oh and uh... Kevin's sister uh Patty Mary and your brother Ben.

Kevin: Sounds good to me.

Lucy: What if the storm keeps Matt and Mary and your mom and Patty Mary and Ben from getting here?

Kevin: The airport will open up tomorrow. It has to.

Lucy: And if it doesn't?

Ruthie: Yeah, what if it's just us? What if none of his family gets here?

Kevin: As of tomorrow my family is Lucy and me.

Lucy: I feel like the luckiest woman in the entire world.

Eric: Yes, you are. I think you're both very luck to have found each other.

Annie: It is so good to see you back in your church again.

Lucy: So, we're really going to do this? I'm going to be Mrs. Kevin Kinkirk?

Kevin: Are you still having doubts about me? Even now?

Lucy: Promise me you'll be here. Promise me that you won't leave me standing at the altar. Promise me that nothing will keep you from marrying me. That neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night will keep you from your appointed rounds.

Kevin: I promise.

Gabrielle: Am I too late?

Eric: T... too late? Uh... for the wedding, no. We just finished the rehearsal.

Gabrielle: The Colonel has sent me. They're not going to make it. I'm here to help in any way I can.

Annie: I'm sorry you had to drive all the way from wherever you drove, but I... I... I don't think there's anything you can do Gabrielle. You're welcomed to come to the wedding... of course.

Gabrielle: Well not unless I can make some sort of a contribution. I insist on helping.

Eric: Well rr... r... really we're happy to have you Gabrielle. Uh, but... I don't know... aside from showing up tomorrow night at 7:30 and having a good time there's nothing you can do.

Gabrielle: I'll call the Colonel and let him know.

Annie: Oh, I hope that wasn't a bad omen.

Ruthie: I hope that wasn't a bad omen.

Kevin: What was that?

Lucy: I'm not sure, but I hope that wasn't a bad omen.


Hank: Oh, thank God. I've got to get to the hospital to delivery a baby. Some guy ran me off the road.

Roxanne: There are accidents all over the city, but I've got a break in the rain for a few minutes. Come on, I'll get you some help.

Hank: Oh boy.

Roxanne: Aren't you...?

Hank: And you're...

Roxanne: Roxanne, Kevin's partner.

Hank: Of course. I'm Hank. I'm married to Eric's sister Julie.

Roxanne: Right. We met at the house, Christmas. Come on, I'll get you to the hospital.

Hank: Thank you.

Camden's House - Simon's Room - Eric and Annie's Room

Lucy: Kevin, it's me. Kevin we need to talk.

Eric: I... I'm awake. I... I heard her.

Lucy: Kevin?

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Hi.

Kevin: Hi yourself. Can't wait until tomorrow night?

Lucy: I'm scared.

Kevin: It's going to be fine. I love you.

Lucy: What if no one makes it?

Kevin: Are you talking about the wedding?

Lucy: Yes. What did you think I was talking about?

Kevin: The wedding night.

Lucy: You think I'm scared of... you? No. I can't wait, believe me.

Eric: Did she say anything to you?

Ruthie: No.

Simon: Do you think she'll call it off?

Annie: No.

Simon: What are they doing in there?

Kevin: What did you think? I was going to be wearing my pajamas and a smoking jacket. I didn't know you were going to wake me up in the middle of the night.

Lucy: Put something on and I'll step out into the hall.

Camden's House - Hallway

Lucy: What are you doing here?

Eric: We might ask you the same thing.

Lucy: I wanted to talk to Kevin about whether or not we should go through with the wedding considering no one can get here and it's still storming.

Kevin: I didn't realize everyone was waiting for me.

Lucy: They're not. They're going to bed.

Ruthie: Without knowing whether or not you're calling off the wedding? I don't think so.

Kevin: We're not calling off the wedding.

Lucy: But even if the airport opens, it's been closed for over 24 hours, the flights are going to be backed up.

Kevin: Do... you mind? As much as I want my mom and Ben and Patty Mary to be at my wedding, if they're not there I'll be okay.

Lucy: I want my grandparents and Matt and Mary to be there. It's just that... I want everything to be perfect and yet I know life's not perfect.

Kevin: No, it's not. But parts of it are very, very good.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Eric: Look, I... I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings but...

Annie: I'll go upstairs with... with Ruthie and... and Lucy.

Eric: Oh.

Annie: Come on.

Simon: I don't think they'll call the wedding off.

Eric: No. Once these things are in motion they're pretty difficult to stop. But I have had a few couples back out at the very last minute.

