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#304 : Questions embarassantes

Titre en VO : "Birds and batteries" - Titre en VF : Questions embarassantes
¤USA : diffusé le 04/10/04 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : John E Pogue - Réalisation : Michael Lange
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Jake Hartman), Sarah Drew (Hannah), Ernie Hudson (Bill) Denise Y. Dowse (Laura)

Andy se sent dépassé lorsque Délia trouve un vibromasseur chez Nina et qu'elle commence à lui poser des questions sur le sexe.

Ephram essaye d'écrire une lettre d'amour à Amy pour lui prouver l'étendue de ses sentiments. Pendant ce temps, Amy a décidé de rendre populaire sa nouvelle amie, Hannah.

Bright est fou de joie d'avoir décroché le titre "d'employé du mois", mais ce sentiment n'est pas partagé par ses parents qui veulent autre chose pour lui qu'un travail dans un restaurant.

Bande annonce 304 (VO)
Bande annonce 304 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Fade in – Scene from “…There is a Reaction” Act Three - Teenagers are having fun in a blow-up swimming pool in the Abbott backyard. Bright is having a party. Rose comes out the backdoor and sees Bright and his friends going crazy and having fun.]

IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

ROSE: (pissed) What in the world is going on here?

[Cut to scene from “…There is a Reaction” Act Four – Bright is talking with Rose in her office.]

BRIGHT: So, I-I was hoping you could help me put together a resume. Y’know, maybe we could figure something out ‘cause I think I need a job.

[Cut to scene from “Staking Claim” Act Four – Amy is talking with Hannah in Hannah’s bedroom.]

AMY: I really miss having a friend that doesn’t drive me absolutely insane.

HANNAH: Me too.

[Cut to scene from Season 2 “Unspoken Truths” Act One – Dr. Brown and Nina are discussing schedules at Mama Joy’s.]

DR. BROWN: And I can take care of Sam on Saturday afternoon.

NINA: Don't worry. I get Delia that night.

DR. BROWN: Great. Then I can give you next Saturday night if you want.

NINA: Please. You can have the next ten Saturday nights 'cause I got nothin' going on.

[Cut to scene from “Staking Claim” Act Four – Amy and Ephram are cuddling on his couch in the den.]

AMY: I love you, Ephram.

EPHRAM: I love you too.


[Cut to Nina’s house – Delia and Nina are folding clothes.]

DELIA: 8. 9. 10. Ready or not here I come. (to Nina) I’ll give him a few minutes. He always hides in the same places anyways.

NINA: Under the bed…

DELIA: In his closet. It’s not really a challenge.

NINA: Yeah, it’s nice of you to play along though.

DELIA: I know.

SAM'S VOICE: Come and get me.

DELIA: Be right back.

NINA: Save you the socks.

DELIA: Sure hope I can find you.

[Delia runs into Nina’s bed and looks under her bed. Nina comes in with the laundry basket. She pulls out Nina’s vibrator.]

DELIA: What’s this?

NINA: That?

DELIA: It was under your bed.

NINA: Ah, you’re kidding. That’s where that thing got to. Thank you so much, I’ve been –I’ve been looking everywhere for that.

DELIA: Your welcome. It was right under here. So what is it?

NINA: Oh, well, it’s just a… It’s a -It’s a foot massager. That’s what that is. Umm, I’m on my feet all day and it helps me relieve the tension in, uh, my feet.

DELIA: How does it work?

[Nina grabs the vibrator out of Delia's hand.]

NINA: Oh, it doesn’t it’s broken.

DELIA: It’s broken, then why do you still have it?

NINA: Because I was gonna return it. That’s why I still had the box.

[Nina puts the vibrator back in the box.]

DELIA: Why do you keep it under your bed?

[Nina is at a loss for words.]

SAM'S VOICE: Hey, where are you guys?

NINA: Let’s go save Sam. You go first.

[Delia gets up looking at Nina with a curious face and leaves the room. Nina takes the vibrator box and buries it the clothes basket under some clothes and follows Delia out of the bedroom.]



[Fade in – Dr. Brown and Nina are talking quietly in Dr. Brown’s laundry room.]

NINA: I told you it wasn’t good.

DR. BROWN: A foot massager. Did she just see it or-or did she turn it on? I mean, was there… buzzing?

NINA: No. God, no. I mean she just found it. They were playing hide and seek. I guess she was gonna hide under my bed. I don’t know what to say. This is obviously very awkward.

DR. BROWN: Nina, what is it about your house? Penthouses. Foot massagers. It’s like living next door to Larry Flynt.

NINA: Obviously, I have learned that the best thing to do is to come to you right away, just in case.

DR. BROWN: Just in case, what?

NINA: In case Delia brings it up. Which I’m sure she won’t, ‘cause I-I think I covered it really well. I mean, she probably already forgot but you may want to just check in with her just to be safe.

DR. BROWN: Well, why would I do that? DO you think I should do that? I mean, how would I explain a vibra…foot…thing?

NINA: I don’t know, but if she does bring it up that means that my cover didn’t cover and you’re probably gonna have to deal with it. That’s all I’m saying.

[Delia walks in the laundry room with a bucket of ice cream.]

DELIA: Dad, Ephram ate all the ice cream.

[Dr. Brown and Nina turn around and look guilty of something.]

DELIA: (CONT’D) What are you guys talking about?

DR. BROWN: Cheese. Cake. Cheesecake. Uh, Nina’s making one for your birthday next week. Isn’t that right, Nina?

NINA: [laughing nervously] That’s right, but it was supposed to be a surprise remember?

