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[Open in Peak County High. We have a close-up of some feet walking a very confident walk. The feet belong to Ephram Brown. Irv starts his narration after some lyrics of the song called "The Shame of Life" by the Butthole Surfers.]

LYRICS: I love the girls and the money and the shame of life.

NARRATOR: The speed and direction of our path through life are pretty good measures of our age. We race headlong through childhood, never looking back. Wanting it to end as quickly as possible.

[Ephram turns into another corridor and looks around some as Irv's narration continues.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) As we get older, we ocassionally stop long enough to look around and savor certain moments. It's a sure sign of growing up.

[A geeky sort of looking teacher walks by Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Oh, hey, it's a good day, Mr. G.

[Ephram passes some Peak County jocks.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) What's up, boys?

[The jocks look at Ephram a little weird like "What's up with you?". Amy, whose mood is somewhat depressed in comparison to Ephram's, comes through Ephram's path.]

AMY: Ephram, what's with all the happiness?

EPHRAM: Oh, sometimes it just feels good to smile, little Amy.

[Ephram spins around.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) You should give it a shot sometime.

[Amy continues walking, wondering what is the cause of Ephram's good mood. Ephram walks to Bright who is by his locker, getting his backpack out.]


[Ephram just gives this big grin. Bright has his backpack on now.]

BRIGHT: C'mon, man. What happened?

[Ephram chuckles and smiles some.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Was it like playing Pac-Man or what?

[Ephram opens his locker. Bright chuckles loudly.]

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah. Give me some skin.

[Bright holds up his hand. Ephram puts some of his stuff in his locker.]

EPHRAM: Oh, hey, I know paw slapping is an important ritual with your people but, uh, it's not going to happen, alright?

BRIGHT: Oh, c'mon, man. You gotta give me something. I mean, how did it go down? Was it everything I promised?

[Ephram closes his locker. He puts his hand on Bright's shoulder.]

EPHRAM: Everything and more. So much more.

[He puts his hand on Bright's shoulder.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) In fact, thank you for underplaying it.

[They walk.]

BRIGHT: So the boy becomes a man.

[They chuckle and they stop walking for a second.]

EPHRAM: It's amazing. I mean, I didn't think things could get any better or, or, I could like her any more but I do. This is what you were warning me about, huh? You knew I was going to feel this way?

BRIGHT: Well, I don't think I use the word "feel". I might have used the word "feel-up". That's totally different.

EPHRAM: You know, when the Lord of the Rings came out? You know, you saw the first one. It was great. You thought, there's no way the second one could be as good. But it was. And then you thought OK. That's it. 'Cause you can only make something so perfect, right? But then "Return of the King" came out and it just blew your mind. It's like that.

BRIGHT: You gotta remember to pace yourself. OK? This is a marathon, not a sprint.

EPHRAM: It's all under control. No worries. No worries at all.

[Ephram walks off. Off Bright watching as Irv starts narrating. Then we see Bright's view of Ephram.]

NARRATOR: It's only in our twilight years when our pace is slow and the long race is nearing the end that we spend most of our life looking backwards and we wonder why we were ever in such a hurry.

[We end off Bright looking at Ephram from the behind. Fade out.]



[Open on Ephram practicing the piano at Will Cleveland's house. It's a jazz piece. Will stands in the doorway.]

WILL: What the hell got into you?

[Ephram stops playing and turns around. Will enters.]

WILL: You're playing jazz.

EPHRAM: Well, isn't that what you've been teaching me all these months?

WILL: What I've been trying to teach you. What you've been playing is another matter. Until today.

EPHRAM: Well, what can I say? Things have been pretty good lately.

[Ephram resumes playing.]

WILL: You think you're hot shot. Wanna put some money where your mouth is?

[Ephram stops.]

EPHRAM: As long as there is no actual money involved.

[Ephram turns around.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Why? What's up?

WILL: There's a jazz festival this weekend in Boulder. Last night, they're holding an open competition. I put your name in.

EPHRAM: Oh, that's really cool of you. Ah, unfortunately, I already have plans.

WILL: You can leave the girl for one weekend. It won't kill you.

EPHRAM: Oh, who says this is about a girl?

WILL: You're about as subtle as a baboon's ass. The only other thing that affects a man's playing like that is heartbreak.

[Ephram grins.]

WILL: (CONT'D) And from that idiot grin you're wearing and affix, I'm guessing that's not it.

EPHRAM: Well, last weekend was pretty special.

WILL: I shoulda known. I mean, why waste my time?

[Will stands.]

WILL: (CONT'D) I thought music was important to you.

EPHRAM: Oh, you know it is. Why else would I come here twice a week? Your sunny disposition?

WILL: I don't have time for dilettantes. I have better things to do.

EPHRAM: OK, OK. Fine. I'll, I'll spend my weekend playing piano for jazz geeks instead of making out with my hot girlfriend. Fine.

WILL: You get back at it. I don't want you to embarrass me. Play the bridge.

[Doorbell rings.]

WILL: (CONT'D) We're leaving it on the fifth. This is a piano, not a paddle hold.

EPHRAM: OK. You wanna grab that?

[Ephram plays a note.]

WILL: What?

[Doorbell rings again.]

EPHRAM: You wanna get that first?

WILL: That'll keep. Play.

[Ephram does. Will watches.]

[Cut to Amy's room at Edna and Irv's. She and Laynie are studying for the SATs as evidenced by a SAT book on the bed. Amy is in a chair and Laynie is on the bed.]

LAYNIE: OK, here's one. Um, dispirit is to variety as a) unique is to randomness, b) audacity is to intelligence...

AMY: I don't think it's working.

LAYNIE: Oh, me neither. You know, I have no friggin' clue what dispirit even means.

