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Colin le second

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[Open on a basketball practice in the County High gym. A large yellow banner has in black print, the words: State Basketball Champions - 1978 - Peak County High.]

NARRATOR: For the town of Everwood, basketball was like kindling. What happens on the court may be small, insignificant to most, but it fuels a much larger fire. The Peak County Miners take their game seriously. They've been district champions twice and for one glorious season 25 years ago, they ruled the state.

[The coach blows his whistle. Bright is one of the players and Colin looks bored sitting behind the coach.]

COACH: All right, ladies, I can watch you all in slow-mo on the highlights tape. Let's get up to speed here. Not Grandma speed, I want Cyprus speed! Start 'em up coach.

NARRATOR: But whether or not a title was at stake, they always come to play. Their fans demand it. Their fans thrive on it. Let's face it, in the dead of winter, their fans have very little else to cling to.

[Colin looks at his stopwatch.]

COLIN: Time!

ASSISTANT COACH: Come on, pick it up, let's go! Move it!

[Bright passes the ball but seriously mis-navigates.]

COACH: Chess pass, Abbott! This is not baseball!

BRIGHT: I'm on it.

[Colin throws the ball back to Bright.]

COACH: Keep playing like this you might make the girls field hockey team. Go again!

[They continue practicing. The coach is not very impressed.]

COLIN: Time.

COACH: OK! Give me 25 laps around this place then hit the lockers. We'll watch some clips on Cyprus from last year.

[He walks over to Colin.]

COACH: Good work today, Hart, you've been a big help. See you back here tomorrow at three.

COLIN: Yeah, sure thing, Coach.

[He walks out bouncing a ball and passes a display case in the hallway. Amongst the trophies is a photo of the team from last year. Colin is on it.]

NARRATOR: For players and fans alike, the game is a crucible for our dreams. Both those that are realized, and those that go inexplicably awry.

[Colin walks a little way off then spins around and throws the ball at the case, screaming. The glass shatters. Colin walks off. The camera zooms in on the picture of pre-coma Colin in the team.]



[Open on the Brown house. Ephram is sitting reading his manga at the counter. Delia is reading the cereal box.]

DELIA: Dad? What's rye-bo-fla...

DR. BROWN: Riboflavin, honey, it's a vitamin. Vitamin B2 actually. Its primary biological function is the regeneration of glutathione.

EPHRAM: [mocking] Good answer.

DR. BROWN: It helps you grow.

[Ephram opens a page on his manga which has a post-it note attached with the name Agatha Schnitzler and her phone number.]

EPHRAM: Agatha Schnitzler. Are you trying to set me up again? 'Cause she sounds hot.

DR. BROWN: She's a piano teacher.

EPHRAM: You're gonna have to stop doing this. You're messing up the resale value on my manga.

DR. BROWN: Well, I could always use e-mail or instant messaging.

EPHRAM: Please, don't.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, she comes highly recommended.

EPHRAM: By who? Gus from the body shop or that drug salesman who gave you all the Prozac pens?

DR. BROWN: Hey, give me a little credit, will ya?

EPHRAM: I'm not gonna call some 90-year-old woman who happens to own a metronome. I mean, I'd at least like a piano teacher who can remember the difference between the black keys and the white ones.

DR. BROWN: Well, play any less and that could be you.

EPHRAM: I've been playing.

DR. BROWN: You haven't been playing. You've been playing around. You're not taking it seriously. And I'll tell you something else. I'm not gonna force you to call these people, Ephram.


DR. BROWN: When are you gonna be home?

EPHRAM: Usual time. Unless the schoolyard pusher asks me to get stuffed.

DELIA: Did you get my Miners hat yet?

DR. BROWN: Honey, I promise you your head will be adorned in crimson and gold at the appointed time.

[The bus horn toots.]

DELIA: Gotta go.

DR. BROWN: OK. Gotta go.

[Cut to outside. Dr. Brown waves as the bus pulls out. He heads back inside but notices a guy fixing Nina's gutters.]

DR. BROWN: Problem?

CARL: Oh no. Just installing some heat tape. Should've been done months ago.

DR. BROWN: Heat tape? I don't even know what that is but I'm from New York. I've never done much maintenance myself.

NINA: [from inside] The coffee's ready.

DR. BROWN: Maybe I should consider heat tape. What do ya charge for the whole shebang?

[Carl climbs down from the ladder and holds his finger up at Dr. Brown meaning "just a second." He walks over to Nina and kisses her. Dr. Brown looks shocked but realizes he must be Nina's husband.]

NINA: Oh, Andy, hi. I see you've met Carl.

DR. BROWN: Actually, I haven't.

CARL: [shaking his hand] Carl Feeney. I've heard all about you.

DR. BROWN: Andy Brown, nice to meet you and please disregard the last question.

CARL: No, I was just trying to figure out what kind of discount to give you, seeing as how you're a neighbor and all.

DR. BROWN: [to Nina] I asked him to work on my gutters.

NINA: Hands off, Andy. He's not home that often and I've got a long list of things he needs to finish.

