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#316 : Une ville en montagne

Titre en VO: "A moment in Manhattan" - Titre en VF : Une ville en montagne
¤USA : diffusé le 21/02/05 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : Michael Green - Réalisation : Michael Schultz
¤Guest-stars : Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Brian Palermo (Rick), Amy Rutberg

Ne voulant pas compromettre l'audition à Julliard d'Ephram, Amy lui dit qu'il devrait emmener Andy avec lui à New York au lieu d'elle.
À New York, Andy lutte avec les souvenirs de son ancienne vie et du désir de dire à Ephram la vérité au sujet de Madison.
Le destin lui joue un tour lorsqu'Ephram croise Madison à Manhattan et où ils projettent de se revoir forcant Andy à tout avouer à son fils.

Bande annonce 316 (VO)
Bande annonce 316 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Fade in – Scene from Act One of "Surprise" – Ephram is telling Amy about his Juilliard audition.]

DR. ABBOTT: (VOICE-OVER) Previously on Everwood…

EPHRAM: I got the audition.

AMY: For Juilliard?

[Ephram nods in agreement.]


[Amy grabs him into a hug.]

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of "Complex Guilt" – Edna and Irv are fighting in the dining room.]

EDNA: Why not? I thought you wanted to write.

IRV: You just don't seem to get it. I didn't ask you for a damn thing but to go away with me and you couldn't do that.

EDNA: You know what, you can take a long walk off a short cliff. I'm done.

[Cut to Scene from Act Four of "Complex Guilt" – Edna and Irv are sitting outside of their house on a bench.]

IRV: I think we need a break. I don't want to wind up resenting you, Edna.

[Cut to Scene from Act One of "Need to Know" – Ephram is walking into Burke's Coffee House to see Madison's band play.]

[Cut to Scene from Act Four of "Need to Know" – Ephram is talking to Dr. Brown about going to see Madison.]

EPHRAM: I went to see Madison the other day. I got a flyer for her band on my car.

DR. BROWN: So did you see her?

EPRHAM: No. She left the band.

DR. BROWN: You got her number?

EPHRAM: Yeah, Jay gave it to me.

[Ephram pulls a napkin out of his pocket and unfolds it. There is a phone number on it – 555-0197.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Maybe Delia'll want to call her or something.

DR. BROWN: May be.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of >"Surprise" – Dr. Abbott is telling Amy about Madison in the Abbott kitchen.]

DR. ABBOTT: I have to tell you something. Madison left Everwood when she found out that she was pregnant with Ephram's child. All I know for certain is that Ephram – he has no idea about any of it.

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Fade in – a picturesque view of mountains.]

IRV'S VOICE: People came from far to the mountain town. I came from the north to find purpose.

[Fade to a picturesque view of New York City.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) The doctor came a city to escape regret. Fate had other plans for both of us.

[Fade to Irv's office – Irv is typing at his laptop by lamplight.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) You could argue it's better to be neglected by fate than well-attended. When it marks you for favor, you can bet your life will with change – rarely for the better – though always deeper.

[Fade to Edna's kitchen – Edna is making dinner for herself and sits down at the table to eat looking lonely.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) The most costly casualty is always the heart – nothing hurts so much as that. Like sacrificing your queen, you can still play only you can't help feel that the game is already lost.

[Fade to Amy's bedroom – Amy is laying in bed looking depressed. Dr. Abbott knocks on the door and comes in to check on her with some orange juice.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) But strangely, cruelly, a distraught heart keeps beating. No matter how much you wish it would stop. So you take another breath, another step, you wake again to the unsympathetic silence.

DR. ABBOTT: Amy, you wanna get up?

AMY (softly): Not really.

[Dr. Abbott puts the orange juice down for her and then leaves.]

[Fade to Brown house – Delia and Dr. Brown are in the den reading. Ephram is passing through with suitcases.]

IRV'S VOICE: You go through the motions pretending for all the world to be a warm-blooded creature.

EPHRAM: Hey, uh, Delia, make sure he packs right.

[Ephram drops a suitcase by Delia and then heads upstairs.]

DR. BROWN: I know how to pack.

DELIA: He means no flannel. It's not allowed in New York.

DR. BROWN: Oh, right. Well, maybe, I do need some help.

DELIA: You'll feel better once you get there, Dad. You won't think about Mrs. Hayes so much.

[Dr. Brown smiles at his daughter.]

[Fade back to Irv typing at his laptop in his office.]

IRV'S VOICE: The Doctor and I both knew a lot about that. We both came a long ways only to find that purpose doesn't last and regret can burn a hole through any happiness and that just when you think fate is done kicking you around and maybe it's time to hope again, that's when the real surprises come.

[Irv flips tons of typed pages over exposed his book entitled "A Mountain Town".]



[Fade in – Dr. Brown's office – Dr. Abbott knocks on the door.]

DR. BROWN: Yeah.

[Dr. Abbott walks in. Dr. Brown is sitting behind his desk. Dr. Abbott walks over to Dr. Brown's desk and hands him an envelope.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) What's this?

DR. ABBOTT: A letter.

DR. BROWN: For me. I'm right here.

DR. ABBOTT: This required some formality.

[Dr. Brown opens the letter and reads it.]

DR. BROWN: Your letter of resignation. Your typewritten letter of resignation. Well, this is very thoughtful, Harold, thank you. I hate to be ungrateful, but why exactly are you resigning this morning?

