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Cas de conscience

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[Open on people coming to a house for a meeting apparently.]

DR. ABBOTT'S VOICE: We're late. The call sound is in two minutes.

DR. BROWN'S VOICE: Oh, we wouldn't want miss to the call, would we?

DR. ABBOTT'S VOICE: Stay with me.

[Cut to the interior of the house. Dr. Abbott puts on a weird sort of hat to wear as are all the other men in the house already are. With the notable exception of Dr. Brown who is shocked at the sight.]

DR. ABBOTT: [to the men] Brothers.

DR. BROWN: [to himself] Oh my God. [to Dr. Abbott] Hey, where are we? Istanbul?

DR. ABBOTT: It's a felt hat and a tassel. Get over it.

DR. BROWN: What are we doing here again?

DR. ABBOTT: Joe Morris forced me to bring you.


[The two doctors walk through a crowd of men while talking.]

DR. ABBOTT: It'd suffice to say that when Joe Morris, Brotherhood of the Bighorn chapter president, possesses your sole discretionary authority over a pointless match planning committee asks a favor, you don't question it.

DR. BROWN: Well why does he want me? I mean, there's so many other more worthy candidates.

DR. ABBOTT: I have no idea. Frankly, I don't see you as fitting the Bighorn profile.

[A call sound is made.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hurry up. The pledge.

DR. BROWN: The pledge?

[The doctors usher in as do the rest of the men. Joe Morris is in the front with a book. He's wearing some sort of cermonial robe as well as a headpiece with horns which Dr. Brown questions.]

DR. BROWN: What is that?

DR. ABBOTT: Horns. [beat] As in Bighorn Chief. [beat] Our state animal.

[Dr. Abbott shakes his head as the meeting begins.]

[Cut to outdoors after the meeting. Joe Morris is talking with Dr. Brown. In regular clothes now.]

JOE: I am sure glad you could join us tonight, Andy. And I'll tell you candidly, I want your membership in the lodge.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I'm just so flattered that you think me as Bighorn material.

[They have approached some stables. They enter as the next line is being spoken.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Lovely stables. Very Poe.

[Kate is petting a white horse in the stables.]

JOE: Katie.

[Kate looks to Joe.]

JOE: (CONT'D) I didn't know you were in here.

[Kate hops down and walks toward the men.]

JOE: (CONT'D) You, uh, remember Dr. Brown, don't ya, at the recital?



JOE: You better go inside. I don't want you to catch cold.

KATE: OK. I just have to put Maple in.

JOE: Alright.

KATE: Bye.


[Kate exits.]

DR. BROWN: She's very beautiful. And gifted too. I know Ephram was envious of the way she played in the recital.

JOE: [petting the white horse] Yeah, she's a great talent. If she doesn't waste it.

DR. BROWN: And rides too, huh?

[Dr. Brown looks around the stables.]

JOE: Oh, yeah. She's loved horses ever since she could talk.

DR. BROWN: I promised my daughter one when we moved here. I'm hoping she'll forget.

JOE: Katie used to spend all her time here. Now of course boys have come into the picture.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'm not there yet. My daughter still thinks she is a boy.

JOE: I'll tell ya, the amount of hate you can feel for these guys, I didn't know that I had it in me.

DR. BROWN: Well, it can't be all that bad. Once upon a time, we were those guys.

JOE: I wouldn't feel comfortable telling just anybody this. But she took up with that piano teacher, Matt. You know how romantic a young girl is. This guy broke her heart.

DR. BROWN: Well, she's young. I'm sure she's distraught but in time...

JOE: ...In time? This bastard. He didn't just leave her. He left her pregnant.

[A long beat as Joe turns away and Dr. Brown processes.]

DR. BROWN: I had no idea. I'm sorry.

[Dr. Brown looks downward.]

JOE: I need your help, Andy.

[Dr. Brown looks up.]

JOE: (CONT'D) I need someone to take care of this. Quickly and quietly.

DR. BROWN: Well, but, listen, Joe, I, um, I'm not a...

JOE: You're outside the community. You don't share these people's backwards idealism. You're a pragmatist like myself. And Kate's mother is not to be involved. Can't be involved. Her faith is very important to her. This kinda thing would kill her. This is between you and me.

[A long beat as Dr. Brown tries to decide what to do.]

DR. BROWN: Bring her into my office tomorrow and I'll talk to her.

JOE: Thank you. I really do hope you'll join.

[Dr. Brown gives Joe a questioning look.]

JOE: The lodge.

[Joe exits as Dr. Brown looks out the stable door and sees Kate bringing Maple in.]



[Open in the Brown kitchen. It's morning. Dr. Brown has made breakfast.]

DR. BROWN: [calling his children] Breakfast, you guys. Pancakes.

[Ephram enters and sits.]

EPHRAM: Pancakes was like an ad. Your domesticity is starting to scare me.

DR. BROWN: You and me both. DELIA!

[Delia enters on rollerskates and carries a ribbon in her hand as she skates her way to her bed.]

DELIA: I can't do my braid. Will you do it?

EPHRAM: Oh, guys can't do it. It's a genetic thing.

[Delia gives her brother a look.]

DR. BROWN: You're going to have to talk me through this.

DELIA: Divide into three parts.

DR. BROWN: Three equal parts?