Simon: If they do call it off, then your official act in the church will to be announce that your daughter's wedding is canceled.

Eric: It wouldn't be good.

Simon: No.

Sam: It is time to get up?

David: Is it morning?

Sam: Is Lucy getting married?

Simon: It's the middle of the night. Go back to bed.

Eric: Uh... come on.

Simon: Allright. Good night.

Sam/David: Good night.

Eric: Good night.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Ruthie: When I get married, I'm going to elope.

Annie: No, you're not. I want to be there.

Ruthie: Okay, you and dad can be the two witnesses when I elope.

Annie: Marriage is about family. Don't you want your family, your entire family to be there?

Ruthie: They'll still be my family whether or not they're at my wedding.

Annie: You're getting married in your father's church by your father and all your brothers and sisters will be there.

Ruthie: Sorry. I'm not sure that's in the cards for me. I don't even think it's in the cards for Lucy. I don't think anyone is going to get here. What? Like my saying it is going to keep them from coming? There's a storm. The airport is closed. We have to deal with reality. If they want everyone to be here, they're going to have to delay or even cancel the wedding. And if they cancel it dad's gonna see it at some kind of sign that he's not supposed to be back at that church.

Annie: Hey, enough Doomsayer. Could you think pleasant thoughts please?

Ruthie: I was just thinking that when I do get married, I hope it's Peter Petrowski.

Annie: So, you have a little crush on Peter? I didn't know you liked him that much, yeah in that way. I... I... I thought you were just friends?

Ruthie: No, I think I'm in love.

Annie: Wow. You know I could have waited a day or two till after Lucy's wedding to hear that. But on the other hand I'm glad you told me. I like Peter. What do you like about him?

Ruthie: Everything. Especially when he calls me honey or sweetheart. It's so cool.

Annie: Yeah. Cool.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room

Simon: Dad?

Eric: Yeah?

Simon: Even if they call off the wedding, you have to get back to church. You belong there and I need you to be there.

Eric: Okay.

Simon: If you don't go back, I'm afraid I'm going to lose my faith in God.

Eric: I'm going back son.

Simon: You promise even if there's no wedding?

Eric: I promise.

Glenoak Community Hospital - Corridor

Roxanne: What are you doing here?

Chandler: I called the station and the watch captain told me where I could find you. What happened to you?

Roxanne: Uh, it's been a terrible night.

Chandler: I'm afraid it's about to get much worse. Kevin's brother Ben called. He and Mrs. Kinkirk they got a flight into Vegas, but now they're stuck. And they couldn't get a rental car because there aren't any rental cars left, so they were going to fly into a smaller airport tomorrow but now they don't want to chance missing the wedding.

Roxanne: You're going to pick them up?

Chandler: I was thinking maybe we could go pick them up.

Roxanne: I'm just getting off a twelve-hour shift.

Chandler: I understand.

Roxanne: And you're not driving to Vegas. Okay? The roads are terrible.

Chandler: I have to.

Roxanne: You don't have to. Look, even if we left now...

Camden's House - Attic Room

Annie: Good night.

Ruthie: Good night.

Lucy: Good night. I'm getting married in the morning. Ding-dong the bells are gonna chime. Da-ta-ta-ta-ta... so get me to the church on time.

Camden's House - Attic Room

Lucy: Dad? Dad?

Eric: Hi.

Lucy: Hi. Are you okay?

Eric: Oh yeah, I'm fine. Uh... but the airport's still closed because of the flooding. However uh some of the surrounding airports about an hour away have opened so uh... there's still hope.

Lucy: Good. I have hope. Is there anything else?

Eric: No, nothing else.

Lucy: Thank you for marrying us. Thank you for coming back to the church. We've all missed you. I'm going to be fine. I really love Kevin and he's a good man.

Eric: Still, you know you don't have to do this.

Lucy: I'm doing this.

Eric: Good, but if you're doing this just to get me back to the church then I... I... I promise I'll...

Lucy: I'm doing this because I love Kevin.

Eric: But...

Lucy: Dad...

Camden's House - Living Room

Ruthie: Shouldn't you guys be dressed by now?

Kevin: I'm staying in sweats until I put on my tux.

Simon: Yeah, I'm doing the same thing.

Ruthie: Have you heard from Ben and your mom?

Kevin: No, but I know Ben and if it takes planes, trains, and automobiles to get them here... they'll get here.

Ruthie: And if they don't?

