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[Fade in - Scene from Act One of "Surprise" - Ephram and Amy are talking about Ephram getting his audition outside the Abbott house.]

IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

DR. ABBOTT: Well, there you are. I thought I heard some rather high pitched screaming.

EPHRAM: Uh, actually, that was me.

AMY: Dad, you're not going to believe this. He just got a final audition for Juiliard.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, congratulations, Ephram. That is a tremendous accomplishment.

[Cut to scene from Act Three of "Surprise" - Rose is yelling at Bright in his room for mistreating women.]

ROSE: I want to know how many women you've treated that way.

BRIGHT: You have the wrong idea about this.

ROSE (angry): Who are you? What have you become?

[Cut to scene from Act Three of "Surprise" - Dr. Abbott is telling Amy about Madison in the kitchen.]

DR. ABBOTT: Honey, Madison left Everwood when she found out that she was pregnant with Ephram's child. He has no idea about any of it.

[Cut to scene from Act Three of "A Moment in Manhattan" - Ephram is shocked to see Madison in the plaza.]

EPHRAM: Uh, what are you doing here?

MADISON: I live here now.

[Cut to scene from Act Three of "A Moment in Manhattan" - Dr. Brown and Madison are talking in a coffee shop.]

DR. BROWN: All of my instincts - all of my intentions - are wrong. Tell him everything.

MADISON: I plan to.

[Cut to scene from Act Four of "A Moment in Manhattan" - Dr. Brown and Ephram are talking on the rooftop.]

EPHRAM: It's just, y'know, you dragged us to Everwood so that we could find a way to become a family and… I don't know somehow it worked. Everything you took us there to find, we-we got. All right, I gotta go meet Madison.

DR. BROWN: I know.

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Cut to scenes of New York skyline. Ephram is walking to meet Madison and Dr. Brown continues to look out on the city from the rooftop. Ephram walks into a subway entrance. Madison is looking out the window of the coffee shop waiting for Ephram. She starts to look at her cell phone and then closes it. She is going to leave and Ephram walks into the coffee shop. Madison is grabbing her purse.]


[Madison puts her purse down and Ephram walks toward.]


[Madison gets up and Ephram motions for a hug.]

EPHRAM: Give me a hug.

[They hug.]

EPHRAM: Uh, sorry I'm late.

MADISON: Oh, you're not, really.

EPHRAM: It's just, y'know, it's like New York and-and…

MADISON: It's crazy, right?


MADISON: So are you nervous?

EPHRAM: No. Oh, no. I'm not-I'm not nervous. Are you nervous?

MADISON: Uh, I meant about your audition tomorrow, but it's good to know I don't have an effect on you.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, no, I mean I-I was nervous when I first got here, but like 12 hours of straight practicing pretty much cure that so...

[Madison nods her head in agreement.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): Shall we sit?

MADISON: Yeah, sure.

[Ephram and Madison sit at the table.]

EPHRAM: So, I, uh, I'd almost given up on you.

MADISON: How do you mean?

EPHRAM: Well, I looked for you back in Everwood. I thought maybe you'd disappeared for good.

MADISON: You were looking for me?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. Even went to go see your band play. By the way, they kinda suck without you, but, uh, yeah, I mean, what made you decide to leave?

MADISON: Uh, y'know, it's just… It's a long story.

EPHRAM: Well, I got time so… Tell me everything.

[Madison smiles and hesitates. Time for the truth.]



[Fade in - Abbott kitchen - Rose looks sick. She is in her robe and Dr. Abbott is taking her temperature.]

DR. ABBOTT: Your back still hurts?

[Rose starts to nod and wants to speak.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT'D): Thermometer, Rose. Just nod.

[Rose nods.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT'D): Well, I'm sure, it's just prolonged stress. Nothing some chamomile tea and a day without Bright won't fix. Out of curiosity, what ails you more - his utter lack of academic ambition or his inability to keep a job?

[Rose hears Bright coming in and motions for Dr. Abbott to be quiet. Bright walks in with a box.]

BRIGHT: Just getting some cream cheese for Amy's bagels since I'm gonna eat 'em all.

[Bright opens the refrigerator.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): And we're out. That's cool. I'll go get some. Do you need anything from the store?

DR. ABBOTT: We're fine.

BRIGHT: Okay, then. See ya.

[Bright leaves with his box of cream cheese. Dr. Abbott takes the thermometer out of Rose's mouth and examines it.]

DR. ABBOTT: 99.2. A little flush, nothing to be too worried about. But I dare say it just shot up 2 degrees. You mustn't let Bright affect you too much.

ROSE: Well, I suppose not.

[The kettle starts to whistle. Rose gets up to check on it.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I think we can both agree, it's just gone too far with the boy. We're not doing him any favors by allowing him to just stay here and fritter away his time.

ROSE: Oh, I know you're right. It's.. Just wish there was a-a less drastic solution.