DR. BROWN: Oh, right, sorry.

NINA: That’s okay.

[Nina and Dr. Brown hesitate before saying anything else.]

NINA: (CONT’D) Well, I’d better go. Umm, I’ll see you later, Delia.

[Nina takes off out of the laundry room fast. Delia watches her leave.]

DELIA: What were you really talking about?

DR. BROWN: I just told you, sweetheart, birthday stuff. Now let’s go see about that ice cream.

[Cut to Ephram sitting at the island in the kitchen frustrated from writing a letter when Hannah comes in the kitchen door with Delia’s coat.]

HANNAH: Delia left this at Nina’s.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, just throw it anywhere. How’d the dance thing go?

HANNAH: It didn’t. You doing homework?

EPHRAM: Uh, no.

HANNAH: Is that… D-Do you keep a journal?

EPHRAM: What? No, it’s a- it’s a letter, uh, for Amy, but it’s private, so…

HANNAH: Oh… Is it your addendum?

EPHRAM: My what?

HANNAH: To the ‘I love you’. Postscript, additional material.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know what an addendum is. I just didn’t know that you knew about…

HANNAH: The ‘I love you’. Yeah, she told me. First she said it, then you said it back. There was pizza.

EPHAM: She said that first she said it and then I said it.


EPHRAM: Did she seem weirded out by that, upset or anything?

HANNAH: I don’t think so. Why does it matter who says it first?

EPHRAM: Nah, I mean, I don’t think so. But obviously if she told you the order in which the ‘I love you’s were exchanged, it does mean something. Which means the addendum is more necessary than I originally thought.

HANNAH: Maybe I can help you.

EPHRAM: I-I don’t think so.

HANNAH: I’m actually not terrible at it. I know ‘cause I’m terrible at just about everything else, but I can write.

[Cut to Hannah’s bedroom – Hannah pulls out a box of journal form under her bed and puts them on top of her bed. Ephram is watching her as she does this.]

EPHRAM: Are they all full?

HANNAH: Uh… Pretty much. Yes. I also do short stories, but, uh, most of those are on my computer.

[Ephram just smiles and is shocked by it all.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) You think it’s weird.

EPHRAM: Only if it’s just from October.

HANNAH: No. No. This is all of ‘em starting in 7th grade. I wasn’t exactly the queen of popularity back then either.

EPHRAM: So you’re consistent.

HANNAH: Well, the truth is I never really had anyone to talk to but I’ve always had stuff to say so I just said it to myself.

EPHRAM: Well, you’re not going to have that problem any more. You got Amy. She’s your friend. She’s a – She’s a good friend too. I should know I…she was the first friend I had when moved here.

HANNAH: That’s good. Maybe you should start with that…for your letter.

EPHRAM: Oh, right.

HANNAH: I-I really don’t mind helping.

EPHRAM: No, it’s okay. I think this is something that I should probably try and do by myself.

HANNAH: Yeah, I understand.

EPHRAM: Okay, I’ll, uh, I’ll see ya later.


[Ephram leaves and Hannah goes over to her desk and starts to write.]

[Cut to the Abbott kitchen – Rose and Harold are in the kitchen preparing dinner.]

ROSE: I hope Bright hasn’t already eaten at the restaurant. He stuffs himself on those jalapeñ o poppers.

DR. ABBOTT: When has that ever stopped him from eating again? The boy has the metabolism of a gerbil.

[Bright walks in happy and proud.]

BRIGHT: Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the latest employee of the month.

ROSE: Oh, honey, that’s wonderful.

BRIGHT: Did I mention I’m on a plaque? Yeah, a plaque. I haven’t even been working there a whole month and I’m already their greatest employee, how awesome is that.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, well, awesome indeed.

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah, did I mention employees get to eat for free even when they’re not workin’ and Mikey says I get to pick up dinner shifts from now on so I get to sleep in. The benefits are endless.

DR. ABBOTT: Really, so I assume you’ll be getting health and dental.

BRIGHT: No. No, not the benefits “benefits”. Y’know, the other kind. Anyways, I’m gonna call Fordo ‘cause he’s gonna freak out when he finds out how much I pulled out in tips tonight.

[Bright starts to walk out of the kitchen.]

BRIGHT: Next stop, employee of the year. Boo yah.

DR. ABBOTT: By all means, call Fordo, who is I believe is away at college pursuing an actual future.

ROSE: Stop it. You should be happy he’s doing so well and they like him so much.

DR. ABBOTT: They love him. Didn’t you hear him? Mikey is giving him dinner shifts. Boo yah.

ROSE: For goodness sake. This is just a start. Working in a restaurant isn’t going to be Bright’s career, but he’s happy right now.

DR. ABBOTT: He’s too happy, Rose. That’s the trouble. If this job is enough for him, if that plaque on the wall is all the validation he needs, how can you be so certain that he will ever pursue something more?

[Dr. Abbott walks away and Rose considers what Dr. Abbott just said.]

[Cut to Ephram’s studio – Ephram is laying on the couch studying and Amy is pacing and is upset.]

AMY: Do you think I should call her? She might be really upset.

EPHRAM: I saw her earlier. She seemed fine. Did I mention how good you look today?

AMY: She’s not fine. You obviously weren’t listening to the story.

EPHRAM: I was listening. I just don’t think how Hannah not making the ballet team is such a big deal.

AMY: She didn’t just not make it. She FELL. Bit it. She was supposed to do this Chassé step in line with everybody else? Which is a really easy step, but instead of going right, she went left and bumped into Katie who bumped into Melanie and fell with this huge thud and everyone starting laughing. You know how red she gets.

