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IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

[Fade in - Scene from Teaser of “He Who Hesitates” – Dr. Abbott and Rose are talking with Dr. Chao about the tumor in her office.]

DR. CHAO: You can see there’s a mass encroaching on your spinal cord.

ROSE: So it’s definitely cancer.

DR. CHAO: I’d suggest a course of chemotherapy.

ROSE: I’m scared, Harold.


[Cut to Scene from Act Four of “He Who Hesitates” - Ephram is sweeping his garage and Amy comes by to get the rest of her stuff.]

AMY: Where ya goin’?

EPHRAM: Uh, London. Yeah, I take off next week. That’s why I sold all this stuff.

AMY: When are you coming back?

EPHRAM: I don’t know.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of “He Who Hesitates” - Ephram is talking to Dr. Brown in his room.]

EPHRAM: I know you think I did this just to get back at you or get even or whatever, but that’s not the case. All right, I’m putting together a plan, I needed the money so I could get out of here.

DR. BROWN: If you’d just let me help you…

EPHRAM: There’s nothing left here for me.

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Cut to the Brown kitchen – Dr. Brown and Delia are eating dinner at the table.]

DELIA: Plus, I’ll be learning about nature. They do all these hikes where they teach you about the trees and the flowers and you know, the dirt.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but we have trees. You can hike here. There are tons of trails I could show you and if you don’t want to do that…

DELIA: Fine. I don’t really care about the trees. Everyone is going to this camp, Dad. Like everyone in my class. And if I don’t go, I’ll be the social pariah next year.

DR. BROWN: Honey, do you know what a pariah is?

DELIA: I don’t even know what social is. Just please let me go. I’m begging.

[Ephram walks in the back door.]

EPHRAM: You guys finished eatin’ already?

DR. BROWN: Well, there’s food on the stove, I could heat it up for ya.

EPHRAM: No, it’s okay, I’ll get some later.

DELIA: Oh, Ephram, could you please help me explain to Dad why sleep away camp is an important step in my growing process.

EPHRAM: Well, I never went to sleep away camp.


DR. BROWN: Now that’s the first decent argument you’ve made all night. (to Ephram) Oh, there’s some mail that came for you.

[Ephram looks at the counter and starts to open the envelope.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): Tickets?


DELIA: Tickets. To where?

EPHRAM: Uh, London, actually.

DR. BROWN: Is that where you’re starting?

EPHRAM: Yeah, I figured I’d ease into a country where I at least spoke the language. Plus, I’ll probably look tan by comparison.

DELIA: He’s going all the way to London. That is way farther than Camp Wakkumah.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but not half as much fun to say.

[Dr. Brown gets up from the table with his plate.]

DELIA: I bet he’s going for longer than six weeks too, right?

EPHRAM: Probably.

DR. BROWN: How long are you going for?

EPHRAM: Uh, I don’t know.

DELIA: What do you mean you don’t know? Look at your ticket. When does it say you’re coming back?

EPHRAM: Uh, it’s an open-ended ticket so I can just come back whenever I want.

[Delia realizes the magnitude of what Ephram said.]

DELIA: Well, when are you leaving?

EPHRAM: Uh, Friday.

DR. BROWN: This Friday?


DR. BROWN: Well, what about graduation?

EPHRAM: What about it?

[Delia looks upset and takes off out of the kitchen. Ephram turns and watches her leave and Dr. Brown walks over and stands across the kitchen counter from Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: You might want to talk to her.

EPHRAM: Aah, she’ll be all right.

[Dr. Brown doesn’t respond and drinks some of his coffee.]


DR. BROWN: Nothing. I’m just surprised.

EPHRAM: Well, you really thought I was gonna stay around for graduation. Do I look like somebody who wants to be walking around in a giant silk robe in public?

DR. BROWN: No, it’s not that. It’s just that everything’s going on with the Abbotts right now, and I know you’ve broken up with Amy,…

EPHRAM: Wh-wh-what’s going on with the Abbotts?

DR. BROWN: You don’t know.

[Ephram just stares at Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): I thought Bright would have said something.

[Ephram urges Dr. Brown to continue with his facial expression.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): Rose has cancer.

[Ephram looks shocked by Dr. Brown’s words.]



[Fade in – Nina’s car is driving up the alley behind Mama Joy’s. She gets out and sees the plate that says “PAPAJOY”. She gets out of the car.

NINA: Oh. Well, great.

[Cut to inside of Mama Joy’s – Nina is putting her apron on just like she does every day.

NINA: (calling out) Art… You’re in my spot.

[Nina walks toward the front and trips over a guy underneath the counter.]

NINA (CONT’D): Whoa! Sorry. Didn’t expect to find someone on the floor unplugging things. Why are you unplugging things?

BURLY GUY: Watch it. Coming through.

[A guy comes toward Nina with the coffeemaker in his hands.]

NINA (CONT’D): Who are you? Hello?

[Art is sitting at the counter eating as Nina approaches him looking confused.]

NINA (CONT’D): Art . . . There’s someone in the kitchen. (then, noticing) And there’s someone else taking stuff out the back door. Where’s he going with your coffeemaker?

ART: It’s not mine, Feeney. The bank leased it to me, just like everything else.

NINA: Okay, Mr. Literal. Then where’s he going with the bank’s coffeemaker?

ART: It’s over, Nina. Mama Joy’s fried her last omelette, tossed her last salad.

NINA: What are you talking about? Are-Are we going out of business?

ART: Pretty much. Revenues are down, costs are up. We haven’t made enough to cover our mortgage in over six months. The upside, I just bought a condo in Vegas. Dirt cheap.

[Nina is shocked by Art’s comments.]

NINA: I-I-I don’t understand. I mean, I know things have been slow, but…

ART: These things happen, Nina.

[Art gets up and meets Nina behind the counter. He hands her an envelope.]

ART: (CONT’D) Anyway. This is for you. Two weeks pay plus all the tips from last night. (hugs her) You’re my number one, Feeney. You’re a great gal.

