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#214 : Première fois

Titre en VO : "No Sure Thing" - Titre en VF : "Première fois"
¤ USA : diffusé le 09/02/04 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : Joan Binder Weiss - Réalisation : Perry Lang
¤ Guest-stars : Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner) et Paul Wasilewski (Tommy Callahan).

Amy pense sérieusement à passer le cap avec Tommy et pour que cet évènement se passe au mieux elle demande au docteur Brown une prescription pour une pilule contraceptive. Edna apprend les intentions de sa petite fille mais ne sait pas comment lui en parler.

Andy invite Linda à passer le week-end chez lui avec et ses enfants mais celle-ci n’est pas super à l'aise au milieu de toute la famille.

Madison invite Ephram à passer la nuit avec elle car sa colocataire s’est absentée pour une nuit. Il espère donc profiter de cette occasion pour pouvoir faire l’amour avec elle mais les intentions du couple ne sont pas vraiment adéquates. Les problèmes se compliquent d’autant plus lorsque Andy découvre que son fils lui a menti à propos de sa nuit qu’il devait passer officiellement chez Bright.
Bande annonce 214 (VO)
Bande annonce 214 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Open outside at night. I think we get a view of a cliff of some kind. We have an overview of the entire town of Everwood from this spot. A car is parked. "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow begins to play. Irv starts his narration soon after.]

LYRICS: Come to me now

NARRATOR: For many years now, this sliver of dust-covered rock has served as a haven for the hope-filled, home-owned driven youth. You won't find it on any map but everyone knows exactly where it is. We call it The Point.

[We get a close-up of the car. We see Amy and Tommy making out in it.]

LYRICS: Broken in two / And I know you're on to me

[Amy sits up straight and attempts to take off her sweater. She eventually does, bonking into Tommy in the process. A close-fitting tank top is on underneath.]

AMY: Give me a second.


AMY: I got it. OK. Sorry.


AMY: I'm a little pointy.

TOMMY: Yeah. Pointy all the way to my jaw.

[Small chuckles from Amy.]


TOMMY: Better?

AMY: Yeah, a little.

[They resume making out.]

LYRICS: And not everything is the way you think it ought to be / Seems that every time I try to make it right, it all comes down on me

[Tommy begins to try to get Amy's belt off. She doesn't feel comfortable with it. They stop making out.]

AMY: No. Hold on.

TOMMY: What?

AMY: No. Nothing. It's just I've um... That was new.

TOMMY: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I, did I freak you out?

AMY: No, don't apologize. I just need to re-group here for a second. I'm just not really used to that.

TOMMY: Oh. If you mean you had never...

AMY: No, no. Did you think I had?

TOMMY: Uh, yeah. I mean, you know, you always seem, like, so comfortable and together with yourself that I just assumed you and Colin had...

AMY: No, we never had. But th-that's very nice. Um, it's a big compliment seeing as that's not at all how I feel.

LYRICS: Never again

TOMMY: Hey, um, listen, I hope you that I, you know, never would have done that if I...

AMY: I know. You know, I'm not going to be like this forever.

TOMMY: That's fine. Fine. I'm ready when you're ready and you know what? If you're never ready, you know, it's cool with me. I don't care.

AMY: It's an interesting personality, isn't it?

TOMMY: Don't worry. I'll have them fix the dose.

[Amy chuckles. They resume making out.]

NARRATOR: On this unchartered piece of rock, many of Everwood's young peoples first discovered their capacity for passion and sometimes for love. For them, the view of The Point will be forever etched in their hearts and minds. A reminder of one special moment when everthing changed.

LYRICS: I shall believe



[Fade in. Dr. Brown, Dr. L. Abbott and Delia are driving in his SUV.]

DELIA: Is it a person?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Nope.

DELIA: It has to be. There's nothing left.

DR. BROWN: Is it a plant?

DELIA: A plant is a thing.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, not exactly. Plants are alive and things are inanimate objects.

DELIA: Oh. Well, then is it a plant?


[They pull up to the front of Dr. L. Abbott's house.]

DR. BROWN: Well, we're here. To be continued, kiddo. I'm just going to walk Linda to her front door.

[Dr. Brown gets out of the car.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Good night, Delia.

DELIA: Good night.

[Dr. L. Abbott gets out of the car.]

DELIA: Oh, wait, wait, wait. A cartoon character's an inanimated objects.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You're getting warmer.

[Delia smiles big. Dr. Brown and Dr. L. Abbott walk to the front door.]

DR. BROWN: So begins the great thaw of 2004.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I think, she's actually starting not to hate me.

DR. BROWN: Are you kidding? She gave you some of her curly fries. She's crazy about you. Which is why?

[They stop at the front door.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Which is why what?

DR. BROWN: Which is why I don't think she would mind or anyone would mind for that matter. I know that I certainly would not mind.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You're doing that thing where you actually don't finish your thoughts out loud.

DR. BROWN: I want you to sleep over at my house this Saturday night.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Wow, that's a big step.

DR. BROWN: I know. That's what I liked about it.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, what do the kids think?

DR. BROWN: I'm sure they'll be fine with it.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah. Why don't you get back to me after you've had that conversation?

DR. BROWN: You know, I have this picture in my head that just won't go away. I see, you and I sitting at a breakfast table, in our pjs, sipping coffee, reading the Sunday paper.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Nice picture.

DR. BROWN: Let's give it a try. I'm tired of waiting.

DELIA: [yelling from the car] Is it Nemo?

[Dr. Brown and Dr. L. Abbott turn and smile at Delia. Delia smiles back with confidence about her guess.]