[Ephram snickers on the couch.]

AMY: (CONT’D) This isn’t funny.

EPHRAM: Well, what do you expect? I’m not sure the girl can walk and chew gum at the same time. Signing her up for ballet classes not a wise move on her part.

AMY: That’s just it. It wasn’t her idea. It was my stupid idea.

EPHRAM: So, it’s not your fault she tripped.

[Amy kneels down at the table.]

AMY: Oh my God, I feel so bad. The stupid Bright date was my fault. Now this is my fault.

EPHRAM: This is not the same as that.

AMY: It is to Hannah. To her, this is just one more completely humiliating experience that she can relate back to me.

EPHRAM: Don’t worry about it so much. She’ll get over it, all right.

AMY: I just want her to like me.

EPHRAM: Like you? The girl worships you.

AMY: No she doesn’t. She’s not comfortable around me yet. I can tell. I just keep thinking if maybe I just introduce her to more people, help her fit in more.

EPHRAM: Y’know, you don’t need to worry about her so much. I mean, just give her some time, she’ll find her niche eventually. I mean, she kinda already has. Y’know, she’s a writer.

AMY: Really? Where is she a writer?

EPHRAM: She’s not like a-a professional writer. She’s like… She’s a writer. That’s what she does. She showed me these journals the other day. It’s like a… the box set history of Hannah Volumes 1 through 1000.

AMY: Hmm? Well, this opens up all kinds of possibilities. I mean, if Hannah’s a writer, she can join the newspaper. There’s that new arts and literary supplement that they do every semester. And remember when that girl, Cammie Dexter, got her poem published in CosmoGirl?

EPHRAM: I’m still working through my back issues.

AMY: I know it totally sucked, but her cute rating went up like 1000 points. We can do better. We can get her published in Jane.

EPHRAM: I tell you she’s a writer and you turn her into Stephen King, how do you even know if her writing is good?

AMY: Well, I’ll read something of hers first. I mean, I’m not gonna set her up for another catastrophe like today.

EPHRAM: And you expect her to just hand over her personal journals for you to read?

AMY: I know that’s the point. We need to get to that level. I’m sharing a lot of my own personal things with her so…

EPHRAM: I know I heard.

AMY: Well, that’s what girlfriends are for. And ever since Laynie left, I’ve really missed having that person. That’s why this friendship is so important to me.

EPHRAM: And who am I?

AMY: You’re the guy that I talk about to my girlfriends about. It’s a very crucial role. Trust me.

EPHRAM: Uh huh.

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s office – Dr. Brown is sitting with Bill and Laura Hoover.]

DR. BROWN: So I want you to stay on the Fentanyl. I’m also going to give you a prescription here for Elavil, which should help with the pain. And try to avoid any undue exertion.

LAURA: Tough to exert much of anything these days. I guess I have bucked the odds already though, huh?

DR. BROWN: Pancreatic cancer can be very aggressive. You have had an amazing run, Mrs. Hoover.

BILL: That’s because she is amazing.

LAURA: Yeah, well, it’s all part of my master plan – You see I skipped over the denial stage and went straight to anger. I think my rage scared away the reaper a little longer than most. It’s this, uh, pesky acceptance stage I’m not so sure about.

BILL: Our daughter moved her wedding date up. It’s in two weeks.

LAURA: And we just had these redone.

[Laura hands the invitation to Dr. Brown.]

LAURA: (CONT’D) They did a lovely job, didn’t they?

BILL: We knew it wasn’t a guarantee, but we just thought…

LAURA: Whaddya say, Doc? Will I get to see my baby girl in her wedding gown? It’s a Vera Wang. It cost more than my chemo.

DR. BROWN: Well,just take it easy until then But I have a good feeling about it.

LAURA: Thank you, Dr. Brown. For everything. Let’s go, dear.

[Bill and Laura get up form their chairs and Dr. Brown walks them to the door. Bill wants to speak to Dr. Brown alone.]

BILL: I’ll be right there, honey.

LAURA: Okay.

[Bill closes the door to talk to Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: How you holding up?

BILL: I’m okay. Do you really think she’ll make it for the wedding?

DR. BROWN: Well, I don’t believe in guarantees, but yeah, I do. She’s incredibly strong and even with a conservative judgment I think that two weeks is a very safe prognosis.

BILL: Is there anything else I can do?

DR. BROWN: Just keep being there for her and make her as comfortable as possible. I’m afraid that’s all anybody can do for her now.

BILL: How long does she have? All of it.

DR. BROWN: It’s so tough to say…

BILL: Well, give me your best guess.

DR. BROWN: Six weeks, maybe. I’m so sorry, Bill.

[Bill is upset by Dr. Brown’s comment but he knows it’s inevitable and then he leaves.]



[Fade in – Delia and Brittany are lying on Nina’s bed with the vibrator box laying at their feet. They are wiggling their toes.]

DELIA: Mine don’t feel any different.

BRITTANY: Me neither. Maybe we didn’t do it right?

DELIA: How else would you do it?

BRITTANY: I don’t know. I still think it looks like a microphone.

DELIA: You know how when grown-ups lie, they start talking fast and they never look you right in the face?


DELIA: Well, both Nina and my dad did that to me on the same day I found that.

BRITTANY: Interesting. So you think they’re lying?

DELIA: Well, they might not be lying, but they’re definitely not telling the whole truth.

[Brittany nods in agreement.]

DELIA: (CONT’D) And don’t you think it’s weird that she keeps it under her bed?

BRITTANY: My brother keeps dirty magazines under his bed.

