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#220 : La dernière chance

Titre en VO : "Do or die " - Titre en VF : "La dernière chance"
¤ USA : diffusé le 26/04/04 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : Vanessa Taylor - Réalisation : Michael Schultz
¤ Guest-stars : Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Jan Felt (Louise), Philip Baker Hall (Dr. Donald Douglas) et Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott).

Comme chaque année, l'année scolaire à Everwood se termine par un grand bal. Bright décide de faire les choses en grand en louant une camionnette totalement amménagée pour l’occasion et convaint Ephram et Amy à trouver des compagnons.

Celle-ci ne sait pas comment demander à Ephram de venir avec elle et après quelques malentendus, ils décident d’y aller tous les deux en tant qu’amis. Mais sur le chemin Ephram rencontre Madison qui lui fait perdre tous ses moyens.

Donald Douglas, le maître d’Andy, vient lui rendre une petite visite à Everwood pour lui parler d’un patient atteint d’une tumeur au cerveau.

Linda Abbott réunit toute sa famille pour dîner dans l’intention de leur annoncer son départ.
Part 1 fr
Part 1 fr


Bande annonce 220 (VO)
Bande annonce 220 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Open outside Peak County High. We pan as Irv narrates. We see a sign for Prom, this Saturday 8:00 pm.]

NARRATOR: There are things that go without saying.

[We see Amy and Ephram walking towards school.]

AMY: Prom.

EPHRAM: The inevitable nightmare.

AMY: Like finals.

EPHRAM: No. You see, the finals are a nightmare you can predict. Pass, fail. These are options. The prom is like a big pimple at the end of your nose.

[Amy laughs.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Or a giant disaster the entire world can see with one of a million possible outcomes.

[Amy and Ephram walk some more.]

NARRATOR: And there are things better left unsaid.

[Amy bumps into Page's backpack. Page is with a group of girls.]

AMY: Sorry.

[Amy turns around.]

PAGE: Oh Amy. I'm so bummed. I just realized that when I booked Mr. Hollandbag's limo that you and I weren't really...

AMY: Talking.

PAGE: Yeah. So I told Melissa, Robin, and Erin they could have the extra spots 'cause I thought it would be OK because you know they were going stag but then...

AMY: They started dating the twins. It's totally fine. No worries.

[Bell rings.]

PAGE: You're the best. I'll, I got the decoration committee so I'll see you in first. OK. Bye.

[Page walks off.]

EPHRAM: Majoring in sampling her little brother's Ritalin again?

AMY: Something about prom freaks people out. I don't know what it is.

EPHRAM: I do. Prom.

[Amy smiles. We hear a horn beeping. Amy and Ephram turn around. We see a Winnebago pulling up. Bright's driving.]

AMY: Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

[Bright parks and is psyched. He does a gesture to his sister and Ephram like "What do you think?"]

AMY: (CONT'D) Oh my God.

[Bright steps out of the Winnebago with the steps that come out.]

BRIGHT: Check it out.

EPHRAM: Uh, it's kinda hard not to.

AMY: Bright, did you rent this?

BRIGHT: For maximum prom enjoyment, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Promebago!

[Bright gestures to the RV. Amy and Ephram skeptically follow Bright.]

AMY: Oh no.

BRIGHT: An innovation in prom transportation. Fully loaded, reclining bucket seats, tinted windows, DVD, CD, VCR, TV, refrigerator.

AMY: You're going to prom in this?

BRIGHT: Uh, we're going to prom in this. No need to thank me, you two. Just get your dates lined up 'cause I've got four seats in this baby with your names on.

EPHRAM: Uh, you know, I was actually...

BRIGHT: No. Zip it. Nuhuh. None of that. Don't give me that. Don't give me any of those tears why this is lame. OK? This is my senior prom. You two are going to rally.

AMY: Maybe we could rally for something else.

[Bright shakes his head.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, like senior graduation. Which actually requires less rallying and more sitting and watching.

AMY: Perfect. There you go.

BRIGHT: No, you don't get it. My life is about to start to suck. Big time. I'm going to be that weird guy who graduates and never leaves. Like Johnny Richter.

AMY: That guy who works at Sal's?

BRIGHT: See, he doesn't even work there. You just think he does 'cause he hangs out there so much. C'mon, guys. I need this night to be awesome.

NARRATOR: There are things that should never be uttered aloud.

[Bright gets his backpack out of the Promebago and closes the door.]

BRIGHT: So, uh, hurry up and get your dates, alright? Slackers. Time is of the essence.

[Bright playfully taps Ephram's arm as he walks by to go into school.]

EPHRAM: Hey, uh, Bright. Don't you want to move your RV?

BRIGHT: Oh no, bro. I got a pass.

NARRATOR: And there are things you got to hear to believe.

[We can see a pass that says PCH on the RV in red background and gold letters.]

AMY: So what are you going to do?

EPHRAM: What can I do? Go?

NARRATOR: But the ones that stay with us...

AMY: I mean it could be fun maybe under the right circumstances.

EPHRAM: Sedated? God, what am I going about a date? I'm going to have to hire one or import.

AMY: Well, if you're really worried about it...

NARRATOR: ...are the things we long to say...

EPHRAM: No, it's OK. I mean, I can just pick up some of Bright's leftovers.

NARRATOR: ...but don't.

EPHRAM: See ya.

[Ephram turns to go into school.]

AMY: Yeah. See ya.

[Amy's slightly sad and we stay on her watching Ephram go into school.]



[Fade in – Mama Joy’s – Dr. H. Abbott and Dr. L. Abbott are sitting at a table.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: So you’re coming to my dinner tomorrow night, right, Harry?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Well, I would envision so since you’re serving it at my house.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, I didn’t have enough chairs.

DR. H. ABBOTT: That’s because you don’t entertain. And did I hear correctly, you’re not only inviting the guest but cooking for them as well? I fear unemployment has induced dementia?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Just be there, okay, Harry?

DR. H. ABBOTT: So is there some occasion? Hardly seems the time for festivity and extra expenditures.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Just want to cook dinner for my family, how about that?