DELIA: Mmmhmm.

DR. BROWN: Horizontally or vertically?

DELIA: You put the right part over the center one and then you put the left part over the right.

DR. BROWN: The one that was right or the now right one that used to be the center?

[Delia groans and skates away to around the table.]

DELIA: I'll just do with a ponytail.

DR. BROWN: Just sit down and eat.

[We hear Delia's bus honk.]


[Dr. Brown does something to Ephram's breakfast. I think too much sugar.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, sorry.

[Ephram leaves.]

DELIA: Don't forget after school you have to buy a present for Arnie's birthday before you pick me up from Nina's.

[Delia skates off.]

DR. BROWN: I was doing so well.

[Cut to the exterior of Dr. Brown's practice. A car drives by.]

DR. BROWN'S VOICE: Were you, uh...

[Cut to the interior of the practice. He's meeting with Kate in his office.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Were you using birth control?

KATE: I wanted to get birth control pills but... I didn't want my mom to find out. Matt said it would be alright so... I thought it would be.

DR. BROWN: Have you talked to Matt at all?

KATE: Oh, my dad never liked him. And when he found out about us, he did everything he could to get him to leave town. And it worked.

DR. BROWN: So Matt doesn't know anything about this?

KATE: No. He didn't leave me a number. I don't know how to find him.

[Dr. Brown sighs.]

DR. BROWN: Your father told me that you want an abortion. Is that what you've decided?

KATE: Yeah, I guess.

DR. BROWN: And your mother doesn't know?

KATE: She would never understand.

DR. BROWN: You sure about that?

KATE: When she found out about us, she almost kicked me out of the house. Stuff like this does not happen to her.

DR. BROWN: Well, you're eighteen, Kate. You're an adult. You know, you could have the baby and put it up for adoption. I mean, there are thousands of couples who are desperate to have a child. Or you could keep it. In some instances when the girl is as young as you are, the family will raise the child. Now I know you have some reservations about your mom but sometimes people can surprise us.

KATE: I have to do this.


KATE: Because Matt's gone. And he's not coming back. I'm too young to have a baby. And...

DR. BROWN: What?

KATE: I always thought... I always thought I was old for my age. But I don't want to be this old.

[No talking and Kate begins to have tears welling up in her eyes though she tries to fight it.]

KATE: (CONT'D) How soon can I take this?

DR. BROWN: I know this is very difficult for you, Kate, and you're being very brave. I want you to take a couple of days.


DR. BROWN: And think about it. I think it would help if you talked to someone. I'm going to give you a number to call. I want you to talk a counselor. Beverly Gitchell is her name. She specializes in talking to young women like yourself about all kinds of issues. And she's very kind.

KATE: What is that going to help?

DR. BROWN: This procedure can be traumatic emotionally. You need to talk to someone who really knows this stuff and can work through it with you. OK?

[Dr. Brown gets up and holds the paper in his hand. He sits on the desk, so he can be closer to Kate.]

DR. BROWN: You know, Kate, whatever choice you make is going to be the right one. As long as it's your own.

[He hands her the paper with the number.]

[Cut to the attic at the Feeneys. Nina is looking through old things. Delia is too, a little ways away from Nina. Nina folds some old clothes and hums.]

NINA: Delia, have you seen Sam?

DELIA: He's asleep behind the lawn chairs in the corner.

[Nina looks.]

NINA: Oh. Well, I guess there are more exciting ways to spend an afternoon. I really appreciate your helping me.

DELIA: Can I look through the junk jewelry box before I go home?

NINA: Don't worry. I haven't forgotten. You can have any turtle you want.

DELIA: Even the...

NINA: Even the one with the big glass turtle. You find anything good over there?

DELIA: Just dust.


[Delia picks up a magazine. We see it's Penthouse. She looks through it in shock.]

DELIA: Nina?

NINA: What is it? Hidden treasure?

[Delia walks over to Nina with the magazine.]

DELIA: That girl's naked.

NINA: Um, well, you've seen naked ladies in paintings before, right? Artists have been painting women for hundreds of years.

DELIA: Those are really big.

NINA: You ever hear of artistic license?

DELIA: Is this magazine for artists?

NINA: No, it's, uh, for men. Mostly. Because, uh, they like looking at women.

DELIA: Why do they like looking at women?

NINA: Because, uh, women's bodies are beautiful.

DELIA: They are?

NINA: Sure. The way they curve like a flower stem or, um, musical instrument. See, uh, see here, the way her back is like a violin?

DELIA: Soooo, men look at them to think about how beautiful they are?

NINA: Yeah. Something like that. To appreciate their natural loveliness.

DELIA: Do I have natural loveliness?

NINA: Yes.

DELIA: But I'm not a woman. I'm a girl.

NINA: Well, girls have it too.

DELIA: You're right. This magazine is neat. We can't throw it away.

NINA: Uh...

DELIA: We can put it in the hope chest with the keepsakes, right?

NINA: [forced] Right.

[Delia begins walking away looking at the different pictures.]

DELIA: She's a flute and she's a guitar, she's a... bongos.

NINA: Oh Carl.

[Off an uncomfortable Nina.]

