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Un week-end à la neige

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NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood...

[Cut to brief clips of various scenes from "The Price of Fame".]

At the Brown home, Amy Abbott wonders aloud why Ephram is acting like he's Colin's friend.

AMY: What's exactly going on? Between you and Colin? I mean, why are you being all buddy-buddy with him?

Colin talking to Ephram at Peak County High School.

COLIN: You're the only person in this school that doesn't expect me to remember them or expect me to be this guy that I don't even know who he was.

Before the play starts, Colin walks away from the Brown men after their little chat.

DR. BROWN: You two friends now?

EPHRAM: Kinda. Turns out we have some stuff in common.

DR. BROWN: You mean Amy?

EPHRAM: Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Amy.



[Open in a movie theatre in Everwood. A film is showing. Among the people in the audience, are two couples. One couple is Bright Abbott and his girlfriend Gemma Maxwell. They're making out. A little ways down to the right, is the other couple who is made up of Colin Hart and Amy Abbott. They're just watching the movie, eating popcorn silently.]

NARRATOR: Of all of the famous stories of faith overcoming adversity you've never seen turned into movies, you'll never see one made about Job. Who'd want to watch someone you'd come to care about suffer that much? Anyone who cares about getting their eight bucks worth of popcorn to throw at the screen right after the boils set in, telling the guy to give it up already. Enough is enough.

[Amy and Colin both reach for popcorn at the same time. Colin draws back.]

COLIN: Sorry.

[Amy looks a little sad and like she can't wait for the movie to end.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) After all, how far do you have to go to prove your faith?

[Cut to a pizza parlor called Sal's Pizza. The movie's over and the girls are waiting at the table as Bright and Colin apparently are getting the food.]

GEMMA: I like hanging out with your brother. He doesn't have a lot of facial hair so I can kiss him for a long time without breaking out, you know?

AMY: Yeah, I saw.

GEMMA: Yeah, well, it was a really long movie. [beat as Amy begins to look a little uncomfortable] I hope that that wasn't weird for you or anything. 'Cause it looks like you and Colin haven't even kissed yet since his whole--

[Amy clears her throat. The guys come over with the food.]

GEMMA: [spotting the guys] Hey guys!

BRIGHT: Here we go, ladies. Now, about to optimize.

GEMMA: Oh, thank you.

[Bright and Gemma go in for a kiss before eating.]

AMY: Please. About to eat.

[Colin picks up a shaker of garlic. Amy's about to take a sip of her drink.]

AMY: [to Colin] Oh, you don't like garlic.

COLIN: Well, I guess we'll, uh, soon find out. It does smell good.

[Bright attempts to take a bite of his pizza but it's too hot.]

BRIGHT: Aw, aw. I hate it when they re-heat the pizza.

[Zoom in on Colin as Bright continues his line. Colin gets a funny look on his face which Amy notices.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) When you take a re-heat, it's like saying yes, I want you to burn the top of my mouth off so I'm, like, flicking some skin off the roof of my mouth for the next three days.

AMY: Colin, you OK?

[Colin snaps out of it.]

COLIN: I've, I've been here before.

AMY: Of course. We used to come here all the time.

COLIN: No. No, no I mean, I remember this place. I remember coming here. [turning to Bright] We had just won a basketball game. It was a Division championship.

BRIGHT: Yeah, we did.

COLIN: Yeah, and you and I, we came here after we won the game and, and, and, then, I played pin ball over there...

[Cut to the pin ball machine Colin mentions and then cut back to the table.]

COLIN: (CONT'D) And, [to Amy] you were here. Yeah, I remember you were with us.

AMY: Um, no, no. That wasn't me.

COLIN: No, you were. [pointing to a table off screen] You were, like, sitting right over there on that table. You had your red jacket on.

[Amy realizes who Colin is thinking of.]

AMY: That wasn't me. That was Laynie.

COLIN: No, it... Are you sure?

[Amy nods.]

AMY: That's OK. Of course you would remember your sister first.

BRIGHT: Dude, you are remembering. That's awesome.

COLIN: Yeah...

[Colin gets a far-off look like he's trying to look apolegtic to Amy for not remembering her first.]

BRIGHT: So how did the movie end, anyways? No, no, don't tell me, was it...



[Open in the reception area of Dr. Brown's clinic. Ephram drags in his bike. He spots a girl around his age looking through some files. The girl has very short brown hair.]

EPHRAM: You, uh, waiting for Dr. Brown? [no response] Are those patients' files?

GIRL: Not very interesting ones.

EPHRAM: Well, I don't think you should be looking through them.

GIRL: Well, Dr. Brown shouldn't keep people unattended for an hour.

EPHRAM: I think that's what they have magazines for.

[A door opens and Colin goes through as does his mom Sharon Hart.]


[Both the girl and Ephram turn to Colin.]


[Ephram watches as the girl goes to Sharon and the coat rack. Colin starts chatting with Ephram.]

COLIN: So I see you've met my sister.

EPHRAM: I guess, she, uh, didn't really say much.

COLIN: Yeah, that's sort of her thing. I've only really known her for like the last three weeks when she came back from boarding school but she seems pretty cool so far. [chuckles] I think she starts County next week.

EPHRAM: Lucky her.

COLIN: Yeah.

[Laynie smiles at Ephram.]

SHARON'S VOICE: Colin! We'll meet you in the car.


[Sharon and Laynie exit Dr. Brown's clinic.]

COLIN: Hey, you know that Catholic Church Youth Group ski thing this weekend? Are you going to that?

EPHRAM: Well, I haven't given it much thought. Seeing as I don't ski and I'm not Catholic.

COLIN: Yeah, right. I can't ski either. Your dad's got this blanket rule of avoiding head trauma. But, you know, Amy really wants me to go and I'm gonna need someone to hang out with on the slopes with me.

EPHRAM: I suppose you wouldn't believe I had huge weekend plans?

