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#314 : Faux semblant

Titre en VO: "Since you've been gone" - Titre en VF : Faux semblant
¤USA : diffusé le 07/02/05 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : Barbie Kilgman - Réalisation : Matt Shakman
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Jake Hartman), Sarah Drew (Hannah), Anne Heche (Amanda Hayes), Jason Beghe (John Hayes), Jimmy Bennett (Sam Feeney) Shane Haboucha (Charlie Hayes), Lukas Behnken (Topher)

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Au lycée, Hannah est abordée par un copain de classe, Topher qui l'invite à sortir un soir. Amy trouve cela fantastique mais Hannah n'est pas certaine d'accepter. Amy craint qu'Hannah espère toujours sortir avec Bright et en parle à son frère. Quand Bright va la voir, Hannah lui donne une toute autre raison. Elle craint d'aimer Topher et que s'ils se marient un jour, elle ne veut pas être un fardeau pour lui à cause de la maladie d'Huntington, mais Bright lui conseille de vivre sur l'instant et d'être plus impulsive.

Andy et Amanda organisent une soirée pizza avec Delia et Charlie pour leur parler de leur relation mais Charlie qui aime énormément son père réagit très mal.

La relation entre Jake et Nina progresse petit à petit et ils décident de sortir un soir en amoureux. Mais un petit incident (un oiseau est entré dans la maison pendant d'Hannah gardait Sam) fait annuler à Nina ce rendez vous et elle fait comprendre à Jake sans vraiment le vouloir qu'elle ne veut pas trop s'investir avec lui car elle a peur des répercussions sur Sam s'ils rompent.

Après la réaction négative de Charlie, Amanda décide de parler à Andy de sa vie avec John avant que ce dernier n'ait son attaque. Amanda avait l'intention de divorcer et John était d'accord pour la laisser partir, à la seule condition que ce soit elle qui s'en aille et qu'il continue à élever Charlie dans leur maison. Quelques jours plus tard, John avait son attaque et Amanda est alors restée pour le soigner, avant tout par culpabilité.

Jake retrouve Nina au Mama Joy et lui explique qu'elle utilise son fils pour mettre de la distance entre eux. Mais Nina a peur de souffrir, s'il venait à disparaître de la même façon qu'il a quitté Los Angeles sur un coup de tête. Jake lui promet qu'il a changé et que ça n'arrivera pas et ils s'embrassent au beau milieu du restaurant.

A la cafétéria de l'école, Hannah refuse de parler à Topher malgré l'insistance d'Amy et Ephram. Hannah finit par avouer à Amy qu'elle a pris rendez vous pour le test d'Huntington afin de ne plus vivre sans savoir.

Amanda va voir Andy qui est persuadé qu'elle va rompre avec lui et il lui dit déjà qu'ils ont passé de bons moments ensemble. Amanda lui annonce alors qu'elle n'a pas l'intention de rompre avec lui mais de finir ce qu'elle avait abandonné il y a cinq ans : divorcer de John.


[Fade in – Scene from Act Four from "Giving Up the Girl" – Dr. Hartman and Nina are having a conversation on front patio.]

DR. ABBOTT: (VOICE-OVER) Previously on Everwood…

DR. HARTMAN: … Ever since we met I've thought to myself, I wanna be the kind of guy that deserves her. And I don't think I am, but at least now I know what I'm aiming for.

NINA: You don't have to aim. You're a good man, Jake.

[They kiss.]

[Cut to Scene from Act Two from "The Perfect Day" – Amanda is just in a flannel shirt in Dr. Brown's bedroom.]

[Cut to Scene from Act Four from "The Perfect Day" – Dr. Brown and Amanda are talking in Amanda's kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: I want you, Amanda. In whatever way I can be with you, I want that now. I want whatever we can have.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three from "The Perfect Day" – Hannah, Amy, Ephram, and Bright are walking along railroad tracks.]

HANNAH: My dad's sick. He's had Huntington's disease since I was 8.

BRIGHT: I'm so sorry.

[Cut to Scene from Act Four from "Need to Know" – Amy is talking to Hannah in her bedroom.]

AMY: The fact that there is a blood test that can tell you whether or not you have the gene, I mean, that's huge. You've taken the test right?

HANNAH: No. And I'm not going to.

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Cut to Hayes House – Amanda is in the kitchen and Dr. is wiping the counter around the sink.]

DR. BROWN: Y'know the way you talked up this day qualifies as false advertising.

AMANDA: Oh, why you're not having fun?

DR. BROWN: Sure, I am. Almost as much as my last endoscopy.

AMANDA: Go get a mammogram, then we'll talk.

DR. BROWN: Hey, I'm starving, want to get something to eat.

AMANDA: Oh, surprise me, anything in the menu drawer's fair game.

[Dr. Brown pulls the drawer out too hard and all the contents of the drawer fall on the floor.]

DR. BROWN: Oops.

AMANDA (laughing): That was graceful. I hope you do better in the operating room.

DR. BROWN: Not much.

AMANDA: Well, whatever it is, make sure it's fast. Charlie will be home from karate in two hours so you gotta be gone.

DR. BROWN: Right.

AMANDA: Uh, if you're looking for the, uh, Chinese, it's probably hiding in the den.

DR. BROWN: Good call.

[Dr. Brown takes off toward the den. Amanda walks over and starts to clean up. Amanda picks up a business card and looks at it.]

DR. BROWN (yelling from the den): You sure it's in here? I don't see it.

[Amanda doesn't respond, but keeps staring at the business card. The business card reads Stephen Sharlet, Attorney, Family Law.]

DR. BROWN: (yelling from the den) (CONT'D) Amanda?

{FLASHBACK: Amanda is staring at the business card in the kitchen, but John enters the kitchen.}

JOHN: Hey, Amanda. I thought I'd bring home dinner tonight so you don't have to cook. Do you know what you would like?

[Amanda throws the business card in the drawer and closes the drawer.]

AMANDA: I don't know John seeing that it's 8:30 in the morning, I'm not really that focused on dinner.