Kevin: Hey, if for any reason Ben doesn't show up... would you be my best man?

Simon: Really?

Kevin: After all, we become brothers today.

Simon: What if Matt gets here and Ben doesn't?

Kevin: I hardly know Matt. Would you do it if Ben doesn't make it?

Simon: Well absolutely. But as honored as that makes me feel I... I still hope Ben makes it on time.

Gas Station

Mrs. Kinkirk: You're going to get sick too if you keep eating like that.

Roxanne: You were just standing there listening to me puke?

Chandler: You look terrible.

Roxanne: Oh God, you heard me.

Chandler: That's okay. Look, I think we need to find you a hospital.

Roxanne: We have to get to that wedding. If I'm not at Kevin and Lucy's wedding I'm dead. I can't believe you were just standing there listening. Geeze.

Chandler: I really think we need to get you to a hospital. There's got to be one around here somewhere.

Roxanne: I'm not going to a hospital.

Chandler: We really got to get her to a hospital.

Ben: We'll drop you off.

Mrs. Kinkirk: Ben?

Ben: What? We're never going to get to this wedding with her stopping at every other gas station.

Chandler: It's my car.

Ben: So, you should stay with us.

Chandler: Mrs. Kinkirk I apologize in advance for anything that I might do to Ben. Get out of the car.

Ben: Why?

Chandler: 'Cause I'm going to kill you.

Ben: You're a man of God. You can't kill me.

Chandler: Well you never heard of the Crusades or the Inquisition?

Ben: You're not Catholic.

Mrs. Kinkirk: Boys! I'll go check on Roxanne.

Chandler: I will check on Roxanne.

Ben: Can't we just leave them here?

Mrs. Kinkirk: No we can't.

Ben: Why not?

Mrs. Kinkirk: Because they came all the way to Vegas to pick us up, and she's a police officer. She can have us arrested.

Ben: Oh, allright.

Camden's House - Eric and Annie's Room / Glenoak Community Hospital

Eric: Just tell me you're coming no matter who you are.

Hank: Eric?

Eric: Hank.

Hank: I'm at the hospital. I got a difficult delivery going here and... well...

Eric: No one can get in. No, you have to come and you have to bring my sister and my niece and my nephew.

Hank: How's three out of four?

Eric: At the wedding?

Hank: Missing the wedding. We can't bring Eric and the baby out in this weather. They're just getting over the flu. But I promise Julie will get there.

Eric: And you?

Hank: I'm trying. I can't do a cesarean just 'cause I want to see Lucy and Kevin get married.

Eric: Has Julie heard from the Colonel and Ruth? Uh... I've been trying to reach them. I need to talk to them.

Hank: They're hiding from you. They said they weren't sure you and Annie liked the wedding gift.

Eric: What wedding gift?

Hank: Something they call a Gabrielle.

Eric: If you talk to them, tell them we returned her... I think.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Lucy: Mom?

Annie: I'm sorry. I was just thinking. I was wishing that my dad and Ginger could get here. But I was just missing my mom.

Lucy: It's okay, because she's with us. She's a part of us always. And I need you to be strong Mom, because well... I'm getting married. I'm really getting married.

Annie: I know. I know Luce. I'm so happy for you.

Lucy: This is grandma's locket. You gave it to me for my 13th birthday, remember?

Annie: Of course. Is this going to be your something old?

Lucy: Yes. And my dress is my something new. I just need something borrowed and my garter is something blue. Could I borrow some earrings?

Annie: Any earrings you want. You know of course if you change your mind about wearing my wedding dress... No, no, no. I know you want to wear your own wedding dress. But thanks for wearing my mother's locket.

Lucy: Do you think I'm crazy for going ahead with the wedding even though it looks as if no one's going to get here? It doesn't make me look desperate, does it?

Annie: No. It doesn't make you look desperate. It was a long shot anyway you know to get everyone here with such short notice. I don't think my dad and Ginger are going to get here and we know that the Colonel and Ruth and George aren't going to get here.

Lucy: But maybe Matt and Sarah?

Annie: They were flying from New York too and the flights are stacking up.

Lucy: Have you heard from Mary?

Annie: No, not yet. But she could get here. After all she does have connections with the airlines.

Lucy: Maybe Ben will get here with Kevin's mom.

Annie: Maybe.

Lucy: You don't really want me to put this off, do you? I don't want to give Dad the option of not going back either.

Annie: Oh, God. If this day isn't good for you... it is your wedding.

Lucy: This is the right day for me.