AMY: No, I mean Tommy and I.

[Laynie rolls her eyes.]

LAYNIE: Oh. Are we back to that? I thought you decided. He's out.

AMY: If I had just one more thing on the con column, I'd be... fine with it.

LAYNIE: Oh, let's see. Did you put "big fat liar" on the con column? 'Cause that should count for like seven.

AMY: It's not that simple.

LAYNIE: It is though. I mean, I was willing to give the guy a benefit of the doubt but... he let us down, Amy. You know, dealing was just one thing he lied about. And the only reason you know he lied is because you caught him.

AMY: No. You caught him.

LAYNIE: The point is: he only came clean after the fact. I mean, he might have been lying to you about tons of other stuff you don't even know about.

AMY: He's not a liar. I mean, look where he comes from. He's just a little... damaged.

[Laynie laughs.]

LAYNIE: He's not a Social Studies project though. You don't have to justify his behavior. You can feel sorry for him. I mean, I do too. But it doesn't mean you have to be his girlfriend anymore.

AMY: Yeah, I...

LAYNIE: Look, it's simple. Does he make you happy or doesn't he? 'Cause if you're spending more time questioning this relationship than actually enjoying it...

[Amy sighs.]

AMY: Yeah. I know.

LAYNIE: So just do it. And be quick when you do because he is going to beg and plead and you're not strong enough to resist that for very long.

AMY: I'm strong.

LAYNIE: You put "damaged" in the pro column.

[Cut to Dr. Brown setting the table for dinner at his house. Dr. L. Abbott is there too, helping.]

DR. BROWN: Are we sure this is your brother we're talking about?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yep. Little Harry would come running into the living room with a spatula for a microphone and do his whole Tom Jones thing. He swivel his bony hips and do "Delilah" whenever we had company.

DR. BROWN: Please tell me there's super eight movie of this.

[Ephram enters the kitchen and goes to the fridge.]

EPHRAM: You interested in going to Boulder tomorrow?

DR. BROWN: Boulder?

EPHRAM: Yeah. It's a city. I'm playing in a jazz festival.

DR. BROWN: You're kidding! That's terrific!

DR. L. ABBOTT: Wow! Congratulations, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Oh, I'm actually not in the festival. It's a, it's a competition afterwards. Will set me up before. So don't congratulate me until I win. Which I naturally will.

DR. BROWN: Well, of course I want to go. I've been dying to see what you guys have been working on.

EPHRAM: Good because Will was hoping you might drive.

DR. BROWN: Well, sounds like an opportunity to get to know the great and mysterious Will Cleveland.

EPHRAM: We're going to Boulder, not Oz. And you can't be all buddy-buddy with him. I know you saved his life but please don't do your "I'm Andy Brown, cleverer and entertaining" thing.

DR. BROWN: It's not a thing. It's just who I am.

EPHRAM: Well...

DR. BROWN: Oh, wait. Delia has got this big project to do. She's going to have to stay here. Oh, don't worry. I'll call Nina.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Or, uh, I could do it. Oh, she likes me now. We bonded over frosting. It was good.

[The doctors look to Ephram.]

EPHRAM: I'm staying out of this one.

[Ephram leaves.]

DR. BROWN: Are you sure you know what you're getting into?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, come on. I managed Africa for three years. I'm sure that I can do a weekend with a fourth-grader.

[Dr. Brown smiles.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) What's the project?

DR. BROWN: She has to make a diorama for a book. Something about nimrods or nimrats, and a frisbee.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of Nim. I love that book. Oh, we'll have a great time.

DR. BROWN: OK, if you're sure. Let me just talk to Delia about it.

[Delia enters.]

DELIA: Talk to me about what?

[The doctors look at each other and then Delia at the fridge.]

DR. BROWN: Well, honey, Ephram is going to play in this big jazz concert this weekend and I have to go. So how would you feel about Linda staying over and, uh, helping you with your project?

DELIA: I don't know.

[Dr. L. Abbott's face drops.]

DELIA: (CONT'D) How important is this festival?

DR. BROWN: Well, it's pretty important.

DELIA: Can Brittany still come over?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Absolutely. The more the merrier.

DR. BROWN: And I bet you Linda's better at making dioramas than I am, anyway.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, I don't want to brag but I'm pretty good at the paper-mache.

DELIA: I guess it's OK.

[Delia leaves and Dr. Brown smiles at his girlfriend.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Remind me again what a diorama is?

[Dr. Brown's smile drops.]

[Cut to a restaurant. Not particularly fancy. Might be Sal's Pizza. Amy is waiting at a table. Tommy comes in and comes to the table Amy's at.]


AMY: Hey.

[Tommy sits across from Amy.]

TOMMY: You said you wanted to, uh, talk? Which is usually code for something a little bit on the fun scale so... What's going on?

AMY: No.

TOMMY: Is it that bad?

AMY: No. No, no. Um, I don't know. I don't know how to do this exactly...

TOMMY: Well, what exactly are we doing?

[Tommy's beeper beeps. He pulls it out and turns it off I think.]

AMY: Are you happy? Because... I don't know if I am. It seems like something got off track between us a little while ago and...

[Tommy's beeper beeps again.]

TOMMY: Sorry. Go on.

AMY: It's not that I don't like you. I do. A lot. It's just...we've been getting into these weird fights lately and they never really get resolved. At least I don't think they do. See, that's just it. I don't understand them. Or you. And all these things keep happening which make me wonder...

[Tommy's beeper beeps for a third time.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Like that. I don't know what that is.

TOMMY: It's work. They just want me to take another shift. That's all.

AMY: See, now I'm neurotic. This is bad.