[Cut to Madison's house. Madison and Ephram are sitting on her couch. Madison is highlighting her textbook feverishly on the couch while Ephram is reading his textbook on the other side of the couch.]

EPHRAM: You know, it kinda defeats the purpose if you highlight the whole book, right?

[They smile at each other. Carrie walks in.]

CARRIE: Ahem. Did your underage boyfriend finish my fudgesicles?

EPHRAM: I took one.

CARRIE: OK. Does he not understand the concept of labels? The post-it clearly said Carrie right on the box.

MADISON: Well, why don't you ask him directly as he's sitting right next to me?

CARRIE: He touches another one of my fudgy pops, I'm calling child services.

[Carrie leaves the room.]

EPHRAM: Wow, I can't believe I was once mad at you for not introducing me to your friends.

MADISON: Well, she's not my friend, she's my roommate.

EPHRAM: Are you stuck with her for all of college or can you switch roommates like majors?

MADISON: Well, the good news is she's going to Boise this weekend to visit her boyfriend, which means he's either fictional or crazy. [small laugh] But who cares, I'm just happy we have the place to ourselves for once.


MADISON: Well, yeah, if you want to come over. It'd be nice to hang out without somebody walking in on us every five minutes.

EPHRAM: Yeah. Duh. Yeah.

MADISON: She leaves after 5. You can come right after.


MADISON: Hopefully, I'll be done with my paper by then.

[Cut to Amy's bedroom. Amy and Laynie are sitting on her bed talking.]

AMY: I don't really know what to think.

LAYNIE: Well, did you want to?

AMY: I didn't not want to. It's just. I didn't see it as a possibility, in my mind, it was never really on the menu, you know?

LAYNIE: And now it is?

AMY: Yeah. Big time.

LAYNIE: Go for it. Why not? He's great and you like him, right?

AMY: Yeah. I like him a lot.

LAYNIE: And he probably knows what he's doing?

AMY: Laynie?

[Amy sets her mug down on the nightstand.]

AMY: (CONT'D) So just out of curiosity, what is it exactly I'm supposed to do?

LAYNIE: Well, you really don't have to worry about that part. You can just lie there at first.

AMY: Gee, it sounds so romantic when you put it that way.

LAYNIE: Uh, it's not going to be romantic. I mean, it might be and it could be, but if you build it up in your mind as this big thing that's going to change your life forever, you're just going to be disappointed. Trust me, the lower your expectations are the better.

AMY: Maybe I'm not ready to do this after all.

LAYNIE: And that's fine. Just don't wait to long and end up like Rachel Hoffer's sister?

AMY: What happened to Rachel Hoffer's sister?

LAYNIE: Twenty nine years old and never did it. Now she's petrified that she's going to die a virgin. It's really sad.

AMY: God.

[Edna walks in with a snack.]

EDNA: Hello girls. How's the studying going?

AMY: Oh, it's going great, Grandma.

[Cut to neighborhood. Bright and Ephram are walking through the street and on the sidewalk.]

BRIGHT: Dude, that's awesome.

EPHRAM: I don't know. All she said was my roommate's going to Boise for the weekend.

BRIGHT: I know. That's awesome. Your girlfriend just told you that you have her entire place to yourself for the whole weekend. The whole place, the whole weekend. That's a major invitation to the big leagues.

EPHRAM: No. No. We haven't even talked about sex yet.

BRIGHT: Dude, come on. I mean, don't you get it, she's signaling the picture.

EPHRAM: Oh, please don't use sports metaphors, right now. I-I need to understand what you're saying.

BRIGHT: OK. OK. Look, women do no speak English. They speak in code. You have to translate everything they say. Madison's not just going to come out and say "Hey, Ephram, why don't you come over Friday and do me?"

EPHRAM: For many reasons.

BRIGHT: Right. So she's gonna speak in code, right? You know, how like when a girl says "Do you like my sweater?" what she really means is "tell me how good I look". When Madison says you get to spend some [air quotes] uninterrupted [end air quotes] time together, what she means is you might want to stop by the drugstore on the way over.

EPHRAM: She did say I should come over as soon as her roommate leaves.

BRIGHT: Hello. Does the little ass need to hit you over the head with a heavy object here? She's achin' for some Brown lovin'. Dish it up and serve it hot, my friend.

EPHRAM: OK. What should I do to prepare?

BRIGHT: I don't know. Uh, is there something special ritual that you Jewish kids do or just kinda like that God and pray you don't screw it up like the rest of us?

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office, nighttime. Dr. Brown is shuffling through some papers and Amy walks in.]

DR. BROWN: Amy. Sorry, but your grandmother's already gone for the day.

AMY: Yeah, I know.


AMY: Umm, do you have a minute?

[Cut to Dr. Brown sitting at his desk and Amy is standing in front of it nervously.]

AMY: So I know this is weird. Uh, and believe me if there was anybody else that I could talk to in this town I would, but seeing as there isn't, uh, I was hoping that maybe we could just pretend that – we were fine.

DR. BROWN: I can do that.

AMY: I need to go on the pill.

DR. BROWN: Birth control?

AMY: Yeah. [pause] So what do I need to do? Blood tests or …?

DR. BROWN: Let's-let's slow down for a second. Let me catch up here, OK? Are you, uh, are you currently involved in a – in a sexual relationship?

AMY: What do you mean exactly? I mean, yeah, I'm in a relationship, but I mean, we haven't had. It hasn't happened yet.

DR. BROWN: Oh. OK. Well good. This is good. So this is simply a precautionary measure?

AMY: Yeah.

DR. BROWN: And you – you're just thinking about having sex?

