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#318 : Descente aux enfers

Titre en VO: "Fallout" - Titre en VF : Descente aux enfers
¤USA : diffusé le 25/04/05 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : David Hudgins - Réalisation : Michael Shultz
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Dr. Jake Hartman), Lukas Behnken (Topher), Tom Virtue (l'administrateur de Julliard) Brooks Almy (Le prètre)

Après son retour de New York, Ephram a besoin de réfléchir sur Madison et sur Amy et aux changements qu'il va devoir faire.

En attendant, Andy est assommé d'apprendre l'ampleur des sentiments que Nina éprouve pour Jake.

Bright de son côté, encourage Hannah à aller à un rendez-vous avec un garçon...

Bande annonce 318 (VO)
Bande annonce 318 (VO)


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[Fade in - Scene from Act One of "Since You've Been Gone" - Topher and Hannah are talking in the school hallway.]

IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

TOPHER: Hannah?

HANNAH: Oh, hey, Topher. Are you asking me out?

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of "A Moment in Manhattan" - Ephram and Madison are talking in the plaza.]

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of "A Moment in Manhattan" - Ephram and Amy are talking on the phone to one another.]

EPHRAM: I bumped into Madison today. We were gonna maybe meet up again tomorrow.

AMY: But she knows it's your audition, right?

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]


[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: I just wouldn't want anything to throw you off.

[Cut to Scenes from Act One and Two of "Fate Accomplis" - Ephram is about to leave the Coffee Shop with Madison.]

MADISON: I didn't just leave. I got pregnant. … : Mr. and Mrs. Wagley. They're the adoptive parents.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of "Fate Accomplis" - Ephram and Dr. Brown are talking on the balcony at Juilliard.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, please think about what you're doing.

EPHRAM: This means nothing to me any more.

DR. BROWN: Don't do this just to hurt me.

EPHRAM: That's not the only reason I'm doing it. But it's the best reason.

[Cut to Scene from Act Four of "Fate Accomplis" - Ephram and Amy are talking outside the Abbott house.]

EPHRAM: I'm just really messed up right now. Will you help me?

AMY: Of course, I will help you, Ephram.

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Cut to Abbott House - Ephram is sleeping on the couch in the living room when his cell phone goes off. He gets up and looks at the cell phone. Dr. Abbott walks in the front door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Ah. Good morning. Hope the couch wasn't too uncomfortable?

EPHRAM: Uh, it was fine. Thank you.

DR. ABBOTT: And the heat wasn't too much? This room has always had the most obstinate draft even with the storm windows.

[Amy comes downstairs trying to fend off Ephram from Dr. Abbott.]

AMY: Sorry, I should have warned you, my dad's pretty much the definition of a morning person. (kisses him and sits next to him) Did you sleep okay?

EPHRAM: Uh, not really.

AMY: Well, you can stay as long as you want. We can make up the guestroom, right?

DR. ABBOTT: Uh, I'm not sure that's such a good idea. I-I spoke with your father last night, Ephram. He's really very concerned about you.

EPHRAM: Well, you'll probably file that one under too little too late.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, nonetheless, I did promise him that I would…

EPHRAM: That's okay, I'm not staying long. Thank you for letting me crash last night, though, I, uh, I really appreciate it.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, you're more than welcome. (silence) Well, then, should anyone care for a tofu scramble, I'll just be in the kitchen.

[Dr. Abbott walks through the foyer into the kitchen leaving Amy and Ephram sitting on the couch together.]

AMY: Are you sure 'cause I can overrule him? He just thinks he's in charge.

EPHRAM: No, it's okay, I mean, I can't stay here forever.

AMY: Feeling any better?

EPHRAM: Not really. Last night I was a wreck. Now I'm a tired wreck. Maybe later I can catch a 24 hour bug and be a sick, tired wreck. Y'know, I just keep-kept laying here, y'know replaying the scene in my mind like trying to picture it. How she told him was it at our house? Did she come by the office?

AMY: Ephram…

EPHRAM: Three days ago, everything was perfect. I was in New York. I was getting pumped up for my audition, but then it's like, "No, I'm sorry. You're Ephram Brown. Things are going way too good for you right now." (pause) You realize that you're the only person left that I can trust.

[Amy smiles.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): I don't know if it's sad or what.

AMY: I just want to help. But I don't really know what to do so you're just gonna have to tell me, okay.

EPHRAM: I'm just gonna have to figure it out on my own.

[Amy lays her head on Ephram's shoulder.]

AMY: What are you gonna do?

EPHRAM: I don't know. But I gotta do somethin'.



[Fade in - Nina's kitchen - Nina and Dr. Brown are talking over coffee.]


DR. BROWN: And that would be one word for it.

NINA: And this all happened last summer?


NINA: And now you're just like, "Hi, let's have coffee. Oh, by the way, my son got his girlfriend pregnant and I sent her away, but now he knows and he thinks I ruined his life."

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry, I should have told you sooner.

NINA: Oh, no, to be honest, I'm grateful not to have been in on the loop on this one. I can't believe you've been carrying this around by yourself all this whole time. It must've been awful for you.

DR. BROWN: Yeah. It was. But I'm fine now.

NINA: Really?

DR. BROWN: I mean, I could wallow in self-pity but what would be the point of that.

NINA: Oh. Oh, you don't need a point to wallow. That's the beauty of the wallow.

DR. BROWN: May be. But I spent so much time worrying about Ephram this year and of course, hiding myself in another one of my emotionally unavailable relationships. Your words, not mine.

NINA: I know, they just sound a lot meaner when you say them.

DR. BROWN: Of course they do.

NINA: What are you gonna do now?

DR. BROWN: Well, I-I wanna refocus. Catch up with what's been going on in my daughter's life and, uh, and in yours for that matter. In fact, why don't we cash in one of those rainchecks and have dinner tonight?