NINA (touched): Art . . .

ART: Don’t tell the others, okay? All I got [U]them[/U] was a twenty-dollar gift certificate to Pier One.

[Nina nods in agreement and still trying to get over the shock. Nine just stands there and takes a deep breath. What is she going to do now?]

[Cut to Denver Hospital Waiting Room – Dr. Abbott is pacing around the waiting room, Irv is on his cell phone, and Amy, Bright, and Edna are sitting on the couch waiting impatiently.]

BRIGHT: How long are they gonna keep her in there?

EDNA: I don’t know. How long we been here?

AMY: Forever.

[Irv walks back over to Edna, Amy and Bright.]

EDNA: What’d she say?

IRV: The New York office loved it. Apparently, they think I’m ironic.

AMY: Wait, does this mean they’re going to publish your book?

IRV: It’s looking like that.

[Dr. Chao rolls out Rose in her wheelchair.]

DR. ABBOTT (rushing to greet her): Rose? Are you all right?

ROSE: I’m fine. Just a little tired is all.

DR. ABBOTT: So what did the tests show?

[Rose hesitates to answer and Dr. Chao consoles her.]

ROSE: Amy, sweetheart, would you take me to that vending machine? I believe I saw a root beer there earlier and I’ve been craving one ever since.

[Amy walks over to Rose to help.]

AMY: Well, are you sure you can? I mean, with all the carbonation?

[Bright gets up frustrated from Amy’s comment from the couch and walks briskly over to Rose and Amy.]

BRIGHT: I’ll take her myself.

AMY: I got it. I was just asking.

[Amy pushes Rose and Bright walks with them. Dr. Abbott turns to Dr. Chao.]

DR. ABBOTT: How bad is it?

DR. CHAO: It’s not good. The tumor grew just…

EDNA (getting up): Grew? How’d that happen?

IRV: I thought the chemo was suppose to shrink the growth.

DR. CHAO: That was the idea, but unfortunately, chemo doesn’t always do the trick.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, so then we schedule the surgery. Right now. Today if possible.

DR. CHAO: We won’t be able to do it today. The situation has changed since the last MRI that you saw and we need to find a specialist.

DR. ABBOTT: Why? How has it changed?

DR. CHAO: The mass was initially encroaching upon the spinal canal. But now that it’s grown, it’s actually touching the spinal chord itself. Pressing against the nerve. Which explains the numbness in her legs.

DR. ABBOTT: So she’ll still need the wheelchair?

DR. CHAO: Yes. It doesn’t mean that we can’t do the operation. It just means that the risks have increased. There is a possibility of paralysis.

DR. ABBOTT: Fine. Fine. We’ll-

[Amy and Bright bring Rose back from the vending machine. They are fighting.]


AMY: What? Give it to me.


DR. ABBOTT: We’ll schedule an appointment so we can work out all of the specifics.

[Dr. Abbott walks over and takes control of the wheelchair from Amy and starts to wheel Rose.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): And now, I’d like to get my wife home, so she can get some rest.

DR. CHAO: Of course.

ROSE: Thank you.

[Dr. Abbott wheels Rose out, Edna and Irv follow with Amy, and Bright walks out last.]

DR. CHAO: We’ll talk later.

[Bright turns to talk with Dr. Chao.]

BRIGHT: Excuse me.

[Dr. Chao turns to Bright. Bright walks over to her and shakes her hand.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): Thank you.

DR. CHAO: You’re welcome.

[Bright looks upset and compassionate as he turns and leaves.]

[Cut to Mama Joy’s – A crowd is looking in the windows. Inside – Mr. Jensen and Thurman are fighting over a napkin holder.]

THURMAN: I had it first.

MR. JENSEN: You did not.


MR. JENSEN: This is the table where I proposed to my Jenny and I’m taking it home if it kills me.

[Mr. Jensen pulls the napkin holder away from Thurman and takes off out the door with Thurman following him. Dr. Hartman, Dr. Brown and Nina are sitting a booth.]

DR. BROWN: It just doesn’t make sense. I spent over a thousand dollars on chicken and dumplings this last year alone.

DR. HARTMAN: Welcome to America, right? I’m tellin’ ya, if they approve that Wal-Mart over by the interstate this won’t be the only place closing down. Main Street will look like a ghost town.

DR. BROWN: It’s really a shame.

DR. HARTMAN: This place was an institution.

NINA: Oh, gimme a break, you two have barely been here three years combined.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but we can appreciate the history. I mean, didn’t you and Carl have your first date here.

NINA: Thank you for bringing up the gay husband, ‘cause I wasn’t depressed enough by my newfound unemployment.

DR. HARTMAN: It’s okay, babe. I know this sucks for you. You just gotta let it out. Right. (deep breath and then exhale)

NINA: Please do not go yoga on me right now.


DR. BROWN: You are gonna be fine, Nina. You are going to land on your feet.

NINA: Right. Talk to me in three weeks when the mortgage is due.

DR. BROWN: Well, wait a minute, if that’s the problem…

DR. HARTMAN: Well, I can help out…

NINA: No, no, that’s not what I meant.

DR. BROWN: No. No. Seriously, you don’t have to worry about that.

NINA: Andy, I didn’t let you pay for my lawyers last year, do you really think I’m gonna let you pay for my house. I don’t need charity.

DR. BROWN: It’s not charity. You can think of it as a loan.

DR. HARTMAN: She said she doesn’t need your help.

DR. BROWN: I wasn’t talkin’ to you, Jake.

NINA: Please stop. I really don’t have time for this damsel in distress crap. I-I appreciate the offers, but I’m a big girl. I will figure this out on my own.

[Nina gets up from the booth.]

DR. HARTMAN: Of course, you will.

[Dr. Hartman slides out of the booth.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): I’ll see you later tonight, okay?

NINA: Okay.

[Nina and Dr. Hartman exchange a peck on the lips, while Dr. Brown watches.]

