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#217 : Une pilule dure à avaler

Titre en VO : "Unfinished Business" - Titre en VF : "Une pilule dure à avaler"
¤ USA : diffusé le 05/04/04 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : David Hudgins - Réalisation : Sandy Smolan
¤ Guest-stars : Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Paul Wasilewski (Tommy Callahan), Dylan Walsh (Carl Feeney), Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott), Lee Garlington (Brenda Baxworth), Ryan Armstrong (Sam Feeny), Lisa Waltz (Diane Schumacher), Tom Wright (L'avocat de Carl) et Erinn Carter (Mindy).

Deux jours après l’overdose de Tommy, Amy décide de rompre avec lui et de reprendre son ancienne vie qui n’est pas aussi facile qu’elle aurait espéré. Que cela soit chez elle avec la découverte de pilules contraceptives par son père ou encore à l’école avec les moqueries de ses anciennes amies et l’ignorance de son frère, Amy a du mal à reprendre pied et se tourne alors vers Ephram.

Quant à lui, il est invité à une fête surprise qu’organise la colocataire de Madison pour l’anniversaire de cette dernière, mais l’écart d’âge se fait encore sentir.

Carl, l’ex-mari de Nina, arrive de moins en moins à se passer de son fils et décide de prendre sa garde sous prétexte qu’il a beaucoup plus de revenus qu’elle.

Plus de détails

[Open on a view of the Rocky Mountains. Irv starts narrating.]

NARRATOR: Sometimes we don't know our own strength.

[We pan down and see we're outside the Harper house.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) It can be hard to tell just how much weight you can safely bear or how much crush you.

[We see Dr. H. Abbott bringing bags of things out from his mom and stepdad's house.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) I'd like to think you can shoulder as big a burden as you believe you can.

[We see Irv standing where Dr. H. Abbott walking towards. Irv is loading the car.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) That is it is a matter of will. Certainly a comforting thought.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Away not three months, the girl accumulates a lifetime's worth of possessions. Tell Beatrice that there is not enough room for this much refuge.

IRV: Well, maybe not now, Harold.

[Dr. H. Abbott chuckles. We see Amy and Edna come out of the house with more stuff and they begin walking down the sidewalk that Dr. H. Abbott just walked down. Dr. H. Abbott loads.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Perhaps not.

EDNA: Well, Private, it's been a hell of a ride.

[They hug.]

AMY: Thanks, Grandma.

EDNA: Oh, you make me cry.

[Irv appears behind them.]

IRV: Well, none of that from me, little girl.

AMY: Oh, come on, Irv. You know you're going to miss me.

[They hug and Amy chuckles.]

AMY: (CONT'D) And I'm serious about the TiVo. You can't VCR me forever.

[Irv chuckles.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Alright, this is it.

[Amy walks off and Edna and Irv put a hand on her as she goes.]

TOMMY'S VOICE: Dr. Abbott.

[Amy stops. Cut to show Tommy comes up to the foursome. He sighs.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) I don't expect you to forgive me. Or even like me. But I'm hoping you can at least accept a thank you. You saved my life.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Actually, it was my daughter who saved your life. All I did was show up.

[Dr. H. Abbott walks away from Tommy and towards Amy.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Make it quick.

[Amy walks towards Tommy.]

TOMMY: It's been two days. Didn't you want to make sure I was OK?

AMY: I called the hospital. They said you were released yesterday.

TOMMY: So were you going to leave a forwarding address or... Just going for a clean getaway?

AMY: I'm just going home.

[Tommy nods.]

TOMMY: It's good.

AMY: Yeah.

TOMMY: Well, um, I'll give you a call later, let you get settled in.

AMY: No, don't. I think we both know that we can't keep doing this, Tommy.

TOMMY: Look, Amy... I screwed up. I know that. I, I never should have taken you to that party and we never should have done all that crap. But this whole thing has been such a serious wake-up call for me.

AMY: Well, I'm glad. I hope you get the help you need.

[Amy walks past him.]

TOMMY: No, Amy. I don't need help.

[Amy turns around.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) I just, I just need you.

AMY: I can't be that person for you anymore, Tommy.

TOMMY: It was just a slip. One slip. One night. That's not who I am.

AMY: It wasn't one night. It was three months of lies.

TOMMY: So what? I'm not good enough for you anymore? What you going to do? Go back to Mommy and Daddy? Go back to being Little Miss Perfect? Is that it? Well, you can't. You won't be able to. Not after us.

AMY: I gotta go. Take care of yourself, Tommy.

[Amy walks away from Tommy and to the car.]

NARRATOR: Other times, it's hard to believe you had any strength at all. Then you can only hope to have someone to remind you you were once fierce and able.

[Dr. H. Abbott appears at his daughter's side.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Are you OK?

AMY: Yeah.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Let's go home.

[He holds the passenger door open for his daughter. She gets in and he closes the door. He then goes around to the other side and opens the door. We stay on Amy as theme music starts.]



[Fade in inside an arcade. Children are playing and running around. Nina is looking around with her cell phone in her hand for Carl. Dr. Brown and Sam are playing skee ball.]

SAM: This is boring.

DR. BROWN: Boring. Are you kidding me? This is fun stuff. But you go to do it like I told you. You got to through it really hard.

[Nina walks up to Dr. Brown and Sam.]

NINA: He's late, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Only five minutes. You doing OK?

NINA: Or maybe he's not coming, maybe he changed his mind about the whole thing, do you think. I mean, it's-it's possible.

SAM: I got to go to the bathroom.