TOMMY: Alright, well, the last thing I want is for you to be sad. You know? And you've had enough sadness in your life. So, if you think this isn't working, then maybe we should just stop.

[Amy is kind of shocked. She darts her eyes around.]

AMY: Yeah. Yeah, yeah I think we should.

TOMMY: OK. No hard feelings though, right? Alright, well, I gotta go. But, uh, we'll talk.

[Tommy leaves after kissing Amy's cheek. Amy is still in shock on how well Tommy took the breakup.]

[Cut to Ephram and Madison in her kitchen. Something involving wax and candles. Maybe they're making their own.]

EPHRAM: One of the governments did this their wax conservation policy.

MADISON: They look better when they're all blendy together like this. And don't change the subject. I want to hear more about this competition.

EPHRAM: Oh, it's no big deal. It's just a contest.

MADISON: It's a huge deal. And I so wish I could be there but our band has our first paying gig this weekend.

EPHRAM: Do you? Since when?

MADISON: I just found out. I was going to tell you.

EPHRAM: Oh, that's awesome. I can't, I can't miss that. I'm going to be your roadie slash groupie. And at the end, I'll hold up a lighter for an encore.

[He holds a candle.]

MADISON: Don't be crazy. OK? You're going to kick ass your thing, the band is going kick ass at our thing, and then we'll get together. Tell each other about it later.

EPHRAM: So sort of like an ass kicking debriefing?


[They kiss and in the process, Ephram knocks a candle to the ground. They stop. Ephram chuckles and Madison laughs which interrupts the next set of lines.]

EPHRAM: I'm sorry.

MADISON: Oh, Carrie's gonna kill you.

EPHRAM: Oh, not if I tell her you did it.

MADISON: Oh, that's very useful.

[They kiss again.]

EPHRAM: I love you.

[Silence for a beat. Then Madison kisses Ephram.]

MADISON: I'm gonna get the iron. I know this trick.

[Madison leaves. Ephram waits. Fade out.]



[Open on the road. Then we pan to show Dr. Brown's SUV. Dr. Brown is driving. Will is in the passenger seat. Behind Will, is Bright. Next to Bright and behind Dr. Brown, is Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: Maybe we should sing some good road trip songs. Will, any favorites?


BRIGHT: I got one. Hit it.

[Bright does some vocal percussion. Dr. Brown raises his right eyebrow. Will slightly turns.]

BRIGHT: [trying rap] Oh, cruising down to Boulder in an SUV. We got Will, Doc Brown, Ephram, and me. The meanest MC of the hood from Everwoo...

WILL: Who are you again?

BRIGHT: I'm from, uh, I'm Bright.

WILL: Doubt that.

[Dr. Brown smiles.]

WILL: (CONT'D) If I had known we were bringing pets, I would have brought Oscar.

[Cut to a gas station. Someone is filling up their car. Dr. Brown pulls his SUV up to the spot next to that one.]

DR. BROWN: I've just gotta fill her up. Does anyone want anything from the mini-mart?

WILL: Fresh air.

[Dr. Brown and Will leave the SUV. We hear beeps until Will closes the door. Ephram and Bright remain inside.]

EPHRAM: How bad is it?

BRIGHT: Oh, I'm not going to lie to you, man. It's not good. I mean, I knew you were troubling when you started about that whole Lord of the Rings thing but I didn't think you'd actually say...

EPHRAM: Yeah, I didn't mean to. Alright? Everything was cool. One minute, we were kissing and, and, then, all of a sudden it just slips out.

BRIGHT: So what did she do?

EPHRAM: Well, she kissed me back. And got an iron.

[Bright looks to his friend.]

BRIGHT: Cardinal rule number one, never be the first person to say "I love you," OK? Never pull that trigger unless fired upon first, my friend. Even then, it's iffy.

EPHRAM: This is going to screw everything up. Everything was cool. I told her that I wouldn't push. Why do I speak?

BRIGHT: Well, look, you went too far. But it's OK. OK? We just need to counterbalance it.

EPHRAM: Oh, this sounds bad already.

BRIGHT: Oh, well, we'll pick up some Boulder babes, bring them up to the room, you call Madison. Just to say, you know, "Hey" and she'll hear the groupies in the background. She'll be begging for your love.

EPHRAM: That's your plan? We get Madison to forget I told her I loved her by making her think that I'm cheating on her? I think we stumped upon why you've never had a girlfriend for more than forty-eight hours.

[Bright looks away from Ephram.]

[Cut to outside. Dr. Brown is pumping gas. Will is on the screen.]

DR. BROWN: So, Will, how is the arm? Physical therapy going OK?

WILL: It's my arm. Use it all myself. Don't need any lessons.

DR. BROWN: Oh, you know you really should keep it up. If you're not happy with your current therapist, there are a couple of others I can recommend.

WILL: Yeah, yeah.

DR. BROWN: You know, we were all pretty worried about you out in the mine that day. I mean, we didn't even know you were a pianist at the time and yet somehow we knew we had to save that arm.

WILL: I already thanked you for what you did. Don't be fishing for more.

DR. BROWN: No. Of course not. I was just, well, anyway, got a little bit of a road trip.

WILL: Says who?

[Will turns away and walks.]

DR. BROWN: You know, back in the day, I took a road trip with my buddies once. It's a funny story actually.

WILL: If you tell one more story and I'm walking the rest of the way.

[A red truck pulled up behind Will noisily during the last line.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, you watch your back.

WILL: Huh?

[Will turns around.]

WILL: (CONT'D) Oh. Hell.

DR. BROWN: Well, we should be ready to go in just a minute.

WILL: Well, you drive. I need some Pepto.

