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Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare

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[Open on Everwood Hope Church whose minister is Thomas Keyes. As the narrator talks, the scenes cut to the notice board as well as various people walking to church and being welcomed. The notice board reads as follows: Everwood Hope Church, established 1936, 65 years in Everwood, welcome. It also says Sunday School 9:15, Sunday Worship 10:30, and Rev. Keyes.]

NARRATOR: People go to church for a lot of different reasons. Some for community, some for appearances. While others, and it may be a very few, it's a matter of true faith. The simple fact is... life is hard for most people. By the end of a long week, the soul can be as devoid of spirit as Everwood's Taggard Mine is empty of ore. Only, if you're lucky, when you come here you leave with something more than you came in with.

[Dr. Brown and Delia are walking to church. Delia is complaining about not being able to wear a hat.]

DELIA: A lot of people are wearing hats.

DR. BROWN: Do they have team names on them?

DELIA: I see your point.

[Cut to inside the church.]

REV. KEYES: Also, Dawn and Mary Findlay will be hosting this week's bible study. Ah, thank you, Dawn and Mary. Also, remember everybody, BYOB. That's 'bring your own bible'.

[The crowd laughs. Dr. Brown and Delia are now sitting in one of the pews.]

DELIA: When does the singing start?

DR. BROWN: Soon, probably.

DELIA: Don't you know?

DR. BROWN: Of course I know. Right now he's doing the, um... [reading from the program] welcome speech. Then there's gonna be a brief order for confession and forgiveness; that's where people confess and forgive... briefly and in an orderly fashion. Ah, then we'll do the first hymn; then lesson number two; gospel lesson; another hymn; then the sermon; then the offering... [louder] Jesus! How long is this thing?

[The people in neighboring pews look at him.]

DR. BROWN: [smiling] Hello there. Nice to see you. Happy Sunday.

[Cut to Reverend Thomas Keyes who has begun scratching his cheek. Delia notices.]

DELIA: Why's he still scratching?

DR. BROWN: He's probably just feeling the power of the Lord.

REV. KEYES: Everyone would please turn to their hymnals, we're gonna start today with hymn number 31.

[The organ starts playing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus". Everyone stands. As they sing, the camera switches between Rev. Keyes and Dr. Brown and Delia. Rev. Keyes is scratching uncontrollably as the crowd nervously watches him. In the end, he runs off, leaving a surprised Dr. Brown and Delia.]

EVERYONE: [singing] What a friend we have in Jesus / All our sins and griefs to bear / What a privilege to carry / Everything to God in prayer / O what peace we often forfeit.

DR. BROWN: [to Delia] Don't look at me. That wasn't in the program.



[Cut to the Brown house, daytime exterior.]

NINA'S VOICE: So. Are you two gonna make this church thing a regular event?

[Cut to inside the house. Dr. Brown is preparing food.]

DR. BROWN: Well, Delia asked me to take her as more of an exploratory mission.

NINA: You're going next week though, right?

DR. BROWN: We don't want too much of a good thing now, do ya?

NINA: No-no, for the hope service. Once a year, Reverend Keyes gives what's known as his hope speech and the town fills the place up, no matter their denomination.

[Ephram is sitting at the table eating breakfast.]

EPHRAM: It must be pretty inspirational.

NINA: Well, it can be. But that's not really why everybody goes.

DR. BROWN: Well, why do they go?

NINA: The reverend picks the person who he feels best exemplifies hope within the community and everybody wants to get picked. Or at least see who else is gonna get picked.

DR. BROWN: Ah, competitiveness springs eternal.

NINA: Yeah, something like that. There's not much suspense though. Irv Harper's won it three years running.

[Ephram hands his father a permission slip.]

EPHRAM: Hey Dad, can you sign this?

DR. BROWN: What am I signing?

EPHRAM: Permission slip for a field trip to the mine.

DR. BROWN: Well, that sounds educational.

EPHRAM: Yeah. What kind of a future would I have without knowing how a mine operates?

DR. BROWN: Come on now, Ephram. You don't wanna be the only kid in school who doesn't know where coal comes from.

EPHRAM: Silver, Dad. In Colorado, it's silver.

NINA: OK, ghost ship Feeney shoving off.

DELIA: Bye, Dad.

DR. BROWN: Bye, kiddo. Oh hey, come back. Wait for your lunch.

[He shoves a few items into a paper bag and gives it to her then gives her a kiss.]

DR. BROWN: Bye. See ya. [to Nina] Thanks, Nina. I'll take Sam and her one day this week.

NINA: No problem.

[They walk out and Ephram approaches his dad.]

EPHRAM: Hey, Dad. You know, I-I don't have to go on this thing.

DR. BROWN: Why wouldn't you?

EPHRAM: Oh, I don't know. I just figured... tomorrow's your anniversary...

DR. BROWN: Oh, don't worry about that. Your mother and I never liked to make a big deal out of our anniversary anyway.

EPHRAM: What do you mean? Last year, you guys flew off to Hawaii.