CARL: I need to run inside and get my work gloves.

[He leaves.]

DR. BROWN: So, that's Carl.

NINA: I should have told you he'd be here. I was just so excited about the trip I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it.

DR. BROWN: No no, it's fine. You and Sam must be very happy he's back.

NINA: Yeah, it's great.

[Awkward silence.]

NINA: I should go but I'll talk to you later.

[He smiles at her as she leaves.]

[Cut to County High. Colin and Ephram are in their history class. We are assuming the name of the teacher is Miss Rodionoff even though her name was not mentioned.]

MISS RODIONOFF: Gerrymandering. Who can tell me what that is?

[Colin raises his hand. The teacher looks around for anyone else, but no one raises their hand.]

MISS RODIONOFF: Mr. Hart, what can you tell us?

COLIN: Voting...

[He fumbles, trying to come up with the definition. Ephram looks concerned.]

MISS RODIONOFF: It's alright, Colin. Anybody else want to...

COLIN: Just give me a second. I read this stuff. Let's see... it was the... they-they-they, wanted... they wanted to win...

[The bell rings.]

MISS RODIONOFF: People, don't forget the test on Thursday. Be here and be prepared or suffer the consequences.

[She stops Colin.]

MISS RODIONOFF: You're doing just fine, Colin. Remember, you're just expected to observe now.

COLIN: Yeah, well, I knew the answer.

MISS RODIONOFF: I'm sure you did. We'll see you tomorrow.

[Ephram catches up to him in the hallway.]

EPHRAM: Well, that sucked.

COLIN: Yeah, well, I don't even know what I'm doing here. I'm just wasting everybody's time.

EPHRAM: She should've let you finish.

COLIN: Yeah, well, the period's only 50 minutes long.

EPHRAM: Still, she's just trying to make it easier for you.

COLIN: Yeah, well, she's not. None of them are. They treat me like a freak, and why shouldn't they? I can't even remember my own locker combination if it's not written down on a piece of paper.

[He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. Supposedly with his locker combination on it.]

EPHRAM: You know, you could tattoo stuff all over your body, like that movie Memento? You know, you could have your locker number on your left arm, your teacher's name on your right ankle.

[Colin gives him a disturbed look.]

EPHRAM: Not helping much, am I?

COLIN: Maybe you could help. Help me study for the test. You know, maybe if she could see that I could actually do the work...

EPHRAM: And treat you like crap again?

COLIN: Exactly. See, it gives me something to look forward to. I mean, if you've got time.

EPHRAM: I mean, yeah, I'm not exactly acing the class either.

COLIN: Hey. It's all relative.

[Amy approaches.]

AMY: Hey, Colin. Hey, Ephram.


AMY: [to Colin] Can I talk to you for a second?

COLIN: Yeah, what is it?

[She looks over at Ephram.]

AMY: Alone?

[Kayla and Page come running over to Amy and Colin, screaming.]

PAGE: AMY AMY MY GOD! You got homecoming King and Queen!

KAYLA: And they've never elected sophomores before and Christy Beachamp is dying. She didn't even make court!

AMY: I just found out.

COLIN: Wait a minute. How did we win?

KAYLA: Well, you totally pulled the sympathy vote...

PAGE: But who cares? It's like: you guys are the bomb!

KAYLA: Yeah! Totally.

COLIN: [to Ephram, blasé] You hear that, Ephram? We're the bomb.

[Ephram doesn't know what to say.]

EPHRAM: Congratulations.

[Kayla and Page give him a "p-lease" look. Amy looks kind of hurt.]

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Dr. Brown is having lunch with Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: You met Carl, did ya?

DR. BROWN: Mmm hmm.

DR. ABBOTT: You know he was sort of Everwood's version of Tom Cruise.

DR. BROWN: Really?

[Carl is sitting at another table. Nina gives him a kiss.]

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah I suppose that sort appeals to a certain woman. You know the type. Rugged, athletic, young.

DR. BROWN: Why don't you ask him out, Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: Hey, Carl? Looking forward to the big game are you?

CARL: Wouldn't miss it. I haven't missed one in... 19 years, God... long time.

DR. ABBOTT: Carl won the district championship for us back in '84. Took us all the way to state.

CARL: I'd say I had a little help.

DR. ABBOTT: The most miraculous sporting moment I have ever seen. Bar none.

DR. BROWN: Good game, was it?

[Carl is silent.]

NINA: Tell him.

DR. ABBOTT: Come on.

NINA: Oh come on, tell him.

[He pretty much recounts the event as a play by play including hand gestures and pauses.]

CARL: Were down by four with 58 seconds to go. The crowd's losing faith, but I know we're gonna win. Like a premonition. [getting up] Off a rebound, I drive to the baseline and I give the ball to Jackson Lance. He's wide open.

DR. ABBOTT: [quietly] Poor Jackson couldn't hit the ocean from a rowboat.

CARL: Unfortunately, Jackson couldn't hit the ocean from a rowboat. Was all I've got. Jackson shoots... the ball clangs off the rim but the rebound comes out long and I catch it. I put up a soft ten footer...