DR. ABBOTT: Because you're gonna wanna fire me in five minutes and I'd like to preserve some measure of dignity. I've done something you will no doubt and rightly find upsetting.

DR. BROWN: Did you finish the Half-N-Half again? I already told you, Harold, you come in early, the milk grades are fair game.

DR. ABBOTT: I told Amy. About Madison, about Ephram, the pregnancy – all of it.

[Dr. Brown's face loses its wit from his comment to Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) I know you told me in confidence. I wasn't in a position to lie. Actually, that's-that's not true. I could have lied. She deserved to know. So I told her. Knowing full well the consequences for you, thus my resignation tendered.

DR. BROWN: Did she tell him yet?


DR. BROWN: Is she planning to?

DR. ABBOTT: She doesn't know what to do. She's been lying in bed avoiding the decision. I can't say I envy her. On one hand, she's a girl in love with her boyfriend, who wants him to know the truth. On the other hand, she's a girl in love with her boyfriend, who doesn't want to lose him or crush him just before the most important audition of his life.

[Dr. Brown takes the letter and lays it on his desk for Dr. Abbott to get.]

DR. BROWN: Take it back, Harold. Not accepted.

DR. ABBOTT: But I'm half the reason that you didn't tell Ephram when you had the chance. I betrayed your trust.

DR. BROWN: Someone had to. Go back to work.

[Dr. Abbott turns to leave Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. ABBOTT: I'm hardly in a position to offer advice, but you did want to tell Ephram yourself once. Now may be the last chance to do so yourself.

DR. BROWN: I'm going to let him go to New York first and audition. He's worked hard for that. He deserves his chance at a future. That's why I kept this from him in the first place.

DR. ABBOTT: Are you sure of this?

DR. BROWN: Well, I've waited this long. He can't hate me any more than he already will.

DR. ABBOTT: He may not hate you.

DR. BROWN: I would.

[Dr. Abbott turns and leaves the office.]

[Cut to Ephram's bedroom – Ephram is grabbing clothes out of his closet to pack and Amy knocks on the door.]

EPHRAM: Hey. Yes, I know we're only going for two days and I'm packing for like a month. Hey, I was thinking right when we land tomorrow, we could go straight to H&H for a good bagel breakfast.

[Ephram walks over to Amy and kisses her on the cheek and goes back to his closet.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) But first you have to make good on your promise to try lox. You insult my people when you refuse our gross fish.

[Ephram brings more shirts over to his bed to pack.]

AMY: I have to tell you something.

EPHRAM: What's up?

AMY: I don't think that I can come to New York with you.

EPHRAM: Is your dad freaking out again? Tell him you have your own hotel room, we can sign separate bed affidavits if we must.

AMY: No, it's not him exactly, it's more your dad.

EPHRAM: My dad? What's wrong with my dad? I mean, what specifically out of the many things wrong with him is the problem this time?

AMY: Well, I've just been thinking about it, and, ummm, I don't really think that it's my place to go on this one. I mean, we've had our time in New York, and you and your dad really worked hard to get you this audition, I think you should do this with him.

EPHRAM: Look, if you're gonna cheat on me, you need to at least think of a better excuse. Make up like, uh, sick relative or somethin'.

AMY: I'm serious. Why can't I be serious about this?

EPHRAM: Uh, because you've been doing the good bagel countdown since we first talked about this.

[Ephram walks over to Amy.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) What's up?

AMY: Nothing.

[Ephram gives her a face to come clean.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Eph, my head just isn't in a very good space right now. I don't want to bring you down with me.

EPHRAM: Well, what's wrong with your head?

AMY: We can deal with it when you get back, how 'bout that? I tell you everything. I promise.

[Ephram shrugs his shoulders.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Look don't worry about it. Go to New York, kiss ass, get into Juilliard and bring me some pizza, okay.

[Amy hugs Ephram.]

[Cut to Gym – Dr. Abbott is working on a stair machine.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, sometimes I impress even myself.

[Dr. Abbott stops his watch and gets off the machine.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Let it be known, I could easily do another 20 minutes, but choose not to out of respect for the time limit on these machines. Arbitrary though it may be.

[Irv walks in rolling a suitcase and Dr. Abbott notices.]


IRV: Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: Keeping that clogged heart flowing freely. Good for you. I didn't know you worked out here.

IRV: Oh, sure, I'm here all the time. Gotta stay in shape.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, absolutely. I'm here thrice weekly for my cardio plus a weight training session with Franco. So how is it I never see you here?

IRV: Oh, I prefer to work out at night. Helps me sleep.

DR. ABBOTT: Really. So what's your routine like? Stocky fellow like yourself – I can see you as an old school free weights man, hmm?

IRV: A little of this, a little of that. I'm just here to shower up today.

DR. ABBOTT: What's wrong with the shower at home?

IRV: Nothing, it's just that I'm not allowed to use it.

DR. ABBOTT: You and Mother have another spat?

IRV: You could say that.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, what would be more accurate to say?

IRV: Well, I guess you could say, we sort of split up.

DR. ABBOTT: Split up. Oh, you don't mean.

IRV: I moved out a month ago. She didn't tell ya?

DR. ABBOTT: A month? Cry me. Well, are you all right? Where have you been staying?

IRV: I've been sleeping on the couch in my office. Washing up here. Working mostly. I actually made some pretty good progress on…

DR. ABBOTT: Have you tried talking this through?

IRV: Well, your Mother's not exactly the talking kind. You know how she is.