ANDY: Stay. I'll take him.

[Dr. Brown takes Sam to the bathroom, leaving Nina to watch for Carl. Carl walks up.]



CARL: You look good, Nina.

NINA: Thanks. Thank you.

[Awkward silence.]

NINA: (CONT'D) So is that it? Is that it? So is that all we're gonna do, you have nothing else to say to me?

CARL: Come on, Nina, don't. It's hard enough.

NINA: You have no idea how hard it is.

[Sam comes running up to Carl with Andy walking behind.]

SAM: Daddy's here.

[Carl picks up his son.]

CARL: Hey. Hey. Look at you. You've grown a whole foot. [to Dr. Brown] Dr. Brown, nice to see you.

DR. BROWN: Hello, Carl.

[Nina picks up Sam's bag and hands it to Carl.]

NINA: His, uh, toothbrush, is in the pouch, but, uh, game starts at 9, he said to be...

CARL: Be there at 8:30. I know.

[Carl and Sam start walking off. Sam yells through the arcade.]

SAM: Come on, let's go play. Come on, Daddy.

NINA: Bye, honey. I'll see you tomorrow.

[Nina and Dr. Brown watch them leave.]

[Cut to Abbott house. Ephram is watching Bright shoot hoops.]

BRIGHT: So she hasn't exactly said the words.

EPHRAM: She doesn't need to, I can tell by the way she looked at me. Go away little man come back when you're older or taller or just somebody else. She has very expressive eyes.

BRIGHT: Well, this is good. So, uh, you know, you're still holding some cards.

EPHRAM: What cards? I have no cards.

BRIGHT: You can break up with her first. I mean, sure, you're gonna miss out on a lot of pity sex, but sometimes your pride comes before your needs. Not very often, but it happens.

EPHRAM: I think you're missing the point here. I don't want to break up with her. I'm trying to reserve a relationship with Madison.

BRIGHT: Yeah, if that was a possibility, you'd be over there right now with hand on boob.

EPHRAM: You really don't think I can fix things.

BRIGHT: You tackled her guitarist. Got kicked out of the first club that ever gave her a paying gig. I don't think God could fix this.

[Bright sees Amy walking out with his workout bench. It causes Ephram to turn around and look at her. Bright walks over to Ephram and throws him the basketball.]

BRIGHT: See ya later.

[Bright walks toward the house ignoring Amy as Amy continues walking toward the driveway and Ephram.]

AMY: You can't keep avoiding me, Bright, our rooms are like two feet away from each other.

[Amy sets the workout bench down. Ephram walks up to her.]

AMY: He was using my room as his own personal gym, can you believe that?

EPHRAM: No comment.

AMY: Yeah, sorry not your problem. Just been a really crappy day.

[Amy sits on the bench and Ephram sits next to her.]

EPHRAM: I'm sure it must be weird coming home after all this time, but everything'll get back to normal soon enough.

AMY: That's one way to look at it. Tommy had a slightly different take on the whole thing.

EPHRAM: Well, I'm sure he had a good point in his own special way.

AMY: You don't have to. We broke up this morning.

EPHRAM: You did?

AMY: Yeah.

EPHRAM: Are you OK?

AMY: Yeah, I think so. Kind of saw it coming, you know, like we were forcing things and then that whole thing happened. I'm sure that you heard.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I think pretty much everybody heard. Sounded pretty scary.

AMY: Yeah, but it's OK. It's for the best. How are things with you and the Madison thing?

EPHRAM: Good. Good. I mean, you know, she's been real busy with the band and stuff. But other than that it's been really good.

[Amy and Ephram get up from the bench.]

AMY: Well, good. Well, it's good to know that one of us made a relationship work this year.

[Amy picks up the workbench.]

EPHRAM: Can I, uh?

AMY: It's OK.

EPHRAM: You sure?

AMY: Yeah.

[Ephram watches Amy carry the bench and he heads towards the house.]

[Cut to Brown house. Dr. L. Abbott and Dr. Brown are in the kitchen around the island.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: So I take it The Fun Zone, wasn't so fun?

DR. BROWN: Nope. The Fun Zone was definitely not a fun zone. I've never seen Nina so nervous.

[Nina comes walking through the side door into the kitchen, flustered.]

NINA: I knew he was up to something. I could tell from the way he was acting this morning, but I never. I'm gonna kill him, Andy. I swear to God I am going to kill him.

DR. BROWN: What happened?

NINA: He's asking for sole custody of Sam.

DR. BROWN: What? He can't do that.

NINA: That's what I said, but apparently he can. He got a promotion last month. He's making tons of cash. I can't compete with that. Plus he's enrolled Sam in some fancy private school. I wasn't even going to ask for alimony. I'm such an idiot. I'm gonna lose Sam, aren't I?

DR. BROWN: No, you're not.

[He walks around Dr. L. Abbott.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You know there's a lot more to parenting than how much money you make and one visit isn't going to make up for all his neglect. Kids are smart. They can see through all that.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah and the courts may be changing but this is still a small conservative county. The odds of any judge giving sole custody to a single gay father, I mean, it's a long shot. You don't need to worry, I'm telling you.

DR. BROWN: She's right, Nina. No one's going to take Sam away from you. You're gonna win this case.

NINA: Right.

[Cut to Madison's house. Ephram rings the doorbell. Madison walks to the front door and answers it, shocked.]



MADISON: Come on in.

[Ephram walks in and Madiosn closes the door and walks toward the kitchen.]

MADISON: I'm still working on a little anger right now, you're gonna have to give me a second.