[Will walks. Dr. Brown looks around and then calls out.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, Will. While you're in there, pick me up an iced tea, will ya?

[Will continues walking, making no indication he heard Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown wonders about it.]

[Cut to the Brown kitchen where Delia and Brittany are working on their diorama. Dr. L. Abbott scooping up some sand.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: If we could keep the sand in the jar, that would be good. Oh, and we're going to keep this glue covered 'cause it will dry up.

[Brittany spills some blue paint that's in an old yogurt cup.]

BRITTANY/DELIA: Oh no. Oh gosh.

DELIA: Now we have to start all over.

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I, you know what? I think I can fix it. Let me see.

[Dr. L. Abbott gets some paper towels and puts one on the diorama.]

DELIA: You just made it worse!

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry. Um, you know that? Maybe we should do the painting last.

DELIA: No. First, we have to paint the sides and then we do the sand and then the characters.

BRITTANY: Says who? Anyway, you're using the wrong color. The sky should be this color.

DELIA: Yeah, if it was raining.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You know what? I have an idea. Let's take an ice cream sundae break.

[Brittany and Delia are excited at this.]


DR. L. ABBOTT: You guys get the bowls and the spoons and I'll get the ice cream.

[The girls leave.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) It will be good. Yes, breaks are good.

[Dr. L. Abbott sets down the paper towels.]

[Cut to the kitchen where Delia gets two bananas from the fruit basket.]

BRITTANY: I don't want any bananas.

DELIA: It's not a sundae without bananas.

BRITTANY: Who are you? Queen of sundaes?

DELIA: This is America. We don't have queens.

[Delia tries to hand Brittany a banana.]

[Cut to Amy on her bed at Edna and Irv's. She screams into the pillow.]

AMY: Uh. Why do I feel as though I'm the one who just got dumped when I broke up with him?

[Laynie gets on Amy's bed.]

LAYNIE: It's called saler's remorse.

[Amy takes away the pillow from her face.]

LAYNIE: (CONT'D) After a breakup, we just focus on all the good stuff and forget about the crap that made us want to break up in the first place.

AMY: Well, maybe if we just tried a little harder. Maybe we would have gotten better.

LAYNIE: Well, you did the best thing. Trust me.

AMY: The worse part is that he didn't even put up a fight. It was like he was completely fine with it.

[Amy looks to Laynie.]

LAYNIE: Look, maybe this is just some sort of blessing in disguise. I mean, your parents' biggest problem was the whole Tommy thing, right? Maybe now that he's out of the picture, you guys can talk again.

AMY: No because then they'll just think I broke up with him...

[Amy sits up.]

AMY: (CONT'D) that I could go home.

LAYNIE: So let them think that. I mean, who cares? Wouldn't you rather be at home? Yeah, I know you're worried, Amy, because if there's any way I could bring my parents back to the land of living, I would do it in a heartbeat. You know, I wouldn't even care if they grounded me or yelled at me for all the stupid things I've done lately. I should just be happy to have them back in my life.

AMY: Yeah, you're right.

LAYNIE: And I know it doesn't feel like it right now but giving up Tommy might be a good trade-off.

[Amy sighs and places her head on Laynie's shoulder.]

AMY: I don't know what I'd do without you.

LAYNIE: That's me. I'm all about the silver lining.

[Amy smiles.]

[Cut to Ephram in his hotel room in Boulder. Bright and him are sharing a room. Ephram goes to something in the room but then Bright speaks and he doesn't do what he was going to do.]

BRIGHT: So these jazz groupies. They like cologne or they more into the "à la natural" vibe?

EPHRAM: I gotta talk to her.

[Ephram paces around the room.]

BRIGHT: No, man. Calling her was a huge mistake, OK? Besides, they charge like 10 bucks a minute on those phones.

EPHRAM: You don't understand. Alright? I-I-If I wait until I get back, it's going to be too late. I know her. The longer she has to be alone to think about this, the worse it's going to get. You know what she's doing right now? She's pacing around her apartment, wondering how things got so outta control.

BRIGHT: Oh well, I can't imagine what that looks like.

EPHRAM: Or worse, worse. She's on the phone with her girlfriends, crying because they're telling her that she needs to break up with me which she doesn't want to do but she realizes she has to because I've gone too far. I've made her pace and cry. This is bad. I, I've got to take it back somehow.

BRIGHT: Uh, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, dude. Look, you need your beauty sleep. OK? The competition? The reason why we came here?

EPHRAM: You're right.

BRIGHT: Thank you. Nine times out of ten. Yes.

[Bright looks in the mirror.]

EPHRAM: I can't call her.

BRIGHT: Finally.

EPHRAM: I gotta go see her.

BRIGHT: Wait. What?

EPHRAM: I'm not going to be able to sleep anyway. I'll drive all night. Explain everything. Be back in time for the recital.

[Ephram begins to leave.]

BRIGHT: Wait. No, no, no. Bro, this whole whipped lap dog thing is not a good idea, man. And besides, your dad is not going to let you use the car.

[Ephram holds car keys.]

EPHRAM: Who do you think drove the last hour?

BRIGHT: What about this reception, man? We're supposed to pick up some girls? You know. I'm a drummer. Remember?

[Ephram opens the door.]

EPHRAM: Cover for me.

[Ephram leaves.]

[Cut to the kitchen area of the Browns. Delia and Brittany are still fighting.]

DELIA: You did that on purpose!

BRITTANY: Did not!

DELIA: Did too! Linda, she's ruining my diorama!

[Pan down to the living room where Dr. L. Abbott has an ice pack on her forehead and is lying down on the couch. She sits up as the girls continue to fight.]

BRITTANY: It's not YOUR diorama!

[Dr. L. Abbott stands and walks into the kitchen.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Come on, you guys. Please.