AMY: Well, obviously or I wouldn't be here right now. Look, if this is too weird because of the family connections or because you're my aunt's boyfriend?

DR. BROWN: I'm a doctor. Doctors don't get weird.

AMY: I know, but Laynie told me about a Planned Parenthood in Denver. I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to go.

DR. BROWN: You don't have to. I'm happy to help I just want to make sure that you've thought this decision through carefully.

[Amy sits down.]

AMY: Well, um, I looked up all the possibilities on the Net. Norplant and all that. And the pill just seemed like the right choice.

DR. BROWN: No. I'm talking about the decision to have sex. Have you talked to anybody about it? Anyone other than Laynie?

AMY: Well, who would I talk to?

DR. BROWN: Well, I know you're-you're having some problems with your family right now, but I'm sure that your father would want to help you.

AMY: No offense, Dr. Brown, but even if I wasn't in a massive fight with my dad right now, I still wouldn't talk to him about it or my mom. I mean, I think these things are private.

DR. BROWN: Well, what about your grandmother? I mean, there's-there's a lot of compassion underneath all that cackling.

AMY: I came here specifically when I knew she wouldn't be here. Does that answer your question? Look, I'm sixteen. I'm thinking about having sex and I want to be safe about it if or when I decide to do it and is that so wrong?

DR. BROWN: No. No. It's not. You realize that the pill doesn't protect against any STDs?

AMY: I know, I have condoms.

DR. BROWN: Look, Amy, I'm sure I'm the last person on earth you-you want advise from right now, but I'm gonna give you a little. Don't be afraid to make sure that everything's right. You're never gonna get this moment back.

AMY: Well, I appreciate what you're saying, Dr. Brown, but I had the right person in my like, unfortunately, we ran out of time. I'm just being realistic. [pause] So will you write the prescription?

DR. BROWN: I'll have to take, uh, medical history, get blood and urine samples and, uh, if it all checks out. Yes, I'll write the prescription.

AMY: Thank you.



[Fade in on Dr. Brown's kitchen. Dr. Brown is standing timidly at the kitchen counter. Ephram tries to walk through the kitchen and head out for school fast.]

EPHRAM: Hi. Bye.

DR. BROWN: Wait a second. I need to talk to you and your sister. [yelling] Delia?

EPHRAM: Uh, just so you know, uh, Bright is having this all night poker game with some of the guys. I'm gonna spend the night, is that cool?

DR. BROWN: Uh, sure. Great.

[Delia walks in the kitchen.]

DELIA: What happened?

DR. BROWN: Nothing happened. Just a family meeting.

DELIA: [to Ephram] What did you do?

DR. BROWN: No one did anything. Sit down. There's something I wanna discuss with the two of you.

[Dr. Brown is searching for how to start.]

EPHRAM: Are we supposed to guess?

DR. BROWN: OK, as you know Linda Abbott and I have been seeing each other rather regularly. Not on any formal basis, but, uh, with a general and healthy evolution toward a relationship, which is a loaded term in and of itself.

EPHRAM: Dad, you're not addressing the Senate.

DR. BROWN: Right. Well, the point is we've been dating awhile and we really like each other a lot and I thought it would be nice if after she came over for dinner on Saturday night that she could – well – stay.

DELIA: Forever?

DR. BROWN: No. No. No. Just for the night. You know, like a sleepover. Just a sleepover. I mean, I want to make sure that you two are both OK with it, not that there is any reason not to be OK with it. It's no big deal. The whole point is for it not to be a big deal. I want Linda to be comfortable coming here from time to time and-and you two having her here.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know, I mean. Sure. That's, uh, fine with me. Anyway, I gotta go. I'll, uh, see you guys tomorrow.

DR. BROWN: Tomorrow?

EPHRAM: Poker game. Work with me, Dad.

DR. BROWN: [to Ephram] Oh, right. Have fun. [to Delia] So, how 'bout you?

DELIA: What would happen when she's here? Would I have to do anything?

DR. BROWN: No. Not if you didn't want to. It'd be just like any other night, except we-we'd be baking those snowflake cookies that you've been wanting to make so much.


DR. BROWN: Um, watching "The Princess Diaries".

DELIA: I'm still listening.

DR. BROWN: And, uh, cutting up double-stuffed Oreos to make quadruple-stuffed Oreos.

DELIA: I guess it would be OK with me.

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. Phone rings. Edna picks it up.]

EDNA: Dr. Brown's office... Lab results... Hold on just a sec, let me get the file... What do you mean you didn't get a name? ... Alright, just give me the number he gave you and I'll find the file myself... OK, and the panel... OK, got it. Thanks.

[Edna hangs up the phone and goes to look for the file in Dr. Brown's office. She finds it on his desk and notices Amy's name on the file. Also noted on the file is Amy's birthdate which is September 15, 1987.]

EDNA: What the hell?

[Cut to a restaurant. Amy and Tommy are sitting at a booth.]

TOMMY: What are you doing Saturday night?

AMY: Well, I think I'm going out for dinner with Orlando Bloom? Oh, no, wait, that's Friday. Just kidding, why what's up?

TOMMY: Umm, Chris Bailey is having this really cool party at his parents' ski chalet and I don't know, it's going to be huge. I thought it might be fun.

AMY: No, it sounds great. Actually, it sounds kind of perfect.

TOMMY: Perfect. How?

AMY: Well, this beautiful ski chalet all snowy and fancy. Sounds like it could be kind of romantic, doesn't it?

TOMMY: Umm, yeah. Yeah. I guess. Yeah.

AMY: Well, I was thinking that it might be the perfect place to, you know.