[Cut to Abbott kitchen – Hannah is organizing the refrigerator with the help of Topher.]

HANNAH: I need an apple.

[Topher has his arms full of pies.]

TOPHER: I have cherry, peach, and rhubarb.

[Topher drops a pie.]

TOPHER (CONT’D): I have cherry and rhubarb.

[Topher hands Hannah the pies to put in the refrigerator.]

HANNAH: I am trying to create a system within the fridge so that when they’re hungry they won’t even have to think about it. They can just reach in and grab.

TOPHER: Have I told you lately how impressed I am by your organizational skills?

HANNAH: Topher, this is no time for flirty talk.

[Hannah and Topher pick up the dropped pie. Dr. Abbott, Rose, Bright, and Amy walk in the back door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Here we go…

AMY: We’re home.

DR. ABBOTT: This is just obnoxious. We’ve been at the hospital all of 12 hours. What did somebody run an ad in the Pinecone?

[Topher laughs out loud and snorts.]

BRIGHT: You congested or somethin’, dude. If you’re sick, you shouldn’t be here.

HANNAH: No. No. He’s not sick, he just snorts when he’s nervous.

TOPHER: It-it’s a new thing. The snorting, I mean. Not the nervous.

AMY: Well, it’s really nice of you to come help, Topher. Thank you.

BRIGHT: Well, I’m going up.

HANNAH: Are-are you hungry? I can heat up one of these casserole things.

BRIGHT: Thanks, I’m…

ROSE: I think I’ll join you, sweetheart. I’m simply too pooped to pop.

[Rose starts rolling the wheelchair and stops.]

ROSE (CONT’D): Oh, heaven’s I forgot. I gotta get up those stairs again.


[Dr. Abbott goes to help. Bright takes over.]

BRIGHT: No, I got it. I gotcha, mom. One, two, and three.

[Rose lifts out of the chair and Bright picks her up and carries her out of the kitchen. Hannah watches Bright carry Rose off.]

TOPHER: Well, I-I guess we should be going.

HANNAH: Huh? Uh, yes, yes, we should go. (to Amy) Umm, if you need me…

AMY: I’ll call you tomorrow.

[Hannah and Topher head toward the back door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Thank you, Brian.

TOPHER: Uh, it’s Topher.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, I don’t care.

TOPHER: Uh, mean neither.

[Dr. Abbott looks around the kitchen while Amy sits at the desk.]

AMY: So I was suppose to pick up my, uh, cap and gown tomorrow. Do you think I need to?

DR. ABBOTT: Graduation’s this Friday, isn’t it? You want to have it laundered before then, huh?

AMY: I know, but I’m just thinking maybe we shouldn’t go. Maybe be hard with mom.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, don’t be ridiculous. She’s been looking forward to it. We both have.

AMY: What did the doctor say?

DR. ABBOTT (hesitant): It’s… It’s fine. It’s gonna be fine. I don’t want you worrying.

AMY: Dad?

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart, your mother bought an outfit for this weeks ago. Do you want to be the one to tell that she won’t be wearing it?

AMY: Okay. Okay. I was just making sure.

[Amy gets up to go upstairs while Dr. Abbott tries to get the food brought put away.]

DR. ABBOTT: Get some rest. It’s been a long day.

AMY: Good night, Dad.

DR. ABBOTT: Good night.

[Amy walks out of the kitchen.]

[Cut to Amy walking into her bedroom and over to her bed. She takes her shoes off and then slides in under the covers. Her cell phone rings. She picks it up to see who is calling. She then sets the phone back down and rolls over avoiding answering the phone.]

[Cut to Ephram sitting on his bed on his cell phone waiting for Amy to answer.]



[Fade in – Nina’s house – Nina is sitting at the kitchen table working on her laptop when Dr. Hartman comes in.]

DR. HARTMAN: It’s me.

NINA: Hey. I thought you were sleepin’ over last night.

DR. HARTMAN: Aah, I know. I got caught doing some stuff and it got too late to call.

[Dr. Hartman drops his stuff and gives Nina a kiss.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): You got the computer out already. It’s not even 8.

NINA: Yeah, well, I’ve been up since 5 doing damage control. According to Quicken, I’ll be completely broke by July 4th.

[Dr. Hartman has a huge smile on his face.]

NINA (CONT’D): Why are you so smiley?

DR. HARTMAN: Okay, you remember when Brian was here?

NINA: Mm, your brother who told you to dump me. No, it didn’t make an impression at all.

DR. HARTMAN: Granted, his dating advice was ass, but he was right about one thing. My investments are pathetic. He said he’d seen a better portfolio on a blue-hair in a Florida nursing home.

NINA: Mm, he’s colorful.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah. Anyway, one of his recommendations was real estate. Something about hedging inflation or-or tax shelters, who knows. But I’ve been thinkin’ about it ever since. So…?

[Nina gives a facial expression to continue. Dr. Hartman pulls out papers out of his jacket.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): I made the offer last night. Art accepted it an hour ago.

[Dr. Hartman hands Nina the papers to look at.]

NINA: You bought Mama Joy’s.

DR. HARTMAN: Even better, I bought the building that used to be Mama Joy’s. So now it can be anything I want.

NINA: But… I thought Brian said you were having all these money problems.

DR. HARTMAN: That’s just accountant talk. He never met a scenario he couldn’t make worse. So listen, do happen to know anyone who might have some restaurant experience, because I might be looking?

NINA: You mean to waitress.

DR. HARTMAN: I mean to run the place, blondie.

NINA: What?

[Nina jumps up from the chair and jumps into Dr. Hartman’s arms.]

DR. HARTMAN: I’ll take that as a yes.

NINA: Yes. Yes, of course. Gah, what do I start first? What do I do?

DR. HARTMAN: All right, easy, Ice, we’re just under contract.

NINA: I am so ready for this, Jake. You have no idea. I’ve been watch Art screw up so much stuff in the last 10 years, I got a million ideas.

