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#309 : Le reflexe

Titre en VO: "The reflex" - Titre en VF : Le reflexe
¤USA : diffusé le 22/11/04 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : Rina Mimoun et Anna Fricke - Réalisation : Michael Lange
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Jake Hartman), Anne Heche (Amanda Hayes), Shane Haboucha (Charlie) Ben Hammond (Sam Feeney) Lee Garlington (Brenda Baxworth), Kelley Limp Scott

Ephram et Amy décident qu'ils sont prêts pour franchir une nouvelle étape dans leur relation et prévoient des plans romatiques pour se retrouver à la maison du lac des Abbott.

Pendant ce temps, Andy et Amanda jouent les chaperons pour le "rendez-vous pizza" de Delia et Charlie, mais la soirée semble finalement se transformer en rendez-vous pour les deux adultes, qui réalisent leur attirance mutuelle.

Nina réévalue ses sentiments pour Jake après qu'il soit venu à son secours alors qu'il était en plein rendez-vous galant.

The reflex part 2 VF
The reflex part 2 VF


The reflex part 3 VF
The reflex part 3 VF


Bande annonce 309 (VO)
Bande annonce 309 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Fade in – Scene from “The Tipping Point” Act Two - Dr. Brown and Amanda are standing on a bridge in the woods.]

IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

AMANDA: I bet it was nice not to be lonely. Like with Linda.

DR. BROWN: How much asking around did you do?

[Cut to Scene from “Best Laid Plans” Act One – Dr. Brown is visiting Dr. Abbott at the Abbott House.]

DR. BROWN: Ephram and Amy are going to have sex.

DR. ABBOTT: How did this happen?

DR. BROWN: Calm down, Harold. The reason I came here is so that you and I…

DR. ABBOTT: Oh don’t tell me to calm down, Andy. My daughter’s about to be deflowered by Supersperm over there. I’m not supposed to have a reaction.

[Cut to Scene from “Best Laid Plans” Act Four – Ephram and Amy are walking down a sidewalk.]

EPHRAM: I need you to know that if, we do. It’s gonna be a-a big deal for me as well. It’s not something I’m gonna take lightly, because you’re not somebody that I take lightly.


[Cut to drive in – Ephram and Amy are kissing in the car.]

AMY (VOICE-OVER): My foot is falling asleep. I wonder if I just move it slightly.

[Ephram feels Amy move and he breaks the kiss.]

AMY: Sorry.

EPHRAM: You alright?

AMY: Yeah, No. I’m good. I’m good.

EPHRAM: You sure?

AMY: Umm, hmm.


[They begin to kiss again.]

AMY (VOICE-OVER): Ugh, I shouldn’t’ve moved it.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): Go to the ear. The ear. Maybe if I just tilt my head.

[They are struggling kissing.]

AMY: Are you okay?

EPHRAM: Yeah, no, I had an itch.

[Amy sits back in her seat, looking like making out is too complicated.]

AMY: You want popcorn?

EPHRAM: Uh, yeah. Yeah, you want me to get it?

AMY: No. No. That’s okay. I’ll get it. I-I need some air anyways.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): She needs air, what does that mean?

AMY (VOICE-OVER): Why did I say that?

[Amy gets out of the car.]

EPHRAM: Dammit.

[Ephram is mad at himself in the car.]

[Cut to Amy walking back toward the car with popcorn.]

AMY: Terri? Terri?

[Amy knocks on a window of a car. Inside the car, a couple is making out.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Never mind.

[Amy walks back to Ephram’s car and gets in.]

EPHRAM: The giant centipede thing just ate the doctor guy. It was pretty sweet.

AMY: I think Terri and Brian are having sex in her parents’ car.

EPHRAM: What? Where? Here.

AMY: Yeah, they’re like two cars down.

EPHRAM: Wow. Really.

AMY: I don’t know if they’re having actual sex, but…

EPHRAM: Yeah, I mean I doubt it’s actual sex. It’s…

AMY: Yeah, me too.

EPHRAM: The-They’re probably just…

AMY: Yeah. Yeah.

[Awkward silence between. Ephram and Amy are avoiding eye contact.]

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): They’re definitely having sex.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): They are so having sex. I shouldn’t have told him now he’s gonna think I want to.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): Wait, was that like a sign.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): Although I’m sure he knows I’d never let our first time be in a car in a completely public place.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): I bet that was a sign. Did I just miss the cue? I think I just missed the cue.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): I guess this is probably the place to do it. I mean, people are obviously doing it here.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): If she looks at me it’s the cue.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): How would we even…?

[Amy looks at Ephram and Ephram looks away really fast.]

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): Okay, never mind that wasn’t the cue.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): He’s blocking his lips. That means he doesn’t want me to kiss him. God, body language is so telling. People magazine is so right about that stuff.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): That girl looks so much like Jennifer Lopez. I wonder if they’re related.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): I wonder if my dad would get a subscription if I asked. Probably.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): Why am I thinking about Jennifer Lopez?

[Ephram clears his throat and offers Amy the soda.]

EPHRAM: Do you want…?

AMY: Sure.

[Ephram hands Amy the soda and he smiles and Amy sips the soda.]

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): This is going badly.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): This is so bad.

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): She’s actually watching the movie.

AMY (VOICE-OVER): He’s clearly into the movie.

EPHRAM AND AMY (VOICE-OVER): We’re never gonna have sex.



[Fade in – Bell rings outside of the elementary school – Dr. Brown is leaning against his SUV waiting for Delia to come out. He sees Amanda who is standing by her car. He walks over to her.]