DELIA: Exactly, because it’s a secret. You only keep secret stuff under your bed. What do you keep under your bed?

BRITTANY: Extra twinkies.

DELIA: Me too.

BRITTANY: I’ll ask my stepmom.

DELIA: Good idea. Call me when you find out.

[Brittany nods in agreement.]

[Cut to Mama Joy’s – Dr. Brown is eating lunch at the counter and Nina is talking with him from behind the counter.]

DR. BROWN: I don’t know if it’s the dill or the oregano that makes it so good, but it’s definitely something green. Next week, I’m gonna try provolone.

NINA: Ooh, you’re a wild man.

[Dr. Hartman walks through the door and walks up to Dr. Brown and Nina.]

DR. HARTMAN: Nina. Nina. How’s my favorite waitress?

NINA: Tired, underpaid and smelling vaguely of grease. What can I get you, Jake?

DR. HARTMAN: Coffee to go, thanks.

[Dr. Hartman sits on the stool next to Dr. Brown.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT’D) She looks pretty cute in that apron, doesn’t she? What’s the story with you two? You ever hook it up?

DR. BROWN: Hook it up? Who are you, my frat brother?

DR. HARTMAN: Are you still mad about Edna? She came to me. I never would’ve given her the job if I knew it would come between us. Come, Andy, let’s hug this out and get to the next level. I’ve got this case that I could really use some backup on.

[Dr. Brown just looks at Dr. Hartman.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT’D) Come on. Yeah. Okay. All right.

[Dr. Brown cautiously hugs Dr. Hartman.]


DR. BROWN: All right. Okay. All right.

DR. HARTMAN: That’s it.

DR. BROWN: Wow that is some shampoo you’re using, what is that? Apple?



[Nina hands Dr. Hartman the coffee.]

NINA: Here you go.

DR. HARTMAN: Thanks. (to Dr. Brown) So the patient is a 54-year-old African American male with virocardiomyopathy. I’ve got him on lysidopro, a diuretic and a beta blocker. I even put him on Warfarin just to be safe.

DR. BROWN: Al those drugs do is treat the symptoms, they aren’t curative for cardiomyopathy. The guy’s gonna need a transplant if he’s gonna live much longer.

DR. HARTMAN: We are simpatico, my friend. I couldn’t agree more. But this guy won’t even let me put him on the list. He flat refuses to pursue anything more aggressive than the meds. It’s a mystery. So what do you say? Will you help me out? Tag team. Maybe you can get through to him. Show this kid how it’s done.

DR. BROWN: All right. I’ll do it. (gets up) But not because I like you. I still don’t like you.

DR. HARTMAN: That’s great, man. Thanks. I’ll send over his chart.

DR. BROWN: By the way, what’s the patient’s name?

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, it’s Hoover. Bill Hoover.

[Dr. Brown gets a stunned and confused look on his face and leaves Mama Joy’s.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Amy is sitting on her bed doing homework and Hannah is sitting at Amy’s desk writing.]

AMY: So I hear that you are a writer?

HANNAH: No. No. I’m not a writer. I just write, which is more different than it sounds.

AMY: Do you do poetry?

HANNAH: Please, no. I’m not Daria.

AMY: So what do you write? Like short stories, essays, scathing political editorials.

HANNAH: Um, I do some short stories. Mainly I just write what comes into my head. Y’know, journal type stuff. No big deal.

AMY: Cool, can I see?

HANNAH: My journals? No. No. They’re dumb.

AMY: Okay. Here’s what I’m thinking. Basically, dance not your thing.

[Amy gets up and moves to the foot of the bed and sits closer to Hannah.]

AMY: (CONT’D) Totally my fault. I’m-I’m really sorry about that. Umm, but writing is your thing. And I was thinking that it might be a good way to meet new people – get more involved at the school.

HANNAH: Do I need to meet more people?

AMY: I know that the idea of being a joiner seems false to you, but sometimes it’s good to just jump in and try something new. You might be surprised at how much you like it.

HANNAH: Well, maybe.

AMY: Great. Okay, so I was thinking, that we’d start by submitting one of your stories to Jane, which is an insanely cool magazine. You get in there, the entire school will die.

HANNAH: Whoa, wait, what?

AMY: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll help you pick it out. That’s- That’s why I’m here. You don’t have to do it alone.

HANNAH: I don’t want to do it at all. No one has ever read my writing, Amy. It’s-It’s not-It’s not I share. It’s private.

AMY: So you won’t even show me?

[Hannah hesitates and Amy gets up and moves back to the top of the bed.]

HANNAH: No. It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just…

AMY: No, umm. No worries. Pretend that I didn’t even ask.

[Cut to the Abbott dining room – Rose, Bright, and Dr. Abbott are eating dinner in silence. Rose looks at Dr. Abbott and nudges him to speak to Bright.]

DR. ABBOTT: You’ll never guess who I ran into today?

BRIGHT: Paris Hilton.

DR. ABBOTT: Who? Oh, no. It’s actually Ralph Bigelow. You remember Ralph? Owns the Inn at Eyelash Lake.

BRIGHT: Yeah, right. Bald dude.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, he’s, he’s on, uh, Propecia. Anyhow, turns out, they are looking for new lodge hosts over at the inn. We had a chat. He remembers you quite fondly. Guess what? You have an interview for the position tomorrow afternoon.

BRIGHT: But I already have a job.

DR. ABBOTT: This could be a terrific opportunity for you, Bright. Lots of room for growth. Be able to learn different facets of the service industry.