[Cut to the scenic view that we get when we are near Peak County High. Then we pan down to Bright talking to himself by the bike rack. Then we see Ephram coming up to get his bike. Several signs promoting the upcoming Spring Formal are in sight.]

EPHRAM: Are you talking to yourself?

BRIGHT: Ephram. Hey, uh, you know the Spring Formal coming up?

EPHRAM: Oh, it's kinda hard to miss.

BRIGHT: Uh, do you want to go?

EPHRAM: With you?

BRIGHT: No, dude. I'm going with Gemma. But she's got this cousin Sherri who goes to Northern. Her dad said she can't go if Sherri doesn't go and if Sherri doesn't have a date.

EPHRAM: Oh, what's this Sherri like?

BRIGHT: She's cute.

EPHRAM: You've never met her.

BRIGHT: She's related to Gemma. She's gotta be hot, right?

EPHRAM: And you're related to Amy. You're not hot. [beat] Besides, if she's so cute, why doesn't she have a date?

BRIGHT: I don't know. Is this like a test or something?

EPHRAM: Well, why me?

[Ephram has gotten his bike all set and begins to walk off with it. Bright follows.]

BRIGHT: Well, because ever since that whole thing with Colin, I'm like a leopard with those guys.

EPHRAM: [correcting] Leper, Bright.

BRIGHT: Whatever. Look, you owe it to me. OK? I took a punch for you.

EPHRAM: Alright. But if I do this, this is it. Right?

BRIGHT: Even steven.

[Ephram looks away from Bright and Bright does a hand gesture like he's hiding something from Ephram.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown at the dishwasher in his kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: You know, you can really increase the productivity of one of these things just by being thoughtful about your dish placement.

[Delia brings a dish over to her dad.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Thanks, honey.

[Dr. Brown stands up and closes the dishwasher.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Oooh. I forgot. Arnie's present. I'm going to have...

DELIA: [interrupting] Oh, I found one myself. At Nina's.

DR. BROWN: Well, score another point for Super Neighbor.

[Delia gets a box out of her backpack.]

DELIA: Will you help me wrap it?

DR. BROWN: Sure. Can I see what it is?

DELIA: It's a surprise.

DR. BROWN: Oh, well, maybe I can guess what it is. Is it animal, a vegetable, or an ornament?

[Dr. Brown sets down the wrapping paper.]

DELIA: I don't know.

[She takes the paper.]

DR. BROWN: Is it bigger than the box?

DELIA: You can see how big it is.

[Dr. Brown strokes the box.]

DR. BROWN: Is it a puppy?

[Delia gives him a look.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Not a puppy.

[The doorbell rings.]

DR. BROWN: [as he's leaving] Is it an aardvark?


DR. BROWN: Living?


DR. BROWN: Uh, white sill?


[Cut to outside the Brown home. Dr. Brown opens the door.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, hey Joe. Everything OK?

[No words but Joe moves further out on the porch so Dr. Brown comes out and closes the door.]

JOE: I send my daughter to you. And you send her back to think about her decision.

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute. Now, hold on a second. There's a protocol to be followed here.

JOE: And what is that? Scaring the daylights out of an already frightened young girl?

DR. BROWN: No. Kate has to be given enough time to consider all of her options.

JOE: And what makes you think she's been doing anything other than considering her options? What do you imagine her options are? Matt? I tried to find him. To get him to accept responsibility. But he, he's long gone. Because he didn't care about her and she is terrified. I took a risk sending her to you. I can't afford for anyone to if, find out about this. And neither can Katie. We had an understanding.

DR. BROWN: Look, I can appreciate how difficult this is for you...

JOE: No, you can't. Not until you stand where I'm standing with your daughter destroyed by some predator. [beat] You told me you would do this.

DR. BROWN: No, I didn't. I said that I would talk to her. This is a complicated decision and one that Kate is going to have to live with the rest of her life. And I want to make sure she's comfortable with it before we proceed down an irrevocable path.

JOE: Oh, the question isn't whether Kate's going to do this thing. The question is: are you going to help her or not?

[Joe leaves. Off Dr. Brown. Fade to black.]



[Open in Dr. Brown's practice. Reception area. Edna's sitting down with her nurses' whites on at her desk. Kate's standing by chairs. No one else is in the reception area.]

EDNA: Can I get anything, Kate?

KATE: No thanks. I'm fine.

EDNA: Dr. Brown will be with you in a minute.


[Kate looks to the door.]

EDNA: Oh, he doesn't have another patient in there. He's just finishing up a call from a hospital out of state.

[Kate sits on a chair.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) You guys still live out on Sawyer Road, don'tcha?

KATE: Yeah.

EDNA: My first husband and I were out there once for a Easter egg hunt your Grandma Mae had. Back in the day. She was quite the entertainer.

KATE: I remember those egg hunts.

EDNA: Seems like every kid in the county was there.

KATE: Every year, there'd be an egg left over. And you'd find it, like, a week later and it smelled.

[Edna smiles. Uncomfortably, she continues the conversation.]

EDNA: So did you come here straight from school today?

KATE: No. From home.

EDNA: Did your dad drive you into town? You guys live quite a ways out there.

KATE: Yeah, he dropped me off.

EDNA: Will he be bringing you by tomorrow for your procedure?

KATE: Mr. Randolph's dropping me in his cab. [beat] My dad has a meeting. I was supposed to go to his office. After.

