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La Saint-Valentin

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[Open on the snow covered hills of Colorado. Day. The camera rolls up through the woods and we see Irv and Edna hiking. For a change, Dr. Brown narrates this episode. It'll become apparent by the end of the episode why this is so.]

NARRATOR: Dear Valentine, come away with me. If I had a day with you and you only, I would enjoy the simple things. The things that, in the end, when time steals the rest away, are the only things we'll remember. I would paddle you across a still lake in a rowboat and read poetry to you until you fall asleep and I would never ever think about the hours.

[Irv and Edna are now observing a pair of birds through binoculars.]

EDNA: What do you think she's thinking?

[The camera gives us Irv's point of view and we see two owls close together.]

IRV: Aw, she's thinking "Valentine's is coming, will he remember to bring me something?" And he's thinking "Did I get her a piece of string last year or the year before that? Would a twig be unromantic?"

EDNA: [amused] And she's thinking, "Another twig? The guy has no imagination. My mother was right."

IRV: Look, she's pecking him now. Well, they're snuggling. Maybe they're just like us.

[They kiss. Irv is panting hard.]

IRV: You about ready for that picnic?

EDNA: I could eat a bear.

IRV: That's not what I'm talking about.

EDNA: Valentine's is two days off. Pace yourself, Romeo.

IRV: [giggling] I'll go get it set up.

EDNA: I'm right behind ya.

[She continues watching the owls.]

NARRATOR: Dear Valentine, if I had one day with you and you only...

[Cut to Edna trekking to catch up with Irv.]

NARRATOR: ...I would admire every line of your face, every strand of your hair...

[Edna has finally caught up. She's still a few feet away and Irv is lying down with his back to her. It looks as if he's fallen asleep. Edna smiles.]

NARRATOR: ...Every graceful movement of your hands or your eyes or your body. If I had one perfect day...

EDNA: Now what did I say about pacing yourself?

[Irv is silent. Edna starts to worry.]

EDNA: Irv? Irv?

[She turns him over. He looks in pain.]

EDNA: What's wrong?

IRV: [between puffs] Get. Help.

[Edna looks around but they're up on the mountain with no help in sight.]

NARRATOR: Don't you see? My heart beats only for you.



[Open on a hospital room. Irv is on a hospital bed. Edna is feeding him some water through a straw. Dr. Brown arrives.]

EDNA: Thank you for coming.

DR. BROWN: Are you kidding? I wouldn't have missed this. How are you holding up, Irv?

IRV: OK, Doc, all things considered.

EDNA: Did you talk to Dr. Phillips?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I did and it's all good news. The cardiac episode was mild. No surgical intervention is indicated at all at this time. Although you will need to get started on diuretics which should bring your blood pressure down and lower your future risk...

IRV: ...and make me piss like a racehorse.

DR. BROWN: That too!

EDNA: Did Dr. Phillips mention what the likelihood was of... another incident?

DR. BROWN: Well, as far as these things go, I think, and Dr. Phillips agrees, that Irv is in the best shape that you could hope for and if you stick to the diet and respond well to the medication then I, I think you should be in the clear.

IRV: Well, I appreciate you coming by. I know it's a sacrifice letting Hal win the daily parking space war.

[Dr. Brown grins in agreement.]

[Cut to the daily parking space. Dr. Abbott manages to get a park although his usual park is taken up by Dr. Trott's RV.]

EVERWOODY: Hey Doc, it looks like somebody took your parking space again.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, yes it does.

[He spots Dr. Trott stepping out.]

DR. ABBOTT: Welcome back, Gretchen.

DR. TROTT: Thank you, Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, I see you've put your winnings to good use.

DR. TROTT: My winnings?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, therapy is like Vegas. The only decent odds are with the house.

DR. TROTT: I resent the implication that I am somehow defrauding people of their money, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, now don't you kid a kidder, Gretchen. You and I both know that couples therapy it's like, ah, Botox. New, of dubious therapeutic integrity and ultimately useless to address the root causes of the problem.

[A couple push past him to get to the board so they can write their names down.]

DR. ABBOTT: What is the rush, people? Psychosis will still be here tomorrow, and the day after that.

[Rose rushes up to the board.]

DR. ABBOTT: [laughing to himself] Couples therapy.

[He spots Rose.]

DR. TROTT: Rose, hi.

DR. ABBOTT: Rose? Rose, Rose, Rose. [pulling her away from the board] What on earth are you doing here?

ROSE: I'm signing us up, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: To dialog with that charlatan about our marriage? Have you gone mad?

ROSE: Well, every marriage needs a shot in the arm once in a while.

DR. ABBOTT: What, what are you talking about?

ROSE: With Valentine's Day coming up, it occurred to me that...

DR. ABBOTT: Oh no no, what possible complaint could you have about Valentine's Day? Every year I, I treat you to a sumptuous meal accompanied by a dozen long stemmed pink roses and an exotic sampler of imported Swiss chocolates.

ROSE: Yes, every year. Do you see what I mean, Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: No, no I don't.

ROSE: Well, we'll talk about it in our session.

[Rose writes their names down. The camera pans over to Dr. Trott.]

DR. TROTT: Glad to see you and Rose are coming in. I can see that we have a lot of things to discuss.

[Cut to the post office. Ephram is picking up a parcel for him. An elderly man is behind the counter.]

EPHRAM: No no, it's "EPH-RAM" E-P-H-R-A-M.