[Dr. Brown walks in and goes to the counter.]

DR. BROWN: Coffee to go please.

[Dr. Brown sees Dr. L. Abbott and they make eye contact. Dr. Brown walks over to them. Dr. H. Abbott sees him come over and scoffs.]

DR. BROWN: Hello, Linda. Harold.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hey, Andy.

DR. BROWN: [to Dr. L. Abbott] You look good.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Well, thank you. Roxanne just cut my hair. We went a little shorter for Spring.

DR. BROWN: Well, I guess I should be getting back to the office.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes. Good. Shoo.



[Dr. Brown leaves.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: The man should be forceably removed from the town.

DR. L. ABBOTT: For what – withholding affection?

DR. H. ABBOTT: For being an idiot.

DR. L. ABBOTT: It doesn’t matter, Harry, umm, I’m gonna go but I was thinking of, uh, stopping, by the office tomorrow and loading up a few boxes if that’s okay?

DR. H. ABBOTT: What’s your rush? The office as I recall is already closed.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, for one I don’t work there anymore.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Do not let one Andrew Brown siting tilt your whole world perspective into doom and gloom.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Harry, this is my situation. I am not a practitioner of this community in good standing anymore and I am not dating Andy Brown anymore. That’s the reality and it’s not gonna change.

[Dr. L. Abbott gets up and leaves.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s office. Dr. Brown walks in and sits in front of Edna who is sitting at her desk.]

DR. BROWN: Think I made a mistake? With Linda? I just saw her and, uh, I think… Well, you know, I mean, I acted so hastily and…

EDNA: I think you should let it be.

DR. BROWN: Well, what if I’m wrong?

EDNA: You weren’t.

DR. BROWN: How do you know?

EDNA: Because I’m older and smarter than you are and better looking.

DR. BROWN: I agree with the last part, but, uh, I miss her.

EDNA: I know you do, Sarg, but Linda doesn’t need anymore heartbreak in this lifetime, so, back off, okay?

[The telephone rings. Edna picks it up.]

EDNA: Doctor’s office… It’s for you.

DR. BROWN: Take a message. I don’t wanna talk to anybody.

EDNA: Can he return your call? … He says no. It’s a Dr. Donald Douglas.

[Dr. Brown gets up from the chair and takes the phone from Edna.]

DR. BROWN: Donald, how are you?

[Cut to show Dr. Douglas in an airport.]


DR. BROWN: Is everything all right?

DR. DOUGLAS: Oh, yeah, no, everything’s fine. Umm, I’m, umm, I’m in Denver.

DR. BROWN: Denver?

DR. DOUGLAS: Yeah, uh, for a conference. I, uh, thought I might just drop by for a visit.

DR. BROWN: Well, I’m gonna be honest with you, Donald, now is-is not a good time.

DR. DOUGLAS: Oh, no, no, no. I… Sure, I-I understand. But, you know, I thought I might just stop by.

DR. BROWN: Stop by, it’s-it’s a two hour drive.

DR. DOUGLAS: You know, Andy, it would be great to see you.

DR. BROWN: Of course. Of course. Come on up. You got a pencil. I’ll, uh, I’ll give you directions from the highway. It’ll be good to see ya.

[Cut to cafeteria at Peak County High. Amy is sitting at a lunch table in her own world and Bud is talking to her.]

BUD: And, umm, I was wondering, if you don’t already have a date which you totally probably do, if you’d like to go to prom…with me. Go to prom with me.

AMY: That’s-that’s-that’s really nice, uh, just… Actually somebody I’m-I’m planning on asking.

BUD: Oh. That’s okay. Cool.

AMY: I’m sorry, Bud.

BUD: But if he’s says no or gets in an accident or something?

AMY: Okay. Thanks.

[Bud walks off and Amy looks frustrated and lays her down on the table. Bright walks up with his lunch and sits next to her.]

BRIGHT: Man, you got a higher kill rate than the Marines. None of these guys are good enough for ya.

AMY: None of these guys are thing about prom going to be anything other than depressing and long.

BRIGHT: What about Todd Jackson? He ask you yet?

AMY: Twice.

BRIGHT: Look, I don’t care who you go with just hurry up and pick someone, okay?

AMY: Why do you even care? You’re gonna have an amazing time whether I’m there or not. Speaking of which, have you picked a date yet?

BRIGHT: I got it narrowed down to my top 6 choices. Today after lunch, the girls compete in the final challenge – tying Maraschino cherry stems with their tongues and we wrap it up tomorrow with the interview.

[Amy gives Bright a look of “for real”.]

BRIGHT: What?? This is not a small choice. I’m taking careful consideration so nobody’s overlooked.

AMY: Well, I’m sure Mindy Devick will appreciate your thoroughness. One in which she probably won’t even know what that means.

BRIGHT: Ha. Ha. Laugh it up, but I’m gonna have the ideal date, meanwhile, you’re not even gonna have any date. What are you holding out for anyways?

[Amy gives Bright another look of “don’t you know”.]

BRIGHT: Ephram. You’re holding out for Ephram. Look, I thought I told you this whole you and Ephram thing.

AMY: It’s not a thing. I just… I like him.

BRIGHT: I’m just saying it’s not gonna end well. You know, it-it’s-it’s gonna end with you guys like dividing me up when it all falls aparts.

AMY: That’s not gonna happen, ‘cause he’s not gonna ask me. I thought he might because he broke up with Madison and that whole thing, but he hasn’t and he’s not going to, so…

BRIGHT: So fine, ask him. I don’t care.

AMY: I’m not asking for your blessing, Bright. There’s just no point. If Ephram wanted to go with me, he would ask me.

BRIGHT: No, he wouldn’t.

AMY: Yes, he would.

BRIGHT: You think he’s a glutton for punishment – a total glutton for punishment. You rejected the guy like 600 times last year, he’s not gonna go out on a limb and ask you even if he was dying to.

AMY: Ah, I don’t know.

BRIGHT: Things always come too easy for you. Now you have to work a little harder.

[Cut to the Brown house – Amy rings the door bell. Ephram is coming down the stairs inside and hears it.]