DR. BROWN: Why is it our two children are always the last ones out of the building?

AMANDA: Probably because Charlie likes to make out by the coat rack after the other kids are gone.

DR. BROWN: Oh, how I enjoy your sassy ways.

[Mrs. Baxworth walks between two cars and sees Dr. Brown and Amanda and stops to talk.]

MRS. BAXWORTH: Oh, Dr. Brown, Amanda, what a surprise to see you two here.

DR. BROWN: Well, every time I try to get rid of Delia, she just finds her way home anyway.

MRS. BAXWORTH: So, Amanda, you poor thing, who on earth is tending to John while Dr. Brown here’s chatting your ears off?

AMANDA: Well, John has yet to burn the house down during the five minutes I take to pick up Charlie from school so…?

MRS. BAXWORTH: Well, we’ll all pray for you.

AMANDA: My bet’s on science these days but thanks all the same.

[Mrs. Baxworth notices the snide comment and walks away.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) Nothing like play heathen to make the neighbors buzz off.

[Amanda spots Charlie and Delia holding hands and walking toward them.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) Hey, kiddo.

[Charlie drops Delia’s hand.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) Say goodbye to your girlfriend. [to Dr. Brown] And I’ll see you tomorrow right?

[Dr. Brown walks toward Delia and then turns to reply.]

DR. BROWN: Two o’clock.

[Cut to Mama Joy’s – Dr. Hartman is looking at a menu and Nina is behind the counter talking to him.]

DR. HARTMAN: How great is this? Butternut squash soup, pumpkin ice cream – it’s like all the seasons I ever missed are just served up in a horn of plenty.

NINA: They don’t do pumpkin in 90210?

DR. HARTMAN: Not like this. I can’t believe the winters around here. This is the first time in my whole life I haven’t had to drive three hours to get a whiff of snow. Do you have any idea what a wonderland you’re living in?

NINA: So I bet an ice skating rink would really knock your stockings off?

DR. HARTMAN: No way. It’s frozen over already?

NINA: It’s cold, Jake. You’ll notice my hair is just thawing from my morning shower. Anyway, this weekend is the first skate. It’s a big deal around here. Kids slide around on the ice. Adults spice their cider. It’s good times.

DR. HARTMAN: Sounds awesome.

NINA: And, uh, Sam and I are going this Saturday. You should come.

[Dr. Hartman doesn’t respond.]

NINA: (CONT'D) What am I saying? It’s Saturday you probably have a date or something.

DR. HARTMAN: No. No. No. It’s just, uh, thing kinda… It’s-It’s not even a big thing.

NINA: Nah, you don’t have to explain. You’re allowed to date, Jake. You’re supposed to date.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, I know. I know, I just feel a little weird talking to you about it.

NINA: Well, you shouldn’t. Feel weird, I mean. It’s… You can talk to me about it or-or-or not. It’s up to you.

[Dr. Hartman looks at his watch and then gets up.]

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, man. Mrs. Langdon’s been waiting for me for like 15 minutes so, uh…

NINA: I guess so… It’s busy.

DR. HARTMAN: See ya.

[Nina waves bye and Dr. Hartman grabs his coat and leaves.]

[Cut to the Abbott kitchen – Dr. Abbott and Hannah are looking through a photo album on the bar stools at the island, Rose is putting items away and Amy is washing dishes at the sink.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, this is where Amy would make her famous pillow fortress. See she would employ every single pillow in the house. Snatch it out from under your sleeping head if need be. Do you remember that, sweetheart?

AMY: Not really.

DR. ABBOTT: There’s a small elk cove, almost like an attic.

HANNAH: Oh my gosh, it’s like a little kid’s tree house, but inside.

DR. ABBOTT: One of the chief reasons we bought this cabin in the first place. Oh perhaps we should hold off on the sale, Rose. We might want to venture back someday.

ROSE: We haven’t set foot in that cabin since 1998, Harold. It’s time to let another family create some memories there.

AMY: I say sell it.

HANNAH: Is that Bright wearing Muppet slippers?

DR. ABBOTT: Ah, yes, Bright was oddly bewitched by Miss Piggy.

[Hannah laughs.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) And Amy simply would not remove her Fozzie bears for all the tea in China.

AMY: Okay, that’s it. Hannah, can you please meet me upstairs. We need to talk.

[Amy wipes her hands dry and starts to leave the kitchen.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, we were all gonna watch the movie.

HANNAH: Yeah, what about the movie?

AMY: Uh, they can start it without us. It’s really important.

[They leave the kitchen. Dr. Abbott and Rose look at the photo album and Dr. Abbott starts to hum.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Amy and Hannah walk in.]

HANNAH: Is everything okay?

AMY: No, it’s fine, it’s just I needed to get out of there. Gaa, he’s so endless sometimes.

[Amy sits down on her bed frustrated with Dr. Abbott.]

AMY: (CONT'D) It’s like he thinks that if he talks about me being eight, I might miraculously become eight. It gets annoying.

HANNAH: He’s just being nostalgic.

[Hannah looks in her overnight.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) I left my pajamas at Nina’s.

AMY: That’s okay, I’ll lend you.

[Amy gets up and gets Hannah some clothes from her closet. Hannah sits on Amy’s bed.]

HANNAH: So how was last night? Did you and Ephram have a good time at the drive-in?

AMY: Oh, it was whatever.

[Amy goes into her bathroom.]

HANNAH: How was the movie?

AMY: (from inside the bathroom) I don’t know.

