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#301 : Un retour tant attendu

Titre en VO : "For every action..." - Titre en VF : Un retour tant attendu
¤USA : diffusé le 13/09/04 - France : inédit
¤Scénario : Greg Berlanti & Rina Mimoun - Réalisation : David Pretrarca
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Jake Hartman), Whitney Lee (Britney)

Une nouvelle année de changements, de choix, de nouveautés s'annonce à Everwood. L'année senior pourrait offrir une nouvelle chance pour Ephram et Amy d'explorer leurs sentiments.

Pendant ce temps, les docteurs Brown et Abbott sont forcés d'accepter l'idée de travailler ensemble, mais leurs convictions personnelles risquent de troubler quelque peu leur collaboration.

Bien sûr, la grande question de la saison sera le sort de Madison et de son bébé. Va elle défier le docteur Brown et tout avouer à Ephram, ou va elle quitter la ville en secret? Ce lourd secret pourrait aussi bien rapprocher la famille Brown...que les séparer à jamais.

Everwood compte également un nouvel habitant; le docteur Jake Hartman qui arrive tout droit de Californie et rachète l'ancien cabinet du docteur Abbott pour installer son propore cabinet.

Bande annonce 301 (VO)
Bande annonce 301 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Fade in – Scene from “No Sure Thing” Act Four – Dr. Brown is sitting talking to Ephram at the piano.]

DR. ABBOTT [VOICE-OVER]: Last season on Everwood…

DR. BROWN: You and your friends are at an age where you're deciding when or whether to have sex.

[Cut to scene from “No Sure Thing” Act Three – Ephram and Madison are making out on the couch in Madison’s house then cut back to scene with Dr. Brown talking to Ephram at the piano.]

DR. BROWN [CONT’D]: You can talk to me if you ever need to.

EPHRAM: I really don't see that happening.

[Cut to scene from“Your Future Awaits” Act Three – Dr. Abbott and family are sitting at the dining room table eating dinner.]

DR. ABBOTT: Regency Fidelity refused to reinstate my insurance coverage.

ROSE: You can't practice without your insurance.

[Cut to scene from “The Day is Done” Act Three – Dr. Brown is visiting Dr. Abbott at the Bagel Shop.]

DR. BROWN: I have a number for you. Tri-Gold Insurance. They agreed to cover you as a new partner in a practice with good standing.

[Cut to scene from <“The Day is Done” Act Four – Dr. Abbott is visiting Dr. Brown at his office.]

DR. ABBOTT: An equal partnership?

DR. BROWN: Entirely.

DR. ABBOTT: Dear God, I will live to regret this, won’t I?

[Cut to scene from “The Day is Done” Act Three – Ephram and Amy at a picnic in the woods.]

EPHRAM: You’re it, Amy. You’re the one I want to be with. There’s no questioning it, there’s no holding it back, there’s no overanalyzing it. It-It just is.

AMY: So you’re staying?

EPHRAM: No. I have to go to New York. I have to go for lots of reasons. But I want you to wait for me.

[They kiss slowly and passionately.]

[Cut to scene from “The Day is Done” Act Four – Ephram and Amy are sitting next to each other on the airplane.]

AMY: I’m just not very good at the whole waiting thing.

[Cut to scene from “The Day is Done” Act One – Madison visits Dr. Brown at his office.]

MADISON: Dr. Brown?

DR. BROWN: Madison. Everything all right?

MADISON: I’m late. I-I‘ve been late.

[Cut to scene from “The Day is Done” Act Three – Madison is visiting Dr. Brown to discuss options.]

DR. BROWN: Whatever you choose to do I will pay for it. I will support you, but Ephram is not to know.

MADISON: How? How could I do that?

DR. BROWN: You go.


[Cut to summertime at Juilliard and a student is playing the piano on stage while a teacher is listening on. Ephram is sitting in the auditorium reading a letter from Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN [VOICE-OVER]: Dear Ephram, I know you’re unfamiliar with the kind of mail that doesn’t require a DSL connection, but let me reacquaint you with a relic from the past – stationery. So how’s Juilliard? Things are going well here despite the obvious missing of you.

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott’s office where construction men are remodeling the office.]

DR. BROWN [VOICE-OVER]: (CONT’D) Dr. Abbott is taking a bit longer to situate himself into the office than I anticipated, but I’m sure things will return to normal any day now. Then again “normal” is a strong word whenever Harold is involved.

[Dr. Brown comes out of his office slamming his office door and sees Dr. Abbott.]

DR. BROWN: Any progress, Doctor?

DR. ABBOTT: (screaming over the construction noises) Hardly. These blue collared buffoons, they’re taking their sweet time. Sorely miscalculating both the shelving space available as well as how much I plan to pay them in overtime. But I see you’ve, uh, taken advantage of the hearing protection I’ve provided.

DR. BROWN: (taking out the ear plugs) Yes, well, I’ve…

DR. ABBOTT: No. No. No need to thank me. Here. Take as many you need, Doctor. I plan to match your generosity pound for pound. In fact, I was thinking of asking the painters to touch up your office as long as they’re here. Any-any specific color you prefer?

DR. BROWN: I’m good, thanks. I’m just wondering just how long you plan to…?

[The construction noise gets really loud.]

DR. ABBOTT: Ah, back to work. [Walking away from Dr. Brown.] Uh, Bob…

[Cut to New York and Ephram is sitting in a café with his laptop and drinking a cup of coffee reading an email from Amy.]

AMY [VOICE-OVER]: Okay. Try downloading the picture again. I think I figured it out this time. Even though I still don’t fully understand the difference between a jpeg and a pdf.

[Ephram looks at the picture that was sent in the email. Then cuts back to Everwood where Amy is in Spanish class.]

AMY [VOICE-OVER]: (CONT’D) If that worked I’ll send you the others this afternoon. I still can’t believe it was only three days ago I was eating hotdogs in Central Park with you and now I have to go to Spanish class with Señora Soraya. Summer school seems wrong.