DR. ABBOTT: We're asking him to get his own apartment in Everwood. It's a far far cry from skid row.

ROSE: I know.

DR. ABBOTT: He's not working, he's not going to school. He is stuck in a perennial state of stasis with meals provided. What's worse is that he seems to have even less direction now than when he graduated almost a year ago.

ROSE: Has it really been almost a year?

DR. ABBOTT: It's time, Rose.

[Amy walks in looking upset and sits at the counter.]

ROSE: Well, what's the matter with you?

AMY: I got into to Harvard.

[Amy drops her head down on the counter. Rose and Dr. Abbott look at each other oddly.]

[Cut to Coffee Shop - Ephram and Madison are talking to one another.]

EPHRAM: So then.. So then Delia went through this, uh, this dress phase, which was really really quite disturbing. Then she got-she got a boyfriend and then she broke up with her boyfriend. It was actually kind of funny to watch my dad try to deal with it all.

MADISON: So you guys are actually getting along now?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if-if things got better in my life or got better in his life or we both just got tired of yelling but, uh, yeah, no things are great. I mean like work, school, everything - just really, y'know, great, really good.

MADISON: That's awesome, Ephram. I'm-I'm really psyched for you.

EPHRAM: Y'know, it's weird. It's like I spent half of my life thinking about Juilliard and-and now I'm finally here, it's kind of…



MADISON: Well, I think it's good though. Y'know, to be scared. It means you actually have something worth losing.

EPHRAM: Thank you. Now I'm not freaked out at all.

[Madison smiles at his comment.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): All right, okay, I wanna say something. I know it might sound a little weird but, uh, I've been rambling on for the past half hour so…

MADISON: You haven't been rambling. I'm interested.

EPHRAM: Good because you're a large part of the reason that all these things are happening for me.

MADISON: That is so not true.

EPHRAM: I mean, it's like with you - music was life. Y'know, it wasn't something you did because you were tortured or because your parents wanted you to. It was… I don't know, it was like all this time I've been playing somewhere else in my mind and now I'm-I'm here. I'm-I'm-I'm in it. And I have you to thank for that.

MADISON: That might be the nicest thing anybody's said to me in forever.

EPHRAM: No, I mean it's good. You need to know that you kicked my ass which was good because it meant that Amy only had to kick it half as much.

[Madison looks disappointed when Ephram bring Amy up.]

MADISON: Amy, huh? Yeah. You guys…

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah, Uh, things have been pretty great. I mean you trained me well. I think I made all major mistakes with you.

MADISON: You didn't make that many mistakes.

EPHRAM: Uh, are you kidding me? I have like a 30 hour TIVO of shame highlight reel that I can pull up at any time in my head.

MADISON: Okay. Well, I'm happy to be the stunt girlfriend.

EPHRAM: No, but seriously, I mean, I think part of the reason that I wanted to like get together with you here today was just to say thank you. Y'know… Yes, I know, I'm made of cheese.

[They share a laugh.]

MADISON: I don't know what to say.

EPHRAM: Well, you can skip you're welcome and you can go straight to telling me what you've been up to. I've been sitting here talking about myself for awhile, I'm kidda bored so… Whatcha got?

[Cut to Dr. Hartman's Medical Office - Dr. Abbott is sitting in the waiting room while Edna is at her desk.]

DR. ABBOTT: So, Mother, I couldn't help but notice Irv's truck back in its rightful place in your driveway this morning.

EDNA: Couldn't help yourself, or couldn't stop yourself, Nancy Drew?

[Dr. Hartman walks in.]

DR. HARTMAN: Morning, Edna. Good Morning, Hal!

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, yes, greetings, salutations, pleasantries, my aren't you looking well - - it's that time of the month, Doctor Hartman. If you wouldn't mind . .

DR. HARTMAN: Rent check. No problemo. Edna, we cut that check already, Didn't we? [The door opens Frank comes in carrying his son, Kyle. Kyle has been shot.]

EDNA: Oh my god - -

FRANK: I need help . . .

DR. HARTMAN: Quickly, come back this way.

EDNA: What happened?

Frank holds Kyle's limp body in his arms.

FRANK: It's my boy. We went hunting and the gun went off - -

DR. HARTMAN: Right inside here. Go ahead and set him on the table.

Dr. Abbott and Dr. Hartman go into emergency mode.

FRANK: You'll be all right. Just hold on.

DR. ABBOTT: Frank. We need to get in there. Frank. Come one.

DR. HARTMAN: He's having trouble breathing.

DR. ABBOTT: I've got a crowded pulse. He's at least 60 over palp.

DR. HARTMAN: I don't feel an exit wound. Edna, he's having difficulty breathing. We're gonna have to bag him.

DR. ABBOTT: He's lost a lot of blood. We need to get to the ER - -

EDNA: - - Already called the ambulance.