EPHRAM: I’ll get it.

[Ephram goes and opens the front door.]


AMY: Hi.

EPHRAM: Come on in.

[Ephram closes the door behind her and they stand in the foyer.]

EPHRAM: So what’s up?

AMY: I was thinking about this whole prom thing.

EPHRAM: Yeah, actually me too. My dad might let me borrow the car that night. Could be a good way to get out of the Promebago? What do you think?

AMY: I think Bright’s kinda into it.

EPHRAM: Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably hopeless, huh?

AMY: But I was actually thinking about what you said – about not having a date – and I thought that, umm, you know, maybe we could… It wouldn’t be horrible if we just, you know, went together as friends that way we wouldn’t have to have dates or ask dates. What do you think?

EPHRAM: You know, I know what you’re doing. And you don’t have to feel bad for me because I can’t get a date.

AMY: Oh, no, Ephram, that’s-that’s not…

EPHRAM: No, I-I know that the like entire school has asked you. And you know for me, I mean, if I can’t go with Madison, I, uh, just assume go stag anyways, so…

AMY: Right.

EPHRAM: So, you know, I mean, go on. Go with whoever you want. Have fun, I mean, don’t worry about me, really. I’ll-I’ll be fine, but, uh, thank you.

AMY: Oh, no problem. Umm, yeah.

EPHRAM: Yeah, umm, you know, I should probably go.

AMY: Yeah, Good night.

EPHRAM: Good night.

[Amy walks to the door and Ephram lets Amy out and closes the door behind her.]



[Open in Amy’s bedroom. Bright is at the door and Amy is getting ready for school.]

BRIGHT: Okay, we are so set. I just lined up Johnny Rickers to drive the Promebago.

AMY: Oh my God.

BRIGHT: He got his license back like a week ago. He’s willing to do it for like three bucks an hour plus snacks.

AMY: Nice.

BRIGHT: So what about you?

AMY: What about me?

BRIGHT: Operation Ask a Geek. How’d it go?

AMY: Umm, kind of didn’t.

BRIGHT: What? What? The E-man said no.

AMY: Umm, yeah, kind of, but I don’t even know if he knew what I was asking him.

BRIGHT: You did use the word “prom”, didn’t you?

AMY: Yes, but I think he might of thought that I meant just as friends.

BRIGHT: Oh, no, you didn’t go that route did you? Geez, man, give someone a simple set of instructions. Now I know exactly how my teachers feel.

AMY: Look, it doesn’t even matter, because it was like he didn’t even hear me asking him.

BRIGHT: Because you didn’t ask him. You have got no technique. Look a guy doesn’t want to be asked like that. That’s gonna make him feel like he’s a unick or something.

AMY: Look, he doesn’t see me the way he used to.

BRIGHT: He just got the one two punch from Madison, okay. He’s.. His eyes are swollen shut. He can’t see anything. You just got to ask him again, but for real.

AMY: No way.

BRIGHT: Look, you ask him and then he’ll go with you, okay? And then that night he’ll see you with your hair all up and your dress all whatever, and you know, all that girlie stuff. He’s gonna be totally whipped again.

AMY: No, if I ask him again then he’s gonna know that I like him.


AMY: So… He’s gonna feel all bad for me that I want him to feel something that he doesn’t feel anymore. Look, I’m just not ready for him to know, okay? So lets just drop it.

[Cut to Dr. Brown’s office. Dr. Douglas and Dr. Brown walk into his office.]

DR. DOUGLAS: Oh, I like the mural.

DR. BROWN: Umm, Linda says she remembers it from when she was a little girl when this place was still a train station.

DR. DOUGLAS: She really gotcha, didn’t she?

DR. BROWN: It’s the first time I felt that way since Julia. I was like a teenager half the time – younger than when you met me.

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, you did what you came here to do.

DR. BROWN: Oh, really? And what was that?

[Dr. Brown goes and sits behind his desk and Dr. Douglas sits in a chair in front of his desk.]

DR. DOUGLAS: Do a one-eighty. Sweep out the old life. Invent a new one.

DR. BROWN: Well, I didn’t really throw out the old life.

DR. DOUGLAS: Your wife died that was a tragedy beyond your control. Then you left the field – another tragedy.

DR. BROWN: Hardy comparable.

DR. DOUGLAS: Um, hardly, but a tragedy nonetheless. And then after Colin…

DR. BROWN: I didn’t do anything wrong with Colin – not a thing. And if a bunch of paycheck surgeons who couldn’t tell a scalpel from a spatula want to cast dispersions just because I made a moral choice…

DR. DOUGLAS: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Easy tiger. A case blew up on ya. I mean, when you stand on a pedestal that high, you have a long way to fall, but there’s always a way though to climb back up again.

DR. BROWN: You didn’t come here because of the conference in Denver because there was no conference in Denver, was there?


DR. BROWN: So why don’t you pull that puppy out of the briefcase you’ve been carrying around for two hours and show me why you’re really here?

[Dr. Douglas pulls the X-Ray out of his briefcase and hands it to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown walks over to his light board and puts the X-Ray on it to examine. Both doctors look at it together.]

DR. BROWN: How old?

DR. DOUGLAS: Mid-sixties.

DR. BROWN: History?

DR. DOUGLAS: Oh, nothing significant. Some bouts of high blood pressure treated with medication. The, uh, tumor is a benign Meningioma.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I can see that. It’s dangerously close to the parietal lobe.

DR. DOUGLAS: Yeah, dangerously close not impossibly close.

[Dr. Brown heads back to his desk for his coffee.]

DR. BROWN: I’d tell the guy to take his chances.

DR. DOUGLAS: That’s not what he’s asking.

DR. BROWN: Why don’t you do it yourself then?

DR. DOUGLAS: Because I can’t; because 99 out of 100 surgeons can’t; because you can.

DR. BROWN: Well, give it to Frick or Carlson?

DR. DOUGLAS: I tried; they turned it down.

DR. BROWN: Oh, so that’s what it’s come to. I’m the guy you call when you got one you can’t win. I remember those guys, I just didn’t think I’d be one someday.