[Ephram follows her into the kitchen.]

EPHRAM: Yeah. Take your time.

MADISON: Freezing my ass off outside a police station was definitely not as cool as getting my band signed by a manager. Wasn't exactly the way I thought the night would go, you know.

[Madison is drying dishes.]

EPHRAM: I know. I'm sorry.

MADISON: You know, what really made me mad though is when you didn't call. You said you would call.

EPHRAM: Well, I didn't think you really wanted me to. I thought you were just saying that to be nice.

MADISON: Well, you thought wrong. I wanted you to call so that we could take, you know. That's one of the things I like about us, Ephram. We don't play games. You tell me how you feel. I know exactly where we stand.

EPHRAM: Ah, that's the problem. I say too much – no filter.

MADISON: You should've called.

EPHRAM: If I knew that not calling was the reason you were gonna break up with me.

MADISON: Who said I'm breaking up with you?

EPHRAM: You did. The other day. You... I'm just gonna stop talking now.

[Madison walks over to the counter and looks at Ephram who is standing on the other side.]

MADISON: Look, I'm not gonna lie to you, this relationship is hard, maybe a little harder than most. But, so what, that's-that's the ways relationships get, right? That's how they are?

EPHRAM: Yeah, I guess.

MADISON: So we work on it. I mean, how pathetic are we is we just bail at the first sign of trouble. It's not me. I know it's not you.

EPHRAM: No, not at all.

MADISON: Me neither. At least, I don't want it to be me. Maybe ... it has been me in the past. There's good stuff here. You know, stuff that I think is worth saving. What I mean is – I know that we have things to work out, but I'm willing to try if you are?

[Ephram walks toward the counter.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, I mean I think that trying is definitely the right thing to do here. I think that's much better than that other not trying thing. I-I think that's bad.

MADISON: OK. Good. This is good.

EPHRAM: This is great. So we'll just back it up a couple of notches. Regroup. Maintain hope.

MADISON: Remain cautiously optimistic.

[Madison comes around the counter and kisses him.]

MADISON: A little hint for you though.

EPHRAM: Um, hmm.

MADISON: You forget my birthday, it's over.

EPHRAM: Oh, you got a birthday coming up?

MADISON: Funny, laughing.

[Madison pulls Ephram toward the den.]



[Fade in on ballet class at Peak County High. Amy walks in and Page and Susie are stretching.]

PAGE: Brendan and Eric are definitely coming tonight. We can all fit in my car, but we might have to sit on laps.

SUSIE: I'll take Eric's lap.

AMY: Where are you guys going? Hey, Page.

[Amy sits on a bench.]

SUSIE: Uh, they just opened up this drive-in diner, where the deli used to be. Should be the pace to be from now on.

AMY: Yeah, um, I heard about that. So you guys are all going? Sounds like fun.

PAGE: What are you doing here?

AMY: I was thinking about joining class again. I don't know if Mrs. Baxworth will let me though.

PAGE: We heard you like ODed and had to the emergency room and get your stomach pumped. That is so gross.

AMY: That didn't exactly happen.

[Amy takes off her jacket.]

AMY: (CONT'D) See no track marks.

SUSIE: Are you really going out with Tommy Callahan?

AMY: No, we broke up actually.

PAGE: Are we supposed to be sad for you?

[School bell rings. Amy gets up from the bench and walks over to Susie and Page.]

AMY: No, I was just telling you. In case you were wondering or just curious or whatever.

PAGE: We weren't.

[Mrs. Baxworth walks in with a male piano player.]

MRS. BAXWORTH: Ah, so it is true. Someone wrote Amy Abbott on the class roll and I thought it was a joke. Welcome back, sweetie. Ooh.

[Mrs. Baxworth hugs Amy. Page and Susie scoot off to the other side of the room with all the other girls in the class.]

MRS. BAXWORTH: Don't know where you've been, but it must of treated you well, you're just as skinny as a twig. Alright, everyone, up on your feet. I want to see pliés and I want to see them now.

[Piano music starts and the girls start to practice. Amy is by herself.]

MRS. BAXWORTH: And 5,6,7,8. Turn out from your hips and not your feet.

[Cut to Peak County Courthouse. Carl is on the stand being questioned by his lawyer in the courtroom.]

CARL: When I finally came out, it was like this huge burden lifting. Like everything had been cloudy and all of a sudden I could see. I felt better physically, started connecting with people again. I wasn't ashamed or afraid and I don't know I guess I got my confidence back. That's when I got the job.

CARL'S LAWYER: And how long have you been employed at Carnahan Systems?

CARL: Just under a year. I bought the house last month when they made me Vice President.

CARL'S LAWYER: And your salary is $120,000 a year, correct?

CARL: Plus pension and health. Sam's on the policy. Also on my life insurane. I started a college fund last year and I've already got a place for him at Lamplighter, which is right by my house.

CARL'S LAWYER: Thank you. Your witness.

[Carl's lawyer walks back to his seat and Diane stands to cross-examine.]

DIANE: Mr. Feeney, what's your son's favorite book?

CARL: Well, there's probably more than one. Sam loves to read.

DIANE: Can you tell me the name of his teacher?

CARL: Again, he's got a lot of them.

DIANE: So pick one. Tell me the name of just of of the teachers who spends time educating your son.

CARL: I, uh, can't recall.

DIANE: You don't know anything about Sam's likes do you, sir? Ever since you walked out on him over a year ago.

