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#315 : Surprise

Titre en VO: "Surprise" - Titre en VF : Surprise
¤USA : diffusé le 14/02/05 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : Sherri Cooper - Réalisation : Tom Amandes
¤Guest-stars : Sarah Drew (Hannah), Anne Heche (Amanda Hayes), Jason Beghe (John Hayes), Shane Haboucha (Charlie Hayes), Erica Gimpel, Andrea Andes, Colleen Flynn, Austin Techinor

Alors qu' Andy et Amanda deviennent plus à l'aise par rapport à leur nouvelle relation, un mot écrit par le mari d'Amanda vient perturber la donne.
En attendant, Amy apprend la vérité sur Madison et la véritable raison de son départ d'Everwood tandis qu'Ephram passe une audition à Julliard.
Hannah est rétissante à l'idée de faire le teste pour la maladie d'Huntington; Bright, lui, est accusé de harcelment sexuel à son lieu de travail.

Bande annonce 315 (VO)
Bande annonce 315 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Fade in – Scene from Act Four of “Since You’ve Been Gone” – Dr. Brown and Amanda are sitting on the swing on Dr. Brown’s back porch.]

DR. ABBOTT (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

AMANDA: I’m gonna finish what I started 5 years ago. I’m gonna leave John.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of “Sacrifice” – Ephram and Bright are talking outside of Bright’s truck in the street.]

EPHRAM: I actually came by to talk to you.

BRIGHT: And, I’m late to pick up Hillary. Or Sasha? I don’t know, I’ll know when I see the face. Anyways, I’ll catch up with you later.

[Cut to Scene from Act Two of “Sacrifice” – Ephram and Amy are talking about the panties found in the studio.

AMY: I’m gonna take a second an-and wait for you to provide some type of explanation as to why this HOOKER THONG is in your couch cushion.

EPHRAM: I gave Bright a key.

[Cut to Scene from the Teaser from “The Tipping Point” – Bright and the waitress are making out in the closet when Mikey finds them.]

BRIGHT: Mikey, uh, just uh, looking for …

[Cut to Scene from Act Four from “Since You’ve Been Gone” – Hannah and Amy are talking at the lunch table.]

HANNAH: No, no, it’s not that. It’s just I have to get up early tomorrow for an appointment.

AMY: What appointment?

HANNAH: I think, I’m gonna get the test.

AMY: The Huntington’s test?

HANNAH: I think I’m ready to know.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three from “Since You’ve Been Gone” – Hannah is hugging Bright on Nina’s front porch.]

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Cut to Brown house – The house is decorated for a party. Tons of people are standing around. Rose is setting the table with food. Delia and Brittany are in the den. Brittany pops a balloon being mischievous.]

DELIA: Brittany!!

[Brittany runs off.]

[Cut to the kitchen – Hannah and Amy are hugging.]

AMY: I don’t know what to say. I wish we had more time to talk about this.

HANNAH: Look, don’t worry about it. We’ll talk later.

[A whistle blows and Delia runs into the kitchen.]

DELIA: You guys, Bright just called. They’re two blocks away, let’s go. Move it.

[Delia runs out of the kitchen blowing the whistle.]

AMY: Really wish I had rethought the whole whistle thing.

[They share a smile. Amy gets up.]

AMY: (CONT’D) You coming?

HANNAH: Umm, I think I’m just gonna wait here a little bit longer, but you go.

AMY: I can wait with you.

HANNAH: Don’t be crazy get out there. Be the first one he sees. I’m good.

DELIA (from living room): Places everyone.

[Amy turns to look toward everyone and then the lights go out. Amy heads out of the kitchen to be with everyone else.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown coming in the kitchen door. Dr. Abbott greets him.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, there you are. Cutting things a bit close, aren’t we?

DR. BROWN: Don’t get me started, Harold. We taxied around the runway for two hours for no apparent reason.

DR. ABBOTT: Andy, we need to talk.

DELIA: Dad, sshh. Back.

[Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott stop talking and go and hide.]

[Ephram and Bright enter through the front door.]

EPHRAM: You’re hopeless you know that.

[Delia flips on the light and jumps out to surprise Ephram.]


[Delia runs up to Ephram and hugs him.]

EPHRAM: Was this you?

BRIGHT: He had no idea. How good am I? I should be an actor.

EPHRAM: W-W-W-Wait, so that stuff about you getting fired?

BRIGHT: No that really happened.

[Ephram sees Amy standing in the doorway. He immediately smiles and walks over to her.]

EPHRAM: You did this. Didn’t you?

AMY: I had some help.

EPHRAM: You’re amazing, you know that. I love you so much.

[Amy smiles. They hug each other.]

AMY: I know you do. I know.



[Fade in – Abbott House – Ephram is running up the sidewalk. “ONE WEEK EARLIER” Amy exits the house.]

AMY: Hey, we were just leaving. Whoa, what’s going on?

EPHRAM: Guess?

AMY: What?

EPHRAM: Just guess.

AMY: You’re sweating.

EPHRAM: No, I’m-I’m glowing, which is an entirely different form of sweating.

AMY: And yet still pungent. Oh come on, I hate this game. You make me guess and then I guess wrong and you think I don’t get you ‘cause I couldn’t read your mind. Come on?

EPHRAM: I got the audition.

AMY: You what? For Juilliard?

[Ephram nods in agreement.]


[Amy grabs him into a hug.]

AMY: I can’t believe it. No, well, I can believe it, because I knew you would. Tell me everything.

[Ephram pulls a letter out and hands it to Amy to look at.]

EPHRAM: Uh, well, this-this letter pretty much sums it up. Basically, like 10,000 kids apply, only 60 got auditions.