JOHN: You think we could pretend last night didn't happen. I mean, is that possible?

AMANDA: Sure, and last week, frankly the last six months have been a bit of a bust so maybe we could just block those out too.

JOHN: Oh, good we're having sarcasm for breakfast this morning.

AMANDA: Well, funny smiles are really more your specialty.

JOHN: You know what, forget it. Cook, I honestly don't care.

[John starts to walk away.]

AMANDA: Anything, but Gino Chang's. I'm turning into a dumpling.

[John turns back around.]

JOHN: We can talk about it again tonight if you want. I mean, I don't know when I'm gonna be home, but…

AMANDA: Sure. Okay, if you want.

JOHN: All right, I'll call if I'm gonna be late.

[Amanda just watches John leave for work.]


DR. BROWN: All right, I'm at a loss here. I can't decide between wontons and empanadas.

[Dr. Brown walks back into the kitchen. Amanda is still looking at the business card.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Amanda? Amanda?


DR. BROWN: Are you okay?

AMANDA: Empanadas, good. Well, I'll call it in.

[Amanda gets up and takes the menu from Dr. Brown.]



[Fade in – Peak County High – Ephram, Amy, and Hannah are walking up the stairs towards some lockers.]

EPHRAM: Is it June yet?

AMY: Shockingly, no.

EPHRAM: Dammit to hell . . .

HANNAH: You just wasted a curse word. Which means you only get two more for the rest of the week or you owe me a dollar.

EPHRAM: Well, first of all, I'm not playing that game. Second of all, "dammit's" not a curse word.

HANNAH: Yeah, but "hell" does - - OH! Dammit.

[A geeky guy, Topher Cole, walks up to Hannah nervously.]

TOPHER: Hannah?

[Amy and Ephram watch the conversation.]

HANNAH: Oh, hey, Topher.

TOPHER: Wow. I didn't think you knew my name.

HANNAH: We got three classes together. Roll call in every one. So, you want my Art History notes?

TOPHER: Oh, uh, no. I-I noticed that you like to write 'cause I see you scribbling in a notebook all the time, so I figured you might like poetry. So, there's a reading at Burke's Coffee House this weekend. Or, if you like old movies, they're showing "Casablanca" at the Retro Theater. Ice skating's fun.

[Ephram decides to interrupt because Hannah and Topher's conversation is not going well.]

EPHRAM: (pointing to flier) Look, uh, Amy, the Asian-African Alliance Club is, uh, having a meeting.

AMY: Ummhmm…

[Amy is watching the conversation between Hannah and Topher not paying attention to Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Over here?

AMY: Oh, right, yeah. We should probably check this out, 'cause, y'know, it's important that they all get along. Uh, can I see this thing.

[Amy takes the flier from Ephram and they walk off a little bit to have some privacy.]

TOPHER: Hi. Still here.

HANNAH: Right. Sorry, So, umm, are you asking me out?

TOPHER: Yeah. Not sure how it's going.

[Hannah just looks at him.]

TOPHER: (CONT'D) Well . . . I promised myself I'd ask . . . so I did. But you don't have to answer right away. Open offer, okay? (off her silence) Nod i-if that's okay.

[Hannah nods, and Topher smiles and walks off. Hannah turns back to Amy and Ephram looking mortified.]

AMY: Oh my God, he's so cute!

HANNAH: Yeah. Thanks for not making it awkward.

EPHRAM: I did my best under pressure.

AMY: This is so momentous.

HANNAH: Shut up and walk.

[Hannah takes off down the hall and Ephram and Amy follow.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office – Dr. Brown is sitting at his desk looking through some files. He then picks up the phone.]

DR. BROWN: (into phone) Hey, I have a brilliant idea.

[Cut to Hayes house – Amanda is making her bed.]

AMANDA: If you have to tell me it's brilliant, chances are, it's not.

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office – He has propped his feet up on his desk.]

DR. BROWN: We should have dinner.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom – She is still making the bed.]

AMANDA: Well, that's not even a new idea. Unless, do you mean, out?

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I was thinking…

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: No. No. That's great. We can hold hands, watch the rumors ripple through town, then get dressed up real nice for a public flogging. What do you think black tie optional? I could dig out my evening bag.

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: My house. Party of four. You, me, Charlie and Delia.

[Cut to Amanda's bedroom – she stands there in shock.]

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Are you there?

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom – Amanda still is taking in what Dr. Brown said.]

AMANDA: I'm processing.

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office – Dr. Brown sits up at his desk.]

DR. BROWN: Listen, Amanda, we need to tell them something before they find out on their own.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: Well, how would they find out.

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: The same way I found out about Mrs. Leahy's pension for biting and the Tim Joy's son really isn't his. It's called Smalltownitis.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: Ronnie isn't Tim's son.

DR. BROWN: I'm serious…

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) If they hear about it, it should be from us. And Delia's been asking a lot of questions lately.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: What kind of questions?

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: Well, the kind that I can't answer truthfully.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: Well, what exactly would we tell 'em?

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I think it's enough to say that we spend time together and that, uh, we're good friends that care about each other and just leave it at that.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: I'm in, but let's do it at my house. Since I'm the one who's still married, I get the home court advantage.

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: Fair enough. Good. So what's the plan? I'll call you later.

[Cut back to Amanda's bedroom – Amanda is silent on the phone.]

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You're not hanging up. What is it?

[Cut to Amanda's bedroom.]

AMANDA: Uh, nothing, it's just, ummm, …

DR. BROWN: What?

AMANDA: Charlie really loves his dad.

[Cut back to Dr. Brown's office – Dr. Brown just stays on the phone contemplating what she just said.]

[Cut to Nina's house – Dr. Hartman and Sam are playing Twister.]

SAM: You're gonna fall.

DR. HARTMAN: Not going to happen, little man.

[Nina walks in and sees they are all tangled on the Twister sheet. Nina spins the wheel for them to move.]

NINA: Left foot on green. Possible?

[Dr. Hartman rolls off the board and Sam falls on the board.]

