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NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood...

[Cut to brief clips of various scenes from "We Hold These Truths" and "Till Death Do Us Part".]

Dr. Andy Brown, with Brian near him, delivers news to the Harts (with the Abbott men near them) after their son's surgery. (from "We Hold These Truths")

DR. BROWN: Colin came through very well.

[Sharon Hart looks relieved.]

DR. BROWN: I want you to know that we've done everything humanely possible to help save your son.

A now-conscious Colin Hart in his hospital bed looks at his girlfriend Amy like he doesn't know her. (from "Till Death Do Us Part")


Ephram trying to comfort Amy while she awaits the results from her boyfriend's surgery. (from "We Hold These Truths")

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) An accident.

AMY: Out of all the people I've known my whole life, you're the only one who showed up today.

Brian talking to Dr. Brown after they delivered the news to the Harts. (from "We Hold These Truths")

BRIAN: You finish this sabbatical, come back home.

DR. BROWN: This is my home now, Brian.

Amy looks at Ephram when they're in the mine. He looks at her. They lean in and kiss. After a moment, Amy turns away in slow motion. (from "Till Death Do Us Part")



[Open in Delia Brown's room and pan around. We see some of her many caps, three pictures of her deceased mother Julia (one by herself, one with her kids Delia and Ephram, and one with her son Ephram as well as her parents Dr. Jacob Hoffman and Ruth Hoffman), and others on her dresser.]

NARRATOR: One of the hardest things about being a father is that you never know what's yours anymore. There's always someone out there trying to take what belongs to you. Or at least make you share. Your car, your home, food off your plate, even your own kids sometimes.

[The camera has panned far enough to reach Delia's bed where she is laying down and hugging her stuffed animal. She smells something and she gets up.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) It's a constant battle. Fought less with...

[Cut to Ephram's room where he also has just waken because of the smell. He, like his sister in the previous scene, gets up.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) ...violence than with love, fought with the best of intentions...

[Cut to the hall where Delia enters and behind her, her brother enters as well.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) ...and scented with cinnamon.

DELIA: Do you think...

EPHRAM: Can't be.

[Dr. Brown enters the hall from his bedroom.]

DR. BROWN: You guys been cooking?


DELIA: We thought you were.

DR. BROWN: Really? 'Cause it smells great.

EPHRAM: Which is why we were suspicious.

[They start exiting the hall to go into the kitchen. Delia goes first, followed by her brother and then her father.]

[Cut to the kitchen where Ephram and Delia's grandparents (Dr. Brown's in-laws) are there. Ruth is making French toast. Dr. Hoffman is setting the table. When Delia enters, she races toward her grandma.]


RUTH: Oh, Delia, my favorite.

[Ephram walks over to embrace his grandpa.]

RUTH: [to Delia] Did we wake you? Jacob, I told you to stop slamming the plates down!

[Dr. Brown has entered the kitchen and doesn't look too happy.]

DR. HOFFMAN: I slammed the plates? They were already broken! Delia, oh my gorgeous girl!

[Dr. Hoffman gives Delia a hug.]

DR. BROWN: Jacob, Ruth, how did you get here? I-I would've given you a ride.

DR. HOFFMAN: At 5.30 in the morning?

RUTH: We rented a car. I thought we'd take a shuttle, but they don't have any. Did you know that?

DR. BROWN: No idea.

RUTH: Well, it's true. You don't lock your doors, either. We noticed. Must be very safe here.

DR. BROWN: (to himself) I thought it was.

RUTH: Ephram, honey. How many pieces of French toast do you want?

EPHRAM: Ah, two?

RUTH: Two? You're wasting away to nothing, have four! Andy, sit down. I'll get you some juice.

DR. BROWN: No, that's OK, I've got it.

DR. HOFFMAN: Come on, sit down, sit down, you look like hell.

DR. BROWN: OK then.

DR. HOFFMAN: But the beard, the beard, oh my god, it looks just like me.

[Dr. Brown smiles.]

DR. HOFFMAN: I thought Ephram was kidding when he telephoned.

EPHRAM: I can't believe you guys are here.

DR. BROWN: (mocking) Me either.

DELIA: Me either! This is the *best* surprise.

RUTH: Awww...

[Dr. Brown is sitting, giving the biggest false grin.]

DR. BROWN: It sure is.

[They all share a laugh.]



[Open on the Brown home. Dr. Hoffman and Ruth are dishing out presents. Ruth pulls out a dress for Delia.]

RUTH: Now, this wasn't on sale, but I couldn't resist. Look at all the ribbons! Isn't it just to die?

[Delia doesn't like it.]

DELIA: Aha. Is there anything else?

RUTH: Now would I come all the way from New York without stopping by Zaro's Bakery?

[Ruth puts another bag on the counter. Delia's eyes light up.]

DELIA: [pulling one out] Black and white cookies!

DR. BROWN: You can save that for later, honey. French toast is already dessert.

RUTH: [handing another present] It's a bonny bell. That was your mother's first lip gloss.

DELIA: [trying it] Tastes like candy.

RUTH: It's not for eating, it's for keeping your lips shiny and pretty.

DR. BROWN: Hey kiddo. Come on, let's get ready for school.

DELIA: Aw, do I have to go? I wanna show Grandpa and Nonny around Everwood.

DR. BROWN: What about school?

RUTH: Oh, what's she gonna miss in one day of school? A times table?

DR. BROWN: Fine, fine.

EPHRAM: I wanna show Grandpa and Nonny around Everwood, too?

DR. BROWN: Forget about it.

DR. HOFFMAN: Don't worry. We're gonna have plenty of time together.

DR. BROWN: So, how much time are we talking about here, Jake? A couple of days?

DR. HOFFMAN: There's my good old son in-law. We just got here and you're already kicking us out?