DR. ABBOTT: Nothing but net.

CARL: Nothing but net. Now we're down by two. Cyprus gets the ball but Cyclops is unnerved. He throws up this wild shot.

DR. ABBOTT: No dice.

CARL: No dice. We head back up the floor. I do a nifty crossover that Kobe would envy. Fake three, drive to the hole... we're tied! Five seconds left on the clock, looks like we're going OT. Cyprus inbounds, I steal the ball. To this day I can't tell you how. Everyone on the floor is shocked, I'm shocked. There's only one second left... I'm out of range but I have to shoot. The ball sails through the air... and everyone in the gym is silent. It's in... it's in!

[The crowd, which includes a townswoman named Martha who has made appearances in previous episodes, cheers.]

CARL: It's in and everyone's screaming. [to Nina] And you're there. Running up to me, jumping into my arms and we won.

[Carl and Nina kiss.]

CARL: (CONT'D) That was it. We were going to state.

NINA: I missed you.

[They kiss again.]

[Cut to the Brown Clinic. Dr. Brown is in a meeting with Colin Hart and his mom Sharon.]

DR. BROWN: Well... this is all very encouraging, Colin. No indications of any ICP issues, your vision is good. No headaches to speak of. And your right side weakness is subsiding.

COLIN: [perturbed] Tell that to my right side.

DR. BROWN: Well, this is where medicine becomes more of an art than a science. So far your brain's been able to reroute the pathways you used for walking and talking and I really don't know which repairs will take place next.

COLIN: You're supposed to be the best there is and you can't tell me when I'm supposed to get better?

SHARON: Colin! [to Dr. Brown] He's a little frustrated.

DR. BROWN: How have your moods been lately?

COLIN: Fine.

SHARON: At first, he wasn't laughing much but...

COLIN: My moods have been fine.

DR. BROWN: Well, your next full work up will be in Denver in a few weeks. You'll probably be there for a couple of days.

COLIN: Can't we stop these trips?

DR. BROWN: Well, we sprung you from the hospital earlier than we normally would. You're in school already which is unusual for someone who's undergone the kind of surgery you have so going back to Denver is non-negotiable. Why don't you give me a minute with your mom, OK?

COLIN: Sure.

SHARON: Is there a problem?

DR. BROWN: You know, my sense is school is too much for Colin to process at this point. The social pressures, the demands on his memory, relearning old skills... I mean, that's a lot for a kid to handle.

SHARON: Of course. There's a period of adjustment. But it's no different than say we moved to another state and he had to start in a new school.

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Hart, the differences between that scenario and Colin's situation are profound.

SHARON: Right now, Colin needs to get on with his life.

[Dr. Brown thinks about this for a moment.]

DR. BROWN: OK. We'll see you in two weeks.

SHARON: All right.



[Open on County High. The homecoming students are getting prepared for the night by Ms. Marvin.]

MS. MARVIN: Right, it's very important that you extend your right arm out, gentlemen, and ladies, you hold with the left. Right arm for boys, left arm for girls.

[Colin is writing all this down. Bright walks up behind him. Amy is also there, obviously because she's Queen.]

BRIGHT: Don't forget to write on the part about how much this whole thing sucks.

COLIN: Yeah, I think I can remember *that* part.

BRIGHT: Hey, so Haines is gonna have some people over for pool and Xbox. I promise his hottie stepmom is gonna be there.

COLIN: I can't go.

[Ephram walks up.]

BRIGHT: Do you have therapy tonight? 'Cause I can call your parents...


COLIN: Oh, hey. Just in time. [to Amy] Look, Ephram's gonna take me to study for the history test.

AMY: Oh. Well, um, I could help too... if you wanted.

COLIN: You know what? It's cool. Could you just tell Ms. Marvin what my deal is?

AMY: Sure.

COLIN: [to Ephram] Let's go.

[Amy and Bright are left standing looking burned.]

BRIGHT: Remember when the three of us used to hang out?

AMY: Uh huh.

BRIGHT: And when he came back, I thought it would be more like that.

AMY: Me too.

[Cut to town. Nina is leading Carl past the shops with her eyes covering his. She leads him into Irma Fredonia's now empty flower mart.]

NINA: OK, go ahead Sam. Go ahead. OK.

[He bumps into the door.]

NINA: Oh, God. Sorry. Are you ready?

CARL: I think so.

NINA: Are you sure you're ready?

CARL: You're scaring me. Are we in a meat locker?

NINA: Do you want me to give you the tour?

CARL: That depends. Are you gonna keep you hand there?

NINA: Concentrate.

[She uncovers his eyes and he takes in the store.]

SAM: Daddy, Daddy, this place is sooo big!

[Nina begins the tour.]

NINA: This is the checkout counter and the cash register. This... is where you see all of the state of the art outdoor gear from Northwave, Patagonia, all the top brands. And... this is where the ski equipment goes.

CARL: Oh my God.

NINA: The store.

CARL: How?