CARL: Look, maybe I can't sit here right now and tell you every detail about Sam's day to day life, but that's what this is all about. I want to be a part of it again. I want to be there when he wakes up, when he comes home from school, to tuck him in at night. I've already missed too much. I just want to share everything with him. D

IANE: Have you shared the fact that you're gay?

CARL'S LAWYER: You honor, this is redundant. We already know about Mr. Feeney?

DIANE: We know. That wasn't the question. I was asking about Sam. Besides, I believe he opened the door.

[Judge Papert nods his head in agreement with Diane.]

DIANE: I'll ask you again, Mr. Feeney. Does your son know that you're gay?

CARL: I don't know.

DIANE: Have you told him?

CARL: Not yet. He's only six. We talk about cartoons or PlayStation or what he wants on his pizza. If I were dating a woman, I wouldn't tell him. He's not ready. There's certain things he's just too young to understand or even care about.

DIANE: And when will he be old enough?

CARL: I don't know. Four or five years maybe?

DIANE: Is that how long it will take for you to get comfortable with being a gay father? Should your son have to suffer because you're still ashamed of your lifestyle?

CARL'S LAWYER: Objection.

JUDGE PAPERT: Overruled.

CARL: I'm not ashamed of anything. Why is it when a person says they're gay, their sexuality suddenly becomes the defining thing about them? I'm gay. I'm also a Republican. I haven't told Sam about that either. I thought the question here is what's best for Sam. Not who's gay and who's not?

DIANE: You don't believe the fact that you're gay will have any effect on Sam's life?

CARL: I didn't say that. What I'm saying is I don't think It will have any effect on my ability t be a good parent. Of course, I'm going to tell my son, Mrs. Schumacher, when he's ready.

[Diane smiles and goes back to her seat.]

[Cut to a store. Ephram and Delia are searching for a gift for Madison's birthday.]

DELIA: Can we please get some frozen yogurt now?

EPHRAM: You told me you'd help me get the perfect gift for Madison.

DELIA: Yeah, but I didn't think it would take this long.

EPHRAM: Well, what about this?

[Ephram showing her a fondue pot.]

DELIA: It's a pot.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know. She cooks all the time, it's perfect, right?

DELIA: But it's a pot.

EPHRAM: Well, it's a no?

[Delia nods.]


DELIA: Are you guys going to get married?

EPHRAM: What? I don't-I don't know. I mean, that's-that's a long-long-long way off. Please don't ask questions like that, OK?

[Ephram's cell phone rings and he fishes it out of his jeans pocket.]

EPHRAM: Hello.

MINDY: Is this the jailbait?

EPHRAM: Who's this?

MINDY: It's Mindy, Madison's friend. I stole your number from her cell.

EPHRAM: Oh, nothing scary about that.

MINDY: Oh, chill out. I'm not stalking you. I'm calling about Maddy's 21st birthday.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I'm working on that right now.

MINDY: I heard about the big schmancy dinner. She'll love it. But here's the deal, you've got to move it up for me.

EPHRAM: Why? What's going on?

MINDY: Tracy and I want to through her a surprise party. You know, invite all her buds, make a mess, molest a stripper. I'm kidding about the stripper, it's too expensive. But we can decorate while you're out, you bring her back, everyone yells "SURPRISE", you know. She has a heart attack, we all get wasted.

EPHRAM: Sounds like fun. What time should we be there?

MINDY: Not sure yet, but I'll call you. Oh and she's clueless as a Playboy bunny so don't spill the beans.

EPHRAM: No problem. All beans shall remain unspilled.

[Ephram hangs up the phone. Delia walks up with an expresso machine.]

DELIA: It's $500, but the man said it was the best. Where's your wallet?

[Cut to courtroom. Dr. Brown is on the stand being questioned by Carl's Lawyer.]

CARL'S LAWYER: So you were the one who decided not put Sam on Ridlin?

DR. BROWN: Well, I was treating physician and I didn't feel it was indicated. Sam's a bright, curious, energetic kid, I mean, he can be hard to control sometimes, but he's in kindergarten.

CARL'S LAWYER: What do you mean "hard to control"?

DR. BROWN: Well, that's overstating it a bit. I mean, he-he can be a handful but Nina does a good job with that.

[Dr. Brown smiles at Nina.]

CARL'S LAWYER: As his treating physician, you see him for regular checkups?

DR. BROWN: Yeas and immunizations, the occasional cold, all the routine stuff.

CARL'S LAWYER: How about the broken arm he sustained on the accident that occurred February 7th of this year?

DR. BROWN: He went to the emergency room for that.

CARL'S LAWYER: Could you tell the court exactly what happened on that night, I mean, from the best of your recollections, of course?

DR. BROWN: Well, in typical little boy fashion he...

CARL'S LAWYER: Without the commentary, Doctor. Thank you.

DR. BROWN: Sam tried to drive the family car. He drove it into a pole.

CARL'S LAWYER: And you saw the accident happen?

DR. BROWN: No. I heard a crash. I ran outside and I found Sam in the car.

CARL'S LAWYER: And Sam was unsupervised and alone when you found him, correct?

DR. BROWN: No, Nina was in the house.

CARL'S LAWYER: So he was alone?

DR. BROWN: Well, he had gotten out without her noticing. It happens to the best of us.

CARL'S LAWYER: And just how long after the accident occurred did it take Mrs. Feeney to dash from the house, seconds, a minute?

DR. BROWN: Not long.

CARL'S LAWYER: Let me help you here, Doctor. According to insurance adjuster notes, two other neighbors witnessed the event. They say you sent your own son in to get Mrs. Feeney out. Is that true?