DR. BROWN: [downplaying it] Yeah, it was one of the smaller islands and... we had coupons. Your concern is appreciated, Ephram, but... I'm fine. Now stop loitering. Go on. Get to school.

[Ephram reluctantly leaves. Dr. Brown doesn't look so sure about the approaching anniversary.]

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. Exterior, daytime. Cut to inside. Dr. Brown is examining Reverend Keyes who has hives all over his face. His wife Sally is also present. Both the reverend and his wife are young in appearance. Probably in their thirties.]

DR. BROWN: So this has happened before?

REV. KEYES: It sure has. Doctor Abbott suggested that I see a specialist in Denver. I was exposed to every allergen on his list. Didn't test positive for a single one.

DR. BROWN: Are you currently taken any medications that might...

REV. KEYES: [interrupting] No. And I haven't had any shellfish either, I know how you doctors are big on that one.

DR. BROWN: Well, Reverend, it is a common...

REV. KEYES: Look here, Doc. I wanna get to the bottom of this as much as anyone but... the most important thing right now is that I get rid of these hives before my sermon on Sunday.

DR. BROWN: Well, I can offer you the same treatment Dr. Abbott prescribed. Antihistamines and a local steroid cream. But, unless we figure out what's causing the hives, I can't guarantee that you won't have another episode. What we should do is try and narrow down the possibilities.

[The reverend and his wife give each other a look.]

DR. BROWN: ...Unless you've already done that.

SALLY: Go on. Tell him.

REV. KEYES: [slightly embarrassed] The fact of the matter is... this doesn't generally happen. That is, that is to say that... this only seems to happen when the wife and I... You know, when we're intimate.

SALLY: He means on the rare occasion when we attempt to get it on like the other morning before he left for the service.

REV. KEYES: Good Lord, Sally, you don't need to spell it out for him.

SALLY: It's not like the mission was accomplished.

DR. BROWN: OK! So it is possible that your wife is responsible. [off her look] Not responsible but ah, are you using any new products lately, Mrs. Keyes? New soaps, lotions, lipstick?

REV. KEYES: She's got about a hundred new soaps and lotions and lipsticks. She nearly brought out the local beauty store.

SALLY: Tom. Please, don't start.

DR. BROWN: So, that's probably what it is then.

REV. KEYES: Dr. Abbott suggested we do an elimination technique in order to figure out which one of the products it is exactly, but the sermon is in six days. Now I told her, she should just stop using all the soaps...

SALLY: I'm *not* going to stop...

DR. BROWN: I suggest that until Sunday, the two of you abstain from all physical contact. In the meantime, I'll go over your files with Dr. Abbott.

SALLY: No rush.

[Her husband gives her a look and Dr. Brown looks uncomfortable.]

[Cut to County High lab. Amy and Kayla are sitting next to each other. Behind them, sits Ephram and Wendell. The teacher's name is Ms. Caleb we'll find out later from Wendell.]

MS. CALEB: Now I'm gonna hand back your lab reports. And if you're not too traumatized by your grades, I'd like you to split up into groups of four. Each group will categorize and research the rock formations found in silver mines. And next week, you're gonna give a presentation to share your findings.

[Kayla looks shocked by her grade.]

EPHRAM: Hey, Amy. Is-is there any chance you might... wanna do this together? You know, be in the same group?

KAYLA: [interrupting] Hello! She has a *few* other things on her mind right now, Dark Man. [to Amy] We're definitely in the same group, right?

AMY: [preoccupied] Whatever. You, me, Ephram, that's fine.

WENDELL: Hey, Brown. Can I join this...

KAYLA: No. That would be up to me.

EPHRAM: And why is that?

KAYLA: Because I wear deodorant, unlike *some* people.

AMY: Kayla, just chill. If Wendell wants to join the group, that's fine OK? Just let it go please.

[Kayla scoffs and Wendell nods pleasantly.]

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Dr. Abbott is going through Reverend Keyes' patient files. Dr. Brown is reading the Everwood Pinecone. The headline reads 'Front Runners For The Hope Service Award, Contestant race is heating up', among the pictures are Irv Harper and Dr. Abbott. Irv's picture is the largest, indicating him as the front runner.]

DR. ABBOTT: As if Keyes picking one person who best exemplifies hope wasn't bad enough, Davenport here has to report on the race.

DR. BROWN: I notice here that you're considered a long shot.

DR. ABBOTT: Thank God. If the man ever picked me, I'd have to euthanize myself.

DR. BROWN: Are those the files?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, yeah. [handing them over] Whatever good they'll do ya. Tom Keyes has been tested for every common allergen known to man. The only thing he ever tested positive for was some distant cousin of tetracycline.

DR. BROWN: Any chance that Mrs. Keyes has taken that antibiotic recently?

DR. ABBOTT: Not unless she's livestock.

DR. BROWN: Got it. So otherwise nothing, huh?

DR. ABBOTT: Now he swears, contact with the wife is the trigger, but we tested everything she ate, drank, wore. I did everything short of putting the contents of her bathroom in a blender and doing a stick test on that.

DR. BROWN: Did you? Test the contents of her bathroom I mean?