AMY: And you were one of them of course.

EPHRAM: Which means I have to be in New York this time next week.

[Dr. Abbott comes out the front door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, there you are. I thought I heard some rather high pitched screaming.

EPHRAM: Uh, actually, that was me.

AMY: Dad, you’re not going to believe this. He just got a final audition for Juiliard. He beat out like 10,000 people for this.

EPHRAM: Well, actually 9,940.

AMY: It’s amazing.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, congratulations, Ephram. That is a tremendous accomplishment. We really should be going. We’ll be late getting Hannah to the clinic.

[Dr. Abbott walks past them toward the car.]

AMY: All right.

EPHRAM: Oh, it’s today. I just totally forgot.

AMY: It’s okay.

EPHRAM: Well, is she here? Is she nervous?

AMY: Umm, we’re gonna go pick her up right now. I’ll tell her about your audition.

[They start walking down the sidewalk.]

EPHRAM: No. No. No. No. It’s no big deal. Don’t tell her.

AMY: Are you kidding me? It’s a huge deal.

EPHRAM: Just tell her that I say good luck and, uh, I’m thinking about her.

AMY: I will for sure. I’ll call you when we get back.

[They stop. Amy hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek.]

AMY: (CONT’D) I’m so proud of you, Ephram.

[Amy walks to the car and Ephram watches her.]

[Cut to Bright’s room – Bright is laying on his bed with his work clothes on reading a magazine when a knock is at the door.]

BRIGHT: Entre.

[Rose walks in.]

ROSE: I hate to interrupt your reading, but can you please explain why I just received a call from Human Resources about you?

BRIGHT: Are they raving about me again?

ROSE: In fact no. Some woman named Jillian is accusing you of sexual misconduct.

BRIGHT (Shocked): What?

ROSE: Well, I don’t know the specifics, but apparently she’s filed a complaint. Do you have any idea who she is?

BRIGHT: Yeah, we went on a few dates. It didn’t amount to much.

ROSE: You do realize, you’re not supposed to date the people you work with, right?

BRIGHT: Well, I know it’s frowned upon, I-I didn’t think frowning was such a major deal.

ROSE: Well, it is.

BRIGHT: Well, if it’s against the rules, shouldn’t it’ve been in the orientation? What am I supposed to do about this?

[Rose starts picking up his room.]

ROSE: I don’t know yet. They’re going to be holding a formal meeting to figure that out. You have to be there and so do I.

BRIGHT: Get out. Why are they making this a parent-teacher conference thing?

ROSE: In case you’ve forgot, I am technically the boss there.

BRIGHT: I know. I know. I didn’t do anything so… what’s there to figure out?

ROSE: Well, probably nothing, but just don’t go dating any more coworkers from now on, okay?

[Rose puts his clothes she picked up in the hamper.]

BRIGHT: Don’t worry, I won’t. There’s only one single chick left at that place - she’s about your age.

[Rose looks at him for his comment and then leaves his room closing the door behind her.]

[Cut to Clinic – Hannah and the Social Worker are walking toward her office.]

SOCIAL WORKER: I’m just going to ask you a few questions, if that’s okay.

HANNAH: And then can I take the test?

SOCIAL WORKER: I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

[They walk into her office and Hannah sits on the couch and the Social Worker sits in a chair near the couch.]

SOCIAL WORKER: (CONT’D) Look, Hannah, testing for Huntington’s is an incredibly complex issue. And you understand that presently there is no cure for the disease, which means that if your result comes back positive, there’s nothing we or anyone can do?

HANNAH: I know.

SOCIAL WORKER: Because of this, results can have a profound emotional impact, whatever they may be, even if you wind up negative.

HANNAH: You-You mean like survivor’s guilt.

SOCIAL WORKER: I see you’ve done some reading.

HANNAH: I’m a big fan of Google.

SOCIAL WORKER: Listen, I can tell that you’re serious about this. I can. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start out with a series of preliminary exams.

HANNAH: What kind of exams?

SOCIAL WORKER: Well, there’s a neurological test to make sure not exhibiting early symptoms. You’ll have extensive blood work done and then you’ll meet with a social worker who will help assess whether or not you have the coping skills to handle your result. And if after all of this, we determine that you are a good candidate for testing, then you can take the test.

HANNAH: And-And I can’t just do all those things right now?

SOCIAL WORKER: Let’s just get through some of these forms now. And then we can set up some more appointments tomorrow.

[Cut to Amy and Dr. Abbott sitting in the lobby of the clinic. Amy sighs out of frustration.]

AMY: So I was thinking of throwing Ephram a surprise party for getting the audition?

DR. ABBOTT: Hmm. Sounds like a lovely idea.

AMY: Yeah, I’ve got the guest list started. So far I have the usual suspects - the Browns, us, Hannah. I was thinking of inviting Madison.

DR. ABBOTT: Why would you want to do that? She is after all his EX-girlfriend.

AMY: Yes, but she was very supportive of his playing last year.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that was last year. This year, his attempt at seeing her nearly caused the two of you to break up if I recall correctly. Which I’m sure I do, because of all the times you told me about it.

AMY: I know, which is why inviting her seems like the right thing to do.

DR. ABBOTT: How’s that now?

AMY: Well, he obviously wanted to see her and I should be able to handle them having a friendship. This whole jealous Amy thing is very 2004. Amy 2005 on the other hand – all about being the bigger person. Plus he really doesn’t have that many friends – there’s like 5 people on the list. I just don’t know how I’m going to find her – I know she’s not at ECC and she wasn’t with her band.

DR. ABBOTT: Perhaps, it’s just not meant to be.