NINA: Oh, I can't. It's, uh, movie night with Jake and Sam.

DR. BROWN: Oh, that sounds like fun. Well, how 'bout tomorrow?

NINA: Tomorrow's good.

DR. BROWN: Great.

NINA: Okay. Oh, no, wait I can't. It's, uh, concert tickets. He's just big with surprises.

DR. BROWN: Oh, it's no big deal, but you see what I mean. I've been so out of it, I had no idea that you and Jake had gotten serious.

NINA: Well, we've just been hanging out a lot. It's just been nice.

[Nina looks at her watch. Dr. Brown seems disappointed by Nina's response.]

NINA (CONT'D): Oh my gosh, I'm gonna be so late for work. If-If you still wanna talk I can try and rearrange my schedule.

DR. BROWN: No. No. No. It's fine. I'm sure that Harold's filling out my tardy slip as we speak. But thanks for the coffee.

NINA: Okay, make yourself at home.

[Nina gets up to leave and Dr. Brown remains at the kitchen table.]

[Cut to Bright's truck pulling up outside Nina's house. Hannah and Bright get out of the truck.]

HANNAH: It feels like I've been gone forever. Thank you. Thanks again for the ride. I'm sorry my plane was late, but I thought it was gonna be Amy so…

[Bright starts getting the suitcases out of the back of the truck.]

BRIGHT: Hannah, if you say thank you or sorry one more time I'm gonna have to kill myself.

HANNAH: Sorry. Sorry.

[They walk toward the house.]

[Cut to Hannah's bedroom - Hannah is putting up things from her suitcase and Bright comes in eating something.]

BRIGHT: So how was home?

HANNAH: Hard. Seeing my family again and then having to leave. My mom cried which was weird, since she didn't cry the first time I left. Plus sleeping in my old room was so weird. Everything was exactly the same as it was like - like this whole other life I left behind.

[Bright is looking through her suitcase.]

BRIGHT: Well, it looks like you brought most of it back. Oh, no way, is this your diary?

HANNAH: Fourth grade.


HANNAH: Go ahead, it's really not that interesting.

[Bright walks around the bed and sits down on it.]

BRIGHT: Dear Diary, I like/love Robbie Shintzer. He has smooth muscles and alabaster skin. P.S. I finally went to the bathroom at school today.

HANNAH: I had difficulty with public restrooms.

BRIGHT: I can't believe you knew the word alabaster in the fourth grade. It's probably spelled right too, huh?

HANNAH: It's so weird reading those now. I found one thing actually.

[Hannah walks over and sits by Bright.]

BRIGHT: What is halitosis?

HANNAH: Here. Gimme. (taking diary)

BRIGHT: Do you still have it?

HANNAH: No. (flipping through the diary) Okay. This is from 1997. Dear Diary, I found out today that my dad is sick. If God will make him better, I promise to eat all my vegetables. Love, H. I was 9 when I wrote that. I didn't know about science or medicine or anything. I just thought all I had to do was ask God for help.

BRIGHT: Yeah, that's what all kids think. Dear God, let me make this free throw, I promise not to snap Amy's bra for a week.

[Hannah gets up to finish unpacking.]

HANNAH: Yeah, but I really believed it. Like, I actually thought God could cure something like Huntington's.

BRIGHT: Well, y'know, nobody knows what God can or can't do. I think that's why we pray. Y'know, for insurance, like just in case it works.

HANNAH: Maybe it did work.

BRIGHT: Maybe what worked?

HANNAH: Maybe I'm like that person that didn't realize that God sent him the boat or the helicopter.

[Bright looks lost.]

HANNAH: When the flood came? Y'know, it's a story. Okay… The point is maybe God did answer my prayer, but I just didn't realize it because it didn't come in the form I was expecting.

BRIGHT: Well, I don't know what the helicopter has to do with it.

HANNAH: I was too late on my dad but-but maybe God saved me instead.

BRIGHT: I think your test was negative because you don't have the gene.

HANNAH: Maybe, but maybe not. And just in case, I owe God some serious vegetables.

[Cut to Amy and Ephram eating lunch outside at the high school.]

EPHRAM: So how hard do you think it would be to find him?

AMY: You mean…

EPHRAM: Yeah, the baby.

AMY: Why would you want to do that?

EPHRAM: It's like I don't even - I don't even know if I want to see him. I just want to make sure he's okay.

AMY: What did Madison say?

EPHRAM: Nothing much. This couple - The Wagleys. They came to the hospital and took him. That's it.

AMY: Well, if she met the couple, I'm sure she knows more. Maybe you could just ask her.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know, but I don't want to ask her. If I ask her that means I have to talk to her and if I talk to her, it means I forgive her and I can't forgive her even if a part of me wants to because if I forgive her, it's like I forgive him.

AMY: Yeah, I get it. (silence) I really can't imagine what it feels like to be you right now, y'know. I wish that I just, uh.. I wanna- I wanna make it better, y'know.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know. Me too. That's… I mean is it completely crazy I wanna try and find him?

AMY: If it's what you want.

EPHRAM: I think it is.

AMY: Well, then I'll help.

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Delia walking through a hardware store shopping.]

DELIA: This is so confusing.


DELIA: Umm, how do you feel about dark purple?

DR. BROWN: Well, I think it's great for a bordello, honey, but, uh, for your room I was thinking more along the lines of say, a natural linen.

DELIA: I can live with that.

DR. BROWN: Great.

[Dr. Brown picks up a paint can.]

DELIA: You know…

DR. BROWN: Uh, hmm.

DELIA: I could always just move into Ephram's garage. It would be a lot less work, it's not like he's gonna be here next year anyways.

DR. BROWN: Why did he say something to you?