(Annie Remembers)

Annie: Lucy, grandma gave this to me when I turned 13. I want you to have it.

Camden's House - Kitchen / Car

Sam/David: Camden residence. Mary!

Annie: Mary, please tell me you can make it.

Mary: I've got a rental car and I'm still hours away, but we should make it.

Annie: We?

Mary: I'm going to bring someone with me if it's okay.

Annie: Well of... of course it's okay if you bring someone with you. You... you want to tell me who it is?

Mary: Why don't we just let that be a surprise. Bye Mom.

Camden's House - Living Room

Lucy: Where's Kevin?

Eric: Well I got him out of the house just like you asked. Uh... everything's fine. You said you wanted him out of the house, so I got him out of the house.

Lucy: Well, Mom's waiting in the car. We're headed down to the church.

Eric: I'll see you there.

Lucy: With Kevin.

Eric: With Kevin.

Lucy: Just curious... How'd you get Kevin out of the house?

Eric: I led him to believe we were about to have a conversation about sex.

Lucy: Nice to see you back on your game.

Eric: Thank you. So, who do you think Mary's bringing?

Lucy: I don't know. But Mom and I decided we're not going to worry about it.

Eric: How very Zen of you.

Lucy: If it's Jack, I'm not sure Mom's going to so Zen.

Eric: I keep hoping to hear Matt's on his way.

Lucy: I hope so too, but if the Colonel couldn't get here... I'm not counting on Matt and Sarah getting here. And it'd be nice, even wonderful but...

Eric: Yeah, no expectations, no disappointments.

Camden's House - Kitchen

Simon: Well where are you exactly? Grandpa's hitching a ride.

Eric: Hello? Hello?

Simon: Grandpa said not to worry, he found someone who will take him to Glenoak and they should get here just in time.

Eric: Was he with Ginger?

Simon: No. Ginger didn't want to go. She thought it was too dangerous.

Eric: Because...?


Grandpa: It was mighty nice of the Colonel to send you to pick us up. And I'm sorry about Ginger.

Gabrielle: She's not the first person to refuse a ride with me. Of course if I had a man like you, I don't think that I'd be sending him out alone with a woman like me.

Grandpa: I told you before, I'm in love with my wife.

Gas Station

Chandler: I really think at this point we should forget the wedding and... and just get you to a hospital.

Roxanne: No, I have to get to that wedding. I have to get there.

Chandler: You don't have to. And you're sick, and I'm responsible.

Roxanne: You're not responsible. You didn't make me sick. If I don't get there Kevin is going to kill me so I won't just be sick, I'll be dead.

Ben: Could we please?

Chandler: I can't believe I drove all night to pick you up from Vegas and you're acting like we're inconveniencing you.

Ben: Well we could have walked there faster than this!

Chandler: I just want to hit you so bad I can't tell you.

Ben: If we can go after you hit me, hit me! Go ahead!

Roxanne: No one is hitting anyone.

Ben: Ahh...

Mrs. Kinkirk: Stop it!! Stop it!

Ben: Ahh... Ow...

Chandler: Uh...

MRs. Kinkirk: Ben! Chandler!

Ben: He started it!

Chandler: What are you, twelve?

Ben/Chandler: Ah...! Oh!!!!

Roxanne: Stop or I'll shoot!

Ben: You have a gun?

Roxanne: Yeah, I have a gun.

Chandler: On you?

Roxanne: Well no.

Mrs. Kinkirk: If it were Ben and Kevin, I'd just leave 'em.

Roxanne: Yeah, well if I was feeling better I'd join 'em.

Mrs. Kinkirk: And what is that supposed to mean?

Roxanne: It means that Ben has been nothing but rude and inconsiderate since he got in the car.

MRs. Kinkirk: He's exhausted. We both been up over 72 hours and he'd been in a fire the night before we left.

Roxanne: So you're making excuses for him?

Mrs. Kinkirk: Hey, do you want a piece of me?

Roxanne: I am a cop.

Mrs. Kinkirk: And I'm the mother of two boys. I can't beat you up!

Roxanne: Now you're dreaming.

Mrs. Kinkirk: I don't think so.

Roxanne: You know what? I am sick, okay. I am very, very sick. Otherwise I would fight you to the death!

Chandler: Excuse me? What's going on here?

Roxanne: You know what? What the heck! It's me and you Chandler against the Kinkirks.

Ben: What? Don't you touch my mother.

Chandler: Your mother's nuts.