AMY: I guess I could track her band down, I mean I’m sure they could tell me where she is, right?

DR. ABBOTT: You know what, now that I’m thinking about it, Mr. Knight, one of my patients, he’s in charge of the registrar’s office at ECC so if Madison transferred to another college, they would certainly have that information. I can make a call.

AMY: You would do that?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, pmmf, absolutely.

AMY: Cool.

DR. ABBOTT: So you worry about the catering, I’ll worry about finding Madison.

AMY: Thank you, Dad.

[Dr. Abbott nods in agreement.]

[Cut to Hayes house – Amanda is on the phone with a lawyer looking at some papers and Dr. Brown is putting food away.]

AMANDA: Well, so this item on like 29b – “Comes now petitioner complaining of respondent” – I-I-I assume that I’m the petitioner.

DR. BROWN (holding up English muffins): Where do these go?

AMANDA: Uh, freezer.

[Dr. Brown opens the freezer. Amanda returns to the phone call.]

AMANDA: (CONT’D) I-I’m sorry, could you repeat that? (Listens) Okay, so I have to get a note from John’s current caregiver, authorizing his waiver of rights. (Listens) All right, I can do that. (Listens) Well, I’ll call you tomorrow with 20 more questions. (Listens) Bob, you have been a pleasure. (Hangs up phone) Butt munch. (to Dr. Brown) Look at this, this is the initial divorce petition and it’s thicker than Moby Dick. Which for the record, I did not get through. Something ‘cause John can’t physically sign his own papers. But why are you putting peanut butter in the fridge?

DR. BROWN: Well, since you wanted the English muffins in the freezer, I figured that when given the choice between refrigeration versus non-refrigeration you would choose refrigeration, which I now realize was the wrong call.

AMANDA: You can’t put peanut butter in the fridge.

DR. BROWN: Oh no. Is that like you can’t go swimming after lunch kind of a thing?

AMANDA: You can’t put peanut butter in the fridge because then it gets hard and you can’t spread it and then it messes up all the breads so… I have so very much to teach you.

[Amanda walks over to Dr. Brown seductively. They hold each other like two teenagers. They are kissing and the phone rings.]

DR. BROWN: You wanna get that?

AMANDA: Not even a little bit.

[They continue to kiss. The answering machine picks up.]

DR. BASS (on answering machine): Good afternoon, Mrs. Hayes.

[Amanda and Dr. Brown stop kissing to listen to the message.]

DR. BASS: (CONT’D) It’s Dr. Bass calling. There’s been a change in your husband’s condition. You need to come to the clinic right away.

[The answering machine beeps and Amanda and Dr. Brown look at each other concerned.]



[Fade in – Amy’s bedroom – Amy is looking at his computer and Hannah is standing at the door.]

AMY: Maybe we could rent people to do to the party? Offer five bucks a head to show up.

HANNAH: How bad is it?

AMY: Well, let’s see Nina, Jake and Sam are going on a road trip. Uh, Grandma’s motorcycle club is having their annual roast that night and apparently Will Cleveland’s dog is in a “Best in Show” competition so he won’t be able to come either.

[Amy walks out of the room and Hannah follows.]

HANNAH: Wow. Sounds like the plot of a bad Indy film. Maybe we could get Zach Braff to direct it.

[Cut to Amy and Hannah walking down the stairs.]

AMY: Plus my dad hasn’t had any luck finding Madison yet so basically the only people coming to the party is my family, Ephram’s family, and of course, you.

[They stop on the stairs.]

AMY: (CONT’D) But you obviously don’t have to come if you’re not feeling up to it. Will you have your test results by then?

HANNAH: I don’t even know if they’re going to let me take the test by then.

[Hannah starts walking toward the kitchen and Amy follows.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) This whole thing is turning out to be way more intricate than I thought.

AMY: But it’s good that you’re on the path. I mean, you’re happy about that right?

HANNAH: Yeah. Definitely.

[Dr. Abbott is making himself something to eat at the counter when the girls walk in. Hannah goes to the counter and leans against it and Amy looks in the refrigerator.]

DR. ABBOTT: Definitely what? How did it go with your social worker today, Hannah?

HANNAH: Uh, good. Kind of intense. She asked a lot of tough questions.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, yeah. Like what?

HANNAH: Uh, just basic stuff, like you know how do I cope in difficult situations? What do I do in times of stress? Like do I have a support system? That kind of thing.

AMY: Yes. Me and I would consider you an excellent coper. I can write you a note if you want, like a doctor’s daughter note. That’s gotta be kind of official, right?

[Dr. Abbott laughs.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, it might sound like basic questions actually they’re quite involved. Did you find yourself able to answer then honestly?

AMY: Well, she’s not gonna lie to them, Dad.

HANNAH: Well, it’s not really about lying to them. It’s more like, I didn’t know the answers myself. Which kind of threw me. The truth is I-I don’t know if I am an excellent coper. I know I’m a good avoider. Up until just recently, I barely told anyone about my dad.

AMY: Yeah, but that’s only because you didn’t want people to feel sorry for you.

HANNAH: Or maybe that was just an excuse so I wouldn’t have to deal.

DR. ABBOTT: That’s certainly possible.

[Amy shoots Dr. Abbott a look.]

AMY: Okay, we are going to go upstairs now.

[Amy grabs some waters and starts to walk out away.]

HANNAH (looking at Dr. Abbott): You don’t think I should take the test.

[Amy stops and turns back around.]

AMY: Hannah, he has no idea what you’re going through. He can’t answer that.

DR. ABBOTT: She’s right, I can’t. It’s not anyone’s place but yours.

[Cut to outside of clinic – Dr. Bass is greeting Amanda and Dr. Brown.]