[Colin chuckles.]

COLIN: Just think about it. But remember. You're abandoning me to suffer alone.

[They chuckle. Colin exits and we stay on Ephram as Amy begins speaking off camera.]

AMY'S VOICE: Of course Colin's excited about the ski trip.

[Cut to the Abbott dining room where Bright and Amy are setting the table.]

AMY: (CONT'D) I mean, c'mon, aren't you?

BRIGHT: Sure. Gemma's going and I go where the booty. Whack!

AMY: Later in life when I'm in therapy, you'll be able to take most of the credit.

BRIGHT: Look, all I'm saying is you can't expect it to be like last year. I mean, Colin's remembering a lot, sure but--

AMY: Remembering more than a lot. He's not walking around in post-it notes anymore and he's making jokes again. Last year, he asked me to be his girlfriend there. Going back there will fill in all the pieces.

[Dr. Abbott, with a bottle of wine, has just entered the dining room and has heard the tailend of the conversation between his two kids.]

DR. ABBOTT: Going back where? Knife inside, Bright.

AMY: Church ski trip.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, you're not going on that again.

AMY: What?

DR. ABBOTT: No, no. Those church trips are nothing of the kind. They're supervised about as well as a stampede. Do you remember making haddock tonight?

AMY: Why not?

BRIGHT: I have to go, Dad. It's like a church thing. It's to cleanse my soul. I...

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, please. I delivered the baby that was the product of last year's bock-in-awe. It's just an excuse for your friends to drink and exchange hickeys and more damage to the Catholic Church's reputation than the Crusades. I don't think so.

[Dr. Abbott is about exit, satisfied.]

AMY: You make it a good point, Dad.

DR. ABBOTT: [dubious] Do I?

AMY: Definitely.

[As Amy continues her next line, Bright gets a look on his face that's saying something like "What are you doing, Amy?"]

AMY: (CONT'D) The ski trip should be fun but it should also have structure. What the church could really use a good chaperone. Last year all the parents went to bed early and let the kids do whatever they wanted. But if they had someone more capable, more respectable, more conscientious...

DR. ABBOTT: Wouldn't they should be so lucky? [beat as Amy just continues setting the table] Then again, maybe it would be useful for these permissive boomer-generation non-parents to see odds done. I'll call the youth center now.

[Dr. Abbott goes off to call as Amy looks on.]

[Cut to the living room in the Brown home. Dr. Brown and Rev. Keyes are having beer, watching a hockey game on TV.]

ANNOUNCER: As you well know, the Avlanchers and the Rugbys have quite a history of a...

DR. BROWN: So tell me about the stadiums.

REV. KEYES: Oh, my date? She was cute. For a crazy person. Started off like a completely normal date and then she started talking. First it was the evils of men as exemplified by her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband or both maybe. Then it was another hour on her trip to Cancun with her sister and how, and I quote, "it was too hot to do anything but get a rash."

DR. BROWN: Oh, that sounds sexy.

REV. KEYES: Oh, very. And by this time, finally, she starts asking about me and the minute she finds out I'm a reverend, she breaks down and starts confessing about her one-night stand with a hotel conceirge.

DR. BROWN: Did you mention to her that you're not a priest?

REV. KEYES: Yeah. Repeatedly. But she kept crying until I gave her a couple of Hail Marys.

[Both men chuckle.]

DR. BROWN: I gotta tell you. I'm impressed. One disaster after another and you're still out there. You're either very secure or a glutton for punishment.

REV. KEYES: [chuckles] Yeah, what can I say? Job is my hero.

[There's a buzzer that goes off as a result of the game ending and the men react to it. Dr. Brown is pleased at the team who won while Rev. Keyes is not.]

DR. BROWN: Yes! Yes! Did I not call it? I am now five bucks richer.

REV. KEYES: Ah, these eyes can see defense but eyes cannot see offense.

DR. BROWN: Hand it over.

[Rev. Keyes pulls out his wallet.]

REV. KEYES: Aw, this is ridculous.

[Rev. Keyes hands the bill to Dr. Brown and Dr. Brown looks at it.]

DR. BROWN: This isn't in Vegas. You got something smaller?

[Rev. Keyes takes the bill back.]

REV. KEYES: Oh, sorry. They get a little blurry when I read too long. And I got into a big fight with Tippy Deer today.

DR. BROWN: Need new glasses?

REV. KEYES: Oh, no. I've just got some eye drops to refill.

DR. BROWN: Well, why don't you let me save you a trip to the eye doctor? Come by my office tomorrow and I'll write you a prescription.

REV. KEYES: Well, that's very nice of you but I'm still telling everyone you bet against the Avs.

[They chuckle.]

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Ephram's picking some food.]

EPHRAM: Thanks.

[Ephram goes to leave.]

COLIN: Ephram. Hey.

[Ephram stops leaving and talks with Colin who is out with Amy.]

EPHRAM: Oh, I just got dinner for my family. I don't want it to get cold.

COLIN: Oh, dude, tell your dad it was my fault. C'mon sit now.

[Ephram hesistates.]

COLIN: C'mon.

[Ephram comes over and sits on the opposite side of the booth from Amy and Colin.]

COLIN: So, if you go to the ski trip, we can, like, bring a massive of comics 'cause there's gonna be a long bus ride involved.

AMY: [to Ephram] What, you're thinking about coming now?

EPHRAM: Oh, I was thinking about it.

COLIN: Oh, c'mon. From Amy said, man, it's like a non-stop party.

AMY: Oh, that was last year before my dad decided to be the official wet blanket.

[A waitress just brings by Colin and Amy's check.]

AMY: Thank you.

COLIN: Wait. Get this.

[Colin takes the check and goes up to the counter.]

AMY: Ephram, you know you don't have to go just because Colin asked.

EPHRAM: Well, is there a problem with me going?

AMY: Don't you think it might be a little weird?