FRANK: I was gonna take him to the hospital but it seemed so far away, I just took him here. He's gonna be okay isn't he? My son. Please.

[Cut to the coffee shop - Ephram and Madison are still talking.]

EPHRAM: So how did you end up in New York? Did you finally transfer to NYU?

MADISON: No, I'm actually not in school right now. Take too much time away from my waitressing job, right? And, uh, ECC was just starting to feel like a stall. Taking classes didn't really matter. People who didn't want to do much with themselves. Just wasn't my lifestyle any more.

EPHRAM: So you outgrew your beer bong.

MADISON: Exactly.

EPHRAM: So what's your lifestyle like here?

MADISON: Well, uh, my older brother lives here. He's got this great apartment in the Village. My job isn't terrible. The people are, uh… Well, they're all pretty much directionless 20-somethings who've dropped out of various community colleges. We've kinda got a support group going.

EPHRAM: Well, I mean, that's-that's good. Right. Not terrible is still technically better than terrible. Plus, you probably got way more time for your music now.

MADISON: Yeah, uh… I haven't -I haven't actually done much of that since I left the band. (pause) I've just been - I've been taking some time. It's good. It's good really.

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, sounds good.

[Madison is looking upset.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): Are you okay?

MADISON: It's just not what you expect y'know?

EPHRAM: What's not?

MADISON: Life after high school. I mean, I know you think you've got it figured out when you pick your major and you pack your bags, but it's just it's not as easy as that. Okay, sometimes I look at the life that we choose for ourselves when we're what 17. It seems crazy. I mean how do we know what we want then. What if something terrible happens? Who can predict that? Where's the Plan B? There's all these people out there living the Plan B, just confused, second-guessing.

EPHRAM: Do you want to tell me about it?

MADISON: I don't know if I should.

EPHRAM: Look, things aren't going that great for you right now I mean I get it.

MADISON: But you don't.

EPHRAM: What? So explain it to me.

[Madison doesn't say anything.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): You think I'm still a kid, don't you?

MADISON: No, that's not it.

EPHRAM: No, I mean, we-we've been down this road before.

MADISON: It's not that.

EPHRAM: Nah, it's okay. I mean, it used to bother me, but it doesn't any more. I'm kinda over it. No offense. For what it's worth, I was really really pysched to see today. I meant everything I said and I'm sorry that you still feel like you can't talk to me about anything that matters.

MADISON: I don't feel that way.

EPHRAM: Yeah, well, I should get going so…

[Ephram gets up and starts putting on his coat.]

MADISON: Ephram, wait.

EPHRAM: That's okay, all right. We don't need to keep doing this.

MADISON: Yes, we do. I didn't just leave, Ephram. I got pregnant.

[Ephram stops in shock and looks at Madison.]



[Fade in - Coffee Shop - Madison is explaining to Ephram about the pregnancy and Ephram is sitting at the table, shocked and confused.]

MADISON: They're really nice people, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Uh, who? Sorry, who's nice?

MADISON: Mr. and Mrs. Wagley. I met them when they came to the hospital.

EPHRAM: They're the ones who took the baby.

MADISON: They're the adoptive parents, yeah. And you would like them I swear…

EPHRAM: No. Stop. Stop. I don't want to hear about them yet. All right.

MADISON: I'm sorry.

EPHRAM: So… You had a baby. You had our baby.

MADISON: I thought about not having it. I planned on not having it, but then, uh, I couldn't I don't know why.

EPHRAM: Uh, where was I? When you found out, I mean, when did you find out?

MADISON: It was last summer.

EPHRAM: So I was already gone, I mean, I was already here in New York for the summer program.

MADISON: No, I found out before you left.

EPHRAM: So I wasn't even a factor?

MADISON: Of course, you were.

EPHRAM: No, I mean, obviously, I wasn't. I mean, you-you-you got pregnant. I got you pregnant and you didn't even tell me. What? Did you think I was too young or too stupid?


EPHRAM: Then why would you do that to me? Why wouldn't you come to me?

MADISON: I don't know.

EPHRAM: I-I would've done something.

MADISON: I know that.

EPHRAM: I would've - I would've been there for you. I would've done anything.

MADISON: I know that.

EPHRAM: It's like I-I don't even know who you are.

MADISON: Please don't say that.

EPHRAM: No, you're not the person I thought I was in love with. You're not even a fraction of that person. You're just…

MADISON: I know…

EPHRAM: No, you don't know. Okay. You have no idea. You didn't just take away this baby from me or this decision or wha-whatever it is you think you took away. Okay. You took away a year of my life that I spent with somebody that I can't even look at now. Every memory is just gone.

[Madison is openly crying.]

MADISON: I'm sorry.

EPHRAM: And then you just came to New York without telling anybody.

MADISON: No, I, uh… I stayed in Denver at first. I had him there. I've only been in New York for two months.