DR. HARTMAN: No, fair, she distracted me. I demand a do-over.

[Dr. Hartman starts to tickle Sam.]

SAM: Yeah, do-over.

NINA: After dinner, Sam, go wash up.

[Dr. Hartman gets up off the floor.]

DR. HARTMAN: So do I get to stay for dinner?

NINA: Well, I don't know, you didn't say the magic word.

DR. HARTMAN: What's the magic word?

[Nina just looks at him.]

DR. HARTMAN: Foot rub. Oh wait, I know. I know, spa day.

NINA: Ah, yeah…

[They kiss.]

NINA: (CONT'D) You can have dinner.

[They walk into the kitchen. Dr. Hartman starts to set the table.]

NINA: (CONT'D) Oh, uh, just three plates, Hannah's gonna eat at Amy's tonight.

DR. HARTMAN: Umm, hmm…

[Dr. Hartman grabs three plates and goes to start setting them on the table.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) So what did Carl want?

[Nina looks at Dr. Hartman wondering how he knew Carl had called.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) You were, uh, yelling on the phone. It was hard not to eavesdrop. I mean hear.

NINA: Oh, uh, just Carl being Carl. No I actually thought when he sued for custody meant he was more committed to fatherhood. Ha!!

DR. HARTMAN: I'm gonna need a little more.

NINA: It's father-son day at Sam's school. Carl suddenly has a business trip. Sam was really looking forward to it, which means high expectations, which means a pouty kid, but anyway.

DR. HARTMAN: I could go.

NINA: Go where?

DR. HARTMAN: With Sam to the thing.

NINA: Uh, no.

DR. HARTMAN: Why not?

NINA: Well, you're not his father, he's not your son. So there's two reasons.

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, come on. These day's with single parents, invitrofertilization, surrogates, two mommies, three daddies. I really don't think mom's boyfriend is going to throw anyone.

NINA: Well, I appreciate your offer, really, but Sam and I went through this a thousand times and I will figure it out.

SAM: (calling from the bathroom) I can't reach the faucet.

NINA: Coming, sweetie.

SAM: (calling from the bathroom) I want Jake.

DR. HARTMAN: On my way, little man.

[Dr. Hartman goes to help Sam and Nina stays at the kitchen table.]

[Cut to Amy's bedroom – Hannah is sitting on Amy's bed and Amy is looking through her closet.]

AMY: Okay, I'm thinking this one.

[Amy shows Hannah an outfit.]

AMY: (CONT'D) It's girlish and yet sexy, but not too sexy 'cause we don't want Topher to get the wrong idea.

HANNAH: Given who I am, that seems highly unlikely.

AMY: Hannah, I would appreciate some enthusiasm 'cause I am lending you some very choice items here.

HANNAH: I know and-and I really appreciate you diving into your fancy section, but I just haven't even decided whether I'm going to go or not.

AMY: Hannah, you have to go even if you don't like him, which you do, because you should, because he's exactly who the Yahoo! Personals would choose for you. It's like…

[Amy sits on the bed.]

HANNAH: …a milestone. I know. I know. You keep saying. But-but didn't you think it was weird the way he asked me like in public like that.

AMY: What did you expect him to do? Come to your house in the middle of the night with a horse-drawn carriage.

HANNAH: I don't know.

AMY: Yes, you do. You're looking for excuses and I know why.

[Hannah looks at her.]

AMY: (CONT'D) It's my brother. You're still waiting for him, aren't you?

HANNAH: Waiting is the wrong word. I prefer pining. Maybe longing.

AMY: Hannah…

HANNAH: You can't help who you like. It's chemical. I'm chemically obsessed with your brother.

AMY: Yeah, it's because you're not allowing anyone else to penetrate the force field. Do you not think Topher's cute at all?

HANNAH: Well…yeah, but…

AMY: Okay, so go with that. It is one night. Two hours of your life.

HANNAH: Which rounds to four episodes of Laguna Beach has a lot of good TV?

[Amy throws herself down on her bed frustrated.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) I'm just not ready yet, Amy. I know you want me to be and I want to be too, but I guess I just need more time. Okay? Don't hate me.

[They laugh.]

[Cut to Hayes house – Dr. Brown, Delia, Charlie, and Amanda are sitting around the kitchen island getting ready to enjoy pizza for dinner.]

DR. BROWN: Let's see, we got, uh, cheese. We got pepperoni.

AMANDA: (to Charlie) Oh, you want that.

DR. BROWN: And, ooh, pineapple.

[Charlie is loading up his plate.]

DELIA: Hungry much, pig boy.

CHARLIE: Why don't you get your own pizza and eat it at your house?

AMANDA: Whoa!!!

DELIA: I cannot believe you were ever my boyfriend. You are such a jerk.

CHARLIE: Oh, yeah, well, you're a snob. Everyone in class says so.

AMANDA: Charlie?

DELIA: They do not.

AMANDA: Cut it out.

CHARLIE: Why are they even here?

DR. BROWN: Well, actually, it was my idea, Charlie. Your mom and I have become very good friends lately. We've been spending time together so I thought it'd be nice to all have dinner.

DELIA: Are you dating?

CHARLIE: No. They're not dating, idiot.

AMANDA: Oh, Charlie.

DELIA: Well, it sounds like dating to me, jerk face.

DR. BROWN: Delia?

CHARLIE: Well, it's not. My mom's married to my dad, which means she's not allowed to date. Which means you don't know what you're talking about.

DELIA: But your dad really isn't awake.

DR. BROWN: Delia, I want you to apologize right now.

DELIA: I'm sorry. I didn't mean it bad.

AMANDA: Let's just eat our pizza and we can talk about this later.


AMANDA: Charlie? Charlie, sit down.


AMANDA: Charlie?

[Charlie runs out of the kitchen. Amanda follows him.]

DELIA: Dad, I-I didn't mean to make him cry.

DR. BROWN: I know you didn't, honey. I know you didn't.



[Fade in – Hayes house – Amanda is squatting outside of Charlie's room.]

AMANDA: Come on, Charlie, let me in.