DR. DOUGLAS: Do this, Andy? Get your place back.

DR. BROWN: I don’t want my place back.

DR. DOUGLAS: Your reputation?

DR. BROWN: I don’t care what people think of me.

DR. DOUGLAS: Then do it because this patient needs you and you need him.

[They walk back to X-ray.]

DR. BROWN: It’s too close to the parietal lobe.

DR. DOUGLAS: And the pressure is going to paralyze him eventually.

DR. BROWN: Maybe, but I’d probably do more damage and sooner with a resection.

DR. DOUGLAS: No. No. Not you.

DR. BROWN: Look, I’m not God, Donald. And I’m not predatory about medicine – not anymore.

DR. DOUGLAS: Okay, I, uh, I promised him I’d make a try.

DR. BROWN: And try you did. You’re just gonna have to dug a little deeper for this kind of bottom feeder.

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, I better get going. Oh, I still have time though to trounce you at a couple games of chess before I head back.

[Cut to the library at Peak County High. Bright is interviewing the final girls for his prom date. Amy and Ephram are watching and listening at a table in the background.]

NIKKI: Which is why I think I would make an incredible prom date.

BRIGHT: That was amazing, Nikki. I never knew that about you and your brother. You guys raising rabbits competitively to cover his medical costs.

NIKKI: Thank you. We also raised lambs.

BRIGHT: Wow. All right, girls, it’s that time. So, Nikki has 16 points. Mindy has 16 points.


BRIGHT: Susie has 15.

[Susie's face falls.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Wait, no, 16. Forgot about the double tie on the stem.

[Susie's happy again.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) And Cheryl has 16 points. I can’t believe it. It’s a four-way tie. You all win.

[The girls look at each other and then scream with excitement. The camera goes over to Amy and Ephram sitting at the table watching what Bright was doing.]

EPHRAM: How does he do it?

AMY: What? Act like a moron? It comes naturally.

EPHRAM: Why would all those girls settle for just one date?

AMY: Maybe he’s the only one that they want to go with.

EPHRAM: Well, that’s what blonde hair and a physique will get you. I got five firls competing not to go with me.

[Bright walks up to them.]

BRIGHT: I can’t believe it – a four-way tie. I couldn’t let any of the ladies down now, could I?

AMY: Bright, that’s enough. I just ate.

BRIGHT: But now that I have three extra dates there’s only two seats left. There’s no room in the Bago. Uh, I’m sorry, but you guys have to go together.

EPHRAM: Well, I guess it’s kind of the same thing, right? I mean, we could sit next to each other or we could sit next to each other. I could get you a corsage.

AMY: Yeah, I guess we could go together.

EPHRAM: Okay. Cool.

[School bell rings.]

EPHRAM: Uh, I gotta go. What color?

AMY: Hmm?

EPHRAM: Corsage? I’m not going through this again.

AMY: Oh, uh, light pink.

EPHRAM: All right. See ya.

[Ephram leaves and Bright sits down.]

BRIGHT: So did I style you or what?

AMY: Yes, you styled me.

BRIGHT: Okay, I did my part. At prom, you have to tell him how you feel.

AMY: Bright?

BRIGHT: I did my half, little sister. Now you do yours. Can you believe it – four dates? God, I rule.

[Cut to the Abbott house. Amy, Bright, Dr. H. Abbott, Dr. L. Abbott, Rose, Irv, and Edna are sitting at the dining room table.]

ROSE: Linda, this is just lovely.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, thank you for lending me the table and the chairs and the place.

IRV: It all looks too pretty to eat.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, you better taste it. We might be better off just looking at it.

EDNA: This is such a good idea. Whatever inspired you?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, I don’t know, I…

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes, why don’t you tell them what’s the occasion, Linda?

DR. L. ABBOTT: There’s no occasion.

DR. H. ABBOTT: No occasion. None at all. Not for instance, oh, say a bon voyage party. Goodbye party in which you’re the only one who knows you’re leaving.

EDNA: Leaving?

AMY: Where are you going?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I’m not – I’m not going anywhere.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Tell us what’s on the, uh, itinerary, Dr. Abbott?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Harry?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Because, uh, Doctors Without Borders seems to think they’ll be seeing you quite soon in Namibia.

IRV: I hear Namibia has some, umm, very interesting indigenous art.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I’m not going to Namibia. I’m thinking about going to Namibia.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yeah, a meaningful distinction, I’m sure, in a mind of a thoughtful person.

ROSE: Well, let your sister speak, Harold.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Why should I? What on earth could she possibly have to say that we have not heard before?

EDNA: [to her son] Sshh. [to her daughter] What is this all about, Linda?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I was talking to an old supervisor and he mentioned there was a clinic there that needed some support and I…

DR. H. ABBOTT: You thought why don’t I just volunteer. Why don’t I a woman with a chronic illness and a family that depends on me just up and go back to Africa where my health can deteriorate and I can be far away from all the people who love me. Good thinking.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I have to have a job, Harry. I have to have a life.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yeah, and you’re just so bored. We are just so uninteresting to you.

DR. L. ABBOTT: What are you talking…?

DR. H. ABBOTT: A family isn’t a life. Oh, forgive me, for getting confused.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I haven’t decided anything. I’m-I’m just considering it. You know, it’s been a really rough couple of weeks.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Well, you think it hasn’t been hard for me. You know, not once did I consider abandoning you to get my practice back. We’re in this together. Gah, why am I even wasting my breath?

[He gets up.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Explaining loyalty to you is like describing colors to the blind. You just never get it. Just run like you always do.

[And he finishes as he leaves the dining room.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) I never though you’d stay anyway.

[Cut to the Brown house. Dr. Douglas and Dr. Brown are coming down the stairs. Delia is in the foyer waiting on them.]

DR. BROWN: You sure we can’t get you to stay a little longer, Donald?

DR. DOUGLAS: No, I’m afraid not.

DR. BROWN: Well, next time, it’s gonna be a proper visit.

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, I’ll try. [to Delia] Delia, it’s been a pleasure as always. And I must say you are growing up to be a lovely young lady.