EPHRAM: Wait-Wait. What did you just say?

MADISON: It was a boy. I'm so sorry, Ephram. I just… I hope that you can find it in you to forgive me.

[Madison gets up and leaves. Ephram sits there still recovering from the new information.]

[Cut to Amy's bedroom - The clock reads 1:00pm. Amy is sitting on her bed staring at the clock and Rose walks in.]

AMY: It's 3 o'clock in New York. Probably together now. He says she looks good. She says he looks good.

ROSE: This isn't healthy, dear.

AMY: You think she brought the baby?

[Rose walks in further into Amy's room.]

ROSE: We're not even sure that she had the baby.

AMY: Yeah, but what if she did? Probably walking in the park, right? I mean, that's what they would do. It would be so weird for Ephram, don't you think?

ROSE: It would be difficult.

AMY: Ephram is an amazing guy. He would feel responsible for this and if she had the baby. That's-that's huge. Probably a sign that they should be together.

ROSE: A sign?

AMY: Do you ever think about destiny? Like what I mean is like how much of your life you actually control and how much of your life is just handed to you whether you like it or not?

ROSE: Oh, heavens, I don't know. People get degrees to discuss that type of thing.

AMY: Like this envelope for instance. What if it wasn't from Harvard? What if it was an acceptance letter from Princeton instead?

ROSE: You didn't apply to Princeton.

AMY: I know, that's what I'm saying. What if I had? Everything in my whole life was pointing me in that direction. Maybe dad's big campaign wasn't such a joke. Maybe it was the universe trying to tell me something and I just avoided it.

ROSE: So your father's wishes are now part of the great universal plan - he'd love that.

AMY: No, but, Mom, think about it. There was a turning point in my life this year. Well, probably more than one, but on really big one when Ephram came back from New York - we broke up. Maybe we should've stayed like that.

ROSE: Well, you can play the "what if" game until the cows come home. I mean you can unravel your whole life thinking that way.

AMY: It's 3:05. I wonder what they're doing now.

[Cut to Hospital Waiting Room - Dr. Abbott brings Frank a cup of coffee.]

DR. ABBOTT: Frank.

FRANK: Thanks for staying, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: The least I can do to wait until Marcy comes.

FRANK: I didn't want her to drive herself. She didn't want to bring the girls until we know more . . .

DR. ABBOTT: Well that makes sense.

FRANK: This didn't have to happen.

DR. ABBOTT: No, of course not.

FRANK: No, I don't mean just the accident. I mean, the whole day. Kyle was grounded. All his friends were going skiing and I told him no. For once, right? Marcy'd been after him for months to clean the gutters. So we started to do it together. He was up there on the ladder, singing some song, I don't know what. Making a game out of it, like he always did. Then the sky broke. It was incredible, the clouds just parted right over his head. Perfect day for huntin', right?

DR. ABBOTT: Last week for pheasants, huh?

FRANK: That's exactly what he said. If I had just made him do what he was supposed to do, none of this would have happened.

DR. ABBOTT: You can't blame yourself for this, Frank.

FRANK: Yes I can.

[Dr. Wexler comes out to talk with Frank and Dr. Abbott. Frank and Dr. Abbott stand to great Dr. Wexler.]

FRANK: (CONT'D) How is he? How's my boy?

DR. WEXLER: Uh, it's hard to say. With the loss of blood and oxygen, if Kyle wakes up, there will be certain damage to the brain.

FRANK: What do you mean, [U]if[/U]?

DR. WEXLER: We've done everything we can to stabilize Kyle. We considered a partial liver transplant, but we fear it wouldn't make any difference at this point.

FRANK: But it might, right?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I-I think what Doctor Wexler is trying to say is that , um, focusing on the liver at this point, would be like . . . putting a band - aid on the problem.

FRANK: A band-aid's better than nothing.

DR. WEXLER: Even if we go to the donor list for Kyle, the wait would be extensive.

FRANK: But you said he just needed a partial. I've got part of a liver, right?

DR. WEXLER: It's an extremely dangerous operation. Especially for someone your age. Plus, I doubt you'd even be a viable match - -

FRANK: Well, let's find out. Where do I go?

[Dr. Wexler looks at Dr. Abbott.]

DR. WEXLER: This way.

[Frank follows Dr. Wexler and then stops and turns back to Dr. Abbott.]

FRANK: Thanks, Harold.

[Frank shakes Dr. Abbott's hand and turns to quickly catch up to Dr. Wexler.]

[Cut to Hotel Room - It is nighttime and Dr. Brown is staring out the window at the city. He looks worried. Ephram walks in looking rough.]

DR. BROWN: You're back.

EPHRAM: Yeah, sorry, it's late.

DR. BROWN: Oh, that's… That's okay . . .

EPHRAM: I was just… I was with Madison.

DR. BROWN: All this time?