[Laynie enters the post office.]

LAYNIE: Picking up a Valentine's Day package?

EPHRAM: Ah, that would be a big no.

MORT: [reading the parcel] E-P-H-R-A-M.

[His hands are shaking.]

MORT: Well, I think we do have a package.

EPHRAM: Thank you.

[The elderly man looks at Laynie.]

MORT: And one for you. That's Hart, right?

LAYNIE: Good guess.

[He heads off to find her package.]

LAYNIE: I've only lived here all my life.

[He returns with a large box.]

EPHRAM: Let me get it. So. What about you? You got a secret admirer back at boarding school or something?

LAYNIE: No. Saint Margaret's is actually an all-girls and I'm not a lesbian... yet.

EPHRAM: So what is it?

LAYNIE: Supplies from the outside world. Just a band-aid measure until I can get out of here and ship quaint reminders in and think nostalgically of my wasted youth when I was bored off my ass in Everwood.

EPHRAM: I've finally found someone who hates it here as much as I do.

LAYNIE: As much? More!

EPHRAM: Not possible.

LAYNIE: OK, I challenge you. "I hate Everwood" contest. I'll go first. I hate the fact that the egg rolls at Gino Chang's smell like lasagna.

EPHRAM: I hate that everything's a "fest". Thaw Fest, Fly Fest, Pie Fest, w-what does that even mean? And what's so festive about catching some fish or watching some guy melt?

LAYNIE: I hate the fact that they call it Main Street, even though it's pretty much the only one. Why don't they just call it street?

EPHRAM: Do you have a subway map of another city covering one of the walls of your room?

LAYNIE: Do you choose colleges based on how far away they are from here?

EPHRAM: Have you ever have a dream that you were trapped underground in a sewer for life and woken up disappointed that you were still in Everwood?

LAYNIE: Do you have a packed bag and a plane ticket in your room?

EPHRAM: Come on.

LAYNIE: You don't believe me? I'll show you.

EPHRAM: Oh, I believe you. I've kept the bag around for a while. I just haven't brought a ticket yet.

LAYNIE: What happened?

EPHRAM: I promised my dad I'd stay.

LAYNIE: That's how you get stuck in places like this. There's always somebody who needs you.

[Cut to Mama Joy's. A cactus with a bow on it is sitting on the counter top. Dr. Brown spots it as he enters.]

DR. BROWN: Nina?

NINA: Do you like it?

DR. BROWN: Very much. What is it?

NINA: It's from Carl. Every year he sends a Valentine's Day bouquet representative of the state he's in at the time.

DR. BROWN: Guadalajara?

NINA: Arizona. He sends a little flower too.

Dr. Brown continues staring at the plant then Nina remembers.

NINA: Oh, Andy, I'm sorry. That was thoughtless of me.

DR. BROWN: What was?

NINA: Bringing up Valentine's Day.

DR. BROWN: Oh don't worry about it. It was a non event in my life long before now. I used to send Julia a dozen roses every year but I never saw 'em. I'd have my secretary send them, strictly pro forma.

DR. TROTT: But would you do things differently if you had to do it again?

[The camera reveals that she has just walked in.]

DR. TROTT: That's how you know you've internalized change.

DR. BROWN: Dr. Trott, you're back. It's great to see you again.

DR. TROTT: It's good to see you again, Andy.

[Nina is watching carefully. She looks slightly jealous.]

DR. BROWN: I'll have to sign up for my allotted time slot.

DR. TROTT: Oh, I'm afraid it's only couples therapy in February. A kind of Valentine's tradition.

DR. BROWN: Oh that's too bad, I enjoyed our last session very much.

DR. TROTT: Well, we could do something less formal. Lunch, say?

DR. BROWN: I'd like that.

DR. TROTT: Tomorrow then.

[She hands him her card.]

DR. TROTT: Here's my cell phone number, you can call me. We'll pick a restaurant.

DR. BROWN: Sounds like a plan.

[They part company.]

DR. TROTT: [to Nina] Thank you.

[Nina scoots over to Dr. Brown.]

NINA: [playfully] Andy... you have a date.

DR. BROWN: She's a professional psychologist, not to mention 'my' professional psychologist.

NINA: Your shrink just made a date with you.

DR. BROWN: She made a professional lunch.


[She gets back to work, smiling. Dr. Brown shoots her a look.]

[Cut to Colin's house. He and Amy are watching a western movie on TV.]

AMY: So what should we do Friday night?

COLIN: Hey maybe we could go out to Fuller's Pond like we did last year?

[Before she can ask whether he's got another memory back, he cuts in.]

COLIN: No, I didn't remember. My mom showed me pictures from Valentine's Day last year.

AMY: Did she show you the one where I fell on my face?

COLIN: Yeah. Apparently I'm a better skater than you, huh?

AMY: Oh, wouldn't you like to know?

[She tries to get up but he pulls her back.]

COLIN: I bet I could find out.

[He starts tickling her with his one arm.]

AMY: No no, Colin. Colin, stop.

COLIN: You think I'm a waaaay better skater than you are.

AMY: [trying to avoid him] No you're not, Colin.

[He has her.]

COLIN: Come on, say it. "Colin is a better skater..."

[She gives in far too easily.]


[Laynie walks in the door just in time to catch that.]

LAYNIE: Then, you must really suck.

AMY: Hey, Laynie.

COLIN: Oh, hey.


[Ephram follows Laynie in.]

COLIN: Ephram.