CHARLIE: (from inside his room) Leave me alone.

AMANDA: Please, Buster, I wanna talk to you.

[Amanda closes her eyes and has another Flashback.]

{FLASHBACK: Amanda is sitting in front of her bed and John walks into their bedroom.}

JOHN: I want to talk to you.

AMANDA: Can it wait, I'm in the middle of…

JOHN: No, it can't wait. You called a lawyer.

[John shows he found the Family Attorney business card.]

AMANDA: I didn't call.

JOHN: You got his card.

AMANDA: Susan gave me his card. I wasn't gonna call until…

JOHN: Until what? I can't believe it.

AMANDA: You're not here, John.

JOHN: We have a little boy.

[John kneels down in front of Amanda.]

JOHN: (CONT'D) And mortgage payments and-and a summer house. I mean, you know how many people would kill to have what we have. I mean this is what partnership is – it's good times and bad, sickness and health. Or did you forget that?

AMANDA: No, I didn't forget. I made those vows to someone I loved more than anybody in the world but I don't know where he went. Do you remember what our life used to be like in the beginning? We would dance in this house without music. We would ride in the car without a map. We've run away for a week to a place no one even heard of.

JOHN: You can't track through the rainforest with a five year old.

AMANDA: Who says that we can't take Charlie to the other end of the world? I-I thought that was the whole point. My god, when did you become so afraid.

JOHN: Just do what you have to do?

[John throws the business card at Amanda and gets up and leaves. Amanda looks at the business card and then sighs in confusion as to what to do.]


[Amanda is still sitting outside of Charlie's bedroom door.]

[Cut to the Abbott house – Bright and Ephram are laying down on the couches in the living room watching music videos.]

BRIGHT: Do you hear that surround sound?

EPHRAM: Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah, my dad just got it.

[Amy comes downstairs mad.]


EPHRAM: One of us is in trouble.

[Ephram sits up on the couch. Amy comes in and looks at Bright.]

AMY: You are completely ruining her life, did you know that?

EPHRAM: Oh, that rules me out.

BRIGHT: You could be talking about like 10 different chicks here? Her who?

[Amy turns off the TV.]

AMY: Hannah. Topher Cole asked her out and she's not going because for some insane reason she still likes you. It's like she's been brainwashed and needs an exorcism.

BRIGHT: So what do you want me to do about it?

AMY: I don't know, but you have to do something because it was all your fault, right, Ephram?

EPHRAM: Uh, I love Hannah, I wish her all the best, but I'm staying out of this one.

AMY: (to Ephram) Thanks, I'll remember that. (to Bright) Come on, be a good person for once in your life.

BRIGHT: Look, little sister, I can't help it if I have a way with the ladies. Just like you can't help the fact that you're an obsessive neurotic chick.

EPHRAM: Hey, he's kinda got a point.

AMY: I thought you weren't getting involved.

EPHRAM: No, not the neurotic thing. Let's face it, you and I know that Bright is nothing but a good looking empty shell devoid of any characteristics yet women are still attracted to him. Maybe it's their fault for being so superficial.

AMY: You're not helping.

BRIGHT: Really, man.

AMY: Look, Hannah deserves to go on this date. She's ready.

BRIGHT: So tell her that.

[Amy just looks at Bright. Ephram looks at Amy and then at Bright.]

EPHRAM: Pretty sure that conversation's already taken place.

BRIGHT: Okay, so you've done your part. You've been super friend Amy. If she doesn't want to listen to you, maybe for once in your life, you should let it go.

AMY: Fine. Do nothing, but if Hannah doesn't leave her house for 50 years, doesn't fall in love, never gets married, ends up being one of those old ladies with a lot of cats, it's on you.

[Amy walks away frustrated. Bright turns back on the TV to listen to the music.]

BRIGHT: It's the subwoofer. It's like a movie theater, huh?

EPHRAM: Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

[Cut to Mama Joy's – Dr. Hartman is sitting at the counter and Nina delivers him his food.]

DR. HARTMAN: What about The Incredibles? Has Sam seen it?

NINA: No, but I don't think the DVD is out yet, is it?

DR. HARTMAN: You forget, I'm from Los Angeles. Oscar screeners are as easy to score there as pain killers.

[Nina gives him a look.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) Self-deprecation. It's my new thing.

NINA: Oh, well, I am sure that Sam will love it.

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, great. Then maybe I can come by tomorrow night and, uh, and we can all watch it together.

NINA: You know what? I got a better idea. How 'bout I come to you?

DR. HARTMAN: You'd come to my place? Really?

NINA: Mmm hmm… Well, it's the least I can do after that foot rub. Plus, you can show me that flat screen TV you never shut up about.

DR. HARTMAN: Actually, it's more of a chubby plasma. Well, what about Sam?

NINA: Ehh, he's eight. I'll tell him you started working. Hannah will watch him.

DR. HARTMAN: Really? Awesome. Well, we could go to the movies.

NINA: Umm, hmm…

DR. HARTMAN: Or go dancing? Do you like dancing?

NINA: That sounds so great and we can work out the details later. (looking at a table) I gotta get that table.

[Dr. Hartman smiles happily as Nina goes to take care of some customers.]

[Cut to Hannah's bedroom – Hannah is sitting at her desk in her pajamas when Bright knocks on her door.]

HANNAH: Come in.

[Bright enters.]

BRIGHT: Hey, Nina said I could come up.

[Hannah jumps and tries to put a blanket over her pajamas.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Sure you don't need another blanket. I can still see your wrist.

HANNAH: Uh, what-what are you doing here?

[Bright walks further into the room and clears his throat.]

BRIGHT: I heard about Topher.

HANNAH: Omigod.

[Hannah looks embarrassed and sits down at her desk and throws her blanket over her head.]

BRIGHT: No, it's okay. You don't have to be embarrassed.

HANNAH: In fact, I do.

BRIGHT: Hey. (takes the blanket off her head) Chill. I just, uh… I just came here to tell you that I get it.

HANNAH: What do you get?