SEÑORA SORAYA: Hola. Me llamo Señora Soraya. Everyone find their seats and we’ll, uh, get started.

AMY [VOICE-OVER]: P.S. I found that Statue of Liberty penny in my jeans pocket so I guess I did take it. Which means you were right proving there is a first time for everything.

[Cut to Ephram playing in the auditorium and a teacher reviews how he is playing. Ephram’s cell phone is blinking on top of the piano.]

[Cut to Bright in Everwood outside at his house.]

BRIGHT [VOICE-OVER]: Dude, you are not gonna believe this. I just made 37 baskets in a row. How hot is that?

[Cut back to Ephram playing piano at Juilliard.]

[Cut to Delia at a grill burning her hats with Brittany.]

DELIA [VOICE-OVER]: Dear Ephram, I’ve been working on a new look since you’ve been gone. I’m telling you this because you might not recognize me when you come home next week. My hair is longer and I’m wearing it down a lot.

[Brittany hands Delia her BC hat.]

DELIA: Not that one. I still like it.


DELIA [VOICE-OVER]: (CONT’D) Oh and if you see Lindsay Lohan can you please get her autograph for me. Brittany says she lives in New York part-time and you’ll probably see her. Maybe you can get one for Brittany too.

[Brittany hands Delia the lighter fluid and the flames get really high. Dr. Brown and Nina come running out on the porch. Dr. Brown uses a fire extinguisher on the grill.]

DR. BROWN [VOICE-OVER]: P.S. Please come home before your sister hits puberty and burns the house down.

[Cut to Ephram on a crowded plane between two big men and he is looking at his cell phone. Amy left him a message.]

AMY [VOICE-OVER]: I can’t believe your flight got delayed again. Are you dying? Call me as soon as you get home no matter what time.

[Cut to late at night and Ephram is walking out of the airport with all of his luggage and he is looking for a cab when he sees Amy standing by her Kia Sorento. They smile at one another. Ephram waves and they walk toward one another. Ephram gives Amy a long passionate kiss and they hug.]

[Cut to Ephram and Amy driving up to the front of Ephram’s house.]

EPHRAM: I still can’t believe my dad let you pick me up instead of him. How did you swing that?

AMY: Wasn’t so hard actually. Your dad and I did quite a bit of bonding this summer.

[Amy and Ephram get out of the car and go to get his luggage out of the back.]

EPHRAM: What? You bonded with my father. Why?

AMY: Well, he’s a lot funnier than you give him credit for. And he always pays when we go out but mainly because he’s the only person in town who didn’t mind me talking about you 24-7.

EPHRAM: This is way too weird to process. I’m picturing you and my dad splitting a Coke at Mama Joy’s. It’s freaking me out.

AMY: One Coke, two straws.

EPHRAM: Stop it.

AMY: Okay, go. Sleep. Call me as soon as you get up in the morning.

EPHRAM: Will do.

[Ephram looks over his shoulder and sees Dr. Brown standing on the front porch. Amy turns back around and kisses him.]

AMY: Welcome home, Ephram.

[Amy looks at Dr. Brown on the porch.]

AMY: He’s all yours, Dr. Brown.

[Amy starts to leave. Ephram walks toward Dr. Brown who is walking to meet him on the sidewalk. Dr. Brown gives Ephram a huge bear hug.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, come here.

EPHRAM: Uh, alright, Dad. Air.

DR. BROWN: How was your flight? You know, Delia tried to stay up but she just couldn’t make it. So how are you? Did you eat? Are you hungry?

EPHRAM: More tired than hungry.

DR. BROWN: God, you look older.

EPHRAM: I am older. Eight weeks older. My wrinkles are starting to show.

DR. BROWN: Well, let’s get you to bed. You must be exhausted. We’ll deal with the details tomorrow.

[Ephram started to grab his bags.]

EPHRAM: I got it.

[Ephram walks up the front stairs.]

DR. BROWN: You, uh, want me to wake you tomorrow or, uh… You know what, just sleep in.

EPHRAM: Good night, Dad.

DR. BROWN: Good night.

[Ephram starts to head inside.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, it’s good to be home, isn’t it?

[Ephram smiles back at Dr. Brown and goes inside the house leaving Dr. Brown outside.]

{END OF TEASER / OPENING CREDITS (Merrilyn Gann is added and gone are the Rockwell-like pictures that were a part of the opening credits for the first two seasons) / COMMERCIAL BREAK}


[Fade in – Ephram sitting at the kitchen table reading his letter from Juilliard when Delia runs in.]


[They hug.]

EPHRAM: Hey. You’re wearing a dress.

DELIA: I’ve got more if you wanna to see. Come on.

[Delia pulls Ephram out of the chair. Nina walks in with Sam dressed in a Batman costume through the kitchen door.]

NINA: You’re home.

Ephram: Hey, you.

[Nina and Ephram hug. Sam runs over to the refrigerator.]

NINA: So how was it? Did you have a great time? Sam, no soda.

SAM: But, Mom, I wanna.

NINA: Put it down.

[The phone rings. Delia runs to answer it.]

DELIA: Hello… Hi, Amy. It’s Amy.

[Dr. Brown grabs the phone out of Delia’s hand.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, Amy. Hey, can he call you right back? Everyone’s just getting up around here.

EPHRAM: (to Dr. Brown) Hey?

[Dr. Brown waves Ephram off.]

NINA: I can’t get over your hair. It’s longer isn’t it?

EPHRAM: A little bit.

NINA: Oh, it looks good. I also like those things on the side of your face.

DELIA: My hair’s longer too.

DR. BROWN: Ok, 10 minutes. She’ll call you right back. Everybody out. Nina, you’re taking Delia to Brittany’s, right?

NINA: Absolutely. Let’s hit it. Come on you guys. Okay. Welcome home.

[Nina, Sam and Delia leave through the kitchen door. Ephram sits back down at the kitchen table.]

DR. BROWN: You okay?

EPHRAM: Delia was wearing a dress.