AMY: Ephram. What are you, what are you doing here?

LAYNIE: Oh, I found him after school at the post office hanging around the outbound box. I think somebody was trying to return.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I wish.

LAYNIE: Well, we'll leave you two to resume your... tickling.

[Ephram closes the door and follows Laynie. Amy looks a tad bit uncomfortable.]

[Cut to Irv and Edna's house. Irv is lying on the couch watching TV.]

EDNA: You've got your pills but you don't need to worry. I've got a timer all set. I've stocked the fridge with all healthy foods.

IRV: [sarcastic] Oh joy.

EDNA: The sheets are in the dryer, I'm setting it up so we can sleep down here. That way you don't have to do the steps. I'm just gonna run up and take a quick shower, then I'll see about dinner. If you need me, use this.

[Edna hands him a baby monitor.]

EDNA: I borrowed it from Nindy Walsh. Skip doesn't need it any more. Anything you say, I'll be able to hear up there.

IRV: Can I talk dirty into it?

[Edna throws a sheet over him and heads up.]

[Cut to the bathroom. She rushes in and turns the taps to both the sink and bath on and breaks down crying.]



[Open on Dr. Trott's mobile office. Rose and Dr. Abbott's session.]

DR. TROTT: So, what areas did we wanna focus on today?

DR. ABBOTT: [lightly, to Rose] She speaks.

[No response from either woman.]

DR. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Trott] I was hoping it would be Freud humor but no such luck.

DR. TROTT: I was addressing Rose, Harold. Your turn will come next.

ROSE: When we were first together, he-he used to do these little things for me all the time.

DR. ABBOTT: [getting up] Alright, alright Rose. You have proven your point. You can, in fact, put me through hell any time you want to simply because you're my wife. Can we leave now?

ROSE: No, we cannot leave.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, just lay it on me. You want breakfast in bed? You want flowers every Friday? How much is my ticket out of this gas guzzling hell hole gonna cost me?

DR. TROTT: Rose is trying to communicate with you, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: You know, she is not trying to communicate with me. She is trying to drive me insane.

DR. TROTT: What makes you say that?

DR. ABBOTT: Because that is what married people do!

DR. TROTT: Is that how you see marriage, Harold? Can you elaborate?

DR. ABBOTT: Not without strangling you.

DR. TROTT: Try not to be defensive, Harold. Rose, please continue.

ROSE: As I was saying, he used to do these small thoughtful things all the time.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, well you can't expect me to be the same hormone-filled jellyfish that I was at 18, Rose. Time has past, we've grown used to each other. Now I-I, I mow the lawn instead of writing you a poem. It is still something that I am doing for you.

ROSE: We are entering a time in our lives when the kids will be gone and it'll just be the two of us again. I need to know that you still think about me during the course of your day.

DR. ABBOTT: I think about you all the time.

ROSE: Not the way you think about a leaky faucet that needs to be fixed.

DR. ABBOTT: I don't think you're a leaky faucet, I think you're a broken record.

[Both women give him looks.]

DR. ABBOTT: Albeit a-a beautiful broken record which I am fortunate enough to be married to.

[Rose looks like she could kill him.]

[Cut to Peak County High. Choir practice. Ephram and Amy are standing next to each other trying very hard not to sing. Colin is on the other side of the class. The song is "Silly love songs". The teacher is VERY perky.]

STUDENTS: You'd think that people would've had enough of silly love songs.

MRS. GIBBONS: Good, good, I'm LOVIN' it!

STUDENTS: I look around me and I see it isn't so.

MRS. GIBBONS: Now, hit me bass section.

STUDENTS: Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.

AMY: [to Ephram] Laynie's cool, isn't she?

STUDENTS: And what's wrong with that?


AMY: Laynie. You guys seemed to be getting along the other day. That's... so great.

EPHRAM: I'm glad you approve.

MRS. GIBBONS: And altos, groove with us. Come on, let me hear you.


EPHRAM: Since when are you so interested in me and Laynie?

AMY: I don't know. She's my friend, you're my friend.

EPHRAM: Well, we got mail together. Went back to her place. I believe we may have shared a beverage or two at which point I obviously thought it was time to ask her for her hand in marriage.

MRS. GIBBONS: Here comes the transition, Peaches and Herb. Ready? And go.

AMY: I just didn't know you were interested in her. That's all.

EPHRAM: Who says I'm interested in her?

AMY: Well, if you were I could probably help you with that department.

EPHRAM: Oh why would I want your help?

AMY: See, you *are* interested in her.

STUDENTS: The breakup we had has made me lonesome and sad.

EPHRAM: Well, I mean she is pretty attractive.

AMY: Yes, she is.

EPHRAM: I mean kinda in a dark way. Y'know, she-she reminds me a lot of the girls back in New York.

AMY: As opposed to us small town girls.

EPHRAM: If I, if I did wanna ask her out, what do you think I would say?

AMY: Just think of something funny or you know, something sweet. Doesn't matter, I know she'll wanna go out with you. All you have to do is ask. Just ask.

EPHRAM: Well, you're like really on this. If it works out, I'll give you a finder's fee.

[The bell rings.]

MRS. GIBBONS: [clapping] That was *great*, kids, great!

[Colin joins Ephram and Amy.]

COLIN: Whatever she's taking, I want some of that. [to Ephram] Hey, are you still coming over tonight, later, for the animation festival thing?

EPHRAM: Yeah, I'll be there.