DELIA: Thank you.

[Dr. Douglas hugs Delia.]

DR. DOUGLAS: Now, you be sure and tell your brother that I said goodbye, okay?

DELIA: You can leave him a note.

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, I-I-I rather that you told him, okay?

[Delia nods.]

DR. DOUGLAS: [to Dr. Brown] Andy, hope that everything works out for you here.

DR. BROWN: Meaning?

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, I hope everything…

DR. BROWN: Well, you are very gracious in defeat, Donald, of chess and other things.

DR. DOUGLAS: That I am. And I want you to know that I-I respect the decision that you’ve made.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I’m sure we’ll live to argue it another day. Where’s your, uh, briefcase?

DR. DOUGLAS: Umm, I think I left it in the kitchen.

[Dr. Douglas heads toward the kitchen to get his briefcase.]

DELIA: Hey, Dad, when Uncle Donald comes next time, can we go to the conference too?

[Dr. Brown and Delia hear Dr. Douglas collapse in the kitchen and run in there. Dr. Brown rushes to the floor beside Dr. Douglas.]

DR. BROWN: Get me the phone, honey. Dial 911, Delia.

[Delia dials the phone and hands it to Dr. Brown.]

DELIA: What happened to Uncle Donald?

DR. BROWN: He’s sick, sweetheart. [into the phone] Yes, hi, this is Dr. Andy Brown. I need an ambulance at my house right away. That’s 2719 Dearborn.

[Fade out as Dr. Brown is checking his mentor.]



[Fade in. We're inside the Promebago. Bright, Mindy, Nikki, Susie, Cheryl, Amy, and Ephram are sitting in there. It's the night of prom.]

NIKKI: I can’t move my seat.

CHERYL: Maybe you should try pushing the button.

NIKKI: Maybe you could help me move it. You’re bigger.

CHERYL: I think you got more experience with trailers.

EPHRAM: I should have brought a camcorder.

BRIGHT: Hey, uh, pull in here, Johnny. Okay, so which one of you ladies would like to volunteer for the job of procuring?

EPHRAM: I’ll do it.

AMY: I’m coming.

[Ephram and Amy get out of the RV.]

EPHRAM: Is it just me or is that one Susie exactly like Jerri from Survivor?

AMY: Yeah, but that’s Cheryl. She’s just pure evil. I saw her steal Nikki’s lipstick and replace it with an ugly one.

EPHRAM: Oh, that’s low.

[They walk in the store.]

AMY: Yeah, but the worse was that when Mindy tried to get dibs on the first dance.

EPHRAM: I thought she was gonna whip out a contract.

AMY: All right, I’m on snack patrol. You’re on drinks.

[Amy takes off down an aisle and Ephram heads toward the drink case.]

MADISON: Ephram?

EPHRAM: Madison, wh-what are you?

MADISON: Just, uh, getting some munchies. Studying for finals.

EPHRAM: Of course.

MADISON: So, prom?

EPHRAM: Yeah, you know. Umm, whatever.

MADISON: Did you get Mr. Hollenbeck’s limo?

EPHRAM: No, uh, we, uh, we-we got something else. Bigger, but weirder.

[Madison looks behind her and see the RV.]

MADISON: That’s great.

EPHRAM: It’s the kind of thing that will be great when you’re tell the story at 35, but…

MADISON: Did you bring a date?


[Amy comes around the corner.]

AMY: Ephram, do you think we should have slurpies?

[Amy stops when she notices Madison.]

MADISON: Hey, Amy. You look beautiful.

AMY: Thanks.

[Awkward silence with Ephram, Amy, and Madison.]

AMY: Umm. I will go get these.

EPHRAM: No. I’m… I can-I can get…

MADISON: I gotta go, so.

EPHRAM: No. No. No. Wait. Wait, please.

AMY: Uh, that’s okay. Umm, I’ll get this.

[Amy takes off toward the cash register. Ephram and Madison look at each other.]

MADISON: I’ll see you later, Ephram.

[Ephram watches Madison walk away and then looks depressed.]

[Cut to hospital. Dr. Brown walks into Dr. Douglas’ room.]

DR. BROWN: You look good.

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, it’s-it’s hard to look worse than chrome.

DR. BROWN: You know, you gave us a scare.

DR. DOUGLAS: Yeah, well, I’m sorry about that. I forgot how shocking it is.

DR. BROWN: When did, you, umm, first realize that?

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, uh, the first time when I dropped a cup and I cursed myself for the clumsiness of it. But the second time I knew something. It took me over a month to go in. You know, the old adage about doctors, it’s true. But there it was my old friend Meningioma, come home to roost. I could have laughed about it, but I-I was so damn mad about the inconvenience of it all.

DR. BROWN: Why didn’t you tell me the truth?

DR. DOUGLAS: I wanted you to consider the case on its merits.

DR. BROWN: Your case has no merits. Any surgeon good enough to perform this operation would be smart enough to know that he shouldn’t, except me.

DR. DOUGLAS: No. No. Oh, no.

DR. BROWN: I’ve made my decision.

DR. DOUGLAS: No, well, then, I-I-I’m reconsidering my request.

DR. BROWN: Come on, don’t do that.

DR. DOUGLAS: Look, don’t patronize me. When you thought it was an anonymous patient, you said no. Just because it’s someone whom you want to survive doesn’t give the case itself any more value.

DR. BROWN: Your life has value to me.

DR. DOUGLAS: Look, I’m not gonna let you operate on me for purely sentimental reasons. That is Colin all over again and that’s what got you into this situation to begin with.

DR. BROWN: Well, it’s lucky for you that I’m in it.

DR. DOUGLAS: Well, I think I taught you a little better than that.

DR. BROWN: Well, maybe you taught me wrong. Look, it’s not your fault, Donald. You saw that I was good at something. You knew I could be great at it. You knew that I wanted to be and like any respectable teacher you exploited that hunger. I learned from you how to be as cold and as calculated and as brutal as greatness requires. But I don’t have the luxury of greatness any more and you don’t have the luxury of pride or time. I am doing this surgery.