DR. BROWN: I know. It’s weird.

[Dr. Brown sits down at the table with Ephram.]

EPHRAM: So listen, there’s something I want to talk to you about.

DR. BROWN: And I want to hear everything, but first there’s something important I want to talk to you about. [Dr. Brown gets up.] Come with me.

[Cut to the door opening to the garage where it has been converted into Ephram’s piano practice room. Ephram and Dr. Brown walk in.]


DR. BROWN: You like it?

EPHRAM: It’s, uh… Whoa…

DR. BROWN: Everything is state of the art, I think. I had a contractor sound proof the walls so you can play as late or as early as you want and, uh, I got a stereo guy to, uh, hook up a recording gadget so you can make your audition tapes come December. So this is your new studio, what do you think?

EPHRAM: Uh… Where are you gonna park your car?

DR. BROWN: Oh, don’t worry about that. I sold it to pay for this.

EPHRAM: This… I-I mean I, uh… Why did you do all of this?

DR. BROWN: Because you deserve it. You know I was just like you when I was your age. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I also knew how much work it was gonna be. And everyday all I wanted was a place that call my own where I could do that work. Where I could do all those things that you have to do when you’re on your way to becoming great, which you are.

EPHRAM: Yeah… I don’t know what to say. Thank you.

[Dr. Brown gives Ephram another bear hug.]

EPHRAM: Uh… You needed two of those. That’s it.

DR. BROWN: Okay. Well, listen, I better run. Uh, Dr. Abbott’s trying to implement a time card policy so I’ll tell you all about it at dinner and you can tell me everything too. Is, uh, six o’clock okay? Nina’s been planning your welcome home dinner since July.

EPHRAM: Sure, I’ll be there.

[Dr. Brown leaves the studio and Ephram looks around the studio.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Abbott is walking Mr. Jensen out of his office. Louise is looking in the fish tank.]

LOUISE: Are you hungry? Who’s hungry, huh?

DR. ABBOTT: I’m sorry, Mr. Jensen. I simply don’t believe that opening your own pilates studio is a fiscally sound move. Previous experience tells me that such a forward thinking enterprise would last about as long on Main Street as oh say a bagel shop.

MR. JENSEN: What about Tae Kwon Do?

DR. ABBOTT: Again, no. I’m afraid I cannot in all good conscious lease you the space across the street. Have a nice day, Mr. Jensen.

[Mr. Jensen leaves and Edna corners Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: Ten feet, Mother. Those are the rules. At least 10 feet away at all times. Do we need to review the guidelines again?

EDNA: How much longer are you planning on keeping that space empty? Do you enjoy losing money or are you just plain stupid?

DR. ABBOTT: Patience being a virtue you know nothing about, I don’t expect you to understand, Mother. But it does no good to nurture the dream of a simpleton with no business strategy whatsoever. I am looking for someone with an actual plan of attack. Someone with staying power so I don’t find myself back in this situation come October. And I will know that person the moment I meet him, Mother. My instincts about people are never wrong.

[Dr. Brown walks in.]

DR. BROWN: Morning, everyone.

[Dr. Brown sees the fish tank]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) We have fish.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, it’s a 75 imperial gallon reef plenum system, which achieves its filtration through live rocks, sand, and protein skimming. What do ya think?

DR. BROWN: Oh, what do I think? Oh, I-I-I think it’s great. Not quite as great as the monolithic espresso maker that, uh, I haven’t learned how to use yet, but better than the air purifying system that makes a humming sound all day.

DR. ABBOTT: See now that I find quiet noise has a soothing quality to it. Give it time, Doctor.

[Dr. Abbott leaves and Edna hands Dr. Brown his mail. He is looking through it.]

EDNA: So? How’s he look?

DR. BROWN: Fantastic. He grew 7 inches.

EDNA: Seven inches in 8 weeks, not bad.

[Dr. Brown sees an envelope addressed to him that looks peculiar. He turns it over and sees it from Madison. The address is Madison Kellner 338 Willow Lane, Denver, CO 80113.]

EDNA: Nine o’clock’s here, Boss. Let’s get cracking. We’re slammed today.

DR. BROWN: Send her in.

[Cut to Abbott House – Bright is telling a story with a basketball in hand and Ephram and Amy are cuddled up next to each other on the couch listening to him.]

BRIGHT: So there I am. One basket left to go. I mean, the pressure’s on, ‘cause if I don’t make this, I’m down to my socks.

AMY: This is so gross.

BRIGHT: And if Gemma doesn’t make it, we’re talking full frontal.

EPHRAM: W-w-wait a minute, when did strip basketball become a sport? Was it in the Olympics? Did I miss something?

BRIGHT: So, uh, I take a beat. Take a full step back. Focus my shot. Whoosh. And it is on.

EPHRAM: It’s on or it’s in because I’m confused.

BRIGHT: All I know, dude, is summer rocks. Especially, you’ll see, summer of your senior year, your parents let you do whatever you want ‘cause they know you got to get out all the nasty before you go into the real world.

EPHRAM: Speaking of which, when do classes start at ECC?

BRIGHT: Five, six days. I don’t know. All I know is that I got at least a week left and nothing left to do; I plan to enjoy it. And that cuddling that’s my cue to go, it’s good to have you back, brother.

[Bright leaves. Amy and Ephram are left cuddling on the couch.]

AMY: You know, I was thinking, we still have a few days before school starts too and, umm, maybe we could go on a little camping trip or something or, uh, Bright was talking about maybe driving up to Water World which is only a few hours north. It could be fun.

[Ephram looks not to excited.]

AMY: (CONT'D) What you don’t like water parks?

EPHRAM: Well, I’m not a huge fan of any activity that involves a bathing suit. But, I-I guess I could make an exception for you.

[They kiss. Ephram pulls away looking at a clock.]


AMY: You have to go?

EPHRAM: Uhhh, no, I just I-I-I told my dad that I would be, uh, ready for dinner by six and I haven’t practiced all day, so…

AMY: Practiced. Juilliard’s over.