DR. ABBOTT: Personally? Every product? No. What respectable practitioner has 15 free hours on his hands?


DR. ABBOTT: [mumbling] I said respectable practitioner.

DR. BROWN: Well, we could do it together.

[Dr. Abbott almost chokes on his drink.]

DR. BROWN: Make a night of it. I'll buy the wine.

DR. ABBOTT: You're not serious?

DR. BROWN: Well, it's all in the interests of rekindling Everwood's hope.

DR. ABBOTT: [getting up to leave] As tempting as the offer may be, Doctor, I'm otherwise engaged tomorrow evening.

DR. BROWN: You are? What are you doing?

DR. ABBOTT: Dance lessons with the wife.

DR. BROWN: You know, if I say nothing right now, you owe me one.

DR. ABBOTT: I appreciate your reticence. Good day.

DR. BROWN: [to himself] One, two, cha-cha-cha.

[Cut to the Brown house. Dr. Brown answers the ringing phone. A New York travel agent named Minnie is on the other end.]

MINNIE: Dr. Andrew Brown?

DR. BROWN: This is he.

MINNIE: Oh, thank God. It's Minnie from West Village Travel. I can't believe I-I finally located you, I was about to send out the F.B.I., I've been trying to find you for days. I have your tickets.

DR. BROWN: What tickets?

MINNIE: This isn't a surprise, is it? I don't have it marked anywhere. I guess your wife made the reservation. I wasn't here when these were booked, that was, that was Bruce. But this definitely says, Anniversary Trip for Dr. Brown and wife.

DR. BROWN: My wife must have made them.

MINNIE: And it was a surprise. I'm-I'm sorry. Ah, but you are not getting the destination out of me no matter how hard you pry.

DR. BROWN: [solemn] Well, Minnie, the-the fact is... The fact is... The fact is we're in Colorado now. Let me give you the address. It's 2179 Dearborn Street, Everwood, Colorado 80167...



[Open on Dr. Brown's office. He's testing Sally Keyes' bathroom products.]

SALLY: I'm telling you Dr. Brown, you're wasting your time.

DR. BROWN: Well, not at all, I'm happy to do it. You know, I can drop this off to you later if you don't wanna wait. I'll be dropping by to give the reverend a scratch test anyway.

SALLY: Oh, it's not the waiting. It's just that I don't think my husband's allergic to anything that's on your desk. He's allergic to me.

DR. BROWN: Come again?

SALLY: He doesn't like all the changes I've made to myself over the last few months so he's decided to go get warts.

DR. BROWN: [correcting her] Hives.

SALLY: Whatever.

DR. BROWN: So you think his allergic reactions are actually psychosomatic?

SALLY: I think they're just plain psycho. Most men I know would be thrilled if their wives tried to look nice for them. [getting up] Do you know, for the first time in forever, I can wear short skirts without my thighs brushing up against each other?

[Dr. Brown starts to get nervous.]

DR. BROWN: Yes. Well...

SALLY: I'm on a very high protein diet. All I eat is chicken. Steamed chicken, baked chicken, skinless chicken, boneless chicken. I've lost 35 pounds, [leaning over his desk] I exfoliate every night and do a four mile jog every morning and I feel great, Dr. Brown. Don't I look great?

DR. BROWN: [lost for words] You look... great.

SALLY: But he doesn't care. I'm finally happy and all he wants is for me to go back to being his stuffy old reverend's wife that I was before but that's not who I am inside. We went to see Dr. Trott for marriage counseling the last time she rolled through town.

DR. BROWN: Dr. Trott? Really? How did that go?

SALLY: She said our emotional paths had diverged. I don't know what she meant but I know that's not good. My mother thinks I should leave him.

DR. BROWN: Well, that seems a little hasty, Mrs. Keyes.

SALLY: Fifteen years of marriage should get complacent. It's easy to forget who you are-you were. You know, a little while ago, something inside of me snapped. It's like I woke up and I saw my life going on without me and I had to do something about it. I want to live my life, Dr. Brown. I wanna feel it. Don't you wanna feel you live?

DR. BROWN: [mesmerized by the thought] Sometimes.

SALLY: Were you married a long time?

DR. BROWN: It would've been twenty years today.

SALLY: I bet you never took her for granted.

DR. BROWN: I wouldn't take that bet.

[Cut to Dr. Abbott's office. He puts a CD-ROM into his computer. The program that starts up is a salsa dancing lesson program.]

COMPUTER VOICE: [Spanish accent] Hola, and welcome to Learn to Salsa now.

[The screen shows a couple dancing which the user is supposed to mimic.]

COMPUTER VOICE: Before we begin, allow the music to was over your body.

[Dr. Abbott tries to follow along. His back is to the door.]

COMPUTER VOICE: Like a sultry breeze. Just let yourself go.

[He raises his arms and looks sort of like he's trying to fly.]

COMPUTER VOICE: Feel the rhythm. That's right, feel it. And move.

[His dance is quite entertaining and he doesn't hear a knock on the door or see Louise enter until he spins around.]

DR. ABBOTT: Louise! I thought I told you to hold my calls.

