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[Open on the Browns' living room in Everwood, present day. Ephram is playing a classical piece on the piano. He stops and spins around to face his teacher, Matt.]

MATT: You're off today.

EPHRAM: Aren't you paid to be a little more precise than that?

MATT: Sorry, kid. That's all I've got.

EPHRAM: Well, how was my tempo?

MATT: It's good.

EPHRAM: Finger independence?

MATT: Right on the money.

EPHRAM: Strength, agility, forearm rotation...

MATT: [getting up] It's not your technique, Ephram. You're not letting yourself go, you're letting the piece lead you.

[Matt sits next to Ephram.]

MATT: Would you let a car drive you or would you drive the car?

EPHRAM: Neither. I'm fifteen.

MATT: Let's try another one.

[Matt opens a book for Ephram to play.]

EPHRAM: Schubert's "Impromptu No. 3 and Opus 90"? I-I don't know that one.

MATT: That's cool. You're gonna have another 10 seconds to look at it.

EPHRAM: Why do I only have...

[Matt starts counting down which makes Ephram nervous.]

MATT: Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.

EPHRAM: Dude, you're freaking me out.

MATT: Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

[Matt puts the book away.]

MATT: Good. Now play the first page.

EPHRAM: I can't.

MATT: Yes, you can, Ephram. You're worried about getting it right and I don't want you to. Now close your eyes, see the page in your mind, and play what you see.

EPHRAM: Whatever you say, Obi-Wan.

[Ephram starts playing the piece perfectly. The camera pans around the living room.]

{FLASHBACK: Merge into the Browns' well-furnished town house in New York, a year earlier.}

[The camera continues to pan around to reveal purple-haired Ephram playing Schubert's "Impromptu No. 3 and Opus 90" at a grand piano. He stops and gets up as he can hear arguing.]

JULIA: Andy, I'm trying to talk to you. I'm trying to tell you something. You're never home and when you are, you don't notice me. You don't notice any of us.

[Dr. Brown then says something which I can't quite catch because of all the cars honking outside. Ephram walks over to a door and partly opens it and listens and watches his parents.]

JULIA: It's like I don't even register on your radar screen. You tell me what I'm supposed to do!

DR. BROWN: What do you want from me?!

JULIA: I just, I don't wanna live like this anymore, Andy. I just can't.



[A door slams as Ephram watches through the opening in shock.]

JULIA: [frustrated] Andy?!


[Fade back to the Browns' living room in Everwood, present day. Ephram sans the purple hair finishes the piece.]

MATT: [dumbfounded] You played the whole thing.

EPHRAM: [reserved] I was wrong. I do know this one.

[Ephram closes the cover to the piano.]



[Open on Amy's bedroom. She and Colin are lying on her bed kissing.]

COLIN: You have perfect lips, they're so soft and kissable.

AMY: Yeah?

[They resume their kissing.]

AMY: You've got the best eyes.

COLIN: No way. You have perfectly colored eyes. They match your face.

AMY: My eyes match my face?

COLIN: You know what I mean.

AMY: I can't believe you were gone for ten days. Do you know how glad I am you're back?

COLIN: Mmm, not really.

[More kissing. Amy suddenly hears a car pull up and takes a look.]

AMY: Oh my God. They're back.

[They both rush downstairs and jump on the couch trying to look normal. They make it just in time as Dr. Abbott and Rose open the front door.]

AMY: [perky] Hi.

DR. ABBOTT: Hello.

AMY: How was the movie?

DR. ABBOTT: Ah, the popcorn was stale, we got stuck in the third row, some dimwit spilled a gallon of Mountain Dew all over my brand new loafers.

ROSE: Actually it was very entertaining. Only I wish somebody would tell that Renee Zellweger to stop losing weight.

DR. ABBOTT: And what have you two been watching?

[At this point, you'll probably notice that Colin doesn't really look too good. He looks a little pasty.]

AMY: You know, just flipping.

COLIN: Yeah, there's really nothing on.

AMY: Yeah, nothing good.

COLIN: I mean nothing good.

ROSE: Isn't it about time to be heading home, Colin? It's getting pretty late.

COLIN: Oh, my dad's gonna pick me up any minute.

ROSE: Well, you kids enjoy your commercials. We'll head for bed.

DR. ABBOTT: Perhaps I'll join you for a bit. I hear there's a wonderful new GAP campaign. Maybe if we keep flipping, we can catch it.

ROSE: Come on, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Good night.

AMY: Good night.

COLIN: Good night.

AMY: We pulled it off. My parents are so clueless.

[Colin looks like he wants to hurl.]


AMY: You OK?

COLIN: Yeah. I'm just gonna go um, you know I think I'm gonna use your bathroom for a second.

AMY: Do you want me to get you anything?

COLIN: It's OK. I'll be right back.

[Cut to inside the bathroom. Colin empties the contents of his stomach into the toilet. Amy goes to check on him and can hear what's going on. Colin washes his face.]

[Cut to the Brown house. Nina and Sam are there for dinner.]

NINA: So, when do you leave again?

DR. BROWN: Not till the end of the week. But we'll only be in New York for a couple of days so there shouldn't be much mail.