DR. HARTMAN: I-I know, I want to hear every one of them, but first…

[Dr. Hartman grabs two coffees out of a bag he brought in and hands them to her and then she puts them down.]

NINA: Yeah. Okay. That’s second. First.

[Nina grabs his hands and kisses him turning him around.]

NINA (CONT’D): Is, umm, upstairs?

DR. HARTMAN (grinning): So happy?

[Nina pulls Dr. Hartman through the den as he takes off his coat and they go around the corner out of sight.]

[Cut to Ephram and Bright waiting for prescriptions in the pharmacy.]

EPHRAM: Is there anything I can do to help?

BRIGHT: I’m tellin’ you, man, there’s nothing you can do. Go to Europe. Send postcards. Let me know if the Brazilian wax really started in Brazil.

EPHRAM: Uh, Brazil’s in South America.

BRIGHT: Oh, and that’s not in Europe.

[Pharmacist comes to the counter.]

PHARMACIST: Bright, your, uh, prescriptions are ready.

[Bright and Ephram walk over to the counter to get them. There are many bags and Bright picks them up.]

BRIGHT: Are these all for my mom?

PHARMACIST: Yep. Now, if she has any questions, you just, uh, have her give me a call.

BRIGHT: Yeah, I’m sure my dad’ll explain everything. Thanks though.

[Bright turns to leave and Ephram watches him and follows him out.]

EPHRAM: You all right?

BRIGHT (almost in tears): I’m fine. I just can’t stop crying, man. Gah, I feel like a frikken’ girl.

EPHRAM: I think that’s normal.

BRIGHT: It would help if I wasn’t the only one in my house doing it.

[Cut to sidewalk downtown – Bright and Ephram are walking down the street towards his truck.]

EPHRAM: So how’s Amy takin’ it?

BRIGHT: Like I could tell she was really freaked out at first, but now, it’s… It’s like nothing.

EPHRAM: Denial?

BRIGHT: I guess. Either that or she’s just cold. Hannah explained to me how people go through the stages of grief differently.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, Hannah?

BRIGHT: Don’t start with me, man. Every since you told me that stuff the other week, it’s like my wires are all crossed. I can’t even look at the girl without my upstairs talking to my downstairs. It’s not natural.

[They walk across the street toward Bright’s truck.]

EPHRAM: Meaning, you like her and you’d like to make out with her.

BRIGHT: Yeah. How sick is that?

EPHRAM: No, it’s good. You just gotta tell her.

BRIGHT: I can’t. She’s got that damn church monkey glued to her hip at all times. Snorting all over her. It’s disgusting. If she was into me before, she definitely isn’t now. Though, luckily, my mom does have cancer, so it keeps my mind off things. (a beat) Omigod, I… I can’t believe I just said that.

EPHRAM: That’s all right. It’s allowed. Hey, I tried calling Amy.


EPHRAM: Yeah, a couple of times. She never called me back.

[Bright goes to open his truck door.]

BRIGHT: Huh? Maybe you should stop calling her.

EPHRAM: Maybe. . .

[Ephram goes to get in the truck too.]

[Cut to Brown and Abbott Medical – Dr. Chao enters the office with charts in her hand. Dr. Brown comes out of his office and greets her.]

DR. BROWN: Hi. Can I help you?

DR. CHAO: Oh, I’m-I’m Dr. Chao.

[They shake hands.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, yes, of course. They’re waiting for you. I’m Andy Brown.

[Dr. Abbott emerges from his office to greet Dr. Chao.]

DR. ABBOTT: Dr. Chao, I thought I heard your voice. Thank you so much for coming all this way.

DR. CHAO: It’s no problem. Is Rose… ? (pointing towards his office)

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. In my office. Right through here . . .

DR. CHAO: Excuse me.

DR. BROWN: Nice to have met you.

[Dr. Chao and Dr. Abbott walk toward his office. Dr. Chao turns.]

DR. CHAO: Umm, perhaps Dr. Brown would like to sit in on a consult. Three heads are always better than two.

DR. ABBOTT: Of course.

[Dr. Brown follows Dr. Abbott and Dr. Chao into his office. Rose is sitting in her wheelchair waiting on them.]

DR. CHAO: How are you feeling, Rose?

ROSE: Okay. A little uncomfortable in the posterior. I was told that this was the Mercedes of wheelchairs but frankly, my ass is numb from all the sitting. I can say “ass”, I have cancer.

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart, I hope you don’t mind, we’ve invited Dr. Brown to join us.

DR. BROWN: I won’t say anything unless it’s really smart. I promise.

[Dr. Chao pulls out an X-Ray and puts it on the light board to show everyone.]

DR. CHAO: Well, here it is. It’s about a two inch mass now. Located posteriorly at L3. I would have liked to have seen some shrinkage from the chemo, but surgery is still a possibility.

DR. ABBOTT: So is that our only possibility?

DR. CHAO: Not necessarily. If you want, we can still try…

ROSE: I want it out.

DR. ABBOTT: Rose, honey, I think we need to explore all of our options. This kind of surgery can be incredibly risky at our age.

DR. CHAO: He’s right. And this one’s trickier because of the location of the tumor.

ROSE: I understand, but I don’t care. I want that thing cut out of my body as fast as humanly possible.

DR. CHAO: Good. That was gonna be my recommendation. So our first order of business should be finding the best surgeon we can.

ROSE: Well, what about Dr. Brown?


DR. BROWN: No, Rose, I don’t think that’s a possibility.

DR. ABBOTT: Not a good idea. No, you-you had mention something about specialists the other day?

DR. CHAO: Absolutely. I’m gonna be putting together a whole team – radiation oncologists and orthopedists, the whole nine yards.

[Dr. Brown gets up and looks closer at the X-Ray.]

DR. BROWN: You want Henry Valledor.

DR. CHAO: That’s exactly who I was thinking of.

DR. BROWN: I don’t know him personally, but I know of him and from what I know, he’s the best there is. He’ll want to do a poster-lateral approach – going in from the back instead of the abdomen so you can get your endoscope in and see what you’re dissecting. I know that Valledor has done hundreds of these. I can give him a call if you want.