EDNA: Well. It's good he works so close.

[Dr. Brown emerges from his office. Kate looks to that direction.]

DR. BROWN: Hi Kate. Come on in.

[Kate rises and goes into Dr. Brown's office. Dr. Brown and Edna share a look before he goes into his office and closes the door.]

[Cut to a pinata being whacked at by Arnie. We're at Arnie's birthday party. Candy falls and the children race to get some of it. Arnie and Delia are among the kids. Arnie's mom, Janice tries to stop the fighting for candy. Someone takes the bat.]

JANICE: OK, everybody. Presents time.

[The kids race to the living room for presents. Delia is in front of Janice. Arnie is on the couch, opening a present. The kids are in awe of the presents.]

ARNIE: Wow. A glider. Thanks, Bobby.

[He tosses it. Another present.]

ARNIE: Sky Troopers.

[He tosses the present again. Janice looks to another parent. Arnie picks up Delia's present.]

JANICE: Interesting paper, Delia.

DELIA: Thanks. My dad helped me.

[Janice chuckles. Arnie opens Delia's present which is the Penthouse magazine that she found at Nina's. Delia smiles, pleased with her gift. The other kids and parents gasp. Janice goes up to her son.]

JANICE: Arnie.

ARNIE: What? It's mine.

JANICE: Well, not anymore, it's not.

[Janice gives a look that reveals she's not pleased. Delia feels ashamed.]

[Cut to someone ringing the doorbell. We're at the Abbott house in the foyer. Amy opens the door to Ephram.]

AMY: Ephram.

EPHRAM: Uh, is Bright here?

AMY: Yeah. Hold on a second. [calling] BRIGHT! EPHRAM'S HERE! [to Ephram] He should be down in a second.


AMY: Come in.

[He does and Amy closes the door behind him.]

AMY: (CONT'D) So you boys are going shopping?

EPHRAM: [reserved] Yeah, something like that.

[He turns to face the steps.]

AMY: Your piano recital was great. I know you didn't want me to go but your dad said that...

EPHRAM: You know, you don't have to wait.

[Amy's hurt.]

AMY: Are you trying to get rid of me?


[Beat of silence.]

AMY: You know, Ephram, I know that a lot of this is my fault and... things with Colin are weird but... given all the stuff we've been through together, I would've thought that things would be better than this.

EPHRAM: Yeah. Me too. But they're not so...

[We hear Bright thumping down the steps. Ephram turns to face Bright.]

BRIGHT: Check it out, man.

[Bright takes off his tie with one hand.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) One-handed for easy access. My suit pants got Velcro in them.

[Cut to Delia sitting at Arnie's house. The party's over. Dr. Brown comes in to pick up Delia. People watch them.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, kiddo. Did you have fun?

DELIA: Sort of.

[Dr. Brown looks around him, wondering what's up.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown coming into Nina's house. Nina's in front of him.]

DR. BROWN: I mean, what were you thinking? You give my daughter for reasons completely inexplicable...

NINA: Just let me explain.

DR. BROWN: A copy of Penthouse and then, and then you what? Tell her it'd make a great birthday gift?

NINA: Could I explain, please?

DR. BROWN: Be my guest. I would love to hear this.

NINA: I didn't give Delia anything. She found it while we were going through the junk in my attic.

DR. BROWN: Oh even better. You just happened to have porno laying around and...

NINA: It's an old one of Carl's from a million years ago. She asked me about it and I told her it was nothing to be ashamed of.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's very convenient for you since you're the one she caught with it. What am I supposed to do now?

NINA: I didn't tell her that for me. Kids need to know that it's OK to look at their bodies. To think about that kind of stuff.

DR. BROWN: Delia doesn't need to think about that kind of stuff. She's only nine years old!

NINA: She asked me.

DR. BROWN: And you couldn't have deflected it in some way? She's young for her age. She doesn't need to be dealing with this kind of stuff.

NINA: You mean, growing up? That kind of stuff?


DR. BROWN: OK. Alright? We just... Let's just agree to disagree. OK? But please. Don't do that again.

NINA: You have a lot of nerve. It's easy for you to tell me to, uh, just deflect her questions. That's all you ever do. Talk about convenient. You leave her here all day and you never have to answer a damn thing. And here you are, judging me?! But you never think to thank me, would you?

DR. BROWN: Thank you? For what? Making her the Larry Flynt of the fourth grade?

NINA: For covering your ass. You think Delia's not ready for this? Guess again. You're not. But you better find a way to deal with it because kids just don't raise themselves.

[Cut to Dr. Abbott eating popcorn in his living room with the TV on. The doorbell rings and he gets up to answer it.]

[Cut to outside the Abbott home where Dr. Abbott opens the door to Dr. Brown.]

DR. ABBOTT: Doctor.

DR. BROWN: Sorry to bother you this late.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, it's as decent a time for you to bother me. Rose and the kids are still out. Come on in.

[Cut back to our original view. The living room. Dr. Brown comes in.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Have a seat. Just made some popcorn. I was watching the game.

DR. BROWN: I got a case I'd like your opinion about.

DR. ABBOTT: Got you stumped, has it? Well, ask away.

[Dr. Brown sits in a chair. Dr. Abbott sits across from him. He turns off the TV with the remote.]