CARL'S LAWYER: The accident was loud enough to draw you out of your own house, but not Mrs. Feeney. I mean, her child had just crashed a car into a utility pole and she didn't hear it.

DR. BROWN: She's fallen asleep.


DR. BROWN: She was exhausted from working.

CARL'S LAWYER: Well, it's a good thing that she has you for a neighbor, huh, Doctor. Thank you. No more questions.

[Carl's Lawyer goes back to his seat. Diane stands ready to cross-examine and Judge Papert interrupts.]

JUDGE PAPERT: Counsel, it's been a long day. Let's hold off on redirect until morning. You're excused until tomorrow, sir. We're adjourned.

[Judge raps the gavel. Dr. Brown looks at Nina with concern,]

[Cut to Abbott house – Amy's room – Rose is unpacking and Dr. H. Abbott walks in with a bag.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Hi. Can you believe it? Irv just brought yet more of Amy's things and swears this is the last or he said as much before. My goodness how clean?

ROSE: Yeah, I've been after her for years to take down all these posters. Now that she did, I'm kinda sorry to see it all go.

[Dr. H. Abbott holds a poster.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yeah. Including this? Huh?

ROSE: That I won't miss. Listen, I'm gonna take this stuff down to the garage just in case.

[Rose picks up a box on the bed and starts to carry it out of the room.]


ROSE: You let her unpack that. She can do that later.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yeah.

[Dr. H. Abbott stops unpacking and is about to walk out and he notices the birth control pills in the bag. He pulls them out and opens the container and looks at them.]



[Fade in. We're outside of Madison's house. Ephram and Madison are walking up to the front door.]

EPHRAM: Alright, I must have left them on the table when I picked you up.

MADISON: It's OK. We have plenty of time. I'm sure there's an opening act, right?

[Madison looks at the house right before she puts the key in the door.]

MADISON: What? I thought that I left the lights on.

[The front door swings open and everyone inside yells "SURPRISE". Madison is stunned.]

MADISON: Oh my God.

MINDY: We got you.

[Mindy hugs Madison.]

MINDY: (CONT'D) Oh my God, your face is so red right now.

MADISON: What? When? How did you do this?

MINDY: You know I toiled. And I get by with a little help from your friend.

MADISON: What you knew about this?

EPHRAM: All part of my master plan.

MADISON: So... we're not going to any concert?

EPHRAM: There is no concert. It's a good thing you look stuff up.

MADISON: Oh my God, I can't believe you.

[Madison hugs Ephram and kisses him on the cheek.]

PARTY GOER: Mad. Come here. Come see what Natty got you.

[Madison is pulled inside and Mindy closes the front door.]

MINDY: Come on, JB, I'll hook you up with some tequila shots.

EPHRAM: Uh, that's alright. I, uh, got my ID confiscated.

MINDY: Uh, Dude, no one's going to card you here.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I got to drive later. I'd rather just keep it between the lines, you know.

MINDY: Your call. Alright, but if you change your mind, the bar's in the bathroom and in mass quanitities.

[Mindy walks off and Ephram starts to walk through the people.]

[Cut to the diner. Amy walks in and looks around. Page is walking toward the front and sees Amy.]

PAGE: You came?

[Bright notices Amy talking to Page.]

AMY: Yeah, I thought it sounded like fun. Do you guys have any room at your table I can buy an extra basket of fries or onion rings or something? ... Let me just say that I'm sorry. I know that I kinda disappeared for awhile and I wasn't the best friend in the world, but I'm gonna change that, try to work on things, you know.

PAGE: Wow, you're really desperate aren't you?

AMY: OK, maybe I shouldn't of come.

PAGE: Or maybe you shouldn't of ditched us in the first place.

AMY: I didn't ditch you, Page.

PAGE: One day, we're talking on the phone all the time and the next, Laynie's your new best friend and you won't even wave to me in the halls.

AMY: Well, I didn't see you calling me. I didn't see any of you pick up the phone or do one kind thing after Colin died. You just wanted me to keep on doing what I always did. Plan all the parties, go to the mall, fight for the best dance costume. Well, I couldn't, Page and I thought you'd understand that.

PAGE: I'm sorry. Were your druggie friends more understanding?

AMY: I'm just trying to get my life back.

PAGE: Well, you can't have it back.

[Page walks away and Amy stands there. Bright looks at Amy and sees her upset about the scene that Page made.]

[Cut to Nina's house. Dr. Brown knocks on the door and Nina opens it.]

DR. BROWN: I am so sorry.

NINA: It's OK.

[Dr. Brown walks into the den and Nina closes the door.]

DR. BROWN: I don't know what happened. He was asking me all these medical questions and then next thing I know it just came out. I feel awful. I mean, if you already hate me.

NINA: I don't hate you.

DR. BROWN: Look, I'm gonna fix this, Nina. I will do whatever it takes to make it right.

NINA: I'm not mad, Andy. I mean, I might be someday but right now, it's... You know when I was in that courtroom listening to those words come out of your mouth, I couldn't believe it.

DR. BROWN: I couldn't believe it either, but I...

[Nina sits on the couch.]

NINA: I mean, I couldn't believe that you were talking about me and all you did was tell the truth. And when I heard it all I could think was anybody who would let than happen to her son doesn't deserve him. Maybe Carl's right. Maybe I'm not the best person to take care of Sam anymore.

[Dr. Brown sits on a stool in front of Nina.]