DR. ABBOTT: Thank you. We’d appreciate that.

[Dr. Brown nods.]

DR. CHAO: So we’ll get your records to Valledor. Set up a consult and get it done as quickly as possible. Okay?

[Rose nods a little frightened.]


[Dr. Brown pulls the X-Ray off the light board.]

DR. BROWN: I’ll walk you out.

DR. CHAO: See you soon, Rose.

[Dr. Brown and Dr. Chao leave Dr. Abbott’s office. Rose picks up a picture from Dr. Abbott’s desk and looks at it. The picture is from Bright’s graduation.]

ROSE: We should call the lawyers, dear.

DR. ABBOTT: Lawyers?

ROSE: Yeah, I’d like to update my will.

[Cut to Old Mama Joy’s – Dr. Hartman and Nina are walking around with a Contractor who is checking out the place – probably giving them an estimate of what it will cost to repair and reopen.]

DR. HARTMAN: I don’t even understand how this is debatable. They’re ten different kinds of ugly. Not to mention old.

NINA: They’re not old, they’re retro. Which is what makes ‘em cool. All we need to do is recover them.

CONTRACTOR: (testing one) Actually, that’s probably not a good idea. Most of these frames are shot.

NINA: Can’t you rebuild them?

CONTRACTOR: I could, but I recommend you tear them all out. You seat more customers with tables anyway.

[Dr. Hartman nods in agreement and gives Nina a look of “See, told ya.”]

NINA: Like you knew that.

Dr. HARTMAN: Hey, we’re on the same team here. I’m only trying to help.

NINA: I know….

CONTRACTOR: (moving on) What about the counter?

NINA: Umm, that stays. I’m thinking we put a nice granite on top, and then we turn it into a bar.

JAKE: Granite? Isn’t that kind of expensive?

NINA: Do you want it to look like the same old run-down diner it was before?

JAKE: You’re the one who wanted booths.

NINA: No banquettes. There’s a difference.

CONTRACTOR: What about your grease trap?

NINA: Umm, what about it?

CONTRACTOR: It’s out of code. But your biggest thing’s gonna be rebuilding your bathrooms and exits. They have to be wheelchair accessible under federal law. (beat) But I’m sure you’ve got all that in your rehab budget, right?

[Dr. Hartman and Nina just stand there and look at one another taking in what the contractor said.]

[Cut to Abbott living room – Amy is watching TV when there is a knock a the front door. She gets up to answer it. Ephram is at the door.]

EPHRAM: I called.

[Ephram walks in the door past her.]

AMY: You did?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Couple of times. You never called me back. So I just came over.

AMY: Interesting way to interpreting me not call you back.

[They walk into the living room and sit down on the couches.]

AMY (CONT’D): We have to be quiet. My mom’s sleeping upstairs.


[Awkward silence]

AMY: Not that quiet.

EPHRAM: Well, I’m sorry, it’s just a little weird. I don’t know exactly what to say here.

AMY: You’re the one who came over.

EPHRAM: Yeah, because I wanted to make sure that you were okay.

AMY: Yeah. I’m fine.

EPHRAM: You can’t be fine.

AMY: I am. Trust me, I know it sounds bad, but my dad says they caught it in time so…

EPHRAM: Really? ‘Cause Bright said that it was stage IIB.

AMY: Well, they didn’t catch it early, but in time.

EPHRAM: All right, look, I know we broke up and that things are all weird right now, but y’know, you need to know you’re still my best friend. If you need me, I’m-I’m totally I’m here for ya. The fact that we’re no longer dating is beside the point. I would never leave you alone at a time like this.

AMY: Aren’t you leaving for London on Friday?

EPHRAM: Well, I was, but I don’t have to. If you need me, I-I- I can-I can change my flight. I can- I can cancel my trip. Or postpone? Whatever you need.

AMY: No. No, I don’t think you should do that. You should go. And I appreciate the offer. I just don’t need ya, y’know.

EPHRAM: Okay. All right, well, I was just… Uh, better get going… Yeah…

[Ephram gets up and Amy gets up too to walk him out.]

EPHRAM (CONT’D): Uh, no, it’s okay. I can let myself out. Don’t worry about it.

[Amy nods firmly as a sign of “Okay.” Ephram leaves and Amy goes back to watching TV.]



[Fade in – Nina’s bedroom – Nina is lying in bed and Dr. Hartman is getting ready for bed at the night table.]

NINA: So today was interesting.

DR. HARTMAN: I know. I can’t believe the roof leaks. Did you already know about that?

NINA: Mmm, that’s not really what I meant. (beat) You wanna tell me what was up with all the comments and suggestions.

DR. HARTMAN: Nothing. Just comments and suggestions.

NINA: See I thought you wanted me to run the place.


NINA: Well, maybe we have different definitions, ‘cause I thought “run the place” meant making decisions.

DR. HARTMAN: I was letting you take the lead.

NINA: But every time I said something you second guessed me. If you don’t trust my instincts why did you offer me the job?

DR. HARTMAN: I do trust your instincts, babe, but this is a really big investment for me. So I’m not just gonna sit back and be quiet if I think you’re making a mistake just because we’re…

NINA: Then maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, you might be right.

[Nina gives a look of astonishment.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): It’s my fault. I just… I got all excited and the timing seemed so perfect, but you saw what we’re up against today.

[Nina nods.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): This thing’s going to be a total ass whipping. I don’t know if either one of us is equipped to deal with it.

NINA: So you want someone else to run it.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, it’s probably smarter. Right?

[Dr. Hartman climbs on the bed to try and console Nina.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): I mean, we shouldn’t risk our relationship over this. Look, we don’t have to decide this thing tonight. Brenda said she’s got ton of clients who would be interested in the space. So, I’ll just sit down with a couple of them, see who’s out there.

NINA: You don’t think I can do it.

DR. HARTMAN: No, that’s not it...