DELIA: I'm the one who got all the sand and the paint and all the construction paper!

BRITTANY: I'm telling Mr. Perkins!

[Dr. L. Abbott tries to intervene but the phone rings so she goes to answer it.]

DELIA: You're the one who keeps messing everything up. You're always being so bossy!

BRITTANY: No. It's my project!

DELIA: It's my project!

[Dr. L. Abbott gets the phone and puts a finger in the ear not up to the phone.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hello? Brown residence.

[Cut to Dr. Brown's room at the hotel. Several intercuts between the two scenes during this interchange.]

DR. BROWN: Hey you.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, hey yourself.

[Brittany grabs the diorama.]

DR. BROWN: How's it going? Are you guys having fun?

[Brittany runs past Dr. L. Abbott and Delia follows.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, it's good. We're having a great time. How are you doing? How's Ephram? Is he nervous?

DR. BROWN: Oh he doesn't seem to be. I stopped by. Bright said he went to sleep already. So if he is nervous, it isn't keeping him awake.

[Delia comes back into the kitchen, holding the diorama and screaming. Brittany follows. Dr. Brown moves the phone away from his ear.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) What's that? They're not getting too wild, are they? Maybe I should talk to Delia.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh no. They're fine, they're great, they're angels. Really. But you know, I really should get going.

DR. BROWN: Finally you get to spend the night over at my house and I'm not there. Kinda ironic, isn't it?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Ironic, unhuh.

[Another scream and Brittany comes through with the diorama, Delia following. Dr. L. Abbott screams.]

DR. BROWN: What was that?

[Dr. L. Abbott screams into the phone.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: That's it, girls. You know, really use the lungs to clear the chakra. [into phone] I'm, uh, teaching them, you know, primal, uh, screen therapy. You know, they're naturals at it, Andy.

[Dr. Brown chuckles.]

DR. BROWN: Well then, I'm sorry I'm missing all the fun.

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK then, I am too. Bye.

[Dr. L. Abbott hangs up the phone and sets it down.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: [to the girls] STOP! SIT! NOW!

[The girls stop and Dr. L. Abbott points to the living room. Brittany sets down the diorama and grabs the paintbrushes from Delia's hands. Delia takes the diorama and they go into the living room. Dr. L. Abbott follows.]

[Cut to the living room. We see the girls have paint on their faces.]

BRITTANY: I wanna sit there.

DELIA: No, I'm sitting here.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Enough, enough. OK, now I want to know what happened.

[The girls begin speaking simultaneously.]


DR. L. ABBOTT: No, no. One at a time.

BRITTANY: She put sand in my paint.

DELIA: She put paint in my sand.

BRITTANY: And she called me banana hater.

DELIA: I did not!

BRITTANY: Yes, you did!

DELIA: I did not! I did not!

BRITTANY: Yes, you did. Yes, you did.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Stop! Please. Please, I'm begging you. Please.

[Dr. L. Abbott takes a breath.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Let's all just take a breath.

[The girls give the doctor weird looks as she breathes.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK. Now, you guys are best friends, right? And best friends don't fight over everything. So let's just start over, OK? Now, Delia, I mean a sundae can probably be a sundae without bananas, right? And, and you can probably do the sand before you coloring the walls. I mean, that would work too, right?

[Brittany gives a satisfied smile to Delia during the above line.]

DELIA: Whose side are you on?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I'm not on anybody's side, Delia.

DELIA: Yes, you are. You're taking Brittany's side. But you're my dad's girlfriend and you should be taking MY side.

[Delia shoves the diorama to Dr. L. Abbott and walks off.]

BRITTANY: I wanna go home! Like right now!

[Dr. L. Abbott puts on a forced smile and bats her eyelashes.]

[Cut to outside Edna and Irv's house at night. Amy and Laynie exit it. They laugh as they walk along the pathway. Then, they see someone coming up.]

AMY: Oh my God! Tommy. Are you OK?

[We can see Tommy clearer. It looks like he's not alright.]

TOMMY: Oh hey. Um, can I just, can I talk to you for a minute please?

[Amy looks to Laynie.]

AMY: Um...

LAYNIE: Listen, you don't have to if you don't want to. You know, we can just go. The movie's going to start so...

TOMMY: No. It's just going to, it's only gonna take a couple of minutes. I promise. [to Amy] I just, I just really need to talk to you.

[Amy looks to Laynie again.]

AMY: Um... you can just go ahead. I'll get my grandparents to give me a ride.


[Laynie leaves.]

AMY: You OK? You look really pale.

TOMMY: Um, don't break up with me. I really need you.

AMY: I'm sorry. I, I don't understand. Yesterday, you, you, we thought we should break up too. You were completely fine with it.

TOMMY: No, it's just, it was an act. I was completely pretending. It's not how I really feel. I just, I messed up. Amy, I messed up.

AMY: What did you do?

TOMMY: Oh, I was just so miserable. You know, I didn't care about having a habit to break anymore. Not without you.

AMY: Are you on something right now? [beat as Tommy looks away] Oh my God.

TOMMY: Amy, I really need you. OK? You, you're the reason why I stayed clean all this time. Being with you is the only good thing that ever happened to me.

AMY: Don't say that. Please. Look, Tommy, I want to be there for you and I want to help you. But I can't save you. This whole thing is crazy...

TOMMY: Yeah, I know. It's crazy. And you know what? You deserve better than me. You do. But if you just give me one more chance, I promise you I will not screw up. OK? No more lies, no more secrets. We'll tell each other everything. About our past, about our families, what you want me to do, what you don't want me to do. Remember that night you and me stayed up and we talked for like six hours? See I want some more of that, you know? That's the guy that I want to be. But I just, I need your help. That's all. Please, Amy. I'm, I'm scared for who I am without you. I love you.