[Cut to Prom. Students are dancing. Bright is dancing with all his dates. Nikki is particularly vying for Bright's attention. Ephram and Amy are sitting at a table in the back.]

AMY: You want to talk about it?

EPHRAM: Talk about what. How the lamest suckiest high school event in the entire world was actually made worse by running into my ex-girlfriend.

AMY: Yeah, that.

EPHRAM: Whatever. Par for the course.

AMY: Do you want to go get something to drink?

EPHRAM: No. I’m all right.

[Cut to the dance floor with Bright and his dates.]

ANNOUNCER: Can I get your attention, please. Peak County graduating class welcome your prom court. Prom Queen – Nikki Sleeze.

[Nikki jumps for joy and goes up on stage.]

SUSIE: Bitch.


MINDY: I hate her.

ANNOUNCER: And your Prom King – Bright Abbott.

BRIGHT: Yeah. Yeah.

[Bright gets on stage and is being draped with his cloak.]

BRIGHT: Wow, Well, uh, Prom King. Wow, what an honor.

[Cut back to Ephram and Amy sitting at the table.]

EPHRAM: Well, at least somebody’s having a good time.

AMY: Yeah, such a good time that he wouldn’t realize that his peeps are gone.

[Cut to Dr. L. Abbott’s house. Edna is talking to Dr. L. Abbott while Dr. L. Abbott is packing.]

EDNA: I’m not trying to talk you out of it.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, that’s good because I haven’t decided yet.

EDNA: Yes, you have. I just want to know why. You know, it’s all right if you need a new adventure. I’ve always envied that part of your life. From the beginning I wondered if this town would ever be enough for you, but for the first time I’m wondering if you’re running from rather than to. Is this about Andy?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I don’t know, partly, I guess. I mean, it’s hard to be here with him and not be with him. Certainly feel pretty alone.

EDNA: You’re not.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I know, it’s just…

EDNA: I know, feels that way.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah.

EDNA: Maybe if you give it some time.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah, maybe.

EDNA: You know, we love having you here. I love having you here. I thought maybe standing still would be good for you – knowing my own inclination for running all the time. Sometimes it takes someone forcing you to set down roots.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I feel like I tried to set down roots and they all got dug up.

EDNA: Not all. Just do this for me, okay? Don’t go without making it right with your brother. Don’t leave that way again.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Mom, you know Harry. He’s never gonna see my side of it. He’s-he’s just like Dad was. He’s stubborn and thick-headed and relentlessly unforgiving and just plain mean sometimes.

EDNA: And lost without you.

[Cut to inside the RV. Ephram and Amy are sitting at the table.]

AMY: Sorry about you seeing Madison. That sucks.

EPHRAM: Nah, that’s all right. To tell you the truth, I know there’s not that-that much humiliation left, I sorta bottomed out back at the whole getting dumped thing.

AMY: You really loved her, didn’t you?

EPHRAM: I don’t know. I mean, you remember last year when I was totally into you and I’d never felt that way before.

AMY: Yeah.

EPHRAM: Well, I thought that meant something, but I mean, to-to feel that way about somebody and to have ‘em feel that way back, it’s…

AMY: It was better.

EPHRAM: It was just more. And not to mention the whole…

AMY: What?

EPHRAM: Nothing. Nothing.

AMY: Sex, right?

EPHRAM: It just changes things, you know, like with you and Colin.

AMY: Yeah, except…

EPHRAM: Well, I-I always just…

AMY: No. Nope.

EPHRAM: But you loved him, right?

AMY: Yeah. Yeah, a lot. But it gets better in time once you’ve…?

EPHRAM: Yes and no. I think it might be kinda like when my mom died, you know, it’s one of those things that just changes you. I mean, ‘cause once you’ve had that once you’ve felt that way about somebody and they’ve felt that way about you, and-and then it ends, and-and they don’t feel that way about you any more; it’s like you’re more alone than before you ever met ‘em. Like the most along that you’ve ever been.

AMY: Well, maybe someone will come along and you won’t feel that way any more.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I guess.

AMY: You know, Ephram, what we were talking about earlier. I did love Colin and so I couldn’t feel that way about you.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know.

AMY: But it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have.

EPHRAM: No, I-I Get it.

AMY: No, wha-what I mean is.

EPHRAM: No, it’s-it’s like now, I mean, I couldn’t feel that way about whoever, because, I mean, it’s nothing personal; it’s just, I mean even though it’s over doesn’t mean that I’m not in love with her any more, you know?

AMY: Yeah. Yeah. I know.



[Fade in. Dr. Abbott’s office. Louise and Dr. H. Abbott are moving boxes around.]

LOUISE: So cross-cataloging every patient file by type of visit is going to help us work more efficiently.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes, Louise, we can compare ailments, results, medications. Furthermore, this way we can do longitudinal studies of various ailments that present seasonly.

LOUISE: Right. So do you think we might have patients some time soon?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Louise, we are making wise use of this temporary work stoppage to improve our minds and our medical practices.

LOUISE: Yes, Dr. Abbott.

DR. H. ABBOTT: We are very fortunate to have this let up in what is normally an onerous level of patient demand.

[Dr. L. Abbott walks into the office.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Linda?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hey, Harry.

LOUISE: I’ll go start on your office files.

[Louise heads toward the back of the office.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: So mother tells me your mind is made up.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, I just…

DR. H. ABBOTT: Louise is available to help you remove the rest of your things.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Harry, I need you to know that it’s not that I want to go.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Oh, I know. I know. Just the wonderless is-is it’s too powerful for you special folk, you explorers.

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I don’t think I’m special. I want to stay. I want to be here foe every little thing that unfolds in your life and in Mom’s. But I can’t be the Spinster Aunt and move in with you and spend all my time at your family functions. I have to have something of my own to go home to at the end of the day or the week. I mean, don’t you see having watched you and Rose for a year now, I want it so much. But that’s not what I came here to tell you. I came here to tell you that I will stay if you need me to.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Oh, come on. Don’t.