NINA: With the surrogacy money and our savings and I've been looking into small business loans, so we could open the store... here. So you could be here. Remember the first time we talked about it? We were walking past Jensens, thinking...

CARL: That there should be a *real* outdoor gear store in town?

NINA: With sporting goods...

CARL: Top of the line?

NINA: We made it!

[They hug and kiss. Sam comes running back.]

SAM: Come see the best part!

CARL: Did you rent this or buy it?

NINA: Ah, rent. Bud and Lily want to hold on to the property but they're willing to give us a long term lease.

CARL: Put down a deposit?

NINA: Told 'em I'd give them the check in a few days.

CARL: So you've still got the twenty thousand?

NINA: Ah huh. Plus a few months interest.

CARL: I'm just thinking. What if we got a bigger place? With a showroom? Maybe even have a rock gym in there, it could be like a prototype for a new kind of sporting and outdoor store. Like the one in Portland. It has a bike trail...

NINA: [getting the picture] We don't have enough for that.

CARL: Not yet, we don't. We could hold on to the money a little longer. Maybe leverage some of it? Make a few investments, who knows? Then, we could buy a place.

NINA: We could make this happen now.

CARL: Of course, we can. Just not the best possible way.

NINA: What you're talking about is years off. What about Sam? We've been talking about the problems he's having.

CARL: I know you're worried about him. But he seems fine. Years from now, he's gonna thank me for what I'm doing.

NINA: You sure of that?

CARL: I am. Besides, we've gotta plan this out, Nin. This is our shot.

NINA: No. This is our shot at being together. If it was a shack and we'd had sold one soccer ball a year, I would love it because you would be here.

[Sam runs in. Carl takes to opportunity to change the subject.]

CARL: Hey, little man. How about a sundae?

SAM: Yeah!

CARL: Yeah! [to Nina] And while this one is devouring the entire dairy production of the county, we can talk about this thing. Design it, plan it, make it our dream store. How about that?

[Cut to the County High gym. Basketball practice.]

COACH: That's it. Hit the showers. Abbott, see me first.

[Bright puts a ball away.]

COACH: We need to talk.


COACH: First, I just wanna say I know you've been through a lot this past year and I'm sympathetic. But I have to be honest with you. Your game is suspect right now.

BRIGHT: I know. It's just taking me a little while to get back into the groove.

COACH: I can't let you start. Not the first game anyway.

BRIGHT: That's not fair.

COACH: You're forcing your shots. You're not playing within our offense. You've been turning the ball over way too much.

BRIGHT: I'm trying. I just need to get my rhythm back without... I just need to find my rhythm.

COACH: We all miss Colin. He's a good player with a lot of heart. But he's not playing this year. We're running a new offense and I hate to say it, but right now, you're throwing us off. Do you want to keep talking about this?


COACH: If you do, you know where to find me.

BRIGHT: [bummed] Yeah.

[Cut to Ephram's house. He and Colin are about to study. He finds another post-it note attached to his laptop.]

COLIN: What's that?

EPHRAM: This is my father's idea of being clever. Matthew Lansing. Does that sound like the name of a good piano teacher?

COLIN: How should I know?

EPHRAM: All right. The way I get a handle on things: I make a list of all the events in chronological order then I memorize the list and kind of visualize it.

COLIN: You know, it's a shame you've never been in a coma. You would've done great in rehab.

EPHRAM: Alright, there's a chronology in the front of the chapter. Just copy down everything between 1860 and 1900.

[Colin blanks out.]

EPHRAM: Are you OK?

COLIN: Yeah, I'm just a little tired.

EPHRAM: Well, you wanna take a break?

COLIN: We haven't done anything yet.

EPHRAM: All right. We'll work for 15 minutes and then, we'll reward ourselves with cold pizza.

COLIN: Cold pizza? Now, that sounds horrible.

EPHRAM: Try the warm stuff here. It's worse.

DR. BROWN: [from outside] Hey, Ephram!

EPHRAM: Coming! [to Colin] I'll be right back.

COLIN: Well what should I do?

EPHRAM: Start writing down those dates.

[Ephram heads out to the front porch.]

EPHRAM: What are you doing?

DR. BROWN: Ah, roof and gutter stuff.

EPHRAM: What kind of stuff?

DR. BROWN: Maintenance stuff. I need you to hand me some stuff while I'm up on the ladder.

EPHRAM: Are you sure that's wise?

DR. BROWN: Just humor me.

EPHRAM: Colin, I'll be right back!

DR. BROWN: Colin's here?

EPHRAM: Yeah. You wanna say hi?

DR. BROWN: Ah, in just a minute. So, how do you think he's doing?

EPHRAM: I'm his friend, not his shrink. I'm just helping him study for a test.

DR. BROWN: A test?

EPHRAM: Yeah, we have a history class together.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, Colin hasn't progressed nearly enough in his rehab to be thinking about tests. He still needs lists to remember the names of his family and friends.

EPHRAM: He wants to take it.

DR. BROWN: I think it's a bad idea. It's just gonna frustrate him.