NINA: You already talked to Brenda, which means that you were already thinking about pulling out.

DR. HARTMAN: Only after the granite versus tile meltdown this afternoon…

NINA: C’mon. It wasn’t even that big of a fight!

DR. HARTMAN: No, but this is.

NINA: Whatever. It’s fine. Do what you want.

[Nina rolls over. She is done fighting.]

DR. HARTMAN: No. No. No. No, don’t do that. I hate when you do that...

NINA: It’s, uh, it’s your restaurant. So it really has nothing to do with me. G’night, Jake.

[Nina turns off the light to go to sleep leaving Dr. Hartman out in the cold.]

[Cut to Hospital Room – Rose is sitting in the hospital bed looking nervous with Dr. Brown sitting in the chair beside the bed.]

DR. BROWN: Can I get you anything? Another magazine? Or some water?

ROSE: Oh, no, Harold will be back soon with the good coffee. I can wait.

[Dr. Valledor enters the room. He seems very quick paced. He picks up the chart at the end of the bed.]

DR. VALLEDOR: Aah, Rose Abbott?

ROSE: Yes. Hello. It’s nice to meet you.

DR. VALLEDOR: How many Cisplatin infusions have you had? It doesn’t say here...

ROSE: Omphf... I can’t remember exactly.

DR. VALLEDOR: A rough estimate.

ROSE: I was here three times a week for about four weeks.

DR. VALLEDOR: Okay. Okay.

[Dr. Brown stands up to introduce himself.]

DR. BROWN: Doctor Valledor? I’m Andy Brown, we spoke on the phone.

[Dr. Valledor shakes Dr. Brown’s hand and looks at him hard.]

DR. VALLEDOR: Yes. Yes. Yes. You’re a lot older than I pictured. Nice to meet ya. (then, back to chart) Okay, I can squeeze you in next Monday. Chao wants to run a few more tests, but I’m outta town after Wednesday, so she’s gotta do ‘em fast. I need you to stay here for just a couple more hours. Okay?

ROSE: Oh. Okay. Uh... could you maybe tell me what I might expect from the surgery? Or after the surgery...?

DR. VALLEDOR: Well, survival rate is between sixty and seventy percent at five years, now that’s assuming, of course, that the margins are clear and the surgery is successful. That also assumes that the chemo goes well afterwards.

ROSE: So that means... ? I’m sorry, what-what does that mean?

DR. VALLEDOR: Chemo. Another round, post-operative. You’ll also need another procedure to install a port-a-cath underneath your collarbone, so they don’t have to keep running the I.V. back and forth. I don’t do that surgery, by the way. (then, big smile) Okay? Great. I’ll see you next week.

[Dr. Valledor heads to leave but turns back to ask a question.]

DR. VALLEDOR (CONT’D): Oh, hey. Are you gonna be in the room when we do it?

DR. BROWN: I was considering scrubbing in...

DR. VALLEDOR: Cool. I’ll see you then.

[Dr. Valledor rushes out the door. Dr. Brown looks at Rose who looks terrified.]

DR. BROWN: Surgeons talk fast. It’s part of their training to sound as scary as possible.

ROSE: He must have graduated top of his class.

DR. BROWN: Y’know, if you have any questions, Rose, that’s why I’m here.

ROSE: You’ll be in the room when they do it?

DR. BROWN: I will, if you want me to be.

[Rose nods and looks relieved.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): Then I will. (then, pulling up a chair) Now let’s talk about this port-a-cath. It’s not half as scary as it sounds. The whole procedure takes about an hour. It doesn’t hurt at all. In six months, you’re going to be very glad you had it.

[Cut to Old Mama Joy’s – Thurman and Mr. Jensen are talking to Dr. Hartman about their idea for the old restaurant.]

THURMAN: Experts call it, cross marketing.

DR. HARTMAN: Guys, you can’t put a strip club in a gym.

MR. JENSEN: We prefer the term go-go fitness.

THURMAN: Right. We-we figure as long as the guys are sitting there on the treadmill, why not give them something to look at.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, what about the women?

THURMAN: Well, they’d be dancin’.

[Mr. Jensen nods in agreement.]

[Dr. Hartman gets up trying to explain the meeting is over.]

DR. HARTMAN: Okay, you know what, it’s a super interesting idea, guys, it really is, but I’m really hoping to stick with a restaurant. It’s been a restaurant. It’s built that way and the fact is…

[Nina walks in the front door. She is all dressed up for an interview.]

NINA: Main Street needs a restaurant.

DR. HARTMAN: Hey, Neen. Uh, I just have one more appointment scheduled after this and then we can…

NINA: Marcie Matthews?

DR. HARTMAN: Umm, yeah, how did you…?

[Nina nods giving a grin of “Surprise”.]

DR. HARTMAN: Ooh, sneaky. I like that. Uh, gentlemen, thanks. Thanks so much for coming. That’s for your time.

THURMAN: Yeah, sure.

DR. HARTMAN: Good luck.

[Thurman and Mr. Jensen leave. Nina walks up to the table and sits down professionally and pulls out her portfolio for Dr. Hartman to look at.]

DR. HARTMAN: What’s this?

NINA: My business plan. It’s all in the summary. The basic concept is fun. A simple menu. Casual atmosphere. Deana DeLuca meets Joe’s Crab Shack. I know food, Jake, and I know service. And the people here know me and they’re loyal. I can make this work if you’ll give me the chance. Plus, I think that doing this can actually help our relationship. Your brother was right about more than just your investment portfolio. You do need someone who challenges you. And I want you to be proud of me, Jake.

DR. HARTMAN: I am proud of you.

NINA: But I’m not. Not yet. I wanna do more with my life than just raise Sam and serve food to people. And I think I have it in me, but I need help. I need your help.

DR. HARTMAN: You do?

NINA: Yeah.

[They stare at one another. Dr. Hartman stands up and Nina stands up too.]

DR. HARTMAN: You know what, you got yourself a deal, Miss Feeney.