TOMMY: Seriously?

AMY: Well, why not. It's better than doing it at the point, isn't it?

TOMMY: Yeah. Um, yeah, it is. I just. I mean, when did this happen?

AMY: Well, I've been thinking about it and I think I'm ready to take the next step. Stop looking so shocked, 'cause it's freaking me out.

TOMMY: Sorry, I just. I'm a little-I'm a little taken aback here, you know. Um, the other night, you were...

AMY: Taken by surprise, but after careful consideration an visiting a doctor, I've...

TOMMY: You-you went to a doctor?

AMY: Well, yeah, if we're gonna do this thing, I want to be prepared. I thought you'd be happy.

TOMMY: I am. I'm... I'm-I'm totally happy. I just don't want you to be doing this for any reason other than the fact that you really want to, you know what I mean?

AMY: I do want to. [a beat] Will it make you feel horrible, if I told you, that part of me just kind of wants to get it over with?

TOMMY: Well, I mean, it wouldn't make me feel great, you know.

AMY: See, um, none of this is really happening the way I thought it would. For as long as I could remember, I-I thought it would be Colin. [beat] I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.

TOMMY: I'm sorry. I totally missed it before and you know what, you're awesome.

AMY: We don't need to do this if you don't want to.

TOMMY: What time should I pick you up on Saturday?

[They laugh.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. Edna is waiting impatiently for Dr. Brown to get to work. Dr. Brown comes in and puts his coat on the rack and Edna walks over and confronts him.]

EDNA: This better be some kind of bad joke?

[Edna shows him the file.]

DR. BROWN: Where did you find this?

EDNA: [progressively gets louder] On your desk. The lab called with her blood work. Are you out of your mind? What were you thinking putting my granddaughter on birth control pills? She's sixteen for crying out loud.

[Dr. Brown puts on his lab coat and start walking toward his office.]

DR. BROWN: Better hope she is.

[Edna follows Dr. Brown into his office.]

EDNA: Is she having sex? You must of asked her as part of the preliminary physical, which by the way, I don't recall. Did you schedule something when you knew I'd be out?

DR. BROWN: That's confidential.

EDNA: I am her grandmother and her guardian. She's living under my roof.

DR. BROWN: That may well be, but in this office, you are her nurse. That's all.

EDNA: Like hell.

[Dr. Brown sits in his chair behind his desk.]

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry, Edna. But there's nothing more that I can tell you, if and when Amy chooses to discuss the matter with you.

EDNA: She's not gonna discuss it with me. I don't even want to know about it now, but when I tell Junior.

DR. BROWN: You do and you're fired.

EDNA: You can't expect me to keep this from him.

DR. BROWN: Look, I know this is difficult. As a father, I feel for him, I do. But we have obligations in this office.

EDNA: Did you know she was on?

DR. BROWN: Yes, and there are no known connections between Zoloft and OCPs.

EDNA: That's not the point. The fact that she's even on drugs, proves she's not equipped to make this decision right now. The girl isn't entirely stable.

DR. BROWN: Well, she has the good sense to come in and ask for help. And the fact of the matter is that if I didn't write that prescription for her someone else would have.

EDNA: Oh, don't give me crap and call it ice cream. How would you feel if you knew Ephram was running around buying condoms behind your back and not telling you about it?

DR. BROWN: Well, fortunately, Ephram's not having sex yet. I'm sure that when the time comes...

EDNA: How do you know he's not?

DR. BROWN: Because I just do.

EDNA: Uh, huh. Good luck with that.

[Edna leaves Dr. Brown's office.]

[Cut to Madison's house. Ephram walks up to the front door and knocks on it nervously. Madison opens the door with the cordless in her hand.]

MADISON: Hey. I couldn't decide if we should order pizza or Chinese so I called both. But five bucks says the Kung Pao gets her first, although the pizza guy has a pretty supped-up Camaro. [beat, sounds confused] You look nice.

EPHRAM: So do you.

[Ephram walks in and Madison starts walking toward the couch. Ephram closes the door and takes off his coat.]

MADISON: So the good news is that I blew my music theory paper and the better news is that now I have a makeup essay to write.

[Ephram walks up to her.]

EPHRAM: Well, I think I might know what'll make you feel better.

[Ephram kisses Madison feverishly. He takes hold of her and falls to the couch continuing to kiss her.]

MADISON: [while kissing] Whoa, hang on a second.

[They stop kissing.]

EPHRAM: Whoa, whoa, was that bad?

MADISON: I'm sitting on a book.

[Madison takes the book out from under her and sets it on the coffee table. Ephram eagerly kisses her again on the couch. Madison basically pushes him off her.]

MADISON: Whoa, what's with all the rushing?

EPHRAM: Well, I'm just a little nervous, I don't want to mess this up.

MADISON: Mess what up?

EPHRAM: Well, you know. I've never been here before, you have. I'm here now, which I'm-I'm very grateful for. But, I, uh, I just don't exactly know what I'm doing.

MADISON: Neither do I?

[Madison looks at him and then realizes.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) Oh – my – God, did you think that we were having sex tonight?

EPHRAM: No. No. I didn't. No. Of course, not. I—

[Madison sits back further on the couch and gives him a look.]

EPHRAM: OK, you said to come over because your roommate was going out of town. Everybody knows that that means.

MADISON: Not everyone. I-I don't know where you're getting your information, but when I say my roommate's going out of town, I just mean my roommate's going out of town. Period.

EPHRAM: New information. Glad to have it.

MADISON: Ephram, deciding to have sex is kind of a big deal.

EPHRAM: What even for you?