EPHRAM: He asked me to help him.

DR. BROWN: OK. But for what it's worth, I don't think helping him study for a test is gonna do any good. I mean, he shouldn't even be in school.

EPHRAM: Well, what should I do? Tell him to forget it? Tell him to just give up? Not try? I mean, everybody's got bad news for the guy. He wants to do this. He wants to take a stupid test. So I'm gonna help him.

[Dr. Brown nods.]

[Cut to inside. Ephram enters.]

EPHRAM: How are those lists coming?

[He looks at Colin's page which is blank.]

[The camera pans out through the window.]



[Open on the classroom. The history teacher is handing back the test results.]

MISS RODIONOFF: Mr. Brown, keep going like this and you could give average a run for its money.

EPHRAM: Thanks.

[She hands Colin his test back.]

MISS RODIONOFF: A fine effort, Mr. Hart. Nice job.

EPHRAM: Nice one, dude. Next time, you're gonna have to help *me* out.

COLIN: Yeah. Hey, will you check yours against mine?

[Ephram compares the two. He got a C+ while Colin got an A. Although it's hard to read, Colin's paper looks like it's full of scribbles and crossed out answers. The second page is completely blank.]

EPHRAM: OK. I'm an idiot.

COLIN: No, you're not.

[Cut to the Abbotts. Bright is lying on the sofa watching cartoons.]

DR. ABBOTT: Almost ready, Bright?

BRIGHT: For what?

DR. ABBOTT: The big game starts in less than an hour.

BRIGHT: Yeah, I don't think they care what time the non-playing players get there.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, the bench is an integral part of the team.

BRIGHT: Yeah, the part the other team makes fun of.

DR. ABBOTT: I will still cheer for you just as much if you score coming off the bench as if you started.

BRIGHT: If I score. Since Colin's been gone, I've sucked.

DR. ABBOTT: That what you think?

BRIGHT: If Colin's there, I'm starting. Colin's not, I'm on the bench.

DR. ABBOTT: You miss him.

BRIGHT: We were like our own team within a team, you know? Michael and Scotty. Except for we're shorter and whiter.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, if Michael fouled out Scotty didn't just stop playing, did he? Hmm?

BRIGHT: I guess not.

DR. ABBOTT: You know, it's OK for you to be good without him.

BRIGHT: Yeah, I know.

DR. ABBOTT: Difficult transition to make.

BRIGHT: Well, things'll be better as soon as he gets back to his old self.

DR. ABBOTT: And thus, grab your coat, let's go! Come on.

[Cut to the Brown kitchen. Dr. Brown enters. He sneaks over to Ephram's bag and tries to sneak a post-it note into it. Delia walks into the kitchen and scares him.]

DELIA: Hi, Dad!

DR. BROWN: Honey, you scared me. You OK?

DELIA: I just wanted some milk.

DR. BROWN: Milk?

DELIA: And maybe a cookie. Or two.

DR. BROWN: You know, you're gonna eat at the game.

DELIA: I know. But I wanna get there fully stocked. We might not eat till half time.

[She notices the note.]

DELIA: Another piano teacher?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, it's not going well... getting Ephram to call one of these piano teachers.

DELIA: Why don't you just make him do it?

DR. BROWN: You know, honey, when parents do that, kids resent it.

DELIA: Mom would have just yelled at him.

DR. BROWN: No way. Mom yelled at Ephram? Really?

DELIA: All of the time.

DR. BROWN: Did she yell at you too?

DELIA: Not as much but I'm easier to handle. Cookie?

DR. BROWN: Don't mind if I do.

[Cut to the Feeneys. Nina is still arguing with Carl about the shop.]

NINA: Look, I'm not asking you to commit to anything tonight.

CARL: Well it sounds like it.

NINA: I just think we should talk about it before you leave.

CARL: We did talk about it.

NINA: So that's just it? You don't want the store.

CARL: I *do* want the store. I told you. I just want to wait till we can really do it.

NINA: I'm not asking you if you want the store two years from now. I'm asking you, do you want it now?

CARL: I don't think now is the right time. I sold over two hundred software packages last month, Nina. That's twenty percent more than anyone else in the company. I'm hitting my stride out there.

NINA: You never wanted to be a traveling salesman, Carl. You always said this was temporary.

CARL: I never thought I'd be this good at it!

NINA: Sam, why don't you go upstairs, see if you can find your red sweater, OK?

[Nina walks over to Carl.]

NINA: Look, I don't know how much longer I can raise Sam all by myself. Some nights, I want you back here so badly I just... I weep. I miss you like you were at war or in a foreign country, only you're not. You could be home if you wanted to.

CARL: When we got married, we made a deal.

NINA: When we got married, we didn't have Sam. We didn't know the effects our decisions would have on him.

CARL: No, this isn't about Sam. This is between you and me and we made a deal! You didn't want to leave, you wanted us to live here so I said I'd go out and I'd make things happen and then I'd come back when I had something to offer.

NINA: Carl. It's not happening. We're right where we were six years ago.