[Ephram gets up and head toward the front door and Amy follows.]

AMY: Take a break, crazy man. Enjoy it.

EPHRAM: I’ll, uh, call you after dinner, okay?

AMY: Okay?

[Ephram opens the door to leave.]

AMY: (CONT'D) We still on for Saturday?

EPHRAM: Absolutely.

[Ephram closes the door and Amy is still sort of shocked he got up and left.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s home office where he is opening the letter from Madison when Ephram opens the door.]

EPHRAM: Hey, uh, Nina’s here with Sam and not to freak you out or anything but I have no idea how she got in.

DR. BROWN: Well, I gave her a key this summer. Seemed to make sense considering how much time she spends here. Is that okay with you?

EPHRAM: Yeah. I guess. Anything else happen this summer you want to fill me in on?

DR. BROWN: Nothing I can think of.

EPHRAM: You alright?

DR. BROWN: Fine. Fine. I’m just… Been a long day.

EPHRAM: Alright. Well, I, uh, I will see you down there.

[Ephram leaves and closes the door behind him. Dr. Brown opens the letter and pulls out two checks with the letter. He walks around his desk and sits down while reading it.]

MADISON [VOICE-OVER]: Dear Dr. Brown. I’ve decided that I can’t take your money. These last two months in Denver have been more difficult than I ever thought possible. But I’ve come to a decision about this baby and I need to move forward with it on my own. You can no longer be a part of this. There are so many things I wish I could undo, but most of all I know that I should’ve never come to you in the first place. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t contact me anymore. Madison.



[Fade in – Dr. Brown is in his office at work looking frustrated with his laptop. Edna comes in.]

EDNA: Oh, good. You’re here early. That idiot offspring of mine wants us to go over these new magazine subscriptions, which apparently we need.

[Dr. Brown hits his computer.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) Why are you hitting your computer?

DR. BROWN: Because it doesn’t work and I hate it.

EDNA: Are you sure it’s the computer that doesn’t work?

DR. BROWN: Mapquest is supposed to be sending me to Denver, but I think it’s trying to send me to Bob Denver. A lot more questing here than mapping.

EDNA: Who are you going to see in Denver? Madison? Is she okay?

DR. BROWN: Well, that’s what I’m trying to find out. She sent me this.

[Dr. Brown pulls the letter from his desk drawer and gives to Edna to read.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I tried calling her yesterday, but there was no answer so I figured I’d just drive down there and see what was going on. See if everything’s okay.

EDNA: Um, hmm… And what part of ‘do not contact me’ don’t you understand?

DR. BROWN: I just want to make sure that she’s alright.

EDNA: That’s a load of flap doodle. You just want to know if she’s still living there so you can see if that short leash you put on that girl is still intact.

DR. BROWN: Well, it is important that I know where she is.

EDNA: Why? Listen, Andy, I know you think you did the right thing, but…

DR. BROWN: I did what I had to do. Ephram would have never have been able to…

EDNA: Let’s… Let’s don’t go down that road again. You did what you did and it’s done. I may not agree with it but I certainly don’t judge you for it. The fact remains keeping this secret is killing you and now that Ephram is home and you have to look him in the eye everyday. It’s only gonna get worse.

DR. BROWN: Well, even if I did regret the decision there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m already involved.

EDNA: But you don’t have to be any more. You’ve been given a second chance. Madison is releasing you. She did what you asked of her, Andy. Show her the same respect. Let her go.

[Edna leaves his office leaving Dr. Brown to think about what she said.]

[Cut to Ephram looking at his Juilliard evaluation again in his room and Delia comes in and Ephram puts it in his bag.]

DELIA: Whatcha doing?

EPHRAM: Since when do you come into my room without knocking?

DELIA: The door was halfway open.

EPHRAM: Do you want me to put a lock on it for you, because I’d be happy to?

DELIA: Sorry. So guess what, Counselor Polsen told me if I wanted to ride during the year all I had to do…

[Delia starts to go in his bag and Ephram snaps at her.]

EPHRAM: Alright, Delia. Out. Now.

DELIA: You suck.

[Delia leaves mad. Ephram pulls the evaluation out of the bag and puts it in his back pocket.]

[Cut to outside Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Abbott is running across the street yelling at a driver, Jake Hartman.]

DR. ABBOTT: Uh, excuse me. You, sir. You there, uh. I-I’m afraid you’ll have to move that vehicle that-that space belongs to my partner.

[Jake gets out of his vehicle.]

JAKE: Is something wrong?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, although, we have yet to convince the city to mark these spaces as reserved rest assured they do belong to both myself and my partner, Dr. Andrew Brown, perhaps you’ve heard of him. World-renowned neurosurgeon.

JAKE: I’m Jake. Hartman, by the way.

DR. ABBOTT: Dr. Harold Abbott. Now I-if you don’t mind.

JAKE: Wait, you’re Dr. Harold Abbott?


JAKE: But you’re so young.

DR. ABBOTT: Pardon me.

JAKE: Well, a Dr. Harold Abbott worked on my dad’s knee more 30 years ago, but you couldn’t possibly be the same person.

DR. ABBOTT: Most likely that was the work of my father. We share the same name and up until his death we shared a practice as well.

JAKE: Get out. This is unbelievable. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard about your father. My dad worshiped him.

DR. ABBOTT: Really now?

JAKE: Wow, amazing. Well, it’s a real pleasure to meet you, sir. An honor.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, I was just on my way to grab a cup of coffee. You care to join me?

JAKE: I’d love to. Should I move my car?

DR. ABBOTT: No. No, you can leave it.

[Cut to Abbott’s driveway – Bright is shooting baskets and Amy is talking to him.]

AMY: I can’t put my finger on it exactly. I just know something’s off.

BRIGHT: What are you blabbing about? You guys were all up in each other’s goo yesterday. What more do you want?

AMY: Yeah, but he wasn’t completely with me. I mean he was with me with me, but mentally he wasn’t, y’know.