[He quickly shuts the program off.]

DR. ABBOTT: [irritated] Well, what is it, Louise?

LOUISE: I-I forgot.

[Cut to Amy at the Denver hospital. She rushes to Colin's room to see him wide awake, watching football.]

COLIN: [to himself] Man, the Broncos suck this year.

AMY: You're awake.

COLIN: Well, of course I'm awake. What did you expect? I'm a little tired but, other than that...

AMY: I didn't know, the nurses said that...

COLIN: [smiling] Hey, come here.

[He holds her hand.]

COLIN: I heard you. Everything you said. The whole time, I heard what you said.

AMY: [whispering] You did?

COLIN: I felt you pulling me back. But I was like, trapped. Do you know that dream you have when you're trying to run and your feet are glued to the floor and you're naked?

AMY: I-I'm not usually naked in that dream but OK.

COLIN: Well, that's how I felt. That my feet were glued to the floor and, my mouth was wired shut. The whole time you were here, I-I kept wanting to say...

AMY: What?

COLIN: I love you, Amy.

[A look of relief rushes over her.]

COLIN: ...and I should've told you that day at the lake but I was afraid. I love you and I can't live without you. You're the reason I came back.

[She looks like she's daydreaming.]

COLIN: Amy? Amy?

[Cut to Amy at the caves. She was daydreaming the whole thing.]

KAYLA: Amy? Do you hear me? Your phone, it's not gonna work down here.

AMY: [snapping out of it] Huh?

KAYLA: Your phone, it won't work. Don't waste the battery.

AMY: Shoot! I'm gonna run outside, see if I've got any messages.

[She rushes straight past Ephram who looks like he wanted to talk to her.]


[Cut to Dr. Abbott's office. His phone beeps.]

LOUISE'S VOICE: Dr. Abbott? Your wife...

DR. ABBOTT: Louise, I thought I told you to hold...

LOUISE: ...is here.

DR. ABBOTT: [as Rose enters his office] Thank you, Louise.

ROSE: Look what I've got.

[She hands him a shoe box.]

ROSE: They're for dancing. The professionals wear them. I special ordered them from Sally Henderson's shop.

DR. ABBOTT: Rose, I'm not going to the dance classes.

ROSE: Why not?

DR. ABBOTT: Because I don't have the time or the interest.

ROSE: Well I have the time, and the interest. I do, can't you go for me?

DR. ABBOTT: Life is too short, Rose. I'm getting too old for frivolous pursuits.

ROSE: Frivolous pursuits. Like ironing your shirts? Making your bed? Raising our children, sweeping out the garage? I love our life, Harold. But I do not love cleaning toilets. This is time I take out of my life because I love you. Time when I could be reading or painting or gardening or seeing the world. This is what I give up. This is what I give of myself to make our marriage work. Now what do you give up for me?

[Dr. Abbott is speechless.]

ROSE: I'll go by myself.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, now come on, Rose.

ROSE: [walking out] I'll see you later tonight, Harold.

[He looks at the shoes with disgust.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown putting needles into Reverend Keyes' back. Each one gives a slight pain to Reverend Keyes.]

REV. KEYES: I appreciate your coming down here to do this, doctor. I like to be near the old laptop in case I get hit with a thought.

[Sally Keyes enters the kitchen to put some dishes away.]

DR. BROWN: How's the sermon coming along, Reverend? Have you finished it yet?

REV. KEYES: Not exactly. [looking at his wife] Let's just say the hope isn't really flowing out of me right now. Shoot, that's smarts.

DR. BROWN: Sorry. How 'bout rhyming hope and pope? That might lead to something.

[Sally laughs. Her husband doesn't look impressed.]

SALLY: You should have Dr. Brown write your sermon. At least he's got a sense of humor.

REV. KEYES: There's my little ego booster. Glad I'm over here getting pricked to death just so I can kiss you again.

SALLY: Hey, who asked you to? I sure didn't.

DR. BROWN: [trying to change the subject] OK! Just a few more of these and I'll be out of your way.

REV. KEYES: So let's forget it. You and I can sleep in separate bedrooms from now on.

SALLY: Is that a threat or a promise?

[Reverend Keyes puts his shirt back on.]

DR. BROWN: If you could stop moving for just a second then...

REV. KEYES: [approaches his wife] Have you lost your mind? Talking that way in front of the Doctor.

SALLY: Dr. Brown already knows how I feel. I told him all about it this morning.

REV. KEYES: Told him all about what? How you've up and gone crazy on me?

SALLY: We talked about life a-and love and passion and how some people actually have it, Tom. Dr. Brown doesn't think I'm crazy. He thinks I'm beautiful, don't you, Dr. Brown?

[Dr. Brown is caught like deer in headlights.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, I-I didn't say... I-I said she looked great but that doesn't mean that...

SALLY: See! Other men actually men actually want to have sex with me. They don't go breaking into hives at the thought of it.

REV. KEYES: Those men don't have to live with you. They don't have to watch you starving yourself on nothing but chicken breasts day in and day out, piling all that junk on your face trying to look like somebody you're never gonna look like anyway! Maybe if you spent less time on yourself and a little more time on the important things in life...