BRIGHT: Well, I've been in your situation before, Hannah, and it may seem impossible to believe but back in 8th grade there was this chick named Lisa Caplan, who refused to go out with me. Uh, supposedly her mom wouldn't let her date someone who wasn't Jewish and I told her I would convert but still no dice.

HANNAH: I'm sorry, you were going to convert to Judaism.

BRIGHT: Oh no, not really, but she didn't know that. But anyways, the point is I made this vow that I wasn't going to go out with anybody until she went out with me first. And it was just a stupid vow. Just… Do you understand me?

HANNAH: Not even a little bit.

[Bright sits down on the bed.]

BRIGHT: I don't want you not going out with Topher just because he's not as good looking as me. And does not as quick with the jokes, y'know?

[Hannah starts to laugh.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Cause generally a decent guy.

HANNAH (laughing): I'm sorry. Umm…


HANNAH: Well, that was really sweet. Umm, totally narcissistic and off base, but sweet. Look, you don't have to worry about it. You're not the reason, I'm not going out with Topher Cole.

BRIGHT: I'm not?


BRIGHT: So you-you just don't like him or…?

HANNAH: Well, actually I really like him. He's incredibly smart and funny in an Owen Wilson kind of way which is the best. Plus he's got these freckles that are…

BRIGHT: Okay.. So you dig him. Well, it's… Well, why don't you go out with him?

HANNAH: Because if we go out, then we'll have a good time and then we'll probably go out again and then we will probably fall in love, go to the same college, get married, have kids and I just can't do any of that.

BRIGHT: O-kay. Uh, why?

HANNAH: Because I don't know if I'm gonna be alive long enough for all of that. Remember what I told you about my dad and Huntington's. Well, I might have it too. I mean, I-I don't know for sure if I do, but…

BRIGHT: Yeah, yeah, right, Amy told me about the-the test. You're not gonna take it, right?

HANNAH: No, it's just not the way I do things.

BRIGHT: Okay, y'know, I get it.

[Hannah looks at Bright.]

BRIGHT: I mean, I don't get it, but …

HANNAH: I know…

BRIGHT: Y'know, back when you told us about it. I didn't know if I should y'know, bring it up to you or not. People don't normally come to me for real stuff. They come to me for fun. I'm not good with the real stuff.

HANNAH: I don't think that's true. Anyway, we-we don't have to talk about this, y'know…

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah…

HANNAH: Bottom line is I have watched my mom give up her entire life to take care of my dad and-and before he got really sick, I just saw how guilty he felt about it and I-I know that that's how I feel. I can't have kids. I can't let someone fall in love with me as unlikely as that may be which would be just too awful – especially if I love them back. Does that make any sense?

BRIGHT: Y'know, see it's like I said… I don't know. But if you think so…

HANNAH: Yeah. Umm, I probably should go to sleep, so…

BRIGHT: Yeah, okay. (getting up) I'll let you do that. Uh…

HANNAH: Hey, but could you do me a favor and not tell Amy about this? I just… I think it'd be easier if she thought it was you.

BRIGHT: Yeah, I could do that. Sleep tight, Hannah.

[Bright leaves and closes the door behind him. Hannah just sits at her desk thinking.]



[Fade in – Hayes house – Dr. Brown rings the doorbell. Amanda answers it.]

AMANDA: Welcome to my cold war.

[Amanda turns to walk back toward the kitchen. Dr. Brown comes in with a bag in his hand.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) Will you be staying long?

DR. BROWN: Oh, Charlie still not talking to ya?

AMANDA: Oh, he won't come out of his room. I leave his meals on a tray outside of his door. The upside is since I got the whole prison guard thing down, I know what to be for Halloween next year.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, well, I'm sorry my brilliant idea turned into a bit of a fiasco.

AMANDA: Well, there's an understatement. What's in the bag?

DR. BROWN: Well, this. It's just one of those Game Cube things. I brought it for Charlie.

AMANDA: Please tell me, you're not that guy?

DR. BROWN: What guy?

AMANDA: The guy with the yellow corvette who tries to buy my son's affection.

DR. BROWN: I don't have a yellow corvette. Look, I just… I thought it might help.

AMANDA: My kid's not for sale.

DR. BROWN: I know that. Listen, it was a bad night. Charlie's gonna be fine. Kids are resilient. They just… They just think about things differently. It just takes them a little bit longer to understand.

AMANDA: Or maybe they understand more than we give them credit for and it takes them less time to see what we can't.

DR. BROWN: Am I missing something? Why do you feel like you've packed your bags and left the country?

AMANDA: Maybe we should quit while we're ahead. Maybe it would be easier to stop now.

DR. BROWN: Easy for who? We've denied. We've fought it. I-I-I had an ulcer. But I'm in this. You can't just walk away over a lousy dinner and a-and a video game.

AMANDA: Andy, please?

DR. BROWN: Listen, I didn't expect Charlie to welcome me with open arms and call me "Dad", but then again neither did you, so what's really going on here?

AMANDA: You look at me like I'm the best thing since crunchy peanut butter and I want it to stay that way. (sighs) There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me.

DR. BROWN: So tell me. What?

AMANDA: I've been lying to you.

[Cut to Dr. Hartman's house – There is a knock on Dr. Hartman's door. Dr. Hartman goes to answer it. He is wearing a suit. Nina is there wearing a lovely dress.]

DR. HARTMAN: Wow. You look… You're stunning.

[Dr. Hartman invites Nina and they give each other a kiss.]

NINA: So what time does the play start?

[They walk into the den.]

DR. HARTMAN: Theater always starts at 8. Except in Denver, apparently where it starts at 7:30.

[They laugh.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) We should probably get going.

[Nina's cell phone goes off.]

NINA: Oh, I should probably get it.

[Nina pulls her cell phone out of her purse.]

NINA: (CONT'D) In case, it's Sam.

[Nina looks at the cell phone.]

NINA: (CONT'D) It's Sam.

[Nina answers the phone.]

NINA: (CONT'D) Hello.

[Cut to Nina's house – Hannah is under the table.]