DR. BASS: Dr. Brown. Mrs. Hayes. I’m glad you could get here so quickly. I know it’s not an easy trip.

AMANDA: Is John okay?

[Dr. Bass shakes Amanda’s hand.]

DR. BASS: He’s fine. Better than fine, actually. Mrs. Hayes, I think you’re going to be astounded at the progress your husband has made here over the last two months. Although, you really have Dr. Brown to thank. He-He did all the ground work.

[They all walk inside the clinic into the waiting area.]

DR. BASS: (CONT’D) In fact, I hope you don’t mind, but I-I’ve set a small Q&A. There are at least 50 doctors here who wanna pick your brain and shake your hand in that order.

AMANDA: I don’t understand. Where is John now?

DR. BASS: Well, he’s working with Dr. Linville at the moment, but he should be done very soon.

AMANDA: So just tell me what happened? Why are we out here?

DR. BASS: If you wouldn’t mind waiting.

AMANDA: I would actually. You didn’t tell anything on the phone so I flew all the way to Oregon with no idea what to expect or how to prepare. And now I’m here and you’re being coy. Just tell me what’s going on with my husband, dammit.

DR. BROWN: You’ve said there’s been significant progress. How’s it manifested itself?

DR. BASS: I really can’t say.


DR. BASS: Because he wanted to tell you himself.

[Amanda looks shocked at Dr. Bass’s comment.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Dr. Abbott knocks on the door and comes in. Amy is reading on her bed.]

DR. ABBOTT: So I finally heard back from Mr. Knight at the college. Apparently, they don’t have anything on record regarding Madison’s whereabouts.

AMY: What is your problem?

Dr. ABBOTT: Excuse me.

AMY: All of that stuff you said to Hannah today that was so wrong.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but…

AMY: Do you have any idea how long it has taken her to make this decision? And then- and then you go confuse her.

DR. ABBOTT: I’m not trying to confuse her, simply encouraging her to take her time. When she makes this decision, there’s no going back and it’s not something that anyone should push her into.

AMY: I am not pushing her.

DR. ABBOTT: You sure of that?

AMY: Hannah made this decision on her own. It had nothing to do with me. I would never do anything to hurt her.

DR. ABBOTT: No, I know that. No, sweetheart, listen to me. Her father is in the final stages of this nightmare. She had to watch him deteriorate till it got so bad she had to walk away. Don’t you think it might be better for her to wait till her family can close that chapter before…

AMY: She doesn’t want to wait anymore. Her life is happening now.

DR. ABBOTT: But how would getting a result help her now?

AMY: Look, Dad, I know you mean well, but Hannah is my best friend. I know better than anyone what she can and can’t handle.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, but that doesn’t mean that she has to. What if someone could have told you what was going to happen to Colin would you have wanted…?

AMY: Don’t use Colin as a way…

DR. ABBOTT: That’s not what I am trying to do - -

AMY: You know what, just leave Hannah alone. She doesn’t need you as a father figure. If you don’t wanna support her, then stay out of it.

[Amy gets up and goes into her bathroom slamming the door behind her.]

[Cut to conference room – Bright, Rose, Jillian, Mr. Perch, and the lady from Human Resources are seated around a conference table.]

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: I want to remind everyone that this is just a preliminary meeting. We’re not saying that the complaint is valid or invalid. We’re simply trying to find out what exactly happened here.

BRIGHT: Nothing happened here. This is trash.

[Rose shoots Bright a look.]

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: Like I said, we’re exploring the charges. Jillian, you’re claiming that Bright created an “uncomfortable work environment” on account of some sexual misconduct, is that correct?

JILLIAN: Basically, yes.

BRIGHT: Come on.

ROSE: Bright…

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: As part of your claim, you mentioned that Bright was sending you e-mails during work hours that were sexual in nature.

JILLIAN: Yes, he was.

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: Do you have those e-mails with you?

JILLIAN: Yes, I do.

[Jillian pulls out a stack of copies of those e-mails.]

BRIGHT: What about the e-mails that you sent to me? I bet you didn’t. You probably didn’t print those out and bring ‘em with ya, did you?

MR. PERCH (looking through the e-mails): You wrote all of these during work hours?

BRIGHT: The majority of those were done on my lunch break.

MR. PERCH (reading an e-mail): At 3:07 pm?

BRIGHT: And cake time? Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to create an uncomfortable environment for anybody. I figured that this was normal, office flirting.

JILLIAN: Oh, please, this is exactly what you did at your last job, and it’s why you got fired. (to the human resources lady) I’m speaking to patterns of behavior.

ROSE: What patterns?

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: When we checked with your son’s former employer to determine if Jillian’s claim had any merit, we learned that Bright was terminated because he was caught half-naked with a co-worker in a broom closet.

[Rose looks at the human resources lady in shock and then at Bright. Bright wants to hide.]

ROSE: You never told me that, you just said you were let go. . .

BRIGHT: Th-Th-There were a lot of reasons that y’know that didn’t work out. And the whole thing with the girl was different, because I wasn’t dating her. And-And, it was a restaurant thing. The rules at a restaurant are completely different from a regular office . . .

JILLIAN: But you didn’t bother following the rules here either. Look I take full responsibility for accepting the date. But for the record I neverwould have if I didn’t think that he was at least a little bit serious about me. I would never jeopardize my entire career over a mindless…

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: Fine. Then I think the thing to do now is to transfer Bright to another department.

[Rose nods in agreement and then looks at Bright and then gets up from her seat looking mad to leave.]

HUMAN RESOURCES LADY: (CONT’D) Hopefully we won’t hear about this kind of thing happening again.