DELIA: He didn't have to tell me. I already know he's going to college.

DR. BROWN: Oh right. You know, you may have noticed that, uh, Ephram hasn't been around much lately.

DELIA: Not really. Check out the brushes.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's because, y'know, he's got a lot going on. He's got graduation and final exams. He's under a lot of pressure.

DELIA: He got to go to New York with you and see Poppi and have Ray's Pizza. And you guys were gone for four days, so I get at least that many for this, right?

DR. BROWN: Well, honey, I don't think it's gonna take four days to finish your room, but…

[Delia gives Dr. Brown a mean look.]

DR. BROWN (CONT'D): Okay, four days sound good.

[Dr. Hartman comes around the corner towards Delia and Dr. Brown.]

DR. HARTMAN: Hey, there, happy family.

DR. BROWN: Hey, Jake. This is my daughter.

[Dr. Hartman gives Delia a high five.]

DR. HARTMAN: Super Delia. Yeah, I know. She took Sam and I to school on Tony Hawk last week, didn't ya?

DELIA: I'm getting a new room. It's gonna look like linen.

DR. HARTMAN: Awesome. Is that all your paint? Uh, little tip, if you're going with a latex base, you probably want a synthetic roller, those natural ones soak it all up.

DR. BROWN: No kidding. I didn't know that.

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, you go into plastic surgery, you got to be in touch with your inner decorator. It comes with the territory.

DR. BROWN: You are going to be a very rich man.

DR. HARTMAN: All right, I'm off to find a carbon monoxide detectors. Nina just wanted smoke alarms, but I figure, why not go all out. I mean, there's a kid in the house, right?

[Dr. Hartman starts to walk away.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, Jake, I know that this is a crazy idea, but why don't you guys come help.

DR. HARTMAN: You mean with the painting?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, Nina's like family and you guys are seeing each other now. It would be a good chance to get to know each other better outside the office.

DR. HARTMAN: It's a little late to check my references, but, sure, I'm down.

DR. BROWN: Okay.



DELIA: I get an extra day for this.

DR. BROWN: That's a lot of days. That's five days.

[Cut to Amy's bedroom - Amy is researching on the Internet late at night. Dr. Abbott walks by her room and notices she is still awake.]


[Amy tries to hide what she is doing.]

DR. ABBOTT: It's 3a.m. You still doing homework?

AMY: No, just doing some research. I couldn't really sleep.

[Dr. Abbott sighs knowing what Amy is really doing.]

DR. ABBOTT: How's he doing?

AMY: Not good. He's just really fragile, y'know? I'm trying to be supportive but I just feel like if I say even the tiniest thing he's just gonna go twisting off in the wrong direction.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, the boy has suffered quite a blow.

AMY: It's like I can see him losing it right in front of me. It's painful to watch.

DR. ABBOTT: Maybe you shouldn't have to. I mean, if you still beg, try to view the situation objectively. Maybe this is something that he does need to work out on his own. In his own time.

AMY: What are you saying? That I should break up with him now.

DR. ABBOTT: I'm saying that you're right, everything has changed. No one could fault you for reassessing the relationship. You didn't sign up for this.

AMY: Omigod, is that seriously the advice you're giving me right now? Just abandon him when he needs me the most.

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart, it is the middle of the night, perhaps I am not making myself clear.

AMY: No, I think you're making yourself really clear, Dad. You think Ephram is damaged goods and you're worried that he's gonna rub off on me or something. Well, I'm sorry, but that's not how relationships work. You don't just disappear on someone when things get hard or when they stop being fun. And I think it's pretty sad that you don't seem to grasp that.

DR. ABBOTT: All I see is my child in pain. Forgive me if my instinct is to move her away from the fire.

[Amy shakes her head and goes back to looking at the computer. Dr. Abbott then gets up and leaves.]



[Fade in - Ephram and Amy are driving up to the school in his car. Ephram and Amy are sitting in the car talking.]

AMY: You comin'?

EPHRAM: No, I don't think so. There's no way I could handle school today.

[Amy just looks at Ephram, who is looking through some papers.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): Uh, this stuff you got last night is great. There's an address here for Child Placement. I was thinking about maybe going down there and asking a couple of questions.

AMY: You realize it's in Denver?

EPHRAM: Yeah, but y'know, I think my car can make it.

AMY: You want me to come with you?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. Sure, if you want to. I mean I don't know exactly what I'm looking for so it might be a long day. Long and boring.

AMY: That's okay, I've got a presentation in 5th period anyways.

EPHRAM: You sure?

AMY: Yeah, umm, but can you do me a favor and keep your cell phone on. I'm working on some other stuff, I might need to find you.

EPHRAM: Yeah, sure. An-an-and thank you again for the help, I really appreciate it.

AMY: You're welcome.

[Amy leans over and gives Ephram a kiss.]

AMY (CONT'D): See you later, okay.

[Amy gets out the car. Amy waves goodbye. Ephram then drives away.]

[Cut to Delia's room - Dr. Brown, Delia, Nina and Dr. Hartman are painting the walls.]

DR. BROWN: Okay, so we already know how you met, so why don't we skip to the first date. Where'd you go? What'd you do?

DELIA: I thought Sam was gonna be here.

NINA: He's at home watching a movie.

DR. BROWN: Come on, I'm interested in all this. I thrive on minutia.

NINA: Well, we went to dinner.

DR. HARTMAN: But not just dinner. I took her to Julia Robinson's up in Longmont. Wine. Fresh venison. A lot of sparkling conversation. She never stood a chance.

NINA: Yeah, I think it was the deer meat that sealed the deal.

DR. BROWN: I love that place. They have great desserts. (to Delia) Hey, watch the splatter, honey. (to Nina and Dr. Hartman) Okay, so then what about the second date? Were you still trying to impress or was it a little bit more casual?