CARL: I'm right where I was six years ago.


CARL: ...Is that what you mean? Of course it is! You fell in love with some...

NINA: I fell in love with you! I am still in love with you!

CARL: You fell in love with Carl Feeney who everybody wanted to be. Who was supposed to go out and do something incredible 'cause he was always better than this place!

NINA: Well, maybe you're not. And what's so wrong with that?

CARL: They offered me a permanent position if you'd had let me go to Phoenix.

NINA: I didn't keep you from moving to Phoenix. Do NOT throw that back at me!

CARL: You didn't want me to move!

NINA: I didn't want to move and you didn't either!

CARL: How do you know what I wanted? You only hear what you want to hear. I'm only what you want me to be!

NINA: You're not ANYTHING that I want you to be because you're NEVER HERE!

CARL: We've gotta get to the game. SAM, LET'S GO, BUDDY! [to Nina] We'll talk about this later.

[Nina is left standing there, crying.]

[Cut to the big game. Amy is holding the banner, looking out anxiously for Colin.]

ANNOUNCER: And now, ladies and gentlemen... your Peak County Miners!

[The crowd cheers as the team comes out. Dr. Abbott is chanting "Go go Bright!" before he notices Carl.]

DR. ABBOTT: Carl! Come on down. I've got seats!

[Dr. Brown is sitting next to him.]

DR. ABBOTT: Scoot over! Make room for the champion.

[The dance team, which has Amy and Kayla as well as others, begin their routine. Nina takes a seat next to Dr. Brown.]

NINA: How's it, Andy?

DR. BROWN: Big game, huh?

NINA: Yeah, Carl's enjoying it.

[The team are in a huddle. They put their hands in a circle for a cheer.]

COACH: One, two, three, MINERS! Let's go. Come on, team. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, hustle.

[Colin steps down from the stands and heads outside but not before looking at everyone in the stands and on the team. The game begins.]

[Cut to later. There's 1 minute and 18 seconds left of the second quarter. Amy and Bright peruse the crowd. Both are looking for Colin.]

DR. BROWN: Let's go, Miners!

[Bright signals Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: Ephram, why is the Abbott kid waving at you?

EPHRAM: He's not.

BRIGHT: Yo! Brown! Get over here!

EPHRAM: He probably needs help counting the points.

[Ephram makes his way to Bright.]

BRIGHT: Where's Colin?

EPHRAM: How should I know?

BRIGHT: You're like his best friend now. You don't know where he is?

EPHRAM: You're his best friend and you don't know where he is?

BRIGHT: Whatever. Just go find him, would ya? The homecoming thing starts in the half. It's in like 5 minutes. If he's not here, Amy's gonna freak out.

EPHRAM: Why don't you go find him?

BRIGHT: Because I'm on the team!

EPHRAM: Oh, is that what they call this wooden plank?

BRIGHT: Just go find him, Nullis! Hank said he saw him come in. He's around here somewhere. Just go find him.

[Ephram heads out. He finds Colin in his parents' truck out in the parking lot.]

EPHRAM: Hey, man. How are ya?

COLIN: [blank] I'm fine.

EPHRAM: What are you doing?

COLIN: Nothing.

EPHRAM: Well, your big moment is minutes away.

COLIN: That's not my moment. You know in rehab, there's this other TBI named Bob.

EPHRAM: What's...?

COLIN: Traumatic Brain Injury patient. He insists that everyone calls him Bob the second. He keeps saying that everyone's talking to him like he's some guy named Bob, which he isn't. So he wanted another name. He decided it would be easier on his friends and family if, which were all strangers to him, to call him Bob the second. I hate it.

EPHRAM: We should get back inside.

COLIN: You know, I do remember one or two things. It's not from last year. It's from when I was younger. When I was five, we had this apartment. It had one of those garbage shoots that you send your trash down, outside in the hallway. My mom used to let me put the trash in.

EPHRAM: We had one of those in New York.

COLIN: For days after I got home, I looked for that trash shoot. I couldn't find it. I didn't know if I had made it up or if I dreamed it.

EPHRAM: Things are gonna get better.

COLIN: You don't know that.

EPHRAM: Why don't you just walk in the ceremony and leave right afterwards? We'll go hang out somewhere.

COLIN: I can't find that list.

EPHRAM: What list?

COLIN: The list of things I'm supposed to do. Which side of Amy I'm supposed to stand on? When to leave the floor? Where to sit?

EPHRAM: Maybe I'll help you.

COLIN: [agitated] I don't want help!


COLIN: I had the list. It was in my pocket. I lost it. So I came out here to look for it in the truck.

EPHRAM: We'll find it. Turn on the light.

COLIN: Don't!

[Ephram turns the light on and notices that Colin's hand is bleeding. The window on the side closest to Colin is smashed.]

EPHRAM: What happened?

COLIN: It was locked. I couldn't get in.

EPHRAM: I'll get my dad.

[Ephram runs back inside.]



[Open on the gym. The game has stopped for half time and the announcement of the homecoming king and queen. The stage is decorated with winter ornaments and lights.]