EPHRAM: No, no. No, uh, she, uh… Y'know, I don't even know how to say this, but, uh, she, uh, she was… She got pregnant and it was mine. I know that it's-it's almost impossible to process and you have no idea how weird it is to be saying this to you right now. I-I can't imagine what you must be thinking.

[Dr. Brown steps closer to Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: I'm not thinking anything. What are you thinking?

EPHRAM: Uh, to tell you the truth, I-I feel a little sick.

[Ephram walks past Dr. Brown toward the window. Dr. Brown stays turned away from him.]

EPHRAM: I mean, she, uh, she had it a few- a few months ago. Uh, it was a boy and, uh, and now he's gone.

[Dr. Brown's head lowers.]

DR. BROWN: What do you mean gone?

EPHRAM: Uh, she-she gave him up for adoption. And-an-and, that's-that's pretty much it. I mean, uh, it's all finished. It's all - It's all taken care of and I had absolutely nothing to do with it, uh, except for the part that I did so…

DR. BROWN: That's all she said?

EPHRAM: No, I mean, I mean, sh-sh-she tried to, uh, explain the whole adoption process but I-I couldn't really listen.

[Dr. Brown turns to his son.]

EPHRAM: I mean, it's sick. Isn't it? 'Cause I-I don't even… I don't even know what I'm supposed to do now?

DR. BROWN: What do you want to do?

EPHRAM: Well, wha-what do I-I want to do? I want to report her. I want to make her feel like just half of what I'm feeling. I mean, I-it's gotta be something illegal about this, right? You can't just make a decision like this and not tell the guy can you?

DR. BROWN: I don't know.

EPHRAM: It's like - It's like I-I-I hate her. You know what I mean, I-I hate her. I never thought that I could have this much hate in my body, but now it's like the only thing that I'll ever feel.

DR. BROWN: Don't hate her, Ephram.

EPHRAM: It's like how-how could she do this to me? How could she do this to anybody especially somebody that she's supposedly loved?

DR. BROWN: She did love you.

EPHRAM: NO. She couldn't have. She did not love me. She could… If she loved me, she would not have been able to do this. I mean, she just gave him away, she just… She just gave him away.

DR. BROWN: You don't understand how frightened she was. She didn't know what to do or where to go.

EPHRAM: What are you talkin' about? How could you know that?

[Ephram looked at his father.]

DR. BROWN: Because she came to me first.

[Ephram just looks at Dr. Brown stunned.]

DR. BROWN (CONT'D): She told me she was pregnant. She asked for my help.


DR. BROWN: She was going to tell you. She wanted to, but I asked her not to. I told her that I would pay for everything, but she wouldn't take it. She wouldn't take any money from me.


DR. BROWN: I-I asked her to leave and she left. She did love you, Ephram, you have to know that.


DR. BROWN: I'm sorry, but this was my doing not hers. If you're gonna blame anybody, blame me.

EPHRAM: I don't wanna hear any of this. Stop it. Just stop it.

DR. BROWN: Listen to me. Listen to me, you have to understand…

EPHRAM: No. Stop it. Stop talking. I don't want to hear it.

[Ephram pushes Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: I just… I just wanted to put… You've been through so much pain, I didn't want you to go through any more.

[Ephram pushes him again.]

EPHRAM: Oh, no. No. No. Just leave me alone.

[Ephram grabs his coat and heads out the door.]



[Fade in - Abbott kitchen - Bright is doing a crossword and Dr. Abbott walks in. It is late at night.]

BRIGHT: Could sleep either, huh?

DR. ABBOTT: Uh, afraid not.

[Dr. Abbott walks over to the refrigerator.]

BRIGHT: Sounds like it was pretty crazy today. With Kyle. Everyone's talking about it. Was it brutal?

DR. ABBOTT: It was fairly dramatic I suppose.

BRIGHT: Man, you had to put your hands right into his stomach, huh? Guts and everything right?

DR. ABBOTT: Thanks, generally the idea.

BRIGHT: Man, that is cool.

DR. ABBOTT: It's not a horror film, Bright. The boy could die. Show a little respect.

BRIGHT: That's not what I meant. Wai--- Never mind. I still don't get it though. How it happened? I mean, y'know, what are the odds? Unless he was holding his gun different or something.

DR. ABBOTT: What are you talking about now?

[Dr. Abbott sits down next to Bright at the kitchen island.]

BRIGHT: Well, think about it. If it was his gun that went off, you think he'd've shot himself in the foot or the leg - stomach - kind of random.

[Dr. Abbott contemplates what Bright just said. Bright passes Dr. Abbott the milk and decides to leave.]

BRIGHT: You can have the kitchen back. By the way, I signed up for Valley Rentals today.


BRIGHT: Well, I figured it's about time I move out of here. I can be out of here in the next month if I find something.

DR. ABBOTT: Sounds fine.