DR. BROWN: Well, a young girl came to see me.

DR. ABBOTT: Hmhmm.

DR. BROWN: She's pregnant and she'd ask me if I'd perform an abortion.

[Dr. Abbott sets down the popcorn he was about to put in his hand.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I didn't know what to tell her so...

DR. ABBOTT: What you tell her is she needs to go to Denver. To the clinic there and you give her that number.

DR. BROWN: But she came to see me.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. But you have no obligation to treat her. You simply inform her that this is a procedure that you don't perform and you send her where they do.

DR. BROWN: But this is her town and I'm her doctor. Don't I... don't we have a responsibility to...

DR. ABBOTT: No. No, we do not. There is a perfectly serviceable clinic in Denver.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but if every kid who finds themself in this predicament has to travel four hours to some anonymous sterile clinic, isn't it pretty likely that some of them won't...

DR. ABBOTT: That isn't your problem. That's their parents'.

DR. BROWN: But we're parents and I think this procedure should be available to women who...

DR. ABBOTT: It is. In Denver.

[Dr. Abbott sets down his bowl of popcorn on the table and sighs.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Look, Andy. This is a small town. People know what they believe and secrets are hard to keep. Stay out of it. Give the girl a number and a name and leave it at that.

DR. BROWN: This can't be the first time that this has happened here. Have you or your father...

DR. ABBOTT: Certainly not.

[Dr. Abbott rises.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Andy, for the safety of your family, take my advice. Doing this type of thing in this type of town can get killed.

DR. BROWN: This girl came to me for help.

DR. ABBOTT: And she will get help elsewhere.

[Dr. Abbott leaves the. Dr. Brown still sits. We fade out and to black.]



[Open on Delia swaying her feet back and forth underneath the table she and Dr. Brown are sitting at in the dining room.]

DR. BROWN: You're probably wondering why I've gathered you here.

[Delia looks around to see who else Dr. Brown is talking to because he isn't looking at her.]

DR. BROWN: I thought we should talk.

DELIA: You're mad about the magazine.

DR. BROWN: No, I'm not mad.

DELIA: You're not?

DR. BROWN: No. I just wanted to explain to you why your gift didn't go over so well at the birthday party and, and help you understand that... certain things are better left in a private place. Or should have their own time and place. If you're going to look at them. Not that you should look at them or even that you shouldn't. Just... am I making a modicum of sense?

DELIA: What's a modicum?

DR. BROWN: Look, sweetheart, I, I understand why you wanted to look at the magazine. Everybody's curious. But people don't like it when you, when you bring these things out into the public eye.

DELIA: Why not?

[Dr. Brown's stumped but he tries to cover.]

DR. BROWN: Well, because most people are embarrassed about the fact that they want to look at them.

DELIA: If everybody's curious, then why are they embarrassed?

[Another tricky question for the doctor.]

DR. BROWN: Well. People are embarrassed because, uh, these kinds of things... are... embarrassing. I, for instance, am feeling a little bit of embarrassed myself right now and perhaps you are too. Simply because we've been conditioned to respond that way to these kinds of stimuli. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

DELIA: Can I go watch Cinderella with Sam now?

DR. BROWN: Sure.

[Delia hops out of her chair and is about to go next door when she stops.]

DELIA: Oh, and Nina said to tell you that you can't come.

[Delia leaves and Dr. Brown is left at the table when we hear the beginnings of "In This Life" by Chantal Kreviazuk.]

[Cut to the Spring Formal for Peak County High students which has apparently been going on for a while. "In This Life" is the song currently being played. We see Bright and Gemma sitting at a table. Both are dressed up and Gemma is wearing a blue dress. Ephram is also at the table in a suit. No Sherri with him but he holding her purse.]

LYRICS: Let me show you what...

GEMMA: I think my cousin really likes you.

EPHRAM: What makes you say that?

[They look to a girl {apparently Sherri} and a boy making out.]

BRIGHT: Oh, she likes you alright. As a coat rack.

GEMMA: Oh well, you know, Sherri's always been, ya know, super... friendly.

EPHRAM: I need a drink.

[Ephram gets up.]

LYRICS: You're down in the basement / Watching the TV

[Cut to Ephram coming up to the punch bowl.]

LYRICS: I'm on the second floor / Watching the ceiling

[Ephram shakes his head and gets some punch as Amy comes up to him.]

AMY: Hey Ephram.

EPHRAM: Hey. Um, sorry.

[We see Colin behind Amy and he comes up to the punch bowl as Ephram and Amy talk some.]

AMY: Thanks. [she takes the ladel] You look nice.

EPHRAM: Thank you. So do you.

[Colin has arrived.]

COLIN: Don't I look nice?

EPHRAM: You look ravishing.

COLIN: You notice that your date's making out with someone else?

[A shot of Sherri and her boyfriend.]

AMY: Colin, don't be a jerk.

EPHRAM: Well, as always it's been a pleasure. Love to stick around for a punch in the chop but I've a date to be on standby.

[Ephram leaves. Colin takes Amy's hand.]

COLIN: Let's dance.