NINA: Oh no, it's no problem. This is probably gonna make me sound stupid, but I have no idea what an unveiling is.

DR. BROWN: An unveiling is a Jewish custom. A year after someone passes away, family and friends gather around the grave site to see the headstone get, unveiled. According to Jewish beliefs, when someone dies, the immediate family is supposed to say Kaddish. That's the mourner's prayer three times a day every day for an entire year. After that year is up, they believe that the soul has reached heaven. So when you unveil the stone, it signifies that that person is now resting in peace.

NINA: Wow. I'm impressed, Andy. Did you minor in religious studies?

EPHRAM: [walking in] He was on the Internet all day.

[Ephram grabs some food on a plate and heads back to his room.]

DR. BROWN: Where are you going?

EPHRAM: Eating in my room, if that's OK.

DR. BROWN: Sure.

[Ephram leaves.]

NINA: He's having a rough time with this trip, huh?

DR. BROWN: Maybe. It feels like something else though. He's barely looked at me all week. It's like he's slipped back into Ephram five months ago. That Ephram was so unpleasant.

NINA: Oh, go easy on him. I'm sure he'll be better once this is over.

DR. BROWN: Let's hope.


DR. BROWN: Yes, honey?

DELIA: What do you wear to an unveiling?

[Dr. Brown has no idea.]

[Cut back to the Abbotts. Dr. Abbott is sitting with milk and cookies. Amy walks in.]

AMY: You have to dunk the cookies, Dad. That's the whole point.

DR. ABBOTT: Wanna share?

AMY: [drinking a soda] Oh no thanks.

DR. ABBOTT: You do realize that's just battery acid for your insides, eating away at your intestines?

[Amy makes a satisfied noise.]

DR. ABBOTT: So, things seem to be working out between you and Colin?

AMY: Definitely.

DR. ABBOTT: So glad I asked.

AMY: It just feels like us again, you know? Even the way I remembered us but better, more adult or something. It's like before I thought I was in love with him but then but that was just me, you know pretending but now I feel it and he feels it and I know he feels it and it's like...


AMY: Yeah?

DR. ABBOTT: Perhaps we should continue this conversation when you're thirty.

AMY: Good night.

DR. ABBOTT: Good night.

AMY: Dad? When's he gonna be well again?

DR. ABBOTT: What do you mean, honey?

AMY: I mean, Colin's doing great, better than anyone thought he would but I just hate to see him go through the side effects of the surgery, you know?

DR. ABBOTT: What side effects?

AMY: I mean like the normal stuff. Throwing up, not like he does that a lot but...

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I'm sure it's just the stress of everything. I wouldn't worry about it. Dr. Brown and the Denver team, they're watching him like a hawk.

AMY: I feel so much better now, I think I'll actually sleep.

DR. ABBOTT: With all that caffeine in your system? Good luck.

AMY: Please. This is like nothing.

[Cut to Ephram's room. He's on his laptop. His father knocks on the door.]


EPHRAM: You realize the point of knocking is completely eliminated when you don't wait for a response, right?

DR. BROWN: Listen. I just wanted to say, Ephram, that I know this week is gonna be very hard for you. It's gonna be hard for all of us. And, it's OK to be in a bad mood.

[No response.]

DR. BROWN: OK then. I was thinking, since we all kind of screwed up on this three times a day Kaddish thing, I thought maybe you might wanna do the Kaddish at the ceremony? It might be nice. What do you think?

[Still no response.]

DR. BROWN: If you don't know it, I could find it on the net and print it out for you. You don't have to do it if you don't want to but since you're the only one of us who can speak a little Hebrew I thought that...

[Ephram closes his laptop.]

EPHRAM: I'll do it.

DR. BROWN: You will? Great.

EPHRAM: Great.

DR. BROWN: Good night.

[He closes the door and Ephram thinks to himself. The door knocks again which irritates him.]

EPHRAM: [angry] What now!?

{FLASHBACK: Ephram's room in New York, last year. He's got the purple hair back.}

[Ephram's mother, Julia, walks in.]

JULIA: What's with the 'tude, dude?

EPHRAM: Sorry. I thought you were him. And please refrain from using the word "dude" in a sentence.

[Julia's holding a laundry basket.]

JULIA: Shall I put these away for you or can you handle it yourself?

EPHRAM: Oh, I got it.

JULIA: You know, what you really need is more black in your wardrobe?

EPHRAM: Well if it will make you happier, I could pick out some more colorful t-shirts tomorrow with Dad. Maybe a nice fuchsia?

JULIA: What's tomorrow with Dad?

EPHRAM: He's taking me suit shopping for our recital. I thought I told you.

[Julia doesn't know how to break it to him.]

JULIA: Your dad left for Boston this morning, honey.

EPHRAM: He did what?

JULIA: There was a convention. He must have forgotten.

EPHRAM: I just talked to him the other day. He promised. The recital's in two weeks.

JULIA: I'm-I'm sure he's planning on calling you. Look, don't worry. I'll take you tomorrow.

EPHRAM: I can't believe him.