BRIGHT: No. No I don’t. Man, you’re such a chick some times.

AMY: What does that suppose to mean?

BRIGHT: It means that you are a drama queen. Amy, you, you thrive on the crazy, okay? It’s like, you’re life is going really well right now. Y-You got a totally cool boyfriend who’s totally into you and you are looking for problems. Why?

AMY: I’m not looking for them.

BRIGHT: He’s not mentally with you. Well, what does that even mean?

AMY: It means, it’s-it’s like… I’m crazy.

BRIGHT: Thank you.

AMY: I am. I’m totally freaking out for no reason. Why? Why would I do that?

BRIGHT: Oh, that’s all right. You know, your life has been such crap ass lately you probably forgot what it even feels like to be happy. In fact, that whole weird feeling you’re talking about … probably just a good mood.

AMY: You’re right. That’s probably what exactly it is. There’s nothing wrong with me and Ephram. I just have to sit back and enjoy the fact that I have a fantastic boyfriend who’s finely home and we’re going to have the best senior year ever because we totally deserve it.

BRIGHT: Okay, no need to bust out the pompoms.

[Cut to Mama Joy’s – Dr. Abbott and Jake are drinking coffee. Jake is pouring tons of sugar in his coffee and Dr. Abbott is watching him as he talks really fast.]

JAKE: The course in Vail is the best if you’re talking scope and size, you just can’t beat it. They’ve got these double black diamond runs that are unreal. That’s if you’re into the like whole mondo resort theme, which I’m not.

DR. ABBOTT: Uh huh.

JAKE: Deer Valley is good, but they-they’ve got this hate for snowboarders. Now I’m a pure net at heart, but every now and again you just want to jump on a board and get out there and just shred, y’know?

DR. ABBOTT: I do. I do.

JAKE: I got to be near good powder. That’s a big part of what drew me to Everwood here. Do you realize that you live in the epicenter of all the greatest ski resorts in Colorado? I-I mapped it out. You’re less than two hours away from six different spots all with the most amazing conditions.

DR. ABBOTT: But-but Los Angeles isn’t all that far from Squaw Valley. I’m not that unfamiliar with Squaw.

JAKE: Yeah, I’m just so over L.A. I’m just so burned out on the whole scene, y’know? People. Traffic. It’s like we were talking about your dad. There’s nobody like that out in Los Angeles. Doctors aren’t making house calls unless it’s a silicone emergency. And that’s just not the way I want to spend the rest of my life. I want to be around real people who are grounded who don’t need to wear Kaballah bracelets in order to feel like they’re connected to something. I’m just ready to start the next chapter in my life. Maybe meet a great woman to settle down with. Start a family.

[Nina comes up with a pot of coffee.]

NINA: More coffee?

JAKE: Thank you.

[Jake gives Nina a nice smile and she heads to other tables.]

JAKE: (CONT'D) Anyway, I know this all sounds a little crazy, but…

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, no, no. Not at all. No. I certainly understand how the urban lifestyle can wear a man down. Everwood would be a nice change for you.

JAKE: It would, right?


JAKE: Now all I need to do is find a place to set up shop and I’m in.

DR. ABBOTT: Is that so? So are you in the market for a piece of prime real estate?

JAKE: It doesn’t even have to be prime. So long as there’s room to hang my skis and park my bike.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, you just might be in luck, Mr. Hartman?

JAKE: Oh, please, call me Jake.

DR. ABBOTT: Jake, well I believe today may be a serendipitous opportunity for the both of us.

JAKE: Yeah. Excellent.


[Cut to Dress Shop on Main Street – Amy is trying on a dress and Rose is with her.]

AMY: So what do you think?

ROSE: I think that poor boy’s gonna faint when he sees you.

AMY: Really?

ROSE: Oh, I love you in that color.

AMY: You don’t think the pink one’s better.

ROSE: No. I still don’t understand what’s so important about this date. You spent 10 days together in New York City what could be more romantic than that.

AMY: Yeah, but this is our first official date in Everwood. I mean, this is the beginning of what could be the most important relationship I ever have, Mom.

ROSE: Well, in that case, I think you probably need a new pair of shoes too.

AMY: You’re the best mom ever.

[They hug. While hugging Amy sees Ephram drive up outside.]

AMY: Oh my god, how weird is that? Look?

ROSE: What?

AMY: It’s like we’re always in the same place. Isn’t that fate or something?

ROSE: Well, it could be that there’s only one main street in Everwood, but fate’s nice.

AMY: I’m gonna call and say hi. Cover me so he doesn’t see my dress.

[Amy dials his number and Rose covers her dress.]

[Outside the shop, Ephram’s phone rings. He looks at the phone and hits a button on it not to answer it. He then walks away from his car.]

[Back inside the shop, Amy is hurt that Ephram didn’t answer his phone.]

ROSE: Well, maybe your number didn’t come up. Sometimes when I get one of those private calls I don’t answer it either.

[Amy walks back toward the dressing room sad and Rose shows concern.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown knocking on a door in Denver. Mindy, Madison’s friend {remember her from "Unfinished Business"?}, answers it.]

MINDY: Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: Mindy, I think we met once.

MINDY: Madison’s not here.

[Dr. Brown looks past Mindy into the house and sees boxes.]

DR. BROWN: Are you guys moving?

MINDY: You shouldn’t be here.

DR. BROWN: I know.

MINDY: No you don’t. You don’t get it. She trusted you. You were like a father to her. I don’t know if you know anything about Maddi’s family, but her dad took off when she was a kid and her mom’s kind of a religious zealot. So as you could imagine how well she took the news about the pregnancy, which is why she came to you first. I told her you wouldn’t be the most objective person in the world but she defended you. She said you were a good man. She said you would help her.

DR. BROWN: I have tried to protect Madison from day one. And I’m going to continue doing that. That is why I’m here.

MINDY: That’s not why you’re here. You’re here ‘cause you want to know if she kept the baby or not. You’re just trying to cover your ass and I’m not gonna help you do it. (starts to close the door) I told her to call Ephram. I told her he deserved to know the truth about the pregnancy and about what kind of man his father really is.