HANNAH: Oh, right. You guys were probably…

AMY: (from inside the bathroom) No, not even. We played the “How long can we kiss before it gets so unbearably boring that I’d actually rather watch someone get eaten by a giant centipede?”

HANNAH: Is that a game?

[Amy comes out of the bathroom with her pajamas on.]

AMY: No, Hannah, it’s my life.

[Amy lays down on the bed frustrated and Hannah gets up to go change.]

HANNAH: Well does that mean you don’t like kissing Ephram any more?

[Hannah disappears into the bathroom.]

AMY: No, it just means that we’ve stagnated at the kissing stage for so long, neither of us are taking it to the next level or you know…the level.

[Hannah sticks her head out of the bathroom.]

HANNAH: You want to go to “the” level.

AMY: I don’t know. Maybe. I mean, we talked about it over a month ago and it seems like we were both ready but nothing’s happened since then. It’s like we had this big conversation and then that’s it. Hasn’t made any attempt since.

[Hannah comes out of the bathroom and sits on the bed to talk to Amy.]

HANNAH: Well, maybe he’s just trying to show you how much he respects you.

AMY: That’s horrifying.

[Hannah gives Amy a confused look at the comment.]

AMY: (CONT'D) No, I just wish this whole thing was over. I swear the anxiety about when it’s gonna happen is taking up way too much brain space.

HANNAH: Yeah, definitely.

AMY: You are hating this conversation.

[Amy sits up on the bed.]

HANNAH: No, I’m not.

AMY: You know what, I just need to talk to Ephram. I need to find some casual way to bring it up so that it doesn’t seem like we’re having another Treaty of Versailles and just go from there.

HANNAH: Sounds good to me. Your dad’s probably waiting on us to start the movies so…

[Hannah gets up to leave the room and Amy remains on her bed.]

AMY: (to herself) Yeah, I can be casual.

[Cut to lunchroom at school – Amy and Ephram are eating lunch at a table all by themselves.]

AMY: So why haven’t you tried to have sex with me yet?

EPHRAM: Wh..? What do you mean why haven’t I tried?

AMY: Well have you?

EPHRAM: No, I mean I haven’t done everything I could do but it’s not like you’ve given me any indication that that’s what you wanted me to do.

AMY: How am I supposed to indicate that?

EPHRAM: Well, I-I don’t know, maybe not flinching every time my hand grazes your belt buckle.

AMY: I don’t flinch.

EPHRAM: Uh, yeah, you do.

AMY: No, I don’t.

EPHRAM: Yeah, you do. Do you want me to show you right now ‘cause it’s actually pretty funny?

AMY: Okay, so maybe I flinch, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a reflex. The next time it happens just press on.


AMY: Okay.

[Ephram lets out a slight laugh from the conversation.]

AMY: (CONT'D) There’s something else, isn’t there?

EPHRAM: No, there’s nothing.

AMY: You don’t want to.

EPHRAM: No, are you kidding me, yes. I wa… Of course, I d… It just…

AMY: It just what?

EPHRAM: Can you not do that for two seconds? I mean, I-It’s your first time an-and it’s our first time together and I just… Y’know, it seems like it deserves a trip to Paris or something. Obviously Paris is a little pricey this time of year.

AMY: Ephram?

EPHRAM: I ju-I just want it to be, y’know, memorable and special.

AMY: And perfect, yeah, I know. And you know what that is, that’s like an aneurism waiting to happen. I mean seriously, Ephram, the amount of pressure you are putting on yourself and me for that matter, it’s like impossible and it’s killing our momentum so we should just remove it entirely. Okay, I don’t need candles. I don’t need rose petals. I don’t need Paris. It doesn’t have to be special, it just has to be you.

[Ephram smiles.]

AMY: (CONT'D) I say we do it in the car.

EPHRAM: Wh..? At-At the point? I don’t… No. No.

AMY: Eh, never mind. It’s too cheesy. (pause) Omigod, it’s perfect, my parents have this cabin. It’s not too far away. There’s a bed.

EPHRAM: A bed’s a good start.

AMY: Okay, great, let’s do that then. Perfect, I’ll get you the directions and the keys.

EPHRAM: We-we can’t go together?

AMY: Too suspicious. I’ll tell my dad, I’m sleeping over at Hannah’s. So Saturday night, 8 o’clock.

EPHRAM: For sex? 8. 9. 7:30.

AMY: Great, so you bring the condoms and I’ll see if I can score some of my mom’s fired chicken for after.

[Amy gets up with her tray like it’s no big deal and Ephram just sits there taking everything in.]

AMY: You coming?

[Ephram gets up and follows.]



[Fade in – Brown kitchen – Ephram walks in and Dr. Brown is sitting at the island reading the paper.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, did you know that there was a goat living in Mrs. Hanover’s yard? It’s been there for three days. It won’t go away.

EPHRAM: Yeah. Maybe we could take a field trip over there. Set up some chairs. Bring a cooler.

DR. BROWN: Oh, yeah. You’d be into that.


[Dr. Brown starts reading again and Ephram contemplates talking.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) So, uh, I was wondering if I could stay out tonight?

DR. BROWN: Oh, how late?

EPHRAM: Over night.

DR. BROWN: With Amy?

[Ephram nods his head.]

DR. BROWN: Where?

EPHRAM: Uh, mountains.

DR. BROWN: Oh, so it’s uh like a camping thing?

EPHRAM: Sure Dad.

DR. BROWN: Well, I’m just curious, if, uh, if I say no to you are you still gonna go do this anyway?