JULIA: Trust me, this is a blessing in disguise. Your father is the absolute worst shopper.

EPHRAM: My father is the absolute worst everything!

JULIA: [pleading] Don't.

[Ephram finishes packing his stuff away.]

JULIA: How's this? You, me, Barney's. We'll pick out the most expensive suit we can find, charge it to your dad then go have a fabulous lunch in the city where I may even let you have a sip or two of my mimosa.

EPHRAM: Well, you know how much I like the hard stuff.

JULIA: [holding up her pinky finger] What do you say? Deal?

[Ephram reluctantly gives in and smiles.]

EPHRAM: Deal. Thanks, Mom.

JULIA: Anytime, handsome.

[Julia walks out.]


[Cut back to sans-the-purple-hair Ephram in his room in Everwood, present day. He's staring at his door.]



[Open on Main Street. Both doctors' cars pull up. The Browns and the Feeneys get out of one while Dr. Abbott steps out of his.]

DR. BROWN: Morning, Doctor.

DELIA: Good morning, Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. Glorious. Any particular reason for this Brady Bunch outing?

DR. BROWN: Well, Nina's helping Delia find a dress and ah, Ephram and I...

EPHRAM: [brushing past him] I'm going in.

DR. BROWN: ...are gonna buy a suit.

DR. ABBOTT: Such a happy child.

NINA: OK, girlfriend, ready to shop till we drop?

DELIA: If we must.

NINA: We must.

DR. BROWN: So, working on a Sunday?

DR. ABBOTT: I have some extra paperwork to catch up on. Rather busy week with so many people coming down with the flu. I understand Colin may have come down with it as well.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I wasn't aware of that.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, Amy mentioned he hadn't been feeling well. Some bouts of nausea, I think she said.

DR. BROWN: Has he been vomiting?

DR. ABBOTT: Possibly, I-I don't know. Would that be highly irregular?

DR. BROWN: Well, I'll look into it. Thanks.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, enjoy your shopping.

[Cut to inside the suit store. Ephram is perusing various suits. Dr. Brown holds up two suits.]

DR. BROWN: What do you think of these?

EPHRAM: [not even looking at them] Hate 'em.

DR. BROWN: At least do me the courtesy of looking at 'em before dismissing them out of hand. What if I'd picked something in powder blue? That would've been funny and you'd have missed the joke.

EPHRAM: You know, I could do this by myself. Why don't you just give me your credit card and go help Delia?

DR. BROWN: Delia's taken care of. I'd like to help you.

EPHRAM: [snappish] Well, I don't want you to.

DR. BROWN: Alright. I have to meet with the Harts anyway. [handing over the plastic] I'll see you back at the house.

[He leaves. Ephram carries on looking until he hears a voice.]

JULIA: Ephram.

[He looks up.]

{FLASHBACK: Purple-haired Ephram and his mom are suit shopping for his recital that occurred last year.}

[Julia is holding up a dark suit.]

JULIA: What about this one?

EPHRAM: [smiling] Now that I like!

JULIA: I thought so. Go try it on and we'll get you fitted properly.

[He gives a faint laugh and goes to try it on.]

[Cut to later. He's now standing in front of a mirror. The tailor is fitting him. Julia is sitting on a chair in the background.]

TAILOR: I'll be back with more pins.

[Julia gets up.]

JULIA: Look at you. You are gonna be the most handsome young man at your recital.

EPHRAM: I'm gonna mess up the middle part again. I can't get that right.

JULIA: You're obsessing again.

EPHRAM: I'm not obsessing. I just want it to be perfect. You're driving all the way out to Jersey for this.

[She's smiling.]

EPHRAM: What are you smiling about?

JULIA: Nothing. You're just, so much like your father sometimes.

EPHRAM: I am nothing like him.

JULIA: Don't be angry with him, Ephram. He feels awful about everything. He called you, didn't he?

EPHRAM: Yeah, but only because you told him to.

JULIA: How did you know that?

EPHRAM: You think I don't know that you signed his name on the birthday cards too? And pick out the presents?

JULIA: You know, when we first met, he wasn't always this...

EPHRAM: [interrupting] ...this much of a jerk?

JULIA: I was going to say wasn't always this *busy*. When we first met, oh, it was very different.

EPHRAM: You probably didn't fight as much either, huh?

JULIA: Your father and I don't fight that much.


JULIA: Have you decided whether or not you're gonna invite Gwen Stefani to the recital?

EPHRAM: You know her name's not really Gwen Stefani, right? It's Kathryn and she just kinda looks like her and no, I mean I changed my mind.

[He heads for the chair to put his shoes on.]

JULIA: Really? I thought it was a brilliant tactical maneuver on your part.

EPHRAM: How do you figure?

JULIA: She'd be seeing you in your element. Do you remember when John Augustine got the lead in your school play last year? He had all the girls in love with him after that and that boy couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Not to mention his dandruff.

EPHRAM: [laughing] Mom!

JULIA: It wasn't about his looks. Those girls fell in love with his presence on stage, his confidence. That's what draws the women in. And sweetheart, when you play the piano, you have no idea but your whole body changes. You sit down on that bench and you forget about all your insecurities. It's like you finally allow yourself be who you really are.