[Rose gets to the door and looks at Bright like she is ashamed of him and then she walks out of the conference room.]

[Cut to Clinc – Dr. Bass, Amanda and Dr. Brown walk into John’s room. John is laying in bed just staring it looks like into space like he usually does.]

AMANDA: I don’t understand. He looks the same . . .

DR. BASS: Just give him a moment to find you. (then, to John) John, there are people here to see you.

[John blinks a few times. John looks toward Amanda.]

DR. BASS: (CONT’D) John, look who’s here.

AMANDA: Honey. It’s me.

[John looks at Amanda and smiles.]

AMANDA: (CONT’D) He’s smiling.

DR. BASS: That’s right.

AMANDA: Oh my God . . .

[Dr. Brown takes a step closer to John.]

DR. BROWN: Hello, John. I’m Dr. Brown, we’ve been working together for awhile now.

DR. BASS: He knows.

AMANDA: Wh-What do you mean he knows?

JOHN (slowly): Thank you, Dr. Brown.

[Amanda looks stunned and Dr. Brown smiles.]



[Fade in – Outside of the Clinic – Amanda is on her cell phone.]

AMANDA (on cell phone): Flight 703 lands when? (listens) Okay. (listens) Okay.

[Dr. Brown comes out of the clinic and walks toward Amanda.]

DR. BROWN: There you are. I couldn’t find you.

AMANDA (on cell phone): Uh, right. Well then I’ll-I’ll see you first thing in the morning. (listens) I know it’s happening fast. (listens) I-I don’t know what it all means. (listens) Well, you can ask the doctors when you get here. (listens) Fly safe, Mom.

[Amanda hangs up the cell phone and turns toward Dr. Brown.]

AMANDA: (CONT’D) John’s mom. She’s bringing Charlie first thing in the morning.

DR. BROWN: Well, good. That’s great. She must be very…

AMANDA: She’s flipping out, all over the place. I told her not to say anything to Charlie, just in case. I don’t want to confuse him any more than he already is.

DR. BROWN: Good. I think that’s the best way to go. How are you doing?

AMANDA: I’m fine. I’m just… Weird, right? I mean that as John in there.

DR. BROWN: I know.

AMANDA: Did you think that something like this could happen? Were you expecting this?

DR. BROWN: I really didn’t know what could or would happen, but that’s the beauty of the human brain. Every case is different. Sometimes progress is slow and methodical and sometimes it’s like a light switch turning on.

AMANDA: And click – everything changes.

DR. BROWN: Listen…

AMANDA: Oh, I have to extend the reservation on the hotel to…

DR. BROWN: Oh, right. Right, forgot about that. Listen, uh, since Charlie’s probably coming early tomorrow morning, uh, maybe it’d be best if I moved to another room. I-I don’t want to add to confusion.

AMANDA: That’s a good idea. (pause) I can move my stuff out of the room as soon as I’m finished with this.

DR. BROWN: No, I can move. It doesn’t matter, either way. You sure, you’re okay?

AMANDA: I’m fine. I’m-I’m just…

DR. BROWN: Overwhelmed?

AMANDA: No. No. Just… Overwhelmed.

[Dr. Brown grabs Amanda’s hand to comfort her.]

[Cut to Bright’s room – Bright is pacing around taking off his shirt listening to loud music. Rose is standing at the door watching him. Bright sees Rose and turns off his music.]

BRIGHT: Hey, ma. I am so sorry that you had to hear all of that today.

ROSE: How many girls have there been like that?


ROSE: How many?

[Rose walks into the room.]

BRIGHT: Y-You want my number.

ROSE: I want to know how many women you’ve treated that way.

BRIGHT: Mom, you have the wrong idea about this. Okay, this chick is out of her head. All right, she’s pissed off because I didn’t like propose to her or whatever and so she pulls this crap. I think it’s kind of a bitch mood if you ask…

[Rose slaps Bright across the face with anger.]

ROSE (angry): Who are you? What have you become? Did you see that girl’s face in there? You hurt her. And you don’t even feel badly about it.

BRIGHT: I do feel bad about it.

ROSE: No, you don’t. You feel badly for yourself. You don’t even know what it is you’ve done wrong.

BRIGHT: You know what, I don’t what I’ve done wrong.

ROSE: You don’t treat people that way, Bright. You don’t treat women as interchangeable objects. You don’t sleep with someone you have no intention of calling.

BRIGHT: My dating life is really none of your business.

[Bright walks away from Rose.]

ROSE: This is not dating. This is morally bankrupt behavior. How can you not see the difference? You took Jillian out what 3 times? Tell me something about her. What does she like to do? Does she-Does she have any brothers or sisters? Does she have any hobbies?

BRIGHT: Oh, give me a break.

ROSE: You don’t know anything about her, do you? But you had sex with her.

BRIGHT: So I’m not a romantic.

ROSE: You don’t have to be romantic, but at least be honorable. Be a good man.

[Bright does not respond.]

ROSE: (CONT’D) This is my fault. I failed you.

BRIGHT: What, mom? No, you-you didn’t fail…

ROSE: I’ve always been taken with your charm, your energy. It never occurred to me that all these social graces where covering up something tragic.

BRIGHT: Oh, come on. It’s not tragic.

ROSE: You read those magazines and you measure real women against those images. (picking up a magazine from his bed) You-You don’t look any further than what’s right in front of your eyes - that’s the tragedy. That you can’t see the difference between reality and this garbage. (Shaking the magazine at him and throwing it down) And I never took the time to teach you otherwise.

[Rose starts to walk toward the door.]

BRIGHT: Mom, look, Mom-Mom, I can change, okay? Y’know, maybe this happened for the best, y’know, I can go into a different department with a new attitude. I can figure it out.