DELIA: My wall looks bumpy.

DR. BROWN: Honey, that's because you have to swish out more paint in the pan, that way you won't get so much on the wall at one time.

[Dr. Hartman and Nina look at one another.]

DR. BROWN (CONT'D) (to Dr. Hartman and Nina): Come on, I'm curious about this. I wanna know what happened.

DR. HARTMAN: You know what, Andy, I think you might need to slow down.

DR. BROWN: Why? I-I-Is this something secret between you two?

DR. HARTMAN: No, I mean your painting. Here.

[Dr. Hartman walks over and starts demonstrating to Dr. Brown.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT'D): Start up at the ceiling. Work your way down it and then move over to the next column. Otherwise you get blotches.

DELIA: Great, I'm gonna have a bumpy, blotchy room.

NINA: Who needs a refill?

DR. BROWN: Hey, you know where you guys oughta go? The Farmer's Market in Durango. They have Sunday brunch, it's great. You'd have fun.

[Delia looks disgusted that Dr. Brown is paying more attention to Nina and Dr. Hartman than her.]

[Cut to Amy's bedroom - Amy is on the phone.]

AMY: Uh, it's just it was scheduled for the nineteenth, I think, at four o'clock. His name is Ephram Brown.

[Cut to Juilliard - the administrator is sitting behind his desk.]

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: Yes, I'm familiar with the name.

AMY: You are?

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: We've been prescreening applicants in the piano department for fifteen years. I can count on one hand the number of times anyone's ever skipped an audition.

AMY: He didn't skip. There was an emergency. There was a death in the family.

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see that in his file. Usually there's a death certificate.

AMY: Hmm, Do you - do you require a death certificate?

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: Or a copy of the obituary.

AMY: Okay, fine. Nobody died. But it was just as bad, trust me.

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: Who am I speaking with again?

AMY: Look, He was there. Okay, he flew all the way to New York, and if he doesn't get a shot at making his dream come true…

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: He had a shot. At 4pm last Sunday.

AMY: Hello, broken record. Come on. I'm trying to tell you that he's brilliant and all these other schools are trying to recruit him so if you could just schedule a makeup?

JUILLIARD ADMINISTRATOR: Perhaps he should find a recruiter from one of the other schools.

AMY: Oh yeah? Well perhaps you should grow a heart, ass-face!

[Amy hangs up the phone disgusted at the administrator.]

[Cut to Christ the King Church - Mass is letting out. Hannah is standing outside waiting and Topher walks out and sees her.]

TOPHER: Hannah? Hey, I thought that was you. Why are you standing over here?

HANNAH: I'm just hanging out. Over here.

TOPHER: Wow, you look so dressy.

HANNAH: I know, I-I thought church would be more. I look like a doily, don't I?

TOPHER: No, I just meant that you look nice.

HANNAH: So, uh, do you go here?

TOPHER: Yeah, this is where I go. Are you thinkin' about going here?

HANNAH: Uh, no. Well, maybe, I … Right-right now, I'm just here looking for something. It's kinda complicated.

TOPHER: Sounds pretty serious. Saw you in the front row. Usually nobody sits there. Father Ivers is a major spitter.

HANNAH: Yeah, I noticed.

TOPHER: Close talker too.

HANNAH: Oh, there he is. Umm, I gotta go. I-It was nice to see you, Topher.

TOPHER: Yeah, you too.

[Hannah takes off after Father Ivers, leaving Topher.]

HANNAH: Excuse me. Hi, could I speak to you for a minute?

FATHER IVERS: Of course.

HANNAH: Okay. Thanks.

[They walk into the church.]

[Cut to Delia's bedroom - Dr. Brown, Dr. Hartman, Nina, and Delia are cleaning up.]

DR. BROWN: I'm telling you it was Clapton, we used to play it in the surgeons' lounge when I was an attending.

DR. HARTMAN: Clapton made it famous, but it's Bob Marley's song. I bet you a hundred bucks.

DR. BROWN: Ephram would know this.

DELIA: 'Cause Ephram knows everything.

DR. HARTMAN: Who do you like more Marley or Clapton?

NINA: Is this like an Elvis versus Beatles thing? I'm, uh, I'm gonna go check on Sam.

[Nina leaves the room.]

DR. HARTMAN: So how is Ephram doing? I heard about what happened. Must be pretty rough.

DR. BROWN: Honey, why don't you go wash your hands before all that paint dries, okay?

[Delia looks at Dr. Brown and then leaves the room.]

DR. HARTMAN: I know. I know, the second it came out of my mouth, I knew I messed up.

DR. BROWN: Since when do you know about Ephram?

DR. HARTMAN: I don't really. Just the basics. Just what Nina told me.

DR. BROWN: She discussed it with you.

DR. HARTMAN: Of course, she did. Why wouldn't she? Look, I'm sorry. I have no idea what it's like to have kids. I think I just made that pretty obvious.

DR. BROWN: No, there's a lot that you don't know. Because there's a lot that Nina doesn't know. So how about we leave my parenting and my kids out of this. Does that work for you?

DR. HARTMAN: I never said anything about your parenting.

DR. BROWN: Yeah…

[Nina comes back in before Dr. Brown can finish. Delia follows Nina back in the room.]

NINA: Hi. What's going on? I left-I left my keys.

DR. HARTMAN: I was just helping Andy clean up . . .

DR. BROWN: That's okay. Thanks, guys. I got it from here.

[Dr. Hartman puts down the sheet and walks out and then Nina follows looking concerned at Dr. Brown. Delia looks at the room.]

DELIA: This stinks.

DR BROWN: (sighs) Yeah, it does.

DELIA: Should we start on the door?