EPHRAM: A total piano dork?

JULIA: An unbelievably gifted musician!

[She reaches in to hug him while he's laughing.]

EPHRAM: MOM! MOM! The pins! OK, the pins!

[She realizes and gets up. They're both laughing hysterically.]


[In the suit shop in Everwood, present day Ephram's laughing until a guy bumps him back into reality.]

[Cut to the Harts. Dr. Brown is knocking on the door. Sharon Hart opens it. She's not that thrilled to see him.]


SHARON: Dr. Brown. This is an unexpected surprise.

DR. BROWN: Well, I thought I'd make a house call. Save you guys another trip to the office. How are you doing, Colin?

COLIN: [nervous] Good.

DR. BROWN: It must be good to be back from the hospital, huh?

COLIN: Yeah. Definitely.

SHARON: It'll be nice when we don't have to have these check ups so frequently.

[Laynie rushes in.]

LAYNIE: Mom, I can't find my iPod!

[She notices Dr. Brown.]

LAYNIE: Oh, sorry.

SHARON: I'll help you in a second, honey. [quietly] Go.

[Laynie doesn't look very happy but complies.]

SHARON: [to Dr. Brown] Have a seat, please.

DR. BROWN: Oh thanks.

[They sit.]

DR. BROWN: [to Colin] So, I guess the doctors from Denver filled you in on your lab results, huh?

COLIN: Yeah, most of them, I think. I mean, it all sounded good, right?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, it did. How you feeling otherwise?

COLIN: What do you mean?

DR. BROWN: You know, the usual stuff. Headaches? Stomach aches? Things like that.

COLIN: Nah, I feel good.

DR. BROWN: So you haven't been throwing up lately?

[Colin realizes that Dr. Brown is on to him and his smile fades.]

SHARON: There's the occasional bout of nausea but that's normal for our family. We have nervous stomachs.

DR. BROWN: Well that may be, but as Colin's physician, I need to know about these things. Everything that happens, anything out of the ordinary. If Colin stubs his toe, I wanna hear about it.

SHARON: I apologize. From now on, I will keep you updated on everything.

DR. BROWN: So how persistent is the vomiting?

COLIN: You know, it was just a few times the last couple of days.

DR. BROWN: Any idea what brings it on?

COLIN: Last night, I was just, you know, running around. I wasn't feeling, you know, that well before, anyways. You know, I might have just got the flu.

DR. BROWN: Maybe. But just to be safe, I want Colin to stop by my office tomorrow morning for a fundoscopy. A simple eye test. Won't take long.

MRS. HART: But why?

DR. BROWN: Well, it's another test that checks for increased intracranial pressure. It picks up things that the CT scan might not. It's just a precaution. You don't mind, do you?

SHARON: It looks like you didn't save us that extra trip after all, did you?

[Colin looks upset.]

[Cut to Main Street. Amy is standing there. Ephram walks by with his suit.]

AMY: What'd you get?


AMY: What'd you get?

EPHRAM: Oh, ah, it's just a suit.

AMY: For your recital?


AMY: Your recital. I thought it was coming up.

EPHRAM: Oh yeah. No, it's not for that. Um, I guess I could wear it for that, too. I just, you know, I wasn't really, I...

AMY: You're rambling again.

EPHRAM: Oh yeah, sorry. I just, I've got some things on my mind. So what are you doing?

AMY: Oh um, Colin and I were meant to see a movie but he's really late. We'll probably have to catch the next one. Did you wanna hang out with us?

EPHRAM: Ah no, I should get home.

AMY: OK. But you're gonna invite me to your recital though, right? I mean, when it happens?

EPHRAM: You'd want to come?

AMY: Of course I would, you're an awesome piano player, Ephram. Plus, I've never seen you in a real suit before. See, tons of reasons to go.

[Amy notices Colin approaching.]

AMY: Colin!

[Ephram quickly rushes off.]

EPHRAM: See you later.

AMY: [to Colin] Where have you been? The movie started ten minutes ago.

[Colin doesn't look happy.]

AMY: We could catch the next one but...

COLIN: I was with Dr. Brown. My new best friend, who I have to see again tomorrow because he wants to run another freakin' test on me.

AMY: What?

COLIN: And I'm just curious, do you just run and blab everything that happens between us to the whole world or-or just the stuff about me being sick?

AMY: I didn't. What are you talking about? You're not sick.

COLIN: Yeah, I know that. But apparently when a doctor finds out that I've been throwing up...

AMY: How did he? I swear to God, I didn't tell him.

COLIN: You didn't tell anyone?

[Amy starts to shake her head until she realizes.]

AMY: Oh no.

COLIN: Yeah I think I'm gonna skip this movie.

AMY: Colin, wait. I didn't mean to...

COLIN: You know, I've got a lot to deal with right now, Amy. And I don't need to worry about whether or not I can trust you. I just need to know that you're on my side.

AMY: Of course, I'm on your side.

COLIN: [walking away] Yeah.



[Open on the Harts' living room. Dr. Brown is explaining to them about the test.]