DR. BROWN: What are you talking about? It was my mistake. If you need to get mad at someone, get mad at me. Yell at me.

NINA: What should I think? Look at me, I'm working my ass off in three jobs. I never have time for Sam anymore and when I do, I'm too tired to do anything but snap at him. I have completely missed the point.

DR. BROWN: No. No. That's exactly the point. You are willing to do anything to make a life for him.

NINA: But what good is that if I can't even keep him safe. I wouldn't give me custody either.

DR. BROWN: It was an accident, Nina. It could have happened to anyone.

[Nina gets up from the couch.]

NINA: So I have a cousin in Denver who owns a couple of restaurants. He's always complaining that he can't find a good floor manager. So, uh, one thing I do know is the restaurant business.

DR. BROWN: Denver? What are you talking about?

NINA: Half the house is mine. Carl already agreed to that so if I can get a good price and get some good work. I-I should be able to afford a place in his neighborhood.

[Dr. Brown stands up.]

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute. Hold on a second. You talking about moving. You love this town.

NINA: I know, but if Carl takes Sam. I have to be near him, Andy. And let's face it, there's nothing keeping me here anymore.

DR. BROWN: Well, you can't just leave. I... I mean... Everybody in this town is crazy about you. You...

NINA: Andy?

DR. BROWN: Well, just promise me you won't make a decision about it right now. This isn't over yet.

NINA: Feels like it is.

[Nina walks out of the den, leaving Dr. Brown standing there shocked and confused.]

[Cut to Abbott House. Dr. H. Abbott and Rose are sitting on the couch in the den waiting for Amy to come home. Amy walks through the door and sees them troubled.]

AMY: You guys were talking about me.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Irv brought by the remainder of your things today. I took it upstairs ad opened it for you and, uh...

ROSE: Your birth control pills were there.

AMY: Hmm.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I hope you know that I wasn't rummaging through your personal affects with any idea of finding something. As is I was not looking for anything.

AMY: No, it's OK. I don't blame you.

DR. H. ABBOTT: In any case, since I did find them, I feel a conversation is in order.

AMY: I'm not sleeping with anybody and I didn't sleep with Tommy if that's what you guys were wondering... Can I go upstairs now?

DR. H. ABBOTT: I'm not sure we're done yet.

AMY: Honestly, Dad, there's nothing to discuss. I thought it was a good idea, but as it turns out everything I think that is a good idea is actually really wrong. And, umm, I thought I could get my life back which I was wrong about that too. Now I have no friends and Bright hates me. Just tell me what you want me to do, I'll do it. You want me to throw out the pills, I will. Just I'm tired and I want to go to bed, OK?

ROSE: Of course. Get some rest.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Maybe we all share some blame in this. I'm sorry that you ever go so desperate that you had to go to one of those clinics instead of coming to us.

AMY: I didn't go to a clinic, Dad.

DR. H. ABBOT: What? Amy, who gave you the pills?

[Amy just stares at her dad, contemplating what to say next.]

[Cut to Madison's house. Party people are everywhere. Madison is dancing in the den. Ephram walks and see Madison dancing and having a good time. Ephram goes and stands by the stairs and Mindy walks down.]

MINDY: Hey. So how was dinner? Did you guys have fun?

EPHRAM: Uh, food sucked, but at least the atmosphere was bad.

MINDY: Sorry. Kind of forced you to have the geriatric dinner. Hard to get your groove on at 6 o'clock.

EPHRAM: That was the least of out problems, believe me. But at least she's having fun now. I'd feel bad if her entire birthday was a bust.

MINDY: I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think.

[Ephram gives her a face.]

MINDY: She really digs you, you know. She talks about you all the time.


MINDY: You kind of love her don't you?

[Ephram gives a faint smile.]

MINDY: Yeah, you have that face. I remember when I had the face. Derrick Sehn, we called him demi-god, because he was basically god-like. I met him freshman year, we dated for like six months. It was the most amazing six months of my life. And then he decided had to bike around South America so he dropped out. We said goodbye at the airport and I haven't heard from him since. That's pretty much the worst pain I ever felt.

EPHRAM: Why does everybody feel the need to tell me how awful their first love was?

MINDY: I don't know. I guess because they're always awful and amazing and usually over before they start.

PARTY GOER: Uh, we're out of beer, people. This party's on the move.

MINDY: Come on, we're going to the Rhythm Room.

[Madison walks up to Mindy and Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Uh, that's OK. Uh, no ID remember?

MADISON: Oh, don't worry about it. Mindy can get you in, she's great at stuff like that.

EPHRAM: Uh, that's alright. I, uh... I'd rather not get carded in front of all these people, stupid, but...

[Mindy walks off.]

MADISON: I-I don't have to go.

EPHRAM: Are you kidding? No. Go. It's your birthday. Have fun. I got a math test tomorrow anyway.

MADISON: But I wanted to spend tonight with you.

EPHRAM: Well, so did I, but... Here we are again.

PARTY GOER: Let's go, birthday girl. Cab's here.

[Madison is being pulled away.]

MADISON: Call me later, OK?

[Ephram waves. Madison and the Party Goer leave the house and Ephram take his gift for Madison out of his pocket and leaves it on the kitchen counter.]



[Fade in on Peak County Courthouse. In the courtroom, Diane is questioning Dr. Brown on the stand.]

DIANE: So Mrs. Feeney is trustworthy?

DR. BROWN: Well, I guess the best way to answer that is I leave my kids with her all the time. I wouldn't do that if I didn't trust her completely.

DIANE: So Mrs. Feeney has provided care for your children in her home?