MR. ACKERMAN: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first game of the Mighty Miners 2003 basketball season.

[The crowd cheers.]

[Cut to backstage. Amy is pacing.]

AMY: What if something happened to him?

BRIGHT: Nothing has happened to him. He's fine.

AMY: Well, then where is he?

[Bright doesn't know what to say.]

MR. ACKERMAN: I now have the pleasure of presenting to you, our homecoming King and Queen and their court. Elected by their peers, our homecoming King and Queen share your values, as a class, and you have chosen well. Let me say, on a personal note, that the courage and the steadfastness of this year's couple can be used as an example to us all.

[As he speaks, the court make their way on stage. Backstage, Bright and Amy are growing increasingly edgy.]

MR. ACKERMAN: Without further delay I am proud to present to you, County High's homecoming couple 2003, Amy Abbott and Colin Hart.

[The crowd cheers. Amy is in the spotlight staring up at the stage, alone. The crowd stops cheering. Bright walks up and takes Amy's hand and begins walking her. Dr. Abbott smiles.]

AMY: What are you doing?

BRIGHT: Standing in.

AMY: I can't go up there, Bright. Not without Colin.

BRIGHT: It's OK. We'll do this together.

[They walk up and Dr. Abbott starts clapping which sets the crowd off.]

[Cut to the nurse's office in the school. Dr. Brown is bandaging Colin's hand.]

COLIN: Yeah, it was weird, you know? I was just jimmying the lock and the window just shattered.

DR. BROWN: Most cars have shatter-proof glass these days.

COLIN: I don't know. Maybe it was the cold. Lucky for me, Ephram was out taking a stroll in the parking lot.

DR. BROWN: You've not taken up smoking, have ya? 'Cause if you are, could you maybe tell me about it next week?

EPHRAM: Just out for some air.

DR. BROWN: OK, all set. How's it feel?

COLIN: Fine.

DR. BROWN: Why don't you come by my office tomorrow and I'll take another look at it. If it bothers you tonight, you can call me at home.

COLIN: Thanks, Doc. A little easier than last time you stitched me up, huh?

DR. BROWN: A little bit.

COLIN: Well, I'd better get back. I'm sure my queen must think her king's been kidnapped. Thanks again, Doc.

DR. BROWN: You're welcome.

[Colin leaves.]

DR. BROWN: So, what happened really?

EPHRAM: I came outside. He had already cut himself. Went and got you.

DR. BROWN: How have his moods been when you've been with him?


DR. BROWN: You know, with an injury like Colin's, these patients can behave unpredictably sometimes.

EPHRAM: He's not my patient, Dad.

DR. BROWN: You're right. Let's get back to the game.

EPHRAM: Or maybe we could just go home?

DR. BROWN: Your sister's pretty ensconced in the game, I think you'd have to pry that foam finger from her [doing a voice] cold dead hands.

EPHRAM: You go. I'll just meet you guys in the parking lot afterwards.

DR. BROWN: Are you OK, Ephram?

EPHRAM: Yeah, it's just basketball's not really my thing. I'll catch up with you guys later.


[Cut back to the game.]

COACH: Two! Two zone, two zone. Match up!

[The visiting team scores.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh come on!

[The Miners play the ball back but the other team intercepts and steals the ball, dunking another shot.]

DR. ABBOTT: Boo! Bad call!

[The coach walks up to Bright.]

COACH: OK, Abbott. Let's see what you've got. You're in for Haines.

[Dr. Abbott spots Bright heading on court.]

DR. ABBOTT: Bright! Get in there! Bright!

ANNOUNCER: Substituting for Haines, number 10, Bright Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Bright Abbott, he's our man, let's give him a great big hand!

[The game resumes.]

DR. ABBOTT: Take it easy, take your time. Set it up!

[Bright dribbles the ball down court then jumps and makes a slow motion shot. The crowd is silent. The camera cuts to the net and the ball goes through but it is now later and only Dr. Abbott and Bright are in the gym. Dr. Abbott gets the ball and makes a shot which goes in. Apparently the game ended with the Peak County Miners getting 62 and the Cyprus team got 75.]

BRIGHT: Nice shot, Dad.

DR. ABBOTT: Not bad for an old man, huh?

BRIGHT: I was gonna say nerd, but...

DR. ABBOTT: You made me proud tonight.

BRIGHT: Yeah, my game's a little better, isn't it?

DR. ABBOTT: I meant what you did for your little sister.

BRIGHT: What was I gonna do?

DR. ABBOTT: So how was it? Being out there again without Colin?

BRIGHT: It felt good, you know? I was able to get into the game. For a few minutes there, I even forgot about him. Is that just messed up?

DR. ABBOTT: No, no.

BRIGHT: It was like when he was gone I totally missed him, you know? Now he's back and...

[He takes a shot and misses.]

DR. ABBOTT: You miss him still.


DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, Amy too, I suspect.