DR. ABBOTT: I know how old she is – both of ya. Time has washed you clean of function. Good Lord and butter, how many more times do you think you can fall in love?

IRV: Maybe we don't get any more love in life – maybe we do. I just know I'm the one that walked out and she's not much of a forgiver.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that's true. She'd rather give a kidney to a stranger than grant a loved one a second chance, but still…

IRV: In your own way, you've been a good son-in-law to me. I should thank you for that.

DR. ABBOTT: Don't talk like that.

IRV: Well, no other way to talk. I screwed up. I may spend the rest of my days paying for it, but there's nothing left to be done except maybe to try to find some way to move on.

DR. ABBOTT: Do you really think you can do that?

IRV: I have to.

[Cut to New York City – the streets are crowded with honking horns. Dr. Brown and Ephram are in a cab.]

EPHRAM: Hard to believe, isn't it. We've been gone so long. Weird finally to be back.

DR. BROWN: Can't tell yet. Ask me after we've ordered room service.

EPHRAM: I haven't been here since the summer. I feel like I never left.

[Dr. Brown is staring out the cab window.]

EPHRAM: You okay?

DR. BROWN: I'm not sure.

EPHRAM: Well, I know what it is. It's your first time back since Mom died. It's gonna be a lot of memories - like all at once. It'll be all right.

[Ephram punches Dr. Brown lovingly. They smile.]

[Cut to the cab pulling up outside of the hotel.]

EPHRAM: Hey, we're here.

[The cab stops and Dr. Brown and Ephram get out and are greeted by Thomas, Bell Hop.]

THOMAS: Well, look who's here.

DR. BROWN: Hello, Thomas.

THOMAS: Welcome back, Dr. Brown. Good to see ya.

DR. BROWN: Good to see you too.

[Dr. Brown and Ephram walk up the stairs and into the hotel.]



[Fade in – Dr. Brown and Ephram are walking down the streets of New York.]

DR. BROWN: Oh my God, look at this. This is just…

EPHRAM: Just traffic.

DR. BROWN: I mean there's noise, crowds, spit on the ground, the pizza guy's name is Ray, the grocery guy's Korean – life as it should be. I mean, 5th Avenue. How'd we ever leave this place?

EPHRAM: Well, you put us in a car and forced us. Hey, slow down.

DR. BROWN: No. No. You keep up. I think Everwood's making you too slow. I can't believe we stayed away this long.

[They pass a pretzel stand.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Hey, if I get a pretzel does that make me a tourist?

EPHRAM: Only if you pay more than a dollar.

DR. BROWN: No, don't get me wrong, I mean, I love Everwood, but I mean this – this is my natural habitat. It's as though I – I evolved just to survive in this place. Feet made for walking out on pavement. Lungs for filtering out cab fumes. Listen, there is no other place like this in the whole world. None whatsoever.

[Dr. Brown steps out into traffic and a driver blows his horn at him.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) HEY, I'M WALKING HERE. Okay. God, it's great to be back home.

[They finish walking across the street.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) What you think I'm manic?

EPHRAM: No, it's good. You've been stuck on depressed for way too long.

DR. BROWN: I've been depressed.

EPHRAM: That your girlfriend's boyfriend just came out of a coma, trust me I'm like the one guy on earth who can totally relate.

DR. BROWN: Well, I've forgotten all that. You know what, husbands, girlfriends, neighbors' wives, I've given all that up till we get back to Everwood, which I may never wanna do. Hey, you wanna catch a matinee. I bet my name's still good for house seats.

EPHRAM: Relax, we don't have to do everything in the first hour.

DR. BROWN: Well, I wanna make up for lost time. We lived here for 15 years and we never did anything together.

EPHRAM: Yeah, good times.

DR. BROWN: No, I mean it, I mean it, this is the first time we've ever been to New York together and actually liked each other. I can't believe I never took you ice skating at Rockefeller Center or-or at Wolman. Hey, let's go ice skating, you wanna go.


DR. BROWN: Okay, well, then let's check out the Kristo exhibit in the park.

EPHRAM: No, I can't. I gotta go check in for my audition at Juilliard.

DR. BROWN: Okay, well, then what about dinner afterwards. We can go to the 2nd Avenue Deli - you, me and a couple of pounds of corned beef.

EPHRAM: You're gonna be all right until then?

DR. BROWN: I'm gonna be great.

EPHRAM: Told ya.

[Cut to Abbott kitchen – Amy and Bright are in the kitchen at the island.]

BRIGHT: Something is seriously wrong here.

AMY: Not now, Bright.

BRIGHT: No, I mean it. This is important.

AMY: Important as in – I'm on fire important or like I just beat my Snood high score important.

BRIGHT: Both. Get this. I feel great.

AMY: I seriously can't deal with you right now.

BRIGHT: Think about it. I've got no reason to feel good. My life sucks. I just got fired. It's too cold outside to do anything fun. Mom and Dad think I'm a joke.

AMY: You are a joke.

BRIGHT: See. Exactly, I have no reason to be happy. But I am. So I was thinking about, how come?

AMY: I don't know you prayed. No, wait, porn.

BRIGHT: Nope. Because of Jillian.

AMY: I'm sorry, umm, you feel great because of the girl who almost filed a sexual harassment suit against you and got you fired.

BRIGHT: Because I apologized to her for getting bored with her after three days and treating her like crap. Like I dumped her ass, but then I said I was sorry and I meant it. And now I feel great.

AMY: Wow, must be nice to be you. So simple.