[Amy follows Colin's lead and we see Sherri and her boyfriend.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's practice. When we have the exterior, the song is still heard. When we cut to the interior, the song stops and we see Edna working at her desk. Dr. Brown walks by her, carrying his doctor's bag. Edna lifts her head up. He is about to go into his office when he turns around. In front of him is a box.]

EDNA: See your supplies arrive?

DR. BROWN: Yes. Would you unpack...

[Dr. Brown looks into the room he was about to enter the next part of the line.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) ...and set up it in my exam room, Edna?

[Dr. Brown looks back to Edna.]

DR. BROWN: I've got some reading to do.

[Dr. Brown goes into the room. Edna sets down her pen and gets up.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown setting his stuff down in his office. Edna comes in.]

DR. BROWN: I really appreciate it. I've just been swamped.

[Edna reaches and gets it as she speaks.]

EDNA: Power for the course.

[Dr. Brown sits.]

DR. BROWN: Pardon?

EDNA: Oh, it seems to be the way things always go in this community. Men make the mess and the women clean it up.

DR. BROWN: I beg your pardon?

[Edna, who was about to leave, sighs and comes in and sets the box down on Dr. Brown's desk.]

EDNA: It's like this: See, a man got that girl pregnant. And then another man sends her in here, tells a third man what's supposed to happen to her. Now this box shows up. You don't want anything to do with it. Strike you as ironic?

DR. BROWN: No, it doesn't. I have these journals to catch up on and I've been busy.

EDNA: You got busy when this thing arrived.

[She points to the box.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) Just like Kate's dad got busy when she needed a ride to the doctor's office to get an abortion. Suddenly he just couldn't seem to make time to give her a lift.

[Edna begins to leave with the box.]

DR. BROWN: Well, it's not like I'm blowing this girl off, Edna. I did order the equipment.

[Edna comes back and points to herself.]

EDNA: I ordered the equipment and I'm unpacking it. And that's fine. It's my job.

[Edna gets something from Dr. Brown's desk.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) But let's not pretend I'm doing it for any other reason than the fact that it makes you sick to your stomach to even contemplate it.

[Edna walks some.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) This is just something men don't want to get close to. Who does? The difference is, men have the luxury of walking away.

DR. BROWN: Are you through?

EDNA: Not by a long shot, but I've got work to do.

[Edna walks into the exam room. Dr. Brown thinks about what Edna said. Then he gets up and walks to the exam room. He stops at the door. Edna's near a table on the opposite end of the room.]

DR. BROWN: You're right. You're absolutely right. I've been stalling on this procedure for three days.

[Edna walks to the box on the exam table and sets something down on it.]

EDNA: Why? You've performed this procedure before.

DR. BROWN: Only once. Years ago. While I was still in training. You didn't have to. You could op out if your beliefs so compelled you. But I didn't. I've always believed that women should have the right to choice. Julia and I sat on a board together in New York. She thought it was the most important thing a woman owned. And I agreed with her. [beat] And about eight years ago, I did a surgery in utero. It was a spina bifida baby. I was trying to prevent paralysis. Did the best case scenario. The mother wanted to carry it to term. It was a success. And then it was a she. A patient. The file, a history, and a name -- Emily. Do you know that you can take a picture of a fetus that's 54 days old? All the organs are visible. Not a person. Not able to live outside of the womb. But a perfect possibility of a person. Kate Morris has been pregnant for 62 days. I don't know when life begins...I don't even know if... for a scientist that question is answerable. But I do know when it ends. And after this year...after losing Julia...I just don't think I can be the one to end it. [beat] I can't help this girl.

[Edna thinks.]

EDNA: Did you talk to Junior?

DR. BROWN: Yes. [sighs] He advised me to send Kate to Denver.

EDNA: Talk to him again.

[Dr. Brown looks at her. Then we're on her. She nods slightly. Back to Dr. Brown.]

[Cut back to the Spring Formal. Mary Beth Maziarz's "Better Than Anyone" is playing. We see Amy and Colin dancing. Behind them, we can also see Sherri and her date, still making out. Amy and Colin move toward Page and her date.]

PAGE: Isn't that pathetic? Sherri Seavers has been going out with Eric Lane for like ever. Like 6 months. But since he got caught smoking pot in the girls' bathroom at St. Sebastian's, her parents won't let her see him anymore. So she totally went with Ephram as a Trojan Horse. I had no idea she was that smart.

[Amy feels sorry for Ephram and moves slightly away from Colin.]

AMY: I'm going to go talk to him.

COLIN: [upset] Why?

AMY: Because he's all alone and the whole Sherri thing sucks.

COLIN: What? Are you going to rescue him every time?

AMY: Every time what? He's my friend.

COLIN: Yeah, I'm your boyfriend.

AMY: Why are you being like this?

COLIN: Because I don't want you sitting with some other guy whether it's out of pity or not.

AMY: If you were sitting there all alone because everyone was making fun of you...

COLIN: Yeah, I'd leave. I mean, the guy's a glutton for punishment.

AMY: Whatever. I'm going over there.

[Colin grabs her hand.]

COLIN: Don't.

AMY: Or what?

COLIN: Or don't come back.

AMY: You serious?

COLIN: If you go over there, Amy, don't come back.

AMY: I can't believe you. I'll get another ride home.

[Amy leaves. Off Colin.]

[Cut to Ephram sitting alone. Amy comes up to him.]