DR. BROWN: No, no. It's just if you called, I could've been more prepared. You know, like food and stuff.

DR. HOFFMAN: How come you didn't call? I mean, how many months have you been here already?

DR. BROWN: Well, it's not like I wasn't planning on inviting you, you know. I just, it's just I wanted to wait until... everything was in order.

DR. HOFFMAN: And what's not in order?

RUTH: We'll go to the market, Andy. Don't worry about anything. Just pretend like we're not even here.

DR. BROWN: I could never do that. Well, I've gotta get to the office. In fact, why don't you two stop by later? If you promise not to tell the State Medical Board, I'll even let you take a look at a couple of patients, Jake.

DR. HOFFMAN: I couldn't do that. I'm sorry. You see, I charge.

[Dr. Brown gives another fake grin and mumbles as he walks out.]

DR. BROWN: [under his breath] I hate a welcome!

[Cut to Ephram's room. There's a knock at the door. His father enters.]

DR. BROWN: Did you know anything about this?

EPHRAM: About their trip? No.

DR. BROWN: So they never mentioned anything?

EPHRAM: They said they might come visit. They didn't say when.

DR. BROWN: Well, do me a favor while they're here. You know how you normally behave?

EPHRAM: Distant and miserable?

DR. BROWN: Yeah. Do the opposite.

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. Edna is tending to papers as Dr. Brown enters with cleaning products.]

EDNA: That better not be for me.

DR. BROWN: Dust is our enemy today, Edna. Help!

EDNA: Well, this is new.

DR. BROWN: The in-laws showed up. Out of nowhere. In my house. They're gonna stop by the office, too. No one is safe today, the Hoffmans have hit Everwood.

EDNA: They're old people. Plop 'em down in front of the TV and toss them a bag of chips every half hour. That oughta hold 'em.

DR. BROWN: You don't know my father in-law. Not only is he one of New York's premiere transplant surgeons, he's also the best dad who ever lived. He somehow managed to perform over 150 liver transplants a year, and never miss a single birthday party. Oh, and did I mention? My children worship him.

EDNA: He also walks on water?

DR. BROWN: Oh, jogs on it. Does push ups on it. One handed push ups.

EDNA: I had this commander in the Nang. My first week in triage, I watched her successfully resuscitate over fifty soldiers. She was one of the best nurses in the unit and still found time to bake cookies for the entire platoon every Sunday without fail... Bitch!

DR. BROWN: Is she here right now, Edna? Is she coming to the office to judge your every move? I don't think so. I win.

EDNA: Take a breath there, cowboy.

DR. BROWN: I can do that.

EDNA: Atta boy. You've got a patient in room one. I'll dust, you'll heal.

[She exchanges the patient file for a cloth and waits for him to leave. When he does, she swirls it a few times then throws it on the floor behind her and resumes her paperwork.]

[Cut to the patient room. Dr. Brown notices a young kid sitting there.]

DR. BROWN: Hey there, Ben. It says here you've got a bad stomach ache.

BEN: You don't charge people, right?

DR. BROWN: That's right. Did you come here by yourself?

BEN: Even for house calls?

DR. BROWN: Even for house calls. But since you're already here, this doesn't qualify as a house call anyway.

BEN: It's not me who's sick, it's my dad. I lied to the lady.

DR. BROWN: I see.

BEN: Could you come over to my house? My dad, he can't move.

[Dr. Brown looks puzzled.]

[Cut to County High. Amy steps off the bus carrying heavy bags.]

EPHRAM: Need help?

AMY: I'm all right. Thanks.

EPHRAM: Breaking your back for the feminist movement or is it 'cause you don't wanna talk to me? You know, 'cause I can respect both.

AMY: Now why wouldn't I wanna talk with you, Ephram?

EPHRAM: Oh, I don't know. The whole mine thing?

AMY: That was an accident. Let's just forget about it, OK? And the bag isn't really that heavy. It's just clothes and stuff for the weekend. I'm going straight to the hospital today after school so...

EPHRAM: Staying over in Denver?

AMY: I'm pretty much gonna be there every weekend till Colin comes home. He really needs me right now.

EPHRAM: So I guess you're not going to that party tomorrow night.

AMY: No can do.

EPHRAM: That's too bad. It should be pretty cool. I've never partied in a canyon before. Us New Yorkers, you know, we're more basement people.

AMY: Hey, just because I'm not going, it doesn't mean that you can't go.

EPHRAM: I-I know that.

[The bell rings.]

AMY: I've gotta go. See you later.

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Delia is showing her grandma around.]

DELIA: And this is the diner. We eat here a *lot*.

RUTH: What does that mean, 'a lot'? Doesn't your father cook a meal once in a while?

EDNA: [eavesdropping at the counter] Only if he's feeling cruel.

DELIA: Edna!

[They salute each other then give a high five.]

DELIA: This is Edna. She works for my dad.


DELIA: She took me to the army. Then we found God and she rides a motorcycle. Isn't that cool?

RUTH: A motorcycle at your age? Sounds a little dangerous to me but hey, what do I know?

EDNA: You must be Delia's great grandmother. Nice to meet ya.

DELIA: This is Nonny. She's visiting from New York where the *good* bagels come from.

RUTH: A pleasure.

EDNA: I understand you're dropping by the office later.

RUTH: In a little while.

EDNA: [to Delia] I guess we're gonna have to postpone operation pick-up till next week, private.

DELIA: Nonny could do it with us.

RUTH: Do what with you, honey?

EDNA: I was gonna show the munchkin here how to change a tire, see how an engine works but I doubt you'd like that.

RUTH: Why? You know me so well already?

EDNA: Call it a hunch.

RUTH: When were you planning on having this little tire seminar?

EDNA: Tomorrow afternoon. 1300 hours.

RUTH: Ah ha. We'll be there. 1 o'clock.