BRIGHT: So you know what I'm going to do?

AMY: I don't know – find a new job.

BRIGHT: Well, since I have so much time, I'm going to apologize to every girl that I've not called or dumped or just dicked over. How great is that?

AMY: Seriously, Bright, can't you just volunteer at a hospital?

BRIGHT: I made a list.

[Bright pulls out a list and shows it to Amy.]

AMY: Please tell me you didn't.

[Amy takes it and looks at it.]

BRIGHT: I thought I would go in chronological order starting, y'know, from 6th grade in school. Laura Lewis – she was the first who developed in my class. She let me touch 'em. But then I frenched Patricia…

AMY: You hooked up with Kayla.

[Bright snatches the paper from Amy.]

BRIGHT: Oh, right, I don't think you were supposed to know that. The funny thing is that I keep coming up with more names to put on the list like just out of nowhere.

[Bright thinks of another girl and starts to right it down.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Like Taco Bell chick – with the clock tattoo. Or was it Taco Time chick with a bell tattoo. Anyways, how do you spell Cassandra?

[Amy just looks away.]

[Cut to Harper house – Rose is sitting at the kitchen table and Edna is cleaning in a mad rage.]

ROSE: How on earth did it come to this? And why didn't you tell us sooner?

EDNA: There's nothing to tell. There was a man here, now there isn't.

ROSE: Well, I can understand why you're mad.

EDNA: The son of a bitch walked out on me after five years, how should I be?

ROSE: You should be angry – fuming. If it were me, I might even consider violence.

EDNA: Don't think I've ruled it out. I got a squad full of old army buddies. As soon as I can have the man cornered in a parking lot and beaten with a sack of nickels.

[Edna breaks a plate.]

ROSE: Well, so long as you found your peace with it.

EDNA: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm a decorated war veteran. I've tied tunicates on blown off legs with blood squirting clear across a tent. One time my hand cramped, I had to use my teeth. I can handle some git who can't even tie his own shoes. Taking a powder and leaving me with the dishes.

ROSE: Oh, there's no shame in it, Edna. You still have unresolved feelings for Irv.

EDNA: Well, I shouldn't. That's not how I work. When Hal, Sr. kicked, it hurt like hell, but it made sense in the grand scheme of things and my heart could do its repair work. With this one, it's weeks later, I'm still in it. When something's over, it should be over. Why should I care, if his smell is leaving the pillow.

ROSE: Because you're still in love. It's like poison in the blood.

EDNA: Well, then get it out. Give me a pill and I'll take it. I'm too old to feel this way.

[Edna takes a swig of beer.]

ROSE: Well, maybe if you told Irv how you feel.

EDNA: Oh, no. He left. I thought we could fix things. I had a broom ready to sweep the whole nonsense under the rug and he walked out. Sat right out there on that bench and told me we needed a break that goes on forever. I don't go crawling back after that.

ROSE: That's just pride talking. No place for that in marriage. Do you even know what I had to do to keep Harold from running off and going the seminary three days before we go married?

EDNA: I don't want to.

[Rose gets up from the chair and walks closer to Edna.]

ROSE: The point is you wouldn't still feel this way if this marriage wasn't worth saving.

EDNA: I would rather spend the rest of my life cooking for one than be with someone who can do without me.

ROSE: Well, at least now we know. We can take better care of you.

EDNA: Oh, I fine, Rose.

ROSE: I know you like to pretend that nothing gets to you and sometimes you mean it too. Today however is another matter.

[Rose walks and gets Edna's coat off the coat rack.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) Here. Take your coat. You're coming with me.

[Edna looks around at the empty kitchen and then takes the coat.]

EDNA: Thanks.

[They start to leave the house.]

[Ephram is walking down a hallway and sees a Violinist practicing in one of the many rooms along the hallway. He stops and watches her.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown walking into a busy hospital.]

[Cut to Ephram finally walking away from the violinist.]

[Cut back to Dr. Brown walking further into the hospital.]

[Cut back to Ephram looking at bulletin boards in the hallway and then looking into another room that has several students getting ready to practice.]

[Cut to Ephram standing in line to check in at the Juilliard registration desk. The kid in front of him gets his packet and turns to leave and bumps into Ephram.]]

EPHRAM: Whoa, take it easy, buddy.

[Ephram turns to the Registrar.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) You think he's gonna take me out before my audition?

REGISTRAR: Watch out for dark alleys.

EPHRAM: Um, I'm Ephram Brown. I have a four o'clock on Sunday.

REGISTRAR: (checks her list) Yes you do. And you're all set, Sunday at four.

EPHRAM: Great, what do I do until then?

REGISTRAR: (smiles) How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

[Ephram smiles back and then takes off.]

[Cut to Hospital – Dr. Brown is walking down the hall reminiscing about the past. Dr. Brown then sees Rick, who used to work with him at the nurses' station.]

DR. BROWN: Rick?

RICK: Yeah. Andy? Hey, Man, I almost didn't catch you under all that beard.

DR. BROWN: You still here?

RICK: I'm still here, yeah, it's still nuts. I'm about to go in on a double aneurism. How are you doing? Are you still out in that place in, uh…Neverland?

DR. BROWN: Everwood. Yeah.

RICK: Yeah, yeah. How's that going?

DR. BROWN: Things are good.

RICK: Good. Good. Just checking in with the past?

DR. BROWN: Yeah. something like that.

RICK: Right.

DR. BROWN: How's Tess?