ROSE: Oh, no. You are not going into any new department.


ROSE: This incident just proves that I never should have helped you get this job in the first place. I am certainly not going to let you continue dishonoring your father’s good name, while you figure it out.

BRIGHT: What does that mean?

ROSE: It means, you’re fired, Bright.

[Rose leaves the room. Bright is stunned by his mother’s anger.]

[Cut to Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Abbott is sitting behind the desk. Dr. Abbott looks up and sees Hannah standing at the door.]

HANNAH: Is this a bad time? Your nurse said I could just…

DR. ABBOTT: No. No. No. Not at all. Come in. Come in. Come in.

[Dr. Abbott gets up to greet Hannah. Hannah walks in and Dr. Abbott close the door to his office.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT’D) Is everything all right?

HANNAH: Had my final doctor’s appointment at the clinic today. I passed. All the exams and everything. They’re gonna let me take the test. – if I still want to.

DR. ABBOTT: Big decision.

HANNAH: I know.

[Dr. Abbott walks behind his desk and sits in his chair and Hannah sits in one of the chairs in front of his desk.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) So, umm, I called my mom. You know, it’s-it’s the first time we ever spoke about it. About the fact that I could have it. We both spent so much energy on my dad when I was at home that we never really talked about the possibility of, y’know, me. I never knew how guilty she felt. She never knew any of what I was feeling because I never told her.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, it sounds like a conversation that needed to be had.

HANNAH: Yeah. It was kind of amazing. It made me realize that I want to take the test.

DR. ABBOTT: Because your mother wants you to?

HANNAH: No. No, because – because for the first time in a really long time I felt connected to my life and my future and my family. I… I wanna take this test not because I need to know the result but… but because I wanna feel my life again. I wanna care about me, whether I have it or not.

[Dr. Abbott just looks at her.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) Are you upset with me?

DR. ABBOTT: No. No. No, of course not, Hannah. An-And you never had to convince me of your decision, I hope you know that.

HANNAH: Oh, I do. I do. I just… I’d also never ask you to do something that you felt was like spiritually against your beliefs so…

DR. ABBOTT: Ask me to do what?

HANNAH: Ummm, the-the head of the clinic said I needed to have an adult to accompany me to the test. I was kinda hoping that adult would be you. Nina offered to cancel her trip, but I know Amy told you to butt out of my life. But the fact that you cared enough to butt in at all, it really reminds me of how my dad used to be. He’s really pushy too – in a nice kind of a way.

DR. ABBOTT: Of course, I’ll take you to get your test done, Hannah. Whenever you like.

HANNAH: Thanks, Dr. Abbott.

[They smile at each other.]

[Cut to Conference room at Clinic – Dr. Brown is standing at the podium answering questions from doctors.]

DR. BROWN: I don’t think this was a miraculous awakening at all. Mr. Hayes had an active internal life that he couldn’t express. He was locked in after his ischemic event and I was just trying to reconnect him to the world and the people he loved.

DR. BASS: Dr. Liu?

DR. LIU: Even the best family physician doesn’t have a neurosurgeon’s background and he certainly doesn’t do 800 hours of research on cutting edge stroke therapies to make himself an expert.

DR. BROWN: Well, I think we all did our jobs. Success of rehabilitation are a combination of a thousand decisions, we all just try to make the good ones.

DR. LIU: But can you point out one decision you made that really made a difference in John Hayes’ life?

DR. BROWN: You mean was it one treatment or one therapy, one article that I read – I don’t think so. I think that it’s just my practice isn’t very big and I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands. My wife would have just said that I’m very stubborn.

[Everyone in the room laughs.]

DR. BASS: So you had hope?

DR. BROWN: Well, I never would have put it that way, but, uh, maybe. Yes, I guess I did.

[Cut Hannah getting blood taking from her arm.]

DR. BROWN (VOICE-OVER): Y’know, I’m just not ready to accept the world that doesn’t have the possibility of a better future.

[Dr. Abbott watches as Hannah’s blood is taken.]

[Cut to Amanda watching John sleeping in his clinic bed. Charlie and his grandmother walk in. Amanda notices them and gets up to greet Charlie. John opens his eyes and Charlie walks over to him and hugs him.]

[Cut to Bright collecting his personal things from his desk. Bright picks up a picture of him at his graduation with Rose and Dr. Abbott with him.]

[Cut back to Dr. Brown talking to the room of doctors.]

DR. BROWN: What amazes me about the human spirit – no matter how devastating yesterday may have been we always manage to move forward.

[Cut to Dr. Abbott, Hannah, and Amy walking into church, and kneeling to pray.]

[Cut back to Dr. Brown talking to the room of doctors.]

DR. BROWN: The truth is all I did for John Hayes was start him on a path. He has you to thank for all the rest. Thank you.

[The doctors clap.]

[Cut to Abbott kitchen – Dr. Abbott and Amy walk in the kitchen door.]

AMY: I was really glad you came around with Hannah.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, now I’m happy that I was able to be there for her, but that does not mean that I agree with the choice she made.

AMY: Here we go, why can’t you ever just say “You were right, I was wrong” and leave it at that.

DR. ABBOTT: Why does it always have to be about right and wrong? Why can’t I maintain my opinions, my beliefs, without you feeling the need to change my mind?

AMY: Because I’m you.

DR. ABBOTT: Touché.

[Amy starts to leave the kitchen and then turns around.]

AMY: You know if it were me though, I would have definitely taken that test.

DR. ABBOTT: Really?

AMY: Well, I’ve been thinking about what you asked me the other day about Colin. And you know everything that’s happened with him changed the way that I live my life now. It’s like I-I experience everything more fully, I appreciate more. I didn’t do that before.