AMY: It'd be the perfect time to ask her.

COLIN: Ask who what?

AMY: Ephram wants to ask Laynie on a date.

EPHRAM: I didn't say when.

COLIN: I thought you two were digging on each other.

EPHRAM: [embarrassed] Digging's kind of...

AMY: It'll be the perfect time to ask her, don't you think so, Colin?

COLIN: Yeah, it is.

[Ephram doesn't know what to say.]

EPHRAM: Thanks.

[Cut to a restaurant. A nice fire is going in the fire place. Dr. Brown is sitting nervously waiting for Dr. Trott. He's in casual clothing, Dr. Trott arrives wearing a nice black dress.]

DR. BROWN: Wow, that's a dress.

DR. TROTT: Yes, it is.

DR. BROWN: I meant, nice dress.

[She stands there waiting for him.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, won't you sit down, Doctor?

[He holds the seat for her.]

DR. TROTT: Thank you. Please, call me Gretchen.

DR. BROWN: Gretchen.

[He pushes the seat in too hard and she bumps the table.]

DR. BROWN: What a nice restaurant you've selected. And just minutes outside of town too, it's, it's surprising. I-I was envisioning something more along Mama Joy's lines.

DR. TROTT: Haven't been to a fancy restaurant in a while?

DR. BROWN: Not in a while, no. It really has been a while.

DR. TROTT: [to the waiter] Oh excuse me, could we ask to see the wine list?

DR. BROWN: Oh, are we having wine?

DR. TROTT: Is that OK?

DR. BROWN: Yes yes, of course.

[The waiter places a lit candle on the table.]

DR. BROWN: And a candle too, by all means.

WAITER: It gets dark back here.

[The waiter leaves. Beat.]

DR. BROWN: You know I was...

[He accidentally knocks over the vase of flowers on the table and they both rush to catch it.]

DR. BROWN: I'm so sorry.

DR. TROTT: No, good reflexes. You caught it.

DR. BROWN: You know, I was, I was, ah, I was saying... I was going to say that um...

[Another beat.]

DR. BROWN: I read a very interesting article recently on some new discoveries in neuroplasticity at UCLA, did-did you happen to ah, to pick that one up?

[Cut to the Hart house.]

EPHRAM: This one's my favorite.

LAYNIE: I'm gonna go get a soda. Anybody?

AMY: No thanks.

[Colin just shakes his head and Laynie gets up. Amy waits for her to go then taps Ephram.]

AMY: Now's your chance, she did that "getting a soda" thing.

EPHRAM: Maybe she wants a soda.

AMY: No, it's a signal. She wants you to follow her.

COLIN: I think she might be right, dude.

[He takes the hint and heads to the kitchen. They both reach for the fridge at the same time.]

EPHRAM: Sorry.

LAYNIE: After you.

[He grabs them both a soda.]

EPHRAM: So um, what are you ah, what are you doing this week?

LAYNIE: This week?


LAYNIE: The usual.

EPHRAM: Cool. Cool.


LAYNIE: What are you doing?

EPHRAM: You know, I don't have any big plans. Just, whatever.

LAYNIE: Well, this has been thrilling.

[Laynie starts to head out.]

EPHRAM: Laynie. Would you maybe wanna do something sometime?

LAYNIE: Could you be more specific?

EPHRAM: With me. I mean, you know, would you like to do something with me?

LAYNIE: Like a date?


LAYNIE: Any particular sometime or just...

EPHRAM: Tomorrow? Tomorrow night?

LAYNIE: Valentine's Day.

EPHRAM: Oh, no... no. I forgot sorry, no.

LAYNIE: Are you trying to back out?

EPHRAM: No, I just, I didn't think that...

LAYNIE: Good. 'Cause I'm in.

[Laynie leaves and Ephram smiles to himself.]

[Cut back to the restaurant. External. The doctors are leaving.]

DR. TROTT: You seemed a little uncomfortable all through lunch.

DR. BROWN: Oh really? Was it knocking over the vase that gave me away or when I buttered my hand?

[Dr. Trott laughs.]

DR. TROTT: Well, while I admit I did enjoy our discussion on the psychological symptoms accompanying fetal tissue transplantation in Parkinson's patients, I think I had in mind a more personal lunch.

DR. BROWN: You know a friend of mine told me this was a date. I didn't believe her, but, I mean when I saw you, I was just... unprepared, I guess. That's all.

DR. TROTT: Oh Andy, I owe you an apology. It was unprofessional asking you here it's just... I thought about you while I was gone. I thought I felt a connection between us, when I was here. But I know that the circumstances of your life aren't exactly conducive to this kind of thing right now. I'm completely aware of that. But still I felt compelled to ask. Did you think of me at all?

[He thinks for a while.]

DR. BROWN: Not in the way you thought of me. I'm sorry, Gretchen.

DR. TROTT: That's fine, Andy. That's completely fine. Well, Dr. Brown, thank you for joining me today.

[She shakes his hand.]


[Cut to Irv and Edna's. She is putting on her earrings.]

IRV: You look great.

EDNA: Be sure to bring your pills.

IRV: You smell great too.

[He tries to cuddle her but she moves away.]

EDNA: I just wanna make sure I have Dr. Phillips' number in case anything goes wrong.

IRV: Wait, just stay here for a while.

EDNA: Do you have your cell phone? Alpine Creek's line always goes down if there's a storm and I wanna make sure we can reach someone in case anything...