DR. BROWN: The purpose of the fundoscopy is to check for any indication of hydrocephalus, which is increased fluid around the brain.

JAMES: The doctors in Denver told us about that. But they weren't worried.

DR. BROWN: Well, the tests do indicate that Colin isn't a high risk candidate, which is good.

SHARON: Which is great!

DR. BROWN: But tests can be inconclusive. Call it a gut feeling but something's not sitting well with me.

SHARON: What are you trying to say?

DR. BROWN: I'm concerned about Colin. Right now, I don't think that going to Denver once a month for a round of generic tests is enough. I'm gonna recommend that you send him somewhere where he can be monitored 24 hours a day.

SHARON: [can't believe it] You want us to send our son away? Again?

DR. BROWN: For a while, yes. There are facilities I can recommend...

JAMES: Doctor, we just got our son back. We don't wanna ship him off to some psych ward just because you have a gut feeling.

DR. BROWN: Look, I understand how hard this is for you but you guys have to trust me.

SHARON: All of Colin's other doctors are very positive and supportive. And that's what he needs right now, not more testing. And certainly not to be separated from his family and friends just when he's starting to feel comfortable again.

DR. BROWN: This would only be for a short while.

SHARON: You know, a mother has instincts too. And right now, mine are telling me that you may no longer be the best doctor for my son.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry?

JAMES: We've talked about this a lot, Dr. Brown. Back in New York you only performed surgery?

DR. BROWN: That's correct.

JAMES: Don't get me wrong. I would never underestimate what you've done for my son. I'll be eternally grateful but there is a difference between a surgeon and a full-time family physician. You're still looking for problems. We're just looking for peace. Can you understand that?

DR. BROWN: Yes, I do understand that. But I also understand that you don't wanna deal with the severity of what's happened to Colin and, as your doctor and your friend, I am telling you, he is not out of the woods yet. His symptoms could worsen.

SHARON: We'll be mindful of that. But you don't have to worry about it any more. [getting up] We appreciate you stopping by.

DR. BROWN: Don't do this, please? You're making a big mistake.

JAMES: I think it's time for you to go, doctor. Thank you for everything. I won't forget it.

[James leads Dr. Brown out who stops to look at Sharon first. She stands defiant.]

[Cut to the Brown's kitchen. Ephram is looking through the cupboards as Delia enters.]

DELIA: Where's Dad?

EPHRAM: No idea.

DELIA: You're making dinner?

EPHRAM: Mmm hmm. Noodles and soup, pick a flavor, chicken or Oriental?

DELIA: I didn't think noodles were supposed to taste like chicken. What's Oriental taste like?

EPHRAM: No idea. What do you say we make 'em both and find out?

DELIA: Good thinking. Ephram?


DELIA: Are you scared to go back home?

EPHRAM: No. Why? Are you?

DELIA: A little. Sometimes I think maybe Mom's still there, like she didn't die, except now she's mad at us.

EPHRAM: Why would she be mad?

DELIA: It's just, when she died, I used to think about her all the time.

EPHRAM: And now you don't think about her as much?

DELIA: Not as much, no.

EPHRAM: And you think she'd be mad at you for that?

[Delia remains silent.]

EPHRAM: Do you remember my favorite sneakers?

DELIA: Your Pumas with your name all over them?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Remember how I used to wear them like *all* the time?

DELIA: They smelt so bad Mom would put baby powder in them.

EPHRAM: Yeah. She even threw them away that one time. You remember that?

DELIA: But then, she went in the garbage to get them back.

EPHRAM: Yeah. I don't really wear my Pumas as much anymore but when I do, it's like extra special. Do you know what I mean?

[She nods.]


[She hugs him.]

EPHRAM: Go wash up, dinner's ready.

[He puts the bowl in the microwave and closes the door.]

{FLASHBACK: A diner in New York.}

[A microwave door opens and the waitress pulls out some food. The camera pans over to Ephram and Julia sitting at the counter.]

EPHRAM: I thought we were going to a nice lunch? I was promised champagne?

JULIA: Sorry but I had a hankering for a greasy cheeseburger instead. Are you ready to order?


[Ephram glances over and instantly spots a blonde "Gwen Stefani"-looking waitress and tries to hide.]

EPHRAM: Oh my God!

JULIA: What's wrong?

EPHRAM: Her parents own a diner. This must be the one. I didn't know she worked here.

JULIA: Whose parents, Ephram? Who are you talking about?

EPHRAM: The waitress!

JULIA: What about her?

EPHRAM: We have to go, like now!

JULIA: Because Kathryn Adams AKA Gwen Stefani is our waitress?

EPHRAM: No, because...

[Ephram realizes.]

EPHRAM: You set me up. This is completely illegal mother behavior.

JULIA: I know. So, are you gonna invite her to the recital or what? No excuses this now.

EPHRAM: How did you even know she worked here? You didn't even know her name. You didn't know her. How did you know her name?

[He does a quick double take.]

EPHRAM: What are you? From the CIA?

JULIA: Nope, PTA. I know everything. Now go ask her. Go on.

[Ephram gets up.]