SALLY: Like being your wife? [to Dr. Brown] Do you see what I'm dealing with here?

DR. BROWN: Why don't we all just sit down and try...

REV. KEYES: I think you'd better leave, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: Well, we'd ought to finish the test.

REV. KEYES: There's no need.

[Sally Keyes leaves.]

REV. KEYES: We're done here anyway.

[Dr. Brown packs up his stuff.]

[Cut to the mine. A storm has hit.]

MS. CALEB: [to everyone] Can I have you attention, please? Route 79 has been closed due to the storm. But I'd like you to all contact your parents on the public phones in the hall. Tell them you'll be late for supper.

[The kids moan and start filing out to the phones.]

EPHRAM: [to Amy] Well, that bites.

AMY: Did you have plans for tonight?

EPHRAM: Kinda. I'm supposed to get dinner with my dad. It's his anniversary.

AMY: Ouch. How's he handling it?

EPHRAM: Well, he's no longer talking to her like she's still here. So, I guess that's a step in the right direction.

[Cut to the Brown house. Dr. Brown is preparing dinner as the phone rings.]

DR. BROWN: Hello?

EPHRAM: Hey, Dad.

DR. BROWN: Hey, where are ya? I'm just about to start cooking.

EPHRAM: I'm at the mines still.

DR. BROWN: Still?

EPHRAM: Yeah, there's a storm. We have to wait here till it passes.

DR. BROWN: You think you're gonna be long? 'Cause I can hold dinner till...

EPHRAM: I-I think I'm gonna be late. Th-they said we're not gonna leave until about nine at the earliest.

DR. BROWN: So you won't make it home for dinner?

EPHRAM: I'm sorry.

DR. BROWN: No, no it's fine.

EPHRAM: There's nothing I can do.

DR. BROWN: No. Of course not. It's a good thing I didn't cook any of this stuff. Well, don't worry. I'll see ya when I see ya.

EPHRAM: Dad...

DR. BROWN: Hey, do me a favor. If I'm asleep when you get home, wake me up, will ya?


DR. BROWN: See ya.

[Dr. Brown looks lonely and throws away what he started to make of dinner. He spots the travel pack and heads over to the table to read it. The envelope reads Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown and lists the address as 2719 Dearborn Street, Everwood, CO, 80167. He opens it and pulls out the various documents. He picks up a brochure for Venice and a ticket issued to Julia. He sadly stares at her name for a while.]



[Open on a bar. Dr. Brown is sitting, drinking alone. Dr. Abbott walks in.]

DR. ABBOTT: Are there no safe havens anymore?

[He sits down and places his order.]

DR. ABBOTT: McCallum 12, neat.

DR. BROWN: Another scotch man. We have more in common than I thought.

DR. ABBOTT: Make it a Gin and Tonic, Marty?

DR. BROWN: I thought you had a dance class.

DR. ABBOTT: Why do you remember that?

DR. BROWN: Because the image of you meringue-ing is hard to forget. I take it you decided not to go.

DR. ABBOTT: Rose knew I wouldn't. She signed us up just to make a point.

DR. BROWN: What kind of point?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh who knows? That I'm boring or stodgy or, she's the fun one. I-I know, you think she wouldn't have to struggle to make that point, nevertheless.

DR. BROWN: My wife signed me up for one of those once. Maybe it was a ballroom dancing class.


DR. BROWN: I didn't go either. I worked on Christmas. I worked on New Years. I worked on Thanksgiving. I even worked when Ephram was born. The only time Julia and I were ever alone was the one week a year we spent our anniversary together.

DR. ABBOTT: You had a difficult schedule to keep.

DR. BROWN: I was an idiot.

[They take a sip.]

DR. BROWN: You ever been to Florence?

DR. ABBOTT: Not yet. It is on my list.

DR. BROWN: It's amazing. Julia and I spent our honeymoon there. You should go. You should take Rose to Florence. I bet she'd love it.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. Well. Maybe next summer.

DR. BROWN: You could run out of those, you know.

DR. ABBOTT: Run out of what?

DR. BROWN: Next summers. I know you think I left my sanity back in New York, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Perhaps you should go back and locate it.

DR. BROWN: But I can tell you this much: If you're lucky enough to meet the right woman, and she's stupid enough to fall in love with you, you hang on to her like a son of a bitch.

[The bartender approaches.]

MARTY: You guys wanna hear the late night specials?

DR. BROWN: Fire away.

MARTY: Spicy chicken wings, chicken skewers with peanut sauce, fried chicken tenders, and by the way, it's all from Petaloomas so it's fresh off the farm...

DR. ABBOTT: Hey, Marty, did a chicken truck tip over somewhere?

DR. BROWN: What did you say about the chicken tenders?

MARTY: This chicken's free range so it's not pumped up on all that...

DR. BROWN: Antibiotics.

MARTY: That's right.

[Cut to the mines. Amy's cell phone rings and she hurriedly answers it. Ephram is with her.]

AMY: [nervous] Hello?