[Cut to Ben's house. Ben shows Dr. Brown in. His father Mike O'Connell is very obese and is sitting on the couch watching TV.]

BEN: That's my dad.

[His father notices them and quickly switches off the TV.]

MIKE: Oh Ben I told you not to.

BEN: He's free, I asked.

DR. BROWN: I'm Dr. Brown. How are you feeling, Mr. O'Connell?

MIKE: I'm actually feeling fine. Ben's a bit of a worrier. I'm sorry. He shouldn't have troubled you.

DR. BROWN: No trouble at all. I understand you're having some difficulty moving.

MIKE: Yeah, sciatica's been acting up. It happens every once in a while. I find that if I just lie here though for a couple of days, it gets back to normal. But, it means we're gonna miss the big father-son fly-fest tomorrow.

DR. BROWN: What's that?

MIKE: Oh, it's a big fishing competition up at the Largemont River. Ben walked off with a huge trout last year, didn't you son?

DR. BROWN: You mind if I have a look? Maybe there's something I can do.

MIKE: Ah, no. That'll be fine. I mean, since you're here.

DR. BROWN: Can you sit up at all?

MIKE: [joking] You might need a forklift.

DR. BROWN: Is your mom around, Ben? She could probably take you back to school now.

BEN: My mom doesn't live here anymore.

MIKE: Yeah, it's just me and Benny. But, we're doing pretty good for ourselves. [to Ben] And you. Get on your bike, get back to school, I'll be alright.

BEN: [to Dr. Brown] You'll help him?

DR. BROWN: I'll help him.

[Ben reluctantly leaves.]

[Cut to the Brown house at night. Dr. Brown arrives home with a pizza and can hear the piano being played.]

DR. HOFFMAN: [singing] What is a man / what has he got / if not himself / then he has not / the record shows / I took the blows / and did it my way.

[Ephram stops playing and Dr. Hoffman compliments him. Dr. Brown smiles.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Fabulous!

DR. BROWN: Somewhere Sinatra is smiling.

DR. HOFFMAN: Aha, look who's home. [checking his watch] 8 o'clock.

DR. BROWN: I stopped to get us all a pizza. Gino's was backed up.

EPHRAM: We already ate.

DR. BROWN: That sounded good, Ephram.

DR. HOFFMAN: Not good. For a boy who hasn't taken lessons in months, that sounded great!

DR. BROWN: Yeah, well, we're still looking for the right teacher.

EPHRAM: News to me.

DR. BROWN: If Ephram wants to find one, he knows he can ask me.

DR. HOFFMAN: There's some things a child shouldn't have to ask, a parent should just do.

[Ruth comes down from the stairs.]

RUTH: Andy, honey. I found some sheets for the sofa bed. So sweetheart, just tell me where you keep the extra pillows.

DR. BROWN: Nonny, you are not sleeping on the sofa. You two can have my room and I'll sleep down here.

RUTH: No. Absolutely not. I wouldn't dream of it.

DR. BROWN: I'm gonna sleep down here.

RUTH: Sweetheart, we don't wanna impose on you like this.

DR. BROWN: I insist.

RUTH: All right, if you insist.

[She hands him the sheets and heads upstairs.]

RUTH: [yelling out] Delia, go pick a bedtime story.

DR. HOFFMAN: [to Ephram] Come on upstairs, I want you to show me what they're teaching you at that school of yours. [to his son in-law] Good night, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Good night.

DR. HOFFMAN: [as they're walking away] What kind of house is this? It's like an oven in here.

[Dr. Brown looks left out.]



[Cut to the Brown house. Exterior. Morning.]

DR. HOFFMAN'S VOICE: The waffle iron is too hot! That's why it smells like rubber cement in here.

[Dr. Brown is seen trying to make waffles in the kitchen. They're burnt.]

DR. BROWN: Morning, Jake. Sleep well?

DR. HOFFMAN: Ah, so-so. The mattress is a little too soft.

[Ephram enters the kitchen.]

EPHRAM: Beware, it cooks.

DR. BROWN: Sit down, kiddo. I'm making your favorite.

EPHRAM: Burnt waffles.

DR. BROWN: Not *that* burnt, so eat up. You've gotta save all your strength today for the father-son fly fest.

DR. HOFFMAN: Father-son fly fest? What is this? Some kind of rock concert?

DR. BROWN: Nah, it's a fishing competition over at the Largemont River. I know how much you like to fish, Jake, so I thought we'd go check it out. Three generations of fathers and sons. What do you think?

EPHRAM: I think the fumes in here have done permanent damage to your brain.

DR. HOFFMAN: Hey. Don't talk to your father like that.

EPHRAM: Sorry.

DR. HOFFMAN: You know, maybe it'll be fun. Hey, hell let's do it.

DR. BROWN: That's OK. If Ephram doesn't want to go, we'll think of something else to do.

DR. HOFFMAN: Wait a minute there, Andy. [to Ephram] Hey, Ephram... will you do it for me? Huh, champ? I mean it'll be great. And if we don't like it, we'll leave.

EPHRAM: Oh OK. But only if you promise to get breakfast on the way.

DR. HOFFMAN: Deal! [to Dr. Brown] OK, we leave in 20 minutes.

[Cut to Denver Hospital. Amy is sitting reading a book. Sharon Hart spots her and enters.]

SHARON: You're here early.

AMY: Morning. I slept here. It's easier and it saves me another bus fare.

[Sharon just nods.]

AMY: Guess what I brought. [holding up a video tape] Remember how we were talking about last year's Christmas dinner?

SHARON: I think so.

AMY: I found it and I noticed that Colin's room doesn't have a VCR so I thought that we could just ask the nurses...

SHARON: [interrupting] I don't think we should bother them with that right now.

AMY: Oh, I don't think it would bother them and I think it'll really help.