EPHRAM: Not any more weird than usual.

AMY: Look, it's one thing when the three of us buddy-up and have lunch together at school but three days in the mountians and I'm entrapped? I mean that gives him a lot of time to figure out--

EPHRAM: Figure out what? That there was something that happened between us? 'Cause where I'm standing, the only thing we have together is honors chemistry.

AMY: I just think that we're pushing it.

EPHRAM: So you want me to bail out.

AMY: It's not even as you wanted to go.

[Colin comes back and slides in the side of the booth that he was in earlier.]

COLIN: That was great.


COLIN: And I even got us the coma boy discount.

[Amy clears her throat.]

COLIN: (CONT'D) I just gave 'em this blank face and they felt bad so they gave us the fries for free.

[A beat.]

EPHRAM: You know? I was thinking about it. Maybe I should come with you guys this weekend. I mean, it's not as if anything's going on around here, right?

COLIN: Cool. So Amy, to level the score, maybe you can get your dad to room me and Ephram together?

AMY: Sure. I'll ask him.

EPHRAM: All right, well I'm outta here.

[Ephram grabs the bag of food and gets ready to exit.]

COLIN: See ya later.

[Amy waves goodbye as she's fiddling with her straw.]



[Open on the exterior of the Brown home. Then to the kitchen where Dr. Brown and Ephram are awake. Ephram is finishing getting ready for the ski trip.]

DR. BROWN: We gotta get going. The bus leaves the church at six. Which is exactly why I'm not Catholic. Since when do you ski, anyway?

EPHRAM: Since I bought my gortex gloves yesterday.

DR. BROWN: Why are you going?

EPHRAM: It's a power move.

DR. BROWN: Oh, right. [beat] What?

EPHRAM: Amy doesn't want me to go. If I don't go because of her, it's all about her or worse, she'll know it's all about her. But if I do go, it's also about me too so we're even again or at least close.

DR. BROWN: You know, I think I actually followed that.

EPHRAM: You weren't supposed to.

DR. BROWN: I should ask you questions before coffee more often.

EPHRAM: Let's go.

[Ephram's done packing and the Brown men prepare to leave.]

[Cut to the church parking lot where a couple of yellow school buses are parking. Teenagers are all over the place and Dr. Abbott is trying to keep order over it all with a blow horn.]

DR. ABBOTT: Line 'em up, move 'em up. Let's go, let's line it up for the bus. And I see as I say "line", I'm overestimating your Geometry grades. A line!

[We cut to a close up of the bus where Dr. Abbott is inspecting people before they go on. He puts the blow horn under his arm. Behind him, a male teen (we'll later find out his name to be Pierson) is videotaping this. Dr. Abbott sets down a garbage can.]

DR. ABBOTT: And be rest assured that there will be neither hanky or panky on this excursion so all shenganians can go right here into this trash can. Beer cans too. [to a random teen] You there. [picks up the blow horn again] Yes, you the shifty one with the silly hat. Step forward. Random search. Open up the napsack.

[Silly Hat Guy opens his napsack, not pleased.]

SILLY HAT GUY: This is totally unconstitutional.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, well, be sure to mention that to your parole officer.

[Dr. Abbott takes out a shampoo bottle.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, isn't this a rather large bottle of shampoo for one weekend? Whatever might this contain?

[Dr. Abbott takes off the cap. Pan over a little to the line where Page is standing next to Amy.]

AMY: Hey, doesn't that guy have your stash?

PAGE: Not anymore. Your dad's like a cop.

[Pan back to Dr. Abbott and Silly Hat Guy.]

DR. ABBOTT: Whew. Hardly any barmoo there.

[Dr. Abbott pours out the contents into the trash can and then the bottle too.]

PAGE: You know, he just had to spoil the trip just so you could come.

DR. ABBOTT: You may go.

[Silly Hat Guy goes on the bus. Colin's next in line. He goes and as do some others as Dr. Abbott says his line before he goes on.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hey, hey. Not so fast there.

[Amy and Page are at the front of the line.]

PIERSON: Ladies, an ounce of your wit for the video yearbook? Something to say to posterity?

PAGE: Turn that off. It's early and some of us are still puffy.

[Amy and Page go on the bus. Cut back to Bright and Gemma.]

BRIGHT: I reserved us a seat in the back.

GEMMA: Oh, yeah? How come?

BRIGHT: So we can make out.

GEMMA: Oh, cool.

[Dr. Abbott pops out from the bus to have a little chat with his son and Gemma. We can see Ephram behind Bright and Gemma.]

DR. ABBOTT: Bright, Gemma, great. Perfect. Saved us seats up front so you can help me decide what show tunes to play on the ride up.

BRIGHT: We were, uh, gonna sit with the kids in the back with the Bible.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, yeah, never mind them. So, huh, would do you think? Pipin or something a little more sovereign? C'mon.

[Bright and Gemma roll their eyes and prepare themselves for a boring bus ride.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. He's examining his friend Rev. Keyes' left eye.]

DR. BROWN: Well, it's probably nothing but I do see some deposits on the retina. I'll take some pictures and send 'em to the lab. They'll just call me back and tell me I was wasting your time. But the fun part is I get to dilate your pupils.

[Dr. Brown walks away a little to get something.]

REV. KEYES: Do you know any good restaurants?

DR. BROWN: Sure, I do but they're all on the Upper West Side. Don't tell me you have another date.

REV. KEYES: Wednesday. New girl.

DR. BROWN: Where are you meeting all these women?

[Dr. Brown places some eye drops in Rev. Keyes' eyes while they're talking.]

REV. KEYES: I've been going to these single mixers in Denver.

DR. BROWN: Single mixers? You mean, like "let's get together everyone who can't get someone" mixers.

REV. KEYES: They're not that bad. No, I go, I make a fool of myself a few times, be depressed but with a few numbers, and get these pancakes at this place down the block that somehow makes it all better. The Mile High Diner. They give you a stack the size of your head. They're famous for it. You've never been?