IRV: Listen. I've got an idea. Let's cancel the reservation.

EDNA: Do you have the phone?

IRV: Let's cancel.

[He tries to kiss her neck.]

EDNA: Oh no. We are going to the restaurant. Get your jacket.

IRV: What's wrong, Edna?

EDNA: What's wrong is that Dr. Phillips said no exertion. Which means no hanky panky.

IRV: He didn't mean forever. You said yourself I'm better.

EDNA: I'm not taking any chances.

IRV: You certainly aren't. I'm not an invalid so stop treating me like one. You're driving me up the wall.

EDNA: Our lives are different now. We have to start acting a little more our age and stop kidding ourselves that we can do the things we could do twenty years ago.

[He starts to grab at his chest with a pained look on his face which instantly worries Edna.]

EDNA: What? What? Honey, sweetheart, sit here. Come on sit down. What's the matter, sweetheart, are you alright? Please...what?...

[He looks back at her and starts to laugh. He was faking it.]

IRV: Pretty good, huh? I'm just teasing, sweetheart.

EDNA: [shocked] Don't touch me. How could you do that?

IRV: I-I'm sorry. I was just joking.

EDNA: [near tears] I never knew you had such a cruel sense of humor.

IRV: Y-You're right. I-I'm sorry. I should... Where are you going?

EDNA: If you're so fine, you can take care of yourself you... stink butt!

IRV: I said I was sorry. Come on.

[She slams the door.]

[Cut to the Abbott house. Dr. Abbott answers the doorbell.]

DR. ABBOTT: What do you want?

EDNA: [pushing her way in] Blood is thicker than water, Junior. I need to camp out here for Valentine's.



[Open on Ephram's room. He's reading a comic. His father knocks.]



DR. BROWN: Well, we got through Valentine's Day, how about an anti-Valentine's evening?

EPHRAM: I can't. I've got a date.

DR. BROWN: You've got a date?

EPHRAM: Yeah. What time is it?

DR. BROWN: Ah, 6:10. You've got a date, wow. You, Delia, I guess I'm odd man out.

EPHRAM: Delia?

DR. BROWN: She's sleeping over at Nina's tonight. She and Sam made some kind of an agreement to be each other's Valentine's in case Prince and Princess Charming didn't show.

EPHRAM: Very practical.

DR. BROWN: So where are you going?

EPHRAM: Skating.

DR. BROWN: Is this another part of your childhood that I missed? Do you skate?


DR. BROWN: You're not going with Amy, are you?

EPHRAM: Ah, no. Laynie Hart. Colin's sister?

DR. BROWN: You like her?

EPHRAM: I don't know. She's likes me. She's cool. Sometimes it's nicer to just hang out with a girl if you get the opportunity. You know what I mean?

DR. BROWN: [recalling his date from earlier] Yeah. I know what you mean.

[Cut to the Abbott house. Dr. Abbott, Rose, and Edna are having dinner. Everyone is silent.]

DR. ABBOTT: Anyone like dessert? We have Pecan Praline, Mint Chip, oh and imported Swiss Chocolates.

ROSE: You've got some nerve, Harold. When I woke up this morning, I thought there'd be something. A note, a card, some small gesture signifying that you had at least heard what I was saying to you.

DR. ABBOTT: I will not change my behavior to accommodate the rantings of a mad woman, clinically licensed or not.

EDNA: You might wanna rethink that.

DR. ABBOTT: Mother, this has nothing to do with you.

ROSE: [getting up] All you have are excuses, Harold, and people to blame. Nothing is your fault, nothing is your responsibility.

[She heads into their bedroom. He follows.]

DR. ABBOTT: Rose, forgive me. Forgive me that I, that I cannot be the man that you would like me to be, you know? Forgive me. Forgive me if I don't wanna become some poetry spouting Lothario to hold on to the glory of our youth. You should be thrilled I'm not having some midlife crisis.

ROSE: [holding up a pencil stub] Do you even remember this?

DR. ABBOTT: [puzzled] Wha...?

ROSE: When you went away to college, I was dating Matthew Langley.

DR. ABBOTT: What do you...?

ROSE: The most handsome boy in school. Captain of the varsity track team. Full scholarship to Stanford.

DR. ABBOTT: So, big deal.

ROSE: Before you went away you told me "I'll show you how much I care for you, Rose. And then you'll break up with this guy." And, all my friends laughed because you were just this gangly member of the marching band with your tuba.

DR. ABBOTT: I was first chair.

ROSE: But you kept your word and every week you'd send me a letter. In it you would include one thing. A-a leaf, a picture, a pressed flower.

DR. ABBOTT: [mumbling] I'm sure I didn't send any pressed flower.

ROSE: And then... one week at the end of your first semester you sent me this. The stub of a pencil. And you told me that this reminded you of me. This insignificant little thing. And I knew at that moment that if something so small and unimportant reminded you of me then everything reminded you of me. Because you loved me. And I knew at that moment that I loved you too. And now? I want it back!


[She grabs a suitcase.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh oh come on now. You are not leaving home over this silly argument.

ROSE: Not me, Harold. I'm not going anywhere.

[She shoves him the suitcase.]

[Cut to Irv's door. He answers.]

IRV: Harold? What are you...?

DR. ABBOTT: Happy Valentine's Day, Irving. I understand this is the dog house.

[Irv lets him in.]

[Cut to Main Street. Dr. Brown is walking alone.]