EPHRAM: Well, I was hoping that since I asked, I’d get some extra points.

DR. BROWN: You do. (pause) You can go.

[Ephram walks toward the kitchen door.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) But just be safe, alright, Ephram.

EPHRAM: I know.

DR. BROWN: No, I know you know. But you can take what you know and-and go a whole other mile with it. You know?

EPHRAM: I know.

[Ephram opens the back door and Amanda is there. She is startled by him opening the door.]


AMANDA: You’re Ephram. You’re taller than I pictured.


[Ephram steps past Amanda and leaves and Amanda comes in.]

AMANDA: Forty fellow?

DR. BROWN: Yeah. You just missed something horrifying. I haven’t breathed in two minutes.

AMANDA: Sounds juicy.

DR. BROWN: I mean, I’ve done all I can do. And there-there comes a point where going beyond that would just be ridiculous. Right?

AMANDA: Absolutely. Now just take a breathe. Caffeinate yourself.

[Dr. Brown gulps down his coffee. Amanda walks over and stands on the other side of the island.]

DR. BROWN: That’s better, thanks. So what’s the occasion?

[Amanda pulls a pen out of her pocket.]

AMANDA: Oh, your pen, sir. You left it at the house the other day and I think this is its spouse.

[Amanda pulls the prescription pad out of another pocket.]

DR. BROWN: Well, what else you got in there?

AMANDA: Six doves. Actually I was gonna release ‘em when I left.

DR. BROWN: Thanks, but you didn’t have to come all the way over here to bring these back.

AMANDA: Actually, I had sort of a crazy idea. Well, it was really Charlie’s idea – a collaboration if you will. And I know it’s late, but I like spontaneity don’t you. Planning tends to send me into a panic.

DR. BROWN: Did I miss the idea somewhere in there?

AMANDA: Oh, no. Here it is. I thought Charlie and Delia could have a play date. Ooh, I know, but Charlie’s been dying to do it and he won’t ask her so I’m asking you. Well, we are asking you out – to play. Do you like children’s restaurants with rooms that consist entirely of arcade games and inflated balls?

DR. BROWN: You know I was-I was just thinking it’s been too long.

AMANDA: Great, how’s tonight? I mean, sure the caretaker’s free for John. I don’t think the stimulation would be too good for him now and it’s not like we’re gonna be out all night.


AMANDA: Unless, tonight isn’t good.

DR. BROWN: No. No. Tonight is-is great. Uh, great. Uh, so should we just meet you there or..?


DR. BROWN: Okay.

AMANDA: Let’s do that.

DR. BROWN: All right.


DR. BROWN: Good.

[Amanda starts to walk toward the door to leave.]

AMANDA: I’ll, uh, call you later with the directions.

DR. BROWN: Okay. Great.

[Amanda leaves.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Amy and Hannah are laying on her bed looking at a book called “Guide to Getting It on”]

AMY: Chapter 35 – Technobreasts and Weinie Angst.

HANNAH: Omigod.

AMY: This is actually kind of interesting. It’s all about how men and women are made to feel inadequate about their bodies.

HANNAH: They should have just named this chapter “Hannah”.

AMY: All right, I don’t have time to look through all of this psychological stuff. Just cut to the basics – like where to put your hands and how not to flinch when the guy touches you.

HANNAH: You flinch?

AMY: A little bit, yeah. It’s no big deal.

HANNAH: No, I know, but if you’re flinching maybe that means you don’t really want to do this.

[Amy looks at her.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) I mean flinching is a reflex and reflexes are ultimately our body’s way of protecting us.

AMY: Yeah, from like fire.

[They sit up on the bed.]

AMY: (CONT'D) But in this case, it’s protecting me from my over analytical mind which is completely different.


AMY: Trust me, Hannah, I want to do this but obviously it’s a little bit nerve racking so that’s why I got the book. Y’know, break it down like this, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I mean, you call it horizontal jogging and all of sudden it’s no big whoop.

HANNAH: No. I know, you’re probably right.

AMY: You’ll see when you meet the guy you want to be with. You’ll go through the same thing.

HANNAH: Maybe, only, I’m not having sex until I’m married, so…

AMY: What?

HANNAH: Yeah, it’s a decision I made a long time ago.

AMY: Is it like a religious thing or?

HANNAH: Uh, part of it has to do with religion but I also really like the idea that there will only be one person who I shared that special part of myself with.

AMY: Huh, that’s very cool.

HANNAH: Yeah, and honestly it makes everything a whole lot easier. Like I’m not gonna have to go through this anxiety if and when I actually get a boyfriend ‘cause the decision’s already made. And if he has a problem with it, then he’s not the right guy for me anyway.

[Amy starts to think about what Hannah is saying.]

HANNAH: (CONT'D) But-But you and Ephram are totally different from me. It makes sense that you guys would want to, you know, be completely together in every way.

AMY: Yeah, it does.

[Hannah hugs Amy.]

HANNAH: I can’t believe you’re gonna be like this whole different person tomorrow.

[Cut to Delia’s bedroom – Brittany is taking pictures of Delia with a Polaroid camera.]

DELIA: Why do you have to take all these pictures, I’m standing right in front of you?

BRITTANY: This is the way the famous people do it. Trust me, it works.

DELIA: How do you know all this stuff?

BRITTANY: Okay, you definitely can’t wear a skirt.

DELIA: You told me I had to wear a skirt.

BRITTANY: That’s before I saw your leg bruises. You really have to stop playing hockey.