[Bright just looks at his father and then leaves Dr. Abbott to eat his cereal.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown walking in New York amidst traffic talking on his cell phone.]

DR. BROWN: No, I haven't heard from him yet. (listens) No, look he's got a lot of friends in the city. Maybe he stayed with one of them. I wouldn't be too worried about it. (listens) Yes, of course, I'm worried, I-I just meant that… (listens) Look his audition is at 4 o'clock. I'll meet him there and then we'll call you and Jacob afterwards all right? (listens) Okay, all right.

[Dr. Brown hangs up his cell phone and looks concerned as he continues to walk.]

[Cut to Bank - Rose and Amy are in a vault.]

ROSE: Thank you.

BANK PERSON: You're welcome.

AMY: Are we taking down the bank, 'cause I left my lock at home so…?

[Rose pulls out her safe deposit box and brings it over to the table. Amy follows her.]

AMY (CONT'D): Whatcha got in there?

ROSE: Oh, just some momentos. My mother's engagement ring. Aunt Mabel's opals. And of course, our Swiss bank account numbers.

AMY: Seriously?


[Rose pulls out a ticket from the box and hands it to Amy.]

AMY: What's this?

[Amy opens it up.]

AMY (CONT'D): A ticket to Rome.

ROSE: One way ticket. Did I ever tell you what I wanted my major to be?

AMY: Social sciences, right?

ROSE: No, what I wanted it to be. Art History. I loved museums. I used to pour over old books trying to imagine what the classics actually looked like.

AMY: That's so cool.

ROSE: Day of my high school graduation, I found myself at a crossroad of sorts, I could stay home and wait for your father to propose or I could go to Italy and explore. Return only after having mastered the language or worked in a famous art gallery both.

AMY: I'd be all about the gelato.

ROSE: That too. Needless to say, Italy won. So I packed my bags and I booked myself a tour and… The morning that I was supposed to leave, I opened the door and there was your father waiting for me on the front porch. On bended knee no less.

AMY: No…

ROSE: Yes. My mother was furious of course but, oh, I don't know, I was young and romantic and changing plans at the drop of a hat seemed exciting in it's own way.

AMY: So dad knew you were leaving and he didn't want to lose you. Good for him.

ROSE: Oh, he didn't know. I-I never told him I was going. I was afraid if I did, I would lose my nerve. I was just gonna call him when I got there.

AMY: So then he just showed up on your doorstep the day that you were supposed to leave. So I get it, you guys were destined to be together.

ROSE: That is exactly wrong. No, I made a decision on that day. I could've made the other one but I didn't - so here I am. I've been listening to you talk about your life as though it's something that's happening to you, that's not the case. It's the choices we make that fill in the details of our plan not the other way around. You understand?

AMY: So you're saying that I shouldn't retroactively break up with Ephram just to appease the Fates.

ROSE: I'll smack ya silly, if you do.

[Amy looks at the plane ticket again.]

AMY: You ever wonder might have happened if you took that flight?

ROSE: I kept the ticket, didn't I?

[Cut to Dr. Abbott walking into Frank Sullivan's hospital room. Frank is laying in the bed in a hospital gown. Dr. Abbott knocks on the door frame.]

FRANK: Hey, Doc. You're back?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I thought I'd check up on ya. See how you're doing?

FRANK: Well, Kyle hasn't woken up yet, but I did the test on my liver. They said I should drink less, run more.

DR. ABBOTT: So you're going through with the operation?

FRANK: I don't see how I couldn't.

DR. ABBOTT: What does Marci think?

FRANK: She's scared. She wants me to go to church and pray. She doesn't understand.


FRANK: You're a father. You know what I mean. You wouldn't let your son down either.

DR. ABBOTT: Situation like this. There's so many variables. It'd be difficult certainly.

[Dr. Abbott walks over and sits in the chair beside the bed.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT'D): Especially if I felt responsible.

FRANK: What do ya mean?

DR. ABBOTT: Frank, yesterday when you brought Kyle into the office you said, "The gun went off". You didn't say whose gun it was.

FRANK: (takes deep breath) We were going down the ravine. It was wet as all hell. Just all mud. And I lost my balance. Slipped on a branch. I just flew down. Must've taken a few seconds 'cause I can still remember Kyle laughing. And I hit the dirt, felt the gun go off.

[Dr. Abbott nods.]

FRANK (CONT'D): I thought for sure I had the safety on. I always do. It was my gun. I shot my own son.

DR. ABBOTT: Listen, Frank, this surgery you're about to undergo. It's dangerous. And more than likely, it will do nothing to save Kyle. It could kill you. Do you understand?

FRANK: If it does, so be it.

DR. ABBOTT: But you have a wife, two other children to think about. I-I don't want you doing this out of misplaced guilt.

FRANK: What?

DR. ABBOTT: The surgery. You have to understand what happened. It was an accident, that was not your fault.

FRANK: Do you think I'm doing this surgery because I feel guilty?