RICK: Oh, she's great, y'know, she's nine now. No, is it? 10. Yeah, Carol just threw her a birthday party for her.

DR. BROWN: Well, how was it?

RICK: Oh, y'know, it was, uh, it was fine. It was … I couldn't really…make it. You know…

[Another doctor gets Rick's attention.]

RICK: (CONT'D) Umm, listen, it's good seeing ya . I really gotta get in there.

[Rick takes off down the hall.]

DR. BROWN: Good luck in there.

RICK: Thanks.

[Cut to plaza – Ephram is watching a piano player. The piano player finishes.]

EPHRAM: Hey, umm, do you mind if I borrow that for a second?

PIANO PLAYER: You any good?

EPHRAM: I'm okay.

[The piano player motions to go ahead. Ephram sits down and readies himself to play. He starts to play. A crowd forms around him as he plays. He plays the piece and then finishes. The crowd applauds him and he gets up to leave. As he is putting on his gloves and the crows disperses, Madison is seen through the crowd. She had been watching him play. When the crowd thins out, Madison and Ephram are left.]

MADISON: You've been practicing.

[Ephram recognizes the voice and looks up. He is stunned to see Madison. Madison is smiling. He walks up to her and gives her a huge hug.]



[Fade in – Ephram and Madison are finishing their hug in the plaza. They can't believe it. They are almost laughing.]

EPHRAM: I don't even know what to say. How-How are you? Uh, what are you doing here?

MADISON: I live here now. Ephram, I work nearby. Forget about me though, wh-what are you doing here?

EPHRAM: Uh, I'm just… I'm-I'm applying to schools. Uh, yeah, I mean, I came in to do that.

MADISON: Juilliard. You got an audition.

EPHRAM: Yeah, my dad and I came in for that so it's kinda cool.

MADISON: Your dad's here with you.

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. I was supposed to meet him like 10 minutes ago. But you should totally come with me, because he would love to see you.

MADISON: Oh, I can't. I'm working.

EPHRAM: Oh, there he is right now. DAD!!!

[Dr. Brown sees Madison with Ephram and hesitates in his walking and then proceeds over to them in the plaza.]

EPHRAM: Ho-How random is this? Right? She lives here now, can you believe that?

MADISON: It's good to see you, Dr. Brown.

[Dr. Brown nods a hello.]

EPHRAM: So, c'mon, blow off work - - come with us.

MADISON: I-I can't. Really.

EPHRAM: All right, okay, so, uh, breakfast tomorrow? Sound good. There's so much I wanna catch up on.

MADISON: Yeah. Me too. Okay. Call me.

[Madison looks at Dr. Brown as she gets something out of her purse to put her phone number on.]

EPHRAM: Will do.

[Dr. Brown looks nervous as he watches Ephram and Madison, knowing that breakfast will be a truthful event.]

[Cut to Bright walking up to a house and knocks on the door. Sara, an old flame of Bright's, answers the door. She is pregnant.]

SARA: Bright Abbott?

BRIGHT: Hey, Sara. I wasn't sure you'd even remember me.

SARA: Are you kidding? I still have bite marks.

[Bright notices Sara's stomach.]

BRIGHT: Whoa - - are you pregnant or did you just go nuts with the carbs?

SARA: It's a girl.

BRIGHT: Girl bun in the oven, sweet. Oh, is that why you got uh…

[Bright points at his ring finger, makes the shotgun noise and .]

SARA: No. No. We got married almost a year ago. We planned this.

BRIGHT: Man, I haven't even planned what I'm wearing tomorrow. Uh, you're a grown-up.

SARA: What about you? What are you up to?

[Sara invites him in. They stand in the foyer.]

BRIGHT: Well, y'know, not much. Y'know, just, uh, sorta hanging out, wondering where it all went wrong - the usual. I really just came by to say that that I'm sorry.

SARA: For what?

BRIGHT: Well, the way that it ended with us, y'know. I kinda built it up and then I pulled the plug out of nowhere and I mean, you were really cool, and y'know, and it was awesome the way you took my virginity like that and all and I… Y'know, I just… You don't deserve to be treated like that.

[Sara is confused by his apology.]

SARA: Bright, I'm not really looking to get back together.

BRIGHT: Oh, no. No. No. That's not what this is about. I'm just – I'm just trying to make it right.

SARA: That's . . . really sweet of you. Yeah, y'know, I was upset for a while, the way you said you needed time to yourself and then like a day after you hooked up with Janet Miller.

BRIGHT: Oh, right, Janet Miller.

[Bright writes that one down on the list.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Yeah. That-That was an ass.

SARA: But it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Remember Milo Kornwallace?

BRIGHT: Oh yeah, that nerdy kid from Math that used to stare down your shirt all the time?

SARA: Yeah, well, he was really there for me when I was upset about you. After a few weeks we stopped talking about you and started talking about us. Now he's my husband.

BRIGHT: Hey, cool, so I get like an RBI. Well, hey, y'know, you look really, uh, real happy. Y'know, I never thought of you as the settle-down type.

SARA: Oh, I always wanted to settle down.

BRIGHT: Really? You never said anything like that.

SARA: I just didn't want to settle down with you. No offense, you're a great guy, and a lotta fun. But you're not the type of guy a girl thinks of building a home with.

[Bright is at a loss for words on that. They hear a game on in the background.]

SARA: (CONT'D) Oh, listen, do you wanna hang out . . . Milo's got the game on the big screen.