[Brittany takes another picture. Dr. Brown walks in looking spiffy.]

DR. BROWN: Okay. Almost ready?

DELIA: No. What stinks?

BRITTANY: Calvin Klein, right?

DR. BROWN: Hugo Boss. How do you know this stuff?

DELIA: Dad, I have to stop playing hockey.

DR. BROWN: Okay.

BRITTANY: It’s a very nice shirt, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: Not really, it’s just a shirt.

BRITTANY: So when are they picking you up?

DR. BROWN: Uh, we thought it’d be best to meet there. Right Delia?

[Delia shrugs her shoulders.]

BRITTANY: Well, it’s not really a date if you meet there.

DR. BROWN: It’s not a date, Brittany. It’s-it’s just a-a…

DELIA: A thing, right Dad?

DR. BROWN: Absolutely. I’m gonna go change my shirt.

DELIA: Me too.

[Cut to the Abbott cabin – Ephram is inside sitting on the couch. The clock says it’s 7:30pm. Ephram starts to walk around looking at old drawings on the wall and in the refrigerator and looks at pictures of Bright on the mantel when he was young. He walks over and sees a place where Amy kept her toys and pulls out a teddy bear looks at it and then puts it back. He then grabs his keys and leaves.]

[Cut to the skating rink – Nina is talking to Sam before he gets on the ice.]

NINA: You ready to go?

SAM: Five more minutes.

NINA: Five more minutes then the five minutes I just gave you five minutes ago.

SAM: Don’t make me do math, it’s Saturday.

[Sam tries to get away and Nina pulls him back.]

NINA: Come on, Sam.

SAM: But Roxy and Michael just got here and we’re gonna get a hockey team together and Roxy promised to show me how to flip.

NINA: All right. Okay. Here’s the deal. You get 10 more minutes if you swear not to flip ever in your whole life.

SAM: Fifteen. My whole life is a long time.

NINA: Deal.

SAM: Yess!!!

[Sam runs toward the rink and Nina follows to watch him.]

[Cut to Abbott foyer – Hannah and Amy are coming down the stairs. Dr. Abbott comes to the entrance of the living room with movies in hand.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, I was just going to call you down. Hannah, my dear, I believe tonight is your night to pick the movie.

HANNAH: Oh, ummm.

[Hannah looks at Amy for backup. Dr. Abbott goes and sits down in the living room on the couch.]

DR. ABBOTT: And I made my famous jalapeno popcorn. You’ll find it rather adventurous to the tastebuds.

[Dr. Abbott throws a piece of popcorn in the air and catches it in his mouth.]

AMY: Actually, Dad, I think I’m gonna sleep at Hannah’s tonight, if that’s okay.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, really? But your mother made lasagna.

AMY: I’m sorry, I thought you guys knew.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, that’s fine. Stay for dinner then go.

AMY: Uh, we kinda have to go now-ish.


[Dr. Abbott gets up and walks to the foyer.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Why is that?

HANNAH: Ummm, oh, because see Nina’s making us this dinner as a favor or to return the favor, I mean, because you and Mrs. Abbott are always making me dinner, so…

AMY: Exactly, we just didn’t think it-was-it was fair that Mom always has to cook.

HANNAH: I mean, it’s really not fair. Not fair at all.

AMY: And-and Hannah always has to stay here, I thought it’s be nice if I stayed there for once, y’know.

HANNAH: Right. Even though I love staying here. Just you know not tonight.

[Dr. Abbott just looks at them with a curious look.]

AMY: So can I?

DR. ABBOTT: So you’ll be sleeping over all night?

AMY: That’s kinda what a sleepover is, Dad.

DR. ABBOTT: And you’re sure you’d rather go there?

AMY: I’m sure.

[A long pause. Everyone looks at everyone.]

DR. ABBOTT: Okay, I’ll tell your mother to save the leftovers.

AMY: Thanks, Dad. Love you.

[Amy and Hannah take off towards the front door.]

HANNAH: Good night, Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Be safe. I mean, drive safe.

[Hannah looks back at Dr. Abbott before she leaves and Dr. Abbott looks at Hannah with concern.]

DR. ABBOTT: Roads can be icy this time of year.

[Hannah smiles and then leaves.]

[Cut to outside of the cabin – Amy walks up to the door and tries to open it. The door is locked. She knocks.]

AMY: Ephram?



[Fade in – Ephram is opening the door to the cabin.]

AMY: Ephram? What took you so long, I’m freezing my butt off out here?

[Amy walks in and sees roses, lighted candles, the fireplace burning and soft music playing.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Ephram…

EPHRAM: I know you said you didn’t want it to be a big deal but it is to me, so… I wanted it to be that way to you too. It’s no Paris, but…

AMY: Yes, it is.

EPHRAM: Does this mean you’re not mad?

[Cut to Delia, Charlie, Amanda, and Dr. Brown eating ice cream at a booth at the arcade.]

AMANDA: Charlie, why don’t you ask Delia what kind of movies she likes?

DR. BROWN: I think you’re overestimating our ability to communicate at that age.

DELIA: I like chocolate sprinkles better than the other kind.

CHARLIE: I like bananas.

DR. BROWN: So how’s John doing today? Any progress?

AMANDA: Oh, he’s good. He seems good.

DR. BROWN: Something wrong?

AMANDA: This is gonna sound a little weird, but can we maybe not talk about John tonight. Just leave it alone for one night, I could really use that.

DR. BROWN: Oh, of course. I’m… I understand.

AMANDA: Thanks.