DR. BROWN: Mindy?

MINDY: And I don’t know if she did or not. I just thought you’d want to know.

[Mindy closes the door leaving Dr. Brown to worry if Ephram knows.]



[Fade in – Mama Joy’s at night. Dr. Brown is sitting at the counter with an ice cream sundae talking with Nina.]

NINA: Must be pretty bad, you barely even grazed your whipped cream.

DR. BROWN: I’ll just take the check, Nin.

[Amy walks in and sits next to Dr. Brown while Nina goes and gets the check.]

AMY: Hey, Dr. Brown. Can I talk to you for a minute?

DR. BROWN: Now’s not such a good time, Amy?

AMY: It’s about Ephram.

DR. BROWN: What’s the matter with Ephram?

AMY: I don’t know. Do you know of anything that could be bothering him? Did something happen?

DR. BROWN: What exactly is he doing?

AMY: It’s not what he’s doing. It’s how he’s being. He’s all secretive and shut-off. He acts like everything’s fine but I can tell it’s just an act. I’ve know him too well. You’re not getting any of this?

DR. BROWN: Maybe. A little.

AMY: What could be so big that we couldn’t talk about it? We talk about everything.

DR. BROWN: Why don’t you just ask him? It seems to be the only thing you can do right now, right?

AMY: Or maybe I could just not bring it up and this whole thing will just disappear. It happens sometimes, right?

DR. BROWN: Sometimes. Problem is things you try to bury have a way of digging themselves up again.

[Cut to the next day – Dr. Abbott is showing Jake around his old office.]

DR. ABBOTT: Naturally, all the floors in here are true hardwood. Red oak, I believe.

JAKE: Well, they look great. Although, I’m surprised you didn’t upgrade to that Pergo laminate, it’s so easy to clean.

DR. ABBOTT: No. No. My father laid this floor with his own two hands back when Pergo was not an option. Now, I-I do remember he considered carpeting at one point back in 1972 if I recall correctly. He-he was feeling the need to modernize. Luckily, I was able to talk him out of that nonsense or we might be standing on rust colored shag right about now.

JAKE: It’s a fantastic space. You’ve kept it up beautifully, I might add.

DR. ABBOTT: It might be due for a paint job.

JAKE: Yeah, I was thinking that.

DR. ABBOTT: Of course, you’ll never be able to match this color exactly. My-my father and I, we could never agree, you see. He was loyal to ecru while I have always preferred eggshell. A minute difference, of course, but a trained eye could always tell. Anywho, I was prepared to yield to my father’s preference seeing as how I had only been a part of the practice for couldn’t have been more than five years at that point. But my father took great pride in being a man of compromise. So he took me to the paint shop and had Lawrence there mix us up a batch of ecru-eggshell – a winning combination, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

JAKE: Uh, like I said, it looks great.

DR. ABBOTT: Amazing. All these years, it…it really does look exactly the same.

JAKE: Well, I’m sold.

DR. ABBOTT: Sorry.

JAKE: It’s perfect. I love it. Where do I sign?

[Jake goes to sign the papers and Dr. Abbott is having second thoughts and tries to get Jake out of there.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, right. Perhaps, you’d, uh, prefer to schedule an inspection before we do any formal signing.

JAKE: I don’t think that’s necessary, it’s only a lease. I trust you.

DR. ABBOTT: That’s-that’s adorable. But I really do that’s for the best. Uh, I’ll call a few people, get some quotes and if you can’t wait. You can’t wait. I completely understand if you feel the need to take your business elsewhere.

JAKE: Elsewhere, I just said I love it.

DR. ABBOTT: Right. Right. And thank you for stopping by.

[Dr. Abbott closes the door on Jake. Jake can been seen through the door looking baffled by the suddenness of the departure. Dr. Abbott looks relieved to have him gone.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Brown walks in mad and heads straight towards his office. Edna is working at her desk and gets up to follow him.]

EDNA: Oh, there you are. I’ve been trying to reach you on your cell. I’ve got a lot of messages that I think we ought to go over before we…

[Dr. Brown slams his office door in Edna’s face.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) What crawled up his butt?

[Louise gave a “I don’t know” shrug. Dr. Abbott walks in mad now and heads straight for his office. Louise tries to get Dr. Abbott’s attention like Edna.]

LOUISE: Good morning, Dr. Abbott. Mr. McManus called he was wondering if he could…

DR. ABBOTT: Not now, Louise.

[Dr. Abbott goes into his office and slams the door.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s office – Dr. Brown leans back in his chair and props his feet on his desk and then falls out of it, screaming. Edna goes into his office to check on him.]

EDNA: Are you okay?

[Dr. Brown is very pissed off and pushes the chair out of the office and into the waiting area and straight toward Dr. Abbott who has rushed out of his office when he heard Dr. Brown fall. Edna and Louise are watching both of the doctors quietly. The doctors get into a yelling match.]

DR. BROWN: What the hell is this thing?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, it’s-it’s ergonomic. I took the liberty of replacing your old chair, which didn’t seem to provide enough back support. I-I thought you’d appreciate it.

DR. BROWN: Appreciate it. Do I look like I appreciate it?

DR. ABBOTT: Not at the moment.

DR. BROWN: In fact, I don’t appreciate any of the completely asinine changes you have made to my office. I hate the magazines. I hate the rugs. I hate that thing you call a coffee maker and I hate fish.

DR. ABBOTT: I’ll have you know that many of those fish were imported. I went out of my way…

DR. BROWN: Who asked you to? I sure as hell didn’t. I didn’t ask for any of this crap.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, forgive me for assuming that you might prefer a top of the line expresso machine to your five dollar garage sale Mr. Coffeemaker. And as for the rugs, oh well, there is only so much wood a man can take.

DR. BROWN: You can say that again.

DR. ABBOTT: What? Wha.. Oh, are you implying that I’m wooden? Is that what you’re saying?