HANNAH: Nina, omigod, I'm so sorry to interrupt your date, but I just-I just didn't know what to do.

[Cut back to Nina at Dr. Hartman's house.]

NINA: Uh, what's going on?

[Cut back to Hannah underneath the table.]

HANNAH: Well, uh. There's a bird in the house.

[A bird flies toward Hannah and Sam is running after it. A vase crashes down to the floor breaking, scaring Hannah.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) And it just broke a vase. Hold on.

[Hannah grabs Sam and pulls him under the table with her.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) Okay, I'm back. Sam and I are under the table.

[Cut back to Nina at Dr. Hartman's house.]

NINA: Okay, don't panic. Did, um, did you call Andy?

HANNAH: (on the phone) Well, he's not home and I-I tried Dr. Abbott too but I couldn't find him either.

[Cut back to Hannah and Sam under the table. Hannah and Sam are staring at the bird.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) And ever since I saw the movie "The Birds". Birds just really freak me out.

[Cut back to Nina at Dr. Hartman's house.]

HANNAH: (on the phone) (CONT'D) I'm really sorry.

NINA: Don't be sorry. Don't be sorry. Just calm down and take a deep breath.

[Cut back to Hannah and Sam – Sam lunges out from under the table and tries to get the bird.]


[Cut back to Nina.]

NINA: Okay, Hannah, just, uh, stay where you are and I'll-I'll be right there.

[Nina hangs up the phone.]

DR. HARTMAN: What's going on? Is Sam okay?

NINA: Yeah, but, umm, I need to go. There's a bird in the house and the kids are hiding under the table. I am so sorry.

[Nina starts to walk toward the door.]

DR. HARTMAN: Well, that's okay. That-That shouldn't take long. We could still make it to the show.

NINA: I'm sorry but tonight's just not gonna work.

DR. HARTMAN: Okay, you know, forget about the show, I'll just come back to your place with you. I have a way with birds.

NINA: You know, I think it'd just be better if I see you tomorrow.

DR. HARTMAN: What are you talking about? I'll just come with you.

NINA: I don't want you to come with me. I don't need your help here. Okay?

[Nina walks toward the door. Dr. Hartman follows her.]

DR. HARTMAN: I know you don't need my help.

NINA: Please stop. You're-You're not getting it.

DR. HARTMAN: No, I'm-I'm really not. What's going on?

NINA: I don't want you to come to my house, because I don't need Sam getting any more confused than he already is. See I thought if I came here tonight, if I acted like a regular single person – a single person who doesn't have kids then I could figure out where all this was going without all the pressure but obviously that's just not possible.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, of course, it isn't. You're a mother and I already knew that and I'm into that.

NINA: I'm not into it. I'm not into you being Sam's surrogate dad and him falling even more in love because what happens when it doesn't work out with us. I can't watch Sam face the disappointment of another man walking out on him. I can't let that happen. I'm sorry.

DR. HARTMAN: You said when.

NINA: What?

DR. HARTMAN: You said when it doesn't work out. You never really thought it would. Did you? This whole time.

[Nina's cell phone goes off again.]

NINA: I've got to go.

[Dr. Hartman opens the door and Nina leaves.]

{FLASHBACK: The Hayes house – Amanda is laying in a bubble bath listening to classical music and John walks in.}

JOHN: Four seasons. What is that Spring?

AMANDA: I can never tell which is which.

JOHN: Remember that time we saw the Chicago Philharmonic performing?

AMANDA (nodding): And it was the first time you told me that you loved me.

JOHN: Now, I'm smothering your spirit. The very thing I fell in love with.

AMANDA: I thought it was my exuberance.

JOHN: Yeah, well, before I… I mean, I dated all these women, it was easy 'cause I didn't care if they left. But you came along and I was petrified. 'Cause you were the one. And for the last 10 years I've lived with the fear that you would leave. At least I don't have to be afraid any more because that day is here. It hurts like hell but it's almost a relief.


JOHN: I'm gonna give you what you want. You can have your divorce.

AMANDA: I don't know if that's what I want. I don't know what I want.

[John sits on the edge of the tub.]

JOHN: Yes, you do. It's okay. Okay. But there is only one thing – I don't want you to take Charlie away.

AMANDA: I would never…

JOHN: No, what I mean is, I want Charlie.

AMANDA: You what?

JOHN: I-I'm not gonna be one of these fathers who-who sees his kids on holidays or weekends. I won't have him living out of a suitcase. I-I…

AMANDA: So what are you saying?

JOHN: What I'm saying is – you're free to go, but if you do, I want Charlie to stay with me. Here in this house. Where he belongs.

[John leaves the bathroom and Amanda sits in the tub thinking.]


[Cut to Amanda and Dr. Brown sitting in Amanda's den.]

DR. BROWN: So you thought about getting a divorce?

AMANDA: I thought about all of it – divorcing John, leaving Charlie. I don't know if I would've in the end, especially Charlie. But for a moment it was in my head.

DR. BROWN: And? Do you know how many times I've wanted to leave the kids at a bus stop?

AMANDA: Oh, come on. It's not the same thing and you know it. You have been walking around this town with everyone looking at me like I should–should be walking on water when in fact I'm…

DR. BROWN: In fact what? You thought about getting a divorce. You decided against it. And instead, you gave up the last five years of your life to take care of your husband.

AMANDA: Because I felt guilty. Don't you get it, everything I did for John, I did for the wrong reasons. I'm not the person you thought I was. Admit it. As different now as then. Now that you know.

DR. BROWN: When I came to Everwood almost three years ago, I did it out of guilt. I didn't do it for love for my children, I barely knew them. This is what Julia wanted so I did it for her. And now when I look back on it, I think it was probably the smartest decision I ever made.

AMANDA: I failed John. I know I did.

DR. BROWN: You didn't cause his stroke. You didn't make the hole in his heart.

AMANDA: Oh, no, I just tore it to shreds. And I still feel guilty about it. Even now. I know you don't hate me for this, but I hate me. I do.