ROSE: And if you enjoy it, you could study Hotel and Resort Management at college next year.

BRIGHT: You can major in that?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, absolutely. In fact, there’s an especially fine school at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

BRIGHT: Vegas, huh? That could be fun.

ROSE: And not too far away.

BRIGHT: Well, thanks, guys. I’ll-I’ll definitely, y’know, think about it. I, uh, have to work tomorrow though. I can’t get my shifts covered, it’s a little too late for that.

DR. ABBOTT: Already done. I have spoken with your manager, Mr. Mikey, and, uh, everything’s taken care of. In fact, I wrote down the particulars in case you need them.

BRIGHT: Thanks, guys. UNLV sounds-sounds cool. I’ll give it my best shot.

[Cut to restaurant – Amy and Ephram are at a cozy dark restaurant. Amy hits Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Wh..? Hey, I told you she wasn’t gonna let you read them. Was I right or was I right?

AMY: Whatever, it’s not like I care.

EPHRAM: So what happens now? Is Hannah kicked out of the sisterhood? Is there paperwork involved?

AMY: Look if the girl doesn’t want to fit in better, it’s her problem. I tried.

EPHRAM: You okay?

AMY: I’m fine. I’m not the one who doesn’t know anybody at this school. If she wants to continue being a total social zero, it’s her life.

EPHRAM: Exactly. Not everybody’s cut out to be a social rock star in high school. You just make it look too easy.

[Ephram reaches for his pocket.]

EPHRAM: (CONT’D) That reminds me, I wanted to give you something.

AMY: You did?

EPHRAM: Uh, hmm.

AMY: Really? Me too.

[Amy grabs something from her purse.]

AMY: (CONT’D) I figured 4 and a half months deserved some kind of celebration.

EPHRAM: It’s been 4 and a half months?

[Amy looks upset that he didn’t realize and shakes her head.]

EPHRAM: (CONT’D) I thought it was 3.

AMY: Well, yeah, it depends on how you count. I decided to go from the moment you got on the plane. I was debating the picnic but the plane just had a much more dramatic feel. Anyways, no card, everything sounds so lame when it’s on paper, don’t you think?

[Amy hands Ephram her gift to him.]

EPHRAM: Definitely. These are passes to ComiCon in Denver next weekend. Amy, this is unbelievable.

AMY: So what did you get me?


[Ephram reaches into his pocket, he decides to just pull out the credit card not the love letter he has in his pocket.]

EPHRAM: (CONT’D) Dinner. Yeah, my dad gave me the card so you can order more dessert if you want to.

AMY: Thank you, I’m full. But, that was very sweet of him and you, of course. I love you, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I love you too.

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Brown is at his desk.]

DR. BROWN: Louise, have we heard from Bill Hoover yet?

LOUISE: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

[Deena Clark, Brittany's stepmom, busts through Dr. Brown’s office door with Louise chasing her.]

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Clark?

LOUISE: I tried to stop her. She’s very strong.

[Louise leaves Dr. Brown’s office.]

DR. BROWN: The kids okay?

DEENA: In fact, they are not. It’s bad enough, the vile influences our children pick up on cable television these days but this takes the cake.

DR. BROWN: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

DEENA: Brittany came home from playing with your daughter and wound up snooping around my bed asking about foot massagers over dinner with guests no less.

DR. BROWN: Oh, no, I’m-I’m so sorry.

DEENA: Believe me, nothing ruins the taste of pork loin like public scandal.

DR. BROWN: I don’t know what to say. I-I didn’t know anything about this.

DEENA: Really? Pardon me, if I’m neither shocked nor comforted by that.

DR. BROWN: Delia and Brittany must have been over at my friend’s house.

DEENA: Your friend’s house? When Brittany tells me she’s at Delia’s, I assume she’s under your supervision, not that of some stranger who leaves her whosy-whatsies right out for all the world to see.

DR. BROWN: Well, first of all, her whosy-whatsy was under her bed.

DEENA: Is this a joke to you?

DR. BROWN: No, of course not, but I do think you’re overreacting a little bit. I mean, they are just kids.

DEENA: Right. And I would like mine to remain so for another five years at least.

DR. BROWN: I understand. Look, I-I thought the whole thing would blow over. I should have talked to Delia the first time she found…

DEENA: The first time. Unbelievable. I am sorry. I can’t let Brittany play with Delia any more.

DR. BROWN: Please don’t do that. That’s not a solution.

DEENA: Well, for the moment, it’s the only one I can come up with. I’m sorry, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: Mrs.?

[Deena Clark turns and walks out of his office and slams the door.]

DR. BROWN: Clark?



[Fade in – Dr. Brown and Nina are standing outside of Mama Joy’s. Dr. Brown is yelling at Nina.]

DR. BROWN: I mean, I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have another parent to find you in the middle of the work day an-and scream at you for something like that?

NINA: Well, I’m guessing it feels a lot like this.

DR. BROWN: I mean, I don’t even know what to do about it now. Delia may lose her best friend over this.

NINA: I am so sorry, Andy, but for the record, I told you that if she brought it up you should talk to her about it, instead you said cheesecake.

DR. BROWN: It was a reflex. And for the record, I shouldn’t be having to deal with any of this. She’s only ten.

NINA: Only. I mean if you’re this upset now, what are you gonna do when she starts asking the really big questions?

DR. BROWN: Oh-Oh, I will handle that when the time comes, don’t you worry about that.

NINA: Are you sure about that?

DR. BROWN: Yeah.