SHARON: Help what?

AMY: Help him remember his life... everyone.

SHARON: He *will* remember, Amy. In time, he will.

[She sits in a chair opposite to Amy.]

SHARON: Sweetie, I know you mean well, but right now the pressure you're putting on Colin... and yourself. It's too much.

AMY: What do you mean?

SHARON: I mean, he's making fantastic progress. He's speaking again. He can sit himself up. The doctors are optimistic about his memory returning. But this takes time.

AMY: I know. But I don't, I don't think that means we should stop pushing.

SHARON: We won't. But you have to.

[Amy is in disbelief.]

SHARON: You're making it worse, Amy.

AMY: How?

SHARON: Your expectations. It's a strain on all of us... especially Colin. Go home. Take a break. Get your life back. We're not going anywhere.

[Amy tries to interject.]

SHARON: I'm not asking you, Amy.

[She gets up and leaves.]

[Cut to the Brown-Hoffman males leaving the house.]

DR. BROWN: This is great. I wish I had a camera.

EPHRAM: You do have a camera.

DR. BROWN: I wish I knew where it was.

BEN: [pulling up on his bike] Dr. Brown, I need your help. The brace isn't working.

DR. HOFFMAN: [to Ephram] They come to your home?

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry, Ben, but I'm on my way out. I'll stop by later this afternoon, OK?

BEN: You're going to Fly Fest? I can't go. My dad can't move.

DR. HOFFMAN: This kid's good.

EPHRAM: You know, Dad, don't worry about it. Me and Grandpa will go fishing. They probably don't want three people on the team, anyway.

BEN: It's true. They don't.

DR. BROWN: Well, maybe I'll meet you guys later.

DR. HOFFMAN: By the time you get there, the whole thing will be finished. Go see your patient. Me and him will go fishing and we'll see you later.

DR. BROWN: Alright, well, have a good time.

DR. HOFFMAN: We will.

[Dr. Brown doesn't look so assured.]

[Cut to Edna, Ruth and Delia. Edna's changing a tire for Delia. Ruth's sitting reading the paper, probably the "Pinecone".]

EDNA: So, when you've finished tightening up the lung nuts, then you put the hub cap back on and Bob's your uncle.

DELIA: Can I go under it with the sliding thing?

EDNA/RUTH: [simultaneously] Sure!/No!

RUTH: What does she have to see underneath? I thought you were changing the tire.

EDNA: She wants an overview of how the whole piece of machinery works. What's wrong with that?

RUTH: It could fall on her head. That's what's wrong with that.

DELIA: I'll be careful.

RUTH: Why does my granddaughter need to know how to change a tire?

EDNA: In case she gets a flat, so she's not stranded on the highway somewhere.

RUTH: That's why God invented AAA.

EDNA: Why should she be dependent on other people for what she can do herself?

RUTH: What's wrong with asking for help?

EDNA: Well, maybe you enjoy having people wait on your hand and foot, lady. But Delia is a strong little girl.

RUTH: Don't you tell me what my granddaughter is. I know what she is!

DELIA: I think I'm stuck!

RUTH: I've got her.

[She pulls Delia out who now has grease on her face.]

RUTH: Look at you. Oh, you are a mess!

[She wets her thumb in her mouth and proceeds to rub the grease off of Delia's face.]

RUTH: Come here.

EDNA: Between having dirt on my face and spit on my face, I'll take the dirt.

RUTH: [to Delia] Sweetheart, look at this. Your favorite diner's having a poetry reading tonight. Doesn't that sound like fun?

DELIA: [unimpressed] I guess so.

RUTH: A little culture? So it's not the Met. We make do, right?

DELIA: Wanna have culture with us, Edna?

EDNA: No thanks. I'm not big on poetry.

RUTH: Really? What a surprise.

EDNA: What the heck? I'm always up for new things. I'd love to tag along, if it's all right with your Nonny.

[Delia looks at Ruth.]

RUTH: Whatever you want, Delia.

[Cut to the Largemont River. Ephram and Jacob are fly fishing.]

DR. HOFFMAN: This place is amazing. I can't imagine why your father hasn't brought you down here before.

EPHRAM: Yeah, well, fishing isn't really our thing.

DR. HOFFMAN: Not even the new Andy? The furry, PTA, waffle making Andy?

[They share a laugh. Bright approaches from behind.]

BRIGHT: Hey freakazoid. You know, I didn't know you did sunlight.

EPHRAM: You know, I didn't know you moonlighted as a condom.

DR. ABBOTT: You entered the fly fest? Your father doesn't seem the type.

EPHRAM: This is my grandpa. Grandpa, this is Dr. Abbott. He's the other doctor in town.

DR. ABBOTT: He means the "sane" one.

DR. HOFFMAN: A pleasure. [for Bright] And this?

DR. ABBOTT: My son, Bright.


DR. HOFFMAN: How are you? Good to meet you.

DR. ABBOTT: Well... we'll just take our places then, down there. Best of luck, gentlemen. Time to go kick some serious fish butt.

[They start walking away.]

BRIGHT: Do fish actually have...

DR. ABBOTT: Oh leave it alone, son.

DR. HOFFMAN: He's a funny guy.

EPHRAM: He seems to think so. The whole family's not that bad though.

DR. HOFFMAN: Really?

EPHRAM: There's a daughter.

DR. HOFFMAN: [laughing] I knew it. I was waiting for you to let me in on it. What's her name?

EPHRAM: Amy. But, things are a little bit awkward right now.

DR. HOFFMAN: How come?

EPHRAM: I kinda kissed her the other day.

DR. HOFFMAN: Good for you!

EPHRAM: She has a boyfriend.

DR. HOFFMAN: Who do you think you are? Russell Crowe?

[Ephram laughs.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Come on, show me how you cast.

[Ephram casts his line.]