BRIGHT: I wanna punch him for what he did tonight.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, it's not Colin's fault. Nor is it Amy's nor yours. You know I'm not saying that you shouldn't stay close to Colin, but things have changed. You and Amy are gonna have to figure this out.

BRIGHT: Think fast.

[Bright quickly passes the ball to his dad who shoots and misses. He shoots again and makes it. They make their way out.]

DR. ABBOTT: Like they say, the old man's still got it in him.

[Dr. Abbott bends down to pick up some clothes but it hurts his back.]

DR. ABBOTT: [sore] Oh, yeah. Wrench the back. Wrench the back.

[Cut to the Feeneys. Morning. Sam and Carl are having breakfast.]

NINA: Here, Sam. Eat your breakfast.

SAM: But I wanna draw more pictures for Daddy!

NINA: When you're done.

[Nina walks back into the kitchen. Carl follows.]

CARL: I wish I had another day.

[Nina just nods.]

CARL: I'm gonna get home as soon as I can. You know that, don't you? And as soon as we can do it, we're gonna open that store and I'm gonna be here full time. You know that, right?

NINA: I never lost faith in you, Carl. I just miss you more every day that you're gone. It aches. Do you need me that way? Please tell me that you still need me that way.

CARL: Of course I do.

[Carl and Nina kiss and hug.]

[Cut to County High. Amy and Colin are at their lockers.]

AMY: How's your hand?

COLIN: It's just scratched.

AMY: I was really worried.

COLIN: I know. I'm sorry.

AMY: It's not your fault that you were hurt.

[Ephram joins them.]

COLIN: Ephram, hey man. Your dad was awesome last night, I was just telling Amy how he stitched me up in no time. I appreciate what you did for me, too.

EPHRAM: No worries.

[The bell rings.]

COLIN: [wide eyed] Gotta go blow something up in Chem class.

[Colin leaves.]

AMY: You know, I should probably thank you too.

EPHRAM: For what? All I did was take him to the nurse's office. You can call off the Nobel Committee.

[Amy stares at Ephram.]


AMY: It's just weird to think that he could hurt himself, you know? It kinda makes you wonder if maybe...

EPHRAM: Amy, it was an accident, all right? My dad stitched him up. He's fine. He's gonna be fine, I won't happen again. The King and Queen can continue their reign.

AMY: All that stuff is so dumb.

EPHRAM: Is it?

AMY: Come on, it's the 21st century.

EPHRAM: It's tradition. People like traditions. It makes them feel safe, you know? To think that some things don't change. See ya.

AMY: See ya.

[Ephram walks off and looks kind of sad.]

[Cut to Ephram arriving at his front porch. Dr. Brown is waiting for him.]

EPHRAM: I'm going up to my room to study.

DR. BROWN: Nope. Plans have changed.

EPHRAM: I'm really not in the mood to work on our father-son communication skills right now.

DR. BROWN: Me neither. So this will be a one-way conversation. Your new piano teacher is waiting for you in the living room and I want you to go in there, sit down, and get reacquainted with that instrument.

EPHRAM: I told you I...

DR. BROWN: Ah-h-h-h. One-way. Now he's Julliard-educated, he lives half way between here and Denver. He called your old teacher and based upon that conversation, plus a few additional bucks I decided to throw in, he has agreed to drive here once a week. Now you have a gift and you've been letting it atrophy. And I'm not gonna stand by and let that happen anymore.

EPHRAM: What gives you the right to educate me about my gift? You left yours in New York.

DR. BROWN: Well, that maybe true but this conversation isn't about me. You're too young to be solely responsible for your talent and if I can help you without hurting you, I'm gonna do that. That's what fathers do. I think. And if in a few years, you come to me and say "the piano's not my thing", then fine, you can quit. But I hope you won't. Now, if you choose not to respond to my parental authority, I should warn you that I have mind altering drugs in the other room and I'm not afraid to use 'em.

[Ephram gives up and goes inside. The piano teacher introduces himself.]

MATTHEW: Matthew Lansing.

EPHRAM: Ephram. Brown.

MATTHEW: Play something for me, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Like what?

MATTHEW: Whatever you want. It'll tell me what I need to know.

[Ephram sits down and begins playing J.S. Bach's "Prelude No. 23" in B major. Matthew gives a slight smile. Dr. Brown smiles outside. Nina hears it.]

NINA: The music sounds wonderful.

DR. BROWN: Ephram's playing never ceases to amaze me. It's like a sunset. So, Carl's gone?

NINA: Yeah, he left early this morning. He's coming back next month.

DR. BROWN: Oh, that's good.

NINA: Yeah. He thinks he can get an extra day next time, so...

DR. BROWN: How's Sam taking it?

NINA: He'll be OK. Well, I guess I should go start his dinner.

DR. BROWN: See you, Nina.

NINA: Bye, Andy.

[Dr. Brown looks over and sees the ladder still there. He grabs his tools.]

NARRATOR: There are no certainties where dreams are concerned. Some are achieved, but just as many sputter and die. When they do, it's tempting to wonder why you ever dreamed at all.

[Fade to black.]


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