NINA: It’s completely out of your hands. There’s-there’s rumors on the school bus, there’s gossip from the older kids, there’s lots of vague questions, there’s half-truths and you don’t get to set the schedule for any of that to suit your comfort level. It doesn’t work that way.

DR. BROWN: Okay, y-you want to be honest about this. Let’s be totally honest, okay? This whole thing is your fault. This situation that I am in right now.. This position I am in right now wouldn’t be happening if you didn’t have this-this-this need to-to…

NINA: Didn’t have the need to what?

DR. BROWN: Oh come on, you know what.

NINA: Can you not even say the word?

DR. BROWN: I can say the word. I don’t need to say the word. Just take that thing and stick it in your car or-or lock it up, whatever, just keep it away from my daughter.

NINA: Lock it up? Are we talking about my foot massager or my sexuality?

DR. BROWN: Oh here we go. Let’s just make it all about you.

NINA: It is about me. I am sorry if my needs as a woman conflict with your needs for a babysitter, but guess what Andy I haven’t had sex in almost a year. I’m getting a little antsy if you want to know the truth.

DR. BROWN: No, I don’t want to know the truth. I don’t want to know it. I don’t need to know it. I-I don’t like to be thinking about you as a woman when I’m trying to talk to you. In-In fact, I don’t like to think about you like that ever.

[Nina looks upset by this comment. Dr. Brown realizes what he just said.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT’D) I’m sorry. That-that-that didn’t come out right. Look, can we-can we just, y’know, figure this out?

NINA: You figure it out. I gotta go back to work.

[Nina goes back inside Mama Joy’s leaving Dr. Brown on the sidewalk.]

[Cut to Peak County High – Ephram and Hannah are walking down the hall.]

HANNAH: So you never even gave it to her?

EPHRAM: How could I? After she gave me those tickets. My pathetic attempt at a love letter.

HANNAH: It isn’t epic enough.

EPHRAM: Not even close. Maybe I’ll just wait until I’m 40, buy her a car.

[Ephram cuts into a classroom. Hannah sees Amy at her locker.]


[Amy sees Hannah and Hannah walks up to Amy at her locker.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) I, uh, I looked for you at lunch.

AMY: Oh, yeah, I was in the dance room working on pirouettes with the girls.

HANNAH: Oh. So I was thinking about what you said about me joining the paper and I-I know you’re trying to help make me more popular which is unbelievably nice of you but … The thing is it’s never gonna happen.

[Amy sighs and shakes her head.]


AMY: It’s just you keep saying how you’ve never had any friends but I have been trying harder than I ever have before to be that. Granted I haven’t had to make any friends since kindergarten so I’m probably going about it completely the wrong way, but, God, Hannah you are so shut off it’s scary.

HANNAH: Just because I don’t want the whole world reading my journals…

AMY: I don’t care about that. If you don’t want everyone to reading your writing that’s fine, I get it. I just didn’t think that I was the same as the whole world.

HANNAH: You’re not.

AMY: Since you got here, I have shared so much stuff with you. You know about Colin. You know about everything that’s going on with me and Ephram and I don’t even know your middle name.

[Hannah looks upset.]

AMY: (CONT’D) I know we haven’t known each other for a very long time, and I’m probably pushing this friendship into something it’s not meant to be, but I like you. There’s something strange about you that I find interesting to tell you the truth, you remind me a lot of Ephram.

HANNAH: Really?

AMY: But it won’t work if it’s only one-sided and I don’t think you’re really comfortable talking to me.

HANNAH: No, that is not it. I’m just…

AMY: Shy. I know and I don’t want you to have to change who you are just so that we can hang out. I mean, we don’t have to be best friends. We could be just what we are – like acquaintance friends.

[Hannah looks really upset and about to cry.]

AMY: (CONT’D) I’ll see you later, okay, Hannah.

[Amy walks past Hannah and Hannah watches her walk down the hall.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s office – Bill Hoover is sitting across from Dr. Brown at his desk.]

DR. BROWN: I still don’t understand why you didn’t come to me with this. I mean, why would you see Dr. Hartman when I’m already…?

BILL: Call it a conflict of interest. You’re a good man, Dr. Brown. If you knew about me, I didn’t think you’d be able to keep it from my wife. And I don’t need her worrying about me not-not now. You hear?

DR. BROWN: Bill, listen to me. Your heart is severely damaged and will not recover. You need a new one, it’s as simple as that.

BILL: It’s a long shot anyway. Look, I’ll sign up for a transplant once… After.

DR. BROWN: Look, I understand that you want to be there for your wife, but your daughter is going to need a father when she’s gone - even more so. She’s going to have kids of her own some day, and they deserve to get to know their grandfather. What about those weddings?

BILL: I hear what you’re saying. I know life will go on once she’s gone. But it won’t be the same. It won’t mean what it meant when she was in it. We’ve been through everything together - damn good team. Raised a fine girl, we’ve been partners for every bump along the road, every mountain and molehill alike and I am not gonna let that go until forces bigger than me snatch it away. Now, she needs me to help her fight these last few weeks. When that battle’s done, then I’ll worry about myself, but not one minute before. When she’s gone, I’ll need a new heart anyway, ‘cause this one will be broken to bits.

[Dr. Brown begins to understand Bill. Bill gets up.]

BILL: (CONT’D) Look, in six weeks, I’m yours. Until then, I’m hers.

[Dr. Brown nods his head and stands.]

DR. BROWN: In six weeks, I know some great surgeons.

BILL: Thank you.

[They shake hands.]

[Cut to Bright’s bedroom – Dr. Abbott storms in mad. Bright is playing a game on his television.]