[Dr. Brown touches her leg to try and comfort her.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) Please don't. Andy, I need you to go now.

[Dr. Brown nods in agreement and grabs his coat and leaves.]

[Cut to Hannah's bedroom – Hannah is wiping off bird droppings off her shirt. Bright knocks on Hannah's door.]

HANNAH: Come in.

[Bright enters.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) Oh, for the love of Pete.

BRIGHT: I gotta take you somewhere.



HANNAH: I've-I've got bird poop on me.

BRIGHT: That's okay.

[Bright grabs her hand and walks her out of her room.]

[Cut to Bright and Hannah walking outside onto Nina's front porch. Hannah has a coat on now. They stand at the edge of the stairs. Bright looks up in the sky.]

HANNAH: Are we getting beamed somewhere?

BRIGHT: How cool would that be? Now actually, we're here.

HANNAH: This is where you want to take me – the front porch?

BRIGHT: Do you remember what happened here?

[Hannah looks confused.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) You tried to kiss me.

[Hannah is speechlessly. Bright goes down two steps and then faces Hannah.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) About-About right here.

HANNAH: Yeah, right, thanks for reminding me of the most embarrassing moment of my entire life until right now that is.

BRIGHT: But wh… But that's the point. See you've got everybody fooled, Hannah. You pretend to be all shy and intro… What's that word?

HANNAH: Introspective. Introverted.

BRIGHT: Right. Those. Y'know, you act like somebody who doesn't take chances, but that's not true. See I saw that other side of you, you know I was here. You leaned in, you tried to kiss me. You didn't think about it. You just did what you wanted to do. And for a brief second, you saw it.

HANNAH: Saw what?

BRIGHT: A future. Or, y'know, the possibility of one. Y'know, and then, I mean, damn you called me on my crap, which honestly no girl has ever done before. Y'know which means you're way stronger and cooler than you think. Which means you can't let this thing –this-this not knowing thing stop you from living your life because God, Hannah, your life is gonna rock.

HANNAH: You think so?

BRIGHT: Yeah. Hell yeah. And this Topher thing – I don't know, go out with him, don't go out with him, but live your life out, because you never know, y'know. I mean, none of us know how long we're gonna be here. My friend, Colin, sure as hell didn't. I think about it every single day. At least I try to. You just gotta, you gotta treat every moment like its like…

HANNAH: Like a- like a gift.

BRIGHT: Yeah. Yeah. You can't give it up and you can't give it back, because Hannah you are too good for that. Okay.



[Bright starts to walk down the steps.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Oh, and uh, one more thing. Don't ever say that it's unlikely someone's gonna fall in love with you, because they will. They will, They will see all the things I see and more and-and unlike me, they'll actually deserve you.

[Hannah leans over the steps and hugs Bright.]



[Fade in – Hayes kitchen – Amanda is in her bathrobe making something to eat and Charlie comes down and sees the video game on the counter.]

CHARLIE: Wow, is this for me?

AMANDA: Oh, now he speaks. Yeah, it's for you.

CHARLIE: Cool. Can I go play?

AMANDA: Maybe have some breakfast first.

CHARLIE: Thanks, mom. This is awesome.

AMANDA: Uh, don't thank me. Thank Dr. Brown, he's the one who got it for you.

[Charlie just looks stunned.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) It's okay, you don't have to call him.

CHARLIE: You can thank him for me if you want. Next time you see him.

AMANDA: Actually, I don't know if there's gonna be a next time.

CHARLIE: Why not?

AMANDA: Why not? Charlie, in case, you haven't noticed, you and me haven't talked in about three days. I miss ya, Buster. You are my number one guy. And if my- if my friendship.

CHARLIE: More than friendship.

AMANDA: Right, you're right. If my more than friendship with Dr. Brown is gonna ruin you and me, then I'm not gonna hang out with him any more. 'Cause you and me is how it's gotta be forever and always. You got that?

CHARLIE: Umm, you do seem pretty happy lately. Is it 'cause of him?

AMANDA: Little bit, yeah.

CHARLIE: Then I guess that's good. Right?

AMANDA: It's as good as it gets. Now go play.

[Charlie turns to leave.]


[Amanda hands him a banana. Charlie smiles and walks out of the kitchen.]



[A five year old Charlie runs into the kitchen.]


AMANDA: Go grab me your lunchbox. It's upstairs, remember?

[Charlie turns to go, John comes form the other direction, lifts him up in the air.]

JOHN: Hey, big guy? You ready for your first day of kindergarten? You're a big man now. You got a lot of responsibilities . . .

YOUNGER CHARLIE: Yup. Gotta get my lunchbox.

John puts him down, grins proudly. God, he loves this kid.

JOHN: Okay, you get your lunchbox. We'll get out of here.

[Charlie runs off and Amanda looks at John.]

JOHN: (CONT'D) You mind if I take him to school?

AMANDA: Well, you didn't give me much choice . . .

JOHN: I could say the same to you.

[Charlie returns, holding his Spider-Man lunchbox. John leaves the kitchen to go to the bathroom.]

YOUNGER CHARLIE: What'd you make me?

AMANDA: Liver.

YOUNGER CHARLIE: Ewwwww . . . .

AMANDA: Okay. How 'bout a bologna sandwich?

[Charlie smiles. Amanda and Charlie hear glass breaking in the bathroom.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) John? You okay?

[No answer. Amanda goes to see what is going on. Amanda finds John on the floor She kneels down beside him.]

AMANDA: Oh my God . . . (panicked) John. John . . John!

[Charlie watches from the bathroom door.]


[Cut to Mama Joy's – Nina is behind the counter and Dr. Hartman tries to get her to stop and talk to him.]

DR. HARTMAN: We've got an emergency here.

[Dr. Hartman goes behind the counter to confront Nina.]

DR. HARTMAN: I'm not ready to break up.

NINA: I don't think that qualifies as an emergency, Jake . . .

[Nina grabs a pot of coffee and Dr. Hartman grabs a pot too and Dr. Hartman follows Nina around to the customer tables.]