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I mean it. I will. I-I don’t want to abandon you or Mom. I want to do what’s right and I really can’t see straight now so I’m asking you as my big brother what I should do.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Go. Go with my blessing. Do what you need to do. Fine peace wherever it may be for you. I know you’re not leaving us.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Thanks, Harry.

[They hug.]

[Cut to the Abbott house. Rose is at the kitchen window and Amy and Bright are eating at the kitchen island.]

ROSE: Bright, you really must return that Winnebago, it’s an eye soar.

BRIGHT: An eye soar or a souvenir of the greatest night ever?

ROSE: Either way, I’m afraid the Sullivans are gonna call the police. Make sure it gets back to Phil’s today, all right?


[Rose leaves.]

AMY: So is that girl, Nikki gonna be okay?

BRIGHT: Um, Hmm. It was just a scratch, but that Susie lost a clump of hair. Man, I can’t believe those girls can fight.

AMY: Is it really the best night of your life?

BRIGHT: Yes, the best. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever have that much fun again.

AMY: What do you mean? What about when you get married and have kids?

BRIGHT: I don’t mean like that. Like life changing events. I mean fun, you know, young, stupid fun. So what’s with holding out with me? What happened with you and Ephram? Spill it.

AMY: We talked in the RV.

BRIGHT: What? So you told him? Was he like? Did he freak out? Did he jump for joy? Did he jump you? What happened?

AMY: No, he, umm, he’s not into it.

BRIGHT: What? He’s not into it? He said that?

AMY: Pretty much.

BRIGHT: Wow, big surprise. I never knew that kid had it in him to be such a bonehead. Kinda sucks, I’m sorry, Ame. But, you know, you guys are like really different anyways and you know, this way you could still be friends and we can all hang out. That’s-that’s way cool that you had the guts to tell him, you know. Way to go.

AMY: Thanks.

BRIGHT: Maybe I’ll, uh, swing by there, see if I can’t take him to Phil’s with that boat of his.

AMY: Bright, I kinda told him that I wouldn’t talk to you about him so?

BRIGHT: Hello, I’m not Page. I can keep my mouth shut.

AMY: No, I mean, so don’t even bring it up or hint at it or anything, okay?

BRIGHT: Dude, I am a locked safe. I didn’t tell him about Nikki when I told her I wouldn’t.

AMY: Nikki? I thought you did it with Cheryl.

BRIGHT: Heh. Heh.

[Cut to the Brown house in the kitchen – Dr. Brown is on the phone and Ephram walks in and gets a water out the refrigerator.]

DR. BROWN: [on the phone] Well, we want to do it as soon as we can get the OR and personnel. And, uh, I’d like to use Saunders again. Well, if you could ask him to, uh,… Actually, you know what, I’m gonna ask him myself. The longer we wait, we… Yeah, exactly. Okay, well just let me know when you’re gonna slot it in… Thanks, Jeff. B-Bye.

EPHRAM: Is that about Uncle Donald?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I think Deborah’s gonna get us in pretty soon, so…

EPHRAM: Is that weird operating on somebody who’s like family?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, it is weird.

EPHRAM: Isn’t there some sort of rule against that?

DR. BROWN: Yes. I can’t operate on someone, like say you.

EPHRAM: But if it’s like one step removed.

DR. BROWN: Well, yeah, I mean, it’s all pretty fuzzy. In-in a perfect world, Uncle Donald could get an equally decent surgeon who he didn’t have a personal relationship with, but he can’t.

EPHRAM: If he doesn’t do it, will he die?

DR. BROWN: Possibly. Probably.

EPHRAM: If the surgery doesn’t go well, will he die?

DR. BROWN: Well, death and paralysis are the major risks.

EPHRAM: Are you sure you want to do that after?

DR. BROWN: Well, I have no choice.

EPHRAM: Man, I could never be a surgeon. Seems like most of the time all the possible outcomes are bad.

DR. BROWN: Does that mean I don’t have to start saving for med school?

[Dr. H. Abbott knocks on the kitchen door. Dr. Brown goes and answers it.]

DR. BROWN: Harold?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Here.

[Dr. H. Abbott hands Dr. Brown a train schedule.]

DR. BROWN: What’s this? A train schedule?

DR. H. ABBOTT: I want you to know that this should in no way be construed as a gesture of friendship, rather a moral imperative.

DR. BROWN: You brushing up on your philosophy, Harold?

DR. H. ABBOTT: I’ve done my duty. Now what you do with this information is up to you.

DR. BROWN: But I don’t know what this information is.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You’re a bright man at least by reputation. Figure it out.

DR. BROWN: Harold, this is a…

DR. H. ABBOTT: Just be there, Brown.

[Dr. H. Abbott leaves.]

[Outside Phil’s Garage. Bright and Ephram are walking away from the RV toward Ephram’s car.]

BRIGHT: I gotta say; I’m really gonna miss that ole girl.

EPHRAM: Well, I have a feeling she’ll still be there if you’ll ever want to rent her again.

BRIGHT: Yeah, it’s not the same. It’s like Cinderella, you know, she’s only the Promebago one night, now she’s just a pumpkin.

EPHRAM: You know, that’s king of how I feel about the whole prom. A big orange vegetable that you couldn’t pay me to eat.

BRIGHT: Yeah, I gotta say I had a higher expectation for you, bro.

EPHRAM: Uh, it’s a little different when you got four girls competing to go with you.

BRIGHT: Instead of the girl that you’ve always wanted to go out with.

EPHRAM: Used to always want to go out with.

BRIGHT: Look, I kinda told Amy, we wouldn’t talk about this, but?

EPHRAM: Talk about what?

BRIGHT: So, it’s just not there for you any more, huh? That sucks, I mean, don’t take this personal or anything, but, uh, I think you have bad relationship karma. First, you fall for a girl whose boyfriend’s in a coma, I mean, that’s like hopelessly bad timing. Then you go for a girl who’s twenty, again another timing problem. But now Amy’s back and she’s got like this total thing for you and she tells you about it the same night you run into the other girl. What exactly did you tell my sister anyways? Told her that?

EPHRAM: I told her it was bad timing.