DR. HOFFMAN: That's beautiful. You're a natural. So how big is the boyfriend?

EPHRAM: I'm not sure. He's still recovering from a car wreck. My dad operated on him.

DR. HOFFMAN: No kidding, I read about that. So that's the guy? You sure know how to pick 'em. What does your father say about all of this?

EPHRAM: We don't really talk about girl stuff.

DR. HOFFMAN: Not even the new Andy, huh?

[Ephram shakes his head.]

DR. HOFFMAN: [casting] Two and ten. Two and ten.

[Cut to Dr. Brown at the O'Connell home.]

DR. BROWN: You know this brace is gonna be uncomfortable for a while. But it will strengthen the muscles in your back by forcing you to use better posture.

MIKE: That sounds good.

DR. BROWN: You do know, however, that these problems are systematic of a much larger issue.

MIKE: No pun intended, right?

DR. BROWN: I'm not gonna lie to you, Mike. If we don't do something about your weight now, these problems in your back are only gonna get worse as you get older.

MIKE: I've tried every diet in the book. Fact is it's in my genes. My granddaddy was fat. My daddy was fat.

DR. BROWN: Genetics play a part but beyond diets, there are surgical procedures.

MIKE: My insurance would never cover those. It falls under cosmetics or something. No, I'm fine. Nothing to worry about, right Ben?

[Ben is standing in a corner, sad.]

DR. BROWN: I'll tell you what. I'll make some calls and see what I can do, OK? We'll be in touch.

[He walks out but Ben stops him.]

BEN: Are you really gonna call them? I just wanna know.

DR. BROWN: You know, you don't have to worry so much about your dad. He's a grownup, he's taking care of himself. I'll call them, OK Ben? I promise.

[Cut back to the river. Bright starts a conversation.]

BRIGHT: Hey, I've got to talk to you about something.

EPHRAM: Oh, you got the results back from your IQ test? You failed?

BRIGHT: It's about Amy. You've gotta come to Sean's party tonight. It's up at the canyons.

EPHRAM: Forget about it, alright? I already know she's not gonna be there.

BRIGHT: You don't know anything. She's on her way back from the hospital right now. Colin's folks don't want her hanging out there and she's, like, completely depressed.

EPHRAM: What do you mean? Why don't they want her there?

BRIGHT: She's stressing everybody out. Colin doesn't even remember who anyone is anyways.

EPHRAM: What do you mean "he doesn't remember"?

BRIGHT: Are you my echo is something? Look, I'm telling you it's bad so... I'm taking her to the party tonight and you're gonna be there, to cheer her up.

EPHRAM: Why would me being there cheer her up?

BRIGHT: Believe me, I don't get it any more than you do. For some reason, it seems like you're the only person that can make my sister smile.

EPHRAM: [after a beat] Yeah, how do you even know she'll come?

BRIGHT: Don't worry. I'll get her there. You just show up on time.

DR. ABBOTT: [shouting] Bright! Bright, I think I've got something!

[He keeps tugging on the line to try and get it out of the water.]


[Cut to the Brown home. Dr. Brown is on the phone.]

DR. BROWN: I can assure you that Mr. O'Connell needs this procedure. It's not so he can look better in a bathing suit. Yeah, well thank you very much. You've been absolutely no help at all!

[Ephram and Dr. Hoffman walk in.]

DR. BROWN: Hey. How was the fishing? Did you guys catch anything?

EPHRAM: Do you see any fish?

DR. BROWN: Well that's OK, 'cause I'm gonna take the three of us to Gino Chang's for a dinner that you will never forget.

[Ephram is working a "not tonight" face.]

DR. BROWN: You're gonna love this place, Jake.


EPHRAM: I can't go. I've got a party.

DR. BROWN: Your grandfather's only in town for a little while. You can miss one party, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Actually, I can't.

DR. HOFFMAN: Andy...

DR. BROWN: I'll handle this, Jake. [to Ephram] Listen, I'm gonna make this very simple for you. You're not going. So you can either sit in your room or you can come with your grandfather and I to dinner. It's your choice.

[Ephram storms off to his room. Dr. Hoffman shakes his heads and walks in another direction.]

DR. BROWN: You know you can stuff all you want. It's not gonna change anything.

[A door slams in the background.]

DR. BROWN: Sometimes I have to be tougher with him than I want to be.

DR. HOFFMAN: You don't know what the hell you're doing, do you?

DR. BROWN: Excuse me?

DR. HOFFMAN: You ground him for wanting to go to a party on a Saturday night, but you let him quit studying the piano. That's not right.

DR. BROWN: I'm not gonna force him to play.

DR. HOFFMAN: Why not? He's not doing anything around here. He has no friends. He has no life. And you're just gonna sit back and watch 'cause you don't wanna force him? What the hell kind of parenting is that?

DR. BROWN: Look, I didn't ask for your criticism, Jacob, and I happen to be doing the best I can.

DR. HOFFMAN: It's not good enough.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's a hell of an assumption after 24 hours.

DR. HOFFMAN: Hey, don't play offender with me. You never took an interest with that boy and it's finally catching up with you. Thank God, my daughter's not alive to...

DR. BROWN: [interrupting] No, she's not alive. And it hasn't been particularly easy in her absence. So I'd appreciate just a little bit of understanding from you. Particularly since you are a guest in *my* house.

DR. HOFFMAN: You know you're right. This hasn't been easy on any of us. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you undo everything my daughter did for those children.

[He walks away.]



[Open on Ephram's room. He has his music blaring. Dr. Brown walks up to his door but stops. On the other side, Ephram is gathering his things and climbs out the window. Dr. Brown decides against talking to Ephram and goes back downstairs. Ephram is on the lower part of the roof and looks down at the distance to the ground.]

EPHRAM: I can't believe I'm gonna kill myself for a kegger.