EPHRAM: I can't. I can't.

JULIA: Yes, you can. I-I won't even watch, I promise.

EPHRAM: [quietly] What if she says no?

JULIA: She won't.

EPHRAM: How do you know?

JULIA: Because I just do.

[Julia ushers him off but he turns around.]

EPHRAM: Don't watch!

[Julia pulls the menu up to cover her face then slowly pulls it down. Ephram heads over to talk to Kathryn.]

[Cut to later at their New York townhouse. Ephram and Julia enter.]

EPHRAM: And-and she even knows the piece I'm playing for my recital which is like so unbelievably cool 'cause I mean, why would she know that?

JULIA: She's obviously a very intelligent girl.

EPHRAM: She's obviously meant to be with me.

JULIA: Obviously.

EPHRAM: And did you see when we left? She waved.

JULIA: I did.

EPHRAM: That's right. We waved.

[Julia presses the button on the answering machine. There's a message from Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN'S VOICE: Hi, it's me. Listen, I'm-I won't be coming home tonight. I know I said I was but something's come up and I won't be able to make it. Tell the kids I'll call them when I can.

[Ephram doesn't look too impressed.]

EPHRAM: Where is he?

JULIA: I guess he's still in Boston.

EPHRAM: No, he's not. I called the hotel. He's not there. I checked.

JULIA: What hotel?

EPHRAM: The hotel he told me he was staying at. Where did he tell you he was staying? Did he even bother sticking to the same lie?

JULIA: Ephram!?

EPHRAM: You guys have been fighting way more than usual, he's been home less and less, something's going on.

JULIA: Nothing's going on.

EPHRAM: He's cheating on you, isn't he? He's cheating on you and you wanna protect him because you don't want me to know what a jerk he really is?

JULIA: Sweetheart, no. Look, this-this doesn't concern you.

EPHRAM: Why don't you just leave him? We don't need him, he-he doesn't do anything. We could move away from here. I could help take care of Delia.

JULIA: We do need him. I need him, Ephram. I know you don't understand but I love your father very much. I couldn't imagine my life without him. And I'm telling you, this family wouldn't work without him.

EPHRAM: You're just afraid. You tell me that I should be brave, you tell me that I should take risks... what about you?

JULIA: Ephram, it's not that simple...

EPHRAM: [walking away] Oh, forget it.

[He storms off to his room.]


[Cut to Abbott home. Dinner. Bright tries to cut the tension in the air.]

BRIGHT: Good ham, Mom.

ROSE: Well, thank you, dear.

DR. ABBOTT: Bright, could you please pass the salt?

[Amy quickly snatches it.]

AMY: I'm using it.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, when you're done then.

AMY: I will never be done with the salt. Ever.

BRIGHT: What if I need the salt?

DR. ABBOTT: Obviously you're still upset with me. That's fine.

AMY: Still upset? Should I be over your total betrayal of me after only one day? Is that what you expected? Well guess again, 'cause I will *never* be over it.

ROSE: Alright. Let's everyone just calm down.

AMY: Colin's furious at me, OK? He doesn't want to talk to me anymore and you know what? [looking at her father] I don't blame him. He trusted me and, like an idiot, I trusted you, but that was obviously a huge mistake, wasn't it?

[Bright looks uncomfortable.]

DR. ABBOTT: Honey, you're overreacting.

AMY: [starting to get louder] Do you even understand the concept of the word "trust", Dad? Because I don't think you do!

DR. ABBOTT: You know, I simply inquired about Colin's health much the same way that you came to me.

AMY: I came to you in confidence. Like a daughter goes to a father. Not like a doctor goes to another doctor he doesn't even like!

DR. ABBOTT: I mentioned Colin in passing. I was worried about your friend.

AMY: My boyfriend! BOY-FRIEND! God, I can't believe I didn't see this sooner! It's so obvious what you're doing.

DR. ABBOTT: Wh-what are you talking about?

AMY: Oh please, you're trying to keep Colin and me apart. You're not worried about Colin's health. The only thing you're worried about is that I might be growing up too fast and you don't like it. Well, that's just too damn bad! Isn't it?

ROSE: That is enough! Amy, you can go to your room and you can stay there until I tell you to come out!

AMY: No! No, Mom, you know it's true. If it were up to him I'd still be wearing pigtails and getting cootie shots everytime a boy touches me. [to her father] I love Colin. I love him more than anything else in the entire world and after what you did, I won't be able to trust you ever again with anything!

ROSE: [getting up] Amy Nicole! Any more of this and you won't get to talk to Colin for a week because that's how long you'll be grounded for!

[Amy storms out and slams a door on her way out.]

[Bright looks sad as he tries to eat. Dr. Abbott looks defeated.]

[Cut back to the Browns' house. Ephram arrives home.]

DR. BROWN: Where've you been?

EPHRAM: [jaded] Out!

DR. BROWN: What the hell is your problem, Ephram? Look, I know that going back to New York is difficult for you but you're not the only one who's having a hard time with it.

EPHRAM: You think that's what this is about?

DR. BROWN: Well, I don't know what it's about because you won't tell me.