DR. HARTMAN: The thing is, I was a little pissed at the way everything went down last night until I realized that this isn't about me. This isn't even about Sam. You told me it was, but you lied. You used Sam as the reason so I would go away and you wouldn't have to deal with what's really bothering you.

NINA: Oh, and what's really bugging me?

DR. HARTMAN: You're scared. You're absolutely crazy about me and it's freaking you out.

NINA: I'm glad you're ego's still intact.

[Nina walks over to another table.]

NINA: (CONT'D) Hey, Martha.


[Dr. Hartman smiles at Martha.]

DR. HARTMAN: Look, a lot of guys would've fallen for the Sam excuse but I'm too savvy for that. It's not that you don't worry about Sam, of course, you do, and you should, but you're also worried about you. You don't want Sam to get invested in me, because you don't want to get invested me because you think I'm gonna leave you just like Carl did.

[Dr. Hartman looks at Davenport.]


DAVENPORT: Yeah, thanks.

[Dr. Hartman pours the customer coffee.]


NINA: So you're-you're a shrink now.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, I did do a psychiatric rotation during medical school but here's the thing. I'm not going anywhere.

NINA: I know M. O., Jake; you'll be back in Los Angeles before I even know that you left.

DR. HARTMAN: No, you're talking about the old me. Sure, yes. Yes, that guy would have weaved in and weaved out and prayed for as little damage as possible. But now, I want damage and pain and all the good stuff that comes along with it.

NINA: So damage and pain is the good stuff? I can't wait to hear the bad parts . . .

DR. HARTMAN: The only bad part is you giving up before we have a chance to find out what this thing is. I wanna know if I can fall in love with you, lady. Don't you wanna know? I mean, wouldn't it be amazing if it actually happened? I know that it might not, I know there's a thousand things that could mess it up, but you gotta see the movie before you review it. And if we do fail, I can almost guarantee you that it'll be MY heart we'll be picking up off the pavement, not yours, and definitely not Sam's. But I think you're worth the risk.

[Nina grabs him and kisses him in front of the customers. They finally separate; Dr. Hartman looks around at the patrons, who seem totally oblivious.]

DR. HARTMAN : (CONT'D) Huh. I thought they'd, you know, applaud or something.

[They kiss again.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's back porch – Amanda is sitting on the swing and Dr. Brown comes out the door with his keys and is surprised to see Amanda.]



DR. BROWN: Did you knock?


DR. BROWN: Interesting. Do you, uh, wanna come inside? (pointing to go inside)

AMANDA: Uh, no. No. No, this is an outside conversation.

DR. BROWN: Just out of curiosity, did you know that I'd be making a milk run tonight or were you gonna sit here till I went out for the morning paper?

AMANDA: Sit down, Andy.

[Dr. Brown sits next to Amanda on the swing.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) I'm sorry, I, uh, I didn't call you earlier. I wasn't trying to freak you out, I just I needed some time to stew with this one on my own and I have and-and now I know what I have to do.

DR. BROWN: Well, before you do it can I just say thank you.

AMANDA: Well, obviously, you're welcome, but what for?

DR. BROWN: For being you. Pushing me.

AMANDA: I-I didn't come here to end things.

DR. BROWN: You didn't?

AMANDA: No. How could I walk away now? I mean, you saw – you saw the dark parts – the inside. And you're still here and you're still looking at me with those kind-kind eyes. I'm old enough to know how hard that is to come by, I can't let you go now. The thing that I realize, the thing I know that I have to do is that I have to call that lawyer.

DR. BROWN: That lawyer?

AMANDA: Yeah. I'm gonna finish what I started 5 years ago. I'm gonna leave John.

[Dr. Brown touches Amanda's face tenderly.]

[Cut to Peak County Lunchroom – Hannah is sitting a table reading. Ephram and Amy approach her and sit down at the table.]

EPHRAM: Watcha reading?

HANNAH: "Summer" by Edith Wharton.

AMY: Again? Haven't you read that like forty times?

HANNAH: Just call me a romantic.

[Ephram looks over his shoulder and sees Topher going to sit at a table all by himself.]

EPHRAM: Theoretically, maybe. But in real life you're a vile temptress of doom.

[Hannah scoffs at Ephram's comment.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) No, it's a - it's a compliment. Look at this guy. He's dejected. Wasting away before our eyes. I'm gonna go talk to him.


EPHRAM: It's a mitzvah. [Ephram goes to sit with Topher. Hannah looks at Amy, confused.]

AMY: I don't know, sometimes, he conveniently Yiddish.

[Hannah just stares.]

AMY: (CONT'D) What's wrong? You're having second thoughts, aren't you? You wish you said yes.

HANNAH: Maybe . . .

AMY: So then why don't you go out with him? You could still do something tonight.

HANNAH: No, I can't tonight.

AMY: Why you can flake on me. I don't care!

HANNAH: No, no, it's not that. It's just I have to get up early tomorrow for an appointment.

AMY: What appointment?

HANNAH: With a doctor out in Denver. I think, I'm gonna get the test.

AMY: The Huntington's test?

HANNAH: I think I'm ready to know.

[They hug each other.]

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Bonjour à tous ! Des nouveaux sondages sont disponibles sur les quartiers Devious Maids et CSI NY. Merci d'avance pour vos votes

CastleBeck (17:06)

Halloween est à l'honneur pour le nouveau sondage du quartier Castle. N'hésitez pas y voter. Bon aprem

Locksley (17:42)

Avec notre nouveau jeu HypnoChance, vous pouvez gagner un coffret DVD S1 ou un roman Poldark !

Locksley (17:44)

Votre cadeau se trouve peut-être derrière un petit clic... Participez au jeu ! Infos en haut du menu Bonne chance !

cinto (18:34)

Quel acteur ou actrice pourrait intégrer Queer As folk ? Merci de voter au sondage Queer As Folk...ça fera plaisir!

chrismaz66 (13:05)

A voté ? un petit clin aux sondages House, Torchwood et Kaamelott ça mange pas de pain et ça fait aussi plaisir. Belle journée à tous ?

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