BRIGHT: Like I said. Let me in, Dude, I’ll take you to MJ’s for some cheese fries, you need like help. Hey, do not tell my sister we talked about this, okay? She’d kill me, but, you know, guys got to talk about this stuff too, you know, we’re not as dumb and clueless as they think we are.

[They get in the car. Bright first, not knowing he just spilled the beans.]

[Cut to outside train station. Edna and Irv are dropping over Dr. L. Abbott.]

IRV: Now you call us if you get stuck. I heard there’s some snow in Chicago.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I will.

EDNA: And I’m gonna ship those boxes as soon as you have somewhere for me to ship them to.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Thanks, Mom.

EDNA: And you got the food I packed for ya?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Right here.

EDNA: Well, I guess, that’s all then.

IRV: But she can think of some other stuff if she thinks it’ll keep you here an extra five minutes. I’m gonna say goodbye now, Linda, and give you two a minute alone.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Okay. Goodbye, Irv.

[Irv and Dr. L. Abbott hug.]

IRV: It was wonderful having you here. You come back soon.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I will.

IRV: I’ll be in the truck, Edna.

[Irv leaves.]

EDNA: You said you thought you might come back for a visit in summer.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, more likely fall. Thanksgiving for sure.

EDNA: Don’t forget.

DR. L. ABBOTT: How could I forget?

EDNA: No, I mean, don’t forget when you’re far away and leaving is inconvenient how much it means to us to have you back.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I won’t forget, Mom.

EDNA: Of course, you’ll have a postcard from me everyday reminding you, so…

[Dr. L. Abbott starts to put on her backpack.]

EDNA: Here. You want me to help you.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah.

EDNA: Here. Here ya go. You okay? All right, I’m gonna leave now before I start blubbering, unless you want me to wait until the train comes.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Uh, uh. I’m okay.

EDNA: I’m really going now. Goodbye.

[Edna and Dr. L. Abbott hug.]


[Dr. L. Abbott starts to head inside and turns to look at Edna. They wave at each other. Edna is crying.]

[Cut to inside the train station. Dr. L. Abbott walks in and looks at the train schedule board and turns and sees Dr. Brown and walks over to him.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: How? How did? Did my mom tell you?

DR. BROWN: Harold came to my house.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you. I wanted you to come and say goodbye though.

DR. BROWN: I never would have forgiven myself. I wish you told me that you were considering this.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I didn’t know how and I-I didn’t want you to…

DR. BROWN: Ask you to stay.

DR. L. ABBOTT: And if you did, it would be for the wrong reasons and I was afraid if you asked me, I-I might stay.

DR. BROWN: I can’t ask you.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I know.

DR. BROWN: You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. You gave me my life back.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You already had a life.

DR. BROWN: No. NO. You-you gave me living back. I was just surviving and-and then I met you and now I wake up every morning wondering if I made the wrong choice.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, it’s a good thing there’s two of us then, ‘cause I know you made the right one.

DR. BROWN: Maybe, you should.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Sshh.

DR. BROWN: Stay safe, all right? Stay healthy.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah.

[They hug. Dr. Brown kisses Dr. L. Abbott on the cheek.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Okay, now please go, ‘cause if you stay and watch me leave, I’ll fall apart.

[Dr. Brown releases Dr. L. Abbott and walks away. Dr. L. Abbott walks over to a bench in the train station and sits down and starts to cry. Fade out.]

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Trois quartiers ont décidé de changer de sondage et attendent vos votes : Le quartier Person Of Interest, le quartier Homeland et celui de Sense8. Alors n'hésitez pas a faire un tour sur chacun de ces quartiers pour voter.

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Vous n'êtes toujours pas venu départager les différentes créations chez les Fosters ?! Qu'attendez-vous ?

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Les médecins de l'HypnoCup ne sont jamais surbookés, ils vous trouveront toujours un rendez-vous mais qui sera votre chouchou? Venez voter!! Promis pas de si vous venez!!

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Rendez-vous demain soir pour une soirée Live Chat Grey's Anatomy !

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Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin ! Enjoy et commentez, svp !

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Bonjour ! Les quartier Dallas, Empire Friday Night Lights et Army Wives attendent désespérément quelques petits votes. Un petit clic serait sympa Bonne journée à tous !!

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L'HypnoPlume est terminé, mais si vous voulez lire davantage d'histoires de St-Valentin , vous pouvez départager celles du concours sur le quartier Castle.

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La famille Pearson serait ravie de vous accueillir sur la nouveau quartier This Is Us, que ce soit pour découvrir la série :tv:, participer à l'animation d'ouverture, voter pour le sondage ou la photo du mois ... Merci

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Soirée Live Chat spéciale Grey's Anatomy ce soir ! La room sera créé d'ici quelques minutes...

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Live tchat en cours, venez nous rejoindre. On mord pas, même s'il y a du sang et pleins de problèmes de coeur.

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Pas de si vous venez consultez nos 256 médecins à l'accueil et choisir vos 128 préférés !! Uniquement des de bonheur!! Allez on va voter à l'hypnoCup!!

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Merci de votre dans préférences !

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Bonsoir! Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Outlander! Sans oublier l'animation "Citadelle piégée" sur le quartier Under The Dome! Les membres attendent un sauvetage^^

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Bonjour bonjour!!! Calendriers à commenter sur NCIS Los Angeles, S Club 7, Dr House et DollHouse!!! ^^

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Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin + voter pour le sondage spécial couple ! Enjoy et commentez, svp ! [Revolving_hearts]

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Les jeux d'Orphan Black attendent votre participation! Pas besoin de connaître la série pour voter à la PDM, jouer au Train ou encore commenter le design. Bonne soirée à tous

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Nouveaux designs à commenter : Le Caméléon, Hannah Montana, Dexter... N'hésitez pas à faire un tour !

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Pensez à faire un tour sur Dollhouse pour commenter le calendrier de Titepau04 et le sondage ! Merci !

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Le quartier Dark Angel fête ses 12 ans! Venez participer et célébrer avec nous cet anniversaire! #DAHypno12ans

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