[He drops down from the roof and rolls onto his back. He gets up.]

EPHRAM: Alrighty then.

[Cut to Mama Joy's Diner. Martha from "Friendly Fire" is the MC.]

MARTHA: We're gonna take a ten minute intermission, everybody. Don't, don't go nowhere.

RUTH: [to Edna] This is Everwood's cultural epicenter?

EDNA: The local video store carries Run Lola Run.

[Delia is fidgeting with her stockings which appear to be uncomfortable for her.]

RUTH: Sweetheart, stop fussing with them. You'll get a run.

DELIA: They keep falling down.

EDNA: Why don't you just take them off?

RUTH: Because she's from New York, where women gladly suffer for beauty.

DELIA: My legs are really sweaty.

RUTH: Hey hey hey. Let's see who's up next.

DELIA: How many more people are there?

RUTH: What's the matter? You don't like the show?

EDNA: It might be over her head.

RUTH: My granddaughter enjoyed The Nutcracker at Radio City and Carmen at the Met. She can stay awake while the town's best spellers recite atop a deep fryer.

EDNA: Well, that might be, but it's not gonna get any better. I say we amscram.

RUTH: It's impolite to leave the theater before the performance is over.

EDNA: We're not in a theater. I'm sitting on an onion ring.

RUTH: It's a question on manners which I am *trying* to teach my granddaughter.

EDNA: The kid is full of manners. She says please and thank you and doesn't burp in public. What else she need to know?

RUTH: You may not see the need to close your mouth while you chew, but the Hoffmans have higher standards.

[Delia plops her stockings on the table.]

DELIA: There! Can I have a sundae now?

[An embarrassed Ruth places a piece of paper over the stockings to cover it.]

[Cut to the O'Connell home. Mike is lying down watching TV. Dr. Brown knocks on the door.]

MIKE: Come on in. It's open.

DR. BROWN: Hey, Mike. Andy Brown.

MIKE: Dr. Brown, it's a Saturday night. Don't you have better places to be?

DR. BROWN: If only I did, Mike. But I've got some great news for you. Is Ben around?

MIKE: Yeah, he's back in his room. Why? What's going on?

DR. BROWN: Well, I spent the whole afternoon on the phone with insurance people and you're right, they're awful. So... I started thinking outside of the box.

MIKE: Ah, jeez, I wish you hadn't wasted that kind of time.

DR. BROWN: Lucky for you, I have *no* life. I talked to some friends of mine in New York...

MIKE: On Saturday?

DR. BROWN: Well, once upon a time I used to be a famous person. People take my calls. Anyway, they said that they would be happy to perform your gastric bypass for the price of *one* plane ticket. What do you think about that?

MIKE: It's all very sweet but I'm not having any kind of surgery, Dr. Brown. I'm just not all that anxious to get under the knife. You understand.

DR. BROWN: Actually, I don't. I thought it was the money that was preventing you...

MIKE: Well, the money was a part of it but, the truth is I am very happy the way I am. I mean, I have an occasional back ache but it's no big deal.

DR. BROWN: No, Mike. It is a big deal. Your back problems are the least of your concerns. Your weight makes you more susceptible to heart disease, gastric disorders, not to mention type II diabetes.

MIKE: Look, you can throw all the scary words at me you like. I'm not changing my mind.

DR. BROWN: Mike, listen to me. I am telling you that you could die.

MIKE: When my time comes, it comes. My dad passed at 55, but he died a *very* happy man. That's really all we can ask.

DR. BROWN: No, it's not. No, it's not! We're all entitled now to live much longer and happier lives. And this surgery I'm talking about is much less invasive now. We can keep the post operative pain to a minimum...

[Mike turns the TV back on, ignoring Dr. Brown.]

MIKE: Good night, Dr. Brown.

[Dr. Brown gives up and leaves. The camera pans down to Ben watching from the door.]

[Cut to Sean's party in the canyon. Various teens are drinking and coupling up. Ephram arrives and looks around for Amy. He spots her sitting on a car.]

EPHRAM: Is this spot taken?

AMY: Hey.

EPHRAM: You know, I swear I saw an actual coyote waiting in line for the keg.

[Amy laughs.]

AMY: I thought you couldn't make it.

EPHRAM: I was gonna say the same to you.

AMY: Yeah, well my brother practically forced me into the car, so... I didn't have much choice.

EPHRAM: Well, you look nice. For someone who was forcibly removed from their home.

AMY: Thank you.

[A jock walks up with a bottle.]

JOCK: Tequila shot, anybody? I can show you how to do a body shot, Amy.

AMY: I'll pass.

JOCK: You, dude?

EPHRAM: I'm cool.

[The jock walks away.]

EPHRAM: I can't believe you didn't want him licking a lemon off your navel. You must be seriously depressed. So how are you, really?

AMY: I'm great.

EPHRAM: Good, 'cause you know, I heard Col... you know, that he wasn't doing that well.

AMY: Actually, he's doing amazing.

EPHRAM: Well... you know 'cause i-it can take a-a long time to fully recuperate especially from a head trauma like this.

AMY: And how would you know, Ephram? Have you ever known anyone in a coma before?

EPHRAM: No I-I asked my dad. Y'know, I know progress can be slow. Sometimes it's even harder on the person waiting for the person...

AMY: Why are you telling me this, Ephram? I didn't ask you to.

EPHRAM: No I-I see you so stressed out all the time. I just wanna help.

AMY: You can't.

EPHRAM: I'm sure you're fine, Amy, OK? I just think maybe you should take a break. You know, wait till he's back to school. Try and move on a little bit.

AMY: You know what, Ephram? Maybe you should move on.

[She gets up and leaves. Ephram looks shattered. The tequila guy walks past again.]


[He takes the bottle from the guy and takes a sip.]