DR. ABBOTT: Well most of us never do.

AMY: And that’s all I wanted for Hannah.

DR. ABBOTT: Now-Now, I’m not sure I follow.

AMY: I felt like I was watching her not live her life and it was driving me crazy. So maybe you were right.

DR. ABBOTT: I was.

AMY: Yeah, maybe, I did push Hannah too hard to get the test done or y’know put too much pressure on her. I just really think there’s a difference between truths out there that are knowable versus the complete unknown. Like take Ephram and I for example, I don’t know what’s going to happen with us, maybe we’ll get married, maybe we won’t, who knows. But if there was something that he knew that was preventing me from making an informed decision about us, it wouldn’t be the same.

DR. ABBOTT: The same as what?

AMY: Well, there are things you can’t control – obviously, then there’s just plan ignorance. Personally, I would rather know all the horrible truths out there and deal with them now than be blindsided later. That’s why I was ultimately happy that he told me about Madison.

DR. ABBOTT: About?

AMY: Going to see her band play. Because then I got to decide how I wanted to handle it – if he was worth it or not. And he was.

[Dr. Abbott is looking nervous and seems to be contemplating.]

AMY: (CONT’D) But if he hadn’t told me, I don’t know if it’s something you can know, I want to know, that’s all I’m saying. Everything else is cool and let God decide.

[Dr. Abbott turns to Amy.]

AMY: (CONT’D) What?

[Dr. Abbott continues to stare.]

AMY: (CONT’D) Dad?

DR. ABBOTT: I have to tell you something.


DR. ABBOTT: Umm, I never tried to find Madison for your party. I never had any intention of looking for her. I told you I would, I lied.

AMY: Okay. Well, why? I mean, I know that you thought that it was a bad idea, but…

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I didn’t think it was a bad idea, but not for the reasons I told you. I didn’t want Madison to attend Ephram’s party because…

AMY: Because…

DR. ABBOTT: Last year, I learned something that I should’ve told you then, but I didn’t. In my mind, you were still my-my innocent little girl, but… You lost that innocence with Colin, what you’ve gained is so much more valuable. I should have realized that; I’m sorry. Honey, Madison left Everwood when she found out that she was pregnant with Ephram’s child.

[Amy begins to look upset.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT’D) I-I have no idea where she is. I have no idea even if she had the baby. All I know for certain is that Ephram – he has no idea about any of it.

[Amy begins to cry.]



[Fade in – Jillian’s house – Bright rings her doorbell and she comes to the door.]

JILLIAN: What are you doing here?


JILLIAN: Look, I’m not filing an official claim or anything so there’s really not much more to talk about.

BRIGHT: Yeah, there is. Look everything went down so quick, I didn’t really have the chance to think about it. And then I did and then I felt sorry. I felt-felt sorry. I’m sorry, Jillian.

JILLIAN: Really?

BRIGHT: Yes. I-I should have called you back after we… (clears throat) I probably should have never asked you out in the first place. I… It’s just… I guess I never really thought about what you might be feeling and that’s not cool. So, anyhow, that’s it. I suck and I’m sorry.

JILLIAN: I’m really not sure what to say.

BRIGHT: You don’t have to, it’s, uh, y’know, don’t say anything, this is mine. So, anyhow, uh, good luck, with, well, everything. So…

JILLIAN: Yeah, you too.

[Bright walks away.]

[Cut to lobby of Clinic – Amanda and Dr. Brown are sitting on a couch together talking.]

AMANDA: I’ve had this coffee for 20 minutes and it’s still scolding. I’ve burned my mouth like 3 times. Well, I guess I could stop drinking it.

DR. BROWN: That would seem to be the smart thing to do.

AMANDA: And then what would I have to complain about. And what would we talk about.

DR. BROWN: I’m sorry, I’m just not very good in waiting rooms.

[Dr. Brown stretches his back.]

AMANDA: Oh, that’s okay, nobody is. Now you get to see how the other half lives.

[Dr. Brown looks at his watch.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I better be going if I’m gonna make that flight. Amy planned this party for Ephram before I knew that, uh…

AMANDA: Oh, go, absolutely. I mean, I have a lot more to say about coffee, but you don’t want to miss your son’s big bash.

DR. BROWN: How long are you gonna stay here? I could pick you up at the airport when you come home.

AMANDA: I’m not coming home, Andy. (pause) I still don’t know how you did it, but you brought John back. Maybe just to a degree, but enough for him to recognize his son – when I saw Charlie see that, I got it. This isn’t a choice I get to make any more. This is my family. At least that’s what I promised once upon a time.

DR. BROWN: I understand.

AMANDA: You know, from the time John spoke to you, which I still can’t believe happened. I’ve been wishing that I could say goodbye to you as eloquently as simply. You brought my family back – whether you meant to or not. But even before that, you brought me back.

DR. BROWN: And you – me. All of it. Things I didn’t even think I could get back. And-and not just us, but…

AMANDA: But… I know I told you, you’re the best doctor I’ve ever met in my entire life and don’t you ever forget it or I’m gonna have to come after you and find you again.

[Dr. Brown gets up to leave.]

AMANDA: (CONT’D) Thank you. From the bottom of my very sad heart, thank you.

[Dr. Brown leans down and kisses Amanda on the head and he turns and leaves.]

[Cut to Bright and Ephram walking up the sidewalk toward the Brown house at night.]

EPHRAM: Dude, I still can’t believe Mrs. Abbott had it in her to can your ass.

BRIGHT: Can you stop saying that?