DR. BROWN: Wooden. You are a two by four.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I can see my attention to creating a positive work environment have been completely undervalued. I apologize, Doctor, if I have made your office so unbearable. I was merely trying to introduce some much needed efficiency into this barnyard you call a medical practice.

[Dr. Abbott storms off toward his office and shuts the door and Dr. Brown storms off toward his office.]

DR. BROWN: (Yells before going in his office) I WANT MY CHAIR BACK.

[Cut to Ephram’s Studio – Ephram is practicing at the piano. Dr. Brown knocks on the door and comes in.]

EPHRAM: (annoyed) What?

DR. BROWN: Hey, you’ve been in here all day. I just want to make sure you were still alive.

[Ephram looks annoyed by his father’s comment.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You hiding from me or something?

EPHRAM: It’s called practicing. It’s why you built this place remember.

DR. BROWN: What’s going on with you, Ephram? You’ve had a major dose of attitude every since you got back here and I want to know why.

EPHRAM: I don’t have time for this.

DR. BROWN: Well, make time. What is going on? You didn’t say two words at dinner the other night. You’re fighting with your sister. Even Amy can tell you’re upset with something.

EPHRAM: Amy? You talked to Amy?

DR. BROWN: Yes, of course, I talked to Amy. I saw her at Mama Joy’s. We talked for five minutes.

EPHRAM: I cannot believe you. How many times do we have to have this fight before you figure it out?

DR. BROWN: I don’t know. I don’t even know what we’re fighting about?

EPHRAM: I don’t want you having conversations with my girlfriend behind my back. I-I don’t want you trying to fix things for me when I’m not around because newsflash whenever you think you’re fixing things, you’re actually making things worse or didn’t you figure that out yet?

DR. BROWN: You keep it, Ephram, and I’ll take this place back in a heartbeat.

EPHRAM: Go ahead, take it back. I never asked for it. I never asked for any of it.

DR. BROWN: What is this? How did we get here? I thought you were done throwing tantrums. I thought we were starting to communicate again.

EPHRAM: Communicate? I don’t see you communicating with me. In fact, if anybody’s been acting weird around here – it’s you. A-All the hugging. T-The big studio. What’s it all about? It’s a little hypocritical, don’t you think? You expect me to tell you everything I’m thinking when you don’t tell me dick.

DR. BROWN: I tell you what I think is necessary.

EPHRAM: Well, so do I.

DR. BROWN: What do you want me to tell you?

EPHRAM: I don’t know, but you obviously have something to say.

[Dr. Brown just stares at Ephram and does not respond.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Well, I guess we all have secrets.

[Ephram leaves leaving Dr. Brown to think about his fight with Ephram.]



[Fade in – Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Abbott is at the fish tank talking to the fish and feeding them.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hootie. Hootie. (the blowish in the tank)

[Dr. Brown walks into the office with a package.]

DR. BROWN: Working weekends are we now or, uh, did I miss that memo?

DR. ABBOTT: I’m simply here to feed Hootie. I’ll be leaving now.

DR. BROWN: Well, don’t. Please.

[Dr. Brown walks over to Dr. Abbott.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I’m sorry, Harold. I, uh, I had no right to blow up at you like that yesterday. I just want you to know, it isn’t really about you or Hootie.

DR. ABBOTT: Andy, despite what you may think, I was not trying to change this office primarily for my benefit. If anything it was a poor attempt on my part to show my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me.

DR. BROWN: There’s nothing to be grateful for. We’re partners now. My moose is your moose. In fact that’s why I came here this morning…

[Dr. Brown goes and pulls out the package he brought in with him showing the new sign for their joint practice. It reads Brown & Abbott Medical Practice.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I wanted to get this hung before the Monday morning rush.

DR. ABBOTT: Thank you, Andy. It’s very thoughtful.


DR. ABBOTT: Oh, I had no idea how difficult it would be to give up my practice. I’ve-I’ve been turning down offers on that space for the past two months each rationalization making more sense than the next. But now I’m finally understanding it’s me.

DR. BROWN: Are you having second thoughts about the partnership?

DR. ABBOTT: It’s not the autonomy I miss, not really. That office across the street, it’s been in my family since 1948. My father and I worked side by side in that 1200 foot piece of prime real estate. There’s a lot of memories there. It’s-It’s hard to let go.

DR. BROWN: Well, you… Well, you don’t let go of your memories, Harold. They-they live inside of you. You take them with you wherever you go. Whether it’s moving to an office across the street or to another state entirely. Trust me they hang on.

DR. ABBOTT: All that wisdom inside, and yet the beard remains. I just don’t get it. (grabbing the sign) Well, I propose we hang this sign and get back to whatever’s left of our Saturday, shall we?

DR. BROWN: Why don’t you do that? I think I’ll just, uh, camp out here for awhile.

[Dr. Brown sits down in a chair looking troubled sparking Dr. Abbott’s concern.]

DR. ABBOTT: Troubles at home?

DR. BROWN: Have you, uh, ever kept a secret from your children, Harold, or even from Rose for that matter?

DR. ABBOTT: I’m certain I have.

DR. BROWN: What if the secret in question involved them, I mean, directly?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, if it involved them, I don’t see how I’d been able to keep it a secret for very long – not in my household? Why?

DR. BROWN: Eight weeks ago, I told Madison to leave town. After finding out that she was pregnant.

DR. ABBOTT: Ephram?

DR. BROWN: (nods) I told her not to tell him. I also told her that I would take care of whatever she needed as long as she needed it, but now I-I don’t know where she is. I don’t know if she’s had an abortion or if she’s decided to keep the baby. I don’t even know if she’s told Ephram about any of this.

DR. ABBOTT: So you have no idea how to find her?


DR. ABBOTT: But you think she’s been in contact with Ephram?

DR. BROWN: Maybe. I’m not sure. I know he’s been fighting with me. He’s been fighting with Amy.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh my God, do you think that he’s told Amy?