Ben: Your girlfriend is... your girlfriend is...

Mrs. Kinkirk: This isn't a battle of wits. Let's go for it.

Camden's House - Foyer

Ruthie: Yeah, I do look grown-up don't I?

Eric: Yeah you do. You look like a young woman. A beautiful young woman.

Ruthie: Not to worry, even if I do marry Peter Petrowski... I'm not getting married until I'm thirty.

Simon: You better save that for Lucy. I have a feeling this is going to be a very weepy wedding.

Eric: It's going to be a very happy wedding.

Simon: We'll see.

Eric: Oh boy. Finally some children who don't look like they're all grown up. You're not going to be ready for these for years.

Kevin: I know that Dad.

Ruthie: Have you heard from anyone in your family?

Kevin: Yes, my sister called back. The bad news is she can't make it. The good news is she met a guy at the airport. I met Lucy at the airport in Buffalo. This guy may turn out to be the love of Patty Mary's life.

Simon: And Ben?

Kevin: I haven't heard a word from him. But, he'll probably turn up within the next day or two. You're still my best man.

Simon: I have the ring.

Eric: Okay, I've got the best man, the maid of honor, the ring bearers, the groom and I'm the minister. We're set to go.

Ruthie: Mary and the mystery man.

Simon: Matt and Sarah.

Kevin: Ben and my mother.

David: Just open the door.

Sam: Please?

Cecilia: Hi.

Simon: Wow.

Peter: Honey, you couldn't look prettier if you were the bride.

Ruthie: Thanks.

Kevin: Weddings are tough, aren't they Reverend?

Eric: Let's... let's go.

Glenoak Community Church - Bride's Room

Lucy: Mom, I... I don't know if I can go through with this. I'm having second thoughts. I should finish college first. I should work for a while. I should have some money in the bank of my own. I... I should... I should know Kevin better. I... I should know me better. What if this is the wrong thing to do?

Glenoak Community Church - Hallway

Annie: The scary thing is she's not crying. Not a tear. She says she just doesn't know if she's doing the right thing.

Eric: Well maybe she's got as point.

Annie: Well of course she has a point, but... I know my daughter and I'm telling you this is just a case of cold feet. Very cold feet. You know if she doesn't go through with this wedding, she's not going to be happy with herself, tomorrow, the next day, the next month, the next year. She loves Kevin. She wants to be married to him. Talk to her.

Simon: What's going on?

Annie: Oh, did Ben and Mrs. Kinkirk make it?

Simon: No, but Kevin says we don't have to wait for 'em.

Ruthie: No sign of Matt or Mary or Grandpa or the bad omen.

Annie: Oh I forgot about Gabrielle.

Eric: No, there are no bad omens, just nervous brides.

Ruthie: What does that mean?

Mary: What does what mean?

Eric: Mary! Oh, oh... Oh I'm so happy you made it.

Mary: Thanks.

Annie: This is wonderful.

Mary: Hi Mom. Hey Simon.

Simon: Nice to see you.

Mary: Thanks. Hey you guys.

Ruthie: I hope you didn't come all this way for nothing. We've got a nervous bride.

Annie: It'll be fine. It has to be.

Lucy: Mary?

Mary: Hey, what are you so nervous about?

Lucy: I don't know. I just don't know. I... I don't know anything. So?

Mary: So...

Lucy: Where's your date?

Mary: Oh yeah, the mystery man. Hey you?

Matt: You looking for me?

Annie: Matt?

Ruthie: You made it.

Lucy: I love you.

Matt: Hey.

Eric: We missed you.

Matt: I've missed you too.

Mary: I got him the last seat on the flight I was on.

Lucy: So Sara isn't going to make it?

Matt: No, but from what I was hearing down the hall maybe she's not going to be missing anything. Come on, we'll talk, then we'll see you upstairs. Go. Everything's going to be fine. Do what your doctor tells you. Go. Be gone. Away. Shoo. Come on. So, my little sister's getting married?

Glenoak Community Church - Foyer

Ben: How are we going to explain this?

Mrs. Kinkirk: Well, I guess we'll have to go with the truth otherwise the cop and the preacher will rat us out. Kevin, we made it.

Ben: Yeah, we made it. Well we got into a fight.

Kevin: A fight with...?

Mrs. Kinkirk: With um... the Hampton boy. What's his name? ... and his girlfriend.

Kevin: You got into a fight with Chandler and Roxanne?

Ben: Kinda.

Mrs. Kinkirk: Don't worry, we won. We're here.

