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#511 : L'enfant doit vivre

Le temps passe. Peter, Olivia et Walter ne reculent devant rien pour sauver le monde du joug des Observateurs. Walter entre dans la fameuse cuve de privation sensorielle pour tenter de récupérer des informations sur le mystérieux Donald.

Pendant ce temps, le Capitaine Windmark entreprend une mission qui va répondre à de nombreuses questions.


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Titre VO
The Boy Must Live

Titre VF
L'enfant doit vivre

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Scénaristes : Graham Roland

Réalisateur : Paul Holahan


Script VO 511 - "The boy must live"


In West Brooklyn, at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan, high-speed monorails dash toward downtown as Walter exits the minivan on a quest. He immediately turns and finds the source of the vision he re-accessed in the sensory deprivation tank - there - there is the window he was looking out of. Eager to gain entry, Walter hurries toward the apartment complex, more excited than anything else he has been passionate about lately. Peter dashes to keep up with his ninety-plus year old father and find out what has him so energized. Walter feels good - simple. When young Michael touched Walter, all he thought he ever knew seemed insignificant. Walter now remembers everything... even things from the timeline he never experienced... things from Peter's youth that he missed when Peter died in this timeline - and details from when Peter retrieved him from Saint Claire's to join the Fringe Division - in the other timeline. And the joy and terror Peter brought to his life, like when he stepped into the Wave Sink Device. Walter can't explain what Michael shared with him - just the elation he feels. The bad news is the master plan to defeat the Observers was not part of the shared vision. Walter knows only that he feels more love for Peter than ever before - that is the source of his exultation, and now he has no desire to have any part of his brain removed to prevent a regression to his harsh, alter-superego self. Peter can live with that and grants a big bear hug to confirm the new contract. Olivia and Michael hang back and watch as the Bishop Boys reach a new level in their paternal bond.

   In Brooklyn, Walter scans the upstairs windows of the apartment complex and recognizes which one he was staring out of during his recollected vision. That one. There! Inside the building, the foursome finds its way around the nicely decorated facility and locates doorway #211, the apartment that Walter is certain to hold the next key in the mystery of his missing colleague. After ringing the buzzer and a confident knock, a half dozen locks unbolt and September cracks the door open to greet his visitors. Walter - You're alive. I never thought I'd see you again. That's understandable - we were frozen in time... trapped in Amber for the past twenty-one years. The not-so-young Michael draws September's most heartfelt attention. He kneels down, lowers the boy's hood and looks fondly into his eyes.


In September's apartment overlooking the East River and Manhattan, the fugitive science team, Public Enemy #1, settles-in for a reacquaintance session and some Q-and-A. First thing is first... how did you find me? It wasn't easy - they have been piecing together the clues left on the videotapes Walter made two decades ago. When they got to the pocket universe to recover the boy , Michael, all they left with was the radio. When the radio eventually began working, they found Carolyn and Richard on Thimble Island harboring the Observer progeny. It's been quite a circuitous route and they have lost a bunch of good people along the way that sacrificed for the cause... as soon as Peter says that, he checks Olivia and gets the subtle nod of concurrence... her foster mom, Nina, and their sole offspring, Henrietta. September explains what he can, amazed that Walter's memory was wiped so clean of all the details. When he disappeared from the Lab with his gunshot wound to the chest (The End Of All Things), his colleagues removed his brain implant as punishment for his repeated interference in the timeline. They studied him as he went through the biological reversion process to a more natural human state. He was deposited back in this timeline after they were through experimenting on him, which is fine by September, aka Donald, this era in history interests and appeals to him most. And the Donald alias? - from actor/dancer/singer Donald O'Connor and the classic movie, Singing In The Rain. The first movie he and Walter watched together after September was reverted and returned to the era. Michael has been waiting patiently and seems bored. September retrieves a small music box from a trinket case and cranks the small handle on it to release a familiar tune. Michael seems less disinterested and takes over the chore of cranking out the tune from the small mechanical device. Walter is curious about the boy's origin. September explains that Michael was, or will be, born hundreds of years from now in a laboratory, like all Observers. Well before that, in 2167, a scientist in Oslo, determined that the human intellect could be expanded by co-opting portions of the brain that has been previously dedicated to processing emotion, instead using it for cognitive function. That scientific breakthrough eventually led to the Observer population, where things like jealousy, anger, greed, and aggression were abandoned in favor of intellectual capacity. The downside was that society became so intelligent and efficient, that it lost perspective of the value emotion added to life... and things like empathy, compassion, and love were machined-out of humanity too. Even romantic love gave way to reproductive technologies to git'r done.