[Madison stands up and is mad.]

MADISON: Of course for me. What do you think I am?

[Ephram stands up too.]

EPHRAM: I-I don't know. I just thought it was a big deal for first timers. After that it was just, you know, an extensions of your average make-out session or something.

MADISON: OK. You're officially not allowed to hang out with Bright anymore. You know, the whole reason we work is because you don't think like that – like a guy guy.

EPHRAM: I'm not even a guy. Sweet?

MADISON: No. You're better. It's a good thing. Trust me.

[Madison walks over to him and kisses him, tempting him. Ephram deepens the kiss and pulls Madison toward him more. Madison pushes him away.]]

MADISON: You're trying again.

EPHRAM: No. No. You said we should talk. We were talking.

[Ephram pulls her toward him.]

MADISON: Oh, OK, cowboy. It's time to go.

[Madison heads toward the door.]


MADISON: You're leaving.

EPHRAM: No. I-I. Are you kidding me? I –

MADISON: No, I'm not.

[Ephram follows her.]

EPHRAM: Can I please just?

[Madison opens the door.]

MADISON: No, you can't. Come on.

[Ephram stops at the door to stop Madison.]

EPHRAM: OK, But I can spend the night. I already asked my dad.

[Madison gives him his coat.]

MADISON: You're done.

[Madison motions him to leave with her hand. Ephram walks out and looks back at her wanting to say something. Madison shakes her head at him and slams the door shut. Ephram stands there and turns. He stands at the end of the porch shocked.]



[Fade in supermarket. Dr. Brown and Delia are pushing the cart.]

DR. BROWN: Ah, Ah, Ah. We have to...

[They hit Dr. H. Abbott's shopping cart.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Rules of the road, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: Sorry, Harold. So how are things?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Well, not quite the cavity fest that you seem to be having but fine. You sure you have enough Mint Milanos?

DR. BROWN: Well, they're Linda's favorite. I'm stocking up. Tonight's movie night.

DR. H. ABBOTT: So I heard.

DELIA: Are you two in a fight?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Perpetually, child.

[Bright walks up and hands Dr. H. Abbott two boxes of cereal.]

BRIGHT: Ooh, brownies. Those are so good frozen. Can we get some of those, Dad?

DR. H. ABBOTT: I think not.

DR. BROWN: Looks like you can afford 'em yourself. Ephram told me you cleaned him out last night. So much for an all night game. Said he was broke by 11.

BRIGHT: Oh, right. Yeah, it was rough.

DR. H. ABBOTT: What was rough?

DR. BROWN: Bright's poker night with the guys. Turns out he's a shark. If you're gonna make that a regular thing, let me know and I'll lower Ephram's allowance.

DR. H. ABBOTT: There were guys in our home last night?

BRIGHT: Yeah, just a couple.

DR. H. ABBOTT: With whom you played cards?

BRIGHT: Right.

DR. H. ABBOTT: So who exactly was that who fell asleep on the couch watching Reba with your mother and I?

BRIGHT: It was after that. We-we were in the basement. I mean, we were really quiet and you had already gone to bed and ...

[Bright walks over to Dr. Brown and says quietly to him.]

BRIGHT: Tell him I tried, OK?

[Bright walks down the aisle and Dr. Brown looks mad.]

[Cut to Madison's house. Ephram knocks on the door and Madison answers it.]

EPHRAM: I-I wouldn't slam that door, if I was you. If you do, I'm just gonna wait out here as long as it takes. I mean, you'll come out to get the paper in the morning, I'll be out here shivering. I brought a pillow. I'm not afraid to use it.

MADISON: I hate it when you have props.

[Madison motions for Ephram to come inside. Madison closes the door and motions for him to sit down on the couch. They go and sit down.]

MADISON: You have to know that when you get like that it makes me think that you're not ready for any of this. You know, sex isn't just having a place to yourself.

EPHRAM: I know that.

MADISON: No, you don't. I mean, I don't know why sex is so complicated, but it is. It's-it's something that I have to talk about before it happens not during. And then there's you – one way or another you're going to remember your first time for being wonderful or for being a disaster.

EPHRAM: Which was it for you?

[Madison shows Ephram a scar on her left ankle.]

EPHRAM: You got scarred.

MADISON: Alex Brocco. We went to Camp Winneapea together for 10 years. From the time we were campers who'd hold hands to counselors who'd lock themselves in the boathouse during free swim. Out last summer together, Alex told me that he was waiting until he was in love to have sex and that he was in love with me.

EPHRAM: Nice one.

MADISON: Anyway, we met that night in the woods behind the tennis courts. HE brought this thin sheet for us to lay on. It was so thin that I could feel every twig and rock beneath us. This is a sharp branch.

[Madison points at her ankle.]


MADISON: The whole thing was crazy. It was... I just remember being so excited before he came to pick me up. My girlfriends were over there helping me pick out what to wear. It all seemed so surreal. And then I was there and it was happening. And it was scary and uncomfortable. Not just physically, but it was like, um, it was like suddenly everything was different, except for me. I didn't feel different enough for that to be happening to me. That's exactly how it felt, like it was happening to me and I was watching from some place else, not actually being a part of it. Finally, I just wanted it to be over and it was.

EPHRAM: That doesn't sound very nice.

[Madison is almost in tears now.]

MADISON: Yeah, it's funny. I haven't thought about that night in a long time.

EPHRAM: Is it weird for me to say that I-I wish I was there? I mean, not-not in a-in a freaky, you know, I like to watch kind of way. I can't stand the thought of you being unhappy, even if it is in the past.

[Madison leans over to Ephram and gives him a kiss.]