TODD: [on phone] Is this Amy Abbott?

AMY: Yes. Who's this?

TODD: This is Colin Hart's nurse. I just wanted to call and let you know your boyfriend's doing really well. He's sitting up right now singing the greatest hits of N'Sync.

AMY: [angry] Who's this?

[Some boys can be seen laughing at one of the pay phones. Ephram spots them and starts heading for them.]

EPHRAM: You think that's funny?

[He shoves the boy Todd against a wall.]

TODD: Get of me, jerk!

EPHRAM: [yelling] Don't you ever think before you open your stupid mouth?

TODD: Who are you, the coma police?

EPHRAM: Are you really that much of a dumb ass? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LOSE SOMEBODY?

MS. CALEB: [breaking it up] Stop that right now or you'll be taking this class next semester!

[Cut to the Keyes' home. Dr. Brown rings the doorbell and Reverend Keyes lets him in.]

DR. BROWN: It's the chicken!

REV. KEYES: Excuse me?

DR. BROWN: Is your wife here? I just need five minutes.

REV. KEYES: Now's not a good time.

[Sally Keyes walks in folding some clothes.]

SALLY: Who's at the door?

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Keyes. The chicken you've been eating, is it, is it factory raised or free range?

REV. KEYES: Are you drunk? You smell like liquor, doctor.

DR. BROWN: Listen to me, factory raised chicken is pumped with antibiotics. That's the same family of drugs that you're allergic to, Reverend. Your wife has been eating an inordinate amount of chicken. She's got so much of that stuff in her blood stream that that's what's causing you to react! That's what's causing your hives!

[The Keyes are somber and silent.]

DR. BROWN: ...And why aren't you as happy about this as I am?

SALLY: We've decided to get a divorce.

DR. BROWN: A divorce? No no. This is curable, don't you understand?

REV. KEYES: We appreciate you help but I'm afraid our problems have become bigger than a simple case of hives.

DR. BROWN: Simple? Miss Marble couldn't have solved this case. This took work, and so does marriage, you both know that. You can't give up now.

SALLY: This is something we should've done a long time ago. You just helped us figure it out.

DR. BROWN: *I* helped? No, this is a mistake, Reverend. What about your sermon, what about hope?

SALLY: I have to finish packing.

DR. BROWN: Listen. Don't make this decision today, please? Not tonight.

REV. KEYES: What difference does it make? Today, tomorrow...

DR. BROWN: It makes a difference. Just not tonight.

REV. KEYES: I'm sorry.

[He opens the door.]

REV. KEYES: Good night, Dr. Brown.

[A defeated Dr. Brown walks out.]

[Cut back to the mines. Amy is sitting alone. Ephram joins her.]

EPHRAM: You know, I think this area is off-limits.

AMY: Don't harass me.

EPHRAM: You wanna see a mugshot? You should look at my 7th grade yearbook picture.

[He takes a seat next to her.]

EPHRAM: Imagine working down here. Spending whole days without ever seeing the sun.

AMY: It's like I've been living down here for the past four and a half months. I can't even remember what my life was like before. Like every second is about turning back time. Convincing Colin's parents that he should have the surgery, convincing your dad that he was the best one to do it. Now the surgery's over, Colin's still lying in the bed and I can't convince myself that any of it was worth it.

EPHRAM: It was.

AMY: Now even my friends look at me like I'm pathetic like I'm just sitting around waiting for some sort of...

EPHRAM: ...Miracle? You should. I hear they happen every once in a while.

[They sit in silence for a brief moment.]

EPHRAM: Can I ask you a question?

AMY: Sure.

EPHRAM: If he suddenly wakes up tomorrow, you and I will become total strangers?

AMY: Strangers? Ephram, I've shared more with you in the past couple of months than I've shared with anybody in my whole life.

EPHRAM: [slightly whining] Yeah, I know.

AMY: You're the only person who's been here for me the whole time. You came to the hospital with me, you... helped convince your dad. The way I see it? The only miracle in my life right now is, the fact that your dad looked at a map, and of all of the places, he decided to move here.

[They slowly lean into each other and kiss. The kiss lasts about two seconds before Amy pulls away.]

AMY: We should probably check. They might be boarding.

[She gets up and leaves.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, yeah, OK.

[Cut to the Church. Dr. Brown is alone inside. He sits at one of the pews.]

DR. BROWN: I'm surprised this place isn't falling down right now. [gathering his thoughts] Just over eight months ago, that was the last time I knew life was worth living. All my dreams died with Julia. I wake up every morning and wish I was still asleep. See, the thing is I... my heart's still pumping and I'm still breathing. I still move in the world but, I've lost my joy. We don't talk a lot. I don't complain to you. I don't ask for favors. I don't whine about fairness. And I never believed that you owed me anything. But I am telling you right now, I have got nothing left. I used to have a gift. Now everything I touch, everyone I touch I-is just as broken as I am. I've got two kids, who need a mother and a father. These days, I'm not much use to anyone. Let alone them. I thought I knew what you needed from me. I thought I knew what my life was about. I don't know anything. [crying] You've gotta help me? Please give me my joy back?