EPHRAM: No seriously, she’d be proud of you if you peed on the floor. This is big. Kind of proud of her.

BRIGHT: Okay, yeah, all right, I already feel like an idiot. The thing that sucks, man, is once you got past the shirt and tie, I liked that job and I was good at it.

EPHRAM: Well, it could’ve been worse. She could’ve actually sued you and you’d be the sexual harassment guy.

BRIGHT: Instead of just unemployed guy. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do now, not even just for money, I mean, like to fill my time.

[They walk up onto the Brown front porch.]

EPHRAM: Hey, you could be a gigolo.

BRIGHT: Dude, are you forgetting I’m like twice your size?

EPHRAM: No, seriously, go, pro man whore. Bringing out all your natural talents. Plus no tie. Flexible hours.

BRIGHT: Maybe I should just join a convent.

EPHRAM: That’s nuns.

[Ephram opens the front door and walks in. It is completely dark.]

BRIGHT: I know.

EPHRAM: You’re hopeless, you know that.

[Bright closes the door behind him. Delia flicks on the light.]


[Delia runs up to Ephram and hugs him.]

EPHRAM: OMIGOD!! (to Bright) Was this you?

BRIGHT: He had no idea. How good am I? I should be an actor.

EPHRAM: W-W-W-Wait, so that stuff about you getting fired?

BRIGHT: No that really happened.

[Ephram sees Amy standing in the doorway. He immediately smiles and walks over to her.]

EPHRAM: You did this. Didn’t you?

AMY: I had some help.

EPHRAM: You’re amazing, you know that. I love you so much.

[Amy smiles. They hug each other.]

AMY: I know you do.

[They separate and Ephram notices Amy is upset.]

EPHRAM: What’s wrong?

AMY: Uh, nothing, it’s just party planning’s surprisingly stressful.

EPHRAM: You do realize I haven’t actually gotten into the school yet, right?

AMY (nodding): And you will.

EPHRAM: So am I allowed to ask who all these people are?

AMY: It was a tough guest list.

[Cut to Dr. Abbott who approaches Dr. Brown who is standing around at the party.]


DR. BROWN: Yeah.

DR. ABBOTT: How-How did it go with John?

DR. BROWN: Good. He spoke.

DR. ABBOTT: I-I’m sorry. He spoke?


DR. ABBOTT: But the man who hasn’t much more than breathed unassisted in the last five years actually verbalized codes and thought. No, you’re saying he actually spoke.

DR. BROWN: Yep. He said thank you.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that must have been incredible.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, it was. And then again it wasn’t.

DR. ABBOTT: Amanda?

DR. BROWN (nodding): She’s staying in Oregon.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, oh, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Oh, go for it, Harold. It’s a perfect time for “I told you so”.

DR. ABBOTT: I was just going to say I’m sorry.

DR. BROWN: Thank you.

DR. ABBOTT: And I realize this may not be the best time. I’m starting to believe there is no such thing with you, but, uh, we really need to have a conversation.

DR. BROWN: Okay, but I really need a drink and then I wanna help celebrate my son, so could this wait till tomorrow?

DR. ABBOTT: I’ll pour.

[Cut to Hannah sitting on the steps looking sad. Bright walks up to her.]

BRIGHT: What’s up, loner? Are you one of those private eaters?

[Hannah looks at him and then at her plate of food.]

BRIGHT: (CONT’D) You know that’s actually a real thing, by the way. You okay?

HANNAH: Getting there.

BRIGHT: Wait did you hear anything? Did you find out?

HANNAH: Yeah, I got the results.

BRIGHT: Oh my God.

HANNAH: They were negative. I don’t have the gene, I’m fine.

[Bright walks up the stairs to Hannah and pulls her up into a huge hug.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) Bright, air supply. Larynx.

[Bright puts her down.]

BRIGHT: Okay, so. So we’re good then. Uh, Dude. We gotta celebrate. I think there’s a bottle of champagne over here. Technically, it’s for my little buddy, but I can snake it.

HANNAH: It’s okay, I just kinda think I want to be by myself a bit longer. Is that weird?

BRIGHT: No. No. I totally get it. So, uh, yeah. I’m walking away. I’m not even here.

[Bright leaves Hannah so she can be alone.]


[Cut to Hannah leaving out the front door. She goes to the edge of the steps and leans against a pole.]

[Cut to Brown kitchen – Amy is at the sink and Ephram walks in.]

AMY: You’re not allowed to clean up at your own party.

EPHRAM: I wasn’t gonna. I never would’ve made it this far without you helping me.

AMY: What are you talking about? All I did was sit on your couch.

EPHRAM: Trust me, you were with me 24-7. You let me obsess and bitch and moan and complain. You pushed me whenever I got lazy and you never for a second made me think that if I didn’t try, I wouldn’t get here eventually. You know what, you were right.

AMY: That’s not true. You are so talented, it’s disgusting.

[Ephram walks around the counter.]

EPHRAM: Talent is nothing without strength to back it.

[Ephram turns Amy around from the sink.]

EPHRAM: (CONT’D) I had you. Come with me to New York.

AMY: What?

EPHRAM: No, seriously, this is as much yours as it is mine. I want you there. You’ve been with me this whole time. Just come.

AMY: Ephram, th-that-that’s crazy.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but we’re crazy. It totally works on that crazy level. Don’t you think?

AMY: Yeah. Yes. But…

EPHRAM: Can you think of one good reason why not to come?

[Amy doesn’t answer.]

EPHRAM: (CONT’D) What? I thought you were going to say something.

[Ephram waited for the answer. He looks nervous.]

AMY: No. Nope, I wasn’t.

[Amy pulls Ephram’s head to her and kisses his forehead.]

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