DR. BROWN: Somehow missed it. You dilated yet?

REV. KEYES: Oh, sure but everything's got a rainbow halo around it. You look like Jesus.

DR. BROWN: I get that a lot.

REV. KEYES: Why don't you come with me? You'd do great. You know, even I do OK there. And it's not like the women are dying to meet a guy who moralizes for a living.

DR. BROWN: Thanks but I'm not ready for the whole "being out there" thing.

REV. KEYES: Fine. Then you can be there for me then. You can be my wing man. Just keep me company. Truth is, I could use it. Divorced men tend to get treated like damaged goods and recently divorced men kinda are.

DR. BROWN: Backup, huh?

REV. KEYES: Exactly.

[Dr. Brown walks off and thinks about it.]

[Cut to a road along which the school bus goes. There's snow on the hills off the road.]

[Cut to the ski lodge where the church ski trip will be taking place. Mountains covered with snow are in the distance. We hear Dr. Abbott's voice with the blow horn.]

DR. ABBOTT: Trust me, it's the enemy of chaos, people, so keep these itineraries handy.

[Cut so we can see Dr. Abbott handing out itineraries to people who come off the bus.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Presence and participation is required at all host ski events. From feemo beads to some sing-along. [hands one to Page who rolls her eyes] Move quickly.

[Dr. Abbott hands one to Ephram who's next to Colin who's trying to get his jacket on using his left hand only.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) We'll meet back here again in thirteen minutes.

[Dr. Abbott moves off as we stay with Ephram and Colin.]

EPHRAM: So I thought The Dumber and Eliza with a Z was punishment enough.

[Amy comes off the bus behind them.]

AMY: [to Colin] Hey, um, when you're done checking in, do you want to go for a walk with me?

COLIN: Oh, I think Ephram and I were going to, uh, check out the pool.

EPHRAM: [interjecting] Oh, no. It's cool. I mean, I'll just head up for the mountain. It's about time I looked into this whole skiing thing, anyway.

COLIN'S VOICE: Oh, yeah? Are you sure?

[We can see Amy looking grateful to Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, yeah. I'll, uh, catch up. See you guys later.

[Amy smiles as she and Colin go off. Ephram smiles and looks back as well. As Amy and Colin go off, we can see Bright walk past them.]

[Cut to one of the hotel rooms for guys. Some guys (including Pierson) are watching the TV which is pretty scrambled. Bright enters the room with his stuff.]

PIERSON: Hey. Perfect timing. We just got the TV to show scrambled porn.

[Bright drops his stuff off.]

BRIGHT: Lucky me. Listen here, Brain Tumor. There's two reasons we're rooming together. One, I want the big bed.

PIERSON: What big bed?


[Bright pushes the two single beds together as to make one big bed.]

BRIGHT: Second, with any luck, I'll may have to kick you outta here tonight. I'm sure you had some really exciting plans but mine take priority.


BRIGHT: Because they're mine and I'm better looking. [beat] So unless you three can take me altogether...

[The three guys just stand/sit there, doing nothing except looking around. We still hear the woman on the scrambled porn moaning.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) That's what I thought.

[Bright jumps on to the bed and gets comfy.]

[Cut to a side of a house where Dr. Brown is holding Delia's hand with one hand and talking on the phone which he's holding with the other. Dr. Brown looks very spiffy in a nice coat and nice clothes.]

DR. BROWN: [into the phone] Well, thanks for babysitting again. One day I'll give you a triple bypass surgery and maybe we'll be even.

[Cut to Nina out on her porch. She's also talking on the phone.]

NINA: Ah you don't realize that I'm running a sweatshop in the basement and Delia is my best goph.

[Dr. Brown, with Delia, has made it around to Nina's porch.]

DR. BROWN: OK, we can turn these off now.

[They both turn off their respective phones and share a chuckle. Nina notices Dr. Brown looking pretty spiffy.]

NINA: Well, you're all spiffy.

[Dr. Brown looks down to Delia.]

DELIA: He's going to a thing. [beat] Where's Sam?

NINA: Eating cookie dough.

DELIA: Really?

NINA: Mhmm.

[Delia goes into Nina's house to find Sam while Nina gives a little laugh.]

NINA: So? A thing?

DR. BROWN: Oh, it's nothing. It's no thing. [beat] I told Tom Keyes I would go with him to a singles mixer.

NINA: Oh, that's, um, uh...

DR. BROWN: That's, uh, what?

NINA: That's good. I'm glad the two of you are hanging out. He's a good influence on you.

DR. BROWN: [starts speaking as Nina says "influence"] He's not influencing anything. I'm not even really going. I mean, I'm going but I'm not going going.


[A long beat.]

DR. BROWN: Can I go now?

NINA: Go go or just go-go?

[Nina slightly chuckles as Dr. Brown slowly cracks a smile. Dr. Brown leaves as Nina goes to enter her home with a smile.]

[Cut to the top of a mountain. Pan down so we can Amy come onto a bridge overlooking the area. Colin follows Amy. Beautiful mountains in the background. People are skiing on the mountain and sound happy.]

AMY: Smell. The cold smells like pine or... The pine smells like cold. Something.

COLIN: Yeah, I like it.

AMY: And you would. [beat] Last year, there was a lot more snow but...

COLIN: Look, can you just do me a favor? Can we just not mention last year? Or I mean last anything. You know, I mean, I was kinda hoping to take a break. Refresh my mind this weekend.

AMY: Yeah, sure. Definitely.

[A beat as they just look at all the people down below.]

COLIN: So... where do you, uh, where do you think Bright and Gemma are?

AMY: Probably groping each other on a gondala.

[They chuckle.]

COLIN: Yeah, he was pretty bent on charting new territories this weekend. You think it'll happen?

AMY: I try very hard not to think of my brother's sex life and habits.