BRIGHT: Oh, no, y'know, uh, I gotta whole list of apologies to go through, so uh… But tell Milo I say hey. And, umm, good luck with that bun.

[Bright goes to leave and Sara helps with the door. Bright walks out toward his car.]

[Cut to busy street in New York – Dr. Brown is walking alone across the street when he pulls out his cell phone on the corner and dials a phone number.]

DR.BROWN (in phone): Madison? This is Andy Brown. I know you have no reason to say yes but . . . I'd like to see you.

[Cut to Abbott Kitchen – Rose and Dr. Abbott are preparing dinner.]

ROSE: I don't know why you bother.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, because a home spun Hollandaise can say I love you as much as, well, saying "I love you" . . . especially over your asparagus.

[Dr. Abbott gives Rose a peck on the cheek.]

ROSE: I should call your mother down.

[Dr. Abbott suddenly looks worried.]

DR. ABBOTT: She's still here? But-But she was here for brunch, I assumed her usual one meal limit. Rose!!!

[Rose starts to go out the kitchen into the foyer to the staircase. Dr. Abbott follows.]

ROSE: Edna!!! These are not usual days. She needs us now - - is there a problem?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, I think we're soon to eclipse "problem" and move right into "catastrophe". I bumped into Irv living like a refugee at the gym, apparently I invited him to supper and well, I think you can sense our predicament.

[Edna starts coming down the stairs.]

EDNA: Mmm, smells good, Rose. I don't know how much I can eat though.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, well, uh, perhaps you should go then. You're depressed, that can take a toll on the appetite. With-with ancillary benefits to the waistline - nature's way of slimming you down to attract the next mate I imagine. God's wonders - can't be fought – or perhaps how about a nice nap instead?

EDNA: Easy there, I'm the one who's bereft, how come you look like you just sat on a landmine?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, no reason. I forgot I need to make a phone call. Very quickly.

[Dr. Abbott shuffles away but the doorbell rings.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Ah. Well too late. Yes.

[Dr. Abbott answers the door. It is Irv.]


[Irv walks in and sees Edna.]

IRV: I didn't know you'd be here.

EDNA: Well I am.

IRV: Glad to see it. I'd like to introduce you to a friend…

[A woman walks in – Gretta. Edna's eyes get wide and mean looking.]

EDNA: You brought a "friend?"

DR. ABBOTT: He brought a friend. Wonderful.

IRV: This is Gretta. Uh, I hope you don't mind I brought her along.

EDNA: Isn't that just rich. Egg yolks on ice. You sure didn't waste any time. Couple weeks alone and he's already found himself a chippy.

GRETTA: Excuse me.

EDNA: All right, hussy, then. That hair, make-up like she's ready to do Kabuki. . . she's trolling for a fourth husband and you bit on that worm like it was made of sunshine.

IRV: Now you just wait…

EDNA: Fine, if that's what you want - - a pair of cheap shoes, some store bought knockers. Go ahead, have a nice life.

[Edna heads for the door and Irv tries to stop her.]

IRV: You're not gonna let me get a word in here are you?

EDNA: I wasted enough time listening to you when I had to –

IRV: Mouth like yours, no wonder I left - -

EDNA: More power to you, better luck with the next one. (To Gretta) He farts like a bull in his sleep. Good luck.

[Edna takes off out the door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Irv, you said you were going to try to move on. You move quickly.

[Cut to Hotel – Ephram is practicing his audition piece in a ballroom on a piano. It looks like he has been practicing for a while. He finishes and then picks up his cell phone to call Amy.]

EPHRAM: (into phone) Guess what I just did?

[Cut to Amy's bedroom – Amy is sitting on her bed.]

AMY: (into phone) Umm, played the crap out of Haydn.

EPHRAM: That too.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) But I was gonna tell you about the package I just sent you.

[Cut back to Amy sitting on her bed.]

AMY: You're not gonna tell me what's in it, are you?

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: Uh, no, but you should get it tomorrow morning so you won't have to wait too long.

[Cut back to Amy sitting on her bed.]

AMY: That's still mean. So how's New York?

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: New York's great. I managed to score one of the hotel's stray cocktail hour pianos so I've been practicing like nonstop. This is my first break in like three Powerbars.

[Cut back to Amy sitting on her bed who lays down.]

AMY: Ooh, sounds like I'm really missing out.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: So, listen, I, uh, I bumped into Madison today.

[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: Wow, umm… Madison, really, uh… How is she?

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: She's good. She's real good. Y'know, she was fine. We didn't really get a chance to talk long, but, uh, we were gonna maybe meet up again tomorrow.

[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: But she seemed okay?


[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Yeah, that was the thing. It was totally weird. It was like I used to have all these feelings and everything…

[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) …but I'm totally over it. It's like running into my cousin.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Anyway, I-I just want you to know. Reaction?

[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: Uh, just surprised. Uh, are you gonna see her again?

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, I mean, unless if you have a problem with that.

[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: But she knows it's your audition, right?

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]


[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: I just wouldn't want anything to throw you off.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: It-It won't. We're just catchin' up. She gets all clingy, I'll just walk out of the diner.

[Cut to Amy who is laying on her bed.]

AMY: Well, then tell her I say hi.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: Thank you.

[Cut to Amy who is getting back up from her bed.]

AMY: Well, uh, you should, uh, probably get some sleep, you got a big day coming up.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, I don't know, I feel pretty ready though.

[Cut to Amy sitting on her bed. She is silent.]