DR. ABBOTT: I cannot wait for the next Bighorn meeting. Ralph Bigelow just phoned.

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah? What did he have to say?

DR. ABBOTT: I am not amused, Bright. How could you not even show up. Y’know, in your effort to embarrass me, all you’ve done today is closed the door on something that may have truly benefited you. An entire avenue for your future, just gone.

BRIGHT: It’s your future, not mine.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, I was merely trying to effect some change in your slippered march down the path of least resistance.

[Bright turns off the game and focuses on Dr. Abbott.]

BRIGHT: No, what you merely did was humiliate me. Calling my manager and changing my schedule. You told me where, when and why to go meet some guy for some job, I didn’t even ask for. It’s like you don’t trust me to decide anything for myself.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, you haven’t exactly inspired confidence of late.

BRIGHT: Well, you know what, I like my job. It’s working out okay.

[Bright gets up and goes and sits by the window.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, working okay isn’t what you should be aiming for. You had real goals last year, Bright. You may have forgotten, but I haven’t. You worked hard. Harder than I have seen you work at anything.

BRIGHT: A lot of good that did me.

DR. ABBOTT: It did. You may have not gotten into the colleges you wanted but you had a genuine passion for your studies – not just for the result but for the effort. Now I am trying, Bright. I am trying not to let disappointment get the better of both of us. I’m trying to help you obtain what you said you wanted.

BRIGHT: Well, I don’t know what I want to do anymore. So what is so wrong with me working at a restaurant while I try to figure that out?

DR. ABBOTT: I don’t mind you working at a restaurant. I mind you going from fighting to get an education to complacently hustling nachos for tip money. I mind you thinking that it is okay to settle and foreclose on your life. For God’s sake, you don’t even pretend like you want anything more.

BRIGHT: You want me to pretend. You want me to lie to you. That’s great. It’s a lot easier that way.

DR. ABBOTT: I want you to wake up. The clock is ticking. You continue to clown around waiting for your real life to begin, it’ll pass you by without so much as a wave.

[Dr. Abbott exits the room into the hallway. Bright gets up and walks toward the door.]

BRIGHT: What the hell is wrong with you, man? Do y-you think you can-you can scare me into knowing what I want to do with my life. I mean, don’t you think that if I had any clue at all I would be on a plane right this moment headed as far away from this house as humanly possible. Dad, I wish I knew. Okay, believe me, I-I would love to figure it out more than you even want me to because until then I am stuck here – with you, which at the moment’s the last place on earth I want to be.

[Bright slams his bedroom door on Dr. Abbott standing in the hallway.]



[Fade in – Dr. Brown is getting out of his SUV walking toward Mama Joy’s when Dr. Hartman comes out of his office door running after Dr. Brown.]

DR. HARTMAN: What the hell happened yesterday?

DR. BROWN: I’m sorry.

DR. HARTMAN: My patient. You talked to him right.

DR. BROWN: Look, maybe you should hear the whole story from…

DR. HARTMAN: So why’d you cave, man?

DR. BROWN: I didn’t cave. We can’t force him to accept our recommendation. There’s other factors involved.

DR. HARTMAN: What other factors could possibly be more important than his own life? You know what, forget it. I’ve already gone ahead and submitted him for the transplant list anyway, and I’ve asked the head of cardiology at the Denver Hospital to come talk to him. It might take some doing but I’m gonna put up a hellava better fight than you did that’s for sure.

DR. BROWN: You have to understand something. It’s different being a doctor here.

DR. HARTMAN: No, it’s not. People get sick and die in L.A. People get sick and die in Everwood. It’s all the same and we’re supposed to try and keep that from happening, remember? There’s nothing different about it. Maybe you came here to hibernate and take it easy for a little while, but I came here to rededicate myself to things that really matter. And this man’s life – that matters to me so I’ll take care of it myself.

DR. BROWN: Good luck.

[Dr. Hartman walks away and then Dr. Brown turns and walks toward Mama Joy’s.]

[Cut to Peak County High – Hannah is walking through lunch tables outside. Ephram and Amy are sitting at a table together.]

HANNAH: Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

[Amy looks up from her school books.]

HANNAH: (CONT’D) Ummm, I just wanted to tell you that I wrote a story for Jane magazine and I was kinda hoping you guys would read it before I sent it in.

[Hannah hands the story to Amy.]

AMY: What’s it about?

HANNAH: Uh, just some stuff that’s been going on this past week. It’s not very good and I know they’re not gonna take it, so when I get my rejection letter, which I know I’m gonna get, I’m really hoping that you’ll be there for me with tissues.

AMY: Definitely.

[Amy smiles and Hannah smiles back.]

AMY: (CONT’D) ‘Boy loves Girl’ that’s a great title. I like it.

[Ephram is looking at the story and looks at Hannah. Hannah smiles at him and walks away.]

AMY: (CONT’D) (reading) This, uh, seems awfully familiar. Especially the girl. (continues to read story) Is this about us?

EPHRAM: I think it is. Yeah.

AMY: (reads some more) Did you really write me a love letter? When and why didn’t you give it to me? And did you actually call it an addendum?

EPHRAM: I wanted to give it to you, I just… It didn’t feel special enough. Especially after, y’know, your present.

AMY: Ephram…

EPHRAM: I wanted to plan our anniversary dinner when I knew that it was our anniversary and I wanted to be able to tell you that I loved you first. You steal my mojo.

AMY: You have so much mojo you don’t even know. That’s why you’re so great, that’s why…

EPHRAM: Don’t.

[Amy puts her hand over her mouth.]

AMY: Sorry.