NARRATOR: Dear Valentine. These are the things I remember of my love. A warm hand, your warm breath. Your warm mouth. Your arms around mine.

[Dr. Brown's watching a young couple in a restaurant who are laughing and smiling. He smiles.]

NARRATOR: I remember feeling safe, cease-less. Like one person. The two of us still, at rest, entwined.

[He walks on and sees another couple kissing in an alleyway.]

NARRATOR: I remember how I felt the first time I kissed you. It felt like, the high dive. What do you remember? How will I ever know what was inside your heart? Where did they go? All the things we think and feel but don't say.

[He spots Dr. Trott's RV and knocks on the door.]

DR. TROTT: Andy?

DR. BROWN: Hey. I'm sorry to just drop by like this.

DR. TROTT: Are you alright?

DR. BROWN: I was wondering if we could go somewhere.

[Cut to Fuller's Pond. Ephram is struggling to keep upright in his skates.]


[Amy and Laynie giggle at him.]

EPHRAM: Now that's not funny.

[The girls are left alone to put their skates on.]

AMY: So you guys seem to be having a good time.

LAYNIE: Yeah. So far he's not disappointing.

AMY: Yeah, Ephram's cool.

LAYNIE: What's the 411 on him anyway?

AMY: What do you mean?

LAYNIE: Why isn't he seeing anyone?

AMY: Ah, I guess he hasn't found the right person.

LAYNIE: Did he just break up with someone or something?

AMY: Hasn't mentioned anyone.

LAYNIE: A girlfriend in New York?

AMY: Don't think so.

LAYNIE: You know what, I don't even know why I'm surprised all the girls here are too stupid to look at the one cool eligible guy in town. I mean I haven't been gone that long.

AMY: What, what is it you like about him?

LAYNIE: He's that guy that you'd want to hang out with even if you weren't dating him. And he's cute in the kinda way that's sorta like, you know in the movies that guy you want the girl to end up with that you pretend isn't cute but really is?

AMY: Yeah.

LAYNIE: [getting up] See ya.

[Laynie skates over to Ephram and tries to pull him up but he's a little reluctant.]

LAYNIE: Come on!

[She quickly pulls him up and his balancing makes them laugh.]

LAYNIE: You can do it.

[Cut to Irv's. He and Dr. Abbott are sitting in front of the fire with some beers.]

DR. ABBOTT: Valentine's Day is just an excuse for women to point out what we're doing wrong. You blow it on the day oh you're an unromantic yutz. You do it right, it's a point of comparison for the rest of the year when you're an unromantic yutz. It's lose-lose.

IRV: I think I'm a pretty good husband.

DR. ABBOTT: You're a *great* husband!

IRV: You're a phenomenal husband! They have no idea how lucky they have it.

DR. ABBOTT: No idea!

[Cut to Rose and Edna playing cards.]

ROSE: We choose to do all these things for them and we get punished for it. I mean, you're looking after Irv's health, I'm trying to protect our marriage and because of that we're shrews.

[Cut back to the men.]

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah I used to do silly things for her. We all did. Back when you're young and allotted sex, it seems justified to make an ass of yourself.

[Cut back to the women.]

ROSE: When I was telling Dr. Trott about how Harold proposed to me with the marching band behind him, I could have sworn just for a second that he couldn't remember our favorite song. I mean, he used to hum that to me around the house.

EDNA: Irv used to scour used record stores for old U.S.O. recordings and we'd dance to them.

[Cut back to the men.]

IRV: Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year and she doesn't wanna have sex. Every other day of the year, it's fine but...

[Dr. Abbott tries to push that picture out of his mind.]

DR. ABBOTT: I think I'm gonna be sick.

[Cut back to the women.]

EDNA: I'm only hard on Irv for his own good. If I don't look out for him, who will?

ROSE: I don't need to attack Harold. I know he loves me.

[Cut back to the men.]

IRV: I know I bore Edna sometimes.

DR. ABBOTT: I've bored Rose since the day we met. I think she makes shopping lists in her head while I'm talking.

IRV: It's the boredom. That's the romance killer.

[Cut back to the women.]

ROSE: I don't need a marching band every day of the year. But...

EDNA: You need a selfless gesture. A sacrifice.

ROSE: To show what they would do for us.

EDNA: And for how long.

[Cut back to the men.]

DR. ABBOTT: You know, I never wanted excitement. Not really. I wanted... well I wanted just what I have.

IRV: Me too. So, what are we doing here?

[Cut to another roaring fire. Dr. Brown pours Dr. Trott a glass of wine.]

DR. BROWN: You know, I'm really sorry about lunch.

DR. TROTT: What for? It was lovely.

DR. BROWN: Listen, I ah, I lied to you. I have thought about you, Gretchen. But whatever thoughts I have are dwarfed by this cloud of disloyalty I feel about Julia which I know is crazy and I know she wouldn't want me to feel it but I feel it.

DR. TROTT: Mmm, it's a scary place where you're standing, Andy. Awakenings can be terrifying. The loss of control is more than a lot of people can handle.

DR. BROWN: So you're saying you have a choice?

DR. TROTT: Oh, sure. You can play it safe. Hide. Refuse to let life in.

[He looks at her.]

DR. TROTT: I didn't say it was a valid-able choice.

DR. BROWN: You know, I was completely clueless when Julia was alive. I don't think I ever told her anything that was important. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't still be carrying around all this guilt.