COLIN: Yeah, that makes sense. So it's funny though. We were talking about it and he was so nervous. I mean, it's hard to believe he has so little experience with... sex, you know.

[Amy nods. Colin can't make eye contact with Amy with his next sentence.]

COLIN: (CONT'D) I guess it shows that you never can tell about some people.

AMY: Are you trying to ask me something, Colin?

[Colin gets this deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression on his face.]

COLIN: [too quickly] No. [beat] Well, I mean, I, well, I don't know about, like, you and I... I mean, did we ever...

AMY: No. We didn't. Uh... you haven't.

[Colin looks down.]

AMY: (CONT'D) But we, uh, did an awful amount of kissing.

COLIN: Well, were we any good at it?

AMY: Well, OK. I guess. I mean it could a little work but I suppose I could instruct you.

COLIN: Well, maybe, we can make that some part of my rehab.

[They move in and kiss. After a little bit, they pull away a tiny bit. Colin smiles. So does Amy. They both enjoyed it.]

AMY: Wow, Colin. That was, um, even better than last year. [without thinking] It started to snow and you said that if I didn't kiss you, you'd never forgive me.

[Colin looks away, disappointed. Amy realizes what she just said.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

COLIN: I asked you to stop.

AMY: You're the one who brought it up. I mean, um, you asked me what we used to do.

COLIN: That was different. I was trying to figure out where we stood.

AMY: I'm sorry. I won't, I won't mention it again.

COLIN: You know, you keep expecting me to be this guy you once knew.

AMY: Please, Colin, please. It doesn't have to be a big deal.

COLIN: Well, won't you get through your head that he's gone? He's dead, Amy. [beat] There's only me.

[Colin walks off. Amy stays on the bridge looking at the happy people.]

[Cut to a street in Denver. Reverend Keyes and Dr. Brown are talking before going to the singles' mixer.]

REV. KEYES: How's my game face?

DR. BROWN: Very game-y. Can we go over this again?

REV. KEYES: We go in. We're going to meet people there.

DR. BROWN: We go straight to the bar.

REV. KEYES: Exactly. I talk to a few nice ladies. Then I go back there with you so I don't look like the lame guy who doesn't know anyone.

DR. BROWN: 'Cause that's me.

REV. KEYES: No, no. Not you. You're, you're, you're just looking. You're like an anthropologist, trying to help me find my one true love. [looks inside and then back to Dr. Brown] You're ready for this?

DR. BROWN: Totally. No big deal.

REV. KEYES: Great. Let's go then.

[Reverend Keyes starts to walk towards the door to enter. Dr. Brown doesn't follow. In fact, he looks a little panicked.]


DR. BROWN: Hold on.


DR. BROWN: I just remembered, uh...


DR. BROWN: Uh, I still wear my ring.

REV. KEYES: That's OK. It doesn't matter.

DR. BROWN: I don't know if I can do this.

REV. KEYES: You don't have to do this.

[Dr. Brown still shakes his head no.]

DR. BROWN: I can't.

REV. KEYES: Don't worry. Let's, let's get outta here. C'mon.

DR. BROWN: No, no. You go in. I'll just stay out here.

REV. KEYES: No, no. C'mon, c'mon. You know what? We're gonna cut to the pancakes a little early. The Mile High's just down the block. C'mon.

[Reverend Keyes gets his friend to come along.]

REV. KEYES: (CONT'D) It's the biggest stack you've ever seen. Yeah, they've got whipped cream, chocolate chip, the whole nine yards. This is what we're gonna do. This is going to be great.

DR. BROWN: [still a little shaky] Alright.



[Open in the ski lodge. It's morning. An amazingly cheerful Dr. Abbott walks to his son's room, carrying a blow horn.]

DR. ABBOTT: [in a sing-song voice] Rise and shine. Rise and shine.

[After the first "rise and shine" and knock, we see Bright jump while in bed. After knocking, Dr. Abbott opens the door to Bright's room, looking at and marking something down on a clipboard, not immediately noticing that Bright is the only one in a bed and the rest are sleeping on the floor.]

DR. ABBOTT: Up and out 'em, gentlemen. Rise and shine. It is a beautiful morning for...

[Dr. Abbott notices the situation when Pierson stretches from the floor.]

DR. ABBOTT: Bright.

BRIGHT: What? He wanted to sleep there.

[Dr. Abbott doesn't believe it for a second.]

DR. ABBOTT: Un huh. Come now, gentlemen. Everybody, up.

[Dr. Abbott begins handing out sheets of paper to the teens in the room. Bright rolls his eyes.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Full day ahead. Skiing, followed by board games, a mini-color war which I'm sure you'll enjoy. All topped off by an evening geology hike on which -- indifference to our church sponsors -- we can debate evolution versus that Genesis nonsense. So let's sieze the day, gentlemen.

[Dr. Abbott leaves to possibly wake another group of teens. Pierson begins to talk as Bright drags himself out of his bed.]

PIERSON: Color war? Dude, we gotta do something about your dad.

[Bright groans.]

PIERSON: (CONT'D) This church trip is getting way too wholesome.

BRIGHT: Yeah, tell me about it. My whole Gemma plan's out the window. How am I going to get back to her with a 9:30 bedtime?

PIERSON: Hold on. You've got an at-bat with Gemma Maxwell? Halter top in January Gemma Maxwell? You wanna bring her back here?

BRIGHT: What's wrong with here?

PIERSON: It's an hotel room. Girls want romance. They want a view. They want effort. You gotta take her some place special. Go outside. Get a fire going.

BRIGHT: There's this neat spot up on the mountain.

PIERSON: Totally. I'll take care of your dad for you. All it will cost ya is the bed.

[Bright seemingly agrees.]

BRIGHT: OK. Just don't kill him.

[Pierson nods in agreement. Bright gets off the bed and leaves.]

PIERSON: Make me proud.