DR. BROWN: Well, sometime I worry that my daughter's more comfortable at her house than she is in her own room.

DIANE: And the incident that you described yesterday did it make you feel less inclined to do so?

DR. BROWN: No, not at all.

DIANE: Thank you.

[Diane walks back to her seat and Dr. Brown turns to Judge Papert.]

DR. BROWN: Could I – Could I say one more thing please?

CARL'S LAWYER: Your honor?

JUDGE PAPERT: Relax, Counsel, there's no jury here.

DR. BROWN: Though as I said, I live next door to Nina and I've seen her go through a lot this year. I mean, she was in an impossible situation. She was left alone without resources and without help. Yet, in spite of that, she didn't just survive, she flourished. And continued to be there for all of her friends, myself included. And-and Nina is my best friend. And believe me, I haven't had many best friends. She loves this place. She doesn't want to leave here, but she's already made plans to move to Denver in case she loses today to be near her son and I hope she doesn't have to do that. Your Honor, I know you're here to determine the best interest of this child and I know it falls outside of my jurisdiction as a doctor, but I have to tell you that it is in the best interest of anyone to line in Nina's company and be a part of her life. Please. Please don't take her and Sam away from us. We need her here. I need her here.

CARL'S LAWYER: Of course, we're going to object to all of that. It's nonresponsive to the questions, even if there was a question.

JUDGE PAPERT: Overruled.

[Cut to school hallway at Peak County High. Amy is walking by the lockers and is dressed for ballet class. She is contemplating going when she sees two other girls walking toward class. She turns to walk away and bumps into Bright.]

BRIGHT: I thought you had dance class.

AMY: I'm not going.

[Amy tries to walk around Bright and he blocks her.]

AMY: Bright, I'm tired and I just want to go home, OK?

BRIGHT: No, you don't. You want to go to class but you're scared.

AMY: I'm not scared.

[Bright gives her a look of "sure".]

BRIGHT: Look, it's your life. You get to decide what to do with it, not them.

AMY: I can't go in there.

[Amy leans against the lockers.]

BRIGHT: Yeah, you can. Come on. You're the best dancer in the school. You shouldn't just give up what you love because some ass hats made you feel bad. Screw them. They'll come around.

AMY: How do you know, you haven't? You were there the other night, you saw what they did, you didn't do anything about it.

BRIGHT: That's because I was still mad. If you want to know the truth, I'm still a little pissed off. You seriously messed up my senior year which only happens once or – or like twice.

AMY: If you're so mad, then why do you even care?

[Bright leans against the lockers beside his sister.]

BRIGHT: Because... it was messed up what Page did to you, you know. I don't like seeing you being treated that way, you know. I mean, I can treat you like that, but if everyone starts doing that then what's the fun in that. They'll get over it, Amy. You just got to stay in their face about it. You got to be you.

[Bright shoves her.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Go. Be yourself. Annoying, self-righteous, pain in the ass. You.

AMY: Keep talking, brother, keep talking.

[Amy walks into class as Bright watches her go in. They give each other a smile.]

[Cut to Brown house. Ephram walks in and sees Madison sitting on the piano bench in the den with the present he left for her.]

MADISON: I didn't want to open it without you.

EPHRAM: I'm sorry I just had to go.

[Ephram throws his bookbag on the couch and his coat on the chair and sits next to Madison on the bench.]

MADISON: You're not the one who should be sorry. It's me. I shouldn't of gotten so drunk. I-I didn't realize I was so...

EPHRAM: What are you kidding me? It was your 21st birthday. I think it's allowed. In fact, I think it's mandatory.

[They look at each other.]

EPHRAM: You want to go first or should I?

MADISON: No, I will.

[Madison gets emotional.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) I can't.

EPHRAM: Well, at least we tried. At the end – at the end of the day, we really tried.

MADISON: I know. I just wish that there was something that I could change or that we could change. I mean, if there's anything that we could actually do to save this thing I'd do that... in a heartbeat, you know that right?

EPHRAM: Well, if only my parents had had sex four years earlier. Damn them.

MADISON: You're the most amazing guy, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Please. Don't do that. Please.

MADISON: I have to.


[Madison continues through tears.]

MADISON: There's a part of me that did fall – really truly fall and I know you didn't feel it and 'm sorry that you didn't. But it was there and I need you to know that and believe it.

[Madison hands the present back.]


[Ephram pushes the present back.]

EPHRAM: No. It's for you.

[Madison's still crying.]

MADISON: I can't. I know that if I open this, it's going to be perfect. It's just gonna make me sadder, 'cause you're so perfect. So... I can't, Ephram.

[Madison puts the present on the bench.]

EPHRAM: Do you want to tell Delia or should I?


EPHRAM: No, it's alright, I can tell her if-if you want me to. It doesn't matter.

MADISON: No, I'll do it. I'll-I'll; umm, I'll come by later or tomorrow maybe. Figure out what to say.

[Madison looks at Ephram and he keeps looking straight ahead.]

MADISON: I gotta go.

EPHRAM: OK. See ya.

[Madison acts like she wants to say something else, but she gets up and walks out. Ephram just continues to sit on the bench upset.]

[Cut to courthouse. Judge Papert enters the courtroom.]

BAILIFF: All rise.

JUDGE PAPERT: Please be seated.

[Everyone in the court sits down.]