FRANK (sitting up in bed): Harold, he's my son. That's why.

DR. ABBOTT: I know.

FRANK: I'm not as complicated as all that, Harold. I mean, maybe there's a lot of psychological stuff going on underneath other people, but not me. He's my boy. My only one. I'd give him my heart if he needed it.

[Dr. Abbott nods in agreement.]

[Cut to Juilliard auditions - someone is finishing a piano piece.]

DIRECTOR: Ephram Brown? Ephram Brown?

[Dr. Brown walks in onto the balcony looking for Ephram. Juilliard Auditioner looks at judges.]

DIRECTOR: Let's take a five minute break.

[Ephram walks in behind Dr. Brown on the balcony.]

EPHRAM: It hurts, doesn't it? This huge thing just slipping away totally out of your control. Nothing you can do.

DR. BROWN: Are you okay? Where you been?

EPHRAM: Why do you care?

DR. BROWN: Well, there's still time. Get up there. Ephram, please think about what you're doing.

EPHRAM: I did think about it. I thought about it all night, that's how I realized this is the only thing I can do. It's the only part of my life I have any control over now. You took everything else.

DR. BROWN: That's not true. This is your whole life. All of your focus is right here.

EPHRAM: All my focus is-is gone. Vanished. It's funny how that happens.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, you are better than this. You are better than me. All you have to do is get through this audition and then you can tell me all the things that you think…

EPHRAM: I don't want to get through it. This means nothing to me any more. You ruined it. You took the one thing I loved and you made it repulsive. I think about all the time I spent in that studio - that bribe.

DR. BROWN: That wasn't a bribe. I didn't build that studio in order to…

EPHRAM: Stop - lying to me.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, you are making a mistake. You are going to regret this.

EPHRAM: Do you? Do you regret it?

DR. BROWN: Oh, yes. Yes, I do.

EPHRAM: No, you don't. You really don't. Y'know that God complex that everybody talks about - the one that surgeons are suppose to have - you still have it. You still think your judgment is better than everybody else's. You still think you did the right thing.

DR. BROWN: I honestly never thought it would end up like this.

EPHRAM: How did you think it was gonna end up?

DR. BROWN: I didn't know, but at the time it seemed the best way - the only way - to keep you safe. I thought it was the right thing to do. I-I really did.

EPHRAM: Well, you thought wrong. Now you don't get to make any more decisions about my life. You don't get to control my future ever again.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, don't do this just to hurt me.

EPHRAM: That's not the only reason I'm doing it. But it's the best reason.

[Ephram walks out of the balcony leaving Dr. Brown.]

DIRECTOR: Ronald Carvey?



[Fade in - Hartman Medical - Dr. Abbott walks in the office and Dr. Hartman is behind Edna's desk.]

DR. HARTMAN: What's shakin', Hal?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, if you could only manage a simple hello, it's make it so much easier to compliment you on your work the other day which was quite impressive.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, thanks, man. You rocked it out of the park yourself. If you ever think of leaving Andy, you know where to find me.

DR. ABBOTT: Ah, my choices just keep getting better and better. I'll just take that rent check.

DR. HARTMAN: Right. Never thought I'd see anything that intense in Everwood.

DR. ABBOTT: We seldom do.

DR. HARTMAN: I just wish we could've done more. So what do you think? Should we send something over to the Sullivans?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I believe we sent a basket yesterday.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, I know, but I mean now that he's gone. I want them to know that we're here for them.

DR. ABBOTT: Who's gone?

DR. HARTMAN: Kyle. In the middle of the night. He went into cardiac arrest and flatlined. Poor kid. I'm sorry, I thought you knew. I went by the hospital this morning. I figured you'd already come and gone.

DR. ABBOTT: No, I hadn't. How's Frank?

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, I'm sure he's a wreck.

[Dr. Abbott pried further for information with his eyebrows.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT'D): Oh, you mean, the surgery. No, he never made it into pre-op. Thank God. Could you imagine what Marci would be dealing with today if he had?

[Dr. Abbott goes and sits in a seat in the waiting area.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT'D): You all right? You need some water or something?

DR. ABBOTT: No, I'm fine.

[Dr. Hartman comes from around Edna's desk into the waiting area.]

DR. HARTMAN: I forget what it must be like for you. Knowing all your patients that well. It's like every time it's so personal.

[Dr. Hartman sits next to Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, not always. This time - this time it was.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, still you should feel good about the fact that you did everything possible. You really did, Hal.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, hard to explain that to a father whose lost his son.

[Dr. Abbott gets up to leave.]

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah. Well, maybe it was just his time. Y'know?

DR. ABBOTT: No. No, I don't believe it was.

[Dr. Abbott leaves.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Ephram walking through the airport.]

DR. BROWN: Did you sleep on the plane?

EPHRAM: Not really.