[Amy's breaking down.]

[Cut to Ephram along a snow covered path up to Madison's house. He's about to knock when he hears noise. We hear Madison laugh and with a beer in hand. Jay comes up.]

JAY: I would like to say congratulations to Joe Lies and its drummer.

[Jay slaps the hand of the drummer.]

MADISON: To Joe Lies and the drummer.

JAY: And to the beautiful gorgeous most amazing lead singer we could ever hope to have.

[Ephram walks away on the fade out.]



[Open in the Brown kitchen. It's morning. Dr. L. Abbott places a completed diorama on the table.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Morning.

[We see Delia has entered the kitchen. She's at the fridge.]

DELIA: Morning.

[Dr. L. Abbott places some bowls around. Delia pours herself some orange juice. Delia widens her eyes when she sees the completed diorama. Dr. L. Abbott speaks when Delia stops pouring the juice.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Pretty cool, huh? [beat] Do you like it?

[Delia blinks her eyes.]

DELIA: Did you do this?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I don't know. Maybe the rats of Nim snuck in last night. Now you can call Brittany and you can spend the day playing or whatever. What do you think?

DELIA: I think it's cheating.

DR. L. ABBOTT: N-no, Delia. You did most of the work. I just, I, you know, I finished it to...

DELIA: You made me a cheater!

DR. L. ABBOTT: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Delia. I...

DELIA: Where's my dad? I want my dad.

[Delia storms out of the kitchen.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Delia, I...

[Cut someone knocking on someone's door. We see it's on Nina's door that the knocking is taking place and Dr. L. Abbott is doing the knocking. The doctor sighs.]

NINA: Linda. What's wrong?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I'm the worst baby-sitter in the history of the world. That's what's wrong.

NINA: Is Delia...

DR. L. ABBOTT: Up in her room. Oh my God, am I not supposed to leave the house?

NINA: She'll last ten minutes. Come on in.

[The doctor does and Nina closes the door.]

[Cut to Dr. L. Abbott sitting at the table in a room at Nina's.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: I thought she'd be thrilled. I really did. I mean, when I was her age, I would have loved it if someone had done my homework.

[Nina sets down the cups with a drink in them and then she sits.]

NINA: Listen. No limbs were lost. No one lost an eye. It'll be fine.

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, no. I don't want to do battle. I'm a pacifist. I mean, there is no reason why...

NINA: You are right. There is no reason. Because she's 10. They're pretty much irrational at that age. They're all pretty guts and heart and tear ducts.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I'm not very natural at this... parenting thing, Nina. I don't know how you and Andy make it look so easy.

NINA: I'm sorry but did you see the cast on Sam?

[They smile.]

NINA: (CONT'D) And a natural parent, Andy's not. Do you want to know how many times he's come through that door, asking for help?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah but I see the way he is with them. You know, what they mean to him. They're his whole world. And if he finds out that I can't even handle a two-day babysitting job, it doesn't bode well for us.

NINA: He's with you because he wants to be. Not because he's looking for a surrogate mother for Delia. It's not a test.

DR. L. ABBOTT: [smiles] Thanks.

[Nina smiles.]

NINA: Now with Delia, on the other hand, everything's a test.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, God, I should probably just let her call Andy. I...

NINA: You should talk to her first. You'd be surprised how much a little truth can help. But, uh, don't talk down to her 'cause they hate that. See, they like to pretend that they're really in control but they also need to know that you're going to protect them when the time comes.

DR. L. ABBOTT: That's a hell of balancing act, isn't it?

[Dr. L. Abbott stands.]

NINA: 24/7. Oh, and if it ever comes up, always take Delia's side over her friend's.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh. Good to know.

[Dr. L. Abbott gets ready to face Delia again.]

[Cut to Bright waiting impatiently for Ephram to return in their hotel room. Ephram walks through the door.]

BRIGHT: Where the hell you been, man?

[Ephram takes off his coat and tosses it on the floor.]

EPHRAM: Special corner of hell. All night on.

BRIGHT: Oh please. I had to sit through four hours of jazz music. Didn't get a single number.

[Ephram collapses and sighs on his bed.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Apparently, you can't talk while they're playing. Thanks for the heads up, by the way. [beat] So how did it go?

EPHRAM: Oh, I just want to get some sleep.

BRIGHT: Did you see her though? I mean, is she cool with everything?

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah. I saw her. She's cool. She's real cool. Me, on the other hand...

BRIGHT: Oh man, I told you not to go.

[Knocking on the door.]

BRIGHT: [to person at door] Oh, we're OK for towels. Thank you. [to Ephram] You'd think they could read the sign at the door.

DR. BROWN: Guys, it's me.

EPHRAM: Can you just tell him I fell asleep?

BRIGHT: You've been sleeping for thirteen hours. He's going to call an ambulance.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, they need all the competitors on the stage for a run-through. Ephram? You in there?

[Beat. Ephram sits up.]

EPHRAM: Yeah. Coming.

[He goes to the door. Bright sits on the bed.]

[Cut to Edna and Irv's. The doorbell rings. Amy races to open the door. It's Laynie at the door. Amy gestures for her to come in and she does.]

LAYNIE: So as it turns out, going to the movies by yourself on a Saturday night is even less fun than one would think.

[Amy closes the door.]

AMY: I am so sorry.

LAYNIE: I didn't know whether something had happened to you or what. I was actually worried.

AMY: I know, I know. I thought I'd be right there but he was just really messed up, you know?

LAYNIE: Yeah, I saw that much.

AMY: I mean, he was really hurting.