[Cut back to Mama Joy's.]

MARTHA: Thank you and thanks everybody for coming. Don't forget, Thursday night is interpretative dance. Please wear deodorant.

[Everyone claps. Edna is about to clap but Ruth stops her. She notices that Delia is now asleep.]

EDNA: When did we lose her?

RUTH: I think somewhere around that nervous woman's fifth haiku. Isn't she an angel?

EDNA: That she is.

RUTH: She looks so much like my Julia. Such soft features.

EDNA: Your daughter was a beautiful woman. Dr. Brown keeps a photograph of her on his desk.

RUTH: Oh. [about Delia] She'll forget her. She's too young. Her memories will fade. Ephram's won't. But Delia? Not right. How will she ever know how lucky she was? What a wonderful mother she had?

EDNA: You'll remind her.

RUTH: I can't. I'm not here. She's only been here a few months and already I... She's growing up so fast. I don't know what she likes anymore. What to buy her. Not that I ever knew what to buy this one. Fiercely independent.

EDNA: Tell me about it.

RUTH: You'll tell me about it. She likes you. You have a lot in common. It's good.

EDNA: Something tells me, she's not gonna forget you, Nonny. She has your chin, you know.

RUTH: Look at that. I never noticed that before. She does.

[Cut back to the party in the canyon. A now drunk Ephram is looking for the toilet. He walks up to a couple making out.]

EPHRAM: Excuse me. Have you seen a porta-potty? Never mind. Good work.

[He walks up to another guy.]

EPHRAM: Dude, I have to pee.

JOCK: Dude, use the bushes.

EPHRAM: Bushes. OK.

[He approaches the bushes and does his business.]

EPHRAM: Hello, Mr. Bush. So nice and green. I am your sprinkler.

[He laughs at his sprinkler joke but doesn't notice the police cars breaking up the party. One officer gets out and approaches him.]

EPHRAM: Sprinkler. That's funny.

[Cut to the Brown's house. Dr. Brown is woken by the door knocking.]

DR. BROWN: Coming, coming coming.

[He opens the door to a police officer and Ephram.]

OFFICER: Is this your son?

DR. BROWN: Can't be. My son is safely tucked into his bed upstairs.

OFFICER: He's not Ephram Brown?

DR. BROWN: Depends. What did he do?

OFFICER: Public intoxication and underaged drinking. He's never been a problem before so we didn't take him in. But if we catch him again...

DR. BROWN: If you catch him again, you'd better keep him. Thank you, Officer.

[Ephram walks in and Dr. Brown shuts the door.]

DR. BROWN: You gotta be kidding me.

EPHRAM: Do you really wanna do this right now?

DR. BROWN: Oh yeah, I think so. What the hell's going on with you? Are you drunk?

EPHRAM: Not enough but hey, w-we can fix that. Toss me a Heineken.

DR. BROWN: Oh, you think this is funny? It's bad enough you drank and don't think we're not gonna talk about that, but you had to pick *this* weekend to turn into a teenager? You haven't been to a party since you got here and all of a sudden you're getting plastered and arrested? If you wanted to embarrass me in front of your grandparents, you have done one hell of a job.

EPHRAM: Yeah that's, that's exactly right. That's what this is about. This is all about you. I-I-I got arrested just so you could feel bad about yourself.

DR. BROWN: You know damn well that's not what I meant.

EPHRAM: Hey, look at me. I'm SuperDad. Let's fish and make waffles. I've got news for you. They're not buying it. But, don't worry. If you promise to raise my allowance, I'll promise to give you a hug... right in front of Grandpa.

DR. BROWN: Alright, listen. I'm not gonna talk to you when you're like this. You go on upstairs to bed and I'll talk to you in the morning.

EPHRAM: OK. Maybe I should drink more often, because not talking to me? That's the best idea you've ever had. Ever.

[Dr. Brown sadly gets back into bed.]



[Cut to morning. There's a knock at the door. Dr. Brown gets up.]

DR. BROWN: Alright! Hold your horses.

[He opens the door to Ben.]


BEN: You said you were gonna help him! You promised me! [holding out some cash] Maybe if I pay you.

DR. BROWN: It's not about that, Ben. Your father's not interested.

BEN: We have to make him interested.

DR. BROWN: Well, it's just not that simple.

BEN: Look, he's my dad. Can't you just try one more time? For me?

[He holds out the cash. Dr. Brown looks at him.]

[Cut to the grocery store. Dr. Hoffman is shopping with Ephram who has a hangover and is holding a pack of ice to his head.]

DR. HOFFMAN: What else is there?

EPHRAM: [reading the list] Is it possible she really wants four cartons of eggs?

DR. HOFFMAN: We don't question the list. We just do its bidding. I think we'd better get you some aspirin, come on.

EPHRAM: Or a new head. That'd be good.

DR. HOFFMAN: You know what you did last night was pretty stupid. You know that, don't you?

EPHRAM: Yeah, he was being unreasonable. You saw.

DR. HOFFMAN: Yeah, maybe not. But... sneaking out of the house? Getting drunk? That's childish. You're not a child.

EPHRAM: He treats me like one.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well, don't let him. When I was a kid, we had no money in my family. I had to work every day after school just to put food on the table. Now it makes you grow up pretty fast. By the time I was 16, I was considered a man by my mother and father. And that was one of the greatest gifts they ever gave me. You know what I found out?


DR. HOFFMAN: Getting what you want is easy. Knowing what you want, that's the challenge. That's what separates the men from the boys. You understand?

EPHRAM: No, not really.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well, let me try it this way: What do you want, Ephram? I don't just mean permission to go to a party. I mean for your life. Right now, what do you want? What do you wish for?

[Ephram doesn't know what to say.]

EPHRAM: I, I don't know.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well, figure it out and make it happen.