[Pierson jumps onto the bed after we hear the door close.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown on the phone, standing. He's looking at lab results from the eye test he did on his friend Reverend Keyes. He doesn't want to believe the results and is very upset.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I'm sorry. These can't be the right pictures. I saw some sausages on the retina but not to the extent...

[Person on the other line interrupts, apparently. We hear an engine going.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) No, you listen to me. I ran a [some medical mumbo jumbo which I can't entirely understand] on a 41-year-old man in perfect health and you send me back the eyes of a thusle which means someone on your end screwed it up. So CHUCK IT OUT AGAIN!

[Edna has entered during that last bit. Dr. Brown slams down the phone.]

EDNA: Oh. I'll add a new phone to the supplies list. What's the damage?

DR. BROWN: The geniuses at the local lab screwed up the test we ran on Reverend Keyes. They want me to buy a diagnosis of [more medical mumbo jumbo] degeneration. Can you believe that?

EDNA: Well, that depends on what the hell it means.

DR. BROWN: It's the, uh, retinas. They slowly hemmage both eyes... and eventually detach. You go blind. But Tom Keyes is twenty years too young for that. There's no way.

EDNA: Yeah, there is, Boss. You know that. [beat] Do you want me to call your old buddies at Mount Sinai? They can have their epitemology lab confirm or deny in a New York minute.


EDNA: Do you want me to call in the Reverend?

[A long beat.]

DR. BROWN: I don't know.

[Cut to Colin and Ephram at the lodge by skis lined up. Many other teens are around.]

COLIN: Think I'm going to miss the Olympics this year. Apparently, I was a bad ass skier in my days.

EPHRAM: Well, apparently, you were a bad ass everything. That's what everybody was talking about while you were, uh...

COLIN: A big drool machine?

EPHRAM: Well, I was going to say recovering but OK. [beat] You know, you're the only guy I know who's so dark that it turns me into an optimist. It's kinda scary.

COLIN: Sorry, man and that's the polite way of putting it.

[Ephram chuckles.]

COLIN: (CONT'D) Yeah, I kinda blew up at Amy today. She took me this great spot on the top of the hill over there. I mean, you could see everything from over there and then I kissed her.

[Beat as Colin walks around. Ephram's a little uncomfortable.]

EPHRAM: Well, that sounds nice.

COLIN: Yeah, it was her first kiss. It was my first kiss. But then she started talking about how the way things used to be and man, I just lost it.

EPHRAM: She missed you. I mean, that's gotta be hard for her.

COLIN: Yeah, I know. But you guys have no idea how frustrating it is. You know, I'm totally grateful to her. I mean, she's been my... you know, when you're playing tag and or, uh, capture the flag and there's this certain spot where they can't tag you out? It's, uh...

EPHRAM: Home base.

COLIN: Home base. Yeah. That's what she's been. And all she's wanted from me is pull out one stupid memory to let her know that I didn't lose her. I did. I haven't got anything. I can't even give her that.

[Long beat and then Colin walks off. Ephram thinks about his friend's words.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown working in his office. Reverend Keyes opens the door and comes in.]

REV. KEYES: Hey. True you don't charge for services?

DR. BROWN: Nasty rumor. Thanks for coming in. Have a seat.

REV. KEYES: Actually, I'm glad you called. Uh, I wanted to talk to you.

[Rev. Keyes finishes sitting down at this point.]

REV. KEYES: (CONT'D) Listen, last night, I, I bullied you into Stan's way before you were ready. That wasn't the best idea.

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I melt down, you practically carry me the whole way home, and you want to say you're sorry. You're like a saint, only annoying.

REV. KEYES: Oh, oh, I'm sorry.

DR. BROWN: You were right to push me. I, I need to think about getting out again. I also need to get a meltdown or two to get out of the way first. Maybe what I need is the thinking about thinking about first. Anyway, the point is thank you.

REV. KEYES: Well, it was the least I could do after that free poking and prodding you did for me.

DR. BROWN: Yeah. Listen, about that, I got your test back today and, uh...

[Rev. Keyes has leaned in close. A long pause. Dr. Brown closes the file.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I, uh, have to admit. I'm outta my league when it comes to eyes. I wanted to spare you a trip to Denver but I'm going to send you to a specialist.

REV. KEYES: Wh-- Anything I should worry about?

DR. BROWN: No, no. I just want someone who can read an eye chart to put a stamp on it. But do me a favor and go soon, OK?

REV. KEYES: Yeah. No problem.

[Cut to Dr. Abbott in his room at the lodge. In his sleeping gear, he's reading a book and takes a sip of his drink in a mug. Someone knocks at the door. Dr. Abbott sets down his drink. Pierson opens the door.]

PIERSON: Dr. Abbott?

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, Pierson?

[Pierson enters with a drink of his own.]

PIERSON: We on the Red Team, we're having such a good time during the Color War that we wanted to do something for you. A small thank you for putting together so orderly, a trip.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I already have my nightly chamomile but, uh, [gestures Pierson to come towards him] that's very kind of you. So rare to be appreciated as one thought.

[Dr. Abbott looks at the drink Pierson gave him. While this is happening, Pierson drops something into Dr. Abbott's chamomile.]

PIERSON: My personal motto.

[Dr. Abbott continues admiring the gesture and chuckles.]

DR. ABBOTT: Cheers.

[Pierson begins to walk off. After he leaves, Dr. Abbott sets down the drink he was given and picks up his original drink.]

DR. ABBOTT: How dumb do they think I am?

[Dr. Abbott shakes his head and proceeds to do what he was doing before the interruption, reading his book and drinking his chamomile.]

[Cut to outside the lodge. One teen {possibly the Silly Hat Guy but I don't know} scoops the outside, looking for adults. None in sight.]

TEEN: Come on, come on.


[Cut to Dr. Abbott finishing up his chamomile. He yawns and sets down his book. Checks his watch.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh. Nine-thirty. Time to put the little monsters to bed.