EPHRAM: Last year, right before Mom died, you said you were going to Boston but you never went. Where were you?

DR. BROWN: What? What's this got to do...?

EPHRAM: [louder] Answer the question!

DR. BROWN: I don't remember.

EPHRAM: Yes, you do. You're a liar! You know exactly where you were!

DR. BROWN: Look, if I told you that I went to Boston then I probably did. I attended at least a dozen seminars...

EPHRAM: [furious] There was no seminar. I checked! Alright? All I wanna know is who you were with and how can you live with yourself?

DR. BROWN: You think I cheated on your mother?

EPHRAM: I KNOW YOU DID! Alright? I remember the day you left. I remember the fight. I was practicing my piece for the recital. The recital which you couldn't make it to. Gee, I wonder why? Were you with her that night too, huh? Were you with her the night Mom died!?

[His father walks up to him and glares him straight in the eye. He speaks quietly.]

DR. BROWN: You listen to me, I never cheated on your mother, you understand me? Ever! And if you ever say that again, I swear to God, I won't be responsible for what I do to you.

[Ephram takes the threat seriously and calms down a little.]

EPHRAM: Well then, what happened? I mean I know something happened. But what?

DR. BROWN: It doesn't matter.

EPHRAM: Yes, it does! It matters to me. And you owe it to me for every minute of my life that you weren't there, that you didn't show up, that you didn't give a damn. You owe me the truth now because I'm asking for it and I'm not going to disappear into my room the way I used to. And Mom's not here to cover for you. It's just you and me. Right now, tell me. I-I need to know.

DR. BROWN: You're right, Ephram. I didn't go to Boston. I was staying at a hotel in the city. I had to get away I... Your mother and I were fighting.

EPHRAM: That much I know.

DR. BROWN: I was just so tired. I didn't wanna fight anymore. So I just left. I didn't know what else to do. And then I got scared.

EPHRAM: Scared of what?

DR. BROWN: That she would see him again.

EPHRAM: See who?

DR. BROWN: Your mother met someone, Ephram. I was never going to tell you.

[Ephram can't believe it.]

EPHRAM: No, you're lying. You're a liar.

DR. BROWN: Listen to me.

EPHRAM: You are a liar!

DR. BROWN: Listen to me. It wasn't her fault.

EPHRAM: It was you.

DR. BROWN: It was mine.


DR. BROWN: I was *never* there.

EPHRAM: No. I would've known. She would've told me.

DR. BROWN: You can't blame her, Ephram.


DR. BROWN: I was never there for her. I was never there for all of you!

EPHRAM: I don't believe you. No!

DR. BROWN: Ephram, it doesn't mean anything, Ephram. Your mother is the same woman you always thought she was. Nothing has changed. Nothing.

[Ephram stops for a moment.]

EPHRAM: No. It's all different now. Everything's different.



[Open on Mama Joy's. Dr. Brown is having a coffee. Dr. Abbott walks in and sits next to him.]

DR. ABBOTT: Coffee, please.

DR. BROWN: You look about as awful as I feel.

DR. ABBOTT: I've got bad news for you. *You* look about as awful as you feel. So how's Colin?

DR. BROWN: I wouldn't know. I'm no longer his doctor. In fact, I'd expect a phone call pretty soon if I were you.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, normally I'd relish the opportunity to steal a patient from you, Doctor. But I'm going to pass on this one. My daughter already hates me enough as it is.

DR. BROWN: Really? When did that happen?

DR. ABBOTT: Details aren't important. Although I could blame you.

DR. BROWN: Go ahead. Everyone else does.

DR. ABBOTT: Sufficed to say that my child won't talk to me anymore. Apparently, I've broken a sacred trust by simply voicing an honest concern.

DR. BROWN: If it makes you feel any better, Ephram's not talking to me right now, either.

DR. ABBOTT: Big deal. He never talks to you. You're used to it. Amy and I have a special relationship.

DR. BROWN: "Had". Had a special relationship.

DR. ABBOTT: It's an impossible predicament. I mean, they don't want us to treat them like children but then when you try to talk to them like an adult, they act like...

DR. BROWN: Teenagers.

DR. ABBOTT: Exactly.


DR. ABBOTT: I still blame you.

[Cut to the Harts. Laynie is packing in her room when Colin finds her.]

COLIN: Hey, can I borrow your notes from... Where are you going?

LAYNIE: Back to boarding school.


LAYNIE: [sad] I just feel like I was doing so much better there, I mean, the teachers were smarter, the classes...

COLIN: Laynie.

LAYNIE: I can't stay here anymore, Colin. You're sick and nobody wants to deal with it. And I don't wanna make you sad but I just, I can't be here anymore. I feel like everything's gonna fall apart again and I don't wanna be here when it does.

COLIN: Hey, nothing's gonna happen. Everything's gonna be fine, I promise.

LAYNIE: You won't be mad at me if I go, right? Just don't be mad at me.

COLIN: Of course I won't be mad. I-I just... I'll miss you.

[They hug.]

LAYNIE: Call me?

COLIN: I will.

[Cut to the Brown family clinic. Ephram walks in to find his father.]