AMY: I was just…trying to find something better to say than I love you.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: Well, I'll take it.

[Cut to Amy sitting on her bed.]

AMY: Then I love you.

[Cut back to Ephram in the ballroom.]

EPHRAM: I'll call you first thing after my audition.

AMY: Okay. Bye.

[Ephram hangs up the phone and starts to play again.]

[Cut to a coffee shop in New York – Dr. Brown is sitting at a table drinking his coffee when he sees Madison. Madison sees him and then proceeds to the table.]

MADISON: Where is he?

DR. BROWN: He went to practice for a few hours.

[Madison looks upset and then sits down at the table with Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Listen, I know you're gonna see Ephram tomorrow and…

MADISON: Save it. Really. I listened to you once and it was a mistake. I spent the last year regretting the fact that I didn't tell Ephram the truth. I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

DR. BROWN: I know. I want you to tell him.

[Madison is stunned by his comment.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) For a year now, there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't thought about what's happened to you. Wondering how I could've done that, what you decided to do with the baby.

MADISON: I'm not gonna tell you what I did.

DR. BROWN: Good. Don't. I don't deserve it.

MADISON: You don't even get it. I was broke and pregnant and I didn't know what to do. I didn't have anyone I could trust except for you, and you – you sent me away, thinking that your money would make it all better.

DR. BROWN: Yes, I did. I made a terrible mistake with you, Madison, and I am so sorry. I thought I was protecting Ephram, but I was just putting more lies between us.

MADISON: When I left it was hard. And there were times when I didn't know if I had the strength to make it. Turns out that I did.

[Dr. Brown nods.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) I came here tonight to tell you that. That was all.

DR. BROWN: Y'know, I've never been a big believer in fate. I lived in this city for a very long time and I only saw a world that could be controlled by my own hands and since then everything I've done, everything that's happened to me has had a current of its own. Now of all times, and I have to find meaning in that, and the only meaning that I can find is that all of my instincts – all of my intentions – are wrong. I hope yours are better. Tell him everything.

MADISON: I plan to.



[Fade in – Amy's bedroom – Amy is lying in bed and Bright walks in with a package.]

BRIGHT: The dude's been in New York like a half an hour and he's already sent you a care package.

[Bright drops the box on the bed and sits down. Amy rolls over and sits up a bit.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Does he ever run out of ways to be your bitch?

[Bright starts opening the box.]

AMY: Ooh, bagels.

[Amy pulls a card out. It reads "You promised".]

AMY: (CONT'D) You promised…

BRIGHT: Lox. Score.

AMY: Yep, those are all yours. So like shouldn't you be out, uh, apologizing or something?

BRIGHT: (eating) I'm done. Cleared the whole list. Told them all I suck, I'm sorry.

AMY: So how were they?

BRIGHT (eating): Umm, they're pretty much fine. Couple of girls got married already, some are at school. Two are modeling thank you very much. And only one girl really porked out.

AMY: Jodi Marie, huh?

BRIGHT (eating and laughing): Saw that coming huh?

AMY: Mmm, hmm.

BRIGHT (eating): Most women dug the apology thing though. Yeah. One girl even told me I should call her. You think they'd learn.

AMY: Well, good job in your own really shallow. You've actually taken your first step towards respecting women.

BRIGHT (eating): It was kinda weird seeing 'em all like that, y'know. They used to all be such a big deal to me and I was to them, but now they're like fine without me.

AMY: You expected weeping?

BRIGHT (eating): It was more like they all moved on, but they didn't see me as someone that they would want to move on with, y'know.

AMY: Right. Well, you'll settle down when the time is right.

BRIGHT (eating): When's that?

AMY: When it doesn't feel like settling any more.

BRIGHT (eating): Right. When's that?

AMY: If you're a normal person, I would say… Okay, how 'bout this, when you saw those girls did you wish that you were with any of them still?


AMY: Okay. Ever miss them while they're gone?

BRIGHT: Sometimes in the shower, but mostly no.

AMY: So there you go. You'll know who you're supposed to end up with when you actually miss them.

BRIGHT: Do all chicks believe that crap or-or just you 'cause you're like Super Chick?

[Bright grabs the box to leave.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) I'm gonna take these in the kitchen before you inhale them all.

[Bright gets up to leave.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Oh, and, uh, by the way, what are you and Hannah doing tonight? Because, uh, this girl that I apologized to, she works at this like art film place and they're doing some really killer Hong Kong film festival thing, thought it'd be kinda nice to take her down and show her where she said her parents were. Plus sword fighting.

[Bright makes some karate moves.]

AMY: Yeah, she's not here, actually. She's, uh, way the hell up in Minnesota with her family finally.

BRIGHT: Really. Till when?

AMY: Umm, next week I think.

BRIGHT: That long. That sucks.

AMY: I know. Tell me about it. Umm, but I could still go with you if you want.

BRIGHT: Naa, Hannah's the only one that let's me talk during the movies. It wouldn't be as much fun without 'er.

[Amy rolls back over with Ephram's card still in her hand.]

[Cut to the Harper house – Irv is sitting on the bench in the front yard with the newspaper and Edna comes outside the house with her coffee and in her robe.]

IRV: Eight a.m. with your coffee mug looking for the newspaper. Like clockwork.

EDNA: That's not cute. That's stalking. I don't have anything to say and even less to hear so get whatever it is you came for and get out.

IRV: Will you a problem, lady, 'cause I came for you.

EDNA: You're doing just fine without me.