MADISON: You know what?


MADISON: My roommate is still out of town.

[They lean together and kiss again.]

[Cut to ski chalet. the house is crowded with people at the party. Dancing music is playing. Laynie and Amy are upstairs waiting in line for the bathroom.]

DRUNK GIRL: You have really good hair.

AMY: Thank you. Please don't puke on it.

LAYNIE: This is ridiculous. There's got to be another bathroom in this mansion.

AMY: Ah, I don't want to lose my place in line, if you find one, scream.

[Laynie nods and starts to leave.]

AMY: Oh, if you see Tommy, tell him I'm still here.

LAYNIE: No problem.

[Laynie is walking through the house and sees Tommy handing a guy a plastic bag with pills in it.]

TOMMY: Here's the stuff.

[Guy hands Tommy money.]

TOMMY: What is this?

[The guy in the bathroom sees Laynie and motions for a girl to close the door. Laynie walks away when she is noticed.]

[Cut to Madison's house. Madison has just a white tank top on and is laying on top of Ephram who has his shirt off. They are kissing.]

EPHRAM: Um, where do I put my arm? I-I don't know what to do with it.

MADISON: Just leave it there.

EPHRAM: No, it's asleep.

[Madison lifts up so Ephram can move his arm.]

EPHRAM: There we go. Now, come back.

[They laugh and start kissing again. Ephram grabs some blankets on the top of the couch and throws them on the floor. They laugh some more and then proceed to kiss again. Ephram's hands go for Madison's belt.]

EPHRAM: I'm having a little trouble.

MADISON: Oh, weird belt, I got it.

EPHRAM: Thank you.

[Madison undoes her belt and grabs a blanket and pulls it over them and start to kiss again.]

MADISON: Did you buy condoms?

EPHRAM: Yeah, in my bag.

[Madison reaches up over Ephram over the edge of the couch. She is rubbing against Ephram and having difficulty and rubs against him enough for him to lose control. Ephram's eyes get really big and he makes a face.]


[Ephram is patting Madison to get off him.]

MADISON: Are you OK? We can slow down.

EPHRAM: I can't-I can't. No. No. No. I can't do this right now.

MADISON: Oh. Did you-did you just?

[Madison lets out a small smile and giggle.]

EPHRAM: No, it's-it's not funny. OK?

MADISON: Of course, it's not. It don't care. I don't care. It's fine. Sweetie.

EPHRAM: I care. I gotto go.

[Ephram gets up franticly and starts knocking stuff over and Madison is just sort of left on the couch sort of confused.]

[Cut to the Brown's house. Delia and Dr. L. Abbott are frosting cookies and Dr. Brown is trying to call Ephram on his cell phone.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Is this enough frosting?

DELIA: If I see cookie, it's not enough.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Got it. How you doing, Andy?

DR. BROWN: [to himself] I'm gonna slap an ankle bracelet on him and call house arrest. He can say goodbye to that cell phone of his.

DELIA: He talks to himself sometimes.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Good to know.

[Ephram walks in the side door into the kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: Well, it's about time?

EPHRAM: Not now.

DR. BROWN: Not now, try right now. You want to talk about last night's poker game again, because I had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Abbott today.

[Ephram takes off his jacket.]

EPHRAM: Fine, I made it up. But I came home anyways, so I don't see what the big deal is...

DR. BROWN: You lied; that's what the big deal is.


DR. L. ABBOTT: Upstairs?

DELIA: Sounds good.

[They stop working with cookies and leave the kitchen.]


EPHRAM: You know, just ground me and get it over with, alright? I'm not in the mood.

DR. BROWN: Well, you better get in the mood, because we are going to have a conversation about this. And by conversation, I mean, that you're going to tell me what the hell is going on in your life, starting right now. Where were you tonight?


DR. BROWN: That's not good enough.

EPHRAM: I was at Madison's.

DR. BROWN: Are you sleeping with her?

[Ephram looks away and down when he asks the question.]

DR. BROWN: [yelling] Answer me.

EPHRAM [yelling] No. No, I'm not-I'm not sleeping with her, OK? I'm never gonna sleep with her or anybody else for that matter. I'm gonna die a virgin 'cause that's how my life is. Anything good that happens to me gets bad. Anything bad gets even worse, whenever humanly possible. Does that make you happy? Is that what you want to hear?

DR. BROWN: What happened?

EPHRAM: Can I please just go?

[Dr. Brown nods his head. Ephram heads out of the kitchen upset.]

[Cut to ski chalet. Laynie walks up to Tommy and Amy who are sitting on the couch while people are still partying around them.]

LAYNIE: Amy? Can I talk to you for a second? I think I lost my ring.

AMY: What ring?

LAYNIE: It's my mom's. It's real. Could you just? Two seconds?

TOMMY: I'll see you upstairs.

AMY: Yeah. Yeah, OK. Two seconds.

[Amy gets up and walks over to the fireplace with Laynie. They stand in front of it.]

AMY: What ring?

LAYNIE: Don't sleep with him.

AMY: What?

LAYNIE: Just trust me on this one. Just don't do it.

AMY: Look, I don't know what this is about but Tommy's waiting for me, so... I gotta go.

[Amy starts to walk away but Laynie grabs her and pulls her back.]

LAYNIE: I don't think that he's being completely honest with you. I mean, I know he's not. I think he's still dealing.

AMY: First of all, Tommy never dealt. That was just a rumor and second of all...

LAYNIE: I saw him in the bathroom with a bunch of people around him.

AMY: This is so stupid, Laynie.