[Dr. Brown sobs to himself as the camera pans over to reveal Reverend Keyes watching silently from a door.]

[Cut to the mine. The students are entering the bus. Amy is sitting alone with Kayla in the seat in front of her. She spots Ephram entering the bus and taps Kayla to sit next to her. Ephram watches her but she looks down to avoid him. He takes a seat next to Wendell.]

WENDELL: Where have you been? I was beginning to think Miss Caleb threw you down a shaft.

[Amy's phone goes off.]

AMY: Hello?

KAYLA: Hey, who is it?

AMY: Hey Dad, yeah, we're just on our way home. What? When?

KAYLA: Is this about Colin?

AMY: [shocked] He woke up.

[Cut over to Wendell and Ephram.]

WENDELL: Dude. Did you just hear that?

[Ephram ignores Wendell and puts his headphones on.]



[Cut to the Abbott home. Morning. Rose is walking downstairs.]


ROSE: I am late for work, Harold. I have a planning committee meeting this morning.


ROSE: And don't forget to pick up milk and paper towels tonight.

DR. ABBOTT: Please, Rose. Just for a minute. The planning committee will wait. Especially considering it's just you and Jean Snotty.

ROSE: What is it, Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: I just wanted to say what I should have said last night. I am sorry for being such a jerk about the dance class.

ROSE: No you're not. You just don't want me mad at you any longer 'cause it's uncomfortable for you.

DR. ABBOTT: That is not true.

ROSE: Everytime I try to think of something new for us to see or do you just pooh pooh it like I've suggested that we go to a key party and be swingers.

DR. ABBOTT: I am not that bad.

ROSE: You are that bad.

DR. ABBOTT: I'm scared. I don't wanna change. I don't want you to change, I like things the way they are.

ROSE: Everybody changes, we can change together.

DR. ABBOTT: That's not always the case, look at the Keyes. She went one way, he went another, now where's either one of them?

ROSE: We are not the Keyes, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: I sure even the Keyes didn't think they were the Keyes until they were. You think I don't know this whole town says I'm just a big stick in the mud, you're the best thing that ever happened to me, Rose? Well the fact is, they're right. I just keep waiting for you to wake up one day and agree with them.

ROSE: Listen quick. 'Cause after your behavior this week, Harold, you do not deserve to hear what I'm about to say. And I'm not likely to repeat myself. My affection for you will always outweigh my frustration with you. Despite your asinine comments and your insane shenanigans. I grow more in love with you yearly. 'Cause you're my... stick in the mud.

DR. ABBOTT: Words are a poor substitute for actions where love is concerned but, my love for you, Rose, is immeasurable. You make sense of my silly little life.

[They hug.]

[Cut the Brown house. Dr. Brown is serving breakfast for Delia. Ephram walks in.]

DR. BROWN: You're safe to eat. They're from a mix.

EPHRAM: It's OK. I had my cocoa-puffs.

DELIA: Those aren't good for you.

EPHRAM: Says who?

DR. BROWN: How was the big mine trip? You came in late last night.

EPHRAM: Oh it was great. Except the whole getting stuck for 6 hours in a mine part.

DR. BROWN: Did you learn anything?

EPHRAM: Yes. Never go into a mine in a thunderstorm.

DR. BROWN: And Amy? How's she doing? The hospital called.

EPHRAM: Oh I don't know, she's probably there already. She seemed pretty excited.

DR. BROWN: Well, she doesn't know what she's in for. [to Delia] Delia, honey? Go get your stuff, the bus will be here any minute. [to Ephram] Do you want me to drive you today?

EPHRAM: Nah, I've got my bike.

[He pulls a gift bag out from under the table.]

DR. BROWN: What's this?

EPHRAM: Happy anniversary.

DR. BROWN: This is very thoughtful, Ephram.

EPHRAM: It's from Delia. I mean it was her idea.

DR. BROWN: When did you guys have time to...

EPHRAM: We got it a while ago. We were gonna give it to you for Christmas but, after yesterday it seemed like... she thought you needed a boost.

DR. BROWN: Should I open it now or...

EPHRAM: Whatever.

[He gets up and walks out. His father opens the gift and pulls out a country doctor's bag. He is very impressed. Delia runs back in and notices the present.]

DELIA: What's that, Dad?

DR. BROWN: It's a present.

DELIA: Who from?

DR. BROWN: Well, honey, I'm not exactly sure.

[The bus honks in the background.]

DR. BROWN: Come on, let's go catch your bus.

[Dr. Brown opens the door and Sally Keyes is standing there.]

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Keyes.

DELIA: Bye, Daddy.

DR. BROWN: Bye, sweetie. Have fun.

SALLY: I'm sorry to bother you at home, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: No no no, come in, come in, please. I'm glad you're still here. You wanna come in and sit down?

SALLY: No, no, this should only take a minute.

DR. BROWN: I thought you were leaving town?

SALLY: I am. I'm going to stay with my mother for a few days until I figure out what to do next.

DR. BROWN: I wish you wouldn't go, I feel terrible about...