DR. BROWN: I don’t know, but it’s possible.

[Cut to the Brown kitchen – Ephram is eating cereal at the bar and Delia comes in and starts to make her some cereal.]

EPHRAM: So I talked to your camp counselor today, Mr., uh, Polsen. He said if you wanted we could go visit your horse.

[Delia doesn’t answer.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Delia, come on.

DELIA: You can’t do this any more.

EPHRAM: Do what?

DELIA: Yell at people for no good reason and then pretend you didn’t.

EPHRAM: I’m sorry, I yelled at you, okay?

DELIA: I don’t care that you’re sorry. You still did it and I didn’t do anything to you.

EPHRAM: I know. I’m going through some pretty big stuff lately, so…

DELIA: So what? So have I. And you never asked me about me. Not once.

EPHRAM: I said I was sorry. Why are you giving me such a hard time?

DELIA: Because…

[Ephram looks at her.]

DELIA: (CONT'D) I waited for you too.

[Delia leaves the kitchen and Ephram realizes why she is mad.]

[Cut to Dr. Abbott’s old office. Jake is signing the lease papers.]

JAKE: I’m so happy you changed your mind, Hal. I was a little worried for a minute there. Got a little freaky-deaky on me, but now that I’m back in this space, I feel such a strong positive energy. I know this is going to be the best decision I ever made. I can’t thank you enough.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, you’re more than welcome.

JAKE: Alright, there you go. Signed sealed and delivered. I enclosed a cashier’s check for first and last month’s rent plus security deposit and the insurance rider’s in there too.

DR. ABBOTT: Excellent. Well, I’m sure you’ll have many happy years here, Jake.

JAKE: I hope so. You’re a tough act to follow.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that’s kind of you to say, but I’m sure that your business will be booming in no time. I, for one, am looking forward to having a sporting goods store here on Main Street.

JAKE: I’m sorry.

DR. ABBOTT: Or will you be specializing in, uh, ski equipment. Either way…

JAKE: I-I think there’s been some kind of misunderstanding. I’m not opening up a sporting goods store.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, you’re not.



JAKE: I’m a doctor. A GP. This is going be my medical practice.

DR. ABBOTT: Your-your what? How-How could…? You’re-you’re 12 years old.

JAKE: You’re sweet. (starts to leave) I’ve got a kick ass dermatologist back home, he’s actually gonna swing by a couple of times this year. I could get an appointment for you if you want.

DR. ABBOTT: No. No. No. This is lunacy. I-I specifically remember you saying all you needed was a-was a place to hang your skis. That clearly implies.

JAKE: Figure of speech. Y’know, a place to hang your hat. Gosh I really thought, that we… I talked about this. I’m-I’m sorry for any miscommunication, but in any event, it’s all right there in the lease. Look, I should really get back to the house. God only knows what kind of damage the movers have caused by now. I’ll see you later, Hal.

[Jake leaves and Dr. Abbott is mad and yells after him.]


[Cut to the Abbott House – Foyer – Ephram rings the doorbell. Dr. Abbott answers the door.]

EPHRAM: Hey, Dr. Abbott. Is Amy home?

[Dr. Abbott turns to see Amy at the edge of the stairs. Amy is dressed in her dress she was shopping for earlier.]

AMY: Hey.

DR. ABBOTT: I’ll be upstairs if anyone needs me.

[Dr. Abbott walks upstairs and Ephram comes in the house.]

EPHRAM: You look nice.

AMY: You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?


AMY: Just get it over with. Please. Fast.

[Ephram pulls out of his back pocket, the piece of paper he’s been looking at during the episode and hands it to Amy to look at.]

AMY: What is this?

EPHRAM: Just read it.

[Amy sits down on the steps and Ephram sits beside her.]

AMY: It’s from Juilliard.

EPHRAM: It’s my evaluation from the summer program. Basically I failed.

AMY: What? How can you fail piano?

EPHRAM: Ah, apparently there are many, many ways.

AMY: But you’re an unbelievable player. I’ve heard you, I’ve seen you.

EPHRAM: Please. Please. Don’t. I-I mean, I know you mean well, but it just makes me feel worse.

AMY: So this is what’s been bothering you?

EPHRAM: Yeah, that’s it.

AMY: You should have just told me, Ephram. I mean I know what you’re going through, my report card last year was terrible.

EPRHAM: It’s not a report card, Amy. This is my entire life – my whole plan an-and it’s all falling apart. My dad redid the garage so I could live up to my genius potential, but as it turns out I’m not a genius. I’m-I’m average. If I want to be anything other than average, I’m gonna have to practice my ass off everyday from now until winter when the auditions come up again.

AMY: So that’s what you’ll do?

EPHRAM: Yeah, so that’s what I’ll do. But, wh.. Where does that leave us?

AMY: What do you mean?

EPHRAM: I mean you want to do all this stuff. You, y’know, you want to go camping and go to Water World and do all these things that we should be able to do together since we’re this new happy couple, but I-I just can’t do it all. I-I can’t-I can’t help Bright pick out all his classes for ECC. I can’t be there for Delia. I can’t sit down to the Brady Bunch family dinners with Nina.

AMY: So you are breaking up with me.

EPHRAM: No. No. I don’t-I don’t know. I-I don’t – I – I just – I – I – I just need some more time to figure it all out. I-I-I just need more time.

AMY: Okay.


AMY: Okay. Take some time. Figure it out. Call me when you know what you want. I’ll be here. For a while anyway.

[Amy gets up and goes up the stairs. Ephram gets up and watches her go upstairs. Ephram walks out the door slowly and towards his car.]

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Des DVD du film "Au bout du tunnel" sont en jeu ainsi que des coffrets Teen Wolf Saison 1 ! Enjoy et bonne chance !

emeline53 (22:36)

Nouvel affrontement de duos chez les Fosters pour élire le personnage préféré !

albi2302 (18:15)

Et de 3 ! Un jeu HypnoChance The Missing a été lancé, bonne chance !

Rejoins-nous !

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