EPHRAM: It's getting late.

DR. BROWN: I know. I'm just wrapping up.

EPHRAM: You know, I've been angry at you. I've been hating you for a long time now. And I was wrong. You never deserved to be treated that way. Sorry.

DR. BROWN: You know you don't need to apologize, Ephram. I failed you as a father for 15 years. I was never there for you or your mother. That's why sometimes you feel like throwing me off a cliff and that's why your mother did what she did. And I don't blame either of you for it. You know, in the end it was me who ended up begging her for forgiveness. I told her that things would be different. That I would change. But I wouldn't have. I might have been better for a while but then...

EPHRAM: She loved you. She told me that. She told me that all the time.

DR. BROWN: She loved you too. Very much.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but she lied to me.

DR. BROWN: No, she didn't. What happened between us had nothing to do with you. She was right not to tell you. I never should have.

EPHRAM: Still, I'm glad you did. I was making her perfect in my mind and...

DR. BROWN: Well, she was perfect. She was a perfect mother.

EPHRAM: No, she wasn't. But it's OK. I don't need her to be perfect anymore.

[Dr. Brown gets up and walks over to Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: If you need to be angry, be angry, Ephram. But then forgive her. Tomorrow, we fly home to honor your mother in the way she deserves to be honored. Because, maybe she wasn't perfect but, she was damn close.

[He kisses Ephram on the forehead.]

EPHRAM: I'd better start packing. We leave early tomorrow.

DR. BROWN: I'll be home soon.

[Cut to Amy's room. She's reading a book. Her father knocks on the door.]

AMY: If you came here to apologize, you can forget it.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, actually I wasn't planning on apologizing. Honey, I'm not sorry for what I did. And if I had to do it all over again, I would do exactly the same thing. And you may not agree with all of my choices and you certainly won't always like them but you're going to have to accept them because for the time being at least, I'm still the grown-up here. So, slamming doors, throwing temper tantrums that's, well that's just obnoxious behavior. Quite frankly, that's beneath you. If you're angry with me about something, we can discuss it rationally or we can agree to disagree. I'll leave that choice up to you.

AMY: Are you done?

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, I believe I am.

AMY: Would you mind leaving me alone?

[He does.]

[Cut to Julia's unveiling. "Trouble" by Kristen Hersh begins playing. The Rabbi concludes his prayer.]

LYRICS: Trouble / Oh trouble set me free

[Julia's headstone reads:


1958 – 2002


LYRICS: And it's too much, too much for me

RABBI: Amen. Julia's son, Ephram, will now lead us in the Kaddish prayer.

LYRICS: Oh trouble can't you see / You're eating my heart away / And there's nothing much left of me

[Ephram takes his place.]

EPHRAM: Yit-gadel ve-yit-kadash shemi raba,

{FLASHBACK: The Browns' townhouse in New York.}

[Ephram's sitting at the piano, playing the same piece from the beginning of the episode. Julia sits next to him.]

JULIA: Have you gotten to the middle part yet?


JULIA: I've been thinking about what you said to me before, trying to come up with some sort of answer that might explain, may satisfy you in some way or another. But I don't think you don't want me to rationalize why I do what I do. We do what we do because we have no choice.

[He stops playing.]

EPHRAM: Of course, you have a choice.

JULIA: When you were about 3 years old, we went to Nonny and Grandpa's house for dinner. I think it was their anniversary. Anyway, all the grown ups were in the kitchen having our coffee when suddenly I heard this music coming from the living room. I walked out and saw you sitting on the piano bench. And you weren't just banging away like a regular 3 year old, you were making music.

EPHRAM: I doubt it was...

JULIA: It was music. The whole family, one by one, started coming out. Nonny pulled out her camera and started flashing away like a maniac. But you didn't even look up. You just kept hitting one key after another, hearing something. And that was it, Ephram. You never stopped playing after that. I don't know what lead you to the piano that day, and I don't know what's kept you coming back day after day since then but you do it. Do you know why?


JULIA: It's because you have no choice. Even if you quit, even if you decided you were sick of spending so many hours practicing every day, you'd find your way back to this bench. Because you and your talent, you're inseparable. There isn't one without the other. Well, that's me and your father. We don't exist without the other. We're just... one. No matter what happens, no matter how bad the fight is, there's no choice. We're together, me and him. And us. This family, we're a unit. And you can't question it, you can't fight it, you just have to give in to it. Even when it hurts. Does that make sense?


[He starts playing again.]

JULIA: [getting up] Well, keep practicing. I don't wanna bother you.

EPHRAM: You don't have to go. I play better when you're here.

[She smiles and sits on the couch behind him.]


[The scene fades back to present day where Ephram is still reciting the Kaddish prayer. "Trouble" is still playing.]

LYRICS: Trouble / Oh trouble move from me / I have paid my debt / Won't you leave me in my misery / Trouble / Oh trouble please be kind.

EPHRAM: Oseh shalom bimromav hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu v'al kol yisreael v'imru amen.


LYRICS: I don't want no fight / And I haven't got a lot of time.

[Dr. Brown stares solemnly at his son.]

[Fade to black.]


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