AMY: Is this seat taken?

EPHRAM: I'm afraid you can't sit here. This is a very exclusive outcast table. You have to have a special pass.

AMY: I think I have one.

EPHRAM: Well, there's been a lot of fakes going around. Who gave you yours?

AMY: Colin Hart.

EPHRAM: Well, you're probably OK then.

[Amy sits.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) How're you doing?

AMY: Hm. Proving a point, I guess.

EPHRAM: What kind of point?

AMY: Something about... I have no idea.

EPHRAM: Well, since it now appears the three people that weren't already laughing at me now join the mocking hords... Do you think we could maybe prove the point on the dance floor instead?

[Amy looks at him. She smiles and Ephram leads her out onto the dance floor. He buttons his coat. They walk some more and slow dance.]

[Cut to the reception area of Dr. Brown's practice. Dr. Abbott is there too. He taps his leg.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, it's not the last thing you'd expect, but it's pretty damn close. Andy Brown, left wing reactionary, picked a fine time to become a conservative.

DR. BROWN: Well, I've always had great timing.

DR. ABBOTT: So was it my mother who told you to call me again?

DR. BROWN: I guess she wanted you to lend me moral support while I send this girl off to the clinic.

DR. ABBOTT: I see.

DR. BROWN: I'm not like you, Harold. I don't have religious beliefs to fall back on, or... any kind of moral stance. I just have this...feeling in my gut that... this is beyond me.

[Dr. Abbott sighs.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, it's an impossible dilema. No right answer. My father lived through the times when women either couldn't get abortions or had to go out of state, out of country...get some botched attempt, try to do it themselves. Oh, he would tell me stores of women coming to him cut, bruised, infected, traumatized, sterile...worse. He said that every town had a secret life, that there was someone in every community who knew people who knew would help. And in this town, that person was my father. So when I came here to join his practice, he told me that it would be on one condition. That he never wanted those horrific things to happen to women again. Not on his watch, and not on mine.

DR. BROWN: But you were so adamant when I came to you.

DR. ABBOTT: I don't do this when I don't have to. It's hard enough when I do. And I'm terrified every time I think of what could happen to my kids and to my wife. That's why I was trying to protect you. Your children, they only have one parent left. [sighs] Anyway, I...

[Dr. Abbott stands.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) I felt sure that in the end, you would do it. Commie pinko, you are.

[Dr. Brown smiles.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Who would have thought?


DR. BROWN: I have known a lot of good doctors in my life but...

DR. ABBOTT: Dont...Don't ascribe some altruistic grand political motives to me, doctor. I'm not that kind of man. I made an oath, not to some political cause, but to my father.

[A long beat. Dr. Abbott is about to say something then stops. A beat.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Have her come to my office tomorrow. After business hours.

[Dr. Abbott walks towards the door. He picks up his stuff and leaves. We're on Dr. Brown thinking. Fade out.]



[Open in Dr. Brown's practice. He and Kate are in the exam room. Kate is looking away from the doctor.]

DR. BROWN: Before we go any further, I have to ask you one last time, Kate.

[Kate has turned to face him by this point.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Are you comfortable with your decision?

KATE: This all happened so fast. I found out and I was afraid to tell my dad. And then I did and, and this avalanche started. He told me that I had to do this and he made me come here. There was all this pressure before I had any time to think about it. It felt like someone was pushing me to do something that I didn't want to do. And then you told me that I didn't have to do this. That there were other choices. So I started to think about the possibility of doing something else and that's when I realized this is the best thing for everyone. This is the best thing for me.

DR. BROWN: OK. Let's go then.

KATE: Where are we going?

DR. BROWN: Across the street.

[Cut to the track, presumably at Peak County High. Amy is running in gray sweats. Colin is in the bleachers, wearing his varasity jacket.]


[Amy stops running and goes to Colin.]

AMY: So.

COLIN: Are you going to apologize?

AMY: For what?

COLIN: You know what I'm talking about.

AMY: I've chosen you over Ephram about a thousand times, Colin. I've chosen you over everyone else. Already there are all of these people in my life that I care about that I've just treated badly or stepped all over because all I cared about was you. But, they stuck by me. Ephram stuck by me. He sent me back to you when I was discouraged about us, about you never remembering me or caring. He told me to keep going. You're right, Colin. I was wrong to be mad at you. It's me I should be mad at...for not being a better friend to Ephram, because he hasn't just been a good friend to me...He's been a good friend to us.

[Amy runs off. Off Colin thinking about Amy's words.]

[Cut to Nina working in her kitchen by the sink. Dr. Brown walks in. Nina notices. Dr. Brown closes the door.]

DR. BROWN: Kids are out of the room?

NINA: Mmhmm.

DR. BROWN: Watching a movie or something?

NINA: Finishing Cinderella.

DR. BROWN: Where did they leave off?

NINA: The part, uh, where the wicked stepsisters make fools of themselves.

DR. BROWN: You were right about everything. I shouldn't of yelled at you. I'm sorry.

[Dr. Brown looks at two cups set on the table. Then looks back at Nina.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You knew I'd come back?

NINA: Mmhmm.

DR. BROWN: To apologize?

[Nina goes to pour coffee in one of the cups.]

NINA: Yep.

DR. BROWN: I'm that predictable?