LAYNIE: He was giving them these little plastic baggies with white pills in them and they were giving him cash back. Now I don't know what you call that but in my world that's dealing. I'm sorry.

AMY: Look, you probably just saw wrong. I mean, maybe he was in the room, but... That can't be. This can't be.

[Laynie sits down on the fireplace.]

LAYNIE: If you don't believe me, just ask him.

[Amy sits beside Laynie.]

AMY: No. I'm not. I can't-I can't just ask him.

LAYNIE: Look, I'm sorry that I saw it. I mean, actually maybe I'm glad I did, I don't know. I just. I don't think you should do something that you're gonna regret. You know, you don't want your first time to be with somebody...

AMY: Somebody who what?

LAYNIE: Somebody you can't trust.

[Tommy yells down from the top of the stairs to Amy.]

TOMMY: Amy? You got to see the view from the master bedroom. It's unbelievable.

AMY: I'm coming.

[Amy looks at Laynie and then gets up. Laynie is left sitting on the fireplace.]



[Fade in on Brown house. Dr. L. Abbott is cleaning up and Dr. Brown walks in.]

DR. BROWN: Well, Delia's asleep. She said that you were a-a really great froster. I hope that means something to you because I got nothing.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I got to get going, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Going. Why?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I had a wonderful night, tonight, but I have ...

DR. BROWN: Look, I screwed up with the whole Ephram thing. I-I'm sorry. I didn't have to make the whole night about that.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Of course, you did. It was important.

DR. BROWN: It was the yelling, wasn't it? We yell a lot. It's not our best quality.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You were wonderful, really.

[Dr. L. Abbott walks around him and towards the door to the kitchen leading into the foyer. Dr. Brown follows her and stops her right before she leaves the kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: Then stay. We still have that Sunday paper to read.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I gotta go. I'll call you tomorrow night, OK?

[Dr. L. Abbott kisses Dr. Brown.]


[Dr. L. Abbott leaves and Dr. Brown stands in the kitchen confused.]

[Cut to ski chalet. Amy is looking out the bedroom window and Tommy walks up beside her.]

AMY: It is pretty.

TOMMY: Yeah. It's just what I was thinking.

[Tommy kisses Amy and leads her to the bed. Amy sits down on the bed and they continue to kiss.]

AMY: Wait.

[Amy stops Tommy from kissing her.]


AMY: Um.

TOMMY: Are you having second thoughts?

AMY: No, uh, I have to ask you something.

TOMMY: Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. You can ask me anything, you know that.

AMY: Laynie said that she saw you earlier in the bathroom with some people.

TOMMY: Yeah.

AMY: She said that you're dealing.

TOMMY: Look, if I- if I tell you; it's not what you think, you're not gonna believe me anyways, so...

AMY: Try me.

TOMMY: OK. Alright. Alright. Listen, there's a reason that I know these guys, OK? It's not like I'm a part of their inner circle or anything. Bradley knew that I'd know a guy that could hook him up. I'm not even like-like the point person on this and I know-I know it sounds really bad. And you know what the worst part is. The worst part is when he first asked me I told him I wouldn't do it.

AMY: And then what changed your mind?

TOMMY: A couple of things you know. I mean, first of all you have to understand that this guy offered me a lot of cash just to make the connection. I mean, more money than I make at the pharmacy in-in like a month. And that's like rent for my entire family, OK? And then you and I talked about coming here and-and what it would mean and I knew that if I didn't supply the stuff they wouldn't let me in.

AMY: It didn't have to happen here. You could've told me. I would've understood.

TOMMY: I know. I know that. I know that now, but I just. I don't want you thinking of me like this. I don't want you to think of me as the guy who people call when they need, you know, whatever. I mean, it's not a reputation that I want to have, but I have it unfortunately. I-I guess I was just – I was trying to keep that from you for as long as possible. But I promise you, OK? OK? I will never ever do anything this stupid again, OK? I swear, Amy. Alright? You know what? Maybe we should just go.

AMY: Yeah, I think so.

TOMMY: OK. Alright. I'll get our coats.

[Tommy leaves the room and Amy is sitting on the bed thinking and lays back.]

[Cut to Brown house. The next day, Ephram is sitting and playing loudly at the piano. Dr. Brown walks in and watches him play until he is done. When Dr. Brown starts talking Ephram turns on the piano bench.]

DR. BROWN: If your yelling didn't scare Linda off, that piece would've sure done the trick.

EPHRAM: Oh, that fight scare her? Amateur. [faint laugh] Sorry about the lie.

DR. BROWN: Oh, yeah. There was going to be some serious grounding there. Could've been years before you saw daylight again.

EPHRAM: Ah, you'd probably be doing me a favor. Seriously.

[Dr. Brown sits on the edge of the couch.]

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I gathered that. I got a feeling that I can't compete with whatever it is you've been doing through lately.

EPHRAM: So, I'm off the hook.

DR. BROWN: Well, call it an advance on my next screw up. But I do want to talk to you about what you've been going through lately.

EPHRAM: Nah, you don't-you don't have to.

DR. BROWN: Illegally, no. But I'm gonna take a shot at it anyway. You and your friends are at an age where you're deciding when or whether to have sex. I can't tell you what to do. A lot of parents try and I respect the impulse but you can't stop sex. It's too big. It's like trying to hold back the tie with broom. And there's also part of me that wants you to go out and have a good time. But what I can do is advise you. Sex isn't as simple as it looks.

EPHRAM: I got that part down. Believe me.

DR. BROWN: Well, I just wanted you to know that you can come to me and you can talk to me if you ever need to.