SALLY: Don't, please? I don't want you feeling responsible for what's happening between Tom and me. It's not your fault.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'm sorry if I crossed the line last night. These days it's hard for me to accept the fact that anyone would choose to end their marriage.

SALLY: I suppose it must look that way to you. But, it feels like the decision was taken out of our hands. Somewhere down the line Tom and I grew apart. We started wanting different things and we can't go back even if we wanted to. Sometimes we wish we could. 'Cause to tell you the truth, I'm scared out of my mind right now. I'll see you around, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: Hold on a minute, Mrs. Keyes.

[He grabs the anniversary tickets and gives them to her.]

SALLY: What's this?

DR. BROWN: It's where my life began. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for there, too.

[Cut to the Denver hospital. Amy is walking with her father.]

DR. ABBOTT: Listen, Amy. I want you to be prepared. The doctors told us he's in a state of non-verbal consciousness.

AMY: I know. I know, Dad, he can't speak. As long as he can see me, that's all that matters.

DR. ABBOTT: Here, let me take that.

[He grabs her coat.]

DR. ABBOTT: I'll be right here.

[He rubs her shoulder and she turns to enter the room.]

[Cut to Colin's room. He's watching a nurse tending to the various machinery. Amy walks in nervously.]

NURSE: You can come in.

AMY: If this is a bad time, I can come back.

NURSE: No. I'll be done in a second. Feel free to speak. He can hear you.

[Colin turns to look at Amy.]

AMY: Hey there. I wanted to be the first person here when you woke up. I was at Mount Laurel when my dad called last night and I would've run to Denver if I could of.

[Colin is staring at her, perplexed.]

AMY: I stayed up all night wrapping a whole bunch of gifts and stuff. There's so much I wanna show you. I brought a whole bunch of pictures from last summer.

[He blinks to look at her again.]

AMY: [to Nurse] Are you sure he can hear me?

NURSE: Mmm hmm.

AMY: Why is he staring at me like that?

NURSE: Like what?

AMY: Like he doesn't know who I am.

NURSE: Maybe he doesn't. Considering what he's been through, memory loss is quite common.

AMY: How long will it take before he does, remember?

NURSE: He may have to start from scratch. A lot of these patients do.

[Amy looks like a bus ran over her. She packs the presents back in the bag and leaves.]

[Cut to outside the room. Amy rushes past her father.]

DR. ABBOTT: Amy? Amy, honey? Are you alright?

AMY: Of course I'm alright, I've been waiting for this moment for over four months.

[She keeps pushing the elevator button even though it's lit up.]

AMY: [softly] Colin's back.

DR. ABBOTT: Come here.

[He grabs her and hugs her as she starts crying.]

[Cut to the church. Organ music is playing. Amongst the crowd of people in the pews, are the Browns sitting together, the Harpers sitting together, and Amy Abbott sitting together with her parents.]

REV. KEYES: The gift of community is that each one of us is absolved of the burden of completeness. And in of ourselves that every moment we can lean on one another for the elements we lack. This week I leaned on one of you for this week I lost my marriage. When you join your life with someone, you plan your future. Isn't that truly the definition of hope? To look into the future and imagine a better moment. A glimmer of beauty to strive for. This week I lost all that. At the moment when I was without reason, when I no longer could find meaning of my own, I came here to this church. I believed as I have at other moments of need that I would find God here. I did not. What I found inside this church was a man more dispirited than myself. Crying out to our Lord and seeking comfort in receiving none. I say to this man today, I cannot fix your broken heart. I cannot mend your weakened spirit. What I can do is pour the love of this community into your wound. As your own faith was a healing sieve unto my own. Each year, I select a member of this community who represents the value of hope. This year, I would like to single out a man who is most deserving of our own. Of this community's light and life. That man is Dr. Andrew Brown.

[The crowd gasps. Dr. Brown looks shocked.]

REV. KEYES: There are two states in this life. Love and a call for love. It is the latter which is most requiring of bravery. Come together as a community and help this courageous man find what he came here to seek... peace, joy, hope... for us all.

[They all stand.]

[Cut to outside. Rose comes up to Dr. Brown. "The Weight" by Cassandra Wilson is playing in the background.]

LYRICS: I pulled into Nazareth / I was feeling about half past dead

ROSE: Congratulations, Dr. Brown. I think the Reverend made a fine choice.

DR. BROWN: Well thank you, Mayor.

[Ephram walks up to Amy.]

EPHRAM: So. Where is Bright?

AMY: Oh he's at football practice. He's not really big on churches.

EPHRAM: Finally, something we have in common. Did you get a chance to see Colin?

AMY: [avoiding him] Hey, Dad, are we going to eat soon? I'm really hungry.

DR. ABBOTT: Your mother's picking the restaurant, am I right, dear?

ROSE: Well, how about Mama Joy's?

DELIA: That's where *we're* going.

DR. BROWN: We could share a table.

[Dr. Abbott looks unsure.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, why not?

LYRICS: Take a load off, Annie / Take a load for free / Take a load off Annie / And... / You put the lord put the lord right on me


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