EPHRAM: I love you, Amy. You don’t have to say it back this time, this one’s all mine.

[Amy pulls Ephram into a peck on the lips.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown walking over to Nina’s house with a gift. Nina is gardening on her front porch.]

DR. BROWN: Behold, complete, cutting-edge podiatric care. Guaranteed to gently transport you to a relaxing oasis of personal comfort. You know, they actually make these for feet, who knew?

NINA: Well, it sure is your heaviest apology yet. What brought you around this time?

DR. BROWN: Oh, usual. Regret. Self-recrimination. And one big realization…

[Dr. Brown sits down a bench. Nina sits on the other bench on the front porch.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT’D) I didn’t talk to Delia about all this stuff, not because I didn’t know how to, although that’s part of it. I just knew that that conversation would lead to another conversation – the big conversation. And I just couldn’t bear the idea of doing it alone.

NINA: You’re missing Julia.

DR. BROWN: (nods his head) Y’know, I’m always thinking about the times that I –that I want her here. Something funny will happen or-or something beautiful and I’ll think, “Oh God, Julia would love that.” That’s the daily stuff. Sometimes I forget that I actually need her here – for the big stuff. I mean, before we met, I had no interest in being a father. It was not part of my plan and when it came to the kids, it was always the “we” that got me through everything.

NINA: Yeah, parenting’s a team sport that way, well, at least it should be.

DR. BROWN: Well, I wasn’t around for a lot of it. But whenever there really was a-a crisis, we would talk it through together. We were a team an-and even if we disagreed about something we always had each other’s backs. Now I’m just constantly second-guessing myself. If I had this little confidence as a surgeon, I would have quit a very long time ago.

NINA: Well, some parents do. Believe me, I never would have signed up for the solo routine either.

DR. BROWN: It’s crazy, isn’t it? They always talk about how much better a two-parent family is for the kids, but they never talk about how much better it is for the parents. I mean, it’s-it’s hard enough to get everything done without any help, but you add to that the, uh, the emotional responsibility and-and the daily fear of just screwing everything up and now…

NINA: Yeah, I know, I’m convinced Sam’s gonna need a major psychoanalysis.

[They laugh.]

NINA: (CONT’D) Y’know, I-I think you should give yourself though, Andy. You got a couple of really great kids over there.

DR. BROWN: Well, I think all that credit goes to her.

[Dr. Brown gets up to leave and walks toward the steps.]

DR. BROWN: Oh and Nina. That stuff I said earlier.

[Nina gets up.]

NINA: Oh, pssh..

DR. BROWN: No. No. I… I didn’t mean. I do see you and you look very pretty today.

[Dr. Brown smiles and leaves.]

[Cut to the Abbott den – Dr. Abbott is reading the newspaper and Rose is working beside him on the couch. Bright walks up to them with a check.]

DR. ABBOTT: What is this?

BRIGHT: Rent. Is 250 enough? I could probably swing 3, but uh…

DR. ABBOTT: This is unnecessary, Bright.

BRIGHT: Not for me. I’ll start picking up more shifts, eventually I should make enough to be able to get my own place.

ROSE: Sweetheart, we should talk about this.

BRIGHT: Thanks, Mom, but I’m all talked out.

[Bright walks away slowly leaving Dr. Abbott and Rose to discuss.]

DR. ABBOTT: I shouldn’t’ve pushed.

ROSE: Bright’s just spreading his wings a bit. The spark of independence isn’t a bad thing, I mean… The truth is he’s gonna have to make these decisions himself and he’s gonna make mistakes along the way.

DR. ABBOTT: I know. You’re right. God, I’ve handled this all so badly.

ROSE: We. We’re in this together, remember.

[Rose extends her hand over to Dr. Abbott. Dr. Abbott takes it and kisses it.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s house – Delia is sitting in the den in a chair and Dr. Brown and Nina are facing her on the couch.]

DELIA: Is this gonna take more than an hour, ‘cause I’ve got long division waiting upstairs?

DR. BROWN: Sweetie, you’re at an age where you’re curious about things – personal things.

DELIA: You mean sex?

DR. BROWN: Umm, yeah, I-I mean sex.

DELIA: I already know what sex is.

DR. BROWN: Really? Okay. But you’re going to start to hear things – more things – and it’s natural and healthy to have questions about them. And you just need to know that it’s okay to come to me or to Nina if you need answers to those questions.

NINA: That’s right, I mean, you can come to me if you get curious about stuff.

DELIA: Good. Then I have a question…

DR. BROWN: I figured you might.

DELIA: That thing I found under your bed, was that for sex?

[Dr. Brown and Nina hesitate thinking of something appropriate to say.]

DR. BROWN: You know, how you have long division waiting for you upstairs?

DELIA: You’re changing the subject.

DR. BROWN: No. No, I’m not. Work with me here. Long division – you’re pretty good at it aren’t you?

DELIA: Best in my class. Except for Vanessa, but she’s crazy smart.

DR. BROWN: Were you good at it last year or two years ago?

DELIA: I didn’t even know what long division was back then.

DR. BROWN: But you do now, because you’re ready. And that’s how it is with everything else in life. Some things you just have to be older to understand. If you try to figure ‘em out too soon, you just get more confused. Does that make sense?

DELIA: I guess. Do I get another question?

DR. BROWN: Hit me.

DELIA: Why do some people say ‘make love’ and other people say ‘have sex’? Do you do the same stuff?

DR. BROWN: Well, uh, now that’s–that’s a really good question actually. When people are in love, they want to express that feeling and so, uh, they want to show the other person...

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