DR. BROWN: You know what, Delia, I think I still have the number of that contractor that did Ephram's garage. Maybe it's time we let the professionals take over.

DELIA: We're stopping now?

DR. BROWN: Yes. I'm tired, sweetheart.

[Dr. Brown walks out of the room. Delia looks crushed.]

[Cut to Child Services Office in Denver - Ephram is pacing at the door. The Clerk notices him pacing.]

CLERK: Sir? You've been in and out of here all day. We're about to close. If you need something, now's the time.

EPHRAM: Uh, I'm just looking for somebody, but I don't even know if I'm in the right place, so I-I-I didn't want to bother you. (beat) It's a -It's a kid. Actually, it's my kid. Uh, my son. Uh, he was put up for adoption - -

CLERK: Name of the birth mother?

EPHRAM: Uh, Kellner. Madison - Madison Kellner.

[She types that into her computer.]

CLERK: You say you're the father?

EPHRAM: Uh, yeah, Ephram Brown. Is it in there?

CLERK: I have a record of Kellner here, but it says "father unknown." (scrolling) I'm looking at an docket entry . . . "order Terminating Parent-Child Relationship of Unknown Birth Father." It looks like it was signed the same day as the Adoption Decree.

EPHRAM: I don't know what that means . . .

CLERK: I don't see a petition here to contest. Did you appear in court?

EPHRAM: Wh.. I didn't even know there was gonna be a trial. Nobody told me. When-when-when did that happen?

CLERK: I'm sorry, these kinds of files are confidential. It's against the law to give out any information unless you're a party or an attorney-of-record.

EPHRAM: Even if I'm the father?

CLERK: That's not what it. . . I have to go by what's on the record. I'm sorry.

[Ephram turns around trying to hide his emotions and then turns back toward the Clerk.]

EPHRAM: I-I can't believe that-that she said that she didn't know who the father was. Okay, I mean, it's like, what does she want to just pretend that I don't exist.

CLERK: I wish I could help you . . .

EPHRAM: I'm-I'm sorry, all right. I know it's not your fault, but… I thought if I just came down here, that I could maybe just figure out at least where he was, and-and maybe put some of this behind me. I know, it's a stupid idea.

CLERK: Aah. Don't you feel bad about what you're trying to do.

EPHRAM: I'm not trying to get you in trouble, it's just…

CLERK: I know, I know you're not…

EPHRAM: It's just . . . I have a kid. All right, I had a kid and-and I've never met him. I have no idea who he is and I just wanna make sure he's safe.

[The clerk looks at her screen again.]

CLERK: Listen to me. Any child growing up in Marin County, you know he's gonna be just fine. Okay?

EPHRAM: Thank you.

CLERK: It's all right, sweetheart. I wish there were more like you.

[Ephram looks at the clerk and then leaves.]



[Fade in - Amy and Ephram are outside the Abbott house on the front porch.]

AMY: So she just told you where they live?

EPHRAM: Uh, kind of. I mean, I kind of had a little bit of meltdown. I don't know if she felt sorry for me or just wanted to get me out of there, but I know where he is now so…

AMY: You know what county, you don't have a specific address.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know, but how many Wagleys can there be.

AMY: I don't know, maybe a lot.

EPHRAM: So, yeah, I was thinking maybe when I get home tonight, I can get on the Internet, narrow down the search a little bit, maybe check, uh, ticket prices to Marin County.

AMY: You're thinking about going there. I thought you wanted to find him, not actually go and see him.

EPHRAM: Well, that's before I knew where he was.

AMY: So you're just gonna walk up to their door and knock.

EPHRAM: Well, I hadn't thought about it that far ahead yet. All right, I thought you were okay with this.

AMY: No, I am. I… I'm trying to be supportive, Ephram. It just seems like… I mean how far are you planning on taking this. Are you actually thinking about contesting the adoption?

EPHRAM: No, of course not.

AMY: Well, then why are you doing this?

EPHRAM: I don't know. The-There's so much that out of my hands right now at least this way I feel like I'm doing something. Y'know, maybe I can get some closure.

AMY: Will you? I mean, you got what you wanted. You know where he is. You know he's in a good home surrounded by billionaires.

EPHRAM: I don't know that they're-they're good parent just cause they're rich. I mean, what if they're those people that send their kids to schools with nannies and like never see them.

AMY: So what if they are? What are you gonna do? Steal the kid away and raise him yourself. This is insane.

EPHRAM: You're right. Sorry. You're right. I-I've been so caught up in all this, I didn't think about how weird it must be for you.

AMY: No. No. I… Your problems are my problems.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but I mean, this all happened before we got together. You didn't know about it. You shouldn't have to deal with it. I mean, I know that you love me and want to be there for me which you totally have, but… y'know, from here on out I think that I should just handle it alone, okay?

[Amy shakes her head in frustration.]

[Cut to Delia's room - The room looks completely different than when everyone painted it. Dr. Brown is covering Delia's eyes to surprise her with her new room.]

DR. BROWN: Ready? (uncovers Delia's eyes) Ta Da!!! Isn't it amazing what a few days and a couple thousand bucks can do.


DR. BROWN: Actually, it's robin's egg.


[Dr. Brown looks at Delia shocked by her comment.]

DR. BROWN: Okay, well, so we can always change the color. That's not a problem. (walks over to some storage bins) But, look. Look at these things. Aren't they cool? You can stuff stuff inside 'em. You can stack 'em however you want. I mean, come on.

DELIA: Where's my dresser?

DR. BROWN: We took it out, but we can always put it back if you want it.

DELIA (throwing pillows off the bed): WHAT I WANTED WAS TO PAINT MY ROOM.

DR. BROWN: Excuse me, young lady, but aren't you a little old for temper tantrums?