NINA: Oh, pretty much.

[Nina sits down and pours coffee in her cup. Dr. Brown follows her lead and walks to the table. He sighs, pulls out a chair, and begins talking before he sits.]

DR. BROWN: Look, I can't really tell you what's been going on in the last couple of days because it's work and it's confidential. But...

[Dr. Brown sits.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) It's made me think a lot about Delia. She's growing up so fast. It's not like I'm not here for it obviously but... Sometimes it just seems so confusing, out of control.

NINA: Welcome to parenthood.

[They share smiles.]

DR. BROWN: And the amount I don't know about cooking and tying hair ribbons and everything else that happens in a family's daily life is nothing compared to what I don't know about helping a girl become a woman.

[Nina nods and inhales.]

NINA: Well, she's going to do it with or without you and you're all she's got so the best you can do is better than the alternative.

DR. BROWN: I guess.

NINA: You know, she's got me too.

[Beat and Nina rises to take her coffee pot to the kitchen.]

NINA: (CONT'D) You know, if you really want to make it up to me...I've got this vacancy, in my porn collection.

[Dr. Brown thinks about it and nods. He picks up his coffee cup.]

[Cut to the foyer in the Hart house. Colin comes home from school and closes the door behind him.]

COLIN: Mom, I'm home.

[Colin sets down his backpack on a chair and walks as he begins to take his jacket off. Pan to some stairs where we see Colin sets the varasity jacket at the foot. Cut to the kitchen where Colin enters.]

COLIN: Mom? [beat] Hey, Mom. When's dinner?

[Colin opens the fridge and takes some milk out. Then he walks to the cabinets and opens one to take a glass out. The glass drops and breaks. Colin too drops to the floor. He begins having convulsions and a seizure.]

[Cut to the staircase. Sharon Hart comes down the stairs and we see her pass Colin's jacket.]

SHARON: Colin?

[Cut back to the kitchen where Sharon enters.]

SHARON: Colin?

[She sees her son on the floor, convulsing. She is in shock.]

SHARON: Colin! Colin! Colin! Oh my God. Colin. C'mon, baby, baby.

[Cut to Edna, who is wearing a coat and reading a magazine in the waiting area of her son Dr. Abbott's practice. Edna looks up as Dr. Abbott and Kate emerge.]

EDNA: Hey.


EDNA: How are you feeling?


EDNA: The doctors and I thought maybe instead of you waiting at your dad's office, I could give you a ride home. If you want.

[Kate slightly nods.]


EDNA: Good.

[Edna takes off her coat.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) Here, you take my coat.

[Kate has Edna's coat on now with some help from Dr. Abbott and Edna.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) It's cold out there and we want to keep you warm.

[Dr. Abbott hands something to his mom.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) I'll take that.

KATE: Thank you.

EDNA: Are you OK?

KATE: I don't know. I don't think so.

[Kate begins crying.]

EDNA: Oh, sweetheart, c'mon, let's get you home.

[We're on Dr. Abbott as they walk to the door. Kate goes out and Dr. Abbott and Edna share a look before Edna leaves with Kate. She looks at her son again. Off Dr. Abbott.]

[Cut to Delia reading in her bedroom. She's in bed. Dr. Brown enters.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, you're reading already? I thought maybe I could read you a story.

DELIA: I'm right at the good part.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I understand.

DELIA: But you can read over my shoulder if you want.

DR. BROWN: Oh, that's OK if you're that thick into it. I just like it when we read together sometimes.

[Dr. Brown sets down the book he had in his hand on his daughter's table. He sits down on her bed.]

DR. BROWN: You know, Delia. Lately, I've been wishing that you had an older sister. Because you're coming to an age where... there are so many things that you're going to want to know and I'm probably not the person you're going to want to ask. I know it's hard because you feel... more comfortable telling things to a mom than you would feel telling it to a dad. But I want you to try and tell me. OK? And I'll do my best to, to help you the way Mom would have. And who knows? Maybe it will get easier for both of us.

DELIA: You're doing OK, Dad. Except for the braids.

[Dr. Brown smiles.]

DR. BROWN: Good night, sweetie.

[Dr. Brown kisses his daughter's forehead.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I love you.

[Dr. Brown gets up.]

DELIA: Wait, Dad.

[Dr. Brown sits down on the bed again. Delia puts a bookmark in the book she was reading and sets it to the side. She then picks up a book, The Last Unicorn, from her table on her left.]

DELIA: (CONT'D) We can read this book.

DR. BROWN: We've read that a million times already.

DELIA: But you've only read it to me. How about I read it to you this time?

[Delia moves the book and taps a spot on her bed, gesturing to her dad to sit there. Dr. Brown moves accordingly and gets comfy as Delia begins to read.]

DELIA: The unicorn lived a lilac wood and she lived alone. She was very old though she did not know it. When she was no longer the careless color of the sea foam, the lather of snow on the moonlit night.

[Cut to a church. Someone enters as Delia continues reading.]

DELIA'S VOICE: But her eyes were still clear and unwearied and she moved like the shadow of the sea.

[We see the person entered is Dr. Abbott. He walks to the confessional. He closes the door. He does the sign of the cross. He sighs.]

DR. ABBOTT: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

[Fade out on Dr. Abbott's face.]


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