LAYNIE: Of course he was hurting. You broke up with him. Did he finally do the begging thing? I knew he would that eventually.

[Amy just walks into the kitchen.]

LAYNIE: (CONT'D) Tell me you just didn't get back together with him.

[Amy ignores her and makes some drink.]


AMY: Look, you weren't there. You wouldn't understand.

LAYNIE: I understand he's an addict. Even last night, he was obviously strung out.

AMY: I know and he told me that. He's not hiding that stuff from me anymore. Which is the first step to a better relationship.

LAYNIE: A better relationship with a drug addict? You know, I don't even understand this conversation.

AMY: His family's screwed up, his friends suck. He needs someone to be there for him.

LAYNIE: This is NOT a minor personality flaw. I mean, c'mon. If six months in rehab couldn't make him better, what makes you think that you can?

AMY: Look, Tommy might not be perfect but he has a good heart. He was there for me when I needed him. I'm not just going abandon him when he's at his worst. I'm sorry.

LAYNIE: Fine. Do what you want. Waste your time with this jerk-off. But I'm not going to just sit around and watch you to get hurt again.

AMY: So you’re bailing on me now?

LAYNIE: Listen, I don’t want to have the same conversation with you in two weeks!

AMY: Fine. You know what? Maybe this is the relationship I shouldn’t waste time on.

LAYNIE: Maybe you’re right.

[Laynie exits. Off Amy.]

[Cut to an auditorium. People are filing in. Some background music plays very quietly in the house. Dr. Brown sits with Will.]

DR. BROWN: I think Ephram’s never played in front of quite this many people.

WILL: He’ll be fine.

DR. BROWN: You think he has a chance to win?

WILL: Well, I didn’t sign him up so he could win some ribbon like it’s a doggie show. I wanted him to hear some live musicians, to see that jazz is a living art. He’s still in his head too much.

[Beat. Dr. Brown listens to the music.]

DR. BROWN: What is this piece? Do you know?

[Will gives the doctor a look.]

WILL: You want to know if I’m going deaf, just ask.


DR. BROWN: How long’s it been going on?

WILL: Since the explosion. It's been getting worse. Doctor says something about damaged hair cells.

DR. BROWN: They’re doing some amazing things with implants. And there are new drugs that might help with the sensorineural damage...

WILL: I, I’ve heard this pitch already and I'm not interested. I'm too old to be a guinea pig.

DR. BROWN: But why not at least try? That’s all I’m saying.

[Will shakes it off.]

WILL: When you get to be my age, you’re bound to lose something. But my eyes are still good. As long as you know what you’re seeing, just watching the great ones is a thrill. And watch your son. He could be next.

[Dr. Brown smiles but he’s thinking about something else.]

WILL: (CONT’D) And I may not be the best teacher for him anymore. You know it and I know it.

[Off Dr. Brown who sighs.]

[Cut to Delia lying on her bed in her room, scowling. Dr. L. Abbott knocks on her door and enters cautiously.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: I know you’re mad at me, Delia. But I’d like to talk to you, if that’s OK.

[Dr. L. Abbott comes in and sits on a chair at the foot of Delia's bed.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT’D) You know, um, when I was in, uh, Bangladesh once, I was in this mud hut, and, and there was a hole in the roof. And I had to fix it and all I had was some rope and no ladder, and then it started to rain and, and I had to go and cut down a bunch of palm leaves… And I forget why I started telling you this story.

DELIA: That’s OK. It’s kind of boring anyway.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I’m sorry about the diorama. You’re right, I shouldn’t have worked on it. I probably didn’t even do a very good job anyway.

DELIA: It looked pretty good.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You think? Still, though, terrible idea on my part.

[Dr. L. Abbott gets up and leans against Delia's bed.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Oh, I never knew how hard it was to take care of a ten-year-old.

DELIA: You don’t have to take care of me.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I know. I just wanted to help out your dad out so he spend the weekend with Ephram.

[Dr. L. Abbott turns to face Delia.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) And, honestly, I was hoping that if you and I had some more time alone together, you might like me more. I know it doesn't feel like it, but I really was trying to do things right. I gues I’m just pretty terrible at this parenting thing.

DELIA: Pretty much. But you’re trying. And in school, we also get grades for effort.

[Off them smiling at each other.]

[Cut back to the auditorium. It's full now. We find Dr. Brown and Will in their row. Bright has joined them. Some applause is coming to an end. On the stage, a woman is walking off as an MC steps up to a microphone.]

MC: Thank you, Shawna Yoffee... Our next performer is a pianist from Everwood, Colorado. Studying under Willingham Cleveland, please welcome Ephram Brown.

[Dr. Brown, Will, and Bright clap. We see Dr. Brown whistle. They look on as Ephram walks out to the piano and takes his seat. The applause dies down. He takes a side glance at the audience. After a beat, he begins to play. After a little while, he messes up. People look around. He stops and takes a breath. Ephram stares at the keys a beat. He knows he’s in trouble. He swallows hard, fighting off exhaustion and panic. After a moment to steady, Ephram starts over but screws up again. He sits frozen, vacant. Then he slams the thing down on the piano, gets up, and storms off the stage. Will looks at Dr. Brown.]

SOMEONE BEHIND THEM: He just stopped.

[Off Dr. Brown, we fade out.]



[Open on the road. We pan over to see Dr. Brown's SUV and everyone is in the same seating arrangement as the ride down. They are obviously on their way back to Everwood. Everyone's silent until Dr. Brown breaks it.]

DR. BROWN: I have one of those books on tape. Maybe we could...


DR. BROWN: It wasn't that big a deal, Ephram. Just a little performance anxiety. That's all. Happens to the best of us.