DR. BROWN: That's not true. Right now, you're acting like a spoiled brat and I get enough of that from Ephram. Frankly…


DR. BROWN: What is that suppose to mean?

DELIA: HE GETS EVERYTHING. A new garage with like a hundred computers, a trio, and a new car.



DR. BROWN: But I just got you everything in this room.






DR. BROWN: We weren't fighting.


[Delia storms out of her room. Dr. Brown is mad with the fight and then swings his arm over the storage bins and they make a mess on the floor. Delia comes back in.]


[Delia grabs the door to her room and slams it shut when leaving again.]

[Cut to Abbott's house - Bright is reading the paper in the den when Dr. Abbott and Hannah walk in from church.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I see you haven't moved.

BRIGHT: It's the Sunday funnies. You have to take your time.

DR. ABBOTT: Is your mother still upstairs?

BRIGHT: Yeah and she looks like crap.

DR. ABBOTT: I'm sure she appreciates your concern. (to Hannah) Thank you again for your company, Hannah.

[Dr. Abbott takes off towards the stairs.]

HANNAH: Yeah, you're welcome. Hey, thanks for lunch.


[Hannah turns back toward Bright and then walks in and sits next to Bright on the couch. She looks confused and frustrated.]

BRIGHT: Problems?

HANNAH: I'm just a little frustrated with God right now.

[Bright nods in agreement and turns his attention toward the comics again.]

HANNAH (CONT'D): I mean, he talks to Joan of Arcadia like five times a week, tells her to go out for cheerleading. My problem is way bigger and I can't even get his attention.

BRIGHT: Well, I can't see how he could miss ya, you're there all the time. How many times you've been this week?

HANNAH: I don't know, 9, if you count the pancake supper.

BRIGHT: Exactly. Wow, y'know you should really get your frequent worshipper card.

[Hannah gives a shocked look and Bright shrugs his shoulders.]

HANNAH: Well, I'm sorry, but it just seems pretty logical that if you wanna talk to God, you go to church. I mean that's where he works, right?

BRIGHT: Yeah, but that's not what's going on here. Come on, you're not looking for answers. You're hiding out.

HANNAH: From what?

BRIGHT: Oh, I don't know. Uh, having to live your life.

[Hannah tries to think about what Bright is saying.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): Think about it. This disease's been hanging over head since you're a kid and that sucks but it's also been this excuse to not have to do stuff. Okay. Now, that excuse is gone. And you don't know how to deal. Okay, so you're still afraid.

HANNAH: I am not.

[Hannah straightens up on the couch and looks at Bright matter of factly.]

BRIGHT: All I'm saying is if it was me, I'd be stoked. I'd be out. I'd be celebrating, not be hanging out with a bunch of bible thumpers.

HANNAH: Umm, umm, I'm sorry, what should I be celebrating exactly? The fact that my dad's on a respirator an-and can't get out of bed or-or maybe that my-my brother knows that I took the test but he won't 'cause he's too freaked out and now he and my mom aren't even talking. Gaa… Excuse me th-that I think maybe there's some meaning in what happened. Y'know just because you've given up on looking for purpose in your own life does not mean that I have to do the same thing.

BRIGHT: Oh, no. No. This is not about me, little miss I-Like-To-Turn-Things-Around.

[Hannah gets up frustrated to leave.]

HANNAH: FINE, FORGET IT. (turning toward him) I'll pray for you, Bright.

BRIGHT: Thanks.

[Hannah heads toward the kitchen.]

BRIGHT (CONT'D): Amy's not home.


Bright: Okay.

[Hannah hesitates in the foyer and then sighs and then walks out the front door still frustrated. Bright starts looking at the newspaper again.]

[Cut to the Brown kitchen - Nina comes up the back sidewalk with a box, knocks on the door and then comes in. Dr. Brown is sitting at the kitchen table.]

NINA: Hey.


NINA: Doing a little spring cleaning. I thought it was time to bring back some of your stuff.

[Nina sets the box on the kitchen counter and pulls out a book.]

NINA (CONT'D): When the days carbs weren't cool.

[Dr. Brown smiles and goes back to paying bills. Nina realizes he is upset.]

NINA (CONT'D): What's wrong?

DR. BROWN: (sighs) Delia's room turned out to be a disaster.

NINA: Well, periwinkle was a bold choice.

DR. BROWN: Robin's egg. But it's not the room, it's just everything.

NINA: You've finally given into the wallow?

DR. BROWN: Well, at least when I gave Ephram the studio, I got a hug. I'm not sure what that feels like any more.

NINA: So this is about Ephram?

[Nina puts the book down and sits down beside Dr. Brown at the table.]

NINA (CONT'D): Well, maybe you thought you could avoid dealing with him by surrounding yourself with everybody else, but you can't just ignore the problem and hope it'll go away on it's own, 'cause it won't.

DR. BROWN: He doesn't want to talk to me. I can't force him to talk to me so why push it.

NINA: 'Cause it's affecting everything else you do. You're fighting with Delia, you're fighting with Jake.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, buy he was out of line, Nina. If you're going to defend Jake, I…

NINA: And now you're trying to pick one with me but I'm not gonna let you because the person you really need to be fighting with is Ephram.

DR. BROWN: Well, I can't.

NINA: Of course you can. I've seen do it a million times.

DR. BROWN: I can not fight with Ephram because he's right. I made a terrible mistake and I can't ask him not to hate me for it. But come on, don't feel bad for me, every body swings and misses now and again.

NINA: Okay, well maybe, you should give Ephram his space for awhile and concentrate on Delia. But don't try to get all of your catching up time with everybody at once. She could probably tell you were half-assing it with her the other day and nobody likes a fake.

[Nina flips through the book.]

NINA (CONT'D): Like low-carb lasagna. I mean, really what is the point?