EPHRAM: And I want you to know that I really don't see that happening, but thank you. And for what it's worth, I-I. There hasn't been any new developments lately. A couple discussions, but that's about it.

[We hear the front door open. Madison and Delia walk in.]

DELIA: I'm gonna go call Brittany.


[Madison walks toward the den and leans against the wall. Ephram and Dr. Brown stand up.]

MADISON: Hey, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: Come on in. [to Ephram] We can finish this discussion later.

MADISON: You want go out for a little bit?

EPHRAM: Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, sure. Dad?

DR. BROWN: Have fun.

[Madison smiles and Ephram heads out and Dr. Brown watches them as they leave.]

[Cut to Edna's kitchen. Amy is sitting at the kitchen table reading a book with a cup of coffee and Edna walks in and heads for the coffee pot to make herself a cup.]

EDNA: When did you start drinking real coffee?

AMY: Oh, it's only half real. I mixed a bag of cocoa with it. It kinda gives it that moccacchino effect but it's cheaper than Starbucks.

EDNA: You're a pretty smart cookie. A lot smarter than I was when I was your age. You know, I don't envy your generation. You don't get too much kid time do you? It gets pretty serious, pretty quick?

AMY: Yeah, I guess.

[Edna walks over to her granddaughter.]

EDNA: I'm not good with metaphors, Amy. So no birds, no bees.

[Edna sits down at the kitchen table.]

EDNA: I know you're thinking about having sex or maybe you already have.

AMY: What makes you think that?

EDNA: You're sixteen. You've got a good-looking boy coming around the house everyday. It all adds up. I never had this talk with Linda and God knows I never had it with your Dad. I figure, it's my chance to get it right.

AMY: Grandma.

EDNA: It goes like this. Sex is special. With the right person at the right time, it can be pretty darn wonderful. But if you don't have those ingredients...

AMY: It's not wonderful.

EDNA: That's all I'm saying. And that first time, well, it only happens once. And you, my beautiful, lovely granddaughter, deserve to have that moment in your life be the most perfect it can possibly be.

AMY: Thank you.

[Edna smiles at a job well done.]

[Cut to Brown house. Dr. L. Abbott knocks on the door. Dr. Brown answers the door.]

DR. BROWN: I was just staring at the phone determined not to leave you another message. [Pause] Come on in.

[Dr. L. Abbott walks in and leans against the wall. Dr. Brown closes the door and walks over to her.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: I don't know how to say this. I was gonna write it down in a letter but everything I wrote sounded so clever and I don't want to be clever right now.

[Dr. L. Abbott walks further into the foyer.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Seeing you with your kids. I knew how much a part of your life they are, but I didn't know how much a part of you they are too.

DR. BROWN: I'm still lost.

DR. L. ABBOTT: It's not as simple as you have kids. You're a dad and I can't jeopardize that.

[Dr. Brown walks over to Dr. L. Abbott.]

DR. BROWN: We're being safe. We've been through all this. We decided...

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I think we made a mistake. I think we were being impetutious and...

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute. Hold on a second. Wait a minute. I mean, you just sprung this on me and I don't have any prepared remarks, but I think I have a lot to say. No.

DR. L. ABBOTT: What?

DR. BROWN: No. You don't get to put on the brakes or slow things down or otherwise call this relationship defunked. I veto.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I don't think it works that way.

DR. BROWN: Look, you may have just realized I'm a dad, but I didn't. It's been with me every single day since my wife died and these two strangers were looking at me, wondering who the hell I was.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Andy?

DR. BROWN: Bad things can happen. And if you don't think I know that after losing my wife then you have no business being my friend much less anything else. I know things can go wrong. Which is exactly the reason why I think it's worth the risk if I can feel this way again. So no. If you want to break up with me you better find a better reason. Catch me messing around with a nurse.

[Dr. L. Abbott just looks at him in awe.]

[Cut to The Point. Ephram and Madison are sitting in his car, overlooking the town.]

EPHRAM: So I-I though of a bright side.

MADISON: Oh, yeah.

EPHRAM: Um, hmm. The condom didn't have a chance to break.

[Madison laughs.]

MADISON: You know what we need?

EPHRAM: I still miss my pride.

[Madison laughs again.]

MADISON: We need a song.

EPHRAM: Well, I already wrote you a song. It didn't work out so good, remember?

MADISON: I mean a radio song, dumbass.

[Ephram looks away.]

MADISON: That way whenever you hear it you get this goofy grin on your face and you can go "ah, that's our song" and people make fun of you.

EPHRAM: Yeah, one problem. We never agree on music.

MADISON: Fine, I'm putting on the radio. Whatever's on, that's it. You in?

EPHRAM: We could end up with a shaving jingle?

MADISON: Um, hmm.

[Madison turns on the radio to station 92.1 – country station. A country song comes on and Ephram and Madison laugh at it.]

MADISON: OK, bad idea.

EPHRAM: No, what are you talking about. It's the perfect anthem for youthful misguided longing.

MADISON: Best two out of three.

[Ephram nods in agreement. Madison turn to a pop station. They laugh again.]

MADISON: One more time.

[Madison turns to 97.5 – a rock station. Madison laughs again. Ephram looks at her with longing.]

EPHRAM: Give up.


[Madison barely gets the station changed to "Anna Begins" by The Counting Crows, when Ephram pulls her face to him and kisses her. They start breathing hard and fast. Ephram's hand goes up Madison's shirt and then brings his hand up to caress her face. Madison undoes his belt continuing to kiss him. They maneuver to let Madison get below Ephram in the front seat so they could lie down.]

[View from outside the back window of the car. Ephram is slowly laying Madison down in the front seat.]

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