DR. BROWN: Sure.

CHARLIE: Hey, can we go to the batting cages?

DELIA: Yeah, can we?

DR. BROWN: Sure.


[Delia and Charlie leave leaving Amanda and Dr. Brown sitting next to each other in a booth.]

DR. BROWN: So, do you think we should go with them?

AMANDA: Yeah, let’s do that.

[Dr. Brown’s cell phone rings.]

AMANDA: Is that you?

[He looks at who it is.]

DR. BROWN: Yeah. It’s not Ephram. It’s not urgent.

[Dr. Brown and Amanda get up to follow Delia and Charlie.]

[Cut to the Abbott house – Dr. Abbott is pacing in the foyer looking out the window and Rose goes into the living room and watches Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: Do you realize they could be anywhere right now? How could I have let her go? I must have been experiencing some sort of psychotic break. It’s a medical condition, Rose. It means I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

ROSE: Of course not, Dear.

DR. ABBOTT: I suppose we could start with that blasted garage. Though it seems a bit brazen on their part. How many motels do you figure there are in Everwood?

ROSE: Sweetheart, before we start tearing through every Motel 6 in the county let’s think this through. Even if we found them, what would we do then?

DR. ABBOTT: Clearly, we would stop them from making the biggest mistake of their lives?

[Dr. Abbott starts flipping through a phone book on the couch.]

ROSE: Do you truly believe this is the biggest mistake of their lives?

DR. ABBOTT: Why? Do you think she’s ready for this?

ROSE: No. I don’t know. I… I’m scared too. I wish she had come to me about this, of course I do, but I trust our daughter.


ROSE: The fact is we have done everything we can to prepare her, to protect her.

[Rose sits down on the couch.]

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, I know, but...

ROSE: But what? Think about last year, think about what almost happened. How this could’ve been. At least now we know she’s in a-a safe environment with a boy we can trust.

[Dr. Abbott looks at Rose with worry.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) What is it? Why are you so scared?

[Dr. Abbott doesn’t answer just continues to look worried.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) Is there something you’re not telling me, Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: No, of course not. It’s just…she’s just growing up so fast, that’s all.

ROSE: Yeah. She is.

[Rose cuddles up next to Dr. Abbott on the couch.]

DR. ABBOTT: Perhaps if we reminded her of the promises she made in Sunday school when she was a little girl that might have an impact.

ROSE: You could try. Just remember we were only two years older than they are now when we…

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah… Yeah… God punished us with Bright.

ROSE: Oh, you…

[Rose punches Harold and he tries to stop her. They look at each other and then kiss on the couch lovingly.]

[Cut to fancy restaurant – Dr. Hartman’s phone rings while he is on a date with a pretty young blonde.]

PRETTY YOUNG THING: I can’t believe you left L.A. to come here. I would die to live there.

DR. HARTMAN: But then that would sort of defeat the purpose, right?

PRETTY YOUNG THING: The purpose of what?

[Dr. Hartman finally looks at his phone.]

DR. HARTMAN: Sorry, I’ve gotta take this. (then, into phone) Doctor Hartman . . .

NINA: (on the phone) Oh, thank God you’re there.


[Cut to Nina in her car panicked with Sam bleeding.]

NINA: Yeah, Sam’s hurt. He-He was skating, and-and he fell and I think he busted his chin or something.

[Cut back to the restaurant.]

DR. HARTMAN: Go straight to my office. I’ll meet you there.

NINA: (on the phone) Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much.

[Dr. Hartman hangs up and gets up to leave.]

PRETTY YOUNG THING: You’re leaving?

DR. HARTMAN: I’m sorry, I’m needed.

[Dr. Hartman leaves money for the bill and kisses the girl sweetly on the cheek. He rushes away.]

[Cut to arcade – Charlie is batting in the batting cage and Delia is patiently waiting her turn.]

DELIA: Woohoo. All right, Charlie.

[Cut to inside arcade – Dr. Brown and Amanda are watching Delia and Charlie from the window.]

AMANDA: You okay?

DR. BROWN: Umm, hmm. Yeah, just thinking.

AMANDA: Yeah, about what?

DR. BROWN: Uh, about Ephram. He might be having sex right now and I can’t decide if I’m glad that I know that or I’m better off the other way. Ignorance, bliss, blah, blah, blah.

AMANDA: Right. You know you can’t stand in the way of these things?

DR. BROWN: Oh, I know.

AMANDA: Well, what’s she like?

DR. BROWN: I’m sorry.

AMANDA: The girl. What’s she like?

DR. BROWN: Oh, Amy, oh she’s great. She’s really great. She’s smart. She’s full of conviction. She’s probably the only creature on earth who understands Ephram, which kind of really amazes and surprises me.

AMANDA: Sounds fantastic.

[They smile at one another.]

DR. BROWN: What’s happening here?

AMANDA: I guess I was waiting for that. I don’t know. What do you think is happening?

DR. BROWN: I don’t know but for a second there I… It seemed like we were the ones on the date.

AMANDA: Yeah, it did, didn’t it?

[Dr. Brown nods his head in agreement.]

[Cut to the batting cages – Charlie is still batting and Delia is still watching.]

DELIA: Good one. Okay, Charlie, it’s my turn.

[Charlie continues to bat.]

DELIA: (CONT'D) Give me the bat. It’s my turn.

[Cut back inside to Dr. Brown and Amanda.]

AMANDA: Sorry, I never should have asked you out for tonight.

DR. BROWN: You didn’t ask me out, Charlie asked Delia out.