[He pushes the trolley along and bumps into Amy who is pushing her trolley.]

DR. HOFFMAN: I'm sorry.

AMY: Sorry.

DR. HOFFMAN: I apologize.

[Amy notices Ephram.]

AMY: Ephram. Is this your grandfather?

EPHRAM: Ah, yeah. Ah, Grandpa, this is Amy Abbott.

DR. HOFFMAN: Amy Abbott. Nice to meet you.

AMY: Nice to meet you.

DR. HOFFMAN: Look at this. [to Ephram] I'll go get you some aspirin.

[He walks away, giving Ephram and Amy some privacy.]

AMY: So um, I heard the cops busted up the party last night.


[Amy patiently waits for Ephram to elaborate but he doesn't.]

AMY: How long were you there?

[Ephram considers.]

EPHRAM: Long enough to move on!

[He moves on to find his grandfather and leaves Amy looking a little wounded.]

[Cut to the Brown kitchen. Ruth is baking. Delia enters.]

DELIA: What are you making?

RUTH: Well, if you want the good French toast, I'm gonna have to make the hallah from scratch. Your grandfather can't seem to find a Jewish bakery anywhere. Go figure.

DELIA: Can I help?

RUTH: Well, I thought you were going to finish doing the tires with Edna today.

DELIA: I can do that anytime. I'd rather stay home with you.

[Ruth taps a spot next to her for Delia and gives her some dough.]

RUTH: Did your mother ever tell you her famous Shabbat story?

DELIA: I don't remember.

RUTH: Well, she was right around your age and going to the Sheva just a few blocks down from our house. And every Friday, they would do a little Shabbat service. You know, light the candles, say the Motzei. Anyway, every week a different child would be picked to lead the prayer. Well, it was a big honor. And the week it was your mother's turn, that's all she could talk about. I spent an hour French braiding her hair that morning. I will never forget it. So, the big moment finally comes. She walks up to the head of the table. And as soon as they pinned the big doily on her head, she starts screaming. She wanted everyone to see her pretty French braid.

[Delia smiles.]

DELIA: So what happened?

RUTH: Dossi Pearl did the Motzei. And your mother sat back down in her chair and at the end of the prayer, smiled and said amen with the rest of the children. No one could tell your mother what to do. She was a... she was a tough cookie.

[Ruth starts looking sad as she remembers her daughter.]

DELIA: Am I doing it right?

RUTH: You're doing it perfect, tatala, just perfect.

[Cut to Dr. Brown knocking on the O'Connells' door. Mike opens it.]

MIKE: You just don't know when to stop, do ya?

DR. BROWN: Your son came to my house this morning.

[He hands Mike the money.]

MIKE: I'm sorry. He shouldn't have done that.

DR. BROWN: He's worried about you, Mike. And let me tell you something. I would give anything to have with my son what you have with yours. You have no idea how lucky you are.

MIKE: Yeah, he is a good kid.

DR. BROWN: Then help him. Help him by taking care of yourself. Look, forget everything I said the other day. That's not what it's about. You need to have this surgery because your son needs you. It's as simple as that.

MIKE: I'm scared.

DR. BROWN: I know. It's natural.

MIKE: Not just about going under the knife. What if this doesn't work? What if I go through the whole thing, the operation and everything and nothing changes? What if I keep eating the same way? I don't think I could disappoint Ben like that. I don't wanna fail in front of him that way.

DR. BROWN: If you don't try, you're still gonna let him down. And as for failing in front of your son? You're looking at master. The good news is, it gets easier the more you do it. Why don't you give yourself a chance, Mike? Give Ben a chance.

MIKE: So. What's a plane ticket cost these days?

[Dr. Brown smiles.]

[Cut to later at the Browns. Dr. Brown walks in to a discussion going on between Ephram and Dr. Hoffman by the fireplace.]

DR. BROWN: Hey. What's going on?

DR. HOFFMAN: We were just talking.

DR. BROWN: What about?

DR. HOFFMAN: About New York. About Ephram coming to live there. With us.

DR. BROWN: What brought this up?

EPHRAM: I did.

DR. BROWN: I see.

DR. HOFFMAN: Ephram. Give us a minute alone, would ya? It'll be alright.

[Ephram gets up and leaves without saying anything to his father.]

DR. BROWN: What are you doing?

DR. HOFFMAN: This isn't me.

DR. BROWN: Like hell, it isn't. Do you think he just decided something here? You think you're just gonna take my son away from me?

DR. HOFFMAN: Hold it hold it hold it hold it. We haven't made any decision. We're just talking.

DR. BROWN: There's nothing to talk about.

DR. HOFFMAN: He's not doing well, Andy. Not here and not with you and you know it too.

DR. BROWN: Oh, you think he'll do better away from his family. Is that what you think?

DR. HOFFMAN: Hey, I'm his family. He's spent more time with me in the last 15 years than he has with you. You think a couple of months in the mountains makes up for missing most of his life? It doesn't. [beat] You and I are surgeons, Andy, right? We know how it's done. You locate the problem, you go in, you excise it. You move on. What you don't do is ignore it and pretend that it'll go away.

DR. BROWN: I'm not ignoring it! Look, we are doing better now. We are working things out. You have no idea how hard this kid has been.

DR. HOFFMAN: I know, I know I know. I've been watching you. I see you trying. And I appreciate it more than you'll ever believe but it's too big. Even for you, Andy. Now it's an easy fix. What's more, it's what he wants. You know, the other day, he was talking to me about the girl that he likes. It wasn't much. We talked for about an hour. But he was laughing. He was laughing. I haven't seen him laugh since we got here. Andy, I get him and he gets me. Just think about it.

[He gets up and puts his hand on Dr. Brown's shoulder before leaving. Dr. Brown contemplates all of this as he stares up at a picture obviously of Julia and a baby Ephram.]


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