[Dr. Hartman extends his hand and Nina shakes it.]

NINA: Thank you, Dr. Hartman. You won’t be sorry.

[Dr. Hartman goes to walk Nina out. Nina stops them.]

NINA: Could I maybe just have one little kiss?

DR. HARTMAN: Ooh, I don’t know about that. You could maybe sue me for sexual harassment.

[Nina wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. They smile at one another and then Nina leaves.]

[Cut to Ephram’s room – Ephram is packing his clothes and Dr. Brown knocks and walks in with a present.]

DR. BROWN: Probably only need one sweatshirt, less to lug around. You, uh, you wanna ride to the airport tomorrow.

EPHRAM: No, it’s all right, I got a shuttle coming.

DR. BROWN: This is a, uh, graduation present.

[Dr. Brown shows the present to Ephram and then lays it on the bed. He turns to leave.]


DR. BROWN: It’s not from me. She bought that years ago. That wrapping paper’s from the early 90s if you can believe it.

EPHRAM: Why? I mean, why would mom do something like that?

DR. BROWN: In a way, I – I think it was because of me. One of my, uh, first patients was a woman named Tina Greenburg. Late 30s, three kids. She has this infectious laugh. Your mom was at the hospital that day working on a benefit, she’d come to see me and she heard Tina’s laugh all the way from my office. And she wanted to me her. They hit it off right away.

[Ephram is holding the present.]

EPHRAM: What was wrong with her?

DR. BROWN: Basilar apex aneurysm. They give the procedure to a lot of young neurosurgeons because you can develop technical proficiency with optimum patient outcomes. In other words, if you’re a half way decent surgeon, the patient shouldn’t die. But Tina did. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and I lost her on the table. Your mother was devastated. She couldn’t stop thinking about these three kids growing up without a mom. So she started planning. Started buying little things for you guys here and there. Wrapping ‘em. Just in case, she’d say. I told her she was being morbid, but product of being a surgeon’s wife – always have a backup plan. I just…never thought anything bad would happen to her. It wasn’t a part of my plan, y’know.

[Ephram thinks about what Dr. Brown said.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): Well, I’ll let you get back to your packing.

[Dr. Brown turns to leave.]

EPHRAM: Thank you, Dad.

[Dr. Brown smiles at Ephram and leaves. Ephram holds his present and looks at it.]



[Fade in – Delia’s bedroom – Delia is on the laptop looking at information about London, when Ephram walks up to her doorway with his dufflebag.]

EPHRAM: Hey. Can I come in?

[Delia nods and shuts the laptop. Ephram puts his dufflebag down and goes and sits on the bed in front of Delia.]

EPHRAM (CONT’D): Okay, first of all, this is not goodbye.

DELIA: Then why do you have your backpack?

EPHRAM: Okay, uh, technically, this is goodbye, but we’re still gonna talk all the time. I mean, not just on email too, I’ll-I’ll write you, I’ll write you postcards and everything. And you have to watch out for it, okay?

DELIA: I will. You’re not even going to come back for Thanksgiving?

EPHRAM: I mean, I don’t know yet. I could lie and say “yeah” that I’ll definitely be here, but one of the things that I learned this year is that lying just to make somebody feel better doesn’t work.

DELIA: What about the lies that happen when you just don’t say anything at all?

EPHRAM: Lies of omission - those suck too. Oh, you mean…

DELIA: I know something bad happened. I know you hate him. I just don’t know why.

EPHRAM: Okay. And one day, I promise I will tell you.

DELIA: When I’m ready?

EPHRAM: No, when I’m ready. You can handle it. You’re stronger than you look. Me. I just, uh, …

DELIA: It still hurts too much?

EPHRAM: Yeah, somethin’ like that.

DELIA: Just tell me one thing. Is he like the most horrible dad in the world? ‘Cause maybe I should hate him too.

EPHRAM: No. No, are you kidding me. No, you shouldn’t hate him. He’s a good dad. I mean, even with everything’s that happened, he has a good heart. All right, you promise me something?

DELIA: What?

EPHRAM: Just, uh, just listen to him. All right, do what he says. Take care of him for me.

[Delia nods and starts to cry. Ephram pulls Delia toward him.]

EPHRAM (CONT’D): Come here.

[Ephram kisses her on the head. Ephram gets up and picks up his dufflebag and looks one last time at Delia. She is crying harder now.]

DELIA: Bye, Ephram.

[Ephram walks away.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s office – Dr. Brown is packing up his backpack. Rose wheels up to his office door.]

ROSE: Nice hours, you doctors keep.

DR. BROWN: I’m playing hooky today. And I don’t think Harold’s coming in at all, so…

ROSE: I know, Bright and I were just running an errand. I asked if he could drop me off. Do-Do you have a minute?

DR. BROWN: Oh, sure, here, let me help you.

[Dr. Brown tries to help.]

ROSE: Oh, no, I’m fine. I think I finally got a hang of it. Although, my arms haven’t been so sore since Bright was a baby. He was very big.

[Rose wheels up to Dr. Brown’s desk. Dr. Brown sits in his chair behind his desk.]

DR. BROWN: So what’s up?

ROSE: I was wondering about that friend of yours. How’s he’s doing? Uh, the older gentleman, you used to work with…

DR. BROWN: Oh, Donald. He’s fine. Y’know, cranky as ever but that’s why we love him.

ROSE: But he’s better since the, uh, surgery. I remember it was quite a complicated operation.

DR. BROWN: You’re asking me for a reason.

ROSE: I just don’t like this Valledor. He’s not spent more than 20 minutes with me and now he’s gonna gut me like a fish without so much as a “How do you do?” It just seems all wrong.

DR. BROWN: Well, ego and attitude go with the territory. Unfortunately, his bedside manner is pretty standard for most surgeons.

ROSE: I’m not interested in most surgeons. I-I don’t mean to… make this difficult for you.

DR. BROWN: I can’t perform your surgery, Rose.