In September's apartment, he admits that something had stirred in him, during his time travels to this era - and how fathers cared for and protected their sons. The experience was something he could not ignore. That is when he took Michael from the future and hid him in the past, for his own safety. Walter realizes exactly what isn't being told. Progeny XB-6783746 was derived from September's genetic contribution - Michael is his son!


Sitting in September's apartment, the group discusses the greater plan to defeat the invading Observers. Peter gets to the gist and goes directly for the big bonus round points straight away - how does Michael fit into the larger scheme? Michael is more than just an anomaly, he is a hybrid that has the intelligence of the tech-enabled Observers and the emotional range of a regular human to include empathy, compassion and empathic skills. The big plan involves sending Michael forward in time to 2167 to meet and dissuade the scientists that took humanity down the path away from its emotional capacity. Given the chance to know and understand Michael, they will realize a higher intelligence and enlightenment is possible - then swerve away from the course that will lead to an Observer dominated future, effectively eliminating the current threat too. If Observers never exist... they can never invade. September knew Michael was important before the Observers reverted him biologically, and once he could no longer travel in time, that's when Walter was called in to help send Michael into the next century. A rundown of the items recovered so far on the videotape scavenger hunt suggests that the plan is a few items short of the required components needed. September has a storage locker nearby and can help with the missing components, as well as with the insanely complex physics equations no one on the team has been able to decipher yet. Some of the components he has hidden are really exotic, things he took from the future, decades ago. The holographic blueprint Walter has will allow them to assemble the device that can get Michael up to 2167 to work his magic. Olivia has been relatively quiet, absorbing the information-sharing, then heads to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Peter goes along to check on her - are you okay? Maybe. All of the time-travel, Observer-squashing, tech-talk has Olivia believing that in this deal, they are going to get their daughter back some how. The plan - resets time Peter! Olivia can see in Peter's face that he isn't entirely on-board with the concept. You don't believe it? No, Peter wants Henrietta back more than anything and wants to believe it will happen, but his pragmatism is overshadowing her optimism at this point - we've still   got a long way to go before we get close to that particularly happy-ending.
  Back in his Manhattan office in 2036, and carrying on his duties, Windmark takes a briefing from one of his assistants and learns that September was detained at a mine in 2015 while extracting rocks from it. The reason he was collecting the specimen was not ascertained during questioning, but the former Observer was released and branded as a ‘known offender’. Windmark knows that labeled offenders are tagged and orders location measures be taken to find September’s address. The assistant places a call and initiates proceedings to find Chip Number 784651.

  A short while later, Captain Windmark and two of his subordinates step through trans-dimensional portals directly into September’s apartment across the East River from Manhattan. With pistols drawn, the two back-up men begin searching the apartment. Windmark seems fascinated with the piano and the sheet music. One man finds a bloody towel in the sink along with pointy tweezers. It appears the tracking chip has been removed and destroyed... the likely reason they were not able to track the dishonored Observer before they arrived. The cocoa mug next to the couch is still warm - someone was just here. Have footage from the surveillance cameras in the area reviewed immediately. Windmark investigates the bedroom. In the room, full of collectibles, a snow globe with local landmarks catches his primary attention. The flip of a switch on the sound system fills the space with soft, soulful jazz music.

Source : Fringepedia

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