AMANDA: No he didn’t. It was my idea. I just… I wanted to see you to see if I was going crazy or if there was something here. I’m too scared to see you alone so I dragged my kid into it. I mean, I may need to be shot.

DR. BROWN: We can’t.

[Delia comes up abruptly to Amanda and Dr. Brown.]

DELIA: We’re leaving.

DR. BROWN: What?

DELIA: Charlie’s a butthole. (to Amanda) No offense.

[Cut to cabin – Ephram is on top of Amy kissing her and Amy begins to cry. Ephram backs off.]

EPHRAM: Are you crying?

AMY: No.

EPHRAM: You are?

AMY: No, it’s fine.

EPHRAM: No, it’s not fine. What’s wrong?

AMY: Nothing. I don’t know what’s happening to me, I’m sorry.

EPHRAM: You sure you’re okay?

[Amy lifts up.]

AMY: I’m just so overwhelmed by this place and this-this. Everything that you did. I’m just… What if we’re not ready?

EPHRAM: Then we wait.

AMY: What if we’re never ready?


[Amy turns around and looks at Ephram.]

AMY: I mean, what if we do this and everything changes. We fall out of love. Or it’s not as good as it was with you and Madison.


AMY: What if, Ephram? I mean, we could do this and it could feel wrong for the both of us. I mean, think about it. Maybe we haven’t done it yet, because part of us knows that it’s just gonna screw everything up or tell us something we don’t want to know.

EPHRAM: Like what?

AMY: Like maybe we’re more friends than anything.

[Ephram sits up on the bed really close to Amy.]

EPHRAM: Do you really believe that?

AMY: No, but I’m scared. I don’t want us to change.

EPHRAM: I don’t want us to change either.

[Amy sighs.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Look, let’s just take it off the table.

AMY: What?

EPHRAM: Let’s just make that decision right now. It’s not something that has to happen. I mean, we don’t have to do it, right?

AMY: Really?


AMY: All right. So what should we do?

EPHRAM: We just go to sleep.

AMY: Okay.

[Ephram and Amy lay back down on the bed and Ephram wraps his arms around Amy lovingly.]



[Fade in – Dr. Hartman’s office – Dr. Hartman is stitching up Sam’s chin on the examination table. Nina is sitting on the stool next to the examination table.]

DR. HARTMAN: You’re doing great, buddy. You know almost everyone’s got a scar under their chin. It’s like a purple heart for kids. You see this.

[Dr. Hartman shows Sam his chin.]

SAM: Kinda.

DR. HARTMAN: You know that movie Star Wars?

SAM: Yeah.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, when I was just about your age, my best friend, Larry, and I used to play with those plastic light sabers all the time and once I cracked his and sliced my chin right open. Nasty, huh?

SAM: Gross.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, I had to go to the emergency room. Five stitches. Larry fainted and he gave me all of his Green Lantern comic books so I wouldn’t tell anyone and guess what?

SAM: What? DR. HARTMAN: You’re the first guy I ever told.

[Sam smiles at Dr. Hartman.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) And you’re getting one more stitch than I got which pretty much makes you the toughest little guy I’ve ever seen.

NINA: It’s amazing how you do that.

DR. HARTMAN: What stitches? That’s like the first thing they teach you when you’re a resident.

NINA: No, just how you are with him? You sure you don’t have kids.

DR. HARTMAN: Just chalk it up to my immaturity. (to Sam) Okay, we’re all done. (to Nina) I need you to bring him by tomorrow so I can see how it’s closing up.

NINA: Okay. I don’t know how to thank you, Jake.

DR. HARTMAN: You don’t have to. (to Sam) You were awesome, little man.

SAM: Thanks. Wanna come over and have some cocoa with us?

DR. HARTMAN: Uh, it’s way past my bedtime. But I’ll take a raincheck. Okay?

SAM: Okay, what’s a raincheck?

NINA: See you tomorrow.

DR. HARTMAN: Okay. Good night, Nina.

NINA: All right, Jake. Come on, bugs.

SAM: Bye, Jake.


SAM: See you tomorrow.


[Cut to the cabin, Ephram is watching Amy sleep. Ephram is playing with Amy’s hair. She snores a little and Ephram laughs. Amy wakes up.]

AMY: Uh, I’m cold.

EPHRAM: Here, have some more blanket.

[Ephram covers Amy up.]


AMY: You’ve been up?

EPHRAM: Nah, just for a little. You were snoring.

AMY: I was not.

EPHRAM: You were. It was cute though so don’t worry.

[Amy laughs.]

AMY: I snore.

EPHRAM: You do.

AMY: Oh, I had no idea. That’s awful.

[They just look at each other and Amy rolls over and looks at the blanket.]

AMY: (CONT'D) I love this blanket. My mom made it if you could believe that.

EPHRAM: I can. The woman like runs Everwood and still manages to cook three meals a day for your entire family. She should be the next Dali Lama.

AMY: I don’t remember when we stopped coming here. We used to go every summer and then one year we just didn’t. Bright got mono or something. Never came back after that. I never even talked about it. Did we ever?

EPHRAM: I don’t think so. I think people change their routines all the time without really talking about it. One day you just wake up and everything’s different for no other reason than it is.

AMY: I still cold.

EPHRAM: Here. Come on.

[Ephram opens his arms for Amy to snuggle closer to him. Amy lays her head on Ephram’s chest. Ephram has a reflex and Amy notices it.]

EPHRAM: Oh, I’m sorry.

AMY: It’s okay.