DR. BROWN: You just couldn't stand it, could ya?

NINA: Nah, I had a perfect record.

[They laugh.]

[Cut to Ephram's studio - Ephram is lying down on the couch. The place is a mess, it looks like he has been living out of the studio. Amy walks in elated.]

AMY: I am a goddess. (closes the door and walks over to Ephram) Do you remember Chris Templeman? Guy from Colorado A&M who tried to recruit you?

EPHRAM: Uh, I didn't apply there. Remember, another one of my dad's brilliant ideas.

AMY: Whatever. I remember you saying about him is that he loved you of course and that he grew up in Long Island, graduated from Juilliard, but didn't like the touring so he got into teaching.

EPHRAM: Do you remember everything I say 'cause it's a little scary?

AMY: Anyways, I called him. Told him what happened - the short version, don't worry. He remembered you. I got him to Juilliard and you have another audition in three days.

[Ephram looks shocked.]

EPHRAM: Omigod!!

AMY: I know, you can worship me now.

EPHRAM: I love you, Amy.

AMY: I love you too.

[Ephram gets up from the couch and starts to pace.]

EPHRAM: But I-I can't go. I'm, uh, going to Marin County. I've already bought my ticket.

AMY: I thought you decided not to?

EPHRAM: I never said that.

[Amy shakes her head in disbelief.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): Look, I'm sorry, if you'd told me sooner…

AMY: Ephram, listen to me, you-you have to go to New York. You just need to change your ticket.

EPHRAM: Well, I-I can't change my ticket. I already bought it.

AMY: Well, then unbuy it. Ephram, this is your future - New York, Juilliard.

[Amy gets up and walks over to him. She is getting aggravated by Ephram's attitude.]

AMY (CONT'D): You're getting a second chance here. You have to go be the piano genius that you were supposed to be.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but that's not who I am any more.

AMY: Yes, it is. Omigod, do you know how hard I worked to get you this audition?

EPHRAM: Well, I'm sorry you went through all the trouble if you'd told me sooner I could've explained…

AMY: Explained what? That you've completely lost your mind.

EPHRAM: Explained to you that every time I think about New York, I get sick and every time I look at a piano I get nauseous.

[Ephram sits back down on the couch.]

AMY: Okay, you know what, Ephram, you need to stop. You need to stop and focus and remember what your life is about. This life. Not the life that you didn't get. And I know that you should've gotten to choose for yourself, but you didn't and it's over and you can't wallow in it forever.

EPHRAM: It's been a week.

AMY: You're not going to get another chance at Juilliard, do you understand that? God, this is exactly why I didn't tell you in the first place. I'm just trying to protect that shot and now you're throwing it away again. I don't understand you.

EPHRAM: Didn't tell me what? (stands up) You knew.

AMY: No. I mean, yes, I-I knew that she got pregnant. I found out right before you left, but uh… My dad…

EPHRAM: Your dad knew?

AMY: I was gonna tell you, Ephram. I was going to but I didn't want to freak you out before your audition an-and I-I obviously didn't think that you randomly bump into Madison on the streets of New York and I didn't know your dad's part in it.

EPHRAM: You knew and you didn't tell me.

AMY: I was going to though. Don't you remember? I told you, Ephram, we need to talk, but it can wait.

EPHRAM: How could this wait? How could this possibly be something that could wait?

AMY: 'Cause you had your audition - the audition you have been working so hard for all year. I was just trying to protect you.

EPHRAM: To protect me?

AMY: Don't do this, Ephram. It's not the same.

EPHRAM: It's exactly the same. You're just like him only worse because I thought I could trust you.

AMY: You can. Ephram, this is me. I was just trying to help you realize what really matters.

EPHRAM: You have no idea what matters.

AMY: Okay, fine. Hate me right now, but think about what you're about to give up. Is seeing the baby right now really that important?

EPHRAM: Right now, it's more important that you.

[Amy is shocked by Ephram's comment.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): You should get out.

[Ephram sits on the couch and then Amy leaves silently.]



[Fade in - Amy's car - Amy is sitting in her car crying in the Abbott driveway. A light from inside the house comes on and Dr. Abbott walks outside and towards the car. He stands looking at Amy in the car. Amy notices Dr. Abbott and unlocks the door and Dr. Abbott gets in.]

"Your Love Means Everything" Lyrics: I slipped away last night/Took me away from sight and the place I know./All crushed upon my skin/This mess I put you in and the punch i threw/It was a strange reaction/for someone like you to remain on side/And in a chain reaction/I was down and calling for a place to hide/ Saw a broken arm /Machines will all break down in the way I know. /Mended and all made clean /I saw up on the screen all the stones I throw. /It was a strange reaction /for someone like you to remain so sure /And in a chain reaction /I dissolve and break and then away I crawl.

DR. ABBOTT: How long have you been out here?

AMY: About 20 minutes. (a beat) We broke up.

DR. ABBOTT: (sighs) I'm so sorry. And I was out of line the other night.

AMY: It's okay.

Dr. ABBOTT: No. No. No, it wasn't. You didn't ask for any advice. It was ill-considered. I only said that because …

AMY: You love me. I understand why you did it, Dad. And why you didn't tell me about Madison. Like, you love someone, you just want to protect them you know, like keep them away from all the bad stuff. 'Cause you think that's what's best for them, but it doesn't work.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, there's one thing I know about you and Ephram and that's you have a remarkable pension for working things out. So perhaps given a little time…

AMY: I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's over.

[Cut to High School Lunch Tables outside - Hannah is sitting at a table by herself doing homework and Topher walks up.]

TOPHER: I haven't seen you in church lately.

HANNAH: Oh, yeah, I-I, umm, taking a break. Or stopping, I haven't decided yet.

TOPHER: Yeah, are you okay?