[Dr. Abbott walks toward his door. He picks up his blow horn and looks at it.]

DR. ABBOTT: It's unfair how much I'll enjoy this.

[Dr. Abbott yawns again.]

DR. ABBOTT: I should to get to bed soon...

[He collaspes onto his bed.]

[Cut to outside the lodge. Around the same spot we were a little while ago. Pierson walks with another teen and the second teen gives Pierson the blow horn.]

PIERSON: The best part is he prescribed you these. [into blow horn] Operation Endurance Freedom is a success. Viva la mini-bar!

[Cheering from other teens begins and two other teens drag an unconscious Dr. Abbott out. Cheering builds.]

[Cut over to some trees with lights on them. It's quieter. We pan over to a fire going. We see Ephram listening to music on his earphones. Out of nowhere, a snowball flies at him.]


[Laynie comes up. She was the one that threw the snowball.]

LAYNIE: Mind if I join you?

EPHRAM: She speaks.

LAYNIE: She sits.

[Ephram begins to take and set his earphones aside.]

EPHRAM: She cracks jokes. Who knew?

[Beat as Laynie tries to warm her hands by the fire.]

EPHRAM: So how come you're not partying?

LAYNIE: Happy people depress me. Drunk happy people make me want to slit my wrists.

EPHRAM: Well, I thought you were part of the Who's Who, the heir to apparent cool and all.

LAYNIE: You go out of town for a few months to boarding school and it's pretty much outta sight, outta clique.

EPHRAM: Oh, you didn't really wanna go?

LAYNIE: St. Margaret's is really my parents' doing. I mean, after Colin's accident...

[Ephram looks to Laynie at that. There's a long pause.]

LAYNIE: (CONT'D) It's kind of hard to explain.

EPHRAM: You don't have to. You had to parent them, right?

[Laynie's shocked by his insight.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) My mom died in a car accident. It's, wow, almost a year ago now. I kinda had to parent my little sister for a while. I let the guy fend for himself.

LAYNIE: How'd he do?

EPHRAM: Well, not great. Better.


LAYNIE: Yeah, in a way I kinda lost my parents in Colin's accident. I mean, not in the way you did. They shattered after Colin crashed. And after that, all their focus was on him getting better. So, sending me away was the best they could do. I mean, they said it was so I could have a normal life and be surrounded by friends but... I get it.

EPHRAM: That's harsh.

LAYNIE: Don't get me wrong. I love my brother to death and I cried like a bunny to find out I'm still in his head somewhere. But... ever since that truck flipped... my whole life has been about him.

EPHRAM: You know, I wasn't aware bunnies did much crying.

[They chuckle.]

LAYNIE: Don't nitpick.

EPHRAM: Right. And I thought you were just quiet.

LAYNIE: No. I just wait until I'm sure someone's worth talking to first. And then I don't shut up.

EPHRAM: Yeah, you're telling me.

[He chuckles. Laynie hits him and he chuckles again. She smiles.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown fixing the swinging glider on his front porch. Nina comes up. He doesn't notice her at first but he does soon.]

DR. BROWN: What?

NINA: Well, I'm not welcome here?

DR. BROWN: Usually you come over here to pick up or drop off a child. I don't think I have yours. Do you have one of mine?

NINA: I'm here for dirt. How'd it go?

DR. BROWN: It was, uh, fine.

NINA: Well, was it fun fine? Did you meet any nice people?

DR. BROWN: Do we have to do this?

NINA: Well, no, not if you don't want to. See, I have this idea that you only talk to me when everything goes wrong. But you save all the fun parts for everyone else. Like the opposite of the fair weather Friends.

[I think Dr. Brown's fixed the glider because he sets down his tool and sits down during his next line.]

DR. BROWN: Basically, it was a trainwreck. I barely got out of the car before I had a very nice panic attack. [beat] Sorry to disappoint you.

NINA: Oh. That's terrible.

[Nina's walked over to the glider to be closer to her friend.]

DR. BROWN: Yeah, it was. Now I know what all my patients are talking about. I mean, you really feel as though you're going to die.

NINA: What'd you do?

DR. BROWN: Me? Nothing. A lot of shaking.

[Nina chuckles.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Tom was the one talked me off the ledge. He took me for pancakes. Giant pancakes. There's this place...

[Nina knows the place.]

NINA: Mile High Diner. I've been there for every birthday since I was five.

DR. BROWN: A little late for the party.

NINA: Did it help?

DR. BROWN: Well, not as quite as Annex but, uh, I don't know why it happened. I mean, it was just a party.

NINA: Well, uh, dating's never a easy thing to start again.

[Nina walks over to sit on a chair.]

NINA: (CONT'D) And, uh, from what I remember, it was never an easy period.

DR. BROWN: I had to give Tom Keyes some very bad news today.

NINA: Is he alright?

DR. BROWN: Well, he's not dying. But it's bad. At first, I couldn't handle it myself and then he came into my office and it was, uh, my turn to be there for him and I wasn't. I sent him off to let someone else to tell him.

NINA: I thought you gave people bad news all the time.

DR. BROWN: I did. Doctors like to say it never gets easier but it does. I told people they're going to die hundreds of times and it took a while but I became very good at it. I'd march in, say it, gauge whether they'd crack now or later. And if it was later, I'd launch into the details and keep it analytical. If they looked like they were going to lose it, I'd leave them in my office with a box of tissues and go check on another patient for an hour or so. The trick was to get up and out before they cracked. And they always do. [beat] Tom gives so much strength to many people, to me. And he was in my office, looking at me. And I knew there was nothing I could do to but make him fall apart. And I couldn't do it. [beat] I thought I was done with the hard parts.

[Dr. Brown thinks and then he looks to Nina and smiles.]

[Cut to Amy and Page talking on the bridge. Colin comes up from behind.]