EPHRAM: I didn’t.

AMY: No. No. It’s a reflex.

EPHRAM: Umm, hmm.

[They laugh and Amy lifts up and kisses Ephram. Amy rolls on top of Ephram. They deepen the kissing.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Amy. Amy.

AMY: I love you, Ephram. I love that you know more about me than I know about myself. I think it’s amazing that that could happen. Don’t you?


AMY: All this time, I’ve been thinking. Thinking about what would happen. How you would feel. How I would feel but I’m not thinking now.

EPHRAM: I know.

AMY: I’m just here with you and I’m not scared.

[Amy kisses Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Are you sure?

AMY: Yeah.

[Amy kisses Ephram again and they deepen the kiss and bring the covers closer.]

[Cut to Brown kitchen – Dr. Brown is buttering some toast and Delia walks into the kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, kiddo. How you feeling this morning?

DELIA: Fine.

DR. BROWN: So you’re not upset about Charlie?

DELIA: Nah, I didn’t really want a boyfriend anyway. It was more Brittany’s idea.

DR. BROWN: Well, uh, not that I want to argue the point but, uh, why don’t you want a boyfriend?

DELIA: I don’t know. I figure I already have you and Ephram telling me what to do all the time. I don’t need another boy getting in my business.

[The front door opens and Ephram walks into the kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: Morning.

EPHRAM: Morning.

DR. BROWN: So, how was camping?

EPHRAM: It was, uh, it was good.

DELIA: Ooh, you went camping?

EPHRAM: Uh, yeah.

DELIA: I hate camping. My next boyfriend will also not be allowed to go camping.

DR. BROWN: No. No. You are not going camping.


[Ephram just smiles and laughs at Dr. Brown’s remark.]

[Cut to Abbott kitchen – Dr. Abbott and Rose are sitting and the kitchen table wearing their pajamas.]

DR. ABBOTT: Excellent coffee, my dear.

ROSE: Why thank you, dear.

[They toast their coffee cups. Amy comes into the kitchen all bubbly.]

AMY: Good morning.

ROSE: Good morning, sweetheart. Do you want some eggs?

AMY: Oh, don’t get up, I got it. You look beautiful this morning, Mom.

[Amy pours herself some hot water.]

ROSE: Why thank you.

[Dr. Abbott gives Rose a smug look and Rose looks a little embarrassed.]

DR. ABBOTT: Did you have a nice time at Hannah’s?

AMY: Yeah, it was good.

ROSE: You’re not hungry?

AMY: Not right now, no. Thanks though.

[Amy pulls out the cabin album and looks through it.]

AMY: (CONT'D) We really gonna sell the cabin on the lake?

DR. ABBOTT: I don’t know. Perhaps we should hold onto it for another year. Maybe take a trip up there this summer. See if it still holds any magic for us.

[Amy sits down at the table with her parents.]

AMY: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

[Dr. Abbott and Rose look at Amy, realizing Amy’s sudden interest in the cabin.]

AMY: (CONT'D) I’m gonna go check my email.

[Amy kisses Rose on the cheek and leaves.]

DR. ABBOTT: You realize they were?

ROSE: I realize.

DR. ABBOTT: That place goes on the market today.

[Cut to the Hayes House – The doorbell rings. Amanda answers the door. Dr. Brown is standing there.]

AMANDA: Hey, you.

DR. BROWN: It’s late I know.

AMANDA: Oh, that’s, uh, that’s okay. Come on in.

DR. BROWN: Oh, no thanks. I can’t stay. I just, uh,… I just came by to give you this.

[Dr. Brown hands Amanda a piece of paper.]

AMANDA: What is it?

DR. BROWN: I, uh, I put together a list of doctors for you and John. Uh, top of their field, all very impressive.

AMANDA: I’m very impressed.

DR. BROWN: I was gonna start calling them tomorrow and catch them up on your case. Considering the progress that John’s already made, I’m sure that any one of them would be happy to…

AMANDA: You don’t have to call. I’ll do it.

DR. BROWN: No. I don’t mind.

AMANDA: I know you don’t. But they should probably just talk to me directly. Don’t want to confuse ‘em.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, you’re probably right. Anyway, I’ve, uh, crosschecked their hospital numbers with their private practice numbers so there shouldn’t be any problem.

AMANDA: I’m sure I’ll be just fine. You’ve been very efficient, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: Well, I, uh I don’t want to keep you.

AMANDA: No. Good night.

DR. BROWN: Good night.

[Amanda closes the door and Dr. Brown just stands on the porch.]

[Cut to Ephram laying in his bed awake. He throws open his covers and reaches for his phone and calls Amy.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Amy is asleep and Amy’s cell phone is vibrating on her nightstand. She picks it up.]

AMY: Hi.

[Cut to Ephram laying in his bed.]

EPHRAM: Hey, I just called to see if you were snoring yet.

[Cut to Amy laying in her bed.]

AMY: Shut up.

[Cut to Ephram laying in his bed.]

EPHRAM: You grind your teeth too. Did I tell you that?

[Cut to Amy laying in her bed.]

AMY: I do not.

[Cut to Ephram laying in his bed.]

EPHRAM: I know.

[Cut to Amy laying in her bed.]

AMY: Whatcha doing?

[Cut to Ephram laying in his bed.]

EPHRAM: Nothing much. What are you doing?

[Cut to Amy laying in her bed.]

AMY: Nothing.

[Cut to Ephram laying in his bed.]


[Cut to Amy laying in her bed with the cell phone on her ear.]

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