DR. TROTT: She knew, Andy. All those things that you couldn't say, she knew.

DR. BROWN: I wish I could believe that. Sometimes I just want...

DR. TROTT: What?

DR. BROWN: One night of peace, you know? Of living... one night of not trying so hard.

[They lean in slowly and kiss.]

[Cut back to Fuller's Pond.]

LAYNIE: More effort, Brown. You need more effort.

EPHRAM: I'm already expending an infinite amount.

LAYNIE: So, come and get me.

EPHRAM: Yeah, that'll happen.

LAYNIE: What if I skate closer?

EPHRAM: I might hit you by accident next time I fall.

LAYNIE: Is that so?


LAYNIE: I dare you not to fall.

EPHRAM: I'm not falling.

LAYNIE: Wait. There's more.

[She skates around him then pulls him in for a kiss. Then he falls and she laughs.]

EPHRAM: Give me a chance.

LAYNIE: I gave you a chance.

[Amy and Colin are watching them. Colin notices Amy's focus of attention.]

EPHRAM: Best two out of three?

LAYNIE: Yeah, come and catch me.

COLIN: [to Amy] Do you want to talk about it?

AMY: Talk about what?

COLIN: Ephram and Laynie. It's been bugging you. I can tell that it is.

AMY: Why would it be bothering me? I'm the one who told him to ask her out, remember?

COLIN: Look, I know something happened between you guys when I was gone. Just tell me.

AMY: How did you know? Did Ephram...

COLIN: I figured it out, Amy. Why don't you just tell me what happened?

AMY: Because it doesn't matter.

COLIN: Well, it matters to me.

[Amy thinks for a moment.]

AMY: I missed you. And no one really understood. And Ephram came along and he just got it somehow. And so we spent a lot of time together because he was the only one that I could bear to talk to but it, I know this is gonna sound lame, it was always about you.

COLIN: In the beginning, you mean.

AMY: One night, we went on this field trip and got stuck in the mine and he kissed me. I don't know how I let it happen or why but I was crazy that day thinking about your surgery. I don't know what I was doing.

COLIN: Did it happen again?

AMY: Once.

COLIN: Did you know what you were doing then?

[Amy gets up.]

AMY: What happened between Ephram and I, amounts to about ten seconds. Before you judge me for it, I want you to think about the hours of bus trips that I took to go see you, the thousands of pages of books that I read to you, the hours of music that I played for you because they said that you might be able to hear it. I couldn't eat, Colin, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't focus in school, I lost most of my friends. When you finally did wake up, you didn't even remember who I was. Your mother wouldn't let me go see you. I mean, what was I supposed to do because I don't know anymore.

COLIN: I don't know. I wish you had been this honest with me a month ago. See, when I got out of the hospital, I didn't know who you were. But I do now. And I really like you. The only problem is, you haven't been able to take your eyes off him all night.

[The camera shows Ephram and Laynie. Colin gets up and walks away.]

[Cut to inside Dr. Trott's RV. Dr. Trott is asleep. Dr. Brown is sitting on the edge of the bed putting his watch on. She stirs.]

DR. TROTT: Andy? What time is it?

DR. BROWN: It's late. Listen, I've got to go. My son will be home soon if he's not already.

DR. TROTT: Are you alright?

DR. BROWN: No, I'm fine.

[He kisses her.]

DR. BROWN: I just, I need to go.



[Open on the Abbott home. Morning. Rose is checking some papers. Amy calls out from the den.]

AMY: Mom! There's someone to see you.

[She walks out straight into a marching band positioned in the living room. Dr. Abbott is standing right at the back. Amy has a big grin on her face. They begin playing "I love you just the way you are".]

ROSE: Harold, what in heavens...

[She's absolutely speechless.]

DR. ABBOTT: Rose, I have three things to say. Uh, first is, yes this was a completely exploitative act meant to manipulate every romantic fiber in your being. Second, in case you weren't aware, Matthew Langley dropped out of Stanford, currently makes his living selling the same cheap hair plugs which adorn his own scalp. And third is that, ah, while I was at the bank this morning getting the cash to pay for this obscene gesture and well I, I noticed something which reminded me of you.

[He holds up a...]

ROSE: [nearly in tears] A pencil stub!

[They hug.]

[Cut to the Brown house. Dr. Brown is talking to Nina about his night.]

DR. BROWN: I woke up and I was feeling claustrophobic and empty and guilty.

NINA: You left her there on Valentine's Day. That is so lonely.

DR. BROWN: I know. I feel terrible. I never should have been there in the first place.

NINA: Well, you got yourself there. You must have wanted to be there on some level.

DR. BROWN: She's a great person and I was lonely last night and it was nice to be talking and drinking wine and having fun. You know? I miss that.

NINA: You need to go and tell her those things.

DR. BROWN: What's the point? I have nothing to offer her.

NINA: Well, I think you just need to go and offer her whatever you have and trust that the effort is worth something to her.

DR. BROWN: You know? I've never had a friend that I could talk to about this kind of stuff.

NINA: You never needed one.

[Nina smiles at Andy and he smiles back at her.]

[Cut to Colin's house. Amy walks in to find him packing in his room.]

AMY: Hey.


AMY: Where are you going?

COLIN: I have to go in for some tests in Denver and some follow-up stuff in rehab.

AMY: Were you gonna call me?

COLIN: Well, I mean I don't leave till tomorrow.