JUDGE PAPERT: In the matter of Feeney verus Feeney, the court has made its decision. Having considered the pleadings, evidence and arguments of counsel, the court is of the opinion that it's in the best interests of the minor child, Samuel David Feeney, that respondent Margaret Nina Feeney, be designated primary care parent subject to reasonable and standard parenting time awarded to the petitioner and determined at a future date. [to Nina] Your son's staying with you. Thank you, Counsel.

[Judge Papert bangs the gavel. Diane and Nina hug. Nina then hugges Dr. Brown.]

NINA: Andy, thank you so much.

DR. BROWN: It's all you. It's all you. See you outside.

[Everyone leaves the courtroom except Nina and Carl.]

CARL: Well, congratulations, you win.

NINA: I never wanted this fight to begin with. Look, we don't have to argue anymore, we don't even have to talk if that's what you want.

CARL: That's not what I want, Nina. I never meant to be your enemy. I just wanted to be with Sam again.

NINA: I offered you that and you wanted more.

CARL: I know and I'm sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing, I really did. Then yesterday when Andy was talking about the accident I was so happy. I thought I could win. I didn't even think about what you went through that night or what Sam went through. I was just happy you made a mistake. That's when I realized I wasn't thinking about who the bad parent was. This whole time...I just missed him.

NINA: Yeah, he missed you too.

CARL: Anyway, tell Sam I'm happy for him.

NINA: Tell him yourself. You have him this weekend.

[Nina and Carl walk out of the courtroom together.]

[Cut to Brown house. Dr. H. Abbott knocks on the door and Dr. Brown answers it.]

DR. BROWN: Harold?

[Dr. H. Abbott storms through the door into the foyer.]

DR. BROWN: Did you hear about Nina? I'm just going next door to celebrate, wanna come over?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Did you really think I'd become such a bad parent that I wouldn't find out?

DR. BROWN: Find out what?

DR. H. ABBOTT: You gave Amy birth control pills. I'd like you to tell me what the hell you were thinking?

DR. BROWN: Well, she came to me. We discussed it. I couldn't just send her away.

DR. H. ABBOTT: That's exactly what you should've done.

DR. BROWN: If I had done that, she would have just gone to someone else. I thought you'd rather she at least have someone who would look after her, talk to her.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You have no idea, what I would rather. How could you not come to me?

DR. BROWN: I don't know what to say. She asked me specifically not to tell you.

DR. H. ABBOT: Of course, she did. She wouldn't of come to you in the first place if she didn't think she was doing something wrong.

DR. BROWN: She wasn't doing anything wrong. She mad a responsible decision – the right one for her. She though it through carefully – she considered her reasons and her options. You raised a very smart young woman, Harold.

DR. H. ABBOTT: She's not a woman.

DR. BROWN: To you, she's not.

DR. H. ABBOTT: She's 16. Sixteen.

DR. BROWN: You know the law as well as I do. She merits confidentiality. AS a doctor, I had no choice.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I have no interest in your thoughts as a doctor. You should've come to me as your friend. Yes, I know the laws as surely as I know that I would break them without a moment's hesitation if your son came to me. You know, I stood behind you when the rest of this town blamed you for Colin Hart's death, because I believed in your judgment. I told my sister that you were a decent man worthy of her heart. I-I may not have liked you, but I always respected what you were. I admired the doctor enough that I could forgive the man. Well, not anymore, I am through with you. From this day forth, you stay away from my family, keep out of their lives and you best keep your distance from me.

[Dr. H. Abbott storms to the door.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) And if I don't make myself clear, I encourage you to test me.

[Dr. H. Abbott storms out the door leaving Dr. Brown standing in the foyer.]

[Cut to outside of Karen's Café. {We can see the name on the window.} Ephram walks out of the café with a bag in his hand. Amy walks up and sees him.]

AMY: Hey, you.

EPHRAM: Hey. I was just picking up a little food. Do you... You going for a walk?

AMY: Yeah, I was at the bookstore looking at books. Pretty much the same stuff there was last week.

EPHRAM: Yeah, tell me about it. That copy of Seabiscuit – it's been in the window since I moved here. I'm thinking about buying it just to see whatever they put up next... Do you want a ride home? I got my car.

AMY: Actually, I want to walk. I feel like walking a little bit.

[They start walking.]

EPHRAM: Where are we going?

AMY: Nowhere.

EPHRAM: Sounds good. So how are things at home? Getting any better?

AMY: A little. School, on the other hand, is going to be a torture at least until I graduate. In fact, I'll give you a dollar to sit with me at lunch.


AMY: You're supposed to say it's free.

EPHRAM Well, I know an opportunity when I see one.

AMY: You're sad.

EPHRAM: A little.

AMY: Something happen?

[Ephram stops walking and turns and looks at Amy.]

EPHRAM: Madison and I broke up.

AMY: What? When?

EPHRAM: About an hour ago.

AMY: Oh my God. The other, you said that everything was fine. I thought...

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. I know. I-I- lied a little bit. Don't ask me why?

AMY: Why?

[They start walking again.]

EPHRAM: I don't know. I-I guess I thought if I pretended everything was great, it would actually be great.

AMY: Protecting hope.

EPHRAM: It worked for Seabiscuit.

AMY: I'm sorry.

EPHRAM: Yeah, me too.

AMY: I know how much you liked her and she seems really great, but...

EPHRAM: But what?

AMY: But if she was dumb enough to let you go, she mustn't have been that perfect. She's gonna be really upset when she realizes what she gave up. Trust me.

EPHRAM: You know, I say we keep walking until we run out of fries.

AMY: We can always buy more fries.

[They start eating fries and continue to walk down the sidewalk.]

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