HANNAH: You're gonna think it's stupid.

TOPHER: Try me.

[Topher sits down at the table with Hannah.]

HANNAH: Umm, well, I-I've got this situation at home. My dad's sick. He's got…

TOPHER: Huntington's disease, I know. I've been wanting to say something but I wasn't sure. You don't have it, right?

HANNAH: No. (shocked) But… Well, that's the problem. Like when I was little I prayed that my dad would get better. He didn't, but now I'm fine so I decided I needed to pay God back for saving me only I-I don't know exactly how to pay him back. It's like the guy refuses to take a check.

[Topher laughs.]

HANNAH (CONT'D): Anyway, like I said, it's stupid.

TOPHER: No. No. You're-you're just funny. Just the fact that you think you could actually more than you already do for God or-or anyone. I mean, you're already like the world's most perfect person. What I mean is maybe you've already paid God back by being the person you are. Maybe you don't have to do anything else.

HANNAH: So you're saying that the thing I've been searching for this whole time has been right in my own backyard.

TOPHER: "The Wizard of Oz" is cool. I mean, come on, flying monkeys. How rad is that?

[They share a laugh.]

HANNAH: Oh, no, you say "rad".

TOPHER: Uh, not usually. Sorry.

HANNAH: There is - There is actually one thing I'm really not great at. It's kind of a big one too.

TOPHER: Oh, yeah.

HANNAH: I'm not the bravest person on the planet. Some people might say I have a tendency to hide, so I could probably take more risks.

TOPHER: Sure, I mean, that's a good one. Always have something to work on.

HANNAH: Topher?


HANNAH: Will you go on a date with me?

TOPHER: Wh.. I… Is-is this like, uh, for the quest or…? No, no, no. Never mind, uh. Yeah, for sure.

[They laugh.]


[Cut to Ephram's bedroom - Delia is on Ephram's laptop. Dr. Brown knocks on the door and stands at the door.]

DELIA: What?

DR. BROWN: It's time for dinner.

DELIA: I'm gonna eat it up here. I'll grab my plate in a minute.

[Dr. Brown exits the room. Delia starts typing on the computer again. Dr. Brown comes back in the room.]

DR. BROWN: You know what, no. You're gonna come downstairs and you're gonna sit down and have a meal with your family.

DELIA: What family? It's just you.

[Dr. Brown walks over to Delia.]

DR. BROWN: I don't care. The rule is we all sit down, at the same table, as a family, every night and have dinner.

DELIA: Since when?

DR. BROWN: Since right now. I'm the father and I just passed the law. It's a very powerful position.

[Delia turns back toward the computer. Dr. Brown stands behind her.]

DR. BROWN (CONT'D): Listen, Delia. I know you think I'm perfect, but I think there's something else you should know. On rare occasions, I do screw up. The room sucked, I got it and I know that I've been distracted by Ephram lately.

DELIA: Lately?

DR. BROWN: Okay, not so lately, for a long time now. But you have to understand something, honey. That fair doesn't always mean equal. Ephram's older and it's very different and I promise you when you become a teenager you will get the same exact treatment.

DELIA: So I'll get an ugly car too?

DR. BROWN: Well, you gotta take the bad with the good.

[Dr. Brown smiles and Delia and she understands.]

DELIA: Okay.

[Dr. Brown sits down on the bed trying to show interest.]

DR. BROWN: What are you doing on there?

DELIA: Just IMing my friends.

DR. BROWN: Can I see?

DELIA: I thought we were having dinner.

DR. BROWN: No, it's just Gino Chang's. Meatball eggrolls can wait.

DELIA: Okay. ErinInArt is Erin. She likes Reid Nichols but that's just because Noah likes Britney. Really she likes Noah.

DR. BROWN: So Britney likes Reid Nichols?

DELIA: No, she likes Todd Stegner, but he barely knows she exists, so it's kinda sad. Anyway, if you wanna do a smiley face…

[Cut to a taxi driving through a neighborhood. Ephram is in the back seat.]

CAB DRIVER: You said 2239, right?


CAB DRIVER: It should be… Yep, here we go.

[The cab stops in front of a nice white house with toys in the yard. Ephram rolls down his window and looks at the house.]

CAB DRIVER: You're getting out or what?

EPHRAM: I changed my mind. Let's go back to the airport.

[Ephram rolls the window up and the cab drives off.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown sitting on his front porch late at night. He looks worried. He hears Ephram pull up. Dr. Brown gets up and greets Ephram at the stairs.]

EPHRAM: You waiting for me?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I am.

EPHRAM: Well, I'm home.

DR. BROWN: You went to San Francisco. When you didn't come last night or this morning, I called Amy. She told me.

EPHRAM (rolling his eyes): I'm sure she did.

DR. BROWN: Oh. So now you hate her too. You left the state of Colorado without even telling me.

EPHRAM: Well, now you know why.

DR. BROWN: Well, what if something happened? What if God forbid something had happened to the plane?

EPHRAM: It's a good thing, it didn't.

DR. BROWN (stepping closer to Ephram): I'm gonna say this just once, so pay attention. I don't care how pissed off you are at me or at Madison or the entire universe, you can't do this. I care about you Ephram. I worry about you. I screwed up but that's over. And you and I are gonna have to figure out some way to live with this. And that doesn't mean that you have to forgive me, but you don't get to walk all over me either. You understand?

EPHRAM: I'm not trying to walk all over you, I'm trying to walk around you.

[Dr. Brown is stunned by Ephram's comment.]

EPHRAM (CONT'D): Don't worry, I'll be leaving soon.

[Ephram walks around Dr. Brown and toward the front door. He opens it and looks back at Dr. Brown who turns and looks back at him. Ephram walks in and closes the door on Dr. Brown leaving him on the front porch.]



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