Simon: Yeah, they made it.

Kevin: Simon will be my best man.

Ben: Okay but, I still get to stand up front, right?

Kevin: I guess.

Mrs. Kinkirk: Let him stand up front. He's your brother.

Roxanne: I can't believe I'm going to a wedding like this. At least we won the fight.

Chandler: Ah... I can't believe we beat them up. I never get to beat anybody up. I'm a minister. Are you going to be okay? Should I bring a bucket in?

Roxanne: I'm fine.

Chandler: Okay.

Julie: Roxanne, Chandler? Is everything okay?

Hank: You both look like heck. Roxanne looks worse than he does. Are you running a fever? Coming down with the flu?

Julie: Both our children are at home with the flu.

Roxanne: Your children have the flu? So last night when I stopped to help you, you... you carrier! You gave me the flu!!!!

Chandler: It's been a long day. We'll see you inside. I think it's better if you just let it go. Allright? I don't think we have another fight in us.

Glenoak Community Church - Bride's Room

Matt: Life is short Luce. I see it everyday. People who thought they'd have more time to do the things they want to do. People who want the idea who never appreciated the less than ideal ordinary day with their family and friends. People who are indecisive or too scared to do what was in their heart and found they weren't going to get another chance. Your whole life is in front of you. And you have the man you love to share it with. Do you know how many husbands and wives aren't in love with each other? How many people never find someone? You and Kevin found each other. You're madly in love with each other. It doesn't matter that it's not exactly as you planned. That it... that it happened before you reached every goal you have. You'll still reach your goals. You're just have someone to hold your hand and encourage you along the way. So embrace this experience. Get married. Live your life. Be happy.

Lucy: I'm going to need some help zipping up my dress.

Matt: Ha, ha, ha... I can do that.

Glenoak Community Church

All: Welcome back! Welcome back! Woooo!

Gabrielle: Aren't you going to thank me?

Grandpa: Hi honey. I made it.

Annie: Oh good Dad. Thank you.

Gabrielle: You're welcome.

Mary: You could have called.

Ben: And you could have called.

Mary: And maybe I did.

Ben: Did you?

Mary: No.

Ben: I came to Florida. I tried to find you.

Mary: When?

Ben: Last week.

Mary: I was in Buffalo.

Ben: So, you seeing anyone?

Mary: Maybe. Are you seeing anyone?

Ben: Maybe. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Have you seen Robbie since he moved to Florida?

Eric: And so it begins, two becoming as one. Who gives this bride to be married?

All: We do. Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Eric: Kevin and Lucy have chosen traditional vows, hoping that all of you who are married will remember your vows and be reminded of your promises to each other. Lucy and Kevin look forward to being with those of you who are in love and will one day be married. And at your weddings Lucy and Kevin will remember their vows and promises to each other. Kevin, do you take Lucy to be your wife?

Kevin: I do.

Eric: Do you promise to love and respect her forsaking all others and holding only onto my daughter?

Kevin: I do.

Eric: Do you Lucy...?

Lucy: I do. Sorry.

Eric: Do you Lucy take Kevin to be your husband?

Lucy: I do.

Eric: Do you promise to love and respect him forsaking all others and holding onto him?

Lucy: I do.

Eric: Wedding rings are the outward visible sign of an inward spiritual grace and the unbroken circle of love signifying before all the union of this man... and this woman in marriage. May I have the rings? Repeat after me. I Kevin, take thee Lucy to be my wife.

Kevin: I Kevin take thee Lucy to be my wife.

Eric: To have and to hold...

Kevin: To have and to hold...

Eric: sickness and in health...

Kevin: sickness and in health...

Eric: ...for richer or poorer...

Kevin: ...for richer or poorer.

Eric: And I promise to love you forever more.

Kevin: And I promise to love you forever more.

Eric: Repeat after me. I Lucy, take thee Kevin to be my husband.

Lucy: I Lucy take thee Kevin to be my husband.

Eric: To have and to hold...

Lucy: To have and to hold...

Eric: sickness and in health...

Lucy: sickness and in health...

Eric: ...for richer or poorer...

Lucy: ...for richer or poorer...

Eric: And I promise to love you forever more.

Lucy: And I promise to love you forever more.

Eric: Lucy and Kevin, in so much as you have both agreed to live together in holy matrimony and have promised your love for each other by these vows, I now declare you to be husband and wife. Congratulations. You may kiss your bride. It is my privilege to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Kinkirk. 

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