[Bright drinks the last of his drink during that line. It has a slurping noise.[

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You know, when I first performed surgery, I was so nervous and I dropped a scalpel.

EPHRAM: Stop. Please. Just stop. I'm begging you.

DR. BROWN: I'm just trying to help.

EPHRAM: Well, you can't and you won't. So just give it up.

WILL: Pull over.

DR. BROWN: What?

EPHRAM: Will, we're almost home. Can't it wait?

WILL: I said pull over.

[Dr. Brown obeys and we see we're pulling into a mall complex.]

[Cut to Delia with some glue in hand in her room.]

DELIA: LINDA! Come see I finished it!

DR. L. ABBOTT'S VOICE: Just a second!

[Delia sets down the glue and picks up the diorama. She races out of her room with a smile on her face but stop short when she sees Dr. L. Abbott in the mirror of the bathroom. The doctor is opening several pill containers and is putting the pills in her mouth as well as washing them down with water. Delia's smile fades and she begins to retreat back to her room.]

DR. L. ABBOTT'S VOICE: You finished it?

[We can see her now.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Oh, I can't wait to see... Honey, are you OK?

DELIA: Yeah. I'm fine.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, c'mon. Let's check it out.

[They walk off.]

[Cut to inside a mall. Ephram and Dr. Brown walk with Will, who's the only one who seems to know where he's going. They move through the shoppers.]

EPHRAM: As fascinating a study of Americana as this is, what are we doing here?

DR. BROWN: Will, couldn't this wait? I mean, how badly could you need socks?

EPHRAM: When they finally kick Bright out of Victoria's Secret, he's not going to be able to find us.

[Will finally comes to a stop. And we see a piano. Big one. Right there, smack in the middle of the mall and in front of a flowing water fountain. Will looks at Ephram.]

WILL: Play.

EPHRAM: You're joking, right? What is this? A cable access version of "Punk'd."

WILL: How long you known me?

EPHRAM: I don't know. A while.

WILL: How many jokes have I told? Now go ahead and play.

EPHRAM: Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do. But I'm in no mood to do the whole "get back on the horse" thing. Alright?

[Ephram turns to go.]

WILL: Whoever this girl is, she made you play your best, and she made you play your worst.

DR. BROWN: Wait. This is about a girl?

WILL: It's always about a girl. [to Ephram] Now go ahead and get her out of your system.

EPHRAM: Well, I thought you weren't supposed to play for anybody but yourself.

WILL: You think I was born old and alone? I've been there; love and heartbreak. Pleasure and pain. In the end, it's all passion. Use 'em both.

[A beat. Then Ephram finally moves to the piano and begins to play the piece he only started at the competition. He makes no mistakes. Dr. Brown stands with Will as they listen for a moment. As Ephram plays, a crowd begins to gather.]

DR. BROWN: How did you know?

WILL: Well, some people see the forest, some people see the trees.

[They watch for a beat. Ephram's playing is excellent.]

DR. BROWN: I'm not sure if you just insulted me or not, but it doesn't matter. As long as you can get my son to play like that, I can't think of a better teacher for him.

WILL: You know I'm going to miss? This.

[Cut to a fancy restaurant. Amy and Tommy are eating there. They are looking at the menu.]

AMY: I didn't know food could cost this much. I mean chicken is chicken, right?

TOMMY: Yeah and whatever trouffles are, I hope there's like gold in them.

AMY: We really don't need to eat here.

TOMMY: No, no. It's fine. I picked up a couple of extra shifts at the drug store. [beat] The real drug store. Not the one I ran out of my trunk.

[Amy smiles.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D ) I wanted this to be... special, you know. Not that I don't enjoy our Whopper meals together, but, um, this was sort of a new start. For... me and for us. I wanted to thank you for giving me another chance. And show you how much a different person you make me.

AMY: You don't need me to be that person.

TOMMY: I know. But...I don't want to be that person without you.

[Amy smiles.]

AMY: Well, I'm starving. What are you going to get?

TOMMY: Well, I don't know.

AMY: Um...I have no idea how to pronounce any of this.

TOMMMY: What's the French word for "bathroom"?

AMY: I don't know. Le "john"?

TOMMY: Le john.

[Tommy stands and they laugh.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) I'll be right back.

[Tommy's beeper goes off. Amy looks at the message which is from Everwood Pharmacy. It says "Change in tomorrow's schedule. Call Barry." Amy smiles and then puts it back. She exhales.]

[Cut to Madison bringing a couple of glasses over to the couch in her home.]

MADISON: Now I don't have to play every weekend for the next couple of months. Isn't that incredible?

EPHRAM: Oh that's great.

MADISON: Oh, and the owner said he probably could get a couple of people out to listen to us because he has these unbelieveable connections from when he lived in L.A.

[Ephram takes a sip from his glass.]

EPHRAM: That'll be huge.


[Madison has a huge grin on her face and then she realizes something.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) Oh my God. I've been all about me since the minute you walked in. I haven't even asked you about your concert. I'm sorry.

EPHRAM: No, no. Your story's much better. Trust me.

MADISON: Well, how was it? You killed, didn't you?

EPHRAM: There was definitely some dying involved. I sort of didn't play.

MADISON: What happened? Did you get sick or something?

EPHRAM: No. It wasn't so much sick as it was the, the all-night drive from Boulder back to your house and back again. It kind of made a wreck of me.

MADISON: Y-you drove back here. When? Why?

EPHRAM: Oh, forget it.

MADISON: No, no. I don't, I don't understand. Why did you come back here?

EPHRAM: Well, I, you know, I thought, I kinda figured that I really freaked you out with the whole "I love you" thing that you might be obsessing over it. But, but you, you obviously weren't because I came back h
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