[Irv gets up to protest.]

IRV: No hold on, that wasn't just some date back there. That…

EDNA: Oh, save it, bub… Whatever you have to say, I don't care.

IRV: Yes, you do. You care big time. I saw you about to tear my head off there.

EDNA: I still might.

[Edna grabs for the paper out of Irv's hand.]

IRV: That's right, because you're flaming jealous. You're jealous because you still love me.

EDNA: I do not.

[Edna starts to head back toward the front porch. Irv follows her and stops her.]

IRV: You know you had me there believing that you were all done with me. No way you would've gone off like a tub of napalm unless you still loved me.

EDNA: Ooh.

IRV: And if you give me half a second with your cake whole shut…

EDNA: Oh stop it.

IRV: I'd tell you that I still love you. I do. Goodness, there's so much I-I want to tell you. Here.

[Irv pulls a piece of paper out of his coat.]

EDNA: What's this?

IRV: A page from my book.

EDNA: Your book? You started it?

IRV: I finished it.

EDNA: It was a long time comin'. Good job, Harper.

IRV: There's more. I've got interest in it. That woman I brought over wasn't just some date, you twit, she was my editor friend from back in Annapolis.

EDNA: Editor? She liked it?

IRV: She said it broke her heart. Said she wanted to print it. That is if she'll forgive that bit about her knockers.

EDNA: So, she wasn't just some hussy?

IRV: Even if she was, there's only one hussy, that I'm interested in. I left this house because I thought the world was calling me to a journey. I couldn't step a foot away. You. You, Edna, you're my journey. Wherever you are that's the adventure. I know that now. Read it. It's my last page.

[Edna takes the page.]

EDNA: The last page?

IRV: I woke up this morning and I wrote you a new one.

[Edna unfolds the page and begins to read.]

EDNA: I made my mistakes now I have my regret to keep me company. Voices and books for friends. I walked away from my life's work and she doesn't even know it.

IRV: Go on.

EDNA: I know I should move on, let it end there with loss accepted. I know I should go – something keeps me still.

[Cut to Dr. Brown looking out from a rooftop at New York City. You can see some orange, part of the Gates.]

EDNA'S VOICE: There isn't so much a cure for regret as a remedy. You can sit and mourn all you did wrong, writhe in the empty fantasy of how you'd do it better if only you could go back or you can do better now.

[Ephram walks out of the stairwell door and toward Dr. Brown who is still looking out at the city.]

DR. BROWN: You know we lived in this building with this view for fifteen years and I never brought you up here either.

EPHRAM: Hey, you're making up for a lot this week.

DR. BROWN: (nods) You're seeing Madison today.

EPHRAM: Yeah, all the way downtown. How long you think it'll take me to get there from here?

DR. BROWN: Well, traffic's pretty heavy, you should probably leave soon.

EPHRAM: So I don't know what's gonna happen with my audition?

DR. BROWN: I do.

EPHRAM: No, don't-don't jinx it. But… Yeah, I was thinkin' that if they do make a mistake and decide to take me, I-I get to live here again, that yeah, maybe y'know,…

DR. BROWN: What?

EPHRAM: Well, maybe y'know, maybe you and Delia would want to come too. Move back here with me. I mean come on, you love it here and you've been a mess ever since you and Amanda broke up. It's not like your dating options are going to improve living in a microscopic town. I mean, here you have an entire city full of women like 10 years older than me that actually think you're a viable dating option. Perfect.

DR. BROWN: You're serious, aren't you?

EPHRAM: I-I-I'm not saying that I'm gonna live with you. I mean you-you could go back to surgery – or not. Y'know, people here need free clinics as well and-and also Delia's gonna be 12 soon. Good luck finding a bat mitzvah tutor in Everwood.

DR. BROWN: I don't know what to say.

EPHRAM: It's just, y'know, you dragged us to Everwood so that we could find a way to become a family and… I thought you were insane at the time. You-You were insane at the time.

[Dr. Brown laughs.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) I don't know somehow it worked. Everything you took us there to find, we-we got. I never thought I'd actually be saying this, but it was the right thing to do. And you're right, we've-we've missed too much already, y'know. Let's keep it together.

DR. BROWN: Thank you, Ephram.

[Dr. Brown hugs Ephram.]

EPHRAM: All right, but if you get all sentimental on me, deal's off. Okay?

DR. BROWN: No, I just… I never thought we'd get here.

EPHRAM: Well, the odds were against it.

DR. BROWN: Well, I promise you, if you feel this way when the time comes, I will be right here with you.

[Ephram smiles with satisfaction.]

EPHRAM: All right, I gotta go meet Madison.

DR. BROWN: I know.

EPHRAM: This is good, Dad. It's good.

[Ephram is happy and then walks off smiling.]

IRV'S VOICE: Maybe that's why of all the people in the mountain town, I keep thinking about the doctor. He gave life to so many only to have his own torn out of his chest.

[Cut to Edna and Irv sitting on their couch reading Irv's book.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) Yet somehow, he managed to set aside his grief and his regret and looked ahead to new memories and new mistakes.

[Cut to Amy sitting in her chair in her room looking at the card Ephram wrote to her.]

[Cut to Ephram walking down the sidewalk towards a subway entrance looking happy.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) I think of him and I remember there's always a reason to try again.

[Cut to Dr. Brown still standing on the rooftop looking out at the city.]

IRV'S VOICE: (CONT'D) I think of him and I can hope to hope.

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