DR. BROWN: You must've been exhausted. I know I was.

[Dr. Brown and Ephram are standing on the curb looking for Edna and Delia.]

EPHRAM: Let's skip the small talk, okay.

DR. BROWN: Okay. So where do we go from here?


[Edna honks the horn. Edna and Delia are across the street waiting with the car.]



[Dr. Brown waves.]

DR. BROWN: Let's go.

EPHRAM: You go. I'm gonna find my own way.

[Dr. Brown turns to talk to Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: Listen, Ephram, I know you don't want to talk to me right now. I know there's a part of you that believes you could get away without ever talking to me again, but you can't. We have wasted most of a lifetime and that's my fault I know. I made a terrible mistake and I've asked for your forgiveness. But we can start right now and try to fix this.

EPHRAM: I don't wanna start. If it takes another fifteen years. Fine. See you when I'm 30. Just go.

[Dr. Brown grabs his bag and walks over to the car. He hugs Delia.]

[Cut to Abbott kitchen - Bright is cleaning out the refrigerator while listening to rap music when Dr. Abbott walks in the kitchen door. Bright notices Dr. Abbott and turns down the radio.]

DR. ABBOTT: Dare I ask?

BRIGHT: I'm cleaning out the refrigerator. Mom told me to do it, so…

DR. ABBOTT: Three years ago as I recall.

BRIGHT: Well, better late than never. Right? Plus, I may or may not have spilled a half a can of CheezWhiz the other day and it's time to face the nasty.

DR. ABBOTT: So what do you have here? Some sort of system?

BRIGHT: Yeah. Check it out. It's like filing except with food. This here is food that's still good. This is gonna get saved or eaten. This right here - this stuff claims to be expired, but it's perfectly delicious. And here we got food that's just full on funky.

[Bright grabs a bag of food and throws it into the trash can.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): Two points. Boo Ya.

[Bright goes back to the refrigerator.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): Hey, how's Kyle doing?

DR. ABBOTT: He didn't make it, Bright.

BRIGHT: Oh man.

DR. ABBOTT: I know.

[Bright walks over to the counter.]

BRIGHT: Hey, can I just… Remember last night how I said I thought you were cool. With the guts and stuff.


BRIGHT: All I was saying, I think it's cool what you do. You save people's lives. And I know, you're a doctor, but I just forget that. I mean, I can't-I can't but look at you and just see my dad, y'know. It's all I meant so, if it came out wrong, I'm sorry.

DR. ABBOTT: It's all right. I didn't give you much of a chance to explain yourself. Uh, listen, Bright, about the, uh, apartment.

BRIGHT: No. No. It-It's okay. I know you guys are tired of having me be here. It would be better for me to have my own place when I go to ECC next year.


BRIGHT: Yeah, I figured it's time for me to go back to school don'tcha think? I figured I may not be able to save lives the way you do, but there's other stuff. I mean, like the guys that run the ambulances.

DR. ABBOTT: EMT workers?

BRIGHT: Yeah, those guys. I don't know, I'm just thinkin'. Feels good to think about something.

[Bright pulls some bags out of the refrigerator.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): Okay, not this is definitely full on funky.

[Dr. Abbott takes the bag and looks at it.]


BRIGHT: Be my guest.

[Dr. Abbott throws the bag in the trash.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): Oh, say it with me now. Boo ya!!

DR. ABBOTT: Boo ya.

BRIGHT: Boo ya.

DR. ABBOTT: Boo ya.

[Cut to Ephram rolling his luggage up to the Abbott house. Amy comes out to meet Ephram.]

AMY: Why wouldn't you let me pick you up from the airport?

EPHRAM: I took the bus. It's okay, I needed to clear my head.

[Amy hugs Ephram lovingly.]

AMY: Are you okay? I can't believe any of this is happening.

EPHRAM: I know.

AMY: So have you called Madison? I mean, does she-does she…? Does that even matter? I don't - I don't really know what I'm asking here.

EPHRAM: I don't know.

AMY: Okay, I'm not really helping the situation. Let's, uh, let's go inside.

[Amy turns to go in pulling Ephram's bag.]

EPHRAM: Wait. I just need to, uh…

AMY: What?

EPHRAM: I don't know what I'm doing right now, Amy. [Ephram walks up to Amy.]

AMY: Then we'll figure it out together.

EPHRAM: You mean, you don't hate me?

AMY: Why would I hate you?

EPHRAM: I don't know, things are just really weird right now. Y'know when I was sitting at the airport after he left, I sat there for like two hours. I was looking at all the different flights, thinking about any place I could go - any plane I could get on to get away - anywhere but here. And then you called.

AMY: You think I wouldn't call?

EPHRAM: I'm just really messed up right now. Will you help me? I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going.

AMY: Of course, I will help you, Ephram.

[Amy extends her hand to Ephram and Ephram takes it. They walk toward the house and then inside.]
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