PAGE: It was the weirdest thing. I was like, no, because I can't do that.

COLIN: Hey. [to Page] Can I steal her for a sec?

PAGE: Why? She's just going to tell me what you guys say later...

AMY: [cutting her friend off] Page!

[Page walks off. Colin gets closer to Amy. We hear a "woo!" from below.]

COLIN: Can I say I'm sorry?

AMY: No.

COLIN: Well, I am.

AMY: No, I mean, uh, you shouldn't be. You haven't done anything wrong. [beat] Ever since the accident, everyone told me not to push so hard. Guess what I did? I pushed. When I get you back and again, everyone says "Don't push, Amy" and guess what I do? [beat] Colin, I'm beginning to think the best thing to do for you is to just go away. Give you some time.

[Amy starts to leave.]

COLIN: Don't do that, Grover.

[Amy stops in her tracks.]

COLIN: It's me. I'm the one that blew up.

[Amy turns around.]

AMY: What you just say?

COLIN: I just said, uh, that I was sorry...

AMY: No, I mean, uh, what did you just call me?

COLIN: Uh, I called you Grover.

AMY: That's what you used to call me.

COLIN: Yeah, I know. I've been remembering things. About you, us. And I mean, some things, not everything. I remember Grover. I even remember how you got that name. We were, like, 10 years old and, uh, you kicked me because I was trying to kiss you.

[A beat as Amy takes this in.]

AMY: Why didn't you tell me?

[Another beat.]

COLIN: I didn't want to disappoint you again. I mean, you kinda expect the world and I can't give you that. [beat] You're not disappointed?

AMY: No, no. I'm not disappointed. What's the opposite of disappointed?

[Colin chuckles. Amy too, slightly.]

COLIN: I, uh, don't know. My vocabulary's not very good right now.

AMY: Well, whatever it is, I'm that.

COLIN: OK. 'Cause sometimes I think you forget how lucky we are.

AMY: Lucky? Yeah, that's us. Lucky.

COLIN: I mean it. I mean how many couples can have their first kiss twice?

[Amy and Colin kiss. A change in the shot. We pan up to see the moon and we fade out.]



[Open at a beautiful scenic outlook near the ski lift that Bright mentioned to Pierson earlier. Bright and Gemma are in the middle of making out. A fire's going. Everything's just about perfect. Bright does good work. The couple stops making out for a second.]

GEMMA: It is so beautiful out here.

BRIGHT: It's no big deal, I just wanted to take you somewhere special. So you'd know you're special. Which you are. To me. I mean in general too but to me--especially.

[Gemma and Bright kiss again.]

GEMMA: It is special.

BRIGHT: Special enough?

GEMMA: For what?

[Bright gives her to tell her that sex is what he's talking about.]

GEMMA: (CONT'D) Oh that...

BRIGHT: Yeah. 'Cause we haven't really dealt with it really. Except that one time for like a second. That totally was by accident.

GEMMA: Um... I don't know...It's just so perfect here... Do you want to?

BRIGHT: Are you kidding me? What do you think I was praying for all that time in mass today?

GEMMA: You prayed for me to put out?

[Gemma truly and honestly is thoroughly taken.]

GEMMA: (CONT'D) That is so sweet!

[They make out when Bright should look over his girlfriend's shoulder and sees his dad who passed out on the ski lift. Dr. Abbott's in robe and clipboard. Someone's even taken the time to sharpie "DOCTOR COOL" across his forehead. Bright bolts upright.]


GEMMA: Hey, where're you going?

[Bright looks up at his dad, then back to his girlfriend, and back again. He gets up and starts to go to his dad, the hardest decision of his life.]

BRIGHT: I'm coming!

GEMMA: What? But I'm here. And I said OK!

BRIGHT: I gotta help my dad. If I die and don't go to heaven, I'm gonna be so pissed.

[Bright runs to his dad. Gemma is in shock.]


[Cut to the school bus in front of the ski lodge. Ephram's loading some of stuff onto the bus with the help of someone on the bus. Amy, with her bag, comes around to talk to Ephram. She drops off her bag and Ephram takes it instead grabbing a different and gives it to the person on the bus. He continues to do the same with other bags during their conversation.]

EPHRAM: Did you have a good trip?

AMY: Another day, yes actually.

EPHRAM: Well, good. I'm glad I didn't ruin for you.

AMY: Let's just say we're even.

EPHRAM: What for?

AMY: He's off crib sheets, Ephram. He doesn't need you to feed him answers.

EPHRAM: Well, wh-what did he tell you?

AMY: He didn't have to. The Grover story was a little specific. Not to mention straight off the Ferris wheel. You might have think I forgot the time we spent together but I haven't. [beat] Show him anything else?

EPHRAM: No. Just Grover. Look, does Colin know that you...

AMY: No. No and he won't. He doesn't need that. Besides, it was kind of sweet in a way although really misguided.

EPHRAM: Well, that's just me in general, right?

[Colin pops his head out from the bus.]

COLIN: Amy, I got us the back row.

[She smiles at Colin and then goes on the bus. Ephram gets the last bag, his presumably, and goes on the bus.]

[Cut to the main area of the ski lodge. Dr. Abbott walks out of his room, a little frazzled from what the teens did to him last night. He puts on his hat and sunglasses. "Doctor Cool" is still on his forehead. He walks to the female conceirge and hands her his key. He lets out a sigh.]

CONCEIRGE: Checking out, Doctor?

DR. ABBOTT: God, yes.

CONCEIRGE: I see we have some room charges and then we'll be all set.

[She hands him the bill. Dr. Abbott is in shock.]

DR. ABBOTT: Eight hundred dollars?

CONCEIRGE: Would you like me to put the movies on a separate bill?

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, please.

[Conceirge tries to hold in her laughter.]

[Cut to the school bus outside the lodge. Dr. Abbott walks around and goes on the bus. After we cut to
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