AMY: I should have told you about Ephram sooner. I was afraid. Everything was already so strange, you coming back and I let too much time go by. Things just got weird, you know?

COLIN: I understand. But lucky for you I've got this memory problem.

AMY: So. How long will you be gone for?

COLIN: A week. Maybe ten days.

AMY: Can I call you?

COLIN: If you want. You don't have to.

AMY: Of course I want to.

COLIN: Don't just say it fast like that. I want you to think about it.

AMY: Think about what?

COLIN: About what you want. I know what I want, Amy. I want you. But you know that shouldn't be enough for you. You have to want me too. This me. I don't expect you to have an answer for me right now, it's OK. I'll wait for you. You've waited long enough for me.

[She ponders.]

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. Edna is working alone. Irv enters.]

IRV: I've finally found you.

EDNA: Didn't know you were looking.

IRV: Working Saturday?

EDNA: I was getting in Junior's hair and I didn't wanna go home.

IRV: I'm sorry, Edna. I wish I could take back what I did. You're right. It was cruel. And you were just trying to take care of me. But there's nothing I can do about that now except beg you to forgive me.

EDNA: When Hal died, we didn't see it coming. I watched him die, Irv. I just don't think I could go through that again.

IRV: You may have to. One of us has got to go first.

EDNA: Well, I vote for me.

IRV: We're strong people, you and I. No one wanted us to get married. It scared everybody to death but we walked through it because that's what we do. We walk through fire. We climb mountains and we have a good time doing it. I like that about us. Most of our friends are eating Tapioca and measuring out cups of Metamucil right now. But this is our time together. Let's spend it the way we want to and not waste it worrying how it's gonna leave us or when.

EDNA: I'll try.

[Irv looks around.]

EDNA: What?

IRV: This office.

EDNA: What about it?

IRV: It's just... we haven't christened it yet.

[She clears a table and closes the door. Through the frosted glass, we see them kiss.]

[Cut to a road. Drs. Brown and Trott are walking.]

DR. BROWN: It was all just more than I can handle. I wish I'd known that it would be, but I didn't. I shouldn't have left. I know that. I probably knew it then. I just... had to get out. I'm so sorry.

DR. TROTT: Apology accepted, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: And it wasn't that I didn't have a good time because I did. I don't mean good time, what I meant is that I...

DR. TROTT: It was nice.

DR. BROWN: You thought so? Really?

DR. TROTT: Oh, I really did.

DR. BROWN: Oh, because I thought it was...


DR. BROWN: I did too.

[They walk some more.]

DR. BROWN: Look, maybe we could try again. Just sort of start over. I don't know if I'm ready for any of this but I'd, I'd like to find out.

DR. TROTT: I don't think I could do that. You know. There's a reason I move around. And if I wasn't so scared to figure out what that reason is, I'd probably use my own analytical powers to figure it out.

DR. BROWN: So what you're saying is that you're even more neurotic that I am?

DR. TROTT: Oh it's possible, yes. That doesn't mean I'm going to refrain from giving you a piece of professional advice though.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I'd expect nothing less, Doctor.

DR. TROTT: I think that there's something inside of you that you need to express. You have all these thoughts about your wife. The love that you had for her. The life that you shared together. And all the things that you couldn't say. Write it down, all of it. Write a letter to her. And try, try as hard as you can to find some peace. There's a beautiful world out there, Andy. And it's happening right now.

[Cut to Fuller's Pond. Amy is sitting alone on a bench. Ephram finds her.]

EPHRAM: Your mom told me I'd find you here.

AMY: Hey.

EPHRAM: Thought you'd be skating.

AMY: Nah, just thinking. Watching.

EPHRAM: Imagining you're Michelle Kwan?

AMY: How did you know?

EPHRAM: Lucky guess. So I um, I wanted to thank you. For making me ask out Laynie.

AMY: I didn't make you ask her out.

EPHRAM: No, I did it to prove something to you. Don't ask. I don't get it myself but I had a really good time so, thank you.

AMY: Well then, you're welcome, I guess. Glad you had fun. She kissed you.

EPHRAM: You saw that, huh?

AMY: A-ha.

EPHRAM: Well, she started it.

AMY: Do you think you're gonna see her again?

EPHRAM: I don't know. I hope so. So what's going on with Colin?

AMY: He's got some tests in Denver. He'll be gone for a few days. Do you think love gets easier as you get older? I mean it's all so complicated in high school but I figure if it stays that hard, no one would ever get married, right?

EPHRAM: Yeah. It must get easier. Or maybe you just get better at it?

AMY: Or maybe you don't get better at it but you do it so much that it's like math. Problems with the few occasional variable that messes you up.

EPHRAM: Man, I hope not. I suck at math.

AMY: You know, if you wanna break the whole learning to skate thing right, you're supposed to do it without skates first.

EPHRAM: Well, maybe if I had a teacher who wasn't laughing at me all the time.

AMY: Well, I can't promise anything but come on. Just don't fall down and you'll be fine.

[She pulls him up.]

AMY: Come on. You're doing great.

NARRATOR: Dear Valentine. These are the things I never told you. These are the things I need you to know.

[Cut to Dr. Brown writing his letter to Julia.]

NARRATOR: That I loved you always. And my love was so big, it lives still after you're gone. I'd like to tell you that I would do it differently. That if I had one more day I would do everything right. But I know that isn't true. I'd make all the same mistakes. That is except one. I wouldn't say goodbye.

[Fade to black.]


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