ROSE: I could take care of Harold.

DR. BROWN: Well, I sure that you can, but he’s right. I’m just… I much too close to you.

ROSE: You were close to Donald. That-That’s why you did that operation as I recall. Because you cared.

DR. BROWN: I operated on Colin because I cared. It’s not a recipe for success.

[Rose looks upset.]

ROSE: The fact is I don’t have any idea about what’s gonna happen to me and I’m-I’m terrified – honest to God, terrified. Maybe Dr. Valledor is the right surgeon for the job, but I truly believe that you’re the right surgeon for me.


ROSE: ‘Cause you love my family as much as I do. For that alone, I trust you with my life.

[Dr. Brown thinks about Rose’s request.]

[Cut to Nina’s house – Nina is reading a magazine on the couch when Dr. Hartman walks in. He is on his cell phone.]

DR. HARTMAN (ON PHONE): No, I here ya. (listens) Yeah, just (sighs) Let me think about it, okay. (listens) I’ll call ya later. (listens) All right, thanks.

[Dr. Hartman drops his bag and shuts his cell phone.]

NINA: Did you know that there are over 534 different kinds of placemats out there? I don’t know if that’s awesome or horrifying.

DR. HARTMAN: We got a problem. That was Bri on the phone. The bank is balking on the loan. It’s my income. Between what I owe Hal for the lease on the office and my monthly for my place here, they think I’m overextended. Brian thinks it might be a deal breaker.

NINA: He’s just figuring this out now.

[Dr. Hartman sits on the chair next to Nina on the couch.]

DR. HARTMAN: It’s my fault too. I totally overpaid for this place here. I’m such a house whore.

[Nina goes and consoles Dr. Hartman on the chair arm.]

NINA: Okay, we’ll figure it out.

DR. HARTMAN: It’s just frustrating. Thought once I sold the house in L.A., money wouldn’t be a problem any more.

NINA: You sold the house in L.A.?

DR. HARTMAN: It didn’t take long either, the market is unbelievable right now. (looks a Nina) Hey, don’t worry, babe. I’ll figure it out. I’ll find a way to…

NINA: I don’t care about the stupid restaurant. I just can’t… You’re really here. I-I mean in Everwood. You don’t have a backup plan.

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, yeah. What’d you think?

NINA: I didn’t know. I just didn’t know.

[They just look at one another.]

DR. HARTMAN: I feel like I let you down.

NINA: Are you crazy? You just made my year.

DR. HARTMAN: Damn, you’re easy.

NINA: I have an idea.

[Nina squats down in front of Dr. Hartman.]

DR. HARTMAN: Hit me.

NINA: Why don’t you move in here with me? I mean, you said it yourself, you’re here all the time anyway and it’s crazy for you to be paying rent somewhere else.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, but…

NINA: You’re not ready, it’s-it-it’s too soon. I-I’m freaking you out, aren’t I?

DR. HARTMAN: No. No. No. No. None of that. It’s just… What if the whole restaurant thing goes away? Will you still want me here with you and Sam? Because I don’t want to do it just for business reasons.

NINA: I’m not asking you for business reasons. I’m asking because I love you. And Sam loves you and I know he’d be thrilled at the idea and- and when you didn’t sleep here the other night I really missed you.

DR. HARTMAN: I missed you too.

[They smile at each other taking in the decision to live together.]

NINA: Well, there have to be some ground rules. Y’know, my hair products will be off limits.

DR. HARTMAN: Your molding paste – that stuff works so well on me.

NINA: Well, I’ll get you your own. And, uh, no leaving the espresso thingies in the machine. If you make coffee, you take out the pot.

DR. HARTMAN: No, using my razors on your armpits.

NINA: Does that gross you out?

DR. HARTMAN: No, I just needed somethin’. (beat) So this is how it could be?

NINA: Yeah. What do you think?

[Dr. Hartman leans down and kisses Nina.]

[Cut to Abbott upstairs hallway – Dr. Abbott is closing his bedroom door slowly and quietly, when Amy walks from her room dressed in her gown for graduation.]

AMY: Hey.

DR. ABBOTT: You look radiant.

AMY: Thanks. But, umm, I’m supposed to be there two hours early so we should probably get going.

[Dr. Abbott looks at his watch and then puts on his sports coat.]

DR. ABBOTT: Yep, oh, absolutely. Let’s hop to it.

AMY: Is Mom…?

DR. ABBOTT: She’s sleeping. Sweetheart, she just felt so tired all of a sudden.

[Amy is disappointed, but nods in understanding.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): I urged her to take a nap and… I just don’t think we should wake her.

AMY: No, of course not.

DR. ABBOTT: So Bright’s going to stay here in case she wakes up and needs anything. But you and I, we can still…

[Dr. Abbott is fighting back tears.]

AMY: Dad…

DR. ABBOTT: I don’t know what I’m saying any more.

[Amy walks up to Dr. Abbott and they hug one another and cry softly.]

DR. ABBOTT: I’m sorry. Sorry, sweetie.

[They continue to hug.]

[Cut to an airplane – Ephram is sitting by a window on the airplane. He is holding the present from his mother. He unwraps the present. It is the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”. He opens the book and starts to flip through the pages. He comes across a page where his mother wrote him a note. He reads it.]

JULIA (VOICE-OVER): My Dearest Ephram,

I’ve been sitting in our kitchen for the last half hour simply imagining you. Wondering what you must be thinking right now – what you must be feeling, how handsome you must look in your cap and gown.

[Cut to Peak County High School Graduation Ceremony – Principal Ackerman is passing out diplomas to students.]


[Cut to Abbott foyer – Amy is walking down the steps toward the foyer – Dr. Abbott is videotaping Amy walking down the stairs, Edna, Bright and Rose are all there. They all clap as Irv hands Amy her diploma and Amy tosses her cap up the stairs.]

JULIA (VOICE-OVER) (CONT’D): If you’re thinking about me – stop. Send a kiss to the sky and then focus your thoug

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